SerialNohi all00:00
eazel7what happens is that after some time of using my laptop it starts shutting down, and that is much more likely to happen when I do CPU intensive tasks like running a VM00:00
SerialNoi heard that bsd is better than ubuntu00:00
MikeyPoohDoes Anyone Know of a Fix for the ata1 exception Emask 0x10 SAct 0x0 Serr 0x90000 action 0xe frozen error?00:00
SerialNois it true?00:00
mrsteveman1anyone know if its possible for Nginx to support multiple domains backed by apache vhosts?00:00
jrib!ot | SerialNo00:00
ubottuSerialNo: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:00
SiDiIngsoc, check the etqw wiki, too, there is a way to install from a windows install / local files, if i remember well.00:00
StupendoussteveI believe the linux kernel does have support for shutting down if it's getting too hot00:00
MikeyPoohseems to be the same with 8.04,8.10,9.0400:01
SerialNoi use ubuntu00:01
SerialNoand a want to know00:01
SerialNois ubuntu better then BSD00:01
SiDiIngsoc, i'm giving you two links on the community forums, you might want to read them once you installed : its about linux client tweaking, there are cool things there : http://community.enemyterritory.com/forums/showthread.php?p=399431#post399431 and http://community.enemyterritory.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1414400:01
jribSerialNo: cool.  But discussing bsd vs linux is not an ubuntu support question.  Please move the discussion to #ubuntu-offtopic00:01
glitsj16glen_: the jaunty repo's have sqlite3 3.6.10 packages, download those from packages.ubuntu.com/jaunty/ and you'll be fine (you'll need libsqlite3-0, libsqlite3-dev and sqlite3)00:01
NikolaSerialNo: You allready know our answer...00:01
SiDiSerialNo, ubuntu and bsd are different OSes with different objectives00:01
StupendoussteveSerialNo: No. But BSD is not better either. Use what works for you00:02
StupendoussteveIf you like graphical tools you wouldn't like a BSD much anyway00:02
NikolaSerialNo:  Ask in BSD channel which is better, and they will say BSD is better, ask here and we will say Ubuntu is better...00:02
SliderManSidi, eclips only has tar.gz files =\00:02
SiDieazel7, your CPU gets too hot. if you're under warranty, get your laptop replaced, either dont buy from the same manufacturer again :)00:02
SiDiSliderMan, hf compiling then :p00:02
SliderMani really hope it wont fail00:03
SiDiSliderMan, if it fails it means you'll have to install one or two -dev packages, nothing to worry about00:03
eazel7SiDi: it does, but I don't care, and it's outside the warranty term. the only thing I want is ubuntu to stop shutting itself down when I use it, without even asking me00:03
SliderMani just had 2 folders disapier on my desktop LOL00:04
HariharakadanWere they named Copperfield and Houdini? :)00:04
SiDieazel7, its not ubuntu, it's your motherboard, to prevent your laptop from  burning.00:05
Joikuswhat is the BEST thing about ubuntu00:05
Joikusif you had to say00:05
Joikusin 1 sentence00:05
SliderMansidi what do i need to do to compile it?00:05
SiDiJoikus, the SABDFL of course00:05
eazel7SiDi: sure it is not ubuntu, it doesn't happen in 8.04, neither on windows00:05
JoikusSABDFL ?00:05
SliderManit says i need jdk00:06
Joikussome kind of filesystem I guess00:06
SiDiSliderMan, extract the .tar.gz, there is a README and an INSTALL file there ;) usually just type ./configure && sudo make && sudo make install00:06
StupendoussteveJoikus: SiDi, SliderMan you do not need to be root to run make00:06
SliderMansidi, its the binary00:06
MikeyPoohDoes Anyone Know of a Fix for the ata1 exception Emask 0x10 SAct 0x0 SErr 0x90000 action 0xe frozen error?, I Get the same From Ubuntu Server 8.04,8.10,9.0400:06
StupendoussteveJoikus ignore that ;)00:06
SliderMansidi, just need jdk =)00:06
SiDieazel7, then the cpu heat problem comes from ubuntu + your vm stuff causing the machine to overheat, i guess :P00:06
StupendoussteveJoikus: I was going to say, I like that it runs quick on my netbook and works out of the box. Gentoo is my most used distro otherwise00:07
andyskyfor weeks now, I haven't been able to access blogspot.com pages, is this happening f other people here, too?00:07
CyberAngelQustion: my system seems to have lost the Eth0.  I know the card is there (shows in lspci -v).  JHow do I get Ubuntu to reconize it again?00:07
SiDiStupendoussteve, usually when you install an app that will put files in /usr/lib, /usr/bin and so on, you need to can write there00:07
andyskyi'm trying this one now: http://google-code-updates.blogspot.com/2009/03/doug-crockford-javascript-good-parts.html00:07
JoikusI need the best answer00:07
eazel7what I want is not to cool my cpu down, is to prevent the shut down when it does00:07
Joikusim just too curious :]00:07
Joikusthe BEST thing about ubuntu00:07
Joikusthat you can say00:07
StupendoussteveSiDi: Yes, you should be root to run make install, building as root is not required and thus discouraged00:07
NikolaMy laptop is always overheating when on Vista... when on Ubuntu, it runs cool :D00:07
SliderMani really like the font of ubuntu :P00:07
Joikusscrew windows and the rest00:07
eazel7when it overheats00:07
jribJoikus: #ubuntu-offtopic please00:08
glitsj16andysky: that link shows up just fine here ...00:08
CyberAngelno one has any ideas?00:08
SliderManbtw can anyone help me install hebrew, the setup script failed00:08
jrib!helpme | CyberAngel00:08
ubottuCyberAngel: Avoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !patience00:08
SiDieazel7, i cant help you on that, i don't know any software-related thing that does that, sorry.00:08
SliderManand now i have russian isntead00:08
meoblast001there's an error00:08
SliderManand i cant type in hebrew :(00:08
StupendoussteveCyberAngel: lspci shows hardware even if the card doesn't have a driver00:09
andyskyglitsj16: man, could it be that so dns cache poisoning ?00:09
SiDiSliderMan, system -> administration -> language support :P00:09
andyskythat so -> some00:09
SliderManSidi, tried that.  it just made my desktop look "hebrew" like00:09
SliderManbut its not00:09
SliderManand i can still only type in english/russian00:09
CyberAngelStupendoussteve: I know.  The driver WAS installed and working.00:09
glitsj16andysky: i can't judge that i'm afraid00:09
SliderManit says hebrew but its not :(00:10
StupendoussteveCyberAngel: What is the card?00:10
andyskyi'm using pdnsd, does anyone know of a way to clear its dns cache?00:10
SiDiSliderMan, check scim, you might need a file that adds hebrew support to scim (dont ask me how, i don't know ;p)00:10
CyberAngelStupendoussteve: Realtek RTL-813900:10
andyskyglitsj16: sure, no prob. at least i know it's on my side00:10
SiDiGood night everyone.00:10
SliderManSidi, whats scim?00:10
ubottuChinese, Japanese, Korean Language input. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SCIM00:10
SiDi!scim | SliderMan00:11
ubottuSliderMan: please see above00:11
archmanAnyone successfully installed xfce 4.6.0 in intrepid?00:11
SliderManill check that00:11
HariharakadanAndy: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=15657700:11
HariharakadanI hope this helps you.00:11
glitsj16andysky: "sudo pdnsd-ctl empty-cache" .. i also run pdnsd00:11
michal_My microphone recording sound volume is too low, Ubuntu 8.10 laptop DELL XPS 1530, looked all around the internet but didn't find solution. Any ideas?00:11
andyskyglitsj16: ah, cool! ty00:11
the10nitroI need a shell script to loop through all the files in a directory, oldest change to newest change00:11
SiDiarchman, there is a PPA : https://launchpad.net/~jerome-guelfucci/+archive/ppa00:11
jribthe10nitro: ok?00:12
the10nitroAny ideas on how this can be done?00:12
Em3raldMcSquizzyHow do I put a group of icons into an installable package?00:12
meoblast001i'm getting desperate and installing Windows bluetooth drivers00:12
ubottuThe packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports00:12
jribthe10nitro: tried looking at the options in ls?00:12
SiDiEm3raldMcSquizzy, check the packaging guide, or download a package such as human-icon-theme and look at how its built00:12
glitsj16andysky: there's a more selective way to clear pdnsd cache in the manpages i believe, you might want to keep everything that works besides blogspot00:13
Em3raldMcSquizzySiDi: thanx, I will check that out  Thanks.00:13
the10nitroEm3raldMcSquizzy: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=91071700:13
archmanSiDi, yeah, tried it, and when I booted, all I got was a black screen. Any thoughts?00:13
Em3raldMcSquizzythe10nitro: thanx to you too :d00:13
Raylzhi, i have to execute an autostart script with root rights, where to put it?00:13
Raylzis there some init script like local where i can put my own code?00:13
jrib!startup | Raylz00:13
ubottuRaylz: To add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot00:13
SiDiarchman, its experimental, hehe :) You can also wait 19 days and have 4.6 shipped in jaunty00:13
andyskyglitsj16: it works now! :)   ty very much!00:13
Raylzjrib: root rights00:13
glitsj16andysky: you're welcome00:13
jribRaylz: see ubottu's last sentence00:13
SliderManhebrew dosent listed there00:14
wizaredwhy does certain games like krisk go into sleep mode in the middle of playing then makes you force quit00:14
michal_Hi, my microphone recording sound volume is too low, I have Ubuntu 8.10 laptop DELL XPS 1530, looked all around the internet but didn't find solution. Any ideas how to fix this?00:15
SiDiSliderMan, "ubuntu+hebrew" gives me 1,2 million results on google ;) i'm going to bed, i wish you good luck with it00:15
archmanSiDi, yeah, but I would like to avoid upgrading ubuntu just for xfce 4.6 :D maybe this : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1079643&page=4   (Naiki's post)00:15
ubottuBoot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto00:15
SliderManSidi good night brother.00:15
woltermichal_, i have the same problem, and as well as you did, i researched. I found that there is a really big bug which remains unsolved.00:15
Iceman_B|SSHis it normal that I need to install "make" on a server system ? I thought it came with it00:15
SiDiarchman, you might want to ask in #xubuntu-devel then, there you'll find the xfce hackers. Jérôme (owner of the PPA) is under Debian, afaik, so he might not be able to help you with your Intrepid issues00:15
MikeyPoohDoes Anyone Know of a Fix for the ata1 exception Emask 0x10 SAct 0x0 SErr 0x90000 action 0xe frozen error?, I Get the same From Ubuntu Server 8.04,8.10,9.0400:16
xsgI need a good fps shooter for unbuntu can you recommend ??/00:16
dlihow do I add ubuntu installer to my usb-hdd ubuntu?00:16
archmanSiDi, thanks! ;)00:16
JoikusWhat should be my Partition type? ext3/2/fat32 etc00:16
Frijoliehow do you check to see if the service is running (e.g. vsftpd)?00:16
woltermichal_, however two days ago i managed to record somewhat better while recording my screen with recordmydesktop application00:16
Raylzjrib: ty00:17
FrijolieSystem > Administration > Services has it checked00:17
Em3raldMcSquizzymichal_: Just to make sure you cover your bases, make sure you have looked for a microphone volume boosing checkbox ... hang on I will check mine ...00:17
rayluJoikus: ext3. are you installing and manually partitioning?00:17
xsgI use screen toaster to record screen in an online app works awesome hd to00:17
FrijolieI've done 'sudo /etc/init.d/restart'  ... it says "stopping [ok], starting [ok]'00:17
Joikusyea manually00:17
Frijoliebut it's not allowing connections00:17
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about installer00:17
rayluFrijolie: /etc/init.d/vsftpd status00:17
dli!installer | dli00:17
rayluFrijolie: also, instead of /etc/init.d, use invoke-rc.d00:17
xsgwhat is the best fps game for ubuntu00:17
rayluFrijolie: is it accepting connections locally?00:17
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation.  Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - see also !automate00:18
Em3raldMcSquizzymichal_: hmm, I cant find it off hand, but I am pretty sure if you double-click your volume settings, you can go into your preferences and add the appropriate entries to boost the volume of your microphone.00:18
HemebondCan someone please point me to _the_ instructions on how to create "daemons" or "services" on Ubuntu from any program?00:18
graingertubottu-> lot's of ways!!!!00:18
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:18
rayluJoikus: why isn't the guided mode cutting it for you?00:18
Em3raldMcSquizzymichal_: in particular, there should be something about a preamp or something like that.00:18
graingertHemebond-> I don't think you can.........00:18
Frijolie/etc/init.d/vsftpd status00:18
Frijolie * Usage: /etc/init.d/vsftpd {start|stop|restart|reload}00:18
graingertHemebond-> yes you can00:18
rayluFrijolie: heh. you can try "pgrep -l vsftpd"00:18
graingertHemebond-> it's similar to bash scripting00:18
michal_xsg: look up Nexquiz00:18
Em3raldMcSquizzyxsg: also check tremulous, alien arena, open arena ...00:19
Frijolieraylu, no it's not even accepting connections locally00:19
michal_xsg: sorry misspelled, it's Nexuiz00:19
Frijolieraylu, "connection refused"00:19
rayluFrijolie: what did pgrep say?00:19
xsgthnx can i find on google or package manager00:19
rayluFrijolie: also, why do you need an ftpd?00:19
Frijolieraylu, pgrep was empty00:20
Em3raldMcSquizzyxsg: both, although sudo aptitude install nexuiz works too00:20
xsgany like world war or any war type fps shooters for ubuntu ??00:20
Frijolieraylu, mostly just trying to tinker a little...00:20
archmanSiDi, is it secure to upgrade to Jaunty as soon as it is out? You think that some "important" bugs will be sorted out till then?00:20
Kalistois there an app that will show me the total sent/received bytes with an option for adding a cost multiplier?00:20
Em3raldMcSquizzyxsg: you might have to enable the universe and/or multiverse repositories00:20
rayluFrijolie: heh. is there an /etc/vsftpd?00:20
archmanSiDi, ...geez, I hate those release cycles... :-/00:21
xsgthe universe ???00:21
Em3raldMcSquizzyxsg: hmm, i believe there is, but I cant think of em right now.00:21
Frijolieraylu, is there a better way to send/recieve?00:21
rayluFrijolie: sftp/scp, of course00:21
xsgi need some war games00:21
rayluFrijolie: when you install openssh-server, you have a working sftp/scp server00:21
Frijolieraylu, yes it's installed00:22
Raylzwhich package do i need for iwl3945 firmware?00:22
Em3raldMcSquizzyxsg: yup, erm, I can't remember the help page about that stuff; I am sure others here know the help page.  enabling the other repositories is rediculously easy though.  you can choose Software Sources from your system/administration panel00:22
woltermichal_, if you want to, you can give me your email and ill tell you whenever i find a fix, but do so in pm if you desire me to notice you00:22
Frijolieraylu, ah I liked ftp because of the anonymous/guess login00:22
NikolaHey , wait, is Solaris free?00:22
Nikolaoops wrong part00:22
xsgwhat about porn on ubuntu ?/00:23
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs00:23
graingertRaylz-> automatic00:23
StupendoussteveNikola: Wrong channel, but yes00:23
graingertxsg-> it's great00:23
Frijolieraylu, er guest logon.00:23
Em3raldMcSquizzyxsg erm, probably off-topic for here though,00:23
rayluFrijolie: so, is there an /etc/vsftpd?00:23
Raylzgraingert: automatic?00:23
graingertxsg-> there is no problem at all00:23
xsgHad to make a lil joke00:23
graingert!torrent | xsg00:23
ubottuxsg: Torrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/FAQ.html - See also !P2P00:23
xsgand ubuntu supports HD right ?/00:23
graingertxsg-> HD is just marketspeel00:24
Em3raldMcSquizzyxsg yup.  ktorrent ftw00:24
xsgi use ktorrent00:24
graingertxsg-> computers have done "HD" since 1800s00:24
=== n is now known as Guest94583
xsgwhat about virus can i get um00:24
Frijolieraylu, no there's not an /etc/vsftpd but there's a /usr/sbin/vsftb00:24
borgistaxsg: I've been using Ubuntu since '04 and not a single virus yet.00:25
dlican I use apt-get to install the ubuntu installer?00:25
marcelo_hello,,,    I just installed opengeeeu-8.04.1 and when i try to update the system for the first time it tells me that Can't guess meta-package because I dont have a Ubuntu, edbuntu, kubuntu desktop and  that it was not able to detect what version of Ubuntu I am running,00:25
Guest94583yorai des fr pr m'aider?00:25
rayluFrijolie: dpkg -L vsftpd00:25
marcelo_can anyone help00:25
xsgI love the beta 9.0400:25
rayluFrijolie: that will list files owned by vsftpd. look for stuff in /etc00:25
marcelo_I am new to Linux00:25
MikeyPoohDoes Anyone Know of a Fix for the ata1 exception Emask 0x10 SAct 0x0 SErr 0x90000 action 0xe frozen error?, I Get the same From Ubuntu Server 8.04,8.10,9.0400:25
borgistaxsg: Yeah, 9.04 seems pretty slick00:25
raylu!fr | n00:25
xsgI'm thinking of creating a ubuntu forum user type thing00:25
ubottun: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr00:25
archman!ask | marcelo_00:25
ubottumarcelo_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:25
borgistaxsg: one already exists, ubuntuforums.org00:25
michal_Em3raldMcSquizzy: I tried to find a sound booster like in 8.04 but I think it's missing in 8.10. if you know about it in 8.10, would be appreciated00:26
Frijolieraylu, http://pastebin.com/md5fa1e000:26
borgistaxsg: I highly recommended you get registered and get on it. Great community.00:26
cez_does anyone know why my video looks like this? http://yfrog.com/bcvideoprobsp00:26
xsgi will can you share pictures of penises ?? lol j/k00:26
borgistaxsg: uh-oh....watch the language.00:27
xsgI will00:27
xsgand penis is not a bad word its just a word for wiener lol00:27
borgistaxsg: we try to play nice in our ubuntu IRC chat room00:27
rayluFrijolie: ok, then there is a /etc/vsftpd.conf. pastebin that.00:27
borgistaxsg: It isn't...but we have folks of all ages here and it'd be nice to keep it clean. ;-)00:27
Frijolieraylu, I've had successful connections before both locally and remotely00:28
LoganhoupCould anyone tell me how to enable Tv-out with an s-video cable. I have an ATI graphics card. Any help is appreciated00:28
Frijolieraylu, just for some reason it just stopped00:28
xsgOK i understand my 15 year old self should learn to controle himself lol00:28
cez_does anyone know why my video looks like this? http://yfrog.com/bcvideoprobsp00:28
archmanxsg, yes, sure00:28
xsgso i'm guessing no use of f word,s word,  b word, etc ??00:28
archmanxsg, yes00:28
Frijolieraylu, http://pastebin.com/m667686b00:29
LoganhoupCould anyone tell me how to enable Tv-out with an s-video cable. I have an ATI graphics card. Any help is appreciated...00:29
KplusIs there a command for vncviewer that allows me to access my wireless desktop from my ubuntu laptop outside my home wireless network. The router is connected to a desktop running vista.00:29
xsgOK i love this irc cause there is someone always on to tta;l00:29
Flannelxsg: Keep it clean.  If you actually have to ask what that means, you should perhaps not talk outside of support.00:29
ksovierowhat is room for programming?00:29
Flannelksoviero: What type of programming?00:29
archmanxsg, there are great people here, are you can always get great help here ;)00:29
xsgcan you discuss torrents / invited on here caus ei have some to giveaway etc or00:29
Loganhoupxsg please go to ubuntu-offtopic if your going to bable on like an idiot.00:29
Kplusand the wireless desktop im referring to accessing is ubuntu, the computer with the router is the one on vista (to avoid any confusion)00:30
ksovierowell, i want to learn to program, so i am looking for a mentor00:30
glitsj16Loganhoup: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/SVideo has a few options you could try00:30
Loganhoupthank you00:30
Flannelxsg: This room is only for support.  Non-support topics don't belong here.  We have #ubuntu-offtopic for chatting, but I'm not sure discussion of torrents would be on topic there either.00:30
Frijolieksoviero, "how to program for dummies" can be found at the library00:30
glitsj16Loganhoup: you're welcome00:30
Flannelksoviero: Try #ubuntu-programming00:30
xsgthncx for offtopic00:30
ksovieroFlannel: thank you00:30
Priteshhi can anybody help me with sound issue00:30
Imahiluswhat a coincedence, sound issue here aswell00:31
cez_my video is screwed -_-00:31
clearscreenmichal_: alsamixer, turn up mic, alternatively enable mic boost00:31
Imahilusheadphone not working perchance?00:31
Priteshcan hear sound from both headphone and computer00:31
rayluFrijolie: why is listen_address commented?00:32
Imahilusdell 15## laptop?00:32
Priteshits very annoying for peers..lol00:32
cez_does anyone know how to fix my video playback? it looks like this http://img408.imageshack.us/img408/2782/videoprobs.png00:32
Frijolieraylu, dunno, always has been00:32
marcelo_I cant update my system opengeeeu-8.04.1!!!  I am getting a "Can't guess meta-package",,,,   can anyone help?  I am new to linux00:32
Frijolieraylu, I guess I can try putting my IP in there?00:32
Raylzgraingert: since when is wlan automically detected? plus firmware?00:32
graingertRaylz-> since forever00:33
rayluFrijolie: netstat -lt00:33
Imahilusyou can do a websearch for your issue, pritesh, most posts will just say 'turn off the speaker sound', while annoying, should work00:33
graingertRaylz-> I have that card00:33
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Burntresistori just started using unbuntu whats better editing with lives or kino i heard cinerrla can only edit move files00:33
Raylzgraingert: last time i used ubuntu (7.10) i had to install it through the hardware interface00:33
=== yacc__ is now known as yacc
graingertRaylz-> ah!00:33
graingertRaylz-> that was when they used the closed driver00:34
Loganhoupglitsj16: trying options 1 and 3 get me this http://paste.ubuntu.com/144474/00:34
graingertRaylz-> IWL is open sourse now00:34
Raylzgraingert: nice!00:34
Frijolieraylu, http://pastebin.com/m3002afeb00:34
Imahilusis it a generic problem with ubuntu v8.10 intrepid that headphones don't work?00:34
michal_clearscreen:mic is turned all the way up and I can't find mic boost. it's not in volume control00:34
rayluFrijolie: it doesn't look like it's running00:34
rayluFrijolie: try: sudo invoke-rc.d vsftpd start00:34
jacko_bellohi I would moving grub from an hd to second hd because first one don't ever run. anybody knows how to?00:34
borgistaImahilus: No, shouldn't be.00:34
rayluFrijolie: and also try poking around in /var/log/vsftp...00:34
clearscreenmichal_: alsamixer00:35
raylu!it | jacko_bello00:35
ubottujacko_bello: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)00:35
jacko_belloah thanks00:35
glitsj16Loganhoup: i'm afraid i don't know anything about ATI cards and their support for S-Video ...00:35
archmanImahilus, lol?00:35
xsgwhere can i get a web java installer for ubuntu firefox ????00:35
jacko_belloxcuse fo bad english00:35
Imahilusborgista: shouldn't is a big word right now =P I've been searching for posts.. found dozens upon dozens regarding the issue.. just no resolution in any of em00:35
graingertxsg-> it downloads automatically00:35
Raylzxsg: ubuntu-restricted-extras?00:35
clearscreenxsg just install ubuntu-restricted-extras00:35
Loganhoupglitsj16: k00:35
xsghow do i install v00:36
xsgubuntu-restricted-extras how i install that00:36
borgistaxsg: PM me00:36
clearscreenxsg: 'sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extas'00:36
partira53482xsg: .. in a terminal00:36
clearscreen'sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras' *00:36
michal_clearscreen:in alsamixer everything is turned up but sound booster is missing00:36
graingertxsg-> like just sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extas00:36
Frijolieraylu, http://pastebin.com/m20a70f7100:36
boscois there a good torrent channel out there ?????00:36
KplusIs anyone familiar with vncviewer? Specifically how to access a computer on a wireless connection from a computer on a separate wireless connection?00:36
xsgill try this sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extas00:37
Frijolieraylu, and I did 'sudo invoke-rc.d vsftpd start' and it said "starting vsftpd ... [ok]"00:37
Loganhoupwhen trying to enable tv-out from options 1 and 3 from instructions in this link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/SVideo gets me this http://paste.ubuntu.com/144474/00:37
Loganhoupcould someone help00:37
rayluFrijolie: ok, so does pgrep/netstat confirm that its started now?00:37
Frijolieraylu, then did "netstat -lt" and it doesn't look like it's running again00:37
Frijolieraylu, ftp
Frijolieftp: connect: Connection refused00:38
cez_can anyone help with my video problem?00:38
rayluFrijolie: and pgrep?00:38
xsgi put sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extas and it says somthing bout cannot find package ??00:38
zslashzany driver available for cd/dvd drive?00:38
clearscreen(01:36:26 AM) clearscreen: 'sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras' *00:38
clearscreenits not extas, it's extras00:38
partira53482!question | cez_00:38
ubottucez_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:38
archmanxsg, you have reps enabled?00:38
xsgwtf reps ??00:38
clearscreenarchman: don't bother, he made a typo :P00:38
Frijolieraylu, pgrep doesn't show anything (e.g. pgrep vsftpd)00:38
cez_yeah i asked the question, no replys00:38
clearscreenxsg: read00:38
clearscreen(01:36:26 AM) clearscreen: 'sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras' *00:38
clearscreenyou typed extas00:39
xsgi noticed thatlol00:39
graingertcez_ ask again lol00:39
cez_does anyone know how to fix my video playback? it looks like this http://img408.imageshack.us/img408/2782/videoprobs.png00:39
archmanclearscreen, roflman00:39
xsgits working now00:39
glitsj16Loganhoup: untill someone knowledgeable chimes in you might go over your /var/log/Xorg.0.log for any xrandr/S-video related warnings/errors00:39
clearscreenarchman: ^^00:39
zslashzany ideas about fixing cd/dvd drive please?00:39
rayluFrijolie: i'm not sure then. i'd consider trying proftpd00:40
graingertcez_-> with all video?00:40
Frijolieraylu, i also have /home/<user>/vsftpd.conf and /etc/vsftpd.conf00:40
rayluFrijolie: also, who is accessing your server? are you setting it up just for yourself?00:40
cez_yeah with all video that ive tryed, it looks like that00:40
graingertcez_-> show a screenshot of the ogg movie, in examples directory00:40
Frijolieraylu, no, I have a buddy that were trying to do this with00:40
cez_1 sec ill find it00:40
Iceman_B|SSHhow can I speed up Samba ?00:41
rayluFrijolie: what is he running? is he the only user?00:41
graingertIceman_B|SSH-> use sftp00:41
zslashzcan i install proprietary software on ubuntu?00:41
rayluFrijolie: and are you transferring entire directories or just single files?00:41
Frijolieraylu, he's just running "filezilla" client00:41
mlissnerHi! I'm working on setting up a USB drive with either dm-crypt or truecrypt. I think I'm going to use dm-crypt, but I need the drive to automount at boot, and I can't figure out how. Does anybody know?00:41
rayluzslashz: yes. ubuntu-restricted00:41
rayluFrijolie: heh. filezilla has support for sftp :D00:41
Frijolieraylu, both directories and files00:41
zslashzi need to install driver for cd/dvd00:41
kewl1zslashz just update your system!!!00:41
zslashzis that possible00:41
Frijolieraylu, I don't want to have to create him a local account just for login purposes00:42
rayluzslashz: oh, nevermind then. ubuntu-restrictedi s not what you're after00:42
zslashzmy dvd drive stopped working after i updated00:42
cez_graingert, ogg movie in examples? theres no video in home -> examples00:42
michal_clearscreen:do you know where to find sound booster in ubuntu 8.10 ?00:42
graingertcez_-> hmm00:42
graingertcez_-> should be on the liveCD then00:42
rayluFrijolie: then i'd try proftpd, i guess00:42
fluitheey guys00:42
cez_sorry, youll have to excuse that im new lol livecd?00:43
archmanmichal_ what for do you need a soundboost?00:43
KplusIs anyone familiar with vncviewer? Specifically how to access a computer on a wireless connection from a computer on a separate wireless connection?00:43
clearscreenmichal_: I have a micboost in alsamixer, you might have to specifically specify your device id (pulseaudio might be bugging you), recommend you read up on alsamixer params :P00:43
borgistaKplus: PM me00:43
Frijolieraylu, I wasn't able to get that to work at all, that was the first I tried. vsftpd actually worked locally and remotely on first attempt.00:43
borgistaKplus: Maybe I can be of help.00:43
graingertcez_-> locate StopMotionUbuntu.ogv00:43
Frijolieraylu, hmm, but now has stopped working00:43
Frijolieraylu, well thanks for trying to help. I really appreciate your attempt00:43
mlissnerDoes anybody know how to script dm-crypt mounting?00:44
meoblast001i can't get bluetooth to let me send or receive files from my phone.. i get errors00:44
meoblast001can someone help?00:44
cez_graingert, that video looks fine -- but are their hands supposed to be blue and green?00:44
graingertcez_-> have you got kaffiene?00:45
michal_archman: my microphone recording sound volume is too low, I have laptop DELL XPS 1530, looked all around the internet but didn't find solution. I was suggested to check soundbooster option in alsamixer00:45
graingertcez_-> I think you have00:45
graingertcez_-> that is a known bug if you have00:45
archmanmichal_ oh :-/, good luck ;)00:45
graingertcez_-> open up totem00:45
graingertcez_-> and edit you hue00:45
archmanmichal_ using ALSA?00:45
xsghow do i install the java applet for firefox ???? or hwo can i get00:46
archmanmichal_ yes you are, I didn't see it :D00:46
cez_graingert, if i edit the hue, it works in that stop motion video, but movies are still not working right00:46
archmanmichal_ hmm, I have a mic boost in my alsa mixer, you checked it?00:47
graingertgraingert-> ah ok, well your rip is pwned00:47
=== goiano is now known as adriano
xsghow do i isntall the java applet00:47
cez_graingert, thats on every video i have, not just one00:47
archmanxsg, read the readme00:47
michal_archman: what version of ubuntu are you using?00:47
archmanmichal_ intrepid00:47
xsgno where can i get it00:47
cez_and i know the videos are good -- i brought them over from windows00:47
archmanmichal_ you?00:47
graingertcez_-> hmm, the hue is probably the bug, if you have kaffiene00:47
graingertcez_-> use mplayer00:47
Raylzcez_: or vlc00:48
cez_it looks the same in Mplayer00:48
michal_archman: the same. that's strange I can't find it in alsamixer itself or volume control options00:48
archmanmichal_ Volume Applet 2.24.100:48
andronicohi my first time here00:48
archmanmichal_ you went to preferencies and checked the box for the Boost?00:49
zslashz dmesg | tail ....... Attached scsi CD-ROM sr100:49
zslashzdoesnt detect dvd00:49
cez_graingert, ive tryed 3 different players and it looks the same through all of them00:49
graingertcez_-> probably hue bug00:49
cez_even adjusting the hue its not synced properly00:50
cez_ill show another pic00:50
michal_archman: what do you mean by Volume Applet 2.24.1? and there is no boost box in preferencies00:50
archmanmichal_ I have that version...hmm...strange you don't have it...then it's maybe soundcard dependent...00:50
Joikuswhat is the BEST irc client for unbuntu00:50
borgistaJoikus: I usually JUST use pidgin. ;-)00:51
archmanJoikus: irssi is cool; BTW, there is no "the best" application00:51
StupendoussteveJoikus: telnet00:51
archmanJoikus: yes, Pidgin RULES!00:51
michal_archman: I know more people with the same problem and different laptop, the same on ASUS laptop00:51
cez_graingert, http://img166.imageshack.us/img166/5905/problems.png00:51
cez_even if i fix the hue it still looks like that00:52
dmethhello, im trying to setup a network configuration, where i recieve the internet via wifi (wlan0), and i want to share (bridge connection) over hard wire lan (eth1), any suggestions?00:52
Stupendousstevecez_: Does every video have that?00:52
archmanmichal_, yes, it's soundcard dependent, I switch it to other, and I don't have a boost anymore... :-/00:52
cez_Stupendoussteve, yes00:52
Stupendousstevedmeth: bridge utils can set up a bridge. The two independent interfaces will not have an IP address, but the bridge may00:53
michal_archman: I had a boost option in ubuntu 8.04, but not in 8.10, any ideas how to solve it?00:53
archmanmichal_ oh! crap...i dunno...00:54
happy-dudehiya, I have an issue: Swiftweasel will not execute on my computer: http://ompolicy.altervista.org/ubuntu/index.php?dir=intrepid/&file=swiftweasel-3.0.8-intel-pgo_x86_ubuntu.deb00:54
dmethbut can i share it with a win pc that way00:54
cez_ive tryed all i can think to fix the video, it just seems like one color layer is off from the rest00:54
Stupendousstevedmeth: Yes, the windows PC should receive an ip address from the router dhcp server00:54
dmethdo i need to serve the dhcp or use my router?00:55
Frijoliethe documentation for proftpd SUCKS!00:55
StupendoussteveJust the router. The laptop (I'm assuming) is transparent00:55
pwnedulongtimeanyone remember the command that lists deb packages with missing files?00:55
raylupwnedulongtime: "missing files?"00:56
archmanmichal_ hmm...I'm just guessing, but maybe compiling the driver with boost support if it's possible..00:56
cez_Stupendoussteve, got any ideas?00:56
happy-dudecan anyone help diagnose my -swiftweasel-not-starting-even-though-installed issue?00:56
archmanmichal_ but that'd be the last resort...00:56
dmethactually, im pulling a ip from the first router(not my network) and i wanna share the net to my daughters xp box00:56
rayluhappy-dude: run it in a terminal00:56
Stupendousstevecez_: Not if it's every video. I was trying to rule out it just being encoded badly00:57
dmethover my internal wired network00:57
glitsj16happy-dude: if you start swiftweasel from terminal, does it throw up any errors ?00:57
happy-duderaylu: here is what happens (I installed the deb, so swiftweasel3 command is recognized)00:57
happy-dudeswiftweasel3  /usr/local/swiftweasel3/swiftweasel-bin: Symbol `SSL_ImplementedCiphers' has different size in shared object, consider re-linking Illegal instruction00:57
pwnedulongtimeraylu: say /usr/bin/firefox is deleted...a command that lists the package that file belongs to00:57
cez_ohh wait, is divx included with most codec packs?00:57
raylupwnedulongtime: dpkg -S00:58
meoblast001i can't get bluetooth to let me send or receive files from my phone.. i get errors00:58
meoblast001can someone help?00:58
raylumeoblast001: not until you tell us what errors you're receiving00:58
meoblast001raylu: one se00:58
emoXodushey can someone help me im new to ubuntu00:59
meoblast001There was an error copying the file into obex://[XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX]/.00:59
pwnedulongtimeraylu: umm, search? not quit what i'm after, but thx00:59
nassoemoXodus, what do you need help with?00:59
meoblast001Operation not supported by backend00:59
Iceman_B|SSHgraingert: using SFTP(filezilla) is even slower :/00:59
emoXodususing my wireless card00:59
raylupwnedulongtime: what are you after?00:59
rayluIceman_B|SSH: to your earlier question, build-essential is not installed by default on any system01:00
charles__oops, ignore that :)01:00
nassoemoXodus, what wireless card do you have?01:00
=== charles__ is now known as thebackwash
emoXodusubuntu wont detect the card01:00
raylumeoblast001: hrm. sounds like your phone doesn't support file transfer, but i'm really not sure01:01
emoXodusits a trendnet tew-623pi01:01
meoblast001raylu: why would it not support file transfer if it has FTP on it?01:01
raylumeoblast001: your phone doesn't have ftp...01:01
Iceman_B|SSHraylu: okay. thanks. I'll isntall the needed components as I go then01:01
meoblast001fayyes it does01:01
nassoemoXodus, please type my name first when you write to me. its alot easier for me to see your messages that way01:01
Shadow121oh my word01:01
meoblast001raylu: yes it does01:02
emoXodusnasso, okay sry01:02
glitsj16pwnedulongtime: command-not-found and command-not-found-data packages is what you are looking for perhaps ?01:02
nassoemoXodus, no problem :)01:02
Iceman_B|SSHbut yeah, using SFTP to transfer files is really slow. I'm going from an external hdd hooked up to this XP laptop, over samba, to my linux server, all LAN. 1.9 MB/s tops :(01:02
meoblast001raylu: says it supports HSP/HFP/DUN/OPP/FTP/BPP01:02
dmeth im pulling a ip from the first router(not my network) and i wanna share the net to my daughters xp box over my internal wired network, anyone ??01:02
davishi, can anyone help me with a raid question?  i just installed 8.10, and i tried to reassemble my raid 5 (3 400GB disks), and 1 of them is in a failed state...01:02
pwnedulongtimeglitsj16: no, there is a script that generates a list of every file installed from all installed packages, using apt-file i believe, then checks you system to make sure that file is still there01:03
rayluIceman_B|SSH: and with sftp?01:03
pwnedulongtimebut i forget what it was called01:03
pwnedulongtimeand google isn't helping me01:04
dmethim dyin here-- lil onesd pissed lol01:04
emoXodusnasso, so does ubuntu support that card?01:04
Detrixhow do I install the ubuntu install CD to a MiniDVD???01:04
=== Brandon_ is now known as Skippy
ogelamiif i want to install the newest apache, PHP, SSL, Curl01:04
glitsj16pwnedulongtime: doesn't ring any bells sorry01:04
ogelamihow do i do? im pretty new to linux01:05
