vorianwho can i speak with about increasing the size of my ppa?00:45
lifelessask a question on answers.lauchpad.net/launchpad00:46
lifelessand the next rostered help contact will direct it to the right place00:46
lifeless[noone is on at the moment]00:46
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magciusOnly the reporter of a bug can close it, right?01:16
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duffydjamesh_: hi04:41
duffydjamesh_: got everything working with the pygpgme thing btw04:41
duffydwas a permissions thing on the .gpg folder in the end04:41
duffydproblem when you're using effective-users for stuff and starting with sudo04:42
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jameshduffyd: it's good to hear you solved your problem.04:44
duffydjamesh: aye :) btw you ever got zope.testrecorder to record tests for remote sites?04:44
duffyddoesn't seem to work04:44
duffydprobably because it wasn't designed for that04:44
jameshI've never used that module.04:45
duffydk np04:45
duffydjust makes creating doctests using zope.testbrowser a little easier04:45
jameshwe used to use a recorder thingee as a first step in generating page tests, but haven't done anything like that since switching to testbrowser04:46
duffydits not that accurate anyway04:46
duffydstupid thing ;)04:46
jameshI'm not sure it'd be that useful for the way we write our tests.04:47
duffydI'm not even wanting to use it to generate doctests in this case, just to create some quick instructions for a client04:47
duffydcu all05:04
Ursinhahey beuno05:17
mtaylorso... this new releases/milestones thing is great - but I can't seem to figure out how to make a release that isn't  associated with a milestone. am I just dumb?06:34
thumpermtaylor: IIRC a release is a milestone that happes to be released06:35
thumpermtaylor: so all releases are milestones06:35
thumpermtaylor: but all milestones are not necessarily releases06:35
mtaylorbefore, there was an ability to just go to a release series and "register a release"06:36
mtayloris it now that if I wanted to achieve that same effect, I would need to explictly define a milestone, then go to that milestone and release a file?06:37
thumpermtaylor: I don't know the new workflow.  Try getting salgado or sinzui when they turn up.07:05
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wgrantmtaylor: There will soon be a view to allow you to create both at once.07:52
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wgrantWhy can't I specify a commit message when I first create a merge proposal?12:19
intellectronicawgrant: you mean a commit message to be used when the branch eventually gets merged?12:31
intellectronicaif yes, then i think this is a really good idea12:31
intellectronicarockstar: ^^^^^12:32
wgrantintellectronica: There's already a field for it.12:32
wgrantintellectronica: But I can only set it after I've created it.12:32
intellectronicaoh, there is? can't believe i missed it :)12:32
wgrantI didn't see it until today eitherl.12:33
intellectronicaoh wow, i can see. maybe that's a new feature. very nice12:33
wgrantIt must be.12:33
wgrantBecause I got a colleague to include the commit message in the initial comment just a couple of weeks ago...12:34
intellectronicawgrant: i wonder, how would you specify it? i usually  create merge proposals by `bzr send`ing. bzr will have to know how to do that12:34
wgrantintellectronica: I use the 'Propose for merging' link.12:35
wgrantBut bzr send could easily take an argument. It would make sense for a lot of cases.12:36
intellectronicayes, i guess it would make sense for bzr to take a parameter when sending even if it's not for an LP merge proposal, since sending a bundle is usually a process that should end with a merge anyway12:37
wgrantWhat does it use for the email subject now?12:37
james_wit seeds them from the first line of the last commit message in the branch12:39
james_wwhich is often "clean up" or similar if there is more than one revision in the merge directive, so not ideal12:40
wgrantRight. That doesn't make a whole lot of sense.12:41
james_wit's arguably better than nothing12:41
james_was it's only seeding it, you can set it to what you like12:41
james_wyou would be expected to provide two things, a commit message and a cover letter, as they will often be different12:42
james_wthere could be a convention in the text of the mail to separate the two12:42
lifelessis there a bug open about the 'contact this person' thing on groups being uhm, problematic?12:47
elmolifeless: yes12:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 301727 in launchpad-registry "contact via web for groups is flawed because reply can only go to sender" [Low,Triaged]12:50
