CIA-28wubi: Agostino Russo * r113 trunk/ (11 files in 5 dirs): Set the application icon (LP: #341631)00:42
CIA-28wubi: Agostino Russo * r114 trunk/ (3 files in 3 dirs): Fixed typo (LP: #355923)00:56
CIA-28wubi: Agostino Russo * r115 trunk/ (7 files in 3 dirs): Make enough space for translated subtitle (LP: #351519)01:41
davmor2Morning evand10:02
davmor2r108 still doesn't uninstall :(10:02
evanddavmor2: can you try r115 from http://people.ubuntu.com/~evand/wubi/jaunty10:03
davmor2evand: what version is on the current cds?10:04
evandoh, right10:04
evandwhy do I keep forgetting that10:04
evandwaiting on the release team to approve r115 which xivulon thinks will fix the bug10:04
davmor2evand: It might of been 115 I try on friday then hang on10:05
evandit's not on the CDs yet10:05
davmor2no it was 108 I tried10:06
davmor2115 I can add as it does effect the rest of the cd :)10:06
davmor2I just use isomaster rename wubi-r115.exe to wubi.exe remove the one from the iso and drop the new one in :)10:07
davmor2evand: I'm just refreshing vista then I'm trying 115 on cd10:30
evandneat, I wasn't aware of quoting the delimiter in here-documents.  I really need to give the specification a more thorough read.10:43
evandThanks cjwatson for that and the rest of the fixes you uploaded in my absence over the past week.  Very much appreciated.10:44
cjwatsonno worries, was a bit of a busy week ;-)10:45
evandheh, indeed.  I noticed the massive changelogs for ubiquity and others.10:46
davmor2cjwatson:  ubiquity is a much nicer size now that it isn't in mini mode :)10:50
davmor2and London is in the southeast Yay10:50
cjwatsonthere are still a few fairly significant problems. The ones on my list at the moment are bug 351987, bug 339898, bug 353090, and bug 35453410:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 351987 in ubiquity "Ubiquity installer hangs at "Running post-installation-trigger python-support" when oem-config/enable=true on MID install" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35198710:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 339898 in migration-assistant "jaunty: Migration-Assistant always comes on when os is present" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/33989810:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 353090 in guadalinex "(jaunty) Text hidden on "Who are you?" step" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35309010:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 354534 in grub-installer "Preseeding grub2 w/ ubiquity 1.12.2 fails" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35453410:51
davmor2evand, cjwatson: I got missing text on the checkboxes on step 510:51
cjwatsondavmor2: yes, that's bug 35309010:52
davmor2cjwatson: Just saw :)10:52
davmor2bug 339898 is still in effect too10:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 339898 in migration-assistant "jaunty: Migration-Assistant always comes on when os is present" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/33989810:53
evandcjwatson: okay, I'm currently working on the better slider for resizing partitions.  After that I'll tackle the m-a bug and go from there.10:53
evands/better/better looking/10:53
davmor2evand: what wrong with the current one it is far more obvious than the older one10:54
evanddavmor2: it uses just a black box to indicate the handle10:54
cjwatsondavmor2: 339898> I believe I just mentioned that right above10:54
davmor2cjwatson: yes I was just saying it is still in effect on today's iso10:55
evandincidentally today's ISO has a fairly out of date livefs.  That's not implying any bugs are fixed in a newer version though.10:56
davmor2evand: :(10:56
evanderr nevermind, that's only for amd6410:57
davmor2:) I used 32bit10:57
davmor2evand: right r115 install just complete cd eject fix still works I'll try uninstall now10:57
davmor2evand: the naming issue is still in effect (fusa still lists davmor2 even though tester is the username)11:00
evandindeed, I don't think anyone has tackled that one yet11:00
davmor2evand: I think xivulon put a fix on the bug to remind himself iirc but wanted to concentrate on uninstall and cd fix11:01
