Seeker`2009-03-18T04:54:27 *** tangerine_ is now known as mesohorny00:00
tangerine_Ohh my nick changed?00:00
tangerine_It could have been my brother00:00
tangerine_It is a family computer00:00
Seeker`2009-03-18T04:58:37 *** mesohorny (mesohorny!n=paul@74-47-12-109.dr01.cnfl.mn.frontiernet.net) has left #ubuntu (requested by tritium: "Get an appropriate nick.")00:00
Seeker`2009-03-18T04:59:19 *** mesohornier (n=paul@74-47-12-109.dr01.cnfl.mn.frontiernet.net) has joined #ubuntu00:00
Seeker`2009-03-18T04:59:26 <mesohornier> better?00:00
Seeker`you have no idea how many times we hear "oh, that must have been <insert relative here>"00:01
tangerine_That made me laugh, I'm sure you do00:01
Seeker`I'm not able to do anything about the ban00:02
tangerine_So I just have to wait until the other person gets on?00:02
Seeker`one of the others here might be able to, but they will most likely say you have to wait for tritium 00:02
tangerine_tritium.  ok.  Well at least i know what happened thanks00:03
Seeker`I will ask you not to idle in here though; channel policy00:04
Seeker`!idle | tangerine_ 00:12
ubottutangerine_: Please keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only; we ask you to part when you have no further business here in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.00:12
tangerine_If I am idling it prob means I am away from my computer so I apologize I will part00:16
JanCnever leave your PC unattended without locking it, and you won't need excuses  ;)00:17
FlannelHowdy Xcell, how can we help you today?02:42
Xcellevening: is it possible for me to be voiced in #ubuntu...1yr ago i was de-voiced for agruing with another chatter...I have been off the computer for about the same time and am now full time.  Thank you for any considerations.02:42
FlannelXcell: Looks like you were causing some problems.  You think you can abide by the channel rules now?02:45
FlannelThose rules, for the record, are...02:45
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines02:45
ubottuThe Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/02:45
Xcellwithout question... Thank you.02:45
XcellHave a super day folks.02:46
FlannelAlright, that'll work.  #u ban was more spillover from -ot anyway, which was already removed.02:47
* mneptok cranks The Dandy Warhols03:06
FlannelWhos that?03:07
FlannelSoup cans with flowers?03:07
mib_fwgfdv01it says i cannot join #ubuntu because i am using a proxy04:37
mib_fwgfdv01but i am on mibbit i have no irc software04:37
Flannelmib_fwgfdv01: Did you read the topic in the channel you were forwarded to?04:37
mib_fwgfdv01yes but how am i supposed to set something to 800004:37
mib_fwgfdv01i am not trying to be anonymous i am just trying to use irc!!04:38
FlannelActually, he's not.04:38
FlannelHe's banned on his real host.04:38
* Flannel should've just checked -monitor first, instead of doing it manually.04:39
FlannelWe need to revisit the access list in -locoteams06:51
Flannelall of this mybrute stuff is getting annoying07:16
FlannelAwful lot of joins in #u07:19
FlannelNow I'm just being paranoid07:21
ubottup_quarles called the ops in #kubuntu ()07:30
Seeker`anyone know what part of .it LjL is from?08:45
Seeker`meh, time for work, bye08:50
elkyunless we're missing one or more of his bots, the part still intact i suspect09:02
elkywhat are the kids on tonight?09:14
Myrttiif you're in #freenode, note how there's constant phishing attempts there09:24
Tm_TI'm not!09:39
Myrttiplease check your bans, people09:40
ikoniafull again ?09:47
Myrttiit doesn't need to be full to be cleared out ;-)09:48
Myrttitopyli: remind me again why people use xchat-gnome?09:48
ikoniano no, just asking10:01
* jussi01 waves in ikonia's direction10:03
MyrttiEWWWWEEEEEE take it off take it off! http://www.mircscripts.org/downloads/screenshots/4211.png10:23
