herrowim really new to ubuntu, i just got it two days ago so im sorry i dont know much.00:00
EagleScreenjoshjtl: I dont know, look for it in kde-apps web00:00
Dragnslcrherrow- how did you manage to delete your account?00:00
EagleScreenherrow do you know what is sudo?00:01
EagleScreen!sudo | herrow00:01
ubottuherrow: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)00:01
EagleScreenuse Kuser application in Applications -> System to create users and add it to admin group if you want00:02
DragnslcrExcept you have to be a superuser to do that00:03
herrowsee, i bought two computers and my sister logged in on mine before i got to it. so i tried changing the initial user and created mine and deleted the initial user and took admin settings off. but i guess mine never got created andd i only deleted the admin00:03
DragnslcrThat'll do it00:03
DragnslcrYeah, never delete the old user until you're sure that the new user is working correctly00:04
herrowyep, learned that the hard way. So, i think ill just have to reinstall the operting system, right?00:04
DragnslcrThat's all I can think of, unless you want to try to find some security exploit that you can use00:06
demmondamn i cant install .deb they are cruching all the time00:06
demmondont know what to do00:07
EagleScreenherrow you dont need to reinstall00:08
EagleScreenyou only need root access00:08
EagleScreenand create a user for your sister and another one for you00:08
DragnslcrExcept the only user in the admin group got deleted00:08
EagleScreenit can become root if its grub has password in blank (no password)00:09
DragnslcrOh yeah, you can boot into single-user mode00:09
DragnslcrI keep forgetting about Ubuntu's recovery mode00:10
EagleScreenhe can try it, may be he will access in root mode00:10
DragnslcrYeah, that'll work fine00:10
DragnslcrBlah, sorry about that. Forgot about single-user mode00:11
EagleScreenthen he can set root password by command 'passwd'00:11
EagleScreenand become root in a normal session00:11
DragnslcrWell, I wouldn't do that00:11
Dragnslcrherrow- are you on that computer right now?00:11
EagleScreenI think herrow is watching TV lol00:12
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herrowah im sorry! hahaa yeah. im on this computer00:12
herrowand im a she, :P00:12
joshjtlanyone know what msgfmt is?00:13
DragnslcrAnd that's why I never use pronouns00:13
Dragnslcrherrow- do you have another computer with Internet access?00:13
bobosohow do i find out what driver ubuntu is using to make my network card work?00:13
herrowits alright! yep, i have another ubuntu right next to me00:13
EagleScreenboboso:  are you talking about wireless card?00:14
joshjtlnevermind found it00:14
Dragnslcrherrow- probably easier to get onto IRC from there, then we can walk you through adding a new user from the shell00:14
bobosoEagleScreen: no my wired nic00:14
EagleScreenboboso: did you check jockey application?00:15
EagleScreenI mena Restricted drivers or Hardware drivers application00:15
EagleScreenit os only to know if it is a rectricted driver00:15
bobosoEagleScreen: no i didnt not sure what that is00:15
EagleScreenit is important00:15
EagleScreenboboso: whar Kubuntu version are u using?00:16
EagleScreenthen run Aplications -> System -> Hardware Drivers00:16
herrow1okay, im on the other computer00:16
EagleScreenand check if your card is using a restricted driver00:16
Freddy2which dvd-burner will be included in jaunty? k3b?00:16
EagleScreenherrow1: reboot into recovery mode00:17
Freddy2afaik it hasn't been ported to kde4, so..00:17
Dragnslcrherrow1- reboot the computer, and when you get to the grub menu, select the recovery mode option00:17
DragnslcrFreddy2- I think k3b worked fine for me the last time I tried it00:17
bobosoEagleScreen: ok it says nvidia driver version 17700:18
EagleScreenanything else?00:18
Freddy2hmm then all qt3/dcop/.. stuff is also included? even amarok1?00:18
DragnslcrFreddy2- yeah, KDE3 programs run fine in KDE400:18
EagleScreenk3b (KDE3 version) and amarok 2 (kde4 version)00:19
bobosoEagleScreen: just says i need the driver for desktop effects and stuff like that00:19
EagleScreenthat is the driver of your graphics card00:19
EagleScreennot network00:19
bobosoi know00:20
Dragnslcrboboso- a wired network adapter can usually just use the generic drivers00:20
bobosobut i dont see anything for network00:20
EagleScreendo you want to use that card in other GNU/Linux distribution?00:20
bobosoyes i have the same mobo on another box and when i do an ifconfig i only see the lo interface so i am trying to get my network card installed00:21
herrow1is it normal for the screen to say MBR 2FA: and its said that for about 2 min now00:21
demmonhelp my kubuntu is broken i cant install .deb00:21
Dragnslcrherrow1- after you selected the recovery mode?00:22
EagleScreendemmon try 'sudo dpkg --configure -a'00:22
herrow1no i havent even gotten to that menu yet00:22
Dragnslcrherrow1- hm, that's probably not good00:22
EagleScreenherrow1:  reboot again your conputer may hang00:22
herrow1how do i do that? since its not letting me to anytthing.00:23
bobosoEagleScreen: my thinking was that since kubuntu got my nic working out of the box i could find out what i need to make the other box work00:23
EagleScreenboboso:  if your card not use restricted drivers, other distributions probably has also the driver00:23
EagleScreenboboso: do you have a cofoguration problem or a driver problem?00:24
bobosonot sure00:24
bobosoi guess a driver problem since i only see the lo interface but im nto sure00:24
demmondpkg-deb: subprocess paste killed by signal (Broken pipe) EagleScreen00:24
Dragnslcrherrow1- ctrl-alt-del or press the reset button on the computer00:24
EagleScreenwhich is the other distribution boboso?00:25
Dragnslcrboboso- what about ifconfig -a?00:25
EagleScreenboboso: where are you looking for your net interface?00:25
PollywogI installed Jaunty and Gnome works but KDE stalls and never really appears00:25
PollywogI have both desktops installed, kubuntu and the ubuntu desktop00:26
EagleScreenPollywog: bad user configuration files may cause that problem00:26
PollywogEagleScreen: same result after I removed ~/.kde00:26
bobosoDragnslcr:  ifconfig -a shows my eth0 but it has no ip to it so maybe i just need to config dhcp00:27
EagleScreenPollywog: did you test it with other user?00:27
PollywogEagleScreen: ty I will make another user00:27
Dragnslcrboboso- yeah, you just need to configure it00:27
herrow1alright, so the first screen said 2 for setup, right. and 0 for boot.. i pressed 0 and it didnt do anyrhing, just continued with the log in screeen. so instead i pressed 2 for setup. is that wrong?00:28
demmondamn i forgot the command gedit it was00:28
EagleScreendemmon: paste us your error in pastebin please00:28
Dragnslcrherrow1- is this a computer that you bought with Ubuntu installed on it?00:28
EagleScreenherrow1: that screen is strange for us00:29
herrow1theres an option that says network boot?00:29
GiantTalkingCowPardon me, do any of you know the last available version of Kubuntu that used the KDE 3.x branch?00:29
EagleScreendid you choose Ubuntu Recovery mode?00:29
demmonEagleScreen: http://pastebin.com/m45e2642c00:29
EagleScreenherrow1: you may be wrong and going to BIOS or boot menu?00:30
Dragnslcrherrow1- it probably has a grub delay set to 0. Try the instructions in the 5th post here- http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1024680.html00:30
demmonEagleScreen: and its the same errror with everything every .deb file i try to install00:30
DragnslcrGiantTalkingCow- 8.0400:30
GiantTalkingCowDragnslcr: Thanks a lot.00:31
juacom99que puede ser este error: XSession: unable to start xsession ---no "/home/joaquin/.xsession" file, no "/home/joaquin/.Xsession" file, no session managers, no windows managers and no terminal emulators found; aborting00:32
EagleScreendemmon: where did you find package virtualbox-2.1_2.1.4-42893_Ubuntu_hardy_i386.deb is it from Ubuntu official repository?00:32
juacom99lo obtube despues de seguir los pasos de http://www.kubuntu.org/ para instalar kde 4.200:32
Dragnslcr!es | juacom9900:33
ubottujuacom99: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.00:33
herrow1im at boot menu, and theres options "+hard drive' "removable devices" "netwoorkl boot" and "diagnostics"00:33
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EagleScreendemmon: you have a package conflict00:33
herrow1and enter setup00:33
EagleScreenherrow1: we weren't talikng about that menu00:34
EagleScreenwe mean grub menuç00:34
Dragnslcrherrow1- did you enter the BIOS menu?00:34
EagleScreendemmon: you will need to uninstall one or two packages that cannot be installed at same time, it is an Ubuntu bug, dependences are wrong in one of these packages00:35
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EagleScreendemmon: packages: virtualbox-2.1_2.1.4-42893_Ubuntu_hardy_i386.deb and virtualbox-ose-modules-2.6.24-23-generic are in conflict, remove both of then and later install one of them00:37
demmonEagleScreen: its kewl i just installed the gedit and add the source and now no problem00:37
demmonwho gives the names of the new versions :)00:38
demmonwhat is jaunty00:39
rgarciadoes any00:40
EagleScreenJaunty Jackalope00:41
EagleScreenit is a kind of rabbit00:41
claydoha mythical rabbit-antelope cross :)00:42
herrow1i think ive dug myself pretty deep, because it00:45
herrow1is not giving me GRUB or anything00:45
EagleScreenherrow1: you may have to press Esc key to grub menu can appears00:47
EagleScreenduring boot00:47
herrow1it shows me a screen for about a second and then changes and continues the boot00:48
EagleScreenherrow1: is ubuntu the unique OS in this computer?00:48
herrow1yes, i have a mini 9 dell00:49
joshjtlhey folks how do I use apt to search for installed packages that have "word" in it?00:49
EagleScreenherrow1: press Esc key during that small time interval00:50
herrow1i have a recovery media CD, can i just use that?00:50
Dragnslcrherrow1- probably have to keep pressing Esc really fast to try to get it to give you the grub menu00:50
EagleScreentry it first herrow100:51
herrow1i got to the screen that sys "MBR 2FA" should i press enter and esc one after another repeatedly?00:52
joshjtlcan I set different wallpapers per desktop kde4?00:53
EagleScreenherrow1: you can use your Live CD but be patient00:54
Dragnslcrherrow1- worth a shot00:54
herrow1ok, i feel like im making this worse. i'll probably ask someone to help me out personally.. but thank you all so much for the help!01:08
skarnI have found a bug in kubuntu jaunty beta, reported it, but it got lost because of an update01:19
skarnnow, apport won't generate another bug report01:20
EagleScreenskarn wait a second01:23
EagleScreenskarn: look into /var/crash01:24
skarnwow, RMB -> report a problem, cool! thanks a lot01:25
* Secutor is away: Gone away for now.01:26
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g_Anyone know the best virtual mmmmmachien for linux so far?01:39
tess_84i tried to restart my laptop this morning after updates and now it wont go past the setup right at the beginning, can anyone pls help me?01:39
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.01:40
skarnthanks EagleScreen, bug reported correctly,01:42
g_which is the most developed and probably the better suited virtual machine for people who like to test out different distrobutions of linux?01:42
g_with the lowest hardware footprint01:42
g_what no b/s half assed smart ass commands for answer to those questions?01:46
EagleScreenwell done skarn01:46
skarng_ i use virtualbox, and think it' probably the easiest one,01:47
skarnbut I guess it depends on what you mean by "low hardware fottprint"01:48
g_something that a newer but not gaming laptop could handle01:48
kingbillytess_84 the other day i had to press my ctrl or alt keys otherwise it never continued past the first 8-15 seconds, give a try01:48
kingbillyg_ i use virtualbox01:49
kingbillyand i have a low end laptop01:49
kingbillywindows 7, windows xp, and linux_mint kde beta all worked really well01:49
skarng_ i have a one year old 650€ dell laptop, and elive almos flies in virtualbox :)01:49
kingbillybarely any lag01:49
skarnjust try to use only OSes built for your architechture01:50
tess_84kingbilly  thanks for that will try itow01:50
skarnno win7 64bit on a 32bit kubuntu01:50
