tkoogerI have a xubuntu problem00:22
tkoogerlol :P00:22
tkoogerI have installed it on my old clam mac laptop00:23
tkoogerand when I try to launch any programs they pop up then close00:23
tkoogeranyone have any experiance with xubuntu on mac?00:24
mpricetry opening up the application in the terminal it is probably segfaulting00:24
tkoogercan't even get the termin l up it closes right after it is finished loading00:25
mpricewhich version of xubuntu?00:25
tkoogerwould be the most recent ppc version00:25
tkoogerso 8.1000:26
tkoogeralso the icons on my desktop keep dissapearing00:29
mpricehmmm...... that is very messed up00:29
tkoogerseems like the only window that I can get to work is the setings manager so that I can keep telling xfce to manage my desktop then my icons come back00:30
mpricehere is a bug filed about it: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/thunar/+bug/29784200:31
mpricefixes here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=982270 and here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=97712000:32
mpriceand here: http://www.ppclinux.co.uk/wiki/maclin/Xubuntu_Thunar_file_manager_just_exits00:33
tkoogerthanks man I will check them out00:33
mpricehope that helps tkooger00:33
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tkoogerhas that fix been posted in the offical ubuntu intrepid-updates?00:59
SML1226Hi what's the best way to save my stuff from windows? Dad and sister are using a pc loaded with viruses and I need to back some stuff up before the restore. What should I do?01:02
mpricetkooger, that I don't know but I assume its fixed in Jaunty01:03
tkoogersorry I am a linux vergin01:04
mpricenext version of Ubuntu coming out01:04
tkoogerwhens the release?01:04
SML1226I mean should I just move files or make a total backup and copy over the ones I want? I don't want to lose ones I need by forgetting the backup and then restoring it.01:05
tkoogernvm I will look it up01:05
mpriceApril 2301:05
mpriceWell SML1226 I would just backup the important stuff but I would also make sure that anything you backup gets scanned for virus's before you reload it after restoring01:07
mpricethat way you don't reinfect the computer01:09
SML1226Yeah that was the plan but I am not sure how to go about backing it up. I know that in windows you can create a vhd image and restore parts of that. I don't want to accidentally forget certain files.01:09
SML1226I also don't know how I'm going to do my drm'd music files after this01:10
SML1226It would take a lot to burn all of them to have them for good01:10
SML1226w/o a drm that is01:10
mpricedo you have an external harddrive or a spare harddrive?01:11
SML1226I do but they are really small in comparison01:11
SML1226they are like half the size01:12
SML1226nm I remembered that I have a free 70ish GB partition free on a 200GB that would bork01:13
gorguthey guys, i'm having trouble getting networking up in VirtualBox. i get "Failed to initialize Host Interface Networking" Any tips?01:13
gorgutI'm virtualizing XP on Intrepid01:13
SML1226Weak PSU doesn't always power 2 hdd's though01:14
SML1226Oh forget it I have an idea. It is going to take forever though!01:14
mpricefresh install of virtualbox, gorgut?01:15
gorgutmprice, pretty recent.01:15
mpricehave you dist-upgraded since you installed virtualbox01:15
gorgutmprice, yes. I also have guest additions installed01:15
gorgutmprice, wait.. not dist-upgrade01:16
gorgutmprice, just upgrade. Sorry.01:16
SML1226I need to burn some CDs, back it all up, restore the entire drive, update windows 50 times, restore the important files, install 10 anti-virus programs and then run them all at once :P01:17
mpricecheck this out gorgut: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=34618501:18
mpriceor switch to u(k)(x)buntu :)01:19
SML1226so slow! and anybody use or used to use xp? best anti-virus? On my pc I use AVG but if there is something better tell me01:19
bytor4232I have to say, I LOVE XFCE 4.6.01:19
gorgutmprice, i'm using 2.0.4 OSE btw... if that helps01:20
mpricedid the networking ever work before, gorgut?01:21
gorgutmprice, no01:21
