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IenorandStevenX: Software sources in system-admin menu.00:27
Lenin_Cathow do I upgrade to ext4?00:38
Mulderdo a clean installation is best way00:40
Lenin_CatMulder, and lose all my data -_-00:41
rconanhow can I regenerate the default config files from a package?00:44
Lenin_CatMulder, I cant, I odnt have a 500gb flash drive, I need to upgrade them00:44
rconanLenin_Cat: you can upgrade them but you wont see any benefit on files which are already there00:45
Lenin_Catrconan, but you can defrag00:46
Lenin_Catrconan, just tell me how00:46
rconanLenin_Cat: I don't know how to... someone in here wil tel you00:46
bruce89ich, libindicate support in Empathy00:47
rwwLenin_Cat: http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Ext4#Migrating_From_ext3_to_ext400:50
rwwLenin_Cat: It's arch-linux focused, but the steps should be similar/00:51
rwwLenin_Cat: There's also http://ext4.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Ext4_Howto#Converting_an_ext3_filesystem_to_ext4 and http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/jaunty/beta#Ext4%20filesystem%20support00:51
philsfI noted from the beta that suspend when laptop lid is closed is still not a default. shound't it be?00:52
seiflotfy3ok this is odd but my nvidia card has been on 73 degrees all day00:53
seiflotfy3even on a fresh install00:53
seiflotfy3it has soemthing to do with the drivers i guess00:53
rconanseiflotfy3: what's odd about that?00:53
seiflotfy3the usual temprature is 5000:53
seiflotfy3so the laptop is very hot00:53
rconantemp monitor is working for me00:53
seiflotfy3this started a couple of days ago00:54
seiflotfy3well it sometimes jumps to 8000:54
rconanmy 8800GTX is 41 and my 8500GT is 5400:54
rconanseems about right00:54
seiflotfy3mine are always at 7400:54
seiflotfy3or higher00:54
rconanare you sure they're not actually that hot?00:54
coz_rconan, what are you using to find the temperature?00:55
rconanif it's dualboot you could try running a monitor in the other OS to compare with...00:55
rconancoz_: the nvidia-settings program00:55
rconanseiflotfy3: I assume you're using the same00:55
seiflotfy3wil ldo that00:56
seiflotfy3can it have smethign to do iwht pluging in 2 montors00:56
rconanseiflotfy3: doubt it00:57
rconanI have 4 plugged in anyway so it's no difference between us00:57
rconandid you say you were reading off nvidia-settings00:58
seiflotfy3i can feel it00:59
seiflotfy3its a laptop00:59
rconanit could be the new drives... you could try reverting them and see if it stops01:00
seiflotfy3i am01:00
rconanthere might be fan control on its cooling whichis going wrong01:00
* rconan needs to go to bed...01:01
eMaXhi all01:12
eMaXanyone an idea what's wrong if networkmanager (gnome) sees no wireless lans while wicd sees many?01:12
YixilTesiphonany ideas as to why it won't recognize that my headphones are plugged in?01:47
wirechiefYixilTesiphon:  did you try alsamixer01:52
YixilTesiphonwirechief: installed it, but very confused what to do from there01:52
eMaXhi all01:52
YixilTesiphonthe models list is greek to me01:52
YixilTesiphonthe sound card is an ati rs-78001:53
YixilTesiphonspeakers work fine01:53
wirechiefthey are just sliders that control sound01:53
eMaXanyone: when I disable wireless networks in gnome and reenable them, the available wireless networks are not shown until I select any in "connet to hidden"01:53
YixilTesiphonoh yeah, turned headphones to max for that01:53
YixilTesiphonmakes no difference01:53
wirechiefYixilTesiphon: you probably would get more help in the am on #alsa  they have a script you can run to check things.01:54
YixilTesiphonwirechief: thanks01:54
wirechiefi doubt anyones there no though.01:54
wirechiefusually gnubien or wishy can get you going.01:55
centaur5Is that normal for Jaunty to not allow you to use ext4 if you're using a software raid?02:06
RichardWolfVIHello, Jounty crashes whrn I try to play 720p video02:07
RichardWolfVIactually it's the X server what crashes02:08
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J-_Is there a task applet like alarm-clock that works in Jaunty?02:14
MulderRichardWolfVI, ati driver?02:15
bruce89!away | RichardWolfVI, virk02:17
ubottuRichardWolfVI, virk: You should avoid noisy away messages in a busy channel like #ubuntu, or other Ubuntu channels; it causes excessive scrolling which is unfair to new users. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently.  See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»02:17
RichardWolfVIMulder: Nope, Intel02:18
bruce89RichardWolfVI: there are a lot of issues with the intel driver02:19
RichardWolfVII was somewhat attracted by the UXA acceleration option, but neither that works :/02:20
Mulderat least you still have your health02:21
bruce89Mulder: I'll need to try that one in the future02:22
RichardWolfVIFunny thing, I can play said videos under Windows in VirtualBox02:22
* Mulder winks at bruce02:22
Jordan_URichardWolfVI, What output are you using? ( xv, X11, openGL )02:27
RichardWolfVIJordan_U: How do I know02:27
Jordan_URichardWolfVI, What application are you using?02:27
bruce89Jordan_U: it's Totem02:27
Jordan_URichardWolfVI, In totem it's XV by default, try changing it with gstreamer-properties02:28
RichardWolfVIJordan_U: Which should I use instead?02:29
EagleScreenKDE translations are failing currently in jaunty for Spanish language02:30
Jordan_URichardWolfVI, NoXV will probably work ( slowly ) I don't think gstreamer can do openGL but if it can try that ( or use mplayer which can )02:30
Jordan_URichardWolfVI, Also be sure to file a bug report if one hasn't been files already02:31
RichardWolfVII used VLC, Totem and MPlayer, X crashes in all of them02:31
crdlbyeah, it's undoubtedly an XVideo problem02:31
Jordan_URichardWolfVI, They all use XV by default, I think that mplayer is the only one that supports openGL02:32
RichardWolfVIIt's kind of a bummer, I was watching HD video just before upgrading02:32
Jordan_URichardWolfVI, You may be able to watch HD video with openGL output ( flickery if you are using compiz without UXA though )02:33
RichardWolfVII better wait for updates and report as soon as I return to this computer02:34
RichardWolfVIhmm, I don't have time to chheck that02:34
* Jordan_U Wonders if the compiz video plugin will be ported to compiz .9.x 02:35
crdlbI'm not sure there's much point in doing so02:36
crdlbit is pretty broken as implemented now02:36
Jordan_Ucrdlb, How so?02:38
crdlbfor one, I don't think it can work with non-toplevel windows02:38
crdlbI tried making a gstreamer sink for it a while ago, but it didn't work in totem02:39
crdlband I've heard the mplayer patch doesn't work in smplayer02:39
Jordan_UMaybe it can be re-implemented properly02:42
crdlbyeah, but why not use textured video?02:42
crdlbI also got lots of tearing on my crappy GPU02:43
bruce89what is it supposed to do?02:43
crdlband because it's directly tied to compiz, changing the texture filter in compiz affects the video quality, which is just weird02:43
crdlbbruce89: compiz renders the video into a window02:44
crdlbit's kind of neat02:44
alevinecan anybody here help me with a jaunty+intel video bug? I have a gma4500 graphics chip and after i upgraded to jaunty, xorg crashes on boot02:44
crdlbparticularly back when the open source drivers couldn't do composited video even with the hardware overlay02:44
racecar56what's with the new startup sound hack?02:53
bruce89racecar56: which one?02:53
racecar56bruce89, sometimes the sound seems slower, sometimes it is normal, on intrepid it seems to do it too but _VERY_ rarely02:55
racecar56Condoulo, yay :D02:55
bruce89never noticed that02:55
Condoulook, here's my question. Is there any reason as to why I cannot find the Epiphany-webkit package in the repositories put into the beta? I'm in the 64-bit version btw02:56
bruce89Condoulo: it's gone02:56
Jordan_UCondoulo, There is no epiphany-webkit right now02:56
bruce89Condoulo: upstream wasn't working on the branches, Ephy will be WebKit only for 2.2802:57
Condouloreally? >.< Is there any alternative repositories I could use to install it through?02:57
Condoulo(or better question, will the intrepid package for the epiphany-webkit work)03:00
bruce89Condoulo: no and no03:02
CondouloThanks anyway03:02
bruce89Condoulo: you'll have to get Epiphany from SVN (or indeed git later on)03:02
racecar56bruce89, sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude safe-upgrade didn't make me get to beta from a603:02
bruce89racecar56: there is no such thing as alpha 6 and beta03:03
racecar56bruce89, then why do i have it03:03
racecar56bruce89, :P03:03
bruce89racecar56: a distribution is a collection of packages03:03
CondouloI'll try Kazehakase instead then.03:04
bruce89alpha 6 is just a specific collection of versions of packages03:04
racecar56so basically all beta was is just newer packages....03:04
bruce89Condoulo: be aware the WebKit package is old03:04
bruce89racecar56: that is all distributions are03:05
racecar56bruce89, ok03:05
bruce89a CD release is just like a software release, a version number is just a tag of a specific revision03:05
* Condoulo just needs a decent webkit based browser >.<03:06
bruce89Condoulo: jhbuild build epiphany-webkit03:07
bruce89if you feel like downloading and installing the dependencies of Ephy from source03:08
ghindoCondoulo: Midori?03:08
CondouloArora seems really nice03:08
bruce89no matter what, you've still got an old WebKit version03:09
Condouloabout how hold of a version?03:09
bruce89September last year03:10
ubottuA schedule of Jaunty Jackalope (9.04) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyReleaseSchedule03:10
Condoulobruce89, 08? So about the version that Chrome's original release used?03:11
crankharderwhen I updated from 8.04 -> 8.10 my computer stopped turning itself off, the whole shutdown sequence would go, it just wouldn't click off -- after upgrading to 9.04 I get the same problem except this is a different box - any ideas how to fix this?03:11
bruce89Condoulo: for the GTK+ port, it's old03:11
Condouloany reason why it hasn't been updated?03:11
bruce89Condoulo: there's a PPA called webkit-team or something03:11
bruce89Condoulo: Ubuntu's lazyness03:11
bruce89even Debian has a new one03:12
CondouloI can tell its an old version. It doesn't do as well on the sunspider test03:12
Lenin_Cathow do I merge a bunch of folders03:17
amon_why can't i install unrar03:22
myk_robinsonhaving an issue with Avant Window Navigator in that it sometimes gets covered by windows and does not reappear like it should. I like to have it auto hide when not i use, but pop back up when I move my mouse to the bottom. Worked fine in Intrepid. Any advice?03:24
holyscottCan someone help me with setting up samba in kubuntu jaunty 9.04 beta03:37
ianm_9.04 feels sluggish-- is that to be expected?  debug libs or something?03:47
Mulderianm_, intel ?03:48
holyscottcan someone help me w/ getting samba started, or some type of control panel in kubuntu 9.04 jaunty beta03:48
ianm_Mulder: intel what03:49
ianm_Mulder: cpu yes03:49
Mulderi'm wondering what you mean by sluggish03:49
ianm_Mulder: yes  Display controller: Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 0c)03:50
holyscotthow do I start samba?03:50
ianm_holyscott: I think    sudo /etc/init.d/samba start03:51
Mulderianm_, turn off compiz. is it any better?03:51
ianm_Mulder: eg. when switching desktops, it takes seconds to redraw  (not using compiz)03:51
holyscott * nmbd is running03:52
holyscott * smbd is not running03:52
holyscottianm_: that was half of it03:53
holyscottHow do I start smdb?03:53
ianm_Mulder: that's an exaggeration-- but I do see each app redraw one after another.  maybe 700ms total.  on a Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU     T7300  @ 2.00GHz  ??03:54
ianm_Mulder: well I was just wondering if running a pre-release has debug settings turned on or anything.  this is the first pre-release I've used03:55
bjsniderwhy the heck does it take longer for the vm to build i386 binaries than amd64 binaries04:03
holyscottin my packagekit, do I want to be getting the samba items, or samba4? for basic linux to linux file sharing04:09
Mulderianm_, the intel driver is having issues04:16
ianm_Mulder: hmm yes, among them http://openanswers.org/bug-1.png (through bug-5)04:23
marshallsup jaunties?04:25
ice-ninebeen using 9.04 for about a week now and must admit that things have come a long way.  All of my hardware has worked with exception to mixing an nvidia 260 and nvidia 6150 video cards for a triple monitor system.04:38
ice-nineSuspend and hibernate are both successful on my laptop, and when resuming, wireless comes up successfully, and so does sound!04:39
ice-nineThe switch between the headphone jack and speakers on my laptop is also successful.  :)04:39
ice-nineOne item I miss is amarok 1.4.04:40
usserword on the street amarok is not that good anyway04:41
BHSPitMonkeyAnyone else see "Npviewer.bin crashed" messages often in amd64 jaunty?04:52
bjsniderBHSPitMonkey, remove nspluginwrapper04:54
bjsniderit is unnecessary04:54
bjsniderand amd6404:54
BHSPitMonkeybjsnider, and I need to install flash manually then?04:54
bjsniderjust install flashplugin-nonfree04:55
BHSPitMonkeyflashplugin-nonfree depends on it.04:55
BHSPitMonkey(on nspluginwrapper)04:55
bjsniderit shouldn't depend on it for amd64. if it does they screwed up04:55
bjsnideryou can install it manually if you want. it's pretty easy. put the libflashplugin.so file in /usr/lib/xulrunner-addons/plguins04:57
pHreaksYcle1my nautilus is boned, when i boot up, i cannot start nautilus from command line, from GUI, there is no desktop folder built into my wallpaper. I deleted the gnome config folders, also the nautilus config folder to no avail. submitted a bug, but i dont think i categorized it correctly. ideas please? i've been at this for a few hours now, it's starting to grind me :)05:03
evilaimok, I'm happy as hell.05:03
evilaimIt took a tiny bit of work, but I now have ubuntu 9.04 64bit ext4 installed05:04
pHreaksYcle1anyone have any ideas for me?05:05
evilaimJust for your info, when you first install this setup, NVidia users might find issues running your card.  Try and: sudo apt-get upgrade05:05
evilaimthat worked great for me.05:05
evilaimI now have compiz, and everything up and running.05:05
evilaimonly issues I've had is with python.  And that was easily fixed by searching google.05:05
pHreaksYcle1evilaim: no problems with nautilus then?05:05
evilaimnot as of yet05:06
evilaimor at least nothing I've noticed.05:06
evilaimaltho, I have a big issue with 1 thing...05:06
pHreaksYcle1evilaim: well, lucky you. trust me, you would notice this bug, it's a show stopper.05:06
evilaimI have a 500 Meg external.05:06
evilaimya, sorry05:06
pHreaksYcle1lul s'ok05:07
evilaimand it's only showing as 162 gig...05:07
pHreaksYcle1format it?05:07
bjsniderRAOF, why does it take longer for the build system to build i386 binaries than it does to build amd64 binaries?05:07
evilaimit won't even take data...05:07
pHreaksYcle1meh. who am i kidding? i can't even make my desktop work05:07
RAOFbjsnider: Often because there's more i386 packages to build; all the arch: all packages go on i386 buildds, too.05:07
evilaimWell, I'm highly confused...05:08
evilaimSo, ya, theres one flaw.05:08
evilaimactually, it's on both hard drives..05:08
evilaimeven my main hdd doesn't show full values.05:08
evilaimI have 400 gigs.05:08
bjsniderRAOF, no, i mean if you're sending something in to the ppa system, you want all archs, but the slowest build is the i38605:08
evilaimhttp://pastebin.com/m282fc9b0 <--- I have 400 gigs on my main and a 500 gig external.05:09
evilaimeven my 400 gig external is showing a bit less05:09
RAOFbjsnider: Again, because there are more packages for the i386 buildds to build.05:09
evilaimactually, never mind, it's fixed... but the external still is shirt05:09
RAOFbjsnider: For example: many/most packages using VM and interpreted languages aren't built at all on anything but the i386 buildds.  The i386 buildds just have a bigger workload.05:10
pHreaksYcle1is anyone here a developer?05:16
pHreaksYcle1i could really use an expert point of view here. . .05:17
damnubuntucheck the irc channels for a developers channel05:18
evilaimpHreaksYcle1: just ask05:18
pHreaksYcle1evilaim: what, ask my question again?05:18
evilaimsure, I musta missed it05:19
pHreaksYcle1my nautilus is boned, when i boot up, i cannot start nautilus from command line, from GUI, there is no desktop folder built into my wallpaper. I deleted the gnome config folders, also the nautilus config folder to no avail. submitted a bug, but i dont think i categorized it correctly. ideas please? i've been at this for a few hours now,05:19
evilaimHmm, ok, so you've installed which ubuntu 9.04?05:20
evilaimdesktop, server, 32 or 60?05:20
evilaimer 64*05:20
bjsniderpHreaksYcle1, does it work out of a brand new user account?05:20
evilaimSo, you open terminal, and type nautilus, what do you get?05:20
evilaimand have you done sudo apt-get upgrade?05:21
pHreaksYcle1i went through update manager05:22
pHreaksYcle1does that matter?05:22
evilaimyou didn't clean install?05:22
pHreaksYcle1no, i mean for the updates05:22
pHreaksYcle1i always clean install, what do i look like, bill gates?05:22
evilaimI'd try the upgrade.05:22
evilaimit has worked on most of the issues I faced...05:22
pHreaksYcle1the command line version? sure, why the hell not. gimme a second05:23
evilaimit's just to check your basis.05:23
pHreaksYcle1bjsnider: ill check that out in a second, that sounds like it may work05:23
pHreaksYcle1evilaim: 0 0 0 005:24
bjsniderthere are a number of hidden files and directories in your home directory. if gnome thinks the settings amount to nonsense, it can cause bizarre problems05:24
pHreaksYcle1nothin man05:24
pHreaksYcle1im about to create a new user, brb05:24
pHreaksYcle1I've never actually done this before, what group should i set the user in?05:26
pHreaksYcle1the new one05:26
bjsniderthe user and group should be the same05:26
pHreaksYcle1bjsnider: for my brand new user im creating, it is blank by default05:27
evilaimpHreaksYcle1: but what you do you get when you run nautilus from terminal?05:27
evilaimany errors?05:27
pHreaksYcle1Segmentation fault (core dumped)05:27
bjsniderpHreaksYcle1, what's blank?05:27
pHreaksYcle1didn't say that before though, good to see some change05:27
evilaimcan you paste the full error?05:27
pHreaksYcle1im afraid that's all it gives my friend05:28
pHreaksYcle1bjsnider: the selection for "group" is blank. i need to choose one i guess. under the advanced tab of the new user account application05:28
