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DPichi, i'm here now03:48
TakyojiOh, hello03:48
TakyojiSo you're about a year older or so than myself? :P03:49
TakyojiBut anyway, with that aside; I would certainly be willing to assist with marketing Ubuntu03:50
TakyojiSo I take it there isn't any current project at hand, correct?03:50
Takyoji(I am 17 years of age currently by the way)03:51
DPicthat depends on how old you are03:54
DPicnope, same age03:54
TakyojiAhh, interesting03:55
DPicanyways, there *is* a marketing team for ubuntu03:55
TakyojiYes, I know of the page and so forth03:56
DPicoh oops03:56
TakyojiI believe it's how I came across this channel03:56
DPicsorry, i thought ti was #ubuntu-us03:56
TakyojiOh, that's fine03:56
TakyojiToo many channels open? :P03:56
DPichaha, only 3, i'm just really out of it apparently03:57
TakyojiOtherwise I just need to write up a resume eventually. xP03:57
TakyojiAhh. Same, I'm on 3 on Freenode, 4 (2 of which are pretty much dead) on an IRC server I help with a little03:57
DPicmm, in response to the conversation before i got back, i'm not technically the team leader03:58
DPici came in a while ago and got heavily involved and re-wrote the entire wiki03:58
TakyojiOverall, I'm currently paid to do web development and design. ENTIRELY self taught. Very fluent in PHP, HTML/XHTML, CSS. Would like to poke more into AJAX/Comet (continued)03:58
TakyojiAlthough, the official team leader isn't really around anymore, correct?03:59
DPicthat's my understanding but i might be wrong03:59
DPicdon't want to step on anyone's toes03:59
DPicthe team seems to be very loosely-knit and every once in a while good discussion will come up about how to make things happen04:00
DPicbut nothing seems to ever come to be04:00
Takyoji(continuing my bragging, :P ). I'm also a photographer; I have my own Nikon D50 with different lenses and filters. Self-taught there as well. I also do a little graphic design; very familiar with Photoshop CS2, but just can't jump to The GIMP until it at least supports folder for layers.04:00
DPicnice, nice04:01
TakyojiOne thing I think would be a nice thing is also: try to market the Ubuntu marketing team a little. :P04:01
TakyojiMy reasoning: we just need more people to jump in as well perhaps04:01
DPicwell, we need a defined purpose and scope04:01
DPicand then we need to put together a game plan04:01
DPicright now04:02
DPicwhat i tried to do04:02
DPicwas make the marketing team a central resource for ubuntu materials04:02
DPica sort of marketing commons for all LoCo's and individuals to contribute and take from04:02
TakyojiHowever most of the LoCo teams are just divided from this marketing team, correct?04:03
TakyojiAnd you hopefully intend to set goal(s)/focus for this group, THEN try to go about and make other LoCo groups consider on helping with and obtaining materials from this effort as well, right?04:05
TakyojiGenerally asking: what's the order of tasks to complete in order to bring this hopefully back to life?04:05
DPicwell, the goals/focus of the group might be fine, but i was just saying it's important to make sure of that before going ahead04:06
DPicwell, set the goals/focus of the group, market the group, perhaps assign certain people to be dedicated certain tasks04:06
DPici can try to dig p old conversation on the mailing list about it04:06
TakyojiBecause part of the reason I even considered on helping with the marketing team is that I noticed there weren't resources that I could directly find that would describe to people what certain things are (open source vs closed source, distributions, etc)04:07
JanCTakyoji: why not use one of the tools that were actually made for working with photographs instead of the GIMP?  ;)04:09
TakyojiWith all this aside, another thing I've noticed is that nobody submits themes or anything Linux-related to deviantART even though there's a whole list of categories for such things04:09
JanCTakyoji: some people really do04:10
JanCbut I guess most of the theme authors don't even know deviantart04:10
TakyojiI even reported to deviantART about a bug with a certain category that was sitting there for like months if I remember correctly04:10
TakyojiAnother thing annoys me about gnome-look.org and so on is that there's really no regulation to submissions. Some themes won't be packaged properly, then you have to go through a stress of doing something else, etc.04:11
TakyojiBut anyway, I'm digressing04:11
TakyojiI just haven't found a reasonable open source application that I can do things like web design and so forth within04:11
JanCTakyoji: what do you need for photo-editing?04:11
TakyojiI can use The GIMP just fine for image editing. I just need something as described above04:12
JanCthere are applications like RawStudio & RawTherapee & such, duno if that's useful...04:13
TakyojiI've actually used Rawstudio04:13
TakyojiAll the GIMP needs is layer support and a few other minor things and I'd be a happy camper. xP04:14
TakyojiI mean, support for folders for layers04:14
TakyojiAnd it was submitted in The GIMP Brainstorm blog like several times I believe. And then there was also Hackontest, where a contestant said they'd add folder support, yet I haven't heard anything about it thereafter. And so on04:15