kingbillyi was even able to play age of empires II surprisingly smooth, but like skarn says without definine "low hardware footprint"...01:50
g_virtualbox is sun's software right?01:51
kingbillyat least 2 of us had good results01:51
skarnvirtualbox Open Souce Edition is in the repos01:51
g_oh ok01:51
g_does it boot up into its own environment?01:51
skarnthere is a proprietary version, with barely any difference01:51
skarnno, it runs in a window, but can be maximised, i said it was really easy01:52
g_is xen any good?01:53
g_or kvm?01:53
tess_84kingbilly that wont work for me.  it gets as far as auto detecting usb mass storage devices and wont go any  further. is that as far as it went for u?01:55
kingbillytess_84 do you have any usb devices plugged in?01:55
kingbillyi have to unplug my external soundcard just to boot01:56
tess_84no i dont01:56
kingbillydoes this occur before the grub?01:57
tess_84sorry, i have no idea what the grub is.  i generally leave all this to my huband but he i away atm01:58
kingbillyokay well it is possible you may have to go into the bios and disable "boot from usb"02:00
tess_84ok thanks02:00
kingbillygood luck02:00
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skarng_: xen and kvm, afaik, are more performant, but more complicated02:21
skarni'd not suggest them if you just want to "try out stuff"02:21
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christ_In KDE 4.2 I want to install compiz but it wants to install some gnome stuff, so I have tryd with compiz-kde, but there comes a error saying that compiz-kde depends on libplasma2, and this conflicts with libplasma302:51
christ_How can I fix that so I can use compiz?02:51
TrotskyI have not had this problem installing it here, moreover, who needs compiz if you have KDE4? he has the best features of compiz integrated02:52
Sagaciis plasma the default desktop manager, because i'm having troubles with it at the moment02:53
christ_Trotsky: for me using Kwin with opengl acel I have some performance problems, I like more compiz :)02:53
Sagacihow do you check what version of kde you're running03:01
EagleScreenrun a KDE application03:02
EagleScreenand go to Help -> About KDE03:02
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frogonwheelsSagaci: just be aware, that it (apparently) shows you the version of the libs it was built against - not which version you are running.03:11
frogonwheelsSagaci: when I do about on Konversation i t show 3.5.10  but on   'Konqueror' it shows 4.2.203:11
Sagacii'm having troubles putting icons on the desktop03:12
BlackBsdi tried spoffing konqueror with mozilla firefox 2.x so i can go to gmail.com and its not working..  is there something else i have to do?03:13
[noobie]BlackBsd: I know to get most browsers using Gecko you need xulrunner03:17
[noobie]its how epiphany in gnome works, perhaps konqueror uses it too.03:18
thumperanyone know why Amarok2 doesn't use the volume from KMix ?03:27
frogonwheelsthumper: eh? how can it not?  do you mean 'Master' or 'PCM'03:31
thumperfrogonwheels: I mean that when I use my multimedia volume up and down keys, the volume goes up and down, but amarok's volume doesn't03:32
frogonwheelsthumper: .. ah.. on mine that appears to be attached to the <pcm> slider. possibly that's the answer?03:33
thumperfrogonwheels: yes, the PCM control controls my volume03:34
thumperfrogonwheels: at least it used to03:34
* thumper pokes kmix03:34
frogonwheelscheck it out. :)03:34
frogonwheels:) I have a master volume on my speakers that sits on my physical desktop - so I very rarely use software volume controls03:36
thumperfrogonwheels: where do I configure the main KMix channel?03:36
thumperI remember doing it once before03:36
frogonwheelsat a guess in the keyboard setup.03:37
BlackBsdfor some reasons i cannot get results using adept that i can with synaptic??03:37
* frogonwheels uses aptitude :)03:37
holyscottCan someone help me with setting up samba in kubuntu jaunty 9.04 beta03:38
jimmy_hi all03:39
frogonwheelsthumper: Keyboard & Mouse - 'Global Keyboard Shortcuts'03:39
jimmy_are their any good games for ubuntu?03:39
frogonwheelsWhat I want to know is how you can seperate the Volume control from USB keyboard  vs Volume control from usb headphones!03:40
thumperfrogonwheels: nah, I mean on the kmix tray icon it still shows PCM, and I want it to show Master, but I can't find the config03:40
thumperfrogonwheels: nm03:41
frogonwheelsthumper: settings | configure channels!03:41
thumperfrogonwheels: that doesn't select the master channel, and that is where I was looking03:41
thumperfrogonwheels: the only way to specify it is to right click on the tray icon03:42
thumperfrogonwheels: I assumed that it would be in the general config somewhere03:42
thumperfrogonwheels: but it isn't03:42
thumperfrogonwheels: however, it is now working, thanks for your help03:42
frogonwheelsunder bindings for kmix, you can map the Volume Up and Volume down  to specific inputs.03:42
frogonwheels(under the 'control pannel' keyboard & mouse - System settings.. global keyboard shortcuts.03:43
thumperfrogonwheels: yes, I have the multimedia keys linked to kmix volume up and down03:43
thumperfrogonwheels: the problem was it was only doing the pcm channel, not master03:43
frogonwheelsthat appears to be the default.03:46
holyscottcan someone help me w/ getting samba started, or some type of control panel in kubuntu 9.04 jaunty beta03:48
holyscotthow do I start samba?03:50
beatzzhow do you change your computers name?03:50
beatzzfor example beatzz@comp_name/~:03:51
frogonwheelsbeatzz:  hostname03:51
beatzzin konsole?03:51
beatzzhostname new_hostname03:51
frogonwheelsyep. there might be a gui version of that.03:51
beatzzwow and to think i was gana just redo my whole harddrive03:52
beatzzwell, it worked, thanks03:54
frogonwheelsnp.  just check /etc/hostname to make sure that is changed03:54
* Secutor is back.03:58
holyscottin my packagekit, do I want to be getting the samba items, or samba4? for basic linux to linux file sharing (for Jaunty Ku 9.04 Beta)04:10
FirefisheWhat's the CLI command for the listing of device hardware?04:41
TrotskyFirefishe: sudo lshw04:44
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Firefishethanks, Trotsky04:47
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FirefisheI just installed kubuntu 8.10.  When kdm comes up, I have no mouse or keyboard recognition (USB mouse/keyboard), but I do in the virtual terminals (hence this irssi session).  I've tried using a usb-to-ps2 port adapter, but that doesn't work.04:50
ruben23hi anyone tried kubuntu on acer e machine EL170005:05
doleybruben23: Yeah, it works, but the thing to worry about is the wireless networker.05:06
FirefisheMy logs indicate that HAL is failing to start upon boot.  Would this prevent x from recognizing keyboard and mouse input?05:06
ruben23doleyb:i tied it with ubuntu...why theres an error on startup..05:07
ruben23it says ata2:00: status drdy then I/O error;05:08
ray_is this the only chatroom05:19
doleybray_: there is #ubuntu and #ubuntu+1 and #kde and many more05:19
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SuspectZeroi installed ubuntu with a /boot on /dev/sda10. then i installed windows 7 and i lost grub. when i booted into live ubuntu and tried grub-install /dev/sda i got an error saying /boot was not found. i tried making /dev/sda10 bootable but i got the "operating system not found" error. any ideas?05:34
dsmith_SuspectZero: win7 (AKA vista) rewote your MBR05:36
dsmith_use neogrub05:36
SuspectZeroyes i know it rewrote it. wht if i want to just reinstall regular grub?05:36
dsmith_I just told you05:36
SuspectZeroah i see05:38
dsmith_welcome :)05:39
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rgarciahi, does anybody know how do i instal jre6 for 64-b arch?05:57
rgarciaplease, somebody help me06:01
doleybrgarcia: try #ubuntu maybe06:01
coreyhey guys, i installed kubuntu 9.04 beta, and found that there is no pulse audio installed by default, so i installed it via apt-get and autostart it with the command pulseaudio -d, but it doesnt seem to work, it still uses normal alsa06:13
coreyso i'm wondering how to get pulse audio to work in kde4 in general06:14
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rggdoes anybody know do i fix an interrupted instalation?06:19
dennisterthat depends on which method u used to install, and at what stage it was interrupted06:20
rggsub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)06:20
rggnow i can't remove the packages or install it again06:21
dennistertry this: sudo apt-get install -f06:21
rggonly this?06:21
dennisteryep, let's see what the result is06:21
rgg:~$ sudo apt-get install -f06:22
rggReading package lists... Done06:22
rggBuilding dependency tree06:22
rggReading state information... Done06:22
rggCorrecting dependencies... Done06:22
rggThe following extra packages will be installed:06:22
rgg  sun-java6-bin sun-java6-jre06:22
rggSuggested packages:06:22
rgg  binfmt-support sun-java6-fonts sun-java6-plugin ia32-sun-java6-plugin06:22
rggRecommended packages:06:22
rgg  gsfonts-x1106:22
frogonwheelsrgg: pastebin please!06:22
rggThe following NEW packages will be installed:06:23
rgg  sun-java6-bin sun-java6-jre06:23
dennisterrgg: stop06:23
rgg0 upgraded, 2 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.06:23
rggNeed to get 0B/30.4MB of archives.06:23
dennisterjust let it do its stuff06:23
rggAfter this operation, 86.8MB of additional disk space will be used.06:23
rggDo you want to continue [Y/n]?06:23
dennisterdon't copy everything, pls!06:23
rggPreconfiguring packages ...06:23
rggSelecting previously deselected package sun-java6-jre.06:23
rgg(Reading database ... 92011 files and directories currently installed.)06:23
rggUnpacking sun-java6-jre (from .../sun-java6-jre_6-07-3ubuntu2_all.deb) ...06:23
rggsun-dlj-v1-1 license has already been accepted06:23
rggSelecting previously deselected package sun-java6-bin.06:23
rggUnpacking sun-java6-bin (from .../sun-java6-bin_6-07-3ubuntu2_amd64.deb) ...06:23
rggsun-dlj-v1-1 license has already been accepted06:24
rggSetting up sun-java6-jre (6-07-3ubuntu2) ...06:24
rggSetting up sun-java6-bin (6-07-3ubuntu2) ...06:24
rggi guess it works06:24
rggwhat does -f mean?06:24
rggsorry..how do i do this...??06:24
rgghow do i paste .bin?06:24
rggi'm new here...06:24
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)06:24
dennister-f means fix06:24
rggmm right..so its okay now?06:24
dennistershould be...when you get your $ prompt back it's done and you should be fine06:25
rgghmmm okay..thanks a lot;...06:25
dennisternext time someone wants to help you, please do not flood this channel06:25
agahas anyone any idea why fdisk cannot open /dev/sda?06:26
rggokay..i'm really really sorry06:26
agaor /dev/hda06:26
dennisterusually we just need the last line or an error message pasted here06:26
frogonwheelsaga: either it doesn't exist, or you didn't use sudo ?06:26
rggok...i'll do06:26
dennisterdid you take a look at the url for pastebin?06:26
agai did use sudo, and it exists,.. just says unble to open device06:26
frogonwheelsaga: check /var/log/kern.log ?06:27
dennisterif you have lots of lines that you want helpers here to see, paste them into pastebin, and then only paste the url for your completed pastebin here06:27
agalast entries are fromyesterday evening frogonwheels06:28
rggyes...i saw..but i didn't know thaat yet06:28
rggby the way thanks a lot...06:28
dennisteryes, using pastebin and this support channel is new to newbies, but important skill to learn06:28
frogonwheelsaga: hmm..  is anything from either of those disks mounted? (not that it should matter)06:29
dennisterrgg: do you understand? flooding this channel with tons of lines can get you kicked out :-)06:29
rggyes i agree w/ you06:29
agait is the main device frogonwheels  i need to make a partition from some unallocated space06:29
dennisterwonderful...so you learned 2 things tonight06:30
agai could use gparted but i like to use fdisk cause it's faster06:30
rggyep lol06:30
agawhen i write sudo fdisk /dev/hda says unable to open device and i am starting to wonder why06:30
frogonwheelsaga and gparted opens it?06:30
agadunno sec06:30
frogonwheelsaga:  is it in the  fdisk -l    list ?06:31
aganope, the first is /dev/sda1 but that's just the first partition06:32
agait has never appeared i just need to open the whole device06:32
rggdennister: do you know why when i'm whatching videos on youtube, if i maximize it it runs slowly...but when i whatch videos w/ kaffeine for exemple it's okay?06:33