pHreaksYcle1to you :)05:29
pHreaksYcle1i knew i should have just given these idiots 8.10 and let them deal05:30
bjsniderpHreaksYcle1, just type the username, type a password and click ok05:30
pHreaksYcle1bjsnider, you're the boss05:30
evilaimph: sudo apt-get remove nautiful05:30
evilaimgod damnit05:30
evilaimph: sudo apt-get remove nautilus05:30
pHreaksYcle1well, let me try to log into this new account first05:30
pHreaksYcle1then that05:30
pHreaksYcle1bjsnider: was quicker on the draw brb05:30
evilaimph, I'm going to solve your issue!05:31
pHreaksYcle1evilaim: lol, why ph?05:32
pHreaksYcle1evilaim: and i'm glad to hear that, thanks man.05:32
pHreaksYcle1evilaim: type phr then hit tab05:33
evilaimI understand how to chat:)05:33
pHreaksYcle1idk if you knew that :)05:33
pHreaksYcle1im assuming that means you did05:33
evilaimI'm running ubuntu 9.04 64bit ext4... I might understand a few things;)05:34
pHreaksYcle1okay, well, the result of the new user was ultimate failure05:34
pHreaksYcle1i don't even get a wallpaper05:34
pHreaksYcle1im going to reinstall nautilus05:34
pHreaksYcle1then logout and in05:35
pHreaksYcle1yeah, that's a fail im afraid. . .05:37
pHreaksYcle1i should probably just reinstall ubuntu-desktop05:38
pHreaksYcle1it's a fresh install, i have nothing to lose05:38
pHreaksYcle1but pride05:38
pHreaksYcle1evilaim: still there?05:39
bjsniderpHreaksYcle1, that's a clean install?05:39
evilaimya, sorry.05:39
pHreaksYcle1bjsnider: clean install, with flash and updates. period.05:40
evilaimyou removed nautilus and reinstalled?05:40
pHreaksYcle1evilaim: yep.05:40
bjsniderpHreaksYcle1, i wouldn't trust the cd you burned05:40
pHreaksYcle1bjsnider: well, damnit.05:40
pHreaksYcle1bjsnider: so a reinstall is in order?05:41
* pHreaksYcle1 winces05:41
evilaimthe cd?05:41
pHreaksYcle1evilaim: i know what he means. if it's this boned without me playing with it, CD must be shit05:41
evilaimThis prolly has nothing to do with the media installed from.  Usually if it's corrupt it wouldn't load:)05:41
evilaimwhat did you install from?05:42
evilaim9.04 beta?05:42
pHreaksYcle1evilaim: CD05:42
pHreaksYcle1evilaim: yeah. is there any other way?05:42
pHreaksYcle1evilaim: ah. right.05:42
pHreaksYcle1evilaim: no, this was beta.05:42
pHreaksYcle1bjsnider:  evilaim: hahah. i have a USB drive prepped right here to reinstall. just say the word and i won't even sleep tonight.05:43
evilaimThat's completely weird..05:43
bjsniderpHreaksYcle1, i don't see what the big deal on doing a full osri is05:43
pHreaksYcle1bjsnider: time, i'm a, let's call it "dependent", as in, my parents are going to beat my ass if they find me awake at this hour, which is quarter to 1AM here.05:44
evilaimI still don't understand that...05:45
evilaimyou've removed nautilus and reinstalled..05:45
evilaimif anything that would fix it05:45
bjsniderpHreaksYcle1, is the world ending tonight? because as far as i know the sun will come up tomorrow05:45
pHreaksYcle1evilaim: didn't reinstall yet :)05:45
pHreaksYcle1bjsnider: indeed it will. and off to school i go, and the desktop stays here.05:45
pHreaksYcle1i reinstall tonight05:45
pHreaksYcle1wish me luck, here it goes.05:46
pHreaksYcle1im not going to attempt this without a blessing05:46
bjsniderattempt what?05:47
pHreaksYcle1evilaim:  bjsnider: a reinstall. i'm just being dramatic. thanks for your help so far, ill be back when the (new) install is done. this time off a USB drive05:47
evilaimpHreaksYcle1: you didn't reinstall naut?05:48
pHreaksYcle1evilaim: lol we're confusing each other. i reinstall nautilus. just not the whole OS05:48
pHreaksYcle1but NOW, im reinstalling the OS05:48
pHreaksYcle1we on the same page?05:48
bjsnideryou can yank out all of the gnome packages and reinstall them05:48
pHreaksYcle1like gnome-desktop?05:49
pHreaksYcle1er. ubuntu-desktop05:49
bjsniderno, that's just one package05:49
pHreaksYcle1isn't it a dummy for a bunch though?05:49
bjsnideryou can use synaptic to remove anything with gnome's name on it05:49
bjsniderthen install the ubuntu-desktop package which will pull them all down again05:50
pHreaksYcle1bjsnider: sure, what the hell, why not. hang on.05:50
bjsniderevilaim, you're wrong about the cd. it can have a very small flaw and yet still boot, and apparently work05:50
pHreaksYcle1bjsnider: is there a particular way to get rid of more than one at once?05:51
evilaimwild card05:52
evilaimit's evil05:52
coreyHi guys, I have Kubuntu 9.04 beta installed which is working fine, but it seems to not have pulse audio installed, so I installed it and started it with autostart using the command pulseaudio -D. however it doesnt seem to be active, it seems to still be alsa, and therofr cant use more than one applicaion using sound. can anyone help?05:52
pHreaksYcle1isn't there a kubuntu channel. . .?05:52
coreynot for 9.0405:52
pHreaksYcle1well, that sucks05:52
coreyit forwards to this channel05:53
pHreaksYcle1good luck05:53
danbhfivepHreaksYcle1: here is a somewhat crazy command you can use to reinstall stuff: sudo apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop^05:53
bjsniderwill that reinstall everything or just that one package?05:53
pHreaksYcle1bjsnider: yeah, im almost positive it junks everything05:54
pHreaksYcle1bjsnider: that one package is linked to the rest somehow05:54
bjsnideri understand that05:54
bjsniderbut you can remove it all by itself05:55
pHreaksYcle1The following extra packages will be installed:05:55
pHreaksYcle1  ekiga libopal3.6.1 libpt2.6.1 libpt2.6.1-plugins-alsa05:55
pHreaksYcle1  libpt2.6.1-plugins-v4l2 libxml-xpathengine-perl nautilus-share05:55
pHreaksYcle1  ubuntu-desktop05:55
pHreaksYcle1Suggested packages:05:55
pHreaksYcle1  siproxd gnugk mediaproxy ser openser rtpproxy asterisk yate callweaver samba05:55
pHreaksYcle1The following packages will be REMOVED:05:55
pHreaksYcle1  libopal3.4.2 libpt2.4.2 libpt2.4.2-plugins-alsa libpt2.4.2-plugins-v4l205:55
pHreaksYcle1The following NEW packages will be installed:05:55
pHreaksYcle1  ekiga libopal3.6.1 libpt2.6.1 libpt2.6.1-plugins-alsa05:55
pHreaksYcle1  libpt2.6.1-plugins-v4l2 libxml-xpathengine-perl nautilus-share05:55
pHreaksYcle1  ubuntu-desktop05:55
pHreaksYcle1:-/ sorry about all that. . .05:55
bjsnideryou didn't have nautilus-share05:56
danbhfivebjsnider: it reinstalls everything under the ubuntu-desktop task05:56
pHreaksYcle1bjsnider: that's what i was trying to draw attention to, instead sent a text bomb :)05:56
pHreaksYcle1danbhfive: congrats, it seems you have saved me a OSRI05:56
bjsniderdanbhfive, not thru synaptic. i just tried it05:56
danbhfivebjsnider: through synaptic?05:57
danbhfivebjsnider: I dunno.  I've never tried to run tasks through synaptic.05:57
pHreaksYcle1bjsnider: sudo apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop^ is working.05:57
pHreaksYcle1i still dont know what the hell ^ is for05:57
bjsniderdanbhfive, mark for reinstallation only installs the one package in synaptic05:58
danbhfivebjsnider: did you include the ^?05:58
pHreaksYcle1bjsnider: ah. that's what it's for.05:58
danbhfivebjsnider: oops, you are still in synaptic05:58
pHreaksYcle1er i mean.05:58
pHreaksYcle1danbhfive: that's what the ^ is for. like a staple for that one package to the rest05:59
danbhfivenot wuite05:59
pHreaksYcle1danbhfive: well, whatever it is, it's working.05:59
pHreaksYcle1danbhfive: explain, im interested05:59
danbhfiveubuntu-desktop^ != ubuntu-desktop06:00
danbhfivesudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^ == sudo tasksel install ubuntu-desktop06:00
danbhfivethat being said, all I can do is point you to the man page for tasksel.  I've had trouble fully understanding how tasks are put together, and I can't find documentation06:01
evilaimmy only issue is I can't understand how 1 package can be corrupt, while nothing else is.06:01
evilaimIf he downloaded the same as everyone else then it shouldn't matter.06:02
pHreaksYcle1evilaim: not corrupt, just didn't get copied or something. it's plain-old not there06:02
evilaimbut can you start naut at all?06:02
evilaimvia GUI?06:02
pHreaksYcle1i haven't gotten all this junk reinstalled yet06:02
pHreaksYcle1no i cannot06:03
evilaimoh, I thought you said via GUI you can but desktop isn't there...06:03
bjsniderdanbhfive, now, if i use the remove command with the symbol, will it completely blow away all packages associated with ubuntu-desktop?06:03
bjsniderdanbhfive, are you daniel holbach?06:04
danbhfivebjsnider: hehe, yes it will!!!   And in a very bad way.  Go for it.  You will get a prompt saying that you are going to really screw up your system  :p06:04
danbhfiveno, absolutely not06:05
bjsnideryou're _not_ daniel holbach. that's the story, right?06:05
danbhfiveexactly, Im just a user.  So, take what I say with a grain of salt.  I think he goes by dholbach06:06
bjsniderwell, i think it's an international conspiracy06:06
coreyHey, does anyone know how to enable pulse audio on 9.04 beta?06:07
pHreaksYcle1lol, just kidding (maybe not)06:07
corey...that wouldnt work06:07
coreysince it wasnt even installed from a fresh install06:08
bjsniderit was if you're using gnome06:08
coreyi have gnome06:08
coreyi'm using it right now06:08
bjsniderif not better ask in the #kubuntu channel06:08
bjsniderpulseaudio is installed during a clean install. if itwasn't you've got issues that go beyond not having pulseaudio06:09
coreynot really since everything else is working great06:10
bjsniderok, whatever06:10
coreysound works, it jsut wont work with two or more applications...hense no pulseaudio06:10
pHreaksYcle1corey: that sucks man.06:18
pHreaksYcle1corey: ubuntu works pretty well at that.06:18
coreyhmm, is there any way i can see if pulse audio is in fact running and is being used, because i cant really tell, all i know is that there is no multiple sound support06:19
bjsnidercorey, install libpulse006:19
bjsniderand libpulsecore906:20
coreythey are already installed06:20
bjsniderthen you have pulseaudio alredy06:20
coreyi think i had to install them to get pulse audio06:21
coreyyes, i manually installed the packages06:21
pHreaksYcle1corey: check out your processes list. pulseaudio is the name of the process06:21
coreybut i dont think pulse audio is being used06:21
coreyit is there06:21
coreyi checked06:21
pHreaksYcle1well, then it's running06:21
pHreaksYcle1corey: something's f'ed.06:21
coreyok, so then why is multiple sounds not working?06:21
pHreaksYcle1corey: you tell me. i'm just telling you it's running. perhaps config is wrong etc06:22
pHreaksYcle1corey: notice how i don't support nor use kubunut :)06:22
coreywell, i'm on gnoem atm06:22
bjsnidercorey, go to preferences>sound. change sound playback to pulseaudio sound server. click test. if you hear something, pulseaudio is running06:23
pHreaksYcle1corey: indeed.06:23
coreyyes i did that, and it works06:23
Halowcorey: Install padevchooer. Use the Pulseaudio Volume Control it brings to see if it's opening streams for each program.06:23
pHreaksYcle1bjsnider: these packages are almost done circlejerking. i will see how well this works soon enough. thx for your help btw.06:24
bjsnidercorey, if the application is using oss, it would block anything else from using sound06:24
coreyok hold on, padevcooer isnt in the repo06:24
coreyi copy and pasted it didnt find anything06:25
HalowOops. I typoed, huh? This is what I get for being up late.06:25
Halowpadevchooser it should be.06:25
coreyoh aha yeah, it works now06:25
dtchencorey: pulseaudio is enabled in the default Ubuntu install06:25
keanuooh, pulseaudio discussion06:25
keanujust what I was interested in06:26
coreyappearently not in kubuntu beta06:26
bjsniderdtchen, i already told him, but he doesn't believe me06:26
bjsniderright, kubuntu doesn't sue pulseaudio by default06:26
keanufirefox seems to freeze after about 5 minutes when playing a youtube video06:26
keanuthinking it might be an issue with PA06:26
dtchencorey: it ships in daily and the dvd, but it's not enabled unless you do something extra (like pull in amarok extra bits)06:26
pHreaksYcle1keanu: firefox sucks. i use it exclusively but it leaks memory like a mother.06:27
bjsniderkeanu, you on 32 bit?06:27
keanubjsnider, yeah06:27
bjsnidertoo bad. you need nspluginwrapper06:27
coreyi'm starting to think i'll just download the gnome version and install it, then install the kubuntu packages...this is a hassle06:27
dtchenkeanu: are you using flashplugin-nonfree or adobe-flashplugin ?06:27
coreythe gnome cd i mean06:27
pHreaksYcle1corey: good man.06:28
keanudtchen, not sure, tbh06:28
dtchenkeanu: dpkg -l flashplugin-nonfree adobe-flashplugin|grep ^ii06:28
coreyalright i'll go do that, thanks everyone06:28
pHreaksYcle1man, kubuntu people are mean06:29
dtchenkeanu: are you running the latest kernel? 2.6.28-11.40-generic06:29
bjsniderkubuntu uses phonon instead of pulseaudio06:30
dtchenkeanu: (see `cat /proc/version_signature')06:30
dtchenbjsnider: phonon is just an abstraction; it can use ALSA directly or PulseAudio. In fact, in Kubuntu, ALSA is preferred, but it will fall back to PulseAudio.06:30
keanudtchen, yeah06:30
dtchenbjsnider: the underlying backends for Phonon in Kubuntu are Xine (default) and GSt06:31
dtchenkeanu: please reproduce the issue while running pulseaudio -vv06:31
dtchenkeanu: you'll need to killall pulseaudio;pulseaudio -vv  (and leave it running in the foreground in a Terminal)06:31
keanudtchen, k06:32
pHreaksYcle1reproduce means do it again06:32
pHreaksYcle1i looked that up06:32
pHreaksYcle1just kidding06:32
bjsniderkeanu, what cpu is in that rig?06:32
keanubjsnider, model name: Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual  CPU  T2330  @ 1.60GHz06:32
keanu(Dell inspiron 1525 laptop)06:32
keanudtchen, btw, when firefox crashes, pulseaudio is still fine - i can restart firefox and go back to the youtube video and have it play fine without restarting PTA06:34
bjsniderkeanu, you can go to the amd64 build any time you want, where you'll have the flash plugin with native pulseaudio support06:35
keanubjsnider, what do you mean?06:35
bjsnideradobe released a 64-bit alpha flash plugin for linux that has built-in pulseaudio support. it doesn't need nspluginwrapper06:36
keanuah, k06:36
bjsnideri am using it now. it never crashes06:37
keanuhmm...i upgraded from 8.10 on my laptop, but would switching to 64-bit require me to reinstall?06:37
bjsnideryes it would06:37
mikedep333hey, this bug affects me a lot and I think it was ignored for Intrepid and is being ignored for Jaunty. Is there anyway I can make sure that it is noticed?06:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 207506 in network-manager-vpnc "nm-vpnc and vpnc-connect produce different routing tables" [Undecided,Confirmed]06:37
pHreaksYcle1mikedep333: find someone who knows what they're talking about in IRC, on the forum find SOMEONE to piggyback on. lots of helpful people around.06:39
pHreaksYcle1if you can get someone interested in your problem, chances are it WILL get fixed06:40
pHreaksYcle1mikedep333: sorry i can't be of more assistance, i know how frustrating it is.06:41
mikedep333 pHreaksYcle1: Is there a team responsible for network manager or VPNs?06:41
mikedep333I see the ubuntu-kernel-network team06:41
mikedep333and ubuntu-gnome06:42
pHreaksYcle1mikedep333: offhand, not sure. let me use my google-fu though06:42
pHreaksYcle1mikedep333: here, go bug people here http://projects.gnome.org/NetworkManager/06:43
mikedep333yeah, I saw that site06:43
pHreaksYcle1more specifically, here06:43
mikedep333C isn't my specialty but I suppose I can look into the bug myself06:44
mikedep333I can't seem to find the source package06:44
pHreaksYcle1mikedep333: anyway, i have to go, good luck man.06:44
keanudtchen, pulseaudio output from start until firefox froze, for what it's worth - http://pastebin.com/d3d71213906:46
keanu(without nspluginwrapper06:47
keanudtchen, even with nspluginwrapper, firefox still seems to freeze06:54
calcnew OOo 3.0.1-9ubuntu1 being uploaded in about 2hr (might be final for 9.04)07:00
evilaimshouldn't it be an RC?07:04
calcevilaim: eh?07:07
calcevilaim: final freeze is thursday07:07
calcevilaim: so the 3.0.1-9ubuntu1 will be last unless a very serious bug is found07:07
calcevilaim: ubuntu rc goes out thursday after next (apr 16)07:08
calcbut nothing should be changing except for critical bugs after apr 907:08
calcwhich also means i should have OOo 3.1.0 debs available soon for testing for karmic07:10
* calc gone to bed07:11
dlynchI'm installing the beta CD of Kubuntu, and at the 90% mark, when checking hardware, it seems to abort the install and boot into the live CD environment, failing to install a bootloader etc. What is the work around for this problem? (Ubuntu does the same thing)07:11
keanualso, question about the flash issue in firefox - if the finalfreeze is three days away, would that bug remain in firefox?07:11
evilaimI don't have any issues with flash..07:12
evilaimworks mint07:12
calckeanu: firefox doesn't freeze for me, but flash is always crashing, flash is a buggy pos07:13
keanuabout 45 mins ago i was talking about how firefox freezes within 5 minutes when playing youtube videos07:13
keanu(happened only after update)07:13
* calc has never seen firefox hang from flash bugs, just seen flash itself crash constantly07:13
keanucalc, firefox pretty much freezes for me - has the faded screen stuff, requiring a kill07:13
calcoh :\07:14
calckeanu: if you can help track it down it and can get fixed it would go in after final freeze07:14
evilaimrun firefox from terminal07:14
evilaimsee if you get an error from there07:14
calcfinal freeze still has exceptions for crashers afaik07:14
keanuevilaim, tried that, and nothing appeared07:14
keanuaside from "Killed" when I killed it07:15
keanuunless there's a verbose option07:15
calcgoodnight guys, i have to go to bed, need to be up in ~ 8hr07:15
evilaimya, I'm outti07:16
evilaimI'm up in 607:16
keanualso, in /var/log/messages - Apr  6 01:50:34 inspiron1525 kernel: [13070.245784] hda-intel: IRQ timing workaround is activated for card #0. Suggest a bigger bdl_pos_adj.07:16
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amarI have installed Jaunty Beta .. Suggest a nice and stable Download Manager with resume download support.. in vista I was using FDM ...08:02
=== keanu is now known as [keanu]
amarHey..guys suggest a download manager plz...08:14
crdlbwget? :>08:17
amarcrdlb: is it cmdline or with a GUI?08:20
crdlbthe former08:20
VeovisHi, I have a quick question, probably pretty stupid.08:20
