almark1Hello I am look for jackd version 0.116.x from Hardy repos, how can I upgrade to this version?00:01
glitsj16hello evryone00:02
tnuichi im trying to install ubuntu via wubi, but after i reboot i get a live session00:02
doleybtnuic: you have a cd in?00:02
tnuicdoleyb: no00:02
almark1The version I have is jackdmp 0.71, but I need jackd version 0.116 is this in repos somewhere built?00:02
rvnhow do you set up kernel level VM on ubuntu 8.1000:03
rvnwhat do you install to use it00:03
tnuicdoleyb: i had this same problem last time, but i dont remember how i solved00:03
KiRiLoStnuic, try booting without hitting any button when it says "Hit any key to boot from cd" or try booting with the harddrive as the first boot option00:03
tnuicKiRiLoS: im not booting from a cd00:04
tnuicKiRiLoS: i installed and then removed the cd from the drive00:04
KiRiLoStnuic, and then how it's a live session?00:05
KiRiLoStnuic, in the right upper corner does it says ur username or live session user?00:05
glitsj16almark1: jackd 0.116.x is in the jaunty repositories ... are you on ubuntu intrepid ?00:05
tnuicKiRiLoS: thats the big mistery =D  ... after i boot it shows me the option to choose the location and then tried to load the gparted00:06
tchoughdoes anyone know if there is any nfs uid mapping options that work under ubuntu that do not involve setting up NIS?00:06
coreycan I increase the size of / ?00:06
tnuicKiRiLoS: but gparted doesnt show anything so i cancel it00:06
Newbeegood beye00:06
tnuicKiRiLoS: live session user00:06
KiRiLoScorey, yes you can,boot with a live cd and then go to the Partition Editor(Gparted) from there you can00:06
almark1glitsj16: no Hardy00:06
glitsj16corey: sure, use a partition editor (like gparted)00:06
rvnhow do you set up kernel level VM on ubuntu 8.1000:06
rvnwhat do you install to use it00:07
DasEi corey: yes, if you got space in front or behind the current /00:07
coreycan it be done with out a live cd?00:07
KiRiLoStnuic, are you sure that the install was done?Does the GRUB(boot manager)shows you the distro when u boot up ur pc ?00:07
almark1glitsj16: would just compiling it be a lot easier than updating with 8.10 repo?00:07
DasEicorey: hardly, as the fs mussn't be mounted at partitioning00:08
coreyOk thanks any way00:08
burak575_hi i was remembering a program witch automaticly downloads and installs dependent packages while building software, is anybody know its name ?00:08
tnuicKiRiLoS: i choose ubuntu over vista at the windows boot loader and then ubuntu loads00:08
glitsj16almark1: looks like you're best bet yes00:08
DasEiburak575_: checkinstall ?00:09
KiRiLoStnuic, lol i gotta say that a weird issue you havin :P00:09
ajayi would like to know how to install the extra themes for getting the cube effect on ubuntu \00:09
burak575_maybe i will try it :)00:09
Stupendoussteveajay: That is done with compiz00:09
almark1glitsj16: nod and thanks00:09
KiRiLoStnuic, you installed through wubi or a regular install?00:09
glitsj16almark1: you're welcome00:10
ajayStupendoussteve, I have compiz installed but I remember there was the option that you could change in Extra to get the cube effect on00:10
ajayStupendoussteve, I just see Extra but not the option to change it00:10
tnuicKiRiLoS: Wubi, i downloaded the iso from ubuntu site and opened it in windows, then chose install in windows00:10
Stupendoussteveajay: The compiz-manager can configure it00:10
raylu!compiz | ajay00:10
ubottuajay: Compiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz-fusion00:10
ajaythanks guys00:11
rayluwow, that wasn't very helpful. do what Stupendoussteve said.00:11
DasEiburak575_: dpkg-deb -I <file>   shows you the deps00:11
glitsj16burak575_: if you're going to use checkinstall, you might be interested in reading http://renatoram.wordpress.com/2007/05/03/checkinstall-for-gnome-packets/ to save you some hassle00:11
tnuicKiRiLoS: last time i installed i had the same problem, i just reinstalled and it somehow solved.... this time i tried installing twice and not working00:11
KiRiLoStnuic, would you mind reinstalling?or getting some1 else to help you out?I just dont know the answer to your problem,sorry :/00:11
tnuicKiRiLoS: thanks for your time =D ... i'll try reinstalling it again...00:12
oinsHi. Can anyone help me with the RaLink2860 WLAN chip? I compiled the module without any errors, but now iwconfig doesn't show any wlan device.00:12
burak575_it was a program like i will say make install like and it auto downloads and installs dependend packages like, while building tux racer it automaticly installs opengl libs with single command00:12
Stupendoussteveajay: er, that is ccsm that configures it00:12
KiRiLoStnuic, try install wubi program first,google it.Then move the iso to a folder named ubuntu-backup in your c:(So you dont have to donwnload it all over again)00:12
glitsj16burak575_: hmm, that doesn't sound like checkinstall00:12
demmonwhat was the command to install a deb file with terminal00:13
KiRiLoStnuic, proceed with the installation and i hope it get's fixed :/00:13
Stupendoussteveburak575_: Sounds like ports, in BSD00:13
tnuicKiRiLoS: i have a cd burned =D00:13
DasEidemmon: sudo dpkg -i file.deb00:13
rayluoins: modprobe the module00:13
oinsraylu: did this. and it's loaded (lsmod). But nothing happens.00:14
burak575_hmm i think i found it, it is auto-apt with checkinstall00:14
burak575_i will try it now00:14
demmonDasEi: thanks cuz i cant install deb files anymore with double cklick they are crushing on me dunno why00:15
rayluoins: lspci -v will show you the modules used by a device00:15
Dreamglider-ssh-can multiple users ssh to the same PC at once ?00:16
rayluDreamglider-ssh-: of course00:16
thaazallDreamglider-ssh- Yes.00:16
Dreamglider-ssh-Ok thanks00:16
Dreamglider-ssh-what's the default ssh port ?00:16
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brucealdridgeI've lost keyboard & mouse on my machine, is there an easy way to run X over ssh (of a currently running program) or to send keystrokes to it (screen is now locked)00:17
glitsj16burak575_: the above remark with the link to configure checkinstall still is worthwhile, otherwise it could mess up your gconf db (it's a small config change)00:17
burak575glitsj16: thanks i will use it ;)00:17
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oinsraylu: hmm... it's not used. and i can't find my wlan device at the lspci list !? What's wrong. (http://paste.ubuntu.com/145208/) I have a eeePC 1000H. This should have the rt2860 WLAN or not?00:18
raylubrucealdridge: you can run X over ssh, but that starts a new session00:18
raylubrucealdridge: you could try setting up a vnc server on that machine00:19
raylubrucealdridge: or just reboot it from ssh00:19
brucealdridgeraylu: my problem is I was running an upgrade at the time00:19
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rayluoins: wait, was the device listed in lspci before?00:19
raylubrucealdridge: oh, and you fear it might still be running?00:19
brucealdridgeraylu: yea00:19
raylubrucealdridge: pgrep -l apt00:20
oinsraylu: haven't checked this... should i reboot and do a lspci again?00:20
oinsor unload the module?00:20
rayluoins: no, it shouldn't make a difference00:20
brucealdridgeraylu: thanks00:21
oinsraylu: i unloaded the module but no change at lspci http://paste.ubuntu.com/145210/ Where is my wireless device00:22
rayluoins: not sure. as i said, unloading the module shouldn't make a difference00:22
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rayluoins: generally, you install modules based on what lspci shows you. perhaps it's listed in lsusb. lshw may be a last resort00:23
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Arkenklowot, 10chan is totally kickass!00:23
leachim6I run synclient and I get the error "SHMConfig disabled?"00:23
leachim6how do I enable it00:23
WatchBotArkenklo: Please keep your links on topic and work safe.00:24
r33tfux0r_Good evening00:24
Arkenklogeez, your bots are slow00:24
r33tfux0r_How do I change the starting order of Daemons on my system?00:24
marceltem brasileiro ai?00:24
r33tfux0r_I want to start a network based daemon AFTER network manager00:24
r33tfux0r_otherwise it fails every time00:24
Arkenklowhat kind of word is that?00:25
oinsraylu: i identified the ra2860 device at windows and tried to install it under linux now. lsusb shows only an Alcor Micro Crop. Device.00:25
r33tfux0r_Arkenklo, its actually an old joke from some IRC friends =)00:25
Arkenklohuh, ok then00:25
raylu!pt | marcel00:25
ubottumarcel: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.00:25
ArkenkloI figured you were a noob who had misinterpeted a meme00:25
jiffe20grr, all of a sudden quanta+ can't connect to ftp00:25
DezineHow can I adjust the scroll speed of my mouse? Seems to jump pretty quickly.00:26
raylui wasn't aware it was possible to misinterpret memes00:26
toomuchespressodoes anyone know how to get sound working in firefox?00:27
toomuchespressoI am trying to stream video but can't00:27
mogul218_has anyone had any success getting the Xbox 360 controller to function normally in Ubuntu?  I would like to run Xpadder in Wine and use it to map the keys00:27
xovantoomuchespresso have you installed gstreamer?00:27
mnWhen I try to mount a partition I get "mount: No buffer space available".  How can I fix this?00:28
Arkenklomn: increase the buffer00:28
mnarkenklo: How?00:28
xovandoes sound work the rest of the time?00:29
CoJaBo-AztecIs it possible to add more loop devices?00:29
toomuchespressowhat do you mean by adding loop devices (I'm realtively new to linux)00:30
mrsteveman1i don't think you can do it at runtime though00:30
mrsteveman1i think you have to modify a kernel source file00:30
CoJaBo-AztecI have several hard drive images mounted, but 7 isn;t enough00:30
StevenXI added the repos to a program that has been updated. But when I do "apt-cache show keepassx" there are two versions. Version 0.4 and version 0.300:30
StevenXHow do I make sure that "sudo apt-get install keepassx" will install version 0.4?00:31
CoJaBo-AztecSuposedly its possible to do at runtime, but I cant find instructions for ubuntu.00:31
almark1I would like to uninstall jackd but when I type apt-get remove jackd, it wants to uninstall a group a packages I need, how I just uninstall one package?00:31
GobbyWhere can I get packs of Icons that work for Ubuntu studio?00:31
ubottuWant to see volume/trash icons on the desktop? Go to /apps/nautilus/desktop in gconf-editor (GNOME) or go to http://kudos.berlios.de/kf/kisimlar/tipsntrix.html#showtrash (KDE)00:31
IenorandGobby: http://gnome-look.org00:32
Gobbylenorand: thank you00:32
raylualmark1: why are those packages being removed? lack of dependency or installed only as a dependency?00:32
almark1raylu: I don't want them removed that is, I just want one pkg removed, how do I do that?00:33
glitsj16StevenX: i believe synaptic has a preferences setting (under the "distribution" tab) to prioritize the highest available version, not sure though00:33
raylualmark1: again, that depends on why they're being removed00:33
StevenXglitsj16, I am using the command line. Any way to do it through there? Both packages have the name "keepassx".00:33
raylualmark1: if you could pastebin the output of the remove command, that'd help00:33
almark1raylu: I will00:33
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz-fusion00:34
glitsj16StevenX: there should be one yes, but i don't know00:34
ugliefrogGobby:What u wanting to do00:34
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StevenXglitsj16, I did it through Synaptic. You were right. It did prioritize the newest version.00:34
almark1raylu: http://pastebin.com/d673c72fa00:35
StevenXglitsj16, ty.00:35
ChuZeinhey nesesito ayuda00:35
Gobbyugliefrog: FIrst of all change some icons. Second of all turn on some of the cool compiz stuff00:35
mrsteveman1coJaBo-Aztec: http://svn.rpmforge.net/svn/trunk/tools/mrepo/docs/loop-devices.txt00:35
ChuZeinexcuse me00:35
CoJaBo-Aztecmrsteveman1: Will that work properly on ubuntu tho?00:36
raylualmark1: those depend on jackd00:36
mrsteveman1it should00:36
epaphusHey guys, I have my machine unbootable.. with an error code 15 when it enters the bootloader....   what is the recommended procedure for this?00:36
mrsteveman1unless they specifically removed the ability to pass a higher number to the kernel when the module loads, or made it compiled in00:37
almark1raylu: Yeah, they do, but is there a way to just remove one package? And then I'll install or compile a newer jackd?00:37
glitsj16StevenX: you might be able to set that in /etc/apt/apt.conf00:37
filo1234epaphus: you have wron UUID or /dev root on menu.lst maybe00:38
epaphusfilo1234, is this related to a raid config?00:38
raylualmark1: hehehe.00:38
almark1raylu: hehehe hmm.?00:38
raylualmark1: the proper way to do this is to roll your own deb of jackd00:38
filo1234epaphus: is possible00:38
raylualmark1: the quick and dirty way is to leave jackd installed and install your own version yourself00:38
MHz128help! my windows keep starting with the titlebars behind the GnomePanel... how can I fix this ???00:38
Lenin_Cathow do I upgrade to ext400:38
epaphusfilo1234, would an easy fix for this be..  taking one of the hard disks out?00:39
almark1raylu: Its installed right now00:39
jiffe20hmm, if ftp in nautilus broken?00:39
raylualmark1: ok. leave it that way and compile and install another version over it00:39
Roastedhow can you resolve the error "Can't have a partition outside of the disk!" I'm trying to push an image to this drive and its g iving me this error and I'm not sure why.00:39
jiffe20is ftp broken rather00:39
filo1234epaphus: find right / directory00:39
almark1raylu: I can't get it to work because of the old one, I even go to its /usr/local/bin and type ./jackd and still won't work00:39
epaphusfilo1234, what do you mean? sorry00:39
noodlesgcLenin_Cat you shouldn't really change to ext4 until jaunty00:39
almark1raylu: no no I have jackd from apt-get and I just compiled a newer one in /usr/local/bin00:40
raylualmark1: another unrecommended way is to use dpkg to uninstall jackd and force it to ignore depencies00:40
raylualmark1: but really, you should build your own proper deb of the new jackd00:40
jiffe20no matter what I try I get the error that it can't display the location00:40
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filo1234epaphus: on grub you must to set right / device and must to be same on /etc/fstab00:40
epaphusfilo1234, ok so I boot with the live cd?00:41
filo1234epaphus: boot with live cd00:41
Lenin_Catnoodlesgc, I have jaunty00:41
noodlesgcLenin_Cat jaunty discussion is in #ubuntu+100:41
epaphusfilo1234, when you refer to the live cd.. its the same cd as the installation cd.. right?00:41
LiquidBSDi just installed ububtu on a laptop00:42
filo1234epaphus: sure00:42
graingertLiquidBSD-> hooray00:42
mnI get "mount: No buffer space available"  when I try to mount a partition from a liveCD.  What is the problem?00:42
almark1raylu: I will take the unrecommended way thanks. How do I do it?\00:42
zcat[1]finally figured out a way of recording video, xawtv, then record to mjpeg avi, 25fps, 16bit44100 sound, generates files that kino or ffmeg can deal with00:43
zcat[1]what a drama though! Took bloody ages to get there00:43
pasteeateris universe and multiverse enabled by default on a standard ubuntu installation?00:43
Flannelzcat[1]: Write it up on the wiki!00:43
Flannelpasteeater: For recent versions of Ubuntu, yes.00:43
zcat[1]have given up any notion of streaming00:43
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LiquidBSDinstalling and configuring ubuntu is surely a heck of a lot easier than installing slackware was in 199700:44
pasteeaterFlannel: thanks.  which version did this trend begin?00:44
zcat[1]I think most of the problem is that the bt878 card produces raw, uncomressed video. if I had a better card I could probably just read an mpeg stream direct from /dev/video00:45
Flannelpasteeater: Feisty? Gutsy? somewhere in there.00:45
somedude33is this a good channel for noob questions?00:45
pasteeatersomedude33: yes00:45
=== k is now known as Guest2014
epaphusfilo1234, how do I know which partition should be the 1st one.. the bootable one if i dont remeber what was in /etc/fstab?00:46
PCTeacher012Flannel: I have another question today. Not hardware, but software. aMSN will not work. I log on, and it freezes and i must force quit, started two days ago, do i need to reinstall?00:46
Tr0pW3NQuestion - What is the MAX RAM that I can have running Umbuntu 8.10 ?00:46
CoJaBo-Aztecmrsteveman1: thanks00:46
filo1234epaphus: are you with cd live?00:46
zcat[1]btw who is Flannel ?00:46
Guest2014my problem: all my windows open up such that their title bars are outside the visual interface of the screen (in other words i have to move the window down in order to see the top of any opened window that is NOT maximized) is there a simple fix for this thanks.00:46
PCTeacher012Flannel: Reinstall aMSN00:46
somedude33how can i launch the "Sound Preference" applet if I don't have it in the menu?00:46
FlannelPCTeacher012: No idea.  Have you checked launchpad for a bug report about it?00:47
almark1raylu: Haha Rumplestiltzskin, its called checkinstall isn't it?00:47
epaphusfilo1234, iam going to boot from the install cd.. not yet..00:47
PCTeacher012um.. no, ill check now00:47
FlannelTr0pW3N: 32 or 64 bits?00:47
temp01is it possible to add seperators  to grub menu?00:47
Flanneltemp01: Yes00:47
pasteeatersomedude33: open a terminal and type: gnome-sound-properties00:47
Tr0pW3N32 bit00:47
Tr0pW3NWhat's the command to find out if I am running 32 or 6400:47
filo1234epaphus: paste sudo fdisk -l00:47
somedude33tx !00:47
temp01Flannel: how? :)00:48
PCTeacher012Flannel: What is the link?00:48
Flannel!launchpad | PCTeacher01200:48
ubottuPCTeacher012: Launchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/00:48
KiRiLoSTroll_Man, uname -a00:48
exodus_msI have 2 hard drives; /dev/sda1 (35.84 GiB) and /dev/sdb1 (113.06 GiB) /dev/sda1 has 8.10 installed and /dev/sdb1 has 8.04 installed. What would be the safest way to rid 8.04 and add the extra hdd to /dev/sda1?00:48
PCTeacher012Okay, i didnt know link, even though i hsould, im ON the bug team xD00:48
epaphusfilo1234, ok.. and the config where all the stuff i need would be the grub.conf.. right?00:48
marqueedby some pretty sheer idiocy, i clobbered python2.5, so /usr/bin/python2.5 doesn't exist00:48
raylualmark1: what?00:48
=== Guest2014 is now known as [ucb]kevin
[ucb]kevinmy problem: all my windows open up such that their title bars are outside the visual interface of the screen (in other words i have to move the window down in order to see the top of any opened window that is NOT maximized) is there a simple fix for this thanks.00:48
marqueedand reinstalling it somehow requires it in a way i don't fully understand00:48
FlannelTr0pW3N: 32bit OSes can address up to 4GB of memory at a time.  You'll get around 3.2GB of usable RAM for normal circumstances.  If you really, really want more, and can't move to 64bit, you can use PAE, which does a paging type thing to give you more than that total (but still only that much at a time)00:48
raylualmark1: and which unrecommended way?00:49
PCTeacher012how do i install Java for Ubuntu? Java.com: Linux: Self Extractor?00:49
joshjtlhey folks how do I use apt to search for installed packages that have "word" in it?00:49
Flannel!java | PCTeacher01200:49
ubottuPCTeacher012: To install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository00:49
Flanneljoshjtl: dpkg -l | grep word00:49
Tr0pW3NOkay same like XP..... Cool.... Thanks.00:49
temp01Flannel: ?00:49
ubottuFor help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted or !QtParted - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap00:49
PCTeacher012ubottu: Is that apt-gt?00:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about Is that apt-gt?00:49
exodus_ms!GParted | exodus_ms00:50
ubottuexodus_ms, please see my private message00:50
joshjtlthanks Flannel00:50
[ucb]kevinPCTeacher012, ubottu is a bot :)00:50
almark1raylu: actually I like checkinstall, this is better don't you think?00:50
Flanneltemp01: Just have a title line with an empty 'root' line under it.00:50
filo1234epaphus: cannot come here with live cd?00:50
raylualmark1: no idea00:50
zcat[1]PCTeacher012, you can install a package via apt-get or aptitude or synaptic.. it's all different fronetends for the same system00:50
FlannelTr0pW3N: Thats not a windows or linux thing, but a property of the hardware.00:50
PCTeacher012kevin: Oh! XD Well, it should have boT:ubottu (I see bot now :p) well is the multiverse respitory apt-get then?00:51
epaphusfilo1234, iam sorry.. what are you asking me?00:51
Flannelmarqueed: How are you trying to reinstall it?00:51
riwasomething is odd with my sound. When i use headphones and the volume is up i get this peep (like tinnitus) from time to time. Almost like an old call modem but very vague. Any ideas?00:51
filo1234epaphus: if you can join here by cd live, for paste command00:51
FlannelPCTeacher012: yes, you can access the multiverse repository with apt-get00:51
PCTeacher012kk, thnx :)00:51
Tr0pW3NYup.... Thank You Flannel.....00:52
marqueedFlannel: aptitude reinstall, error in postinst00:52
zcat[1]PCTeacher012, I'd highly reccomend 'sudo apt-get ubuntu-restricted-extras' -- that installs flash, java, lots of codecs, ms core fonts.. and a few other things all in one go.00:52
temp01Flannel: not possible to get a blank line or '------' type of separator?00:52
marqueedtried building the source package and installing in /usr/local, but i'm still having issues00:52
Flanneltemp01: Just put ------ as the title.00:52
epaphusfilo1234, ohh no, i cannot... iam just oritentating myself of aprox what it would take to reinstall the grub boot loader rather then trying to find out where the error is and fixing it ..00:52
temp01Flannel: blank wont work?00:52
PCTeacher012sudo: update-java-alternatives: command not found. How do i know?00:52
epaphusfilo1234, this ia  remote machine so the guys are getting their stuff together00:52
zcat[1]PCTeacher012, sorry; 'sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras'00:52
Flanneltemp01: It may.00:52
temp01Flannel: ok thanks :)00:53
almark1raylu: I googled install a compiled package with deb so it returned a program called checkinstall, from apt-get it was small00:53
marqueedFlannel: now my problem is http://paste.ubuntu.com/145215/00:53
PCTeacher012zcat: Thanks00:53
filo1234epaphus: i can't aid you without see output command ;)00:53
PCTeacher012zcat: That installs ALOT :p00:54
Manny2218Hey well i have a problem - I installed Ubuntu - But I forgot to install Grub, So now when I turn on my computer, Grub loads, Says "error 18" and then just sits there. I'm running off a Live CD at the moment, what can I do to fix Grub?00:54
zcat[1]ubuntu-restricted-extras is a convenient metapackage for people who don't really want to figure things out and just want everything to damn-well work!00:54
Flannelmarqueed: that's odd.  apt-get doesn't depend on python.00:54
epaphusfilo1234, lets just suppose for a minute I prefer reinstalling the grub bootloader from scratch with the CD.. i would have to give it the mount points..  how would I Know them?00:54
zcat[1]Yes, it does install a lot ;)00:55
PCTeacher012zcat: LOL, thats me (right now) later, when i get everything, im going to  get deeper into linux, i was frikin smart at windows, not i feel like a retard :P00:55
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marqueedFlannel: i may have inadvertently worsened the problem by attempting to fix it00:55
filo1234epaphus: so use supergrubdisk, it repair grub automatically00:56
=== PCTeacher-Ubuntu is now known as UbutnuStudent
UbutnuStudentthere :P00:56
zcat[1]did you mean UbunutStudent perhaps?00:56
[ucb]kevinmy problem: all my windows open up such that their title bars are outside the visual interface of the screen (in other words i have to move the window down in order to see the top of any opened window that is NOT maximized) is there a simple fix for this thanks.00:56
filo1234!grub | epaphus  or you can find some solution following this00:56
ubottuepaphus  or you can find some solution following this: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto00:56
pumpkinseedhello everyone00:57
UbutnuStudentzcat: Woops! LOL00:57
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UbuntuStudentThere we go00:57
UbuntuStudentcorrct now?00:57
Flannelmarqueed: You might try downloading those debs (python2.5 and python2.5-minimal) and installing them with dpkg?00:57
andy___hello everyone00:57
marqueedFlannel: no go :(00:57
pumpkinseedhello andy___00:57
zcat[1]damn, I have run out of keyboards00:58
UbuntuStudentzcat: 9 minutes lol00:58
zcat[1]nope.. found one!00:58
andy___is there some rason why i could get the effects to work on my 8.10 install..im using ATI graphics card00:58
UbuntuStudentbrb: Gotta help sis with Myspace coding :P00:58
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zcat[1]run out of working keyboards, I have several spare broken ones and one that's chinese00:59
pumpkinseedI am running Ubuntu 8.10 and Windows XP (dualbooting) on one 500gb hard drive (partitioned separated). I just got a WD Raptor 10000rpm drive and want to migrate windows onto the drive. Will Grub know where the new OS is located?00:59
brandon_does any know how to get Visualizations on Amarok01:00
zcat[1]pumpkinseed, nope.01:00
Jay555why when i try to edit a file in /etc i get that i dont have permissions, except i am the only account01:00
zcat[1]pumpkinseed, there's an example entry in grub.conf though, just uncomment it and adjust it as required01:00
pumpkinseedzcat[1]: Thanks01:00
brandon_does any know how to get Visualizations on Amarok01:01
zcat[1]Jay555, sudo nano /etc/foo01:01
brandon_does any know how to get Visualizations on Amarok01:01
epaphusfilo1234, nice.. that link is extremely helpful.. i appreciate it!!!  what is the difference between the live cd or the install cd?01:01
Jay555i need to run that every time i try to edit a /etc file01:01
zcat[1]Jay555, or alt-F2, gksu gedit /etc/foo if you prefer a gui editor01:01
brandon_does any know how to get Visualizations on Amarok01:01
pumpkinseedzcat[1]: Where is grub.conf located under Ubuntu? (better yet, how does one search for files under the command line in linux?)01:01
Manny2218Hey i asked this question before but no one answered : Well i have a problem - I installed Ubuntu - But I forgot to install Grub, So now when I turn on my computer, Grub loads, Says "error 18" and then just sits there. I'm running off a Live CD at the moment, what can I do to fix Grub?01:01
glitsj16Flannel: the python dependency in marqueed's situation stems from packagekit, python-packagekit is only in jaunty it seems .. don't know if that means anything relevant though01:01
brandon_does any know how to get Visualizations on Amarok01:01
zcat[1]pumpkinseed, 'locate grub.conf'01:02
UbuntuStudentHi Jay555, its PCTeacher01201:02
brandon_does any know how to get Visualizations on Amarok01:02
pumpkinseedzcat[1]: Super. Thanks01:02
rwwManny2218: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub01:02
marqueedglitsj16: i think i've fixed it (i'm on jaunty, yeah)01:02
Flannelzcat[1], pumpkinseed: in Ubuntu we use menu.lst not grub.conf (theyre the same thing)01:02
rww!repeat > brandon_01:02
brandon_does any know how to get Visualizations on Amarok01:02
ubottubrandon_, please see my private message01:02
filo1234epaphus: nothing difference.... there is only one difference between live cd and alternate cd01:02
Jay555hey pctacher1201:02
glitsj16marqueed: nice, one less thing01:02
Flannelmarqueed: ah.  You should ask in #ubuntu+1 then. they'll know more.01:02
zcat[1]pumpkinseed, except I just realised I mean menu.list!!01:02
UbuntuStudentJay555: Did it work?01:02
marqueedthe problem was pretty much version-agnostic, i think01:02
zcat[1]menu.lst, bugger it. Trying to do too many things at once01:03
Jay555ubuntustudent: o i just said screw it, now im 100% ubuntu.01:03
marqueedi had to install 2.5 from source, and then set those binaries and library prefixes in place of what apt expects, and then reinstall from there01:03
UbuntuStudentJay555: Hope it works out! Family fine with it?01:03
filo1234epaphus: live cd run on ram, and you can use it like a normal desktop install01:03
zcat[1]Jay555, I did that YEARS ago.. except it was 100% slackware back then01:03
Jay555ubuntustudent: yeah they better be. my mom just needed to use it occasionally because she doesn't have her own computer. but shell learn to live with it01:04
Manny2218But i already had windows Installed, i forgot to set up Grub during the Ubuntu installation. Now when i turn my computer on, Grub just says "error 18"01:04
UbuntuStudentLol, my bro has to :p01:04
Roastedwhos a genius with hard drive partitions? I dont understand something with linux here. I was trying to push an image to a 40gb drive and it errored out and said "Can't have partition outside the disk!" I booted to GParted and the disk was unallocated. So I thought, hmm, maybe if I create a new partition? So I went to create a new partition and I got a warning "Doing this will erase all of the data on the disk." I hit create. But afte01:04
Roastedr I hit create, the disk was still 100% unallocated. If I hit "new" again, THEN I could choose the type of partition. I chose not to and rebooted and now my image works fine.01:04
RoastedWhat is it about that message I got in gparted to create a new partition when it was still 100% unallocated that suddenly made the disk work??01:04
UbuntuStudentmy mom dont use it, my dad uses sisters laptop, and both sisters hav laptop, so bro will have to learn :p @Jay55501:04
brandon_does any know how to put Visualizations on Amarok01:04
Jay555ubuntustudent: haha, u got a big family! yeah but my wireless card isnt supported :( so i have to plug it in01:05
rwwRoasted: the "Doing this will erase all of the data on the disk" message comes up when you're making a new partition table / label, not a new partition.01:05
Jay555and all my jacks are phone01:05
Jay555so i have to plug into router......01:05
Roastedrww - Do you know how the hard drive erased the partition table?01:05
brandon_does any know how to put Visualizations on Amarok01:05
Roastedrww - I really don't understand how it got like that cause it was just a spare one sitting on my shelf.01:06
brandon_does any know how to put Visualizations on Amarok01:06
UbuntuStudentJay555: Ya, i do :p and that sucks, i have desktop computer, so it works (not with vista though :p) and when i but new laptop ($5000 <_<) i HIPOPE Ubuntu supportrs it01:06
brandon_does any know how to put Visualizations on Amarok01:06
rwwRoasted: I assume that when you tried to push an image onto it, you overwrote the old one.01:06
brandon_does any know how to put Visualizations on Amarok01:06
zcat[1]I got really lucky with wireless.. I have a pc card and a USB adapter that boot work right off the CD, and built in wireless in the laptop that only needed a checkbox to get working01:06
UbuntuStudentSomehting is wrong with ubuntu. All the screens + Panels flash away then back01:06
Ienorandbrandon_: Don't repeat, probably no one does know...01:06
rww!repeat | brandon_01:06
ubottubrandon_: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience01:07
Jay555ubuntustudent: for 5 grand, id just buy a macbook pro. that should be good enough for gaming01:07
UbuntuStudentmaybe because im installing that large package?01:07
brandon_does any know how to put Visualizations on Amarok01:07
Roastedrww - when you install say, windows XP, does it create a partition table + partition when you install it? Is the same true with Ubuntu? Maybe that's why I never ran into it before.01:07
Jay555ubuntustudent: then again i know nothing of the pc gaming world01:07
rwwRoasted: yes, they do01:07
brandon_does any know how to put Visualizations on Amarok01:07
UbuntuStudentJay555: Mac sadly doesnt support windows games :( So that is why i am forced to get it01:07
zcat[1]Roasted, windows just hides a lot of the technical stuff; under the hood it's doing a lot of the same things01:07
Jay555ubuntustudent: o silly me. yes that sux. just buy a 360! what games do u play anyway? (and mac got cod!)01:08
Roastedhmm, that makes sense. I didn't realize there was a partition TABLE that was created before the partition. I thought maybe that was tacked in WITH the actual partition itself. But, ahh, I know what to look for now!01:09
blunderthe ubuntu server version has some sort of setting to keep it from upgrading the kernel, how do I get past this?01:09
UbuntuStudentzcat: I do not remember, must i restart Epiphany Web Browser to make java work in it?01:09
UbuntuStudentJay555: No, i own PS3 :p and i play games such as: CoD, Brother in arms, Resistance Fall of Man, Fallout 3, and Killzone2 (we should probably take his to private chat lol)01:09
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zcat[1]there's an MBR, partition table, partition boot records, filesystem.. windows (and the ubuntu installer, for the most part) hide all the messy details and just make it work for you01:09
Jay555ubuntustudent: o 360 pwns. but ps3 has killzone i guess, i gtg eat dinner now tho. but i might bbk later01:10
rwwRoasted: Glad I could help :)01:10
UbuntuStudentkk, Ps3 is better :p @Jay55501:10
Jay555hell no. and bye.01:10
zcat[1]UbuntuStudent, probably ..01:10
MHz128I am having issues with Choppy Scrolling in Firefox (3.08) running Nvidia 180.11..... any ideas?01:10
UbuntuStudentzcat: okay thnx, erstarting now01:10
lewenchI have installed fluxbox on ubuntu 8.10. But i cannot find the file startup in /home/user/.fluxbox/startup  its not there at all. Is there another place where this file might be/ Or do i have to create it?01:10
MHz128most choppy on sites with lots of images...01:10
bartskde2I just installed a wintv hvr-1600 which according to linuxtv.org works now but when I reboot the xserver can't find the nvidia driver 180.x.x even though it's installed. any ideas?01:11
rwwlewench: I vaguely remember having to create it when I was running fluxbox01:11
UbuntuStudentWee! Sound hasnt messed up :D01:11
zcat[1]bah I need to get off here and go install OOo3 on another machine01:11
rwwi haven't used it in a while, though01:11
lewenchrww, Thats what i thought. Im reading a guide, and its saying to edit this file, but the file is not there, i don't know if its located somewhere else in the system01:11
UbuntuStudentzcat: What is the error here? I cant play Java: http://paste.ubuntu.com/145218/01:13
ubottuJaunty Jackalope is the codename for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 23rd, 2009 -  Schedule in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyReleaseSchedule - Lots of breakage between now and April 23rd - Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion and support.01:16
ubottuAu revoir!01:17
Briandb12221got a question...I tried pasting a driver into the drivers file for my graphics card. However, it won't let me paste it. At the bottom it says that there is 0 free space...does this have to do with the reason why?01:20
n8tuserfibm withdrew offer to buy java01:21
Flanneln8tuserf: #ubuntu-offtopic, not here, thanks.01:21
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ameshockeywhats going on01:23
mariiEscriba el texto aquí....hola01:24
mariicomo estan alguien que quiera hablar comigo01:24
scuniziBriandb12221: typically a driver is a collection of files.. what card do you have and where did you get your driver that you're trying to paste?01:24
Briandb12221No habla espanol, Marii01:25
matttttthello folks!01:25
mariiy tu01:26
Briandb12221I have a S3 Unichrome Pro integrated graphics card01:26
exodus_ms!es | marii01:26
ubottumarii: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.01:26
_mnemonic76I am about to destroy something! I have been working on compiling the latest version of libgphoto2 and gphoto2 for two days now. I have VERY little experience compiling from source, and this thing is a mess... all because I bought a new Canon digital.01:26
mattttttanybody knows a good suicide channel?01:26
Matsonis there a way to reduce or eliminate the pause that happens when passwords are entered incorrectly?01:26
Briandb12221matttttt: why what's going on?01:27
YixilTesiphonwhat are possible reasons that my headphone jack wouldn't work?01:27
Matsonit's only a few seconds, and I know it is a security feature - but it is extremely annoying01:27
scuniziBriandb12221: I'll be backing away from S3 gingerly.. and let someone else guide you with this one.. S3 is quirky and problematic01:27
scuniziBriandb12221: however if you have instructions and need to paste.. try moving the file to the right location using sudo01:27
Briandb12221scunizi: I got it from viaarena.com or something like that...I have an S3 Unichrome Pro01:27