topyliMyrtti: because it's just like xchat, only more gnomish :)10:41
Myrttitopyli: ew10:43
topylinot all people use it, don't worry10:45
elkythat's what mirc looks like these days, eh?11:18
ikoniajussi01: whats up?11:45
* Myrtti guesses you have a pm from him11:45
ikoniadon't see one11:46
ikoniaand I did look11:46
MyrttiSURPRISE ;-)11:46
ikoniaha ha !11:46
ikoniasee, I looked I looked11:46
ikoniajussi01: I assume you are football-dissapointed ?11:47
jussi01yeah :/11:48
ikoniaoh dear11:48
jpdsikonia: Can you op me in #ubunt+1 to change the topci?12:08
ikoniaoops wrong channel for a moment then12:08
ikoniano sweat12:10
bazhang* [I`hate`BSD] (n=admin@ hynix  ??12:27
Myrttihow do you deduct that?12:28
bazhangI didnt. that is the /whois12:28
Myrttiholy shit12:29
bazhangthat plus the fact that he /me'd upon entering12:29
ikoniaI'm getting rather annoyed now with people trying to hack fixes in 9.0412:29
Myrttiwho is dkcl then?12:29
ikoniarather just help to fix properly12:29
ikoniabazhang: sorry, I don't follow what makes you think that is icebuntu ?12:31
ikoniabazhang: the ip ?12:31
Myrttiikonia: check his whois?12:31
ikoniathen he's gone12:31
bazhangikonia, the /whois and the /me upon entering channel12:31
ikoniabazhang: yup, I see I thought you'd added the name 12:31
bazhangikonia, aha, I just added '??'12:32
bazhang* [I`hate`BSD] #ubuntu ##club-ubuntu 12:32
* Myrtti shivers12:33
bazhanganother clue ^^12:33
ikoniahe's gone12:33
bazhangnot Myrtti 's shivers :)12:33
ikoniahe knows the deal - he's been warned12:33
Myrtti[14:27] < dkcl> I'm just here to warn you that I`hate`BSD has been trolling  in our channel for a few hours.12:33
ikoniawhich channel was that ?12:34
MyrttiI haven't asked12:34
=== UdontKnow is now known as udk
bazhangstraight back from 'leave' (or kline, dont know) and he is back to exact same tricks.12:35
bazhang* [dkcl] (n=dkcl@unaffiliated/dkcl): Dan Andersen12:35
bazhangreferring hynix not dkcl12:36
ikoniait tried to deny it, then admitted it and signed off12:36
ikoniafreenode should ban his whole range then inform his school why12:36
bazhangno more 'sweetheart' talk I hope12:37
bazhangthank goodness12:37
ikoniaI'm too direct to give it chance12:37
bazhanghe's not even pretending any more. just enter and troll straightaway12:38
bazhang* I`hate`BSD this place smells good  <--entry /me message12:38
Myrttishould someone ask dkcl what he meant12:39
ikoniasame old eagles12:42
bazhangwell considering the other channel he was in, must've been awful to be considered trolling.12:47
* jussi01 prods ikonia12:48
Myrttibazhang: it could have been any channel that isn't +s...12:49
bazhangMyrtti, good point12:49
* Myrtti asks dkcl12:50
bazhangwas it erry that was from romania or dingding12:52
Myrttierrietta is from gr12:52
bazhangaha, must've disremembered someone else from .ro address that was an issue12:53
ikoniadingging was .md12:53
bazhangright moldova. never mind me.12:54
Myrttiok, he was trolling on ##club-ubuntu13:09
ikoniaI wonder what he was trolling with, polite discussion ?13:09
elkyno, i believe disagreeing counts as trolling to the sheep in there, also13:11
ikoniaahh pici is back, welcome13:11
ikoniaPici: are you now the flat file database guru ??13:12
Piciikonia: Unfortunately.13:12
ikoniaexcellent, all sqlite your way then13:12
ubottupici is stuck in a factoid factory! Send halp!13:14
ikoniaI think that needs updating now.......13:14
* Pici gets back to working the factoids.13:14
jussi01Myrtti: *snork*13:45
LjL-Mibbitfuck i knew it13:46
jussi01LjL-Mibbit: what now=?13:46
LjL-Mibbitthere's an op of -it they don't have news about in the earthquake area13:46
jussi01LjL-Mibbit: :/13:47
jussi01LjL-Mibbit: who? if I may ask13:47
LjL-Mibbitjussi01: twilight, don't think you know him13:47
jussi01LjL-Mibbit: that sucks. hope he is alright13:48