VeovisI enabled proprietary drivers in 8.10 okay a few months ago, but I'm not sure how to here...08:21
VeovisMy wireless driver says that it is activated, but not currently in use.08:21
amarcrdlb: I just found sth.. Gwget ....... it's GUI for Gnome....right??08:21
crdlbsounds like it08:21
VeovisI'd like to get my drivers working for wireless, without them, there's not much point to a laptop08:22
amarVeovis: Try wi-fi radar.. when I had trouble with 8.10 .. I used it and it worked fine.... However Jaunty Beta seems pretty fine..i'm using it roght now08:23
amarcrdlb:  and hey any suggestions for a Feed Reader?? On windows i had feeddemon and I loved it... I am a offline reader.. don't have net at home..so ..any nams..?08:24
Veovisamar: I'll look it up, thanks.08:24
crdlbamar: give liferea a shot08:25
Veovisamar: and I'm not sure how it is in Ubuntu, but in Vista and Leopard, I use Opera for feeds, it works pretty well08:25
amarcrdlb: actually that's in download right now.. i thought i could get another reco.. :) ..anyway thanks..then i will stick with liferea...08:26
amarVeovis:  on vista feed demon was perfect for me.. it synchronises with their newsgator server...they have acquired a mac cleant..I'm waiting for their linux reader....anyway thanks08:27
Veovisamar: no problem, just suggesting....08:28
Myxbanyone have a problem with switching to console (ctrl+alt+f[1-6])? i can get there only the second time i press the key combination. on the first press i see the console for a moment and return to the x's immediately08:49
kopertonwth now i can 't play my video X restart09:07
toomaianyone experienced with alsa? I would like to find out what version is running (installed 1.0.18 with jaunty and used a script to install 1.0.19)09:26
jeiworthtoomai: $ alsactl --version09:28
toomaijeiworth: thanks...09:29
toomaialsa 1.0.19 seems to work with my Intel HD Auio stuff...it did yesterday (rebooted two or three times, alwas worked). Today it does not anymore...might a new update borked the installation? I might try and install that 1.0.19 again...however, it says it is used09:30
jeiworthtoomai: having sound problems wirh an hp-laptop? ;)09:32
toomaijeiworth: no, with a barebone from asus...:)09:36
toomaijeiworth: its the ICH10 chipset....with the newer intel hd audio stuff on it...it worked like a charm yesterday...now...it is just gone.09:36
toomaijeiworth: maybe it was an update or it was me doing something wrong...I am just a little confused09:37
jeiworthah kk, anyway, i had no sound with my intel hda after upgrading to jaunty, setting options snd-hda-intel model=hp-dv5 in the /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf resolved it, dv5 being my laptop model09:38
nikolamHi to all.09:39
nikolamI would like to mount ext4 partition on Hardy.09:39
nikolamI installed Jaunty for testing on ext4 and I have some data on it I want to transfer to Hardy09:40
RAOF_nikolam: Well, that's going to be difficult; you'll need a newer kernel for Hardy.09:42
Unksinikolam: you could use jaunty livecd to transfer data to hardy if you cant boot up jaunty09:48
ActionParsnipyo yo yo10:04
balachmarHi, I guess bugs #337926 and #321444 are caused by the same problem (duplicates) However, I seem to be unable to mark it that way. Also bug #337926 contains a link to a patch.10:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 337926 in xfree86-driver-synaptics "vino: mouse cursor stays in upper left corner" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/33792610:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 321444 in xserver-xorg-input-mouse "cursor with synergyc client is stuck in upper left corner" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32144410:12
balachmarI don't know if anyone is working on this, else I would like to give it a try to fix this bug, this evening. (7 hours from now)10:13
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koperton-->atheros sucks10:18
koperton---_>now i can't play my video10:18
kopertonX restarts :S10:18
ActionParsnipi love atheros, my Atheros AR5001X+ works out of the box :)10:20
ActionParsnipkoperton: kill your xserver and read through   dmesg | less10:21
kopertonActionParsnip: my sick atheros ar5006 sucks with kubuntu 9.0410:21
kopertonanyway i love 9.0410:21
kopertonit's pretty and fast10:21
ActionParsnipme too, its slick10:21
kopertonwith ext410:21
ActionParsnipnot bothered for ext4 just yet but may look into it later10:22
ActionParsniphaha @ pretty10:22
kopertonjust a moment a go to make a crash10:22
kopertonActionParsnip: http://pastebin.ca/S:138357810:25
ActionParsnipkoperton: can you pastebin the output of: sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart; dmesg | tail10:29
ActionParsnipkoperton: have you tried a different burning app?10:31
ActionParsnipkoperton: the fact it plays on everything else is good, i'd look at updating / changing something in the 1 thing thats not playing nice10:32
kopertonActionParsnip: burnin app? none , just updated and tried to play a video (ogg)10:46
kopertonActionParsnip: http://pastebin.ca/S:138358310:47
error404notfoundOMG, every half an hour there are 5-10 new updates...10:50
error404notfoundhow active ubuntu community really is? :P10:50
topyliyou don't actually have to update all the time :)10:50
kopertoni am just writing my damned script to compile kdenlive10:51
error404notfoundwell I do, I have some application crashing so I was wishing to get those fixed asap..10:51
error404notfoundkdenlive? /me wonders what's that...10:52
kopertonvideo editor10:52
kopertonand now it works here :)10:52
error404notfoundhmmm, what about other open source video editors, there was a really good one, damn, I just forgot its name..10:52
error404notfoundkino, or something like that..10:53
kopertonkino is old10:53
dns53blender is suppose to be good10:53
kopertonblender it's good10:53
kopertonbut it has not frei0r plugin10:53
kopertonand a lots of stuff10:53
kopertonlike titler10:54
ActionParsnipkoperton: looks like an issue with libQtDBus.so.4.5.010:54
kopertonActionParsnip: i have seen yea10:54
error404notfoundhmmm, when I tried it, it was new... say somewhere when I got hardy if I remember correctly..10:54
ActionParsnipkoperton: i'd look into that   see what error 4 is10:54
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eagles0513875hey guys i am a problem with a package not being installed complete11:12
eagles0513875its an updated package11:12
kopertonsudo apt-get update11:16
darthanubiseagles0513875, hotkey-setup?11:17
darthanubisbug 14096711:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 140967 in hotkey-setup "package hotkey-setup 0.1-17ubuntu19 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/14096711:17
eagles0513875darthanubis: thanks for the heads up11:22
eagles0513875darthanubis: where can i get the fix for this.11:23
ikoniaeagles0513875: read the bug report11:24
eagles0513875darthanubis: i confirmed your bug11:29
eagles0513875ikonia: can i ask you a question11:32
eagles0513875from reading the error is that just missing something in the programming in regards to an fi statment if i am understanding the error correctly11:34
ikoniaI've not read the bug details11:36
ikonialet me have a look11:37
eagles0513875ahh ok i reopened the bug though as confirmed for jaunty if i shouldnt have done that ill go back and change it11:37
ikoniaeagles0513875: which error did you get, the problem with the package, or the problem removing the package ?11:39
eagles0513875the one that darthanubis posted11:39
ikoniaeagles0513875: so the problem removing the package ?11:39
eagles0513875ikonia: for me its updating the package11:39
ActionParsnipyo yo yo11:39
eagles0513875currently i cant run the aptfix command purge or remove it11:39
eagles0513875morning ActionParsnip11:39
ikoniaeagles0513875: the package has been removed - that's why it's trying to remove11:40
ikoniaeagles0513875: it looks like the post-remove script has got a minor error11:40
eagles0513875thats what i thought is it missing an fi or ; not sure which as my programming  is rather limited in C but that is something that has a quick fix or am i wrong in that regard11:41
ikoniaeagles0513875: its not a missing fi11:41
ikoniaeagles0513875: and it's not in c11:41
eagles0513875like i said my programming knowledge as of right now is rather limited11:42
jpdsYay, bug #356157 and bug #35616111:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 356157 in hotkey-setup "package hotkey-setup 0.1-23ubuntu10 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 2" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35615711:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 356161 in hotkey-setup "package hotkey-setup 0.1-23ubuntu10 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 2 (dup-of: 356157)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35616111:42
ActionParsnipeagles0513875: can i see a pastebin of the output please11:42
ikoniaeagles0513875: it's just a shell script11:42
eagles0513875ActionParsnip: its in the bug report darthanubis posted it and im getting the same output as he is11:42
eagles0513875ActionParsnip: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/hotkey-setup/+bug/140967/11:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 140967 in hotkey-setup "package hotkey-setup 0.1-17ubuntu19 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,Fix released]11:42
eagles0513875lol jpds do you have that same error as well11:43
jpdsikonia: And it looks like it is a missing fi :)11:43
eagles0513875jpds: thats what i said as well lol11:44
eagles0513875or thought at least11:44
ikoniajpds: looks like it's unexpected end11:44
ikoniaI've not opened the script to actaully look though, I'm working from the error message inthe bug11:45
eagles0513875another person just confirmed the bug as well11:46
PolitikerNEUHello everyone, I got the following problem with Kate (KDE 4.2): Whenever I type a tab, it inserts two spaces. In Kate preferences, however, replacing tabs with spaces is NOT set and a tab should equal 8 spaces. If I select some text and press tab, a "real" tab is inserted11:46
PolitikerNEU(at least sometimes)11:47
jpdseagles0513875: It's been reported in -devel to the guy who uploaded the broken package.11:47
eagles0513875thanks jpds11:47
eagles0513875jpds: the problem becomes how are we goign to get the package outa blocking apt11:47
eagles0513875i tried the apt-fix command and it doesnt dislodge it or anything from there11:47
ActionParsnipeagles0513875: tried: sudo apt-get -f install; sudo apt-get --purge autoremove11:48
eagles0513875ActionParsnip: ill try it out now11:48
ActionParsnipstranger things have happened at sea11:49
eagles0513875ActionParsnip: same issue11:49
eagles0513875same error11:49
eagles0513875ActionParsnip: even using dpkg --configure hotkey-setup11:49
ikoniawait for the fix to be released11:50
ActionParsnipdoesnt sound system critical so it will bake11:51
eagles0513875ok ikonia11:51
eagles0513875wont the way it is right now block me from being able to install any other programs though11:51
ActionParsnipeagles0513875: you could try installing something small to test11:52
ActionParsnipor reinstall something already installed11:53
eagles0513875at least i can install stuff if need be just it has issues configuring that pkg11:53
ActionParsnipcan you reinstall the damaged app?11:54
eagles0513875cant purge or autoremove it11:54
eagles0513875even the 2nd command you gave didnt work11:54
eagles0513875i wish i knew more about programming11:54
ActionParsnipeagles0513875: can you install it though?11:55
eagles0513875the pkg of the bug in question i cant do anything install the update cant purge or -f install nothing to it11:55
ikoniajust wait for the fix11:56
eagles0513875i am11:56
ikoniayou've said the same thing about ten times how you can't remove it -11:56
eagles0513875ill be quiet now11:57
ikoniadont have to be quiet, just stop repeating the problem,11:57
eagles0513875darthanubis: found a solution to the bug12:02
eagles0513875ikonia: question how do i apply a patch cuz it seems like there is one out already12:03
eagles0513875nm i figured it out12:03
ikoniaeagles0513875: don't apply a patch12:05
ikoniaeagles0513875: wait for the fix12:05
eagles0513875ikonia: this seems to have been tested https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/hotkey-setup/+bug/35615712:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 356157 in hotkey-setup "package hotkey-setup 0.1-23ubuntu10 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 2" [Undecided,Confirmed]12:05
ikoniaeagles0513875: you've made it clear you don't know what your doing so applying random peoples work is not a good idea, wait for an official release to resolve it12:05
ikoniaeagles0513875: 1.) is this package on your system causing you a problem ?12:06
eagles0513875 no but its annoying to see that pop up12:06
ikoniawhat is the problem with waiting for an offiical fix ? jpds has just said the maintainer knows about it12:06
ikoniaeagles0513875: you've made it clear a few times saying you don't know what you're doing, so why not wait for the guy to release a fix - as he does know what he's doing12:07
* eagles0513875 runs back to me corner12:09
=== jpds changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Broken: hotkey-setup; see bug #356157 | Welcome to the Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope (beta) discussion channel | Jaunty is NOT RELEASED and NOT SUPPORTED. | Upgrades from Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid are supported again. | Jaunty may break your system. Beta CDs are at http://releases.ubuntu.com/releases/9.04/ | Kubuntu: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/9.04-beta | Join #ubuntu for non-9.04 support
eagles0513875jpds: thought you were about to give me the boot12:10
* eagles0513875 would love to start bug fixing12:10
ikoniaeagles0513875: you've said this about 10 times, yet you've still not done anything about it12:10
ikoniaeagles0513875: either do it - or don't12:10
jpdseagles0513875: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/HowToFix12:11
* eagles0513875 mails that link to self12:12
ansteiwhere does apt store its proxy information?12:12
denndaAre you too annoyed by the "Search for suitable plugin dialog" looking for, but not finding, some decoder for audio/xmpegurl or some other mswinurl codec?12:12
eagles0513875dennda: are you trying to install restriced multimedia formats12:13
denndaeagles0513875: I am not doing anything other than starting rhythmbox, firefox, etc... not even playing something12:14
denndai installed ubuntu-restricted-extras yesterday12:14
denndaand it is installed properly afaict12:14
jpdsdennda: Screenshot?12:15
denndajpds: already got rid of the dialog. itÅis the usual "search for suitable plugin" dialog12:16
deanyi know its beta, but are people running it now on their personal pc`s without problems?12:18
deanyim thinking of makin fresh install12:18
ActionParsnipeagles0513875: i fixed the hotkey thing you were having12:28
ActionParsnipeagles0513875: http://pastebin.com/f21e1765112:28
ActionParsnipeagles0513875: the hint is the comment saying the block does nothing. i got the same error as you so i just commented it out and its fine12:29
eagles0513875ActionParsnip: you commented otu the whole thing12:33
ActionParsnipeagles0513875: just the bottom section, check my pastebin12:33
eagles0513875i did just making sure12:33
=== dR0g is now known as dROg
ActionParsnipeagles0513875: if the system is fin after that and does what its supposed to do can you add it to the bug report you found12:35
jpdsActionParsnip: All you have to do is add a 'fi' after the do_video.12:35
eagles0513875didnt work ActionParsnip12:35
ActionParsnipeagles0513875: weird12:36
eagles0513875jpds: does fi have a ; after it12:36
jpdseagles0513875: No.12:36
ActionParsnipeagles0513875: thats my  /etc/init.d/hotkey-setup12:36
eagles0513875let me try it12:36
eagles0513875ActionParsnip: are you on jaunty12:36
jpdsActionParsnip: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/24860046/hotkey-setup_fix_missing_fi.patch12:37
jpdsActionParsnip: That is all.12:37
eagles0513875jpds: it works12:37
eagles0513875ActionParsnip: i think it worked for you since you are on a desktop12:37
eagles0513875im on a laptop12:37
ActionParsnipi see12:38
ikoniaeagles0513875: why will you not wait for the fix ???12:38
ikoniaeagles0513875: I cannot grasp why you are messing with something when a fix is on the way12:38
ActionParsnipjpds: thanks, system updated12:38
ActionParsnipikonia: i brought it up as I thought i had a fix12:38
ikoniaI know - but he's already said he doesn't know what to do12:38
ikoniathere is a fix on the way ....just sit it out, it's not a massive problem12:39
ActionParsnipikonia: i know he doesnt know, i thought i knew so i passed on my knowledge12:39
=== keffie_jayx is now known as effie_jayx
eagles0513875i managed according to what jpds said and it works12:41
* ikonia shakes his head12:42
eagles0513875ikonia: i have to learn how stuff works someway some how12:42
gnomefreakadd the patch than build binaries and poof its fixed, if you can not do that for any reason than wait for fix in archives :)12:43
gnomefreakdepending on what file would depend on the why to fix it12:44
* ActionParsnip is on a boat12:44
Jason_COsorry about the in and out -- had a client issue12:52
Jason_COim running jaunty beta (kubuntu) everything seems to work great - -except compiz-- which i suspect is a driver issue -- can someone tell me which driver i should be using for an intel 82865 Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)12:53
ActionParsnipJason_CO: try this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=80736912:54
Jason_COhi ActionParsnip thank you12:55
kopertonActionParsnip: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/35608812:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 356088 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "Every Video player restarts X server on kubuntu 9.04 latest update" [Undecided,New]12:56
kopertonet voila'12:56
ActionParsnipkoperton: nice12:57
Jason_COError: Software Rasterizer in use13:02
Jason_COActionParsnip: that was the result of compizcheck scrikpt13:02
ActionParsnipJason_CO: then you need to make sure your xorg.conf is set to use the "intel" driver13:03
Jason_COok - there is no driver statement in the xorg.conf13:03
ActionParsnipJason_CO: then add one in the video card config, you may need extra configs. i dont use intel gfx chips personally but the driver you need to use appears to be "intel"13:04
ActionParsnipJason_CO: maybe someone else can chip in13:04