lifelessthanks elmo12:56
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sinzuimtaylor: For this month only, you do need to define a milestone, then create a release from it.13:36
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tymofiyhi there.14:19
tymofiyI am trying to send message to all members of the team and get errors all the time.14:19
tymofiywhere should I report the bug?14:19
tymofiythe team is https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-l10n-uk14:20
vadi2How can I mark a package as also being affected by a bug report?14:22
vadi2I click on "Also affects project", and it takes me to the page where I'm supposed to give the upstream URL for the 1 project that is listed. I don't see an option to add another affected package in ubuntu anywhere.14:22
wgrantvadi2: 'Also affects distribution'14:22
matsubaravadi2: does it have a Ubuntu bug task already?14:22
vadi2ok, think I got it. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/wine/+bug/35500514:23
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The read operation timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/355005/+text)14:23
vadi2imho, it would make a lot more sense if it said "Also affects distribution / package"14:28
olyhi, there is a bug filed against pythonmagick version 0.8-0ubuntu1 a new package was created of version 0.8-0ubuntu2 but bugs still remain should the bug be reposted on the new revision15:54
olyhoping this gets fixed, just want to make sure the bugs are still relevant when a newer release is made15:55
olyand that only closing of the bug makes it not apply any more15:55
thewrathhey does anyone know how to move my ssh public and private key from windows to ubuntu?15:58
kikothewrath, I think you basically need to copy the files over16:01
Ngis the release registering stuff in the latest rollout.... wrong?16:06
Ngthe blog post about it gives the impression that one can register a release and its accompanying milestone at the same time, but it seems like you can just register a milestone and then publish that to a release16:06
Ng(and fwiw, the docs on this appear to be wrong or missing, unless I'm entirely wrong about all of this!)16:07
seb128hi there16:15
seb128intellectronica: ok, let's use this channel rather then ;-)16:15
beunosinzui1, ^^16:16
seb128intellectronica: let me know if you need any detail about this GNOME watch not updating, I've some hundred bug numbers I can give as example ;-)16:16
sinzui1Ng: You must create a milestone, then a release from that milestone16:16
sinzui1Ng: This is for this month only16:16
sinzui1Ng, We will begine testing a feature to create a milestone while creating a release this week16:17
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Ngsinzui: aha, ok, thanks16:18
Ngsinzui: fwiw, I raise this because a friend of mine uses LP for his project, and said he would very much appreciate being emailed when he needs to change his processes like this. Maybe there could be a combination of launchpad-announce and the blog, aimed at project administrators? (probably more of a question for mrevell I suppose)16:19
sinzuiNg: agreed16:20
pancakehow can i create a private branch in launchpad?16:20
pancakei dont see any option or help in the documentation16:21
mrevellNg: Up until now we've done a mix of emailing people directly, where we can definitely see they've  used a feature, as well as posting on the blog and launchpad-announce. This one probably should have gone to announce as well as the blog but it did go to launchpad-users.16:21
mrevellNg: it's difficult to get the balance right some times16:21
Ngmrevell: sure, you'll never make everyone happy :)16:21
mrevellNg: We promise -announce will be very low traffic -- downtime notiftications, that sort of thing16:21
mrevellNg: So, I'm in two minds. I think -users is the best place for most communication like this.16:22
Ngmrevell: there's no way he (or I, as a fellow project owner) will subscribe to -users :)16:22
mrevellNg: Why? It's not particularly high traffic?16:23
mrevellhello pancake16:23
mrevellpancake: Creating a private branch: you need to be a commercial subscriber just now. bac -- can you help pancake?16:25
pancakesomebody knows how can i setup a branch to be private?16:25
bachi pancake16:25
bacpancake: what project are you working on?16:25
pancakehow can i became a commercial subscriber?16:28
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bacpancake: there is some information here:  http://blog.launchpad.net/general/new-privacy-features-for-commercial-subscribers16:29