davmor2I think it's goning to use fullname rather than username from windows (if that makes sense while I look for the bug)11:02
davmor2evand: 115 threw up:  Internal Error   Error deleting directory11:05
evanddavmor2: please update the bug with new log files11:05
davmor2evand: will do11:05
ogracjwatson, so m last remaining prob i had to work around with ubiquity installs yesterday was that i end up with casper/filesystem.kernel-imx51 instead of casper/vmlinuz on the armel iso, i couldnt find where in cdimage the renaming happens, do you have a pointer for me ?11:07
cjwatsonevand: I just noticed belatedly that the timezone map image includes country borders. Have we checked that it does not include disputed borders?11:07
davmor2evand: bug 347449 for the name change thing11:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 347449 in wubi "Jaunty: Python wubi takes your windows username as a full name" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34744911:07
cjwatsonogra: tools/boot/jaunty/* IIRC11:07
evandcjwatson: checking now11:08
cjwatsonevand: oh, never mind me, they aren't country borders, are they? they're timezone borders11:08
cjwatsonsorry, panicked for a second :)11:08
evandindeed, though hrm, we seem to be missing the image for UTC+5.511:10
ograah, thats debian-cd ... that makes it somewhat clear why i didnt find it in my srv/cdimage... checkout11:11
* evand digs for that11:11
ogracjwatson, hmm, that looks like i could actually add all my redboot stuff from the builder script there as well11:14
CIA-28ubiquity: evand * r3181 jaunty-beta/ (pixmaps/timezone/timezone_5.5.png debian/changelog): Add the missing UTC+5.5 time zone image.11:15
persiaogra, Just make sure to track subarch when you stick it there.11:15
ograpersia, yeah, though the vfat converter seemingly needs to go elsewhere11:16
davmor2evand: Logs up on bug 34160511:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 341605 in Ubuntu Jaunty "Wubi 9.04 uninstaller cannot delete the directory containing the uninstaller itself" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34160511:16
* evand checks the rest of the time zone images to make sure he didn't miss any others11:17
evanddavmor2: thanks11:17
davmor2evand: That's weird looking at the system and the log it seems to of been successful :(11:19
persiaogra, I'd probably stick it in tools/vfat2sd or some such.11:19
ograpersia, i'm not sure it actually belongs in debian-cd11:19
ograwe used to keep the wrapper scripts in cdimage before11:20
ograbut then adding redboot wouldnt makes sense in the debian-cd tree though11:20
* ogra really wonders where it would fit best11:21
cjwatsonogra: redboot> well, that's what I was trying to say before ;-)11:33
cjwatsonogra: vfat conversion is done by tools/make-vfat-img in debian-cd11:34
cjwatson(at the moment, for other vfat targets)11:34
* ogra goes to take a look 11:34
cjwatsonevand: can we not use the jaunty-beta branch?11:34
ograthe prob is that i need the special partitioning that leaves 20M spare space before the first partition starts11:34
cjwatsonI don't think there's any reason to do so - we can use trunk11:35
ograhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/145325/ btw ...11:35
persiaogra, Are you sure you don't want that in tools/boot/jaunty/boot-armel+imx51 ?11:37
ograpersia, well, for jaunty it suffices, we dont support any other subarch for livefs builds11:37
persiaI guess.  I just like to be tidy.11:38
* ogra scratches haed about "/sbin/mkdosfs -C $outfile $size" ... does that mean i used dd since forever for no reason to create vfat images ??11:39
evandcjwatson: sure thing, I thought you had switched to just using jaunty-beta for the time being and was trying to mimic that behavior.11:39
evandnoted though11:39
ograoh man11:39
cjwatsonevand: usually I've just used that kind of branch for really deep-freeze periods11:40
persiaogra, Oh, and if you do the other bit, that would probably be in tools/boot/jaunty/post-boot-armel+imx51 for the fconfig stuff (if you're doing it in debian-cd).11:42