=== charles is now known as thebackwash
dmethogelami: apt-get update; apt-get install apache, php, ssl, curl01:05
Iceman_B|SSHraylu: I AM using sftp(filezilla)01:05
nassoemoXodus, i found this thread: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=96701101:05
Detrixcan just write the CD iso to a miniDVD01:05
dmethogelami: apt-get update; apt-get install apache php ssl curl01:05
ogelamity dmeth01:06
meoblast001is microsoft still offering windows 7?01:06
emoXodusnasso, okay ty il check it out01:06
DetrixCan I just write the CD iso to a mini DVD01:06
nassoemoXodus, the user SonicSteve posts a link to a guide that tells you how to install it01:06
rayluIceman_B|SSH: and you said you get 1.9MB/s with samba. did you mean sftp in that one?01:06
Iceman_B|SSHah, yes01:06
nassoemoXodus, found it on google under "trendnet tew-623pi ubuntu"01:06
dmethDetrix: yes01:06
rayluIceman_B|SSH: oh, ok. try moving a large file from disk rather than a usb hd01:07
dmethso long as its still bootable which im sure iti is01:07
emoXodusnasso ok thx ur a big help01:07
nassoemoXodus, google is a safe bet and www.ubuntuforums.org is a good place to look too01:07
emoXodusNasso, il check it out and check back01:07
Iceman_B|SSHhm, its going with around 3 MB/s now, the usbhdd transfer, but still01:07
davisroot@kafka:~# ls -al /dev/sdc*01:07
davisbrw-rw---- 1 root disk 8, 32 2009-04-04 18:56 /dev/sdc01:07
davisbrw-rw---- 1 root disk 8, 33 2009-04-04 19:55 /dev/sdc101:07
davisroot@kafka:~# mdadm /dev/md0 -f /dev/sdc1 -r /dev/sdc1 -a /dev/sc101:07
davismdadm: set device faulty failed for /dev/sdc1:  No such device01:07
FloodBot3davis: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:07
SVBthats what im doing Iceman01:07
nassoemoXodus, sure thing.. ill be here for a while more01:07
Iceman_B|SSHI'll try a file from hdd in a minute01:08
graingertDetrix-> decompress the iso into a filesytem, then burn that01:08
SVBtransferring files01:08
davisanyone know why mdadm is complaining no such device?01:08
raylu~11MB/s here ;D01:08
SVBwas going 14MB/s at first01:08
SVBthen it slowed down01:08
Iceman_B|SSHyou guys are mean :p01:08
Detrixgraingert: thanx01:08
Iceman_B|SSHIm using the default -server config btw, I only added a share of mine01:08
raylu100Mbit / 8 = 12.5MB/s. 14 is probably a miscalculation01:08
Iceman_B|SSHno fancy options01:08
Detrixgraingert: but will the miniDVD be bootable01:09
graingertDetrix-> dunno, most definatly not01:09
SVBim moving 160+/- GB01:09
meoblast001i hate Ubunt01:09
SVBthen i can clean install01:09
happy-dudecan anyone help me with my swiftweasel issue?01:09
graingert!question | happy-dude01:09
ubottuhappy-dude: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:09
dmethDetrix: if the burner burns it as bootable, and your bios is set to boot to it01:09
nassoemoXodus, that guide doesnt look all that "new user"-friendly. dont hesitate to ask :)01:09
dmethnowadays with modern pcs, its worth a shot just try it01:09
happy-dudegraingert: swiftweasel isn't starting even though installed, hiya, I have an issue: Swiftweasel will not execute on my computer: http://ompolicy.altervista.org/ubuntu/index.php?dir=intrepid/&file=swiftweasel-3.0.8-intel-pgo_x86_ubuntu.deb01:10
dmethi mean like what do u only have 1 dvd left, just try it01:10
Flannelhappy-dude: What's wrong with the firefox that was already installed?01:10
graingerthappy-dude-> don't use pgo one01:10
rayluhappy-dude: i'd consider compiling from source. it sounds like a 64/32-bit incompatibility issue... maybe01:10
happy-dudeflannel: responsiveness was a bit slow01:11
emoXodusnasso, whats the build essentials package?01:11
Lucifer1anyone knows an windows server channel ?01:11
rayluhappy-dude: and compiling from source is always faster :D01:11
happy-duderaylu: I'm sure I picked the right one (32-bit)01:11
rww!info build-essential | emoXodus01:11
ubottuemoXodus: build-essential (source: build-essential): Informational list of build-essential packages. In component main, is optional. Version 11.4 (intrepid), package size 7 kB, installed size 48 kB01:11
Flannelraylu: Please don't recommend that here.01:11
bitwiserdoes  anyone know a ".pdb" reader for linux/ubuntu ? "palm database" ?01:11
rayluFlannel: why not?01:11
nassoemoXodus, it has compilers and stuff that you will need to install the driver01:11
rayluhappy-dude: uname -a?01:11
emoXodusnasso ,where do i get it01:11
happy-duderaylu: can you try it out yourself? I can't even start the issue [-_-]01:12
Flannelhappy-dude: You realise that swift* being faster is silliness, right?01:12
happy-duderaylu: huh?01:12
Lucifer1anyone ??????????01:12
Lucifer1 Windows channel ?01:12
FlannelLucifer1: ##windows01:12
happy-dudeFlannel: on windows, PGO made a huge difference01:12
nassoemoXodus, you open up a terminal and write what is in the "Code:" section in the guide01:12
nassoemoXodus, the terminal can be found under applications -> accessories -> terminal01:13
ogelamisudo apt-get install ssl doesn't work :/01:13
happy-dudeI believe on a P3 machine, I can get better responsiveness (not necessarily benchmarks, just reponsiveness)01:13
rayluhappy-dude: what does running "uname -a" give you?01:13
emoXodusnasso, okay sry i didnt read enough01:13
Iceman_B|SSHraylu: SVB : I'm getting the same speeds when I transfer a file from the hdd to my server. around 1.5 MB/s01:14
Iceman_B|SSHwant me to pastebin the output of testparm ?01:15
nassoemoXodus, its okay. its unfortunate. compiling drivers and loading modules is nothing new users should have to do and a first step.01:15
happy-duderaylu: Linux Ubuntu 2.6.27-11-generic #1 SMP Thu Jan 29 19:24:39 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux01:16
Briareos|Mini_hey all, can anyone toss me a url for hwo to override the xgd autostart sett9ings on a per user basis?01:16
rayluhappy-dude: then i'm not sure and the only thing i can think of is compiling from source01:16
=== Laruft is now known as Laruft|AFK
emoXodusnasso, at the build essentials code all the terminas said is abort did i do it right?01:17
happy-duderaylu: perhaps you can try out the tar files and see if it works -- it certainly isn't for me: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=19547301:18
batcoder-7anyone here ever use anything like expose for linux ?01:18
raylubatcoder-7: zooming out over all workspaces?01:18
batcoder-7yea where it shows all a mini picture of every application raylu01:18
raylubatcoder-7: compiz fusion has that01:19
nassoemoXodus, i didnt quite understand that. what does the terminal output when you write those commands?01:19
batcoder-7raylu, that is pretty heavy and i only would like this one feature01:20
davishi, anyone know raid here that can help me out?01:20
emoXodusnasso, at the code $ sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-`uname -r, all it said efter i hit enter was abort01:20
meoblast001i've wasted my whole day on this01:20
meoblast001i'm done01:20
meoblast001i'm sick and tired of this01:20
meoblast001where's my windows CD01:20
FloodBot3meoblast001: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:20
raylubatcoder-7: actually, it's really not that heavy. but it doesn't really make sense to do it any other way01:20
SquarkHi there! I'm trying to install Jaunty with ext4 but I can't find where to chose ext4 partition type? There seems to be only ext3 and other FS to chose from.01:20
joseph_does anyone know how to mount a windows network drive as a folder in intrepid01:20
SquarkI've downloaded the latest daily build iso.01:21
emoXodusmeoblast, dont give up01:21
davisraid question...anyone...bueller?01:21
emoXodusyou will feel better once you get it right\01:21
nassoemoXodus, select the terminal and press Ctrl + C01:22
nassoand add a ` to the end of the command, you missed that01:22
rayluhappy-dude: by the way, i'm on 64-bit01:22
SquarkAnyone with some suggestions? :)01:22
PleXuShi all01:22
PleXuSanyone known what can be a reason when lockout screen won't accept my password?01:22
bazhang#ubuntu+1 for that squark01:22
SVBplexus nexus sexus01:22
emoXodusnasso, is there a space between the hyphen and the a?01:22
icerootPleXuS: wrong password01:23
PleXuSwhen i change user and login with same user and passwd it works01:23
nassoemoXodus, sorry, my bad. you should only add a hyphen01:24
PleXuSiceroot, no, it works when using change user but login as the same user with same passwd that the lockout screen won't accept01:24
icerootPleXuS: caps or numlook activ?01:24
caimlasanyone know about the fashion in which badblocks outputs bad blocks? IE, for badblocks -o logfile, does it append or overwrite an existing file?01:24
rayluhappy-dude: runs fine for me01:25
PleXuSiceroot, i did messed it up with "sudo chown david /*/*" but did change it now back to root except /home/david01:25
=== mdx is now known as Guest81808
PleXuSiceroot, nope thats not the problem ;)01:25
emoXodusnasso, i did it and hit enter and the next line reads >, what should i do01:25
Lucifer1anyone know an alternitive 4 active directory in Linux ?01:25
rayluhappy-dude: also, they have repos01:26
rww!ad | Lucifer101:26
ubottuLucifer1: You can learn more about ActiveDirectory intergration at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ActiveDirectoryWinbindHowto01:26
PleXuSiceroot, is the lockout screen a part of the gnome-screensaver package?01:26
PleXuSand from where do it get the user data?01:26
Lucifer1rww well thank you01:26
nassoemoXodus, hit ctrl + c. you should type exactyly the the string between there quoatation marks: "sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-`uname -r`"01:26
nassoonly that and nothing else01:27
Iceman_B|SSHI'm getting LOW speeds when I transfer a file from the hdd(winXP) to my server. around 1.5 MB/s anyone know how to boost this? can I compare samba configs? I have a 100Mbit lan here01:27
mralexandrohi. how do you set up the advanced desktop effect settings in ubuntu hardy heron 8.04. i forgot:D01:27
rwwmralexandro: system > preferences > appearance > visual effects01:27
mralexandrobut to get it in menu you have to write a sudo apt get comma nd01:28
PrimedeathWhat is the default mount point in Ubuntu?01:28
nassoemoXodus, that guide looks a bit to much for you. it removes the network manager so you have to connect to networks manually01:28
emoXodusemoxodus@emoxodus-desktop:~$ sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-`uname -r`01:28
emoXodusReading package lists... Done01:28
emoXodusBuilding dependency tree01:28
emoXodusReading state information... Done01:28
emoXodusbuild-essential is already the newest version.01:28
FloodBot3emoXodus: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:28
emoXodusbuild-essential set to manually installed.01:28
nassoemoXodus, i think we should look for another guide. sorry :(01:28
mralexandroit does not show in your menu before you write a certain sudo apt get command. i remember that01:28
=== Jay is now known as Guest28187
rww!ccsm | mralexandro01:29
ubottumralexandro: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion01:29
Guest28187i just have a question bout installing01:29
emoXodusnasso, im going to try to do this and if i have another problem il look for another01:30
mralexandrothanks! :;D01:30
nassoemoXodus, i think we should look for another guide. sorry :(01:30
Briareos|Mini_anyone have a reference for doing per user overrides of the xgd autostarts?01:30
nassoemoXodus, you should install network manager again: sudo apt-get install network-manager-gnome01:30
emoXodusnasso, okay can do01:31
Guest28187i was originally running vista, i shrunk volume and got a 30gb partition. so when installing i should select "guided - largest free space" ???01:31
raylunasso: why would that make a difference?01:31
raylunasso: if the card is installed, ifconfig will show it01:31
Guest28187because when i select that it says the after is 100% ubuntu01:31
rayluGuest28187: can you pastebin "sudo fdisk -l" and "df -hx tmpfs"?01:33
nassoraylu, he is a beginner. he just removed his network manager. i think it is alot easier to configure wireless networks if you have gnomes network manager01:33
emoXodusnasso, il be ready when you find another guide01:33
raylunasso: the card is detected?01:33
mralexandroone more thing01:33
mralexandrowhere can i find the grub config file?01:33
SquarkHi there again...01:33
emoXodusunless i have to find my own01:33
raylumralexandro: /boot/grub/menu.lst01:33
nassoraylu, ask emoXodus :)01:33
Guest28187wait raylu: what are you tlking about, shouldnt i just pick one frmo the list01:33
SquarkI can't find the ext4 fs when installing Ubuntu Jaunty.01:33
SVB!seen sebsebseb01:33
ubottuI have no seen command01:33
rayluGuest28187: yes, but i'd like to know how your drives are set up01:34
SquarkI've downloada the latest daily build.01:34
rwwSquark: Jaunty questions and support in #ubuntu+1, not here, thanks :)01:34
emoXodusraylu, mine isnt yet01:34
Guest28187well ok, but what should i pick right now, then i can learn about how theyre set up01:34
raylunasso, emoXodus: well, there you go. no need to be messing with networmanageryet01:34
Squarkrww: Ok, thanks for info...going there. :)01:34
rayluGuest28187: ...pick the wrong one and you'll lose your data01:34
MrKeunerhi all, crontab cannot read my ssh info therefore fails to do a keyless login to a remote server. How can I correct this?01:34
Guest28187i know...01:34
emoXodusraylu, how?01:34
Guest28187so can you tell me which is right??01:35
rayluGuest28187: so learn how they're set up first...01:35
Guest28187ok fine01:35
rayluGuest28187: not until you show me how your drives are set up. run those two commands01:35
Guest28187so where should i enter that in01:35
rayluGuest28187: a terminal. alt+f2, gnome-terminal01:35
Guest28187thts wat i figured01:35
nassoraylu, he has no network manager. he just removed. he should install it again, for later use01:35
raylunasso: you can't use networkmanager until you have devices to manage...01:35
raylunasso: get the drivers first, then mess with networkmanager01:36
emoXodusraylu, i just reinstalled it i think01:36
Guest28187ok wait i click alt f2 nothing gappens01:36
nilloHow do I remove duplicate copies of packages in Add/Remove programs?01:36
rayluGuest28187: applications > accessories > terminal01:36
Guest28187yeah i was trying that, but now my bar at the top doesnt work01:36
Guest28187let me restart01:36
emoXodusnasso, does ubuntu have remote assistance?01:36
nassoraylu, we followed a guide that turned out to be no good. he removed the network manager in that guide. i think he should undo everything he did before he goes on to the next guide01:37
emoXodusCan someone plz explain how im flooding ?01:37
Briareos|Minithe answer btw, is to write a .desktop file in ~/.config/autostart01:37
Guest28187ok raylu im bottin01:39
raveni tryed to enable H.264 CODECS in ffmpeg but it still tells me "unknown codec"... - it's installed as recommended in ubuntuwiki - what can i do??01:39
Guest28187ok terminal is up01:41
MrKeuneris it ssh-agent that I need?01:41
Frijoliewhy is setting up an ftp server so difficult?01:41
Guest28187raylu: what will those commands do?01:41
Frijolieraylu, couldn't get proftpd to work either01:42
vetus6ooboa noite01:43
Rosutois there enough software support for 64 bit to make it feasible to use now/01:44
CoJaBo-DellAnyone know what "Text file busy" means when trying to run a script?01:44
ravenwhat can i do to enable mp4/x264 encoding with ffmpeg? tnx...01:44
RaylzRosuto: yep01:44
RaylzRosuto: works perfect with x64_86, multilib01:44
Rosutoso flash is 64 bit now and such?01:44
Rosutoits been a few years since I tried linux out01:44
rayluGuest28187: fdisk -l lists partitions by cylinder01:45
HemebondRosuto: Yes, and still crap.01:45
rayluGuest28187: df -hx tmpfs lists non temporary filesystems' remaining space in human-readable form01:45
rayluFrijolie: what happened?01:45
RosutoHemebond, huh?01:45
RaylzRosuto: yep, but alpha i guess01:45
HemebondRosuto: The Adobe Flash plugin crashes A LOT.01:45
Guest28187ok did those, now what01:45
Raylzyou have to manually look it up on the adobe homepage01:45
rayluHemebond: i've had no trouble with it... on 64-bit01:45
rayluGuest28187: pastebin them01:45
Frijolieraylu, couldn't get the process started again. tried logging in locally and "connection refused"01:46
Raylzno trouble too01:46
Guest28187i typed em in terminal01:46
Frijolieraylu, I was following a tutorial on the forums01:46
Raylzexcept for some mem leaks01:46
Guest28187watd u mean by pastebin?01:46
rayluFrijolie: same as before? started with invoke-rc.d, pgrep/netstate show nothing? how about logs?01:46
raylu!pastebin | Guest2818701:46
ubottuGuest28187: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)01:46
nilloHow do I remove duplicate copies of packages in Add/Remove programs?01:46
Guest28187o ok01:46
=== giuseppe is now known as Guest25787
raylunillo: what do you mean by duplicate copies?01:46
Guest28187well im on a different computer01:46
Guest28187i have to set up my internet01:46
Frijolieraylu, what is invoke-rc.d? I'm not familiar with that command01:47
Guest28187and get an irc client01:47
rayluFrijolie: as far as i can tell, it just does /etc/init.d for you01:47
rayluGuest28187: er, you just need to paste it and get the url01:47
nilloraylu: I have two entries for Xabacus, and some others.01:47
Guest28187ok ill do it01:47
Guest28187hold on01:47
raylunillo: strange. i have no idea as i have never used it. i'd recommend just using aptitude/apt-get01:48
patricki need help running a dvdrom with ubuntou8.1001:48
=== patrick is now known as Guest46884
Frijolieraylu, at least vsftpd's config files were/are human readable01:48
Smanettonelink italian chat please?01:48
PCTeacher012what is the package? and versions of each package -- @nillo01:49
rayluFrijolie: i had no problems with proftpd the one time i used it01:49
rww!it | Smanettone01:49
ubottuSmanettone: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)01:49
Frijolieraylu, is there an easier way to achieve what I'm looking to do?01:49
Guest46884can i get help running a dvd rom?its not coming up01:49
Frijolieraylu, share occasional files with friends across the Internet?01:49
rayluFrijolie: i do that with a webserver :D01:49
nilloPCTeacher012: Xabacus is one; have seen it on others.  Let me see if I can figure out the versions...01:50
rayluFrijolie: i have http://foor.res.cmu.edu/f/ set up for that purpose01:50
PCTeacher012Guest46884: What DVD in particular? and do you own a DVD rom drive that is plugged in?01:50
rayluFrijolie: if it's a collection of files, i tar/zip it first01:50
PCTeacher012nillo: okay, waiting on response01:50
ravenwhat can i do to enable mp4/x264 encoding with ffmpeg? tnx...01:51
Frijolieraylu, that way they can be retrieved via http?01:51
rayluFrijolie: yep01:51
xcvback with sony dcr-trv260 camcorder connected via usb issue. would like to use as webcam. request help01:51
PCTeacher012raven: What program?01:51
meoblast001i just installed and uninstalled XP..... to prevent me from going crazy again... i have a question..... does Jaunty have a better bluetooth stack than Intrepid?01:51
glitsj16raven: have you seen the x264 and libx264-59 packages yet ? i have the latter and winFF apparently uses that to convert to mp4 h.26401:51
nilloPCTeacher012: I see what the deal is with Xabacus; one for Motif, one for plain X.  Not sure that's the issue on others.  Thought the description was identical.01:51
raylumeoblast001: try #ubuntu+101:51
PCTeacher012nillo: ah, is it duplicated in the main menu? or somewhere else?01:52
Iceman_B|SSHonce more, I'm trying to build irssi, but its now asking for GLIB, which in turn is asking for gettext. how do I solve this? I also heard someone mention a build-essential package, can I use that?01:52
PCTeacher012iceman_b|SSH: you might need to install extra packages, and yes, most likely that peson is correct01:52
=== Guest46884 is now known as patrixck
nilloPCTeacher012: I have "All" packages, selected.  Not sure what you mean by "main menu".01:53
Guest28187raylu: ok i pasted it now i01:53
ravenglitsj16 yes i have and i configured and loaded everything as recommended...01:53
patrixckhey can i get help..ubunut 8.10 wont let me runa  dvdrom01:53
rayluGuest28187: now, give me the link?01:53
Iceman_B|SSHwhat exactly is that build-essential package named? I can look it up in aptitude then01:53
Guest28187i wrote it by hand thts why it took so long sry01:53
partira53482Iceman_B|SSH: Umm.. build-essential01:54
platypus73left windows01:54
PCTeacher012nillo: The menu that has all your programs, and where you go into to look for programs, is it duplicted in there? or do you want to remove the package itself?01:54
rayluGuest28187: um, how large is your windows partition?01:54
elros_azothilol - completely? i mean really, i use ubuntu and windows because after all we live in a windows world01:54
rayluGuest28187: o.0... you could have told me. i would have tried to come up with other ways to get the data to me01:54
Guest28187well at first i had a 160GB, then i "shrink volume" and it was about 30GB or so01:54
elros_azothiubuntu is an extension of my computing life01:55
Guest28187i got the second partition at 30gb01:55
rayluelros_azothi: i know of a few other people who are completely windows-free01:55
platypus73can i start a company wit it based in ubuntu?01:55
safruhanii don't use windoz01:55
PCTeacher012elros_azothi: I removed windows completly, and went to Ubuntu Intrepid, i jst use wine to run windows programs01:55
glitsj16raven: still no go ? i use winFF frontend to ffmpeg, there it shows in the prefs and works .. can't remember what/if i had to install anything else .. if my memory returns i'll let you know01:55
platypus73what are my backdrafts?01:55
elros_azothimmm all im saying is that someone people cant stand living without windows01:55
FabParmaPlease, how to copy files from a ms-wimdows share by shell?01:55
nilloPCTeacher012: I think the Xabacus listing is just confusing in the Add/Remove programs app; seems to be two distinct packages.  MountManager, OTOH, I think has two identical entries...checking.01:56
PCTeacher012elros_azothi: Yes, i know some people like that01:56
Hemebondraylu: Where did you get your Flash plugin?01:56
rayluGuest28187: oh. actually, that 30gb at the end is unpartitioned space01:56
ravenglitsj16 yes i tried also winff but it does not works ...01:56
rayluHemebond: from the adobe website01:56
PCTeacher012nillo: Xabacus has multiple types, from what i understand, and ill check too01:56
Guest28187raylu: ok...01:56
HemebondAh, I might try that then. I'm currently using the one from the repository.01:56
patrixckcan anyone see my chat?01:56
Guest28187so i should pick the "guided - largest continuous space" ??01:56
Enigmawhats a good mame emulator01:57
PCTeacher012patrick: Yes01:57
glitsj16raven: i do remember i installed ffmpeg from medibuntu repo, seems that one has a different feature-set01:57
PCTeacher012Enigma: Wien is the best, may i ask, did you make Enigma Web Browser?01:57
nilloPCTeacher012: Agreed on Xabacus.  It's just confusing to someone less familiar, like me.  Not sure what the deal is with MountManager.01:57
PCTeacher012Enigma: Wine*01:57
=== patrixck is now known as patrickya
patrickyahey can i get help registering01:58
Enigmano, i did not01:58
ravenglitsj16 hm do not know... i'll keep trying ;)01:58
Enigmabut Wine?01:58
Enigmai thought it was just a windows emulator01:58
Frijoliewhy, whenever you launch gedit--for example--from a terminal it "hangs" the terminal. Meaning it's in use until you close the program?01:58
rayluGuest28187: so selecting use largest contiguous free space replaces the entire thing with ubuntu? that's kind of strange01:58
PCTeacher012nillo: Some people like different versions, and sometimes it is an addon01:58
Guest28187yes. when i click that option01:58
Guest28187it has the before picture01:58
Guest28187and then the after picture01:58
Guest28187and the after is 100% ubuntu01:58
PCTeacher012Enigma: Oh, oen of my friends made a browser called that, Wine can run under any, and emulates other OS's programs01:59
PCTeacher012Enigma: http://www.winehq.com01:59
nilloPCTeacher012: So it is normal to have separate packages in a default install?  That's confusing to me.01:59
=== partira53482 is now known as Roi_des_Philosop
rayluGuest28187: that's strange02:00
Enigmai have wine02:00
=== Roi_des_Philosop is now known as RoidesPhilosophe
rayluGuest28187: you could do manual partitioning02:00
PCTeacher012nillo: Sometimes, depending on the install, Xabacus "Motif Version" is just an addon to have extra functionality, while the plain X version is the orignal, both are stand alone, but one can add to the other02:00
Guest28187so wat should i do??02:00
PCTeacher012Enigma: I use wine everyday, what are you tyring to emulate?02:00
rayluGuest28187: all you need is a swap partition the size of your ram and an ext3 partition in the rest of the space02:00
=== RoidesPhilosophe is now known as Roi_du_Philosoph
slickerfreaky, suddenly there was this new icon in my taskbar and it was "IMVU" a messaging client... SOmehow it was downloaded and running in a Wine process ?02:00
Enigmai have a rom thats for mame02:00
PCTeacher012Slicker: IMVU is a 3d messenger for windows, Wine emulates it, did you ever install IMVU??02:01
nilloPCTeacher012: I'm past Xabacus; I understand the difference there.  MountManager is what is confusing me now.02:01
Guest28187raylu: ... explain??02:01
PCTeacher012Enigma: Oh lol02:01
FabParmaPlease, how to copy files from a ms-wimdows share by shell?02:01
PCTeacher012nillo: Different Package?02:01
slickerPCTeacher012, Most definitely not02:01
Enigmaim tryin to find a snes or just nes rom for pacman and all i could find was for mame02:01
nilloPCTeacher012: Yes.02:01
slickerI could tell it was running via Wine because of the ugly dialogs02:02
PCTeacher012Enigma: oh... For pacman?02:02
Enigmasi senor02:02
xcvHi. sony dcr-trv260 camcorder connected via usb. Trying to use as webcam. Requesting help.02:02
PCTeacher012Nillo: checking it out02:02
FlannelEnigma: That's offtopic for this channel.  Likely offtopic for Freenode as well.02:02
nilloPCTeacher012: MountManager appears to have two identical entries.02:02
emoXodusCan someone help me with this guide?"http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=40016"02:02
Enigmait's kind of support, if you think of it like that02:02
rayluGuest28187: choose manual partitioning02:02
slickerPCTeacher012, I don't see the IMVU stuff installed in ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files...02:03
PCTeacher012nillo: The entries are exactly the same, which is odd. Maybe two different members put it in without checking for another one. Either one will work fine02:03
slickerI wonder where it hid itself?02:03
Guest28187one second raylu lemme get it started up02:03
PCTeacher012slicker: Can you do a search on your computer? It is possible that it was installed in a different location by accident and wine runs it from there.02:04
nilloPCTeacher012: Should I file a bug of some sort?  Either to avoid the confusion, or to resolve the duplication?02:04
Flannel!bugs | nillo02:04
ubottunillo: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots02:04
glitsj16raven: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=786095 has more info on ffmpeg and h264 if you haven't seen that page yet02:04
Flannelnillo: Yes please.02:04
PCTeacher012nillo: Yes please02:04
PCTeacher012Flannel: Beat me to it :[p02:04
slickerPCTeacher012, find ~ -iname "*imvu*"02:04
slickerrunning now...02:04
slickerspooky stuff though02:04
nilloPCTeacher012: Thanks; enough for one night.02:05
PCTeacher012Slicker: You could just click the search button and type IMVU but that will work02:05
PCTeacher012nillo: Your welcome02:05
Guest28187raylu: ok so i select manual and it says 100% manual, proceed?02:05
Guest28187well i click forward02:06
zykes-howto set locale in intrepid ?02:06
ravenglitsj16 no i havent - tnx i'll try02:06
DocMAX1anyone got a wlan-N connection? what speeds you get?02:08
rayluGuest28187: yes02:08
Guest28187ok so manual i have, sda1 0%, sda2 77% freespace 21%02:09
zykes-anyone ?02:09
Guest28187and then below i have the three options.02:09
raVen1is musikgoat and huu here?02:09
=== patrickya is now known as _d0c_F-TC
rayluGuest28187: sorry, i gotta go. make a swap and ext3 partition.02:10
Guest28187how do i do that?02:10
GollumAre there many Negro ubuntu developers?02:10
Guest28187ok well i guess ill need someone else to help me with this...02:11
Guest28187any goers?02:11
GollumAny black linux developers?02:11
GollumJust curious02:11
FlannelGollum: Apart from being off topic, I don't think its relevant.02:11
PCTeacher012ill try, what is the problem?02:11
Gollumok, but are there many flannel?02:11
Guest28187im just trying to install ubuntu! lol.02:11
Gollumthis is about Negro Ubuntu developers02:11
PCTeacher012Guest28187: What step are you on?02:11
Gollumon topic of Ubuntu development02:12
FlannelGollum: This channel is for support.  Please don't ask non-support questions here.02:12
Guest28187ok well im on 3, and so far i have been told to go to manual partitioning02:12
Guest28187because of this:02:12
GollumI need support on this topic02:12
PCTeacher012Guest28187: Have you tried automatic?02:12
GollumI am doing a survey on how many niggers are capable of developing linux02:12
Guest28187yes but. the problem is02:12
PerryArmstrongjrib; there?02:12
Guest28187kick gollum somone02:13
Guest28187idk how.02:13
xcvhe's gone, 28187\02:13
Guest28187anyway pcteacher012:02:13
PCTeacher012Guest28187: When finishing Automatic partitioning, at install system, does it jst crash?02:13
Guest28187no no.02:14
xcvand i'm waiting patiently :)02:14
PCTeacher012Guest28187: Okay02:14
Guest28187ok well.02:14
PCTeacher012xcv: What do you nede?02:14
Guest28187one second, let me back it up to step 302:14
PCTeacher012Guest28187: Kay02:14
xcvPCTeacher12: sony dcr-trv260 camcorder connected via usb, trying to get it going as webcam02:15
Guest28187pcteacher12: well i was told to "make a swap and ext3 partition."02:15
PCTeacher012xcv: Did it come with install CD?02:15
xcvwas in here earlier chatting with gartral about it02:15
PerryArmstrongikonia; there??02:15
wimbletoon ;)02:15
Guest28187by automatic do you mean the first option?02:15
xcvPCT...012: it did, in 2005, for winxp02:15
lewenchAnyone know where the skins in metacity are stored?02:15
PCTeacher012Guest28187: It should automatically, if installing with windows, it has trouble, if removing windows, it works 100% fine02:15
Guest28187well im doing a dual boot02:16
Guest28187im on the live cd mode.02:16
Guest28187and installing02:16
rvnmy favorite metacity theme "Gnome for Workgroups" is missing the bottom, left, and right borders when compiz runs - PLEASE help, I'll do anything!!!!! (Alternative solution is to find me another windows 3.x theme, but I can't seem to locate one) :O02:16
_d0c_F-TChey i need help with runnin a dvd rom on ubunto 8.1002:16
Guest28187well ive gotten that far _d0c_F-TC02:17
Guest28187whatd u need help with?02:17
PCTeacher012xcv: Okay, well, lets see... have you tried plugging in, then searching for drivers?02:17
PCTeacher012Guest...: With this partitioning, For dual boots (in my experience), Ubuntu has a hard time patitioning it, so here is what you should do02:18
Guest28187bring it. *does finger movement*02:18
PCTeacher012Guest...: Let me open my partition manager to see how it is set up02:18
xcvPTCteacher012 -- didn't you say you were signing off??? lol --> http://paste.ubuntu.com/144527/02:19
dookdooksorry for the general question, but i was considering buying a 64 bit machine and installing ubuntu on it.  are there any issues i should be aware of in terms of software availability and usability?  in particular, if running 32 bit windows executables under wine, are there any pitfalls that i should be aware of?02:19
Iceman_B|SSHum, halp. I extracted a tar and now I have a dir called "近藤浩治 - Majora's Mask Orchestrations (2000)" ...how do I cd into it ._. ?02:19
rwwdookdook: Nope. 32-bit WINE stuff works fine on 64-bit Ubuntu for me.02:19
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - For LoCo channels, http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/02:19
FlannelIceman_B|SSH: Try tab completion.02:20
rvnmy favorite metacity theme "Gnome for Workgroups" is missing the bottom, left, and right borders when compiz runs - PLEASE help, I'll do anything!!!!! (Alternative solution is to find me another windows 3.x theme, but I can't seem to locate one) :O02:20
dookdookrww, are you running 64 bit wine?  or 32 bit wine under emulation?  or does it matter?02:20
=== decko__ is now known as decko
rwwdookdook: There is no 64-bit WINE. 64-bit Ubuntu uses 32-bit WINE in a chroot jail.02:20
jdurvn, windows 3.x themes and compiz seem to be from different eras02:20
PCTeacher012xvc: I did? When? lol, well, let me take a look at the log after i help Guest..., k?02:21
lewenchAnyone know where the skin directory is for metacity in ubuntu02:21
dookdookrww, thanks02:21
alex-weejlewench: systemwide in /usr/share/themes/*/metacity-102:22
Spence_i need help please02:22
alex-weejlewench: or in ~/.themes/*/metacity-1 for user02:23
alex-weejSpence_: ask, don't ask to ask :02:23
Iceman_B|SSHFlannel: I have no way to type 近藤浩治...02:23
lewenchalex-weej, Great thanka  bunc02:23
FlannelIceman_B|SSH: copy/paste?02:23
Iceman_B|SSHoh, I could select and paste it of02:23
PCTeacher012Guest: Have to install a partition manager, cant seem to find the one preinstalled lol02:24
Guest28187o ok. well i got time02:24
PCTeacher012scv: Which bus are you plugging it into?02:24
PCTeacher012guest: kk, my comp is fast at downloading, it wont be too long02:24
Spence_lol, sorry. I just installed Ubuntu, i guess one could say i'm a noob.  I Have ran Windows up until now, i figured i'd try linux. however, when i goto "Computer" under places, my C drive is not listed. How can i access it?02:24
_d0c_F-TCi need help using a dvd rom  with ubuntu 8.10..nothings coming up02:25
FlannelSpence_: Ubuntu (and Linux) does things differently.  everything is under '/', drives don't have letters, etc.  What are you looking for in your computer?02:25
Guest28187ok doc02:25
xcvPCTeacher012: i've got 2 usb ports on this rig. i'm plugging it into !=the other one02:25
PCTeacher012_d0c: this is a DVD Rom Drive right02:25
Guest28187so you sure it burned right?02:25
Spence_Nothing in specific, just music files and pictures i have with windows02:26
_d0c_F-TCno WoW game dvd02:26
Guest28187well _doc does it show up when you look in explorer?02:26
PCTeacher012xcv: fingerprint reader... nice lol, gonna look into it at detail02:26
Guest28187that is if your on windows at fist02:26
Guest28187well id get a new disc02:26
FlannelSpence_: ah.  Did you dual boot?02:26
DreamgliderSpence_, you should install neft-3g drivers to access your "c:/" Drive tho Ubuntu/linux does not use letters for the drive02:26
Guest28187fresh, then burn it.02:26
^Einsteinhey, quick question, how might I be able to CP across a filesystem that Linux can't execute stat on?02:26
Spence_Yeah, i dual booted02:27
PCTeacher012_d0c: I mean this: Is your CD Reader (Visable part on on computer.. Hardware) Is that a DVD/RW drive?02:27
_d0c_F-TCi kinda wanna go back to windows xp or vista...but idn were to anyone no how?02:27
Dreamgliderntfs-3g **02:27
Spence_Where can I install neft-3g drivers, and what exactly is it?02:27
Guest28187wernt u already on windows?02:27
_d0c_F-TCno im on ubuntu02:27
DreamgliderSpence_, it's a driver that allows linux to access NTFS filesystems02:28
RaylzSpence_: sudo apt-get install ntfs-3g02:28
_d0c_F-TCi f'ed up and deleted windows wen i dl'ed ubuntu..02:28
Flannel!ntfs-3g | Spence_02:28
ubottuSpence_: ntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions02:28
Iceman_B|SSHFlannel: oh, that worked better than I thought.02:28
PCTeacher012_d0c: Okay, do you have install CD?02:28
space_cadet_d0c_F-TC, is it really that big of a problem ;)02:28
Raylz_d0c_F-TC: mounted partition?02:28
PCTeacher012_d0c: Just put that in, then isntall02:28
DreamgliderSpence_,  you can install it by typing in terminal: sudo apt-get install ntfs-3g02:28
_d0c_F-TCit wont pop up..02:28
space_cadet_d0c_F-TC, you can try data recovery02:29
PCTeacher012_d0c: Is this a new CD Drive?02:29
_d0c_F-TCno space..were would i do that?02:29
Spence_alright, thank you. I will try it dreamglider.02:29
space_cadet_d0c_F-TC, well if i read correctly and yo accidentally deleted your windows partition?02:29
_d0c_F-TCyes..only ubuntu on my hardrive02:30
space_cadet_d0c_F-TC, you can get something akin to @active undelete (don't use that, it sucks)02:30
_d0c_F-TCi deleted my windows xp i guess02:30
space_cadetif you totally erased your HDD and wrote ubuntu OVER your windows partition02:30
DreamgliderSpence_, np :)02:30
^EinsteinI need to cp files from ntfs to ext3, and of course I get the "cannot stat" error... how does nautilus do it (out of curiosity), and how might I do it in a script, even if not with cp (out of necessity), given that I can't stat files on said fs?02:31
space_cadet_d0c_F-TC, good luck getting it back because 10 to 1 you probably wrote over everything that used to be in the windows partition.02:31
_d0c_F-TCya i did space02:31
fusa_anyone know what causes a windows "Launching http cache" to appear occasionally in my taskbar?  and how to stop it?02:31
space_cadet_d0c_F-TC, do you still have a windows disk?02:31
=== fusa_ is now known as fusa
PCTeacher012_d0c: AGain, is this a NEW CD/DVD Drive?02:31