Ngmrevell: for his part, he has no interest in being part of the launchpad user community, he just wants to release his software easily. I just don't have screen space for more mailing list folders ;)16:29
Ngmrevell: but it's better than nothing :)16:29
pancakebac: Thanks16:30
bacpancake: when you register your project and mark the license as 'Other/Proprietary' you will shown a link for buying a commercial subscription voucher in the canonical store16:30
pancakewill check that16:30
bacpancake: once you buy that voucher you return to launchpad and apply it to your project.  voila.16:30
pancakecan i work on public branches and then convert them into private at some point?16:30
pancakeor i will need to reimport them?16:30
bacpancake: i *believe* you will need to push them again16:31
pancakeoops ok :)16:31
mrevellNg: I think major changes like this are probably right for -announce. When it comes to changes that affect smaller, easily definable groups (i.e. people we can pull out of the db with a query) then we email directly. I'll check to see if the LP welcome email recommends people subscribe to -announce. If it doesn't, I'll amend it.16:31
Ngmrevell: I think that makes sense :)16:31
bacpancake: contact me here if you have further questions.16:31
pancakeThanks for the help bac :)16:33
oSoMoNhi all17:10
oSoMoNis there a way to stop a build in my ppa?17:10
hyperairno there isn't.17:10
oSoMoNit seems the builder is down, and my build is stuck in "building" status17:10
hyperairfor that you should contact launchpad staff =p17:11
hyperairwhich is.. here.17:11
hyperairi'm just not sure who they are17:11
hyperairsit around17:12
hyperairi'm sure someone will attend to you17:12
beunocprov, ^17:13
beunooSoMoN, cprov is your man, he's around somewhere17:14
oSoMoNbeuno: thx17:14
dlynchis it just my imagination or has "register a release" disappeared from the series overview page?17:37
oSoMoNdlynch: not just you17:42
oSoMoNand the +addrelease url directs to a Oops page17:42
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dlynchoSoMoN: thanks.... I was wondering if I'd done something wrong17:42
oSoMoNthat's been announced on the launchpad-users ML17:43
oSoMoNreleases are now automatically linked to milestones17:43
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dlynchoSoMoN: it sounds like I need to setup a milestone before a release then.... ok17:47
cprovhyperair: I'm checking your build17:47
hyperaircprov: wrong person. i'm not the one with the messed up build17:48
oSoMoNcprov: that's me17:48
oSoMoNhttps://edge.launchpad.net/~osomon/+archive/ppa/+build/932005 has been running for two hours now, and it seems the builder is down17:49
cprovhyperair: I'm sorry, overlooked the IRC log.17:49
hyperaircprov: =)17:50
cprovoSoMoN: the builder was deactivated for executing some other task.17:50
oSoMoNI guess that didn't properly stop the build17:50
cprovoSoMoN: right17:51
oSoMoNright, it's now stopped and queued for rebuild17:54
cprovoSoMoN: yup, it will build this time.17:55
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thewrathkiko: in ubuntu it is in a file and that is why i am not srue18:01
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kikothewrath, not two files?18:41
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savvaswhat's http://dogfood.launchpad.net ?19:12
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adrian15555http://www.gulic.org/pastebin/28 I have dput"ed" some packages with this configuration last Friday and today is not uploaded yet. What I am doing wrong? I still have not received an email either ok or disapproval.20:02
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LarstiQadrian15555: did you actually dput to adrian15_ubuntu_fai_ppa ?20:05
LarstiQadrian15555: mine has also:20:05
LarstiQdefault_host_main = notspecified20:05
tsimpsonhttp://ppa.launchpad.net/adrian15/ is 40420:07
tsimpsonthat would be the issue there20:07
adrian15555tsimpson, https://launchpad.net/~adrian15/+archive/fai That's the place where I want to put it.20:10
adrian15555tsimpson, How am I supposed to write the incoming field then?20:11
adrian15555LarstiQ, Yes, I actually dput it.20:11
tsimpsonadrian15555: that archive doesn't exist on ppa.launchpad.net, this is some sort of error20:11
tsimpsonI'd suggest asking on https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion if there are no LP admins available here20:12
adrian15555tsimpson, did you check the ~ ?20:12
LarstiQadrian15555: the most common error is dputting to a different location20:12
tsimpsonadrian15555: look at http://ppa.launchpad.net/20:12
adrian15555tsimpson, I mean it is a personal package archive, not one from a project or package20:12
LarstiQbut tsimpson seems to be on to something20:12