_mnemonic76Has anyone else dealt with the newest version of gphoto2?01:29
Briandb12221yeah...I have a laptop. might as well buy a new lappy if I'm gonna get a new one. heh.01:29
Alondra¿Alguien puede decirme que version de ubuntu consume menos recursos? Tengo instalada la versión 8.04 y mi máquina se calienta mucho.01:29
Enigmais there any way to hide extensions?01:29
_mnemonic76I have followed the wikis on compiling from source, and I guess maybe there are some source code written easier to compile than others?01:30
carandraug!xubuntu | Alondra01:30
ubottuAlondra: Xubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels01:30
Flannel!mx | Alondra01:31
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about mx01:31
Flannel!es | Alondra01:31
ubottuAlondra: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.01:31
mariihola hola01:31
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_mnemonic76Flannel: Heh, mx is a country, es is a language ;)01:32
Enigmano one knows?01:32
=== Guest92181 is now known as kingbilly
Flannel_mnemonic76: yes.01:32
Briandb12221Enigma: I'd check under preferences in the edit menu01:32
Spence_hey guys, whats the code to make a new folder(directory) with terminal?01:32
FlannelSpence_: mkdir01:33
_mnemonic76Ok, any advice on a channel to go to for more help figuring out this problem compiling?01:33
EccentricSpence_: mkdir01:33
fclebiooi, alguem fala portugues?01:33
IenorandSpence_: mkdir01:33
Briandb12221Enigma: I've checked for my self, but I didn't find the option, but maybe I missed something.01:33
Flannel!pt | fclebio01:33
ubottufclebio: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.01:33
Alondracarandraug and ubottu thank you01:33
Alondraasí lo haré01:33
Spence_and how do i direct it, like: mkdir (new folder name) (directory to make at)?01:33
Enigmayeah i was going to say i've already looked01:33
Briandb12221Does anyone know how I would install stuff that is written in python and such? I follow the instructions but nothing works.01:34
IenorandSpence_: mkdir location-of-new-directory01:34
carandraugSpence_: "mkdir /path_to_new_directory"  Run "man mkdir"01:34
FlannelSpence_: it accepts regular paths, so you can either do "mkdir name" and it'll make it in the current directory, or "mkdir /path/to/folder/name" to put it there.01:34
Enigmai just wanna hide most of the ".avi" and ".jpg" i already know what they are because they are in their corresponding folders01:34
Spence_alrighty, thanks guys01:34
scuniziSpence_: if you're doing it in your home directory then it's as the others have said.. if it's outside /home then preface it with sudo01:35
Briandb12221Enigma: I'm not sure exactly. I'm new to Ubuntu. I just know where stuff is, now how to do stuff.01:36
SkamlausHello, could someone please help me? I'm getting a Grub error 17 on a dual installation with Vista on my laptope01:36
scuniziI've got a Brother MFC-7440n networked and printing fine with their provided drivers, however I'm having problems getting their linux drivers working for the fax and the scanner.. Anyone done this?01:36
UbuntuStudentWhat is the error here? I cant play Java: http://paste.ubuntu.com/145218/01:37
SkamlausCrowdy in here :)01:37
Briandb122211348 people in here01:37
Briandb12221I'm surprised it isn't lagging.01:37
scuniziUbuntuStudent: did you install your own nvidia driver? one from the nvidia site?  if so reinstall.. that's what fixed me01:38
sebsebsebBriandb12221: sure, but it's questionable how many of them actsaully use Ubuntu01:38
lstarnesBriandb12221: with the way this network is set up, it can handle over 40000 users01:38
meoblast001firefox is acting weird.... when i start it up it's covering the whole screen but it's not in reall fullscreen mode..... how do i fix that?01:38
sebsebsebBriandb12221: and this channel can go really bad at times01:38
eseven731384 is actually low compared to what it used to be in here01:38
Briandb12221Does anyone know how I would install stuff that is written in python and such? I follow the instructions but nothing works.01:38
UbuntuStudentscunizi: My nVidia graphics card is no longer supported by nVidia :(01:38
eseven73err 1353 rather01:38
Briandb12221Seb: ah01:38
scuniziUbuntuStudent: what have you got?01:38
sebsebseb!netsplit > Briandb1222101:39
ubottuBriandb12221, please see my private message01:39
UbuntuStudentthe TNT2 Pro x86 version (somthing like that) can i check in ubuntu somehow @ scunizi01:39
=== pauljw_ is now known as pauljw
scuniziUbuntuStudent: sudo lshw will give you a list of your hardware..01:39
sebsebsebBriandb12221: seemsa  lot of people just leave there computers on in here, and we never even see them chatting here01:39
gmaculohow do i disable CPU frequency scaling in jaunty? -- always set it to max01:40
Enigmawhats MIME mean?01:40
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about mime01:40
DigitalKiwiwhen you don't talk but express your ideas with actions01:40
eseven73sebsebseb, thats why netsplits are good, it gets rid of the chronic idlers taking up bandwidth and whatnot01:40
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit01:41
adam7gmaculo: what are you trying to accomplish with that? if you're using gnome, you can add the cpu scaling applet to the panel and use that01:41
UbuntuStudentscunizi: My Graphics card is "NV5M64 [RIVA TNT2 Model 64/Model 64 Pro]" Vendor: nVidia Corp.01:41
eseven73sebsebseb, although most of them have auto rejoin on their clients, heh01:41
gmaculoadam7: just want to be running at max speed all the time... some programs are really jumpy when it slows down.,,, the cpu scaling applet doesnt seem to be changing it..01:42
UbuntuStudentThe nVidia Auto serach never found it @ scunizi then when i looked for it manually, didnt see it01:42
usserUbuntuStudent, man, riva tnt2 havent seen one of those in years01:43
UbuntuStudentusser: I know, it is sad, my comp is 8 years old, top then, crap now :p01:43
scuniziUbuntuStudent: I'll look .. hang on.. I think I still have one of those in a box someplace.. I just got rid of a dx2/66 asus motherboard with processor and ram.. some old stuff.01:44
eseven73UbuntuStudent,  I bet it was over $2500 too01:45
PhotoJimUbuntuStudent: I had a good Intrepid Ibex installation on a PII-400 with 384 MB of RAM up until a few weeks ago when I sold it.  perfectly good office and web/email machine.  maximize your RAM and use your machine unapologetically.01:45
UbuntuStudentMy upcoming computer is top of line (it is laptop)01:45
UbuntuStudentphotojim: Yepp01:45
Matsonis there a way to reduce or eliminate the pause that happens when passwords are entered incorrectly?01:45
Matsonit's only a few seconds, and I know it is a security feature - but it is extremely annoying01:45
UbuntuStudenteseven73L IDK, my parents bought it.01:45
PhotoJimMatson: you don't want it disabled.  don't type your password wrong.  ;)01:45
UbuntuStudentscunizi: Okay01:45
DigitalKiwiare we comparing old computers running linux stats?01:46
MatsonPhotoJim: I understand - but I *Really do* want it disabled01:46
UbuntuStudentI hate having everything (video, sound) and all on the motherboard! and maybe :p01:46
eseven73UbuntuStudent, yeah most computers of that age, went for about $2000 or more back then01:46
UbuntuStudenteseven73: I wouldn't doubt, relatively new to ppl then :p01:46
* DigitalKiwi has a PII 266 with 90ish MB ram and a 4 gig hard drive running arch linux ;D01:46
noaeanyone here know how to open an old .jar file? im trying to open one that seems to keep 'expiring,' so to speak01:46
scuniziUbuntuStudent: found them on nvidia's site .. http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_display_x86_71.86.09.html01:46
UbuntuStudentthe laptop i am getting is much mroe expensive :p01:46
yvan300hey everyone, could some one help me to speed up my internet, it's getting unusually slow, i've got a broadband connection :001:47
UbuntuStudentscunizi: Really? You gotta be kidding me! Thier auto cant find it, and i looked for half hour xD01:47
eseven73yvan300, isp's are starting to cap torrents like theres no tomorrow, are you downloading stuff from torrents?01:47
yvan300eseven73 nope01:48
TunnlRatI can hear sound through my headphones but not my speakers, and i know they work, someone said something about enabling jack sensing, anyone know how to do that or have any ideas ?01:48
crdlbUbuntuStudent: why not just install nvidia-glx-71 ?01:48
scuniziUbuntuStudent: I just typed into their searchbar riva tnt2 and got a list of links and choose the second or third that had nvidia in the name..01:48
UbuntuStudentscunizi: That surely is it. Thanks a ton01:48
noaeeseven73: even encrypted streams?01:48
PhotoJimMatson: I'm not aware of any way to do it.  but if you did do it, I strongly suggest either completely disabling sshd login via passwords, or disconnecting from the Internet.  with no password rejection delay, intruders can brute-force their way into your machine before long.01:48
yvan300eseven73, it just began suddenly, today01:48
UbuntuStudentcrdlb: never knew about that lol01:48
scuniziUbuntuStudent: np.. remember installing that is different.. uninstall all nvidia references from synaptic package manager and then go to a TTY and shutdown GDM.. THEN install the drivers.01:48
ugliefrogGobby:What u wanting to do01:49
eseven73noae, not sure about encrypted01:49
UbuntuStudentscunizi: Shutdown GDM?01:49
yvan300eseven73, isn't there like some kind of internet optimizer for ubuntu01:49
=== dustin is now known as apple_pie
UbuntuStudentTTY & GDM?01:49
ugliefrogGobby:shouldnt matter01:50
scuniziUbuntuStudent: GDM is the "Graphics Display Manager". these drivers have to be installed using the termial with no desktop running01:50
glitsj16_mnemonic76: still looking for gphoto2 version 2.4.4 ?01:50
pppoe_dudehello. is there a good program to make movies in ubuntu? something that can splice/add watermarks/effects, etc.01:50
apple_pieI have epson cx8400 all in one printer, i cant get the printer to scan images using xsane, even if i run in sudo... drivers are installed, printer works otherwise, please help somebody i need to scan on ubuntu01:50
sebsebsebpppoe_dude: try kino01:50
noaeim trying to open this java program but it wont open after so long01:50
scuniziUbuntuStudent: ctrl+alt+F2 will get you to a TTY.. a text termanal..01:50
eseven73yvan300, im sure theres some tweaks and stuff, but I don't know off the top of my head, try searching the forums maybe01:50
jribpppoe_dude: kino, pitivi, avidemux come to mind01:50
UbuntuStudentscunizi: Remove or Complete Removal? and i dont know how to shut down GDM01:50
sebsebsebpppoe_dude: also for 2d animation Synfig01:50
scuniziUbuntuStudent: remove01:50
noaeim trying to open this java program but it wont open after so long, what is the problem?01:50
UbuntuStudentscunizi: oh, thank01:50
jribnoae: how can you expect anyone to be able to answer that question with so little information?01:51
Eccentricwats the apt-get cmd to get openoffice????01:51
jrib!apt > Eccentric01:51
ubottuEccentric, please see my private message01:51
UbuntuStudentremove EVERY refernce to nVidia01:51
pppoe_dudesebastien, jrib , sebsebseb, thanks01:51
_mnemonic76glitsj16: I think I need 2.4.5 for the Canon SD1100, but 2.4.4 woulf be newer than what the ubuntu reps offer.01:51
noaejrib: what more information did you need?01:51
scuniziUbuntuStudent: so once things are removed.. ctrl+alt+F2 .. then.. sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop ... then if you saved the driver to the Desktop you would .. cd /home/<login name>/Desktop01:52
ibeekmananyone have any thoughts where I can get help debugging graphics card type stuff?01:52
scuniziUbuntuStudent: yes.. every reference that is installed.01:52
ugliefrogGobby:working now01:52
jribnoae: the program you are trying to run and a pastebin of your terminal session might make it more likely someone can spot the issue01:52
UbuntuStudentscunizi: Every refernce to nVidia? and what about: xserver-xorg-vido-nv, smartdimmer, and jokeygtk?01:52
H_M-Ubuntuscunizi, Or just ~/Desktop01:52
_mnemonic76glitsj16: Actually, I just checked the release notes and 2.4.4 is the one i need!01:52
H_M-Ubuntu~ FTW01:52
Eccentriceven for the tag to get openoffice??01:53
noaejrib: the program disappears01:53
scuniziUbuntuStudent: xserver-bla-nv .. ending in nv is not nvidia direct but a generic driver.. not that one.01:53
Eccentricapt-get install openoffice.org doesnt work <<01:53
UbuntuStudentniether of the other 2?01:53
scuniziUbuntuStudent: just stuff that says Nvidia..01:53
glitsj16_mnemonic76: http://philip.magicalforest.se/ is a ubuntu repo that has 2.4.4 (instructions on how to add the repo and gpg key are all on that page) ... might improve some, doesn't hurt to try i suppose01:53
UbuntuStudentokay, done then01:53
scuniziUbuntuStudent: jokeyjtk leave it01:53
noaejrib: I have to download it again before i use it01:53
_mnemonic76glitsj16: Wow, thanks! I will surely try that!01:53
scuniziUbuntuStudent: smartdimmer leave that too.01:53
UbuntuStudentscunizi: How do i run it? sh (file).run?01:54
scuniziUbuntuStudent: did you download the file to the desktop?01:54
glitsj16_mnemonic76: very welcome, hope you get things working01:54
UbuntuStudentscunizi: yes01:54
alaqsoryI want to ask about something which related to translating in ubuntu01:55
UbuntuStudentso i wrote this down:01:55
ibeekmanI am having some issues with my ati graphics card.  Using the ubuntu drives some types of video don't display at all.  Using the ati catalyst center I cannot get dual monitor displays working and the video files which previously did not show up are now garbled or log me out when I play them01:55
scuniziUbuntuStudent: you ready to copy?  here's the rundown.. ctrl+alt+F2 and login.. now .. sudo apt-get install build-essential .. cd ~/Desktop01:56
scuniziUbuntuStudent: wait!01:56
UbuntuStudentCTRL+ALT+F2 --> sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop --> cd /home/<USER>/desktop --> sh Nvidia-linux-x86-781.86.09-pkg1.run01:56
UbuntuStudentscunizi: yes?01:56
[ucb]kevinmy problem: all my windows open up such that their title bars are outside the visual interface of the screen (in other words i have to move the window down in order to see the top of any opened window that is NOT maximized) is there a simple fix for this thanks.01:56
alex-weejUbuntuStudent: /Desktop. filenames are case sensitive01:56
scuniziUbuntuStudent.. that would be sudo sh Nvidia-yada..  if it won't run then chang it's permissions.01:56
alex-weej[ucb]kevin: no, please file a bug on www.launchpad.net01:57
UbuntuStudentalex-weej: thanks01:57
D3f0has anyone have been experiencing issues with vmware and compcache module?01:57
UbuntuStudentscunizi: change permissions how?01:57
scuniziUbuntuStudent: to change the permissions sudo chmod 777 <filename>01:57
glitsj16_mnemonic76: adding that repo might mark other packages as "upgradeable", if you only want gphoto related packages, you can always download those from the pool and install the .debs manually (forgot to mention that)01:57
eMaXhi all01:57
eMaXanyone: when I disable wireless networks in gnome and reenable them, the available wireless networks are not shown until I select any in "connet to hidden"01:57
scuniziUbuntuStudent: or sudo chmod +x <filename>01:57
UbuntuStudentkk, dnoe01:57
UbuntuStudentanything else?01:57
_mnemonic76glitsj16: Great, thanks!01:57
ryan_I need a hand, I'm trying to install Adobe Flash Player 10, when I run it just as my user, it says to ask my admisitrator to delete xpti.dat, which I can't find. If I sudo it, it says to enter the installation path of the browser... I put /usr/lib/mozilla and it says "Please enter a valid installation path."01:57
scuniziUbuntuStudent: incase you get stuck do you want a way to talk here while at terminal?01:58
crdlbUbuntuStudent: gah, use the package01:58
UbuntuStudentscunizi: Yes plz01:58
noaecould anyone help me with the vanishing .jar program problem?01:58
UbuntuStudentcrdlb: How? Do i need to do all this? and is it safe? :)01:58
crdlbUbuntuStudent: not remotely :)01:58
scuniziUbuntuStudent: ok.. go to Applications/Accessories/terminal and when there then .. sudo apt-get install irssi screen01:58
crdlbUbuntuStudent: first of all, did you look in System > Administration > Hardware Drivers?01:58
UbuntuStudentI need a computer, or ill die (a bit exreme :P)01:59
UbuntuStudentcrdlb: no01:59
UbuntuStudentill look01:59
scunizicrdlb: good thought for UbuntuStudent01:59
THornsbyanyone had any luck getting a realtek 8185 wireless pci card working on 8.0401:59
THornsbywithout using ndiswrapper01:59
UbuntuStudentscunizi: Error when installing the thing: Could not get lock /var/liv/dpkg/lock02:00
scuniziUbuntuStudent: you have synaptic open?02:00
UbuntuStudentOh, yers02:00
UbuntuStudenttes lol02:00
UbuntuStudenthavnt removed yet02:00
UbuntuStudentdont know if not, or a bit l8r02:00
scuniziUbuntuStudent: was there anything in System/Admin/Hardware drivers? or did we uninstall all that stuff.02:01
UbuntuStudentand in System --> Hardware Drivers it says: No propretart derive are in use on this system.02:01
=== Tetracomm is now known as heavybeetle
UbuntuStudentscunizi: Not uninstalled yet, waiting till u say to02:01
crdlbUbuntuStudent: and there are no available choices?02:01
Loganhouphello, my audio is lagging after about an hour runtime, it also always involves some level of video Dvd, macromedia flash. The video also lags heavily and sound also cuts in and out could someone please help?02:01
UbuntuStudentcrdlb: Nope02:01
scuniziUbuntuStudent: just in case.. open synaptic again and search for nvidia.. see if there is a driver listed that matches what  you downloaded or has the description naming the riva tnt02:02
noaedoes anyone know JonDo?02:02
crdlbUbuntuStudent: is nvidia-71-modaliases installed?02:02
UbuntuStudentcrdlb: Yes02:02
=== Jay is now known as Guest18008
crdlbUbuntuStudent: then I guess you can 'sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-71' manually02:02
Loganhoupalso after it starts doing this with a video it will do with any other sound system login rhythmbox etc.02:03
UbuntuStudentscunnzi: No riva tnt02:03
UbuntuStudentcrdlb: Use Terminal? Or the way scunizi is saying?02:03
THornsbyAnyway to get acceleration working on an ati rage128 ultra on 8.04?02:03
crdlbUbuntuStudent: it doesn't matter, as long as you install the package02:03
crdlbTHornsby: probably not02:03
scuniziUbuntuStudent: it won't say it specifically unless you're looking in the description.. I'll look in mine02:03
THornsbyk. thx02:03
ryan_I'm trying to install Adobe Flash Player 10, when I run it just as my user, it says to ask my administrator to delete xpti.dat, which I can't find. If I sudo it, it says to enter the installation path of the browser... I put /usr/lib/mozilla and it says "Please enter a valid installation path."02:04
UbuntuStudentcrdlb: i thnk ill do it the Terminal way, it is 100% safe correct?02:04
noaedoes anyone know the JonDo?02:04
UbuntuStudentscunizi: Okay, thnx02:04
YixilTesiphonany recommendations for a media player?02:04
_mnemonic76glitsj16: Well, maybe it is no good for me... I am running Hardy and the packages on that site are for intrepid... is there some way to make them work? When I try to install Package Installer says: ERROR dependency is not satisfyable.02:04
Loganhouphello, my audio is lagging after about an hour runtime, it also always involves some level of video Dvd, macromedia flash. The video also lags heavily and sound also cuts in and out could someone please help?02:04
Loganhoupalso after it starts doing this with a video it will do with any other sound system login rhythmbox etc.02:04
crdlbUbuntuStudent: it can always be undone, and even if it fails, the failsafe GUI will kick in02:04
scunizicrdlb: can UbuntuStudent install nvidia-glx-71 to work?02:04
crdlbscunizi: yes02:05
[ucb]kevini mistakenly reslized the font in a terminal (xterm) window -- how did i do that?? that was AWESOME!!!02:06
scuniziUbuntuStudent: crdlb has a good idea.. in synaptic pk mgr there is nvidia-glx-71.. install that.. it's for the tnt & tnt 2 among others.  Once installed you might have to activate it in System/Admin/Hardwar Deivers.02:06
QtpaxaIs there any way to deactivate the trackpad mouse while you are using an usb mouse?02:06
UbuntuStudentscunizi: okay thanks02:06
zash[ucb]kevin: ctrl-click02:06
zash[ucb]kevin: and hold02:06
UbuntuStudentcoding: sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-71?02:06
scuniziUbuntuStudent: if that doesn't work then installing the ones from Nvidia is last resort.02:06
glitsj16Loganhoup: sounds like flash blocks pulseaudio, several people have experienced that ... you might want to go over instructions at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=492890002:06
scuniziUbuntuStudent: yes..02:06
Loganhoupthank you02:07
UbuntuStudentscunizi: Okay to both02:07
UbuntuStudentclose everything?02:07
scuniziUbuntuStudent: yep02:07
[ucb]kevinzash: does nothing :(02:07
crdlbTHornsby: well, here on jaunty (and undoubtedly hardy too), there is a r128 kernel module -- I don't know how well it works though02:07
zash[ucb]kevin: hold control and mousebtn 102:07
crdlbI was thinking of mach6402:07
UbuntuStudentscunizi: Closing now02:07
scuniziUbuntuStudent: close when done.. check the hardware drivers location in the menu and see if the driver needs activation02:07
UbuntuStudentclose during installation?02:07
zash[ucb]kevin: oh, its mousebtn 3, aka right click02:08
scuniziUbuntuStudent: what are you thinking of closing after the install is done?02:08
UbuntuStudentscunizi: I dont know, close now? Or after?02:08
jasonI am having trouble with jaunty beta, pidgin will not minimize to indicator applet no matter what I do02:08
[ucb]kevinzash, i tried left, right nad "middle" click while holding control..no resize happens02:08
scuniziUbuntuStudent: close what?02:08
THornsbycrdlib: I'm using it, but can't get desktop effects or any other hardware acceleration related stuff working02:08
jasonIf i open it, it shows up in indicator applets list, but if I minimize it goes to taskbar and if I close it.. well closes02:09
jasonanyone know how to fix?02:09
=== virk is now known as virk|sleep
scuniziUbuntuStudent: no .. after install look in System/Admin/Hardware Drivers and see if the driver is listed there.. if so put a check mark next to it.. and it will probably ask you to restart the machine02:09
zash[ucb]kevin: rightclick and hold down the mousebtn02:09
UbuntuStudentokay, starting install02:09
FenyxI have a problem. I got a router but my two Ubuntu boxes aren't able to resolve any of my local machine's host names. But the windows machines have no problem. Any idea what I've messed up?02:10
zash[ucb]kevin: or what did you want to resize?02:10
UbuntuStudentwhat exactly will this update do?02:10
alloy_I have some ttf fonts I want to use, non-standard, where do I drop them?02:10
[ucb]kevinzash: the txt w/in the terminal window02:10
ibeekman! glibc02:10
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about glibc02:10
wstrausIs there a Ubuntu security channel or would anyone here mind me bouncing some questions of them?02:11
ibeekmananyone know what the current version of glibc in intrepid is?02:11
scuniziUbuntuStudent: you're actually installing the nvidia driver that is appropriate for your card.. since it's an older card Ubuntu has the driver available without going to nvidia. :)02:11
alloy_wstraus: just ask here - ya takes ya chances though - it's very busy these days02:11
[ucb]kevinzash: oh well -- it woulda been cool to do thanks for trying02:11
UbuntuStudentscunizi: Thank you :D I've been looking to update forever lol, it is doing finishing stpes02:11
crdlbTHornsby: what does   glxinfo | grep renderer   say?02:11
zash[ucb]kevin: control + right-click sholud give a menu with font-sizes in xterm02:11
Ienorandalloy_: Into the appearance config window I think02:12
thecommutistalloy_: /usr/share/fonts02:12
UbuntuStudentscunizi: done02:12
UbuntuStudentchecking hardware drivers02:12
alloy_thecommutist: i thought so - do i need to let the system know?02:12
alloy_Ienorand: cheets02:12
[ucb]kevinzash: ah-hah! im using gnome terminal..theres my problem02:12
alloy_Ienorand: cheers i mean :-)02:12
UbuntuStudentscunizi: Nothing02:12
Confuzhow do I set up a LAN between two computers running Ubuntu?02:13
zash[ucb]kevin: oh, then try ctrl-plus/minus02:13
ibeekmanscunizi: are you and UbuntuStudent trouble shooting graphics card stuff?02:13
alloy_Confuz: check out the network howto02:13
UbuntuStudentscunizi: Should i make nVidia my main x Server?02:13
UbuntuStudentIbeekman: Yes02:13
scuniziUbuntuStudent: restart your machine and see if someting shows.. it will kick you off IRC but easy enough to get back on. .. ibeekman yes.. older -71 driver for Riva tnt02:13
UbuntuStudentscunizi: Rebooting brb02:13
scuniziUbuntuStudent: k02:13
ryan_I'm trying to install Adobe Flash Player 10, when I run it just as my user, it says to ask my administrator to delete xpti.dat, which I can't find. If I sudo it, it says to enter the installation path of the browser... I put /usr/lib/mozilla and it says "Please enter a valid installation path."02:14
[ucb]kevinzash: ahh thats a neat feature -- tx02:14
sebsebsebKrine11: hi02:14
Krine11Everytime i start my computer i recive a error message with a black  box02:14
thecommutistalloy_: just drop them there, the system will pick up automatically02:15
ibeekmanscunizi: and UbuntuStudent if either of you know anything about fixing some issues with an ati mobility radeon x1400 and wouldn't mind giving me a hand when you're done I would greatly appreciate it02:15
sebsebsebKrine11: is that a wubi install?02:15
Krine11cannot display this video mode optimum reolution 1280 x 1024 60 hz02:15
wstrausI have my computers (all running Ubuntu) behind a linksys router right now tho, I have one of my machines setup for IP Masquerading.. What could I do to make sure I'm safe before I remove the Linksys router and put the IP masquerading machine right out front?02:16
glitsj16ryan_: are you installing that manually or via apt/synaptic ?02:16
sebsebsebKrine11: wubi install?  or?02:16
alloy_thecommutist: lol that crashed all instances of open office :-)02:16
Krine11when i load02:16
Krine11i dont use wubi02:16
alloy_i guess it picked them up then!02:17
sebsebsebKrine11: ok basically it can't load something up02:17
Krine11wait not exaxtllu02:17
thecommutistalloy_: oops!02:17
sebsebsebKrine11: did you ever have it working?02:17
ryan_glitsj16: Manually, the only one I could find in synaptic was version 9... which was giving me problems02:17
THornsbycrdlib: it says "OpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI Rage 128 20051027 AGP 1x x86/MMX/SSE2"02:17
ibeekmansebsebseb: what is wubi?02:17
sebsebseb!wubi > ibeekman02:17
ubottuibeekman, please see my private message02:17
thecommutistalloy_: are u using oo 3.0?02:17
sebsebsebibeekman: and for various reasons I woudn't recommend using it normalley02:18
alloy_thecommutist: ah 2.402:18
crdlbTHornsby: it seems to be working to the best of its ability then :/02:18
ibeekmanah yes never have usually just burn the cd....02:18
alloy_thecommutist: it did add them ok though02:18
THornsbycrdlib: ok. thank you for your help02:18
alloy_thecommutist: and recover my unsave ssheet :-)02:18
ibeekman! ati02:18
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto02:18
thecommutistalloy_: should work fine with oo 2.4, i'm not sure about 3.0 though!02:19
PCTeacher012scunizi: Still nothing02:19
=== PCTeacher012 is now known as UbuntuStudent
UbuntuStudentkk, now, still nothing scunizi02:19
BugBombMy laptop won't let me remote-desktop into any other computers on my network. Can anyone help or offer ideas?02:19
UbuntuStudent"You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver. Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server."02:19
UbuntuStudentshould i do that scunizi?02:20
glitsj16ryan_: what version of ubuntu are you on ? there's version 10 in the regular repo's for a while, might not have been backported to your ubuntu version if that's an older one ...02:20
scuniziUbuntuStudent: sorry .. wife pulled me away02:20
west_andyhello everyone02:20
UbuntuStudentscunizi: It's alright02:20
krowHello, i'm new to linux and i was wondering if someone can answer me a simple question02:20
ryan_glitsj16: I'm in 8.10, I'll go chek again for it02:20
UbuntuStudentscuinizi: Did you see my posts?02:20
scuniziUbuntuStudent: no.. looking now02:21
UbuntuStudentscunizi: kk02:21
sebsebsebkrow: yeah just ask02:21
lewenchAnyone knows why I don't have a startup file in /home/user/.fluxbox? I can't seem to make anything start with fluxbox. I created the file, but its not starting anything up.02:21
rrr_wstraus: how did you set up masquerading? i am thinking of doing something like it. no clue jet.02:21
krowI just installed azureus with synaptic, trying to set it as my default torrent application, but i can't locate the executable file02:21
UTC4Nhttp://2ooc4n.mybrute.com - fight me EVERYONE OF YOU!!!02:21
ubottuazureus is a popular bittorent client written in Java, installation instructions can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AzureusHowTo02:21
jeezmosI'm trying to enable "Visual Effects".  I had it enabled initially, it worked, then I disabled it to see how things were without it.  I'd like to enable it again, but when I try, I get the screen flickering a few times, then "Desktop effects could not be enabled".  Is there a log somewhere that I can find more info on why it failed?02:21
sebsebsebkrow: see above02:21
sebsebsebkrow: also you can open from terminal02:22
sebsebsebkrow: try  azureus  and then just hit enter02:22
istvanhow do I re-assign the alt-RMB keysequence so it doesn't bring up that window?02:22
krowi want to set it up as default, when i click on a torrent link02:22
wstrausrrr_: https://help.ubuntu.com/6.06/ubuntu/serverguide/C/firewall-configuration.html02:22
ubottuTo change the default application for a filetype in Nautilus, right-click on a file, select Properties -> Open With, and then change the setting.02:22
gek_onthehi everybody i need a  p2p diferent a amule.Any ideas?02:22
krowinstead of DLing and opening throu client, to open str802:22
thecommutistkrow: right click on the torrent file and select azureus from the applications tab02:23
scuniziUbuntuStudent: arg.. the only thing I can think of to try is to add "nvidia" to your xorg.conf file.. I've got honeydo's to do.. crdlb can you guide UbuntuStudent in augmenting his xorg.conf ?02:23
Qtpaxagek_onthe: deluge, nicotine,02:23
UbuntuStudentdid you se my second one asking to run nvidia-xconfig02:23
UbuntuStudentshould i do that scunizi?02:23
scuniziUbuntuStudent: you can .. wouldn't hurt02:23
wstrausrrr_: and there is another, better guide, led me see if I can find it02:23
UbuntuStudentkk, running now scunizi02:24
gek_onthebut not  bitorrent clent02:24
gek_ontheany ideas?02:24
DoitleReal quick, is there any way to disable the GUI in ubuntu so I always just boot right to the shell prompt?02:24
thecommutistkrow: sorry, it's actually right click > properties > open with02:24
rrr_wstraus: thank you.02:24
glitsj16ryan_: intrepid has flashplugin-nonfree 10.x for a while now ...02:24
UbuntuStudent"The program 'nvidia-xconfig' can be found in the following packages: nvidia-xconfig,nvidia-glx-177, nvidia-glx-96,nvidia-glx-173" i suppose i should run the first?02:25
fosco__Doitle, in system - admin - services dissable gdm02:25
scuniziUbuntuStudent: no.. those are drivers for more recent cards..02:25
=== rashire2 is now known as rashire
FenyxI have a problem. I got a router but my two Ubuntu boxes aren't able to resolve any of my local machine's host names. But the windows machines have no problem. Any idea what I've messed up? I've got the router as the nameserver in resolv.conf02:25
thecommutistget_onthe: if u r running kde then u can search for a kde client in add/remove software02:25
UbuntuStudentokay, well, it cant run nvidia-xconfig then02:25
glitsj16!network > glitsj1602:26
ubottuglitsj16, please see my private message02:26
istvanhow do i re-configure the alt+right mouse button sequence?02:26
scuniziUbuntuStudent: I've gotta help my wife out .. but here's the essense of it.. there's a file called xorg.conf that helps your system use video.. you might need to list a new line in there adding "nvidia" as the driver..02:27
thecommutistget_onthe: or u can try gtk-gnutella02:27
UbuntuStudentscunizi: I did this "apt-get install nvidia-xconfig" (ok)02:27
GobbyDoes Ubuntu studio already come with a torrent program?02:27
UbuntuStudentit will remove nvidi-glx-7102:27
UbuntuStudentshould i?02:27
scuniziUbuntuStudent: k.. probably won't do anything02:27
UbuntuStudentso yes?02:27
scuniziUbuntuStudent: no.. don't cause it will remove the driver you need and install one you don't02:27
UbuntuStudentk, aborted02:28
UbuntuStudenti dont want to edit the xconf without supervision lol02:28
scunizigotta run02:28
thecommutistGobby: u can look in the Internet menu under Applications02:28
duhongboW: 无法下载 http://cn.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/intrepid/universe/binary-i386/Packages.gz  301 Moved Permanently02:29
duhongboW: 无法下载 http://cn.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/intrepid/universe/source/Sources.gz  301 Moved Permanently02:29
duhongboW: 无法下载 http://cn.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/intrepid/multiverse/binary-i386/Packages.gz  301 Moved Permanently02:29
duhongboW: 无法下载 http://cn.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/intrepid/multiverse/source/Sources.gz  301 Moved Permanently02:29
UbuntuStudentwhere is xorg.conf located?02:29
FloodBot1duhongbo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:29
duhongboW: 无法下载 http://cn.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/intrepid-updates/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz  301 Moved Permanently02:29
duhongboW: 无法下载 http://cn.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/intrepid-updates/restricted/binary-i386/Packages.gz  301 Moved Permanently02:29
Gobbythecommutist: Nope its not under there. Shall i go through the repository, or add and remove programs?02:29
UbuntuStudentwhere is xorg.conf located??02:29
=== dave__ is now known as AK_Dave
jklockubuntuStudent: /etc/X1102:29
Krine11i recive this error message when i shut down my computer and load it02:29
Krine11"Cannon Display This Video Mode" "Optimum Resolution 1280x1024 60Hz"02:29
duhongbowhat should i do02:30
duhongboW: 无法下载 http://cn.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/intrepid/universe/binary-i386/Packages.gz  301 Moved Permanently02:30
duhongboW: 无法下载 http://cn.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/intrepid/universe/source/Sources.gz  301 Moved Permanently02:30
duhongboW: 无法下载 http://cn.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/intrepid/multiverse/binary-i386/Packages.gz  301 Moved Permanently02:30
Krine11can someone ask me to fix this?02:30
FloodBot1duhongbo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:30
duhongboW: 无法下载 http://cn.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/intrepid/multiverse/source/Sources.gz  301 Moved Permanently02:30
duhongboW: 无法下载 http://cn.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/intrepid-updates/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz  301 Moved Permanently02:30
alex_i have a quesion02:30
UbuntuStudentany idea how i will edit it to make nVidia work??02:30
Flannelduhongbo: You should stop pasting here.02:30
Flannelduhongbo: Also, switch to a different mirror.02:30
Flannel!mirrors | duhongbo02:30
ubottuduhongbo: Ubuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download Intrepid, and help keeping the servers' load low!02:30
Krine11can someone help me?02:30
Bigm2793can anyone help me? my top and bottom toolbars seem to have disapeared as seen here http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3621/3415881999_f8d38228d6.jpg?v=002:30
gek_onthesome p2p seemed to kazza for ubuntu?02:30
alex_I just instaled Xubuntu and am wondering what software i can/should get? do i need an antivrus/firewall?02:31
UbuntuStudentalex_: No firewall02:31
UbuntuStudentor antivirus ebneded02:31
jeezmosI'm trying to enable "Visual Effects".  I had it enabled initially, it worked, then I disabled it.  I'd like to enable it again, but when I try, I get "Desktop effects could not be enabled".  how do I debug this?02:31
RopechoborraUbuntuStudent, why not to use a firewall?02:31
UbuntuStudentI got one though cause i have many windows friends and LinuxCAN carry viruses, but camt get infected02:31
alex_*really? i thought there were viruses for Linux-base OS as well02:31
Krine11Alex, there are not much big viruses02:32
UbuntuStudentropechoborra: Not likely anyone could/would hack an ubuntu, and Firewall (I have one) for linux really isnt amazing, lots of ports still open02:32
