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* mrooney gives everyone a wave-a-rooney01:50
eeejaywhat does this channel do?10:07
njpateleeejay: this is the main channel for dx now, not #dx10:08
njpatelwe're trying to get people here, but can't change the topic in #dx :)10:09
eeejaynjpatel: ah cool, so all the directx and opendx hackers are hanging out here?10:09
njpatelhehe :)10:09
jens-25621I wrote some feedback for you at: https://answers.launchpad.net/indicator-applet/+question/6683412:22
james_wjens-25621: hi, there is a /Comments page on the wiki that you could leave your feedback on12:27
james_wI'm not sure which they would prefer12:27
jens-25621I could't do that, because I don't have the right to change the page12:28
james_wthe /Comments page?12:28
* MacSlow -> lunch13:06
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* popey pats mpt 15:32
* popey wonders if mpt is bored of "that" bug report yet :)15:33
mptpopey, oh, you could tell? :-)15:34
tedgjcastro: Sorry, I was on a call.15:34
tedgjcastro: I'm just saying that people aren't in the mood to commit to more this week :)15:35
jcastrotedg: oh no worries15:35
jcastroI'll just keep bugging you until you capitulate15:35
tedgjcastro: I should probably talk about indicating in applications.... not sure exactly if I can do that for a full hour, but I can try :)15:36
jcastrotedg: this is openweek so it'd be more user-targetted stuff, like how to use things15:36
jcastrosave the "how to use libindicate" for developerweek please!15:37
kenvandine_wktedg: we will find a way to indicate to you  if you become boring15:37
tedgjcastro: Hmm, okay.  Users... are those the people who comment on bug reports? ;)15:37
jcastroI know it's hard for you ted15:37
popeytedg: http://meow.popey.com 15:37
tedgI am trying to think of something that would be interesting to users though.  The difficult parts of the messaging indicator are all non-user issues.15:39
tedgpopey: I have no clue why you sent me a picture of a cat, but it's a cute one :)15:39
kenvandine_wktedg: well... i think an introduction to the messaging indicator for the users would be great15:42
kenvandine_wkalthough, i would be happy to do that too15:42
kenvandine_wkseems there are lots of folks that still don't get it 15:42
kenvandine_wkand i do love talking about it :)15:42
kenvandine_wktedg: so if you don't want to talk about how users use the MI... and how it affects them... i can do that... but of course you get dibs 15:43
tedgkenvandine_wk: Sure, you should talk about it.  I think that'd be cool.  And the session will probably be sometime reasonable US time so I can be there :)15:44
tedgjcastro: Is someone going to talk about software updates and the changes there?15:44
tedgI can volunteer to take the slings and arrows there if need be.15:44
kenvandine_wkjcastro: ok, i signed up :)15:45
jcastrotedg: that sounds great!15:46
tedgmpt: Do you want to talk about the update-manager changes in Open Week?15:47
mptWhat's Open Week?15:47
tedgmpt: Hour long slots to talk about various user facing issues.15:48
tedgmpt: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek/Prep15:48
mptNeither that page nor the main UbuntuOpenWeek page seem to mention who the target audience is15:50
kenvandine_wkjcastro: you should define the audience on the wiki page15:51
mptjcastro, perhaps explain a bit more what the purpose is, e.g. is it to excite users (or at least the sort of users who use IRC), or attract new Ubuntu contributors, or what15:52
jcastrompt: I was just getting to that15:53
jcastrothat was missing on the boilerplate15:53
jcastrothat's usually on the announcement15:54
jcastrokenvandine_wk: feel free to claim a time slot in the grid15:56
* mpt reads jcastro's e-mail announcement :-)15:57
mpttedg, after reading that, I don't think talking about the software update changes would be relevant to attracting new contributors15:58
tedgmpt: Okay, don't read that then ;)15:58
tedgmpt: I think that it is a user face issue, and one that would probably benefit from being discussed in a "lecture type" format because we could go through it all, where as everyone has looked at minute pieces otherwise.15:59
tedguser facing that is.15:59
* mpt puts another 10 minutes of his life into bug 33294516:32
kenvandine_wkbratsche: do you have a version of your bluez-gnome patch for gnome-bluetooth?16:47
kenvandine_wkupstream requested it... so i guess that means they will accept this patch :)16:47
bratscheNo, but I'd be glad to make one after the release.16:48
kenvandine_wkplease do... it would probably be rather trivial now since it was just forked16:48
kenvandine_wkthen upstream has to maintain it :)16:49
bratscheYeah, true.16:49
bratscheIs there a bug open for it upstream yet?16:50
bratscheIf there is, just CC me on it or assign it to me or something.16:53
bratscheMy bugzilla is bratsche@gnome.org16:53
kenvandine_wkbratsche: no bug... but an email16:55
bratscheOkay, I'll file it.16:56
kenvandine_wkright... gnome-bluetooth is in bz?16:57
bratscheI don't know yet. :)16:57
bratscheDo you still know the Ubuntu bug# for this?16:57
bratscheI think I found it..16:59
bratschehttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bluez-gnome/+bug/337219 right?16:59
kenvandine_wkbratsche: i will point the guy that requested it at that bug17:09
kenvandine_wkoh... he did that via launchpad :)17:09
tedgbratsche: How does the removing the escaping in pidgin-libnotify effect notification-daemon?17:39
bratschetedg: I'm thinking it's probably a good idea, because then we can keep all this filtering shit in one place at least.17:40
tedgbratsche: So should I unmerge your patch?17:48
bratscheDo you have the bug# handy that it came from?  I forgot what it looks like now.17:48
bratscheOh oh, the one that I just did?17:49
bratschehttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pidgin-libnotify/+bug/356147 ?17:49
tedgbratsche: Yes.17:49
bratschetedg: But then after unmerging you want to remove all the markup escaping right?17:51
bratscheOh wait.17:51
bratscheYou said how would it affect notification-daemon17:51
bratscheI keep getting confused because that's such a generic name that I'm still thinking notify-osd17:52
bratschetedg: So actually, we may need to keep that.  Perhaps we should ask mpt17:52
tedgbratsche: Yeah, I'm thinking that notification-daemon needs the escaping.17:52
bratscheYeah I'm thinking so too.17:52
tedgSo we can't remove it, or it'll break there.17:52
tedgSo we have to handle it on the notify-osd side.17:53
kenvandine_wkeeejay: ping20:51
bratschempt around still?21:06
bratscheErr.. actually, nevermind.. not yet. :)21:06
tedgbratsche: So I should drop your non-escaping headers patch, right?21:18
tedgbratsche: In pidgin-libnotify21:18
tedgSorry I keep asking, I just want to be sure - and I keep getting interrupted :)21:19
macothe  "Joe's phone is online" thing?21:20
tedgmaco: Yes.21:20
bratschetedg: No, I think you should keep it.  Because we want to keep escaping things to make pidgin-libnotify operate decently with notification-daemon, right?  And this patch basically makes it so it only escapes body text, and not summary text.. right?21:21
macois it possible to escape based on which is in use?21:21
tedgbratsche: It makes it so that we don't escape the header.21:21
bratscheI didn't test g_markup_escape_text() exactly yet, but the Pango markup escaping is fucking up certain things.21:21
bratschetedg: Right, we should not be escaping the header.21:22
tedgbratsche: If we don't, then what does notification-daemon do with it?21:22
bratschetedg: mpt was very clear about this, that the spec specifically says that the header/summary text should be as-is.  So if applications are sending markup to the header, it's a bug in the application.21:22
tedgmaco: It should be one standard... fixing one app means that all others are broken.  notify-osd needs to be a drop in replacement for notification-daemon.21:23
tedgbratsche: Ah, okay.21:23
macogood point21:23
bratschetedg: Dude, the Pango markup stuff is so broken.  I've almost got a series of GRegex's to make this work.  This is killing me. :)21:24
bratscheI didn't test g_markup_escape_text() in particular, but I'm going to have to remove the Pango markup escaping from notify-osd.21:24
tedgbratsche: Heh -- so glad I didn't get assigned that bug ;)21:24
tedgThe Pango markup is a little weird, I don't get why it's so different.21:25
macowell hey i wanted to ask about when you have 1 person with 2 accounts and the same alias grouped in pidgin, if they sign on and have a multi-protocol client too (so both accounts come online) it says something like "Joe is online is online" but since they're grouped, i think it ought to be treated as one thing21:25
bratschetedg: It's not finished yet, but check out this hotness: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/25059106/356659-1.diff21:25
tedgmaco: That makes sense.  We don't detect the grouped buddies at all though.  It'd be a relatively big change at this point in the release cycle.21:26
tedgbratsche: Heh.  Crazy.21:26
bratscheI've got one more to do next.21:27
macosomething to mark down as a "would be nice for karmic"?21:27
tedgmaco: Yes, a wishlist bug would be cool.21:27
bratschetedg: For Karmic I'm thinking about trying to change Pango's markup parser to be more extensible.  I need to talk to behdad about that, but it's something I was thinking about trying to do for a gtk+ feature I want to do anyway.21:28
* tedg thinks it was nice knowing the sane-bratsche21:31
bratscheI don't think it'll be that bad.21:32
bratscheThe thing in gtk+ I was going to do was have GtkLabel support <a href> links.21:32
bratscheI already wrote extensible Pango attributes (so you could define a Link attribute that extends the Pango underline attribute, for example)21:34
bratscheThen to be able to extend the markup parser seems like it would be useful to go along with that.21:34
tedgSounds good to me.  I'm not sure where I'd use it, but I'm sure I'll figure out something :)21:38
bratscheWell, I think it might have made this html filtering stuff easier for notify-osd.21:39
bratscheMaybe not though. :)21:39
eeejaybratsche: man, i am glad you took the html filtering :)23:26

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