TakyojiIt's just such a necessary organizational feature04:15
TakyojiIt's practically the only thing holding me back! xP04:16
TakyojiAnd a handy thing would be procedural filters, or whatever the proper term is.04:17
TakyojiAnd that also was submitted by people on the brainstorm blog numerous of times04:17
TakyojiDoes anyone even now what the current direction of the development of The GIMP is, or has it died down?04:17
Takyojieven know*04:18
JanCheh, latest GIMP has the first GEGL stuff included (for some plugins)04:18
DPicno idea, here probably isn't the best place to ask04:18
TakyojiWell, true04:18
JanCin future all of GIMP should be based on the GEGL library04:18
TakyojiI think I read of that, but I can't recall what GEGL is04:19
TakyojiAn image manipulation library that's quick and efficient, or?04:19
JanCyes, that summarizes it04:19
TakyojiAhh, that should be quite helpful04:19
JanCspecifically written for interactive applications too04:19
Takyojiin contrary to some CLI-based program that edits images in a batch or something, correct?04:20
JanCI think it can be used for those too04:21
JanCbut they wrote it for the GIMP, so they knew interactive use was a requirement04:21
JanChttp://www.rawtherapee.com/ & http://bibblelabs.com are also linux applications for photographers04:22
JanC(not open source, though the first is gratis)04:24
TakyojiI'm also curious of poking around at HDR imagery eventually; I believe I've looked around at some of the programs before, but never really poked at the programs in depth04:24
TakyojiBut hey, I would be willing to do any type of stock photography and of you would need04:26
Takyojiany of you would need*04:26
TakyojiAs for a supposedly "showcase" website, you can view http://aquaeden.com/ Did the design (would like to redo it eventually), wrote the PHP (would like to rewrite that as well eventually xP), did all the photography, I maintain the dedicated server it runs on (SSH & Plesk though), and so on04:28
TakyojiSome elements of the design I don't quite enjoy (because I was forced to implement some of them)04:28
TakyojiAnd here's the gallery: http://www.aquaeden.com/pond-pictures/04:28
TakyojiNow I'll finally shut up about myself. :P04:29
TakyojiAll of it is work I did 1-3 years ago. I can do things a little better than I have previously04:30
TakyojiOtherwise what type of materials do you think should yet be created?04:31
TakyojiOr would we just keep contributing whatever is necessary?04:32
JanCyou might want to ask on the ubuntu-marketing and loco-contacts & maybe also ubuntu-art mailing lists what is still needed04:34
TakyojiFirst I just need to catch up with my life before I can start doing work04:35
JanCthat's very important indeed04:35
TakyojiSchoolwork, and my own work (redoing the website for the International Professional Pond Contractors Association)04:36
TakyojiThey paid an arm and a leg a long time ago to a web developer that had no idea what he was doing. I found numerous exploits and alerted the owner of the IPPCA that I'd be willing to redo it for them for free (although they pay me whatever they want anyway)04:37
TakyojiSo when I'm done with that I may just buy: http://nokia.us/find-products/phones/nokia-n81004:38
JanChehe, you know, you can get these for free at several conferences...  :P04:39
JanCmostly to developers though04:40
JanCactually, I know the guy who's responsible for the power management software in the Nokia tablets04:40
TakyojiI just need an official drivers license (provisional license currently), and then a vehicle to actually be able to attend conferences. :P04:43
JanCwell, I heard trains aren't really useful in the US  ;)04:43
JanCalso, it has to be a Nokia sponsored conference, I guess04:46
JanCanyway, I'm going to see a movie and then sleep04:48
TakyojiWell, night folks05:19
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* Takyoji pokes at the deadness of the channel22:52
newz2000Hi, is this team still responsible for the spread ubuntu project?22:56
TakyojiI believe so22:57
TakyojiIt's the main community-based marketing team for Ubuntu22:58
newz2000I had a request from some random person to point spreadubuntu.org to the http://spreadubuntu.neomenlo.org/ website22:58
newz2000I don't have authorization to do this but I can pursue it if the team desires it.22:59
TakyojiI'm not aware of that request currently.22:59
newz2000(I'm the Canonical webmaster for ubuntu.com and canonical.com)22:59
newz2000who is the main contact for the spreadubuntu effort?23:00
newz2000I guess more specifically, the technical contact23:00
TakyojiFor this marketing group, the primary contact is DPic23:00
DPici'm not in charge of spreadubuntu23:01
newz2000gotcha, that's enlightening. Thanks DPIc23:03
DPicno problem23:03
TakyojiBleh, it's terribly annoying when someone makes a website that's centric to one browser23:29
TakyojiThis is even more foolish: The page says my brother needs IE5.5 or higher, and he's in IE8, and it's yet denying him saying he's got an "incompatible browser" that needs to meet the criteria I just expressed23:30

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