agahow to unlock apt? i had a little issue...06:34
dennisterrgg: no i don't I'm afraid...could be a number of things06:36
dennisteraga: sudo apt-get install -f06:36
agaanother process is using it06:37
agabut i cannot kill it dennister06:37
rggflash player can be?06:37
dennisteraga: do you have adept, synaptic, or update manager running? if you do, close it06:37
aganope nothing06:37
agathere is an apt-get process when i go to top but i cannot kill it06:38
dennisteraga: i know it's the lazy-winblows way, but rebooting would probably take care of it06:38
agayeah was thinking about it06:39
dennisterrgg: why is it important for you to have a youtube video maximized?06:40
dennisteri mean, i download some youtube videos to my hard drive, but find that if I maximize them they lose most of their video quality anyway06:41
rggno..i don't just a doubt...06:41
=== forge is now known as ForgeAus
ForgeAushey all still having trouble with apt-get06:42
ForgeAushow do I get it to do what I want it to do instead of what it wants to do first?06:43
dennisterForgeAus: if you're having a prob with apt-get, wouldn't you want to fix it first, before moving on?06:43
|ikeNoOtherhi :)06:44
ForgeAusdennister, apt-get itself is working, its packages that are the problem...06:44
simmonsHEY WHATS UP BABY06:44
simmonsO SHI- WRONG CHAT06:44
FirefisheI just installed 8.10, and am having problems with my x session recognizing my mouse and keyboard (both usb).  I'm also getting a startup error indicating that hal isn't starting, and a warning to check that dbus is running.  dbus error references a file: /var/lib/machine-id, and says it should be a UUID string of some type instead of 0.06:44
=== simmons is now known as frozenbacon
ForgeAusas in if I type apt-get remove kpresenter-data it won't let me...06:45
|ikeNoOtherhow can I have the graficall kubuntu loading bar back? (I mean when my computer boots to kubuntu)06:45
frozenbaconanyone know how I can get my 360 to work with ubuntu06:45
|ikeNoOthergraphical* :D06:45
ForgeAusbecause there is an unmet dependancy for koffice (kpresenter-kde4)06:45
frozenbaconit won't find my computer, Im sure I'm just missing something stupid06:45
ForgeAusfrozen good question, I have no clue06:45
ForgeAusfrozen I guess 360 uses samba06:46
dennisterForgeAus: try: sudo apt-get install -f06:46
ForgeAustry to look for it with a samba client?...06:46
dennisterthat might just take care of the dependency problem06:46
ForgeAusdennister, then it tries to install kpresenter-kde4 which doesn't work06:46
ForgeAusbecause I need to remove kpresenter-data for that to work (since theres a file in it it says its overwriting - nothing more integral than a pixmap, but it trips up the package for some reason)06:47
ForgeAusI tried even manually deleting the file but it didn't help06:47
dennisterit's probably in your cache, so let's try to clear the cache06:47
ForgeAusif apt-get would just listen to me when I said apt-get remove kpresenter-data it might have worked06:47
ForgeAusuh, ok clear the cache? apt-get clean first?06:47
ForgeAuswhat cache are you talking about exactly?06:48
ForgeAus(package cache in apt as in /var/cache/apt where it copies the .deb's too?)06:49
ForgeAusor some other cache?06:49
dennisterwell, apt has a cache of programs  it's installed or trying to install...yes06:49
ForgeAusyeah well thats not going to help06:49
ForgeAusthe downloads aren't corrupt or anything06:49
dennisterin terminal, type or paste: sudo ls /var/cache/apt/archives/partial06:50
ForgeAusnothing in partial06:50
dennisterdoes it come back with a list of files?06:50
ForgeAusthere are archives to install .deb packages but they're all complete06:50
dennisterok...i'm a bit too rusty with this technique of fixing dependency probs...hold on06:51
ForgeAusif I apt-get clean it will remove them but I have to re-download them anyway, and I'll be back to where I am now, so theres no point06:51
ForgeAus(other than wasting some bandwidth)06:51
alba_hmhmm gparted won't open either06:51
alba_this is so weird06:51
=== alba_ is now known as aga
ForgeAusalba/aga, maybe try qtparted?06:51
agai think there's something wrong with the partition table, fdisk cannot access the device06:52
dennisterForgeAus: I'm afraid I'm not the best helper/support person in the world...surprised there aren't more senior people active in the channel tonight06:52
ForgeAusaga try something like acronis disk director (I think its a dos program tho)06:52
ForgeAusit has an inbuilt XP-like gui...06:53
=== ramon is now known as rgarcia
agai will need to reinstall everything later today probably06:53
ForgeAusdennister, its ok your doing fine for the basics...06:53
agai had an issue yeseterday06:53
rgarciapls i need help w/ audio device...06:53
rgarciaused to work bu now no sound06:54
ForgeAushmmm I think I have an idea.. whati f I apt-get remove koffice ? the package itst rying to  meet the dependency of?06:54
agaoook qtparted working fine06:54
dennisteryeah, thanks, but the basics is what i remember off the top of my head; haven't had a problem like yours in a long time, so I can't remember the fix06:54
dennisterForgeAus: that's a good idea06:55
ForgeAusaga, gparted is more ubuntu than kubuntu (being a gnome program)06:55
agai know... i was trying to use fdisk but for some reason it wont let me access the device06:55
agago figures06:55
dennisterhmmm: basic ubuntu 8.04 installation from livecd only took 48 minutes :)06:56
rgarciadoes anybody can help me on this?06:56
dennisterand that's *with* me using the manual method of partitioning06:56
dennistertoo late06:57
agaok it worked this time06:57
ForgeAusdennister, don't you just hate a good catch22?07:00
ForgeAusawesome aga, :)07:07
clemehay alguien07:07
ForgeAusahh fixed it07:08
ForgeAusremoving koffice-kde4 did it07:08
ForgeAusnow I have to reinstall koffice-kde4 lol07:08
agai dunno what is the problem with fdisk07:09
agaafter a reboot it got into the deviceno problems07:09
ForgeAusnow how to run adept updater?07:09
agawouldnt sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade do the trick ForgeAus?07:09
ForgeAusI'd rather use the GUI but I don't know how to run it without the system tray icon07:10
ForgeAusI can run the installer from the menu... hmm... lets see if that does it07:11
dennisterForgeAus: is there a reason why you prefer koffice to open office?07:12
ForgeAusdennister, prefer? no... I have both07:12
ForgeAusmostly I'm just following koffice's progress, rather than using it so much07:12
dennisterwell, if koffice gave you a problem, I wouldn't try to install it again unless I needed it for some reason07:12
dennisterone office program is usually enough for me07:13
ForgeAushehe one is enough for me too, but I already had koffice...07:13
ForgeAusit was just a problem in upgrading it to the kde4 version07:13
ForgeAus(one of my old kde3 packages messed with it)07:13
dennisterahhh...yes, I tend to stay away from kde4 for my users07:14
ForgeAusdennister, yeah well I'm using kde4 as my primary wm (since I didn't really have the choice to keep kde3 in intrepid)07:14
dennisterthey're usually total newbies, so are more comfortable with the kde 3.5's similarity to winblows07:14
dennisterah, yes, intrepid...no kde 3.507:14
ForgeAuskde3.5.x is my preferred desktop too... still..07:14
dennisteri'm trying to stick with hardy for the newbs07:15
ForgeAusok all fixed07:15
dennisteri tried intrepid on one of my own systems when it first came out, and deleted it real quick, too...probably better now that some maintenance releases have been issued07:15
ForgeAusakk gwenview/kde4 bindings removes digikam... hmmm07:16
ForgeAusoddly dennister, most stuff there isn't kde4 stuff for, still runs as kde3 for me, but thats becuase I upgraded so much of kde3 is still there...07:17
ForgeAusexcept the one thing I miss the most, kcontrol07:17
dennisteralthough i should get off my butt and redo my dual core system with the 64 arch ...willing to give it a shot again now that 64-bit flash is finally available......but my inventory system is on it :(07:18
ForgeAus(everything else that is replaced works as the replaced version by default...07:18
ForgeAusI don't think I was actually intended to upgrade intrepid, as opposed to install it from scratch...07:18
ForgeAusits an odd situation I'm in... has its eccentricities...07:19
ForgeAusbut for the most part everything works and I'm fairly happy with it07:19
agai am going to have to reinstall today i think07:20
agathere's something borked here07:20
dennisterForgeAus: as long as you're happy :-)07:22
dennisteraga: yes, sometimes a reinstall takes less time than trying to fix the issues07:22
agai normally prefer to fix them tho07:23
agabut i have spent all sunday fighting with this and i'm starting to have enough07:23
dennisteri can't believe i did a full ubuntu install in less than an hour...with livecd and manual partitioning scheme07:23
ForgeAusdennister, I do :)07:23
aga8.04 was real quick to install07:24
ForgeAusubuntu isn't always painful07:24
agaor ubuntu in general i dunno07:24
ForgeAusin fact its painless in many aspects07:24
agakubuntu takes me longer always07:24
dennisteri'm used to using the mini.iso or the alternate install cd, to avoid all the updates...but I seem to remember it ends up taking longer with those methods07:24
dennisteryes, i haven't done the kde yet...updates will probably take all night07:25
dennisterand i should go to bed...2:30 am here07:25
agaim about to leave to work07:26
ForgeAusohh koffice 4 is in beta, I didn't know that... (wouldn't have changed my decision to get it anyway... )07:27
dennisterg'nite folks07:27
agaurgs... cannot initiate the http protocol...07:28
agasounds bad :P07:28
p_quarlesaga: in which application?07:28
* Jingly giggles so hard a tiny fart escapes07:29
Jinglythat was a good one, p_quarles =]07:29
agawondering what on earth is going on here07:29
p_quarlesaga: did just upgrade to KDE 4.2.2 by chance?07:29
* Jingly giggles so hard a tiny fart escapes07:29
Jinglythat was a good one, p_quarles =]07:29
p_quarlesJingly: umm, turn your script off please07:29
agai think to kde 4.207:29
agalet me check07:29
JinglyI dunno.07:29
p_quarlesaga: if you upgrade libraries, you need to restart your KDE session07:30
* Jingly giggles so hard a tiny fart escapes07:30
Jinglythat was a good one, p_quarles =]07:30
agajup it just finished upgrading07:30
p_quarlesaga: yep, that's it then07:30
* Jingly giggles so hard a tiny fart escapes07:30
agayeah need to go out and back in again07:30
Jinglythat was a good one, p_quarles =]07:30
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) Riddell, Tm_T, fdoving, Mez, stdin, jpatrick, seth_k, apokryphos, nalioth, Hobbsee, robotgeek, imbrandon, gnomefreak, genii, Hawkwind, trappist, LjL, haggai, fooishbar, crimsun, seth, apokryphos, DBO, nixternal, PriceChild, Pici or jussi01!07:30
agabe right back07:30
alba_ok let's try now07:33
=== alba_ is now known as aga
agaright now it works:D07:34
R3DB0xcan anyone recommend a burning program other than k3b, it keeps locking up on me.07:36
doleybR3DB0x: there's brasero, cdrecord07:36
=== dreamkeeper is now known as Firefishe
pradeep <pradeep> hi08:09
pradeep i am new to this community08:09
pradeepi just want to learn linux and i want to participate in opensource community08:09
pradeepi couldn't find any channel, where to start how to work08:09
pradeep<pradeep> could you help me?08:09
shrinipradeep: welcome08:09
shrinipradeep: how can we help you?08:10
pradeepi just want to participate in bugsquad08:10
shrinipradeep: you are always welcome to ask questions and answer others questions08:10
pradeepwhat is the procedure08:10
shrinipradeep: I am new to bugsquad08:13
shrinipradeep: this is a way to contribute by reporting bugs08:13
shrinipradeep: we fix somedays to work on finding bugs and reporting08:13
shrinipredeep: for kde see here, http://techbase.kde.org/Contribute/Bugsquad08:14
VeovisHi, I have a quick question, probably pretty stupid.08:14
shriniVeovis: tell08:14
VeovisMy wireless driver says that it is activated, but not currently in use.08:14
shriniVeovis: sorry, no idea on wireless08:15
VeovisI enabled proprietary drivers in 8.10 okay a few months ago, but I'm not sure how to here...08:15
Veovisit's not wireless specific I don't think08:15
shrinipradeep: you can join with your friends and join the irc for bug and start contributing08:16
