directhexdoes it need to be modified? can't it go into the upstream kblog?00:11
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superm1dtchen, ping.  are you around momentarily to talk to a mythtv dev about pulseaudio?04:00
jdongsuperm1: he told me 90 minutes 30 minutes before your ping.04:03
jdong(unrelated audio trap)04:03
superm1ah thanks04:04
superm1dtchen, well when you get back to your keyboard, i may not be here, but if you can drop in #mythtv, danielk22 is one of the main mythtv devs and is seeing loads of issues latency wise with pulse. if you can pop in there and speak to him about them and/or fire him an email at danielk@cuymedia.net, we'd appreciate it04:12
dtchensuperm1: sure, i'll e-mail, thanks for the heads-up05:26
superm1thank dtchen05:33
mrooneyis there any reason that "chown .users dir; chmod g+w dir" doesn't allow everyone to write to "dir/" ?07:41
mrooneyI am going crazy trying to share this packaging stuff between two users on my machine07:42
lifelessits not sticky07:43
mrooneylifeless: what does that mean?07:43
lifelessjust that07:44
RAOF_That files created in there will not have the directory's permissions, but will have the creating user's umask.07:44
lifelessit allows the group to write to dir, but doesn't affect the permissions of things created withint it07:44
lifelessneither their group, nor their mode07:44
mrooneylifeless: ah so if I do +t on the dir, then user a can create a directory and user b can remove it?07:46
jdongmrooney: delete permissions are handled by write permissions on the directory07:47
mrooneyjdong: right, so the answer is..? :)07:47
jdongmrooney: marking a directory sticky causes everything created inside it to inherit the directory's permissions07:47
jdongwhich is clearly helpful in a shared dir setup07:47
mrooneyah excellent, that sounds like just what I want!07:48
mrooneyjdong: any idea why with the directory "drwxrwxr-t  4 michael users 4096 2009-04-03 19:18 test" I can't mkdir test/something, I get perms denied07:54
jdongmrooney: you're sure you're in users?07:58
mrooneyjdong: oh, I guess not! I assumed that "users" was all users due to the name and also seeing all users listed in "Users and Groups"08:03
jdonghehe :)08:03
mrooneythanks for the help :)08:03
jdongof course :) don't forget to logout/login to apply group changes.08:04
mrooneymaybe in the future I should use cdrom or something everyone will reasonably be08:04
mrooneyI wonder why 'users' exists if it isn't all users08:04
AnAntHello, I am making a package that needs to have /var/run/dicod and  /var/lib/dicod, those will be empty during install, but would be populated during runtime, so should I create those dirs in postinst or should I install those empty dirs in the deb file itself ?10:48
mok0AnAnt: yes.10:50
mok0AnAnt: use a .dirs file10:50
AnAntwon't lintian complain about empty dirs in deb file ?10:50
mok0AnAnt: no10:50
AnAntok, thanks10:50
mok0AnAnt: only if you ship /usr/bin or something like that10:51
AnAntmok0: and chown them in postinst ?10:53
mok0AnAnt: who needs to own the dirs?10:53
AnAntuser created by postinst10:53
wgrantWatch out - /var/run is a tmpfs10:54
sorenAnAnt: Note that /vaR/run/dicod should be created in an init script, since /var/run is a tmpfs.10:54
mok0AnAnt: well, then chown the dirs after the user has been created10:54
sorenOr from within the application or whatever.10:54
mok0of course10:55
AnAntsoren: thanks !10:55
mok0AnAnt: you need a postrm script to remove the stuff you create as well10:56
AnAntmok0: you mean /var/lib/dicod/ ?10:58
mok0AnAnt: as said above, you need to create /var/run/dicod in the postinstall script. You can create /var/lib/dicod in a <package>.dirs file11:06
mok0AnAnt: then /var/lib/dicod will be deleted when the package is removed, but not the user11:08
mok0AnAnt: /var/run/dicod will be on a tmpfs, so it will be removed automatically as well11:08
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soc1i uploaded a package to my ppa, but i just got an email: "Rejected: Signer has no upload rights at all to this distribution. [...]"12:53
sorenHow did you upload it?12:54
directhexsoc1, you may have accidentially uploaded to the main archive instead of your ppa12:54
soc1uh ...mom12:56
soc1how could i have done that?12:56
sorenHow did you upload your package?12:57
soc1dput merkaartor_0.13.1-0ubuntu1_source.changes12:57
sorenYup, that's how you upload to Ubuntu, not your ppa.12:57
directhexyou forgot a target repo12:58
directhexdput reponamefromdputdotcf foo.changes12:58
soc1ok thanks12:58
sorenOr just:12:58
sorendput ppa:your_launchpad_id something.changes12:58
