arthax0rmy jaunty server has been doing well02:46
arthax0rturning it into a full blow horde/funambol server02:46
arthax0raltho, i would say it seems to not be performing as well as it did under 8.04 server... it's an old ass machine tho02:47
_stochastic_hey room, out of curiosity, when will the next set of ISO's be put up on the UbuntuISO testing webpage?07:07
_stochastic_is there any schedule to it or is it pretty intermittent?07:07
davmor2heno: Hi11:25
henoHi davmor211:43
davmor2No ara today?11:43
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* mvo hugs sbeattie for the verification of #34972512:56
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jtholmeswhere are the daily-live's from say 4/2/0913:16
jtholmesthe ios's from 4/2/0913:16
jpdsI think they're only preserved for two days and then deleted.13:17
davmor2jtholmes: do you mean 2009040213:17
jtholmesdavmor2, yes13:17
jtholmesthanks jpds13:18
jtholmesdavmor2, here is the problem  4/3/09 and 4/5/09 ubiquity installer's die at partman and i wanted to test 4/2/09 again to see if that problem exits13:19
jtholmesI cant believe I am the only one having this problem13:20
jtholmesthis is on kubuntu  ubuntu is fine13:20
Strider^euh je sais pas si j'ai fait un truc de travers mais j'arrive plus a avoir mon Google Calendar dans Evolution sous Jaunty13:28
Strider^oh right this is not the french channel ^^13:29
jtholmesstrider sorry english only13:30
Strider^i can't set up my Google Calendar in Evolution anymore =/13:30
Strider^i don't remember what where the options in Evolution's versions berfore Jaunty but i think there's something missing13:31
jtholmesdavmor2, is there any file/information in a daily-live .iso that tells me the exact date the .iso file was created?13:35
fader_davmor2: Hey, do I remember correctly that you have an Acer Aspire One somewhere with the original OS installed?14:51
davmor2fader_: I had an AAO with hardy unr on I now have an AAO with jaunty unr on why?14:52
davmor2Oh I have linpus lite too14:52
fader_davmor2: I'm trying to find out the lid switch behavior on it for bug 34801214:52
ubot4Launchpad bug 348012 in linux "Acer Aspire One doesn't wake up when lid opens" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34801214:52
fader_To see if it's really a bug or a 'feature' :)14:53
fader_davmor2: Do you have linpus installed on one currently?14:54
davmor2fader_: I can drop linpus back on and confirm but iirc in all the shops displaying them including the xp version if you shut the lid the power button need to be pressed to restart it.14:54
davmor2fader_: about 20 minutes I can14:54
fader_davmor2: You rock, thanks :)14:54
davmor2fader_: transferring to usb now14:57
davmor2hey cgregan14:59
cgreganhey davmor2!14:59
cgreganafternoon! :-)14:59
davmor2cgregan: close but no cigar :)14:59
davmor2cgregan: will there be an upgrade path from hardy unr to jaunty unr?15:00
cgregandavmor2: That is a question for lool15:01
cgregandavmor2: For our customers....no. Device is locked to the shipping version15:01
davmor2cgregan: :( meanie15:01
davmor2is this strictly for support reasons?15:02
cgregandavmor2: hehe15:02
cgregandavmor2: Yes...hardware support15:02
davmor2that's fair enough then can't argue with that15:03
davmor2fader_: installing to AAO now15:04
fader_davmor2: :D15:04
looldavmor2: An upgrade path that we support officially?  no15:08
loolBut you can probably upgrade; not sure what would break, probably not too much15:08
loolPoulsbo would be the most obvious15:08
davmor2python is the big screw up at the moment with upgrades15:10
davmor2fader_: moment of truth15:24
* fader_ plays a drumroll.15:24
davmor2fader_: orange flashy power button15:26
fader_davmor2: i.e. it didn't wake up when you opened the lid?15:26
davmor2fader_: I'll press the flashy button now15:26
fader_davmor2: Excellent, thanks.  I'll put that in the bug.15:26
fader_davmor2: Thanks for checking that out!15:26
davmor2fader_: now it's green and it's come back to life :)15:27
fader_davmor2: I think it's just lazy.  Making you press a button...15:27
davmor2fader_: that's classy the wifi doesn't work after suspend Yay15:35
davmor2lool: is the current image okay?15:36
fader_davmor2: That's on the linpus install?15:36
davmor2fader_: yeap15:36
fader_davmor2: Heh, nice15:36
fader_Who needs to be online anyway?15:37
davmor2fader_: on a downside the leds work15:37
fader_davmor2: Which leds are those?15:38
davmor2fader_: wifi15:38
fader_Heheh wow.15:38
cr3dtchen: uploaded alsa-info output to bugs 354705 and 35470715:40
ubot4Launchpad bug 354705 in alsa-driver "[Jaunty] Microphone doesn't work at all on Eee 701SD" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35470515:40
ubot4Launchpad bug 354707 in alsa-driver "[Jaunty] Microphone doesn't work at all on Eee 900" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35470715:40