Veovisand I forgot to mention that I'm in 9.04 beta08:16
shrinipradeep: people will help you to start to fing bugs and reporting them08:16
pradeepshrini: thanq for your valuble suggessions08:17
shrinipradeep:hmmm. fine. we like to see bug reports from you08:18
pradeepshrini: sure i will try, but may take time bec i am new to this08:19
shrinipradeep: fine. no problem. we like your passion towards contribution08:20
shrinipradeep: take your time and learn and do08:20
elliottmfor some reason, double-clicking on "*.py" files doesn't open them in kate like it used to. instead, nothing happens. I looked in the "default applications" thing in system settings and i didn't see anything wrong08:45
elliottmthis is in hardy by the way. any ideas?08:45
PapupataHi! Is there any solutions to have a 1920x1200 resolution with nvidia card, when using dvi-cable?08:54
elliottmwhat's the problem?08:55
Papupatai only able to get 640x480 resolution when using dvi-cable08:57
Papupatabut when using vga-cable everything works just fine08:57
FirefisheWhat is a way to reset to default the kde desktop ?09:01
FirefisheMeaning, what directopry or file  can I nix?09:01
doleybFirefishe: look in ~/.kde/share/config09:08
Firefishedoleyb: thank you, that's just what I needed.09:10
Firefishedoleyb: What file can I delete to get back to defaults?09:12
doleybFirefishe: defaults for what?09:12
doleybFirefishe: maybe instead of deleting things, you should _move_ all those files elsewhere, and see if that's how you like it.09:12
Firefishekde 4.x desktop09:12
doleybFirefishe: then if there's trouble, you can move them back09:12
Firefishedoleyb: This is a brand new install. Everything is new.  What happend is I set some effects up but my computer--which is older--can't handle them.  Now all I have is a desktop I can't see.  I need to get my defaults back.09:14
Firefishedoleyb: So it really doesn't matter, as there's nothing to lose, anyway ;)09:14
doleybFirefishe: ok, so just move that whole directory away and relog in09:14
=== gecko_ is now known as gecko2000
ForgeAusis there a way I can save my colourscheme to the kde (GetNewSchemes) hotstuff list?09:32
ForgeAusie kdelooks.org?09:32
ForgeAuswait kde-look.org... something like that09:32
glickwhaty the heck?09:53
glickwhen i grab a window and move it around the cursor lets go of it09:53
glickand i have to click and hold its title bar again09:53
glickis that a known bug?09:54
=== Mr_Griev1s| is now known as Mr_Grieves|
doleybglick: I wonder if it's your mouse09:54
doleybglick: Have you played around in gimp or something to see if it skips? or xev?09:55
glickno doleyb09:55
ForgeAusargh! if I'm going to put my KDE theme in kde-look.org what License should I give it?09:58
=== mike is now known as mike1312
jussi01ForgeAus: hrm... one of the CC licenses maybe?10:03
ForgeAusnot GPL?10:03
ActionParsnipyo yo yo10:04
ForgeAusdoes it even matter? I just wanna put my content on the site so ppl can enjoy it if they want10:05
ForgeAus(afterall its just a colourscheme)10:06
=== Laruft|AFK is now known as Laruft
doleybForgeAus: use whatever other people on kdelook use10:23
ForgeAusuh that would be easy if they were mostly the same10:24
ForgeAusisn't KDE GPL ? maybe I should use GPL?10:26
dmbkiwiForgeAus: just use GPL10:27
ForgeAushehe dmb, ok GPL or LGPL?10:27
dmbkiwiForgeAus: Just GPL - LGPL is to allow non-GPL software to link to library files (I think).10:28
ForgeAuslibraries don't make sense in the context of a colourscheme anyway10:28
ForgeAusok sent10:29
ForgeAus"My Blue Heaven"10:29
=== benoit_ is now known as Guest43827
ForgeAusactually its alot like the Krome one I just saw there10:37
=== erots is now known as sdogi
jpsnl1list *vista*11:12
jpsnl1oops, sorry11:12
=== jpsnl1 is now known as JP-sNL
=== carlos is now known as Guest2005
=== a is now known as chatman
=== charlie is now known as Guest90987
hunterhey folks, i have a tar problem. i cannot install it anymore. it says all the time, "packege could not be found". any idea?11:37
ActionParsnipwow quiet11:51
=== Schoenberg is now known as gigo
victimhi almox12:17
victimyo dannyboy12:17
victimoh danny has gone :(12:18
oobevictim, hallo12:19
oobeyou should change your nick just a suggestion12:20
cuznthe can be the victim or the crime12:20
Idhanhow many colour can have a mouse cursor on linux?12:22
victimi used to be the victim, the name came from my really bad playing ability at Nexuiz12:23
ActionParsnipIdhan: id image as many as you like,up to 24bit colour12:23
IdhanActionParsnip: are you sure.. so far I each time I set a cursor, it is displayed with 1 colour12:25
IdhanActionParsnip: which format are you files?12:25
ActionParsnipive not made any myself but id imagine there is no limiy12:26
ActionParsnipIdhan: if you download some cursor themes to compar you may strike gold12:27
=== ROSHA is now known as RoozbehOnline
almoxROSHA : hello12:30
eamusichola a todos12:31
almox<eamusic>: hola k tal12:32
eamusichola almox12:33
eamusicmira almox... tu sabes porqué no puedo instalar un tema de KDE?12:34
=== dR0g is now known as dROg
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.12:34
almoxja' tentou instalar algum  plug?12:35
=== keffie_jayx is now known as effie_jayx
noaXesswhere can i get the gwenview plugins?12:54
Jason_COcan someone tell me which driver i should be using for an Intel 82865G Integrated graphics controller (rev 02)12:54
noaXessin gwenview/plugins all categories are empty12:54
noaXess!info gwenview12:57
ubottugwenview (source: kdegraphics): image viewer for KDE 4. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.1.4-0ubuntu1~intrepid1 (intrepid), package size 1189 kB, installed size 2084 kB12:57
ActionParsnip!info kipi-plugins13:01
ubottukipi-plugins (source: kipi-plugins): image manipulation/handling plugins for KIPI aware programs. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.1.5-1ubuntu2 (intrepid), package size 3637 kB, installed size 13656 kB13:01
ActionParsnipif gwenview is KIPI (whatever that is)13:01
jussi01ActionParsnip: it is :)13:01
ActionParsnipand there you go :D13:01
ActionParsnipapt-cache search gwen13:02
ActionParsnipapt-cache search solves most issues13:02
wizkoderhy everybody13:10
wizkoderWhen I try to start a session in virtualbox I get the message that I should remove the kvm kernel module13:11
wizkoderwhen I do that it works13:11
wizkoderbut the next tiome I reboot the module is loaded again13:11
wizkoderhow do I prevent that?13:12
wizkoder(I remove it with rmmod kvm_intel)13:13
ActionParsnipwizkoder: blacklist it (if its in the host system)13:13
ActionParsnipwizkoder: or have a script to rmmod the module then run vbox, once vbox dies modprobe the module again, depends how much you use the vbox13:15
wizkoderwill try the blacklist solution. as on the 23rd I will reinstall this computer anyway with jaunty final :-)13:18
ActionParsnipwizkoder: jaunty has been pushed back to augst afaik13:20
reagleBRKLNhi, i'm using kde 4.2.2, i want to assign "alt-g" to go to my home page; alt-home (the default) takes current tab to home page, but when i specify "alt-g" as alternative, it open home in a new tab?13:22
ubottukeyboard shortcuts can be set in K -> System Settings -> Keyboard & Mouse. Try also "Input Actions" in KControl. If your multimedia keys don't work with that, try the 'keytouch' package, explained at https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KDEMultimediaKeys - See !Keyboard for changing layouts13:25
doleybAugust!! oh noo13:27
rosco_ywizkoder: I was just thinking about trying out a virtual install of windows, any recommendations?13:32
carpii__on what?13:32
almoxAmarok servd13:33
norenhi all13:33
rosco_ycarpii__: Linux :)13:33
carpii__rosco, i mean recommendations for windows version, or for virtualisation ?13:33
rosco_ywell, I was thinking of trying to use my AutoCAD, and maybe my ChessMaster13:34
wizkoderI use Windows XP here with the Virtualbox from the Sun Page. Works good so far. but I would like kvm a lot more13:34
rosco_yThanks wizkoder, I'll look into that13:35
toborwizkoder: just for our enlightenment what is the good stuff that kvm has?13:35
carpii__i tend to use vmware, but my home lan is more of an small business setup13:35
carpii__XP on vmware is dandy13:35
rosco_ywizkoder: what do you do in your virtual XP?13:35
toborwizkoder: sort of, what do you like about it?13:35
wizkoderI just try webpages with IE6 .-)13:35
wizkoderAnd try Google chrome13:36
wizkoderI am a web developer13:36
toborwizkoder: so you use it for testing web pages on multiple browsers with moving to another machine?13:36
rosco_yI suspect I'll probably have to go with a raw installation in the end, but I'm curious to see for myself what it's like13:36
wizkoderNo I test ff2/3 on linux and ie6/7/8 on windows13:37
rosco_ytobor: that seems like a pretty good idea13:37
toborwizkoder: s/with/without/ :)13:37
ActionParsnipwizkoder: could run it seamless mode to look leet :D13:37
rosco_ywizkoder: if you would like kvm, why aren't you using kvm?13:38
tobor(why do my typing erros ALWAYS reverse the logic of what I'm trying to say and NEVER look like errors? ! )13:38
rosco_yand why would you prefer kvm?13:38
rosco_yI'm fluent in typos too13:38
=== vincenzo|away is now known as vincenzo|fac
wizkoderI tried kvm first. But gave me errors. So I tries virtualbox and it just worked. As I do only need it for browser testing performance is not important. So the easiest package wins :-)13:38
rosco_ybut why would you prefer kvm?13:39
tobormakes good sense. Get the job done anyway you can.13:39
toborrosco_y: re:typos - hehe :)13:39
rosco_y(I'm trying to decide what to install--which should I try first?)13:39
wizkoderkvm is not sun. thats why :-)13:39
wizkoderand sun belongs to ibm soon :-(13:39
rosco_ywizkoder: that's sad13:40
toboreye bee who?13:40
ActionParsnipwizkoder: ibm are awesome, they loves the linux13:40
rosco_yso does that mean I should be worried about my choice to use mysql?13:40
wizkoderno they don't. the just dance on all weddings....13:40
toborActionParsnip: only true for a very small part of IBM.  People I know who work at IBM say that the company is like Europe in the middle ages, may small kingdoms, ofetn at war witrh each other.13:41
toborActionParsnip: to determine what IBM really wants you have to look deep into their annual report and see what directions their revenue is trending in and match that up with their hiring numbers.  up with13:42
tobor*often *with13:42
ActionParsnipwizkoder: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwL0G9wK8j413:42
tobor[Apparently my finger need to be dipped in some very hot coffee this AM.. :) )13:42
tobor*fingers... (see?)13:43
toborThere is actually a small business segment dedicated to just watching IBM and selling analysis and data to IBM's competition.13:43
rosco_yDoes VirtualBox support 64 bits?13:43
ActionParsniprosco_y: the beta one supposedly does but ive never had success installing a 64bit guest13:44
wizkoderNice ad13:44
wizkoderokay, okay, ibm is doing some good things too .-)13:44
ActionParsnipwizkoder: lots, makes me smile13:45
=== McKnight is now known as mk_mike
rosco_yActionParsnip: would you recommend kvm or VirtualBox?13:45
wizkoderI had to work an mainframes for 7 years of my life :-(13:45
ActionParsniprosco_y: vbox is pretty simple. i recommend try both13:45
wizkoderAnd this stuff compared to linux is just giving me the creeps nowadays .-)13:45
rosco_yis vbox = VirtualBox?13:46
ActionParsnipyah, im just lazy13:46
rosco_ythat's okay--I'm just trying to figure this out.13:46
rosco_yI wish I could install one version, and be satisfied--so I wouldn't have to delete and reinstall a whole windows 0S twice13:47
rosco_yI wish I didn't need windows at all13:47
toborActionParsnip: what the license on vbox?13:47
rosco_yoooh...I don't have money for licenses....13:48
rosco_yI wasn't thinking about that13:48
reagleBRKLNubottu: i know how to set the shortcut, but it doesn't do what i expect. why does alt-home send current page to homepage, but my shortcut opens new tab?13:48
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:48
rosco_yI have a choice, coffee or cheap licenses, and coffee winds13:48
rosco_ywins, even13:48
toborreagleBRKLN: where are you creating this "shortcut" ?13:49
reagleBRKLNtobor: konq/settings/config shortcuts13:49
toborreagleBRKLN: does that actually say "shortcuts" in the menu?13:50
