wizardslovak_its much faster to use shell then gui00:01
wizardslovak_in gui i prefer kde00:01
jmarsdenBTW if you want to "go for it", installing Ubuntu Server on the old Celeron machine from CD should only take you 30 minutes or so... and yes, I find the shell is more powerful than a GUI for many tasks... once you know it!00:02
wizardslovak_i am trying to unrar .rar file but i am getting "command not found" error00:07
wizardslovak_i installed rar with apt-get but still "command not found"00:10
jmarsdenWhat exactly are you typing?00:10
wizardslovak_sudo unrar e file.rar00:10
jmarsdenYou shouldn't need sudo for that... and... did you install unrar?  rar and unrar are different things.    sudo apt-get install unrar   # should work00:11
wizardslovak_ooo i did "apt-get install rar00:11
jmarsdenTry  sudo apt-get install unrar-free00:12
wizardslovak_ok now it works00:12
jmarsdenGood :)00:12
wizardslovak_"apt-get install unrar" and it works00:12
jmarsdenBTW rar is not a common archive format in the Unix/Linux world, it is more common to use tar.gz or tar.bz2 ; .rar is more common under Windows.00:13
wizardslovak_ok done00:14
wizardslovak_now is there command to burn .iso into cd00:14
jmarsdenYes... more than one... I use wodim  so you can sudo apt-get-install wodim00:16
wizardslovak_ok got it00:17
wizardslovak_what is command for it?00:19
jmarsdenman wodim will get you the man page :)  Try just     wodim somefile.iso   # to burn an ISO to a CD-R00:21
wizardslovak_"wodim file.iso " ??00:23
jmarsdensure.  if your .iso file is called file.iso, type in the command     wodim file.iso00:24
jmarsdenIf it is called junk.iso, type in    wodim junk.iso   :)00:24
wizardslovak_actually i am trying to burn ubuntu server00:24
wizardslovak_this is faaaaaaaaaaaaast00:25
jmarsdenOK, so type in   wodim  ubuntu-8.10-server-i386.iso00:25
wizardslovak_much faster then using gui software for it00:26
jmarsdenYes.  BTW, you might want to read http://tldp.org/LDP/intro-linux/html/intro-linux.html and  http://rute.2038bug.com  for some general Linux and command line learning.00:27
wizardslovak_thx man00:28
jmarsdenNo problem.00:28
wizardslovak_i am actually writing new command to my txt file so like tht i wont forget commands i already should know ;)00:29
wizardslovak_can i add you as freind or something here?00:29
jmarsdenThere's no real concept of "friend" on IRC in terms of telling the IRC client software that, that I know of.  It all depends on your client.  Xchat has a "Friends list" you can add me to if you want :)00:30
wizardslovak_xchat? i dont have it i think00:33
jmarsdenwizardslovak_: Konversation may have a similar thing, I'm just not familiar with it.00:34
wizardslovak_well ill be coming here anyways00:35
jmarsdenOK.  Have fun installing Ubuntu Server :)00:35
wizardslovak_so what os u using?00:35
jmarsdenRight now Ubuntu 8.10 64bit, with Jaunty in a VM and Debian in another VM and Hardy Server in yet another VM :)00:36
wizardslovak_i have dual core cpu and actually i never tried 64bit00:36
wizardslovak_is it better then 32?00:36
jmarsdenI love it... I got a cheap desktop with an E5200 dualcore CPU and 8Gb RAM, and ... I can run lots of VMs :)00:37
wizardslovak_u use  vmware or vbox?00:37
wizardslovak_be right back00:38
dug_yeah i got a quad-core server with 8gigs, trying to get some virtual machines set up using vmbuilder (command line instead of gui)00:40
wizardslovak_i got dual core with 4gbs and works pefrect00:42
jmarsdendug_: If you have any issues, ask in #ubuntu-virt and the folks there can probably help you out.  Nice to have a CPU that can do KVM... I just couldn't justify the extra $100 for an E8400 over the E5200 when I bought this hardware...00:42
wizardslovak_i paid $300 for this laptop lol00:42
jmarsdenSounds like a good deal.  Did the Server CD burn OK?  Are you installing on the old Celeron PC now?? :)00:43
wizardslovak_not yet00:44
wizardslovak_server cd is ok , i did cd check in vbox and it passed00:44
mat1211How should I mount a drive with an ext3 fs?00:58
mat1211also, why didn't the driver change when I typed fdisk -l? I changed the fs :P00:59
andresmujica1hmmm just found that ubuntu doesn´t support acl over nfs4... :(01:10
mat1211If I change the fs of the entire harddrive instead of one partition will anything bad happen? :P and also, how do I repartition it with just a single partition.01:23
twbmat1211: hard drives normally do not have filesystems directly, only on their partitions.01:23
