Riddellapachelogger: list of desktop translation files we need is now in pkg-kde-tools00:58
Riddellapachelogger: sponsor a netbook.  not sure but worth a shot, ask rick to see if he can do anything00:59
jjessequestion on kontact:  if i suspend/resume kontact loses it connection to gmail and the only reason i can get it to sync back to gmail is to close kontact and open it back up, any thoughts?01:02
jjesseapachelogger: if you don't get anyone to sponser your netbook, i will test as much as i can on my mini 9.... i'm already running jaunty on it01:02
jjessequestion:  running jaunty i have not seen any update notification coming my way, only way i know there is update is to run apt-get update apt-get upgrade01:09
Riddelljjesse: do you have update-notifier-kde running?01:11
jjesseRiddell: don't know how would i check?01:12
Riddellps -ef | grep update-notifer-kde01:12
jjessehrmm no i don't01:12
Riddelljjesse: do you have  /var/lib/python-support/python2.6/dbus/mainloop/qt.so  ?01:12
jjessewonder why01:13
Riddellyou may not if you upgraded from intrepid01:13
jjessenope i don't, and i did upgrade from intrepid01:14
Riddelljjesse: sudo apt-get install --reinstall python-qt4-dbus  should sort it01:22
RiddellI hope mvo has fixed that upgrade bug01:22
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jjessewow getting all kinds of apport crashes now that that python-qt4-dbus is reinstalled01:37
kb9vqfAny ideas why the remastered CD would reboot the system just as it displays the graphical boot menu?01:47
kb9vqfOr, who knows more about the LiveCD boot than I do? ;-)01:47
freinhardkmail does not depend on akonadi?01:48
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jjesseintersting amarok is now reporting i need to install the mpeg plugins, but when i go install it, i'm told it is installed already01:55
jjessewow i must have had a lot of crashes that i didn't know about before reinstalling python-qt4-dbus02:13
kb9vqfin case anyone in the future wonders how to fix the LiveCD problem: http://reconstructor.aperantis.com/index.php?option=com_joomlaboard&Itemid=44&func=view&catid=3&id=106602:56
* kb9vqf wonders why reconstructor is SO buggy02:56
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kb9vqfRiddell: I'm uploading the completed Jaunty KDE3.5 AMD64 image to my website now...what should I do next to get them (or links to them) onto the Kubuntu website?04:55
DaskreecHkb9vqf: reconstructor is FOSS ?04:57
kb9vqfDaskreech: Yes.  It's not part of the LiveCD though, just used to create it04:57
kb9vqfDaskreech: It's all written in Python04:57
DaskreecHThere's your problem right there04:58
* DaskreecH trolls04:58
kb9vqfDaskreech: ???04:58
kb9vqfDaskreech: Ahh....don't like Python.  Me either :)04:58
DaskreecHkb9vqf: You are planning on serving them from your server ?04:59
kb9vqfDaskreech: If I could get them on the Kubuntu mirrors, that would be best.  Otherwise, I don't have another option04:59
kb9vqfDaskreech: other than to serve them from here04:59
DaskreecHok probably want to put up a torrents as well04:59
DaskreecHa set of05:00
kb9vqfDaskreech: Good point.  Will anyone here be able to help seed?  I only have 150k up05:00
DaskreecHSure I'll help seed05:00
* kb9vqf looks into ktorrent's abilities05:00
kb9vqfDaskreech: I'll try to get torrents up in the next hour or so, if all goes well.05:01
DaskreecHpoke #ubuntu-motu and ask about torrent.ubuntu.com05:01
kb9vqfDaskreech:  I wonder if we can reclaim some of the people who jumped over to OpenSUSE and Debian05:02
DaskreecHMeh :)05:02
DaskreecHdoesn't make much of a difference if they don't help out05:02
DaskreecHIf we can get people more involved I'll count it as a win05:03
DaskreecHas it stands right now Kubuntu is the whipping boy for bad things in KDE Distro land05:03
kb9vqfDaskreech: Well, that's what you get for running bleeding edge software ;-)05:03
DaskreecHKubuntu isn't really bleeding edge :) Certainly rough enough to bruise05:04
kb9vqfDaskreech: Yeah, really it was more of an image thing because KDE4.0 wasn't mature upstream, I guess.05:05
kb9vqfDaskreech: So the earliest adopter got the worst press05:05
DaskreecHYeah but we didn't ship KDE 4.0 at any time05:05
kb9vqfDaskreech: Oops, I meant 4.105:05
DaskreecHFedora did05:05
DaskreecHand everyone blamed Kubuntu05:05
kb9vqfDaskreech: Odd.05:05
kb9vqfDaskreech: Users. :-)05:05
DaskreecHYeah that's what I mean by Whipping boy05:06
