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squish102does anyone use mythbuntu as a frontend booting off a usb thumbdrive?03:49
pretendergetting the following dependency error when installing Vive in ubuntu 8,10 Dependency is not satisfiable: libavcodec0d  How do I resolve this06:04
Raspberryyo :)08:01
foxbuntuRaspberry, :)08:02
Raspberryso I have two shows (recorded back to back) that never actually recorded due to tuner setup issues (I was trying to get record some non-digital shows through the V4L /dev/video0 interface) -- and it didn't work08:03
Raspberrybut they're stuck in the Recorded Shows08:03
foxbuntuRaspberry, I have seen that when the tunner failes to tune, but you would have to review the mythbackend.log to really figure out the "why" but the how to fix it, you could use phpmyadmin to access the table to find the records with sql and remove them...it prob failing to remove them because the files don't exist08:03
Raspberryyeah the file size reported is 008:03
RaspberryI'm a webdev so I'm fine using phpmyadmin -- I just don't want to create a bigger mess later08:04
foxbuntuRaspberry, yeah...understandable08:04
foxbuntuRaspberry, I have done it a few times08:04
foxbuntuyou just have to clean them out of one table08:04
RaspberryEvery time I start "fixing" things on my own... if I ever come in here and need help with some other issue... people chew me out for whatever I did on totally unrelated things :p08:05
foxbuntuRaspberry, yeah...opinions are like buttholes, everyone has one and they have a tenancy to stink08:06
Raspberryso in the mythconverg db, recorded table... do I just need to chuck out the two rows that are causing me problems?08:06
foxbuntuthats the table08:07
RaspberryI see them in recorded too08:07
foxbuntusorry yes, both tables08:07
Raspberrythere's only 1 entry in recordedprogram and two entries in recorded... maybe that's the issue08:08
foxbuntucould be08:08
foxbuntuthen: sudo /etc/init.d/mythtv-backend restart08:08
foxbuntuand they should be gone for good08:08
Raspberryone more Q quick :)  Is there an easy way to reset the status of mythweb08:09
Raspberryor the look rather08:09
Raspberrysomething happened when I accessed it from my phone and now it's stuck on a blank white page08:10
RaspberryI'd love to help out on the project -- I'm trying to step back from my businesses that I run ... so that I can get more time to play with stuff like this :)08:10
foxbuntuRaspberry, strange, you could do this: sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart08:10
Raspberrynope, that doesn't do it08:11
RaspberryI've restartd the box08:11
Raspberryit's been blank for a couple of months08:11
foxbuntuRaspberry, ok, so its really strange08:11
Raspberryyeah, the page source is actually blakn08:11
Raspberrybut it prompts for login and requires the valid user/pass08:11
RaspberryI could PURGE the module I suppose08:12
Raspberrymaybe that'd do it08:12
foxbuntuRaspberry, try this: sudo apt-get install --reinstall mythweb08:12
Raspberrygiving that a shot now08:13
Raspberryit's still blank08:18
Raspberrywhat's a page / link under mythweb/08:18
foxbuntuRaspberry, let me get you one08:18
Raspberrythat I could call directly because this just dumps me on the index... maybe there's a problem with that08:18
Raspberrythx fox08:19
foxbuntuRaspberry, what did you do?!08:19
foxbuntumine is blank now too08:19
Raspberrymaybe I should file a bug :p08:19
Raspberryit's been blank for a few months now08:20
foxbuntumine hasnt08:20
foxbuntubut then again I dont update this box very often08:20
foxbuntuRaspberry, hmm...looks like a php issue perhaps08:22
RaspberryI'll have to poke around -- I thought it was just a config / saved state issue08:23
foxbuntuRaspberry, yeah...file a bug08:23
Raspberryer, k08:25
Raspberrythat's cool... the new Synaptic has screenshot support08:25
Raspberrymaybe I should join facebook one of these days ... everybody else is doing it08:25
foxbuntuRaspberry, naw...I never did either08:26
Raspberryi think I'll keep in the shadows then too08:27
Raspberryis launchpad the appropriate place for logging bugs on this?  (I'd assume so)08:28
foxbuntuRaspberry, yes08:28
foxbuntuRaspberry, we can pass it upstream to MythTV if its their problem08:28
Raspberryfoxbuntu: I just checked my logs... this might be our culprit... https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/32905308:36
Raspberrycommenting out the two "NULL" lines fixes the issue08:38
Raspberryin /etc/apache2/sites-available/mythweb.conf08:38
foxbuntuRaspberry, well guess I was right, its PHP08:38
Raspberryyeah, I checked the /var/log/apache2/error.log and that made it pretty obvious08:39
foxbuntuRaspberry, actually after reading further its a packaging bug left over from older installs of mythweb08:41
Raspberryapparently this is the real fix?08:41
Raspberrysudo mv /etc/mythtv/mythweb-htaccess /etc/mythtv/mythweb-htaccess.obsolete08:41
Raspberrysudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart08:41
RaspberryI'll fix it the right way then :p08:42
foxbuntuRaspberry, this is going to become a very comely asked question i thinks08:42
foxbuntuRaspberry, Im going to get this documented quickly08:42
Raspberrymaybe put it in the topic :)   MythWeb blank?  Read this...08:42
Raspberrythx for all your help, btw08:43
foxbuntuRaspberry, no problem08:51
foxbuntuRaspberry, https://wiki.foxmediasystems.com/index.php/Ubuntu_MythWeb_Blank08:53
foxbuntuRaspberry, also...08:54
foxbuntu!mythweb% | Raspberry08:54
ZinnRaspberry: This is a known issue with a simple work around: https://wiki.foxmediasystems.com/index.php/Ubuntu_MythWeb_Blank08:54
foxbuntunow its documented08:55
foxbuntukees, good work on the Mythweb PHP5 issue08:55
Raspberryyup the mv htaccess thing works08:58
foxbuntuRaspberry, cool..09:04
foxbuntuRaspberry, well I am off to bed09:07
Raspberrythanks again09:07
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HermitZHello all, any one up for helping a linux noob?10:24
Zinn!help For a  complete list of my knowledge visit: http://www.baablogic.net/Zinn.cgi  Other available commands: !status, !about, !bug [bug_number].10:41
cwoodI've got mythbuntu 9.04 beta installed.  I got audio working over HDMI to my tv.  However, it seems the audio only works during SD shows or commercials.  When a digital show comes on, the audio goes away.  If I change channels I can get audio, but when I come back I still don't have it.  Any ideas?17:50
cwoodI should clarify, all the stations are digital.  Just the shows that are higher resolution have trouble.17:51
cwoodI wonder if these shows are putting out an audio format (5.1?) that my tv doesn't do.18:10
gbutterscwood, in setup>general do you have enable ac3 or dts to spdif enabled??18:28
gbuttersIf you do try disabling them18:29
cwoodOk, I'll check. I was just looking at it and the show had a choir going and I could hear them, but when they finished and the speaker started, I couldn't hear the speaker.18:36
cwoodSwitching it to stereo on that screen worked.  My TV cuts off the left edge of that screen so I can't see if the ac3 or dts is selected.18:51
cwoodOdd question alert...  If a system is setup to use the wakeup acpi options, what if the system is asleep and the person wants to watch live tv?  how do they wake it up?  Just press the power button?18:55
cwoodGotta run, thanks for the help with the audio19:26
rockx0zoneI am having a hard time getting the remote to work with the HVR-1600.  i am using version 9.04. can anyone point me in the right direction?22:21
rockx0zoneanyone awake?23:35

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