mpricetry those steps in that link than gorgut01:21
SML1226and please don't hate me for coming here to talk windows, sorta. I just know linux is an easy (easier) way to back this stuff up.01:22
mpriceno big deal SML122601:22
gorgutmprice, ok. i apparently don't have 'brctl' installed and package search shows nothing like that. any ideas?01:30
mpriceinstall the bridge-utils package, gorgut01:33
gorgutmprice, now, is this just to bridge to ethernet interfaces, because Im using a wireless interface?01:33
mpriceI don't honestly know, gorgut01:37
gorgutmprice, ok.. just plugging wlan0 in instead of eth001:37
mpricethat should work01:37
gorgutmprice, appears to work so far, i'm just not sure about this IP address in this foum01:38
gorgutobviously, the one I use won't be the same, but I just wonder if that's any random, unused IP on the LAN or what?01:38
mpriceI believe so01:39
gek_onthehi all02:52
SML1226anybody use pidgin?03:11
rockono get out SML122603:14
rockojust jokin'03:14
SML1226why? I have a question about it03:14
rockowhat is your problem SML122603:14
SML1226just wondering how you make a quit message or change your name while in pidgin03:15
rockowhat is your question SML122603:15
rockoum you should consult the documentation for pidgin instead of wasting your time and other peoples time03:16
SML1226ok but I can't find it03:17
rockoSML1226 join #pidgin03:19
SML1226ok didn't know there was a room for it thanks03:19
CaioCarrara_BRAhey, can someone help me?03:25
rockono we can't03:26
rockoCaioCarrara_BRA what do you need?03:27
CaioCarrara_BRAMy xubuntu don't know my video driver... I use a main board SiS 630 and the video board is "integreted", sory my english.... Do you understand me?03:29
CaioCarrara_BRArocko  My xubuntu don't know my video driver... I use a main board SiS 630 and the video board is "integreted", sory my english.... Do you understand me?03:33
rockocan you open up a terminal and type in lspci03:35
rockothe copy and paste the output at pastebin.ca please03:35
rockoCaioCarrara_BRA ^03:35
CaioCarrara_BRArocko http://pastebin.ca/138333803:37
SML1226rocko what's with saying something like no or go away when somebody asks for help? I know you're joking but why?03:40
the_engineercan anyone help me clean the 'session autostart' in XFCE on Xubuntu?03:44
Moodit's what happens when you combine a computer + irc+ emo :-s03:44
the_engineerI've been troubleshooting an autostart problem for a bit and I think this is my problem03:44
Moodcomputer + irc  + emo = sarcasm03:44
the_engineerI found this tidbit here http://paste.ubuntu.com/145242/ but I can't find anything in Desktop/autostart03:45
the_engineeror can anyone tell me wheter there are any system-critical applications that might be listed in autostart that I definitely should NOT uncheck?03:50
the_engineerand by that I mean in "Autostarted apps" or "xfce4-autostart-editor03:51
Drew3Hi all, I did not leave well enough alone, ooops.  What packages are needed to make a net connection auto-connect,  I was working very well and I screwed it up.05:29
Drew3I intend to uninstall and re-install the packages involved, can anyone name a few or a group.05:31
J_Litewskiok, i got a weird question06:00
J_Litewskii need to make a acpi event shell script06:00
J_Litewskisince there is no Dell acpi event for the volume buttons06:02
TheSheepvolume is not handled by acpi06:23
TheSheepjust set your keyboard layout properly, the media buttons are bound to apropriate commands already06:24
J_Litewskion the Dell Inspiron 1000 it is06:26
J_Litewskiit's an Fn+F* combo06:27
J_Litewskithe brightness buttons work now after i downloaded the driver for it, but the volume button refuse to work06:29
J_Litewskii also tested the brightness commands found in /etc/acpi/ and they dim and brighten my screen06:31
draeneiHi all09:12
ubottuHi! Welcome to #xubuntu!09:13
draeneithanks! :)09:13
forces!hi me09:17
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about hi me09:17
forces!hi /me09:17
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about hi /me09:17
forces!hi | me09:17
ubottume: Hi! Welcome to #xubuntu!09:17
forces!hi | /me09:18
ubottu/please see above09:18