twbe.g. /dev/sda is not normally a filesystem01:24
mat1211how do I partition a harddrive then?01:24
twbUbuntu will happily put a filesystem on sda and mount it, but other OSes might balk01:24
twbAs I said yesterday, you can partition a drive using gparted, cfdisk, parted, sfdisk, or some other partitioning tool01:25
mat1211cause I reformated a harddrive with ext3, but when I type fdisk -l it still says fat, I was thinking of just making one partition that is the full drive.01:25
mat1211in terminal as well?01:25
twbfdisk reports what is in the partition table, which might be lies01:25
mat1211cause this thing has no screen or anything laugh01:26
twbTry using cfdisk to change the partition's type to 82 (ext)01:26
mat1211so I won't be able to do any gui things01:26
twbDon't use fdisk unless you know EXACTLY what you're doing, it is for experts.  Prefer cfdisk.01:27
twbfdisk will happily make partitions that other OSes won't like01:27
mat1211what is the syntax for cfdisk, it said couldn't open drive when I typed it.01:28
twbsudo cfdisk /dev/sdb01:28
twbManipulating disks at a low level requies root access (or, possibly, to be in the "disk" group).01:28
mat1211how would I go about deleting a partition? it still says sdb1 is there, but I'm sure I deleted it with mkfs.01:29
twbmkfs cannot delete or create partitions.01:30
twbmkfs only changes what filesystem is on a partition.01:30
twbTo delete a partition you would open the disk's partition table with cfdisk /dev/sdb, then select tha appropriate partition and choose "delete"01:31
mat1211strange, when I type stuff it still says sdb1 is still there, but at the same time when I enter commands having to do with it, it doesn't exist.01:31
twbYou then need to write the partition table by choosing "write"01:31
mat1211hold on, I'll try something.01:31
twbA partition "exists" according to the kernel if it is listed in /proc/partitions.  There may or may not be a device node for it in /dev, which is a separate issue.  Both SHOULD be updated automatically on a modern system such as 8.04.01:32
mat1211it didn't work, lol01:33
mat1211is there a way to force it to update these things?01:33
mat1211because in things such as fdisk -l and cfdisk, I see that a partition is listed, but when I try and interact with them, nothing.01:34
mat1211ah, there we go01:35
andresmujicareloads partition table in kernel01:36
andresmujicawith parted is possible too, and with echo something > /proc/..... don't recall the rest..01:36
mat1211ah, also, how do I change the extention of a file? I have an incomplete rar archive, and the extention is .rar.filepart.  How do I remove the .filepart?01:49
PhotoJimmat1211: you just rename the file... but since it's incomplete, that's not likely to be of much benefit.01:51
mat1211it still works.01:51
mat1211do I just type sudo rename to do that? lol01:52
PhotoJimif you're using a shell, you just use the mv command that usually moves files.01:52
PhotoJimbut if you move it to the same place with a different name... it works as rename.01:52
PhotoJimmv oldname.txt newname.txt01:52
PhotoJimyou may or may not need to use sudo depending on the read/write permissions01:52
mat1211ah, that's different, but thank you.01:55
PhotoJimit's slightly counterintuitive but one gets used to these things :)01:56
Iceman_B|SSHPhotoJim: I still wonder why there isnt a seperate "ren" command ._.01:59
ScottKWhat would that do that mv doesn't?02:00
Iceman_B|SSHbe not counter-intuitive?02:00
PhotoJimIceman_B|SSH: you could just make a softlink called "ren" and link it to "mv" :)02:01
mat1211softlink? right... strange.02:02
Iceman_B|SSHlol, I hadnt thought about that02:03
mat1211how would you set that up?02:04
Iceman_B|SSHso would that be "touch red" and then make a symlink from ren to mv ?02:04
chavermai'd like to set /etc/ssh/ssh_config to the default.  where can i find the default file?02:04
PhotoJimIceman_B|SSH: no, you don't "touch" it first.  that creates an empty traditional file.  symlinks are a different type of file that work basically like a pointer to another file.02:05
Iceman_B|SSHI see. so there is no need to create an empty file, just, directly create the link itself ?02:08
ScottKman ln for details.02:08
mat1211what is the dir for the mv command, and how would it be a file?02:09
PhotoJim"whereis mv" will tell you.02:09
PhotoJimI'm not sure how to answer the second half of your question.02:09
ScottKwhich mv works too02:09