LjL_d0c_F-TC: what, your computer likes other computers of its same gender?02:32
ubottuTo rescue a broken system, boot the alternate install CD and select "Rescue a broken system"02:32
_d0c_F-TCnop =/ i was wondering if maybe i gcould use a torrent windows?02:32
ubottuSome tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel02:32
Spence_Dreamglider, i did what you said and i was reported, "ntfs-3g is already the newest version.02:32
Spence_" however, i still do not see my windows partition under computer..?02:32
vavoyshquesttion: how can i find out the name of a hard drive?02:32
RaylzSpence_: maybe you didnt shutdown cleanly02:32
vavoyshand is there a trigger list for ubottu?02:32
Spence_sorry if i'm being a pain in the ass, haha, i'm 200% windows orintated02:32
RaylzSpence_: did you "crash" windows?02:32
LjL!bot > vavoysh    (vavoysh, see the private message from ubottu)02:32
vavoyshthank you02:33
RaylzSpence_: boot windows up and restart02:33
Spence_i do not think so? i shutdown cleanly everythime02:33
Guest28187hey pcteach012, hows it coming?02:33
Spence_every time*02:33
_d0c_F-TChow do i mount an "mdf" file?02:33
PCTeacher012_d0c: Yes you can, but you cant update02:33
Spence_Raylz, is there a way to boot up windows without restarting my computer, no?02:33
PCTeacher012Guest: 5 minute download left02:33
RaylzSpence_: no^^02:34
PCTeacher012Spence: Unless you have Mac LOL02:34
Raylz_d0c_F-TC: try mdf2iso02:34
Spence_ah, alright. i will try that now, i'll be back xD02:34
=== Guest28187 is now known as Jay
Jayok pcteacher012, now im: Jay02:34
PCTeacher012Spence: kk02:34
vavoyshLjL: how can i find out the name of an unmounted hard drive?02:34
space_cadet_d0c_F-TC, well... this may get you started...  if you wish to regain any important data, you may want to stop using the HDD until you can put it in another system as a slave, using windows, and then try one of many utilities.. . http://www.google.com/search?q=undelete+a+ntfs+partition02:34
DreamgliderSpence_,  sudo ntfs-3g /dev/ice /mount/point -o force  should mount the windows partition after an unclean shutdown02:34
=== Jay is now known as Guest83795
mattcenRaylz: mdf2iso doesn't "mount" does it? I thought it only converted02:34
LjLvavoysh: "fdisk -l" might give you a clue02:35
PCTeacher012Jay: Thank you for shorter name :P still waiting on download02:35
Raylzmattcen: yep, then you mount the iso02:35
^EinsteinI need to cp files from ntfs to ext3, and of course I get the "cannot stat" error... how does nautilus do it (out of curiosity), and how might I do it in a script, even if not with cp (out of necessity), given that I can't stat files on said fs?02:35
mattcenRaylz: right02:35
vavoyshLjL: just type in sudo fdisk-l ?02:35
peepsalotwhat do i use to make a data dvd?02:35
mattcen^Einstein: can you describe the full error? I Don't think I've ever seen it02:35
LjLvavoysh: "fdisk -l", not "fdisk-l". you might need sudo in front, depending on the ubuntu version02:36
peepsalotjust copying files from my filesystem over?02:36
LjLvavoysh: try without first02:36
space_cadet_d0c_F-TC, this may also be of some help.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCapEFNZAJ0&feature=PlayList&p=E470E7505DE52C2002:36
vavoyshLjL: ok02:36
space_cadetanything along those lines would be a god send  _d0c_F-TC02:36
^Einsteinmattcen: $ cp /path/to/mounted/ntfs/partition/whatever.file /path/to/another/partition's/directory will return cp: cannot stat: bla bla bla no such file or directory.02:37
space_cadet_d0c_F-TC,   if you want to maximize the data you can recover... stop using the drive immediately.02:37
space_cadet_d0c_F-TC, remember, you can run ubuntu from the cd... in live mode.02:37
meoblast001can someone help me set up bluetooth with my cell phone on Ubuntu 8.10... i've been trying since 5 o clock to get this to work02:38
^Einsteinmattcen: really quite simple, but a critical fault that I can't cp across filesystems, or at least from ntfs even when it's mounted rw. Wanna see that line in fstab?02:38
meoblast001it denies retriving or sending files to or from it02:38
mattcen^Einstein: if you like. Perhaps PM it to me02:38
Dreamglider_d0c_F-TC, you might want to have a look at testdisk and photorec to recover your data.02:39
PCTeacher012Jay: 2 minutes, but the ext3 format takes up 99% of it, (im finding exact percent) but the swap format i am not 100% sure how much it uses (till i check, 1 min)02:39
Guest83795i dont get what your saying but ok02:40
Spence_I booted up Windows and successifully shut down, now what?02:40
meoblast001am i the only person who expects ubuntu to work?02:40
Raylzmeoblast001: it works ye :)02:41
_d0c_F-TCim just gonna throw my comp out the dam window..lol02:41
space_cadetit works02:41
PCTeacher012meoblast: What do you mean? Yes, Ubuntu works like a charm02:41
PCTeacher012Spence: What is your questiong exactly?02:41
meoblast001Raylz: am i the only person who actually does stuff in ubuntu?02:41
space_cadet_d0c_F-TC, pls don't you could get a ticket02:41
Spence_Ralyz, now what?02:41
space_cadet_d0c_F-TC, i have..02:41
Raylzmeoblast001: no02:41
xcvmeoblast001: not all bluetooth devices support file transfer02:41
PCTeacher012meoblast: I do a ton in Ubuntu xD02:41
meoblast001xcv: but mine does02:41
RPSHello Guys, I have a question that maybe someone will know. I'd like to capture the audio off an Adobe Flash Player audio clip. I'm hoping someone might have tackled this one or might be able to point me in the right direction. I'm 8.10 Ubuntu user02:41
_d0c_F-TCim hating ubuntu..lol02:41
DreamgliderSpence_,  sudo fdisk -l will list your disks/partitions02:41
Spence_Oh, i was wondering how to access my Windows drive/partition, it doesnt even show up under computer02:42
meoblast001xcv: because last i checked, FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol02:42
RaylzRPS: what about audacity :)02:42
DreamgliderSpence_, pm me02:42
RaylzRPS: and link the outgoing sound to incoming02:42
meoblast001brb have to restart02:43
meoblast001bluetooth won't work02:43
space_cadetmeoblast001, ftp = Failure to Pay02:43
RPSI'll check it out Raylz  ....the outgoing/incoming sound sounds promising!02:43
xcvmeoblast001: thought i saw you were trying to transfer using bluetooth to cell, not ftp. sorry if i misunderstood02:43
RaylzRPS: i guess you can set that in your mixer02:43
xcvoops, guess he didn't see that02:43
mtn_welfareHey gang, I have a question for you all.  I'm having a problem running apt-get update.. etc. I keep getting failed to fetch errors.  The box was running 6.10 but was upgraded to 7.04. The upgrade appeared to go smoothly.  Except now apt-get fails..02:43
space_cadetmtn_welfare, you have to update sources.list02:44
space_cadetor lst02:44
space_cadeti keep getting that mixed up02:44
PCTeacher012RPS: I use Ardour, it is equivalent of Adobe's thing lol02:44
space_cadetmtn_welfare, basically change your sources from the old to the new02:44
PCTeacher012Jay: Finished downloading, installing now02:44
Guest83795okie dokie.02:44
teethdoodhow do I display firefox's File Edit View menus when sites hide it from me?02:44
mtn_welfarespace_cadet do mean changing instances of edgy to fiesty?02:44
mtn_welfareOK... brb02:45
cirob_join #hmpf02:45
space_cadetteethdood, press alt+down??02:45
PCTeacher012teethdood: What sires is that?02:45
space_cadetor alt+f02:45
bazhangmtn_welfare, feisty is also end of life02:45
BigMoopiesHello, when I just booted I got a "routine check of drives /dev/sda5" , is this like a chkdsk ? /dev/sda5 I believe is my NTFS partition for WindowsXP02:45
RPSPCTeacher012, I found a small audio clip about 30 seconds long that I want to grab and it's running in Flash Player02:46
teethdoodPCTeacher012: MSNBC, showing space pics. They hide everything02:46
xcvmeoblast001: thought i saw you were trying to transfer using bluetooth to cell, not ftp. sorry if i misunderstood02:46
space_cadetPCTeacher012, bad sites :p02:46
meoblast001xcv: idk... bluetooth ftp02:46
Guest83795by bad sites...02:46
jduBigMoopies, it can't be ntfs if is checking it, I don't think02:46
mtn_welfarebazhang - the urls for the sources should still work though? correct?02:46
blackmistdarn my firefox is not working i have to reinstall it now02:46
PCTeacher012RPS: Audacity is best in that :P02:46
teethdoodAlt+down doesn't do anything02:46
mooseman447does anybody know if there is any way to login to a shell to a computer connected via usb?02:47
bazhangmtn_welfare, you need to read the upgrade guide; let me give you a link02:47
BigMoopiesjdu, yeah sorry about that.  it's not02:47
PCTeacher012teethdood: Okay, send a link so i can try some stuff02:47
bazhang!upgrade | mtn_welfare02:47
ubottumtn_welfare: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading02:47
PCTeacher012space: xD02:47
meoblast001xcv: how do i add a new bluetooth device.... i accidently updated my bluetooth utilities and it wont let me02:47
teethdoodPCTeacher012: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/23254110/displaymode/1107/s/202:47
xcvmeoblast001: i'm really noob with bluetooth -- but think you have to put devices into discover mode to make the initial connection02:48
BigMoopiesjdu, was this check actually needed? I skipped it02:48
mtn_welfarebazhang ~ thx02:48
PCTeacher012are you using firefox @teethdood02:48
teethdoodPCTeacher012: yes I am (well technically Shiretoko 3.5pre4)02:48
space_cadetmeoblast001, your prolly looking for something obex commander related02:48
PCTeacher012but basically firefox correct? @teethdood02:49
teethdoodPCTeacher012: yes02:49
sebsebseb 02:49
space_cadetmeoblast001, if it's a bt phone, it prolly uses obex push02:49
PCTeacher012teethdood: Gotaa open firefox then :p02:49
meoblast001space_cadet: obex fails02:49
space_cadetwhat kinda phone?02:49
teethdoodPCTeacher012: it is firefox. Firefox for ubuntu is n ow called Shiretoko (like Debian's Iceweasel)02:49
space_cadeti don't have shiretoko02:50
sebsebsebsounds like that guy02:50
space_cadeti have firefox02:50
sebsebsebsounds like that guy is on about a developmention version of Firefox 3.102:50
space_cadetMozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US;02:50
PCTeacher012teethdood: Really? I have latest (8.1 is latest right?) and it is called firefox02:50
teethdoodFirefox 3.5 is Shiretoko under ubuntu (well jaunty anyway)02:50
space_cadetPCTeacher012, yep02:50
sebsebsebteethdood: Shiretoko is the Firefox development version02:51
xcvfrom wiki: shiretoko = The code name for Mozilla Firefox 3.5.02:51
mtn_welfarespace_cadet: we changed all instances of edgy to feisty, still getting same errors. bazhang, thanks for the link, but we are working remotely and we dont have access to the gui02:51
PCTeacher012xcv: Oh! I have firefox 3.0.3 :p can u send link for upgrade? I want latest :)02:51
space_cadetPCTeacher012, you don't want the latest02:52
* sebsebseb the Ubuntu version of Firefox is fine for all usage really02:52
jduBigMoopies, sorry I was gone.02:52
PCTeacher012space_cadet: why?02:52
teethdoodPCTeacher012: sudo "upgrade-manager -d" :P02:52
space_cadetPCTeacher012, Nothing here is finalized.02:52
xcvPCTeacher012: i just wiki'd the name. this is the first i've heard of it...02:52
sebsebsebteethdood: trying to get him to upgrade to jaunty again bad idea02:52
PCTeacher012space_cadet: I like to beta test02:52
jduBigMoopies,  which check?02:52
xcvi'm running ff 3.0.802:52
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: many reasons not to get 9.04 beta02:52
JakeOneWhat can I use to transfer notes I've written on my blackberry onto my ubuntu linux box?02:53
teethdoodsebsebseb: yeah sorry. I was just asking an innocent firefox question so I can open up the Fire Edit View menus :(02:53
meoblast001space_cadet: Error occurred while sending file filetofish.mp302:53
PCTeacher012sebsebseb: can you tell me some of themain?02:53
LjLJakeOne: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/Blackberry02:53
space_cadetmeoblast001, what kinda phone...02:53
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: you have to clean install for the main feature anyway :d02:53
PCTeacher012seb: The mainfeature is?02:54
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: this isn't the channel talk about 9.04, but #ubuntu+1 is02:54
space_cadetmeoblast001, if it's sprint i can tell you right now that aint gonna work02:54
meoblast001space_cadet: sprint02:54
space_cadetthat wont work02:54
space_cadetmeoblast001, sprint rumor?02:55
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: Ext4 though,  well or do something not very good for limited suppuort in Ext302:55
techqbertAnybody able to get past ncaa.com's check for "compatible systems"?  I wanna stream the game on my ubuntu netbook02:55
meoblast001space_cadet: Samsung Blade02:55
space_cadetmeoblast001, same thing02:55
JakeOnethanks Ljl, looks like I should be lucky that it at least mounts the microsd card out-of-the-box02:55
meoblast001they are 2 different phones02:55
Guest83795pcteacher012: is it installed yet?02:55
=== Guest83795 is now known as Jay
Jaysorry my name went back02:55
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: and your better off staying with Ubuntu's version of FIrefox, you don't need on directly from Mozilla02:55
space_cadetmeoblast001, if you want to make a ringtone try making a 3gp2 file and cutting the extension to 3gp02:55
meoblast001space_cadet: what does connectign as a data modem do?02:55
PCTeacher012seb: HaHa! That is hilarious Jaunty will most certainly break your computer"02:56
PCTeacher012Jay: Yes, but i still cant find it02:56
Jaycan't find what?02:56
space_cadetmeoblast001, let your computer use the phone as a modem02:56
Hemebondraylu: You using 64-bit Flash plugin from Adobe? Where'd you get it?02:56
PCTeacher012Jay: Just found it02:56
Jayok, but what02:56
=== Jay is now known as Guest59418
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: maybe not now, but  yes  beta and so bugs still02:56
meoblast001space_cadet: would that help? and it would almost let me send a jpg but failed at the end02:56
Guest59418urg, it keeps switching me back to guest XXX02:56
sevenhm, what's the best flash plugin to install for firefox equivalents? i have no idea what's now installed but it seems like a system hog + has some freezing issues.02:56
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: April 23rd for final release of 9.0402:56
space_cadetmeoblast001, i have many video tones on my sprint phone02:56
space_cadetmeoblast001, but they are all 3g202:56
meoblast001space_cadet: how do you make a 3g2?02:56
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: and yes  upgrading 8.10 to alpha6 did brake certain things in my install, and upgrading to the beta did not fix them02:56
PCTeacher012Jay: Possibly because someone owns name Jay, try Jay55502:56
meoblast001space_cadet: and did you sue bluetooth?02:57
=== Guest59418 is now known as Jay555
PCTeacher012seb: okay, lol02:57
jduseven, whatever is at abobe's site  for that browser02:57
space_cadetmeoblast001, http://forums.wirelessadvisor.com/samsung/13655-samsung-a900-ringtones.html02:57
Jay555ok im jay555 now.02:57
PCTeacher012Jay: do you happen to have a calculator?02:57
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: yep if it's not  a final  stable release, then except problems02:57
sevenjdu, I was looking at a simple answer, like a packagename to apt-get :) using firefox atm02:57
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: expect02:57
xcvand, perhaps *expect*, seb? lol02:58
Jay555whatd u need me to calculate02:58
sebsebsebxcv: yes I just corrected that02:58
PCTeacher012okay, 1.43/55.8602:58
meoblast001space_cadet: how do you send them over?02:58
xcvseb: yeah, i didn't type fast enough ;)02:58
PCTeacher012(My Hard Drive is a 56 GB hard drive02:58
Jay555your serious?02:59
jduseven,  in general the linux versions of flash aren't quite as high of performance.02:59
PCTeacher012Okay, well, it says it is 60 GB, but obviouslt, it is lying haha02:59
meoblast001space_cadet: that's not telling me of any Linux programs that will convert02:59
Jay555o ok, thats better. anyway02:59
sebsebsebjdu: in general all versions of Flash suck, because Flash sucks :D02:59
space_cadetmeoblast001, i suppose you could use the datacable...  i grabbed my sd card out and did it that way..02:59
space_cadetmeoblast001, but you CAN use bt to do it...02:59
meoblast001space_cadet: i don't have a data cable03:00
jduseven, wget http://fpdownload.macromedia.com/get/flashplayer/current/install_flash_player_10_linux.deb03:00
PCTeacher012Jay: Now, 2.55(etc.) of your partition-to-be-ubuntu should be the swap03:00
space_cadetmeoblast001, try another jpg... with a smaller resolution03:00
space_cadetmeoblast001, like really small03:00
space_cadetmeoblast001, like 10x1003:00
PCTeacher012Jay: The rest is ext303:00
Jay555ok so...03:00
jdusebsebseb, perhaps   it is certainly restrictive03:00
PCTeacher012with flags: Boot, mountpoint /03:00
space_cadetmeoblast001, and if you have an sd card, make your exchange folder on the sd card03:00
sebsebsebjdu: yep03:00
eichenwalderis there a setup tool for notify-osd in 9.04 beta03:00
PCTeacher012that is what you should manually partition it to be, since the auto isnt03:00
meoblast001space_cadet: nope.. no SD03:00
Jay555wherd u get the 2.55 from? i mean, how does tht apply to me03:01
space_cadetmeoblast001, you will need to get one to put the ringtones on..03:01
blue112Hello everyone, how can I force ubuntu to check my fs at next boot ?03:01
sevenkay jdu ; how to install that deb package most efficiently ?03:01
space_cadetmeoblast001, otherwise your phone won't see em03:01
meoblast001space_cadet: won't let me copy fiels off either03:01
sebsebsebeichenwalder: wrong channel you want #ubuntu+103:01
meoblast001space_cadet: Error while copying "SSPX0001.jpg".03:01
space_cadetmeoblast001, you have a windows partition?03:01
jduseven, sudo dpkg -i <deb package>03:01
meoblast001space_cadet: no03:01
PCTeacher0121.43 GB us my linux swap, so i suppose that that number (2.55etc..) is how much the linux swap should be in ur HD03:01
PCTeacher012of the partition-to-be-linux03:01
seventy very much jdu03:01
space_cadetmeoblast001, try running obex commander in wine..03:01
Jay555ok but wait03:02
techqbertAnybody able to get past ncaa.com's check for "compatible systems"?  I wanna stream the game on my ubuntu netbook03:02
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: la de la, and then it all has to be re done again for full Ext4 suppourt03:02
meoblast001space_cadet: k03:02
PCTeacher012Jay: Yes?03:02
Jay555see i didn't make a seperate partition for linux03:02
Jay555wat i did was, shrink volume03:02
Jay555and then the guide i was follwoing03:02
space_cadethttp://intradarma.com/OBEXCommander.html meoblast00103:02
meoblast001space_cadet: oh lovely... firefox starts up fullscreen now03:02
watyes Jay555?03:02
Jay555said to use the "largest free space" option03:02
blue112How can I force ubuntu to check my fs at next boot ?03:02
Jay555so when i select it03:02
sebsebsebJay555: if you put 8.10 on now, well  if you want Ext4 the new file system in 9.04 next Ubuntu released on  April 23rd, for full suppourt you will have to do re do your partitions as Ext403:02
jduseven, np   if that doesn't work, you can have more fine-tuned control with http://fpdownload.macromedia.com/get/flashplayer/current/install_flash_player_10_linux.tar.gz03:02
PCTeacher012Jay: Largest free space is using the 1 optino (One that odesnt completly remove windowS)03:02
Jay555im duel booting03:03
stealth-is there a way to stop certain input devices?03:03
xcvblue112: this might help --> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=45159203:03
PCTeacher012ya, first option(one that doesnt remove Windows) will allow dual booting03:03
AxanNeed help to reinstall grub plz, >grub find /boot/grub/stage1   doesnt work..03:03
PCTeacher012you can boot into windows03:03
PCTeacher012put the CD in03:03
sebsebseb!grub |  Axan03:04
ubottuAxan: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto03:04
Jay555ok so i was on windows, and then i put the cd in03:04
PCTeacher012it will bring up menu with "Dual boot", "Fulll take", "cancel" Choose dual boot (it is along those lines, you will know when you see it) and it will allow dual boot03:04
Jay555it said install03:04
Jay555then i rebooted03:04
PCTeacher012ya, it should give 2 options for install03:04
Jay555and it said windows vista or ubuntu03:05
johnitechqbert, I think they use windows media player drm03:05
Jay555so i clicked ubuntu03:05
Axansebsebseb: this is exactly what im trying to do but it does not work...03:05
Jay555then i said esc, to go to menu03:05
blue112xcv: Argh, that doesn't help me03:05
Striker_Anybody around familiar with portable ubuntu?03:05
Jay555and ran off the live cd03:05
ryanakcaHow would I install Kubuntu (or Ubuntu, since this is #ubuntu) in a chroot? debootstrap and then apt-get install kubuntu-desktop ?03:05
Jay555now im installing it03:05
FloodBot3Jay555: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:05
sebsebseb!enter | Jay55503:05
ubottuJay555: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!03:05
PCTeacher012so you did do that?03:05
meoblast001space_cadet: wont work03:05
xcvblue112, sorry03:05
blue112How can I force ubuntu to check my fs at next boot ?03:05
johnitechqbert, you might try to download and install moonlight and give it a shot03:05
Jay555ok sorry. ill put it on one line,03:05
PCTeacher012Jay: So you did do the windows install way?03:05
johnitechqbert, I was able to pass the initial screen with unsupported screen by using Agent Switcher extension for Firefox; visited the site as ie7 on vista03:06
glitsj16blue112: sudo touch /forcefsck03:06
space_cadetmeoblast001, trying to remember if i ever got it to work with obex-data-server and libopemobex103:06
PCTeacher012Okay, take the CD out, then reboot into ubutnu03:06
blue112glitsj16: Thanks.03:06
Axansebsebseb: cant find /boot/grub/stage1 nor /grub/stage1, even if when i mount my fs i can see the file in /media/disk/boot/grub/stage1, i tried chrooted to /media/disk but it doesnt work neither.03:06
techqbertjohni: thanks for the heads up.  no luck there either.  moonlight, at least the one firefox thinks I want, is 1.0.  mono devs were talking about having 2.0 working on the site before the tournament is over03:06
sebsebsebAxan: is Grub there when you boot up?03:07
meoblast001space_cadet: why am i not authorized to copy images off03:07
PCTeacher012you must choose by: F8 between manufacturers logo and windows boot screen, return to OS choosing screen, choose ubuntu03:07
glitsj16blue112: no problem, sometimes this can be quite handy from a script as well03:07
Striker_What's the best way to get ubuntu to mount a drive03:07
PCTeacher012REMEMBEr to have no CD in03:07
happy-duderaylu: I'm sorry, I was afk -- my name was called, what was the issue?03:07
Axansebsebseb: no, i lost it because i reinstalled winxp03:07
neptunepinkI've run out of space on /. So I want to copy everything over to a different partition. Other fstab and menu.lst, are there any other config files I should worry about?03:07
PCTeacher012Jay: Come on here after and tell if it worked03:08
sebsebsebAxan: yeah so  re install Grub03:08
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
sebsebsebAxan: or not the best way, but you can make a Grub partition03:08
Jay555last time i tried to just boot but it said, loading please wait for a loooong time so i just force shutdown and started over03:08
psykushey, using wine to run a program from my windows partition, I attempted to create a link to it so I could use it straight from my desktop, but nothing happens when I use the link. program works fine if I browse to it and run it directly. any ideas?03:08
PCTeacher012i never exactly tried that method03:08
PCTeacher012lets see... The insatll allowed little to none of your interaction correct?03:09
Axansebsebseb: that is what im trying to do and I said it doesnt work.. I already have my /boot/grub original directory, i just want to rewrite MBR so grub can boot03:09
Jay555ok. um yeah i just popped in the cd, clicked install and it did its thing, then i rebooted03:09
vocxpsykus, how did you create the link? How do you expect to run it?03:09
PCTeacher012Okay, then, it asked you to boot into ubutnu? but took forever?03:10
Jay555now i have no cd in, and am booting, then i clicked ubuntu and now im waiting, for a looong time03:10
vocx!who | Jay55503:10
ubottuJay555: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)03:10
sebsebsebAxan: you can install Ubuntu onto a small partition,  and make it even smaller  by getting rid of everything, but /boot where Grub is.  I have done that before, but then  the kernel  updates update the grub that is part of the install and such03:10
psykusdragged it from the folder and held down shift/ctrl/whatever. but just now I used the "create a launcher" thing from the desktop menu and it seems to work now03:10
FlannelAxan: Why not just move /home to a separate drive?03:10
psykusand it got rid of that ugly link icon overlay too :P03:10
sebsebsebFlannel: no he wants to re install Grub03:11
LavaHotDoes anyone have any eperience adding windows 7 to an existing ubuntu/vista dual boot?03:11
sebsebsebFlannel: ,but the how to is not working out for him03:11
Jay555Pcteacher012, private chat?03:11
PCTeacher012Jay: Sure03:11
vocxpsykus, creating a link won't do much as you've noticed. Creating "launchers" is the proper way to go.03:11
space_cadetmeoblast001, check to see if you have obex-data-server installed03:11
acalbazaanyone have an ATI radeon x850xt card?  i want to find out if its just ALWAYS loud or if its my rig...03:11
space_cadetmeoblast001, mine works taking files but not putting03:11
meoblast001space_cadet: on what?03:11
psykusvocx, thanks then03:11
space_cadetmeoblast001, sudo apt-get install obex-data-server03:12
xcvPCTeacher012: i'll continue with the webcam issue tomorrow03:12
xcvgn all03:12
meoblast001space_cadet: yeah i have that03:12
drTr0utI'm on ubuntu 8.10. I downloaded firefox 3.1b3..in terminal I navigated to the folder where I unzipped it, when I try to run it(./firefox) it launches the default firefox 3.0.803:13
Axansebsebseb: so what ?? are you realy trying to help me ? did you red my problem ?? Im just trying to follow exactly this steps https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows?action=show&redirect=RestoreGrub  But i got error I need help for this,03:13
space_cadetmeoblast001, hmm..03:13
* PCTeacher012 is not here03:13
AxanFlannel: What the point of moving /home !!?03:13
space_cadetPCTeacher012, yes you are03:13
FlannelAxan: Sorry, thought you were someone else.03:14
* PCTeacher012 says no im not03:14
space_cadetmeoblast001, funny, mine just sits there acting like it's sending the file..03:14
ammagenduthelp me.. my hp lasetjet p1006 wont print03:14
vocxdrTr0ut, that version of firefox is currently unsupported, so you are on your own while trying to make it work.03:14
meoblast001space_cadet: oh.... it used to do that here03:15
meoblast001space_cadet: i use blueman now.... and although it still doesnt work... at least my bluetooth headset does now03:16
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sebsebsebAxan: check out my pm03:16
space_cadetmeoblast001, well get yourself a windows vbox.. and send your bt interface to the vbox, then try obex commander03:16
meoblast001space_cadet: i dont like windows03:17
space_cadetmeoblast001, neither do I, however, I still keep it around..03:17
LavaHotDoes anyone have any experience adding windows 7 to an existing ubuntu/vista dual boot?03:17
meoblast001space_cadet: i installed it today... then got angry at myself and deleted it03:17
Iceman_B^LtopI have one boot partition of 140 GB and a swap of 768 MB, thats my whole drive. I have a lot of free space left. How can I create a dir/partition of exactly 100 GB which I can manage with quotas?03:18
glitsj16drTr0ut: if you want to test the latest firefox 3 beta without it interfering with your existing firefox, add the https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-daily/+archive/ppa repo03:18
Iceman_B^LtopI want to set it up as a Samba share03:18
bdenningiceman_B: apt-get install samba. Then edit one of the example shares under /etc/samba/smb.conf03:20
xsgHI i need a good screen recorder can yall reccomend one ??03:20
bdenningiceman_B: the /etc/samba/smb.conf file has a lot of examples already in it, most should be self explanatory but if you get stuck use "man smb.conf" for more info03:20
LaikeSFdoes anyone have any experience installing an ubuntu guest on vmware workstation 6.5?03:21
Joikuswhy does my ubuntu crash03:21
DreamgliderHow do i access another pc's therminal only over LAN ?03:21
HemebondLaikeSF: Yes. What's the problem?03:22
Joikusit crashed during installation 2 times03:22
doleybDreamglider: ssh03:22
LaikeSFI'm in the midst of the install, everythings going fine, then it hits the auto install of vmtools, then the whole thing hangs03:22
Joikusand now while it was asking me to activate my vid drivers03:22
LaikeSFand I can't seem to figure out how to disable the auto install of vmtools through the easy isntall so I can just install the thing manually like I used to do it03:23
HemebondLaikeSF: The auto-install? I don't remember the tools ever installing automatically.03:23
space_cadetLavaHot, i do03:23
space_cadetLavaHot, lemmie give you a link03:23
space_cadetLavaHot, what is your bootloader?03:23
LavaHotright now it's grub03:24
space_cadetLavaHot, well.. this is what I did...  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=99198703:24
LavaHotI <3 you space_cadet03:24
space_cadetLavaHot, i wrote that :)03:24
LaikeSFseems like it booted to console and gave me this lovely message reading "Please wait! VM Ware Tools are currently being Installed to your system. When it is done, Ubuntu graphical enviroment will be launched" then asks for my username and password, which I provide, then does absolutely nothing03:24
=== Roi_du_Philosoph is now known as the
Spence_hey guys, i'm new to lynux and i was just wondering if there is a way to run windows programs/games?03:24
oscurochuSpence_, you can do that with a program called wine.03:25
vocx!wine | Spence_03:25
ubottuSpence_: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu03:25
LaikeSFI'm reading it as an automatic install, but I may be just misreading that whole message03:25
oscurochuHowever, Spence_, not all programs will work the same, its the closest thing to running windows programs03:25
johniSpence_, I recommend trying to use only linux apps and only when you do not have any other alternatives try wine03:26
oscurochuI am trying to get the sphere to work for desktop cube.03:26
oscurochuAny help on this?03:26
space_cadetLavaHot, basically the only difference, windows 7 will destroy your grub...03:26
JoikusI just installed ubuntu03:26
Joikuswhere do i go to update everything03:26
LavaHotspace_cadet: I already read through that. this is on a single drive laptop. I'll need to repartition then install 7, but i don't quite know how to do that.03:27
johniJoikus, Update Manager03:27
space_cadetLavaHot, so is mine...03:27
ammagendutam i invisible here?03:27
Joikusthank you03:27
space_cadetLavaHot, that's all on one drive...03:27
PCTeacher012amma: No03:27
PCTeacher012amma: What do you need?03:28
LavaHot... okay, I'll re-read that then03:28
meoblast001i just killed skype03:28
meoblast001but it wont stop rining03:28
space_cadetLavaHot, the way I am thinking should happen...   install windows 7   (your grub will be destroyed..)03:28
space_cadetLavaHot, restore grub, but you have no way to boot to windows 703:28
glitsj16oscurochu: you'll need to activate/configure the "enable cube reflection and deformation" plugin in ccsm (compizconfig-settings-manager)03:28
oscurochuIs anybody familar with compiz that can help me?03:29
ariqshow much memory am I allowed per process?03:29
space_cadetLavaHot, boot to vista, and follow the guide..03:29
vocxariqs, all of it? How much do you need?03:29
johniJoikus, if you are new to ubuntu I recommend reading forums and documentation; give google a try; not only that you find the information that you want but you will also find additional useful things03:29
space_cadetLavaHot, it *should* be enough to get you going..03:29
lstarnesariqs: usually as much free ram as you have03:30
ariqsvocx: well, I'm getting "bad alloc" at around 2.5 gigs03:30
space_cadetLavaHot, from what I figured out, when i did all that, i had vista installed then win7 then ubuntu..   windows' boot loader was on the win7 partition..03:30
FlannelJoikus: https://help.ubuntu.com/ walks you through all of the common tasks03:30
PerryArmstrongcan anyone tell me how i can update my intel drivers..before i get login screen i get a message that ubuntu is running in low graphics mode and i have to update my drivers03:30
LaikeSFHemebond: Ugh, apparently English is my first language and I still speak it like it's my second. Thanks for clearing it up for me03:30
ariqslsatarnes: is there anyway yo increase it?03:30
tonsofpcsV4L2 analog tuner device here, I have gotten some tools to tune it but I can't seem to get audio out of it (i'm listening to its on-board audio-out connector, not sure if it sends it down the USB line), is there a command that can be sent to the device to set the device's audio levels?03:31
PCTeacher012weird. GParted live folder wont delete03:31
JJSmith260Hey I'm new to Ubuntu and think I deleted all of my Windows XP stuff during installation. Is there any way I can find out if it's really deleted?03:32
johniariqs, holly cow ... 2.5 gigs in one single alloc? monster app?03:32
PCTeacher012See if C:\ is ther03:32
FlannelJJSmith260: sudo fdisk -l (that's a lowercase L)03:32
LavaHotspace_cadet: so when I install win7, will it just automatically partition space for itself or do I have to do it manually?03:32
JJSmith260k hang on03:32
JJSmith260Disk /dev/sda: 40.0 GB, 40007761920 bytes03:32
JJSmith260255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 4864 cylinders03:32
JJSmith260Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes03:32
JJSmith260Disk identifier: 0xb623f25b03:32
JJSmith260   Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System03:32
FloodBot3JJSmith260: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:32
JJSmith260/dev/sda1   *           1        3654    29350723+  82  Linux swap / Solaris03:32
PerryArmstrongcan anyone tell me how i can update my intel drivers..before i get login screen i get a message that ubuntu is running in low graphics mode and i have to update my drivers03:32
Flannel!paste | JJSmith26003:33
ubottuJJSmith260: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)03:33
rvnin the gnome session thing, i set xfdesktop to start - it doesn't.03:33
glitsj16ariqs: /etc/security/limits.conf might have a way of setting it to unlimited, not sure03:33
rvnif i run it manually it works03:33
ariqsglitsj16, thanks. I'll look into what I can do with that. It does look promising03:34
oscurochuglitsj16: I have enabled cube reflection and deformation and i still see a cube.03:34
FlannelJJSmith260: You'll need to paste that to pastebin, and then give us the link.03:34
JJSmith260I think that's the link03:34
glitsj16oscurochu: set the prefs of that plugin to sphere (deformation, last tab i believe)03:35
FlannelJJSmith260: it is.  And yes, it appears that you've deleted your windows03:35
JJSmith260Do you know if there's any way I can recover the lost files?03:35
oscurochuglitsj16: I have. Why is your text showing up in a different tab and it doesn't allow me to type into it without a command? I don't understand what is going on./03:35
FlannelJJSmith260: Unfortunately no, there really isn't.03:36
JJSmith260Oh. Well I figured as much. Just wanted to make sure though.03:36
Iceman_B^Ltopbdenning: Im using the server edition and I installed samba when I installed the system, I manage to create a working share though its slow. THing is, I want to create a "seperate" part of my drive and use(mount?) that as a Samba share03:36
glitsj16oscurochu: me neither, besides highlighting when i put your name into a reply line i don't do voodoo :)03:37
Iceman_B^Ltopand then within that share, define more users and set quotas03:37
PerryArmstrongwhen i run sudo apt-get update i get this error E: Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.03:37
FlannelPerryArmstrong: pastebin the output of that command.03:37
vocxJJSmith260, yes you can recover lost files, but it is not for everyone, you need to use software that reads the disk for pieces and put them together.03:37
JJSmith260What software?03:38
glitsj16oscurochu: you might have "only deform on mouse rotate" box checked in the deformation tab perhaps ?03:38
PerryArmstrongFlannel; http://paste.ubuntu.com/144561/03:38
oscurochuglitsj16: Im using chatzilla, and its a tab labeled "freenode" (without the quotes). Anyway, I have  "desktop cube", "rotate cube " and "cube reflection and deformation" turned on and it isnt working when i press control+alt+left-click. i see a cube, not a sphere.03:39
PerryArmstrongFlannel; alternately just check this video problem at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=7015500#post701550003:39
FlannelPerryArmstrong: That's likely a temporary error due ot network issues or whatnot.  It'll only affect -backports03:39
Pyles17My wireless doesn't work. lshw -C network says the card is "unclaimed". But the driver comes with Ubuntu. I don't know what to do03:39