TheSheep!botabuse | forces09:18
ubottuforces: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".09:18
nikolamcan I mount ext4 partition with Hardy?09:35
TheSheepI mean, you can, if it doesn't use extends09:35
TheSheepit's backward-compatible with ext309:36
nikolamI use hardy. It seem that ext4 is not recognized09:38
nikolami tried to mount it as if it is ext3 or ext2 .09:38
nikolamI have testing jaunty on ext409:39
nikolammaybe I should ask on ubuntu+1, since ext4 is for testing, anyway09:39
chewitHardy doesn't support ext4, it uses an older kernel09:52
SlonkieAnybody knows how to start the calculator from terminal?09:54
Slonkie(not xcalc)09:54
RoonuxSlonkie: gcalctool09:58
TheSheepSlonkie: bc09:58
Roonuxdpkg -l | grep calculator ;p09:59
Slonkiethanks Roonux !10:00
Slonkieone more.. I've got a dead icon in my multimedia cat. i tried sudo apt-get autoremove exaile10:02
Slonkiebut the icon is still there.. then i tried /usr/share/applications but there's no exaile icon in there either10:03
chewitSlonkie, i noticed exaile. i think it installed itself after i did some updates on satuday10:07
chewitbut the icon disappeared for me when i removed it.10:08
chewitcould log in and log back out10:08
chewitto refresh the menu10:08
SlonkieThis one diden't add itself. i installed it a lil' back. but now it wont go away :P10:08
Slonkiei even tried reinstalling exaile and removing. diden't work either.10:09
SlonkieWHat application do you guys use to transfer music to your ipod?10:32
ablomenSlonkie, rhythmbox10:33
ablomenit can do basic stuff like transfering music to/from your ipod10:34
Slonkiestupid apple! making it sooo difficult10:35
ablomenfor more extensive stuff you might want to try gtkpod, its a lousy interface but pretty advanced10:35
SlonkieNo i only need to transfer music so i guess rhythmbox will do just fine10:35
ablomenok :)10:35
gabkdllySlonkie: you might try Rockbox , it is an alternative operating system for your mp3 player10:41
gabkdllySlonkie: I can't promise that it will run on your model, though.  You will have to check their homepage10:41
gabkdllySlonkie: http://www.rockbox.org/10:42
SlonkieI don't know if i dare trying such :P10:43
Roonuxhum :p11:03
SlonkieWhat application would you recommend to compile .tex documents to .pdf?12:18
chewitit does a good job at converting text files to pdf12:19
G-BleezyIs Xubuntu installed on Ext3 by default?12:25
G-Bleezyor can you make it install on Ext3?12:25
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CloseYetFaryou can select the file system on install12:45
CloseYetFaryea you can use ext3 its what I would recommend12:45
Pres-GasHey, all.13:25
gabkdllySlonkie: if you install texlive-base-bin you will have a command line tool called pdflatex that does what you wish (compile .tex files to PDF)13:26
gabkdllyPres-Gas: hi13:26
SlonkieThanks, gabkdlly !13:27
Pres-GasI am trying to figure out if 9.04 will offer the encrypted home in the regular installer this time or do we still need to burn the alternative install iso?13:28
Pres-GasNot immediately finding it in a search13:28
vinnlI'm *thinking* you'll need Alternate, not sure though13:28
Pres-GasI will still look and report back here13:28
vinnlPres-Gas, http://blog.dustinkirkland.com/2009/02/jaunty-encrypted-home-directories.html13:30
Pres-GasAlright, dustin's page was my next target 'cause he was talking about this the most13:31
vinnlHeh, it turned up in a Google search for me :P13:31
* Pres-Gas drinks more coffee to get his google-foo on13:33
Pres-Gasvinnl, what were your search terms?13:33
vinnlPres-Gas, ubuntu jaunty encrypted home directory13:33
vinnlMy Google-fu rocks :P13:33
Pres-GasI think my beef is the whole code names...I tend to just use version numbers13:34
Pres-GasI guess I will have to suck it up and use em13:35
vinnlYeah well, in helping people I tend to use version numbers since they're less scary or something (or at least reflect a chronological order at first sight), when I'm looking for something related to developers I use codenames since they do :)13:36
Pres-GasWhen I was an Apple tech, I refused to use their codenames too...13:37
