glaucoviniciusHello people!02:05
* Ienorand says: "Hush, this channel is sleeping"02:07
wolfgerhuh? what?02:29
PCTeacher012Okay, Ubuntu Community needs to learn to send emails to bug support team members in MODERATION. i have 900 from it <_<03:01
HobbseePCTeacher012: which list did you subscribe to?03:03
PCTeacher012the bug list i think03:06
PCTeacher012i dont remember, but i have tothank them for 1291 + 97emails lol03:06
Hobbseewell, that's warned to be a high email list...03:07
hggdhpretty much every and all bug opened or commented on...03:07
PCTeacher012ya, i didnt know that till now and through those emails, i have to find password reset toCHANGE it D:03:07
hggdhyou should have received it, probably buried in the 900+ emails you got03:08
PCTeacher012i did, and it sucks, but i finally fouindit03:08
PCTeacher012okay, now how do i unregister from it? i dont see uit03:09
Hobbseeat the bottom of every email, it tells you how to, usually03:11
PCTeacher012it doesnt tell me:( 1754 DELETED <_<LOL03:12
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leoXsysCan anybody tell me where ubuntu-bus is stored all reports before uploading to Launchpad?04:46
lifelessor something like that04:48
leoXsyslifeless: I think that will stored the crash report.04:48
leoXsyslifeless: Look, My problem is i want to report one bug, it has been already reported, but the reporter has not provided the enough information, But i have collected using ubuntu-bug, but that i can only use with new, Bug, is there any facility in LP that i can attach with already reported bug?04:50
leoXsysLooks like i have asked the dumb question :(04:56
persialeoXsys, There isn't such a facility, to my knowledge.04:56
leoXsyspersia: Ok04:57
persiaYou could use ubuntu-bug to report the bug, and then mark it duplicate, and leave a comment saying "I've replicated on my system, and uploaded debugging information to bug #nnnnnn".04:57
leoXsyspersia: But can i know the location, where ubuntu-bug is storing all reports before uploading to the LP?04:57
persiaThe new duplicate shouldn't show in most searches, but someone reviewing the bug can easily get to the additional information.04:57
persiaIt stores it in /var/crash, but in a format that isn't obvious.04:58
persiaIf you *really* want, you can fiddle with apport-retrace to try to extract the information.04:58
leoXsyspersia: Yes, I am doing something same...04:59
leoXsysOk, I got the solution for my problem, Rather then using 'ubuntu-bug", You can use "apport-cli  -f -P PID", then it will give you option to to Send/View/Keep/Cancel, Just View it and save it in your desire location with desire name, attached to existing bug :)05:26
leoXsyspersia: I have provided the enough information to one "Incomplete' bug, So, now which would be next status? Should i make it "New" again, so it get noticed to Developer/05:32
sbeattieleoXsys: apport-collect <bugnumber> will attach your information to an existing bug report05:35
persiasbeattie, That's *extremely* useful.  Thanks!05:38
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leoXsyssbeattie: Oh, Thanks :)06:32
leoXsyssbeattie: But, when i want to attach the report to existing bug like "X package / Applet is utilizing 100%CPU / Memory" then i think we also requires Memory Dump, which apport-collect will not gathered :(06:35
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maxbI'm trying to figure out what program draws the gnome system monitor graphs in the panel. I'm slightly confused because I can't see any process running corresponding to it, unlike the other panel applets. Any help? :-)21:18
pedro_maxb: that's the multiload applet which is part of gnome-applets21:19
bdmurraymaxb: apt-cache search monitor | grep gnome21:19
maxbpedro_: aha!21:20
pedro_maxb: process is called multiload-applet-221:20
maxbthis means I should report a bug strictly in the panel graphs against gnome-applets, not gnome-system-monitor, I assume?21:21
pedro_maxb: that's correct21:23
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