Iceman_B|SSHwow. I didnt know about whereis, I always try find and locate02:10
Iceman_B|SSHbut I cant get them to work the way I want to02:10
chavermayeah, find and locate are kind of Big Hammers for a small thing like finding binaries02:11
ScottKzul: Did we make libmysqlclient-dev go NBS on purpose.  It has a lot of reverse build-deps: http://people.ubuntu.com/~ubuntu-archive/NBS/libmysqlclient-dev02:12
twbThere *is* a rename(1) command, intended to do pattern-based bulk renaming.02:12
twbe.g. instead of for i in ?.jpg; do mv $i 0$i.jpg; done02:12
PhotoJimso there is.02:12
twbI haven't actually used it myself because I'm pretty proficient at sh.02:13
dug_well vmware is about 800 times easier to install than kvm/vmbuilder :)02:33
twbI don't know about vmbuilder, but kvm is MUCH easier to install than vmware-server.03:06
twbFor one thing, to install vmware-server properly you need to install vmware-package from Debian, download the source tarball, turn it into a deb, install gdebi, then install the vmware-server .deb.03:07
twbAnd even then, you need to manually monitor vmware's website to detect new security and feature releases, and go through the same process for those.03:07
twb...whereas kvm is a normal apt-gettable package.03:07
twbThere's also the problem that vmware-server packages are illegal to redistribute and need to be "activated" with a gratis serial code, and aren't subject to the same Debian Policy requirements as official packages, nor can bugs be reported using reportbug(1).03:08
twbOh, and vmware-package doesn't support vmware-server 2.x yet.03:10
mat1211what is kvm?04:02
jmarsdenkvm is a virtual machine environment, so you can run multiple virtual computers on one physical machine.  See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM04:04
jmarsdenBTW, a google search for    ubuntu kvm      should have found you that kind of info?04:05
twbOnce the province of Big Iron, now you can get it on a $300 laptop...04:05
twbjmarsden: in #emacs our bot is actually trained to respond to "what is <keyword>?" the same way as "!<keyword>" :-)04:06
jmarsdentwb: Nice... can you program the bot here to do the same?04:06
twbSorry, I know nothing about your bots.04:06
ubottukvm is the preferred virtualization approach in Ubuntu. For more information see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM04:06
twbEmacs' fsbot is written in elisp, so you can't just copy its code.04:06
jmarsdendug_: Yes... is there a way to get a list of all the ! commands the bot recognizes? !dictionary or something??04:07
dug_not sure04:08
twbFor cases where you really only want a virtualized filesystem, process tree and network stack, how does kvm weigh up against openvz or xen?04:08
twbjmarsden: usually there's a webpage04:08
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu-server's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots04:08
Doblehi folks07:49
DobleI'm new to ubuntu and I'm trying to set up a home DNS server using BIND9 and its giving me grief, can anyone help ?07:49
Dobleit's probably something really obvious but since I dont seem to get any error its hard to troubleshoot07:53
Doblei think i've just screwed up the config files so much that I can't get them working again, heres the output from /var/log07:55
DobleApr  5 16:52:13 ubuntu named[4480]: starting BIND 9.5.0-P2 -u bind07:55
DobleApr  5 16:52:13 ubuntu named[4480]: found 2 CPUs, using 2 worker threads07:55
DobleApr  5 16:52:13 ubuntu named[4480]: loading configuration from '/etc/bind/named.conf'07:55
DobleApr  5 16:52:13 ubuntu named[4480]: /etc/bind/named.conf:12: unknown option 'zone'07:55
DobleApr  5 16:52:13 ubuntu named[4480]: /etc/bind/named.conf:20: unknown option 'zone'07:55
DobleApr  5 16:52:13 ubuntu named[4480]: /etc/bind/named.conf:25: unknown option 'zone'07:55
DobleApr  5 16:52:13 ubuntu named[4480]: /etc/bind/named.conf:30: unknown option 'zone'07:55
DobleApr  5 16:52:13 ubuntu named[4480]: /etc/bind/named.conf:35: unknown option 'zone'07:55
DobleApr  5 16:52:13 ubuntu named[4480]: /etc/bind/named.conf.local:9: unknown option 'zone'07:55
DobleApr  5 16:52:13 ubuntu named[4480]: /etc/bind/named.conf:41: '}' expected near end of file07:55
Kamping_Kaisergah. dont flood here07:55
DobleApr  5 16:52:13 ubuntu named[4480]: loading configuration: unexpected token07:55
DobleApr  5 16:52:13 ubuntu named[4480]: exiting (due to fatal error)07:55
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)07:55