oscurochuglitsj16: I've tried changing that with no luck.03:40
Pyles17p.s. it's an intel 3945 card03:40
PerryArmstrongFlannel; but then i am not able to do the update03:40
vocxJJSmith260, I really don't know more. You'll have to search for yourself. When you delete a file it is not actually erased, only made unaccessible for the operating system, so the magnetized sectors remain and it is possible to recover that information unless the formating of the disk completely overwrites everything.03:40
JJSmith260vocx; what software can I use to recover the pieces of data?03:40
Level15hi. I am trying to set up a private encrypted dir using ecryptfs-setup-private from ecryptfs-utils. however, when it prompts for my password and I enter it, it says it is incorrect, though I am pretty sure I am typing it correctly. Any clues?03:40
JJSmith260thanks for the info03:40
PerryArmstrongFlannel; alternately just check this video problem at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=7015500#post701550003:40
eseven73Level15, have you tried truecrypt?03:40
big_chillcan someone help me with uneetbootin- my cd doesnt work. i run unetbootin and asks me where to install the files- it has 2 opetions usb and HD, i want HD ,where in HD should i install?03:40
FlannelPerryArmstrong: The update problems wouldn't affect/cause those errors.03:41
oscurochuglitsj16: Any other ideas?03:41
PerryArmstrongFlannel; no but ubuntu is running in low graphics mode and it asks me to update drivers03:42
Level15eseven73: no, I am using luks for full HD encryption, but I need an extra layer of security for certain files so that they are encrypted even if the computer is on.03:42
glitsj16oscurochu: i see, not familiar with chatzilla ... as for the sphere topic: try websearching for exact settings, compiz has so many i can't get my head around it (or ask in #compiz-fusion)03:42
oscurochuglitsj16: I'03:42
Pyles17My intel 3945 wireless card doesn't work. lshw -C network says the card is "unclaimed". But the driver comes with Ubuntu, and the card works in windows I don't know what to do.03:42
lewenchI installed fluxbox (sudo apt-get install fluxbox) but when I log onto ubuntu choosing "session" "fluxbox" its not activating that window manager. Im I doing something wrong?03:42
oscurochuglitsj16: I've tried searching with no luck. Didn't mean to send the last message. I'll try the other channel.03:42
=== maha is now known as jedimindtricks
watlewench reinstall it03:43
jdulewench, interesting,  what happens when you choose fluxbox?03:43
eseven73Level15, ok, well truecrypt is very nice even has a GUI, it encrypts just about everything really easily03:43
jdulewench, goes to gnome still?03:43
watim in windows so i dont know :)03:43
lewenchjdu, yes03:43
jdulewench, you can add a file .xsession in your home directory03:43
jdulewench, in it you can put fluxbox03:44
glitsj16oscurochu: probably some interfering setting in compiz, goodluck03:44
jdulewench, and then select xclient script instead03:44
GobbyWhat exactly is compiz?03:44
Level15so, noone here using ecryptfs?03:44
PerryArmstrongFlannel; hit upon something??03:44
Burntresistori need some help installing lives video editor the error im getting in the make pocess is WARNING:  po/Makefile.in.in seems to ignore the --datarootdir setting03:44
Burntresistor     can i ignore it03:44
glitsj16!compiz Gobby03:44
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about compiz Gobby03:44
space_cadetLavaHot, make space..03:44
vocxLevel15, being honest I don't think many people have the need to encrypt their files03:44
eseven73!wm | Gobby03:45
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about wm03:45
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz-fusion03:45
lewenchjdu, So I create a file named .xsession, and in there I put fluxbox. But im lost with the xclient script.03:45
Level15vocx: i think many people have that need... they just don't ;-)03:46
big_chillanyone familiar with unetbotin?03:46
Level15i mean, don't encrypt them03:46
jdulewench, in the login screen, you can select xclient script03:46
jdulewench, it will run .xsession03:46
lewenchoh ok03:46
jdu.xsession does not have to be executable though03:47
vocxLevel15, what do you need to encrypt then? Military blueprints? Stock tips? Math homework?03:47
eseven73lmao 'math homework'03:47
Level15vocx: scientific papers...03:48
neptunepinkvocx: Your personal financial data03:48
Level15vocx: which I happen to be writing as part of my PhD03:48
vocxLevel15, I see, you don't want nobodie stealing your research... I should probably try stealing someone else's PhD dissertation...03:49
louisthey guys. I'm on 9.04 ... does anybody know where thunderbird stores its mail?03:49
meoblast001i try to send files from my phone over bluetooth and get "Invalid FTP requested"03:49
GobbyIs it possible for me to change my login screen window picture? So it is a different theme, I do not want a standard one i want one of a picture I choose.03:50
johniLevel15, search should be conducted in an open source manner ... closed source research is like closed source software03:50
Level15vocx: going a little off topic here, but yeah, it is better to publish first03:50
Level15johni: it should, but it does not...03:51
ljsoftnethey guys how do u update virtualbox graphics adapter to run roseonline?03:51
Pyles17My intel 3945 wireless card doesn't work. lshw -C network says the card is "unclaimed". But the driver comes with Ubuntu, and wireless works in Windows. I don't know what to do.03:51
vocxGobby, arg, there is a bunch of complications trying to create your own theme, but you can read about it on the gnome page. There are plenty of user created themes too.03:52
usr13louist: thunderbird/xxxxx.default/Mail/03:52
johniLevel15, I am doing my thesis right now and I licensed it under Creative Commons, so it is doable03:52
usr13louist: .thunderbird/xxxxx.default/Mail/03:52
Gobbyvocx: Thank you very much.03:52
Frijoliehow do you tell which groups a user is a member of?03:52
usr13Pyles17: wiconfig03:52
Level15johni: I'm pretty sure my supervisor would love I do that :-D03:52
louistusr13:  thanks!  I was looking in /  ... which is dumb, in retrospect03:52
FrijolieSystem > Administration > Users & Groups doesn't say anything only the "main group"03:53
louistusr13:  i mean /home... lol03:53
usr13louist: Well, yes it IS in /home/user/.thunderbird/....03:53
vocxLevel15, johni yeah, some people are more open when dealing with research. I wouldn't mind divulging all my knowledge around my students.03:53
vocxGobby, there is this page called "gnome-looks" I believe.03:54
louistusr13... oh. wait.  aack I got myself confused... i was looking in /03:54
vocx!themes | Gobby03:54
ubottuGobby: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy03:54
johniLevel15, I had the same problem with the supervisor but I did overcome it; a good argument is that you will not waste time encrypting what you do ...03:54
Pyles17usr13: care to elaborate?03:54
louistwhich was wrong lol03:54
louistusr13:  but i got it! thanks!03:54
jdulewench, did it work?03:54
Level15vocx johni: yrah, he is pretty... paranoid about it03:54
usr13Pyles17: in a terminal window type:  /sbin/iwconfig03:54
Gobbyvocx: Thank you once again, hopefully I can successfully make my own theme, with out screwing up my system.03:55
SmegzorI just tried installing the beta of 9.04 and it failed to create the grub folder.  How do I fix it?  I'm running grub from the live cd to attempt to fix it, but it keeps saying it can't mount any partitions.03:55
Joikuswhy do I get the Unlock Keyring popup everytime I boot, whats it for and how do I get rid of it?03:55
mike12hey at school they just hired a guy that blocks all of the gaming sites. is their anyway i can mess with him and or unblock the gaming sites03:56
Pyles17usr13: that outputs lo, eth0, and pan0, all with "no wireless extensions". I know from the few times it did work that it should be wlan003:56
johnivocx, knowledge is so transient ... why not overcome this problem by constantly bettering yourself; hiding stuff is not a good strategy for the long run03:56
dmanmike12: wrong place. try somewhere else.03:56
vocxGobby, best bet is to download one theme, and try to get the feeling of it. Then make small changes. Reading the specs helps in this case. Elemental changes like picking a different picture my be more than enough.03:56
cE_sExXihai all....?//03:56
usr13Pyles17: It must  have quit working..  What card is it/03:56
Jay555so im installing ubuntu and im on windows right now, i put the cd in, and then there are umenu.exe and wubi.exe03:56
mike12dman o ok03:57
vocxjohni, that's a good argument.03:57
FlannelJay555: How do you want to install Ubuntu?03:57
Jay555i want to make a seperate partition03:57
Jay555to dual boot windows and ubuntu03:57
FlannelJay555: Alright.  Then what you need to do is reboot (and boot to the CD)03:57
Pyles17usr13: intel 3945 abg. it worked sporadically for a few days and then quit. it still works in windows though03:57
Flannel!dualboot | Jay55503:57
ubottuJay555: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot03:57
usr13Pyles17: What does  lspci   say about it?03:57
Gobbyvocx; Alright, I'll try that. I am actually trying to re-create a computer theme from the fictional show ¨24¨.03:57
Huufartedgooooood evening all.03:58
Jay555flannel: ok but should i use wubi.exe beacuse that seems to be a good choice03:58
ariqsmy program is terminating because of bad_alloc. It's going heavily into swap before it does it, but it runs out of memory way before it runs out of swap so I think it's a limitation set by the OS. I was told that limits.conf might have sometihng to do with it, but I'm not knowledgeable enough to edit it without some guidance. I see a max resident set size of 1 gig, but I don't see how that would be the limiting factor since that doesn't keep it from expand03:58
ariqsing in virtual memory, right?03:58
FlannelJay555: wubi won't put Ubuntu on a separate partition03:58
johniLevel15, paranoid about what? what is the worst thing that could happen?03:58
usr13Pyles17: lspci |grep etwork03:58
Jay555flannel: but it says installation size XX GB03:58
vocxGobby, you mean, all the windows decorators, icons, and login screen and stuff. That should be interesting.03:58
Jay555i mean i don't care if its on a seperate partition or not, just as long as it is not like a vm through windows03:59
space_cadetguys.. i have an IMA and an img.. both of which are floppy images.03:59
space_cadethow do i write an IMG to a usb disk?03:59
Gobbyvocx: Well , perhaps. If i don´t screw up. It is probably going to be a daunting task.03:59
space_cadet^^ extract a floppy image to a usb disk??03:59
tim_hi guys can anybody help me setup the vpn client?03:59
jduspace_cadet, you can use the livecd03:59
Level15$$$... he gets moneys for research grants... he has to show results... results in research mean you publichs before anyone else... so you don't want anyone snooping on your files. And since par of the job is done on lab shared machines, well, you see where I am going03:59
Pyles1703:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG [Golan] Network Connection (rev 02)04:00
usr13Pyles17: lsmod |grep ipw04:00
Gobbyvocx: I cannot seem to even open the site www.gnome-look.org. Maybe, It's down?04:00
vocxGobby, I think that if you screw up it defaults to another working theme, or at least parts (icon for example) that didn't work.04:00
tim_hi guys can anybody help me setup the vpn client?04:00
HuufartedGobby: I think it is04:00
space_cadetjdu, that's not what I am asking.04:00
Pyles17usr13: that didn't do anything. the driver should be iwlwifi though04:01
Gobbyvocx; Sweet! and I will just look at the other sites :)04:01
jduspace_cadet, what type of image do you have/04:01
space_cadetjdu, how can I extract an image of a floppy... IMG    onto a usb disk04:01
vocxariqs, do you have a test case? Post the sourcecode on the programming Talk subforum of ubuntuforums.org, or discuss it with somebody in ##c for instance.04:01
usr13Pyles17: lsmod |grep iwl04:01
space_cadetjdu, and make it bootable04:01
jduspace_cadet, hmm04:01
space_cadetjdu, it's a win98 boot disk04:01
Pyles17usr13: nothing again04:01
usr13Pyles17: lsmod |grep wif04:01
jduspace_cadet, with dd?04:01
Huufartedspace_cadet: if you ask me, that's pointless because a Win98 boot disk is 100% worthless.  Use a DSL image or something.  DSL = Damn Small Linux04:02
Pyles17usr13: negative04:02
ariqsvocx: are you suggesting that the OS doesn't have a hard limit i"m hitting?04:02
usr13Pyles17: lsmod04:02
space_cadetHuufarted, no it's not.04:02
space_cadetand again, that's not what I am asking04:02
usr13Pyles17: Is it a pci card?04:02
ljsoftnethey guys how do u update virtualbox graphics adapter to run roseonline?04:02
jduspace_cadet, i'm not sure about that, what do you need it for?04:02
usr13Pyles17: A desktop PC?04:02
Pyles17usr13: laptop04:02
space_cadetto make a usb flash disk a 98 boot disk.04:02
jdujdu, obviously04:03
usr13Pyles17: A pcmcia card?04:03
Gobbyvocx: If i download a theme. Can i simply change the background picture?04:03
vocxariqs, I think I remember something along the lines, but I'm not sure. If you post the code to other programmers they may tell you in a minute what's wrong.04:03
usr13Pyles17: or built in?04:03
Huufartedspace_cadet: what purpose would a 98 boot disk serve?  No NTFS support, no Ext2/3 support, etc.04:03
Pyles17usr13: built in04:03
space_cadetHuufarted, not needed.04:03
usr13Pyles17: Is there a keyboard sequence to toggle it on and off?04:03
vocxGobby, probably yes, as long as it is the same resolution and has the same name.04:03
Huufartedspace_cadet: then you're asking in the wrong channel as this is the support channel for Ubuntu04:03
space_cadetHuufarted, no04:04
Huufartedspace_cadet: yes04:04
space_cadetHuufarted, if you were to read my question.04:04
ariqsvocx: it's not an issue of a memory leak or anything. I'm dealing with a lot of data. The data simply isn't "fitting"04:04
space_cadetHuufarted, you would understand the problem04:04
_mnemonic76There is nothing listed in the Applications menu on my 8.04 desktop, however the Places and System menus are ok... how can I fix this?04:04
usr13Pyles17: Or just some button you push to turn it on?04:04
Gobbyvocx: Awesome, thanks for all your help. It will be sweet if i get the right setup i want :)04:04
Pyles17usr13: yes, and it's on. i just turned it off to see if it would work04:04
ariqswhich is why, if anything, it's an OS question :)04:04
space_cadetHuufarted, so please stop flaming me04:04
Pyles17usr13: it's a keyboard sequence04:04
Huufartedspace_cadet: I understand the question.  You want to take a .ima/img floppy image and make it bootable on a USB device and that is off topic in relation to Ubuntu.04:04
ariqsif I can't fix it by changing a limit, I'll have to get messy and write to files04:04
space_cadetHuufarted, really.04:05
Jay555Is there any reason that i should actually install Ubuntu? Or just run it off the cd???04:05
usr13Pyles17: So  you just toggeled it off and back on again just now?04:05
space_cadetHuufarted, because I thought i wanted to do this from within linux04:05
space_cadetHuufarted, now that changes everything.04:05
dmanJay555: It is a lot faster installed? Easy persistent data?04:05
space_cadetHuufarted, so please, stop flaming04:05
durtJay555, It'll be faster off an HD04:05
Huufartedspace_cadet: changes nothing.  That is off topic.  Please ask that in #ubuntu-offtopic04:05
space_cadetHuufarted, no it's not.04:05
usr13Pyles17: Try the keyboard sequence, wait a few seconds and do iwconfig again.04:06
Jay555well im having a world of problems with installing so... the other option looks good,04:06
omniterhello. does anyone know why my monitor's refresh rate is limited to 50?04:06
omniterin windows i had up to 8504:06
HuufartedJay555: what problems are you having?04:06
space_cadetHuufarted, the point is, it does not matter what I want to do with the disk... the point is I want to extract an IMA to a usb drive from within linux04:06
durtJay555, Try the alternate install Cd.04:06
vocxariqs, you may think that your code is right but then you may be forgetting something. Seriously, post the code.04:06
usr13Pyles17: May even need to do   sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart04:06
Pyles17usr13: toggled it off in case it was backwards :-) just turned it on again04:06
space_cadetHuufarted, so please again, stop flaming04:06
jduspace_cadet, created channel called #bootdisk04:06
Huufartedspace_cadet: That is not an #ubuntu question, just ask asking questions about Compiz and usage for it are off topic04:06
smacfarl_so if I have an intel Q9550 which iso build do i use?04:06
Jay555well when i get to step 3 of installation and i choose "guided - use largest continuous free space" after shrinking my vista volume04:07
space_cadetHuufarted, so asking how to extract an IMG file to a usb disk in ubuntu is not ubuntu related?04:07
Jay555it says in the preview that after ubuntu will be 100%04:07
ariqsvocx: I know it's not the code, persay, as it works fine when I use less data. The fact is, the data isn't fitting due to some limitation. Either OS or something inherent in the compiler04:07
dreamycan anyone help me with this error : "no monitor supporting ddc/ci available "  ( This was when i wanted to run gddccontrol)04:07
usr13Pyles17: Ok, well have someone else pick up on this, sleep time is here (for me).04:07
HuufartedJay555: are you sure it's not just saying 100% of the free space instead of 100% of ALL of the space?04:07
smacfarl_in other words why os there only an amd64 build and not an intel 64 build. Probaly a stupid question but i'm asking anyway04:07
dreamyi just want to inscrease brigthnesss04:08
Jay555Huufarted: idk, but i don't want to take the chance!04:08
Huufartedsmacfarl_: There is no Intel64.  AMD owns the 64 bit architecture, even on Intel chips04:08
johnismacfarl_, google will definitely answer that question for you04:08
mattgyver83When i view a folder on my network (which I have co-owner privelages for) I cannot add new folders through nautilus however I may copy/move files over.  Anybody know why?04:08
delfickhi, does anyone know how to cap the memory usage of a program ? so if it reaches a certain limit it is automatically killed before the computer has to be hard reset (again :p) ?? :)04:08
HuufartedJay555: I see what you mean.  Jay555 you may want to burn a gparted live CD to adjust the partitions if you don't want to take that chance.04:08
rfsalderHello all! I'm looking for some help setting up ubuntu repositories using apt-move and apt-mirror. Is this the right forum to ask?04:08
smacfarl_Huufarted: so I want to download the amd64 build then for my new quad core machine?04:09
Pyles17usr13: thanks04:09
Huufartedsmacfarl_: if you want to run 64 bit, that is correct04:09
Huufartedsmacfarl_: Just ask Intel owns the x86 architecture, AMD owns the 64 bit half of that.04:09
vocxariqs, from experience, I've seen memory leaks, where one process takes absolutely all my free space and swap. So that's all I can say. But my memory is 2.5 GB total. Perhaps, as you say, the limit is larger than that.04:10
Huufartedsmacfarl_: and if you want to use more than 3.75 GB of RAM, then I'd recommend 64-bit.04:10
btw0rmrfsalder: it's a community not a forum lol04:10
meoblast0016 hours down the drain04:10
meoblast001has anyone here ever sent files to or from a phone with Ubuntu using bluetooth?04:10
rfsalderI'm new to this - be gentle :)04:10
meoblast001i'm desperate04:10
Huufartedrfsalder: good question if it is or not.  It won't hurt to ask, but you can also try http://ubuntuforums.org for potential help as well.04:11
smacfarl_huufarted: What do you recommend for updating firm of devices that use "windows only" firm ware updaters.04:11
mattgyver83meoblast001, i have04:11
meoblast001mattgyver83: how do you do it?04:11
meoblast001mattgyver83: i get OBEX errors04:11
mattgyver83meo, what program are you using?04:11
Huufartedsmacfarl_: that's going to be dependant on the individual hardware.04:11
mattgyver83(im firing up my laptop i do it with)04:11
tim_is there anyway that I could get some help on setting up a vpn client please04:11
hazardAnyone happen to have any suggestions for installing to a PS3 without a CD? I thought I saw a link yesterday about doing it from USB, but I can't find it now.04:11
Jay555huufarted: "you may want to burn a gparted live CD" whatd u mean by that?04:11
meoblast001mattgyver83: obex04:11
meoblast001mattgyver83: using blueman04:12
mattgyver83Jay555, google Gparted Live CD' you can just burn the ISO to disc and run it at boot04:12
HuufartedJay555: gparted is a program similar to Partition Magic in Windows.  It allows you to resize and move partitions and does an incredible job of it.04:12
smacfarl_huufarted: case in point OCZ SSD drives. Need to update the firmware before I align the partition.04:12
tim_is there anyway that I could get some help on setting up a vpn client please04:12
vocxsmacfarl_, the names intel x86 or amd64 are just a convention. Basically AMD extended the intel architecture to 64 bit first, so they got the name first.04:12
Jay555how do i edit my BIOS, like when do i get to the step to change it04:13
mattgyver83meo, i think i still have a link for the guide i used, let me check that for you04:13
Pyles17does anyone know why an intel 3945 wireless card, which works in windows and the driver comes with Ubuntu install, wouldn't work? lshw -C network says "network UNCLAIMED"04:13
ariqsvocx: I only have 1 gig of real physical memory, however, I increased my swap to 3 gigs, and I get bad_alloc at around 2.5gigs total04:13
HuufartedJay555: it runs on a live CD, just like the Ubuntu installation CDs.  It gives you a very good graphical representation of what it's going to do BEFORE it actually does it so you will know for sure what will be moved, resized, or removed before it's written to disk.04:13
Huufartedsmacfarl_: I'm sorry but I'm not going to obe much help with updating the firmware.  :(  I apologize.04:13
onatshas anyone here used opengeu/geubuntu?04:13
Jay555huufarted: o ok sounds good.04:13
tim_i guess there is no help in this chat room04:13
durttim_,  try ##networking04:14
tim_tried that no help04:14
mattgyver83meo, bear with me i got a bunch of things going on @ once04:14
smacfarl_New question for the group. I've got an OCZ SSD SATA device. I need to burn the new firmware. They only provide a windows app to do it. What kind of environment can I run that from so that i can do it before my Ubuntu install onto the device?04:14
d_1nev1tab1etim_: you will need to be more specific with your request04:14
btw0rmtim_: what do you want the vpn for?04:14
JoesephI've just installed Ubuntu on a another machine of mine...   It boots up, and I login, and then it just sits.... any ideas?04:15
smacfarl_huufarted: no problem. Just glad you are here.04:15
tim_well im looking to login to my server 2003 with vpn04:15
axscodehi.. how to install php pear db on ubuntu using apt?04:15
tim_how hard is it to help somebody setup vpn client for openvpn?04:15
=== ajamison5579 is now known as ajamison|sleep
vocxariqs, how are you storing the data?04:16
btw0rmtim_: what's your 03 server running?04:16
tim_windows application04:16
JoesephSo I just installed Ubuntu onto a second machine of mine.   I boot up, I log in, and then it stays on a brown screen.... I can move my mouse....  but nothing else happens.04:16
ariqsvocx: varies. arrays, vectors, maps04:16
Huufartedtim_: You need to specify the type of VPN, etc.  SSL?  Watchguard Mobile VPN?  Cisco VPN?  What?04:16
tim_I just said vpn client for openvpn04:16
lstarnesaxscode: sudo apt-get install php-pear04:16
axscodelstarnes: still im having error with pear DB04:17
lstarnesaxscode: pastebin the error04:17
vocxJoeseph, what Ubuntu version, what video card?04:17
axscodegot it wait04:18
Joesephvocx:  Intrepid Ibex, and I'm not sure what video card.... but from my knowledge that doesn't seem like the problem.04:18
axscodelstarnes: http://pastebin.com/mbbcd71004:18
ariqsI've already rewritten the program to dump chunks of the data to files/reload it, but it'd be a ton more efficient if i could just fit it all without bad_alloc )04:19
vocxJoeseph, as a matter of fact "a brown screen but nothing happens" is exactly a bug, that may be caused by video drivers04:19
Joesephvocx: Oh, okay...   I'll search for the solution....  It would be nice if you could point me to one also.04:20
axscodelstarnes: http://pastebin.com/m2ed2a08d04:20
Sagaciis ubuntu 9.04 looking good on the whole?04:20
vocxJoeseph, can you enter into "single user" mode? That is from the grub menu?04:20
axscodethe second paste is for# pear list04:21
axscodeseams DB is not installed04:21
rfsalderI'd like to set up a local ubuntu box with 2 repositories: "primary" and "production". "Primary" would be a mirror of the main ubuntu repositories and I'm comfortable setting that up. I'd like to be able to 'move' approved packages to the "production" repository after I've tested them out. Then, the other ubuntu boxes on my network would update from the "production" repository.04:21
eseven73Sagaci, yes but talk about it in #ubuntu+1 :D04:21
axscodelstarnes:  should be apt-get install php-db04:21
eseven73sudo apt-get install php-db04:21
eseven73everyone forgets sudo04:21
big_chillanyone knows unetbootin - can i use it to boot an alternate cd?04:22
vocxJoeseph, the solution depends of course on the drivers, if that is the case. I could suggest you use "vesa". For that you'need to modify /etc/X11/xorg.conf, etcetera... there could be different things.04:22
Joesephvocx: I'm in the grub menu.   How do you get to the "single user" mode?04:22
rfsalderThis would give me a way to test updates before I deploy them.04:22
mattgyver83meo, are able to make a connection at all?04:22
vocxJoeseph, the single user mode is the recovery option, dunno how it's called04:22
gaurdrodoes anyone know if there is a way to manually set the fanspeed on a gateway laptop with ubuntu 8.10?04:22
axscodelstarnes: DB Error: extension not found <== this is the new error04:22
meoblast001mattgyver83: oh sorry... my irc client didn't highlight...... yes i can make connections04:23
mattgyver83Okay, what device is it?04:23
will_does anyone want 2 join my alien arena clan its called the lords of exeon04:23
meoblast001mattgyver83: Samsung A90004:23
rfsalderIs what I've described doable? Could someone help?04:23
=== qwdqwd is now known as Dreamglider
btw0rmrfsalder: use man04:24
oscurochuglitsj16: are you still here?04:24
Joesephvocx: I'm booting into single user mode now.  From there, hopefully I'll be able to tell what card I am using with lsmod.04:24
tea_ovedosehi, what codecs required to play .asf ?04:24
mattgyver83meo, what error do you receive?04:25
leonardoalthow can i watch dvd ubuntu 8.10?04:25
raghavendrandont ask me pleade04:25
gartralhello all, i have 2 video cards, and two monitors, now, of course, the complication is: one card is an nvidia, the other is some intergrated cheap card, but, i still want duel head, is this possible?04:25
meoblast001mattgyver83: can't find out now.... now obex won't even work04:25
vocxJoeseph, use "lspci" or "lshw" they show more information. Is this an old PC?04:25
meoblast001mattgyver83: i get different errors based on how i try to send the file04:25
rfsalderbtw0rm, You mean 'man apt-move, apt-mirror, etc.' - unfortunately, I'm past that stage. It's why I'm here.04:25
=== Moo is now known as Guest64378
raghavendranu should install codecs/04:25
raghavendraninstall themes in ubuntu04:25
Joesephvocx: No.  It's a fairly recent pc.  It has a pentium 4 proccessor in it.04:26
meoblast001mattgyver83: Operation not supported by backend04:26
Jay555wait so why is it when i select "Guided - use the largest continuous free space" in the partioner during installation that the bar at the top says: after, 100% ubuntu?04:26
space_cadetp4 fairly recent?04:26
lstarnesaxscode: try sudo pear install DB04:26
tea_ovedosehi, can some one plz tell me what codec needed to inorder to play .asf format ?04:26
vocxtea_ovedose, try to open it with the "Movie Player" and hopefully a window will popup telling you to install appropriate codecs.04:26
mattgyver83meoblast001, Are you positive that the phone can send files, or does it only use Bluetooth to make connections to other devices like headsets and such.04:26
raghavendranno for playing dvd04:26
[domon]hi guys, does the 'minimal' cd come in a server version?04:27
meoblast001mattgyver83: 100% possitive04:27
tea_ovedosevocx: nope there's isn't any prompt...04:27
meoblast001mattgyver83: that's what FTP stands for04:27
mattgyver83meoblast001, im using a G1, i can make a connection, however android doesnt currently support file transfers over bluetooth but my Palm Lifedrive did (its a treo -the phone)04:27
axscoderoot@axscode:/etc/init.d# pear install DB04:27
axscodeIgnoring installed package pear/DB04:27
axscodeNothing to install04:27
vocxJoeseph, mmm... the Pentium brand isn't used anymore... so it isn't exactly recent...04:27
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/8.10/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats04:27
meoblast001mattgyver83: i googled online... Windows users seem to have no problem sending and receiving files04:27
Sagaciin kubuntu, is there any way to see what automatically starts up on startup (via a gui)04:28
gartralvocx: im on a celeron "p4" clss proc :P04:28
Joesephvocx: It's a lot more recent than some of the computers I have.04:28
Joesephvocx: anyway.... How can I get to the terminal during a boot-up process?   the single user mode didn't help.04:29
dmanvocx: Actually, I believe they are making Pentium Dual Cores now04:29
Jay555huufarted: so if i download gparted then burn it to the cd, then boot with it, whatll happen??04:29
vocxgartral, well the Celeron brand will always be used for low-end products, so yeah, there are dual core Celerons that are recent04:29
big_chillanyone knows how i can install ubuntu from HD ?04:29
YixilTesiphonI have a 64bit 8.10 install which is stuck in bash04:29
JoesephI'm trying failsafe gnome now.04:29
=== mike is now known as Guest73190
vocxdman, yes, they are called "Core 2 duo"... what I mean is the name Pentium will no longer be used.04:29
YixilTesiphonanybody have any idea why that would be happening?04:30
tea_ovedosevocx: mm.. there's only sound but no video displayed .04:30
vocxJoeseph, mmm... that should give you the terminal... I'm confused.04:30
mattgyver83meoblast001, I dont really have a good answer for you.  If it makes a connection then it should transfer files.  My lifedrive worked as soon as a  I setup obex.04:30
btw0rmtim_: do you have openvpn installed already?04:30
dmanvocx: no, actually called pentium dual core. between core and core2 in performance. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pentium_Dual-Core04:30
meoblast001mattgyver83: Ubuntu hatse me04:30
d_1nev1tab1etea_ovedose: try vlc media player04:30
Joesephvocx: failsafe gnome didn't work.... I'll do 'failsafe terminal' this time.04:30
mattgyver83meoblast, this might be stupid but Im using gnome-obex-server.  Is that what your using?04:31
tea_ovedosed_1nev1tab1e: tried both ...no luck04:31
SR71-Blackbirdhow do I allow only selected IP addresses in apache?04:31
ariqsvocx: "The 2GB memory limit is imposed by the kernel-- 2.4 kernels on 32-bit systems used a 2G/2G virtual memory boundry between kernel memory and process memory. I believe that Windows uses a similar split, but I may be mistaken."04:31
SR71-BlackbirdOrder deny,allow \n Deny from all \n Allow from <IP> doesn't seem to work04:31
mattgyver83Ubuntu hates me too, it wont let my wifi-card tether my phone internet connection ';\04:31
Joesephha! okay.  Now I have a terminal.04:31
lstarnesSR71-Blackbird: try making order, deny, and allow lowercase04:31
vocxariqs, aaah, yes, I believe I read something like that too. That's what I'm talking about.04:32
YixilTesiphonI can't get out of a terminal04:32
SR71-Blackbirdlstarnes, all of them?04:32
YixilTesiphondoing an install and it just gives me "ubuntu@ubuntu:~$"04:32
lstarnesSR71-Blackbird: yes04:32
d_1nev1tab1etea_ovedose: that must be some very tough codec then. So far vlc played everything ive thrown at it for me. The extension .asf usually only defines the multiplexing, not the codec04:33
Xeroncan anyone tell me hwy when i load supertux its animation is super slow motion? also with my zsnes games :(04:33
SR71-Blackbirdlstarnes, still denied04:33
Xeronmy firstperson shooter game works fine tho04:33
vocxXeron, you don't have hardware acceleration?04:33
jduXeron, I found the newest version of supertux to be slow04:33
Xeroni dunno lol i play fps fine tho04:33
Xeronok how do i fix it ?04:33
mattgyver83meoblast001, is gnome-obex-server what your using? (dont know if you caught my earlier post)04:34
SR71-Blackbirdlstarnes,  here's the thing, if I try it's name xx.example.com i get access, but if I use www I don't04:34
meoblast001mattgyver83: i think so04:34
tea_ovedosed_1nev1tab1e: probably it's because I am watching it via stream04:34
jduXeron, perhaps try the supertux wiki04:34
shutterbcQuestion about apt-get... does the following message mean that I should try to *downgrade* my installed java version?04:34
Xeronthanks anyway guys04:34
Joesephvocx: I have a 82845g/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE Chipset Integrated Graphics Device.04:34
shutterbc"sun-java6-jdk: Depends: sun-java6-bin (= 6-06-0ubuntu1) but 6-07-3ubuntu2 is to be installed"04:34
lstarnesSR71-Blackbird: I'm not sure what would be causing that.  Try asking in #apache04:34
mattgyver83meoblast001, do you have an icon in the top-right of the task bar with a triangle with signals coming out of it?04:34
d_1nev1tab1etea_ovedose: what kind of stream?04:35
meoblast001mattgyver83: now i do.... and it still doesnt work04:35
mattgyver83meoblast, okay so were using the same thing (not sure if theres any other version).  Technically if thats up, you can pair the device.  Then your good for a transfer.04:35
mattgyver83If you dont have the icon up you cant.04:35
mattgyver83Is the error on your phone, or on your computer?04:36
vocxJoeseph, is that intel?  Mmm. Check ubuntuforums.org for similar reports on your problem.04:36
Joesephvocx: It is intel.04:36
stevr1ithello anyone can help me to repristinate grub after having reinstaleld ubuntu 8.10 root?04:36
tea_ovedosed_1nev1tab1e: discovery channel lol04:36
SR71-Blackbirdlstarnes, thanks04:36
YixilTesiphonanybody have experience with 64bit installs?04:37
d_1nev1tab1etea_ovedose: so it comes over http?04:37
johniYixilTesiphon, what seems to be the problem?04:37
YixilTesiphonjohni: during install I get stuck ina terminal04:37
d_1nev1tab1etea_ovedose: actually, nvm, it shouldnt matter04:37
n8tuserstevr1it-> what do you mean by reinstalled 8.10 root?04:38
YixilTesiphonno gui loads beyond the ubunto logo and the orange progress bar04:38
YixilTesiphonthen it tells me that there is no guarantee and leaves me with "ubuntu@ubuntu:~$"04:38
=== Moo is now known as Guest18635
jduYixilTesiphon, "no guarantee" ?04:38
stevr1itn8tuser , i have reinstaleld the root of ubuntu 8.10 and of course grub now does not work,. i have only ubuntu on this pc04:38
tea_ovedosed_1nev1tab1e: what other codec I might be missing ... I have medibuntu, win32 ... installed04:38
ArtelusWhat server am i in?04:38
YixilTesiphonjdu: yeah, just legal language about how ubuntu doesn't come with any guarantee04:38
Guest18635hello all, i need help. I have ubuntu 8.10 and i have no sound. Not even system sounds. I would like to know what to do to fix this.04:39
=== Guest18635 is now known as Mr
n8tuserstevr1it-> what do you mean by reinstalled 8.10 root? how did you go about just reinstalling root?04:39
jduYixilTesiphon, what if you run:    sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start04:39
=== Mr is now known as Guest86104
stevr1itbecause with the update it was not working properly04:39
d_1nev1tab1etea_ovedose: i supposed u have ffmpeg?04:39
Guest86104hello all, i need help. I have ubuntu 8.10 and i have no sound. Not even system sounds. I would like to know what to do to fix this.04:39
YixilTesiphonjdu: will try that, thanks04:39
btw0rmArtelus: freenode #ubuntu04:39
jduYixilTesiphon,  or:          xinit -- :104:39
stevr1itSo i have instaleld form cd only the root partition04:40
tea_ovedosed_1nev1tab1e: I might not let check04:40
stevr1itn8tuser, can you help me with grub?04:40
d_1nev1tab1etea_ovedose: check for gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg04:40
Guest86104im running "sudo apt-get install alsa-oss" willtthat do it?04:41
Artelusis irc.ubuntu.com the same as chat.freenode?04:41
jduYixilTesiphon, if the first command works,   it means gdm isn't started on startup04:41
FlannelArtelus: Yes, this is freenode.04:41
Soup_Can_Danholy ballsack there's a lot of people here04:41
ubottuPlease remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.04:41
trichobezoarwhat package has the c man pages?04:41
n8tuserstevr1it-> if this was a new install, you may as well re-install04:41
Soup_Can_Danholy ballsack this is scary04:42
=== ubuntu is now known as m0u5e
vocxtrichobezoar, manpages-dev I think04:42
=== Guest86104 is now known as PCTeacher012
stevr1itn8tuser, i try to be clear, i have updated ubuntu and afeter that everything was working but cups,  so I have installed ubuntu 8.10 but only the root partition leaving the home as it was. i have resiatelled already twice but when grub starts it says: error 204:42