soc1i thought dput .changes would be enough ---12:58
soc1because my own repo is the only one in .dput.cf12:58
sorenThere's also /etc/dput.cf12:58
soc1ah ok12:59
soc1btw, what do i have to do with packages which i updated, but the maintainer has his packaging in his svn?13:00
directhextry to team up with the maintainer13:00
directhexor at least send hima  debdiff13:00
soc1could someone test merkaartor from my ppa?13:22
soc1it's an app to create maps with a gps and openstreetmap13:24
soc1i would just be intersted, if you are having performance problems with it13:24
soc1because on my pc it made my pc totally unresponsive ... i think it's a problem with my nvidia gpu, but i would need someone to verify that ...13:24
wintellectapt-cache search for nucurse (the lib) returns lubncurses4 and libncurses5 - is there no generic one to include? Or is it a necessity to specify a version in the depends version of the control file?14:10
geserwintellect: you don't specify the version of libraries in (runtime) depends at all but use dh_shlibdeps during build for it14:12
geserit will fill the needed packages the binaries need14:13
wintellectgeser: ok - where can I readup on dh_shlibdeps ?14:13
JimboHey guys.  Over the weekend I put together my first package.  Is there a place that I could submit it for review?  Currently it is up on launchpad14:13
geserwintellect: it's part of debhelper; man dh_shlibdeps14:14
wintellectgeser: ok, that worked its magic... "shlibs:Depends=libncurses5 (>= 5.6+20071006-3), libc6 (>= 2.4)"   would still love to know how it worked that out. Seems like magic at the mo14:36
hyperairwintellect: ldd any binary and you'll see14:37
hyperairwintellect: ldd /path/to/ELF_binary_or_so14:37
hyperairwell that and a shlibs file which is shipped with lib packages14:37
wintellectso it takes the ldd of the final binary to calculate it?14:39
hyperairwintellect: probably something to that effect, yes14:42
wintellecthmmm... ok, it fails with pbuilder14:42
hyperairthat's because you don't have the required library14:43
wintellectsaying it can't find ncurses.h14:43
wintellectso where do I add that entry - the control file?14:43
hyperairor something14:43
hyperairadd that to build-dep14:43
hyperairin control14:43
wintellectAhhh, k14:43
wintellectmakes sense14:43
* wintellect slaps self with a wet fish14:43
wintellectYAY - it built. But installed in the wrong place. Need to look at the Makefile me thinks14:52
soc1could someone test merkaartor from my ppa? it's an app to create maps with a gps and openstreetmap. i would just be intersted, if you are having performance problems with it, because on my pc it made my pc totally unresponsive ... i think it's a problem with my nvidia gpu, but i would need someone to verify that ... https://launchpad.net/~soc-krg-nw/+archive/ppa14:55
AnAntHello, is there a tool like requestsync to request a merge ?15:00
wintellectIf an app comes with a hardcoded Makefile - is it ok to manually fix it to make the package work?15:02
bddebianHeya gang15:04
AnAntwintellect: yup, patch it15:06
AnAntbddebian: how are you ?15:07
AnAntdo you know if  there is a tool like requestsync to request a merge ?15:07
bddebianHi AnAnt15:07
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wintellectAnAnt: am about to watch the youtube video on patching with Daniel Holbach :D15:20
AnAntwintellect: huh ?15:21
* directhex wants a video on how to use git without committing suicide15:24
cody-somervillegit is eww15:25
cody-somervillebzr is yay!15:25
directhexcody-somerville, when all's said & done i just want a way to collaborate on packaging. but whilst i can wrangle the svn-based bits fine, git is boo15:25
soc1cody-somerville: there aren't many differences between git an bzr, are they?15:27
cody-somervillebzr just works15:27
soc1git is a bit faster and has github and bzr is a bit slower and has launchpad ...15:27
soc1cody-somerville: under which conditions doesn't git work15:27
cody-somervillegit works15:27
cody-somervillebzr just works15:28
soc1ah ok :-)15:28
cody-somervilleas in Just Works (TM)15:28
cody-somervillegit's error messages can be confusing15:28
soc1i never do mistakes :-P15:28
cody-somervilleand having to re-add files to resolve a conflict seems weird to me15:28
cody-somervilleand then the whole fast forwarding thing is weird15:28
cody-somervillegit says you can fast forward but you can't really fast word - it isn't an action15:29
soc1ah ok15:29
cody-somervilleI do like how git tells me where I am in relationship to the parent though15:29
cody-somervilleand I hate how bzr's revision history isn't immutable15:29