reagleBRKLNIt's the Konqeuror menu bar: Settings/Configure Shortcuts13:51
almoxtem algum servidor para o Amarok???13:51
toborreagleBRKLN: OK, when I go to konq the "configure shortcust" seems to be dealing with creating alternative key-sequence that do stuff13:52
reagleBRKLNyes, and i want a shortcut to go to homepage13:52
toborreagleBRKLN: go to home page means you want a new tab opened on your default broswer page?13:53
reagleBRKLNno, i want current tab to go to home page13:53
toborreagleBRKLN: or you want the current tab to move to your default page?13:53
reagleBRKLNmuch like alt-tab does now13:53
toborheh OK.13:53
reagleBRKLNi mean alt-home13:53
toborreagleBRKLN: I'm on konq 3.3.1 - I dont see any shortcut for moving the current tag to the home page.  There is a ctrl-home, but that open the home directory13:56
toborreagleBRKLN: and i dont see any option for adding new shorcuts to konq, although my konq is old.13:57
reagleBRKLNtobor: i had it working in 3.5... it's not new, i just want my alternative 'ctrl-g' to do the same thing alt-home does13:57
toborreagleBRKLN: 3.5 is newer than mine.13:57
ActionParsniptobor: you need a license for windows if you are using windows, open OSes are free to install as you see fit under the GPL13:59
toborActionParsnip: I meant the license on vbox. Is it GPL?13:59
ActionParsniptobor: oh yes definatle13:59
toborreagleBRKLN: ok, unmap the curreft definition of ctrl-g (if any) and att ctrl-g as the alternate for what ever alt-home does14:00
ActionParsnip!info virtualbox-ose14:00
ubottuvirtualbox-ose (source: virtualbox-ose): x86 virtualization solution - binaries. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.4-dfsg-0ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 6137 kB, installed size 20720 kB14:00
toborActionParsnip: thankee, pard! :)14:00
ubottuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox14:00
reagleBRKLNtobor: yes, and it opens it in a new tab, that's the crux of the problem14:00
toborreagleBRKLN: and alt-home does not open in a new tab?14:00
toborreagleBRKLN: then you must already have an active definition of ctrl-g mapped to somethibng else?14:01
reagleBRKLNdon't think so14:02
toborinteresting 3.3 doesn't have alt-home in the list, nor doers it do anything14:03
rosco_yI installed the vmware-package, but I can't find the installed software--any ideas on how to start up vmware?14:03
JevonFirst time here = please be patient14:05
JevonWhat's up with Kubuntu forums14:05
toborJevon: what is the symptom?14:05
JevonService unavailable via Kubuntu.net14:06
toborreagleBRKLN: looks like my konq is too old to be of help to you,14:06
reagleBRKLNok, thanks14:06
toborJevon: sounds like a web server is down, or possibly a networking problem. all guesses14:07
RaylzHole:22 http://at.archive.ubuntu.com jaunty/main phonon 4:4.3.1-0ubuntu214:08
Raylzehm, is this a kde 3.1 alpha package?14:08
Jevonmaybe I'll through my questions here - tell me if I'm in the wrong spot14:09
JevonI'm at 8.04 AMD 64 on Laptop - looking to get my wireless working - Atheros - lat time I did this it screwed the system - should I move up to 8.1 or wait for a stable release of 9.0X14:10
ActionParsnipJevon: what atheros chip is it?14:12
Jevon03:00.0 Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR242x 802.11abg Wireless PCI Express Adapter (rev 01)14:13
ActionParsnipJevon: and what is the output of     lsb_release -c14:14
ActionParsnipJevon: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=92132914:14
BluesKajHowdy all14:15
ActionParsniphi BluesKaj14:15
JevonI'll check it out14:15
BluesKajhey ActionParsnip14:15
=== rraphink is now known as raphink
reagleBRKLNanyone know why andale mono is offered as a fixed width ttf font in kde 4.2?14:17
reagleBRKLNi mean isn't14:17
Raylzis there an alternative for qtcurve?14:19
Raylzit messes with tabs14:19
Raylzand stuff in my firefox14:19
ActionParsnip!info qtcurve14:20
ubottuqtcurve (source: kde-style-qtcurve): This is a set of widget styles for KDE3 and Gtk2 based apps. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.59.3-1ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 19 kB, installed size 48 kB14:20
ActionParsnipRaylz: does a different firefox theme help?14:21
RaylzActionParsnip: the problem is that it changes the buttons and input boxes14:22
Raylzi guess that cant be helped with a ff theme14:22
RaylzActionParsnip: but good idea, maybe it fixes the tabs14:22
ActionParsnippossibly, cant hurt to try14:23
virkHi, how do I setup kickoff so that it disseapers when I click somewhere other than kickoff?14:26
virkright now, it only dissapears again when I launch an app, or when I click on that 'K' button again14:26
ActionParsnip!info kickoff14:28
ubottuPackage kickoff does not exist in intrepid14:28
ActionParsnip!find kick14:28
ubottuFound: system-config-kickstart, elfkickers14:28
=== mike is now known as mike1312
mike1312Hi everybody I have such a funny problem system treats my desktop files (icons) as text14:42
mike1312opens it in kate when i klick it14:43
mike1312How to fixit?14:43
=== JP-sNL is now known as jpsnl1
altrortlahello ... i need a tips... "about" a high configurable images viewer... do you know the best?14:54
brian_Hi everybody14:54
JoKoT3mike1312: system configuration -> file associations14:55
brian_I installed Kubuntu 8.10 yesterday..14:55
brian_Its seems to be working fine,,14:55
brian_but i have doubts abt creating shortkeys ...14:55
brian_like i want to see the desktop when i press a short-key..14:56
brian_Can any one help me,, to configure..14:56
ubottuls is <alias> terminal - added by Seveas on 2006-06-18 19:07:5914:56
brian_like when i press ctrl+alt+D the Desktop has to be displayed14:57
brian_any one there to help ?14:58
JoKoT3brian_: have you tried hotkeys settings ?14:58
JoKoT3in system config ?14:58
brian_let me check14:58
eamusichi everybody.15:00
eamusicim trying to change my incons theme on kubuntu AMD60 with KDE4.2,15:01
cuznt!hi | eamusic15:01
ubottueamusic: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!15:01
ubottuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy15:01
mike1312OK JoKoT3  and where should i put *.desktop extension?15:01
JoKoT3mike1312: it's x(desktop, it already exists15:02
eamusicthanks :)15:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about viewer15:02
JoKoT3!info viewer15:03
ubottuPackage viewer does not exist in intrepid15:03
mike1312JoKoT3    in my system it doesnt15:04
JoKoT3!find viewer15:04
ubottuFound: evince, gappletviewer-4.3, konqueror-plugin-domtreeviewer, monodoc-browser, avida-qt-viewer (and 41 others)15:04
wizkoderIs it possible to have this excellent wobbly windows of compiz in kubuntu 9.04? Have that in 3.5.15:04
JoKoT3mike1312: have you tried to type desktop in the search bar ?15:04
JoKoT3That's how I found it15:05
mike1312JoKoT3   yes15:05
ame_JoKoT3: thanks15:05
JoKoT3mike, you should add it so15:06
JoKoT3mine shows x-desktop with patterns *.desktop and *.kdelnk15:07
JoKoT3and kate in applications15:07
ame_JoKoT3: but i need ones that can andle image in logical way... (I need to keep one random image from a folder, than another from another folder, and so on ...) i don't know what i have to choose15:08
mike1312JoKoT3  there is no interface to add an extension15:08
mike1312there must be another way15:08
JoKoT3mike1312: I do have an "Add" button on my interface15:14
JoKoT3ame_: I can't help you on this, I barrely use the default viewer :)15:14
ame_JoKoT3: thanks the same Joko... I appreciate your effort15:15
=== MK_Mike_2 is now known as mk_mike
compashi peoples15:18
mike1312JoKoT3 Oh found it it was hidden  What group *.desktop in 'all' or 'application' or 'uri'..?15:20
JoKoT3mine is in application group15:21
compasfuck my brain15:21
JoKoT3done ^^15:23
compasYou devil's Yankees, I your brain fucked15:23
compasГы гы15:23
almoxyes good15:24
mike1312JoKoT3  What application or component should it be opened by?15:26
JoKoT3the default one is kate15:26
mike1312JoKoT3 How to make it run applications? Whats the main feature of this type?15:32
mauri29How to avoid this message?: "Information - Dolphin / Unable to change the permissions of /media/sda5/......" It ocurrs while copying or moving files in a ntfs partition, every time. I'm useing KDE4.2. I know a little what it means, but I can't find a solution modifying /etc/fstab.15:36
* cuznt thinks compas was pointed in the wrong direction15:36
mike1312Thanks JoKoT3 Now its fine15:37
JoKoT3mike1312: these's are mime types, I don't bother understanding them :)15:38
mauri29I use Kubuntu in spanish, so I translated this text message to english useing Google. In spanish forums I can't find any solution. In english Google don't give me any results, I mean this is because the translation to english doesn't match the KDE message exactly. Anybody can tell me in english if this message apear?15:40
mauri29Or where to find something about fixit ?15:40
mauri29(sorry my bad/little english, thanks)15:41
vitalWhat would be the best driver for my ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 card if I need 3d-accelleration?  i've had trouble getting the proprietary ati-driver to work with x-server 1.6.15:41
dwidmannmauri29: I think what it might mean is that ntfs is incompatible with unix-style permissions (It uses ACL)15:41
jeltschmauri29: I didn’t read the beginning of you question but you can run applications without translation (i.e., in American English) by setting the LANG variable to C temporarily.15:42
jeltschFor example, to start Kate in English, open a terminal and then enter this: LANG=C kate15:43
mike1312mauri29 I have same situation  You dont have to mount it by command15:43
mike1312There is icons of partions on the left side in the dolphin15:44
mauri29jeltsch: thanks, I started dolphin that way and works, but the message still apears in spanish hee... --> [11:36] <mauri29> How to avoid this message?: "Information - Dolphin / Unable to change the permissions of /media/sda5/......" It ocurrs while copying or moving files in a ntfs partition, every time. I'm useing KDE4.2. I know a little what it means, but I can't find a solution modifying /etc/fstab.15:45
mike1312mauri29 If you prefer to use commands there must be file system type ntfs-3g  #mount -t ntfs-3g ....15:46
dwidmannmauri29: it gives you that message, but does copying the files work okay anway or fail?15:46
jeltschmauri29: Ah, maybe Dolphin just shows a message it got from some other tool. And this tool is run with translations enabled.15:46
mauri29jeltsch: this message does not apear in english, I translated useing google from spanish for posting here.15:46
ForgeAuswow myblueheaven showed up on a RSS fee dI was reading, I guess I need a companion now, myredhell?15:47
mauri29dwidmann: copying files work fine, only this message is annoying(?)15:47
mauri29mike1312: trying this15:48
mauri29mike1312: can't unmount partition right now, but I think this couldn't fix the problem.15:51
mauri29(think = mean ? sorry)15:51
babHi. Where can I get infos about programming under Linux? How can I get informations about a window which is in front?15:51
jussi01bab: what kind of programming?15:52
mike1312mauri29 Do it as root15:54
mauri29mike1312: yes, I did15:55
mauri29I mean this situation is because permissons in ntfs are handled in other way, ext3 for example, does. Any body know how this message apears en english exactly? "Información - dolphin / No se pudieron cambiar los permisos de" Google-Translation--> "Information - Dolphin / Unable to change the permissions of /media/sda5/......" It could me help to search with Google and find solutions on forums15:55
babjussi01: I want to create a tool which show name of the current window in front. My tool should create a special menu for this application after getting the infos.15:55
babjussi01: Do you know some websites with tutorials that can help me?15:56
mauri29mike1312: $ sudo umount /dev/sda5 \n umount: /media/sda5: device is busy. \n     (In some cases useful info about processes that use \n    the device is found by lsof(8) or fuser(1))15:58
=== fernando is now known as Guest54315
mauri29mike1312: I don't know what happened now, can't access files on /media/sda5..  going to restart .... anyway, thanks for all the answers.16:00
edgyHi, in kmail I have some of my inbox colored in blue, what does this means, please?16:23
=== k0pp__ is now known as k0pp
Tm_Tedgy: unread messages?16:24
