cwillupoke poke00:46
cwilluoh ya, and some day I'll put a radeon card back into a computer and check if I can still reproduce bug #174427, I promise :p05:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 174427 in xserver-xorg-video-ati "[RV280 9250] [AGP] Tremulous causes X server crash (signal 11) at depth 16" [Medium,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17442705:11
brycecwillu:  For a more general purpose message, maybe: '''Bugs can have similar symptoms but different root causes.  Check that you have the same chipset _before_ commenting (lspci |grep VGA).  Upstream has a one-person-one-issue policy, so if you're not 100% certain you have the same issue, your issue won't get examined if you don't report it as a new bug.'''07:37
bryce(sorry for late reply, I was off work today and it was nice out so mostly worked on the yard and on some shop projects.)07:38
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Ngwhat sets DPMS settings these days?11:46
NgI just applied some updates and xset is now showing that my LCD will DPMS-Off after 60 seconds of inactivity. Pretty sure it wasn't like that before, and I expect it'll go away if I bounce X, I'm just curious what touches that stuff these days11:47
Ngah, that crashed during the upgrade :)11:55
Ngprobably hal restarting11:55
brycegods how I hate -intel12:09
tjaaltonbryce: 277 open bugs :P12:15
brycetjaalton: indeed12:15
tjaaltonall time high on all the team packages12:15
tjaaltonI think12:15
tjaaltonlrm doesn't count12:15
brycethink you're right12:15
bryce-intel sucks12:16
bryceenough for one day...  night.12:19
tjaaltonnight :)12:19
albert23patch 116_865g_disable_dri.patch seems a bit unfortunate, given freedesktop bug 2106022:10
ubottuFreedesktop bug 21060 in Driver/intel "Crash in drm_intel_gem_bo_start_gtt_access with XV if DRI disabled" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2106022:10
albert23and we have crash reports for both 845 and 86522:11
albert23(upstream changed the title from XV with large virtual display into XV if DRI disabled)22:11
brycehi albert23: 22:12
albert23hi bryce22:12
brycefunny you should mention this; I just happen to have started looking into all the Xv crash issues22:12
albert23I went looking for totem crashes :-)22:13
bryceI agree disabling dri on 865 is unfortunate, but it seems the system doesn't even boot up without that22:13
bryceso, in my view, playing videos successfully is a secondary issue to that22:13
albert23well, we can fix the X crash22:14
albert23and playing video may still be possible without XV22:14
bryceexactly.  also, we're getting a spate of reports of Xv crashes beyond just 86522:14
albert23That worked with the large virtual display22:14
bryceI suspect the crashes are unrelated to whatever is requiring dri disabled on 86522:14
brycealbert23: give me any ideas, insights, or data you've uncovered.  I'm still just trying to digest it all22:15
brycewhat we really need are full backtraces, and so far none of the bug reports have one.  still looking though.22:15
bryce347527 has a partial backtrace but it's not enough22:15
albert23I don't have any 8xx22:16
albert23I wonder if bug 304871 could be fixed by disabling gem22:17
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The read operation timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/304871/+text)22:17
albert23the "Couldn't bind memory for BO front buffer" problem22:18
bryceI wondered about that22:18
brycegiven how late we are, and how intricate that chunk of code is, it makes me a bit uncomfortable to think about22:18
albert23So adding the module option from 349992 would be interesting22:19
albert23347527 has " Failed to pin xv buffer" which I found only in one place in -intel22:20
albert23so that crash we can fix as well22:21
brycealbert23: how confident are you in your patch for fdo #21060?22:22
albert23I got that idea because I had seen the combination of the unreference and the pointer=NULL on many other places in the code22:24
bryceit sounds appropriate to me.  wish we had some feedback from upstream on it22:25
albert23It's assigned to anholt now22:25
brycealbert23: what does Gordon's last comment on that bug mean?22:26
albert23I think that explains why he changed the title of the bug22:26