Doblesorry, didn't know it would split it into multiple messages07:55
Kamping_KaiserDoble, ^^07:55
Doblehere's the pastebin - http://paste.ubuntu.com/144687/07:56
twbubottu doesn't auto-kick flooders?07:59
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:59
Doblesorry for the spam before - I'll start again, im trying to configure bind9 and i think i've messed up the config files but I don't know how to fix them, and now bind fails to start - my config files: http://paste.ubuntu.com/144690/ and error log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/144687/08:09
mroutHow do I install an IRC server on my Ubuntu Server (It's currently running a LAMP server)08:22
mroutIs anyone there?08:23
mroutow do I install an IRC server on my Ubuntu Server (It's currently running a LAMP server)H08:24
p_quarlesmrout: if somebody knows, they'll answer; don't keep repeating the question08:25
mroutIt's just that a new person came along.08:25
friartuckgot google?08:25
mroutoh, I see what you mean. (I'm a bit slow)08:27
mroutThank you.08:28
obstor try wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IRCd08:28
JessicaParkerhi can anyone assist with getting postfix configured with gmail ?08:43
auraxhello, is there a content/web filtering application that's not working as a proxy?10:32
LMJwhat's the problem with a proxy aurax  ?10:48
auraxi have 8 adsl lines and 5 vlans10:53
auraxmanaging proxy with multiple networks and routings seems really difficult10:53
auraxi mean ,proxy will kill my routing table10:57
JessicaParker hi can anyone assist with open ssl confi am getting an error and i think it is down to the location of my /demoCA/private/cakey.pem12:05
Hamziferany suggestions on how to install a quicker (and i guess, less random) psuedo random number generator? /dev/urandom's too slow :/14:07
giovaniHamzifer: /dev/urandom is the fast one14:35
ewookHamzifer: why don't you just cache something from /dev/random?14:35
giovaniwell, before we go /dev/random ... we should know the application14:36
Hamziferattempting to fill a disk with random data14:37
Hamzifer..because i am14:39
giovaniyou've probably been mislead about the efficacy of random data for securely wiping drives14:40
giovaniit's entirely unnecessary14:40
Hamzifernm, google to the rescue, dd if=/dev/zero | gpg --symmetric --passphrase `dd if=/dev/urandom bs=4 count=8 2>&1 | sha256sum | head -c 64` - > target14:41
giovanioh god ...14:42
Hamziferproduces random data at around 23mb/sec, compared to /dev/urandom/s 1.8mb/sec14:42
Hamziferincase anyone else is interested14:42
Hamziferalthough if anyone has any idea how to configure a "less random" prng, e.g. /dev/prandom, that would be useful to know, google's not being too helpful there :/14:45
giovaniI suggest you save yourself a lot of time in the long run and read up on why Guttman's hypothesis -- which your desire to use random data is no-doubt based on, are false14:46
HamziferThanks, I'll keep that in mind when your concerns are relevant to my situation. Thanks for all the help14:47
giovanithey're concerned with any situation involving wiping drives14:47
giovaniwhere you don't enjoy wearing tinfoil hats14:47
HamziferIndeed, and when I'm wiping a drive, I'll keep that in mind.14:48
giovani<Hamzifer> attempting to fill a disk with random data14:48
giovaniwhat are you doing then?14:48
HamziferA quick google for "Guttman's hypothesis", however, leads to mostly books.google.com results about psychology. Got any useful links?14:49
HamziferNot wiping a drive :)14:49
aciculafilling a disk for encryption i suppose then14:50
giovanifor encryption? maybe to hide an encrypted partition14:50
giovanibut, there's no need other than that that I can think of14:50
giovaniHamzifer: it was my bad spelling -- Gutmann is correct14:51
giovanipaper: http://www.cs.auckland.ac.nz/~pgut001/pubs/secure_del.html14:51
giovanihis "research" is the basis for the modern recommendation of using multiple passes of random, and non-random data14:52
HamziferGood to know I've not been doing it wrong then!14:56
giovaniwhat have you been doing?14:56
aciculaonly thing i can think of is that if you can guess the plaintext pattern on the disk to be something standard like null you learn a bit more14:57
HamziferI've been trying to stay relevant to my original question, which was trying to get a faster psuedo random number/noise generator going! :)14:58
giovaniwell we want to know why! :)14:58
