unimaginativeHow can I find out what codecs  specific video file needs to play?04:12
unimaginativeI want to turn on the -v playback option in mythfrontend. mythfrontend automatically logs in and starts on my system. Where can I find the start script to add that option?04:16
asphereunimaginative: GSpot on windows works well. But I don't know what nix programs are out there04:18
asphereand for startup... start in ~/.config/autostart04:19
aspheresymlink there to a directory with a pile of scripts04:19
unimaginativethere is not an 'autostart' directory in /home/mythtv/.config/04:20
asphereah. I'm running 8.10 which launches frontend from my user account, not mythtv04:20
aspherehave a different user login?04:20
unimaginativeI have a user login also, but if I leave it alone, 'mythtv' is automatically logged in04:21
aspherehmm. dunno. maybe someone else will be smarter than me.04:21
unimaginativeand gspot doesnt appear to be giving me any useful info04:24
unimaginativeit's calling it a mpeg-2 transport stream04:24
unimaginativeit's a .ts file04:24
asphereunimaginative: re autostart, Applications -> Settings -> Settings Manager -> Autostarted Apps04:26
asphere..and mpeg-2 is your answer right? you'll need an mpeg-2 decoder to play it?04:27
unimaginativeI have that already......04:27
unimaginativeI think it's just an mpeg-2 container04:27
foxbuntuunimaginative, try avidemux-gtk04:27
unimaginativefoxbuntu, just a second04:27
unimaginativemplayer plays the file back just fine04:29
unimaginativebut mythtv is stupid04:29
foxbuntuunimaginative, whats your issue?04:29
foxbuntuunimaginative, your trying to get a video with .ts extension to play?04:29
unimaginativeI'm trying to play back this digital copy of Planet Earth in mythbuntu04:29
unimaginativeWhen I attempt to play the .ts file, I get audio, but no video04:30
unimaginativejust a black screen04:30
unimaginativeusing the "Internal" player04:30
unimaginativewhen I attempt playback using mplayer, the video plays back without any obvious problems04:30
foxbuntuunimaginative, you can change myth to use mplayer04:32
unimaginativei'd rather handle it internally if possible04:32
unimaginativemplayer has been quirky with me in the past04:33
unimaginativeIf internal is not an option, then I agree, using mplayer is the best alternative.04:33
asphereunimaginative: maybe play around with xine as well. I prefer it for my mythtv video player over mplayer04:34
unimaginativeasphere, also a good idea, thanks.04:35
* asphere uses "xine -pfhq -u 0 --no-splash"04:36
unimaginativeokay, I just switched to mplayer for now04:39
unimaginativenow I need to set remote codes to control mplayer :)04:39
foxbuntuunimaginative, use mythbuntu-lircrc-generator, it builds for mplayer automagically04:39
unimaginativefoxbuntu, I run a custom lircrc, to allow two remotes to control my frontend, with two blasters.. Will mythbuntu-lircrc-generator screw all that up?04:43
foxbuntuunimaginative, you can have it build for mplayer only04:44
unimaginativeawesome, then append that to my existing lircrc04:45
foxbuntuunimaginative, look at the --help menu with it figure what the switch is for it...04:45
foxbuntuunimaginative, yup04:45
TazgodXis it possible to get whatever user (i believe its www) who uploads from mythtweb to be part of mythtv so when i upload images of movies on the mythweb interface they show up in the frontend without me having to change permissions?10:25
waxhead_hi everyone...11:08
waxhead_I've been playing iwth encoding mkv with h264.  I'm running mythbuntu 8.10, but I've seen that the -fixes branch fixes a few issues up...11:09
foxbuntuTazgodX, actually, you just need to change permissions of the folders so its something like mythtv:www-data16:04
foxbuntuthat should allow the permissions you are looking for16:05
abarbacciahey guys i recently added mythbuntu-weeklys to my boxes for testing out 0.2217:47
abarbacciaim having trouble upgrading the database with an error like: This command is not supported in the prepared statement protocol yet17:47
abarbaccia when changing to the latin1 charset. known bug?17:47
karlecCan anyone offer some help with the HVR1800.  I'm only getting static through the spdif connection to my receiver.19:23
foxbuntukarlec, sounds like you havent enabled AC3 and DTS passthrough to IEC95820:03
Rev_Baphometprobably a subjective question but I'll ask it anyway, if i get a homerunHD box and have an internal video card for playback, would anyone care to render an educated guess as to what sort of processor i'd need in the box20:23
Rev_Baphometi ask because i keep seeing 2.8ghz brandied about, and that seems high given the offloading.20:25
karlecThanks foxbuntu, but I believe that I did.  I have followed a few guides on the forum with no success.  I also have a PVR500 which works fine (sound and video) in Mythtv.20:51
tatelhello, i've a problem. im run with mythbuntu 8.10. when i boot the pc, tvout signal is on but when mythbuntu starts the svideo signal is off20:57
karlecanyone using the HVR1800 successfully?23:52

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