bryceok, so if I understand correctly, having DRI disabled triggers a code path that causes this bug, and if your virtual frame buffer is set large, that causes DRI to be disabled.  22:29
albert23That's how I understand it as well22:29
albert23And slangaseks log showed DRI was indeed disabled for him22:30
bryceok, suddenly pieces fall into place :-)22:30
* bryce studies further22:31
brycealbert23: notice the patch on http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/intel-gfx/2009-February/001426.html touches the code but still has the unref problem22:41
albert23that added a condition to the code. And guess what you see in the first half of the condition?22:43
albert23drm_intel_bo_unreference(pPriv->buf); followed by pPriv->buf = NULL;22:43
brycebut why did they still omit it in the second stanza?  hmm22:44
bryceit sounds like on bug 347527 that it's the inverse of 354688 - crashes *unless* DRI is disabled22:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 347527 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "[830m] mplayer appears to crash X unless DRI is disabled" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34752722:45
albert23yeah, that's what the title says. But I don't see evidence DRI was enabled in the log22:49
albert23seems to use software rendering? 4.130567] (II) GLX: Initialized DRISWRAST GL provider for screen 022:50
bryce[    2.236645] (**) intel(0): Option "NoDRI"22:51
albert23bryce: so he has a log with DRI disabled, and containing the crash. That doesn't match the title?22:55
brycealbert23: yep22:57
* bryce fixifies title22:57
bryceahhh I understand now.  Boy I'm slow today22:58
brycehe has been having unrelated problems (X freezes) that drove him to disable DRI, and now is getting video playback crashes22:59
bryceso that fits with our hypothesis22:59
albert23Ahh, you are still faster then me22:59
bryce351869 is another dupe23:08
brycekewlness, so all the bugs I've looked at so far have either had DRI off for some reason, or was a 945 with virtual buffer > 204823:09
* bryce scans for more dupes23:09
bryceheya jbarnes23:13
jbarnesbryce: hi23:13
jbarnesI couldn't reproduce fdo #20739 with current bits or 2.6.1 + 2.6.2923:13
jbarnestrying with jaunty now (my upgrade just finished)23:13
brycejbarnes: I think we got a stranglehold on the Xv crash bug.  albert23 has a patch that looks like it may solve it - http://bugzilla.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2106023:13
ubottuFreedesktop bug 21060 in Driver/intel "Crash in drm_intel_gem_bo_start_gtt_access with XV if DRI disabled" [Normal,New]23:13
jbarnesbryce: which versions of xf86-video-intel, mesa & kernel is jaunty shipping with?23:13
bryceseems to be a code path triggered when DRI is off for whatever reason23:13
jbarnesbryce: yeah the fix for 21060 looks good23:14
bryce{ 2.6.3, 7.4, 2.6.28+backports }23:14
jbarnesany gem fixes backported?23:14
jbarnesor are you waiting for me to tell you which ones? :)23:15
brycepossibly not enough ;-)23:15
bryceyes please :-)23:15
brycesome gem stuff is backported for the kernel23:15
bryceI'm not directly involved in that so don't know the exact details23:15
jbarnesthere were so many changes...23:15
jbarneswhat's Martin Pitt's irc nick?23:16
brycewe're pretty late in the cycle for kernel changes now, so I think the kernel team would be interested only in absolutely critical fixes23:16
jbarnesright, hopefully a hang fix would qualify23:17
bryceyep, especially if it affects pitti23:17
brycejbarnes: hey btw are any of the register docs public for any of the 8xx chipsets?23:17
jbarnesI guess he's not around... is he on the kernel team?23:17
jbarnesbryce: not yet... hopefully after the g4x stuff gets released we'll be able to do 915/945 and 8xx23:18
bryceprobably in bed (based in germany).  He's the desktop technical lead, so not kernel but pulls lots of weight23:18
jbarnesok cool23:19
jbarnesI've got a couple of bugs from him, I'll try chatting with him tomorrow23:19
jbarnesaha crashed it w/the jaunty kernel :)23:19
jbarneshm maybe I mean :/23:20
jbarnesah seems better with 2.6.323:22
brycejbarnes: regarding the performance issue on intel, I did up a page to help folks troubleshooting such problems - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/IntelPerformance23:22