HamziferI'm afraid if I told you, I would have to kill you! ;)14:58
giovaniprepare the tinfoil hats, folks!14:59
* acicula goes off to dust the thumbscrews14:59
Iceman_B^Ltopmy machine rebooted expectedly when I was asleep, where can I look to find out what happened around and up till that point?15:27
PhotoJimIceman_B^Ltop: poke around /var/log.  dmesg and daemon.log might have useful info, or syslog.15:30
JessicaParkercan anyone help with the openssl error in ubuntu /demoCA/serial: No such file or directory15:30
Iceman_B^LtopPhotoJim: im looking at syslog. when I count back from the current uptime, I find this line "Apr  5 14:53:49 Rin-chan syslogd 1.5.0#2ubuntu6: restart."15:32
PhotoJimIceman_B^Ltop: hmm.15:32
giovaniJessicaParker: what's the context of the error? what were you doing when you received it?15:32
Iceman_B^LtopPhotoJim: and I'm getting a lot of these: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/144935/15:34
JessicaParkergiovani: http://www.marksanborn.net/linux/send-mail-postfix-through-gmails-smtp-on-a-ubuntu-lts-server/ ultimate goal gmail smtp15:36
giovaniwhy do you need a CA to talk to gmail15:36
JessicaParkergiovani: this is the command line that i get the isue from openssl ca -out FOO-cert.pem -infiles FOO-req.pem15:36
giovanithat's absurd15:36
PhotoJimIceman_B^Ltop: I'm sorry, I have no idea what that is about.  the libpolkit stuff looks more worrisome than the sigfile stuff.  the rest of it is innocuous.15:37
JessicaParkergiovani: i think you cant use port 25 and need to use 587 and requires a certificate15:37
giovaniyes ... but you don't need your own CA15:37
giovanipostfix ships with unsigned certs15:38
Iceman_B^LtopPhotoJim: perhaps http://www.bergek.com/2008/11/24/ubuntu-810-libpolkit-error/15:38
giovanithis is why these howto guides are worthless15:38
JessicaParkergiovani: i not all to familiar with this.......but looking around it looks like you need to create a self signed certificate to use gmail smtp service...15:38
PhotoJimIceman_B^Ltop: good catch.  sounds like that's the thing to try.15:38
JessicaParkergiovani: i dont think there are any how to guides for postfix gmail without the self signed certificate not sure though15:39
Iceman_B^LtopPhotoJim: apaprantly there is a bug filed for it, I'm looking at the page right now but, I really have no clue beyond that. It doesnt seem like a policy kit will breach my server15:44
PhotoJimIceman_B^Ltop: one wouldn't think so.15:45
JessicaParkerany one any ideas on this ? i dont need a self signed certificate ?15:49
Iceman_B^Ltopoh wow, setting the TCP_NODELAY option in samba just doubled my speed16:01
Iceman_B^LtopI'm getting around 5-6 MB/s over LAN now16:02
Iceman_B^Ltopbut that was from server to this XP laptop. the other way around is still slow, around 2.8 MB/s16:03
chris_d_adamshi guys, which logs should I be looking in if I want to see what my system is doing when trying to recognise a usb device that's been attached?16:49
giovanichris_d_adams: /var/log/dmesg16:50
chris_d_adamsgiovani: hmm... I'm getting no sign at all when i plug something in there. is there another way to probe in more detail?16:59
chris_d_adamssyslog shows something16:59
chris_d_adamsnever mind16:59
chris_d_adamsI'm good here16:59
=== dug_1 is now known as dug_
uvirtbotNew bug: #355709 in mysql-dfsg-5.0 (main) "package mysql-server-5.0 5.1.30really5.0.75-0ubuntu10 failed to install/upgrade: Unterprozess post-installation script gab den Fehlerwert 1 zurück" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35570917:11
giovanichris_d_adams: dmesg is the kernel log ... when you plug in a device, it should show up there17:33
mrwesI'm trying to use the following in a incrontab /media/external IN_CREATE IN_MODIFY clamscan -av $@/$#17:35
mrwesand it doesn't appear to run in htop17:35
mrwesI want it to clamdscan the file that was either created or modified17:37
giovaniwell, it may be a non-issue, but I believe IN_CREATE and IN_MODIFY are supposed to be comma separated17:40
mrwesyah I made that change...17:40
giovanialright, well we can only go off of what you paste here17:40
mrwesit currently reads /media/external IN_CREATE,IN_MODIFY clamscan -av $@/$#17:41
mrwesis there anyway to monitor whether it ran or not? I looked in /var/log/clamav but I didn't see anything17:42
giovaniyou try using a different command than clamscan ... to rule it out as a cause?17:42
giovaniI don't think it logs to /var/log unless you're running the daemon17:42