LjL-Mibbitjussi01: hope too, after all there's all lines down (and 100k people fleed) so it's hardly surprising that he's not on irc13:49
jussi01heh, yeah13:49
jussi01elky: if you missed it there has been an earthquake in italy...13:49
LjL-Mibbitproblem is the student's house in l'aquila was destroyed and they think he was sleeping here perhaps13:49
jussi01oh. that doent bode well13:50
Picioh no13:50
LjL-Mibbiti was joking with mc44 yesterday about the quakes13:51
elkyjussi01, i knew that. i was wondering about the 'fuck i knew it'13:51
LjL-Mibbitthere were two, one 4.6 and one 4.013:51
LjL-Mibbithe said "pathetic, a real quake is at least 6"13:51
LjL-Mibbit... and here it comes :\13:51
LjL-Mibbitwell i have to leave my mom's computer to my mom, back later13:52
elkyheh. even a small quake can loosen cracks in weaked infrastructure, and i'm pretty sure italy is full of old stuff with weak spots13:52
ubottuThe operation succeeded.14:15
popey!ubotu unetbootin is http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/ - A program available for Windows and Linux which simplifies the process of creating bootable USB sticks.14:17
ubottuI'll remember that, popey14:17
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about unetbootin14:17
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu-ops's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots14:17
Myrtti!search unetbootin14:18
ubottuFound: ubotu unetbootin14:18
Myrtti!ubotu unetbootin14:18
ubottuubotu unetbootin is http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/ - A program available for Windows and Linux which simplifies the process of creating bootable USB sticks.14:18
Myrttipopey: fail14:18
Myrtti!forget ubotu unetbootin14:18
ubottuI'll forget that, Myrtti14:18
popeywhat did I do wrong?14:18
Myrtti!unetbootin is hthttp://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/ - A program available for Windows and Linux which simplifies the process of creating bootable USB sticks.14:19
ubottuI'll remember that, Myrtti14:19
Myrtti!unetbootin ~= /hthttp/http/14:19
ubottuI'll remember that Myrtti14:19
ubottuunetbootin is http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/ - A program available for Windows and Linux which simplifies the process of creating bootable USB sticks.14:19
Myrttipopey: the !ubotu part was unneeded14:20
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent14:20
Myrttithough - is unetbooting mentioned in any of those links? if so, alias would serve the purpose better14:21
popeyit is14:21
Myrtti!unetbootin is <alias> usb14:21
ubottuBut unetbootin already means something else!14:21
Myrtti!forget unetbootin14:21
ubottuI'll forget that, Myrtti14:21
Myrtti!unetbootin is <alias> usb14:21
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about unetbootin14:22
Myrttioh shuddup14:22
Myrtti!unetbootin is <alias> usb14:22
ubottuBut unetbootin already means something else!14:22
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about unebootin14:22
Myrtti!unforget unetbootin14:23
ubottuI suddenly remember unetbootin again, Myrtti14:23
Myrtti!unetbootin is <alias>usb14:23
ubottuBut unetbootin already means something else!14:23
Pici!no unetbootin is <alias> usb14:23
ubottuIn #ubuntu-ops, Pici said: !no unetbootin is <alias> usb14:23
Myrtti!no unetbootin is <alias>usb14:23
ubottuI'll remember that Myrtti14:23
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent14:23
topylii'm trying to leave the office for home but this is just too good14:24
ubottuThe operation succeeded.14:24
Myrttiit hates me14:24
popeyI feel bad now.14:24
* Pici thwaps topyli 14:24
topylii'm entitled!14:24
Myrttisuccess \o/14:25
Myrttipopey: yw14:25
* topyli gives Myrtti a cookie14:25