mauri29Hello again, a few minutes ago I was asking about avoid this spanish message (Kubuntu-sp) while copying files (that suceeds) with Dolphin "Información - dolphin / No se pudieron cambiar los permisos de /media/sda5/..." Google-Translation--> "Information - Dolphin / Unable to change the permissions of /media/sda5/..." , but after creating a new user account in english, I found this problem doesn't ocurrs.16:36
mauri29Other question: anybody knows what program is good to record videos from screen activity?16:38
Pici!screencast | mauri2916:38
ubottumauri29: Some programs to capture your screen are recordmydesktop, Istanbul, Wink, Gvidcap, Xvidcap, vnc2swf, demorecorder.  Also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts.16:38
mauri29Thanks! :)16:39
edgyTm_T: no, I mean the inbox folder, the Drafts, the Send Mail folder for my gmail imap account, previously it's not blue16:43
=== ramon is now known as rgarcia
rgarciadoes anybody could help me on uninstalling .deb package using dpkg?16:55
dwidmannrgarcia: dpkg -r packagename (not package_version_arch.deb)16:57
rgarciafor example this pack16:58
rgarciajust limewire?16:58
pietje_phuckCan any one tell me what happened to "su" in 9.04?16:58
dwidmannrgarcia: if that's its packagname, then yes :)16:58
pietje_phuckI need to manage a remote machine16:59
dwidmann!jaunty | pietje_phuck16:59
ubottupietje_phuck: Jaunty Jackalope is the codename for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 23rd, 2009 -  Schedule in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyReleaseSchedule - Lots of breakage between now and April 23rd - Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion and support.16:59
rgarciaanother doubt is, alway when i'm loading amsn it freezes for me..16:59
pietje_phuckdwidmann: thanks17:00
dwidmannrgarcia: I dunno about that one ... I've never used amsn17:02
rgarciado you know another one better than amsn?17:02
dwidmannrgarcia: umm, you could try kopete, or pidgin17:03
rgarciadwidmann: how do i paste bin?17:04
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)17:04
rgarciatake a look on what is happening17:06
rgarciawhen i use dpkg17:06
dwidmannrgarcia: what I said above about removing only applies when removing, when intalling you actually use a file w/filename, ie: LimeWireLinux.deb17:07
pietje_phuckWhat has happened to "su" in 9.04?17:07
rgarciasorry but could you pls write for me what i have to do(write) because i'm new here and i did not get you told me17:08
dwidmannrgarcia: sudo dpkg -i LimeWireLinux.deb17:10
rgarciabut i have already installed here17:10
dwidmannrgarcia: alternatively, though, you could install that with gdebi by navigating to it in dolphin/konqueror/[insert file manager here] and clicking on it :)17:10
dwidmannrgarcia: it looked like you were trying to install it, in the paste you linked me to ...17:11
rgarcialook i copy ur text there17:13
rgarciai want to removew it17:13
dwidmanntry "sudo dpkg -r limewire-basic"17:15
rgarciayes it works...but now explain me why does the real name doesn't work?17:16
=== scharwatt is now known as Tiquetoun
dwidmannrgarcia: because dpkg only deals with packages, so a filename as an argument would onlyl make sense for installing ... or something like that.17:17
dwidmannrgarcia: maybe the manpage can describe "why" better17:17
rgarciammm..and where did you find that name?17:17
ForgeAuscan somoene make a .deb out of a source pacakge for me?17:17
ForgeAus(maybe even add it to kde-looks.org)17:18
dwidmannHmm, I could try, I suppose17:19
dwidmanngah, why did it fail?17:19
rgarcialol okay..thanks a lot17:20
dwidmannhmm, ForgeAus, it failed saying "connection actively refused"17:21
=== almox is now known as Gabrielsk8
ame_!info viewer17:23
ubottuPackage viewer does not exist in intrepid17:23
ame_!find viewer17:24
ubottuFound: evince, gappletviewer-4.3, konqueror-plugin-domtreeviewer, monodoc-browser, avida-qt-viewer (and 41 others)17:24
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about evince17:24
ame_!info evince17:24
ubottuevince (source: evince): Document (postscript, pdf) viewer. In component main, is optional. Version 2.24.1-0ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 876 kB, installed size 6396 kB17:24
Gabrielsk8hello, peoples17:26
ame_Hello i need a good viewer that can handle image in logical way... (I need to keep one random image from a folder, than another from another folder, and so on ...) i don't know what i have to choose17:27
ame_no tips?17:29
=== christoph_ is now known as natschil
ame_anyones can help me to install ksquirrel17:46
dwidmanname: http://ksquirrel.sourceforge.net/download.php17:47
=== gmiernicki is now known as Guest78409
dwidmanname_: there are *.debs :)17:48
ame_dwidmann: I have seen it... but no dipendence for codec17:49
=== marc is now known as marc555
ame_dwidmann: nope... i'm trying17:51
cuznt!info ksquirrel17:51
ubottuPackage ksquirrel does not exist in intrepid17:51
ame_dwidmann: It say that for kubuntu user it's possible to use reposities ....17:57
ame_dwidmann: what are them?17:57
ame_or better17:57
ame_where are?17:57
ubottuThe packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories17:58
ame_Note for KUbuntu users: if you have access to online repositories or can download extra KUbuntu packages from somewhere, you can install KSquirrel from .debs for Debian Etch. You can download them from here. Installation will fail on default KUbuntu due to dependency errors (there are no djvulibre-bin and libkexif on 1DVD version of KUbuntu).17:59
Tm_Tame_: but those are installable from repositories17:59
=== rgreening_ is now known as rgreening
tronxhey guys18:02
tronxi have jaunty beta. the network plasmoid doesn't show up my configured connections?18:03
Tm_T!jaunty | tronx18:03
ubottutronx: Jaunty Jackalope is the codename for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 23rd, 2009 -  Schedule in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyReleaseSchedule - Lots of breakage between now and April 23rd - Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion and support.18:03
tronxoh sorry :/18:03
Tm_Tnp (:18:03
ame_i have18:11
ame_MAkE todo18:12
ame_ma it do not recognize the command18:12
yaa__cal >кал18:24
Gabrielsk8hi yaa18:25
twisted_ghi everyone18:30
cuznt!hi | twisted_g18:31
ubottutwisted_g: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!18:31
yaa__hello twist18:31
twisted_gells ubottu , yaa__18:31
twisted_gdoes anyone have a good resource, getting started guide etc for aptitude?18:32
draik_Is there a command for generating a random string of characters?18:32
cuznti use my arm across the keyboard18:32
cuzntthats random18:32
ortehi everybody18:32
Dragnslcrdraik_- probably easiest to write a bash/Perl/Python/PHP script to do it18:33
ortethat's right18:33
twisted_gfrom (apt-cache search random | grep string) : libstring-koremutake-perl - Convert to/from Koremutake Memorable Random Strings18:34
twisted_glibstring-random-perl - Perl module for generating random strings18:34
DragnslcrYou shouldn't need a module for it. It's only about 3 lines of code18:35
draik_Dragnslcr: Don't suppose you know of one that's already been created?18:35
twisted_gtry http://www.random.org/strings/ ?18:35
DragnslcrI could write it in PHP in about a minute. Might take closer to two or three minutes for me in Perl or Python18:35
shock_day13hey everyone18:38
PhilRoddraik_: in bash:18:39
PhilRodfor i in `seq 100`; do printf '\x'$(printf '%x' `echo $(( RANDOM % 100+ 32 ))`); done18:39
PhilRodthat's not quite right, but it has the basic idea18:39
PhilRod10 points for understanding it :-)18:39
OceanwatcherAnyone heard anything about when kubuntuforums.net will be back online? A very friendly forum with a lot of great knowledge.18:40
agaok... i am a bit worried... linux-headers-2.6.27-11 linux-headers-2.6.27-7 linux-headers-2.6.27-7-generic linux-headers-2.6.27-11-generic18:40
agais it safe to remove that?18:40
twisted_ghiya aga, i got the same issue18:41
twisted_g2.6.24 though18:41
twisted_gwith 2.6.27 installed, just not making much sense how it shows though18:41
pawelbialplease type uname -a18:41
draik_twisted_g: I want more than alphanumeric18:41
agai am just wondering why apt said that those packages are not needed anymore...18:42
twisted_gdraik_: then you're gonna have to write one18:42
agaLinux alba 2.6.27-14-generic #1 SMP Fri Mar 13 18:00:20 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux18:42
twisted_gdraik_: follow PhilRod 's advice18:42
agaaaaa now i see pawelbial... my kernel is newer than that right?18:42
twisted_gdraik_: nice bash script, play around with it... bash is fun18:42
pawelbialaga as you can see you are using newer that what is proposal to remove so you can safely remove that18:43
agaright :D thanks a bunch18:43
agai just panicked, lately all oddities are happening to me18:44
agaand now... another question, my partition tables are not in order... if i put them in order, i will move swap, but i won't move root... might that mean any issue for grub and booting??18:46
draik_twisted_g: That's actually what I want :)18:47
pawelbialaga: in this case it might make some issue for grub and booting - if number of partiotion change ubuntu won't but18:49
pawelbialbut it is not hard to fix18:49
agaproblem is that /swap is on /dev/sda6 and i have another partition on /dev/sda718:50
pawelbialeven in grub menu18:50
agaroot wouldn't change tho, only those 2... and i am anything but skilled with grub18:50
DragnslcrThe partition order doesn't really matter18:50
DragnslcrUnless you have some very specific reason to try to move partitions around, I wouldn't bother18:51
=== PolNEU is now known as PolitikerNEU
agait's not life or death, it's just that i know the order is not the correct and bothers me a bit... dunno like some kind of uneasiness18:51
agabut if this is gonna lead me to some kernel panic or weird grub errors i can very well leave it as it is18:51
shock_day13complicated problem guys?18:53
DragnslcrThe order not being "correct" is definitely not a good enough reason to try to move them18:53
twisted_ghow safe is it to remove packages marked as "obsolete" in aptitude. specifically, it is linux-image-2.6.24-22-generic. i have the linux-generic meta-package installed, showing 2.6.27. safe to remove?18:53
DragnslcrYou shouldn't ever really need to address partitions through /dev anyway18:53
Unksitwisted_g: should be safe to remove if the newer kernel works fine18:54
Dragnslcrtwisted_g- you can, but it doesn't hurt anything to have it18:54
twisted_gUnksi: thanks18:54
Unksiyoure welcome18:54
twisted_gDragnslcr: freeing up space and trying to clean up this thing so it stops nagging me about autoremove packages (still trying to figure this out)18:54
DragnslcrThe kernel images don't take up much space, so that shouldn't be an issue18:55
Unksitwisted_g: using sudo apt-get autoremove will remove them, be careful if theres something you need, though18:55
DragnslcrThe autoremove nag, I don't know18:55
OceanwatcherWish there were something like this for KDE: http://www.conduit-project.org/18:56
twisted_gUnksi: my problem is that kubuntu flags the arbest things for autoremoval. eg, i'll install something like k9copy, which auto installs faac (as a dependency) for example, and then afterwards, apt wants to autoremove faac18:57
twisted_gi just can't figure it out18:57
Unksijust leave it as is then :)18:57
twisted_gUnksi: i'm cursed with the nagging habit of needing to know why :-P18:58
agatsk tsk tsk.. that is a baaaaaaaaaaaad habit twisted_g18:58
Unksino idea why it would do that, i havent seen that sort of behaviour so far with autoremove18:58
Unksiaga: right habit as long as you dont break your system just before you really need it ;p18:59
twisted_gUnksi: i picked it up firstly with kde meta-packages... couldn't understand why some of my software was being removed when i installed a package.. but apt does it for more than just kde-meta packages18:59
twisted_gaga: its an annoying habit yet18:59
=== dR0g is now known as dROg
agaUnksi:  i think the times i have learnt the most is fixing what i have previously deep and properly crashed ;D18:59
agahmmm not really twisted_g... is called curiosity :D19:00
Unksiaga: yes, but when you really need to get something done its the worst possible time for that :p19:00
twisted_git kills cats no?19:00
Unksitwisted_g: hmm, do you have any unofficial repositories enabled?19:00