duhongboFlannel:thank you02:32
RopechoborraUbuntuStudent, iptables :)02:32
gabrielHi everyone02:32
UbuntuStudentalex_: There are only like 2, none that do major damage, so no need to worry (yet)02:32
wstrausrrr_: http://tldp.org/HOWTO/html_single/Masquerading-Simple-HOWTO/02:32
alex_ok, What about keyloggers and such?02:32
thecommutistGobby: in that case u can install from add/remove02:32
Krine11"Cannon Display This Video Mode"02:32
Bigm2793can anyone help me? my top and bottom toolbars seem to have disapeared as seen here http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3621/3415881999_f8d38228d6.jpg?v=002:33
Krine11"Optimum Resolution 1280x1024 60Hz"  -- how to fix this?02:33
UbuntuStudentalex: Still none, (maybe 1) But linux has NO reliable anti spyware there for no need02:33
ramiro_hi everybody02:33
Gobbythecommutist:Thank you , let me check there and I will get back to you.02:33
thecommutistGobby: ok02:33
ramiro_i was wondering how can I get this interface to work02:33
RopechoborraUbuntuStudent, and is not hacking 'ubuntu' but the services it provides. All servers have their bugs and hackers or mal intentioned people could abuse of those bugs. Firewalls are easy to install and make your pc secure.02:33
kingbillyalex_ Great article about security since you are just getting started with (x)ubuntu >> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=51081202:33
gabrielI have a problem: when I bookmark a webpage in ubuntu it saves, but after I restart the page is gone from the bookmarks, how can I fix this?02:33
gabrielThis happens in firefox02:34
Krine11I have a problem02:34
Krine11can someone help me?02:34
Gobbythecommutist: Would you say that bittorrent is the best?02:34
Krine11i have been waiting for 2 hours in the past and no replys02:34
showersBig Question. Is it possible to search the archives of these groups for information.02:34
UbuntuStudentRopechoborra: I know, from many years of windows expiernce ( I studied malware basically) and thing is, Linux just has lest security holes then windows, Yah, a firewall helps (why i use one) but not 100% required02:34
ibeekman! ask02:34
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:34
ibeekmanKrine11: I'll give it a shot02:34
Ropechoborraalex_, You have nothing to worry about viruses or keyloggers but i do recommend you to install a good firewall. Look for " Iptables "02:35
ibeekmanno promises though02:35
thecommutistGobby: I used to like deluge earlier, now i prefer transmission, bittorrent is the plain vanilla client with no extra features and a very basic interface02:35
ConfuzI'm trying to connect one computer running ubuntu to another running ubuntu using a wired network and a LAN card02:35
gabrielI have a problem: when I bookmark a webpage in ubuntu it saves, but after I restart the page is gone from the bookmarks, how can I fix this? this happens in Firefox02:35
thecommutistGobby: i won't recomment bittorrent, transmission is better02:35
UbuntuStudentRopechoborra: I use Firestarter as my fireall02:35
gek_onthebest bitorrent client?02:35
thecommutistGobby: *recommend02:35
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.02:36
gek_onthefor ubuntu ,true02:36
alex_ok thanks for all the advice everyone :) I'll look into it :)02:36
UbuntuStudentalex_: Your welcome02:36
Gobbythecommutist: Alright, thanks got it. Another user in my household suggested bittorrent because of its simple interface, thank you for your help!02:36
thecommutistgek_onthe: i think it's a tie between deluge & transmission!02:36
ibeekmanalex_: I tried using firestarter but didn't like it, I just edit /etc/hosts.allow and /etc/hosts.deny02:36
ibeekmanfor my firewall needs02:36
gek_onthe<thecommutist> thanks02:37
UbuntuStudentibeekman: Ya, firestaret aint best, but i still use it :p02:37
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ufw02:37
thecommutistGobby: resuming interrupted download with bittorrent is a pain!02:37
=== UbuntuStudent is now known as PCTeacher012
bruce89!info ufw02:37
ubottuufw (source: ufw): program for managing a netfilter firewall. In component main, is standard. Version 0.23.3 (intrepid), package size 42 kB, installed size 332 kB02:37
ibeekmanYeah it breaks my VPN setup and I can't figure out how to fix it.  The packet filter rules are confusing, can't specify udp vs tcp etc02:37
ConfuzI'm trying to get my other computer to connect to the internet through this one02:38
gabrielI have a problem: when I bookmark a webpage in ubuntu it saves, but after I restart the page is gone from the bookmarks, how can I fix this? this happens in Firefox02:38
Confuzboth are running ubuntu02:38
showersor you could go emule. takes forever, but there is tons of stuff...02:38
Gobbythecommutist: What was the other one you recommended?02:38
gek_onthetransmission or deluge?that your think?02:38
Krine11"Cannon Display This Video Mode"02:38
ibeekmanConfuz: do you have a cross-over ethernet cable?  You will need that to connect one ethernet card to another directly02:38
Krine11"Optimum Resolution 1280x1024 60Hz" -- how to fix this?02:39
alevinei upgraded to jaunty and on boot after the loading screen, the screen just goes blank (I guess Xorg is crashing). I'm using an onboard video chip intel gma 4500, anyone know what to do?02:39
showersI just had some hot peppers but i don't think it has sharpened me appreciably...02:39
thecommutistGobby: transmission - simple interface, low memory requirement, easy-to-use!02:39
Spence_if someone could be of help to me with VirtualBox, please PM me.02:39
bruce89alevine: intel + Jaunty = fail02:39
bruce89alevine: in other words, it's broken for some reason02:39
thecommutistgek_onthe: personally, i prefer transmission!02:39
alex_I have a newbie question, would MSN actually work on Xubuntu? or is there another equivalent02:39
Confuzibeekman: yes. The second one was previously connected to a seperate network that it worked fine on, but I am having difficulties setting up the network between the two PCs02:39
PCTeacher012alex: No02:40
tuxFanI like transmission02:40
PCTeacher012alex_: But, i use aMSN02:40
gek_onthemore votes02:40
PCTeacher012alex_: Pretty dang close02:40
Spence_can anyone help me with VirtualBox?02:40
alevinebruce89, anything I can do?02:40
thecommutistalex_: there's an equivalent called aMSN and also emesene02:40
bruce89alevine: try xfix in the recovery mode menu thing02:40
ibeekmanConfuz: So first off you will need a cross-over cable02:40
alex_Thankyou :)02:40
alevinebruce89, heh, that doesnt work02:40
ibeekmanwhich is different than a standard ethernet cable02:40
ConfuzI have a CAT5 connecting the two02:40
PCTeacher012alex_: YW02:40
bruce89alex_: why do you want advert laden nonsense?02:41
thecommutisttuxFan: yeah, transmission rocks! i believe it's got one of the coolest icons ever!02:41
gek_ontheI will install transmission .i test02:41
YixilTesiphonis there a way to play wmal mp3s in linux?02:41
PCTeacher012bruce89: Only WLM is llike that, aMSN has none :D02:41
thecommutistbruce89: lol!02:41
bruce89alevine: try and find out exactly what's wrong, and also #ubuntu+1 is allegedly the place for this02:41
alex_I just switched from Windows and used MSN very often02:41
rippedchickenalex_,  there is aMSN02:41
PCTeacher012same here lol, switched from windows a while ago htough02:41
YixilTesiphonracecar56: what is it?02:41
alex_Understood, thankyou :)02:42
racecar56YixilTesiphon you have to get the codecs02:42
bruce89PCTeacher012: I don't understand why people want MSN only programs though02:42
thecommutistYixilTesiphon: u mean .wma files?02:42
rippedchickeni guess to view cams?02:42
=== ASrock is now known as haxila
YixilTesiphonthecommutist: no, they are mp3 files, but VLC gives a WMAL error02:42
racecar56tuxFan, amsn pwns pidgin with msn02:42
Jennifer22Can anyone give me some suggestions on why my remote desktop isn't working? I can ping other machines, but RD just gives a black window and never asks for a password...?02:42
Confuzwhats the difference between the CAT5 and a crossover cable?02:42
rippedchickenThat is the only reason why i would  use msn only02:42
PCTeacher012bruce89: I use it because Pidgin can not transfer files (my contacts cant send to me) and i cant see WLM custom smileys from friends02:42
the_engineerHello anyone out there willing to help me troubleshoot an issue I'm having?  I migrated from Ubuntu to Xubuntu for the faster speeds and Now an application that was previously set to autostart, is still automatically starting and I want it to stop. Any ideas?02:42
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about option02:43
racecar56YixilTesiphon, w32codecs in medibuntu02:43
bruce89PCTeacher012: just as well02:43
YixilTesiphonracecar56: thanks02:43
racecar56YixilTesiphon, yw02:43
the_engineerI Started out with Ubuntu hardy Heron if that helps anyone02:43
Krine11"Cannon Display This Video Mode"02:43
Krine11"Optimum Resolution 1280x1024 60Hz" -- how to fix this?02:43
racecar56the_engineer, same here02:43
PCTeacher012bruce89: Maybe, but i trasfer files to/from friends everyday, but aMSN is damaged as of now lol02:43
PCTeacher012(on my computer(02:43
alevinebruce89, i'll ask again in ubuntu+102:43
bruce89PCTeacher012: I meant the second part02:44
ibeekmanConfuz: It's the way it is spliced.  A normal cat5 preserves 1:1 mapping if you will, whereas with a crossover cable at least 1 wire enters in one position and is connected to a different position on the other side02:44
racecar56any open source emulators that can boot off SATA hard drives?02:44
bruce89racecar56: emulators of what?02:44
the_engineerracecar56: It is causing some adverse effects for me as the application is starting before I can mount the drives that it needs to use as resources so it is causing major problems02:44
PCTeacher012bruce89: oh, well, i use them all the time (theirs, i steal em haha) and since Pidgin cant see them, i cant use them02:44
gek_onthexubuntu  it is better than ubuntu02:44
Krine11Hi, does ubuntu need a firewall, antivirus, antispyware if i use stuff like frostwire02:44
Confuzibeekman: but do they connect in the same port?02:45
tuxFanjust reinstall amsn if you are in jaunty02:45
ibeekmanConfuz: I have no idea how to splice one but if you google for it you should get instructions or just buy one (for far too much money) at a store like best buy02:45
PCTeacher012gek_onthe: I use ubuntu and love it, it is more of a chouce02:45
PCTeacher012tuxFan: Im using Intrepid lol02:45
bruce89PCTeacher012: I'd rather have just good old plain text, but this is for -offtopic02:45
thecommutistthe_engineer: go to System>Preferences>Sessions>Startup Programs02:45
racecar56bruce89, you know like vbox just it can boot off of real SATA drives02:45
racecar56bruce89, virtual machine02:45
gek_onthei am using both,but xubuntu is better02:46
bruce89AFAIK, that doesn't make sense02:46
racecar56i don't like xubuntu02:46
racecar56it dosent like wine :(02:46
gek_onthei like it02:46
alex_what is :  Tcl/Tk 8.4 ? it says  need it to instal aMSN02:46
TheFunkbombQuick question.  How is PCMCIA support in Ubuntu?  I have one that I've never used.  Looking for a new wireless card but don't want to make the plunge until I find out02:46
PCTeacher012gek_onthe: That is a choice, Xubuntu would not install for me lol02:46
bruce89racecar56: that also makes no sense02:46
YixilTesiphonTheFunkbomb: what's your wireless card?02:46
racecar56bruce89, it always seemed what wine had weird problems with the menus in XFCE02:46
thecommutistalex_: it's a scripting language02:46
YixilTesiphonthere seem to be at least workarounds for most anything online02:46
the_engineerThe Comunist I have been able to find "Settings>SettingsManager>Autostarted Apps" But not "System>Preferences"  As I don't use the Ubuntu GUI anymore i'm using XFCE from Xubuntu02:46
gek_ontheit is you opion ...02:46
TheFunkbombYixilTesiphon, I don't have one yet.  I'm looking for an Atheros chipset.02:46
ibeekmanConfuz: so if you make your own ethernet cables you have some spool of cat5 wire and then you cut it and crimp on the plastic parts that connect to the jack.  The only difference between a crossover cable and a normal cable is the way the wire is spliced into the plastic end pieces: both types of wire will plug into ethernet jacks and look essentially the same.02:47
gek_onthexubuntu is better02:47
bruce89racecar56: I see02:47
YixilTesiphonTheFunkbomb: just completed an install today with an Atheros 242x02:47
YixilTesiphonwith jaunty02:47
the_engineerUnfortunatley, it is not in the "Autostarted apps" List02:47
bruce89!opinion | gek_onthe02:47
ubottugek_onthe: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.02:47
TheFunkbombYixilTesiphon, was that PCMCIA?02:47
alex_ok so how do i know if i have Tcl/Tk 8.4  or Tcl/Tk 8.5 final version?02:47
fferTheFunkbomb: it works on my laptop, wireless card02:47
gek_onthei not need a visual effects02:47
fferTheFunkbomb: boot from the cd and check02:47
bruce89alex_: sudo aptitude install amsn02:48
MHz128Will 9.04 come with the latest version of NTFS-3G?02:48
thecommutistalex_: try this command in terminal - "apt-cache search tcl"02:48
TheFunkbombOkay, I only have a broadcom internal card as of right now but I can't put it into monitor mode to use cool programs like kismet and wireshark02:48
racecar56MHz128, don't expect it :\02:48
YixilTesiphonTheFunkbomb: honestly not sure02:48
racecar56MHz128, i sure hope so02:48
bruce89!info ntfs-3g jaunty02:48
tgrhow do i make it so that my external hard drive auto mounts to a specific directory every time i start my computer?  sometimes it is /media/Iomega HDD sometimes /media/Iomega HDD_02:48
gek_onthemy deskop have just 2 colours02:48
MHz128racecar56, me too, current one is slowwwww02:48
ubottuntfs-3g (source: ntfs-3g): read-write NTFS driver for FUSE. In component main, is standard. Version 1:2009.2.1-0ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 26 kB, installed size 144 kB02:48
SiaCan anyone help me with restoring grub?02:49
gek_onthei not need more...02:49
racecar56any open source virtual machine emulators that can boot off SATA hard drives?02:49
ibeekmanConfuz: If you want to connect two machines, be they windows boxes, ubuntu boxes, xboxes, directly without a switch/hub/router you need a crossover cable.  If you have two normal cables and a switch you should be able to just plug both into the switch and be fine, but to directly connect two computers you need a crossover02:49
SiaI installed Win 7 and lost the boot screen02:49
bruce89!grub | Si02:49
ubottuSi: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto02:49
thearthurin hardy whats a good program for filling in PDF forms?02:49
Confuzibeekman I connected my xbox to my PC via a CAT502:49
=== krow is now known as Krow|Zzz
bruce89evince can do those now thearthur02:49
Confuzis this any different?02:49
jjangcom1됩니당 ㅎㅎㅎ02:50
FloodBot1jjangcom1: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:50
thearthurevince fills them in with invisible text02:50
thearthurunless the field is currently selected02:50
tommi_anyone else having python errors when updating?02:50
ibeekmanI *highly doubt* you did this and got it to work without a crossover cable02:50
bruce89tommi_: to?02:50
thearthurso you can only see the field you are eding now02:50
racecar56any open source virtual machine emulators that can boot off SATA hard drives? vbox can't do it, qemu dosen't seem to work right02:50
tommi_bruce89: i don't understand your question02:50
thecommutisttheengineer: is there something called the session manager in xfce?02:51
ibeekmanso if it worked then that cable is probably a crossover.  they look just like normal cables.02:51
kingbillyibeekman i wasn't paying too much attention, but if confuz had a new enough nic card02:51
tommi_i'm using jaunty beta02:51
bruce89tommi_: that explains it02:51
thearthuribeekman,  many NICs have auto crosover detection02:51
tommi_bruce89: ah02:51
kingbillysome have auto switching that can figure the crossover02:51
PCTeacher012i use intrepid, and will NEVER go to Jaunty (until out of beta LOL)02:51
racecar56is it possible to update 9.04a6 to 9.04 beta?02:51
bruce89tommi_: anything failing in particular02:51
tommi_bruce89: dist-upgrade02:51
ConfuzI just know my XBOX connects fine, but the other PC doesn't02:51
Flannel#ubuntu+1 for Jaunty questions, tommi_, racecar56.  Thanks02:51
bruce89racecar56: sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude safe-upgrade02:52
ConfuzPS3 works too02:52
ibeekmanoh really... hmmm well that's news to me, don't do a whole lot of networking02:52
tommi_bruce89: but i read on the forum that others had python problems as well02:52
thearthurare their any programs other than evince that can fill in PDF forms?02:52
bruce89tommi_: there's a transition on, but I've not had any trouble02:52
tommi_will probably be fixed upon release i hope02:52
gek_onthejoin  xubuntu02:52
the_engineerthecommutist: in the XFCE Settings manager there is an entry for "Sessions and Startup" But it does not give any application-specific listings just some check boxes for login/logoff prefs mainly02:52
ConfuzI did discover the cable I use in my garage though, and my brother does alot of work with computers and windows, so it's possible he spliced it02:53
thearthurwhat is the term for a PDF file you can fill in form boxes on?02:53
thearthurto google for02:53
bruce89thearthur: there isn't one really02:53
the_engineerthecommutist: there are "General and Advanced" tabs in that dialog box02:53
gek_onthexfe is better it gives me speed to the machine and maximum yield02:53
=== Mr_Orange is now known as Mr_Orange|AWAY
Condoulook, whats the support channel for the current beta?02:54
bruce89!away | Mr_Orange|AWAY02:55
ubottuMr_Orange|AWAY: You should avoid noisy away messages in a busy channel like #ubuntu, or other Ubuntu channels; it causes excessive scrolling which is unfair to new users. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently.  See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»02:55
racecar56Condoulo, #ubuntu+102:55
Condoulook, thanks. :) just didn't want to ask any of the beta-related questions in here02:55
exodus_msanyone here using rox desktop?02:56
thecommutistthe_engineer: look in ~/.config/autostart there must be an entry for that application, try deleting that and see02:56
gek_ontheif you find visual effects ubuntu..and vista02:56
mattycozehey fellas, I was wondering whether anyone could point me in the way of an ideas development forum if one exists for opensource development?02:57
the_engineerthecommutist: it appears to be empty02:57
gek_ontheit is a question of working perfectly not it nice02:58
gek_ontheyou election is xubuntu02:58
the_engineeran ls -a in there doesn't show any file called autostart02:58
gek_onthepc nice is for girls02:58
bruce89!ot | gek_onthe02:59
ubottugek_onthe: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:59
unitedpotsmokersguys... simple question, how to remove usb drive in ubuntu?02:59
jribunitedpotsmokers: right click -> eject03:00
pyles17how do i install testdisk in the live cd?03:00
unitedpotsmokersjrib, : but what happen if the lamp of my hard drive still on?03:01
glitsj16mattycoze: http://www.ideatorrent.org/ might be of interest (brainstorm.ubuntu.com uses it)03:01
jribunitedpotsmokers: it's fine to remove if it's not mounted03:01
ibeekmanConfuz: take a look here.  I geuss it depends on your hardware whether or not you need a crossover cable, you should be able to google around for that.  here is a tutorial on the forms for ICS:http://preview.tinyurl.com/akxfo03:01
TheFunkbombhey YixilTesiphon, what wireless card did you buy?03:01
YixilTesiphonTheFunkbomb: Atheros 242x03:01
thecommutistthe_engineer: ok, how about /etc/xdg/autostart?03:01
unitedpotsmokersjrib, ok thanks03:01
TheFunkbombYixilTesiphon, is Atheros the card manufacturer or is that just the chipset?03:02
YixilTesiphonTheFunkbomb: I believe Atheros is a brandname of Broadcom's03:02
YixilTesiphonit's in an HP dv7 1245dx03:02
mneptokYixilTesiphon: incorrect03:02
TheFunkbombBroadcom makes their own chips03:02
YixilTesiphonmneptok: k03:03
mneptokTheFunkbomb: Atheros does not make nything for consumers, only third parties03:03
Martyr2k6so it's been a while since I dual booted anything03:03
thecommutistBroadcom sucks!03:03
racecar56i have a dv9k cto that is from sep 16 2k603:03
Martyr2k6so I need some help03:03
TheFunkbombmneptok, that's what I thought03:03
YixilTesiphoneither way, TheFunkbomb, use this if you go with the Atheros 242x: http://madberry.org/2008/08/how-to-get-atheros-ar242x-wireless-to-work-2/03:03
Martyr2k6I have two hdd's in my puter, one 500gb and one 120 gb03:03
the_engineerThis time the location is there, it is a directory with several files with .desktop apptended to the end of them but none of them are the application i'm having troubles with -.-03:03
YixilTesiphonit worked perfectly for me with minor fiddling03:03
Martyr2k6would it be dual booting if I installed vista on one and ubuntu on the other?03:03
mneptok!lol > racecar5603:04
ubotturacecar56, please see my private message03:04
mneptokMartyr2k6: yes03:04
mneptokMartyr2k6: install Windows first03:04
Martyr2k6Figured I should do it like that03:04
thecommutistthe_engineer: any luck with /etc/xdg/autostart03:04
the_engineerthecommutist: This time the location is there, it is a directory with several files with .desktop apptended to the end of them but none of them are the application i'm having troubles with -.-03:05
mneptokMartyr2k6: the Win installer trashes *anything* it finds in the MBR without prompting the user. because, you know, why would you *ever* want to use anything but Winders?03:05
alex_I wonder if someone can help me with a lvm issue03:05
trinidadfloreshow can i limit the amount of time spent on specific websites or program03:05
mneptok!anyone > alex_03:06
ubottualex_, please see my private message03:06
the_engineerI could attempt to disable them all and restart but unlike windows i'm not 100% confident that my system would still work03:06
Martyr2k6k, I was going through a tutorial, earlier, but it was telling be to use the live cd and partition editor and all that junk, when Ithink it would just be easier to install one, then the other03:06
thecommutistthe_engineer: no, no don't do that! might mess up ur system!03:06
thearthurhow can I print all the files installed by oklar-kde4 package?03:06
alex_I created a pv, vg, and lv yesterday and now after a restart I cannot mount it. I had it mounted yesterday and put many files on there. Now when I mount i get 'no filesystem' error, if i try mounting with -t ext3 i get "can't find ext3 filesystem on /dev/data/videos" ...03:06
the_engineerthecommutist: lol03:07
the_engineerthe commutist: is that first directory you told me about where ubuntu usually stores its autostart information?03:07
thecommutistthe_engineer: u could try the xubuntu forums or irc channel, i seem to have struck a dead end unfortunately!03:07
mattycozeglitsj16 ahh i'm sort of more interested in developing a program for research purposes really, despite my lack of ability to program i still want to make it a project of mine (with some expert advice)03:07
trinidadfloresis there a way to limit how much time is spent on a specific website?03:08
the_engineerthecommutist:  thanks for your help!03:08
Martyr2k6allrighty then, I'll be on later after I have both os's installed and updated03:08
thecommutistthe_engineer: can u tell me what exactly that application does?03:08
exodus_mstrinidadflores, stop surfing the web so much :P03:08
trinidadfloresits not be but kids03:08
glitsj16mattycoze: i see, misread your question completely in that case :)03:08
=== cmdshftn_ is now known as cmdshftn
Martyr2k6if only there was a tried and true way of getting leopard to run on anything03:09
the_engineerthecommutist: the application is transmission v1.4203:09
trinidadfloresand wife03:09
YixilTesiphonstupid question: how do I open a .bin file?03:09
alex_So. like I say, I can see the volume with lvdisplay03:09
alex_just can't mount it03:09
UbubeginDoes ubuntu need a primary partition... Can it boot from an extended partition....03:09
the_engineerthecommutist: i need to have it start after I assemble my raid array which is not automatcially assembling itself.  I use MDADM to manage it03:09
[noobie]those types of websites want you to stay on a long time, more money for them.03:10
zombie-robo1what command can I use to join several .ts files into one?03:10
alex_someone please? help troubleshooting lvm?03:10
thecommutistthe_engineer: now this might sound extreme, but is it possible for u to uninstall transmission, reboot the machine and then install it again, might work03:10
alex_Surely if I could mount it last night, it should be fine after a restart?03:10
bruce89mattycoze: what sort of thing03:11
mneptokthe_engineer: what's the issue with Transmission?03:11
alex_i like deluge better than transmission!03:11
the_engineerthe commutist: its not out of the question, and something i'd thought about but the folks over in #transmission tell me that it has no autostart function in and of itself so I wanted to track down whatever call was making it autostart03:11
the_engineermneptok: it is autostarting and I need it to wait to startup until i tell it to03:12
Krine11does ubuntu have a phone number for support?03:12
glitsj16the_engineer: it is probably autostarting from your session in that case ?03:12
sirusHow do I automatically add ipv6 default gateway + ipv6 ips?03:12
zombie-robo1what command can I use to join several .ts files into one?03:12
mneptokthe_engineer: ls -Rla /etc/init.d | grep ansmiss03:12
alex_Krine11: you prolly have to ay for that kind of thing03:13
* mneptok used to answer that phone :)03:13
thecommutistthe_engineer: check this (pasted from xfce wiki faq) - http://paste.ubuntu.com/145242/03:13
alex_I am seemingly unable to mount a lvm logical volume, which I can plainly see using "sudo lvdisplay" I partitioned it as ext3 but now cannot mount it... what may have happened?03:13
the_engineermneptok: okay, if I understand that command it will search in /etc/init.d for any entry containing 'ansmiss'  correct?03:14
GnurduxI'm having a problem using tightvnc on ubuntu.  The screen keeps flickering between a "blocky" appearence and a normal one03:14
mneptokalex_: are all disks that are volume members present in the machine?03:14
alex_just one disk atm03:14
mneptokthe_engineer: quite right. is init starting Transmission?03:14
the_engineersomething is, i'm not sure what -.-03:14
sirusany one know?03:15
mneptokthe_engineer: that command should help answer that question03:15
racecar56any open source virtual machine emulators that can boot off SATA hard drives? vbox can't do it, qemu dosen't seem to work right03:15
malib1how do I do the equivilant of 'rpm -qa' on ubuntu?  ie. a simple command to list all installed packages03:15
the_engineerglitsj16: can you elaborate on the 'session' autostart idea at all, I think it might be related to this03:15
bruce89!repeat | racecar5603:15
ubotturacecar56: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience03:15
the_engineermneptok: I'll run that now03:15
mneptokracecar spelled backwards is racecar03:16
elninjaprove it03:16
mneptokelninja: pay me03:16
zombie-robo1what command can I use to join several .ts files into one?03:16
mneptokzombie-robo1: cat ts1 ts2 ts3 ts4 > tsall03:17
Lenin_Cathow do I merge a bunch of folders03:17
Spence_what is the difference betweek Kububtu and Ubuntu03:17
ubottuKDE (http://kde.org) is the !desktop environment used natively in !Kubuntu. To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . See http://kubuntu.org for more information. For more information on KDE 4, see !kde403:17
mneptokSpence_: a K03:17
PCTeacher012how the heck do i unsubscribe from the ubuntu Bug mailing list?03:17
Spence_-.- hardy har har03:17
TheFunkbombDoes Airlink make a good wireless card?03:17
mneptokPCTeacher012: un-join the associated LP group03:18
alex_click the link in the email, go to the website and choose "unsubscribe"03:18
pyrakhow do i rename a directory from the command line?03:18
alex_pyrak "mv"03:18
mneptokpyrak: mv dir newdir03:18
bruce89PCTeacher012: how on earth did you subscribe in the first place?03:18
PCTeacher012mneptok: I cant find it anywhere, i want to stay in the bug group, but not get the emails03:18
mneptokPCTeacher012: set those prefs on LP03:18
PCTeacher012bruce89: I subscribed <_< I didnt know it would send me 1000 emails again03:18
the_engineermneptok:  the command line looked like this "****@*****Duck:/etc$ ls -Rla /etc/init.d | grep ansmiss" and it just retuned to the next line with no errors or details when I entered it03:18
PCTeacher0126more. quick, mneptok: I dont see settings03:19
alex_last time... any reason I can't mount a LVM volume? I get a "ext3 fs not found" or similar error...03:19
mneptokthe_engineer: then there is nothing obviously named "transmission" in init.d but that does not mean init is not starting Transmission03:19
timClicks3Spence_ did that answer your question?03:19
mneptokthe_engineer: try "sudo dpkg -R transmission"03:19
mneptokthe_engineer: that should get you the sane defaults03:20
Spence_they arent two different operating systems?03:20
mneptokor "sudo dpkg --reconfigure transmission"03:20
timClicks3they just have different faceplates03:20
timClicks3well, it's a little deeper than that03:20
bruce89Spence_: same thing, different packages installed by defaul03:20
timClicks3but it's similiar03:20
timClicks3google GNOME and KDE03:20
mneptoktimClicks3: ++ for the all-caps GNOME ;)03:21
PCTeacher012still dont have an answer where the unsubscribe button is03:21
timClicks3they are known as window managers03:21
the_engineermneptok: dpkg will not reinstall a newer version if avaialable will it?  I cannot upgrade to the newest yet.  I assume apt-get is the only command that can do that but i'm not sure03:21
bruce89mneptok: hmm?03:21
XcellWhats the command to re-do x server?..i think it starts with (sudo dpkg --reconfigure) but i forgot the rest.03:22
mneptokthe_engineer: "dpkg --reconfigure" installs nothing03:22
mneptokbruce89: hmm hmm?03:22
timClicks3(it's GNOME, not Gnome)03:22
mneptoktimClicks3: quite right03:22
the_engineerthecommutist: your link has some good info in it too.  I am looking into this as a possible fix as well.03:22
bruce89mneptok: there's some debate about that03:22
mneptokGNU Network Object Model Environment03:22
the_engineermneptok:  Thanks, burce89: can you elaborate?03:23
bruce89some advocate changing it to just Gnome as the acronym's idea didn't happen03:23
mneptokbruce89: i see no such arguments from regular GNOME contributors and members03:24
bruce89mneptok: I suppose it's just stuck, but the acronym doesn't really mean anything now03:25
Xcellanyone know?03:26
bruce89Xcell: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg03:26
jduXcell, ctrl-alt-backspace03:26
Iceman_B^Ltopwhen I run "htop" I have like 67 lines that loook like " 6904 root      20   0 17352  1980  1540 S  0.0  0.8  0:00.98 /usr/sbin/console-kit-daemon" <-- what is that ?03:27
jduXcell, sorry missread question03:27
bruce89[noobie]: yes?03:28
the_engineermneptok: the CLI is telling me that --reconfigure or -R are not valid options.  dpkg --help isn't showing me anything about reconfiguring either03:28
ibeekmanXcell: will this reconfigure xserver-xorg automatically?  I am having some graphics issues, might this help03:28
XcellDepends on the problem03:29
ibeekmanerrr well basically I can't see certain types of video using the open source driver03:29
TheFunkbombI wish I could find a good PCMCIA card.  Atheros chipset03:29
ibeekmanand when resuming from hibernation the window borders/decorations are all messged up03:29
ibeekmanand I have tried the ati binary driver but this seems to make things worse (ati mobility radeon x1400)03:30
glitsj16Iceman_B^Ltop: consolekit is a system daemon for tracking what users are logged03:30
glitsj16into the system and how they interact with the computer (e.g. which keyboard and mouse they use)03:30
Xcellibeekman--  usually, turn off all graphics eye candy (visual effects)..re-install drivers..make sure they are up and running then resume eye candy.03:31
ibeekmanXcell: so using mplayer to play avi, mp4, mpeg, etc. won't work even though I have the codecs.  Also skype video craps out, but not ekiga03:32
GnurduxCan anyone here explain this funny behavior in VNC?  The appearance alternates between  that inthese 2 screenshots: http://gnurdux.homelinux.net/fail1.png and http://gnurdux.homelinux.net/fail2.png03:32
ibeekmanhmmm I'll give that a shot, I haven't installed any packages for fancy eye candy just wobly windows etc. that comes straight out of the box....03:32
Xcellgive it a shot03:33
ibeekmank thanks03:33
ibeekman(I'll probably be back though)03:33
Xcellibeekman--  usually, you install all extras and get them up and stable...then do the fancy graphics thing03:33
Cpudan80Gnurdux: I dont see anything wrong with the first one03:33
GnurduxCpudan80, the problem is that it alternates between the two03:34
Cpudan80Gnurdux: second one - the theme didnt get applied, not a huge deal, it happens - restart the session03:34
Gnurduxduring the same login03:34
Gnurduxscreen suddenly changes03:34
Xcellfolks do it backwards and run into many unexpected problems03:34
ryan_Hi, someone has been helping me... and he's wanted me to download a few things but... they're missing from my synaptic pachage manager. Does anyone have any ideas why? What I need is compiz-switch03:34
=== ecrespo is now known as seraph1
Gnurduxthen changes back03:34
Cpudan80Gnurdux: oh...03:34
Gnurduxi wouldnt care if it was one or the other03:34
Cpudan80Gnurdux: what viewer are you using?03:34
Gnurduxthose 2 are from the same login session03:34
Cpudan80oh tightvnc03:34
mdgHello What's a good consule RSS newsreader?03:34
Cpudan80maybe tweak it a little ?03:34
Cpudan80make sure its got the settings high enough?03:35
Dicei want to learn how to fly on ubuntu03:36
GnurduxCpudan80, howd you know its tightvnc?03:36
renderohello, i get an error with amarok when i try to see the shoutcast list, " cannot connect to shoutcast server ", what is the problem03:36
Gnurduxis it a known bug?03:36
Cpudan80Gnurdux: the pic says tightvnc at the top03:36
Gnurduxoh, lol03:36
mdgWhat's a good console RSS news reader?03:36
Cpudan80Gnurdux: you could try a different viewer03:36
tommi69mdg: snownews03:37
Gnurduxits presumably the X server part though03:37
Cpudan80Gnurdux: best one on windows is UltraVNC, on linux ... tight vnc is prob the best bet03:37
mdgtommi69: Is it easy to use?03:37
Gnurduxor whatever03:37
Gnurduxthat is failing03:37
Cpudan80Gnurdux: not necessarily, the viewer could be dropping out something03:37
Gnurduxthe vnc part should be irrelevant03:37
Gnurduxbut theme settings arent computed on client03:37
tommi69mdg: like other terminal apps it is 'easy' in some nerd way but yes03:37
=== bluTaz is now known as testname
Cpudan80for that matter you could use a different VNC server03:37
Cpudan80I dont like the tight vnc server03:38
tommi69if you spend some minutes to configure it you'll love it03:38
=== testname is now known as bluTaz
mdgtommi69: Thanks for your help!  Off to download it now  :)03:38
Gnurduxthat is somewhat sensible03:38
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about vino03:38
Gnurduxi was hoping for a "quick fix" though03:38
Cpudan80vino sucks03:38
Cpudan80!info vino03:38
ubottuvino (source: vino): VNC server for GNOME. In component main, is optional. Version 2.24.1-0ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 199 kB, installed size 2680 kB03:38
ryan_Hi, someone has been helping me... and he's wanted me to download a few things but... they're missing from my synaptic pachage manager. Does anyone have any ideas why? What I need is compiz-switch03:38
the_engineerhere is a TOTAL n00b question to anyone who knows the answer:  If I'm in the CLI and I type a command that just sits there and is busy and I want to force it to stop what its doing, is there anything I can do besides pressing pause/break on my keyboard?03:39
RipzerskinsHi guys.03:39
tommi69the_engineer: ctrl+d03:39
bruce89the_engineer: control+z03:39
tommi69the_engineer: or ctrl+c03:39
the_engineerthank yas ^^03:39
tommi69depends on how the developer woke up03:39
bruce89the_engineer: z for interrupt, c for close03:39
Dicei need a flight semulater for ubuntu03:40
the_engineer* puts sticky note on his monitor03:40
tommi69ryan_: avoid downloading software from untrusted sources and modifying your sources.list03:40
bruce89the_engineer: you can then resume stuff with fg03:40
tommi69Dice: there is a pretty good one let me se03:40
the_engineerisn't x-plane mutliplatform?03:40
bruce89Dice: flightgear03:40
Dicety bro man03:40
ryan_tommi69: I haven't...03:40
bruce89or indeed X-Plane03:40
tommi69yea flight gear03:40