lighttitanwhat is the command to kill all pulse audio?04:42
PCTeacher012I need help04:42
space_cadetlighttitan, killall pulseaudio04:43
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: heh your back, hello again04:43
PCTeacher012this time04:43
Hemebond*grumble*gconf-editor*grumble*windows registry*grumble*04:43
lighttitanspace_cadet: thanks04:43
PCTeacher012i need help xD04:43
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: with?04:43
stevr1itn8tuser, i think grub is looking for a different partition now04:43
space_cadetlighttitan, you might want to throw a sudo at the beginning of that04:43
Mr_OrangeWhere can I get vlc 0.9.9? I think it is supposed to be in the repos, but it's not there for me04:43
stevr1iti need to reconfigure it04:43
PCTeacher012My computer has NO sound now, it is not playing System sounds, Music, or youtube video sounds04:43
PCTeacher012what do i need to do?04:43
space_cadetlighttitan, and you may need to run it a couple of times04:43
PCTeacher012i have tterminal opened as Root04:43
trichobezoarthanks vocx that was it04:44
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: which Ubuntu?04:44
Mr_OrangePCTeacher012: if you are using alsa, try "sudo alsa force-reload"04:44
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: did you ever have sound or did it just crash?04:44
n8tuserstevr1it-> when you re-installed did you try to tell ubuntu to reformat the partition where /  resides? if not, you must, so re-install correctly04:44
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: ok good you didn't get  the other one04:44
vocxstevr1it, you can "update-grub" or optionally reinstall it with "grub-install"04:44
PCTeacher012I had sound when i first installed it04:44
sebsebseb!sound |  PCTeacher01204:44
ubottuPCTeacher012: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP304:44
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: did u try reboot?04:44
stevr1itvocs i try now04:44
PCTeacher012ubottu: I do not see any "File"04:45
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:45
=== Andre_Gondim is now known as Andre_Gondim-afk
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: maybe you should call your self  PC Student, or UbuntuStudent :d04:45
PCTeacher012no, i havnt tried reboot, but it ended before one, after reboot, it still was not working04:45
PCTeacher012i can try again soon04:45
PCTeacher012I am UbuntuStudent xD But PC(Windows)Teacher xD04:45
d_1nev1tab1ewell u can try restarting alsa04:45
vocxstevr1it, those commands take parameters, so you need to read the manual. To reinstall it is something like "sudo grub-install (hd0) --root-directory=/"04:45
jduPCTeacher012, is also running?04:45
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: so your going to learn Ubuntu, and then teach people Ubuntu?04:45
stevr1ityes vocx the problem is that is looking for sda1 and the root now is sdb104:46
jduPCTeacher012, i mean alsa04:46
jduPCTeacher012, I assume obviously that volume is up etc.04:46
tea_ovedosed_1nev1tab1e: yep I do have it installed04:46
stevr1iti try to restart it now. see later , thank you04:47
n8tuserstevr1it-> have you been messing around with your bios?04:47
stevr1itnota t all04:47
d_1nev1tab1etea_ovedose: how about gstreamer0.10-schroedinger04:47
space_cadetjdu, how about trying to kill pulseaudio, or is that unnecessary in 8.1004:47
=== chetnick is now known as dc0m
=== dc0m is now known as chetnick
jduspace_cadet, i'm not sure.  let me look04:48
tea_ovedosed_1nev1tab1e: I afraid not co'z I haven't heard of it lol04:48
tea_ovedosed_1nev1tab1e: how to install that /04:48
shabgardHi ubuntu team04:48
d_1nev1tab1esudo apt-get install gstreamer0.10-schroedinger04:48
space_cadet!hi | shabgard04:49
ubottushabgard: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!04:49
shabgardthanks dear..04:49
HemebondHow do I import a bunch of xml files under .gconf/apps/ back into gconf?04:49
jduPCTeacher012, space_cadet is right.   You might try:  sudo /etc/init.d/pulseaudio restart04:49
sebsebsebshabgard: not quite the team, but the user community yes04:49
sebsebsebshabgard: except for some people in here I expect04:49
shabgardwho can help for me abuat squid and ldap?04:50
* space_cadet always thought he was a team player04:50
sebsebsebshabgard: who are using another distro or whatever.  anyway do you want help with something?04:50
shabgardwho can help for me abuat squid and ldap?04:50
PCTeacher0121A reboot fixed it lol04:51
jduPCTeacher012, good04:51
YixilTesiphonjdu: it's not playing nice with my graphics card I think04:51
jduPCTeacher012, probably pulseaudio died04:51
space_cadetPCTeacher012, now on to figure out what caused it??04:51
shabgardwho can help for me abuat squid and ldap?04:51
sebsebsebPCTeacher0121: maybe you only needed to log out and back in again, not a whole system re boot04:51
YixilTesiphonthe command to start gdm resulted in a bunch of pixels at the top of the screen04:51
jduYixilTesiphon, so X is starting and dying04:51
jduYixilTesiphon, reboot?04:52
YixilTesiphonjdu: it goes back to setup04:52
YixilTesiphonon reboot04:52
shabgardI have a problem at bind "squid " and "ldap"04:52
jduYixilTesiphon, by setup you mean04:52
gartralhello all, i have 2 video cards, and two monitors, now, of course, the complication is: one card is an nvidia, the other is some intergrated cheap card, but, i still want duel head, is this possible?04:52
YixilTesiphonI mean the grub menu04:52
stevr1ithello, grub always gives the same error 204:52
shabgardwho can help for me abuat squid and ldap?04:53
d_1nev1tab1etea_ovedose: did you do sudo apt-get install gstreamer0.10-schroedinger ?04:53
jduYixilTesiphon, and then you it boots ubuntu, graphics fail and you get a command prompt, correct?04:53
Joesephvocx: alright.  there's a launchpad bug about it..... but for now, I'm going to see if Hardy Heron will fix it.04:53
YixilTesiphonjdu: yes04:53
shabgardwho can help for me about squid and ldap?04:53
SwedeHello, I'm going to install a new OS on my netbook. The problem is that my usb flash drive doesn't seem to boot. On the other way I have a desktop computer. And I'm wondering if there is a way in Ubuntu to install an OS on another computer from the dekstop computer (that has Ubuntu as OS)?04:53
jduYixilTesiphon, are you familiar with xorg.conf04:53
sebsebseb!patience |  shabgard04:53
ubottushabgard: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines04:53
vocxJoeseph, Nice!04:54
YixilTesiphonjdu: beyond knowing it exists, now04:54
stevr1itvocx, ho can i install grub looking for sdb1 partition instaed the sda1?04:54
tea_ovedosed_1nev1tab1e: nvm, I already have it installed04:54
sebsebseb!grub | stevr1it:04:54
ubottustevr1it:: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto04:54
shabgardI see04:54
YixilTesiphoner *no04:54
SwedeWell, I think it's called LAN boot or network boot.04:54
jduYixilTesiphon, there are lots of things in there you can define including graphics drivers, resolutions, etc04:54
jduYixilTesiphon, has X worked before?04:54
YixilTesiphonno jdu04:54
stevr1iti don't have windows and i have already tried some solution04:54
jduYixilTesiphon, and it didn't when you were installing?04:54
YixilTesiphonjdu: nope04:55
YixilTesiphonI'm trying installing again in safe graphics04:55
d_1nev1tab1etea_ovedose: sorry, i run out of ideas then04:55
jduYixilTesiphon, and that works?04:55
YixilTesiphonjdu: not sure yet, just started04:55
space_cadetYixilTesiphon, nvidia?04:56
tea_ovedosed_1nev1tab1e: np thanks for helping.. btw, I found that the stream is in the following format ASF video (video/x-ms-asf04:56
jduYixilTesiphon, probably it is a simple matter of changing graphics card drivers04:56
Kanja1Hey, I'm having a problem with getting a variable expanded during a shell script - can someone help me understand what's going wrong?04:56
space_cadetMistress, yes you are on irc.freenode.net04:56
jduYixilTesiphon, what graphics card is it?04:56
YixilTesiphonjdu: looking up04:56
ariqsooh, mistress04:56
* ariqs puts his bottom up for a spanking 04:56
YixilTesiphonjust got the thing today, it's an hp pavilion04:57
space_cadet!ohmy | ariqs04:57
ubottuariqs: Please remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.04:57
MistressI am trying to join opensim chat04:57
shabgardnow...I need help...I have a problem at bind squid and ldap04:57
YixilTesiphonthe graphics card is ATI jdu04:58
HemebondPolitical correctness overload...04:58
jduYixilTesiphon, ok.   try fglrx  as your driver04:58
SwedeAnyone having a manual for network booting a computer without CD?04:58
space_cadetswede hold on.04:58
jduYixilTesiphon, and use  aiglx  as a kernel module rather than glx04:58
Frijoliehow do you add an existing user account to an exsisting group04:58
shabgardactualy..I need help...I have a problem at bind squid and ldap04:58
Swedespace_cadet: Ok, ok.04:58
stevr1itIf i write sudo grub-update form cd it says that i don't have grub04:59
jduYixilTesiphon, probably best to make one change at a time though04:59
rgarciaHi could anybody help me?04:59
space_cadetSwede, what do you want to install?04:59
space_cadetSwede, http://www.lockstockmods.net/2008/04/26/easy-way-to-pxe-boot-windows/04:59
sebsebsebrgarcia: maybe and just ask04:59
Kanja1anyone have any ideas why I'm getting an ambiguous redirect for http://paste.ubuntu.com/144592/04:59
sebsebseb!ask > rgarcia04:59
ubotturgarcia, please see my private message04:59
YixilTesiphonjdu: will try that once I see the results from safe graphics startup...is a long hang on "Starting Ubiquity..." normal?04:59
vocxstevr1it, you need to mount the partition and then run something like "sudo grub-install (hd0) --root-directory=/media/sdb1"04:59
rgarciaright..I'm new on Ubuntu04:59
Swedespace_cadet: Well I want to install either Linpus (original OS) or maybe Sidux on a Acer Aspire One netbook.04:59
space_cadetKanja1, conficker?04:59
Kanja1space_cadet: conficker? The virus? what about it?05:00
jduYixilTesiphon, it might be.   Perhaps there was a release note about that?05:00
sebsebseb!helpme >  rgarcia05:00
ubotturgarcia, please see my private message05:00
space_cadetambiguous redirects.05:00
space_cadetKanja1, ^^05:00
meoblast001space_cadet: good news05:00
shabgardanybody can't help for bind squid and ldap?05:00
sebsebsebrgarcia: ok new to Ubuntu,  and you want help with?05:00
meoblast001space_cadet: i've gotten it to work some of the time05:00
space_cadetmeoblast001, it worked?05:01
Frijoliejust need a simple answer..^^05:01
vocxstevr1it, the (hd0) tells that it will install the first stage in the Master Boot Record of the first disk. Then the next part points to the files in the /boot/grub subdirectory, that is stage 205:01
meoblast001space_cadet: pulled an image off of it and put the ubuntu logo on it05:01
Kanja1space_cadet: I'm not up to date with the news on that one - last I heard it was supposed to go off a day or two ago05:01
rgarciaand i want to connect to a server...05:01
d_1nev1tab1etea_ovedose: .asf is just a container for several multiplexed streams. It is codec independent, and u are facing a codec problem05:01
Sir_Brizzcan anyone tell me how to add resolutions? My monitor won't do EDID and so Ubuntu is maxing me out at 1024x768 which is unbearable.05:01
stevr1itvocx how to mount the sdb1 partition sudo mount  and?05:01
YixilTesiphonand stupid question, where is xorg.conf?05:01
space_cadetKanja1, you running linux?05:01
rgarciaenter in a chat05:01
meoblast001space_cadet: now i'm sending filetofish.mp305:01
sebsebsebrgarcia: what kind of server?05:01
rgarciatorrent leech05:01
rgarcia./server irc.torrentleech.org:701105:01
meoblast001space_cadet: give me back that filet o fish05:01
space_cadetmeoblast001, wtf is filetofish.mp3 ?05:01
Swedespace_cadet: Well, I have a desktop computer with Ubuntu 8.10 on it and I want to install Linpus or Sidux to a Acer Aspire One netbook by network boot.05:01
AussieGuy0.38kb/second, sustained consistently over 1 month, is 1gb, right?05:01
sebsebseb!ot |  rgarcia05:02
ubotturgarcia: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!05:02
Kanja1space_cadet: yeah, of course05:02
Swedespace_cadet: The manual use Windows XP.05:02
space_cadetKanja1, then nvm05:02
meoblast001space_cadet: snap... doesn't support mp3.... you were the one telling me about samsungs right?05:02
vocxstevr1it, "sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /media/DiskB" for instance, provided that /media/DiskB exists05:02
meoblast001space_cadet: need to know what formats the ysupport05:02
d_1nev1tab1etea_ovedose: i dont know how to find out which codec you are trying to play05:02
space_cadetSwede, linux has a tftpd32 daemon just don't know what it's called05:02
Kanja1space_cadet: I'm having a problem with a bash stream redirect, not an http request :)05:02
jduYixilTesiphon, well it just became Sunday, so I ought to go to bed.  fglrx is partially closed source, so it won't be available by default.   Hope it starts working.05:02
meoblast001firefox sucks05:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about tftpd05:03
sebsebsebmeoblast001: Internet Explorer sucks, but Firefox no05:03
shabgardcan anybody help to me about squd and ldap?05:03
Swedespace_cadet: Ok, hm, tftpd32, that doesn't say me nothing.05:03
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about tftp05:03
gartralhello all, i have 2 video cards, and two monitors, now, of course, the complication is: one card is an nvidia, the other is some intergrated cheap card, but, i still want duel head, is this possible?05:03
Kanja1meoblash001: you're stuck on it till chrome comes out05:03
Joelitohi all, is there a distro of ubuntu like debian's netinstall?05:03
meoblast001sebsebseb: well.... firefox is typing backwards right now05:03
Joesephgartal:  I have the exact same question.05:03
kFj_hi. im trying to install lvm2. but when i try to modprobe dm-mod i get this error:  FATAL: Module dm_mod not found.05:03
gartralmeoblast001: try the insert key05:03
space_cadetSwede, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=86373505:04
stealth-!install | Jeolito05:04
ubottuJeolito: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation.  Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - see also !automate05:04
shabgardcan anybody help to me about squid and ldap?05:04
ultratekis anyone famialr with --iscurrentdistro?05:04
meoblast001gartral: didnt work.. i'll have to restart it05:04
sebsebsebshabgard:  you will have to wait05:04
stealth-opps, sorry, Joelito, that above post about !install was for you05:04
meoblast001gartral: i'm copying and pasting out of gedit right now05:04
Swedespace_cadet: Many sites talk about PXE, is that the software that I probably will have to use in some way?05:04
Joelitostealth- yep notice :p05:04
space_cadetSwede, yes.. you have to use pxe to network boot05:05
shabgardyes I 'm waiting...05:05
sebsebsebshabgard: untill someone can help you, or  try something such as http://www.ubuntuforums.org or google  for a solution05:05
gartralmeoblast001: try pidgin's irc..05:05
vocxgartral, hmm, you can have dual head, provided the nvidia card has two VGA out, or one VGA out and one DVI out. I don't really know.05:05
space_cadetSwede, if your hardware supports it.05:05
gartralvocx: its a geforce 2 mx 40005:05
JoesephSo I checked my install cd cause I thought it looked scratched..... It says it's fine, so I go ahead and boot.   but...  IT can't read the disk!      So it was an even longer waste of time in something that was supposed to save time. anger.05:05
stevr1itvocx it says error in syntax (05:05
space_cadetJoeseph, does it have IO errors?05:05
meoblast001space_cadet: this thing should support MP3 right?05:05
Joesephspace_cadet: yes05:06
space_cadetmeoblast001, not for ring tones05:06
vocxstevr1it, try without the parentheses. hd0 not (hd0)05:06
meoblast001space_cadet: oh05:06
space_cadetJoeseph, try burning at 4x or slower05:06
space_cadetmeoblast001, it's sprint05:06
meoblast001space_cadet: i cant get mine to play from the file browser05:06
YixilTesiphonso when I type "sudo ed xorg.conf" in terminal it just says "1053", any idea why that would be?05:06
meoblast001space_cadet: what about QCELP?05:06
space_cadetmeoblast001  hmm... mine plays fine from the file browser, but wont do ringtones05:06
Sir_Brizzcan anyone tell me how to add resolutions? My monitor won't do EDID and so Ubuntu is maxing me out at 1024x768 which is unbearable.05:07
Kanja1ah - figured it out, the variable needed to be quoted05:07
space_cadetmeoblast001, remember what I was telling about 3gpp ?05:07
vocxYixilTesiphon, if you want and editor use "nano" or "vim"05:07
space_cadetmeoblast001, that's what mine uses for ring tones.05:07
=== error404notfoun3 is now known as error404notfound
Joesephspace_cadet: My point was that I ran the "check cd for defects" so It wouldn't crash in the middle of booting......  which it did.05:07
YixilTesiphonah thanks vocx05:07
space_cadetJoeseph, did you burn faster than 4x?05:07
Joesephspace_cadet: This cd was made a while ago... I don't know.05:08
vocxSir_Brizz, what Monitor and what card?05:08
Swedespace_cadet: Well, I don't know if it does. How do I know if the computer can use network boot?05:08
Swedespace_cadet: Or PXE, I mean.05:08
Sir_Brizzit's a 17" generic brand CRT on an nVidia 8800GTs05:08
space_cadetSwede, same deal, enter your bios05:08
space_cadetJoeseph, do you have another blank?05:09
Swedespace_cadet: Ok, I will, thanks.05:09
YixilTesiphonso if xorg.conf contains nothing but things like "Generic Monitor", that means that it hasn't recognized any of my hardware?05:09
meoblast001space_cadet: should i put it in the folder Music/05:10
Joesephspace_cadet: Yeah.... I'm downloading a copy of the iso right now......      I suppose It'll be done 24 minutes.... If firefox is to be believed.05:10
Frijolieok, I need some help with permissions strategies for a ftp user account05:10
stevr1itvocx in medai i have only a directory now called : disk can i mount grub on it?05:10
space_cadetmeoblast001, for music, sure...05:10
vocxSir_Brizz, you can add another resolution in some entry of the /etc/X11/xorg.conf and maybe it is detected correctly, that's what I did with my setup.05:10
space_cadetmeoblast001, for ringtones, you need to have your phone create a dcim folder.05:10
Frijolieor a shared directory where my user account can drop files for a remote user account to be able to access05:10
meoblast001my phone locked up05:11
stevr1itvocx sorry, in /media/ i have only a direcotry called disk, can i mount grub on it?05:11
Sir_Brizzvocx: I'll give it a try, thanks05:11
space_cadetJoeseph, just make sure to burn at =<4x05:11
stevr1iti am on a live cd05:11
meoblast001space_cadet: where in DCIM do i put it?05:11
meoblast001space_cadet: 100SSMED?05:11
gartralhello all, i have 2 video cards, and two monitors, now, of course, the complication is: one card is an nvidia, the other is some intergrated cheap card, but, i still want duel head, is this possible?05:11
Joesephspace_cadet: Will do05:11
meoblast001space_cadet: and the music player can't find the filetofish.mp305:11
vocxstevr1it, you don't "mount grub"  you mount the root directory05:11
JoesephOut of curiosity.... has anyone else been using compiz fuzion and while moving a window around randomly have it disappear?    I did that today and noticed I could still see it if I zoomed out to the desktop cube... but I couldn't grab the window.05:11
space_cadetmeoblast001, meoblast001 yes in that folder, and to be a ringtone, it must follow a specific naming convention.05:12
space_cadetmeoblast001, mine is something like v_000007.3g205:12
meoblast001space_cadet: oh yay... whats that?05:12
vocxJoeseph, found the solution to the video problem?05:12
stevr1itthe cd have mounted the root on /media/ disk and now?05:12
meoblast001space_cadet: what formats are acceptable05:12
space_cadetmeoblast001, take a vid, and see what the filename turns out to be.05:12
d_1nev1tab1eJoeseph: do u have wobbly windows on? I used to get things like that with wobbly windows. compix --replace should get ur window back05:13
Frijolieanyone, anyone?05:13
stevr1itvocx i have folloed your previous instructions sudo grub-install (hd0) --root-directory=/media/sdb1"05:13
stevr1itvocx i have folloed your previous instructions sudo grub-install (hd0) --root-directory=/media/disk05:13
stevr1itand now?05:13
sebsebseb!ask | Frijolie05:13
ubottuFrijolie: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:13
Joesephvocx: not really.   I'm trying to see if it's a problem in Ibex by using Heron.   Of course, however, my install cd was broken so I have to spend time downloading another one.....05:13
amikropIs there an /etc/apt/apt.conf?05:13
Joesephd_1nev1tab1e: Thanks for the advice.05:13
amikropI mean, it isn't there.05:13
vocxstevr1it, then run something like "sudo grub-install hd0 --root-directory=/media/disk"05:13
amikropIs it somewhere, though?05:13
Frijoliesebsebseb, I did05:13
meoblast001space_cadet: ok... got it... how do i make a 3g2 now?05:14
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about apt.conf05:14
sebsebsebFrijolie: ok I missed it, nevermind tehn05:14
stevr1itvocx done and now?05:14
Frijoliesebsebseb, you seem to be a guru, can you help me with permissions problems?05:14
space_cadethttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=874817  meoblast00105:14
Frijoliesebsebseb, problems/strategies05:14
vocxstevr1it, it didn't show any errors? then okay restart05:14
space_cadetmeoblast001, you also should make it a video file with at least a picture in it.05:14
sebsebseb!permissions | Frijolie05:14
Joesephd_1nev1tab1e: That command didn't work for me though....05:14
ubottuFrijolie: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions05:14
space_cadetmeoblast001, that's what a 3g2 is.05:14
stevr1itonly one: it is not a XFS filesystem05:15
meoblast001space_cadet: so how is a 3g2 a rngtone?05:15
vocxJoeseph, do you have the bug report you mentioned05:15
Frijoliesebsebseb, I know what they are and how they can be manipulated but I need some help from a sys admin point-of-view05:15
space_cadetmeoblast001, it's soo much easier in windows, just open with quicktime, add a picture, then export as mp4, bring it to my converter, and bam 3g205:15
stevr1itand tells me to check the /grub/device/map05:15
sebsebsebFrijolie: what are you trying to do?05:15
Frijoliesebsebseb, per se05:15
space_cadetmeoblast001, it's a video ringtone05:15
meoblast001space_cadet: how do i make a non video rington?05:15
stevr1iti try to restart05:15
space_cadetmeoblast001, take a video, and see if you can assign it as a ringtone05:15
meoblast001space_cadet: can i just pop a MID in there?05:15
d_1nev1tab1eJoeseph: its supposed to restart compiz, so if the window still is gone it might not be a compiz problem.05:16
Frijoliesebsebseb, ok, I've recently set up an ftp server which is allowing connections via a user account 'userftp'05:16
space_cadetmeoblast001, maybe, that I haven't tried05:16
space_cadetmeoblast001, but you gotta remember, it'05:16
Frijoliesebsebseb, userftp's primary group is userftp05:16
meoblast001doesnt come up as ringtone05:16
space_cadets sprint   meoblast00105:16
sebsebsebFrijolie: ok  I haven't done my own ftpserver before,  anyway  I guess your issue isn't really distro specific and so you can try this general  channel #linux05:16
Joesephvocx: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/27843105:16
d_1nev1tab1eJoeseph: see if metacity --replace works, it switches compiz off05:16
Joesephd_1nev1tab1e: Alright.... thanks.05:16
Frijoliesebsebseb, uh, ok I guess that's right...05:16
sebsebsebFrijolie: plus people there will probably know what to do with Ubuntu anyway05:17
stevr1itvocx . it tells error 2 again05:17
space_cadetmeoblast001, http://forums.wirelessadvisor.com/samsung/57130-how-upload-ringtones-your-a900-without.html05:17
Frijoliesebsebseb, :( alright05:17
Swedespace_cadet: The Acer boot menu says Network Boot: LEGACY PCI DEVICE, does this mean that it can boot from network or have I misunderstood?05:17
sebsebsebFrijolie: or wait here,  or look at say http://www.ubuntuforums.org and you can Google05:18
Frijoliesebsebseb, all of the above already done05:18
Spence__hey guys, can someone help out with dual monitors; extended desktop?05:18
Spence__how to set it up05:18
space_cadetSwede, yep05:18
space_cadetSwede, if you can choose it, and it attempts something. yes.05:18
d_1nev1tab1eSpence__:  do u have an nvidia graphics card?05:18
Spence__yess i do05:18
space_cadetSwede, mind you, my experience with PXE was from windows, to windows.05:19
vocxstevr1it, maybe it cannot boot from the second disk, you need to install it in sda1. I'm still unsure of your setup. You should explain how many disks you have, are they IDE or SATA, what OSes they have, etc.05:19
d_1nev1tab1eSpence__:  enable the propietary drivers and use the nvidia config tool05:19
Nephilusaren't kde and gnome, xubuntu etc. called window managers?05:19
sebsebsebNephilus: KDE and Gnome are desktop environments and XFCE is a window manager05:19
Spence__oh  yeah, i forgot to mention, i'm new to Ubuntu, so idk how to do much05:19
stevr1itvocx i ahve 4 hardisks, and only one sata with controller,  it occupied sda1 and the root is on sdb105:20
space_cadetxubuntu isn't a window manager05:20
Nephilusthanks for the help05:20
lstarnesNephilus: kde, xfce, and gnome are desktop environments05:20
space_cadetxubuntu is a flavour of ubuntu05:20
stevr1itsdb2 is home05:20
Swedespace_cadet: I was somewhat confused about the LEGACY DEVICE text, but I think it will work. I have to try it out.05:20
stevr1itsdb3 is swap05:20
d_1nev1tab1eSpence__:  sorry, i am bit tired and lazy to be more specific. One sec...05:20
sebsebsebNephilus: if it's just a GUI it's a WM, if it's a GUI and apps it's a DE05:20
space_cadetSwede, legacy device means really old hardware.05:20
stevr1itthe 3 partions are on one hardisk,05:20
stevr1itvocx, sdb is hosting sdb1 root, sdb2 home sdb3 swap05:21
d_1nev1tab1eSpence__: go to system->administration ->hardware drivers05:21
d_1nev1tab1eSpence__: make sure your recommended nvidia drivers are enabled05:22
stevr1itvocx, sda1 is a sata with controller, sda5 is another hardisk05:22
showersI downloaded kate and maybe kde and konqueror to ubuntu 810 but the application fonts (menus and stuff) are really small. Is there a way to fix that.05:22
vocxstevr1it, and sda, sdc, sdd, are for files? Try unplugging them and installing with only sdb plugged in.05:22
Spence__my old computer has nvidia05:22
kFj_what does this mean: FATAL: Module dm_mod not found.05:23
kFj_i get it when trying to modprobe dm-mod05:23
Spence__this one has ATI/AMD proprietary FGKRX graohics driver05:23
kFj_i have installed the lvm2 package05:23
space_cadetsaw that coming05:23
meoblast001space_cadet: got it to play05:23
aadityaI upgraded my RAM from 3GB to 4GB and BIOS confirmed the same, but Ubuntu didn't notice the 4th Gigabyte. Why would that happen?05:23
gartralif at some point, i upgrade my gfx card, would i first disable the drivers installed to before swapping the card?05:23
space_cadetmeoblast001, how.05:23
stevr1itvocx, really difficult to find wich one is which, any other solution?05:23
[MindVirus]Hey. Can anyone suggest some good ID3 tagging software?05:23
Swedespace_cadet: Ok, I will try booting from my desktop computer onto my netbook. I think it will work.05:23
space_cadetSwede, k05:24
aaditya[MindVirus]: Picard from MusicBrainz...05:24
space_cadetcaptain ?05:24
mattgyver83Can you create a symlink to a network folder?05:24
stevr1itvocx the os is only on sbd1 and is ubutnu 8.10 all are in ext 305:24
[MindVirus]aaditya, I'll check it out.05:24
meoblast001space_cadet: stuck it in the MEDIA folder..... wont be a ringtone though05:24
psykusanyone know why the window list in gnome always shows windows from every workspace even though I told it not to?05:25
space_cadetmy teacher's name is william reichert05:25
vocxstevr1it, well, go into the BIOS and disable all of them except the second one, where ubuntu is in. Then install grub but with hd1 instead of hd005:25
d_1nev1tab1eSpence__:  sorry i am not familiar with ati, but u could try using the gnome tool which is in system->preferences -> Screen Resolution05:25
psykusnevermind. i turned it off and back on and it worked :<05:25
gartralif at some point, i upgrade my gfx card, would i first disable the drivers installed to before swapping the card?05:25
psykusi'm so awesome05:25
[MindVirus]aaditya, is it Qt?05:25
=== Commie_Cary is now known as Lenin_Cat
shabgardHi dear05:26
space_cadetgartral, it would be advised, with any system to do that...05:26
aaditya[MindVirus]:  it's written in python, so possibly yes05:26
stevr1iti try05:26
vocxstevr1it, why do you find it difficult? Are they in a rack or something? Are the cables all messed up?05:26
Spence__yeah, i tried that, it does clone and the second screen is all whack=/05:26
aaditya[MindVirus]: it's more than a tagger - it can fetch tag info from internet automagically05:26
shabgardi am check ldap port with nmap but port 389 closed...why?05:27
d_1nev1tab1eSpence__: are trying to create a twinview (desktop span) or clone?05:27
stevr1itvocx no, but i dont' remeber which is the sbd and there is little room to work05:27
aadityaThe 4th GB isn't showing up in Ubuntu.. help!!05:27
aadityaaaditya@u01:~$ cat /proc/meminfo05:27
aadityaMemTotal:      3102832 kB05:27
logosAre there any advantages or disadvantages to running ubuntu server instead of just debian?05:27
Spence__desktop span05:28
stevr1itvocx the bios does not allow me to disable them05:28
stevr1iti try unplugging them.05:28
Spence__i just changed my resolution and now its all whack and it wont let me change it back :'(05:28
Spence__what do i do?05:28
* error404notfound upgrades his lappy to jaunty jackalope, planning to spam #ubuntu with jaunty questions.05:28
gartralhow do i unzip something from terminal?05:28
[domon]gartral: unzip05:28
vocxerror404notfound, if you spam here with jaunty questions == ban for you05:29
d_1nev1tab1eSpence__:  ehm ur best bet is to restart x server, log out press ctrl alt backspace and log back in05:29
error404notfoundvocx: who was serious? chill out.05:29
* error404notfound raises white flag... that was a joke..05:29
gartrald_1nev1tab1e: ctrl+alt+BS does that all automaitically05:30
d_1nev1tab1egartral: yes but just trying to make sure he doenst have anything open that might be lost05:30
TheFunkbombI have a lazy question.  I have a windows computer downstairs.  I run Ubuntu upstairs.  I would like to be able to remotely view the Windows Desktop to troubleshoot dumb users05:31
Spence_ty, that workd05:31
TheFunkbombCan anyone help me in my quest to be lazy?05:31
sebsebseb!vnc |  TheFunkbomb05:31
ubottuTheFunkbomb: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX05:31
d_1nev1tab1eSpence_:  do u have dualscreen now?05:31
TheFunkbombthanks sebsebseb and ubottu!05:32
Spence_yes i do, but resolution is messed up on the second screen and it's clone05:32
sebsebseb!bot |  Thefunkbomb05:32
ubottuThefunkbomb: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots05:32
vocx!thanks | TheFunkbomb05:32
ubottuTheFunkbomb: You're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)05:32
d_1nev1tab1eSpence_:  make sure u have unticked mirror screens on the Screen resolution settings05:32
TheFunkbombI know ubottu is a bot.  It still deserves a thank you05:32
sebsebsebvocx: yeah that's what I wanted to do05:32
Spence_yeah, it's unticked05:32
vocxsebsebseb, heheh05:33
inasmuI'm having trouble adding a podcast in Rhythmbox.  The site only provides a URL which redirects me to a download page for itunes, I've parsed out the itms:// URL but that is also not working when I try to add it.05:33
sebsebseb!love |  TheFunkbomb05:33
ubottuTheFunkbomb: Love is like racing across the frozen tundra on a snowmobile which flips over, trapping you underneath. At night, the ice-weasels come.05:33
TheFunkbombhow true05:33
sebsebsebTheFunkbomb: ok not what I wanted, some bots can give a heart or whatever,  and he would give you one :d for saying what you said ha ha.  ok  off topic now05:34
Frijoliewhen I "lock screen" and try to log back in, my user account password is "invalid"05:34
d_1nev1tab1eSpence_:  its best u talk to an ati user then.05:34
logosAre there any advantages or disadvantages to running ubuntu server instead of just debian?05:34
Spence_i'm sorry, who?05:34
sebsebsebmeshuggah: there you go you got a guy, you Debian user you :d05:34
Garenlogos: ubuntu server vs ubuntu desktop you mean?05:34
sebsebseblogos: ask  meshuggah05:35
meshuggahdebian is faster05:35
d_1nev1tab1eSpence_: someone whos i familiar with ati cards and dual screen. Im sure there are ppl like that in this channel.05:35
vocxlogos, maybe is a matter of preference. If you are already experienced...05:35
meshuggahand every other advantages is for ubuntu05:35
* meshuggah kisses sebsebseb 05:36
TheFunkbombI think this VNC stuff is over my head :(05:36
logosok, thanks05:36
sebsebseb!ot |  meshuggah05:36
ubottumeshuggah: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!05:36
Frijoliesebsebseb, any idea on that one?05:36
Spence_oh, okay. thanks anyhow for the help05:36
meshuggah!offtopic | sebsebseb05:36
ubottusebsebseb: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!05:36
sebsebseb!botabuse |  meshuggah05:36
ubottumeshuggah: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".05:36
* meshuggah slaps sebsebseb 05:36
sebsebseb!lol | meshuggah05:37
ubottumeshuggah: Please don't use "LOL" and "OMG" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is not required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks.05:37
d_1nev1tab1eSpence_: when the new version jaunty comes out in 18 days there will be better support for dual screen. at least so they say.05:37
digitalexpl0itanyone know how to get middle click to work on a logitech mx5500 bluetooth mouse on ubuntu 9.04?05:37
bthorntonWhat happened to the graphical Network Settings (System -> Administration -> Network) in Hardy?05:37
digitalexpl0itdo I need to add anything to xorg.conf?05:37
bthorntonthere's a Network Tools but that's no help05:38
Frijoliestumped 'em all05:38
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d_1nev1tab1ebthornton: what do u need?05:38
gartralhello all, i have 2 video cards, and two monitors, now, of course, the complication is: one card is an nvidia, the other is some intergrated cheap card, but, i still want duel head, is this possible?05:38
vocxbthornton, network preferences maybe in Preferences not Administration05:38
=== VSA_is_the_way is now known as ubuntuNOOB
stevr1itvocx i have disable all the other hardisk and resatrted the live  i have written in the terminal sudo grub-install hd1 --root-directory=media/disk   but is says error that it cannot create directory medai/disk/boot no such fiel or directory05:39
bthorntond_1nev1table: Just need to configure an ethernet interface graphically.05:39
bthorntonis this all handled by Network Manager now?05:39
vocxstevr1it, /media/disk/   <--------- not media/disk/    look at the first backslash05:40
stevr1itvocx, and the hdb1 is mounted as disk under media05:40
d_1nev1tab1ebthornton: System -> preferences -> network configuration05:40
vocxstevr1it, I mean forward slash...05:40
bthorntonokay thanks05:40
shabgardplease help me05:40
FloodBot3shabgard: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:41
digitalexpl0itanyone know how to configure middle button on a mouse - ubuntu 9.0405:41
Flannel!helpme | shabgard05:41
ubottushabgard: Avoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !patience05:41
lazukars_How do you get to "network settings" in the latest version of Ubuntu05:41
Kimihttp://andhravilas.com/moviedetail.asp?fid=|54|68|128|95 i wanted to play songs from this site.. but it says real player needed..... what is the solution ?? plz dont tell me any links.. tell me a direct solutions..... thanks in advance05:41
stevr1itvocx it says: /boot/grub/stage2 p /boot/grub/menu.lst " .... failed05:41
ubuntuNOOBhi i come from debian, i'm try to install Kubuntu 8.10 i386 on Pentium D, I try to burn 1 CD and 3 DVD with low speed burn, when try to install Kubuntu it get my much errore, "pnpbios=off", bad I/O read and so on, do I take bad iso of Kubuntu and should I try AMD64?05:41
stevr1itselect disk does not exist05:41
stealth-while running the command: sudo mount /dev/cdrom/ /media/cdrom0/ it tells me "no medium found" when im sure there is a disk in05:42
digitalexpl0itis there a channel for the beta version of ubuntu or is this it? thanks05:42
shabgardI am a question...05:42
Flanneldigitalexpl0it: #ubuntu+105:42
digitalexpl0itthank you05:42
d_1nev1tab1elazukars_:  system->preferences -> network configuration for ubuntu 8.1005:42
Briandb1222I have a resolution problem...did a lot of research on the forums and still can't find a solution.05:42
stealth-Briandb1222: is it stuck in a low resolution?05:42
shabgardI am a question...05:43
stevr1itVocx, also says: running embed /boot/grub/e2fs stage 1_5 (hd1) failed (this is not fatal)05:43
Kimishabgard ?05:43
Flannelshabgard: Go ahead and ask it.  Would you feel better in your native language?05:43
stealth-shabgard: are you a bot?05:43
stevr1itVocx, also says: running embed /boot/grub/e2fs stage 1_5 (hd0,0) failed (this is not fatal) too05:43
Kimi!ask | shabgard05:43
ubottushabgard: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:43