vinnlYeah well, with Apple you can afford it considering their target audience13:38
Pres-GasYou also had sub version numbers and security updates, whereas linux just patches as things pop up and I do like that better.13:39
vinnlYeah well, we do have "8.04.1 LTS" :P13:39
Pres-Gastrue, true13:40
knomeand we have mysql-server5.1.30really5.0.75-0ubuntu1013:40
Pres-GasHellom Ruadh15:03
Pres-GasHello too15:03
RuadhNooo then15:09
RuadhGot some updates to deal with.  later15:10
Slonkieanybody know how to use pdflatex?15:40
bytor4232Slonkie, I've never heard of it.15:47
bytor4232Can I ask questions about Jaunty in here?15:51
bytor4232I'm having two issues with Xubuntu Jaunty Beta.  For one, the mixer applet races at times.  I have to kill it and add it to the panel again.  The second thing, I'm getting a segfault when I try to load xfmedia.15:53
Slonkiebytor4232 u know any other application to make .tex -> pdf ?16:01
bytor4232Slonkie, Not sure.  Its been a while since I played with TEX16:03
Slorslonkie - can't you go .tex -> .ps, and then use ps2pdf from there?16:08
MyrttiSlonkie: what part are you having troubles with?16:09
SlonkieMaking .tex to .pdf16:09
SlonkieSlor i know it's possible to make .tex -> pdf i don't wanna make it harder for myself16:09
Slorso what issue exactly are you having with pdflatex?16:11
SlonkieI don't know how to use it16:12
SlonkieAnd the guy who recommended it left16:15
Slorheh.  I assume you already have it installed?16:15
Slorand you tried the simple "pdflatex whatever.tex"?16:16
Slonkieseems like my .tex is messed up16:21
Slonkiebut pdflatex did something. not sure what tho :D16:21
Myrttithe .out -log should tell you what's wrong16:21
Slorbeen FOREVER since I used latex. :)16:22
Myrttitexmaker is a nice app for editing and fiddling with tex if you need some debugging etc16:22
Slonkie\relax it says16:22
* Myrtti uses her pink emacs with auctex16:22
* knome pukes16:22
* Slor still doesn't touch emacs16:23
Myrttigedit has usable latex plugins if you don't mind installing it16:23
TheSheepand then also installing the plugins16:23
Myrttibut in general, the .out-log should be a good starting point16:23
TheSheepand a sane non-fruit-salad color theme16:23
SlonkieI just tried exporting a math assignment of mine from maple to .tex. but it's messed up16:23
Slonkiei wonder if it possible to make .mw -> .pdf ?16:23
Myrttianihoo, time for shower -->16:25
bytor4232Hm.  I haven't been able to get the xfce4-mixer to race on the CPU again.  Wierd.16:35
bytor4232Still can't get xfmedia to open.16:35
Myrttiand yeah, my opinion is a bit biased towards emacs after fiddling with LaTeX more or less for a year16:45
disassemblerhow can i clear my session cache? i forget the command.17:24
disassemblerevery time i log in arora and firefox startup.17:24
zoredachedelete the files in ~/.cache/session17:25
disassembleroh okay. :]17:25
disassemblerthat fixed it.17:29
disassemblerzordeache: thanks17:29
moodogevening :)17:41
SlonkieShouldn't gigolo be build in, in 9.04?17:45
cody-somervilleSlonkie, whats your question?17:49
Slonkieif it's build in or not17:50
Slonkiei found it.. stupid me17:51
rockowhy does xfce leave blocks of white when moving images around in gimp?17:52
rockoit doesn't happen in gnome17:53
rockowhy does xfce have this problem?17:53
rockoI have left xfce for this reason17:53
rockoit is really annoying17:53
rockoshould I reinstall the update manager ?17:56
rockoit does not work any more :(17:56
rockoI have to use apt to update17:56
rockobut it still tells me when I need to update17:56
rockoso I have to use apt once it says there is an update :(17:56
mweicherthello. Can someone tell me how I can enable compiz effects on Xfce?18:03
mweichertI've enabled the Xfvm4 compositor extention... it's nice, but I'd like to enable effects like cube and task switcher18:04
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz-fusion18:07
J_Litewskiwhen will a script in cron.daily run?18:14
zoredacheabout 6:45am18:15
zoredachecheck your /etc/crontab, they are called from there18:16
J_Litewskizoredache, i don't have a working crontab18:22
J_Litewskiatm anyway18:22