rvnubuntu x86_64 + xen = nvidia driver no go : i tried a few fixes, no good so far, what do i do?03:40
Dicei wan to learn it all03:41
Dicei want to learn it all03:41
bruce89the_engineer: yes, it is03:41
the_engineerx-plane is supposed to be a great simulator, I'm not certain it works with linux but I think it does03:41
tommi69never tried it03:41
bruce89you have to buy it however03:42
the_engineersadly me either, but I put it on my to-do list :-D03:42
Dicefirst how to fly i played top gun baby back in the day03:42
Gnurduxalso, vino is unsuitable for this setup03:42
RipzerskinsI'm having a problem with virtualbox. It's 2.14, and I'm trying to install windows xp professional to it. It seems to work, but unfortunately it keeps shutting off. I turn it on with an xp disc in the tray, and it goes through the usual windows installer activities, then when it asks me to partition, I tell it to go, and everything on my computer freezes. Music, video, mouse, everything. About 30-40 seconds later it says 'aborted' ne03:42
Ripzerskinsxt to the status in the virtualbox main menu. Anyone know what's going on / if I can fix it?03:42
Gnurduxi am using inetd; when you connect you get a GDM login03:42
tommi69looks cool, but the screenshot on x-plane.com is weird03:42
Iceman_B^Ltopglitsj16: thanks</late>03:42
rvhihi, i have a server with no cd/dvd, can i install ubuntu from a flash assuming that it is bootable?03:42
Ripzerskinsrvhi: Yes, I did it not too long ago to a laptop with a broken cd drive03:42
Dicethats my guy03:43
glitsj16Iceman_B^Ltop: no worries03:43
tommi69rvhi: google ubuntu install flash03:43
Ripzerskinsrvhi: unfortunately I have no idea if it will work on a server.03:43
bruce89tommi69: not the same thing03:43
=== winston is now known as Guest5489
tommi69rvhi: it's the 1-3 link03:43
rvhiRipzerskins: i c. the first link shows it03:44
tommi69bruce89: why not?03:44
RipzerskinsCould anyone help me with virtualbox?03:44
bruce89tommi69: oops, I misunderstood the wording03:44
bruce89rvhi: usb-creator03:45
Dicewelp i,m here to help03:45
rvhii am going to buy a dell server, they charge $99 for a cd/dvd drive. try to save some money here...03:45
Cpudan80Ripzerskins: what about it03:45
Diceanyone need help03:45
RipzerskinsI'm having a problem with virtualbox. It's 2.14, and I'm trying to install windows xp professional to it. It seems to work, but unfortunately it keeps shutting off. I turn it on with an xp disc in the tray, and it goes through the usual windows installer activities, then when it asks me to partition, I tell it to go, and everything on my computer freezes. Music, video, mouse, everything. About 30-40 seconds later it says 'aborted' ne03:46
Ripzerskinsxt to the status in the virtualbox main menu. Anyone know what's going on / if I can fix it?03:46
tommi69rvhi: i quit using dvd drivers 8 months ago and i don't miss them at all, don't waste your money :)03:46
Diceoh shizzal03:46
stiev3what's the best way to partition my hard drive in a way that allows for a fresh install w/o losing home folder stuff... Is it to store /home on its own partition?03:46
Cpudan80Ripzerskins: how much ram did you give it?03:46
RipzerskinsCpudan80: How much should I give it?03:47
Cpudan80stiev3: /home and /usr on their own things03:47
Dicebuilt a oa that does that03:47
sicksixi need some assistance with dual booting XP on one drive and Unbuntu (latest desktop edition) on another drive..  I have XP running great and EasyBCD is setup for boot record management but it put the boot record on my C drive instead of where Unbuntu is at which is E..  How do I fix this?03:47
bruce89stiev3: yes03:47
TheFunkbomboh a broadcom card WILL work with Kismet03:47
Cpudan80Ripzerskins: for XP .... 256 or more03:47
bruce89stiev3: don't bother with /usr03:47
tEkyHi :D03:47
RipzerskinsCpudan80: I gave the base memory 430 mb, I think, and the video memory 21 mb03:47
Cpudan80 /usr isnt as critical as /home03:47
Cpudan80Ripzerskins: 430 ? what a weird amount03:48
stiev3thanks, always get to this point and end up just wiping everything, gonna try to play it smart next time.03:48
bruce89Cpudan80: not critical at all03:48
RipzerskinsCpudan80: I'm not exactly the most tech savviest guy.03:48
Cpudan80Ripzerskins: always use powers of 203:48
Cpudan80so 64 128 or 25603:48
Cpudan80or 512 or a gig03:48
RipzerskinsCpudan80: What do you recommend?03:48
Cpudan80how much ram does the main box have?03:48
tommi69i wonder if /home could be put on a dropbox like partition so that files would be risk free (as long as you're connected)03:48
nikitisquestion, how do i upgrade to 8.10?  I03:49
RipzerskinsCpudan80: I'm running on 1 gig, so I'll go with half03:49
Cpudan80Ripzerskins: good idea03:49
nikitisim running 8.04 from a dell mini 9 version of ubuntu03:49
Cpudan80!upgrade | nikitis03:49
ubottunikitis: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading03:49
sicksixi have a question as well if you guys can help me03:49
Cpudan80from 8.04 should be easy03:49
RipzerskinsCpudan80: Do you think it would work now?03:49
Cpudan80Ripzerskins: maybe ... did you give it enough HDD space?03:50
FloodBot1Cpudan80: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:50
tEkyQuestion about Emerald Themer... it keeps freezing up and tends to not work from time to time unless, I use "emerald --replace".  Any suggestions?03:50
Cpudan80XP needs about 4 GBs03:50
RipzerskinsCpudan80: I gave it 7 gigs03:50
nikitisCpudan80, does that work for a dell branded ubuntu?03:50
Dice-মচৃনড দডুু03:50
Cpudan80nikitis: should ... don't really know03:50
=== kiosk is now known as Awang
vinyaaHi chat: I'm running intrepid on an inspiron 1420 with an intel corp 82801H ICH8 Family sound card, I get sound with sites and players, but it won't let me run any programs with sound like Skype or MuseScore... any help?03:51
Diceবহপড হট জড়03:51
RipzerskinsCpudan80: I'm going to give it another go here in a second.03:51
tommi69Dice: ?03:51
Shinu!hebrew | Dice03:51
ubottuDice: לשיחות בשפה העברית ולגישה לקהילת המשתמשים העברית אנא הקלד:03:51
ubottu/join #ubuntu-il03:51
ShinuI took a guess03:52
Diceমচ নৃি হ,ম ড়দৃচহস্ যহটা ুগমডটহস্03:52
bruce89wrong I'm afraid03:52
ShinuWhat is it?03:52
nikitisCpudan80, that doesnt work03:52
sicksixto post a question to you guys, you use the pastebin?03:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bn03:52
tEkyHey "vinyaa" try the sound settings, or the skype settings.03:52
sirusHow do I automatically add ipv6 default gateway + ipv6 ips?03:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about Bengali03:52
tEkyIt really sounds* like a sound setting issue.03:53
vinyaatEky: I have... my biggest issue is that I need MuseScore's playback to work on a project, and it won't let me open the play panel03:53
nikitisCpudan80, that method doesnt work i selected normal releases but when i run update-manager i do not get an option to upgrade to 8.1003:53
tommi69I'm currently using Jaunty beta, when it becomes stable i just need to upgrade and everything will be fine right? no need to reinstall03:53
nikitisCpudan80, so how do i do it?03:53
noaedoes anyone know the JonDo program?03:54
Gnurduxso i switched to realvnc, and there is a new issue: it crashes before displaying the login screen03:54
sicksixdid anyone see my question?03:54
LeviTheSmithhey guys03:54
LeviTheSmithlong time so see :)03:54
LeviTheSmithJust installed Ubuntu back on my system03:54
tommi69sicksix: use the pastebin but briefly introduce the problem03:55
RipzerskinsCpudan80: Success! I guess the ram I gave it was a little messed up. It's installing just fine now03:55
LeviTheSmithand I haven't used it in about 1 year and it is yelling at me about my unclean NTFS HDD03:55
RipzerskinsCpudan80: Thank you very much.03:55
tommi69sicksix: so that people can see what the problem is and if they know the answer can look in the pastebin03:55
LeviTheSmithHow do I 'clean' it or make it mount?03:55
sicksixtommi69: cool... i did use the paste bin... let me post it in here as well03:55
LeviTheSmithit's an external USB03:55
tEkyvinyaa, are you using pulse audio03:56
sicksixtommi69: i need some assistance with dual booting XP on one drive and Unbuntu (latest desktop edition) on another drive..  I have XP running great and EasyBCD is setup for boot record management but it put the boot record on my C drive instead of where Unbuntu is at which is E..  How do I fix this?03:56
vinyaatEky: I think so03:56
tommi69sicksix: sorry i can't help i never dualbooted03:56
ubuntu_is_dabestdo i have to restart clamav-daemon for every new updates from freshclam?03:56
sicksixtommi69: no problem!  thanks for your help!03:57
tommi69anyone else has broken update-manager on jaunty beta?03:57
vinyaatEky: I've also tried just about everything on the "Comprehensive Sound..." on the forums03:57
beilabshey guys, logging into a remote vnc session works great, but only when someone is logged into the machine. The machine recently rebooted and no-one is logged in locally via the gdm, anything I can do?03:57
tommi69can't find a jaunty channel03:57
bruce89tommi69: broken?03:58
Markus27Any way to get searches in nautalis to show file location?03:58
tommi69bruce89: trying to run update-manager from terminal results in a plethora of python errors03:58
tEkyvinyaa, what sound card are you using?03:58
tommi69i know it's normal since it's beta but i can't install any deb03:59
vinyaatEky: Intel Corp. 82801H ICH8 Family03:59
vinyaatEky: It also says something about STAC92xx03:59
tommi69so i wonder if somebody has jaunty and the same problem as mine03:59
bruce89tommi69: ouch, see what aptitude has to say03:59
noaecould anyone help me with a vanishing .jar program problem?04:00
vinyaatEky: I have no idea which you need XD I'm a complete n00b. Forgive the excess entering I have a trigger finger. x.x04:00
tEkylol it's okie04:00
ryan_Anyone have any idea why my Synaptic Package Manager is missing compiz-switch?04:00
tEkyno worries :P04:00
tommi69bruce89: didn't think about that, trying now (thanks!)04:00
the_engineerIs anyone familiar with the application "Tracker" It is listed as a "Search and indexing service"  and also autostarts with the "Tracker applet"04:00
tEkyI'm doing some digging, sorry for the waits04:01
KoolDhow do i remove permissions from music files???They'll play in ubuntu but fails to run on windows...04:01
the_engineerI would like to know if it is safe to remove it from my startup list, or what it does04:01
AaghHas anyone run into any issues with a Atheros AR5008X Wireless Network Adapter and can possibly lend me a bit of a hand?04:01
vinyaano worries here either, I'll catch up on the other homeworks I'm trying to get done.04:01
eseven73ryan you mean fusion-icon?04:02
nikitishow much harddrive space does 9.04 need for a basic install?04:02
tommi69bruce89: "internal error: couldn't generate list of packages to download" - UGH.04:03
ryan_No, Someone helped me trouble shoot a problem with flash player... and it was with compiz running it was screwing up, he told me to download compiz-switch. I said it's not in my synaptic package manager, and he sent a screeny with it in his04:03
bruce89tommi69: wow, that's nice04:03
ryan_And he has no idea why it wouldn't be04:03
nikitisanyone know?04:03
ryan_It's supposed to just be an applet to quickly turn compiz on or off04:03
eseven73yes ryan that is fusion-icon04:03
tommi69bruce89: i *hope* i won't have to reinstall, but it seriously looks PFU04:04
eseven73!info fusion-icon04:04
ubottufusion-icon (source: fusion-icon): tray icon to launch and manage Compiz Fusion. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.1.0-1 (intrepid), package size 29 kB, installed size 264 kB04:04
tommi69ryan_: i think compiz-switch is an outdated program to switch on/off compiz effects04:04
bruce89tommi69: I'm afraid it looks likely04:04
tommi69ryan_: you can achieve the same by going to system -> preferencies -> appearance04:04
the_engineerlol@ tommi69: not to make light of your plight but if PFU stands for what I think it stands for, thats a great acronym.  And the first time i've seen it used as such.04:05
tommi69ryan_: in the appearance window there shuld be a 'special effects' tab from where you can switch off effects04:05
tEkyvinyaa, have you tried using just musescore and nothing else?04:05
tommi69the_engineer: the_engineer: it obviously means Pretty Funny Update, because python errors on update managers are F U N04:06
Markus27Anyone know how to get Nautilus to show file locations in search results?04:06
vinyaateeks: If you mean to turn off other apps, tell me what to turn off and I will. I don't know my way around too well yet... I think it might be a midi issue, but that's just what I got from scanning sites for two hours :/04:07
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nikitisNeed to know how much harddrive space 9.04 takes up on install?04:07
tEkyOkie, try just running the application that's having the problem.04:08
thrillERboyI've mistakenly disabled the top panel04:08
tEkyI would suggest restarting if you haven't done that recently too.04:08
thrillERboyI just have access to terminal through dock... help me enabling it.... I disabled it when I tried to uninstall evolution mail client04:09
vinyaaRestarted, double checked that sound card is still working on windows (it's partitioned too small to dl musescore there), and tried adding any related apps... musescore still doesn't let me open the play panle04:09
tonsxchatjust rebooted an amd64 intrepid machine, X is not loading...04:10
tonsxchatI keep seeing error messages [from IPtables?] appear on the local console04:10
tonsxchat[5550727.036092] Unknown OutputIN= OUT=vmnet8 SRC= DST= LEN=187 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=64 ID=0 DF PROTO=UDP SPT=631 DPT=631 LEN=16704:10
tonsxchat^^ example04:10
tEkyvinyaa, brb I'm going to check something04:11
vinyaaok. if it makes any difference, my friend just sent a midi file that I was able to play04:11
hhp2kHey everyone! =) I have a question - I have Istanbul installed, the desktop video recording program.  Earlier this afternoon, I set it to record a quick 30-second clip of my desktop, and the 3D capabilities of Compiz-Fusion.  Once the recording stopped, the icon changed into a disk, and hovering my mouse over the icon displays 'In process of saving to disk.'  I cannot elicit a single response from the icon now - right 04:11
unimaginativeI'm trying to watch a blu-ray rip of Planet Earth on my ubuntu box. The player plays the audio but the video is blank. I think it may be an issue with codecs.. ist theresome sort of codec pack I need to install ?04:12
=== Cpudan80_ is now known as Cpudan80
tommi69for a second i thought you wrote istanbul instead of intrepid :D04:12
tonsxchatunimaginative: does it work with the actual disc?04:12
unimaginativetonsxchat, It works on my windows system. The ubuntu box doesnt have a blueray drive04:13
Ububeginunimaginative: doesn videolan play everything...04:13
tommi69hhp2k: where are istanbul videos saved?04:13
edogzillahi is anyone here?04:13
unimaginativeUbubegin, apparently not. I don't even know what codec this file is saved in. It was the digital copy.04:13
tommi69hhp2k: check if the video has been created04:13
tommi69edogzilla: no, unfortunately04:13
tommi69edogzilla: the virus has spread04:14
edogzillaexcuse me, but I'm a total newb to ubuntu linux and i need some serious help, anyone available to help?04:14
edogzillaits a startup issue04:14
tEkyvinyaa, I'm back04:14
thrillERboyhello guys..... I've mistakenly disabled desktop panel on the top......... I just have access to terminal through dock... help me enabling it.... I disabled it when I tried to uninstall evolution mail client04:14
vinyaaokay, any ideas?04:14
unimaginativeask in the room and someone will try to help if they can04:14
tommi69edogzilla: just explain the problem if someone can help you they will answer04:14
nikitiswhat is the .img format?  i04:15
hhp2ktommi69: I'm not sure where the Istanbul videos are saved - let me check that out and get back to you in a second.04:15
Ububeginedogzilla:  the qn pls...04:15
nikitisim downloading jaunty04:15
tEkynext to the transport there is a box, is that checked04:15
tommi69hhp2k: i don't know that software but probably from the preferencies you can get the directory04:15
sloinhey, how can I copy a lot of directories from a directory where is a lot of other files04:15
vinyaanext to the huh? x.x04:15
sloinI mean, only the directories04:15
edogzillamy problem is that when i startup my comp, i dont get the gui desktop...instead i get just a command line. all i wanna do is get to my desktop at startup. any ideas?04:15
edogzillai am using 8.10 btw04:16
linchi have two ips bound to eth0 and eth0:0; is there a way for my server to be configured on each interface separately?04:16
thrillERboyedogzilla, did you tried startx04:16
nikitisHow do you use a .img file?04:16
linchany help, guys?04:16
edogzillano. is startx the entire command?04:16
tEkyThere's a Display Transport menu and next to that should be a box you can check04:16
tommi69nikitis: you have to burn it on a disk i believe04:16
nikitistommi69, its for a usb disk04:17
nikitistommi69, but how do i put it on the usb?04:17
tommi69nikitis: ah! you need something special to burn the img on the usb i think04:17
vinyaatEky: that's also shaded, it won't let me select it04:17
thrillERboyedogzilla,  yes.... after login in through command line interface just type startx and enter04:17
nikitistommi69, right, but what?04:17
tEkyhmm.. that's odd04:17
edogzillaok...then what?04:17
tommi69nikitis: searching for 'ubuntu img usb' BAM! first link04:17
vinyaatEky: yeah. welcome to my world.04:17
space_cadetedogzilla, startx should start your gui04:18
tommi69nikitis: use google the answer is at the first link04:18
edogzillathrillerboy, will i have to type that every time? can i set it so that it starts automatically?04:18
admin_masu3701is there a channel for protocol?04:18
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about protocol04:18
thrillERboyI guess you can make that automatically start from services screen....04:19
space_cadetnope no #protocol04:19
space_cadetadmin_masu3701, what kinda protocol?04:19
tommi69edogzilla: you have to check your /etc/inittab04:20
edogzillathrillerboy, whats services screen? not sure where to find that04:20
tEkyvinyaa, I might try a different program.04:20
thrillERboyedogzilla, I just started using ubuntu for a week, so some other experienced peeps can help well04:20
tommi69edogzilla: you are in a console?04:20
edogzillawhen i start up my comp i get no gui just a command line04:20
vinyaatEky: alright, I might go mess around a bit with Jack and see if maybe something is wrong there, but thanks for your help04:20
edogzillawell, theres a bunch of other text and stuff too but you know what i mean04:21
admin_masu3701space_cadet: for a class, i have to design a protocol that can be used to send anonymous mail04:21
admin_masu3701not sure where to start04:21
space_cadetadmin_masu3701, sounds like your teacher is one of those spammers04:21
usseradmin_masu3701, aint nothing hard about that :)04:21
tEkyyea, no problem04:21
space_cadetadmin_masu3701, i would scrap the project and report your teacher to the fcc04:21
* usser hehe04:21
admin_masu3701we're not writing the code..just designing it04:22
edogzillaso will i have to type startx every time?04:22
tommi69edogzilla: not really :)04:22
space_cadetadmin_masu3701, http://www.theanonymousemail.com/anonymous-email-server.php04:22
usseradmin_masu3701, so just put in the protocol specs that a sender is not required to provide an callback address, thats it04:23
thrillERboyhello guys..... I've mistakenly disabled desktop panel on the top......... I just have access to terminal through dock... help me enabling it.... I disabled it when I tried to uninstall evolution mail client04:23
tommi69edogzilla: let me check one thing i'll be right back to you04:23
tEkyVinyaa, have you tried Ubuntu Studio version04:23
vinyaatEk: No04:23
edogzillatommie 69, ok great thx04:23
usseradmin_masu3701, not sure whats there to design, just take smtp as a base and remove the clause about authentication from there04:23
AerodynamicI'm having a problem with desktop effects. When enabled, the titlebar [icons / close/minimize/maximize buttons] seems to mess up.04:23
AerodynamicIs there a fix to this?04:23
space_cadetthrillERboy, try gnome-panel04:23
thrillERboywhere to get it :/ I don't see the top panel.... not anything...... applications, system nothing04:24
admin_masu3701usser: he want the message to be split into 2 parts that will be sent to 2 differents peers04:24
space_cadetthrillERboy, are you sure you want to uninstall evolution as well?04:24
admin_masu3701then reassemble before delivery04:24
tEkyvinyaa, http://ubuntustudio.org/04:24
thrillERboyI've uninstallled evolution....04:24
space_cadetthrillERboy, open a terminal then run gnome-panel04:24
vinyaatEk: there already. I might give that a go, thanks04:24
wnstnHello, On my main desktop I have two users, my wife and I. I use Awesome as my window manager and my wife uses Gnome. Back when we both ran Gnome switching users while leaving the other logged in was not a issue thanks to the user switcher panel applet. Is there a way for my wife to log into her gnome session while leaving my Awesome session active? I run a lot of applications and hate coming back to my computer only to find out she04:24
wnstn has Ctrl+Alt+Backspace me out so she can check her email. Thanks!04:24
space_cadetthrillERboy, but beware, when you close the terminal, bybye gnome-panel04:24
gek_ontheey the  deluge is better what transmission04:24
=== Cpudan80_ is now known as Cpudan80
tEkyI'm using it on my DT with an M-Audio 1010LT audio card, works very well.04:25
Xcelllol bye bye panel04:25
thrillERboythis program in not installed, so I've to do that sudo apt-get thing?04:26
AerodynamicAnyone know why I get that issue?04:26
space_cadettry this..04:26
tEkyIt's not too flashy though, but it gets the job done.04:26
space_cadetthrillERboy, https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-panel/+question/317904:26
scuniziwnstn: there's a way to run one sesson on one X and another on a different X session.. at the same time.. like :0 & :1 but I don't know how to set it up..04:26
vinyaadumb question, will it just update what I have now, or does it completely replace the OS?04:26
usseradmin_masu3701, hm. well thats still technically traceable. still, it seems doable, look at how smtp does stuff, take some commands from there, add a couple of your own that specify the peer addresses and reassemble the mail upon delivery04:26
tommi69edogzilla: if you do this command 'cat /etc/inittab' what do you get? i hope your ubuntu has inittab04:26
scuniziwnstn: you'd switch with ctrl+alt+F7-904:26
edogzillaone sec ill tell ya04:26
usseradmin_masu3701, http://james.apache.org/server/rfclist/smtp/rfc0821.txt04:26
wnstnscunizi: Tried that but it wont let me startx04:27
haxilahow do i mount a drive if it was not properly ejected from windows?04:27
tEkyvinyaa, you will need to reformat.04:27
gek_onthedeluge is more stable04:27
admin_masu3701usser: the link didnt open correctly04:27
edogzillatommi 69: i get no such file or directory04:27
scuniziwnstn: there's a special way of doing it. kinda like running x over ssh..04:27
edogzillaits a fresh install of 8.10 straight from the live cd04:28
vinyaaok, it'll have to wait until I get my hands on my friend's external, then. thanks a lot though, I'll just try and find a program to do what I need to for tonight, and I'll switch over this week. thanks though! :) I'm headed off, but I might check back in if I can figure something out04:28
AerodynamicI tried installing Compiz because I've heard that it had to do with the command under "window decorations" but that didn't do any good.04:28
usseradmin_masu3701, here http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc821.html04:28
tommi69edogzilla: please type this command: 'runlevel'04:28
tommi69edogzilla: and tell me the response04:28
usseradmin_masu3701, or just google for smtp rfc04:28
bartekHi there, I can't seem to find Apache benchmark (ab) available for download in Ubuntu's repos. Is it only available from source?04:28
Gnurduxso, switching to RealVNC didnt fix the crashes; it seems ot be gnome-settings-daemon that is crashing04:29
edogzillatommi 69, i get N  204:29
Gnurduxit did, however imrpove performance04:29
wnstnscunizi: That sounds a bit complicated, especially for my wife :)04:29
tEkyVinyaa, Okie, sorry I couldn't help out more... have a good day :}04:29
usseradmin_masu3701, since you dont have to actually implement the commands you can say that they do this and that without bothering if its actually possible in real life, hell half of HTML standard is done this way04:29
tommi69edogzilla: ok wait one more minute04:30
edogzillatommi 69, but keep in mind that i'm actually using the cd right now, not my install, cuz its the only way I can get a desktop to get onto chat cuz i dont know how to do anything from just the command line04:30
tommi69edogzilla: ah.04:30
edogzillaso i'm really not sure how that affects things04:30
scuniziwnstn: If she had the primary load on F7 (standard location) and your's was on F8 then everything would look normal to her and you would have the control to switch to your desktop when needed and switch back when you walked away..04:30
ubuntu21Now that Nexuiz 2.5 has been released, is there an expected date for it to appear in the repos?04:31
thrillERboythanks guys.... lemme check this worked....04:31
tommi69edogzilla: ithought you were trying these commands on the affected system04:31
edogzillatommi 69, no sorry. forgive me i'm a total newb04:31
wnstnscunizi: sounds do-able, how would I set that up?04:31
AerodynamicChanging the command didn't seem to work..04:31
tommi69edogzilla: no problem but i can't help if you don't tell me how the system replies to those commands04:32
AerodynamicOi, I just have no idea what the problem is. :[04:32
edogzillai would have to restart every time04:32
JosephDWhen someone's free to help, I'd like some. =D04:32
admin_masu3701usser: yea..saying they do this and that will be much easier..since we dont have to write the code04:32
AerodynamicSame here.04:32
tommi69edogzilla: i know04:33
ubuntu21Now that Nexuiz 2.5 has been released, is there an expected date for it to appear in the repos?04:33
edogzillatommi 69, if you will be around a while we could do it that way04:33
tommi69edogzilla: unfortunately it's 5.30am and i seriously need to sleep :)04:33
scuniziwnstn: I would search some of the technical how to educational sites.. many schools are using one machine with 4 sets of monitors, keyboards, mice etc for individual unique logins.. including session choice.. can't be that hard to find.. I actually had someone on here tell me how a couple years ago.04:33
usserubuntu21, its not gonna make it into the repos. it probably wont even be in jaunty its too late for that04:33
edogzillatommi 69, any ideas?04:33
tommi69edogzilla: login in the faulty system, do that 'runlevel' command and see if it still responds '2'04:33
ubuntu21usser: why would it be too late for repos? Repos actually freeze? Why?04:34
edogzillatommi 69: and if it does...or doesnt?04:34
ubuntu21What's the point of that?04:34
tommi69edogzilla: runlevel 2 usually means 'login graphically' (not exact but for clarity sake..)04:34
tommi69edogzilla: if you log in in the console, no graphics, it usually means you are in runlevel 104:34
JosephDWhenever I start up my laptop, it goes to the login screen fine, but when I login it just stays that basic offwhite color and I can't do anything.04:35
usserubuntu21, yea, the freeze usually happens around beta release after that point only security updates are allowed into repositories, 2.5 is a major upgrade theres no way it'll make it04:35
admin_masu3701usser: when the message get splitted in 2 parts and send to 2 different peers, should the 2 parts of the message include headers?04:35
tommi69edogzilla: so, if you get a runlevel 1 response you just have to switch back to runlevel 2 to get graphical login04:35
zombie-robo1whats a good source for learning python?04:35
ubuntu21usser: So it won't make it for another 6 months... lame04:35
thrillERboyhi got the gnome-panel now... It closes when I close the terminal.... is there a way to make it stay04:35
edogzillatommi 69: so if I type runlevel 2 in the command line it will work from then on?04:35
scuniziubuntu21: you can probably get it at www.getdeb.net04:35
tommi69zombie-robo1: swarooch.com,e04:35
admin_masu3701and how is it going to be reassembled before delivery04:36
tommi69zombie-robo1: swarooch.com, ebook titled 'byte of python' - learned basis in a weekend, it's great04:36
thrillERboyalso It seems I've uninstalled user switcher. hot to enable it? whats the command?04:36
usseradmin_masu3701, its up to you. its probably easier to have them both have headers, since it'll be easy to reassemble04:36
tommi69edogzilla: you type 'runlevel' and hope it's 1 then come back here and ask around how to change it to runlevel 204:36
ubuntu21usser: Nope. not there.04:36
zombie-robo1thank you04:36
Aerodynamicdoes anyone else get the same issue with visual effects turned on?04:36
Flanneledogzilla: 'init 2'04:36
tommi69edogzilla: if you type 'runlevel' and you get 2 there is something else wrong04:36
edogzillatommi 69: ok i will thx04:36
edogzillatommi 69: would you happen to know what that is?04:37
tommi69edogzilla: listen to Flannel i used to modify a file to solve this but it doesn't work anymore in ubuntu (/etc/inittab), maybe Flannel knows more04:37
edogzillatommi 69: whats init 2?04:37
usseradmin_masu3701, make sure you do some sort of integrity check, hash the message or something, and then check if the hash is correct after reassembly, a good protocol should do that04:37
TecROchow do you connect to a access point by the terminal?04:37
tommi69edogzilla: init is that runlevel thing i told you about - if 1 start at console, if 2 start with gui04:38
edogzillatommi 69: so in other words...If I type init 2 in the command line if i am on runlevel 2, then it will switch me to runlevel 2?04:39
tommi69edogzilla: really need to go, try to get as much information as possible and come back here somebody will help04:39
dxdemetriouhow can I empty trash if permission is denied and the ~/.local/Share/Trash is empty?04:39
edogzillatommi: sorry i meant if i am on runlevel 104:39
usserubuntu21, well thats how it is, you can always get it from getdeb.net im sure those guys will create a package for it pretty fast04:39
edogzillatommi 69: ok thanks04:39
tommi69edogzilla: i don't know that init command Flannel talked about it, try to ask him04:39
TecROchow do you connect to a access point by the terminal?04:39
Flanneltommi69, edogzilla: init 2 will get you to runlevel 204:39
tommi69Flannel: permanently?04:40
=== shane is now known as josh890
tommi69Flannel: like it used to be when editing runlevel on /etc/inittab i mean04:40
edogzillaflannel: aha. thanks. and after i get to runlevel 2 is the change permanent or will i have to do that every time i start my comp?04:40
Flanneltommi69: No, just this one time.  Is he booting to runlevel1 constantly?04:40
Flanneledogzilla: What menu entry are you selecting at GRUB?04:40
tommi69Flannel: that's what i was trying to understand04:40
epaphushi guys..  grub does not boot into ubuntu because its giving a error code 15...   when I boot with the live cd..  I do find /boot/grub/stage1 .. it returns the same error.. if i do: find /grub/stage1 ... that also returns the same error.. what are my options? why would this be like this on a good working install?04:41
tommi69Flannel: if you can see if you can point edogzilla to a solution i must leave04:41
edogzillaFlannel: um, wow sorry. i'm a first timer and I dont know what you mean. i dont selct or type or press anything it just takes me there when i turn my computer on...sorry about being ignorant here04:41
JosephDEvery time I login, the screen just stays white and I can't do anything except shut it down normally with the power button, and diagnostics didn't show anything. What's wrong?04:42
edogzillaflannel: this is a completely fresh install of 8.10 from the cd. first time bootup04:42
Flanneledogzilla: Being new is nothing to apologise about, we're all new at some point.  Alright, you just installed and its doing this?04:42
edogzillaflannel: yes04:43
FirefisheWhat is the CLI command for the listing of device hardware?04:43
Flanneledogzilla: Alright.  Is this a separate computer you're on? So we can play with things while you're still here talking to me?04:43
josh890hey guys my computer hung when i was installing a package so i had to do a hard reset now when i try to use a package manager it says there is one  already running, any ideas/04:43
FlannelFirefishe: lspci and lsusb04:43
Firefishethanks, Flannel04:43
Firefishethat helps04:43
Flanneljosh890: Be sure update-manager isn't running (or anything else) with ps aux, and then, if you're absolutely sure, you'll have to manually delete the lock file.04:43
edogzillaflannel: unfortunately not. i am running from the cd right now cuz its the only way i could use the comp, cuz i dont know what to do with that command line04:44
edogzillaflannel: if i tried anything i would have to reboot, try it, then reboot again from the cd to get back here04:44
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jimisrvroxhey guys Ive got a wmp54g that shows like half a signal in ubuntu but when you try to connect to the router it does not want to connect. If it does connect it doesnt stay connected for very long how could I solve this issue? Im using the native linux drivers btw04:44
josh890well theres no notification in the gui or the system log so where is the lock file located?04:44
JosephDEvery time I login, the screen just stays white and I can't do anything except shut it down normally with the power button, and diagnostics didn't show anything. What's wrong?04:44
=== Deception is now known as Dr_Disk
smacfarlso i bit torrented an ubuntu 8.10 iso and md5sumed it and it was good. then I copied the file from my ntfs partition to my ext3 primary and the md5sum changed, what happened?04:45
adam7smacfarl: the data got corrupted during the transfer?04:45
Flanneledogzilla: alright.  That's fine, I've got a while.  What I want you to do is reboot, hit escape a few times after the POST screen (you should see something that says 'press ESC to view the GRUB menu' or something like that) once you get there, jot down what menu choices you have.  Try to choose one that doesn't say "recovery mode" (and also, not memtest) and then also keep track of whatever errors it gives you.04:45
smacfarlhow is that possible?04:46
Flanneljosh890: use apt-get and it'll tell you.  sudo apt-get update04:46
smacfarlI'm just copying from one drive to another on the same machine04:46
edogzillaflannel: ok i'll try it. be back in a while04:46
scunizi Flannel might almost be easier to tell him how to install and load irssi after booting to a command line04:46
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adam7smacfarl: I don't know... http://tech.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=08/05/04/2230252 might help you04:47
Firefisheirssi is what I'm using...niiice :)04:47
edogzillawhats irssi?04:47
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* scunizi feels like he's stired the pot04:48
=== Dr_Disk_ is now known as Dr_Disk
ttl how can i backup my system files so if my hdd died, i can reinstall on a new hdd and have the same configuration and settings but not my personal files(ie music pictures)?04:48
edogzillaanyway i'll be back04:48
scunizittl: partimage04:48
TyphIs anyone familiar with a way to have dual monitors, each wit hits own window list? (Like ultramon on windows)04:48
JosephDEvery time I login, the screen just stays white and I can't do anything except shut it down normally with the power button, and diagnostics didn't show anything. What's wrong?04:48
ttlscunizi: will it work if i copied my /home/username directory on a backup drive and past it on the new one?04:49
chrisdalldoes anyone here have experience compiling kvm userspace against full kernel source?04:50
chrisdallI have a problem with a warning, that <linux/compiler.h> is missing.04:50
usserchrisdall, probably needs gcc sources or something04:50
chetnickwhich music player would you recommend?04:51
chrisdallit doesn't complain about <linux/ioctl.h>, so I am kind of confused. Can you elaborate?04:51
TecROchow do you connect to a access point by the terminal?04:51
epaphushi guys..  grub does not boot into ubuntu because its giving a error code 15...   when I boot with the live cd..  I do find /boot/grub/stage1 .. it returns the same error.. if i do: find /grub/stage1 ... that also returns the same error.. what are my options? why would this be like this on a good working install?04:51