bryceI'd love to say, "The reason EXA performance regressed from 2.5 to 2.6 is ..." but I'm clueless23:23
* jbarnes looks23:23
jbarnesbryce: EXA uses GEM too... in fact they share render accel code in *_render.c23:24
jbarnesthe UxaTesting page looks interesting... some of the "worse" reports seem unrelated/tangential (like video tearing or 3d perf regression)23:28
jbarnesdri2 has lower performance in some cases, mainly due to the tiling regression (which is fixed in 2.6.29) and some additional blit overhead in some cases23:29
brycea lot of the reports on that page are on 2.6.1 btw.  I neglected to direct people to indicate their driver version23:31
brycelooking at the wiki changelog, it seems we're getting fewer "worse" reports now, but still quite a few "mixed"23:31
jbarnes2.6.3 was *much* better, uxa-wise23:31
* bryce nods23:32
jbarnesthere's also the memory leak in fdo 20704 which is pretty much fixed now23:32
brycewe do still have a ton of bugs open for issues when UXA is enabled.  I've encouraged people to forward them upstream as well, so hopefully you've been seeing an influx of testers23:32
jbarnesbut again that's a dri2 issue rather than uxa23:32
jbarnesyeah we've been working solely on bug fixing for the past few weeks23:33
jbarnesso one of the big perf issues people found when going from dri1 -> dri2 is that tiled rendering got disabled23:38
jbarnesyou might add that to the uxa section... it's fixed in 2.6.29 and in the 2.7 driver but it was a pretty huge regression on some 945 platforms23:38
albert23jbarnes: that also happens with EXA?23:39
jbarnesalbert23: what the perf regression?  it should only affect dri223:39
albert23performance with 945 and exa is still very poor (dual channel memory)23:39
jbarnesdri2 can't be enabled with exa23:39
jbarnesah that could be a bigger gem regression23:39
albert23and I get it fixed by disabling gem23:39
jbarnesanholt has been working on a fix for the daul channel memory problem, the so-called "a17 swizzle" bug23:40
keesalbert23: how do you disable GEM?23:41
albert23kees: I patched the intel driver23:42
brycealbert23: got the patch?  I could at least link to it from the performance page for folks to try23:43
albert23bryce: that's the one we discussed last week23:43
jbarnesalbert23: look for "drm/i915: Allow tiling of objects with bit 17 swizzling by the CPU." on the dri-devel mailing list23:43
brycealbert23: right, my brain is swiss cheese 23:44
albert23kees: http://paste.ubuntu.com/142337/23:44
albert23you need to switch of gem and add a second patch (accepted upstream)23:45
jbarnesbryce: so those two issues (the tiled rendering/fence reg one and the a17 one) are probably worth adding to that page for your bleeding edge users23:46
jbarnesdescription for the tiled rendering one can be found in my message to intel-gfx, subject "[RFC] support tiled rendering on pre-965 chips"23:46
albert23jbarnes: thanks, found it23:48
brycejbarnes: ok thanks23:49
jbarnesalbert23: please reply with testing results if you get a chance23:50
jbarnesalbert23: to eric and dri-devel I mean23:50
albert23jbarnes: the patch is for kernel 2.6.29 I suppose?23:51
jbarnesyeah probably against eric's drm-intel-next branch23:51
brycejbarnes, what is "a17"?  I saw a bug report on that but don't know what it means.  Is it just some register address?23:51
albert23OK, I will give it a try later this week23:52
brycehmm maybe I've asked this question before23:52
jbarnesbryce: it refers to a memory addressing mode23:52
jbarnesbryce: our gpu & memory controller are on the same chip23:52
jbarnesand there are all sorts of weird addressing modes they use in combination with the cpu to increase performance23:52
jbarnesa17 is one of the bits ("address bit 17") that gets set or cleared in certain dual channel configs23:53
jbarnesnormally it's invisible, but if a page of graphics memory gets swapped out and then back in at a different address, the a17 setting for the new page might be different23:54
jbarnesand until Eric's patch we didn't track that, so we just had to disable tiling (and thus any a17 funkiness) altogether23:54
* bryce updates https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/IntelPerformance23:57
brycethanks jesse, hopefully I didn't butcher the explanation too badly23:58
* jbarnes checks23:59

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