zoredacheif /etc/crontab isn't working then nothing in /etc/cron.d will get run18:22
J_Litewskiso if i want to run something in /etc/cron.daily/, it has to be in the crontab?18:24
zoredachethat is a standard /etc/crontab.  The 25 6 * * * line does the command 'run-parts /etc/cron.dailly'18:27
zoredacheso what happened to your crontab?  Why isn't it working?18:27
J_Litewskii made a tiny self-updating shell script yesterday and placed it in cron.daily18:28
J_Litewskiand now i don't know when or how it'll run18:29
J_Litewskibasically, the script is #! /bin/bash/ with sudo apt-get update/upgrade/autoremove/autoclean with the -y option18:31
SlonkieIs it possible to make an script that automaticly logs into a server trough ssh?18:31
zoredachethat probably isn't really a good idea, but if you really wanted to do that, there are already things that do that18:31
zoredachesee apticron18:31
zoredacheSlonkie: usually if you want automatic ssh logins, then you setup ssh keys18:32
zoredacheSlonkie: do a search for 'ssh key based authentication' you'll see lots of useful tutorials18:32
gorgutSlonkie, I use ssh-installkeys for stuff like that18:34
SlonkieI'm not sure if that works when i'm using ssh as proxy?18:34
zoredachewhat do you mean ssh as a proxy?  Are you talking about port forwarding?  Key-based authentication should work almost everywhere18:40
Slonkiean ssh tunnel as proxy zoredache18:46
Slonkiessh tunnel works as socks 5 proxy :)18:46
zoredachehow are you creating your tunnel?  Are you running a script each time you login?   You might also want to look at installing gstm and thing autostarting gstm18:47
zoredache!info gstm18:48
ubottugstm (source: gstm): Gnome SSH Tunnel Manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2-4 (intrepid), package size 134 kB, installed size 296 kB18:48
Slonkiei just log into my server like this: ssh -D <port> -C user@ip18:48
J_Litewskihow do you rebuild the crontab?18:53
zoredachewhat do you mean rebuild it?18:53
J_Litewskirestore the orignal18:53
bytor4232J_Litewski, I believe the original is empty.  I could be wrong.18:54
zoredacheI posted mine earlier... you could update yours so it is the same as that.  I haven't changed mine from the default18:54
J_Litewskity zoredache18:56
bytor4232woot!  The Jaunty netboot installer works today.  Thats always a good sign ;)18:56
J_Litewskibytor4232, could you test something for me?18:59
J_Litewskicould you open a terminal, type xfce4-mixer, then close the mixer using the X, not the close button?19:00
bytor4232J_Litewski, what do you mean?19:01
bytor4232I'm on 8.10 right this second.19:02
J_Litewskii want to see if someone other than me is getting a gtk-CRITICAL error in the terminal when you close the mixer using the close button, not the quit button19:02
fortunevMood: can you search for a pkg for me?19:10
Moodwhat's up?19:10
Moodfortunev: you're not on linux right now?19:10
fortunevI am via freeshells, Not my own xubuntu box19:11
Moodwhat pkg?19:11
fortunevthe pkg is tovid19:11
vinnlfortunev, packages.ubuntu.com :)19:11
fortunevthat will show me all ubuntu pkgs?19:12
Moodfortunev: yeah ^ :-) but here you go: tovid - tools for creating video DVDs, VCDs, and SVCD19:12
vinnlYou can search for packages in the repo there :)19:12
vinnl!info tovid19:12
ubottutovid (source: tovid): tools for creating video DVDs, VCDs, and SVCDs. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 0.31-0ubuntu2 (intrepid), package size 346 kB, installed size 1584 kB19:12
J_Litewski!info alsa-base19:13
fortunevawesome. thanks!19:13
ubottualsa-base (source: alsa-driver): ALSA driver configuration files. In component main, is optional. Version 1.0.17.dfsg-2ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 214 kB, installed size 408 kB19:13
ubottuHi! Welcome to #xubuntu!19:13
tim__i need some help if its not a bother19:13
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)19:13
J_Litewskiwhats a CIDSupplement?19:14
tim__I'm having issues with blender and wings3d, the entire gui is turned blue! i think it might be a driver issue. I'm trying to install the proprietary driver in hopes that it will fix it. I downloaded linux-restricted-modules but it won't launch. What should I do?19:15