usserchetnick, exaile04:51
lewenchif I have ubuntu installed and using fluxbox, how would I connect to a windows server? Ex. I want to connect to another windows PC on my network.04:51
chetnickusser: do you know by any chance is there equalizer on it?04:52
FirefisheI just installed ubuntu 8.10, and when the x server login comes up, I have no keyboard or mouse recognition (usb).  I've tried using two usb-to-ps2 adapters for the 2 free ps2 ports, but that didn't work.04:52
scunizittl: partimage mirrors entire partitions.. if you only have two .. one /swap and the rest including /home on / then just imaging that will take care of everything..04:52
admin_masu3701usser: am getting somewhere. but whouldnt the messages have the sender address in them?04:52
FirefisheThe keyboard works on virtual terminal (hence this session), but not in x.  I"m stumped.04:53
chrisdallusser: Do you know why it complains about compiler.h and not ioctl.h?04:53
chrisdall(they are both included in kvm.h). Help would be fantastically greatly appreciated from anyone...04:54
usserchetnick, hang on04:54
usserchetnick, yep04:54
FirefisheWhat's the command to list process id's?04:54
jplurcan I upgrade from 7.04 to 8.04 directly?04:55
usseradmin_masu3701, if you dont want it, you can just say that sender doesnt have to specify his address, and splitting the message and sending throgh different peers will efectively masquarade the ip04:55
Flanneljplur: Nope.  7.04 to 7.10 to 8.0404:56
usserchrisdall, i've never compiled kvm, i wouldnt know it just sounded like it needed gcc sources04:56
jplurFlannel, thanks04:56
chrisdallok, thanks for input though!04:56
friedtofujplur: just clean install04:56
edogzillahi flannel im back u there?04:56
Flanneledogzilla: Yep04:57
ruben23anyone tried to installed ubuntu with Acer e machine EL170004:57
admin_masu3701usser: so the header could just contain like a packet name or # or such.04:57
jplurfriedtofu, i did the autoclean and clean, I guess I should disable all non main repositories before upgrading?04:57
JosephDEvery time I login, the screen just stays white and I can't do anything except shut it down normally with the power button, and diagnostics didn't show anything. What's wrong?04:57
usseradmin_masu3701, yea, and recipient address04:57
ruben23i have errors upon booting form installation04:57
edogzillaflannel k: I got 3 choices. one was ubuntu 8.10, kernel 2.6.27-2 generic...the other was the same only with (system recovery) at the end....and the last was ubuntu 8.10 memtest86+04:58
admin_masu3701usser: who reasembling the messages?04:58
Flanneledogzilla: Alright, good so far.  And choosing the non-recovery one ended up with what?04:58
edogzillaflannel: the same thing04:59
edogzillaas before04:59
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pHreaksYcle1man, i've been trying to solve this problem for like 12 hours now04:59
edogzillaflannel: the only thing that looked like an error was a message that said: knit:no resume image, doing normal boot04:59
pHreaksYcle1my nautilus is crapping the bed everytime i boot 9.0404:59
Xcellttl transistor transistor logic?04:59
Flanneledogzilla: So, you got a root prompt? one that ended with #?05:00
pHreaksYcle1as in, the desktop doesn't have any icons, nautilus won't start from command line05:00
FlannelpHreaksYcle1: #ubuntu+1 for Jaunty support, thanks.05:00
usseradmin_masu3701, well the recipient05:00
ruben23anyone have ideas..?05:00
cappicardis anyone using imap in evolution? damn thing seg faults as soon as I try using imap05:00
edogzillaflannel: no. I got the command line as usual, the one that ends with $05:00
pHreaksYcle1Flannel: ah, that would explain the lack of responses around here. thanks man.05:00
admin_masu3701usser: ok05:00
Flanneledogzilla: oh... that's not single user mode then.  You installed with a liveCD?05:00
admin_masu3701usser: writing all that out will be good?05:00
admin_masu3701usser: and thinking about doing a diagram05:01
usseradmin_masu3701, arent you already? i mean yea05:01
edogzillaflannel: what happened was I upgraded from hardy heron to 8.10...and i got this problem. in order to fix it i did a fresh install from the cd...same problem05:01
Flanneledogzilla: Odd indeed. Installed from the liveCD?05:02
edogzillaflannel: yes05:02
edogzillaflannel: the one i downloaded from the ubuntu website05:02
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edogzillaflannel: i already tested the cd's integrity and it was fine05:02
=== dt3k is now known as duffc
duffcAnyone have trouble getting compiz animations to work?05:03
CapaHI have a Logitech mouse and I am trying to assign one of its buttons to a certain task - I use xev to get the technical details of pressing a particular mouse button, but I am not sure what to do with that information.05:03
=== heavybeetle is now known as Tetracomm
AntisocheI have a hardware problem -- I have a board with an integrated video device.  I want to dual head, so I added a PCI Express type video card.  That card works fine, but the integrated device is gone - the display has no output and the device doesn't show in an lspci.  Does that seem normal?05:04
Flanneledogzilla: Odd.  If I didn't know any better, I'd say you installed a server system  or whatnot.05:04
FirefisheIf HAL didn't start during bootup, what might the cause be?05:04
Xcellme thinks Flannel  nailed it05:04
epaphushi guys..  grub does not boot into ubuntu because its giving a error code 15...   when I boot with the live cd..  I do find /boot/grub/stage1 .. it returns the same error.. if i do: find /grub/stage1 ... that also returns the same error.. what are my options? why would this be like this on a good working install?05:04
Antisoche(Hellos, btw)05:04
edogzillaflannel: i doubt it cuz its the same cd i used on my last computer and it was perfectly fine...this is a new comp i bought today05:04
scuniziAntisoche: could be a bios setting that disables the onboard when it detects the pci05:04
Antisochescunizi, Thanks - I did poke around in the BIOS and there were no video options.05:05
AntisocheThe BIOS is very spartan.05:05
scuniziAntisoche: that's not normal..05:05
al14sepaphus: get one of those cd's that do a bootloader rescue05:05
JosephDHey guys, I login with Gnome and it takes me to the normal starting screen with my background and the menu bar at the top, but it won't let me move my mouse or anything05:05
AerodynamicBack again. I get this error with desktop effects enabled: http://img222.imageshack.us/img222/3677/screweduptitlebar.jpg05:06
AerodynamicIs there a fix to this?05:06
danbhfiveJosephD: is this a fresh install?05:06
Flanneledogzilla: well, you're obviously not in single user mode.  Since you get a $ prompt.  All... I can suggest is going back to it, try ctrl-alt-f7, try 'startx', try sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop05:06
danbhfiveAerodynamic: did you use the hardware manager to enable your drivers?05:06
JosephDdanbhfive, no I've had this laptop for a while, it just started doing this recently05:07
Aerodynamicdrivers are enabled05:07
al14sepaphus: how fast is your internet?05:07
danbhfiveJosephD: do you know how to get to a virtual terminal?  or tty?05:07
epaphusal14s, its fast enough. However... is there anything i can do with the live cd?05:07
mattgyver83Aerodynamic, do you have compiz as well installed?05:08
danbhfiveAerodynamic: ok, but did you use that dialog to install them?  how did you install the drivers?05:08
edogzillaflannel: ok ill try that05:08
Antisochescunizi, Hmm - the integrated and addon cards are both NVidia.  You think the addon has the ability to disable the integrated controller?  This mobo is very heavy on the NVIdia parts (PCI Bridge, USB, Audio, etc.)05:08
edogzillaflannel: i'll be back if it doesnt work05:08
mattgyver83Aero, i had a similar issue and the end result is its just due to a bug somewhere between Emerald and compiz05:08
Aerodynamicdanbhfive, I did use that dialog to install the driver.05:08
Aerodynamictried this05:09
JosephDdanbhfive, think so, is that the one I can access in sessions in the login screen?05:09
scuniziAntisoche: is it a gforce 8200 board?05:09
TyphHow do I add a panel to another monitor? (twinview)05:09
astro403i'm trying to encode a matroska file to mp4 to watch it using my psp. i'm using mencode to convert it, but i'm getting this error: Audio LAVC, couldn't find encoder for codec aac. I tried to install faac, but got the same error yet, anyone? thank you :)05:09
Aerodynamicit searched and loaded the driver or something when I tried to enable the effects05:09
Aerodynamicmattgyver83,  emerald?05:09
Antisochescunizi, 8300 GS05:09
al14sepaphus: my mandriva 07 DVD comes with a bootloader rescue that works fine with me. Try to download a minimal one i guess.05:09
pHreaksYcle1Flannel: anyone in particular i can contact in this channel? it's quiet as can be in here05:09
FlannelpHreaksYcle1: People from this channel who know Jaunty are also presumably in that channel.05:09
epaphusal14s, thanks05:09
FlannelpHreaksYcle1: check launchpad though, file a bug, etc.05:10
danbhfive!tty | JosephD05:10
ubottuJosephD: To get to the TTY terminals 1-6, use the keystroke ctrl + alt + F1-F6 respectively (Alt+F7 will get you back to your graphical login).  To change the resolution for your TTY, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution.05:10
epaphusAnybody know if I can recreate a bootloader with the live cd.. without having to download a recue cd?05:10
scuniziAntisoche: not the video card but the chipset of the mother board05:10
Flannel!grub | epaphus05:10
ubottuepaphus: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto05:10
AerodynamicI tried looking it up and it said something about putting emerald in the commandline.05:10
pHreaksYcle1Flannel: yeah, i have been pouring over the various sources of bug-fixing databases, the forums etc. IRC is my last hope apparently haha.05:10
AerodynamicI dunno what emerald even is.05:10
mattgyver83Aero, i might have it wrong, but I think its due to Emerald Theme manager confusing Compiz.  If you have Emerald installed still. (its been a while)05:10
ruben23anyone tried to installed ubuntu with Acer e machine EL170005:10
danbhfiveJosephD: try running this command, just as a sanity check: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^               it should check for the evdev driver05:10
Aerodynamicis emerald the default theme manager05:11
mattgyver83Well, no not default, its an additional package05:11
mattgyver83but it was necessary back when it was beryl05:11
pHreaksYcle1Aerodynamic: metacity is the default.05:11
Aerodynamichm.. is there a way to fix?05:11
mattgyver83I just went back to metacity and it was fine ever since.05:11
Antisochescunizi, oh, sorry.  It's an MCP61 according to lspci ... I'll get a flashlight and see what I can find printed05:12
AerodynamicI tried it with the default and had the problem05:12
Aerodynamicand then downloaded Compiz to see if that helped05:12
Aerodynamicstill same problem05:12
pHreaksYcle1Aerodynamic: personally i would recommend staying away from emerald unless there is a particular emerald theme you HAVE to have. most of the effects can be reproduced in metacity fairly easily. all it does is suck RAM for me anyway.05:12
AntisocheAlso, if someone could tell me how to take Google out of stupid mode when I log into my gmail account I'd be very appreciative.05:12
scuniziAntisoche: no worries.. do you have any weird issues booting?05:12
NEPTUNOhola a todos05:12
pHreaksYcle1Antisoche: stupid mode as in05:12
pHreaksYcle1NEPTUNO: que tal05:13
JosephDdanbhfive, it asks for my login details, but when it prompts for my password, it won't let me type it05:13
NEPTUNOcomo estas05:13
NEPTUNOoye me puedes ayudar???05:13
AerodynamicIdk if I have emerald even installed x_X05:13
mattgyver83Aerodynamic, Emerald is now 'Compiz Fusion Icon' which might be in your System tools folder of the Applications menu05:13
NEPTUNOestoy entrando al chat de terra pero no puedo atraves de este programa05:13
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Antisochescunizi, No issues booting.  The machine behaves well.  The only weird thing that's happened is I plugged in a video card and lost my primary display :-\05:13
danbhfiveJosephD: when you type, it will show nothing.  Just try typing your password, and hit enter05:13
lstarnesJosephD: just type it.  nothing will be shown even if works05:13
Zeroyezhow can i read a range of bytes from /dev/sda05:13
mattgyver83Aero, it opens a small systray icon that you can right click into, go to 'Select Window Manager' and see whats selected05:14
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danbhfiveJosephD: and don't forget the ^...05:14
AerodynamicNah, I don't have it.05:14
pHreaksYcle1NEPTUNO: no comprendo "Terra"05:14
mattgyver83sudo apt-get compiz-fusion-icon05:14
FirefisheWhat's the command to list process id's?05:14
AntisochepHreaksYcle1, When I do a google search after logging into gmail is takes away the links to search for my keyword in "images" or "news".  All I get is "start search" or "web search" radio buttons.05:14
lstarnesFirefishe: ps aux05:14
RopechoborraFirefishe, ps ax05:14
AwesomePineappleSo I have a Samsung Q1 Ultra and it's not in use right now. I want to turn it into a remote control for my computer at home. Think this is possible if I install ubuntu onto it? (Can I install ubuntu on it? I heard the mobile version works well on it)05:15
mattgyver83Look to make sure Compiz is the selected Window Manager, and that Emerald is the select Window Decorator05:15
scuniziAntisoche: just looking for a manual on it now.05:15
AntisocheMost of the time I just use yahoo, but all my browsers default to google05:15
pHreaksYcle1Antisoche: I think that's just how it is man. sorry to be the bearer of bad news.05:15
JosephDdanbhfive, says dpkg was interupted and i must manually run it05:15
mattgyver83Aero, might want to make sure you have emerald installed as well, that should appear in the drop down menu when you right click it.05:15
AerodynamicE: Invalid operation compiz-fusion-icon05:16
mattycozehey does anyone know whether gnome-zeitgeist works on the Ubuntu 8.10 distro?05:16
pHreaksYcle1NEPTUNO: que es este "Terra" hombre?05:16
scuniziAntisoche: who makes the board?05:16
Antisochescunizi, The mobo is a HP M2N68-LA (rev 3.02)05:16
danbhfiveJosephD: go ahead, and manually run "it"    I assume its something like dpkg-configure -a05:16
mattgyver83sudo apt-get install fusion-icon05:17
JosephDdanbhfive, says that it requires superuser privelege05:17
danbhfiveJosephD: preface the command with sudo05:17
Antisochescunizi, I'm going to have to say that the controller chip is under a heatsink.  :(05:19
mattycozewhat the heck is 'bzr'?05:19
CapaHDoes anyone here have a 10+ button mouse, such as my Logitech mouse - I am trying to get all the buttons to work/map them as I wish. Does anyone know how to go about doing this?05:19
Joker_-_mattycoze: brazil?05:19
Antisochemattycoze, Bazaar is a SCM like CVS, Subversion, or GIT05:19
thrillERboyI can't see the username in the right corner of the gnomepanel05:19
thrillERboyI think I had uninstalled it.... how to enable it?05:20
Aerodynamicmattgy, I have it installed.05:20
AerodynamicWhat do I do now?05:20
Joker_-_I loose :(05:20
mattycozeAntisoche ahh nope too many acronyms mate :p05:20
pHreaksYcle1thrillERboy: right click and hit add to panel. find it in the list.05:20
AntisocheSCM, VCS, however you want to call it.05:20
mattycozelike a package management software?05:20
mattgyver83Aero, open it from the applications-system tools menu.  In your systray near your clock you will see a blue icon.  right click, tell me if you see an icon for emerald theme manager05:20
thrillERboypHreaksYcle1, Nope I think I had uninstalled it.... I checked the add panel list.... Its not there :/05:20
XcellCapaH--  imwheel?...google it ..go to site and see if your mouse will work.05:20
AerodynamicI see it05:21
Antisochemattycoze, context?05:21
JosephDdanbhfive, it showed some lines saying it was setting up various things that sound important, now it's just the blinking text input at the bottom but the prompt with my username is gone and it's not doing anything05:21
mattgyver83Aero, Okay, thats good.  Now go to 'Select Window Manager' Make sure 'Compiz' is selected.05:21
scuniziAntisoche: is this a laptop?05:21
likuid_silence_I have a APC Back-UPS XS 1000 and I would like to know if there's anything for ubuntu to alert me when UPS is running on battery??05:21
danbhfiveJosephD: sudo apt-get update05:22
likuid_silence_sort of email alerts or smth05:22
mattycozeAntisoche i don't understand what you mean by the acronyms SCM, CVS, GIT etc... I'm just assuming from the documentation that bzr is simply a package management software like Synaptic05:22
mattgyver83Aero, then go to 'Select Window Decorator' and make sure that 'Emerald' is selected05:22
Antisochescunizi, No - it's a HP Pavillion.  64bit dual core Athlon something.  6400+ I think05:22
Aerodynamicthere is no emerald05:22
Aerodynamiconly gtk05:22
mattgyver83Okay, i think thats part of the issue.05:22
likuid_silenceI have a APC Back-UPS XS 1000 and I would like to know if there's anything for ubuntu to alert me when UPS is running on battery??05:22
Antisochemattycoze, Ah, sorry.  Is a program for maintaining software source code, primarily.  A "Source Code Management" or "Version Control System".05:23
JosephDdanbhfive, it put my command up there on the terminal, but it won't do anything05:23
mattgyver83Aero, what happens if you click on Emerald Theme Manager icon in the menu?05:23
mattgyver83Im wondering if its installed.05:23
pHreaksYcle1thrillERboy: get the name of that applet and sudo apt-get install "NAME OF IT"05:24
JosephDdanbhfive, oh, my mistake, must've been quite busy just without telling me05:24
mattycozethanks Antisoche; i'm using Bzr to install zeitgeist "bzr branch lp:gnome-zeitgeist"05:24
mattycozeso yeah05:24
Aerodynamicclicking on it in the tray nothing happens, clicking on it under System Tools nothing happens05:24
JosephDhaha I need to be a little more patient05:24
danbhfiveJosephD: so what happened?05:24
scuniziAntisoche: found it.. on the link it specifically mentions that you can either use onboard or add on video cards but not both concurrently.  http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?docname=c00906129&cc=de&lc=en&dlc=de05:24
mattgyver83Aero, you tryed clicking Emerald Theme Manager right?  Do you have it in your systems tools menu (i dont, im just curious)05:25
JosephDdanbhfive, it's still setting up alot of stuff, along with saying something about a user 'messagebus' already existing05:25
Antisochemattycoze, "CVS" is an old standby, meaning "Concurrent Versioning System", SubVersion (svn) is it's "more modern" replacement.  GIT isn't an acronym at all - it's just the name of the version that Linus Torvalds wrote, continuing his tradition of naming his software after himself...05:25
stealth-anyone ever ran a ventrilo server? Im wondering how good the performance is on a home connection05:25
AerodynamicIt's Compiz Fusion Icon under System Tools05:25
Antisochescunizi, Thanks, I guess.  :(05:25
AerodynamicI have it there..05:25
Aerodynamicbut.. when I click it05:25
mattycozeoh ok05:25
AerodynamicIt does nothing.05:25
epaphushey guys, is it true ubuntu isnt good when multiple partitions are being done?05:25
FloodBot1Aerodynamic: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:25
danbhfiveJosephD: yeah, so something clearly went wrong, with some sort of update or upgrade05:25
scuniziAntisoche: is the add in card dual head?05:25
stealth-epaphus: no05:25
AerodynamicOh, alright. Sorry05:26
Antisochescunizi, I guess I should have done more research first, but who would have thought?05:26
mattgyver83Aero, Okay.  Lets try reinstalling it, it might be a part of the menu by default but not included.05:26
Antisochescunizi, Nope.  it's probably the same d*mn card ...05:26
edogzillaflannel u still here?05:26
mattgyver83sudo apt-get install emerald05:26
stealth-epaphus: when you say "multiple partitions are being done" im assuming you mean spreading the installation over multiple partitions, right?05:26
scuniziAntisoche: sell it and get a card with dual output.. not that expensive05:26
epaphusstealth-, right05:26
JosephDdanbhfive, so this should fix it then?05:26
AerodynamicAlrighty, it should be installed.05:27
AerodynamicOh, emerald theme manager is there now.05:27
mattgyver83Thats good.05:27
AntisocheHey scunizi - ya wanna buy an Nvidia 8300 GS ???05:27
mattgyver83Select Emerald as your Window Decorator05:27
edogzillaflannel: are you still in here?05:27
stealth-epaphus: then there should be no difference. Some people split their installion into a partition for '/' and a partition for '/home/' so they can upgrade easier, though05:27
danbhfiveJosephD: well, stuff is being fixed  :P05:27
mattgyver83Aero, then click on 'Reload Window Decorator' in the menu05:27
thrillERboypHreaksYcle1, I want to know the name of the applent :/05:27
mattgyver83see if you still get the same problems.05:27
AerodynamicAh, seems to be fixed!05:27
epaphusstealth-, by default ubuntu intalls itself on a single partition.. and swap.. right?05:27
mattgyver83Awesome :D05:28
scuniziAntisoche: naw.. I got a motherboard with 3 outputs.. vga, DVI and hdmi05:28
* Antisoche sees it :(05:28
danbhfiveJosephD: when that is finished running, run this: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^05:28
stealth-epaphus: to what i remember, yes05:28
AerodynamicThanks matt :P05:28
mattgyver83In hindsight, I think that GTK cant process themes for compiz as well as Emerald can05:28
mattgyver83not a problem, im amazed that i remembered that!!! its been a long time.05:28
pHreaksYcle1thrillERboy: google for the win dude. . .05:28
thrillERboythanks pHreaksYcle105:29
Aerodynamichehe, I just installed Ubuntu today. I'm loving it, just having a bit of a rough time getting used to it all.05:29
SuspectZeroi installed ubuntu with a /boot on /dev/sda10. then i installed windows 7 and i lost grub. when i booted into live ubuntu and tried grub-install /dev/sda i got an error saying /boot was not found. any ideas?05:29
pHreaksYcle1thrillERboy: haha, sure. if you want ill search it for you05:29
mattgyver83Aero, if you have any other problems dont hesitate to ask me.05:29
JosephDdanbhfive, alright, I'll let you know how that goes in jusssstt a second, it's still just zooming away on the screen =D05:29
epaphusdoes ubuntu make a partition for /boot .. or is it part of /..? by default that is05:29
AerodynamicAlrighty. Thanks again :)05:29
mattgyver83Im no wiz, but if your just getting started I can help you with a good amount05:29
danbhfiveJosephD: did you recently upgrade to 8.10 from 8.04 or something?05:30
thrillERboypHreaksYcle1, lemme try :)05:30
danbhfiveepaphus: part of /05:30
SuspectZeroi tried making /dev/sda10 bootable but that just gave me the no "operating system not found" error05:30
scuniziepaphus: by default it's part of /05:30
JosephDdanbhfive, no, 8.10 came with the laptop when I ordered it05:30
gek_onthehow to add ultra nodes in frostwire?05:30
edogzillai'm a noob with a problem at startup. I dont get the gui desktop instead i getjust a black screen with the $ command line. i ran startx and got a couple errors. first was xinit: no such process (erno3)...the other was xinit: connection refused (errno111) unable to connect to X server. does anybody know whats wrong here? this is a fresh install of 8.10 on a brand new comp05:30
SuspectZeroany ideas on what i can do?05:31
lagann_#linux yo05:31
edogzillait also said fatal server error: no screens found05:31
danbhfiveedogzilla: are you sure the media you installed from was good?05:31
stealth-anyone ever ran a ventrilo server? Im wondering how good the performance is on a home connection05:31
edogzilladanbhfive:i installed from the live cd05:32
edogzillachecked the integrity it was good05:32
danbhfiveedogzilla: did you check the cd for errors?05:32
edogzilladanhbfive: yes no problems05:32
scuniziedogzilla: did you try flannel's suggestion and when you get to the terminal prompt type .. sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop  ... ?  it has to be all lower case t owork05:32
edogzilladanhbfive: yes, and it did some updates and stuff. it also said that ubuntu desktop was already installed and made no changes. other than that evertyhing stayed the same05:33
edogzillawould a fresh install work?05:34
JosephDdanbhfive, the screen just went all black and the text disappeared and I have no idea whats going on hahaha05:34
edogzillafrom the cd?05:34
danbhfiveedogzilla: what happens when you run: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart   ?05:34
edogzilladanhbfive: i dont know i havent tried it05:34
JosephDdanbhhfive, nevermind hahahaha05:34
Rave1SuspectZero, ;tyr this link:https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows?action=show&redirect=RestoreGrub05:35
scunizidanbhfive: I'll bet the wrong video driver got loaded or the wrong driver referenced.. have him change the xorg reference to nv or vesa and see if gdm becomes visible05:35
edogzillai have an nvidia graphics card....could that be it?05:35
ohziedoes anyone know of a website that might list what programs use specific ports?05:36
ryan_Hi, I was trying to learn some things with the terminal... I ended up adding a directory with multiple files in it as the root, now I'm trying to remove them but sudo rm ./testing doesn't work, what am I doing wrong?05:36
edogzillascunizi:was that message for me?05:37
ohzieI have a lot of network traffic from a box using port 57055 and I'm not getting much in the way of hits on google.05:37
JosephDdanbhfive, okay well I typed in the update and install things, and it says unable to retrieve items so I assume I need to hook this up with an ethernet cable?05:37
danbhfiveJosephD: yeah, those commands need the internet05:37
doleybryan_: use rm -r to kill directory05:37
JosephDdanbhfive, be back in a bit, I'll have to run upstairs to the router lol05:37
ryan_doleyb: Thanks a lot05:38
SuspectZeroRave1 in my case, my root would be /dev/sda10 or /dev/sda05:38
danbhfiveJosephD: ok :)05:38
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jojufucaGuten Abend05:39
Rave1SuspectZero, I have no idea I don't know your setup05:39
SuspectZerowell when i installed ubuntu i had /dev/sda10 set up as my /boot05:39
SuspectZeroso would that make it my root?05:39
edogzilladanhbfive: how do i change the xorn reference to nv or vesa? like sunizi said?05:40
ubuntu_is_dabesthow to make an event script for clamd by parsing clamav log file whenever to delete a file if it is detected as a virus?05:40
danbhfiveMINNIE: what do you want?05:40
mattgyver83SuspectZero, do you need to find out the sda lablel?  Is that what you want?05:40
danbhfiveedogzilla: edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf05:40
ubuntu_is_dabesthow to make an event script for clamd by parsing clamav log file? a script to delete a file if it is detected as a virus.05:40
SuspectZeromattycoze nah i need to recover my grub install05:40
SuspectZeroMINNIE turn off your caps05:41
danbhfiveedogzilla: is this 8.04 or 8.10?05:41
JosephDdanbhfive, I plugged it in with the ethernet cable and I'm still getting the same responses05:41
edogzilladanhbfive: 8.1005:41
dsmith_SuspectZero: another good tool is supergrub05:41
danbhfiveedogzilla: sudo apt-get install pastebinit && pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log05:42
fganyone got problems with fglrx (ati driver)? mine revert to a 'default' res at every reboot....05:42
epaphushi guys.. iam trying to mount a ubuntu partition from a secondayr drive.. though its giving me this error.. mount: unknown filesystem type 'linux_raid_member .. anybody know how to properly mount?05:42
danbhfiveJosephD: what exactly is the error message?05:43
edogzilladanhbfive: what happens after i type all that?05:43
* fg wonders if there's a 'fglrx' channel05:43
=== Dr_Disk_ is now known as Dr_Disk
danbhfiveedogzilla: it will give a link.  Please post the link so I can take a peek05:43
edogzilladanhbfive: ok i will but it will be a while so dont go anywhere k?05:44
sebsebseb!cap |  MINNIE05:45
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about cap05:45
JosephDdanbhfive, it says it's failing to download stuff and it's unable to fetch it, no real straight error messages05:45
sebsebseb!caps |  MINNIE05:45
ubottuMINNIE: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.05:45
crystalfishhow to make my cpu lower?05:45
sebsebsebMINNIE: Ubuntu suppourt channel05:45
sebsebsebMINNIE: that's what this is05:46
sebsebseb!ubuntu |  MINNIE05:46
ubottuMINNIE: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com05:46
mattgyver83I have a machine that I want to install 8.10 on.  Not sure if the HD is good, would the Memory test option on the live CD report that?05:47
sebsebseb!troll |  MINNIE05:47
ubottuMINNIE: trolling / trollish behaviour is behaviour that is considered annoying by other channel users, this includes going offtopic, asking the same question time and again getting answered and not acknowledging the answer, and these are not the only ways behaviour can be considered trolling, please see /msg ubotu guidelines - if this applies to you, you may find yourself outside the channel05:47
danbhfiveJosephD: hmmm, well, I dunno.  I guess internet is not working.  I dunno05:47
JosephDdanbhfive, is there a command I can use to make sure the internet is working correctly?05:47
mattgyver83ping www.yahoo.com05:48
nkei0JosephD: Are you connected?  Is it wireless or wired?05:48
asdf_n00bIs installing XBMC on 64-bit relatively easy?05:48
ubuntu_is_dabesthow to make an event script for clamd by parsing clamav log file? a script to delete a file if it is detected by clamd as a virus.05:48
mattgyver83bye bye minnie05:48
JosephDnkei0, wired, I just hooked it up to my router05:48
nkei0JosephD: I'm not real sure about wired, but I know iwconfig works for wireless it may show wired too.05:49
mattgyver83ifconfig for wired05:49
JosephDnkei0, so, sudo ifconfig?05:49
nkei0JosephD: No sudo required.05:50
JosephDmattgyver83, thanks      nkei0, alright05:50
jdb93I'm running a RAID 1 set up using intel ichr10 on an X58 motherboad w. windows, and am interested in dual booting ubuntu.  That's not going to work is it.. :-)05:50
landgreetings earthlings05:50
Martyr2k6ok issues here05:50
DoitleWhat does -Eperm mean? I am seeing nothing on google05:51
JosephDI got two IP address looking things, and a bunch of zeroes next to packets and errors05:51
Martyr2k6I was in here about 2 hours ago, and someone told me that if I wanted to dual boot vista and ubuntu, that I needed to install vista first on one hdd and ubuntu afterwards on the second05:51
Martyr2k6now ubuntu is all that boots05:51
GlasscanI just lost the game.05:52
ryan_Does ubuntu install with a directory "New" in your starting file system?05:52
mattgyver83JosephD, you just want to make sure your online?05:52
Flannelryan_: No05:52
nkei0I'm having a problem with networking...  However, I don't think it's related to Ubuntu, but I don't know.  I set up my D-link wireless router from within Ubuntu and am using WPA with a pre-shared key.  However, I am dualbooting winxp and when i restart into xp it doesn't even detect the network....05:53
JosephDmattgyver83, well I need to figure out why the update and install things can't retrive/fetch the items they need so I can fix that initial problem I had05:53
doleybnkei0: btw, nobody should use pre-shared keys05:53
nkei0doleyb: why is that?05:53
zenlunaticnkei0, that sounds like an xp proble05:53
Martyr2k6no, there is not a "new" folder in the first drive05:53
doleybnkei0: because it reduces security and is harder to configure05:53
mattgyver83Try this first, tell me what happens.  Sudo apt-get update05:53
nkei0zenlunatic: I figured, I just was wondering if it could be related somehow.05:53
Martyr2k6like, I am looking at my vista drive and everything is there05:54
zenlunaticnkei0, perhaps05:54
Martyr2k6any help here with dual booting?05:54
lstarnesmattgyver83: commands are case-sensitive05:54
mattgyver83Martyr, are you sure they are on seperate partitions05:54
mattgyver83thanks starnes05:54
JosephDsome index filed failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones have been used instead.You may want to run apt-get update to correct this05:54
edogzilladanhbfive: the link you asked for is http://us.archive.ubuntu.comintrepid/universe05:54
Martyr2k6well there are 2 physical drives in my compy, one is a 500 gig and the other (this one with ubuntu) is a 120 gig05:55
Martyr2k6I installed vista on the 500 gigger, and then ubuntu on the 120 gigger05:55
mattgyver83Okay, does grub launch when you boot.  Blue screen to select an OS.05:55
mattgyver83JoesphD, What does it say on the line that says 'Fetched'05:56
edogzilladanhbfive: http://us.archive.ubuntu.com05:56
mattgyver83should say something like, Fetched 308B in 1s (271B/s)05:56
Martyr2k6no... first theres the acer splash screen, then it starts booting the ubuntu drive first with a 5 second window to hit the esc key05:56
JosephDFailed to fetch 'http://.....'05:56
mattgyver83Okay, your not connected05:56
edogzillaare you still here danhbfive?05:56
Martyr2k6do I need to change the boot order in my bios?05:57
JosephDhow do I get it to connect?05:57
zenlunaticMartyr2k6, you gotta set grub05:57
mattgyver83Is it a wired connection, or wireless?05:57
Martyr2k6er, I am a newb05:57
Martyr2k6so speak slowly05:57
Martyr2k6and in easy to understand words05:57
edogzillajeez, danhbfive left. can anyone else help me05:57
danbhfiveedogzilla: that doesn't seem right05:57
zenlunaticMartyr2k6, post this /boot/grub/menu.lst05:57
mattgyver83Martyr, when you turn the compute ron, do you get a screen that is like a terminal window with a blue background05:57
edogzilladanhbfive:ah there u are05:58
Martyr2k6matt, no I do not05:58
edogzilladanhbfive: whats not right?05:58
Martyr2k6zen, what do you mean by post?05:58
Martyr2k6in terminal?05:58
mattgyver83Martyr, i think when you installed you chose not to install Grub or Lilo which i believe is an option.05:58
zenlunaticMartyr2k6, post the file /boot/grub/menu.lst onto a link so i can see it05:58
Martyr2k6not sure how to do that zen05:59
Martyr2k6matt, is this somehting I can fix without having to reinstall vista?05:59
danbhfiveedogzilla: well, it should post a pastebin like link.  Maybe the sudo apt-get install pastebinit failed.  Try running that alone05:59
mattgyver83Martyr, yeah i dont think its a big problem.05:59
zenlunaticMartyr2k6, is ubuntu the master?05:59
mattgyver83Martyr, as long as you did select the right partition.05:59
ryan_Speaking of grub...05:59
edogzilladanhbfive: it did fail i think. well, it said something like that anyway05:59
mattgyver83JoesphD, run ifconfig.  Tell me what your interface names (ie; eth0, eth0, something like that)06:00
Martyr2k6the ubuntu is on a pata drive and the vista is on a sata drive, which I thought the sata took precedence over pata06:00
edogzillahttp://us.archive.ubuntu.com isn't a pastebin link?06:00
ryan_Any idea why mine will stop the countdown to autoboot default at 2 seconds left?06:00
Martyr2k6yeah, when installing ubuntu I made sure to select the 120 gig drive06:00
zenlunaticwell you need to use grub as vista doesn't support booting linux... you gotta do chainloader06:00
Martyr2k6and zen how do I post whatever you wanted me to post06:01
JosephDmatt. link encap:Local Loopback           inet addr:     Mask225.0.0.006:01
Martyr2k6not sure I follow, again, total noob here06:01
mattgyver83JoesphD, is that all that shows?  That basically means you have no connection.06:01
hayes_i have a sound card with a cmi8738 chip and I cant get anything but a pulsing static sound from my speakers. does anyone know what I can do?06:01
mattgyver83anyone know if the live cd mem test is gonna tell me if my HD is fubar?06:02
zenlunaticMartyr2k6, just paste the file menu.lst to http://paste.ubuntu.com/06:02
JosephDmatt, yes that's all that shows, how can I get it to connect to the wired internet it's hooked up to at the moment?06:02
rgarciahi, does anybody know how do i instal jre6 for 64-b arch?06:02
danbhfiveedogzilla: no, its a  link to the ubuntu repository06:02
mattgyver83Joesph, i was wondering the same thing.... i started to think it was a different computer.06:02
zenlunaticMartyr2k6, boot to ubuntu and sudo gedit /boot/grub.menu.lst highlight all then paste06:02
zenlunatici mean /boot/grub/menu.lst06:03
edogzilladanhbfive: ok, u want me to run sudo apt-get install pastebinit by itself and then post the link?06:03
mattgyver83hayes_ does it happen with all apps?06:03
rgarciacould anybody help me?06:04
JosephDmatt, is there a command I can use to connect? or should it automatically happen when the cable is in?06:04