Jason_COok - -cool13:04
Jason_COgonna reboot x and see what happens13:05
RobHuHow do I use Ext4 in the latest Ubuntu Remix (Jaunty Beta)? When I select manually partition the disk I don't have a 'use as: Ext4' option. Is there somewhere I may RTFM?13:07
RobHuIs it that I can't boot from ext4, and only have (apart from swap) one partition?13:09
xxploitRobHu: no you should be able to select ext4 from the drop down13:10
RobHuxxploit: How strange. I have ext3, ext2, resierfs, xfs, fat16, fat32, swap, and do not use13:10
RobHuxxploit: Any ideas? :P13:11
xxploitRobHu: is Ubuntu Remix something different than the actual ubuntu?13:11
RobHuxxploit: It is slightly different, yes13:11
xxploitRobHu: I'd say it mite have something to do with that, cause all my jaunty installs have used ext413:12
ActionParsnipxxploit: install gparted from repo in live cd (if you can) and then create and format ext4 partitions there13:24
OldGuest_packaage hotkey-setup failed, due to syntax error: ";;" unexpected (expecting "fi"). invoke-rc.d: initscript hotkey-setup, action "start" failed. dpkg: error13:27
ActionParsnipOldGuest_: we've seen a lot of this13:27
OldGuest_ActionParsnip: ok, ";;" << typo ?13:27
ActionParsnipOldGuest_: nope; gksudo gedit /etc/init.d/hotkey-setup13:28
ActionParsnipor kdesudo kate if you are kde13:28
ActionParsnipOldGuest_: on line 45 it says "do_video"  underneath that add a line that says "fi"  without the "s13:29
OldGuest_hmm ok lemme try.13:29
jpdsOldGuest_: See /topic too.13:29
ActionParsnipOldGuest_: save and exit the editor and then sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get -f install13:29
ActionParsnipjob done13:30
virkActionParsnip: Thanks, I was struggling with the same problem just yet ;)13:31
ActionParsnipif you are on a desktop you can comment the whole case statement out13:32
OldGuest_hmm thats nice13:32
OldGuest_its done13:32
ActionParsnipyep, silly little bug13:32
virkbtw, since the upgrade this morning, quite a fewa applications like firefox and gwenview suddenly take a whole lot more time to load...13:34
OldGuest_and its really nice to have all 24 speaker icons back on taskbar. were somehow hidden before recent upgrade :)13:34
virkthe tray however, works excellent now13:35
RobHuActionParsnip: I tried that, but the installer wouldn't let me choose an ext4 partion to mount as /13:36
RobHuI'm going to try normal Ubuntu Jaunty now13:36
RobHuI tried (on my mac) dd-ing the jaunty iso on to the usb key, but I just get "Error 2" on boot up. Do I need use a .img instead of a .iso?13:49
RobHuIs there an img file for Ubuntu?13:54
topyliRobHu: the iso is what you need13:57
RobHutopyli: How do I make the iso work with a usb key? (bearing in mind I don't have linux or windows to do it from)13:57
topyliRobHu: i have no idea since you're on a mac13:58
RobHuok thanks13:58
topylii'm sure you have dd, but you need to make the stick bootable as well13:58
RobHuI'll get someone with windows to do it for me13:59
mxboy15uanyone have any tips on how to update alsa drivers in an attempt to get my internal mic working again?14:12
IenorandCould I quickly get a confirm on a bug here? If you open any archive in file-roller and then go for extract and then at the browser window immediately click "extract", does it ignore it? And does it also work as soon as you click anywhere else in that window and then go for extract?14:13
antoranzhas anybody published a bug about init.d/hotkey ?14:13
antoranzI have a syntax error over here. A onliner, I think14:14
Ienorandantoranz: Upgrade fail?14:14
antoranzyes... the update failed..... but not the update, really... just starting the script... it's got a syntax error14:14
antoranzthere's a missing "fi"14:14
Ienorandantoranz: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/hotkey-setup/+bug/35615714:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 356157 in hotkey-setup "package hotkey-setup 0.1-23ubuntu10 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 2" [High,Triaged]14:15
antoranzok, then... I won't report it.14:15
BluesKajHowdy all14:15
Ienorandantoranz: Even has a high priority so hopes to be fixed fairly swiftly I guess...14:15
IenorandHey Kaj!14:16
antoranzNo problem.... people have already said it's a missing fi14:16
ActionParsnipantoranz: if you edit the file you can add the fi in manually14:16
antoranzso it should be out soon14:16
antoranzthat's what I did14:16
ActionParsnipantoranz: nice, job done14:17
elwoodhi all14:18
mxboy15uso no tips on getting my internal mic to work?14:18
elwoodi've changed the /etc/init.d/rc file in order to gegt parallello boot working, but i have duplicates entries on booting, si it normal?14:18
sirderigo_good morning, someone else is having problems whit texlive?14:29
[4-tea-2]Can someone remind me what (meta?) package to install to get playback ability for all the non-free codecs out there? (Medibuntu repository is available.)14:33
Pici[4-tea-2]: ubuntu-restricted-extras14:34
mogul218i installed Jaunty last night on my PC and Grub is giving me 'Error 5' and not loading.  Does anyone know what this is?14:59
ActionParsnipmogul218: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=13270915:02
ActionParsnipmogul218: did you resie a partition before installing per chance?15:02
ActionParsnip!anyone | sirderigo_15:03
ubottusirderigo_: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?15:03
mogul218i resized during the install15:03
thiebaudesirderigo_: what is your question,:)15:04
ActionParsnipmogul218: it may have damaged the partition, run: sudo fdisk -l to make sure there is no partition overlap and then you may want to fsck the partitions to check they are ok15:04
sirderigo_i write in the wrong channel ;)15:04
mogul218ActionParsnip where do I run sudo fdisk -l from seeing as I can't even get to a command prompt?15:05
ActionParsnipmogul218: its not looking good tbh15:05
ActionParsnipmogul218: live cd15:05
sirderigo_i am thinking in build texlive from sources because i updated and it is very very broken15:05
ActionParsnipmogul218: or recovery root console if you can boot to that15:06
mogul218should I just go back to Intrepid since that was working fine?15:06
TABASCOHi there15:06
ActionParsnipmogul218: if it was working fine, why install a beta OS that has no garunte of working?15:07
TABASCOI just installed Jaunty NBR daily15:07
TABASCOAnd as requested, I want to report what is not working correctly right now15:07
sirderigo_i purged it totally, and later i installed it again, but it is still broken15:07
mogul218I figured since it was so close to final and I currently have it running on my laptop that it would not be a problem15:07
sirderigo_them, mi gnome panel doenst appear15:07
frybyeTABASCO: well done..15:07
TABASCOBut before writing a bug report I want to say here what's the matter..15:08
mogul218i'm talking on a Jaunty right now and it is just peachy15:08
thiebaudemogul218: i've had bug problems for over 3 months15:08
ActionParsnipmogul218: you fixed something that wasnt broken15:08
sirderigo_i asked whit "someone" because i want to know if it is a bug o if i do something i souldnt15:08
TABASCOI have a German interface. The first thing what was not fully correct was during the installation, when Ubuntu loaded language packs from the net.15:09
thiebaudehi ActionParsnip15:09
ActionParsnipmogul218: you could try a clean install, if you plan your partitions you will never have to resize15:09
ActionParsniphi thiebaude15:09
TABASCOThe sentence was to long so that only the first number of the left time was visible15:09
mogul218i'm gonna go do that now.....should i clean install 8.10 or give 9.04 another shot?15:10
ActionParsnipmogul218: your call15:10
TABASCOSo from 22:38 I only saw the 2, which was a little confusing.15:10
frybyeTABASCO: almost a feature I think.. always needs additional lang. stuff..15:10
ActionParsnipTABASCO: ahh so your display is outside your screen?15:10
mogul218thank you for your help ActionParsnip15:10
TABASCOActionParsnip: No15:10
TABASCOI made a screenshot. Where is it best for you to upload?15:11
* BUGabundo doesn't like imashack15:12
ActionParsnipTABASCO: any is fine15:12
frybyeTABASCO: better dont break your input with useing enter-key..15:12
TABASCOHey, he has not saved the screenshot.. I told him to save it on the stick, but he didn't obviously..15:12
frybyeTABASCO: did the installation work out in the end??15:14
TABASCOfrybye: Ok. Well, there was a button to jump to the next action. And because of this button, the phrase there was not visible. I assume the window is designed to fit with 7" screens. And as long as there is no button it's fine. But if the button appears it becomes a little hard to see..15:14
TABASCOfrybye: The installation worked. I skipped this step by pressing this button there. For a second or so I saw the full time because the button disappearded and then he went to the next step.15:15
frybyeso no big deal basically..?15:16
TABASCOIt' not the worst thing on earth, but I wanted to mention it, just in case.15:16
frybyei guess the majority of netbooks have >7" screens now..15:17
eagles0513875im having an interesting issue with texmaker15:17
eagles0513875when i do a quick build i am unable to type anything after15:17
frybyeTABASCO: what else??15:18
TABASCOfrybye: I guess so. And it's only this single installation step.15:18
eagles0513875if i hit f1 again for quick buidl it gives me the cursor back another problem arises where if i use the mouse to move the cursor to a particulare location ithe cursor disappears again15:18
TABASCOfrybye: When I want to shutdown, restart and so on, there is a size problem, too. But this is more anyoing:15:19
frybyeTABASCO: are your "Fn" keys all working??15:19
IenorandCould I quickly get a confirm on a bug here? If you open any archive in file-roller and then go for extract and then at the browser window immediately click "extract", does it ignore it? And does it also work as soon as you click anywhere else in that window and then go for extract?15:19
TABASCOfrybye: Sound and brightness work fine, although there are no signs for the brightness buttons on the screen as for the volume is.15:20
frybyeTABASCO: 7" screen can almost be considered "legacy h-ware" now - i was real happy 2 move 2 a 1000h with 10.2"15:22
frybyethe NBR does not give me the fn+F11  Fn+F12 sound function yet.. the whole apci-system should come with the **29 Kernal aparrently..15:24
frybyethen the eeepc-acpi-scripts package will be installable or so..15:24
TABASCOfrybye: Sure. But the netbooks are everywhere. Also with these small screens. With easy peasy before I had a good overview to the shutdown options. But unfortunately the button didn't worked there, so I had to press the power button for this menue.15:24
TABASCOAh, here it is the same I see. By pressing the power button I get another menue which fits much better to the screen.. can I change the button in the interface that it does what the power button does?15:25
frybyethat`s not so good..15:25
* Blues-Man ciao15:27
TABASCOfrybye: When I press the power button here, I get another menue as if I press the button in the interface. And I would prefer to have the menue that the power buttons shows me when clicking on the button in the lower right of the netbook remix interface15:28
robin0800I know the hotkey set up is broken but reading the bug report shows a solution why does it take a long time to impliment?15:29
frybyenot sure about how to do that..ask a ? on launchpad perhaps if nbdy here knows..15:30
sagredoErrors were encountered while processing: hotkey-setup15:32
sagredoE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)15:32
sagredole help15:32
thiebaudesagredo: there is a bug in it15:33
frybyeTABASCO: you already found http://forum.eeeuser.com/index.php  ??15:33
hyper_chhey there, I noticed that I have some issue with my brother hl-2030 printer in jaunty and OOo. For some reason the OOo3/Jaunty combo makes printing stuff 1.9cm vertically too high.... when I create a pdf from OOo and then print it, it's good... when I use Abiword then it's also good15:33
sagredothiebaude: well, where is the bug let's crush this thing15:33
TABASCOfrybye: No, not yet. Thank you"15:33
thiebaudei agree, lets crush all the bugs before april 2415:34
frybyeTABASCO: welcome.. ;=)15:34
sagredothiebaude: how many developers, roughly, are working on jaunty15:34
thiebaudesagredo: i dont know15:34
Ienorandsagredo: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/hotkey-setup/+bug/356157/15:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 356157 in hotkey-setup "package hotkey-setup 0.1-23ubuntu10 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 2" [High,Fix released]15:35
sagredoIenorand: my man15:36
mogul218_ActionParsnip are you available?15:39
eagles0513875mogul218_: he isnt in here15:39
Raylzoh man, is the pulse audio flash bug still not fixed -.-?15:39
IenorandThere's like 30 duplicates of the hotkey-setup bug...15:40
yow|x2cwillu - update. getting major freezing lately. right on boot, both mainline and default kernels. they had it fixed and then broke it again, yikes! lol15:43
Raylzwhy do you include pulse audio if it still doesnt work15:43
IenorandRaylz: Ubuntu is a "cutting edge" distro...15:44
RaylzIenorand: no, fedora is cutting edge15:44
bytor4232They all use the same stuff.  They are all "cutting edge"15:45
Raylzcutting edge and user friendly dont get together very well15:45
Raylzi mean this is just annoying15:46
Raylzthis bug is around for one year15:46
rconanRaylz: what are the steps to reproduce?15:47
Raylzrconan: launch amarok15:47
Raylzplay some music15:47
Raylzand then watch a flash vid on youtube15:47
* rconan has done that I'm sure15:47
Raylzno sound until you kill amarok and restart firefox15:48
cwilluRaylz, I've had no particular issues with pulseaudio in previous releases15:51
sirderigo_i want to turn into a monkey! the problem whit hotkey-setup haved and easy solution:15:51
sirderigo_edit /etc/init.d/hotkey-setup15:51
sirderigo_and in the line 47 add "fi"15:51
cwilluyou need flash 10 to use it with anything except alsa, the choice is that or having it segfault the browser on a regular basis15:52
Raylzstrange, my sound stuff just reported that my soundcard isnt working any more and its falling back to pulseaudio15:52
Raylzworks now15:52
Raylzaah :)15:53
Raylzthere was a mixer issue, pulse audio wasnt selected as standard15:53
rconansirderigo_: I know... I posted that fix on the original bug I think15:53
sirderigo_it says.... 47: Syntax error: ";;" unexpected (expecting "fi")15:54
rconansirderigo_: it's not exactly hard to work out what's wrong is it?15:55
sirderigo_rconan, not, it so easy15:55
rconanI can't find the bug I commented on now15:56
rconanmaybe it was a dupe15:56
sirderigo_rconan, i wish i could fix texlive so easy15:56
Raylzok, it still doesnt work15:56
Ienorandrconan: If you use advanced search you can show  dupes as well15:56
Raylzi cant play a song while listening to a flash vid15:56
rconansirderigo_: ah... bug 25615715:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 256157 in glibc "nscd crashed with SIGSEGV in start_thread()" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25615715:57
rconanbug 35615715:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 356157 in hotkey-setup "package hotkey-setup 0.1-23ubuntu10 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 2" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35615715:57
Raylzrconan: ping15:58
sirderigo_rconan, you now whats funny? i have to call all my apps whit alt+f2 because the menu´s are empty15:58
Raylzrconan: try watching a flash vid and then play a song in amarok at the same time15:58
rconanRaylz: pong15:58
rconanah... other way round15:59
DaveGGis there a way to convert jaunty to netbook remix (unr) without booting from usb? my old laptop simply can't boot from usb...16:05
cwilluDaveGG, apt-get install ubuntu-netbook-remix, and maybe16:08
cwillubah, nevermind the maybe, the default-settings package is installed with that too16:08
DaveGGcqillu: i'll check that now16:08
koperton 3073.703909] ksmserver[3425]: segfault at 4 ip b68adf46 sp b36487b0 error 4 in libQtDBus.so.4.5.0[b686c000+16:09
timingcould it be that a alpha version i downloaded a week ago does not boot correctly?16:11
timingi do have the menu, but after i choose to boot the live version, it's working16:11
* cwillu thinks that timing should just download a different cd and see if the problem is still there16:12
cwilluyes, daily's do break from time to time16:13
timingokay, and do the iso's change from time to time?16:13
DaveGGcqillu: error - Couldn't find package ububtu-netbook-remix16:13
timingor am i still downloading the same iso?16:13
cwilludon't download the same alpha release (or the beta, really)16:13
cwillu(presuming it was the beta that gave you trouble)16:13
timingi downloaded the one from the topic16:14
DaveGGcwillu: got an error - Couldn't find package ububtu-netbook-remix16:14
cwilluDaveGG, did you spell ubuntu like that?16:15
DaveGGcwillu: hell, you're right!16:16
mattikHello. I cannot get updates. It said no network connection. I'm using Kubuntu Jaunty16:24
DaveGGcwillu: after installing, should i do anything to activate unr? maybe reboot?16:25
timingokay the disc does boot correctly on another system16:27
DaveGGcwillu: never mind, found it16:29
bobyI use laptop HP 6735b and kubuntu 8.10 upgraded to 9.04 beta, and my microphone doesn't work in skype but it works in audacity16:31
unixdawgyou running kde or gnome16:31
unixdawginstall alsa-oss addon16:32
unixdawgit fixes the issue16:32
unixdawgalsa-oss or oss-alsa16:32
unixdawgI forget how they named it16:32
kopertonsudo apt-get install libsox-fmt-all16:32
kopertonsox of course16:32
bobyI installed alsa-oss and nthing happendo16:35
BUGabundoanybody having trouble with gnomepower manager? my LCD keeps reseting to 0% bright!16:41
bobyI installed libsox also and still nothing happend16:43
bobyplz I asked this before on this chat and no way to fix this16:45
bobyI will pay :)16:47
BUGabundoboby: talk to dtchen16:47
BUGabundolatter tonight!16:47
BUGabundois the hotkey setup broken known issue?16:47
mattikI have that problem16:48
rconanBUGabundo: it's on the tracker with a patch16:49
IenorandBUGabundo: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/hotkey-setup/+bug/356157/16:49
BUGabundothanks guys16:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 356157 in hotkey-setup "package hotkey-setup 0.1-23ubuntu10 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 2" [High,Fix released]16:49