soc1mhh, but cvs and svn isn't dying fast enough ...15:30
soc1although most open-source projects have gone to dvcs ...15:30
soc1mhh could you look at my merkaartor package?15:31
* cody-somerville nods.15:31
soc1i would just need to know if it makes your pc unresponsive or not ...15:32
cody-somervilleI'm the Xubuntu Project Lead15:32
cody-somervilleI run an old computer15:32
soc1ah ok15:32
cody-somervilleOf course it'll make my pc unresponsive - almost everything does :P15:32
soc1so no qt packages on the harddisk :-)15:32
cody-somervillethat too15:32
soc1yes, but on my pc it almost killed it15:32
soc120 seconds where nothing responds then a half second where you could click on something then 20 seconds of total freeze agian ... and so on ... for 5 minutes until i could kill it15:33
soc1i only saw that xorg used 50% of the cpu ...15:34
soc1i fear it has soemthing to do with the nvidia gpu15:34
soc1because on my laptop with a ati radeon everything works absolutley smooth15:34
soc1oops, closed the window ...15:36
JimboHey everybody.  I created my first package over the weekend.  Currently it's on launchpad, what's the next step for submitting it to ubuntu?15:46
directhexJimbo, google "revu"15:47
Jimbothanks directhex15:48
hyperairJimbo: http://www.lmgtfy.com/?q=revu15:50
Laneyunnecessary ;(15:50
Jimbohyperair, Is this not the right channel for a question like that?15:51
LaneyYes, it is15:51
RainCTIs the fallback in /usr/bin/compiz needed nowadays?15:53
hyperairsorry, i was uh debugging my lmgtfy script =p15:53
RainCT(I ask because it breaks gnome-shell if you start it when Compiz is running)15:54
hyperairRainCT: it's hard to start a window manager if you don't have one running already.15:54
hyperairyo e-jat15:54
e-jatyo hyperair15:58
wintellectI'm slightly confused. I made changes to the Makefile so the app installs correctly - how do I ensure those changes are added?16:03
wintellectnm, ignore me16:18
imbrandonmorning all16:24
imbrandonskype + ipod touch ( 2nd Gen ) + iphone headphones & mic == love16:26
wintellectScottK: thanks :P16:55
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balachmarHi, I want to try and fix bug #337926 For I have also found this problem to exist when using x2x. Does anybody else know if anyone is working on this, or how to find out?18:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 337926 in xfree86-driver-synaptics "vino: mouse cursor stays in upper left corner" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/33792618:39
hyperairbalachmar: notice that it says [Medium,New]18:40
hyperairbalachmar: Medium is priority. New is status. if someone was working on it, it'll be In Progress.18:40
hyperairwell should be.18:41
balachmarhyperair: OK new is the status :) (should have known that...) Well one of the last posts says there is a fix. So I shall try and but some of the bug fixing lessons into action.18:41
hyperairgood luc18:42
mok0balachmar: assign the bug to yourself, and set status to "In progress"18:42
helbunshello everyone, i'm running through the packing guide tutorial on hello, i had a question on the change log. my change log has this "hello (2.1.1-1-0ubuntu1) jaunty; urgency=low", but the deb one has "hello-debhelper (2.2-3) unstable; urgency=low". so do i rewrite the debs to  look like "hello-debhelper (2.2-3-0ubuntu1) jaunty; urgency=low" ??18:44
binarymutanthelbuns, ya18:45
helbunssweeeeeeet, thanks man18:46
binarymutanthelbuns, actually it might be 1ubuntu118:46
helbunsoh okay, in the future how do i know what number that is? or what does it reference18:46
mok0helbuns: -0ubuntu1 means the package is not in Debian18:47
binarymutanthelbuns, if debian has it, it's 1ubuntu1, if debian doesn't have it it's 0ubuntu1. It goes: (debian-version)ubuntu(ubuntu-version)18:47
binarymutantif that makes any sense :/18:48
helbunsohhhhhhhhh i see.... if they have it... meaning it's no an ubuntu specific package, which of course i can check first... then i put their number, otherwise its a 018:49
helbunsand of course. you put the ubuntu number last18:49
dlynchbinarymutant: so this is correct, right? 0.0.8~b7-0~ppa1 (here the deb exists only as a PPA)18:50
binarymutanthelbuns, in your example I would say it's 3ubuntu1 ?18:50
GuyFromHellIf I'm to be making a patch to a file, do i patch against the fully patched version? or the upstream version? i can't tell from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Contributing but my gut says patched18:50
helbunsthis is sweet... wait now i gotta ask, hello (2.1.1-1-0ubuntu1), that package says 2, so shoudl i make it ubuntu218:50