ograpersia, right, the closer i look at debian-cd the more i agree we should add everything there11:43
ograthe code sacesme in its cleanness ...11:43
ogra*scares me11:43
cjwatsonogra: *sigh*11:45
ogracjwatson, ?11:46
cjwatsonogra: oh, hang on, are you saying it's clean, or being sarcastic?11:46
cjwatsonsorry, I think I misread :)11:46
ograno, no sarcasm here11:46
cjwatsonah, ok. most people complain about debian-cd so I guess I had a hardwired expectation :)11:46
ograit just shows me how much i miss in my knowledge11:47
persiadebian-cd is fiendishly complex, but very well organised for what it needs to do.11:47
ogra/sbin/mkdosfs -C $outfile $size <- is so trivial ... i'm creating vfat images since years and never discovered it11:47
ograstuff like that is scattered all over11:48
cjwatsonI'm not sure that post-boot-* is currently applied to vfat images12:14
cjwatsonrather, I think it might be currently applied to the ISO image before conversion to vfat, which may not be very helpful12:15
persiacjwatson, It is: the syslinux call lives there.12:15
cjwatsonah, yes, you're right. Good.12:15
persiaMy thought that was for images that belonged on SD cards, we probably didn't want the syslinux call, and would instead do whatever magic is required for the desired format.12:16
CIA-28partman-ext3: cjwatson * r753 ubuntu/ (debian/changelog valid_filesystems/ext4): Make valid_filesystems/ext4 executable (LP: #354851).12:48
ogracjwatson, btw, i think we can/should keep the gernam keymap as is ... http://forum.ubuntuusers.de/topic/welches-deutsche-tastaturlayout-benutzt-du/12:49
ograon the ML there is a minimal majority for nodeadkeys, forum shows exactly the opposite12:50
ograthe most valid point is that win uses deadkeys by default so people coming from there find a familiar keymap12:50
cjwatsonmm, yes, that's fairly solid12:52
ograwhat i noticed is that many people pointed out that the description should be better in the UI (no idea how to do that without making it several sentences per map though)12:54
CIA-28partman-ext3: cjwatson * r754 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 56ubuntu212:54
xivulondavmor2 hi13:27
xivulonyour log in http://launchpadlibrarian.net/24859557/C%3A%5CUsers%5Cdavmor2%5CLocal%20Settings%5Ctemp%5Cwubi-9.04-rev115.log looks good to me13:33
xivulonit's not clear from your post whether you wanted to report some issues or confirm that everything is ok13:34
xivuloncjwatson, I edited those c files, for the leak, actually str.c>concat function had the cleanup code so that was ok13:35
davmor2xivulon: I got an error sorry 115 threw up:  Internal Error   Error deleting directory13:46
davmor2but the directory seems to be removed so not sure why13:47
loologra, cjwatson, persia: Hmm it's unfortunate I missed the discussion here13:49
loologra: I discussed this with cjwatson last week and today, and want to share a couple of things13:52
loolFirst cjwatson advised using vfat images + boot-armel; this is what I've enabled in the commits merged friday and I pursued this today; you can check antimony:~lool/cdimage for the next ones13:53
loolThen I asked about using a subarch instead of armel, i.e. armel+imx51, but cjwatson said we should simply use armel this cycle and revisit the subarch thing for the next one13:53
loolThe immediate problem I've hit with the SUBARCH approach is that the live contents wasn't at the proper URL13:54
persialool, Did you compare to the powerpc+ps3 scripts?13:54
loolpersia: If cjwatson tells me we don't want a SUBARCH yet, I'll just take his word for it13:56
loolI'm happy that we can help each other on this topic, but I fear we're duplicating work or stepping on each others' toes here   :6/13:56
loolBlah it's not even per flavour, it's per board13:57
persiaI'm just commenting :)13:57
ogralool, sorry, my machine crashed13:57
xivulondavmor2, can you try with a clean installation? might be due to a previous version uninstaller being run13:57
xivulondoes usb-creator extract the files from the ISO or does it copy the ISO itself?13:58
persiaxivulon, Extract the contents13:59
davmor2xivulon: that was a clean install14:00