* LjL selfishly thanks various deities for being in a boring city where the strongest possible earthquake might sometimes force you to put the pictures on your walls back straight14:26
Myrttisidenote: I hate joomla14:31
MyrttiI hate it with a passion14:31
Myrttireally badly14:31
Myrttivery much14:31
jussi01Myrtti: loved that pick on facebook (hence the *snork* earlier)14:32
jussi01and you all fail with bot handling.  back to school!14:32
Myrttijussi01: do you want me to come out with my secrets in where *you* fail ;-)14:33
Myrttididn't think you would ;-)14:33
* Myrtti pats jussi01 on the back14:33
Myrttiwe all fail14:33
jussi01Myrtti: shush girl... 14:38
Myrttijussi01: just so you can be on the same level with the rest of us with the Monday angst14:38
jussi01Myrtti: shh14:39
Myrttioooh ooh it almost looks like I'm killing the joomla monster14:44
Myrttiboomchica wowee!14:44
Myrttimore coffee.14:45
Myrttigood enough14:48
LjLthere's apparently more people who've fled than actual inhabitans.14:58
MyrttiLjL: lol15:01
LjLMyrtti: well it's less ridiculous than it seems though, the city is filled with students15:01
LjLwell, was15:01
Myrttimmmm true15:02
jussi01topyli: ping15:07
topylijussi01: pong15:12
* Myrtti chuckles at Snatch Wars15:13
jussi01topyli: kuivaliha.... MMMMM!!!15:14
topyliThe best :)15:14
jussi01really, really good15:14
jussi01I just got to find a supplier for it now :D15:15
topyliHeh. Rare animals, kuiva poro :)15:17
jussi01If anyone hasnt tasted this, they need too.15:18
* Tm_T is like kuiva liha, just not that good taste15:18
Myrttilappeen ranta15:19
Tm_TMyrtti: no, I meant it that way15:19
jussi01I looked away15:24
Tm_Tfrom me?15:24
jussi01thanks Tm_T15:24
topylijussi01: don't eat the whole piece at once. If the salt doesn't kill you, the meat will split your tummy once it swells :)15:25
jussi01topyli: yeah15:25
jussi01topyli: I still have lots left... Im savouring it15:26
Tm_TTiredWolf: hi how can we help you today?15:26
LjLTm_T, it's me...15:27
Tm_TI know, but can't I have my fun at times? (;)15:27
LjLi suppose :P15:28
LjLjust keeping irc on on the phone while i'm out so i can stay updated15:29
TiredWolfSeems that italian op sent someone an sms saying the house is damaged but he's ok15:48
PiciGood to hear15:48
Tm_Tremembers me of the times I played ET and people were saying "I'm on next to Israels border and there's some war but I rather play than worry"15:49
Tm_Tor so15:49
TiredWolftypical brain reaction i guess15:56
TiredWolfbesides, from what i'm hearing the poorle living in l'aq had got so used to a couple small quakes a day in the past week...15:57
TiredWolfthey probably worried less than they should have15:58
TiredWolfbesides it doesn't help when a quake is in the night15:58
=== udk is now known as UdontKnow
PhantomasLjL: hey, I would like to ask you a question about Ubotwo18:08
PiciPhantomas: Do you specifically need LjL or is this something that one of the other operators can help you with?19:10
PhantomasPici: Sometimes Ubotwo isn't answering the commands we give to it in the #ubuntu-gr channel19:12
Phantomasthat's the problem. I asked LjL because he helped us with bringing the bot to the channel but I guess that another operator can help too :)19:14
PiciPhantomas: Ah.  It may be best to wait for LjL then.. 19:18
Phantomasthank you anyway!19:20
jussi01Phantomas: which commands? can you give more info?19:23
Phantomasjussi01 i tried !paste and didn't work ... also it doesn't give an answer to my personal messages19:25
Phantomasyou can join #ubuntu-gr and see yourself :)19:26
jussi01Phantomas: it didnt give a reply at all? or was it just somewhat delayed?19:26
PhantomasAny reply at all..19:26
Priceyhad the same command been used recently?19:28
jussi01Pricey: all sorted19:29
jussi01 bot was muted :P19:29
jussi01well maybe not, lets see19:34
PiciI couldn't even get it to properly respond to a @list in pm.19:36