tim__I have an ibook g4 with a ati radeon mobility 920019:16
vinnlThat is odd... Do you see any output on the terminal?19:16
tim__sorry but i'm not too experienced, how would i check that?19:17
J_Litewskibrb, system restart19:17
vinnltim__, open a terminal window (Applications->Accessories->Terminal), then type "blender"19:17
vinnl(Also, you can't "launch" linux-restricted-modules... You install restricted drivers through Applications->System->Hardware Drivers)19:18
tim__Compiled with Python version 2.6.1+.Checking for installed Python... got it!19:18
vinnlNo errors whatsoever?19:18
tim__same in wings3d19:19
tim__it all works great, its just all blue.19:19
fortunevtim is blender the only appt thats all blue?19:20
vinnlWings3D as well, apparently19:20
vinnlI don't know what they have in commong19:20
tim__yeah i tried wings in search of an alternative, but only to find the same problem19:21
tim__i'm using 9.04 btw19:22
fortunevmy unprofessional advice is to install another appt that uses the 3d portion of your vid card like warzone. If that is also all blue I would guess something is up with your vid card19:22
vinnlAlso, since it *is* an unstable release, it might be a bug, in which case you should report it19:23
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots19:23
J_Litewskihow would i reinstall the xfce4-panel via the terminal?19:23
tim__i will do that19:23
ubottuDid you panels disappear? Press alt+f2 and run: xfce4-panel | See also: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XubuntuPanels | Want to theme your panels? See http://xubuntu.wordpress.com/2007/10/12/howto-set-a-background-image-for-your-panel/19:23
charlie-tcasame command in a terminal19:23
vinnlcharlie-tca, ah, there's an ubottu  entry, great :)19:23
vinnlThere was something I'd have liked to see in there this afternoon...19:24
J_Litewskimy panels work, it's just i need to restart them to get the Applications button19:24
charlie-tcaknome knows how to get them in, maybe zoredache too19:24
vinnlOnly I can't find what it was...19:24
tim__anyone using an intuos4 yet?19:26
vinnlJ_Litewski, I suppose killall xfce4-panel && xfce4-panel19:26
J_Litewskivinnl, thats what i've been doing19:26
J_Litewskino luck19:26
J_Litewskishould i bite the bullet and remove my config file19:27
* vinnl off to play Hedgwars19:27
vinnlJ_Litewski, you can press Ctrl+Alt+Esc and click on the panel19:27
charlie-tcaJ_Litewski: just add the XFCE Menu through 'add to panel'19:27
charlie-tcaThen change the name in Properties to Applications19:28
J_Litewskiwell, i think i fixed it19:30
J_Litewskii just need to configure everything back to what it was19:31
J_Litewskiis a DeprecationWarning bug worthy?20:00
charlie-tcaJ_Litewski: did you update and restart the system?20:01
rockomoin moin20:02
rockokiel vi fartas?20:02
rockowas ist los?20:02
charlie-tcarocko: enough20:02
charlie-tcaplease stop now20:02
rockohow are you?20:02
charlie-tcathis is an all english chanel20:02
rockonot everyone speaks ENGLISH20:02
vinnlIn this channel they do :)20:03
charlie-tcaThis is an all english channel20:03
charlie-tcaThere are channels for other languages20:03
rockobonege :D20:03
rockocharlie-tca how is your xubuntu?20:04
rocko* #xubuntu :[freenode-info] help freenode weed out clonebots, please register your IRC nick and auto-identify: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup20:04
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UKGentjust installed the 64 bit version of xubuntu onto my laptop - working fine - Should make some of the more scientific Applications which I like to run sometimes, run faster. Already noticed that file operations and new installations run very fast22:08
SlonkieIf i connect to a device in bluetooth, do i have to mount my mobile or how will i be able to access it?22:34
Slonkiethe menu "browse files on device" is unavailable22:34
SlonkieTheres a key besides my phone name.. i wonder if there's some kinda lock on my phone?22:41
Slonkiei tried looking for something, i see nothing,22:42

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