mrweswell I'm running the clamd17:43
giovaniand you reloaded the table, right?17:43
giovanitry something like ... /media/external IN_CREATE,IN_MODIFY touch /testfile17:44
giovaniand then use /testfile's access time to establish the last time it ran17:44
Iceman_B^Ltopwhat's a good FTP server ?18:47
Nafallo vsftpd18:48
Iceman_B|SSHso that "sudo aptitude install vsftpd"18:50
Iceman_B|SSHI thought an FTPd was installed during server installation....18:50
giovaniIceman_B|SSH: no, and it shouldn't be -- very few people need ftp daemons on each server ... it increases default security holes, and bloats the install18:59
Iceman_B^Ltopgood point19:02
PhotoJimIceman_B|SSH: scp is a lot more secure, and safer.  winscp is a good client for Windows users.19:02
Nafallosftp :-)19:03
PhotoJimIceman_B|SSH: and if you have sshd enabled, you don't have to do anything to turn it on.19:03
Iceman_B^Ltopah, right, I had forgotten about that19:05
giovaniyeah, ftp = bad19:07
giovanionly use it if you have general users who aren't capable of using scp19:08
Iceman_B^Ltopwell the thing is, I have my server thats on a 10/1 ADSL line, its download a certain torrent at almost the max speed. My desktop at another location is on a 120/10 cable line19:11
Iceman_B^Ltopthe same torrent there goes as a snail pace19:11
Iceman_B^Ltopso I want to download the files here on my server and then transfer them back, but its 29 GB and 2100 files19:11
PhotoJimtraffic shaping.19:11
Iceman_B^Ltopyeah, probbaly. Ive been following forums byt of course, the ISP denies all claims19:12
PhotoJimthere are ways of testing it.19:12
Iceman_B^Ltopim already running at high ports and encrytion on, on the cable pc19:13
PhotoJimscp is the easiest (IMHO), best way to move the files, short of having a VPN connection so that you can mount nfs shares from your server onto your remote desktop.19:15
PhotoJimthe latter is harder to set up, but easier to use.19:15
giovaniscp will add overhead, though19:18
giovaniespecially if it's a really light cpu19:19
PhotoJimthat's true.19:19
giovanii.e. celerons can choke under huge scp moves19:19
PhotoJimbut by "light" we're talking pre-PIII probably right?19:19
giovanicelerons are like Pentium 2s :)19:19
giovaniat 10x the cost19:19
PhotoJimmy PII-333 (about-to-be-retired server) was ok on scp.  Linux is pretty efficient.19:20
PhotoJimI'm guessing it's the cache issue if the Celeron sucks so much.19:20
giovanipossibly ... there are many factors19:20
giovaniit depends on what kinds of speeds you're expecting19:20
giovaniif you have a celeron sitting on a 100Mbps line ... and you're trying to max that out over scp ... good luck19:21
PhotoJimmy broadband is a tiny fraction of that, but I could run some experiments over the lan to see.19:22
giovaniyeah, I'm rarely scping up from my home19:23
aciculamy C2D maxes out at 2.2Mb/s iirc when i use the 100Mbit connection. admitedly it's not a very fast proc19:23
giovani2.2Mbps or 2.2MBps?19:23
giovanithey're wildly different19:23
aciculathe byte version19:23
giovaniyeah, careful of writing that19:23
giovaniMb is Megabit19:23
PhotoJimthe machine I'm on right now is an Atom N270 so I'm not sure it would be that great of a test platform :)19:23
aciculai alwas keep confusing them19:23
giovanilittle b ... means smaller measure19:24
giovanibigger B means bigger measure19:24
giovanieasy enough19:24
aciculai shall never forget again19:24
giovaniso the 2.2MBps test was over scp, or something else?19:25
* acicula scratches memory19:25
aciculascp or sftp, dont think they are treated very differently19:25
aciculathe one that gives you the ascii completion bar and a speed reading anyway19:25
NafalloMB/s :-)19:26
aciculait's been awhile since i last copied from my desktop19:26
giovaniacicula: they're protocols19:26
giovaninot clients19:26
aciculait decided life just wasnt worth living, and that i did not need the machine19:26
aciculaor the disk :/19:26
aciculagiovani: also both clients, though i wouldnt know if they use different procol messges under the hood19:27
giovaniyes, to declare that the C2D was the bottleneck ... you'd need to actually look at the server load19:27
aciculagiovani: well i didnt do extensive benchmarking , the machine has a disk quite capable of sustaining well over 2MB/s nor is it short on memory, switched 100Mbit local lan19:28
giovaniyeah, but those are guesses19:28
giovanimaybe that section of your disk was heavily fragmented19:28