davmor2xivulon: But I'll do a fresh install of vista might take all day though :)14:01
ogralool, wrt subarc, currently the livefs contains the imx51 kernel anyway, so we would need a subarch setting in livecd-rootfs as well14:03
ograwhich would then end up in the right location again but have differeently called files14:03
xivulondavmor2, please make it clear in the bug report, I will investigate it tonight14:04
davmor2xivulon: Will do although I'm going to do a clean install and updates and see if there is something lingering still before I do14:05
cjwatsonlool: not so much "don't want", but I think it's not worth the work14:05
cjwatsonsuperm1: oh, wow, I found out why grub2 is breaking14:05
ogracjwatson, well, we're very likely to get more armel subarches at least for live images in KK14:06
cjwatsonsuperm1: when the grub package is removed, it calls db_purge (as is usual); this ends up accidentally purging all templates owned by ubiquity14:06
cjwatsonogra: right, absolutely for karmic, I was just talking about jaunty14:06
xivulonif usb creator extracts the files, fixin #299001 is blocked by #24310514:09
xivuloncjwatson is #243105 fixed by any chance? I doubt it would have been tested though.14:10
xivulonhi evand14:10
xivulonwas discussing 29900114:10
xivulonevand you might want to remove the if block in pylaucher.c line 109, as the ! is wrong and the warning is unneded anyway14:12
cjwatsonxivulon: sorry, no, at least not by me. I don't think I'm likely to get to this, certainly not for jaunty14:12
xivulonevand pylauncher.c, line 81-84, replace with: delete_directory(targetdir);14:14
xivuloncjwatson, np. evand, fyi #299001 is blocked by #2431014:15
xivulonyou might also want to fix a typo in 35592814:15
CIA-28wubi: evand * r116 trunk/ (debian/changelog src/pylauncher/pylauncher.c): Properly test the return value of delete_directory.14:18
loolActually we don't need boot-armel, only post-boot-armel14:19
loolHmm sorry, we do need it for the casper kernel copy14:20
persiaWell, both is good.  boot-armel+imx51 places the right kernel, and post-boot-armel+imx51 would stuff things in the right spots for redboot.14:21
xivulonevand no need to test the result of delete_directory at all, it's not a critical error will simply leave a folder in the temp directory, I had the test in for debugging purposes mostly14:21
xivulonjust delete the temp directory and take no action on errors14:21
xivulonevand, thx for the fix by the way14:30
ograpersia, the prob is, where do we create the special partitioned image14:30
ograpost-boot-armel+imx51 only makes sense on the image where we have the special partitioning ... and append the vfat at the end14:31
persiaogra, Hrm.  Depends on whether it's a new type of image (SD) or just a different way to package a VFAT.14:32
persiaIn the latter case, I'd suggest that creating the SD image from the vfat would be a post-boot action.  In the former case, you probably have to special-case Makefile, which is harder.14:33
ograwe need: a blank image with 20M spare space at the beginning and a part. table (which means we need to know the size of the vfat at this point)14:33
ograthen we need to add the bootloader, kernel, initramfs and redboot config to the 20M14:33
ograthen we dd the vfat to the end of that14:33
persiaRight, and I don't think we actually know the vfat size until post-boot.14:34
ograwe do know the vfat size right after we called tools/make-vfat-img14:34
persiaExcept aren't we going to stuff a kernel into it in boot?14:35
ograthe kernel needs to be in casper14:35
ograand casper only14:35
ogranot boot14:35
ograoh, you mean boot-armel14:36
* ogra thought /boot ... sorry14:36
persiaI should have said boot-* and post-boot-*14:36
ograso, boot would call tools/make-vfat-img at the end ...14:36
ograpost-boot gets the size and the vfat location as args and calls make-sd-img which creates the empty partitioned image14:37
persiaSo, you can define an image type to be VFAT.14:37
persiaSo you create a VFAT image of armel+imx5114:38
persiaThen, in boot-armel+imx51, you add the right kernel14:38
persiaThen, in post-boot-armel+imx51, you stuff that vfat into the SD image.14:38