adrian15555LarstiQ, well, I have one doubt about the "activate" step20:13
cprovadrian15555: incoming = ~adrian15/fai/ubuntu20:14
adrian15555LarstiQ, I think that I have activated the ppa but I am not quite sure right now20:14
adrian15555cprov, so it is ubuntu missing, then ?20:14
cprovadrian15555: it should work if you omit the last slash, it's optional20:15
adrian15555cprov, I am going to try20:15
tsimpsondoes ppa.lp.net/<username> get created after an initial upload then?20:16
cprovtsimpson: after the first publication, to be precise20:16
cprovup to 20 minutes after the upload gets accepted.20:17
tsimpsonah, ok20:17
adrian15555cprov, I am going to wait for email about  accept.20:18
adrian15555cprov, So... the files that I have uploaded to ~adrian15/fai/ will be automatically deleted by the system or might I delete them somehow? And so how?20:18
cprovadrian15555: that upload was rejected, so already wiped from our servers. No worries.20:19
cprovadrian15555: btw, didn't you receive a rejection email from it ?20:20
adrian15555cprov, I only received an email rejection from the first dput, the one that was not well written20:21
adrian15555cprov, I did another three other dputs and no email rejection did I receive20:21
cprovadrian15555: let me check the logs for you.20:22
adrian15555I had: ~adrian15/ppa/fai/ and you adviced me to write: ~adrian/fai/ instead.20:22
adrian15555cprov, Ok. Waiting for your logs check.20:23
cprovadrian15555: 2009-04-06 19:20:41 DEBUG       Subject: live-initramfs_1.132.1-1~ppa1_source.changes rejected20:23
adrian15555cprov, Yes.20:23
adrian15555cprov, I just have received the mails from these last three dputs.20:23
adrian15555cprov, Unable to find distroseries: unstable (That's the error). Is it changelog which it is incorrect, maybe?20:24
adrian15555cprov, That's very interesting. The other packages read intrepid instead of unstable. But I have got live-initramfs from Ubuntu 8.10 official repository20:26
adrian15555I am going to change it to intrepid and that's it.20:26
cprovadrian15555: ubuntu has pristine debian syncs20:27
adrian15555cprov, ok, that explains20:28
cprovadrian15555: you can override information in the changelog by using 'incoming= ~adrian15/fai/ubuntu/intrepid'20:28
adrian15555cprov, But the ppa will still be the same url isn't it ?20:29
cprovadrian15555: this way you wouldn't have to change the source20:29
cprovadrian15555: the only disadvantage of doing it is that the version number won't be changed either20:29
adrian15555cprov, what do you mean?20:30
cprovadrian15555: yes, the parameters after the PPA name are optional an will be used to adjust the uploaded changesfile20:30
adrian15555cprov, ok, that's fine20:31
cprovadrian15555: I mean that you can use the upload path overrides to adjust pristine sources downloaded from debian or other repository, without spending time changing the source.20:31
adrian15555cprov, uploaded. Now I will wait till 21:4020:32
cprovadrian15555: :4520:32
cprovupload processor runs */520:32
adrian15555cprov, I did understand that part. What I did not understand is the version number part? Why is it a disadvantage?20:32
cprovadrian15555: ah, right20:32
cprovadrian15555: by having the same version in you PPA and in the original location you lose the upgrade path on clients20:33
cprovadrian15555: people with your PPA and the original repo (debian, ubuntu, etc) will have unpredictable installation candidates.20:34
cprovbecause binaries, despite of being different (built in different circumstances), will have the same version.20:34
adrian15555cprov, Do not worry. I haved added my own lines to changelog adding that ~ppa at the end.20:37
cprovadrian15555: cool20:37
adrian15555cprov, It was written here: https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA So I did that.20:39
adelie42If I am starting a new project and want it hosted on launchpad, I just register a branch, correct?20:40
adrian15555cprov, Packages seem to have been uploaded ok. I will have to test them as a repository another day. Thank you all for your help.20:42
adelie42Just want to double check the meaning of "branch"20:42
cprovadrian15555: you are welcome.20:42
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Ursinhahey beuno21:00
Ursinhayesterday my boyfriend was uploading packages to his ppa and he asked me why in the +edit-dependencies page you have a Save button and a Cancel link, instead of a cancel button as well21:01
UrsinhaI didn't know the answer :)21:01
Ursinha+edit-dependencies as in https://edge.launchpad.net/~ursinha/+archive/mamona/+edit-dependencies21:01
beunohi Ursinha21:03
beunoUrsinha, there are links everywhere21:04