giovaniwho knows19:28
giovaniso, testing the actual system during the transfer is the only way to isolate the bottleneck, unlikely to be the cpu19:28
aciculamy desktop broke before i got the lappy, so must've been my old one :/, so the metrics i just gave are useless19:29
PhotoJimI'm going to try an scp from my dual 1 GHz PIII server to my Atom N270 netbook for giggles19:32
PhotoJim50.9 MB/s to create, not terrible. :)19:32
giovanito create?19:33
giovaniwhat does "to create" mean?19:33
Nafallo-c blowfish19:33
PhotoJimI use blowfish by default.19:33
Iceman_B^LtopPhotoJim, what machine is that N270 running in ?19:33
aciculawhy the preference for blowfish?19:33
PhotoJimAcer Aspire One.19:34
PhotoJimIt seems to be one of the most efficient encryption algorithms ssh supports.19:34
Iceman_B^Ltoplikeable little machine?19:34
Iceman_B^Ltopim looking for a netbook to buym, not too long fro mnow19:34
giovanihp mini 2140 or dell mini 10 are the only netbooks I'd consider at this point19:34
Iceman_B^Ltophave my eye on a NC1019:34
PhotoJimJust over 11 MB/s to read it over the LAN19:35
giovaniheh, you're using these odd terms19:35
giovani"read" what?19:35
PhotoJimwell... I wrote the file on the server19:35
PhotoJimnow I'm reading it and copying it to the netbook19:35
PhotoJimthe netbook can write it far faster than that rate, so the read speed is the issue here19:36
giovaniwell you didn't just get 50MBps over a 100Mbps LAN19:36
giovanithat was a false metric if you did19:36
PhotoJimno, that was local19:36
PhotoJimI didn't say that was the scp speed19:36
PhotoJimthat was the file creation speed locally19:36
giovanialso not sure how you achieved 11MBps over the lan19:37
giovaniunless this is gigabit19:37
PhotoJim11.1 MB/s, not mb19:37
PhotoJim11.1 MB/s, not Mb19:37
giovani... right19:37
PhotoJimthat's what it's telling me, and no, it's not gigabit19:37
giovani11.1MB/s is not possible over scp on a 100MBps lan19:37
PhotoJimperhaps it's doing compression.19:37
giovani10MB/s is the reasonable, theorectical limit of a tcp connection over ip19:37
giovanimaybe 11 at maximum, with no scp overhead19:38
giovanihow big was the file?19:38
PhotoJim1 gig19:38
giovanidid you use -C?19:39
giovanithat enables compression19:39
PhotoJimit doesn't seem too crazy, I have a 5 Mbit broadband download rate and I get just under 600 kB/s optimally19:39
PhotoJimI didn't specifically enable compression19:39
PhotoJimlet me try it and see what happens19:39
PhotoJimBut accelerating.19:40
giovanicpu bottleneck, probably19:40
PhotoJimStarted at about 6 MB/s19:40
PhotoJimnow it's at 7~.319:40
Iceman_B^Ltopis this all Linux> or is there samba between in?19:40
giovanithe atom is a lightweight19:40
Iceman_B^Ltopjust curious :)19:40
giovanisamba ?19:40
PhotoJimLinux scp to sshd19:40
PhotoJimno samba19:40
PhotoJimno NFS19:40
giovaniwhat world are we talking about?19:40
PhotoJimI do have this partition mounted by NFS so I could copy it that way too19:40
PhotoJimUbuntu on both machines, Jaunty on my netbook (to which I'm copying), Intrepid on my server (from which I'm copying)19:41
PhotoJimyes, with compression it's significantly slower19:41
PhotoJimwhich is ironic because the file is just zeroes19:41
PhotoJimobviously at 100BaseTX speeds, the compression can't keep up with the bandwidth19:41
PhotoJimat least with that machine19:41
PhotoJimone CPU is pinned at 100% on t he remote server, the other CPU is essentially idle19:42
PhotoJimso the CPU is the bottleneck on that compression.19:42
PhotoJimlet me try via NFS19:42
PhotoJimwhat's the best way to time it?  scp provides rate information.19:42
PhotoJimbut NFS won't of course.19:43
PhotoJimtime I suppose19:43
PhotoJimboth server CPUs are at about 15% load19:44
PhotoJimNFS seems to do load balancing19:44
PhotoJimbrb, I'll report after a nature break :)19:45
PhotoJim1:36.01 to transfer 1 gigabyte19:47
PhotoJim1 gibibyte actually19:47
PhotoJim11,183,645 bytes per second19:48
giovaniwe get it19:48
PhotoJimso scp and nfs are very similar in speed19:48
PhotoJimit'd be interesting to try it on a gigabit lan, to see what sort of hwardware you need to saturate it19:49
giovaniwell a regular desktop hard drive maxes out before gigabit lan does19:50
giovaniso unless you have raid, or "commercial" drives, or ssds19:50
giovanithat's your first bottleneck19:50
PhotoJima PII-333 on the same lan here is receiving the file at 3.6 MB/s, so that's clearly too little CPU to saturate the link19:51