jussi01Ubotwo: and ubot3 are kinda useless to me atm19:38
jussi01anyway, I popped ubottu in there for now, since she has greek factoids already.19:39
Phantomasand it works... for now :P19:39
jussi01Phantomas: :) anything else you need us for? 19:40
Phantomasjussi01: No, that's all! Thank you very much!19:41
jussi01Phantomas: this isnt a place to idle ;) 19:41
Phantomasbye! 19:42
tsimpsonI think someone in -irc wants attention19:42
jussi01ahh, tsimpson, the very man I needed to talk to19:43
* tsimpson runs away19:43
Seeker`LjL: glad to see you are ok20:18
LjLSeeker`: you can be sure of something - if you hear of an earthquake in italy, i'm not involved in it20:47
LjLmy city is ugly and boring but... well, it's boring. nothing happens. including disasters.20:48
Seeker`I won't worry in future then :P20:51
LjLthe #debian-it guy they were searching for earlier is on irc20:51
LjLsounds kinda shocked, his house basically fell down with him inside.20:56
LjLobviously didn't fall *completely* down.20:56
Garyljl seen my stalker in #Defocus :p20:56
LjLGary: i'm not in there20:56
Garyoh I thought you were20:57
LjLGary: i don't autojoin, i normally only join if there's some idiot around to begin with20:57
LjLGary: i wish i had so many lovers :(20:57
Garyah, plenty of them in there :p20:57
Garythey are scaring me :p20:58
Garystalkerhi Gary21:02
LjLGary: don't invite your friends here now, this is a private party :(21:02
GarySeeker`: I'll get you21:02
* Garystalker prods Gary21:03
Seeker`Gary: ?21:07
GarySeeker`: nm, sorry21:07
GaryGarystalker: lol21:08
GarystalkerI seeeeeeee yoooooooooou21:08
Garydamn that IP, I knows it....21:09
Seeker`Gary: is it yours?21:09
GarySeeker`: nope21:10
Seeker`you sure?21:12
Garysince I am VM yeah21:15
LjLyou're a virtual machine?21:16
Garyvirgin media21:17
* jpds needs ops in +1 to change topic - anyone around?21:41
jpdsikonia: ta.21:43
ikoniano sweat21:43
jpdsOh wait, it was LjL.21:43
ikoniaoh, he must have beat me21:43
ikoniaLjL: nice to see you made it21:44
LjLlook, it's not like 95% of italians have died... regardless of hopes :P21:45
ikoniaLjL: still nice to see you ok21:45
Seeker`ikonia: that was pretty much his reaction to me too21:46
ikoniascrew him21:46
LjLyeah he's a prick isn't he21:47
LjLyou're talking about gary, right?21:47
ikoniais there anyone else..... ;)21:47
ikoniastill nice to see you checked in21:47
LjLanyway i'd rather have an earthquake. i haven't smoked all day. that'd distract me at least.21:48
Garywhat did I do now?21:49
LjLGary: don't pretend you don't know21:49
LjLcreepy anyway. according to USGS reports the quake was felt from venice to naples, actually even further down than naples21:54
ubottutsimpson called the ops in #ubuntu (Retkiesa69 trolling)22:10
nickspoonLjL: Aww, you're still here.23:10
ikonianickspoon: that's what I should have said23:11
ikoniaseemes to be welcomed more than concern23:11
nickspoonikonia: LjL sees concern as a sign of weakness.23:11
ikonia....and crushes it23:11
ikonialjl is the chuck norris of the ubuntu world23:12
LjLnickspoon: you can't just HOPE i'm crushed by the roof of my house, you have to make that HAPPEN23:12
nickspoonLjL: I guess. Still, it would have been nice.23:13
ikoniaIf you have 4gig or ram and LJL has 4 gig of ram, LJL has more ram than you.23:13
LjLi have more space between my gig, at least23:13
ikonia<ljl facts>23:14
ikoniaI feel it's sleep time23:15
ikoniagood night gents & ladies23:15
nickspoonNight ikonia.23:15
nickspoonLjL knew the earthquake was going to happen, so he told some crazy scientist that nobody would believe.23:16
LjLnickspoon: heh that "debate" has reached you too?23:16
nickspoonOh yes.23:16
LjLnickspoon: anyway i receive USGS earthquake reports, and there were two >4 earthquakes yesterday23:18