cr3man, ubot is quite clever to have understood both bug numbers15:40
davmor2fader_: I'm just doing the updates and then I'll check suspend and resume again and just double check that it didn't get fixed latter15:40
looldavmor2: The current image should be ok15:40
fader_davmor2: Ah, good idea15:41
davmor2lool: Cool I need unr back lite is so poor15:41
jtholmeshave there been any reports of partman failing in the 4/3/09 and the 4/6/09 daily-live iso's15:44
davmor2jtholmes: not that I'm aware of  cjwatson ^15:46
davmor2jtholmes: is this on Kubuntu?15:47
jtholmesdavmor2, both give partman error 141 and wont install i put in bug 345515 friday but was not able to upload the  syslog and partman logs until today15:47
ubot4jtholmes: Error: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The read operation timed out15:48
jtholmesmaybe i am the only one having the problems15:48
cjwatsonjtholmes: it's not reproducible across the board15:48
cjwatsonwe're working through incoming bugs as fast as we can but it's taking a while15:48
jtholmescjwatson, ok i will try another machine15:48
jtholmesand see what the results are there15:48
jtholmesi suspect though that it is somehow my machine15:49
davmor2jtholmes: I did a kubuntu install on friday which was fine15:50
cjwatsonjtholmes: I don't think you mean 345515. typo?15:50
jtholmescjwatson, yes  typo 35451515:50
jtholmesdavmor2, must be my machine I will check on another machine15:51
jtholmesbecause ubuntu installs fine, but on another machine15:51
jtholmesthanks guys i will test on another bed and get back to you15:52
davmor2jtholmes: That could be the problem there try installing on a pc rather than a bed you might have more joy :D15:53
jtholmesrofl thanks needed that15:53
cjwatsonjtholmes: err. are you sure that that partman log is complete? it doesn't look it15:54
jtholmescjwatson, you know I had the same feeling about completeness let me reinstall and see if I missed something15:55
cjwatsonexit code 141 is SIGPIPE which means "something I was talking to just randomly died"15:55
cjwatsonbut there's no indication in the logs of what that might have been15:55
jtholmeslet me rerun wont take long15:56
davmor2jtholmes: did you type out the logs?15:57
jtholmesdavmor2, no i scp them to another machine from a terminal window i started after the partman failure15:58
davmor2fader_: This may take a while AAO linpus lite downloads 1 patch and applies it and then then next patch and applies it etc, etc, etc16:04
fader_davmor2: Heh, nice... thanks for the update. :)16:05
davmor2fader_: I wouldn't mind but I think it is on number 5 there are maybe 25-3016:07
cjwatsonjtholmes: I would recommend making sure that you acknowledge the installer's crash window first, to make sure that all the logs are flushed16:08
jtholmescjwatson, yes i will do that16:11
jtholmescjwatson, i get the same results on another machine i will upload the  logs and try a third machine16:11
davmor2jtholmes: is your burn good?16:15
jtholmesdavmor2, i actually do it from a hard disk16:18
jtholmeshowever i did burn earlier today and it also failed at the same place16:18
jtholmesi am going to try a third machine which does not have both SATA and IDE hardware to see if that may be the problem16:18
jtholmesdavmor2, if no one else is having the prob then it has to be my hardware16:19
cjwatsonjtholmes: please don't casually assume local hardware problems; there's no obvious evidence of that in your log as yet16:23
cjwatsonjtholmes: it's entirely possible for it to be some property of the current state of your hard disk (and I don't mean a broken hard disk, I mean the bits on the disk), for example16:24
cjwatsonin most cases of hardware problems, there is some evidence of that in the logs16:24
cjwatsonsimilarly, in most cases of bad burns (although not all), there is some evidence of that in the logs16:24
cjwatsonso let's be scientific about this :)16:25
jtholmescjwatson, what are your suggestions16:26
cjwatsonwe don't really have enough widespread daily build coverage to be able to generalise accurately from "only one tester is seeing this" to "only one Ubuntu user is going to see this", anyway16:26
cjwatsonjtholmes: in the first instance, I suspect that running the installer with 'ubiquity -d' from a terminal window and then uploading /var/log/syslog /var/log/partman /var/log/installer/debug would be useful16:26
cjwatsonI have no suggestions until I have seen the logs; I prefer not to guess16:26
jtholmescjwatson, I will run ubiquity -d and upload the logs thanks16:27
cjwatsonthank you16:27
* davmor2 suddenly dies of boredom waiting for this chuff linpus lite to update16:36
* fader_ calls dibs on davmor2's stuff.16:42
fader_Er, I mean, I'm in mourning.16:43