twisted_gUnksi: have you ever used aptitude?19:00
twisted_gUnksi: I needed a statistical package named R. other than that, no19:01
Unksitwisted_g: yes, and i have come to the conclusion that apt-get works better19:01
aganow i am trying to find out why links won't write download a file where i am telling it to19:01
agaany ideas?19:01
Unksifile permissions?19:01
agait might be, is another partition mounted on home19:01
agaim checking if it will work in my desktop19:02
agawhich it seems19:02
Unksitwisted_g: do you use both aptitude and apt-get?19:03
twisted_gbeen using adept_manager to date, which was autoremoving "silently". so then moved to apt-* from command line, and at least I can see what its doing (or trying to do now). i just started playing with aptitude19:04
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=== matthias_ is now known as bashy
ubottuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore19:11
=== KennethP__ is now known as KennethP
twisted_ganyone know an apt-get / apt-cache command to see if a package is installed?19:18
=== kb is now known as Guest82208
ubottuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore19:21
Tm_T!botabuse > solid_liq19:22
ubottusolid_liq, please see my private message19:22
solid_liqTm_T: bot abuse?  I wanted to make sure my connection wasn't lagging, which happens sometimes19:22
Tm_Tsolid_liq: you can talk to bot in private (:19:22
solid_liqTm_T: I never thought about doing so19:23
Tm_Tsolid_liq: and what if bot is lagging? really, pinging the bot is not helpful (:19:23
solid_liqif it responds immediately, then I know I'm not lagged19:23
solid_liqso it is helpful19:23
Tm_Tsolid_liq: what if bot answer after a minute, or not at all? that happens too19:24
solid_liqthen I'll check somewhere else.  either way, pinging it in pm won't do anything about that issue19:24
Tm_Tsolid_liq: also most of IRC clients tells their lag too19:25
solid_liqmine's irssi, but I sometimes get send lag without receive lag, and irssi doesn't tell me anything about that19:26
solid_liqI've had days where my send buffer lagged by over an hour19:26
solid_liqthat's why I have to check every once in a while, to make sure that's not a problem19:26
Tm_Ttrue that, familiar to me too (:19:26
solid_liqI hate when that happens19:26
solid_liqI don't know why no one's coded an irc client by now that doesn't have problems like that19:27
solid_liqtwisted_g: apt-cache policy package_name19:29
twisted_gsolid_liq: thanks19:30
solid_liqtwisted_g: np19:30
=== gast is now known as zhsee1
victor__anybody can help me?19:39
twisted_gdepends on what you need victor__19:40
twisted_gwhats up?19:40
victor__it's a long story19:40
agadunno victor__ you should state your problem first ;)19:40
victor__i installed wine and then ares19:40
victor__then i wanted to unistall it but the fist i did was unistall wine19:40
victor__so i coulden't delete ares19:41
twisted_gvictor__: try 'ls ~/.wine19:41
twisted_gvictor__: try 'ls ~/.wine'19:41
=== |GuS| is now known as [GuS]
twisted_gthere should be a drive_c directory19:42
twisted_gsearch under there to see if ares was installed in there19:42
victor__ares isn't installed19:42
victor__but now i cant deleted the wine folder from the gnome menu19:42
* twisted_g shrugs.. sorry, not using gnome19:43
agahow did you uninstall victor__?19:43
agasudo apt-get remove wine?19:44
tsimpsonvictor__: then check /root/.wine19:44
agai am having a hard time getting the big picture, to be honest19:45
victor__it's /home/user/.wine19:45
tsimpsonvictor__: if you installed something in wine with sudo it'll be in roots home, which is /root19:46
victor__tsimpson:  /home/user/.wine19:46
agalet me do a recap.. so you install wine, you install ares, you uninstall wine and the problemis that wine still appears in your menu, right?19:46
victor__ok lol i'm a begginer aga y'know :P19:46
tsimpsonvictor__: if not, then just remove ~/.wine19:46
twisted_gtsimpson: only if you're running as the user "root"19:46
victor__and i wont have any problem?19:46
agahmm it's not about being a beginner... it's just that i do not get the problem... but i'm after 9h of work so...19:46
agaif you don't want to see the wine menu, maybe you can try apt-get purge wine19:47
twisted_gvictor__: type this 'cd ~/.wine'19:47
twisted_gvictor__: then type ls -l19:47
agathat should clean all the config files i think19:47
tsimpsontwisted_g: yep, that's what I said19:47
victor__total 52819:48
victor__drwxr-xr-x 2 victor victor   4096 2009-04-06 17:44 dosdevices19:48
victor__drwxr-xr-x 5 victor victor   4096 2009-04-06 17:44 drive_c19:48
victor__-rw-r--r-- 1 victor victor 496118 2009-04-06 19:33 system.reg19:48
victor__-rw-r--r-- 1 victor victor   2350 2009-04-06 19:33 userdef.reg19:48
victor__-rw-r--r-- 1 victor victor  23127 2009-04-06 19:33 user.reg19:48
tsimpsonaga: probably not, wine will put stuff in ~/ and apt/dpkg never touch ~19:48
tsimpson!paste > victor__19:48
ubottuvictor__, please see my private message19:48
agadunno never used wine to be honest19:48
agajust a guess19:48
victor__sorry for the flood19:49
tsimpson~/.local/share/applications/wine/ is where wine seems to make menu entries19:49
agavictor__:  http://pastebin.org19:49
victor__aga:  yeah i read the private ;)19:49
rast_Hi all!19:53
Unksihi rast_19:53
rast_rfr ltkf nen ldb;encz&19:53
rast_как дела тут движутся))19:53
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke19:54
agai think19:54
agaand hi rast_19:54
agai have this feeling i need to mess something in the computer19:54
agai just dunno why19:54
twisted_gyou need to eh?19:55
twisted_gnuke your pc for fun?19:55
agayeah twisted_g19:56
agais like a... weird feeling in the tip of my fingers19:56
twisted_gnuking my pc is a hobby19:56
agai start thinking on stuff i would like to do... but right now nothing comes to my mind19:56
agajust feel i need to do 'something'19:57
jeltschI use Kubuntu 9.04 beta (KDE 4.2.2). Where do I import SSL certificates?20:02
jeltschFor KDE.20:02
ubottuJaunty Jackalope is the codename for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 23rd, 2009 -  Schedule in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyReleaseSchedule - Lots of breakage between now and April 23rd - Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion and support.20:02
jeltschYou mean I should ask in #ubuntu+1?20:03
Unksifor jaunty, yes20:03
jeltschIs it different from KDE 4.1 which is in Intrepid?20:03
jeltschAfter all, it’s more of a KDE question than a Kubuntu-specific one.20:04
tsimpsonyes, it's 4.220:04
tsimpsonif it's just a KDE question, you can ask in #kde too20:04
jeltschI don’t mean if Jaunty’s KDE is different but if SSL configuration is different.20:04
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=== [blue]Gabrielsk8 is now known as Gabrielsk8
jeltschAnd the #ubuntu+1 channel is also for *K*ubuntu?20:05
Unksino idea where you can do that in either for me :p20:05
Unksijeltsch: everything that is going to be released as jaunty20:05
jeltschOkay, I’ve asked in #ubuntu+1.20:05
keisangihi there20:13
kaddi!hi |keisangi20:14
ubottukeisangi: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!20:14
keisangion kde4.2.2 i notice the panel disappear after a while.. i guess it crashed20:14
keisangihow can i relaunch it ?20:14
keisangiit's the 3rd time today20:14
keisangiidont want to logout just for the panel ..20:15
Unksikeisangi: does pressing alt+f2, writing plasma and pressing enter help?20:15
keisangii try20:15
starenkahi, what's grub 22 error? i upgraded 8.04 to 9;04 and crashed into this, tried find root, etc etc, but still 2220:15
keisangiUnksi: no20:15
keisangiit didn't change a thing ..20:16
agahey guys.. i remember with apt-cache search there was an option that displayed package name and whether if it was installed or not20:16
Unksihmm, do alt+f2 and write konsole and press enter20:16
ActionParsnipkeisangi: try killall plasma in konsole, then alt+f2 to rerun plasma20:16
agai just dont remember which one... anyone here does?20:16
keisangii try20:16
Unksiand do what ActionParsnip said :p20:17
tsimpson"kquitapp" FTW20:17
agait is my classic problem with the commands i remember something does something20:17
keisangiActionParsnip: ok, itworked, thanks for the help :)20:18
tsimpsonkquitapp plasma ; sleep 1 ; kdeinit4_wrapper plasma20:18
twisted_gits like that movie i like with that girl who was in that other movie about the thing20:18
agakind of hehe20:18
agai remember there was a way to check which packages where installed from the terminal, with apt-cache... problem is how20:19
agasome funny letter there, for sure :D20:19
tsimpsondpkg -l20:19
m4vman apt-cahce20:19
tsimpsonapt-cache policy <package>20:20
agam4v:  i hate the man pages... all the ones i have found are a piece of art20:20
ActionParsnipnp man20:20
tsimpson"aptitude why <package>" is nice too20:20
agahmm no tsimpson it was just a list.....20:20
agalike when you make apt-cache search firefox and appear a lot of stuff... just with an i next to the package name if it was installed20:20
tsimpsonprobably aptitude search ...20:21
agathat was it tsimpson20:21
aga:D thanks!!!20:21
tsimpson10 ways to do 1 thing, that's the UNIX way20:22
agayeah the problem is when you are looking for the 1 you want to ;p and only that one20:22
agathen... is difficult20:22
=== keffie_jayx is now known as effie_jayx
tsimpsonread manpages :) or use man:/ in konqueror for a nicer interface20:24
tsimpsoneg man:/aptitude20:24
twisted_give been battling with this forever20:24
twisted_gwhy can't a tool from one package give all the answers?20:24
twisted_gaptitude for this... apt-get for that20:24
ActionParsniptwisted_g: you can use either you like20:25
twisted_gActionParsnip: my point is, the query aga just made20:25
ActionParsniptwisted_g: some people just prefer one to the other, you can uninstall aptitude if you prefer apt-get20:25
agatwisted_g:  as i said i think apt-get also does it20:25
tsimpsonapt-get and aptitude are just frontends to dpkg20:25
agai just cannot remember the way to do it with apt-get20:25
ActionParsnipapt-cache search <something>20:26
agaActionParsnip:  yes, but there was a way, some options on apt-get that added the (i) in the list if the package was already installed20:26
agalike -a or whatever, i cant remember what20:26
agawe found it with aptitude... but it needs to be in apt also20:26
agaand i know i got it once, i just cannot remember how20:27
jmarekHello everybody...20:27
agahey jmarek20:27
jmarekI have problems, when I tried to update my Ubuntu jaunty: server with IP and even freeze my connection and tshark show me, that my computer tried TCP retransmission...20:29
Picijmarek: Please join #ubuntu+1 for Jaunty/9.04 support/discussion.20:29
jmarekPici: OK, thanks20:30
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto20:32
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replmanHi! For my external harddisk i would like that by connecting the drive (usb) it should be automatically mounted to /media/backup. I wrote an udev-rule: http://pastebin.com/m6487afd20:41
=== fabien_ is now known as gambix
ActionParsnipreplman: add an entry to /etc/fstab20:42
replmanafter connecting the drive is at /dev/backup and /dev/.udev/names/backup, so the rule seems to work. But i don't get the next step...automatically mount to /media/backup20:42
replmanActionParsnip: does the drive get automounted then or do i have to do a manual "mount /dev/backup"?20:43
ActionParsnipreplman: if its attached at boot, yes, if not, sudo mount -a wil mount it20:44
replmanActionParsnip: that's exactly what i want to be done automatically, the mount-command20:45
ActionParsnipthey usually automount as far as i know20:45
XcellI am using konversation..what i am looking for is the line seperator between nics and conversation like xchat does...is this possible?20:46
tsimpsonXcell: try asking in #konversation20:48
Xcellok thanks20:48
=== R3DB0x is now known as boboso
sylvarHi all.  I've got kubuntu intrepid 64bit and I'm having trouble with the ALC888 onboard audio. I've got my headphones plugged into the front jack, and I can hear the startup/shutdown sounds with no problem -- but YouTube, VLC, etc. aren't playing sound that I can hear.  I've added myself to the 'audio' group in /etc/group and I've even rebooted after that, and that didn't work.  What would my next step be?20:52
bobosohow would I download a file over a ssh connection?20:52
sylvarboboso: scp20:53