hayes_it happens all the time whether sound should be playing or not.06:04
mattgyver83JoesphD, i was gonna say try to up and down the interface but I have no idea if your on the internet why your not getting a connection.  I think im missing something.06:04
Martyr2k6there I hope that I did that right06:04
edogzilladanhbfive: what do i do if it fails again?06:04
ryan_Does anyone know, is there a free IRC client that supports scripts (Like mIRC for windows)06:04
JosephDmatt, up and down the interface?06:04
mattgyver83ryan_ xchat06:05
orontohello guy06:05
mattgyver83JoesphD, (ie: sudo ifdown eth1; sudo ifup eth1)06:05
JosephDmatt, interface eth1 not configured06:06
J_Litewskihow do i make an acpi event shell script?06:06
zenlunaticMartyr2k6, no wonder you can't boot vista... grub doesn't know about it :D06:06
mattgyver83JoesphD, yeah thats what i figured.06:06
mattgyver83hayes_ you might want to try to select a different driver, i have to remember how though ';\06:06
Martyr2k6<---- NOOBSAUCE06:06
JosephDmatt, how would I go about configuring it?06:06
zenlunaticrgarcia, help with what06:06
Martyr2k6ok so how to make it aware of it06:06
hayes_ok matt let me know, thanks06:06
zenlunaticMartyr2k6, one sec06:07
rgarciai habe kubuntu 8.04 64-B arch...and i have to install jre606:08
mattgyver83hayes_, try selecting different drivers @ System-Preferences-Sound06:08
rgarciabut i don't know06:08
zenlunaticMartyr2k6, firstly do this... sudo cp /boot/grub/menu.lst /boot/grub/menu.lst.bak06:08
mattgyver83hayes_ Try ALSA first.06:08
zenlunaticMartyr2k6, backup what works06:08
DexiHey anyone interested, just tossin it out: Facebook is hiring a linux ninja06:08
mattgyver83JoesphD, ...I dont understand how your online and not showing an interface.06:09
hayes_I use xubuntu is it the same?06:09
bonez46mattgyver83: got a question.. every time I shutdown. or reboot.. my system takes a minute, literally, closing some ALSA process.. how can I resolve it so it shuts down immediately?06:09
Martyr2k6ok done06:09
mattgyver83Um, More or less06:09
JosephDmatt, im on a working laptop in this chat, and the laptop with the problem is another one06:09
FlannelDexi: #ubuntu-offtopic, not here. thanks.06:09
mattgyver83bonez46, im not too sure.06:09
mattgyver83Oh, that makes sense.06:10
zenlunaticMartyr2k6, sorry i don't dual boot some i have to google06:10
bonez46anyone know? how to resolve an ALSA issue.. where it won't close correct?06:10
JosephDhaha sorry06:10
Martyr2k6its cool, ultimately I would have had to do that as well if no one had helped me06:10
mattgyver83JosephD, this might sound silly but... .check your eth cable.  Maybe its dead06:10
JosephDmatt, the cable's fine06:11
mattgyver83could the nic card be dead?06:11
J_Litewskicould the nic card be using eth0, not eth1?06:11
xunHi, I'm using "Separated X screen" for my Nvidia card, somehow when I click on an icon in screen 1, it always opens in screen 2(in fact everything opens in screen 2). how can I specify which screen to open it from?06:12
rageIs there a simple method for chown'ing all files owned by user-a only to user-b recursively?06:12
mattgyver83J_Litewski, according to him its only showing the lo connection06:12
rageBasically I want to chown -R userB dir/ #only if owned by userA06:12
mattgyver83JoesphD, whens the last time you got online with that machine?06:13
JosephDwirelessly a week or two ago06:13
JosephDwell 'ifconfig eth0'   showed me the ethernet details06:13
mattgyver83Is it a wifi adapter, or built in?06:13
zenlunaticanyone know how to tell grub about roots?  it's different from other distros06:13
JosephDbuilt in wireless06:13
Frijolieanybody familiar with comix--the package?06:13
mattgyver83JoesphD, try; sudo ifconfig eth0 down06:13
mattgyver83then try sudo ifconfig eth0 up06:14
Guest26350in need of some help06:14
JosephDPermission denied06:14
mattgyver83did you sudo?06:14
hayes_i have a sound card with a cmi8738 chip and I use xubuntu. I cant get anything but a pulsing static sound from my speakers all the time even when there should be no sound. does anyone know what I can do?06:14
JosephDoops lol06:14
Martyr2k6let me know when you are ready matt, or zen or whoever is helping me06:14
mattgyver83Martyr, where were we?06:15
J_Litewskihayes_ are you using the ALSA driver?06:15
Guest26350I am trying to install the driver for my audigy 2 ZS sound card, but dont know how to access my BIOS06:15
zenlunaticMartyr2k6, I'm stuck... i haven't been using ubuntu in weeks06:15
JosephDmatt, I typed it in with sudo and now its not doing anything just waiting for another command06:15
hayes_How do I check?06:15
thrillERboyhey guys how to install lamp on ubuntu 8.10 desktop version? I did some search, I get results for installing on ubuntu server? any good links are greatly appreciated. thanks06:15
mattgyver83JoesphD, thats all it will do06:15
Martyr2k6matt, I was posting my boot file for grub to you06:15
Guest26350I am trying to install the driver for my audigy 2 ZS sound card, but dont know how to access my BIOS06:15
JosephDoh so what exactly do i do now?06:16
J_LitewskiGuest26350, the BIOS van be accessed when your computer first boots up, it's usually F2 or something like that06:16
Martyr2k6you had me back up everything06:16
mattgyver83Martyr, that was Zen06:16
Martyr2k6and said that grub couldn't see loading vista as an option06:16
Martyr2k6noob again06:16
mattgyver83JoesphD, try sudo apt-get update again06:16
JosephDsame as last time06:17
zenlunaticMartyr2k6, but basically your menu.lst needs to be told where vista is, which is the root= part, but ubuntu's is different from CentOS so I ddon't know...06:17
Frijolie..guess that's a negative06:17
xunso can someone help? I'm using "Separated X screen" for my Nvidia card, somehow when I click on an icon in screen 1, it always opens in screen 2(in fact everything opens in screen 2). how can I specify which screen to open it from?06:17
mattgyver83Martyr, hold on i can give you an idea, let me check mine06:17
hayes_how do I check if I am using the ALSA drivers?06:18
rage_yo somebody know an application that could help me emulate an acces point?06:18
mattgyver83hayes_ when you go into your sound preferences its either set to autodetect or it will show ALSA, or ALSAmixer06:18
J_Litewskihanes_, Applications/Settings?mixer06:19
rage_or if you got  a recent distribution , it could be as a default06:19
mattgyver83martyr, pastebin your menu.lst @ pastebin.com, give me the link06:19
hayes_mattgyver83 I use xubuntu and I dont see those menu options.06:19
mattgyver83It will be in your preferences menu wherever you find your keyboard, mouse, apps06:20
J_Litewskihanes_, open a terminal and type xfce4-mixer06:20
ragerage_: hostap can emulate an access point however most wireless cards cannot be put in the correct mode to do so06:20
Stepan1Any way to have all the desktop icons same size?  And when a new item is saved to desktop, it automatically lines up beneath the previous icon, kinda like in MS?06:20
ragerage_: prism2 cards for example are on of the few06:20
rage*one of06:21
zenlunaticmattgyver83, why is the root= on ubuntu menu.lst all cryptic, compared to redhat06:21
mattgyver83Stepan, right click desktop, select Keep Aligned06:21
JosephDmatt, it just does the same thing it did last time, says it failed to download06:21
mattgyver83zen, not too sure i havent used redhat06:22
darkhelmetlivedoes anybody have a vista/ubuntu dual boot system working with ubuntu also available to run as a VM under vmware on vista?06:22
darkhelmetlive(or xp really)06:22
rage_thanks man06:22
Stepan1mattgyver83: that is already checked, doesnt help.  see, all the icons are a different size, images and pdfs are larger than folders.  i dont want to manually stretch /reduce the size of each either06:22
hayes_mattgyver83 it doesnt see the device at all06:22
mattgyver83martry, check this http://pastebin.com/m3008221206:22
ragenot a problem :-)06:22
rage_ill try playing with hostap, naybe i can make the thing work to an acceptable level06:23
mattgyver83martyr, dont edit anything yet06:23
zenlunaticMartyr2k6, there you go06:23
Martyr2k6not touching a thing06:23
ragerage_: What wireless chipset do you have?06:23
rage_i got a marvell06:23
zenlunaticMartyr2k6, you backed up menu.lst06:23
rage_i know is a piece of crap06:24
Martyr2k6yes, yes I did I guess06:24
zenlunaticMartyr2k6, hosing grub is not a critical situation06:24
rageI do not beleive there is any method of doing it with that chipset. But feel free to look around06:24
mattgyver83zen, i see what you mean, mine is nothing like that06:24
zenlunaticmattgyver83, yeah ;D06:24
Martyr2k6it is when you don't know jack about what you are doing06:24
hayes_mattgyver83 it doesnt see the device at all06:25
rage_its ok , im doing it just for fun, just to make something cool out my old ibm06:25
Martyr2k6I tell you I was going through synaptic the other night attempting to "uninstall" unwanted files, and slowly, I watched my os become a trainwreck06:25
rageFair enough :-)06:25
DoitleWhat header needs to be included to use uid in a sys_call?06:25
mattgyver83JoesphD, i really dont know what else could be wrong06:25
Martyr2k6I wanted to look away, but couldn't bring myself to do so06:25
Martyr2k6so I got popcorn06:25
mattgyver83Unless its a bad card06:25
JosephDI'm going to restart my computer and see if I can get past login now06:25
mattgyver83Martyr, i have no idea what the heck uuid is06:26
mattgyver83oh wait n/m06:26
Martyr2k6uuid sounds like something macaddress related06:27
Doitleno like a Uid for a user06:27
rage_see ya dudes,06:27
mattgyver83Martyr, i have no idea if what im about to tell you to do is going to help you, or just set you back further but.. you could try this..06:27
JosephDit just may have randomly been fixed somehow06:27
Martyr2k6oh dear06:27
Martyr2k6ok lets try it, worst that could happen is that I suck it up and follow the tutorials and reinstall and update vista06:28
Martyr2k6which thats only 2 hours of my life, nothing on a night like this06:28
mattgyver83martyr, go there ill explain06:29
Martyr2k6I'm there06:29
JosephDso now it doesnt give me a wireless option at all06:29
mattgyver83Add the the lines underneath the first higlight, 156-16006:29
hayes_i have a sound card with a cmi8738 chip and I use xubuntu. I cant get anything but a pulsing static sound from my speakers all the time even when there should be no sound. does anyone know what I can do?06:30
mattgyver83on line 157, we need to put the where its located.  I only know how to cheat to sorta find this out.  Open System - Administration - Partition Editor.... for gods sake dont press anything after that06:30
mattgyver83Okay, How many ntfs file systems are shown?06:31
zenlunaticsorry bathroom06:32
Martyr2k6matt, are you talking about on the ubuntu drive or the vista drive06:33
mattgyver83... or better yet, if you click the drop down menu @ top right does it show anything other that /dev/sda?  Im not sure how this will appear in your case.06:33
zenlunaticmattgyver83, he said he has two drives06:34
Martyr2k6dev/sda1 is my linux drive, and dev/sdb1 is my vista drive06:34
zenlunaticmattgyver83, earlier06:34
MiescoWhat kinds of apps is linux currently lacking in?06:34
zenlunaticremember grub doesn't use /dev first06:34
FlannelMiesco: that sort of question would be better asked in #ubuntu-offtopic06:34
zenlunaticthey use the bios scheme06:34
hayes_i have a sound card with a cmi8738 chip and I use xubuntu. I cant get anything but a pulsing static sound from my speakers all the time even when there should be no sound. does anyone know what I can do?06:34
Martyr2k6ok under my vista drive, alls I see is unallocated, then /dev/sdb1 ntfs06:34
mattgyver83Success, that got us nowhere.06:35
Martyr2k6so there is a 1mb is unallocated, and 465.76gb06:35
J_Litewskihayes_, the ASLA drivers don't work?06:35
Martyr2k6yeah, welcome to my life06:35
mattgyver83Martyr, Im thinking that your vista partition might be the same as mine, (hd0, 0), if its the first drive06:36
Martyr2k6yeah it is06:36
Martyr2k6one sec and I will verify06:36
hayes_i don't know xfce4-mixer doesn't see it06:36
admin_masu3701usser: wanna see what i came up with?06:36
mattgyver83I dont think really anything will go wrong by changing it, worst that will happen is it wont boot, you will have to reboot and get into ubuntu again.06:36
mattgyver83Might even just error out.06:36
mattgyver83But i dont know, its a gamble.06:37
FlannelMartyr2k6: http://paste.ubuntu.com/145276/06:37
Martyr2k6flannel, whats this06:37
FlannelMartyr2k6: Try that menu.lst06:37
Martyr2k6so what do I do, copy and past it into my current one?06:38
FlannelMartyr2k6: alt-f2 then type "gksu gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst" then enter, password, copy/paste, yeah.06:38
J_Litewskihanes_, check synaptic and see if alsa-base is installed06:38
=== nicholas is now known as Guest17556
Guest17556In need of some assistance06:39
FlannelMartyr2k6: Oh, wait... one more change to that, before you save.  Up near the top, theres a line that says "hiddenmenu" put a # infront of that (# hiddenmenu)06:39
dumb_dumbguys i need help with ubuntu server 8.0406:39
dumb_dumbi want to update ubuntu from the main reporsitory how can i do that?06:40
Flanneldumb_dumb: What do you mean update?06:40
zenlunaticMartyr2k6, all you gotta do is boot with cd and do a grub-install06:40
ekohardihello every one06:40
dumb_dumbhow can i used ubuntu main reporsitory not from the local mirir06:41
ariqswhat's a good debugger/profiler for c++ programs for linux?06:41
CapaHDoes anyone here have a multi-button logitech mouse? I am having trouble configuring it to do certain things06:41
Guest17556I am trying to activate my sound card, and i do not know how to install the drivers. i have a audigy 2zs sound blaster06:41
zenlunaticmattgyver83, you know anything bout keyboard issues in Xorg?06:41
Flanneldumb_dumb: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade06:41
CapaHI should say - does anyone here have a 12 button (or similar) mouse?06:41
dumb_dumbcause i always get error message when do apt-get update06:41
DoitleI was told to add a syscall that had this in it to my kernel if(current->uid ^= current->uid) -EPERM. Any ideas what it does?06:41
Flanneldumb_dumb: pastebin the errors please.06:41
Martyr2k6flannel, what do you mean ?06:42
Martyr2k6i mean zen, what do you mean06:42
Martyr2k6ok well I will brb in a few moments to see if it worked, I need smokes anyways06:43
zenlunatic Martyr2k6 I'm saying grub is easy to get back if you screw up06:43
Martyr2k6oh ok06:43
FloodBot1Martyr2k6: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:43
Martyr2k6thanks guys for the help06:43
aadityahow can i find out whether a laptop is using ACPI or APM?06:43
ariqswhat's a good debugger/profiler for c++ programs for linux?06:44
stephenjudkinsI am trying to start apache2 and it keeps saying "port already in use".  other programs (running as root) also say that port 80 is in use.  however, there are no httpd processes and netstat and lsof report nothing is using port 8006:44
Guest17556i need help installing drivers for my audigy 2 zs audio card06:44
Flannelstephenjudkins: How are you trying to start it?06:44
CapaHIs anyone here able to tell me why xbindkeys doesn't seem to work right with Compiz fusion ?06:44
stephenjudkinsFlannel: sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 start06:44
aadityastephenjudkins: # netstat -nltp |grep 8006:45
stephenjudkinsFlannel: however, other programs (notable python web server) also can't serve from port 80 when run as root06:45
Flanneldumb_dumb: Alright, so you're using a mirror that has been taken down it seems.06:45
JosephDHow do I hide the launcher?06:46
stephenjudkinsaaditya: awesome, i found it06:46
ekohardiwhy my xampp can't change to php406:46
J_Litewskiwhen do programs in cron.daily usually run?06:46
dumb_dumbthat`s way i`m asking how if i want to used main reporsitory?06:46
stealth-how can I tell ALL the open ports on my machine?06:46
stephenjudkinsaaditya: it's a UUID daemon that's causing it.06:46
aadityastephenjudkins: interesting06:46
Flannelekohardi: xampp isn't supported in this channel.  We recommend you use a proper LAMP stack.  And php4 is ancient.06:46
=== Proof is now known as maged
Flanneldumb_dumb: "main" appears to be a third party repository.  I'm not sure what it is.06:47
stephenjudkinsaaditya: i am using python 2.6's built-in UUID module06:47
dumb_dumbso any suggestion06:47
|ikeNoOtherhow can I have the graficall ubuntu loading bar back? (I mean when my computer boots to ubuntu)06:47
|ikeNoOthergraphical* ;)06:47
ekohardiin moregroupware its need a php4 but can it run php506:47
Flanneldumb_dumb: Just use the official repos.  You really don't need third party repos.06:48
maged!seen maged06:48
ubottuI have no seen command06:48
ariqswhat's a good debugger/profiler for c++ programs for linux?06:48
Flannel!repeat | ariqs06:48
ubottuariqs: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience06:48
dumb_dumbyeah i want to do that. but how? :D06:48
ronin_anyone here up on PPC?06:48
Guest17556Can anyone help with installing my audio card drivers06:49
Flanneldumb_dumb: Pastebin your sources.list (/etc/apt/sources.list) and I'll take a look.06:49
FirefisheI just isntalled 8.10.  I'm getting the following startup errors:  hal won't start properly and gives me a warning asking me if dbus is running/has been started.  dbus error gives me a warning about a file: /var/lib/machine-id needing a 32 char hex string instead of 0.06:49
=== tien is now known as jove
Firefishex also doesn't recognize my mouse and keyboard06:50
ruben23anyone tried to installed ubuntu with Acer e machine EL170006:50
Guest17556can anyone help me installing audio drivers for a audigy 2 zs audio card06:50
Guest17556can anyone help me installing audio drivers for a audigy 2 zs audio card06:50
ruben23during instalation bootup we got errors.06:50
=== Guest17556 is now known as nicholas
nicholascan anyone help me installing audio drivers for a audigy 2 zs audio card06:52
=== nicholas is now known as Guest39461
dumb_dumbflannel : i hope you can help me06:54
dumb_dumbi used the local reporsitory06:54
dumb_dumbnow i want to used ubuntu main reporsitory06:55
Flanneldumb_dumb: Alright.  I see what your issue is.  And we'll get it all sorted out.  Also, you should upgrade (within the next week) to Hardy, since Gutsy will soon be out of support.06:55
asdfqwerwhere is at in gconf-editor that I edit keybindings?06:56
dumb_dumbbut is it the hardy not stable version06:56
Flanneldumb_dumb: no, Hardy is stable.06:56
dumb_dumbwhen i see the ubuntu for the server is not stable yet06:56
ndshackerhow can I speed up my internet on ubuntu? Im on broadband so it sould NOT take 15 seconds to load google06:56
Flanneldumb_dumb: http://paste.ubuntu.com/145280/06:56
Flanneldumb_dumb: Thats your new sources.list06:57
Flanneldumb_dumb: Hardy has been out for almost a year now.  Its definately stable.06:57
Martyr2k6ok no dice06:57
Martyr2k6it said that it couldn't load bootmgr06:57
Martyr2k6press ctrl-alt-del to restart06:57
Flanneldumb_dumb: also, 8.04 has the benefit of being supported for three years (its an LTS) on the desktop, and five on the server.06:57
tuna love wireless internet06:57
ndshackerthis thing takes nearly 15 seconds to change pages in gmail06:58
ndshackernow ere up to 30 for a page06:58
JosephDsomehow that fixing process deleted my wireless driver I think06:58
FlannelMartyr2k6: After you chose the windows option?06:58
mikerendshacker: not sure I can solve your problem, but are you using a static ip or dns?06:58
shantanuhi folks :)06:58
girevikmotoi just installed the proprietary nvidia driver, and upon reboot i have no video ouput at all once the OS loads06:59
ndshackermikere: dhcp so dns i geuss06:59
girevikmotohelp please?06:59
FlannelMartyr2k6: sounds like your windows bootloader is messed up some how.06:59
dumb_dumbI see06:59
mikerendshacker: yeah, my bad on that typo06:59
Kesmangirevikmoto: sorry, no help in support channels... why are you asking to ask for help?06:59
mikerendshacker: was hoping perhaps there was an ip conflict that could easily be solved, but that's obviously not it06:59
cellofellowfirefox refuses to start. I type 'firefox' at the terminal and it does absolutely nothing. What can I do?06:59
ndshackermikere: but it does not change, its just not static since that takes 10$ extra a month06:59
TheMusicGuyIs it possible to use my laptop's internal wi-fi card as an access point AND as a network adapter to another access point at the same time?06:59
cellofellowfirefox-3.5 works though07:00
girevikmotohow do i regain video output07:00
dumb_dumbi used the 8.0407:00
tsrki want to ssh into a machine, run a command, and put that output in a local file, how would i do that?07:00
ndshackerI have about: config tweaks and ipv6 turned off07:00
girevikmotothis is in ubuntu studio 8.04.107:00
Flanneldumb_dumb: What does "lsb_release -a" give you?07:00
TheMusicGuyI'm on 8.04, I have an interl pro wireless internal wi-fi card07:00
lstarnestsrk: try ssh user@host command > local-file07:00
tsrklstarnes, that'll go to local and not remote?07:00
mikerendshacker: have you tried to ping or traceroute on google?07:00
ndshackerhow can I throttle my parents connection >.<07:01
cellofellowtsrk: ssh thehost thecommand > localfile07:01
ndshackerno not yet07:01
lstarnestsrk: local.  bash parses > as redirection from a local command07:01
dumb_dumbrelease 8.0407:01
ryan_Does anyone know like a download site for Compiz-switch for some reason it's not in my Synaptic package manager... it would make it a lot less of a pain in the ass07:01
tsrklstarnes, ah, ok07:01
Flanneldumb_dumb: Alright.  Then those sources are wrong.  Let me give you correct ones.07:01
ndshackermikere: about a secondand a half07:01
Kesmanryan_: google for it, I looked for it sometime ago and it was easily accessed via google07:01
dumb_dumbok sory for my mistake07:02
dumb_dumbi`m new on linux07:02
girevikmotohow do i repeal the non functional nvidia driver07:02
Martyr2k6allright brb, need smokes07:02
cellofellowanybody else having a completely non-responsive firefox? I like midori, opera, shiretoko, but I use firefox 3.0 all the time and need it.07:02
mikerendshacker: ouch.  That's brutal latency.  I take it you aren't on a router, just a cable or dsl modem?07:02
dumb_dumbso for the interpid that not stable yet, am i right?07:02
Flanneldumb_dumb: http://paste.ubuntu.com/145281/07:02
ndshackermikere: a second is brutal?07:02
Flanneldumb_dumb: Intrepid is stable.  Jaunty is not.  But you might want to consider sticking with Hardy anyway, due to the LTS.07:03
ndshackerand im on a router i think?07:03
Kesmandumb_dumb: intrepid is stable, but not long-term-supported07:03
ndshackerit s a 2wire07:03
mikerendshacker: yep, I'm getting 38ms and I live out in the boondocks07:03
tsrknewbie question: if I use > to put the output in a file that already exists, does it get overwritten?07:03
ndshackerum... maybe im reading it wrong?07:03
Flanneltsrk: yes.  >> will append07:03
stealth-tsrk: yes07:03
dumb_dumbi see07:03
lstarnestsrk: yes.  you could use >> instead to add to the file rather than overwriting07:03
ndshackermikere: 1400 ms to be exact07:03
RopechoborraIs there a command to configure downloaded packages from an apt update without downloading them again?07:03
ulterior_modemHi! I am running ubuntu 8.10, and I'm having an issue with my floppy drive. Namely, that it doesnt show up in /dev . The machine's bios will boot from it fine. I'm kind of stumped. Did the default ubuntu kernel have this left out of it07:03
tsrkWow, thanks everyone!07:04
mikerendshacker: 1.4 seconds - brutal.07:04
ndshackeryeah :(07:04
tsrkyou guys are really helpful07:04
asdfqewranyone which tree in gconf-editor shows my gnome keybindings?07:04
tsrka lot more than certain other groups07:04
asdfqewranyone know*07:04
cellofellowexcept when firefox takes a vacation07:04
stealth-tsrk: youll find that here :) ubuntu has a good rep for its great community07:04
anooptpany typing tutor?????07:04
Guest39461i need help07:04
asdfqewrtyping tutor?07:05
ndshackerim directly in my router, but i only have a 1.5 mb line07:05
=== Guest39461 is now known as nicholas
mikerendshacker: so back to the other question, are you on a router and are you on a local (non-routable) network like 192.xxx.xxx.xxx or just getting an ip directly from your isp07:05
girevikmotohow do i rollback to the opensource nv driver from the proprietary nvidia driver?07:05
asdfqewrlike touch-typing?07:05
* cellofellow likes typespeed but it's not a tutor.07:05
ndshackercould it be that my rents are torrenting?07:05
Flannelasdfqewr: there are.  gtypist is one (terminal only), I'm sure there's a GUI as well.07:05
girevikmotowhen i installed the nvidia driver and rebooted, i have no video output at all07:05
ndshackermikere: im on a router, but I can network07:05
=== nicholas is now known as Guest28491
mikerendshacker: I got better pings than that on a 2400 baud modem back in the dark ages07:05
Guest28491I am in need of help07:05
anooptppls help.....any typing tutor?????07:05
ndshackergir: ctrl+alt+f107:05
stealth-!ask | Guest2849107:05
ubottuGuest28491: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:05
lstarnesanooptp: what kind of typing tutor?07:05
cellofellowanooptp: tuxtype maybe, or ktouch.07:05
ndshackermikere: what can cause this?07:06
Flannelanooptp: gtypist is a terminal one too.07:06
* cellofellow tries gtypist07:06
mikerendshacker: is it only on this linux box you have problems?07:06
asdfqewrFlannel, anooptp learning touch-typing gets me nostalgic, brings me back to this mario game i used to play to learn how to touch type07:06
ndshackerum.. i only have one box lol07:06
=== greg_ is now known as foo_
asdfqewrFlannel, that was for windows tho07:06
ndshackermy parents have one but cant check right now07:06
girevikmotohow do i rollback from the proprietary nvidia driver to the original nv open source driver? when the i rebooted after installing the proprietary driver i now have no video output whatsoever07:06
mikerendshacker: sorry, I gotta run, son needs to print out some bursary application stuff and needs my help07:06
stealth-whats the program called that emulates terminals so i can keep programs running after ive logged out of ssh?07:07
ndshackermikere: ok07:07
jtajistealth-: screen07:07
stealth-jtaji: thanks07:07
asdfqewrgirevikmoto, can you boot to vga?07:07
ndshackeranyone else can explain why I am getting 1.4 s pings on google?07:07
asdfqewror do you get any prompt?07:07
anooptpcellofellow text typing07:07
dumb_dumbflannel : thanks for the help. let me try it first07:07
Guest28491I am having trouble installing my audio drivers to havesound for my audigy 2zs audio card.07:07
iceninendshacker: who knows, from my place I can't even ping google07:07
girevikmotoonce i get past the ubuntu splash screen with the loading bar, the scren goes black07:08
iceninendshacker: isp filters ICMP07:08
ndshackericenine: my internet sucks too, but only just now07:08
stealth-ndshacker: id doubt it would be due to ubutnu, check to see if your running any torrents or any other download programs, maybe try again tomorrow to see if its a constant issue07:08
ndshackerits not just ping07:08
cellofellowanooptp: just trying gtypist and I like it, and typespeed is fun especially when you get a network Head2Head game going.07:08
ndshackerstealth-: my parents culd be?07:08
ndshackermy dad likes to set them at night07:08
dumb_dumbone more thing any one here got a nice step-by-step tutorial to install xen on ubuntu hardy that works?07:09
stealth-ndshacker: that could be the issue, like i said, try it again tomorrow, and if its a constant issue, then you have a problem07:09
rbo_hi! something wrong with apt - it show me neither Apache2 nor MySQL when apt-cashe search ... How to fix it?07:09
iceninecheck ethernet cabling, your router and such07:09
ndshackericenine: ok07:09
anooptpcellofellow iwant a text typing tutor 07:09
cellofellowok, I need to learn typing on the numbers row a bit better.07:09
ndshackerstealth-: ok thanks07:09
stealth-rbo_: sudo apt-get update before doing anything07:09
asdfqewrgirevikmoto, first i'd boot into single-user mode; sudo aptitude remove nvidia-glx-new [or whatever glx driver you installed] then run sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg07:09
TheMusicGuydoes anyone know what ##networking is for?07:09
asdfqewrto reconfigure your xserver07:09
cellofellowanooptp: I said try tuxtyping, ktouch, and I was just trying gtypist and I like it too.07:09
lstarnesTheMusicGuy: networking support07:09
rbo_stealth-: i did it07:10
stealth-TheMusicGuy: networking issues...?07:10
rbo_stealth-: no result07:10
madsjwhat should I install in order to be able to write appointments in the clock-applet for each date ?07:10
TheMusicGuyit looks like its some kind of testing ground to me.07:10
anooptpcellofellow i dont understanto07:10
rbo_stealth-: seams like it broken07:10
stealth-rbo_: well you type cache wrong in your question, not sure if your doing that in the terminal aswell....07:10
ekohardiflannel: finally i got to fix that problem07:10
asdfqewranooptp, how well do you know english?07:10
ekohardiflannel this is the script07:10
stealth-rbo_: did you quit apt in the middle of a installation, update, upgrade, etc?07:11
dumb_dumbflannel : i got this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/145283/07:11
cellofellowanooptp: tux typing is a game program that will teach typing. ktouch is a kde program that will teach typing. gtypist is a terminal/ncurses program that will teach typing.07:11
madsjand how do I get Monday as the first day of the week in the clock applet ?07:11
dumb_dumbit say GPG error07:11
ndshackerwow this isbad, I get an"internal server error" when i try to acces my router07:11
ekohardiflannel : edit lampp script.07:11
ekohardiat line 480 and 484 - Change to the right php versions. (4.4.7. and 5.2.3 used in xampp 1.6.3)07:11
ekohardilets you try it flannel!07:11
* cellofellow is learning he really sucks typing numbers.07:11
ndshackerbah goonight guys07:11
dumb_dumbsignature were invalid. any idea to fix this?07:11
asdfqewrcellofellow, ya i member i learned how to touch type with this mario game07:12
edogzilladoes anyone know how to uninstall my nvidia graphics driver in 8.10 from the command line?07:12
cellofellowI get 93wpm with letters, 27wpm with numbers.07:12
geraHello, I had some trobles with the update manager07:12
rbo_stealth-: maybe07:12
girevikmotodoes anyone know how i can rollback to the original open source nv driver? i have no video output with the proprietary driver07:12
Kesmangera: what kind of problems?07:12
girevikmotojsut a blank screen07:12
asdfqewrgirevikmoto, i just told you07:12
asdfqewrgirevikmoto, first i'd boot into single-user mode; sudo aptitude remove nvidia-glx-new [or whatever glx driver you installed] then run sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg07:12
cellofellowI learned with Mavis Beacon when in 2nd grade. Only thing useful I ever learned that year.07:12
edogzillagirevikmoto: me too07:12
aLegendaryPenguimavis beacon?07:12
aLegendaryPenguithat fool07:12
ekohardithanks for your help!07:13
geraI got stuck at the acpi-support installation, can someone help me?07:13
girevikmotosorry i missed that post, thank you asdfqewr07:13
asdfqewrsudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg will reconfigure you xserver and rollback your configuration07:13
dumb_dumbguys i got error http://paste.ubuntu.com/145283/ when try to used apt-get update on my ubuntu 8,04 server07:13
anooptpcellofellow thank u vru much07:13
Kesmangera: you could try to run this in terminal "sudo apt-get update" without quotes and see if there's any errors07:13
dumb_dumbany one could help me guys?07:13
asdfqewrgirevikmoto, sudo aptitude search nvidia | less07:13
stealth-rbo_: that can cause issues, there is a way to reset it, but i cant remember it at the moment and i have to logout pretty soon. Maybe somone else knows or you can google it, sorry, but i have to leave sooner than i expected. Good luck07:13
asdfqewrand see what drivers you're currently using07:13
Kesmangera: then run "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" to update all the packages07:13
cellofellowaLegendaryPengui: like I had a choice on what typing tutor my school used when I was 7 years old.07:13
rbo_stealth-: damnation07:14
aLegendaryPenguithink i learned how to type07:14
aLegendaryPenguithe trick to typing good is to use a computer a lot07:14
Kesmanirc and forums are great07:14
asdfqewri didn't learn how to touch type numbers till my 20s07:14
asdfqewrlinux helped resolve that though07:14
Kesmanwhat's touch typing?07:14
cellofellowI need to break the habit of putting a space after every comma.07:14
edogzillahow do i do a complete uniinstall of my nvidia graphics driver? when i installed the recommended thrid party driver is messed up my whole system and now i cant get to the gui desktop.07:14
aLegendaryPenguii can type anything with my eyes closed07:14
asdfqewrjust mean not looking at your fingers07:14
aLegendaryPenguiits a level of typing not seen in 500 years07:15
aLegendaryPenguiknow how skilled I am?07:15
girevikmotoalright time to boot back into the non functional distro07:15
aLegendaryPenguii can take one finger and put it down randomly07:15
aLegendaryPenguiill know what key im on07:15
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!07:15
rbo_stealth-: it's weak07:15
ariqswhat's a good debugger/profiler for c++ programs for linux?07:15
aLegendaryPenguiFlannel, fight my character http://legendarypenguin.mybrute.com07:15
stealth-rbo_: what is?07:15
dumb_dumbFlannel : i`m still got error when try to update07:15
rbo_stealth-: apt is weak then07:16
stealth-rbo_: heh07:16
edogzillaflannel: i figured out the problem from before...its my graphics driver. any idea how to remove it?07:16
remuHey folks, I have a small home network, 4 computers and 1 server. I installed squid and dansguardian on my server and have it configured and it works if I set the proxy manually in firefox. I am using the tomato firmware on my router, and was wondering what is the best way to make sure that all http requests on my lan go through the squid proxy?07:16
Flanneledogzilla: Someone here will.  I'm not really a big graphics guy.07:16
Jinglyno u Flannel07:16
_stochastic_What's the easiest way to share files between a normal install and a VM install of Ubuntu?  Is it possible to scp between them?  if so, what IP do you use?07:17
edogzillaflannel: ok. can anyone here help me07:17
cellofellowWell, finally broke 30wpm and <3% error rate typing numbers.07:17
edogzillaall i wanna do is uninstall my third party nvidia graphics driver from the command line07:17
Flanneldumb_dumb: do sudo apt-get dist-upgrade, and then see if you still get that error.07:18
JinglyThat's what she said.07:18
Xcelledogzilla--  i have to go..but here is a hint... in console  type envyng  it will ask you to install...then go from there..good nite and good luck07:19
Jinglyno u Xcell07:19
=== nicolas_ is now known as Guest7223
edogzillacan someone tell me how to uninstall my nvidia graphics driver from the command line? I'm a noob and would really appreciate it plz?07:19
FlannelJingly: Please stop that.07:19
dumb_dumbis that mean i have to upgrade the distro version?07:19
JinglyNOOOOO!! :(07:19
JinglyI dunno.07:19
Flanneldumb_dumb: Nope07:19
JinglyThat's what she said.07:19
polo177<_stochastic_>: I set up a samba share folder to transfer files b/w VM machines & host Ubuntu.  Is that what you're asking?07:19
edogzillaxcell: i tried that. it in stalled but i dont have the slightest idea how to run it07:19
Shinuerm wtf07:20
ShinuFlannel: Did you kick him?07:20
FlannelShinu: I did.07:20
ShinuWhat kind of IRC server shows a kick as a part O_o07:20
_stochastic_polo177, well both of my OS (the virtual and the host) are versions of Ubuntu - I don't think Samba is the best way to go about that is it?07:20
lstarnesShinu: that was a /remove, not a /kick07:20
Shinuit stops kick on rejoiners right?07:21
kravlinFlannel: is it just me or have we been getting a lot more hecklers lately?07:21
lstarnesShinu: it's a rare feature used only on freenode and some other networks for forcing parts07:21
Xcelledogzilla--  then @ boot  go to recovery and re-do xserver with..  sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg07:21
ShinuAh cool07:21
polo177_stochastic_, yeah, you're right my VMs are windows. I guess I don't know the best solution, but samba would work.07:21
lstarnesShinu: mainly to combat autorejoin or confuse the target07:21
Flannelkravlin: It ebbs and flows.  Spring break and all.07:21
dumb_dumbflannel i still got the same problems07:21
Shinuhaha nice ^^07:22
_stochastic_polo177, what's the IP address that you give Samba to latch onto?