davmor2fader_: it's on like number 8 or something now it's a joke I've install a netboot faster than this infact I'm pretty sure the gentoo builds faster :D16:44
fader_davmor2: Have you tried hitting it with a blunt object?16:47
davmor2fader_: I have a nasty feeling that it's a patching system and so needs to recompile the module/app after each update16:48
fader_davmor2: Ugh.16:49
* fader_ barfs.16:49
davmor2fader_: now your getting it.  I just downloaded 713 meg of unr in the time that it took the bar to move 1 mm16:50
fader_davmor2: Yeah, but the screen is small, so you have to figure that 1mm is like 6km on a bigger screen, right?16:50
cjwatsonfader_: berkelium was the system that was having LVM removal troubles, wasn't it?16:51
cjwatsonfader_: I'd like to use my new magic servenab powers to fiddle with it today or (perhaps more likely at this point) tomorrow16:51
fader_cjwatson: berkelium was one of them16:51
fader_cjwatson: Cool, I'll be happy to assist in any way I can16:51
cjwatsonfader_: anything special I need to do to get an installer session up with console access, beyond what's documented on the wiki?16:51
cjwatsonpreferably an installer image of my choice16:52
fader_cjwatson: Yes :/  It's doable but you'll need some extras and to fiddle with a preseed16:52
fader_cjwatson: I'll see if I can scrape you up some scripts to help, as otherwise it's a bit painful16:52
fader_cjwatson: I emailed a script to you and some detail on how it works.  If you'd like me to make the modifications for you I can do that as well... I'll just need to know what image you'll want to use and we'll have to walk through the preseed17:00
cjwatsonthanks; happy to have a go myself17:01
fader_cjwatson: Cool.  Just to let you know, the process I'm using to reproduce this is to run "make_ppa berkelium"; wait a bit for berkelium to be rebuilt in the PPA pool (using LVM), and then run the install17:04
fader_(make_ppa on nickel will wipe a machine and rebuild it for use in the PPA pool)17:05
cjwatsonright. sounds straightforward enough17:07
cjwatsonthis is about third or fourth on my list so I'll see how it goes today ...17:08
jtholmescjwatson davmor2  that problem appears to be hardware specific  move to 3rd machine and installs from cd and runs fine17:27
cjwatsonI'd say system-specific rather than hardware-specific17:28
jtholmesthat was what i meant type17:28
jtholmesI'll fight that battle here17:29
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fader_davmor2: Still updating? ;)18:36
davmor2Yes, Damn IT!  Whose idea was this anyway18:37
davmor2fader_: on a plus side this is the last patch18:38
fader_davmor2: Good grief.  I thought you were joking about gentoo ebuilds being faster, but I see that you weren't. :P18:38
davmor2fader_: I was on about a full install of gentoo :D18:39
davmor2I'm beginning to wonder if linux from scratch might not be faster18:39
fader_Ah, well, that's different.  I recall those taking a couple of days last time I tried.  (Though how much of that was gentoo and how much was just me swearing violently I won't say.)18:40
davmor2fader_: yes but this is like 20+ patches this isn't even a full app18:41
davmor2fader_: next time I suggest it shoot me18:43
fader_davmor2: You know, it's taking all my willpower to not sit here and snark vehemently with you. I'm a bad person.  :)18:43
fader_davmor2: I was hoping when you were done with this you'd polish a 20 cubic foot granite cube down to the size of a grain of sand with a silk cloth for me.18:44
davmor2fader_: no probs it'll take half the time this has18:45
fader_I like to imagine that for space efficiency, the patches are transmitted as just MD5 sums.  Then the machine is generating a string of random bits and testing them to see if they give the same MD5... if not, it tries again.18:46
davmor2fader_: don't give them ideas18:46
davmor2fader_: It's only gone and finished ;)18:57
fader_Maybe you should reinstall and update one more time, just to be sure. O:-)18:58
* davmor2 shoots fader_ to death with blow pipe and rolled up paper18:59
* fader_ has quit (shot to death with blow pipe and rolled up paper)19:00
davmor2fader_: After the monumental update it does exactly the same thing you still need to press the power button to wake it up19:01
fader_davmor2: Great.  I appreciate the hassle to test that :)19:01
davmor2fader_: worth being thorough though19:01
davmor2now to get unr back on before I go mad19:05
davmor2fader_: Like I say iirc you had to do the same with xp too19:07
davmor2lool: nice to see unr down in size :)19:09
dtchencr3: ok, looking. thanks.21:12
cr3dtchen: thanks man, there might be a known workaround for the Eees, but I'm not sure21:14
dtchenright, just looking at a Xine/PulseAudio issue, then i'll be at 35470[57]21:16

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