LjLnickspoon: it didn't take a genius to suspect a big one might come23:18
LjLnickspoon: but what exactly do you do, evacuate an entire region for a week?23:18
nickspoonLjL: Well, precisely.23:18
nickspoonThe only thing to do is to build places that don't fall down in earthquakes.23:18
LjLnickspoon: which isn't all that feasible, either, when half of your houses are from the middle ages and you're actually *proud* of that in the first place23:19
nickspoonLjL: Well, shouldn't be a problem in L'Aquilla now that large bits of it are already gone :/23:20
nickspoonSorry sir.23:21
LjLnickspoon: it's a ghost town but at least spell it right :(23:21
Seeker`LjL: that "debate" has reached slashdot23:22
LjLnickspoon: there's a similar issue with the vesuvius - we probably *will* know in advance, with a reasonable probability, when it's going to erupt - but again what do you do, evacuate naples for a month - and then maybe it just doesn't happen?23:22
Seeker`you fit everyone with teleportation devices. problem solved.23:23
nickspoonWhat do you *mean* Italy doesn't have those yet?23:24
nickspoonYou're still using what? Scooters? Don't make me laugh.23:24
Seeker`its amazing how many problems can be solved with a simple teleportation device23:24
Seeker`too lazy to go to the kitchen?23:24
nickspoonYou bet.23:24
Seeker`want to throw something at someone but have bad aim?23:25
Seeker`want to send Ljl to an alternate dimension23:25
Seeker`the answer to all of these problems (and many more) is a teleportation device!23:25
LjLnickspoon: i'm currently trying to quit smoking.23:25
LjLnickspoon: don't make me start murdering to replace it.23:26
nickspoonLjL: Murderers live longer than smokers.23:27
LjLnickspoon: but what about quality of life?23:27
nickspoonI suppose if you aren't caught, better.23:27
* Gary pops out for a ciggie23:28
LjLnickspoon: well just don't make me kill you anyway, ok?23:28
LjLnickspoon: i don't want to be forced to make you die of a quick death just because i get upset23:28
nickspoonLjL: You'll never get here. I live at the top of a gentle incline.23:28
LjLnickspoon: die slowly and painfully of natural causes like you're supposed to, 'k23:28
LjLnickspoon: tsk, i can still ran to catch the tram still! i can make your stupid hill.23:29
LjLtrue, i do gasp during the whole tram ride afterwards23:29
GaryI went for a walk today!23:30
Garyit was amazing, I did not die23:31
nickspoonI heard that there's short-wavelength radiation out there.23:31
Seeker`Gary: where did you go for a walk?23:32
Garyfrom home, up the big hill into town, round town, stopped for bank and coffee shop visit and back home via jessops23:32
Garyt'was about four miles ish23:33
Seeker`you can have walks outside now?23:33
Seeker`I thought you could only have them to the server room and back23:33
LjLThe problem here is not that someone here using poor science happened to be sort of right, the problem is that Italy is a country with high risks of earthquakes and exceedingly poor construction and preparation.23:34
LjLnot all slashdotters are idiots?23:34
LjLmy strongest beliefs are shaken at the roots.23:35
* Seeker` has posted comments on slashdot in the past23:36
Seeker`they have even been modded up23:40
ubottuIn ubottu, Shishire1 said: !pan is bluez-compat23:49
rayluis this the correct place to ask about bans?23:56
raylu 6:53:30 -!- mode/#ubuntu [+b *!*@FOOR.RES.CMU.EDU] by FloodBot123:56
Garyany reason you versioned the whole channel?23:57
raylui just installed the verstats script and got a bit trigger happy23:57
raylui wasn't aware it counted as flooding; i thought the replies went to only me23:58
Garyfrom everyone connected to that channel, kinda causes issues23:58
rayluoh, sorry23:58
LjLraylu: i'll remove the ban, just a minute please23:59

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