twisted_gboboso: scp20:56
twisted_gboboso: the syntax can be a bit tricky, if it gives issues, try using the -x -v etc options in the same order and place as the scp --help command suggests20:57
twisted_gboboso: but scp is how to transfer files over ssh... remember its slower because its encrypted though20:57
tsimpsonyou can compress it20:58
tsimpsonscp -C20:58
twisted_goooh, nice to know tsimpson :)20:58
twisted_gi normally scp bz2 files though20:58
tsimpsonI think you can use rsync over ssh too20:59
twisted_grsync... *sigh*21:00
* twisted_g grins21:00
twisted_gi miss rsync'ing21:00
tsimpsonrsync is good because it can use compression and then only send the delta21:00
twisted_gohhhh, i miss deltas even more21:00
bobosodo i type the scp command from the box im on or the one with the file?21:02
twisted_gboboso: you can do either way21:03
twisted_g(if i remember correctly)21:03
twisted_gits like cp21:03
twisted_gyou cp src/file.gz dest/my_file.gz21:03
twisted_gsrc and dest will be the hosts you want to use21:03
twisted_gor, src / dest could be your local box21:03
tsimpsonyou scp from the client21:04
tsimpsonit needs the other end to be a ssh server21:04
tsimpsonscp user@host:/path/file /path/file21:05
twisted_gokay my bad21:05
tsimpsonif both ends have sshd, then it doesn't matter21:05
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dvheumenIs there any package with which I can manage the initrd startup processes? (I want to disable some processes from starting up on boot)21:16
twisted_gdvheumen: i've been trying to get an answer for that one for a bit21:17
tsimpsoninitrd or init?21:17
dvheumenow sorry, init.d :P21:18
dvheumentsimpson: init21:18
ubottuBoot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto21:19
tsimpsonthere was a graphical KDE editor for it, but it doesn't seem to be ported to KDE421:19
tsimpsonbut I use update-rc.d anyway :)21:20
ActionParsnip!info bum21:20
ubottubum (source: bum): graphical runlevel editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.2.1-2 (intrepid), package size 81 kB, installed size 516 kB21:20
ActionParsniptsimpson: do you mean that?21:20
tsimpsonActionParsnip: no, bum is GTK+21:21
dvheumentsimpson: yeah, bum seems nice, I knew about update-rc.d but I'd rather have a graphical interface for the quick enable/disable stuff21:21
dvheumentsimpson: thanks, bum seems to be what I was looking for :)21:22
DragnslcrI dunno about a decent GUI for it (the one in System Settings doesn't seem to be complete), but it's easy enough to delete the symlinks from /etc/rc*.d21:23
dvheumenDragnslcr: yeah i know about deleting the symlinks and about update-rc.d, 'bum' seems like a nice GUI app for this type of configuration21:24
lyhana8info twitter+KDE4 -> choqok : http://choqok.gnufolks.org/21:25
yannick__is someone here??21:26
twisted_ghi yannick__21:26
lyhana8yannick__: what do you want ? just ask21:30
yannick__clamav doesnt show his entry in the menu21:30
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Bsims{fs}Ok this is annoying my desktop widgets move on their own to try to allign themselves, any idea how to get it to STFU and stay where I put them21:33
ActionParsnipyannick__: i think its cli only21:33
lyhana8yannick__: don't know clamav21:33
Lord_Drachenbluthas anyone installed onto a macbook?21:36
Bsims{fs}Ok this is annoying my desktop widgets move on their own to try to allign themselves, any idea how to get it to STFU and stay where I put them21:36
ActionParsnipBsims{fs}: do you lock the widgets after you place them?21:37
Bsims{fs}ActionParsnip: it won't stay in place long enough for me to do that21:38
Bsims{fs}I want two bloody folder views on my destktop I;'ve had it way for ages21:38
ActionParsnipBsims{fs}: keep the language PG21:38
ActionParsnipBsims{fs}: remove then re-add the widget21:39
Bsims{fs}ActionParsnip: sorry It now decided that I really want them to overlap the two21:39
Bsims{fs}ActionParsnip: I did, twice21:39
ActionParsnipnot sure they can overlap. never tried. Idont use widgets as they clutter the place up21:39
ActionParsnipi'm not the best guy to ask21:39
* Bsims{fs} screams it worked for WEEEKS21:40
Bsims{fs}Surely its not that complicated, its ignoring me when I try to resize the stupid Cursed things too21:41
Bsims{fs}Buggerit, I am gonna kill X and restart and see if that fixes it21:41
gohmifunethere was a FF extension in the repos that enabled ubuntu commands, does anyone know what it was called?21:47
yoritomogood evening all21:53
HamidRezamy kppp in kubuntu 8.10 don't detect any modem21:54
HamidRezabut wvdial and pppconfig detect any modem21:54
ubottuWith Launchpad's Personal Package Archives (PPA), you can build and publish binary Ubuntu packages for multiple architectures simply by uploading an Ubuntu source package to Launchpad. See https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart.21:55
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rgarciacould anybody help me how do i access me mobile phone file via USB?22:01
yoritomoanyone experimented the nvidia driver from "nouveau project" ? #nouveau  http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/22:02
yoritomothe wiki is not clear nor well organized and i could not install it22:03
yoritomorgarcia, is it not reconized as a usb mass storage ?22:04
yoritomodoes not detect as a memory card ?22:04
rgarciabut the phone is charging...22:05
yoritomocharging is independant from any computer connection, it is coming from power22:06
twisted_grgarcia: i used a package called gprs-connect a while ago, not on kubuntu22:06
twisted_gyou could try it, just have to install it separately22:06
twisted_git worked quite well though22:06
yoritomowhen you plug it does it appears as new device on kubuntu?22:06
rgarciaright..is there in repository?22:06
rgarciano..nothing hapens22:06
twisted_gnot in repos no : http://easyconnect.linuxuser.hu/22:07
yoritomostrange,  because even if no driver found, it should appears on connection if the phone is power on22:07
yoritomosame like a camera22:07
twisted_gdepends on the phone22:07
rgarcianextel pininfarina22:08
yoritomoare you sure about the compatibility of your cable? some models has same plugs but different wiring diagram22:08
yoritomonot yet a standard neither unluckily22:08
rgarciayes the cable came w/ the cellphone22:09
yoritomodid you ever try under XP ?22:09
rgarciayes win xp works22:10
yoritomomaybe check on the menu of the phone for external connection22:11
yoritomooh ok22:11
yoritomothen i can't help you sorry, looks like you will need a driver22:11
rgarciai will...thanx22:14
DexterF kdm comes up at 1600x1200@85Hz as supposed to (CRT). Once I gave login creds it goes to 1600x1200@50Hz. kcontrol: only lets me chose 50-56 Hz. when I go sysadmin mode and change the monitor type *again* it lets me chose 85 but at next restart its 50 again. hitting ctrl-alt-+ makes it enter @85 but its bloody annoying. what happens here? I messed with the Xserver but put the old xorg.conf back in place, where lese is defined at22:20
DexterFwhich Res22:20
DexterFand with what settings KDE comes up?22:20
DexterFsry for the formatting22:20
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XenaLinxPrincesswow! quiet22:25
XenaLinxPrincessciao a tutti22:29
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Foxhow conection in br server?22:32
astrobearcan someone help me get java to display jars?22:35
astrobeari can see the windows, but there are no contents22:35
astrobearjava -jar file.jar = blank window22:36
astrobeari can see the title of the window22:36
astrobearthat's it22:36
astrobeari've asked in ##java and they said not to ask about applets, and so far no one has responded in #linux22:36
astrobeareven the 1.6 jar from java.com does the same thing22:37
astrobeari have the latest driver from nvidia22:38
nahazCan anyone say why that my usb mouse and keyboard stop working after i startx22:40
nahazI just compiled a new kernel 2.6.29 and it dont work but it still works in generic22:41
nahazAnd where is the configuration for mouse and keyboard ? xorg.conf not handling that anymore?22:43
nahaz328 user and noone have a clue? Better turn to a debian channel22:44
tsimpsonnahaz: if you're using a custom kernel, try asking in ##linux22:44
tsimpsonwe can't possibly support your custom kernels22:45
nahazya but I wonder what file is handling the mouse now?22:45
tsimpsonno file, Xorg dynamically detects it at runtime22:46
tsimpsonas long as the kernel sees it22:46
nahazThe keybord works in tty22:47
nahazand I can use the mouse 2-3 sek before kde4 boot is finished22:48
nahazAnd a dmesg shows that I have mouse and keyboard22:48
tsimpsonthen it's some issue with X, try looking in /var/log/Xorg.0.log22:49
nahazYes but original there is no configuration for nither mouse or keyboard in x22:50
tsimpsonif the only change is the kernel, then it's some interaction with Xorg and the kernel22:51
nahazMy xorg.conf only hold the configuration for nvidia22:51
nahazBut I have my suspission that hal take care of the usb and keyboard22:53
tsimpsonhal is just an abstraction layer22:53
=== compilerwriter_ is now known as compilerwriter
tsimpsonon top of the kernel, and it's still up to Xorg to look for and use the device properly22:54
nahazOk but were do you configure mouse and keyboard22:54
tsimpsonsame place as always afaik22:54
nahazHow can my mouse and keybord work when there is no input device for mouse ?22:55
tsimpson-> Xorg dynamically detects it at runtime22:55
tsimpsonxorg.conf is used for things X can not detect or custom options22:56
nahazok thanks22:57
nahaztry to change the xorg.conf then22:57
venikDoes anyone know how to use group chat in pidgin?23:01
venik(using google talk--> jabber)23:01
venikor xmpp23:02
reagleBRKLNmoved to kde4.2.2 today from 3.5.10, where are the weather and dict widgets?23:03
compilerwriteranybody here used yugma yet?23:07
reagleBRKLNnot me23:08
JontheEchidnareagleBRKLN: YOu will want to install kdeplasma-addons23:09
JontheEchidnaoh, and run kbuildsycoca4 from the konsole23:09
JontheEchidnaor alterantively log out/back in23:10
reagleBRKLNJontheEchidna: perhaps i screwed myself, but i'm running 4.2.2 from ppa23:10
reagleBRKLN4.1 was horrible23:10
reagleBRKLNim using http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-members-kde4/ppa/ubuntu23:10
reagleBRKLNkdeplasma-addons is from 4.1.4 and doesn't like 4.223:10
JontheEchidnayou need to upgrade kdeplasma-addons to the 4.2.2 version23:11
reagleBRKLNthere is none, that i can see23:12
reagleBRKLNas seen here: http://rafb.net/p/esAv7r66.html23:12
JontheEchidnayou're right, it's not in the kubuntu-members-kde4 repo23:14
bopfermanHello, I am running the new beta version of nmap testing for the conficker virus on windows boxes but I am getting an error. |  Conficker: ERROR: Network name not found (required service has crashed)23:17
Dragnslcr!info kdeplasma-addons23:19
ubottukdeplasma-addons (source: kdeplasma-addons): plasmoids for KDE 4 Plasma - main package. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.1.4-0ubuntu1~intrepid1 (intrepid), package size 390 kB, installed size 1320 kB23:19
bopfermanHas anyone noticed in recent updates that the Kmenu does not have focus when opening it?  I click on it and start typing but rather than the text going into the search area it is typed in the previously opened window.23:20
JontheEchidnayeah, it's a known bug23:21
JontheEchidnaand a pretty annoying one at that23:21
bopfermanok, good to know its being handled23:23
Mr_Grieves|Hrm, I can't get spellchecking working in openoffice from the intrepid repos23:30
Mr_Grieves|I can type gibberish and it tells me there are no errors.23:30
Mr_Grieves|I've tried reinstalling all the language packs, but it's still not working.23:31
Mr_Grieves|Any idea?23:31
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romanov_hey if I copied the /boot/grub/stage1 file from a distro and put it in my kubuntu one's place, would it mess anything up?23:35
romanov_coz mine is not working, I cant reinstall grub anymore23:36
victor__E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.23:37
victor__E: _cache->open() failed, please report.23:37
victor__what doi have to do to fix it23:37
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Mr_Grieves|victor__ -- sudo dpkg --configure -a?23:44
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Mr_Grieves|I guess so...23:56

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