helbunsbiinarymutant, thanks i see what18:50
helbuns's goin on now i think18:51
binarymutantdlynch, it's only relative to whats in the debian and ubuntu repos, not in PPAs18:51
dlynchbinarymutant: since my package doesn't exist in either the debian or ubuntu repos, in that case should I name it something like apid-photo-downloader - 0.0.8~b7~ppa1 ?18:52
dlynchwhoops, I mean rapid-photo-downloader-0.0.8~b7~ppa118:53
hyperairyou need a debian revision all the same. how about -0ubuntu1~ppa1?18:53
hyperairthe stuff after "-"18:53
binarymutantdlynch, if it's going into ubuntu I would name it 0ubuntu1, if it's just staying in you ppa I doubt there's any policy on the naming scheme18:53
hyperairi personally use upstreamversion-0+ppa1.18:53
dlynchone day I would like it in ubuntu, but it's a bit rough around the edges for now...18:54
binarymutantdlynch, I would name it 0ubuntu1 then but I guess its all personal preference when it comes to PPAs18:54
dlynchbinarymutant: thank you18:55
binarymutantGuyFromHell, you patch against the deb, if that answers the question19:00
GuyFromHellbinarymutant, yes i believe it does. thank you19:01
pochu_so who is attending UDS?19:06
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binarymutantwill there be video again from UDS? I really liked the interviews that were put up on youtube19:10
GuyFromHellCan i get someone to message me (checking a patch im' making for xchat)19:11
a|wenGuyFromHell: works?19:12
GuyFromHella|wen, yep, thanks to binarymutant19:12
a|wenGuyFromHell: you needed a private message as well, or this wa okay?19:13
GuyFromHella|wen, i just needed something that will popup messages in quick succession. either way would have worked ^_^19:14
GuyFromHellOkay so, if there's a patch, lets call it 71_im.dpatch, that changes a string to 'im' when it should be 'IM', should i be making 72_IM.dpatch or edit 71_im.dpatch and diff against that?19:27
mok0GuyFromHell: Add a new patch19:30
pochustgraber: are you attending UDS this year?19:30
mok0GuyFromHell: easier to maintian19:30
GuyFromHellmok0, alrighty, will do that then19:31
Laneymok0: huh? If a patch is wrong then it should be fixed19:52
james_wI'd say that mok0's rule might be reasonable if the original patch was from Debian, but if it is an Ubuntu patch then fix it up directly19:53
LaneyI'd rather fix the patch and send it back19:54
Laneypatching the same line twice for the same problem seems crackful to me19:55
james_wif it's something that Debian have rejected then I would find a separate patch more maintainable, but some may disagree19:55
quadrisprohi guys19:56
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wintellectEvenin all21:57
jpdsEvening wintellect.21:58
wintellectjpds: I've built a new package (that wasn't listed as needs-packaging in launchpad). What's the next step to get it approved/reviewed, whatever?21:59
ubottuREVU is a web-based tool to give people who have worked on Ubuntu packages a chance to "put their packages out there" for other people to look at and comment on in a structured manner. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Packages/REVU21:59
Laneywintellect: ^22:00
jpdswintellect: Upload it to revu^22:00
wintellectAhhh, key22:00
wintellecterm... "kay"22:00
* Laney is dying due to a stupidly hot curry22:00
Laneythanks dad :(22:00
jpdsLaney: I know the feeling...22:01
Laneyhe likes to bring me food when he comes up, then asks me how it was with a knowing grin when I next see him22:01
Laneychild abuse, that is22:01
Laneyeven though I'm 2322:01
wintellectoh dear (cue excitement) : "Feature Freeze is currently in effect and new packages are no longer accepted into Ubuntu Jaunty"22:02
wintellectfrom REVU site22:02
Laneythat's right22:02
Laneykarmic is your friend now22:03
jbaileyLaney, Curry isn't good unless you can feel your intestines bleed.22:04
Laneyjbailey: I'll tell you how good it was tomorrow then...22:05
wintellectDoes it matter if my gpg signature takes the form:   foo bar (nick) <email address>   ?22:07
wintellectI notice the examples don't have the "(nick)" bit22:07
wintellectis that an issue?22:07
jpdsThat can't be your name.22:08
jpdswintellect: No, I don't think it will be, just try it and see.22:08
wintellectThe signing bit works - just wanted to make sure it doesn't break any MOTU rule or something22:09
Laneynot one that I'm aware of22:10
hyperairif you were that paranoid, just alias it or something22:12
dtchensiretart_: do you plan to backport the xine-lib fixes from for bug 355825?22:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 355825 in pulseaudio "Pausing a media will most of the time freezes the software used while using Xine and PulseAudio (default configuration in Kubuntu Jaunty)" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35582522:17