superm1cjwatson, wow that's quite a find.  why are the ubiquity owned templates getting cleared though when purging the 'grub' package?  shouldn't only grub templates be cleared then?14:38
ograpersia, we need the kernel twice14:38
ograonce to stuff it into the vfat and once to put it into redboot14:39
persiaRIght, once in boot-armel+imx51 and once in post-boot-armel+imx5114:39
loologra: It's not clear to me whether you're picking this up or whether I should continue what I was working on14:39
ograand by the looks of it that happens in two different places14:39
ogralool, what do you like to do ?14:39
ograi told you last week that i will focus on it this complete week14:40
ograbut if you want to keep it, keep it and i'll start digging in gnome-keyring14:40
loolI'm in the middle of writing the boot- / post-boot- stuff, so since I had to learn all this stuff I prefer continuing14:40
ogralool, i'm at least familiar with my script already14:40
loolWell I kind of know what the script does *cough*14:41
cjwatsonsuperm1: normally speaking grub.postrm would be talking to a normal debconf frontend which knows that the relevant "owner" is grub. However, in the case of ubiquity, there's a single top-level debconf frontend whose owner is ubiquity, and all debconf activity is proxied through to that14:42
cjwatsonanyway, it's an easy fix - just trying to confirm whether the rest of it works after that14:42
superm1cjwatson, ah i see.14:42
_MMA_I'm sure this has been put out there somewhere. Has the ext4 format option been removed from all the Jaunty Alt install disks?14:45
cjwatson_MMA_: bug 354851, fixed today14:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 354851 in partman-ext3 "No ext4 option in manual partitioning using livecd installer" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35485114:49
cjwatsonit was a merge accident14:49
_MMA_cjwatson: Oh ok. Cool. Just thought it was a case where I missed some email about a change. :)14:50
cjwatsonor actually an upstream commit accident14:50
CIA-28ubiquity: cjwatson * r3181 ubiquity/ (debian/changelog ubiquity/debconffilter.py):14:53
CIA-28ubiquity: Don't pass the debconf PURGE command through debconffilter, since we14:53
CIA-28ubiquity: don't know the owner of the package calling it (LP: #354534).14:53
CIA-28oem-config: cjwatson * r648 trunk/ (debian/changelog lib/debconffilter.py):14:54
CIA-28oem-config: Don't pass the debconf PURGE command through debconffilter, since we14:54
CIA-28oem-config: don't know the owner of the package calling it (see LP #354534).14:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 354534 in ubiquity "Preseeding grub2 w/ ubiquity 1.12.2 fails" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35453414:54
cjwatsonevand: do you remember what you meant by this comment in scripts/install.py?14:56
cjwatson        # Less than ideal.  Since we cannot know which bootloader we'll need14:56
cjwatson        # at file copy time, we should figure out why grub still fails when14:56
cjwatson        # apt-install-direct is present during configure_bootloader (code14:56
cjwatson        # removed).14:56
cjwatsonevand: fixing the grub2 case properly seems to involve making apt-install-direct be present during configure_bootloader, so ...14:56
CIA-28ubiquity: evand * r3182 ubiquity/ (debian/changelog ubiquity/segmented_bar.py):14:56
CIA-28ubiquity: Draw something resembling a slider, rather than a black box, for the14:56
CIA-28ubiquity: slider on the partition bar.14:56
cjwatsonevand: also could you merge your tz fix from jaunty-beta?14:59
evandI don't recall the exact circumstances around the latter part of that, and the first part is just that we need to account for the bootloader in the blacklist as we copy files before we make a bootloader choice14:59
evandcjwatson: will do14:59
evandsorry about that, my trunk branch was woefully out of date and new runs of bzr pull exited successfully because my branch was a little broken due to a bad internet connection in dubai.15:01
cjwatsonI was mostly wondering what the "(code removed)" was about15:01
