dtchencr3: i really need output from http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh for 354705 and 35470700:05
cr3dtchen: sure, but it'll have to wait until Monday when I have access to the machines again00:12
cr3dtchen: have there been discussions in including alsa-info.sh in apport?00:12
dtchencr3: no, it will be in karmic's alsa-driver (which is where upstream ships it)00:13
dtchencr3: at that point, apport can hook into it00:13
cr3dtchen: cool, at least there's a path for the future :)00:13
dtchenwe could always add it to jaunty's alsa-driver00:14
dtchenthe current bash script doesn't exactly give me fuzzies00:14
dtchenluke and i plan to strip the bashisms and refactor quite a bit of it00:14
cr3dtchen: if the script is under /usr/share, I'd say it couldn't hurt00:18
dtchencr3: i'll discuss with luke and pete00:20
cr3dtchen: excellent, I'll follow up soonish. now, time for a break...00:29
hoelkhi! i have 2 serious problems with jaunty, that im not really able to google solutions to11:15
hoelkwhen using the new kernel version, jaunty hangs at bootup at "loading hardware drivers" (i have to do a hard reset)11:15
hoelkand when i try to use my webcam, x crashes11:15
hoelki have a fujitsu-simens laptop with celeron m processor and some cheap logitech quickcam thing11:16
bencrisfordHow can I officially sign up for the testing team?18:36
charlie-tcahttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing is a starting point.18:47
charlie-tcaYou can join the testing team in launchpad, also18:47
bencrisfordok thanks ;)18:50
charlie-tcaYou are welcome18:52

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