dtchensiretart_: i've committed the PulseAudio fixes (they will be in the next Jaunty upload)22:17
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sladenhttp://launchpad.net/bugs/356615  FFe data-package-only request if anyone's awake22:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 356615 in ubuntu "FFe bve-route-cross-city-south/bve-train-br-class-323 for jaunty/universe" [Undecided,New]22:26
* nhandler goes to look22:28
nhandlersladen: The FFe itself looks pretty reasonable, but the packages are not ready to enter the repositories. For instance, look at the warnings displayed for http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/bve-route-cross-city-south22:32
siretart_dtchen: feel free to upload, I'll import your upload in the hg branch then, ok?22:33
sladennhandler: warning (1) is the Maintainer:   (2) is "unreleased", which I'm going to set in Git until I do a release22:34
siretart_dtchen: if you have your work already in hg, feel free to submit your patches via mail22:34
sladennhandler: (there ar eno other warnings)22:35
dtchensiretart_: err, i can only attach debdiffs (i don't have upload privileges...)22:35
Laneydtchen: Don't suppose you know anything about bug 346204?22:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 346204 in alsa-utils "Volume control setting itself to mute on reboot" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34620422:35
dtchenLaney: it's queued, but i may not get to it this evening22:36
Laneyno worries22:36
Laneythought I'd ask incase it slipped the radar22:36
dtchenwell, with a few hundreds bugs on my radar ...22:36
nhandlersladen: (1) You are technically required to use an @ubuntu.com email address for the maintainer. (2) You are meant to change this prior to uploading to REVU. But I get I can ACK the FFe. Someone else will need to Advocate the packaging22:36
siretart_dtchen: debdiff is fine. I need to check with darren, I think he is working on a new upload to sid, which I'd prefer to merge. there is a sec. issue pending...22:37
dtchensiretart_: ok, if you're going to merge in time for jaunty, then i'll refrain22:38
sladennhandler: groovy, I'll add the (LP: #bug number) and prepare it22:43
nhandlersladen: Just give me a little bit to finish up what I am working on22:44
siretart_dtchen: feel free to push me in case I forget, but I'll try to do it22:50
dtchensiretart_: thanks22:51
Ampelbeinhi! could some MOTU have a look at bug 352653?22:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 352653 in coherence "python-coherence: /usr/share/dbus-1/services/org.Coherence.service should be included" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35265322:55
sladensiretart_: can I safely push a same-version-number to REVU without having to do a full .orig upload23:02
sladensiretart_: (tried this by using -sd  and managed to upset it)23:03
jpdssladen: No, REVU doesn't behave like a proper debian archive.23:03
mok0sladen: yes, no problem23:03
* sladen smiles23:03
dtchenIOW, yes you no23:04
jpdsYou  could try, but I think it'll complain that it can't find the .orig in the uploads directory.23:04
mok0sladen: REVU creates directories for sources based on date/time23:04
sladenanyway, so I /did/ try this (forcing -sd) and got a "cannot unpack directory"23:05
mok0sladen: use debuild -S -sa23:05
sladenmok0: I'm trying to /avoid/ uplaoding 30MB.  Not force it23:06
jpdssladen: Upload the .dsc and .diff.gz and .changes somewhere and I'll copy the .tar.gz from the pervious upload across.23:08
jpdsMight want to /msg me the URL for the .changes23:08
sladenjpds: ta!23:09
xnoxHi everyone! If I remember correctly there was at one point somewhere a script mentioned which creates / uploads source packages for multiple ubuntu series ready to be uploaded to launchpad straight from the bzr-builddeb managed package. Can someone please point me to it?23:14
xnoxnevermind found it! it's called autoppa23:31
xnoxand it was featured in launchpad blog23:31
xnoxcheers anyways and happy hacking everyone ;-)23:32
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kb9vqfI was referred here about possibly getting my Intrepid + Jaunty KDE3.5 packages into the official repositories...any advice? ;-)23:54
cody-somervilleYou probably want to talk to the folks in #kubuntu-devel23:55
kb9vqfI just came from there...23:56
kb9vqfdaskreech suggested that I start here23:57

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