Enigmaquick question05:43
Briandb1222no, on a high. 1600x1200. I lower it to 1024x768 where it should be and I get vertical lines or horizontal lines05:44
Kimi http://andhravilas.com/moviedetail.asp?fid=|54|68|128|95 i wanted to play songs from this site.. but it says real player needed..... what is the solution ?? plz dont tell me any links.. tell me a direct solutions..... thanks in advance05:44
vocxstevr1it, since you have unplugged the other disks it's possible that hd1 is now hd0, you need to check that too. You can use "/dev/sda" or "/dev/sdb" whatever, instead of hd0, hd1, hd2, ...05:44
stealth-Briandb1222: try changing your refresh rate around, see if that makes any difference05:44
Enigmasince i'm using the restricted drivers for my atheros, if i upgrade gnome to the new 2.26, would i have to redo all the stuff i've installed, etc05:44
stevr1itvocx how can i check? i can use /dev/sda/ how? Idon't understadn05:44
shabgardyou only speak05:44
smacfarl_anyplace that is good to download an ubuntu iso? Getting several that don't md5sum05:45
Briandb1222how? it isn't reading my driver. I've tried that and it didn't work...info in xorg.conf is missing...I just get stuff about default monitor and such and such.05:45
TheFunkbombI guess I'll have to set up a VNC server on the Windows computer and dial in with Remote Desktop Viewer on Ubuntu?05:45
Enigmasmacfarl_, check mininova05:45
=== Mo1 is now known as PCTeacher012
Enigmai got mine there05:45
Flannel!ir | shabgard05:45
ubottushabgard: #ubuntu-ir baraye Farsi zabanan mibashad ke channele rasmie goroohe Iran-ie ubuntu ast. #ubuntu-ir  برای فارسی زبانان می‌باشد که کانال رسمی گروه ایرانی اوبونتو است.05:45
stevr1itvocx ok gonfd hdo works05:45
PCTeacher012Sound died... again05:45
stevr1itnow i try to restart it05:45
Kimidoes anyone have real player in synpantic ?05:46
Kimiwhen  i search for "real" it shows "stellarium"05:46
PCTeacher012you can download it from their site05:46
KimiPCTeacher012, ok thanks i didnt knew05:46
PCTeacher012its kay05:46
Flannel!real | Kimi05:46
ubottuKimi: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/8.10/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats05:46
PCTeacher012search for linux versions05:46
stealth-Briandb1222: I cant really help you past there, i was just checking to see if you were someone who was in here earlier with a resolution problem. Maybe someone else can help you05:46
PCTeacher012I need help real quick, my sound died AGAIN...05:46
Enigmasince i'm using the restricted drivers for my atheros, if i upgrade gnome to the new 2.26, would i have to redo all the stuff i've installed, etc05:46
_jonesy_Ubuntu 8.10 networking. Does anyone know why on a gigabit network, copying files from my linux server to my macbook pro I can only get 4 to 6MB/sec transfer speeds? I've tried netatalk (AFP), SMB and SSH. Every once in a while it will start out at 60MB/sec then drop back down to the normal slow ass speeds.05:46
KimiFlannel https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RealPlayerInstallationMethods which method from this page should i chooose ?05:47
Briandb1222repost just in case it was not seen. it isn't reading my driver. I've tried that and it didn't work...info in xorg.conf is missing...I just get stuff about default monitor and such and such.05:47
digitalexpl0itKimi - sudo apt-get install realplayer05:47
stevr1itvocx now it works, but when i will plug in the other harddisk can i have any problem?05:47
vocxEnigma, depends on how you installed it.05:47
PCTeacher012Sound not working again05:47
Enigmavocx, i used the restricted drivers and blacklisted the ath_pci and ath5k or something05:47
Kimidigitalexpl0it, is this free to download and use ? :P05:47
vocxstevr1it, try plugging only one of the other disks, one by one-05:47
PCTeacher012i dont want to keep rebooting05:47
PCTeacher012but ill brb05:47
stealth-Briandb1222: also, for further notice: when your sending someone a message in a channel as crowded as this, put their name before your text05:48
vocxEnigma, How do you plan to upgrade to gnome 2.26?05:48
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: u dont have to reboot05:48
stevr1itthe problem will be with the sata, it wil cahnge everything i am sure05:48
digitalexpl0itkimi its apt-get from the ubuntu respo, if this doesnt work you can get the player from there website I beleive05:48
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: there is a way to restart alsa, lemme look it up05:48
Briandb1222Stealth-: Roger that. I was just thinking the same thing.05:48
Enigmavocx, i dont know, i saw on the gnome website that it's out05:48
Kimidigitalexpl0it, ok. i asked whether its free to use or must i pay them ?05:48
ykphuahin synaptics, how do I search which package (which I have not installed yet) contains env.h?05:48
stealth-Briandb1222: im assuming you read my message about me being unable to help you further?05:48
FlannelEnigma: It'll be in 9.04 once it's released.  We suggest you wait until then to upgrade.05:48
digitalexpl0itkimi, you will need to go into the terminal and make sure you type sudo first05:48
digitalexpl0itkimi its free05:48
Kimidigitalexpl0it, i asked whther its free or not05:49
Kimidigitalexpl0it,  ok thanks05:49
Briandb1222Stealth-: No I didn't see it.05:49
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: do sudo alsa force-reload      and wait for it be done before reloading the volume control05:49
vocxEnigma, don't worry about it. If it is included in the next Ubuntu version, then it will be updated with the rest of the system, and hopefully it will work. But just in case keep the guides close that you used.05:49
stealth-Briandb1222: I cant really help you past there, i was just checking to see if you were someone who was in here earlier with a resolution problem. Maybe someone else can help you05:49
stealth-Briandb1222: sorry, but im generally in here to get help, not help people :)05:50
Enigmaneeds to be like a system restore like xp did, thats one thing i liked about windows05:50
Kimiwhenever i start Xchat, ubuntu servers and many are not showing in the list..... only 4 are showing.... from them icant join this........ my frnd told me this methd "/server irc.ubuntu.com" it works but i want to add ubuntu servers to that list..... any way to do that ? because i am tired of doing /server agan and again..... thanks for your help in advance05:50
Briandb1222Would anyone else have a solution to my resolution/graphic driver solution? FYI, I did the update...and being that I have reinstalled ubuntu several times...I know it won't help.05:50
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012:  also make sure uve installed all available updates, i used to have similar problems but it didnt happen for long time, so i guess it got fixed by and update05:50
=== Jay is now known as Guest69414
Guest69414hey just got it ubuntu installed, can someone help me configure my internet network?05:50
aadityaJay: details please05:51
error404notfoundDuring upgrade from intrepid to jaunty, if you are running totem/firefox it crashes, is it typical?05:51
Picierror404notfound: Please join #ubuntu+1 for Jaunty/9.04 support/discussion.05:51
aadityaerror404notfound: didn't happen to me05:51
Guest69414what details do you need aaditya05:51
Briandb1222Guest: Ubuntu should do that for you...at least it did for me.05:51
FlannelKimi: Freenode should be on that list, which is the same thing.05:51
TugleBriandb1222: what video card do you have?05:51
=== Guest69414 is now known as Jay555
Briandb1222Tugle: let me double check.05:52
Jay555brian: well it didnt05:52
KimiFlannel,  i got only these 4 : whiffle , wprldnet , xentonix , xworld05:52
KimiFlannel, the rest are gone :(05:52
vocxEnigma, modules, that is drivers like atheros, work independently of Gnome, so I don't think it should have any effect. System restore?   I am speechless, what?05:52
Briandb1222Tugle: S3 UniChrome™ Pro integrated graphics processor05:52
PCTeacher012im trying it05:52
Jay555so i go to the top, then say vpn connections, then i go oto wireless05:52
FlannelKimi: that's interesting.  Yeah, you can add it to that list.  I'm not big on xchat though, so I don't know how.  It should be fairly intuitive though, I would think.05:53
KimiFlannel,  i just join one of them.... then do /join #ubuntu wont work ... :( only i need to do is /server ircubuntucom  .. help me to add ubuntu to add05:53
PCTeacher012d_1nev1tab1e: http://paste.ubuntu.com/144621/    That doesnt look good05:53
vocxBriandb1222, that video card is buggy with 3D. You should stay away from fancy effects.05:54
Tuglebriandb1222: so its an integrated card, right?05:54
KimiFlannel, then no way to solve ? :(05:54
FlannelKimi: There is.  I just don't know how.  I'm not familiar with xchat.  Someone will though.05:54
Enigmasystem restore, the thing that saved my ass numerous times trying to modify windows explorer05:54
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: yeah that oks, does ur sound work now?05:54
PCTeacher012Testing on my fav song xD05:54
Kimisomeone: help me plz05:54
Briandb1222vocx: my computer isn't very fast to begin with...1MB cache, 521 MB mem, 60 GB 1.5 Ghz CPU...I wouldn't try that.05:55
PCTeacher012d_...: why did it have so much errors though?05:55
btw0rmKimi: go ahead05:55
Briandb1222Tugle: from what my specs say, aye.05:55
Jay555wait how do i get ubuntu to find networks?05:55
Kimibtw0rm, i was asking that to flannel.. read that05:55
RoastedCan somebody fill me in on how linux handles hard drive identification? I'm using FOG and Gparted in this instance. When I write a file system on a blank drive using GParted, which the hard drive is an IDE drive, GParted reads the drive as /dev/hda, yet when I try to clone it using FOG (linux based) it finds it as /dev/sdb... so when I try to run FOG on a drive that has the GParted file systems on it, it errors out. I dont understand05:55
Roasted why FOG, being linux based, sees it as sdb when GParted finds it as hda05:55
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: just warnings, i guess they are meaningless. also they happen before alsa got terminated. And since alsa crashed anyways its not a surprise if it had errors05:55
PCTeacher012lol okay05:55
vocxBriandb1222, I figured. Most S3 integrated graphics card are in low-end laptops.05:56
PCTeacher012Rythmbox wont open05:56
Kimii need something alternate MULTISIM .. i tried from !quivalents and didnt satisfy me like Multisim.... does anyone know any excat and equal alternate ?05:56
FlannelRoasted: Any recent Ubuntu version shouldn't give you a hd* but should give you a sd* name.05:56
PCTeacher012im using Exaile right now05:56
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: try killall rhythmbox05:56
Briandb1222vocx: yeah. I'm trying to get a new one. But as we all know, that takes some time. :P.05:57
RoastedFlannel - so you're saying FOG is correct while GParted is naming the drives via an old standard? Cause I thought IDE = HDA and SATA = SDB.05:57
btw0rmFlannel: jante does that but it's not well developed yet05:57
Briandb1222It's a Gateway05:57
FlannelKimi: What part of Multisim do you use?05:57
Flannelbtw0rm: What?05:57
PCTeacher012d_...: "No process killed"05:57
_jonesy_no one? Is Ubuntu just completely retarded when it comes to Gigabit networking05:57
vocxKimi, I don't think you'll find it. Specialist software mostly only exist on windows.05:57
TugleBriandb1222: try what is listed in this forum post, the xorg.conf on the second page might help http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=7603705:58
PCTeacher012Are you transfering from windows Josey?05:58
d_1nev1tab1e_jonesy_: is ur mac fast when communicating with other computers?05:58
FlannelRoasted: No.  They could/are both correct.  hd* are PATA drives, sd* are SATA.  Recent Linux versions have merged everything into sd*, and on some hardware IDE comes first, others IDE comes second.05:58
KimiFlannel, i use and or not nor nand xor and all basics ..... and i need to convert boolen expression to truth table , truth table to circuit , circuit to expression , circuit to truth table and all such05:58
PCTeacher012d_1n...: "rythmbox: no process killed"05:58
PCTeacher012ill try opening again05:58
PCTeacher012still not opening05:58
_jonesy_d_1nev1tab1e: yes. I can copy files from my other macbook across the same wired network at 50+MB/sec05:59
Pici!enter | PCTeacher01205:59
ubottuPCTeacher012: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!05:59
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: try opening it in terminal, check for errors05:59
FlannelRoasted: So, under the old style, you have sda and hda, and then under the new one, one of those is sda and the other is sdb.  Obviously in this case, sda -> sda and hda -> sdb05:59
PCTeacher012okay, thnx, trying now05:59
hanasakianyone have a link to a cable used for connecting the dvd player to the motherboard for audio05:59
Jay555so anyone wnat to tell me how to get my computer to find networks?05:59
d_1nev1tab1e_jonesy_: did u enable all restricted drivers?05:59
Kimi!hi > Kimi05:59
ubottuKimi, please see my private message05:59
RoastedFlannel - How would hda and sdb be the same thing in new versions? I'm running 4 sata drives and one is sdb...05:59
=== psy is now known as psywiped
_jonesy_d_1nev1tab1e: I believe so, let me double chck06:00
PCTeacher012d_1n...: It opens a terminal, then exits it without me having time to read anything06:00
flacoanyone with expirence with 3G modems?06:00
FlannelRoasted: One SATA drive is sdb?  Your first, or second SATA drive?06:00
RoastedSDA, SDB, SDC, SDD... my 4 SATA drives06:00
stealth-using the command: sudo mount /dev/scd0/ /media/cdrom0/ returns that there is no medium found. How can i fix this?06:00
FlannelRoasted: ok.  And whats the question then?06:00
RoastedSDA has Vista/Intrepid, the other 3 are network backup drives.06:00
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: open an terminal, type rhythmbox and see what happens06:01
Briandb1222Tugle: Checking it out now, thanks.06:01
PCTeacher012as root?06:01
KimiFlannel, is that possible software in ubuntu for multisim ?06:01
RoastedFlannel - I thought you were insinuating that in the "new age" naming scheme with Linux that SDB was the "new age" name for HDA drives... aka PATA drives...06:01
_jonesy_d_1nev1tab1e: the only restricted drivers it seems to find are for the Nvidia card that is in the box.06:01
Roastedwhcih is why I got confused considering I have an SDB drive which is certainly not PATA06:01
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: no just as ur standard user06:01
PCTeacher012ill send a pastebin06:01
d_1nev1tab1e_jonesy_: well u either are having driver issues or maybe its a return of ipv6 problems. I suggest googling it06:02
PCTeacher012that is all it does06:02
Kimidoes anyone know about alternate to multisim ???06:02
FlannelRoasted: Yes.  hd* won't appear on newer kernels, they've got a sata emulation layer in there.06:02
KimiI tried !equivalents too06:02
FlannelRoasted: Now everything is sd*06:02
RoastedFlannel - can it be assumed that if I get a newer version of GParted that it too would recognize the hda as sd*?06:03
PCTeacher012d_1n: running as root game me some output! LOL06:03
FlannelRoasted: Newer kernel, yeah.06:03
Kimibye :(06:03
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: killall python06:03
_jonesy_d_1nev1tab1e: I've been googling this issue for 2 days. If I swap my server back over to windows, which I don't want to do, I don't have this issue at all06:03
PCTeacher012d_1n: okay, second pastebin on it as root http://paste.ubuntu.com/144626/06:03
RoastedFlannel - thank you for your help06:04
steelyI am trying to file share between 2 computers running ubuntu 8.10 on a LAN. We can share a folder and see it but have full access to the hard drive on the other computer can someone help?06:04
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: dont run stuff as root. unless u really need to06:04
PCTeacher012okay, but it definately game me output lol, killall python just did same as first pastebin i sent u06:04
Sagaciin kubuntu, i'm having trouble adding icons to the desktop, it says, This object could not be created for the following reason: Could not find requested component: icon06:05
d_1nev1tab1e_jonesy_: it could be anything to be honest, u can try blacklisting ipv6, but i would be surprised if that worked06:05
PCTeacher012should i run "killall python" as root?06:05
raVencan some1 help me how to install gtk2::TrayIcon and Crypt::SSLeay06:05
vocxSagaci, have you installed an icons theme? Maybe it's broken?06:05
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: no06:05
PCTeacher012since it did nothing as user (im not in admin account)06:05
PCTeacher012because rhythmbox is still not coming up06:06
raVencan some1 help me how to install gtk2::TrayIcon and Crypt::SSLeay06:06
PCTeacher012I see in the Menu app (shows all apps open) something open for a split second06:07
lighttitanhow do I disable the proprietary hardware tool?06:07
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: its very unusual for rhythmbox to behave this way, try logging out and in again. I think this error wont be easily reproducible06:07
PCTeacher012okay d_1n... trying logging out now06:07
meoblast001space_cadet: you still here?06:08
vavoyshquestion: how can i create a space on a hard drive, using an ubuntu live cd, to put files from an external hard drive onto?06:08
PCTeacher012Okay, Thank you d_1n..., it fixed it :) I wonder what caused it...06:10
raVenguys..can you help me install crypt::ssleay and gtk2::trayicon06:10
Briandb1222Tugle: I've tried what the poster did. However, When I tried wget ftp://ftp.berlios.de/pub/kudos/hoary/via_drv.o.bz2, it timed out on me. Tried it twice to no avail. Any other way I can retrieve the download?06:10
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: you had it running while restarting the sound driver, it must have crashed something06:10
TugleBriandb1222: let me check06:11
PCTeacher012Yea, i did, lol, well, what is the code again so i can save as file? (Is there something like .bat for ubuntu 8.1)06:11
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: i suggestu create a launcher, right click desktop and follow the gui, its sudo alsa force-reload06:12
Briandb1222Tugle: Roger06:12
raVenguys..can you help me install crypt::ssleay and gtk2::trayicon06:12
vocxPCTeacher012, you can save any commands as shell scripts, which you can execute. Typically they end with .sh06:12
=== meshuggah_ is now known as [-I8U-]
vavoyshquestion: how can i create a space on a hard drive, using an ubuntu live cd, to put files from an external hard drive onto?06:13
raVenguys..can you help me install crypt::ssleay and gtk2::trayicon06:13
PCTeacher012okay, when/if it messes up again, ill run it. One more question. My bro's account (one i am on for troubleshooting) is not administrator. So when i did sudo *** the first time, it said "Member *** is not a member of the sudo family" or something along the lines of that06:13
vocxvavoysh, trying to understand your question. What you need is to partition your current free space. Use the program called gparted.06:13
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: actually it should be gksudo for the launcher and not sudo, sorry06:14
raVenvocx: hey...are u familiar with ssleay and trayicon06:14
vavoyshvocx, i want to load it into an already existing partition06:14
vocxraVen, nope06:14
PCTeacher012okay, i did this.06:15
PCTeacher012New Document --> Text File --> sudo alsa force-reload --> Restart Sound.sh06:15
PCTeacher012will that work?06:15
raVenvocx: ok thanks06:15
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: you can open a shell in ur account by using su username (atleast that how i remember it)06:15
raVenguys..can you help me install crypt::ssleay and gtk2::trayicon06:15
PCTeacher012okay, so do this?06:15
PCTeacher012Su (Enter Password) also force-reload?06:15
TugleBriandb1222: have  you tried installing the openChrome drivers? listed here:https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenChrome06:16
vocxvavoysh, then what do you mean, by creating a space? The space is already there06:16
PCTeacher012d_1n: What would the exact code be?06:16
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: ehm lets keep one thing after the other, if you are happy with a launcher, similar to shortcut in windows right click desktop, click create launcher06:16
raVenguys..can you help me install crypt::ssleay and gtk2::trayicon06:16
PCTeacher012o, i ddint see that xD06:16
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012:  and then fill in command and type in gksudo alsa force-reload06:17
Briandb1222raVen: If I'm understanding your correctly, right click on the bar and click on "+Add to panel..."06:17
artscience_I'm trying to edit the GRUB menu.lst so that I can boot another linux distro. Can anyone tell me where I can find the information needed to do this?06:17
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: gksudo will open a window prompt for ur password06:17
vavoyshvocx, right now, if i try to load the data into the partition, it says that i do not have the proper access. so how can i gain the access so that i can write into that partition?06:17
artscience_I need to know what to put for "root" and "kernel"06:17
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: it wont work for your brother tho if he doesnt have the priviledges06:18
PCTeacher012he is regular user, not admin, so how could i make it work for him d_1n?06:18
vocxPCTeacher012, the shell script is to be run from the terminal, like "sh MyScript.sh"  but a launcher does that in a graphical way. So it's your choice.06:18
raVenBriandb1222: then what sir06:18
PCTeacher012rather the gui  way06:19
vocxvavoysh, what kind of partition is that? Is it NTFS? Who is the owner, what is the group?06:19
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: the only possibility is see is that eitehr u leave him the password in clear text, or you give him priviledges to control alsa, which will also be a security issue06:19
Briandb1222raVen: It depends. Do you already have it installed?06:19
Briandb1222Tugle: I tried once, though I don't think I did it correctly...trying again.06:19
raVenBriandb1222: my problem is, i dont know how to install both of them..coz im planning to install check gmail06:20
Briandb1222hold on then, let me look them up and I will get you an answer.06:20
TugleBriandb1222: k, trying to help the best i can.  could you restate the whole issue again?06:20
mattgyver83Is a link the same size as its linked file, or does it give the file size of the linked file?06:20
PCTeacher012okay, well i did this as a test. gksudo apt-get update, enter his password, then ittold me "The underlying authorization mechanism (sudo) does not allow you to run this program. Cotact the system admin." I am the admin, so how can i run it as me from his accoutn?06:21
vavoyshvocx, nevermind, thanks for the help06:21
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: yes, i know06:21
=== jedimindtricks is now known as maha
raVenguys..can you help me install crypt::ssleay and gtk2::trayicon06:21
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: its because ur bros account is not allowed to use sudo06:21
PCTeacher012okay, d_1n so how can i run it as me from his account? is it even possible?06:21
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: it is possible but ur brother could easily retrieve ur password as you would need to store it as clear text06:22
vocxmattgyver83, the link is a file itself. But some applications treat is as a regular file, and others always redirect to the "real" file. So having the size of the link depends on what program, are you using nautilus, or the terminal?06:22
PCTeacher012or he could call me in? but can it run from his account without logging off?06:22
flacoI got a 3G modem running in linux, I got internet connection but the IP Address is wich is not an internet IP, so... how can I connect other computer (with "normal" internet connection) to the 3G connected computer?06:22
mattgyver83vocx, nautilus.06:22
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: yes you can06:23
PCTeacher012d_1nev1table: Okay, thanks, so how can i do that? I bet he will need to reset sound alot06:23
psywipedartscience_ ask the people in the #gentoo forum they for sure have done that06:23
mattgyver83vocx, i have a directory i wanted to break down by alphabet and then have a folder with them all in a list so i used links.  I just want to make sure i didnt eat up the same amount of space.06:23
Briandb1222Tugle: thanks. My resolution is default set at 1600x1200. I lower it where it should be and I get lines. Also, info in xorg.conf is not there. I think that it isn't reading my driver, was my issue06:23
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: for that u need to open a terminal and type su PCTeacher012 and then do the usual step06:23
artscience_thanks psywiped06:23
Briandb1222Raven: so you are wanting to install gmail checker?06:23
PCTeacher012okay, but i cant run from launcher that way?06:24
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: not that i know off, but there is one other option06:24
PCTeacher012and that is?06:24
vocxmattgyver83, oh no. I believe links are only really small files, like 4 bytes or so.06:24
psywipedflaco that is a normal ip06:24
mattgyver83vocx thanks, now if i could just figure out a way to quickly remove all the 'Link to' in the file name... ;)06:24
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: you can give your brother full access to audio devices. That is potentially a security issue as your brother would effectively have full admin rights to handle audio06:25
flacopsywiped, normal?? the 10.x.x.x are for locals networks not for internet06:25
doubleleecocodoes anyone interesting in lacoste polo shirt?06:25
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: he will only be limited to audio tho06:25
vavoyshvocx, sorry, another question: whats the terminal command for copy paste?06:25
PCTeacher012okay, can i chmod the file? or no? and i think that is good enough :) He is not smart with computers06:25
psywipedflaco get verizon then06:25
vocxmattgyver83, how did you create them?  You can mass-rename using "rename" and basic knowledge of regular expressions.06:25
vocxvavoysh, "cp something somewhere"06:26
PCTeacher012so how do i change that from his account? in terminal do " su cody (password)" then go to users while having it open?06:26
mattgyver83vocx, ive just created them in nautilus.  Just a few though, i didnt do all of them yet.06:26
vavoyshvocx, thanks06:26
misteralexanderI'm having a small problem.  Whenever I view a "Web-Video", or sound comes shooting out of a "Web-Ad", my sound for anything will die.  After watching a YouTube video, I have no audio in VLC or Amarok.  The only way to restore sound, is by restarting X (CTRL+ALT+BKSP) . . . PLEASE HELP!06:26
psywipedPCTeacher012 he has to be part of wheel or somthing like that to use sudo06:26
Briandb1222Tugle: which driver should I install? there is a big list.06:26
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: well using ur account go to System->administration-> users and groups and then go to properties on ur brothers account06:26
MrPocketsmy CD tray won't eject :(06:27
PCTeacher012d_1: I did su into my account, can i sudo now?06:27
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: yes u should be able to06:27
PCTeacher012mister: Open terminal --> sudo also force-reload06:27
psywipedMrPockets poke a paperclip into it06:27
MrPockets...and don't the elders suggust against using su- ?06:27
Briandb1222Tugle: Restate: I clicked on integrated graphics and there is a big list...06:27
MrPocketspsywiped, right06:27
PCTeacher012okay, d_1n: Now that i did su, what can i do to change the user options in terminal? or must i log into my acconut?06:27
MrPocketsany other ideas?06:28
misteralexanderPCTeacher012: "ALSO" or "ALSA"06:28
vocxmattgyver83, something like rename -n 's/Link to//' *    the -n is used to test before doing the real thing06:28
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: one sec i need to look that one up06:28
Roastedwhat is the ipconfig /all of ubuntu?06:28
PCTeacher012mister: ALSA06:28
MrPocketsRoasted, ifconfig06:28
psywipedMrPockets poke it into the hole and manuly open it06:28
mattgyver83vocx, thanks a lot.  Ill give it a shot.06:28
TugleBriandb1222: let me look again06:28
MrPocketspsywiped, no uoke06:28
Roastedthere isnt ifconfig that is more detailed?06:28
MrPocketsbut theres gotta be an OS level reason why it won't eject06:28
RoastedI want to see DNS servers and other stuff06:28
psywipedMrPockets im not kidding06:28
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: sudo user-admin06:28
Briandb1222Ok this is getting annoying...I think my keyboard is whacked.06:28
MrPocketsme neither06:28
psywipedthe hole is there for a reason06:29
MrPocketsi just don't have a paper clip06:29
chetnickRoasted: man ifconfig06:29
TugleBriandb1222: are you running intrepid or jaunty?06:29
PCTeacher012d_1n:n "sudo: user-admin: command not found"06:29
psywipedMrPockets ok try to get it open during bios06:29
vocxMrPockets, check the kernel messages, the logs in System > Administration, etc. or "dmesg"06:29
MrPocketsI actually keep a paper clip in my tool kit for that reason06:29
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: oops its sudo users-admin06:29
PCTeacher012lol kk06:29
MrPocketspsywiped, I'm sure if i bounce the box it'll be fine. I'm just trying to avoid that06:29
RoastedI've checked man ifconfig, but I'm not finding what I'm looking for.06:30
RoastedI mean, it's a simple question...06:30
Briandb1222MrPockets: have you tried restarting, and hitting the eject button while it is restarting? I had a similar problem.06:30
PCTeacher012d_1n: after running that, it says "Not allowed to access system config"06:30
MrPocketsBriandb1222, like i said, i'm sure if i bounced the box it'd be fine. But i'm trying to avoid that06:30
Spence_hey guys. if someone has patience for a noob(my first day on Ubuntu), i need help with installing unetbootin.06:31
Briandb1222Tugle: let me check06:31
psywipedMrPockets ok pry it open with a knife06:31
Briandb1222MrPockets: not what I meant...I meant push.06:31
MrPocketsSpence_, what version?06:31
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: did u do su PCTeacher012 before? if yes, try leaving sudo out06:31
Briandb1222I don't suggest prying it06:31
Spence_Ubuntu 8.1006:31
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: jsut do users-admin06:31
MrPocketsBriandb1222, me neather06:31
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: and then press the unlock button06:32
MrPocketsSpec, I'm assuming you've downloaded it?06:32
Briandb1222MrPockets: I had a CD stuck in a stereo. I tried forcing it out with a pair of tweezers...now the CD player on it don't work anymore heh.06:32
SoS11I have a QoS script...how do I make it auto-run as root after I connect to the internet (I'm using NetworkManager) ?06:32
PCTeacher012d_1n: Error, im pastebinning it06:32
chetnickRoasted: cat /etc/resolv.conf06:32
eternal_Howdy people.06:33
MrPocketsBriandb1222, yeah i had a CD Player with a 3 disk changer that got all messed up when i moved the cdplayer.  had to take the entire thing appart :(06:33
Briandb1222Tugle: Intrepid06:33
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: i guess im going to ahve to ask you to log in to ur account normally06:33
Spence_i'm not sure, me and Dreamglider been at it for an hour. error after error. this is the last one when i ran, "sudo apt-get install unetbootin06:33
Spence_"... E: Couldn't find package unetbootin06:33
PCTeacher012d_1n: http://paste.ubuntu.com/144639/06:33
MrPocketsyeah, its not in the repos anymore06:33
MrPocketsgo to the website and download it for Ubuntu06:33
mikereBriandb1222: with PC's all you have to do is unfold a paper clip and push an end into the hole under the tray to emergency eject06:33
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs06:33
Briandb1222MrPockets: that's odd. I never would think something like that would happen hehe.06:33
Roastedthere isnt any way to see that in the same listing as ip, gateway, etc? Suddenly I'm missing a windows feature... never thought I'd say that06:33
Spence_what website exactly?06:33
mattgyver83vocx, your the best.  Thanks for your help.06:34
PCTeacher012d_1 doing that now, imma probably have you walk me through allowing only audio administering lol, logging off unless u can tell me how to fix that problem?06:34
psywipedRoasted ifconfig -a06:34
Briandb1222Mikere: I'm aware of that, but emergency holes are for emergencies only heh. Last resort ya know?06:34
Spence_mr pockets, may i PM you?06:34
vocxmattgyver83, it is true.06:34
Roastedifconfig -a isn't seeming like what I want..06:34
MrPocketsSpec, go ahead06:34
psywipedRoasted it is06:34
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: well this a one time configuration to allow ur brother to restart alsa himself without using sudo06:34
psywipedRoasted cant break anything so give it a shot06:35
RoastedI'm definitely looking at ifconfig -a right now, and I do not see the DNS servers listed that resolv.conf gave me. It most definitely is not what I was hoping for.06:35
Briandb1222Tugle: Intrepid ibex, to be exact.06:35
Roastedwe have a windows network at work with an e merging amount of linux machines, and ipconfig /all is a command I use all the time, and If ound I didnt know how to do the same simple command in ubuntu06:35
PCTeacher012d_1 yes, and i got it to work, i know i am not supposed to, but i ran users-admin as root, and am now in it as root, how to change bros thing to only allow audio administering?06:35
psywipedRoasted your gona make me google for the command arnt you06:35
chetnickRoasted: i can give you a custom script that will give you what you need, hit me on priv so i can paste the script06:35
mikereRoasted: can you ping by ip but not by domain name?06:35
RoastedI have been googling for the command06:35
Roastedthe only answer I'm finding is ifconfig06:36
ZeroByteis there a place where I can get the monitor configurations used in displayconfig? autodetection can't find my monitor so I'm really limited in my screen res06:36
Roastednot anything for ifconfig "all"06:36
btw0rmhow can i get a cloak without askine a staff for one?06:36
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: just go the properties of your brothers username06:37
mikereRoasted: man ifconfig tells us ifconfig -a is what you want06:37
PCTeacher012i did, which checkbox do i click?06:37
PCTeacher012@ d_106:37
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: then click user priviledges and check audio devices06:37
Roastedwell, by typing ifconfig -a into terminal its not showing everything I want06:37
btw0rmany ideas?06:37
PCTeacher012d_1: use audio devices?06:37
RoastedI just found a post on ubuntu forums that kind of confirms something... that the true ipconfig /all doenst exist in ubuntu06:37
Roastedbut more like it exists in two locations06:37
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: yes, that one06:37
Roastedifconfig + cat /etc/resolv.conf06:37
PCTeacher012already checked06:37
Roastedkinda lame :/06:37
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: and he still cant restart alsa without using sudo?06:38
psywipedRoasted http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=83763106:38
PCTeacher012im not sure, i never tried that, and idk how to crash the audio to test it LOL06:38
misteralexanderPCTeacher012: Watched a bunch of YouTube videos & then tried to view an .AVI, no audio . . . did your little thing & it works GREAT!  Thanks!06:39
Roastedwhich confirms what I just said, basically06:39
JakeTwoZeroMy ubuntu says my restricted drivers are in use, but they aren't.06:39
Briandb1222Tugle: going out for a smoke...if you find an answer you can PM me...thanks for all your help, I really appreciate it!06:39
PCTeacher012mister: Your welcome, i learned it from d_1n, so thank him too :p06:39
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: you dont have to crash it to be able to reastart it06:39
Briandb1222all these issues is stressing me out :P06:39
PCTeacher012i dont? lol, okay, then ill test it, and ill exit rhythmbox this time :p06:39
JakeTwoZeroI have followed all the instructions06:40
=== diego is now known as Guest11532
PCTeacher012d_1n: http://paste.ubuntu.com/144643/06:40
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: ok i guess i was wrong06:40
PCTeacher012repeatable error lol, any other way?06:41
JakeTwoZeroCan I get some help please?06:41
mikereRoasted: you could just make a script that does it all.06:41
coolzcan i do wireless bridge with ubuntu 8.1006:41
psywipedroasted has left the building06:41
mikereRoasted: or create an alias06:41
Out_Coldwhat is the difference between the server wifi and the desktop wifi installation? I have installed a vanilla DE and am having troubles with the wireless.. it's noted as wlan0 but i can't seem to get it to connect to the router06:41
d_1nev1tab1edoes anyone know which group one has to be member of to be able to force restart alsa?06:41
mikerethanks, psywiped, I never read that stuff =)06:41
PCTeacher012i think root. Me (as admin) can not run it, but when i did su and logged in, it allowed me to06:42