edogzillaxcell: cool thx. that will remove the pesky driver?07:22
dumb_dumberror GPG07:23
lstarnesdumb_dumb: for medibuntu?07:23
Xcelledogzilla--  it will give you a choice of card allocation.. pick nvidia07:23
edogzillaxcell: ok, is there another step?07:23
dumb_dumbno i used ubuntu server 8.0407:23
Flanneldumb_dumb: That happens sometimes when theres some network issues.  It should go away on its own sometime soon (try again tomorrow)07:23
Flanneldumb_dumb: not network issues on your end.07:23
Xcelledogzilla--  just re-do the card.. keep the rest the same..07:24
edogzillaxcell: ok i will try that07:24
Xcelledogzilla--  should work07:24
dumb_dumbflannel : but my network it seems ok07:24
revalI just tried gentoo, lol. so thanks to all the people that have good attitudes and try to help others in this sort of channel07:24
dumb_dumbcould it be the firewall rules?07:25
Flanneldumb_dumb: Right, it has nothing to do with your network.  It has to do with some of the archive servers having issues and lagging a little.07:25
dumb_dumbso there`s nothing wrong with my ubuntu installation .07:25
Flanneldumb_dumb: correct.07:25
dumb_dumbsince i have try to re-install my server several times for these week07:27
dumb_dumband it seems that thing still occur07:27
ariqswhat's a good debugger/profiler for c++ programs for linux?07:27
Kartagisgood morning07:31
polo177_stochastic_: sorry I'm trying to remember (I think most of this was automatic when setting up the vmware), but the vm client sees my samba share through its public address, the one the rest of the computers see on my network07:31
Kartagiswhy does my xorg.conf get re-written everytime I reboot/restart X?07:32
_stochastic_polo177, okay thanks anyways I'll play around - it's good to know that it's at least feasible07:32
polo177_stochastic_: thats
polo177my question to the group is: how to resize a vmware image?  XP client on ubuntu 8.04 server.  I can't seem to find instructions online anywhere.07:34
Kartagispolo177, #vmware07:38
almark1Hello, I am using Ubuntu Hardy, I hear pop or click sounds in my audio, even since I installed a bunch of sound dev packages, I compiled ardour2.8, anyone know how to fix this? There was no pop until I compiled it.07:39
polo177<Kartagis> thanks, I'm logged on there too, but nobody's responding. figured I'd put my line out here too.  :)07:39
almark1I hear a pop sound every time I stop or start a sound.07:40
shahanhi, i was wondering if sed supports backreferences in ranges using patterns?07:40
chyeahi all. is there a command, or utility that scans the file system and removes broken sym links?07:40
_stochastic_almark1, is the poping happening while you're running ardour or throughout your ubuntu system (when jack is shutdown?)07:40
almark1the entire system07:40
almark1and when jack is shutdown07:40
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_stochastic_is it happening when jack is running?07:41
almark1It messes with my music creation, who knows what it would do to recording.07:41
almark1it happens when Jack is running and when jack isn't07:41
_stochastic_do you have the realtime kernel installed?  is that running?07:41
almark1I'm not using pulse, I don't have it installed, Yes realtime kernel is running fine.07:42
asdfqewrWill Safari run on Ubuntu?07:42
_stochastic_almark1, do the pops happen when you're not running the realtime kernel?07:42
almark1I don't know, how do I check that?07:42
almark1The pops didn't happen at all, till this, I thought all was fine, my system is like 1 month old, at least 64studio Hardy07:43
_stochastic_almark1, you need to reboot and at the time of boot press esc to get your grub menu, then select a non-RT kernel07:43
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prontohow do i mount a dvd via a network07:43
almark1Hope I have it, let me check my grub menu.1st07:43
west_andyis there a channel for ATI support with regards with dual monitors07:44
almark1would this be it ? title64 Studio, kernel 2.6.29-1-multimedia-686 (recovery mode)07:44
_stochastic_almark1, nope that's a 64studio install, not an Ubuntu install07:44
almark1Its ubuntu, Im using ubuntu hardy with 64studio07:45
_stochastic_furthermore that's a beta 64studio instal07:45
almark1yeah I know :)07:45
almark1works great, till this07:45
almark1I should have just left it alone, it was happy07:45
_stochastic_you should be asking around elsewhere07:45
almark1Ok, i'm off then thanks :)07:46
_stochastic_almark1, it may also be useful to know which packages you installed07:46
almark1I keep forgetting that I have a forum to go to.07:46
_stochastic_try pressing the up key in a terminal until you find that listing07:46
almark1Many, and they are in my bash_history too07:46
_stochastic_it'll help whoever ends up troubleshooting the issue07:47
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almark1maybe they have an issue with this in the forums, well thanks again. C-ya07:47
_stochastic_almark1, you could also find some help on the ubuntuforums.org's multimedia production section, I know that some people there use 64studio, but betas are always dangerous07:48
almark1Yeah they are, but thats the fun in em, you know what your getting, and I have read many times that 64studio even the beta 3 Im using is very stable.07:49
_stochastic_almark1, just so you know too (and I know you want to leave now) the 64studio kernel naming scheme lists the RT kernels with 'multimedia' as the identifier07:49
almark1Ah, I thought so07:49
almark1I don't have to leave, I'll stay07:49
=== silver is now known as Guest64937
almark1I'm still here ya know ;)07:53
Guest53308hi all, any help with this error " error: missing terminating " character"; I'm using gcc-4.207:54
fakeerI have installed Jaunty Beta .. Suggest a nice and stable Download Manager with resume download support.. in vista I was using FDM ...07:55
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suma1what is the difference between ubuntu 8.04 and ubuntu 8.10?07:57
magnetronsuma1→ they are different versions of ubuntu. one is 6 months older07:58
suma1ubuntu 8.04 has any drawbacks compare to 8.1007:59
MjateznikHi all.07:59
magnetronsuma1→ it's older07:59
MjateznikI got a problem with my keyboard/flash. I can't press <left> and <up> at the same time, though I can press <right> & <up> at the same time.08:00
mrsteveman1suma1: 8.04 is stuck on kernel 2.6.24 and will be for quite a while08:00
mrsteveman1i don't think they backport hardware support08:00
mrsteveman1so whatever it supports right now out of the box is it, other than add-on drivers in the repos08:00
doleybsuma1: it's older and less stuff works, plus ubuntu 9.x is out this month, and its better08:00
mrsteveman1unless you have critical infrastructure or client machines running ubuntu theres little reason to stick with an LTS in most cases08:01
Titan8990doleyb, less stuff works?08:01
doleybTitan8990: yes, many things don't work in older versions.  even in 8.10 there are some pretty bad hardware incompats.08:03
doleybTitan8990: since its now been a Long time since 8.x release, it's getting bad.08:03
Titan8990doleyb, linux has always been best for older hardware08:04
Titan8990doleyb, and LTS releases follow ideas of other more stable distros such as debian such as patching instead of updating08:04
Titan8990doleyb, its because more stuff works08:04
Titan8990doleyb, "not bleeding edge" is what you are saying08:05
doleybTitan8990: No, I'm saying that standard baseline hardware won't minimally function.08:06
magnetrondoleyb→ there's 5 months since the last ubuntu release, 8.10. there will be a new version every six months, right on schedule.08:06
doleybmagnetron: Yeah, that's what I just said.08:06
Titan8990doleyb, standard baseline?08:06
doleybTitan8990: Do you know how often someone comes in here asking why his atheros isn't working?08:07
Titan8990doleyb, its not like the release of the 2.26.25 kernel magically made all hardware work08:07
Martyr2k6ugh, well I have my ubuntu customized the way I like it, but now I just want to get my vista working right08:07
jean-luchello, you know how i must do to try and an URL in shell ?08:08
Titan8990doleyb, because they are new to linux08:08
excess21i'm still pretty new to linux08:08
MocsGreetings all... having some problems getting DNS to work on new install of 8.4 server... tried the forums, anyone care to lend a hand?08:08
Martyr2k6as am I, hence why I wish to dual boot08:08
magnetronjean-luc→ you can use "wget" to download an URL in the shell08:08
takaohi, my new hardy install is using a restricted driver called "atheros hardware access layer(hAL)" but i dont have an atheros card, can i safely disable this?08:08
doleybjean-luc: wget or links (or lynx) or firefox or...08:09
magnetrontakao→ well, what card you have then?08:09
jean-lucthank but no, i want to know where is rmtp://
takaomagnetron, tp link08:09
MocsAnyone able to help with a DNS issue?08:10
jean-lucwhere is going rmtp://
magnetrontakao→ if ubuntu is *using* an atheros driver, only possibility is that there is an atheros hardware somewhere in the system. best is to let things be08:10
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magnetron!anyone | Mocs08:10
ubottuMocs: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?08:10
takaomagnetron, ok08:11
grawityMocs: Just tell us the actual problem and someone might answer.08:11
Mocsubottu: I did when I came in... no answer... I have no DNS, using DHCP... tried the forums... still no DNS08:11
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:11
Mocssheesh... I'm talking to a bot...08:11
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Martyr2k6allright peeps, so I have two hdd's in this box... I installed vista on one and ubuntu on the other, since I did this, I can no longer boot into vista, and I have no choice when I power on my comp to boot either into vista or ubuntu... HALP08:11
doleybMocs: You didn't ask a question.  All you said is "It doesn't work, can I ask?"08:12
doleybMocs: You'd want to explain in what manner it fails to work.08:12
crossbytesi thought this was user friendly .. u should not be so harsh on newbs..08:12
=== hASDhaQ is now known as Guest64224
Mocsdoleyb: oh, sorry... can anyone help me figure out why DNS isn't resolving?08:12
=== ce is now known as co
Mocsdoleyb: I can access by IP, no resolution on names08:12
doleybMocs: What is the nature of your internet supplier?08:13
Guest96188hello can someone tell me about a guide for newbies please and when will be the 904 verssiom08:13
Mocsdoleyb: cable modem, comcast, but I tried to switch to opendns and it still isn't resolving08:13
sarmisakGuest96188: it's on the website, about 17 days later08:13
=== leftminor is now known as lm|incubus
doleybMocs: how did you switch?08:14
Martyr2k6no help?08:14
Guest96188sarmisak i have 810 how can i update to the 90408:14
doleybMartyr2k6: so it does ubuntu every time?08:14
Mocsdoleyb: followed the forums, changed /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf08:14
icenineMartyr2k6: http://www.google.com/search?q=dual%20boot%20linux08:14
Mocsprepend the DNS for opendns08:15
Martyr2k6dol, yep08:15
doleybMocs: after you get your internet running, check if /etc/resolv.conf looks good08:15
sarmisakGuest96188: pop a terminal window, type this; sudo update-manager -d08:15
Mocsdoleyb: net is running fine, can ping by ip08:16
Mocsone sec08:16
sarmisakGuest96188: you should see an option to upgrade08:16
Martyr2k6someone in here told me it would work fine if I formatted both hard drives, installed vista first on one, and then ubuntu afterwards on the other08:16
Kartagiswhy does my xorg.conf get re-written everytime I reboot/restart X?08:16
Guest96188sarmisak ill try thanks08:16
Guest96188sarmisak command not found08:16
doleybMartyr2k6: Maybe reading https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto will help you08:17
Mocsdoleyb: nameserver in /etc/resolv.conf was set to the router, so I tried changing that to the first ip of opendns... that didn't work either08:17
ariqswhat's the best debugger for linux?08:17
Guest96188ikonia hello how can i update to the 90408:18
DigitalKiwia skilled programmer08:18
Mocsdigital: beat me to it... though I would have said a big hammer08:18
Martyr2k6nope, no help there08:18
glitchddoes anyone happen to use arch linux?08:18
takaoglitchd, i'd imagine the peopel on #arch do08:19
glitchdmmk thx08:19
takao#archlinux maybe...08:19
doleybMocs: Normally the router supplied by comcast would perform dhcp server.08:19
doleybariqs: gdb is good.  also valgrind08:20
Mocsdoleyb: it is... for windows... for ubuntu I am getting no joy... dhcp is giving me a good ip, just no DNS08:21
roccity_Mocs, have you tried forcing in the opendns servers?08:21
doleybMocs: Ok, so you know your router ( is functional as a nameserver, so the problem is your ubuntu isn't using it properly.08:22
Mocsroccity: if I understand the forums, I modded /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf to prepend them, no joy08:22
Mocsdoleyb: ayup... taht is about the size of it08:22
takaohi- i need to install wireless drivers with ndiswrapper but there are tons of files on the windwos cd -which ones am i supposed to instal?08:23
doleybMocs: if it can't get fixed here, maybe #networking will aid you.08:23
roccity_Mocs, have you tried dhclient?08:24
glitchdtakao, the were really no help08:24
roccity_Mocs, whats in your /etc/resolv.conf?08:24
=== sejo is now known as masterhumper
glitchdtakao, would this be a good place to try n find some help?08:25
=== masterhumper is now known as sejo
Mocs<Mocs> right now, /etc/resolv.conf looks like this08:25
Mocs<Mocs> search hsd1.fl.concast.net.08:25
Mocs<Mocs> #nameserver
Mocs<Mocs> nameserver
FloodBot1Mocs: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:25
takaoglitchd, whats the  problem? lots of arch users on 4chan's /g/ but they are not so helpful...08:25
Mocshi mib08:26
roccity_Mocs, can you ping ip addresses and not host name?08:26
Mocsroc: exactly08:26
glitchdwell i had arch setup with gdm on my computer then i got a bunch of new computer stuff like no motherboard nd a whole host of other things08:26
mib_n0obmex8i wanna ask some thing08:26
glitchdtakao, now that i switched everything over i cant get it to start up08:27
roccity_moc what happens when you use your router gateway?08:27
takaoglitchd, what errors do you get?08:27
roccity_Mocs, for the nameserver08:27
Mocsroc: for the nameserver?  Nothing... no resolution, still ping by IP08:27
glitchdtakao, ill get the exactly wording in a sec08:28
glitchdtakao, failed to IDENTIFY (I/O error, err_mask=0x5)08:29
glitchdtakao,  then08:29
takaoglitchd, did you google it? does arch has some sort of recovery mode you can access?08:29
glitchdtakao,  its suppose to but it doesnt want to start up08:29
tv7497guys how do i check if my system has a built in blue tooth device  ?????08:29
takaoglitchd, is grub the bootloader?08:30
roccity_Mocs, in your resolv.conf file put in your router ip address then as root type "dhclient and what erver your interface"08:30
glitchdtakao, yes08:30
takaoglitchd, is there a recovery option in grub?08:30
glitchdtakao, ive even tried booting from a live cd nd nothing will work08:30
glitchdtakao,  yes there is08:30
glitchdtakao, should i try the recovery again?08:31
takaoglitchd, the recovery doesnt boot?08:31
takaoglitchd, what do you mean you tried livecd and it didnt work? the live cd doesnt boot?08:32
glitchdtakao, im goainnna restart it again nd try to login to the recovery ag08:32
glitchdtakao, it jus wouldnt boot08:32
takaoglitchd, 1st make sure your hardware is connected properly08:32
glitchdtakao, it jus went to a terminal type screen08:33
glitchdtakao, yes it all is08:33
takaoglitchd, you have knoppix ,what live cd you use?08:33
glitchdtakao, knoppix?08:33
takaoglitchd, knoppix = famous live cd...08:34
glitchdtakao, i have a new kubuntu cd08:34
Mocsok, modded dhclient back to the router, restarting network08:34
glitchdtakao, i dont have any other ones08:34
glickugh...not kubuntu08:34
takaoglitchd, what VGA card?08:34
glickkubuntu is aweful08:34
Mocser... modded resolv.conf, it is getting late... :(08:35
glitchdjus the standard one08:35
ikoniaGuest96188: can I help you ?08:36
glitchdtakao, its not a removable card08:36
takaoglitchd, standard?08:36
glitchdtakao, so i guess that would make it some sort of stabdard type one08:36
takaoglitchd, you said you got new hardware, if nothing boots on your system after the new hardware i would suspect its not set propely08:36
glitchdtakao, i do think ur right08:37
glitchdtakao, i dont know enough i think to properly explain this to u08:37
takaoglitchd, apart from arch,, you have anything else there? windows?08:38
glicki cant wait til jaunty08:38
glitchdtakao, no there is nothin else08:38
glickloooking forwad to jaunty08:38
glicki officially give up on kubuntu/kde for good08:38
glitchdtakao, like i said it a computer built from all new parts08:38
takaoglitchd, try another live cd- knoppix is good, you can also try bartPE (windows based), if nothing boots you have a hardware situation08:39
Mocsthanks all... roc got me going08:40
Mocsyeah roc!08:40
glitchdtakao, ok well ill do  what i can to get another cd08:40
mr_boois there a way i can see the name of the ethernet adapter driver in ubuntu?08:40
takaotakao, if there is no hardware problem then i try arch recovery mode, go into terminal and reconfigure X08:40
glitchdthx for the attempted help08:40
roccity_thats ok glad to help08:40
gerahello, I'm in need of some help with ubuntu updates08:40
mr_boogera: what's the issue?08:41
glitchdtakao, so if i go into terminal how would i go about reconfiguring X?08:41
geraI ran the updates from the balloon, then it got stuck at the acpi-support08:41
Mocsgera: THAT I can help with...08:41
glitchdtakao, is it simple?08:41
glitchdtakao, or is that what u needed the live cd for?08:41
geraso I restarted the system, and now I'm running from the desktop cd beacause I can;'t get in08:41
takaoglitchd, in ubuntu it is...i know nothing about arch, if you can boot into recovery mode you dont need alive CD08:42
mr_boogera: try disable apic in bios08:42
TheShahFactorI am running some installation script & I get some errors ..I dont think the script should contain them.Are some scripts OS specific? Like what runs for Red hat doesnt work for ubuntu08:42
glitchdok i guess ill jus try nd figure this out then08:42
gerathe new kernel gives me a panica error08:42
mr_boogera: i know08:42
mr_boogera: disable apic in bios08:43
glitchdtakao, thx again for all the help08:43
mr_boogera: is that can't be done you should add the string "-noapic" in the boot menu08:43
takaoglitched if #arch is not helpful, you might want to try /g/ on 4chan, they have many arch users there ,but the degree of helpfulness varies08:43
gerawell I'll try that, but if it doesn't work I'llbe bothering again in a copule hours08:43
unimatrix9where could i find the dell min 9 repo's with sightspeak video chat package? for ubuntu08:44
mr_boois there a way i can see the name of my ethernet adapter that is installed in my system?08:45
jamieleshawHello, how do i change hard disk permission?08:45
thecommutistmr_boo: use this command - lspci | grep ethernet08:45
mr_boothecommutist: it's an onboard ethernet adapter08:46
mr_boothecommutist: prolly pci though08:46
thecommutistjamieleshaw: right click > properties > permissions08:47
jamieleshawIt says i need to be oot.08:47
mr_boothecommutist: in fact, nothing was listed08:48
thecommutistjamieleshaw: run nautilus with root privileges - gksu nautilus08:49
mr_boothecommutist: but i got a IEEE 1394 firewire adapter listed08:49
thecommutistmr_boo: try - lspci | grep Ethernet (note the capital E)08:49
cosoalare you american?08:50
mr_boothecommutist: what a fool i am, many thanks08:50
thecommutistmr_boo: it's ok! i make the same mistake all the time! :-)08:50
emoXodushi can i get assistance using ndiswrapper plz!!!!!!08:51
linchanyone could explain to newbee in simple terms why there is no rules listed in iptables but my ssh is listenning to port 22 for a connection?08:51
thecommutistemoXodus: i'll try!08:52
emoXodusis anyone here?08:52
linchhere i ma08:52
thecommutistemoXodus: shoot! i'll try to help!08:53
emoXodusi guess not08:53
jamieleshawthecommutist: My Other question is how do i login as root?08:54
quibblerjamieleshaw-> you don't use sudo08:54
thecommutistjamieleshaw: r u running gnome or kde?08:54
lstarnesjamieleshaw: you shouldn't in most cases08:54
linchjamie, create a root account08:54
linchthat's the best way to log in as a root08:55
jamieleshawthecommutist: gnome08:55
linchno sudo after that08:55
quibblerlinch-> no that is extremely unsafe08:55
linchquibbler, no it's not08:55
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo08:55
jamieleshawI'm well awear it's unsafe.08:55
lstarneslinch: it is08:56
thecommutistthen u can go to Administration > Login Window > Remote tab > Allow local system administrator login, but i guess u'll have to create a root account before that08:56
linchare you taking about logging in from the net?08:56
lstarneslinch: from anywhere08:56
linchlstarnes, there is a difference08:56
lstarneslinch: a normally harmless command run as root can do a lot of damage08:56
linchif you are on your local machine doing some installation then go on and log in as a root08:57
linchno problem with that i guess08:57
lstarneslinch: it is still safer to use sudo08:57
quibblergaain i repeat making a root login is unsafe use sudo08:57
ubottusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)08:57
thecommutistjamieleshaw: just curious, what do u need a root login for?08:58
linchlstarnes, if you're paranoid, then yes08:58
jamieleshawNothing, I just wanted to know how for the knowledge of it.08:58
linchbut i wouldn't worry so much about 5 minutes being on the root account08:59
quibblerlinch->  do not give unsafe advice ...what you yourself wish to do is your business!08:59
linchqubbler, i stand corrected08:59
linchquibbler, back to my question though09:00
cloexhlwe stuck on a debatable point on ##linux so can somebody try to help us out here09:00
linchif you can explain to me teh question i've posed 4 minutes ago09:01
quibblerlinch-> repeat please09:01
ubuntu_nb_42ubuntu livecd in persistent mode with a 750 Mb casper-rw loopback file on a usb drive.  trying to install a 500 Mb app.  not sure i have enough room for it.  how to check?  how to get more space?  and why can't i access the usb drive directly anymore?09:01
cloexhlhave anybody tried using permisions on fat32 partitions?09:01
dalfzis there an easy way to upgrade a 32bit server install to 64bit?09:01
Titan8990ubuntu_nb_42, you can't install things on a livecd, you would essentially be installing it to your RAM09:02
thecommutistcloexhl: what's the issue?09:02
linchquibbler, it's about iptables rules; if there are no rules set --there all packets should be dropped-- right?09:02
Titan8990cloexhl, asking on different channels isn't going to make fat32 learn ACLs09:02
ubuntu_nb_42Titan8990: even with the "casper-rw" loopback file?  it doesn't give me "hd" space?09:02
linchi mean, the incoming packetes09:03
cloexhlTitan8990: if it worked with me, then there's something wrong09:03
Titan8990ubuntu_nb_42, don't know... check df -h09:03
cloexhlthecommutist: the question was about permissions on fat32 partitions09:03
cloexhlhave anybody besides me actually tried this?09:03
quibblerlinch-> i imagine it depends on how your firewall is set up09:03
Titan8990cloexhl, why not read some documentation on FAT32 instead of asking the same question over and over until you get the answer you want?09:04
thecommutistcloexhl: tried what? can u list the command?09:04
linchquibbler, let's just say it is like i said09:04
big_chillhi, whats the command to renew ip ?09:04
Titan8990big_chill, dhclient INTERFACE09:04
linchquibbler, so if that's the case why my sshd gets a connection from the outside?09:04
Titan8990big_chill, err with sudo:  sudo dhclient eth009:05
cloexhlthecommutist: chmod o-rwx /mnt/win_e/sensetivedata09:05
quibblerlinch-> port 22 is used to ssh login so I imagine it should be available09:05
linchquibbler, that i know09:05
ubuntu_nb_42is "rootfs" changed when using a "casper-rw" loopback file?  or is it using ram?09:06
cloexhlTitan8990: i already read and i see your point so iam trying to explain why it worked with me09:06
quibblerlinch-> so what is the problem09:06
linchquibbler, shouldn't it be a rule for that in iptables?09:06
linchquibbler, if i iptables -L -- there is nothing in there09:06
Firefishehow does one reset the kde desktop 4.x to defaults?09:07
thecommutistcloexhl: is that not supposed to work with fat32? why?09:07
big_chillTitan8990, thanks, i get no DHCPOFFERS - is that a router problem or ubuntu or either?09:07
gerahello, I cannot get into ubuntu, can someone help me?09:07
cloexhlthecommutist: so are you saying that it should work?09:07
doleybgera: What ubuntu do you want in?09:07
linchquibbler, i'm newbee, so forgive me for posing maybe a stupid question09:07
Titan8990thecommutist, fat32   A) has no concept of file permissions B) especially has no concept of unix permissions09:07
quibblerlinch-> i don't use ssh, so i 've never investigated ..itables  i configure with firestarter09:07
Titan8990cloexhl, hes saying he really knows nothing about it09:07
thecommutistTitan8990: how does it matters? as far linux is concerned, it's justt another device, isn't it? i could be wrong here!09:08
cloexhlTitan8990: you're talking about the general technical issue here, but i know that fat32 don't undergo unix permissions however my question is why did it work?09:08
cosoalCome from mobile hard disk copy of the things why I do not have permission prompt09:08
linchquibbler, got it09:09
cosoalwhile i make09:09
Unirgyis it me or youtube is down09:09
jamieleshawThanks For Your Help09:09
cloexhlTitan8990: and since linux deals with everything as files so why wouldn't it work?09:09
Titan8990cloexhl, I think you were mistaken09:09
grawitythecommutist: Permissions are stored in the disk's filesystem. If the filesystem is fat32, there is no place to store permissions.09:09
Heimdall@Unirgy i think its you =)09:09
linchquibbler, why do you use ubuntu, and not just debian lenny?09:09
dotchUnirgy, it's just you09:09
cosoalHow to resolve this problem09:10
UnirgyHeimdall: ok, it's not me, it's my computer :P09:10
linchcosoal, what problem?09:10
cloexhlok guys, let's get down to business, can anybody just grab a fat32 flash memory and try permissions with it?09:10
Titan8990thecommutist, linux could care less what the format is, and it will try to chmod it however, it won't work because it is not supported by the filesystem09:10
cosoal Come from mobile hard disk copy of the things why I do not have permission prompt09:10
quibblerlinch-> i have lenny in virtualbox and i look at it from time to time the last couple of weeks09:11
Unirgybut what would you think if you get this when you go http://www.youtube.com: Invalid URL | The requested URL "/", is invalid. | Reference #9.276b1160.1239005351.009:11
SpenceKidhey guys, i tried to open "Update Manager" to, well, update? and I got the following error:  E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.09:11
SpenceKidE: _cache->open() failed, please report.09:11
Titan8990cloexhl, I have tried it, I have seen countless posts in ubuntu forums of people trying it.....a09:11
thecommutistgera: can u describe your problem in a bit more detail please?09:11
takaoSpenceKid, then run that command in terminal09:11
Unirgyon all browsers... but different computer shows fine09:11
Titan8990cloexhl, and in case your wandering, you also can not set unix permissions on a NTFS drive09:11
Titan8990cloexhl, even though it does have a concept of ACLs, it is not the same09:12
takaoSpenceKid, with sudo ...sudo dpkg  --configure -a09:12
geraanyone, I ran the upgrade from the balloon, it got stuck at acpi support (checking advanced power management level to 0xfe (254)) So irestarted the system, now I cannot get in [running from desktop cd]09:12
cosoal Come from mobile hard disk copy of the things. why I do not have permission prompt09:12
cosoalwho can help me09:12
takaogera, try to go to recovery mode09:12
SpenceKidalright, i did that.. "ldconfig deferred processing now taking place"09:12
geraalready tried that09:13
takaogera, and?09:13
linchdoes anyone of you guys have more than 3 monitors set up with ubuntu or debian, and if so, how it's done with debian?09:13
gerathe new kernel gives an error panic09:13
Titan8990gera, add acpi=off to your kernel line09:13
gerathe old one hangs with a black screen and a x09:13
thecommutistgera: do u get the grub screen at bootup?09:13
Titan8990gera, you can do it from the grub screen, just hit e to edit the section and add acpi=off to the end of the line that is begins with: kernel09:14
=== qubee_x60 is now known as qubee
cloexhlok everybody let me hey everybody let me switch to my mandriva box and i'll try it again maybe i was halucinating last time09:14
geraok, any kernel?09:14
geraor the old one?09:14
MikeHHow can I change the default editor for .php files for example under gnome/nautilus?09:14
thecommutistgera: try with the new one09:14
SpenceKidwhat does this mean? :W: GPG error: http://packages.medibuntu.org intrepid Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 2EBC26B60C5A278309:14
geraok thanks09:15
takaoSpence what version of ubuntu are you running?09:15
SpenceKidUbuntu 8.1009:16
cosoalme too09:16
takaoSpence look here :https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu09:16
takaoSpenceKid, look at the add GPG key part09:16
quibblerMikeH-> right click on php file choose permissions-open with and set the editor you want09:17
emoXodusE: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.09:17
emoXodusE: _cache->open() failed, please report.09:17
emoXodus       help idk what to do this error popped up on my synaptics package manager09:17
grawityemoXodus: open Terminal, then run this command: sudo dpkg --configure -a09:17
emoXoduscan someone plz help09:17
cosoalwhich Download tools support ipv6?09:18
Heimdallopen up your terminal and type: sudo dpkg --configure -a09:18
emoXodusokay i will09:18
cosoalwhich Download tools support ipv6?09:18
grawity...why do I have a feeling that I am muted.09:18
emoXodusur not09:19
cosoalwhich Download tools support ipv6?09:19
emoXodusur not muted grawity09:19
thecommutistgrawity: lack of gravity, maybe! :-)09:19
yellabsany ekiga users willing to quick test?09:19
cosoalwhich Download tools support ipv6?09:19
cosoalwho can help me09:20
emoXoduscan i pm u grawity?09:20
SpenceKidtakao, thanks so much bro. i have only had Ubuntu for one day, and i accidentally formatted my HDD. today has been tough =/09:20
grawitycosoal: I think all of them should support IPv6 -- but only if the system itself has it enabled.09:20
grawityemoXodus: sure.09:20
cosoalit need a tracker...09:20
takaoSpenceKid, no worries, i accidentally formated many HDDs09:21
LimeBursti hate losses of memories09:21
LimeBurstin accidentally formatted hard disks09:21
LimeBurst: (09:21
SpenceKidhaha, aint it a bitch. many years of memories, lost. damn =/09:21
emoXodusgod this is killing me i havent slept since the install09:21
SpenceKidhaha, me either emoXodus09:22
yellabsLimeBurst, then install 9.04 ..:P09:22
SpenceKidabout 26 hours ago09:22
emoXodusthis is day 4 now09:22
takaoSpenceKid, there are tools that can rescue files from formatted discs09:22
nemoloLOAD [-e] /home/nemolo/Download/xdcc.client.pl09:22
grawity!pastebin > emoXodus09:22
ubottuemoXodus, please see my private message09:22
emoXodusis it any good?09:22
grokenwhen i use the arrow keys in jaunty, i get character codes like this: ^[[A09:22
LimeBurstwhats 9.0409:22
SpenceKidtakao, could you inform me more please?09:22
SpenceKidyes, lime?09:23
LimeBurstyou can recover almost all your data09:23
SpenceKidhow so?09:23
LimeBurstif you haven't written anything to it09:23
SpenceKidI only have 1 HDD and i formatted it installing Ubuntu, so idk? =/09:24
ariqshow do you accidentally format a hd?09:24
LimeBurstthe section of the HDD you installed ubuntu09:24
SpenceKidlol, not paying attention and trying to rush things09:24
LimeBurstcan not be recovered09:24
LimeBurstits like09:24
LimeBurstsay softwares like finaldata09:25
Titan8990ariqs, people select the "guided use full disk"09:25
toomaig'day to all09:25
Myrttimode -b Guest34677!*@*!#ubuntu-read-topic09:25
SpenceKidalright, i'll look into that09:25
LimeBurstit can recover datas even if boot code and partition tables are destroyed09:25
toomaianyone experienced with alsa? I would like to find out what version is running (installed 1.0.18 with jaunty and used a script to install 1.0.19)09:25
SpenceKidthanks limeburst, i'll look into that, after some sleep09:26
LimeBurstyou're welcome09:26
SpenceKidalright, night all and thanks for the help!09:26
emoXodusokay ppl who wants to assist me in getting my wireless working?09:26
emoXodusnite spence kid09:26
takaoemoXodus, what card?09:27
toomaiemoXodus: tell us more09:27
doleybemoXodus: I bet you have atheros :(09:27
emoXodus_can i plz get assistance in getting my wireless card working?09:28
Tm_T!helpme | emoXodus_09:28
ubottuemoXodus_: Avoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !patience09:29
cloexhlok everybody i'm on my linux box now so let me do chmod u-wrx and see if i can access it09:29
takaoemoXodus, you will get no assistance until you tell us what card09:29
jootyou already got two people offer help09:29
cloexhli that fair enough?09:29
Nom-Hi all.  I'm having trouble with some 8.04 server hosts running under ESX Server - the network performance is sub 100Mbps, but some older Gutsy hosts are running at full speed.  Both have the latest VMware Tools installed, and as far as I can see it's not a VMware issue, since other guests are fine - it's only these Hardy VM's09:29
cloexhlchmod u-rwx sorry09:29
emoXodus_trendnet tew-623pi09:29
emoXodus_and ty09:29
dandreif I clic on a ftp:// link in thunderbird the link is not opened.09:31
dandreI have tried xdg-open ftp://... in a terminal and I have an error saying URL is not mounted09:31
dandreWhere is the error?09:32
emoXodus_okay i guess il start over.,.....09:32
emoXodus_hello all i am having trouble using my trendnet tew-623pi wireless adapter in ubuntu 8.1009:33
jootdandre, do you need to put http://???09:33
grawityjoot: it's ftp:// - not http://09:33
takaoemoXodus, read this : http://ohioloco.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=967011&page=209:33
jootgrawity, ok I just asked09:33
dandreyes I must hendle ftp09:34
takaoemoXodus, read post number 1309:34
dandrefrom xdg-open man page it is said it can handle ftp links too09:34
emoXodus_okay i will ty09:34
cloexhlTitan8990: should i do chmod u-rwx /mnt/flash   or chmod u-rwx /dev/sda1    ?09:34
cloexhlwhich are the same09:35
cloexhli think09:35
SpenceKidhey, lime09:36
pwuertzhi, I'm having problems with my printer settings... for a single print job I once set transparent paper, duplex off and manual feed... and these settings are now frozen. No matter what Administration>Printers says, I can't modify the default printer settings. Even reinstalling the printer didn't purge the settings. Any ideas?09:36
cloexhlTitan8990:  believe me it works09:36
cloexhlTitan8990: my flash is called Gates so   [gates@dhcppc0 mnt]$ ls GATES/09:36
cloexhlls: GATES/: Permission denied09:36
Titan8990cloexhl, /mnt/flash is a directory on your unix filesytem09:37
jootdandre, Is this helpful??   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=91143909:37
Titan8990cloexhl, now do a sub directory09:37
emoXodus_wow i was on that thread i guess i didnt read that far lol09:38
emoXodus_but thx09:38
emoXodus_takao if this works i will give you props on my thread09:38
LeviTheSmithI can't get my NTFS external HDD to mount09:39
LeviTheSmithany help?09:39
LeviTheSmithyes, NTFS09:39
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE09:40
on5sldoes anybody knows how you can watch a tty connection from somebody else on ubuntu server?09:40
=== helmut_ is now known as Kung_Keno
ubottuFUSE (Filesystem in Userspace) is a !kernel driver that allows non-root users to create their own filesystems. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filesystem_in_Userspace for more on FUSE.  Some examples of filesystems that use FUSE are !ntfs-3g, sshfs and isofs. A full list of Filesystems that use FUSE is here:  http://fuse.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/FileSystems09:41
jootLeviTheSmith, I installed ntfs 3g and it worked fine09:42
LeviTheSmithok then09:42
jootLeviTheSmith, But it is default on later distros I think...09:42
LeviTheSmithntfs-3g is already the newest version.09:42
LeviTheSmithyeah it still doesn't want to mount my HDD09:43
LeviTheSmithwhich is what I backed everything up to lol09:43
jootLeviTheSmith, Gah!!!09:43
TheShahFactorhow do I save the output of my ./install.sh script to a log file09:43
jootLeviTheSmith, Is it something simple like no power???09:44
Ubersoldat./install.sh >/tmp/log 2>&109:44
LeviTheSmithUmm no09:44
grawityTheShahFactor: ./install.sh >& install-log.txt09:44
LeviTheSmithit is plugged in and all. It just yells at me saying it is unclean09:44
grawityUbersoldat: I think the 2>&1 part should go before >/tmp/log :/09:44
LeviTheSmithi was going to plug it into my relatives pc and then ejecting it from windows but i had to go out09:45
jootLeviTheSmith, Unclean???09:45
LeviTheSmithnow i think i'll try it09:45
sandstromMy cron job wont run. It's placed in /etc/cron.d/, permissions -rw-r--r-- root root09:45
Ubersoldatyes, you are right09:45
dandreI'd prefer to set the ftp handle in gnome, not in thunderbird09:45
sandstromcontent: * * * * * apache2 /var/www/staging/scripts/jobs/MailQueue.php -e "staging"09:45
sandstromAnyone smart who know what might be wrong?09:45
sandstromWould appreciate any help.09:45
Rytmissandstrom: is MailQueue.php executable? Does it have a shebang line?09:46
TheShahFactorthanks a ton grawity & Ubersoldat09:46
sandstromRytmis: yes09:46
Ubersoldatsandstrom, try using apache2 full path09:46
sandstromI tried calling the script from the command line, and it works.09:46
grawityI thought cron jobs must be added using crontab -e ....09:46
Rytmissandstrom: wait, why are you invoking it via apache2?09:47
Rytmissandstrom: wouldn't php-cli do the trick too?09:47
htrejhhi, i know it is a security issue, but how can i launch sudo and give the password as option? (without sudoers)09:47
RytmisOr does the apache2 there stand for the user?09:48
* Rytmis doesn't remember crontab syntax to the letter09:48
RytmisAnyhoo, lunchtime -->09:48
sandstromRytmis: apache2 is the user09:48
sandstromroot is better?09:48
sandstromor perhaps I should use my own user?09:49
Ubersoldatsandstrom, can apache2 (user) read that script?09:49
Ubersoldatsandstrom, better yet, execute it09:50
carpii__is there a shell command to do rdns lookup?09:50
grawitycarpii__: 'host', 'dig', 'nslookup'09:50
grawitycarpii__: same as normal DNS lookups09:50
ijuzi can't find the bug in launchpad, does somebody else have a crashing apt-get in jaunty since last night?09:51
carpii__hm i tried dig but it didnt come back with any domain name09:51
carpii__ill try the others, thanks09:51
ijuz(the hardware is ok for sure)09:51
grawitycarpii__: try 'host', it's usually the simplest.09:51
carpii__got it, thanks :)09:51
ijuz(crashing as in segfault)09:51
sandstromUbersoldat: yes. It's owned by www-data and it can execute it. Changed the cron file to username www-data.09:52
Kartagiswhy does my xorg.conf get re-written everytime I reboot/restart X?09:55
=== lm|incubus is now known as leftminor
PepelargoHola a todos09:57
grokenwhen i type a long command into the jaunty server that i'm sshed into, i would expect the command to wrap to the next line but instead it ends up overwriting from the left edge of the same line so you have no way to read your command. similarly in vi, when i scroll the text, i get "artifacts" of characters from one line showing up on another line. how can i fix this?09:58
PepelargoCuando uso el Writer (Open Office), el cursor me va dejando estelas muy molestas cuando me muevo de caracter en caracter, o cuando voy escribiendo, Es muy molesto. Aluguien puede ayudarme por favor?09:58
htrejhhow can i use gksu but to login as sudo, not root?10:00
grawityhtrejh: gksudo ?10:01
htrejhno is root then10:01
ubuntu_nb_42Titan8990: thanks for the help... made progress.  gonna try a few more things.. will come back with more q's later, but OK for now.10:02
ActionParsnipyo yo yo10:03