Ursinhabeuno, but why a link and a button?21:04
beunoto clearly distinguish it from save21:04
tsimpsonit doesn't need to be a button, it doesn't submit a form21:06
Ursinhatsimpson, I'm just asking because I saw that in this page and saw Cancel buttons in other places21:07
Ursinhawanted to understand the difference21:08
Ursinhathe "doesn't submit a form" is a good one21:08
tsimpsonI don't remember seen a cancel button anywhere, but then I haven't "looked" for one21:09
beunoyes, that too  :)21:12
beunoI was on the phone, good that other people can think clearly21:12
Ursinhatsimpson, you don't need to go far, +edit ppa has one Cancel button21:19
tsimpsonoh, so there is21:21
tsimpson"Cancel" buttons on web forms seem strange to me, you send all the data to the server which ever button you press21:25
tsimpsonyou just hope the server checks to see which button was clicked21:26
thumpertsimpson: file a bug, it should be a cancel link not a cancel button21:27
beunothumper, it is a link   :)21:28
Ursinhabeuno, it's a button21:29
beuno"it's a bug"21:30
beunowho wants karma for filing it?21:30
beunofree karma!21:30
UrsinhaI can do that21:30
beunothat's the spirit21:31
beunosome day, you'll be able to use all that karma to buy a nice beach house21:31
Ursinhahmm see beuno21:31
Ursinhabug 34727521:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 347275 in soyuz "Include cancel-link into PPA forms" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34727521:31
Ursinhathe +edit page is not listed in this bug21:32
UrsinhaI'll edit the description21:32
mdkemwhudson: around?21:33
mwhudsonmdke: yes21:33
* Ursinha loves dupefinder21:33
mdkemwhudson: just a quick question. We rely on a svn import here: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/gnome-user-docs/trunk but gnome is switching to git so I wondered if there is an easy way to switch over. LP doesn't do git imports, right?21:34
mdkemwhudson: do we need to work directly with the upstream git repo via a bzr plugin or can LP help?21:34
mwhudsonmdke: lp will do git imports pretty soon21:34
mdkemwhudson: rockin21:34
mwhudsonmdke: in the next release or the one after that, i guess21:35
mwhudsonmdke: when is gnome actually switching?21:35
mdkeok, I'll keep an eye open21:35
mdkeI'm not sure when the move happens21:36
* mdke googles21:36
mdkemwhudson: just after 16 April21:37
mwhudsonwe won't be ready by then :/21:37
mdkeoh well21:39
DivineTemplarI seem to need assistance signing the Code of Conduct. I have sent my keys to the keyserver, but it is not recognizing my fingerprint.21:56
sladen+filebug is busted22:14
sladenTimeout three times in a row, most recent   (Error ID: OOPS-1192C2638)22:15
thumpersladen: +filebug on what?22:32
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sladenthumper: /ubuntu/22:35
sladenthumper: with the summary = "FFe bve-route-cross-city-south/bve-train-br-class-323 for jaunty/universe"22:36
sladenthumper: is that overly long and therefoer likely to cause a database search timeout22:37
sladenth(+daadvanced worked, but I guess it  the search for similar likely bugs)22:38
thumpersladen: I'm not entirely sure, but you could use the https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug-advanced to skip the searches22:38
sladenthumper: yes, I did, and it worked22:39
sladenthumper: would it be possible to not error if the search timesout and instead just assume that there were no likely matches22:40
thumpersladen: not easily, no22:40
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SnovaHello seb128.23:21
seb128edge doesn't let me close bug #354710 as duplicate of bug #22422923:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 354710 in gnome-control-center "Display preferences takes more space than available on a Eee 701SD" [Low,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35471023:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 224229 in gnome-control-center "Quite hard to change screen resolution back to normal when resolution is set very low" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22422923:21
seb128it displays a "The following errors were encountered: " with a red dot on the next line and no error23:21
seb128is that a known issue?23:21
intellectronicaseb128: i can reproduce. this is not a known issue. care to file a bug?23:22
seb128intellectronica: ok, doing that now23:25
intellectronicaseb128: thanks!23:26
seb128intellectronica: bug #35665623:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 356656 in malone "can't duplicate a bug, empty error listed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35665623:27
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