chetnick <Roasted> most of the time I'm sitting back looking at windows wondering "what06:42
chetnick                  were they thinking" but this is the first time I'm kinda surprised in06:42
chetnick                  a negative manner towards linux06:42
psywipedmikere i dont eather but i cant tab his name06:42
chetnickdont see the big deal there?06:42
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: yes root can do everything but there are several lower priviledged groups that can do some specific things without being able to do everything06:43
mikerepsywiped: too bad - taking 10 seconds to create an alias for it and he'd be home free.06:43
PCTeacher012d_1n: I will test around with one06:43
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: there are hundreds of groups to test06:43
PCTeacher012was the command users-admins06:44
PCTeacher012d_1n: Really?06:44
steve29730anyone there?06:44
steve29730I am running ubuntu 5.0406:44
Out_Coldany ideas on how to get my server wifi going without installine the gnome-desktop??06:44
psywipedOut_Cold please just locate the server next to the router and use cat606:44
vocxsteve29730, extremely old, please install a new version. 8.04 at least06:45
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: users-admin does not let one add a user to group, i need to look up how to do it06:45
FlannelHi steve29730, how can we help you?06:45
Out_Coldpsywiped i wanted an unbloated laptop.. for desktop use..06:45
PCTeacher012i have 30 types :(06:45
steve29730Is there away to put a notification icon on the desktop somewhere that shows I am connected to a network?06:45
psywipedOut_Cold install gentoo?06:45
=== dragon` is now known as vocket
dlisteve29730, networkmanager06:46
Flannelsteve29730: If you install a newer version (I recommend 8.04) you'll easily have that capability, yes.06:46
Out_Coldpsywiped let me rephrase.. i wanted an unbloated ubuntu laptop...06:46
btw0rmare there any staff members here that can cloak me?06:46
safruhanihi, in terminal i can't look in a folder, becouse  its name has spaces trying to use same keywords like \/ , what can u recommend?06:46
Flannelbtw0rm: This isn't the channel for that.06:46
thecommutistsafruhani: enclose the folder name in " "06:47
Out_Coldsafruhani use the tab key as you type and it will show you how to use the \'s06:47
Flannelsafruhani: Use tab completion, it'll escape things for you.06:47
psywipedbtw0rm a/s/l06:47
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: try sudo usermod -a audio <username>06:47
coolzwondering if i can do wireless bridging with my ubuntu 8.1006:47
psywipedo come on it was a joke06:48
PCTeacher012d_1n: No changes06:48
PCTeacher012d_1n: I think i'll just edit it where he can sudo, is that dangerous?06:48
steve29730Is there a way to download 8.10 and upgrade?06:49
btw0rmare there any staff members here that can cloak me?06:49
d_1nev1tab1ewell y dont u just let him be admin?06:49
Out_Coldso what am i missing that makes my server wifi not wantt to work?? without installing gnome-desktop and it's bloated paackages/06:49
Flannelsteve29730: Not from 5.04.  From 5.04, you can (technically) upgrade to 5.10, and then you can upgrade from that to 6.06, and then from 6.06 you can upgrade to 8.0406:49
psywipedbtw0rm no06:49
Flannelbtw0rm: Again, this isn't the proper channel for that.  Please stop.06:49
PCTeacher012well, i dont want him installing applications without me knowning, he knows nothing of apt-get06:50
frimpleanyone alive?06:50
FlannelPCTeacher012: What are you trying to give the user access to?06:50
psywipedPCTeacher012 have you tried runing on the older kernel?06:50
d_1nev1tab1eFlannel: alsa force-reload06:51
PCTeacher012Flannel: I am trying to allow brother who has a normal account to run also without sudo06:51
Flannelpsywiped: That question doesn't even make sense.06:51
psywipedPCTeacher012 the newest kernel broke the sound on my x30506:51
PCTeacher012\psywiped: No and i dont know how lol06:51
frimpleya!  I have a question/problem regarding auto detection of SATA drive... ubuntu 8.10 server06:51
FlannelPCTeacher012: just modify your sudoers to allow him (or all users) to run that command06:51
PCTeacher012psywiped it still works but i need to alsa force-reload every so often, and bro will need to06:51
psywipedPCTeacher012 audio is overated06:52
PCTeacher012Flannel: "gedit /etc/sudoers" then what?06:52
Spence_when does ubuntu 9.04 come out?06:52
FlannelPCTeacher012: No.  sudo visudo06:52
PCTeacher012psywiped: I ened music xD06:52
psywipedSpence_ 22nd06:52
FlannelSpence_: End of april.  Further questions can be asked in #ubuntu+1, thanks06:52
FlannelPCTeacher012: Yes.  Always edit sudoers with visudo.06:52
PCTeacher012ah... i see lol, okay, now what do i do?06:52
frimpleI have a problem regarding auto detection of a SATA hard drive... ubuntu 8.10 server, can someone help?06:53
d_1nev1tab1eFlannel: i think PCTeacher012 doesnt want his brotehrs account to have access to sudo06:53
ubottuTo add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot06:53
Flanneld_1nev1tab1e: "having access to sudo" doesn't mean full admin access.  Sudo allows granulated access.  We won't be adding him to the admin group.06:53
Spence_now i have ubuntu 8.10, how will i have to upgrade. will i have to completely reinstall?06:53
Spence_sorry, im a nub06:53
Flanneld_1nev1tab1e: that's one of the biggest strengths of sudo.06:53
ubottuBoot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto06:53
FlannelSpence_: Nope.  Upgrades are fully supported.06:53
d_1nev1tab1eFlannel: oh, good to know that :)06:53
PCTeacher012Flannel: I am in visudo, now what tdo i do?06:53
new2ubuntuhey can someone help me finding the drivers i need for my laptop, because i don't think ubuntu is working has them yet06:54
mrsteveman1upgrades work surprisingly well actually06:54
psywipedSpence_ your on 5.? right?06:54
PCTeacher012it is pretty confusing... lol :p06:54
frimpleI have a problem regarding auto detection of a SATA hard drive... ubuntu 8.10 server, can someone help?06:54
mrsteveman1i expect things to break being in IT, but ubuntu upgrade worked very well twice for me this week06:54
Spence_i'm sorry, what?06:54
FlannelPCTeacher012: the sudoers man page gives a whole lot of details (and more importantly, examples).  Why don't you peruse that while I look for a good one online.06:54
psywipedfrimple sorry not at the moment06:54
psywipedSpence_ what verson of ubuntu are you on?06:54
frimplehappy to wait06:55
Spence_Ubuntu 8.1006:55
psywipedSpence_ yea the upgrade will be truble free06:55
Spence_alright cool.   :P06:55
psywipedSpence_ still back up your data cause you never know06:56
psywipedBriandb1222 please try to control your cat06:56
Spence_yes, i always backup. thx fir the tip.06:56
whenwilljesusbriubuntu != fully POSIX compliant06:56
Spence_i just switched over to linux today, i'm a total noob06:56
* Out_Cold was repartitioning LVMs at 6am and erased all his backups... after erasing his /06:57
Briandb1222psywiped: I don't have a cat. I got frustrated :P06:57
PCTeacher012so far, i have %users... idk what next and i cnt find exanples06:57
FlannelPCTeacher012: alright.  http://debaan.blogspot.com/2007/02/sudo-sudoers-examples.html  almost all the way at the bottom, jake,jim LOCAL = NOPASSWD: /sbin/service crond restart  (I haven't looked through the rest of that sudoers, but that line is exactly what you need)  You can change LOCAL to ALL, since you likely don't care about localhost vs not.06:57
new2ubuntuwhen i click on the internet icon in the bar at the top, it doesnt have any networks there, so im guessing that means that it doesnt have the drivers for my computer. so can someone help me finding the linux drivers i need to get the wireless working?06:57
frimpleI would hope my question would be quick.  8.10 install won't detect attached SATA hdd, is there a default driver I should choose from the install menu?06:57
PCTeacher012thnx a ton Flannel06:57
FlannelPCTeacher012: and, of course, you can change the list of usernames to a group.  (and you want to modify the command to be the command he'll do, full path to the command)06:58
bernzfrimple, quick answer (not necessarily "good"): kubuntu seems to be better at detecting SATA drives, in my experience -- no idea of a "trick" for regular ubuntu for SATA06:58
psywipedfrimple did it see them when using the live cd?06:58
bernzfrimple, you could use kubuntu to get up and running, then overlay the regular ubuntu UI and stuff06:59
frimplenot using the live CD (at least I think I am not) downloaded 8.10 iso and burned to disc.06:59
psywipedfrimple and that would be the live ck06:59
psywipedfrimple and that would be the live cd*06:59
PCTeacher012is this correct code for what i want to do flannel?"<USER> LOCAL = NOPASSWD /sbin/service also force-reload06:59
frimpleI wonder if it's because it's an AMD motherboard?07:00
PCTeacher012i mean alsa07:00
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: u got a typo, its ala07:00
d_1nev1tab1eyea alsa07:00
FloodBot3d_1nev1tab1e: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:00
FlannelPCTeacher012: alsa not also.  You're missing a colon after NOPASSWD, and make LOCAL ALL instead.07:00
frimpledid some firt level googling but didn't find any results related to my mobo07:00
PCTeacher012ya, i noticed that xD But will that be the correct code?07:00
zcat[1]trying to record video from bt878 card to file. Any suggestions?07:00
PCTeacher012Flannel: "<USER> ALL = NOPASSWD;  /sbin/service alsa force-reload" correct now?07:01
frimple>psywiped strange, I can't "boot" from the CD, only install options07:01
psywipedfrimple so your trying to install ubuntu right now from the cd and your inside the gui right and its no seeing your dirves?07:01
FlannelPCTeacher012: colon, not semicolon.07:01
PCTeacher012Oh LOL!07:01
Spence_i'm using UNetbootin and putting Ubuntu Live on my flash drive, will it work with a laptop?07:01
frimplecorrect, though it's not the pretty x gui07:01
frimpleit's the standard blue background server isntall stuff07:01
PCTeacher012Flannel: "<USER> ALL = NOPASSWD:  /sbin/service alsa force-reload" now?07:02
psywipedSpence_ yes if you boot from usb07:02
Spence_alright, cool07:02
FlannelPCTeacher012: looks right, yes.07:02
PCTeacher012okay, saving then testing07:02
FlannelPCTeacher012: instead of user, you can use a group too.  If you want to give yourself that ability as well.07:02
new2ubuntureally its 2am here, i cant do any more searching, i have a wireless WAP2 network, is this link helpful to me at all?? http://www.linuxhomenetworking.com/wiki/index.php/Quick_HOWTO_:_Ch13_:_Linux_Wireless_Networking  if not can someone find a better one?07:02
FezzlerYouTube videos causing FireFox to crash???07:03
Aval0nhas anyone in here used dante-client?07:03
bernzfrimple, you probably already know this, but your SATA driver would show up as a "SCSI" device, most likely, e.g. "/dev/sda"07:03
PCTeacher012this is probably a retarted question but: how do i save it? And ill just do <USER>,<USER> since me and him are different groups07:03
frimpleI'm sure I've burned another copy of the CD... though I think it was a intel install not AMD (which is the system I'm trying to install to now.)07:03
FezzlerIt closed down07:03
FlannelPCTeacher012: um.  Try escape, then :wq07:03
frimple>bernz can't even get to that point.  installer won't recognize any attached drives.  it prompts me for a specific driver \07:03
FlannelPCTeacher012: (then enter)... or, if there's amenu type thing across the bottom.  ctrl-o ctrl-x07:03
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: you are admin so u wont need to add urself07:04
PCTeacher012Flannel: "<USER>,<USER> ALL = NOPASSWD:  /sbin/service alsa force-reload" good now?07:04
Flanneld_1nev1tab1e: when he adds himself, he'll be able to do it without a password.07:04
PCTeacher012it wouldnt let me run it without sudo d_1n07:04
FlannelPCTeacher012: It won't let you run it without sudo now either.  It just won't require a password.07:04
bernzfrimple, on a gateway laptop with SATA drive, i couldn't get ubuntu to recognized any attached drives either, but kubuntu (7) worked (weird)07:04
d_1nev1tab1eoh i get it now07:04
FlannelPCTeacher012: (and your brother will also have to use sudo.  But again, no password, and no additional privledges)07:04
PCTeacher012so i still have to do "sudo alsa force-reload" not "alsa force-reload"?07:05
FlannelPCTeacher012: correct.07:05
c420sdoes anyone know how to prevent X-Server from automatically starting when I do CTRL+ALT+ESC?07:05
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: gksudo if its in a launcher07:05
PCTeacher012d_1n: Lol, i forgot, kk07:05
PCTeacher012Flannel: "/etc/sudoers.tmp" Correct?07:05
zcat[1]anybody? Is there a nice simple application that will let me record the video I can see in tvtime?07:05
PCTeacher012on write out it did that07:06
FlannelPCTeacher012: yeah.   and then ctrl-x to close.07:06
zcat[1]everything else is working, just nothing seems to be able to record07:06
frimplehmmm... it's a Asus M2N-E board... I wouldn't think you would need a special driver to see a HDD attached to the SATA ports right on the mobo07:06
bernzare the screensavers bundled with intrepid "configurable"? IOW, can i adjust settings on the various screensavers? (even if it means editing a text file)07:06
frimplemaybe i'll download and burn the standard instead of server.... is the upgrade easy?07:06
PCTeacher012Flannel and d_1n: Testing now07:06
psywipednew2ubuntu give this a look http://blog.timc3.com/2009/02/08/linksys-wireless-with-ubuntu-server/07:07
Flannelfrimple: If you plan on upgrading from the CD, you'll need to get the alternate, or server CD.07:07
PCTeacher012"<USER> is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported."07:07
PCTeacher012didnt save?07:07
psywipedPCTeacher012 run the cops are coming07:07
bernzfrimple, if you mean server vs desktop, then the differences are insignificant -- once installed, you can "switch" from desktop to server or vv just by installing/uninstalling various packages07:07
PCTeacher012psywiped: LOL07:07
Empathyim getting Squashfs errors during the partitioning phase of running the livecd07:08
bernz(but you'll need working net at that point, if you don't have the source CDs)07:08
fk_007did that korean rocket get shot down?07:08
psywipedfrimple is the bios seing the dirves?07:08
frimple>bernz hmmm makes me worry that the desktop installer won't recognize the HDD either07:08
Spence_i'm using the scroll wheel on my mouse and it's switching between desktops, is that a shortcut of some sort?07:08
frimple>psywiped yes07:08
psywipedSpec yes07:08
psywipedSpence_ yes07:09
PCTeacher012"<USER>,<USER> ALL = NOPASSWD: /sbin/service alsa force-reload" still good? or something wrong @ Flannel07:09
Spence_it's doing it randomly though, how can i take advantage of it?07:09
psywipedSpence_ its not ramdom07:09
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: u did replace<USER> with the correct username, right?07:09
PCTeacher012d_1n: Yes07:09
bernzfrimple, yeah; i'm still a bootloader novice, but you might be able to install an "advanced" bootloader (e.g. GRUB2), and perhaps it will have enough "smarts" to get the live CD started... i dunno07:09
zcat[1]!info dvr07:09
ubottudvr (source: dvr): Digital Video Recorder. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.2-9.1 (intrepid), package size 315 kB, installed size 960 kB (Only available for i386 amd64)07:09
PCTeacher012"calebandmom,cody ALL = NOPASSWD: /sbin/service alsa force-reload" Is real thing07:09
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: sorry, just checking :P07:09
=== circusbred___ is now known as circusbred
zcat[1]seems to do what I want. thanks for the help07:10
PCTeacher012d_1n: No prob, but i posted with Usernames because it might be wrong when adding usernames xD07:10
frimpleit's a newer SSD drive but that shouldn't matter... right?07:10
FlannelPCTeacher012: try adding (ALL) infront of NOPASSWD: (in between = and NOPASSWD, with a space)07:10
Spence_well, i'm just minding my own buisness scrolling and it will change desktops. what am i doing to make it do that?07:10
psywipedfrimple nope same controler07:10
FlannelPCTeacher012: Also, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sudoers explains what we're doing.  Its a pretty good read.07:10
frimpleyeah, that's what I thought07:10
psywipedfrimple but use ext4 it makes better use of those07:11
bernzfrimple, what's behind the interface (IDE, SATA, etc) is totally irrelevant, and shouldn't affect anything (except physically, like heat generation, etc ;-)07:11
PCTeacher012Flannel: lol thanks :) and this is final make "calebandmom,cody ALL = ALL  NOPASSWD: /sbin/service alsa force-reload"07:11
frimplethank you, will do07:11
FlannelPCTeacher012: Oh, put a space in front of cody, after the comma.  And () around that second ALL07:11
=== RonaldH is now known as Ronald
frimple>bernz yeah, I was pretty sure, but you just never know! :)07:11
PCTeacher012Flannel: Doing now07:11
Flannelcalebandmom, cody ALL = (ALL) NOPASSWD: /sbin/service alsa force-reload07:11
bernzfrimple, gone are the days of "simple" computing technology ;-)07:11
PCTeacher012Flannel: Final Final product lol "calebandmom, cody ALL = (ALL) NOPASSWD: /sbin/service alsa force-reload07:12
psywipednow are the days of simple installs07:12
error404notfoundthe networking icon in my gnome-panel always shows a cross as if its not connected to internet even when I am connected.07:12
Out_Coldmine wasn't simple..07:12
frimple>psywiped I believe I'm evidence of the contrary07:12
psywipedfrimple install from a usb drive07:13
frimpleif only I had the 16 gig usb drive i just ordered from the egg07:13
frimpleno usb, but I have a server 2008 disk07:13
psywipedfrimple you only need a 1gig07:13
frimplei can try that install07:14
Out_Coldif i can ifup wlan0 does that mean the device is configured?07:14
bernzerror404notfound, it possible that it's showing that status for another network card which isn't connected; try double-clicking the icon for more, or right-clicking it, etc07:14
psywipedOut_Cold no u still have to configur it but at least the computer sees it07:14
frimplealso, i did a CD check on the install dvd and no errors popped up.  I can't imagine that using the usb stick vs a dvd would change the problem07:14
error404notfoundbernz: when I click "Connection information" it says no valid connections found..07:14
PCTeacher012%admin ALL=(ALL) ALL (Kindof funny how many all's lol)07:15
Out_Coldconfigure it in /etc/network/interface?07:15
error404notfoundOut_Cold: did...07:15
Briandb1222erm, how do I know if I have the AMD64 platform?07:15
bernzfrimple, i agree, starting via USB stick shouldn't "help" any program "see" the SATA drive if it's already "invisible"07:15
error404notfoundOut_Cold: /etc/network/interfaces07:15
PCTeacher012It saved but new error Flannel07:15
PCTeacher012"Sorry, user calebandmom is not allowed to execute '/sbin/alsa force-reload' as root on cody-desktop." @ flannel07:15
bernzBriandb1222, you did *purchase* your hardware, right?  ;-) the user manual usually describes your equipment specs07:15
bernzBriandb1222, you can also often run software to tell you about your system (e.g. 'devicemanager')07:16
frimplebrb, going to use the 2k8 install dvd and see if it spot's the hdd07:16
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: ur entry is still wrong07:16
Enigmawtf... you have to hold down alt to move windows around in the new gnome07:16
Briandb1222bernz:  bought it used from my stepdad. I don't think he gave me the manual and don't know if he has it.07:16
PCTeacher012"calebandmom, cody aLL = (ALL) NOPASSWD: /sbin/service alsa force-reload"07:16
bernzerror404notfound, YMMV, but i had to erase the existing (default) profile in networkmanager, then create one (i use static IP) for my LAN connection.07:16
FlannelPCTeacher012: what command did you run?07:17
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: calebandmom, cody ALL = (ALL) NOPASSWD: /sbin/alsa force-reload07:17
PCTeacher012sudo alsa force-reload07:17
FlannelPCTeacher012: you missed a service in there.07:17
Flannelsudo service alsa force-reload07:17
bernzBriandb1222, doh! well, you *could* open the case and take note of the model/serial number on the mainboard, and then look it up by manufacturer's website or whatever07:17
bazookaquestion .....is it possible to get the processes running on the system using a java application and then sending the details to the server ?.. i am thinking of my final yr projects on these lines07:17
coolzhow can i create wireless bridge ubuntu 8.1007:17
bernzBriandb1222, i know it's kind of a hassle, but at least you'll be sure07:17
=== mater is now known as vetrix
PCTeacher012ahh d_1n LOL, thanks, testing again07:18
Enigmai hope there is a way to turn that off07:18
FlannelPCTeacher012: No.  That's wrong.  Your sudoers was right.  Your command wasn't.07:18
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: Flannel is right, ur missing service aswell07:18
PCTeacher012Yea, Sudo it done now, it works :D Thanks a ton!07:18
bernzbazooka, well, it's sort of "risky", but you could shell out to run 'ps aux | grep something' where 'something' is probably "java" or whatever clue you'll find in the 'ps aux' output that identifies apps running in a JVM07:19
error404notfoundanother issues is that I unmute mic to use skype but as soon as I close volume manager, mic is again muted, I have to keep it minimized..07:19
PCTeacher012tell me if my launcher is correct "gksudo alsa force-reload"07:19
psywipedfrimple what does fdisk -l tell you?07:19
FlannelPCTeacher012: no.  service07:19
bernzbazooka, i say "risky" because shelling out to have a script do something has various security implications (but this is assuming you're not already in the shell, like a bash script or something)07:19
frimple>psywiped hang on, server 2k8 dvd is just starting up07:19
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: follow what flannel says, i might be wrong07:20
SiDiDoes anyone know how to disassemble a binary with nasm ?07:20
zcat[1]nope. surely there is something I can use07:20
frimpleit's a fresh drive, completely clean btw07:20
PCTeacher012thanks d_1nev1table, and Flannel, Service is now alsa, so command is "<USER>, <USER> ALL = (ALL) /etc/alsa alsa force-reload" and launcher is "gksudo alsa force-reload" all correct flannel?07:20
Flanneld_1nev1tab1e: `service alsa force-reload` is the command you're running.  You're running it with .... no.07:20
FlannelPCTeacher012: ^^07:21
psywipedSiDi no but youtube may07:21
psywipedfrimple doesnt matter07:21
n8tuserfSiDi -> arent you supposed to use debug first?07:21
SiDin8tuserf, psywiped it's for a win32 virus :D07:21
PCTeacher012Flannel: ^^ Finally, was that a hassle (But easier then it would be on windows! *Chuckles*) Thanks, that is enough in one day :) night07:21
frimplefound another ubuntu 8.10 x64 disk btw.... is there a different version for intel vs AMD?07:21
SoS11do I need to use pulseaudio if I have a HWMIX sblive soundcard?07:21
FlannelPCTeacher012: The command for sudoers is /sbin/service alsa force-reload.  The command you run at the terminal is "sudo service alsa force-reload" or gksu instead of sudo (or gksudo)07:21
bazookai intend to do this only on the college LAN ..as my project ..07:22
psywipedfrimple no07:22
PCTeacher012so my command was wrong? But it worked how it does when i run it as root?07:22
psywipedfrimple amd owns the x64 instrunction set so its called that07:22
n8tuserfSiDi -> umm you cant run that on a debugger?07:22
frimplesweet, i'm sure the other disk I found is just the regular workstation 8.1007:22
sn00p-does anybody know that packet injection works for bcm43xx in ubuntu?07:22
bernzfrimple, you can get processor-specific kernel builds (or do them yourself), but the widely-distributed copies of ubuntu usually come with "vanilla" builds that are likely to run on the widest array of x86 processors without problems07:23
d_1nev1tab1ePCTeacher012: there are many ways to get it right....07:23
SiDin8tuserf, i don't think a win virus will be compiled to be run as an ELF binary with debugging symbols :/07:23
psywipedSiDi so it has nothing to do with ubuntu?07:23
SiDipsywiped, well, it has to do with nasm, which is packaged in ubuntu :d (ok, i'm back in #asm)07:23
PCTeacher012d_1nev1table: Lol, well, as far as i can think, it is :) It works like a charm :D No password asking, and does it 100%, thanks Flannel, thank d_1nev1table07:23
psywipedbet therse a #nasm here07:23
PCTeacher012time to let my bro know xD ttyat07:24
jootsnoop, I just saw it work out of the box on a new "mint" distro yesterday...07:24
sn00p-joot, packet injection isn't working on mine07:24
SiDipsywiped, thanks, joined it07:24
psywipedi put e17 on one of my laptops today i like it07:25
HorizonXP1can someone help me to get multicasting working on my LAN? i have an ubuntu box as a router, but it doesn't seem to be allowing multicasting07:25
SiDiHorizonXP1, you should check your iptables rules07:25
jootsnoop, I was just watching some one else so I cannot help you sorry  :-(07:25
HorizonXP1sidi: ok, that's a start. what should I be looking for?07:25
nozavroniIsn't there some way to get a bunch of information about a user?07:26
nozavroniI can't remember how to do it07:26
nozavronilike... their home dir07:26
nozavronithings like that07:26
d_1nev1tab1eHorizonXP1: your switch should support multicasting too?07:26
o0Chris0o!enter | nozavroni07:26
ubottunozavroni: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!07:26
frimplenon server install dvd appears to be going well, will update once i've gone past the HDD recognition part07:26
Out_Coldnozavroni usually the user's home directory is /home/user/07:27
safruhani hi i'm on ubuntu 8.10 evolution & 2.24.3, i haven't remembered one of my e-mail account's password.I've chosen "remember my password" , could i see what it is?07:27
HorizonXP1d_1nev1tab1e: it's a linksys router that i have setup just as a passthrough. DHCP & DNS are handled by the ubuntu box07:27
SiDiHorizonXP1, i don't know exactly, i'm not good with iptables config ;p07:27
SiDinozavroni, System -> Administration -> Users and groups07:28
d_1nev1tab1eHorizonXP1: the thing is in order ot have true multicasting, ur switch needs to support it. Most cheap switches will simply turn it into broadcast and other may even block it altogether07:28
HorizonXP1d_1nev1tab1e: how would I even know?07:29
d_1nev1tab1eHorizonXP1: check the specs of your switch07:29
d_1nev1tab1eHorizonXP1: does localhost receive your multicast?07:30
kholerabbiYou guys want a challenge?07:30
HorizonXP1d_1nev1tab1e: i don't even know how to check that. i tried pinging, but got no response07:31
nozavronisorry for using enter as punctuation, but how do I find out a user's home directory?07:31
d_1nev1tab1eHorizonXP1: which service are you trying to multicast?07:31
nozavroniI'm using the server addition, I don't have a GUI07:31
kholerabbiWell, here it is. My built-in, onboard, webcam hasn't ever worked under ubuntu - ever. Never ever.07:31
HorizonXP1d_1nev1tab1e: I want to use VLC07:31
mosiacim having some slow internet issues and i already followed the guides to disable ipv6 is there any other issues there might be?07:32
=== nano is now known as aim_nano
d_1nev1tab1eHorizonXP1: open two instances of vlc on the same server and see if it works07:32
kholerabbiIt just isn't detected.07:32
aadityaHello, how can i flash a bootable ISO image to a USB drive?07:32
HorizonXP1d_1nev1tab1e: to localhost, or to ?07:33
nozavroniSIDI: I don't have a GUI so that will not work for me07:33
frimplesorry it took so long07:33
d_1nev1tab1eHorizonXP1:, or any other mcast address07:33
frimpleregular 8.10 x64 installer didn't recognize the hdd either07:33
=== bazooka is now known as perturbed
d_1nev1tab1eHorizonXP1: also make sure ur using a datagram protocol, like rtp for example07:34
jootnozavroni. type  ls   in a terminal07:34
HorizonXP1d_1nev1tab1e: yeah, i've been trying with rtp the whole time. stream doesn't open07:35
nozavronils shows my my current directory, doesnt it?07:35
nozavroniI need to know what a certain user's home directory07:35
SiDinozavroni, pwd shows the current dir07:35
nyaapwd shows the current user's home directory07:36
d_1nev1tab1eHorizonXP1: even when trying to access form the server itself?07:36
SiDinozavroni, if you can log as this user, then do so and use cd ~ and then pwd07:36
nozavronilet me ask again. How do I find out a different user's home directory07:36
HorizonXP1d_1nev1tab1e: yup. i have 2 instances of VLC open right now07:36
HorizonXP1d_1nev1tab1e: i'm not using my ubuntu router for this, i'm using my desktop machine for VLC. my router's command line only.07:37
SiDinozavroni, "cat /etcpasswd  | grep username"07:37
jootnozavroni. ls will show you everthing07:37
SiDinozavroni, sorry i forgot to go for the obvious things ;)07:37
nozavroniI give up07:37
Wortman in Windows I have a program called switchblade that takes keyboard keys and maps them to gaming controllers is there an app like this for Ubuntu07:37
wolterhi, anybody with a 1530 around?07:37
d_1nev1tab1eHorizonXP1: ur desktop is running ubuntu too?07:37
jootnozavroni. why give up??07:38
SiDinozavroni, "cat /etc/passwd | grep username" *07:38
HorizonXP1d_1nev1tab1e: Gentoo actually.... :S07:38
Wortmanarch here... dont feel bad :-P07:38
d_1nev1tab1eHorizonXP1: well its  a problem of ur gentoo machine, but im trying to see if i am getting the same problem on my ubuntu machine07:39
SiDiWortman, if your game controller is recognised, you could make your custom X11 layout, i suppose07:39
WortmanSiDi yes it is an XBOX 360 controller07:40
albechwow i must say 9.04 looks great. awesome improvements07:40
mosiacAnyone have any experience with slow connection in ubuntu but no problem in windows, and it not be ipv6 related?07:40
timcarghhh. chinese internet. can someone please pastebin this for me07:40
kevin009is there an easy way to pipe the contents of those little notifications into the festival synthesizer?07:40
Briandb1222What program can I get to open EXE files with?07:40
HorizonXP1d_1nev1tab1e: i'm not sure it's just cuz it's Gentoo... there's something messed with the way my LAN is configured i think. I'm trying it on my laptop right now, and it's not working either07:40
Wortmanworks fine in emulators, I just want to use it in world of warcraft and such07:40
timci cannot get that page to load.07:40
albechBriandb1222, wine?07:40
albechBriandb1222, !wine07:40
o0Chris0oalbech→ indeed, please join #ubuntu+1 for 9.04 support and chat07:40
HorizonXP1d_1nev1tab1e: and i was using my laptop on another network to multicast using vlc just fine07:40
LimeBurstdoes wine support languages other than english?07:41
d_1nev1tab1eHorizonXP1: ur gentoo machine is ur laptop?07:41
Briandb1222albech: hmmmm Wine? wierd. When I downloaded it it said it was for linux as well...hmmm07:41
HorizonXP1d_1nev1tab1e: i have a desktop and a laptop. both are gentoo07:41
LimeBursttry doing that through package manager07:41
HorizonXP1d_1nev1tab1e: my router is ubuntu, which is why i'm here :)07:41
d_1nev1tab1eHorizonXP1: ur laptop cant stream to itself on ur network?07:41
LimeBurstthat way is much easier07:41
HorizonXP1d_1nev1tab1e: yeah, apparently07:42
d_1nev1tab1eHorizonXP1: multicast normall shouldnt even go to the router07:42
d_1nev1tab1eHorizonXP1: but i could be wrong, however the way i understood it it shouldnt go there07:42
HorizonXP1d_1nev1tab1e: that's my understanding too07:42
d_1nev1tab1eHorizonXP1: i mean only packets designated to leave subnet should go to the router07:43
WortmanLimeBurst Wine supports whatever language is installed in Ubuntu07:43
Briandb1222LimeBurst: even if it is an EXE?07:43
HorizonXP1d_1nev1tab1e: i'm watching my network traffic in system monitor, and i'm sending out data at a constant 25 kb/s, but not receiving anything07:43
d_1nev1tab1eHorizonXP1: it probably is ur switch, but then i also believe it shouldnt even go to ur switch07:43
d_1nev1tab1eHorizonXP1: try unplugging ur computer from the network altogether and then streaming it07:44
SiDiBriandb1222, Wine is a linux API that allows running Windows programs under Linux07:44
HorizonXP1d_1nev1tab1e: ok, i'll just turn off the wifi :)07:44
zorobyteI just compiled the new kernel with make. Now, how do i install it?07:44
Briandb1222SiDi: I'm aware07:44
LimeBurstwhat do mean it's an EXE Vfile07:45
LimeBurstmaybe a problem with ies4linux...07:45
d_1nev1tab1eHorizonXP1: it is not surprise that u get outgoing traffic. The multicast will spread to all nodes of the subnet07:46
mattgyver83I have multiple symlinks, if i change the folder name that they point to, how may i update these links so that they aren't broken?07:46
HorizonXP1d_1nev1tab1e: on my laptop, it didn't like that. it said that host port 1234 is unreachable07:46
Briandb1222LimeBurst: It has the .exe extension.07:46
Wortmanzorobyte you dont "install a kernel" if it is compiled, you need to edit your boot configuration file to point to it07:46
Briandb1222ok I thought I said LimeWire at first.07:46
HorizonXP1d_1nev1tab1e: this is VLC throwing the error as I try to stream07:46
LimeBurstwine was made to execute exe files on linux07:46
d_1nev1tab1eHorizonXP1: i could be wrong but i believe that ur switch doesnt support multicast and gentoo insists on sending it out to its next node.07:47
wolterplease pm me if you are having issues with your dell xps m153007:47
d_1nev1tab1eHorizonXP1: maybe u can enable multicast on ur switch?07:47
labadmini want to create my own ubuntu live cd07:47
HorizonXP1d_1nev1tab1e: yeah maybe. how i do that in a linksys router, no clue07:47
Briandb1222oh, nevermind...seems I have what I was looking for on the package manager07:48
d_1nev1tab1eHorizonXP1: access the routers settings with a web-browser by typing its ip after http:// and browse the settings, see if u find something related07:48
HorizonXP1d_1nev1tab1e: SOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!07:48
HorizonXP1d_1nev1tab1e: Linksys Settings: Filter Multicast is CHECKED07:49
d_1nev1tab1eHorizonXP1: :)07:49
Shinuthat was odd.07:49
HorizonXP1d_1nev1tab1e: you know why? cuz the linksys router does basically nothing anymore. all it does is act as wireless bridge, so the ubuntu router can provide dns, dhcp, and wan access wirelessly. it connects to the linksys router via rj4507:50
HorizonXP1for the last year, i haven't touched ANYTHING.... so if anything goes wrong, i figure it's some setting on the box07:50
HorizonXP1i never even considered the linksys router07:50
gene2I'm trying to get the source for linux-image-2.6.24-23-rt, so I do apt-get source linux-image-2.6.24-23-rt  and I get the kernel source, however when I run make menuconfig I notice that the full preempt components are missing and the choices it tries to load from /boot/config-2.6.24-23-rt are missing07:50
d_1nev1tab1eHorizonXP1: so its fixed now?07:51
HorizonXP1d_1nev1tab1e: i'm trying now, but it doesn't seem like it07:51
gene2how and when does the patch get applied when the original package was made, because when I downloaded the patch and tried to apply manually it wouldn't go in, some files were alredy modified while others were not07:52
d_1nev1tab1edont forget to renable ur wlan :P07:52
frimpweak sauce07:52
frimpserver 2k8 x64 install sees the hdd.  8.10 server and 8.10 workstation does not07:52
snoopy1alphahi there. Is there a way to tell which kernel module is responsible for the wireless card?07:52
HorizonXP1d_1nev1tab1e: i did. no dice.07:52
d_1nev1tab1eHorizonXP1:  make sure u applied the settings and restart the router07:53
snoopy1alphayes, but the list is too long and I don't know which module is the right one07:53
d_1nev1tab1eHorizonXP1: if it still doesnt work u should contact linksys about its. it clearly is not an ubuntu issue :P07:53
Raphi974Hi everyone07:53
Raphi974Here's my problem : I can't right click on the HP Go Home applet and I want to remove it from my panel :(07:54
zorobyteI'm trying to backport lis3lv02d.c to 8.10. I cannot get the file to compile. I get (when running make) make: *** No targets.  Stop.07:54
hareldvdUsing samba network printing to print to a remote Xerox WorkCenter PE 116 (using driver of PE 120) , in system-config-printer->printer properties when trying to print test page on the Printer status I get: "Idle - Can't loat /etc/samba/smb.conf - run testparam to debug it". Any idea?07:54
palmjehaeldvd: have you installed the samba server, since that file is the configuration for it07:55
HorizonXP1d_1nev1tab1e: this is very annoying07:56
Raphi974Any ideas ?07:56
hareldvdpalmje, Yep. Samba server smbd and nmbd are running.07:56
kdemarhola alguin habla español07:56
=== sisqo is now known as return
ubottukdemar: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.07:57
d_1nev1tab1eHorizonXP1: did u restart ur router?07:57
kdemarde donde eres07:57
Briandb1222Ok I installed a package. I can't use the package....why?07:57
palmjehareldvd: are you able to access the samba shares at all?07:58
HorizonXP1d_1nev1tab1e: i'm looking for the button to do that. otherwise i'm gonna have to get up and do it, lol07:58
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hareldvdpudes ir a system07:58
troopperiRaphi974: how did u install that?07:58
hareldvdkdemar prinerso a system07:59
hareldvdplamje yes07:59
HorizonXP1ok brb07:59
d_1nev1tab1eHorizonXP1: its def. worth a try if u want mcast to work07:59
