idiotechniquehello, I have an issue with udevd startup after upgrading to a new kernel. during boot udev population has noticeably slowed down, and my system has slowed down as well after boot. i did uncheck support the deprecated sys-fs, where as it was compiled in the previous kernel. any ideas? should udevd be recompiled?02:01
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asacwhen will last "regular" kernel push happen to jaunty? (or has that already happened)?09:26
tjaaltonasac: AIUI tomorrow is the last chance to get changes in09:30
tjaaltonI'm working on getting support for Option Globetrotter in..09:30
asactjaalton: i need to add a bunch of ids to cdc_ether09:35
asactjaalton: who has the lead ? do i need to talk to pgraner?09:35
asactjaalton: what do you need for that modem?09:42
asactjaalton: do you have a "nozomi" ?09:46
tjaaltonasac: bug 34886110:02
ubot3Malone bug 348861 in linux "Option GE0301 3G modem doesn't work" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34886110:03
tjaaltonasac: with the patch the device works fine, but authentication fails10:12
tjaalton(n-m auth)10:12
asac_tjaalton: do you have a syslog?10:13
tjaaltonasac_: sure, a sec10:14
tjaaltonasac_: http://users.tkk.fi/~tjaalton/foo/syslog10:20
asac_tjaalton: are you running latest NM?10:22
asac_seems so10:22
tjaaltonasac_: I should be10:22
asac_tjaalton: please start with NM_SERIAL_DEBUG=110:22
asac_and get a new syslog10:22
tjaaltonthe daemon?10:23
asac_tjaalton: run it as NetworkManager --no-daemon 2>&1 | tee /tmp/nm.log.txt10:23
asac_or whatever you prefer ;)10:24
tjaaltonasac_: http://users.tkk.fi/~tjaalton/foo/nm.log.txt10:29
asac_tjaalton: what do you have set as username/password ?10:30
tjaaltonpwd is "internet"10:30
tjaaltonusername is blank10:31
asac_tjaalton: did you use the wizard to create that account?10:31
tjaaltonoriginally yes, but this is another user so it didn't ask anything10:31
asac_tjaalton: set something in username10:31
tjaaltonthen it'll ask to access the keyring, and fails the same way if I grant access10:32
asac_tjaalton: yeah but please the log ;)10:33
tjaaltonsame url10:33
asac_it might fail somewhere else10:33
asac_tjaalton: there is no password/usernme10:33
asac_Sending: 'AT$QCPDPP=0,1,"",""10:34
asac_that shoujld have them10:34
tjaaltonright, the first time it didn't10:34
tjaaltonwhich is strange since the password was ser10:35
asac_tjaalton: hmm. auth type is pap10:36
asac_tjaalton: can you minicom against that tty and run the same command but with 2 instead of 1?10:36
asac_tjaalton: or maybe first try to reproduce10:36
asac_tjaalton: alternatively just hack that in the code and try ;)10:39
tjaaltonasac_: how do I send the command with minicom? never used it..10:40
asac_tjaalton: http://pastebin.com/f72c15e7a10:40
asac_tjaalton: i guess its easier to try the patch10:40
tjaaltonasac__: http://users.tkk.fi/~tjaalton/foo/nm.log2.txt10:56
tjaaltondidn't seem to help10:56
asac__tjaalton: maybe "foo" is wrong now?10:59
tjaaltonit just hung without a username10:59
asactjaalton: use the right values for your provider. some need values ;)11:00
tjaaltonthe sim card works on my X6111:00
tjaaltonsame settings 11:00
asactjaalton: right, but might be ppp11:00
asac__anyway. you need to talk to dcbw and see if he has more ideas11:01
asac__in #nm11:01
asac__tjaalton: let him know asap as we want to tag 0.7.1 final ;)11:02
tjaaltonasac__: sure :)11:02
tjaaltonhe's not there atm11:02
asac__yeah US11:02
tjaaltonif the card turns out to be broken I'll kill someone ;)11:04
tjaaltonspent way too much time on this..11:05
asactjaalton: did you try on windows?11:06
tjaaltonasac: hmm no, the machine did have it though11:06
tjaaltonI'll ask the owner11:07
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dnweI have a simple patch for linux-image-2.6.28-11-generic to add the Sony PlayTV usb ids13:32
dnwewhat's the best way to submit this for inclusion in ubuntu?13:32
dnwejust raise a wishlist bug against ubuntu/+source/linux ?13:32
Kamping_Kaiserideally take it upstream, but otherwise the local bug thing13:36
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dnweits already upstream in v4l-dvb13:37
Ngdnwe: out of interest, is that thing supported in any way?13:43
dnwe? yeah its identical to other dib0700 devices13:43
Ngoh nice :)13:44
dnweinfact its better than lots of those as a) it ships in a well shielded casing, b) it has a single aerial port but dual tuners and c) its cheaper and you can buy it in most game shops :)13:44
Nglast time I looked at dual tuner stuff it was an all-hauppauge game, and we were losing ;)13:45
NgI've not touched any DVB stuff in 14 months, reception in my current home sucks and only my Sony TV is able to handle the signal. the hauppauge dvb PCI card I have (and xine on top of it, via VDR) just choke and crash all the time13:46
dnwewhat machine are you running the DVB in?13:47
dnwei've had problems with cpufreq scaling making DVB unstable13:47
dnwe(even though the cpu reported as running at full speed whilst making recordings / playing live tv)13:47
Ngthe main machine is a self-build PC with a core2duo. It had worked fine in my previous place. I confirmed with a USB hauppauge stick on my laptop13:49
dnweKamping_Kaiser / Ng : raised as https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/35625013:52
ubot3Malone bug 356250 in linux "[jaunty] [wishlist] [patch] Support for Sony PlayTV USB vendor/product ids" [Undecided,New] 13:52
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mdzapw: latest comment on bug 319825 looks relevant15:16
ubot3Malone bug 319825 in linux "acer_wmi in Jaunty on Aspire One exposes non-functional (always disabled) rfkill device" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31982515:16
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sbeattieogasawara: bug 355291 looks like an easy one for the kernel team to pick up.,19:55
ubot3Malone bug 355291 in linux "linux-image-lpia needs CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_RECENT" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35529119:55
ogasawarasbeattie: ok cool, I'll squeeze it on the list and ping the kernel team19:58
manjoogasawara, did anyone look at your  cherry ppick request ? if not I can do them 20:15
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ogasawaramanjo: I don't anyone's actually pulled them in yet.  just got the 2 required acks from you and steve21:14
manjoogasawara, k looks like that will make rtg pull those in ? 21:24
ogasawaramanjo: I suspect so21:28
manjok cool21:28
Shockhi, I have changed a config option, built source package with "debuild -S" and uploaded the package to launchpad. the build fails with "EE: Previous or current ABI file missing!". how can I fix this?23:44

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