Ienorandand 40 dupes :)16:49
BUGabundoim slacking today... can't keep up with all the new stuff16:49
BUGabundodo I need to get the deb and install or will the next build fix via update?16:50
bobywhat do you meen talk to dtchan?16:50
IenorandIt's hitting everyone, and only because of a missing little "fi"16:50
rconanhow does that end up pushed to the repo?16:50
BUGabundodon't know!16:51
BUGabundowe need better QA16:51
BUGabundobut that's why we ALL are here16:51
BUGabundoto test and repott16:51
BUGabundobut 40 dups? come on, don't ppl read?16:51
maxbWe also need people to stop reporting duplicates :-(16:51
IenorandBUGabundo: There's plenty of instructions how to fix it yourself on the report (among the hundred "me too!"s)16:51
BUGabundohey charlie-tca16:51
rconanand the fix is released too16:51
BUGabundoso it should be hitting the repos in a while16:52
charlie-tcaMorning, BUGabundo16:52
BUGabundoI'll get the update latter16:52
rconanupdates want to install dnsmasq base?16:52
rconanare we aiming to get routing in default install?16:53
ikanoboriHi people, can I ignore the LILO warning when upgrading to 9.04 or should I conform to the messages.16:56
rconanikanobori: LILO?16:56
rconando people still use that?16:56
LordKowanyone have an error upgrading hotkey-setup today?16:56
BUGabundorconan: they do16:57
IenorandLordKow: Everyone.16:57
BUGabundoand there was a bug that pulled it into16:57
ikanoboriah I found it.16:57
BUGabundotogether with grub... what a mess16:57
ikanobori8.10 from the desktop cd installed lilo with it (mistakingly).16:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 356157 in hotkey-setup "package hotkey-setup 0.1-23ubuntu10 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 2" [High,Fix released]16:57
ikanoboriI'll go ahead and remove it.16:57
jason____in jaunty, I can minimize pidgin to the indicator applet by selecting it from there when it's already open. But if I just click minimize in pidgin, it goes to the taskbar16:57
LordKowcool :)16:57
BUGabundoIenorand: so you are the bot in service16:57
jason____is there a way to fix this? or am I wrong and this is normal behavior16:57
=== [pErry] is now known as [perry]
IenorandBUGabundo: We should put that in the topic or something... :)16:58
BUGabundojason____: mine goes to tray116:58
BUGabundoif we do, it will stay there for a week16:58
BUGabundoand ppl still won't read it16:58
BUGabundooh it there already Ienorand16:58
BUGabundosee? I didn't even read it! ROFL16:59
IenorandOh, yea :)16:59
BUGabundoLOLOL you didn't either!16:59
IenorandWas looking and expected it to be somewhere in the end...16:59
jason____BUGabundo: did you add the indicator applet? I thought the point of it was to get rid of the notification icon16:59
BUGabundojason____: yes I have it16:59
jason____and it still minimizes to it's icon in the tray?17:00
afallenhope|workhey I have the following error upgrading packages http://pastebin.ca/138381217:01
rconanafallenhope|work: see topic17:01
Tm_Thi kids17:01
rconanbug 35615717:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 356157 in hotkey-setup "package hotkey-setup 0.1-23ubuntu10 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 2" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35615717:01
Tm_Tcan someone enlighten me why in Jaunty disks aren't staying in sleep?17:02
Tm_Tmeans, what is waking disks up, when they're not in use, not even mounted17:02
excoI read that the rt2806 cards are working out-of-the-box with Jaunty beta, but unfortunately I can't confirm that.17:05
pixelmonkeyhey there.  I'm running Hardy (8.04) and I want to beta test Jaunty.  Do I need to upgrade to Intrepid first, or can I "skip a release" and upgrade straight to Jaunty?17:05
rconanpixelmonkey: no you need to upgrade to intrepid first17:05
excoDoes anybody here have it working (with WPA or WPA2 personal) by any chance?17:05
pixelmonkeyrconan: okay, thanks for the information!17:05
BUGabundopixelmonkey: yes you need to go to 8.10 st17:05
charlie-tcarconan: is that a new change?17:05
excopixelmonkey: "sudo update-manager -d" -> 8.10 and if you run it again -> 9.04 beta17:06
BUGabundoexco: I have it both on my intel 496517:06
* BUGabundo hands Update for Dummies book to rconan17:06
excoBUGabundo: well that's not really an rt2860 card :-)17:06
rconanBUGabundo: eh?17:07
pietje_phuckWhat has happened to "su" in 9.04?17:07
rconanoh... missing comma?17:08
excoI also have wpa/wpa2 working with a rt2500 card (my 2200b/g and 2915a/b/g do have serious issues with wlan though (might be a strange coincidence that both seem to have hardware failures now that I'm on Jaunty)17:08
rconanshould have been "pixelmonkey: no, you need to upgrade to intrepid first"17:08
Picipietje_phuck: Looks fine here.17:08
mattikHow easy add this "fi" to hotkey-setup. update-manager doesn't work anything17:08
bobyi quit cant find solution17:09
* Ienorand marks another dupe of the hotkey-setup bug17:09
pixelmonkeyI have some custom sources in my sources.list.  Should I disable those for the distribution upgrade?17:09
pietje_phuckPici: "sudo su -" gives me command not found17:09
thiebaudepixelmonkey: no17:09
rconanpixelmonkey: it'll do it automatically17:09
excoseems noone with a rt2860 around ... so how about this: what's a real cheap draft n usb stick working out-of-the-box with Ubuntu?17:10
pixelmonkeyrconan, great, thanks.17:10
pietje_phuckPici: "find / -name s" does not find it either17:10
vishalraodoleyb: thanks for the help yesterday, i got it working kinda: http://forum.kde.org/showthread.php?tid=38966&pid=59170#pid5917017:10
rconanpietje_phuck: works here17:10
pietje_phuck"find / -name su"17:11
Picipietje_phuck: First of all, you should be using sudo -i or sudo -s to get an interactive root terminal.  Secondly, su should be in /bin/su17:11
rconanpietje_phuck: it's in the login package... I can't believe you somehow don't have that installed17:12
pietje_phucksorry typing error on the other end17:12
pietje_phuckAnd I prefer "su" rather then sudo17:13
pietje_phuckbut each to their own17:13
rconanpietje_phuck: you can do "sudo -s" to get a root shell if you need17:13
johanbrWhen I add the indicator applet to my panel, it just stays invisible. But it's there - if I hit the right spot, I can right-click and choose "Remove".17:15
johanbrAny idea what's wrong?17:15
afallenhope|workis there an issue with mysql?17:17
Ienorandjohanbr: Me to, it's only a thin white line... What is indicator supposed to handle anyway?17:17
excois there a place where I can find a whitelist for wifi hardware working flawless with Ubuntu?17:21
BUGabundoexco: not yet17:22
johanbrIenorand: it's supposed to cache IM messages (among other things)17:22
BUGabundobut checking LP is a good start point17:22
excothat is a bit time-consuming just to get a wlan stick/card, BUGabundo17:23
excoso what about an online store that sells ubuntu (linux) compliant hardware?17:23
BUGabundoexco: not that I know of... but there a page on ubuntu.com with a link to stores17:24
BUGabundomayb that can help you ?17:24
BUGabundois chipset RT2500 working on jaunty?17:24
excoBUGabundo: yes, the rt2500 is working on jaunty17:37
BUGabundoI have a friend with an old PCI card and his is not able to make it work17:38
excobut since here are like 20wlan's it's "not stable" to say the least - and that's why I'm getting a draft n card to avoid those problems17:38
excoBUGabundo: I also have such an old pci card - and am atm happy that I found it in the hardware-box17:38
jamalfanaianHi, quick question... has there been any updates to the intel drivers in the beta? I don't know exactly how to test since the LiveCD still has the old packages and I don't want to install it until that has been resolved :\17:40
BUGabundojamalfanaian: what card do you have?17:41
BUGabundo8x5 ?17:41
jamalfanaianBUGabundo: It's an integraded intel card on an Asus EeePC17:42
jamalfanaianBUGabundo: So I'm not exactly sure :\17:42
BUGabundohum eeepcs should have full support now17:42
sirderigo_i guees it is a x3100 GMA17:42
BUGabundoat least that is what it says on the manifest to test the UNR17:43
jamalfanaianBUGabundo: Oh thanks :) I'm going to try then17:43
BUGabundojamalfanaian: get the ubuntu network remix17:43
BUGabundoit has all you need to make and eeepc work17:43
jamalfanaianBUGabundo: That is what I am going to try to set up, thank you for your help :)17:43
excocan't you install that nebook gfx on a regular jaunty?17:43
BUGabundojamalfanaian: also get a daily17:43
BUGabundothat should have some bugs fixed17:43
Ienorandjamalfanaian: Got a larger usb stick? Great way to test it out...17:43
excoI'm just saying - because I put UNR on my Wind and there's tons of stuff missing that comes with the regular install17:44
BUGabundoexco: like what?17:44
BUGabundoif so, you just install ubuntu-desktop metapakage17:44
excoBUGabundo: build essentials and such17:45
excowhich comes in handy when trying to build your not working wifi drivers from source17:46
BUGabundoexco: even Desktop doesn't have it17:46
BUGabundoyou need to install it17:46
=== [keanu] is now known as keanu
BUGabundonot in either17:47
excois available on the live cd17:47
BUGabundoLOL I think you are getting stuff confused17:47
BUGabundoexco: not now! its not on the LiveCD now17:47
BUGabundogot removed too17:47
=== gmiernicki is now known as Guest78409
BUGabundoreplaced with a special tool17:47
jamalfanaianBUGabundo: gparted is not on the LiveCD anymore?17:48
jamalfanaianOh, that's odd17:48
IenorandBUGabundo: Outrage!17:48
excoif the new tool is better ... fine - but since a common use for the livecd is to repair stuff ... I wouldn't want to miss it17:48
=== ccooke_ is now known as ccooke
BUGabundodon't you guys test live images???17:48
BUGabundowhat beta testers are you ??17:48
jamalfanaianBUGabundo: Ahh! lol17:49
excoI tested one some days ago and it was still there17:49
IenorandBUGabundo: Up 'til beta I did, so that's a recent change?17:49
BUGabundoit wasnt17:50
d3xterdoes ext4 got removed from the current daily release?17:50
excowell... I'm booting it now and ...17:50
BUGabundothanks for checking exco17:51
BUGabundod3xter: not that I know of!17:51
d3xterBUGabundo: gparted support ext4, but the installer doesnt :-S17:51
BUGabundoI could also have mounted my daily image and extractd the squashfs17:51
BUGabundod3xter: the installer DOES... in manual17:52
excobtw the earlier boot status bar was much nicer17:52
excoand is it me or is that logo "unclean"17:52
BUGabundoexco: ohh I love the new bar! much nicer17:53
BUGabundobetter looking17:53
d3xteri'm trying to do it manually, but i cant choose ext4 :-S17:53
* bruce89 needs a magnifying glass to see the new bar17:53
d3xteri cant even choose ntfs :-S17:53
BUGabundod3xter: ask colin on #ubuntu-devel17:53
d3xterok ty17:53
* Ienorand doesn't like the new "look dartheme, how cool" boot look.17:54
excobut I just realized ... if you look closely the moving dot changes colour (depicts lighting?)17:54
excogparted is still there (so now how do I check the date of the build?)17:55
BUGabundoRT calc: hotkey-setup seems almost broken in a way package management can't fix, even purge force-all wouldn't remove it until i fixed the init script then installing the new version worked ok17:55
bjsniderit doesn't matter. usplash will be replaced completely with kms by koala17:55
paul68is the support for creative Fatal1 cards better then in previous releases?17:55
excobjsnider: by 9.10?17:56
bjsnideryes, by october there will be no usplash anymore17:56
BUGabundoppl seem to love what fedora and openSUSE are doing at boot!17:56
BUGabundoI rather have a 10 sec boot.. no need for splash!17:56
bjsniderit's just an attempt to copy what osx does. that seems to be shuttleworth's at-large goal: an open source osx17:57
pixelmonkeyI'm about to upgrade to intrepid and then jaunty.  The main issues I've been noticing on Heron are excessive iowait, I assume due to the kernel.  Anyone know if the newer versions of Ubuntu address iowait problems, and where I can read up on that?17:57
BUGabundobjsnider: ehheeeh17:57
excoon the wind ext4 reduces boot time from 30s to 27s ... so I thing 10s won't be realized before I get the laptop after the next one :-)17:57
=== error404notfoun1 is now known as error404notfound
paul68it would be nice if the creative lab xf1 cards have a better support then they have now17:58
excostill if the rt2860 card worked ... I might be able to convert my gf to using Ubuntu17:58
=== jordan is now known as Guest81573
Guest81573How do i convert videos to another format using ubuntu 9.04?17:59
exconew laptop, tricked into new OS ... but I can't get the darned thing working17:59
imachinehas there been any issues with saving passwords and so forth ?17:59
Guest81573they are in avi i believe and i need them to be playable on my ipod17:59
BUGabundoGuest81573: avidemux17:59
imachineit seems I have problems with Ubuntu 9 remembering my ssh keyfrase.17:59
imachinealso, VPN key passphrases.17:59
imachineworked a few days ago...18:00
BUGabundoimachine: yeah I see that too for some wifi18:00
imachineBUGabundo, fun thing is I reboot and it picks up wifi no problems.18:00
imachineBUGabundo, but VPN is repeatable.18:00
imachineKonfigurowanie hotkey-setup (0.1-23ubuntu10) ...18:01
imachine/etc/init.d/hotkey-setup: 47: Syntax error: ";;" unexpected (expecting "fi")18:01
imachineinvoke-rc.d: initscript hotkey-setup, action "start" failed.18:01
imachinethat's pretty too18:01
BUGabundoguys if any one asks : bug 35485118:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 354851 in partman-ext3 "No ext4 option in manual partitioning using livecd installer" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35485118:01
BUGabundod3xter: there's your answer18:01
d3xterBUGabundo: ty18:02
jamalfanaianBUGabundo: Is it bad to install the base ubuntu and then install the ubuntu-netbook-remix package?18:03
edgyHi, why su; gedit gives Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display: :0.0?18:03
jamalfanaianI used netboot to install over TFTP and it didn't install any of the GUI stuff18:03
crdlbedgy: use gksu gedit18:03
imachineedgy, run sudo gedit18:03
imachineor gksu18:03
BUGabundojamalfanaian: I don't know, but it should work18:03
BUGabundolet me ask18:03
jamalfanaianBUGabundo: Ahh alright, I'm trying it now so I guess we should see soon! Hehe18:03
tronxhey guys18:03
edgycrdlb, imachine: I know but I want to use su instead18:04
imachineedgy, you can't.18:04
crdlbedgy: don't :>18:04
imachineedgy, different user, different DISPLAY18:04
tronxin jaunty beta: the network plasmoid doesn't show up my configured connections!18:04
imachineyour X is ran for your user18:04
excoIf I had wireless working I would try it on my live SD card, jamalfanaian :-)18:04
jamalfanaianWell I should let you know18:04
edgyimachine: I tried DISPLAY=:0.0 gedit but still it doesn't, I just want to understand the reason18:04
jamalfanaianHopefully everything will work...18:04
imachineedgy, it's an X issue18:05
crdlbedgy: it already knows the right display to use18:05
crdlbconsidering the error says :0.0 already18:05
edgyimachine, crdlb: but in my redhat box it works18:05
antoranzhas anybody had problems with mplayer crashing X¿18:05
crdlbit just can't use it :)18:05
imachineedgy, but in Ubuntu it doesn't. long story short, it's a security improvement, afair.18:05
excowill the hotkey-setup be fixed automatically or do you manually need to fix it?18:05
imachineredhat's got more of a security problem.18:05
bruce89gedit --display=blah18:07
imachinebruce89, would it run like that after it's bein ran as root?18:07
imachinefrom a root owned term etc18:07
bruce89probably not a good idea to run X things as root18:07
jamalfanaianIs there a way to tell if your machine's CD drive is a burner too? (Not on the Asus EeePC but my desktop)18:08
jamalfanaianI have no clue if it is and there is no label on the drive18:09
BUGabundojamalfanaian: you need to ask on #ubuntu-mobile about the base package18:09
bruce89jamalfanaian: try writing a CD and see what happens18:09
jamalfanaianbruce89: Haha I guess that's a good way to test it18:09
bruce89jamalfanaian: not a very fun way I must admit18:10
tronxdoes anybody use the new network plasmoid?18:10
hiljamalfanaian: sudo lshw -C should give model number, then google18:11
jamalfanaianhil: Thanks :)18:11
=== jordan is now known as Guest78885
Guest78885how do i work avidemux?18:11
bruce89jamalfanaian: wodim -checkdrive18:12
johanbrjamalfanaian: lshal |grep cdrom18:13
charlie-tcaGuest78885: it is in the repositories; add it using Synaptic Package Manager or sudo apt-get install avidemux18:13
jamalfanaianOh ok, so I can't write, thanks johanbr18:13
excoGuest78885: you could also have a look at "kino"18:13
Guest78885i did that charlie... i  just now dont know how to convert the videos18:13
hilbruce89: wodim -checkdrive is nice ;) didnt know that, thx18:14
bruce89nor did I18:14
deanyGuest78885, ffmpeg or winff18:14
deanyGuest78885, no, i was making suggestion18:15
Guest78885and its saying trouble initializing audio device18:15
PolitikerALTtronx: I use the new network plasmoid18:15
deanyGuest78885, what are you tryin to do, i only just got here.18:15
BUGabundoGuest78885: open the video you want and then look at the menu, for the IPod option18:16
Guest78885convert a video from .avi to .mp4 so it plays on my ipod18:16
Guest78885i did that BU18:16
deanygrab ffmpeg and winff18:16
deanyif you want a gui18:16
edgyThe new network plasmoid doesn't the display the names properly there is some overlapping in the button one PolitikerALT18:16
BUGabundoGuest78885: then what didn't work?18:16
Guest78885it just says cannot initialize audio18:17
PolitikerALTstrange - for me, this is working properly except the plasmoid is not big enough (the last entry isn't displayed fully)18:17
deanyor try avidemux.. it can encode18:17
Guest78885deany thats what i am using avidemux18:17
PolitikerALTwhich you can avoid be relocating the wired and wireless window-docks18:18
deanychange the audio prefs to pulse then18:18
bruce89Guest78885: what sort of conversion are you after?18:18
deanyor use ffmpeg18:18
Guest78885the original file is .avi i want it as ipod video format so it can play on my ipod18:19
bruce89avi is a container, what is in it?18:19
Guest78885whats the video you mean?18:19
deanyGuest78885,  ffmpeg -i (filename.avi) -r 29.97 -vcodec libx264 -s 640x480 -aspect 4:3 -flags +loop -cmp +chroma -deblockalpha 0 -deblockbeta 0 -b 1000k -maxrate 1250k -bufsize 4M -bt 256k -refs 1 -coder 0 -subq 7 -partitions +parti4x4+parti8x8+partp8x8 -g 250 -keyint_min 25 -level 30 -qmin 10 -qmax 51 -qcomp 0.6 -trellis 2 -sc_threshold 40 -i_qfactor 0.71 -acodec libfaac -ab 80k -ar 48000 -ac 2 output-filename.mp418:20