PhotoJimthat's interesting.  so gigabit is going to be a fairly long-lasting technology if we c an't saturate it now without enterprise-level hardware.19:51
giovanithis is news?19:51
giovanigigabit far from new ... we'll see 10 gigabit on desktops in 5 years19:52
giovanissds will replace hds on consumer devices within 5 years19:52
PhotoJimI know gigabit isn't new.  just surprised it's still faster than current disks.19:52
giovaniat least for the OS19:52
giovaniyou thought disks were more than 100MBps?19:52
giovaniaverage consumer disk is capable of 40-60MBps read speeds19:52
PhotoJimI figured higher-end ones must be getting there.19:52
giovaniit's an rpm issue19:52
PhotoJimbut apparently only really high-end ones.19:53
giovanithere's no higher-end consumer drive19:53
Nafallotmpfs on /home/nafallo/memory type tmpfs (rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev)19:53
giovaniall consumer drives are 7200rpm or slower19:53
PhotoJimmy OS drives on my server are 10000 rpm so it'll be interesting to do some speed tests on that19:53
PhotoJimunfortunately they are way too small for my data19:53
giovanino need really, just look at the specs19:53
PhotoJimmore fun to experiment :)19:55
uvirtbotNew bug: #355662 in samba (main) "libsmbclient crashes with SIGABRT  (dup-of: 198351)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35566219:55
giovaninot really19:58
giovanibut ok19:58
uvirtbotNew bug: #355800 in nagios3 (main) "*** WARNING: ucf was run from a maintainer script that uses debconf, but the script did not pass --debconf-ok to ucf." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35580020:15
Iceman_B^Ltophow does the "unix password sync = yes" exactly work in Samba ? will it change my Linux password when I change my samba password? how can that work when Im the only root user on the system?22:40
* Iceman_B^Ltop pokes PhotoJim22:57
Iceman_B^Ltopyou said earlier that you have a way to determine if an ISP is shaping p2p traffic?22:57
AnRkeyhi all23:32
AnRkeyI am trying to compile netxms for ubuntu 8.04.2 server23:33
AnRkeyI get this checking for gd.h... no23:33
PhotoJimIceman_B^Ltop: Yes?23:33
AnRkeythen it fails, anyone know what package that file belongs to?23:33
Iceman_B^Ltoptell me more about it please23:34
PhotoJimIceman_B^Ltop: you aren't the root user.  the only root user is the user named root.  and if you use that option, usernames on the Windows client machines and Linux box should match exactly and things will work.23:34
PhotoJimIceman_B^Ltop: so if you change the Linux account password, you should change the Windows account password too, and there will be no prompt to enter a password when connecting to the Linux server from the Windows machine.23:35
PhotoJimIceman_B^Ltop: So, ideally, have one account on your Linux box for every discreet user that will connect to it as a server on your local area network.23:35
Iceman_B^Ltopyeah, I had that figured out already. it's handy because I guess Windows tries to log onto the share with whatever user is logged into windows at that point23:37
PhotoJimthat's exactly what Windows does when it tries to connect to Windows servers.23:37
PhotoJimyou can force a separate login, but there is really no benefit to that.23:37
Iceman_B^Ltopso let me get this straightr, the "unix password sync =" option does not related to keeping samba and linux passwords on the same box the same ?23:38
PhotoJimyou could create user accounts for your local users, and disable Linux login if you don't want them to actually be able to use the server via shell.23:38
Iceman_B^Ltophow would I go about that?23:38
PhotoJimIceman_B^Ltop: hmm.  I think it does.  but now that you mention it, I did configure my Samba user names and passwords separately.  so I can't tell you that experientially.23:39
PhotoJimI'm in the other window working, so my replies might be slow.23:39
Iceman_B^Ltopno prob23:39
Iceman_B^Ltopim watching a show anyways :)23:39
Iceman_B^Ltopoh do tell me about the diabling the shell login thing please23:40
Iceman_B^Ltopwhenver you have the time23:40
AnRkeynevermind: found the sucker23:40
AnRkeyw000t, it's compiling at last23:40
AnRkeyman, this netxms is awesome23:40
PhotoJimIceman_B^Ltop: I forget how to do it off the top of my head, but it has to do with editing the shell field in the /etc/passwd file.  something to the effect of "nologin".  should be easy to find.23:42

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