Titan8990!hi ActionParsnip10:04
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:04
Titan8990!hi | ActionParsnip10:04
ubottuActionParsnip: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!10:04
ActionParsnipnice one10:04
=== cloexhl is now known as ppp0
SpAcI've just installed the Jaunty beta but it doesn't seem to have installed a bootloader at all... the system wont boot10:07
matamouhi guys, does anyone know how to play .flv games on ubuntu 8) ?10:07
carpii__try booting into the livecd and apply grub ?10:08
checkersmatamou: .flv is a video extension10:08
matamouor .swf for that matter10:08
checkersload it in firefox10:08
SpAccarpii__: I've booted the live cd, can you point me in the right direction for the next steps?10:08
Ranakahflv = flash video10:08
matamouwell loading them in firefox doesnt work10:09
ActionParsnipmatamou: i think vlc plays it, mplayer can with codecs (afaik)10:09
checkershey all, I'm having problems with ubuntu. same issue with 8.10 and 9.04 where twinview + compiz shows only black on my primary screen. The secondary works fine, and I can see documents on the primary screen when I view expo view or anything, but it just stays blank normally10:09
=== eXz is now known as Riddick
checkersI've got a VGA and DVI monitor plugged into a nvidia board10:09
=== Riddick is now known as Mayo
matamouyep I know that they play .flv files, but I mean .flv and .swf Games10:10
Heimdall@metamou have you installed the adobe flashplugin for firefox ?10:10
ubottuAn open source flash replacement.  It is still beta software. For current status or for more info http://www.gnu.org/software/gnash/10:10
carpii__i think he means downloadable binaries10:10
ActionParsnipyeah me too10:10
ActionParsniplet me see10:10
sandstromMy cron job wont run. It's placed in /etc/cron.d/, permissions -rw-r--r-- root root10:11
sandstromcontent: * * * * * apache2 /var/www/staging/scripts/jobs/MailQueue.php -e "staging"10:11
checkerswow... clicking on the primary monitor during this time really breaks it10:11
carpii__sandstrom, why wont it run?10:11
alazsandstrom: chmod +x ?10:11
checkersis it even possible to us apache like that sandstrom?10:11
ActionParsnipmatamou: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=101389610:11
archmanIs there a google earth linux support channel?10:11
sandstromalaz: script permissions: -rwxrwx--- 1 www-data www-data 480 Apr  6 00:57 MailQueue.php10:12
carpii__apache2 is just the user account im guessing10:12
checkersisn't the user account www-data?10:12
sandstromreal content: * * * * * www-data /var/www/staging/scripts/jobs/MailQueue.php -e "staging"10:12
sandstromcheckers: yes. the real content is www-data. changed that an hour ago10:12
checkerssandstrom: is there a banghash line?10:12
carpii__whats in cron.log ?10:13
sandstromwhere is cron.log?10:13
* checkers suggests running it via php anyway10:13
=== serenity_ is now known as s3r3n1t7
ActionParsnip /var/log/cron10:13
SpAcI looked in /target/boot and there isn't even a grub directory10:13
=== Laruft|AFK is now known as Laruft
sandstrom-bash: /var/log/cron.log: No such file or directory10:14
grawitycheckers: it *is* being ran via php10:14
carpii__try looking in /var/log/messages10:14
ActionParsnipsandstrom: cd  /var/log/; sudo find -name cron*10:14
sandstromno cron in log10:14
Desenmates, i have a quite long issue after deleting Windows XP, formating all drives, recovering two of them and finally succesfully installing Ubuntu. Any volunteers ? Long text10:15
ActionParsnipit's in  /var/log/syslog10:16
Jimi_NeutralMorning all!10:16
sandstromActionParsnip: I have some entries, but nothing regarding this script.10:16
sandstromMust I do something to have the script placed in /etc/cron.d/ to run?10:16
ubottucron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto  -  There is also a decent Howto at http://www.tech-geeks.org/contrib/mdrone/cron&crontab-howto.htm10:17
ActionParsnipsandstrom: is what i used10:17
paul68Hi is there a specific channel for ruby on rails?10:18
alazsandstrom: did you give it a interpreter?10:18
sandstromalaz: like php /path/to/script?10:18
grawityalaz: the first line is #!/usr/bin/php - that should be enough.10:18
alazdoes cron support php scripts?10:19
Natanaielwhen I want to start download my network become disconnect, I only have this problem in ubuntu, not windows or other linux distros10:19
sandstromActionParsnip: thanks! That first guide is what I read.10:19
grawityalaz: it should support anything that's executable.10:19
sandstromHow can I know that cron actually tries to read my script?10:21
simplexioalaz: maybe.. just run comman line interface  php ( i htink it was php_cli script.php)10:21
alazmake a bash script and see if that works10:22
alazecho it works > forsure.txt10:22
ChotaZBrasero keeps crashing when I try to make an audio CD, what to do=10:22
alazif a file gets created cron works ;)10:22
simplexiosandstrom: add debug stuff to scipt like touch /tmp/script.name.timestamp10:22
ariqsChotaz: no idea what it's crashing, but you could use growiso instead10:22
Natanaielwhen I want to start download my network become disconnect, I only have this problem in ubuntu, not windows or other linux distros10:23
ActionParsnipNatanaiel: what program are you trying to initiate the download with?10:23
monostoneHello, I have a DVD+R I burnt from an iso image I generated via genisoimage with parameters -R and -dvd-video. It mounts and plays flawlessly on the computer I burnt it on, and on several other ubuntus as well as on windows and dvd players, but on my home ubuntu box it fails to mount giving the following error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/145309/ .Any pointers as to the cause?10:23
alazNatanaiel: sounds like sketchy wireless drivers10:23
NatanaielActionParsnip: with firefox10:24
Natanaielalaz: no I have wire lan10:24
ActionParsnipmonostone: is it a SATA burner?10:25
eth01wired-LAN for your reference, not wire lan10:25
ActionParsnipNatanaiel: does it happen with other users on the same system?10:25
emoXodushey can i get some help with my synaptics package manager?10:25
alazNatanaiel: try turning off the networkmanager and configure the net in /etv/network/interfaces10:25
eth01wireless or wired?10:26
ActionParsnipmonostone: what is the output of uname -a  please10:26
monostoneActionParsnip: Linux iced-server 2.6.24-23-generic #1 SMP Mon Jan 26 00:13:11 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux10:27
emoXodustesting what?10:27
threefca1airc in commandline10:27
=== sleepy_cat is now known as c_nick
emoXodusah okay10:27
threefca1ai'm showing off this to my buddies10:27
emoXodusoh okay10:27
ActionParsnipmonostone: hardy I'm guessing?10:27
emoXodusyou good at ubuntu?10:27
enpirescan somebody help me with a booting problem?10:27
emoXodusdo you think u can help me?10:28
threefca1alet me try10:28
emoXodusor atleast try10:28
threefca1awhat's your problem10:28
emoXoduscan i pvp u10:28
emoXodustheres alott of txt10:28
monostoneActionParsnip: yes10:28
enpiresHello!!! can somebody help me with a booting problem?10:29
doleybenpires: Yes someone can, ask your problem.10:29
enpiresnono maybe i solved just now :P10:29
monostoneActionParsnip: and the dvd plays perfectly on dvd-rom drives, so i don't see the issue unless my home box's dvd has a problem or i need to mount the dvd in some special way, but that would be strange since I am using the same distro 8.04 on all boxes and I haven't changed default settings in fstab10:29
matamouActionParnsnip: thansk10:30
ActionParsnipmonostone: from what i've read a newer kernel sorts it out10:30
matamouthanks* :P10:30
ubottuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore10:32
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bin10:32
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)10:32
ubottuThe location of Trash has changed since 8.04, it is now located in ~/.local/share/Trash | Looking for the trash in previous versions: ~/.Trash10:32
monostoneActionParsnip: i could try that, any other possibilities? Are there any issues you might know about with certain drives having problems reading dvd+r/-r discs?10:32
ActionParsnipmonostone: should be ok, have you tried telling something like vlc or mplayer to read the disk raw rather than attempt to mount it10:33
monostoneActionParsnip: good idea, ill give videolan a shot right now10:33
TheShahFactorcan i run a red hat specific script on Ubuntu10:36
TheShahFactorby any means10:36
ppp0how can i save and exit vi and how can i exit without saving?10:37
grawityppp0: I think exit without saving is :q!  and save is :w10:38
magnetronppp0→ first of all, use vim instead of vi10:38
brutusppp0, save and exit is :wq10:38
TheShahFactorppp0 :wq - write and quit10:38
magnetronppp0→ "save and exit" = ":wq"10:38
error404notfoundI get "update-menus[23401]: Script /etc/menu-methods/translate_menus returned error status 1." on every installation/updation, any idea how can I fix this?10:38
ActionParsnipjust use nano, ctrl + x, y, enter10:38
grawityActionParsnip: but first, he needs to get out of vi :)10:39
ppp0so how can i exit without saving?10:39
TheShahFactorppp0 :q10:39
grawityppp0: :q! to exit without saving, :wq to save and exit.10:39
ActionParsnipgrawity: close the terminal, or tab10:39
ActionParsnipas long as the file has been saved10:40
grawityActionParsnip: ...and we already told him to use :q! and :wq for that.10:40
canuck1anyone here on the west coast?10:40
canuck1there is something strange in the sky over the pacific ocean10:41
may0Hey Guys10:41
canuck1it looks like a straight line of light10:41
may0Hey Guys, I'm new just wanted to say hi.10:41
vikrantwhat is the equivalent of whatprovides for apt-get10:41
oCean_canuck1: this is ubuntu support, don't start offtopci discussions.10:41
vikrantanyone? what is the equivalent of whatprovides for apt-get ?10:42
jamieleshawHello, Is there a way i can test for compatibilty for new latops before buyiing one?10:42
ikoniajamieleshaw: check out the HCL against the hardware in the laptop you want to buy10:43
vikranttry the live cd10:43
ikoniajamieleshaw: if possible go to your shop with a liveCD and try to boot it10:43
ActionParsnipvikrant: apt-file10:43
ActionParsnipvikrant: to see what files are in what packages10:44
jamieleshawWhat is HCL?10:44
DarnoQhello, I get following error when compiling, any suggestion how to deal with it would be appreciated  /usr/include/bits/fcntl2.h:51: error: call to __open_missing_mode declared with attribute error: open with O_CREAT in second argument needs 3 arguments10:44
vikranthardware compatibility list10:44
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection10:44
jamieleshawThanks For Your Help10:44
vikrantwhts the release date for  ubuntu 9.X10:45
oCean_vikrant: april 23rd: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyReleaseSchedule10:46
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monostoneActionParsnip: no luck, my system reads it as a blank DVD+R disc. Im getting the feeling it has something to do with my device. Im looking into it10:46
vikrantis a fresh upgrade recomment over an apt-get upgrade10:47
doleybmonostone: What was the burning speed?  Consider reburning at 1x10:47
Titan8990vikrant, it depends10:47
Titan8990vikrant, and you upgrading to a new version or just upgrading packages?10:48
vikrantdo version upgrades using apt-get still break things10:48
vikrantnew version10:48
mnemovikrant: can you ask your question again? I just join the channel10:48
steffenhey guys, is it possible to play a first person shooter game if my GFX driver isent installed?10:48
Titan8990vikrant, fresh install is recommended10:48
vikrantdo version upgrades using apt-get still break things10:48
Titan8990vikrant, many people upgrade successfully though10:48
Titan8990vikrant, but this is why I push the idea of a /home partition10:49
mnemoSteffen: do you have ATI or NVIDIA?10:49
vikrantcan Ubuntu and Fedora share a common /home?10:49
aa_um, help :)10:49
steffenmnemo: i got a ATI radeon 9200Se10:49
mnemoaa_: ??10:49
aa_I have inherited a box with a firewall10:50
Titan8990vikrant, they can, I would highly advise against it10:50
aa_but I can't find any running iptables or anything, is it in the kernel?10:50
mnemosteffen: then I think you should try the out-of-the-box open source driver10:50
vikrantdoes the /boot partition have to be on a primary partition ?10:50
aa_I know there is an firewall on the box, but ps, shows nothing running that looks like a firewall10:50
steffenmnemo: how do i do that ?10:50
aa_mnemo: sorry, I was being silly10:50
s3r3n1t7aa_, iptables ?10:51
vertxaa_: type sudo /sbin/iptables -L10:51
Titan8990vikrant, no, it can be chainloaded to an extended partition10:51
Titan8990vikrant, it saves some hassle10:51
aa_vertx: yes, loads of stuff in there, so I am running iptables?10:51
vikrantcuz that wld restrict me to just 4 linux distros10:51
vikranteach primary for boot10:51
Titan8990aa_, its called netfilter, its not a process, its part of the kernel10:51
mnemosteffen: thats what you have when you install ubuntu by default... so just try to launch the game... if you get good FPS etc then dont install any other driver10:51
vertxaa_: yes you are10:51
chronographeris it not possible to make a fs with gparted on a lvm volume?10:51
Titan8990aa_, iptables is a front-end for netfilter10:52
koshariis there an app in ubuntu to backup a complete website with local links ect? possably a firefox addon?10:52
aa_ok, my next problem is that the iptables script is generated using fwbuilder? but there is no gui on the box, so should I modify the fwbuilder xml file and run *something* to compile it, then restart iptables?10:52
Titan8990vikrant, you only need 1 boot partition10:52
Titan8990vikrant, for as many linux distros as you want10:52
vertxaa_ : remove with sudo iptables -F; iptables -X ; iptables -Z10:52
vikranti read sharing /boot is not recommended10:52
Titan8990vikrant, that something that it is very recommended to share....10:52
ikoniaaa_: use fwbuilder on a box with a gui10:52
ikoniaaa_: fwbuilder can move rules onto machines remotley10:53
vikranta yum update /apt-get update wld break the kernels10:53
aa_ikonia: ok, so I can edit in the gui, compile to the real iptables script then push to the server then what?10:53
vikrantit wldnt knw which one to look for to upgrade10:53
ikoniaaa_: pretty much10:53
Titan8990vikrant, it wouldn't break the kernels10:53
aa_ikonia: yes, but what is the last step?10:53
Titan8990vikrant, it may incorrectly write your menu.lst though10:53
ikoniavikrant: a shared /boot is the only real way to manage a multiboot linux system10:53
steffenmnemo: allright cheers10:53
aa_ikonia: restart iptables?10:54
ikoniaaa_: then start the iptables daemon with the rules you've pushed10:54
aa_ok thanks10:54
=== aurel42 is now known as [4-tea-2]
aa_wherabouts is netfilter/iptables configured to say where it reads its script from on startup?10:54
Titan8990aa_, its configured via the iptables command10:55
aa_so this is not a traditional /etc/init.d thing going on? and how would it know on startup?10:55
Titan8990aa_, it has really good documentation too... let me grab it10:55
aa_Titan8990: ok, great, thanks10:56
Titan8990aa_, its built in to the kernel, things in /etc/init.d are in userspace10:56
monostonedoleyb: i will try that and upgrading my kernel as suggested, but i feel the kernel is not really the problem and if burning at a lower speed DOES make it readable on my home box, i definitely have to upgrade my drive :P10:57
bullgard4[GNOME] System > Administration > Network Tools > 'Lookup' > Network address=www.belug.de > Information type=Default Information prints: "Adress Type=IN". What does mean 'IN'?10:57
vikrantsudo apt-file update - is taking awefully long........10:57
Titan8990aa_, http://iptables-tutorial.frozentux.net/iptables-tutorial.html10:57
Titan8990!ufw | aa_10:57
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ufw10:57
Desenissue no1: i have 3 partitions: C (10 GB), D (135 GB) and E (6 GB). I had Windows XP installed on C and needed to get rid of it. Since i couldn't get my hands on a XP installation CD so i can format C, i used a Windows 2000 SP 2 one. All went good, detected properly all 3 drives and after i selected the C partition followed by the format command, it started formatting the entire hard disk.10:57
cooldduuuddeeverytime someone talks so dirty i tend to think it's a fake profile10:57
DesenWith Hiren's Tools i managed to recover the partition tables + data from D, E drives and running Ubuntu Hardy Heron Live CD i have chopped C in two: ext2 and a "swap" of 1.6 GB.10:57
DesenInstallation went succesfull, but after i logged on Ubuntu, recognized only the E partition. How can i, using Ubuntu, recover the entire D drive ?10:57
Titan8990aa_, there is another less complicated (but also less powerful) frontend to netfilter/iptables called ufw, you may want to look in to that10:57
Titan8990Desen, that is not how devices are named in linux10:58
aa_Titan8990: ok thanks10:59
Titan8990Desen, and you should be aware that Hiren's is pirated software10:59
aa_for now, trying to work out how the dude hooked in the fwbuilder-generated script into iptables10:59
Deseni didnt know that, i am newbie regarding working with/in Ubuntu10:59
aa_something must happen at boot-time to tell it to readipt I think10:59
wtvhello!! my sound isn't working when i enable ALSA. OSS works, but i find it primitive as only one application can be used at a time. can i reset ALSA or something?11:00
mr_boocould someone send a memo to gera and tell him to try the "-noapic" option11:00
DesenTitan8990, how can i recover the big partition (D) and its data ?11:00
mr_boohe couldn't disable apic in his bois11:00
Titan8990Desen, restore from your most recent backup11:01
vikrantDesen: which fs was it11:01
Slart!info testdisk11:01
ubottutestdisk (source: testdisk): Partition scanner and disk recovery tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 6.9-1.1 (intrepid), package size 1196 kB, installed size 3768 kB11:01
vikrantis it true it much harder to recover date frm ext*11:01
vikrantv/s vfat11:02
Titan8990vikrant, don't know, everyone should have backups anyways11:02
Slartvikrant: I think journaling file systems might be more complicated.. not sure about ext2 vs fat11:02
Titan8990Desen, you might have better luck with #windows since you are trying to recover a windows partition11:03
vikrantyes Titan899011:03
DesenTitan8990, don't want to turn back to windows11:03
Desenvikrant, the D partition was formatted using NTFS11:04
Titan8990Desen, then why the need to recover it?11:04
zealiodafter 4 days of hacking with iptables... i got i all working - then, i rebooted the linux box - i rerun my iptables sh script - and suddenly the forward.masquerading rules don't appear to be working... what could i have done? http://www.nomorepasting.com/getpaste.php?pasteid=254711:04
Natanaieldoes ubuntu have net.eth0 package or it only has Network manager?11:04
Titan8990Natanaiel, net.eth0... like the init script for gentoo?11:05
DesenTitan8990 on D i have 130 GB of documentaries, music, work documents, pictures and other priceless data11:05
Titan8990Desen, that really should have been backed up11:05
NatanaielTitan8990: yes11:06
Titan8990Desen, I would recommend refraining from using the computer and the drive until you have an effective strategy for recovery11:06
vikrantDesen: my experice recovering windows filesystems is that its much much more effective and easier to do it frm a windows machine11:06
spaceninjaI need javasupport for my browser, which package should I install?11:06
Titan8990Natanaiel, the equivalent in debian is /etc/init.d/networking11:06
Slart!java | spaceninja11:06
ubottuspaceninja: To install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository11:06
Titan8990Natanaiel, and it reads from /etc/network/interfaces11:06
Titan8990Natanaiel, it doesn't use seperate init scripts like gentoo it just uses the config file to specify the interfaces11:07
spaceninjatoo much hassle11:07
savvasdoes anyone know how to limit games to be available only for some accounts on Ubuntu?11:07
Natanaielok, tnx Titan899011:07
Titan8990spaceninja, too much hassle? you add a repo and install....11:08
emoXodushi i have an "unknown" wireless card which i found in "network tools" how can i make it a known device?11:08
zealiodNatanaiel: was that message for me?11:08
Natanaielzealiod: which message?11:09
zealiodNatanaiel: obviously not...11:09
emoXoduscan i plz pm someone that has experience with ubuntu and networking?11:11
wtvanyone knows how to reset ALSA? i reinstalled alsa-base and other packages but doesn't help.11:11
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emoXoduswtv, uninstall and reinstall ALSA11:14
emoXodusit should reset afterwards11:14
wtvemoXodus: i did a 'reinstall' in synaptic11:14
emoXodusidk than im quite a noob11:15
wtvemoXodus: i know lol11:15
emoXodusatleast i tried to help11:15
emoXoduswtv, think you can help me real quick and il try to help you back?11:17
wtvemoXodus: i don't know much about networkin11:17
emoXodusoh okay...11:17
Kartagiswhy does my xorg.conf get re-written everytime I reboot/restart X?11:18
emoXodusgoogle it Kartagis11:18
wtvemoXodus: you can try asking on ubuntuforums11:18
emoXodusi have11:18
wtvthen try linuxforums11:18
emoXodusi also found one for the exact problem and i didnt work11:19
wtvbut i think ubuntuforums is bigger, so linuxforum won't be of much use11:19
emoXodusi tried everything11:19
G-Bleezyby default..is Ubuntu installed with EXT2 filesystem or EXT3??11:19
wtvemoXodus: #networking11:20
emoXoduswtv, whats that?11:20
grawityemoXodus: an IRC channel11:20
wtvemoXodus: also #cisco-offtopic11:20
vido_hi how can i register my nick nam11:20
emoXodusoh how do i use it11:20
grawityemoXodus: type /join #networking11:20
wtvemoXodus: just the way you use #ubuntu11:21
emoXodusoh okay cool ty11:21
emoXodusil check it out11:21
pmjdebruijnhi, my laptop has an accelerometer for protecting the harddrive, it's detected as a HID device... However, does Ubuntu do anything with it, to actually protect my drive?11:21
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vido_hi how can i register my nick name11:22
=== Desty_Nova is now known as Desty-Nova
grawitypmjdebruijn: I guess the laptop's BIOS should do the protection...11:22
grawityvido_: ask in #freenode.11:22
mrpinkyhey, how can i play a WMV file on ubuntu? i tried using totem, but it never starts playing (stays at 0:00), and i tried using VLC - the sound works well but there is no picture :(11:22
pmjdebruijngrawity: I think userland software is required... hmm, maybe hdaps will work?11:22
axsd9dmrpinky: maybe the file is corrupted11:23
axsd9dvlc plays it fine11:24
mrpinkyaxsd9d, okay, i will check, thanks :D11:24
emoXodusyeah wmv works fine with me11:25
manguy_Is it possible to give certain set permissions to all files that are created in a certain folder?  I want to ensure that files uploaded by users are set with read permissions.11:25
magnetronQUESTION: I accidentaly hid the buddy icon for one of my contacts in Pidgin. how do i get it back?11:28
emoXodusmagnetron, try accidently unhiding it11:29
magnetronemoXodus→ ok, how?11:29
magnetron!lol > emoXodus11:29
ubottuemoXodus, please see my private message11:29
emoXodusim messin wit u11:30
magnetron!u > emoXodus11:30
ubottuemoXodus, please see my private message11:30
wtvmagnetron: try Buddies> show > check all11:30
emoXodusthe ubotto doesnt like me today11:31
magnetronwtv→ i see the buddy. it's the *icon* for that buddy that i hid11:31
magnetronwtv→ you know, those photos people set in their client11:31
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wtvmagnetron: if you don't find any solution, here's the ultimate onee: delete .purple from your home folder11:34
grawitywtv: that would be a little too much, I think.11:34
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wtvgrawity: i know11:35
=== Guest94969 is now known as charles1
emoXodusgod i wish i could sleep11:35
wtvmagnetron: if you want to preserve logs, you can spare the 'logs' folder11:35
magnetronwtv→ i don't keep logs.11:35
wtvmagnetron: ok then if you delete it you just have to reconfigure your accounts etc. all the plugins will remain, but will be reset too.11:37
Natanaielwhen I want to start download my network become disconnect, I only have this problem in ubuntu, not windows or other linux distros11:37
grawitywtv: just prefs.xml ?11:37
emoXodusanyone got insomnia tips?11:38
magnetronemoXodus→ 1. turn your computer off11:39
brutusemoXodus, sleeping pills?11:39
emoXodusi tried 3 times11:39
axsd9dmasturbate 2 times back 2 back11:39
wtvgrawity: may be that could work as well, but as I see it, it seems to contain the prefs of plugins11:39
emoXodusoh god11:39
brutusgr8, hey11:39
wtvplease don't pollute this channel and stick to the topic11:39
emoXodusto be honest i tried the masturbation already11:39
gr8how can i install windows software in linux11:39
ActionParsnipyo yo yo11:39
Natanaielwhen I want to start download my network become disconnect, I only have this problem in ubuntu, not windows or other linux distros11:40
brutusActionParsnip, yo^cube11:40
ActionParsnipgr8: wine is a good solution, not all apps run11:40
ActionParsnip!appdb | gr811:40
ubottugr8: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help11:40
emoXodusis there a wine substitute?11:40
ActionParsnipgr8: best  bet is to find a linux equivelant11:40
wtvemoXodus: if you looking for offtopic discussions, join ##club-ubuntu11:40
ActionParsnipemoXodus: crossoveroffice or cedega (both are not free like beer)11:40
emoXodusok cool ty11:41
hateballHmm, anyone familiar with fail2ban? I'm curious about it's syntax for ignoring stuff... Could I use 172.20.*, or does it want ?11:41
ActionParsnip1hi | bredoto11:42
ActionParsnip!hi | bredoto11:42
ubottubredoto: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!11:42
magnetronhateball→ it bans based on failed attempts. i've never needed to list any IP adresses explicitly, fail2ban blocks offenders automatically11:42
bredotodoes anybody know how to extract only some files from tar.gz archive?11:42
hateballmagnetron╶ I need to disable certain internal adresses11:42
=== tuxforce is now known as Pungus
Kartagisbredoto, tar zxf file.tar.gz file11:42
Natanaielwhen I want to start download my network become disconnect, I only have this problem in ubuntu, not windows or other linux distros11:43
magnetronhateball→ hold on, installing and reading man pages11:43
ActionParsnipbredoto: tar xvf *.jpg somefile.tar    will extract all jpg files from somefile.tar to the pwd11:43
hateballmagnetron╶ I think it's x.x.x.x/ or whatever11:44
Joyce_My client and remove servers are not running ubuntu. But still, can someone here help me with setting up ssh login without password?11:44
ActionParsnipbredoto: if its zipped use tar zxvf *.jpg somefile.tar.gz   (replace the filename with the name of your archive)11:44
KartagisActionParsnip, isn't it the other way? ie tar zxf somefile.tar .z *.jpg11:45
ActionParsnipJoyce_: you will need to install an ssh server first (ubuntu can use openssh-server which has X forwarding enabled by default)11:45
gr8what can i use the email client in linux for all email accounts11:45
ActionParsnipKartagis: i got it from this: http://lantech.geekvenue.net/chucktips/jason/chuck/994016279/index_html11:45
ActionParsnipgr8: kmail, mutt, alpine, thunderbird, evolution11:46
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about email11:46
NoTiTolow all!11:46
Joyce_ActionParsnip : I have done everything and can login with password. But public key authentication is not working11:46
ActionParsnip!hi | NoTiTo11:46
ubottuNoTiTo: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!11:46
ActionParsnipJoyce_: what server are you using?11:46
Kartagisgr8, use thunderbird11:46
Natanaielwhen I want to start download my network become disconnect, I only have this problem in ubuntu, not windows or other linux distros11:47
Joyce_my server is MacOSX and client is CentOS11:47
ActionParsnipJoyce_: then ask in a mac room on how to copy the key to your centos system11:47
magnetronhateball→ default config file states it uses "CIDR masks", that's or similar11:47
ActionParsnipJoyce_: you'll also need to ask in #centos for where to put the key in your filesystem11:47
Joyce_I tried macosx and linux rooms. But nobody could help me solve it :(11:48
wtvmy sound isn't working when i enable ALSA. OSS works, but i find it primitive as only one application can be used at a time. can i reset ALSA or something?11:48
Joyce_This is what I am getting when I try to connect11:48
ActionParsnipJoyce_: its offtopic for this channel11:48
ActionParsnipJoyce_: could try in #ubuntu-offtopic11:48
hateballmagnetron╶ hmm alright :)11:48
wtvmy right mouse button isn't working. any ideas?11:53
ActionParsnipwtv: are you running compiz?11:54
wtvok I'll try disabling it11:54
ActionParsnipwtv: i'd jump in #compiz, it breaks stuff like that11:54
ActionParsnipif it works after the disable, we know what it is :)11:54
Natanaielwhen I want to start download my network become disconnect, I only have this problem in ubuntu, not windows or other linux distros11:55
wtvActionParsnip: it doesn't :( i used metacity --replace as command11:55
ActionParsnipwtv: ok if you run xev in a terminal and right click in the little white box, does it create events?11:56
Xiaopi[work]Does anybody have newzbin account and can send invitation? :)11:56
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!11:56
Xiaopi[work]sorry ;)11:57
wtvActionParsnip: you mean i execute 'xev' in terminal? nothing appeared11:57
dark-lilbennyhi everybody11:57
dark-lilbennyi'm running ubuntu 8.10 on a toshiba M800 laptop and i can't use internal bluetooth so have someone experienced this issue?11:58
ActionParsnipwtv: try typing on the keyboard with terminal highlighted11:58
wtvActionParsnip: ok it did. nothing happens when i click right mouse button. left one works11:58
ActionParsnipwtv: sounds like mouse settings are wonky then, if xev isnt reacting to the click then no input is being registered11:59
ActionParsnip!mouse | wtv11:59
ubottuwtv: Enabling extra mouse buttons: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto  - Enabling serial mouse: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialMouseHowto11:59
scusercan I compile gcc-3.2 sources using gcc-3.4 compiler ?11:59
SliderManhow do i set up screenserver?11:59
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about screensaver11:59
wtvActionParsnip: it worked till a couple of days before11:59
SliderMan!screen saver12:00
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about screen saver12:00
SliderManubottu dosent know anything about screen savers =\12:00
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:00
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)12:00
palmjeSliderMan: try looking at System->Preferences->Screensaver12:01
ActionParsnipSliderMan: here's some12:01
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ben34Hi is the a terminal command to switch to a specific program in ubuntu12:03
dark-lilbennydoes someone know how to turn internal bluetooth on on a toshiba M800 laptop?12:04
championboxeson my laptop i have to press the fn key andt then f9 it might be the same for you12:05
Jimi_Neutralyeah mine is fn and f1112:05
dark-lilbennychampionboxes: you have toshiba M800-10V laptop?12:06
championboxesno but i have a laptop with internal bluetooth12:06
merseylessyou might have misunderstood the question12:07
paleis there any way to speed up suspend, i takes about 1 minute to activate, is this normal or???12:08
merseylessdescribe suspend... hard drive suspend?12:08
dark-lilbennychampionboxes: theorically i've to press fn+f8 to activate bluetooth on vista, but on ubuntu nothing happens12:09
dark-lilbennyand the other FN fucntions work properly12:09
merseyless1 sec...12:09
bonhofferever since changing my xorg.conf i have noticed that my ubuntu 8.10 can slow _way_ down, where i have to wait a full minute to switch bet apps12:09
palei font thing it is noraml12:09
dkearnsMorning all12:09
merseylessfirst off, did you do some sifting around in the settings, pale?12:10
palemerseyless, no nothing12:10
merseylessas of it would probably be under power saving12:10
zilleplusi got this bug (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ifupdown/+bug/123773)  on my server ubuntu 8.10 i can't get it fixed trying for weeks allready12:10
dkearnswhen someone has a second, have a very basic problem with installing :)12:10
merseylessgive me a second to look myself12:10
palemerseyless, ok , waiting12:11
zilleplusi got this bug (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ifupdown/+bug/123773)  on my server ubuntu 8.10 i can't get it fixed trying for weeks allready12:11
=== fabio is now known as biscazziere2
sipiordkearns: easiest if you just ask your question to the channel directly :-)12:11
palemerseyless, this happens on notebook12:12
merseylesswait, explain...12:12
merseylessthe hard drive suspends itself when you run notebook!?!12:13
dkearnsThanks :), trying to install server edition on a box here. - getting unable to mount cdrom, i installed fine onto a vm box using image, physical seems to fall over12:13
zilleplushey when i do ifconfig -a i can't see the top of it how do i (scroll) up    i ame in ubuntu server 8.1012:13
palemerseyless, no NO, , when i want suspend it takes lnger than usualy on windows12:13
zilleplus hey when i do ifconfig -a i can't see the top of it how do i (scroll) up    i ame in ubuntu server 8.1012:13
palemerseyless, do you understund me12:14
merseyless*dawning comprehension*12:14
grawityzilleplus: ifconfig -a | more12:14
sipiordkearns: probably a problem with the burn process. might be necessary to make another.12:14
sipiordkearns: you don't even get to the installer menu? there's an option to verify the disk itself.12:14
merseylessbtw im doing a bit of stalling cus my ubuno is booting12:15
dkearnsive tried 4 cds now, burnt on 3 drives. Im just re-downloading the image now incase something quirky happened12:15
zilleplus<grawity> zilleplus: ifconfig -a | more     how do i enter  " |  " on an azerty keybord12:15
sipiordkearns: interesting. how far do you get in the installation procedure? the system just fails to come up at all?12:15
palemerseyless, maybe killing process isnt fast enough12:16
dkearnslanguage appears, english, install server edition, detecting hardware, unable to mount cdrom, retry yes/no - yes gives same error, no gives red screen and back to the steps for install menu12:16
sipiordkearns: are you given an option to verify the install disk? also, does a regular "desktop" install work?12:17
wtvsipior: there's an option to do that when you boot from the disc12:17
dkearnsRegular desktop did install, im just rebooting box now to check for validate disc *hangs head in shame*12:18
zilleplusThanks grawity it work     using ASCI-code for |12:18
sipiorwtv: yes, i know. that's why i'm asking if they have got that far...12:18
grawityzilleplus: I think there should be a | symbol on the 6 key, above T and Y12:18
dkearnsCheck disc for defects, auto detects hardware, then pops up the unable tomount cd rom error again (in text mode)12:18
dkearnsiso just finished re-downloading, am burning now incase defect occoured there12:19
zilleplusi found it thanks12:19
sipiordkearns: very bizarre. might just be easiest to install the desktop edition and remove everything you don't want.12:19
SliderManpalmje thanks. it was a blank screen before, really annoying.12:20
merseylesskilling the process??? im thinking the problem is in the timing in the settings...12:20
dkearns:) Good plan, is there any easy way to add in the parts i want? or shall i just ap-get what i need as i need?12:21
dkearnsits intended to be a freenac box12:21
dkearnsBeing in this again makes me want to go find my old mud! - but thanks for the ideas :)12:22
sipiordkearns: the only real difference is in the default kernel that is used, and the default set of installed packages. you can indeed grab anything you like via apt-get.12:22
palemerseyless, where can i change timing12:22
SliderMananyone know a building game hmm setllers like?12:22
merseylessdont think you can12:22
SliderMan!games > sliderman12:22
ubottuSliderMan, please see my private message12:22
merseylessdamn did i wast your time12:22
palemerseyless, not at all, why are you thinking like that, i aprecciated your answer whatever it was12:23
dkearnsok thanks! my box at home runs mandrake 10, and im really liking what ive seen so far so if i can get running with my server apps i'll look forward to rolling over to this, much nicer/faster/stable12:23
palemerseyless, thx anyway12:24
palemerseyless, just one more qustion12:24
chronographerhi. I am setting up LVM for my media, but when I reboot I get an error, and end up having to run vgchange -a y after I have booted in order to mount the partition... any clues as to why?12:25
palecould yoou tray on you computer "suspend" and tell me how much time does it take12:25
* I`hate`BSD this place smells good12:26
merseyless... somehow i dont think i have a suspend button...12:26
dkclI'm just here to warn you that I`hate`BSD has been trolling in our channel for a few hours.12:27
dkclHave fun.12:27
palemerseyless, maybe invoking in terminal "suspend "12:27
xargonhey im wondering if there are any good stock monitoring softwares for ubuntu, or am i asking in teh wrong place12:28
Glaedrdoes via unichrome mesa driver have glx extension?12:28
dkearnswierd - new download - new burn. working fine !12:28
Jimi_Neutralis playonlinux any good?12:28
palemerseyless, or insatlling it through apt-get and test it12:28
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merseylessvery sorry, i have to go12:29
merseylessbut i can tell you that 30 seconds is my suspend no.12:29
chronographercan someone help me with LVM? I think I need to trouble shoot the init script?12:32
ubottusvn is Subversion: an open-source revision control system, which aims to be a compelling replacement for CVS. See http://subversion.tigris.org/12:33
emoXodusha bsd got kicked12:33
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MikeHHow can I change the default editor (speifically .php) under gnome?12:35
dkearnsWant to thank you for your help people! and tips, i need to get on with finishing this :)12:35
error404notfoundI had 20 crons in crontab and by mistake typed crontab -r instead or -e :(12:36
chronographerIs this whole not mounting LVM on boot thing a known bug? I need to manually run vgchange after startup to access my new volume.... why?????12:36
chronographerbloody hell... I'm gonna have to ask debian...12:36
Jimi_Neutralshould i use Wine or PlayOnLinux?12:37
Jimi_NeutralIs Wine more stable then?12:38
gr8can any one help me with this small problem i ahving the prob with copying the files12:38
gr8i am not able to paste the copy contents12:39
gr8on my drives12:39
chronographerdo you have write permissions on the drive?12:40
ActionParsnipgr8: do you have write access to the destination12:40
xargonits probably read only12:40
xargonwhat fs is the drive you're copying to?12:40
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* ActionParsnip bets ntfs12:40
MrNaz``whats driver support like on the dell xps laptops? does anyone know if dell put any exotic stuff in there that linux doesn't support yet?12:40
chronographerwhere are the ubuntu startup logs at?12:40
ActionParsnipMrNaz``: you'll need lspci to identify the hardware, then you can read the !hcl and also webserach the hardware12:41
gr8it's says root now where to get to root user as i have not created any other user12:41
ActionParsnipgr8: you created a user when you first installed the system, you shouldNOT be logging on as root12:41
ActionParsnipchronographer: dmesg | less12:42
sipiorchronographer: check "dmesg", and also /var/log/messages and the like.12:42
MrNaz``ActionParsnip i was hopin someone had one and could give me an indication... i dont want to buy one and find out afterwards that i cant get it working12:42
ActionParsnipMrNaz``: dell usually put linux friendly stuff in their systems but its always good to check12:42
ActionParsnipMrNaz``: it can vary between countries sometimes12:42
ActionParsnipMrNaz``: but check the exact hardware in your proposed system then check compatibility12:43
gr8yes i have created a a/c now i am logged with the same but not able to copy or move folders from other partitions what to do12:43
chronographerwhat should I look for for LVM errors?12:44
chronographergrep lvm don't give anything