hilu didnt typed that from memory, did u? ;)18:21
tronxPolitikerALT: do you have any problems with it?18:21
deanycourse not18:21
bruce89deany: that's assuming NTSC18:22
doktoreas_hello everybody..18:24
doktoreas_I have a problem with hotkey_setup and the bug is been reported18:24
doktoreas_now the problem is that it's blocking all other package installation18:25
doktoreas_and I can't go on18:25
=== defcon is now known as Guest12087
doktoreas_is there a way for installing a package without upgrading another one?18:25
Ienoranddoktoreas_: You can always go ahead and fix the issue as described in the bug report...18:26
Ienoranddoktoreas_: Should be an update to the update out soon which should fix most things I've heard..18:26
BUGabundodoktoreas_: see topic18:27
deanywell, its easy to change a couple of options....just givin out a general command18:28
Ienoranddoktoreas_: I am able to upgrade using apt-get at least...18:28
=== [perry] is now known as [pErry]
doktoreas_thx Ienorand the patch solved it18:30
mxboy15uare updates released daily or some other schedule? Is there a condensed list to view what is being released and to read about it?18:30
BUGabundomxboy15u: they get available once they are built18:31
BUGabundonot schedule18:31
mxboy15uok, so there is no way to see them all and read about them online?18:32
BUGabundolist of fixs or changes are available on the (HIGH VOLUME) changes ML18:32
BUGabundoyou have to look on lists.ubuntu.com18:32
charlie-tcamxboy15u: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/jaunty-changes18:34
mxboy15ugreat! thank you18:34
charlie-tcaYou are welcome18:34
deanydont know if i can wait 17 days for final... itching to use jaunty18:35
mxboy15ui have been using it, I am just disappointed at my lack of ability to get my internal mic working18:35
mxboy15uthat is the only problem I have come across18:35
imachinedeany, it works okay, had it since alpha 318:35
imachinedeany, you can encounter some minor issues18:36
imachinedeany, overall, it's okay. using ext4 too.18:36
BluesKajdeany, jaunty is quite stable on my setup , more so than intrepid ever was , even as a final release18:36
imachinethe only thing I miss is bootsplash, but I don't think it's jaunty, it's something else.18:36
mxboy15uI want to use ext4, but I don't want to re-image all my hard work18:37
mxboy15uso i am stuck with ext3 forever i think18:37
bruce89mxboy15u: see http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Ext418:38
IenorandThat's actually true... if you do not patch the hk-s issue manually it locks your updates, and you can't install new apps either... kinda bad (and yes I know there is a patch but I'm simulating average Joe here)18:38
mxboy15uthat reads like it may be above my skill level18:41
mxboy15uare the benefits that real?18:42
excocan someone have a look at this http://pastebin.com/d1d2068b1 and tell me what to do (wpa/wpa2 not working with rt2860)18:42
* BUGabundo looks18:43
BUGabundoexco: that's looks like a kernel or driver prob18:43
=== sukke_ is now known as sukke
excoI'll check if there's already a bug report on it then18:47
=== PolNEU is now known as PolitikerNEU
bytor4232I did a cli install using the netboot installer.  How do I get a base x env installed?  I planned to just install the xfce4 package18:57
jamalfanaianbytor4232: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop18:58
jamalfanaianoh wait18:58
jamalfanaiansorry do xubuntu-desktop as the package18:58
jamalfanaianbytor4232: Started answering before finishing to read the entire line lol18:58
bytor4232jamalfanaian, I'm trying to go as minimal as possible.18:58
jamalfanaianbytor4232: Well, that will install all necessary packages for xfce4 to run18:59
bytor4232jamalfanaian, xubuntu-desktop doesn't run very well on my Compaq laptop with 256 meg.18:59
jamalfanaianbytor4232: now if you want to be more minimal than that, then that is beyond what i know18:59
bytor4232I'll give it a choke18:59
=== dR0g is now known as dROg
jamalfanaianbytor4232: Well, your only option would be to try and only install packages you need but that will take a lot of trying :\19:00
bytor4232jamalfanaian, I was just checking to see if there was a "x-server" metapackage for the basics19:00
jamalfanaianbytor4232: Ohh, I don't know if there is, sorry19:00
bytor4232jamalfanaian, Thats cool.  I'll trial and error it.19:02
jamalfanaianbytor4232: well good luck :)19:02
darthanubiswonder if the virtualbox bug got fixed freezing systems with the virtualization option enabled.19:02
crdlbmaybe just install gdm19:02
bytor4232jamalfanaian, Yup, that worked19:04
jamalfanaianbytor4232: awesome :)19:04
bytor4232jamalfanaian, ha, firefox didn't even get installed!  Very cool.19:05
jamalfanaianbytor4232: Ahh really? That's good I guess, hehe19:05
=== dR0g is now known as dROg
bytor4232jamalfanaian, Exactly what I was looking for.  Awesome.  I saw that metapackage the other day while browsing the archive, and wondered what it did.  Looks like my steam powered laptop is going to get a modern desktop after all ;)19:06
jamalfanaianbytor4232: Haha, that's good :)19:06
bytor4232Its a compaq presario with 256 megs of ram and a 500 mhz processor19:08
bytor4232It was running fluxbox, but I'm not a fan.19:08
* crdlb used to run gnome on a machine with similar specs19:09
bytor4232jamalfanaian, hahaha, appfinder isn't even installed!  Awesome.19:09
crdlbbut I bumped it up to 384MB a while ago19:09
jamalfanaianbytor4232: I don't even know what appfinder is19:09
bytor4232jamalfanaian, XFCE's more annoying quirks.  You have to use it to find applications to add them to the panel.19:11
jamalfanaianbytor4232: Ohh! ok19:11
mbeierlsay, anyone here know how to open the Java console in firefox under jaunty?  The menu item has gone away :(19:12
mbeierlthis is for 9.04, 64 bit19:13
mbeierlso I have the 64b java plugin working, just no method of opening the Java console19:14
mbeierldoh!  found out how to force it to be created by using jcontrol.  at least now I can see it :)19:16
IenorandZomg, the hotkey-setup bug is up to 53 dupes by now... Luckily the patch has hit at least the main repo.19:18
jamalfanaianSo what's the point of using 64-bit OS? Is it really worth it with all the issues of programs that don't release a 64-bit version?19:18
bjsniderwhat issues?19:19
jamalfanaianbjsnider: Well when I tried 64-bit Ubuntu a while back I couldn't get Flash working19:19
jamalfanaianThen a ton of programs didn't release 64-bit versions, the only one I can remember now is Skype19:20
bjsniderjamalfanaian, well, there's a native 64 bit flash out now that works better thant he 32 bit crap19:20
jamalfanaianSo there was just always trouble with getting things working19:20
Ienorandjamalfanaian: It works for me currently19:20
jamalfanaianbjsnider: oh really? didn't know that, that's awesome :)19:20
jamalfanaianbut still, my question is.. what are the benefits of running a 64-bit OS?19:20
jamalfanaianI don't have 4GB of memory, which is the only plus I'm aware of19:21
bjsniderthe flash 64 bit plugin also has native pulseaudio support, so no sound issues19:21
pierluxwhere can I get help regarding no audio with a brand new Intel motherboard ? (the bug reports seems to mention that latest alsa has only digital out) (with Jaunty)19:21
bjsniderjamalfanaian, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=36860719:23
DelvienWhat is the arguement to run an application with pulseaudio as in  ( -alsa will run with alsa, and -oss will run oss)19:26
Ienorandjamalfanaian: And I've managed to get skype working as well using the unofficial repackaged thing from skype: http://www.skype.com/go/getskype-linux-ubuntu-amd6419:26
jamalfanaianOohh, there is a 64-bit version, ok...19:27
jamalfanaianThanks for the info :)19:27
jamalfanaianbjsnider: thanks for this link19:27
bjsniderjamalfanaian, your original complaint about amd64, ie. no flash, is now quite the opposite, ie. flash now works better on amd6419:28
jamalfanaianbjsnider: yeah you pointed that out earlier, hehe :)19:29
kulightany one know how to get fglrx work on ATI x1250 in ubuntu 9.0419:29
Ienorandjamalfanaian: It's not *actually* a 64bit version, just the 32bit with hacked dependencies and architecture tag so it installs and works fine ( at least for me )19:29
jamalfanaianbjsnider: I didn't know VMs could improve in 64bit, so I will have to play with that sometime19:29
jamalfanaianIenorand: ahh ok, that makes sense19:29
crdlbkulight: it's not possible, unless you downgrade X19:30
kulightbut there were publictions about beta in the repos19:30
crdlbbut it doesn't support anything other than r600 and r70019:31
kulightIenorand: you can get real 64bit flash here: http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flashplayer10/19:31
crdlbthe x1250 is an RS690, but apparently that doesn't count19:31
kulightbut x1250 is rs690...19:32
crdlbnote the S :)19:32
kulightits still r690 as far as i know19:32
crdlbit's not19:33
crdlbit has nothing in common with r600 GPUs19:33
Ienorandkulight: I was talking about skype... and that looks promising, so ubuntu is still using a 32bit per default?19:33
crdlb"In terms of support, the 690/740 would be in the same class as 3xx-5xx since they have a 4xx-series 3D engine. I believe there will be specific exceptions for new designs but so far all the OEM activity is Windows only (which has been the norm anyways)."19:33
kulightIenorand: yes19:33
crdlb  --an ATI employee19:33
kulightcrdlb:  you are --an ATI employee ?19:34
crdlbno, hence the quotes :)19:35
crdlbI've got one of those too, but it doesn't affect me since it's already using the radeon driver on intrepid19:35
TABASCOHi there19:35
mysticdarkhackhey all19:35
mysticdarkhackin Jaunty, has everyone able to have flash working, inclding some video playback in flash on firefox?19:36
jamalfanaianmysticdarkhack: it works for me19:36
TABASCOIn my Jaunty NBR, the gnome panel disappeared. I can not move windows any more now and Alt+F2 does not give me the ability to run commands. All I can do is run gnome-panel from command line, but this does not really work like it should19:36
kulightcrdlb: yes but its kind of not perfect (i dont know the word in english for what i want to say)19:37
mysticdarkhackjamalfanaian, see if you visit cnettv and see if the video there work for you19:37
bjsnidercrdlb, the fglrx garbage won't ever support the old junk again, right?19:37
kulightmysticdarkhack: yes19:37
crdlbkulight: it's sufficient for compiz and video, which is all I need it to do19:37
crdlbbjsnider: they have said there won't be any nvidia-style legacy releases19:38
bjsnidercrdlb, and that includes no support for x server 1.6, ie. no jaunty suport?19:38
mysticdarkhackkulight, see if you visit cnettv and see if the video there work for you?19:38
jamalfanaianmysticdarkhack: guess audio isn't working lol, but the video plays!19:38
kulightcrdlb: true. but it flashes when moving windows or doing heavy grphics19:38
weatherkidIs there a list of apps in Jaunty?19:38
crdlbkulight: it should get better eventually :/19:39
mysticdarkhackjamalfanaian, well mine won't play video or sounds19:39
kulightmysticdarkhack: it works perfectly on 9.04 64bit19:40
jamalfanaianmysticdarkhack: ah i see, weird19:40
kulightcrdlb: i hope so19:40
mysticdarkhackjamalfanaian, even when you visit cnn and play the live feed.19:40
bruce89weatherkid: rather difficult to list 23000 packages19:40
bruce8926000 sorry19:40
crdlbkulight: it really is way too early for them to drop the RS690 support19:40
crdlbconsidering it's their current product ...19:41
weatherkidI was talking about desktop apps19:41
mysticdarkhackkulight, mine won't on 64bit19:41
bjsnidercrdlb, do you have xvideo with the radeon driver?19:41
kulightcrdlb: i think so too but i have no say @ ATI :)19:41
weatherkidbut next question-Is Jaunty the next LTS?19:41
bjsniderweatherkid, no19:41
weatherkidwhen is that coming out19:42
kulightmysticdarkhack: try using this: http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flashplayer10/19:42
bruce89weatherkid: 10.04 I suppose19:42
mnemo10.10 will be LTS19:42
mysticdarkhackkulight, any suggestion to fixing this?19:42
mnemoyeah sry 10.0419:42
bruce89but that'd be GNOME 3.019:42
crdlbbjsnider: yes, I had to enable EXA to make it work with compiz though (which is default in jaunty)19:42
bjsnidercrdlb, you mean uxa?19:43
crdlbUXA is intel19:43
crdlbmy X1250 is still running intrepid19:43
bjsnideroh, exa is only broken on intel i guess, not ati19:43
crdlbwhere XAA was still the default for radeon19:44
kulightcrdlb: mine is jaunty19:44
raindogIs there a way to control how notifications pop up?  Specifically when I turn on gwibber after having had it off for some time I get tons of notifications that take several minutes to run though.19:44
bjsnidercrdlb, are there any annoyances with the radeon driver?19:44
crdlbI did try the beta livecd though, which worked ok19:44
TABASCOOkay I can not move any windows now..19:44
crdlbbjsnider: I haven't noticed any, but I don't use that computer much19:44
TABASCOI tried to change into the desktop mode, there I had at least the gnome panels (both) and when I switched back I had the gnome panel at the top, but the window-picker-applet does not work. I have no heads at the windows.19:45
kulightbjsnider: there are minor gliches and flashes other than that its fine (not great performance)19:46
bjsnidercrdlb, does that driver use gem?19:46
crdlbbjsnider: not yet, afaik19:47
TABASCOCan I reset the whole stuff somehow?19:47
bjsniderstrange. i understood dave airlie had written gem/ttm hybrid into it awhile back19:47
neo__Hi all19:49
neo__I have found this bug in the hotkey-setup :19:49
bjsniderTAB wipe out your ~/.gconf directory19:49
bjsniderTABASCO,  wipe out your ~/.gconf directory19:50
neo__/etc/init.d/hotkey-setup: 33: Syntax error: ";;" unexpected (expecting "fi")19:50
neo__invoke-rc.d: initscript hotkey-setup, action "stop" failed.19:50
Picineo__: bug 35615719:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 356157 in hotkey-setup "package hotkey-setup 0.1-23ubuntu10 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 2" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35615719:50
neo__I tried to replace ;; with fi but I got another error that it expected fi insted of ;;19:50
neo__thank you19:50
Creative1412guys why (root,toor) is not used in  ubuntu 9.04 i can't even use su!19:51
clearscreenCreative1412: use sudo19:51
Picineo__: The latest updates should fix that, they are on the main mirrors now.19:51
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo19:51
kulightneo__: i have this bug too. it is being fixed19:51
bjsniderthat's funny. nerdy. fanboyish, but funny19:52
TABASCObjsnider: Great. Thank you!19:52
LiMaOanyone else having problems with hotkey-setup?19:53
TABASCOWell, maybe this is not the right place but if developers of jaunty are here I want to thank you all for your work, all I have seen and tested myself yet is really GREAT work. I am absolutely amazed.19:53
kulightLiMaO: yes...19:54
kulightLiMaO: bug 35615719:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 356157 in hotkey-setup "package hotkey-setup 0.1-23ubuntu10 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 2" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35615719:54
bruce89hmm, GNOME, X, freedeskop, etc. is where the most work is done19:54
bruce89Debian also19:54
LiMaOkulight: let me check it, because i've used aptitude -f remove and it still presents errors19:55
neo__kulight could you please tell me how to add this patch ? should I replace it with the old hotkey-setup file ?19:56
kulightLiMaO: ill check19:56
kulightneo__: it sould be in the repos...19:56
bjsniderthat bug says a fix was released19:57
kulightbjsnider: yes but those who installed the buggy version still get errors19:58
Tumiewhy a lot of things are broken in jaunty ??19:58
LiMaOTumie: it's a beta version ;)19:58
TumieLiMa0: but a lot of packages just aren't working..19:58
TumieaMSN can't even connect,,19:59
LiMaOTumie: mine does.. it connects just fine19:59
PiciTumie: Are there bugs filed for the issues?19:59
bjsniderTumie, that package is broken upstream. it's not just the ubuntu version19:59
kulightneo__: just did update and upgrade and the hotkey thing seems to be fixed20:01
Ienorandkulight: I installed the buggy one and the *12 version fixed it... it should be in main repo at least.... there you go20:01
Tumiei've also the problemm that the update-manager can't find all the packages20:01
kulightIenorand: its just came through20:02
IenorandThey released a *11 version which only worked if you hadn't upgraded to the bugged *10 version, and then now about an hour ago the *12 version hit the main which should solve all issues...20:03
kulightwell it did for me20:03
Creative1412fsu using fixed by sudo passwd20:03
kulightany one having problems with broadcom on jaunty ?20:04
jeltschI use Kubuntu 9.04 beta (KDE 4.2.2). Where do I import SSL certificates?20:05
LiMaOkulight: patch applied, everything is just fine now20:07
LiMaOkulight: thank you20:08
kulightLiMaO: no problem ( ihavent done any thing :D )20:08
LiMaOkulight: pointed at the right direction =P20:08
mysticdarkhackgot the 64bit flash working now20:09
LiMaOnow i just gotta wait for amarok developers to include the various artists options in a more intuitive way into amarok 220:09
kulightmysticdarkhack: wlcome to the club20:09
mysticdarkhackkulight, thanks20:09
mysticdarkhackkulight, I wonder if ubuntu will be using that version of the link you sent me20:10
kulightmysticdarkhack: i can tell you that they wont as it is an so cold alpha20:11
mysticdarkhackkulight, I see20:11
mysticdarkhackwell I'm glad 64bit flash at last20:12
mysticdarkhackboy depend on lib31 stuff is a pain sometime20:12
Unksijeltsch: if you open konqueror and go to settings -> configure konqueror -> web browsing -> crypto, there is your certificates and ssl signers.. are either of these what you are looking for?20:12
mysticdarkhackboy depend on lib32 stuff is a pain sometime20:12
kulightit works fine except for heavy cpu load20:12
jeltschUnksi: Yes, thank you. But SSL isn’t only used in Konqueror. SSL configuration used to be available from the control center which makes perfect sense. Isn’t it available there anymore? Why?20:13
Unksiyoure welcome, no idea.. i just remembered seeing it there before :)20:14
mysticdarkhackwell I'm off now all and ty for helping out20:14
kulightwell its time for beer... so be good20:18