labadminsomeone with idea on live cd07:59
hareldvdkdemar entonses a administration07:59
Raphi974troopperi, With some package that gave me the HP Mini Interfac07:59
hareldvdkdemar y finalmente a languge07:59
labadminsomeone with idea on live cd07:59
labadminsomeone with idea on live cd08:00
hareldvdkdemar busca espanol aqui08:00
Raphi974troopperi, but now i can't remove the HP Go Home applet08:00
labadminsomeone with idea on live cd08:00
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troopperiRaphi974:  and you using ubuntu08:00
Guest53308hi all, any help with this error expected ‘=’, ‘,’, ‘;’, ‘asm’ or ‘__attribute__’ before string constant ?08:00
Raphi974troopperi, yea08:00
Raphi974troopperi, Jaunty Beta08:00
labadminsomeone with idea on live cd08:00
labadminsomeone with idea on live cd08:00
labadminsomeone with idea on live cd08:00
FloodBot3labadmin: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:00
troopperiRaphi974:  to console write sudo apt-get remove (package name)?08:00
Shinusince wehen did we get floodbots08:00
joothad them for ages08:01
Shinuhm. never noticed them08:01
Raphi974troopperi, can't remember the name of that package, but i'll search08:01
Sagacihow long after the release of ubuntu 9.04 will people be able to request CD's or is there preorder?08:01
Raphi974Sagaci, there is preorder08:02
Briandb1222need help. I installed packages and I can't use the programs included. How do I do that?08:02
troopperiRaphi974:  ok08:02
Raphi974Sagaci, https://shipit.ubuntu.com/08:03
jootBriandb1222, what did you install and how did you do it??08:04
Briandb1222joot: when to the package manager. Installed the PennMUSH package08:04
hareldvdhi axsd08:04
labadminhi shinu08:05
labadminhi shinu08:05
HorizonXPd_1nev1tab1e: back. restarting router didn't do squat08:05
jootBriandb1222, what does penmush do?08:05
hareldvdhorizon, which router do you have?08:05
HorizonXPhareldvd: linksys wrt54g08:05
hareldvdwhat is the host i.p adress?08:06
troopperiRaphi974:  did you install that package what u have download internet?08:06
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)08:06
gene2Anyone have any idea how to rebuild the original linux-image-2.6.24-23-rt package? the source for this is not complete is missing the real time patch08:07
jootBriandb1222, try to open it from the terminal by typing the program name <enter>08:07
HorizonXPhareldvd: which host? i'm trying to get multicasting working on my LAN. i can't even get it to work locally on the same machine. we think my router is filtering the packets08:07
Raphi974troopperi, yea, it was on an extra repo for HP MIE08:07
Raphi974troopperi, but i can't find that package name08:08
Briandb1222joot, thanks. PennMUSH is an app used for text-based gaming...like an MMO but not a video game08:08
troopperiRaphi974:  try synaptic package manager to find it08:08
d_1nev1tab1eHorizonXP: it surely is a problem with the linksys router which ur using solely as a switch. You would need to consult linksys as I dont know what could be wrong with it.08:09
Briandb1222joot, didn't work.08:09
FlannelBriandb1222: read /usr/share/doc/pennmush/README.Debian08:09
axsd9dhi all, Is there any application to bypass a firewall download limit of 2mb in ubuntu??08:10
FlannelBriandb1222: that likely explains what you need to do to get it up and running.08:10
jootBriandb1222, maybe this will help    http://www.google.co.nz/search?q=pennmush&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=com.ubuntu:en-US:unofficial&client=firefox-a08:10
Guest53308hi all, any help with this error expected ‘=’, ‘,’, ‘;’, ‘asm’ or ‘__attribute__’ before string constant ?08:10
jootFlanel, sorry I did not see your post08:11
coolmadmaxi have crossover LAN laptop-fedora 10 and system ubuntu with kde 3.5 network set up ip address laptop ubuntu. How to establish connetion (route) that this two see each other.What i have to put for route and gatway?08:15
kaytortugaI have two graphics cards in my computer. An integrated card, and a pci card. I have a monitor hooked up to each. How do I get them both to work together?08:15
Briandb1222Kay: smash them together08:16
kaytortugathe lspci output of the two cards are: 00:02.0 Display controller: Intel Corporation 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE Chipset Integrated Graphics Device (rev 01)08:16
Slartaxsd9d: not unless that firewall is broken broken08:16
kaytortugaand: 01:04.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon RV100 QY [Radeon 7000/VE]08:17
coolmadmaxi have crossover LAN laptop-fedora 10 and system ubuntu with kde 3.5 network set up ip address laptop ubuntu. How to establish connetion (route) that this two see each other.What i have to put for route and gatway?08:18
kaytortugano help?08:18
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axsd9dSlart: if i could encyrpt the incoming data through a ssh tunnel or something like that would that be useful??08:18
Slartkaytortuga: afaik there's no way to make them work together.. you might be able to make them work at the same time though.. try !twinview or !dualhead08:19
mark[oz]can anyone suggest something like vmware for ubuntu?08:19
mark[oz]that is better or similar?08:19
WERDER|icerootmark[oz]: virtualbox08:19
mark[oz]sick of patching vmware.08:19
mark[oz]k, will check it out08:20
mark[oz]does it run vmware vms?08:20
WERDER|icerootmark[oz]: dont know08:20
Slartaxsd9d: 2mb is 2mb... unless some traffic is free or unlimited there's not much you can do about it08:20
mark[oz]k, will try it out08:21
axsd9di can browse unlimited only problem is files greater than 2mb cannot be downloaded08:21
jam3s0nI'm having trouble installing my Nvidia driver. I got it working so I could change my resolution, but I tried to enable desktop effects and it told me the driver wasn't enabled. So I enabled it and restarted. Then I get an error "nvidia kernel could not load..." So then I installed Envy and tried to install the driver that way... still didn't work; any suggestions?08:22
axsd9dbtw i am using my mobile wap connection and the firewall is network operated08:22
d_1nev1tab1eaxsd9d:  i can think of one ugly workaround, not quite sure how to implement it tho08:23
Slartaxsd9d: I would talk to whoever setup that firewall, if you have legitimate reasons for downloading larger files I'm sure it won't be a problem08:23
troopperijam3s0n: what card u have at nvidia?08:23
d_1nev1tab1eaxsd9d: basically u could make a script that reconnects u automatically and run everything in a screen on ur remote server08:23
d_1nev1tab1eaxsd9d: u can also do key exchange to avoid entering ur password all the time08:24
jam3s0ngeforce go 760008:24
jam3s0ni need to double check08:24
jam3s0nyeh, that's it08:25
axsd9dIs there any applications one of the  apps i came across is firedrill. but thats not working08:26
greyyow, big channel.08:26
kk1how can I install grub from a Live CD?08:27
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Flannel!grub | kk108:27
ubottukk1: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto08:27
Flannelkk1: First link08:27
jam3s0ndriver 180.44 is supported and recommended. I basically need a way to back-track so I can reconfigure and install the driver again08:28
greyI just installed ubuntu 8.10 on a system with an asus m3n78-vm motherboard, (nvidia 8200 chipset including forcedeth LAN), and LAN is not being detected at all, not even a link light08:28
greythe nic worked well with slackware 1/2 hour ago, and works fine under windows xp when I dual boot to it08:29
troopperijam3s0n:  you have to first remove all what u have install and then only those Restricted Drivers08:29
greyany suggestions?08:29
FlynsarmyDoes empathy in jaunty support video chat for MSN?08:29
jootgrey, enable networking??08:29
error404notfoundhow can I force a reinstall of add/remove? I got it corrupt after installing adobe air08:30
Seven-7I'm trying to get GRUB to recognize my Windows parition and I'm having trouble.08:30
kk1Flannel: I have no /boot/grub08:30
grokeni want to mount a tmpfs into a folder that currently has contents. when i mount into this folder, i want to make a copy of the contents of that folder on the tmpfs so that i can change as needed without altering the originals. how do i do this?08:31
troopperijam3s0n:  anyway what says when write ti console glxinfo|grep direct08:31
greyjoot: it is enabled08:31
jam3s0none sec08:31
jootgrey, so is it showing a connection?08:31
oculus_Have you guys used ubuntu in netbooks like eeepc? Works without problems?08:31
palmjegroken: if you mount something into a folder that has contents you can't access those contents at all08:31
phantomcircuitwhich package has the headers for opengl?08:32
crdlbphantomcircuit: depends on your video driver08:32
jam3s0nXlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":1.0".08:32
jam3s0nXlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":1.0".08:32
jam3s0nXlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":1.0".08:32
jam3s0nXlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":1.0".08:32
jam3s0nXlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":1.0".08:32
FloodBot3jam3s0n: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:32
jootgrey, pull the ethernet cable out and replace it08:32
greyjoot: already tried that08:32
kk1!grub | Seven-708:32
ubottuSeven-7: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto08:32
grokenpalmje: right, so is there a way to copy the contents to the filesystem that i'm about to mount without having to do it all manually?08:32
Seven-7kk1: Yeah, that's not my problem.08:33
greyjoot: and two different switches even, it's definately not a physical connection issue08:33
troopperijam3s0n:  there is no working drivers now,08:33
FlynsarmyDoes empathy in jaunty support video chat for MSN?08:33
jootgrey, do you still have ppp on your router/modem08:33
jam3s0ncan you say that in different terms?08:34
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troopperijam3s0n:  now uninstall every nvidia packages and retricted drivers, then reboot and install only restricted drivers....08:34
palmjegroken: the only way I know of how to do it would be to mount the new filesystem in a different location, copy the contents across and then remount it to that location08:34
jootgrey, other than a reboot I am out of ideas.. maybe one of the network gurus can jump in here...08:34
kk1how do I get a /boot/grub ?08:34
greyjoot: the system is connected to an openbsd router, this isn't my first time to the networking rodeo ;)08:34
jam3s0nwhat is the nvidia x server?08:34
greyjoot: thanks for trying08:35
ziehi there08:35
Guest53308hi all, any help with this error expected ‘=’, ‘,’, ‘;’, ‘asm’ or ‘__attribute__’ before string constant ?08:35
grokenpalmje: in the case of tmpfs, the contents are removed on unmount i do believe. but i was looking at the same thing if there was no direct option to do this08:36
kkathmanjam3s0n, the x server is one thing...nvidia is another08:36
palmjejam3s0n: the nvidia x server is basically the settings for the nvidia driver for the x-server08:36
kkathmanjam3s0n, google is your friend :)08:36
ktebitthe last ubuntu wont have all driver before a year?08:36
Seven-7I'm having problems with step 8 on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot#Installing%20Windows%20After%20Ubuntu08:36
zie i was successfuly install mysql on ubuntu , but i can't setup new passwd08:37
jam3s0ngoogle, is the endless world of nothing08:37
kkathmanpalmje, technically that's not exactly right, the xserver is the display mechanism, the xorg.conf is the settings for it08:37
zieanybody can tell me ?08:37
jootgrey, Wait for twenty minutes and re ask you question08:37
greyjoot: ok08:37
kkathmanjam3s0n,  if you want to run linux, you'd better learn to use it :)08:37
jam3s0njust got it last night ;)08:37
ktebitthe last ubuntu wont have all driver before a year?08:38
* jwh335 hi08:39
jam3s0nmy screen refreshes 6 times then stops the gdm, then i restart it and it does it again... eventually it works though08:39
d_1nev1tab1ekkathman: ubuntu shouldnt be so hard that you would need to depend on google. That atleast is the goal08:39
palmjekkathman: true, but I was just trying to keep it fairly simple08:39
kkathmand_1nev1tab1e, lol, but we know thats not true right :)08:39
d_1nev1tab1ekkathman: thats y we are here :P08:39
kkathmaneventually people will need to fix things :)08:40
d_1nev1tab1ebut i always have faith in the next version. jaunty for now08:40
kkathmand_1nev1tab1e, I've run ubuntu since Warty, so I think its getting better, but when things break (and they will) google is a great resource, if not just the ubuntu wiki :)08:41
kkathmanor the forums :)08:41
Flannelkkathman: Please direct them to the wiki and the forums before google though.08:41
jam3s0nthere is tons of solutions for this, but none that have worked as they should08:41
Seven-7How do I find out a partitions number?08:41
palmjegroken: true, or you could simply mount the new location over the top of the old one...08:41
d_1nev1tab1ekkathman: i know it does and it makes me forget how to use command line tools. :P08:42
ZencydeI'm sure someone in here uses WoW. Has anyone had any issues getting it to boot under Wine? I just updated my nVidia graphics driver and I'm too lazy and stoned to go tinkering.08:43
JessicaParkerhi can anyone assist with getting postfix configures with email on ubuntu ?08:43
kkathmand_1nev1tab1e,  lol - I was a bit lucky, I had a guru that taught me that 1st!08:43
troopperi!nvidia | jam3s0n08:44
ubottujam3s0n: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto08:44
jvmhey guys. i installed apache2 and the php5 module, but when restarting apache, it says "/usr/lib/apache2/modules/libphp5.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory". locate shows no such file on the whole system. how to fix it?08:44
palmjejvm: have you installed the libapache2-mod-php5 package?08:47
cody_I have installed ubuntu currently08:47
cody_but unable to boot it08:48
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ircd08:48
ubottuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines08:48
cody_I have started using wubi08:48
jvmpalmje, yeah.08:48
eternal_!find ircd08:48
ubottuFound: dancer-ircd, dancer-ircd-doc, inspircd, inspircd-dbg, ircd-hybrid (and 7 others)08:48
lstarneseternal_: try aptitude search ircd08:49
ziejvm, check on module conf08:49
jvmzie, what do you mean?08:49
palmjejvm: have you changed any of the settings (for apache)?08:49
eternal_lstarnes:  thanx i installed dancer but couldn't get it to show out to the real world08:49
lstarneseternal_: consider a different ircd.  dancer is very old and hard to configure08:50
jvmpalmje, i reconfigured the port settings and adapted the default virtual host, as well having changed the AllowOverride setting in the default host.08:50
lstarneseternal_: inspircd may be available08:50
eternal_oki ty08:50
ziecat /etc/apache2/mods-available/php5.load08:51
eternal_lstarnes:  thanx it was only listing dancer in the synaptic before :)08:52
jvmzie, LoadModule php5_module /usr/lib/apache2/modules/libphp5.so08:52
ziecheck that's file exist ?08:52
jvmit does not.08:52
zieyou must installed first08:52
palmjejvm: that shouldn't affect the php module at all... Try doing a reinstall of the php and see if that replaces the file08:53
Martyr2k6well, ubuntu loves my quad core now08:53
Martyr2k6now I just have to determine which vm software is best for running multiple operating systems08:53
Martyr2k6any help?08:54
rww!vm | Martyr2k6: I recommend Virtualbox. There are a bunch08:54
ubottuMartyr2k6: I recommend Virtualbox. There are a bunch: There are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications08:54
jvmzie, palmje, thanks for your help.08:55
Martyr2k6well here is my thing, I want to run vista and xp under ubuntu at will, and to use them as though they were the sole os08:55
Martyr2k6basically I want the vm to use all the hardware I have in this machine08:56
Martyr2k6not sure if vbox can do that08:56
ziejvm yep08:56
Martyr2k6like, I want to be able to have vista or xp on some sort of vm and say, run any game I have08:57
WERDER|icerootMartyr2k6: not your 3d-card and soundcard08:57
WERDER|icerootMartyr2k6: use dual-boot08:57
Martyr2k6no other solutions?08:57
palmjeMartyr2k6: No virtual machine can use the hardware as well as if it is directly installed and graphics is one of the biggest weak points of them08:57
WERDER|icerootMartyr2k6: no08:57
Seven-7How do I find out a partitions number?08:58
palmjeSeven-7: you could use a tool like parted08:58
j416i believe VMWare has 3D acceleration08:58
Martyr2k6hmmm, is there a way that I can get ubuntu to recognize either my zune or my external hard drive ?08:58
j416try and see.08:58
Zeit|awy_palmje: let's say, no x86 hardware can do that.. ;)08:58
Seven-7palmje: Yeah, but what is the number located at?08:59
Seven-7Is it the number next to sda?09:01
palmjeSeven-7: parted is a partitioning tool and as such it can show you the attached hdds and partitions in each of those drives so you should be able to get all the information from that and if you want a GUI you can use gparted or qtparted09:01
palmjeSeven-7: sda1 means 1st device partition 109:01
icqn!info btnx09:02
ubottuPackage btnx does not exist in intrepid09:02
Seven-7Awesome. That's what I needed to know.09:02
zieanyone has install mysql on jaunty dev ?09:02
Martyr2k6ok, so I have ubuntu as the primary os right now, how do I go about dual booting vista and ubuntu09:04
rwwMartyr2k6: http://apcmag.com/how_to_dualboot_vista_with_linux_linux_is_already_installed.htm09:06
zieadd list option on your menu.lst09:06
zie!google lol09:06
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about google lol09:06
coolmadmaxi have crossover LAN laptop-fedora 10 and system ubuntu with kde 3.5 network set up ip address laptop ubuntu. How to establish connetion (route) that this two see each other.What i have to put for route and gatway?09:08
marie_blubb_hey guys, I've got a problem with my cronjob. I'd like to run the programme rsnapshot and I entered in the cron these lines. SHELL=/bin/bash  PATH=/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/sbin:/usr/sbin:/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/bin/X11 */50 * * * * /usr/bin/rsnapshotp   ther must be something wrong as the cron is not running09:08
mpoz2How long will the upgrade to Jaunty still be disabled (due to blacklisted python pkg)?09:08
rwwmpoz2: Jaunty questions and support in #ubuntu+1, not here, thanks :)09:09
seradinI have set up my home-directories to not allow other users to view their content, is there a clever and good way to still let the webserver access the public_html folder ?09:09
empathyyay i finally was able to get Jaunty to install :D turns out the problem was AHCI being enabled in my bios09:09
empathyis there any way to get it so I can re-enable AHCI?09:09
rwwempathy: Jaunty questions and support in #ubuntu+1, not here, thanks :)09:09
raVen1help guys..can some1 help me install crypt::ssleay and gtk2::trayicon!09:10
rwwbigdragon: try /quit09:10
palmjeseradin: make the public_html folder of a particular group and add the user that runs the apache webserver into that group09:10
seradinpalmje: okay, is it good/advisable to use the group of www-data or should i create another one? what would you do?09:10
raVen1help guys..can some1 help me install crypt::ssleay and gtk2::trayicon!09:11
jam3s0nError: couldn't find RGB GLX visual or fbconfig09:11
jam3s0nXlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":1.0".09:11
ziethanks rww09:11
ktebitthe last ubuntu wont have all driver before a year?09:12
raVen1help guys..can some1 help me install crypt::ssleay and gtk2::trayicon!09:12
rww!repeat > raVen109:12
ubotturaVen1, please see my private message09:12
RandomCakeHi, I just insalled 9.04 on a P4 system, and after logging in I've just got a blank scree and a mouse cursor, how can I go about figuring out what's wrong? :S09:12
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rwwRandomCake: Jaunty questions and support in #ubuntu+1, not here, thanks :)09:12
rwwI really need to macro that.09:12
RandomCakeah, okay, thans rww :)09:12
palmjeseradin: as far as I know www-data is only used by apache so it should be fine, also make sure that www-data also has execute permission on the folders leading to public_html09:13
jam3s0nktebit, who are you talking to?09:13
raVen1how would i even know if i dont have any background on linux09:13
raVen1!repeat | rww09:14
ubotturww: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience09:14
seradinpalmje: okay, thanks. My home folder has drwxr-x--x, so It should be fine. Does the execute permission for 'others' give other users any access to the home directory here?09:14
rwwraVen1: Hmm?09:15
seradinI have set up my home-directories to not allow other users to view their content, is there a clever and good way to still let the webserver access the public_html folder ?09:15
seradin(sry, just the wrong paste, ignore it)09:15
woodefechey, what to do if gnome doesn't keep my appearance settings after restart / re-login?09:16
woodefeci just get some basic grey,fonts aren't kept either09:16
raVen1help guys..can some1 help me install crypt::ssleay and gtk2::trayicon!09:16
crdlbwoodefec: for some reason, gnome-settings-daemon isn't starting09:17
palmjeseradin: all execute permission does on a folder is enable you to go into that directory, but it wont allow people to see the contents of that directory so they will need to know filenames/foldernames to be able to do anything and they will need the right permissions on those as well09:17
seradinpalmje: okay, thats what I wanted to know :-), thanks09:17
palmjeseradin: you can also set the umask of each user to set the default permissions of the files/folders they create09:18
woodefeccrdlb, ok, i started here with xubuntu, but than installed the gnome meta-packages09:18
crdlbwoodefec: you installed ubuntu-desktop?09:19
sunset46I need help getting my HP LaserJet printer working09:19
woodefeccrdlb, no :)09:20
raVen1help guys..can some1 help me install crypt::ssleay and gtk2::trayicon!09:20
BePhantomhi all, does anybody knows about hard disks?09:20
crdlbwoodefec: might be a good idea; I'm not sure I'd trust those gnome packages in universe to install everything09:20
solaardoes anybody here run ubuntu on a powerpc?09:20
sunset46what do you need to know about hard disks?09:20
raVen1this channel is only interesting and helpful when Huufarted and musikgoat are here09:21
crdlbwoodefec: if nothing else works, you can probably add a 'gnome-settings-daemon' startup apps entry in System > Preferences > Sessions09:21
solaari just installed it on a g5 imac and i'm having a lot of issues with flash and vlc09:21
woodefeccrdlb, oh no, that package isgoing to give me too much unnecessary stuff09:21
solaarnot to mention i can't set my resolution higher than 1024x76809:21
sunset46ok I have no experience working with those two apps09:21
crdlbwoodefec: --no-install-recommends should cut it down a lot09:21
rwwsolaar: Try #ubuntu-powerpc if you don't get an answer here.09:22
BePhantomhi all, i have a doubt about hard disks. I have a 5400 rpm hard disk in my lappy, i want to know if hard disks speed is variable or constant (5400 at all times)09:22
crdlbwoodefec: eg no mono stuff09:22
woodefeccrdlb, i'llsee whathappens withthat deamon09:22
palmjeBePhantom: just ask what you want to know and if someone knows the answer they will most likely respond09:22
solaaroh cool, didn't know about that channl, thanks rww09:22
woodefecthank you!09:22
woodefecsee you09:22
rwwsolaar: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ may also be helpful.09:22
palmjeBePhantom: the speed varies and also data access speed is affected by where on the disk platter it is stored09:22
solaarrww: thanks, but the internet is seriously not helpful--i always try google before irc09:23
solaari've spent a few hours researching and have come up empty09:23
susaninПривет! Тут кто-нибудь на русском шпрехает?09:23
solaarapparently there just isn't a flash player for powerpc ubuntu :(09:23
mark[oz]hey guys, i tried to load ubuntu-server-8.10-i386 into virtualbox. it installed fine but when i go to start it throws an error RE "the kernel is incorrect for this processer" any ideas?09:24
basileussusanin: привет09:24
BePhantompalmje I just disabled hard disk power off in hdparm by adding 255, will this also disable my HD variable speed?09:24
raVen1hey rww.the internet doesnt give all the answers to questions.still, experience and knowledge from other people are those that really helps...that is why this channel was made.not just redirect people to the net again09:24
rww!ru | susanin09:24
ubottususanin: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke09:24
raVen1rww: hey rww.the internet doesnt give all the answers to questions.still, experience and knowledge from other people are those that really helps...that is why this channel was made.not just redirect people to the net again09:25
raVen1oops..thats "help" typo09:25
palmjeBePhantom: I dont know that, but I don't know why you would want to since it would considerably reduce the life of the disk09:25
susaninbasileus, подскажи, пожалуйста, как сделать откат обновлений, если это вообще возможно??09:25
basileussusanin: я хз, спроси на #ubuntu-ru )09:26
BePhantompalmje because of this bug https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DanielHahler/Bug5969509:26
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about diff09:27
strAlandoes anyone know how to apply a .diff file09:27
BePhantompalmje i dont know if my laptop is affected by that bug, it's just in case09:27
Alex_21What can I strip out of the minimal install of Ubuntu?09:27
Alex_21BTW: Hi,09:27
lstarnesstrAlan: patch -p1 < file.diff09:27
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about crypt::ssleay09:27
lstarnesstrAlan: see also man patch09:27
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gtk2::trayicon09:27
strAlanlstarnes, thank you - what does p1 mean or is that in the man page09:27
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com09:27
Alex_21I want to make it 256 MB09:27
Myxbhi, i have to switch to console (ctrl+alt+f*) 2 times to get there, how to fix it? the 1st time i am brought back to x's, 2nd time works as intended.09:28
strAlanlstarnes, i'm trying to install the viewer for Second Life09:28
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots09:28
lstarnesstrAlan: it's in the man page09:28
rww!msgthebot > raVen109:28
ubotturaVen1, please see my private message09:28
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about inspircd09:28
omidwho can i used at squid_ldap_auth?09:28
omidhow can i used at squid_ldap_auth?09:28
dust_does anyone have md5sum of ubuntu-8.04.1-server-i386.iso ?09:28
raVen1!msgthebot | rww09:28
ubotturww: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".09:28
omidhow can i used at squid_ldap_auth?09:29
eternal_dust_: 7232c6004ba438890cd09aded162dc8e09:29
lstarnesomid: use what?09:29
dust_eternal_, thanks09:30
strAlanlstarnes, thanks for your help but I'm not sure which file to patch09:30
ubottuSome things are inappropriate for #ubuntu. Controversial topics, which often turn into flame wars: war, race, religion, politics, gender, sexuality, drugs, questionably legal activities, suicide are not for here. Microsoft software in ##windows (Please note Freenode Policy)09:30
strAlanlstarnes, is there any way you could look at this page and tell me if you can figure it out09:30
lstarnesstrAlan: the .diff will know which file to patch09:30
eternal_anyone running inspircd? i can't even find what to do ther e is no instructions09:30
omidway use as squid_ldap_auth09:31
strAlanlstarnes, it says "File to patch:" and the blinking cursor09:31
lstarnesomid: your question isn't making any sense to me09:31
=== nielsslot_ is now known as nielsslot
eternal_omid: You trying to ask on how to setup Squid in ldap_Auth?09:32
omidhow should i use squid_ldap_auth?09:32
kristian_hey! this is a real newbie question. when you browse some dodgy sites on inet with internet explorer/windows you get a lot of crap on your computer, when you use ubuntu/firefox are you immune against this even if you visit dodgy sites? :-P09:33
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about rww09:33
strAlanlstarnes, can I send u link09:33
eternal_i am new to all this linux but i think squid is a mail server of such so i should suggest installing the server09:33
lstarnesstrAlan: a link to what?09:33
strAlanlstarnes, the site that has the patch for the Second Life viewer - i'm not sure how to apply this patch09:33
lstarneseternal_: squid is actually an http cache and http proxy09:33
ubottusquid is a caching proxy for the Web.  See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SquidGuard  See: http://www.squid-cache.org09:34
lstarnesstrAlan: are you absolutely sure that the patch is necessary?09:34
eternal_ha tru lstarnes oops09:34
rwwkristian_: Pretty much all of that "crap" only works on Windows, so yes, you'll be fine.09:34
omidi setup squid in server proxy and setup and config ldap server but i can 't bind squid to ldap...09:34
strAlanlstarnes, according to the documentation it should fix a build error09:34
strAlanlstarnes, you know second life right ?09:34
strAlan!second life09:34
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about second life09:34
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about octopus09:34
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about secondlife09:34
lstarnesstrAlan: I've heard of it but don't use it09:34
Slartkristian_: generally speaking, no.. a linux computer is vulnerable to bad things too.. but for a couple of reasons it's less likely to get infected.. the biggest one imho is that malware writers target windows, second because you don't run as root09:34
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about octomom09:34
eternal_!find secondlife09:34
ubottuPackage/file secondlife does not exist in intrepid09:35
strAlanlstarnes, just check this out and if you don't have time for it no problem - I understand09:35
lstarnesstrAlan: whoever you got the patch from might know which file to applu it to09:35
Alex_21I need help with stripping Ubuntu down09:35
omid/usr/lib/squid/ldap_auth -b "dc=unileveriran,dc=com" -f "uid=%s" -h
strAlanlstarnes, https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-888509:35
omidi used this command for test09:35
strAlanlstarnes, I don't see anything that says "use this file to apply the patch"09:35
Alex_21I need to get it on a 512 MB card, preferably 256 MB without SWAP09:35
strAlanlstarnes, or something similar09:35
DigitalKiwiAlex_21: good luck >.>09:35
lstarnesstrAlan: cd to the directory where the source code is installed09:36
omidbut givenot response09:36
strAlanlstarnes, i'm in one of the many source directories09:36
peeeqhello.. is there anyone who can help me with gnome panel??09:36
rwwpeeeq: what about it?09:36
lstarnesstrAlan: go to the top and move the patch there as well09:36
omidcan you help me for this action?09:36
Alex_21Why do you say Good luck? how is a custome distro supossed to be 8 MB?09:36
kristian_rww : but what about the crap that targets ubuntu?09:36
peeeqi would like if i could define maximum width for my windows list09:36
omidhow should i use squid_ldap_auth?09:37
peeeqwhen panel is not expanded09:37
raVen1!find crypt::ssleay09:37
ubottuPackage/file crypt::ssleay does not exist in intrepid09:37
lstarnesomid: in unix/linux, if something is run and returns to the shell prompt without doing anything, that usually means that it worked09:37
lstarnesraVen1: try libcrypt-ssleay-perl09:37
eternal_Alex_21: have you tried other distros there is small ones for your purpose09:37
DigitalKiwiAlex_21: well ubuntu isn't generally known for fitting on that small of space09:37
Alex_21Well, I haen't tried others09:37
DigitalKiwis/generally/ever/ ?09:37
rwwkristian_: I have yet to find any. If you're concerned about it, the NoScript and AdBlock extensions for Firefox should do a pretty good job of stopping it.09:37
kristian_Slart : so if malware writers targeted linux, then we would have the same amount of crap on linux as on windows?09:37
Alex_21The problem is that I know Ubuntu administration09:38
SiDiAlex_21, what is the hdd size you have ? extremely little distros still are about 100MB (inc. 20 for kernel)09:38
DigitalKiwiwell learn some linux administration then ;D09:38
strAlanlstarnes, i'm in the first directory of the source09:38
rww!virus | kristian_: rationale on this link applies to both viruses and malware09:38
ubottukristian_: rationale on this link applies to both viruses and malware: A/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2109:38
DigitalKiwior get a bigger card :)09:38
omidbut at this command should request user and password09:38
Slartkristian_: perhaps not the same amount.. but we would have some, at least09:38
omid/usr/lib/squid/ldap_auth -b "dc=unileveriran,dc=com" -f "uid=%s" -h
lstarnesstrAlan: now try it09:38
strAlanlstarnes, i'll pastebin it09:38
kristian_rww : yeah, it's kind of a paranoia, once i've visited a dodgy site, i don't logon to my mail, bank, etc, etc. :-P09:38
jatthow can I activate tmpfs on hardy?09:38
doseryderdoes anyone know which package contains the glibc documentations (man 3 pages) which I could  apt-get ?09:39
kristian_rww : yeah, i've read that one. :-)09:39
doseryderthe name of the package09:39
rwwpeeeq: Nope, I don't think that's possible.09:39
lstarnesdoseryder: try glibc-doc09:39
Alex_21Yep, I got it to 360 MB09:39
Slartkristian_: especially if everyone was using the same distro with roughly the same components09:39
strAlanlstarnes, http://pastebin.com/m185c7109:39
Alex_21Now for a new Kernel09:39
Guest53308hi all, what header should I include to use mkstemp()09:40
omidwhy user and password not request as me?09:40
omid/usr/lib/squid/ldap_auth -b "dc=unileveriran,dc=com" -f "uid=%s" -h
SwArcherI can't wait for Ubuntu 9.04... I loved 8.1009:40
strAlan8.04 is enough for me09:40
woodbjSwArcher: same09:40
Alex_21Oh, and a GUI09:40
rwwpeeeq: there's a /apps/panel/applets/window_list_IDHERE/prefs/maximum_size, but it's deprecated.09:40
strAlanSwArcher, if you loved 8.10 why go to 9.04 ?09:40
doseryder8.10 failed to load X for me09:40
doseryderthe 8.10 liveCD failed to load X I mean. (Its a black screen) while 8.04 hardy worked fine09:41
strAlanlstarnes, do you see what I mean about the "File to patch:" prompt ?09:41
Alex_21I stick with 8.04 because I do the backend stuff on servers and the desktops get monthly tune-ups by a small tech department that often has only one indevidual on staff09:41
Alex_21Whi is part time09:42
Alex_21Who, ... Sorry09:42
lstarnesstrAlan: try -p2 instead of -p109:42
=== FT_ is now known as fasdlsdfa
strAlanlstarnes, ok09:42
strAlanlstarnes, same output09:43
peeeqrww: it was possible before version 2.20. and gconf-editor still has the key named "maximum size", but its not in use after version 2.20.. So is there any way to take it back in use.09:43
WintervenomOn an HP Pavillion dv6000, how do I get the Live CD to boot without having to hold down some key the whole time?09:43
diffredhi! I'm in Ubuntu 8.10, how can I run a .php file?09:43
=== Azure is now known as Guest92492
rwwpeeeq: Not that I can see, no.09:43
coolmadmaxi have crossover LAN laptop-fedora 10 and system ubuntu with kde 3.5 network set up ip address laptop ubuntu. How to establish connetion (route) that this two see each other.What i have to put for route and gatway?09:43
Wintervenomdiffred:  $(apt-get install php; php my_file.php)09:43
diffredWintervenom: thanks!09:44
lstarnesdiffred: or just php filename.php09:44
diffredWintervenom: E: Couldn't find package php09:44
Wintervenomdiffred:  * php5, sorry.09:44
lstarnesstrAlan: try -p009:44
diffredoh thanks09:44
strAlanlstarnes, ok - did you view the webpage that is giving me these directions09:45
peeeqrww: damn... its very annoying when i have many windows open and the panel pops top of two other panels i have both sides of windowlist-panel...09:45
strAlanlstarnes, do you agree that it doesn't specify which file to patch09:45
strAlanlstarnes, it just says "here's a patch" but doesn't say which file to patch09:45
SwArcherstrAlan, Newer packages are my motivation. Besides, when support for 8.10 is discontinued, I don't want to be there09:45
doseryderlstarnes do i have to restart the system for it to take effect?  I tried to man 3 malloc to test to see if it works, but it didn't find the manual entry09:45
seradinMy public_html-folder is now drwxr-x---, but when i create a file in it, it is set to -rw-r--r--, how can i control the permissions of newly created files in it?09:45
lstarnesstrAlan: the filename needing the patch is in the patch, but the options needed for the patch command may vary09:46
ranookhi everyone, im having a problem connecting my mp3 player, ive checked the forums but found nothing. could anyone give me a hand please?09:46
strAlanlstarnes, ok it did something but i'm still getting cmake errors09:46
Alex_21Is there a way to lock the Kernel so that it is never updated?09:47
SwArcherranook: What kind of player is it?09:47
Alex_21When I run Sudo apt-get upgrade?09:47
ranookits a chinese varient, its manufacturer is AMG Technologies09:47
rwwAlex_21: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto#Introduction%20to%20Holding%20Packages09:47
ranookconnects via USB09:47
CrueltyChinese Variant?09:47
CrueltyYou mean a Plagiat? :P09:48