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nhandlermdke: I noticed that merge issue shortly after requesting it (however, I was unable to add a comment at the time). However, the patch has been attached to the bug for a few days. In order to ensure it gets pushed to the karmic branch, I'll fix up my person branch so it is mergable22:25
mdkenhandler: oh, sorry. Don't worry about the branch then, no point with the extra work22:27
mdkenhandler: I'll grab the patch now22:27
nhandlerThanks a lot mdke :)22:27
mdkenhandler: ok, it looks good to me. I'll let upstream check the terminology though, no doubt it will enter Ubuntu when we merge from upstream during the karmic cycle22:29
mdkenhandler: I'll comment on the upstream bug22:29
nhandlermdke: Just out of curiosity, how do we handle the merge with upstream? Do we just merge the branches?22:31
mdkenhandler: yes, there tend to be quite a few conflicts to sort out (po files are terrible with vcs) but it's a decent solution22:31
Rocket2DMnmdke, i saw your response to matt lye's email this morning, I don't know exactly why he contacted anybody directly rather than mailing lists, but there seems to be some confusion over what we are doing23:02
Rocket2DMnour Education focus group is coordinating with #ubuntu-classroom sessions23:03
Rocket2DMnI believe you know cprofitt, he is leading that up, I think he has been coordinating with Elizabeth Krumbach (pleia2 on irc)23:03
Rocket2DMnI'm not sure why Matt (Vantrax on IRC) got ahold of you to ask those questions23:04
mdkeRocket2DMn: he mailed the entire ~ubuntumembers group on Launchpad. But I'm happy if you clarify his email on the list, I'm just going off to bed now23:04
Rocket2DMnDid he really?  I wasnt contacted directly...23:05
Rocket2DMnOk, go ahead and go to bed, I'll talk with you more later,  gnight23:05
mdkeThis message was sent from Launchpad by the user23:07
mdkeMatthew Lye (https://launchpad.net/~matthew.lye)23:07
mdkeusing the "Contact this team" link on the Ubuntu Members23:07
mdketeam page to each member directly.23:07
Rocket2DMnoh youre right, i do see it now23:07
Rocket2DMnhow embarrassing23:07
mdkeok, good night23:08
Rocket2DMnok thanks, i'll email the list after i am able to contact him23:08

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