jeltschOne of Ubuntu’s aims is to be available in all kinds of languages.20:21
jeltschHowever, it has serious deficiencies when it comes to translations, even with more popular languages like German.20:21
raindogIs there a way to control how notifications pop up?  Specifically when I turn on gwibber after having had it off for some time I get tons of notifications that take several minutes to run though.20:21
jeltschI just wanted to contribute some German translations via Launchpad but was told that this is only for Ubuntu-specific software.20:22
jeltschSo I wonder a bit why the Ubuntu people don’t want me to provide, for example, KDE-related translations?20:22
Unksijeltsch: yea, if you want to translate something else, you should go to the software website itself and see how they have arranged its translations there20:22
Unksijeltsch: because that is handled by kde20:22
Unksinot ubuntu20:22
jeltschUnksi: And why does the “Translate this application” menu item exist in every KDE application then?20:23
Unksidoesnt it direct to the kde site?20:23
jeltschNo, to Launchpad.20:23
Unksihmm thats weird20:23
jeltschIt was added by the Kubuntu people, to my knowledge.20:23
jeltschAFAIK, it’s not there in vanilla KDE.20:24
=== keffie_jayx is now known as effie_jayx
bruce89jeltsch: it's some silly Ubuntu nonsense20:24
Unksihmm there seems to be some templates in launchpad20:24
Unksinot totally sure how this thing works though20:24
jeltschAnd how do the OpenSUSE people manage to provide a completely translated KDE? Do they add their own translations?20:25
bruce89they want people to just translate things in Ubuntu you see20:25
jeltschbruce89: But the German Ubuntu translators don’t want me to translate stuff which is not Ubuntu-specific.20:25
jeltsch(in German)20:25
bruce89jeltsch: they are good ones then20:26
yow|x2cwillu - im getting massive freezing again, just fyi. if i dont respond, that means my system froze again lol20:26
bruce89jeltsch: the en_GB ones however are nuts20:26
jeltschbruce89: Who are good ones? The German translators?20:26
jeltschBut I thought, the Launchpad translation thing is to provide a central place where Ubuntu users can direct all their translations to.20:26
jeltschAnd the Launchpad people would give translations to upstream developers maybe.20:27
raindogIs there any way to control notifications and their behavior?20:27
jeltschThis would be much easier for me, the user.20:27
jeltschComitting translations via Launchpad seems easy. Commiting translations to the KDE codebase seems like something I don’t want to do.20:28
bruce89jeltsch: they should do20:28
bruce89jeltsch: GNOME with git and damned lies20:28
jeltschdamned lies?20:28
jeltschbruce89: I don’t understand. Should GNOME translations reported via Launchpad or directly to damned lies?20:29
jeltschAnd how about KDE?20:30
bruce89jeltsch: Damned lies I'd say20:30
* bruce89 is a en_GBer for GNOME now20:30
jmarekHello everybody...20:30
jmarekI have problems, when I tried to update my Ubuntu jaunty: server with IP and even freeze my connection and tshark show me, that my computer tried TCP retransmission...20:31
ActionParsnipjeltsch: you could try kde to see if its ok, you can always remove it20:31
jeltschActionParsnip: What do you mean?20:32
jeltschI wanted to know how to provide translations for KDE applications.20:32
slytherinjmarek: have you tried some different mirror?20:32
jmarekI have set a cz.archive.ubuntu.com in apt/sources.list...20:33
ActionParsnipjeltsch: try kde to see if it fixes what you need20:34
jeltschActionParsnip: I’m already running KDE:20:34
AizawaHey, I'm trying to boot the jaunty playstation 3 disc, but all I get after selecting my video mode (live video=ps3fb:mode:X) is a black screen, and nothing happens. I've tried different video modes even though I know my TV is a PAL SDTV. Please?20:37
jmarekAnd... I've tried today to install server with jaunty via netboot install and when machine start to install new system on formatted disk, then I've got twice freeze on libc6 package. That was on the same sets of mirror (cz.archive.ubuntu.com).20:41
Stormx2Hi. Trying to install the beta. After keyboard setup, I hit "next", a window comes up saying "Setting up the partitioner...", goes away, and then nothing! The "next" button is disabled, and the partitioner doesn't come up20:42
jmarekIs there a problem with capacity of line to the insternet on mirrors?20:43
ActionParsnipStormx2: did you md5 check the iso as well as verify it was consistant  on the first boot screen after burning at the slowest speed you could?20:43
Stormx2I know the .iso was okay, not sure if the burn was as good.20:44
ActionParsnipthen test it20:44
ActionParsnipboot to cd, then select check cd for defects20:45
Stormx2how could a defect cause this behaviour?20:45
Stormx2actually, I 'spose it could just be ignoring errors from the partitioner or summat.20:45
ActionParsnipif the data on the cd is bad, programs can act sterangely20:46
IenorandStormx2: Possibly,you tried using gparte manually?20:46
ActionParsnipits worth checking so you know what you are installing is good20:46
jmarekStormx2: have Ubuntu recognized your disks?20:46
amortvigilhey are there still daily builds?20:46
Ienorandamortvigil: Yup20:46
JDahlI completely lost sound in KDE 4.2 after recent updates. Has than happened to others here?20:47
Ienorandamortvigil: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/20:47
Stormx2Hold up. I'm downloading the alternative CD now anyway, I usually end up using it anyway as the graphical installer has never been 100%20:47
ActionParsnip!sound | JDahl20:48
ubottuJDahl: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP320:48
amortvigilIenorand: thanx20:49
kopertonActionParsnip: xD i have solved my problem with kernel real time20:51
=== mogul218_ is now known as mogul218
eternal_pdoes anyone else find it takes a long time for firefox to load?21:05
darthanubiseternal_p, noper21:07
eternal_phmm...takes 5-10 seconds to load21:07
doogluswhere can I find a torrent for the newest test version of the 9.04 install CD?21:08
ActionParsnipeternal_p: firefox sucks with ram, so yes. I use opera21:08
ActionParsnipeternal_p: you could apt-build it with high optomisation to maybe get some extra speed21:08
darthanubisdooglus, try google21:08
darthanubisor ubuntu.com?21:08
eternal_pActionParsnip: naa...it isn't a dealbreaker, and when it runs, it is perfect, just loading takes a while21:08
ActionParsnipeternal_p: i apt-built mine and its a little better21:09
eternal_pACtionParsnip: apt-build.. ?21:09
ActionParsnipeternal_p: it uses deb-src instead of deb and compiles the app instead of prebuilt apps, its synonymous with gentoo emerge21:10
eternal_pso sudo apt-build firefox ?21:10
ActionParsnipeternal_p: sudo apt-build install firefox21:10
eternal_pdo I need to uninstall what I have now?21:11
ActionParsnipeternal_p: it takes longer to install as its compiled but it can improve speed21:11
bjsnidereternal_p, do you have a powerful rig there?21:11
ActionParsnipeternal_p: dont think it needs uninstalling as the files made wil be the same, just optiomised21:11
deanyDoes it do the same for any deps a package has?21:11
deanyor only packages specified in the apt-build command21:12
eternal_pbjsnier: centrino duo at 2.1, so it does the job21:12
ActionParsnipeternal_p: how much ram?21:12
eternal_p64-bit os21:12
bjsniderwell, it really should be faster thant hat21:12
ActionParsnipshould be fine, i'd compile firefox21:13
eternal_pActionParsnip: apt-build not found21:13
eternal_pi'm assuming apt-get install apt-build21:13
ActionParsnipeternal_p: sudo apt-get install apt-build; sudo apt-build update; sudo apt-build install firefox21:13
eternal_pany idea which architecutre to use..I'm assuming athlon64 or core2?21:15
ActionParsnipeternal_p: make sure youo use sse321:15
eternal_pso athlon64-sse3 then21:16
ActionParsnipsse3 is sweeeet21:16
slytherinwhat is apt-build?21:16
ActionParsnipslytherin: it uses deb-src repos to get source debs and compile the app rather than the binary ones in deb repos21:17
slytherinActionParsnip: what difference does that make?21:17
ActionParsnipslytherin: the debs may not be as optomised as they can, you may find they are compiled for amd64 but may not use sse3 for example21:18
ActionParsnipslytherin: if you compile them with higher or lower optomisation you can get different performance from the app21:18
slytherinActionParsnip: ok, not for me then.21:18
bjsniderI'm sure ubuntu's vm build system uses all possible optimizations21:19
ActionParsnipbjsnider: it may not, this way yuo can be sure21:19
bjsniderbut i think there's an underlying problem with his firefox profile that's causing the slowdown21:20
bjsnidermaybe too many addons or buggy addons or whatever21:20
ActionParsnipbjsnider: possibly, firefox isnt the fastest browser anyway21:20
eternal_pActionParsnip: your right, does take a long time to install/compile21:21
deanygot my FF loaded with addons, its flying along for me21:22
ActionParsnipeternal_p: on your system, probably not21:22
ActionParsnipdeany: try opera or swiftfox21:22
bjsnidereternal_p, try starting firefox with: firefox -P21:24
eternal_pbjsnider: nope, it is something (must be) to do with my profile21:25
eternal_pin Firefox that is...21:25
deanyActionParsnip, tried opera..  I see no need to switch yet21:28
ActionParsnipi fiind opera is drastically faster21:29
deanybut i find FF a lot more useful21:29
bjsnideris this going to get ugly now?21:30
deanylol, nope21:30
deanyeveryones happy.21:30
bjsnideri sense tension21:30
bjsniderpossibly leading to violence21:30
JMFTheVCIhappy with Firefox....21:30
ActionParsnipi'm not especially but belly aching here does very little21:30
Volkodavepiphany beats them all on speed at least21:31
Volkodavsince gnome integrated21:31
ActionParsnipyou'll find w3m is faster21:31
JMFTheVCIchromiun is very fast, but incomplete21:32
zashdeluge craches my internets :(21:32
JMFTheVCIzash: you have more than one Internet?21:32
ActionParsnipyeah chromium should be sweet21:32
zashJMFTheVCI: ... yes .. i do21:32
JMFTheVCIInternet - There can be only one!21:33
bjsniderdeluge has been terrible since the 1.0 release21:33
JMFTheVCI<off topic already.....>21:33
zashJMFTheVCI: http://p.zash.se/9UiRyA.txt21:33
VolkodavI don't trust google anymore21:33
craigubuntuhi all21:34
Volkodavand reasons they created their own browser21:34
craigubuntuHi all i wonder if someone can help a newbie ubuntu user- i am using the ubuntu 9.04 and am trying to set up a network - basically got wireless router - on dhcp for two computers - which work perfectly /networking etc (ip range 192.168.1.x). I also have another router which i am using wired ip range 192.168.2.x.  I can ping the other computer so the network is working but i want to be able to use the wired for shares etc. at moment it isnt allowing me21:34
ikoniacraigubuntu: as I explained I would strongly advise using a stable release, 9.04 is not stable21:34
craigubuntuikonia thanks i appreciate the advice - the issue here is not the stability for the moment (though it may be later!) this is a networking question in regards to linux21:35
bjsnidercraigubuntu, by default there aren't any firewall rules to prevent sharing21:35
ikoniacraigubuntu: then if you are unable to master the basic of networking - I suggest you may be struggling to use the beta21:35
Volkodavthey don't even have chromium for 64 bit ?21:36
ikoniacraigubuntu: the routing table will be the same on 8.04/8.10/9.0421:36
ikoniaVolkodav: ask google21:36
slytherincraigubuntu: is it networking question or file sharing question?21:36
ActionParsnipVolkodav: theres no linux chromium yet afaik21:36
craigubuntuok so if there is two network cards ubuntu should recognise this with regards to hostname ?21:36
JMFTheVCIThe 9.04 beta is not the place for relative newbies to be debugging networks issues.21:36
Volkodavdo apt-cache search chromium21:36
ikoniacraigubuntu: no, with regard to ip21:36
ikoniacraigubuntu: or name resolution21:36
Volkodavchromium-browser - Chromium browser21:36
Volkodavia32-libs-chromium-browser - Chromium browser, ia32-libs21:36
ActionParsnipVolkodav: thats the windows version running via wine21:38
craigubuntuok so when accessing a share using smb the ipaddress doesnt work - any advice21:38
craigubuntuit works on the wireless card21:38
craigubuntubut not on the wired connection21:38
ikoniacraigubuntu: I suggest a stable release - that's my advice21:39
craigubuntuikonia ok suppose i asked the same question regarding the stable release21:39
craigubuntuwhat would be your solution?21:39
Squarkmaybe you need to restart network manager.21:39
JMFTheVCIcraigubuntu: Two network cards in a box will require an IP for each. If they are on different networks then you may need routing to get between the two. Have you tried disabling wireless and then see if wired, the only valid connection, works?21:39
ikoniacraigubuntu: your not - so that's not m answer21:39
slytherincraigubuntu: seems to be related to route. are you able to ping the machine?21:39
ikoniacraigubuntu: I would remove basic networking issues out of the problem21:39
craigubuntuI will try that Squark21:39
craigubuntuyep sly i am able to ping21:40
VolkodavActionParsnip no it is not21:40
VolkodavI have it installed and it is linux pre alpha21:40
ikoniasamba will bind to the ip of the hostname only unless you say explicitly in the config21:40
JMFTheVCIcan you ping the machine on both networks/IPs?21:40
ActionParsnipVolkodav: can yuo link me up21:41
craigubuntuone is on range 192.168.1.x (wireless) and wired is 192.168.2.x21:41
ikoniacraigubuntu: you need to set your routing properly and make sure samba is bound to the correct interface21:41
SquarkWhen I try to install latest Jaunty with ext4 when it comes to partitioning the disk I simply cannot choose EXT4. There's no ext4 in the menu.21:42
SquarkI've already tried with two different builds..21:42
Squarksame problem.21:42
craigubuntuahh ok ikonia that is sorta making sense21:42
slytherinSquark: graphical installer or text installer?21:42
=== jpds changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: hotkey-setup fixed, may still be mirroring | Welcome to the Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope (beta) discussion channel | Jaunty is NOT RELEASED and NOT SUPPORTED. | Upgrades from Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid are supported again. | Jaunty may break your system. Beta CDs are at http://releases.ubuntu.com/releases/9.04/ | Kubuntu: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/9.04-beta | Join #ubuntu for non-9.04 support
BUGabundoSquark: known bug. its fixed now21:43
Squarknow, like in latest build?21:43
BUGabundoSquark: bug 35485121:43
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/354851/+text)21:43
VolkodavActionParsnip do you have this on your apt sources ?  http://ppa.launchpad.net jaunty/main21:43
SquarkOk, I will check it out.21:43
craigubuntuis samba not installed by default in Ubuntu?21:44
craigubuntuis the filesharing feature ubuntu uses different21:45
VolkodavIf not get it in and install as normal your chromium21:45
ActionParsniplet me try21:45
ikoniacraigubuntu: I don't think samba is installed by default, but smbfs is21:45
ikoniacraigubuntu: just check for yourself21:45
craigubuntuok ikonia21:45
bjsniderVolkodav, the only chromium i've got here is a game21:45
craigubuntuyep must have been good being born knowing linux!21:45
ActionParsnip!info chromium21:45
ubottuchromium (source: chromium): fast paced, arcade-style, scrolling space shooter. In component universe, is optional. Version (jaunty), package size 107 kB, installed size 420 kB21:45
slytherincraigubuntu: samba server is not installed by default.21:46
craigubuntuthanks sly21:46
BUGabundobjsnider: chromium-browser21:46
craigubuntuyep got it now figured21:46
Volkodavyou have to have  http://ppa.launchpad.net jaunty/main21:46
craigubuntuthanks all for assistance!21:46
BUGabundofrom univirse21:46
JMFTheVCIdeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/chromium-daily/ppa/ubuntu intrepid main21:46
bjsniderBUGabundo, not here21:46
Volkodavit is sooo not ready though21:46
JMFTheVCIfor those wanting to use Chromium21:47
BUGabundoJMFTheVCI: that's for ibex! you want the one for jaunty21:47
VolkodavSetting up chromium-browser ( ...21:47
JMFTheVCISorry, There is a jaunty version. Just change the last bit.21:47
ActionParsnipVolkodav: http://pastebin.com/f2bf8ba121:47
ActionParsnipok let me add the repo21:48
BUGabundobjsnider: you are right! its not in Universe21:48
bjsnideri'm not right, i'm correct21:48
BUGabundobjsnider: or to the left21:49
bjsnideri'm not left either21:49
Volkodavadd the repo I said anf it will show up http://pastebin.com/m31d84fe621:50
bjsnideris it using gtk?21:51
bjsniderwhich version of webkit?21:54
bytor4232Jaunty has brought new life to my old Compaq laptop!21:56
bytor4232Memory management must be improved or something.21:56
bjsnidercompaqs never had any life to begin with21:57
bytor4232This thing won't die.  Presario 700, 500 mhz processor, 256 megs of ram.21:57
bjsniderput vista on it21:58
bytor4232I installed Jaunty from the netboot, cli only install.  Ran "apt-get install xfce4" and I was golden.  Its running really well.21:58
ActionParsnipVolkodav: yeah its really not ready, but seems not bad22:00
JMFTheVCIActionParsnip: It can be ready for some. I'm not willing to break my very stable intrepid just yet.22:01
JMFTheVCII keep checking in here to see just how stable the latest beta still is?22:01
bjsniderJMFTheVCI, what graphics card?22:03
BluesKajJMFTheVCI, interesting , but jaunty is more stable than intrepid on my setup..I had all kinds of graphical artifacts with it22:05
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: same here22:06
JMFTheVCII have standard Intel graphics. No NVIDIA22:07
bjsniderJMFTheVCI, well, that's a problem22:08
JMFTheVCII come in and see a new "it's broken" message very other day. Python, Nvidia etc. They do get fixed but I am not that into fixing linux. I like it to work. I am learning more but I like an easier life....22:09
bjsniderthen wait22:09
JMFTheVCII am.22:11
JMFTheVCIand I am not griping about the speed. I am quite content to wait to the RC or even the GA...22:11
bytor4232JMFTheVCI, Upgrading to the beta made me run to Xubuntu on my laptop.  I had it pretty cherried out, Compiz, Avant, all the bells and whistles.  I had nothing but problems after I made the jump.22:12