evandso it looked like ubiquity was still at 1.12.0 in trunk15:02
cjwatsonI'm trying it out now to see what happens :)15:03
evandheh, ok15:03
cjwatsonmaybe you meant that grub doesn't get reinstalled after its files have been removed or something15:04
evandI think I meant grub-install crashes, but I'm really not confident in that15:05
CIA-28ubiquity: evand * r3183 ubiquity/ (pixmaps/timezone/timezone_5.5.png debian/changelog): Add the missing UTC+5.5 time zone image.15:12
cjwatsonhmm. grub-pc.postinst fails due to some kind of problem with debconf's fds not being connected up properly.15:14
CIA-28wubi: evand * r117 trunk/ (debian/changelog src/pylauncher/pylauncher.c):15:16
CIA-28wubi: Ignore any failure in delete_directory as it is just working with temporary15:16
CIA-28wubi: directories.15:16
cjwatsonmaybe the problem is actually that we aren't quite disconnecting from debconf properly15:21
cjwatsonsuperm1: aha, I just did a working grub2 installation15:49
superm1cjwatson, awesome!15:50
CIA-28ubiquity: cjwatson * r3184 ubiquity/ (compat/apt-install debian/changelog):15:56
CIA-28ubiquity: Unset DEBCONF_REDIR in our apt-install shim so that starting up another15:56
CIA-28ubiquity: debconf frontend will actually work, as needed when installing grub-pc.15:56
CIA-28ubiquity: Also set APT_LISTCHANGES_FRONTEND=none just in case.15:56
CIA-28ubiquity: cjwatson * r3185 ubiquity/ (debian/changelog scripts/install.py):15:56
CIA-28ubiquity: Install boot loader packages immediately rather than queueing them until15:56
CIA-28ubiquity: later. Boot loader installers typically need them immediately.15:56
cjwatsonlool: thanks for that isolinux wrapper of yours; very handy16:14
loolGlad it halps16:15
loolOh cool grub2 works16:15
cjwatsonlool: should the ubuntu-mid gfxboot text be brown, like Ubuntu's?16:16
cjwatsonand UNR for that matter16:17
loolcjwatson: I have no objection, and it would be good if it's consistent16:19
cjwatsonlool: ok, thanks; done16:21
davmor2xivulon: still upgrading16:54
davmor2xivulon: vista17:25
xivulondavmor2 did you test CD ISO davmor2 extraction by the way? 20713717:26
davmor2xivulon: I need to test that on my xp box I'll do that after it's running something at the moment17:27
xivulonthx, please edit the bug as usual17:32
davmor2xivulon: np's17:32
xivulonevand it might be good to have a second build with at least one entry in the isolist.ini pointing at the beta, that is the only way to test bittorrent17:33
cjwatsonevand: mind if I do a quick ubiquity upload? I'm getting fed up of questions about ext418:01
festorthere is a problem with ubuntu installer and ext4?19:19
festorI use ubuntu beta 9.04 and I dont see ext4 option in installer19:20
lool2 minutes!19:25
cjwatsonand has left IRC now too19:32
cjwatsonalso, he's lying; he's not using the beta. I introduced that bug on 1 April.19:32
cjwatson(or, more charitably, is unaware that post-beta daily builds != beta)19:33
CIA-28ubiquity: cjwatson * r3186 ubiquity/debian/ (80 files in 2 dirs): Update translations from Launchpad.19:40
cjwatsonogra: ^- r3186 fixes the German translation bugs you noticed19:40
CIA-28ubiquity: cjwatson * r3187 ubiquity/ (d-i/manifest debian/changelog): Automatic update of included source packages: partman-ext3 56ubuntu2.19:44
CIA-28ubiquity: cjwatson * r3188 ubiquity/debian/changelog: releasing version 1.12.419:48
loolcjwatson: parted / jaunty has a -m ("machine parseable") flag; does it make sense to request backport of parted for this feature, or should I adapter the script to not use this feature?19:57
loolcjwatson: So I implemented a non-"-m" version and keep the other one around20:38
cjwatsonlool: we don't use parted on antimony for anything else, so I don't mind *too* much either way20:58
cjwatsonlool: though in general I'd prefer not to have too many new dependencies20:58
loolcjwatson: Sent you an email20:58
loolcjwatson: I can live with either; the advantage of a new parted would be robustness; however it's unlikely to break if we don't touch it, so I don't know20:59
loolcjwatson: I'm going afk now; happy to read you opinion on ~lool/cdimage as usual20:59
xivulonevand hi21:07
