mptdavidbarth, MacSlow, good morning, are you subscribed to the xdg@ list?10:22
MacSlowmpt, yes ... now I am... for a moment I mixed it up with my xorg list subscription10:24
mptMacSlow, there are technical questions in the "Notifications spec: Icons" thread that you could answer far better than I could10:25
MacSlowmpt, subscribed... will take a bit time until I'll can join that discussion... but I will... thanks for the heads up10:26
davidbarthmpt: hi10:38
davidbarthmpt: yes, i'm on the list10:38
davidbarthmpt: anything urgent to read this morning (the discussion started by bo?)10:38
mptdavidbarth, one thing that would help is data on how many programs use app_icon, how many use icon_data, and how many use both in the same notification10:39
mptbecause we're trying to decide which of those to retain and which to rename10:39
davidbarthmpt: ok, i think Aurélien will help here11:09
mptgreat, thanks11:09
* MacSlow -> lunch12:01

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