sevenHi guys, Im having some issues with my keyboard layout, it isnt working as intend under wine, especially a game called wow, If I press the numeric keys above azerty, 6 and 8 don't work as intended , and the = key triggers the function that is binded to 622:13
bytor4232JMFTheVCI, Don't let the "beta" label fool ya, I've found from experience that Release Candidates are the only "stable" development release.22:13
LinuxRevolutionhow can i stop this beep alarm when I want to shutdown?22:13
JMFTheVCIbytor4232: Yes, and that is fine. I will give it a go and deal with the issues. I will just look for a time when less bugs appear.22:15
JMFTheVCIor less showstopper bugs appear.22:15
LinuxRevolutionplease help22:15
JMFTheVCIor bugs that don't effect my particular system.22:15
JMFTheVCILinuxRevolution: Does this beep occur at a particular time in the shutdown?22:16
bytor4232JMFTheVCI, It was like this with 8.10, 8.04, 7.10.  They run pretty unstable, and warn you that it will be unstable, right up to the Release. Makes sense, but usually when you see "Beta" you feel a little safe.22:16
LinuxRevolutionJMFTheVCI: when I wanna shut down it Beeeeeeeeeeeeep :D22:16
KRFhey there, is the vpnc stuff in the network manager in kubuntu jaunty supposed to work?22:16
JMFTheVCILinuxRev: As soon as you click the shutdown icon?22:17
LinuxRevolutionJMFTheVCI: yes yes22:18
JMFTheVCIAbout disabling beeps.22:18
LinuxRevolutionJMFTheVCI: thanks a lot :)22:19
JMFTheVCIGoogle is your friend.22:19
LinuxRevolutionJMFTheVCI: i did but couldnt find this page22:19
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dooglusI'm trying to install the 9.04 beta using the wubi.exe installer22:34
dooglusit seems to die as soon as I click 'install inside windows'22:35
doogluswhat do I need to do?22:35
pHreaksYcle1my nautilus gives me a seg. fault, i don't get a desktop with icons. someone, please help me22:38
pHreaksYcle1basically right now my nautilus will not start up, either automatically or manually22:38
pHreaksYcle1anyone seen this before?22:40
filosofixwhen playing regular or flash video the playback will slow down for 10-15 seconds , while audio plays normally, before it speeds up to catch up with the sounds. This can happen every 4-5 minutes during video-playback... anyone knows what is wrong?22:40
thiebaudefilosofix: did you try and re-install flash?22:41
pHreaksYcle1. . .22:41
filosofixthiebaude : it happens with any video file too...22:41
filosofixthiebaude : and any player...22:41
thiebaudepHreaksYcle1: i dont why your getting a segmentation fault22:41
pHreaksYcle1thiebaude: me either :)22:41
pHreaksYcle1evilaim: are you there?22:42
TuoDrableaha great22:42
TuoDrablehotkey's fixed22:42
thiebaudepHreaksYcle1: if you cant use nautilus maybe you can use thunar22:42
pHreaksYcle1thiebaude: how exactly do you mean? make it my default?22:43
thiebaudeTuoDrable: i know i'am glad22:43
TuoDrableThat leaves one last problem22:43
pHreaksYcle1i am using it right now to get at files, but i need to be able to have files on the desktop22:43
TuoDrablesound in flash :(22:43
thiebaudeno, use thunar if you cant use nautilus22:43
TuoDrableit was a pain in 8.10 too22:43
filosofixthiebaude : it seems to not be a problem when compiz is disabled...22:44
pHreaksYcle1thiebaude: right, but i install thunar and when i click things it still tries to open in nautilus and there still are no icons on the desktop22:44
dtchenTuoDrable: make sure you're using Flash 10, and make sure the stream is being directed to the desired sink.22:44
dtchenTuoDrable: install pavucontrol and check22:44
TuoDrablewill do, thanks22:44
pHreaksYcle1Okay, if anyone can help me with this problem I would appreciate it. Right now, when I boot up, I get no icons on my desktop. When I try to run nautilus on my CLI it tells me Segmentation fault (core dumped). Right now I cannot get nautilus to work, and a reinstall did not help. Please PLEASE help me out, been at this like 15 hours.22:48
TuoDrableand how did it happen?22:49
pHreaksYcle1how did what happen?22:49
TuoDrablesince you installed it?22:49
filosofixis the system updated?22:49
pHreaksYcle1filosofix: indeed.22:49
pHreaksYcle1filosofix: its been like this the whole time, but i install ubuntu-restriced-extras, the medibunto repo22:50
pHreaksYcle1and wine22:50
pHreaksYcle1but it's been like this the whole way through im afraid22:50
TuoDrableso your nautilus is just broken22:50
pHreaksYcle1like a champ22:50
ikoniapHreaksYcle1: segfault = game over22:51
pHreaksYcle1ikonia: so, what action should I take?22:51
ikoniapHreaksYcle1: you need to narrow it done as much as possible22:51
pHreaksYcle1ikonia: please be more specific, im lacking some sleep :)22:51
pHreaksYcle1ikonia: like, what causes it?22:52
ikoniapHreaksYcle1: think about these questions. 1.) are you overclocking at all 2.) have you ran memcheck on your hardware for at least 4 full cycles 3.) did 8.04 /8.10 work well 4.) did nautlius ever work from a clean install, or did it break at a certain point22:52
pHreaksYcle11.) No 2.) No 3.) Was on XP 4.) Nautilus has NEVER worked from a clean install. In fact, on the Live CD there was a bug in which it would try to start itself over and over, amounting to like 10 instances. then one would die, and another would instantly take its place. raped my PC the whole time.22:53
ikoniapHreaksYcle1: do 2.) - 3.) you being on XP means nothing - veryify with 8.04 and 8.1022:55
pHreaksYcle1I'm about to memtest, good idea. i said i was on XP just to tell you that i had no clue if 8.10 ran well.22:55
ikoniapHreaksYcle1: also verify the version of ubuntu you're downloading, chek the md5's to make sure it's come from a legtitmate source and is infact ubuntu, rather than a clone distro22:55
pHreaksYcle1i got the torrent file from the ubuntu site22:56
ikoniapHreaksYcle1: confirm problems against stable releases, jumping straight in on unknown beta products is not good22:56
pHreaksYcle1this is true22:56
afallenhopeis there an issue with mysql?22:56
pHreaksYcle1okay, ill be back22:56
ikoniaafallenhope: what sort of issue ?22:56
TuoDrableach, good news22:56
pHreaksYcle1ikonia: will you be here for awhile?22:56
TuoDrablemy flash sound is fixed as well :)22:56
afallenhopeikonia, can't install it22:56
ikoniapHreaksYcle1: not sure, getting tired22:56
ikoniaafallenhope: details detail details please.22:57
pHreaksYcle1iknonia: okay, may or may not see you22:57
afallenhopeYou have 1 broken package on your system! Use the "Broken" filter to locate it.22:57
afallenhopethen.. I get the following: (E: /var/cache/apt/archives/mysql-server-5.0_5.1.30really5.0.75-0ubuntu10_amd64.deb: subprocess pre-installation script returned error exit status 122:57
ikoniaafallenhope: remove the file from the cache - re-do apt-get update, then re-install the package, see if it gets teh same error22:58
ikoniaafallenhope: normal issue is the dependencies have been updated, but your trying to install a version thats' from your cache, rarther than updated from the rpo22:58
doogluscan anyone suggest something please?22:59
ikoniadooglus: about what ?22:59
dooglusikonia: I'm trying to install 9.04 beta inside windows by running wubi.exe22:59
ikoniadooglus: I suggest you don't22:59
ultratekcan someone help me?22:59
dooglusa menu appears, I click the middle entry22:59
dooglusthe menu disappears, and nothing else happens22:59
dooglusikonia: why?22:59
afallenhopewubi is the devil lol.22:59
ikoniadooglus: I personally don't rate wubi - and using it on a beta product I rate even less22:59
dooglusafallenhope: I don't want the devel version - I have the desktop cd23:00
ikoniaafallenhope: is that error afte ryou have removed the package from the cache ?23:00
ikoniadooglus: then why are you asking in the development channel ?23:00
dooglusikonia: 'cos the #ubuntu channel won't support it23:00
ikoniadooglus: the development channel is used for 9.04 discussion23:00
afallenhopeikonia, not sure how to remove it from cache just did apt-cache gencaches23:00
ikoniadooglus: #ubuntu is the correct place to ask23:01
dooglusikonia: ok, I want the 9.04 beta of the desktop cd23:01
ikoniadooglus: you just said you didn't23:01
dooglusikonia: ok, if you say so23:01
ikoniadooglus: I've not seen you even ask in #ubuntu23:01
ikonia dooglus> afallenhope: I don't want the devel version - I have the desktop cd23:01
dooglusikonia: I've not asked about beta cds there for a year or two, but I doubt the rules have changed have they?23:01
ikoniadooglus: that's what you just said "I don't want the devel version"23:01
afallenhopedooglus, I never said devel I said DEVIL lol. as in Satan lol.23:02
dooglusikonia: oh, I see.  by 'devel' you mean 'beta'?23:02
ikoniaafallenhope: remove the file from  /var/cache/apt/archives/23:02
ikoniadooglus: yes23:02
dooglusafallenhope: which is the satanic version?23:02
dooglusI'm confused now23:02
ikoniadooglus: this channel is for 9.04 discussion23:02
dooglusI thoguht that was BSD23:02
ikoniajust to be clear23:02
ikoniadooglus: check the /topic of the channel if your in any doubt23:02
TuoDrablehaha :D23:02
dooglusikonia: it says " hotkey-setup fixed, may still be mirroring | Welcome to the Ubuntu Jaunty Jacka"?23:03
TuoDrabledooglus, you are trying to install 9.04 via Wubi.exe, is that correct?23:03
dooglusTuoDrable: yes, that's correct23:03
TuoDrablethen you're good here23:03
filosofixikonia : do you know if ther is an issue with the latest nvidia-new driver and videoplayback ?23:03
ikoniadooglus: that's not what the topci says. Don't mess me around please.23:03
dooglusTuoDrable: I don't mind how much Satan it has - I just want it installed.  I'm currently running XP, so I doubt the levels of evil will increase by switching to ubuntu23:03
dooglusikonia: I copy/pasted it exactly23:03
evan_hello! how can i add an second screen unto my laptop, nvidia card?23:04
ikoniadooglus: it says a lot more than 1 line - check again23:04
ikoniafilosofix: no idea to be honest23:04
TuoDrableikonia, it's allright23:04
andre_plhow do i configure what messages show up in the new notifier?23:04
TuoDrabledooglus, what's the problem with wubi?23:04
andre_plcan i disable certain pidgin notifications or anything like that?23:05
andre_pli cant find a single config option23:05
dooglusTuoDrable: should I be able to just mount the .iso using MS's tool and then double-click wubi.exe to install?23:05
TuoDrableyes, dooglus, that's the idea23:05
dooglusTuoDrable: I mounted the .iso using something called VCdControlTool.exe that I got from microsoft.com23:05
dooglusdouble-click wubi.exe23:05
dooglusget a window with 3 choices - the middle one is 'install inside windows'23:05
afallenhopedooglus, I just meant to say that wubi.exe is bad.. some like it. others dont. I do not like it personally.23:05
dooglusI click that, the window disappears, the wubi.exe process disappears from the task manager, and nothing else appears to happen23:06
TuoDrableok, and then?23:06
filosofixdooglus : you don't have to mount the iso23:06
dooglusfilosofix: you mean I should burn it to a disk instead?23:06
dooglusTuoDrable: then I ran irssi and came here23:06
filosofixjust put it in the same folder as wubi.exe and doubbleclick on wubi.exe23:06
dooglusfilosofix: but wubi.exe is inside the .iso...23:07
evan_is here any nvidia fanboy willing to help me??23:07
filosofixdooglus : I guess you can mount it and copy wubi.exe to your harddrive then23:07
TuoDrableevan_, isn't there a whole nvidia settings menu?23:07
andre_plevan_: whats up?23:07
evan_TuoDrable: a few days before they told me here not to use nvidia setting23:08
filosofixTuoDrable : nvidia-settings-manager23:08
evan_andre_pl: i want to add a secodn screen23:08
TuoDrablethen I'm out :)23:08
dooglusfilosofix: I'll try that23:08
filosofixTuoDrable : sudo apt-get install nvidia-settings-manager23:08
dooglusfilosofix: the same happens23:08
filosofixdooglus : have you unmounted the iso?23:09
dooglusfilosofix: no23:09
dooglusI'll do that23:09
=== Adys_ is now known as Adys
andre_pli always use nvidia-settings for that, and set them as separate x screens23:09
andre_plhaven't done it on jaunty though23:09
dooglusfilosofix: now when I run wubi.exe the window pops up for a millisecond then vanishes again23:10
evan_andre_pl: ok ill just rtry again :)23:10
dooglusfilosofix: I have ubuntu-9.04-beta-desktop-i386.iso and wubi.exe in the same new folder23:10
filosofixdooglus : hmm..  wait one sec...23:10
dooglusfilosofix: I've tried that23:10
dooglusfilosofix: I've waited for 600 of them and still nothing23:10
dooglusI tried rebooting too, just in case something it didn't like was running23:11
dooglusI torrented the .iso file, and it passes the checksum after downloading, so I doubt it's corrupted23:11
afallenhopeMySQL package is broken.. here's my log: http://pastebin.ca/138418323:12
Stormx2right, how can I disable notifications? Most annoying feature ever ;_;23:12
filosofixdooglus : Then I guess you have encountered a buf ;)23:13
filosofixdooglus : I've not tried wubi on 9.04... have you tried the 8.10 version?23:14
dooglusfilosofix: when I mount the iso, there are options like 'suppress UDF', 'suppress Joliet', and 'persistent mount'.  They're all unchecked by default.  Think checking them would help?23:14
dooglusfilosofix: I've not23:14
filosofixdooglus : you don't have to mount the iso at all23:15
dooglusfilosofix: it works better if I do23:15
filosofixdooglus : how?23:15
dooglusie. I get to see the menu long enough for my brain to recognise it23:15
doogluswithout the .iso mounted it flickers on and off the screen too fast to see23:15
dooglusof course, I'm only guessing it's the same menu - it's too fast to be sure23:16
filosofixdooglus : I would go for the stable release if I were you.23:16
doogluswhen's that due?23:17
TuoDrableyou know what dooglus... just burn the damn thing and make it run on boot23:17
TuoDrablethen try it out23:17
TuoDrablesee if it works23:17
TuoDrableif so, choose install23:17
dooglusTuoDrable: you can get wubi to run on boot?23:17
dooglusor you mean run it like a live CD?23:17
TuoDrablelive cd23:17
dooglusI think then to install I'd have to repartition23:17
filosofixdooglus : just download the 8.10 Hardy Heron version from ubuntu.com23:17
dooglusI don't want to repartition - it's too risky23:17
TuoDrableach, well23:18
dooglusfilosofix: OK, I'll try that23:18
TuoDrablethen take filosofix' advise23:18
filosofixdooglus : good luck then ;)23:18
dooglusfilosofix: from releases.ubuntu.com?23:18
TuoDrablea question from me: how do I disable the system beep in kubuntu?23:18
filosofixdooglus : yup... 81023:18
filosofix8.10 - Hardy Heron23:19
TuoDrablethere was never a system beep in my Ubuntu 8.1023:19
dooglusis it worth reporting the issue I'm havinG?23:19
filosofixdooglus : yup it is ;)23:19
Jason_COhi folks - -running kubuntu jaunty beta, and its working great except that i cant seem to get the nvidia driver to go for my GeForces 6600 -- i use jockey to install it - and it seems to install but it never activates23:20
Jason_COany help would be apprecaited23:20
filosofixTuoDrable : in System ->Prefs -> Sounds   ?23:20
Ienorandfilosofix: Hardy is 8.04, 8.10 is Ibex23:20
filosofixlenorand : so sorry23:21
filosofixlenorand : I should get to bed now ;)23:21
TuoDrablefilosofix, where's the sound menu in kubuntu?23:21
Ienorandfilosofix: I know I should, since I have nothing better to do than being pedantic on irc23:22
TuoDrablein ubuntu it's there, I've been there23:22
filosofixlenorand : ;)23:22
bruce89Ienorand: it's Intrepid anywa23:22
filosofixTuoDrable : I'm sorry, I didnt get that you were using kubuntu...23:22
IenorandJason_CO : This your bug?: https://bugs.launchpad.net/linux/bug/34292623:22
TuoDrableno prob filosofix23:23
TuoDrableI better see if I can get a settings menu item instead23:23
IenorandJason_CO: That seems to be the most common reason for not being able to install them... I think23:23
Jason_COIenorand: that returned a page not found23:23
IenorandJason_CO: Ooops sorry:https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/34292623:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 342926 in linux "No PCI IOMEM space available below 4GB" [Medium,In progress]23:24
Jason_COIenorand: doesnt seem to be - this machien only has 1gb23:25
IenorandJason_CO: Hmm23:26
TuoDrablewell have I ever...23:27
TuoDrableI found the system bell setting23:27
TuoDrablebut it's off23:27
|mstrkent|Ienorand: back -- sorry -- client crash23:28
TuoDrableand I still hear it23:28
=== |mstrkent| is now known as jasonco_
IenorandJason_CO: what does your Xorg log say about it?23:28
jasonco_hang on  -- lemme check23:28
filosofixTuoDrable : is it the speaker inside your computer you are hearing?23:28
TuoDrableyes, the system beep23:28
TuoDrableeverytime I press backspace in this chat :)23:29
TuoDrablenow I found the menu23:29
TuoDrableand the setting23:29
TuoDrablebut it says it's disable23:29
TuoDrablebut it's... not really23:29
AizawaHow do I fix the hotkey-setup problem?23:29
TuoDrablethere's a "fi" missing in /etc/init.d/hotkey-setup23:30
jasonco_Ienorand: Xorg.0.log doesnt seem to say anything about it23:30
zashTuoDrable: try rmmod pcspkr or similar23:30
TuoDrablethanks zash :)23:31
AizawaTuoDrable: Where's the "fi" supposed to be?23:31
Ienorandjasonco_: Nothing about trying to load nvidia driver at all?23:32
filosofixTuoDrable : Have you tried to mute the system beeb in your volume-preferences?23:32
TuoDrableAizawa, near the end of the file, after do_video23:32
gnomefreakTuoDrable: the fix has hit repos already23:32
gnomefreakhotkey-setup 0.1-23ubuntu12  is the fixed version23:33
TuoDrableoh well23:33
TuoDrablefilosofix, rmmod pcspkr worked ;-)23:34
Ienorandjasonco_: What you also could try is uninstalling all packages with nvidia in their name and reinstalling the appropriate nvidia-glx-### driver package (e.g. 180 177)23:34
jasonco_Ienorand: the only thing i can find is in /var/log/messages about a segault in glxinfo23:35
jasonco_Ienorand: is it safe to assume it will pull in with it everything it needs?23:36
TuoDrableallright, I'm going to sleep23:37
TuoDrablesee ya later23:37
histothis should be interesting updating my server to jaunty via ssh23:37
histoerr should say while i'm ssh'd in issued do-release23:38
Ienorandjasonco_: It worked for me, can't promise anything on your behalf...23:38
ubottuCommon Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/23:38
bruce89histo: servers using a devel relase sounds bad23:38
histobruce89: its in my house not really serving much other than a printer and home dns23:38
bruce89even so, Jaunty's not going to make much difference (hopefully)23:39
histoThe boot times are pretty impresive23:40
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