xivulonevand, could you please create a build with following patch: http://paste.ubuntu.com/145693/21:10
xivulonthere is no need to commit that, it is to address 20713721:10
xivulonso that davmor2 can test that, the patch will not let the read opearation fail, we would need to check the md5 of the extracted ISO afterwards21:12
cjwatsonlool: I don't suppose that sfdisk -f would avoid the CHS issues you mentioned and allow you to set an arbitrary partition type?21:12
cjwatsonlool: otherwise, a 0x83 partition might not be all *that* bad? you can't infer filesystem from 0x83 anyway21:14
cjwatsonat least not the particular filesystem involved21:14
cjwatsonlool: some more quoting would be nice in arguments to [(1) for robustness21:14
xivulonon IOerror, the patch will try to read smaller and smaller blocks, and then skip the read operation completely. I am not sure whether A) reading smaller chunks will fix it, B) whether the error is irrelevant21:15
cjwatsonlool: and indeed variable expansions in general unless there's a specific reason not to double-quote them21:15
xivulonof course if the file seek point is moved by a previous read attempt, then reading smaller chunks is not goin to help21:15
cjwatsonlool: but I'm OK with merging this in the meantime, modulo the need for extra packages on antimony21:16
cjwatsonlool: you can commit fconfig.bin as a binary in data/jaunty/ in the meantime if you want21:16
CIA-28oem-config: cjwatson * r649 trunk/debian/ (64 files in 2 dirs): Update translations from Launchpad.21:22
xivulonevand ^21:28
CIA-28oem-config: cjwatson * r650 trunk/ (d-i/manifest debian/changelog): Automatic update of included source packages: user-setup 1.23ubuntu16.21:37
CIA-28oem-config: cjwatson * r651 trunk/debian/changelog: releasing version 1.54.1121:39
CIA-28cdrom-detect: cjwatson * r437 ubuntu/debian/ (7 files in 2 dirs): Update Ubuntu-specific strings from Launchpad.21:45
CIA-28console-setup: cjwatson * r100 ubuntu/debian/ (12 files in 2 dirs): Update Ubuntu-specific strings from Launchpad.21:49
CIA-28partman-auto: cjwatson * r285 ubuntu/debian/ (7 files in 2 dirs): Update Ubuntu-specific strings from Launchpad.21:52
CIA-28partman-base: cjwatson * r152 ubuntu/debian/ (25 files in 2 dirs): Update Ubuntu-specific strings from Launchpad.21:54
loolcjwatson: Ok, I usually always double-quote, but I copied the style of not quoting from other scripts; will change it21:57
cjwatsonoh, I don't mind so much if it's following other scripts21:57
loolcjwatson: I thought sfdisk was deprecated, I'll look into it when I go for a partition for the FIS; thanks21:57
cjwatsonbut probably better to fix anyway21:57
loolI agree, I hate test failing in weird ways when some vars are unset21:58
cjwatsonI hadn't heard of sfdisk being particularly deprecated, aside from the comment at the top of the manual page suggesting that you use parted instead; but in cases where parted doesn't suffice I think you're justified in ignoring that :)21:58
cjwatsonlool: oh, the alternative would be to dd in the partition type you want. It's only one byte at a known position, after all!21:58
loolcjwatson: Eh I was tempted to do this, but I didn't want to be accused of not using standard tools :)21:59
cjwatson*shrug* as long as there's a comment :)21:59
loolcjwatson: Do you know the ticket # for the redboot-tools stuff?  Is it filed?21:59
loolI think ogra did it, but I'm not 100% sure21:59
CIA-28partman-crypto: cjwatson * r677 ubuntu/debian/ (8 files in 2 dirs): Update Ubuntu-specific strings from Launchpad.22:00
cjwatsonlool: not as far as I can see22:00
cjwatsonlool: please go ahead and file it22:00
loolcjwatson: I think I'll first merge fconfig.bin in redboot-tools in some way and then ask for it22:00
loolOtherwise I'll have to ask another time22:00
loolcjwatson: thanks for the review22:01
CIA-28partman-target: cjwatson * r757 ubuntu/debian/ (62 files in 2 dirs): Update Ubuntu-specific strings from Launchpad.22:08
CIA-28pkgsel: cjwatson * r136 ubuntu/debian/ (34 files in 2 dirs): Update Ubuntu-specific strings from Launchpad.22:49

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