kb9vqfDaskreech: Gotcha05:06
DaskreecHUbuntu's clim to fame is polishing up things for first time users05:06
kb9vqfDaskreech: You know, that's what brought me over to Kubuntu from Fedora.  That and the wonderful Debian package management system05:07
DaskreecHKubuntu doesn't get near the same amount of care or manpower despite having a very large chunk of users of the the Ubuntu Family install base05:07
DaskreecH If we have more users and less people working on the polish it means little05:07
DaskreecHThings like mentioning KDE on ubuntu's brainstorm means it's instantly going to go into negative votes isn't helping05:08
DaskreecHJackalope looks very nice though05:09
DaskreecHand having a KDE3 release will assuade people who are wary about KDE405:10
DaskreecHHopefully they will see the need to help with KDE3 and can jump in and help you out05:10
kb9vqfDaskreech: I would really appreciate some help05:10
DaskreecHParticipation is really what makes FOSS strong. Having options open to you but electing to choose none of them unless someone hands them out doesn't accomplish anything05:11
DaskreecHkb9vqf: Make sure to put contact info on  the KDE3 CD announcement05:11
DaskreecHA wiki page helps too05:11
kb9vqfYeah, good points again.  I'll try to get a Wiki page on KDE3.5 together tomorrow05:13
kb9vqfI'm a bit new to this whole release thing still ;-)05:13
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DaskreecHkb9vqf: :-) Yeah there are always little things to tweak but see if you can get at least one other independent seeder and perhaps the ubuntu server as a tracker05:16
kb9vqfDaskreech: I have the i386 torrent started.  Here's the link: http://apt.pearsoncomputing.net/cdimages/kubuntu-9.04-beta-kde3-desktop-i386.torrent05:25
kb9vqfDaskreech: Let me know if it works, then I'll add the amd64 one05:26
DaskreecHDoesn't work05:30
DaskreecHwhat are you using as a tracker?05:30
DaskreecHOr better what's your Net facing IP address?05:31
kb9vqfDaskreech: Rats.  I'm, trying to use the ubuntu tracker05:41
kb9vqfDaskreech: You know, I bet I forgot my firewall ports05:41
kb9vqfDaskreech: It's been a long time since I've used bittorrent05:41
kb9vqfDaskreech: Be right back05:42
kb9vqfDaskreech: It's not letting me...says the file is unauthorized05:46
DaskreecHYou uploaded the torrent to t.u.c ?05:46
kb9vqfDaskreech: Nope--maybe you'd better step me through this :-)05:46
kb9vqfJust a high level howto, if you don't mind05:47
kb9vqfDaskreech: What is T.U.C.?05:48
DaskreecHBloody google05:48
kb9vqfDaskreech: That's what I did05:48
kb9vqfDaskreech: The problem is the tracker is rejecting my file05:49
kb9vqfDaskreech: I am already using (or trying to use) torrent.ubuntu.com05:49
kb9vqfDaskreech: I guess what I am asking instead, is "how do I get the file authorized"05:50
DaskreecHYeah I saw that but they need the .torrent to act as tracker05:50
DaskreecHI'm downloading from you BTW05:50
kb9vqfDaskreech: So my ports are open and it's working OK (except the tracker)?05:51
DaskreecHI'll leave it up until the announcement goes live05:51
kb9vqfDaskreech: OK.  I'll ask on #ubuntu-motu about the tracker then05:51
kb9vqfI'll also send the amd64 link when I have it :-)05:51
kb9vqfDaskreech: Here's the AMD64 link: http://apt.pearsoncomputing.net/cdimages/kubuntu-9.04-beta-kde3-desktop-amd64.torrent06:13
kb9vqfDaskreech: I had to delete and restart the i386 torrent because I accidentally entered an incomplete tracker URL, so if you could re-download the i386 torrent file it should be fixed06:14
* kb9vqf feels like an idiot06:14
kb9vqfDaskreech: I have yet to hear from anyone on #ubuntu-motu about getting the file authorized, though06:15
kb9vqfThanks for seeding, BTW.06:21
kb9vqfIf you feel like it, try booting one of the images up under VirtualBox or something and let me know what you think...06:21
DaskreecHI'm going to feel like an alien06:24
DaskreecHI jumped to KDE 4 a little pre KDE 4.006:26
DaskreecHI attenended the release event so I wanted an idea what it was like06:26
kb9vqfAhh...it'll be like going back in time :-)06:27
DaskreecHI've been using it ever since to pick out stuff and submit bugs etc. But up till KDE 4.1.1 everytime I went on a KDE3 machine I'd really really miss KDE306:27
DaskreecHafter that though I really couldn't imagine using KDE3 again it has better polish but KDE4 feels so much more functional06:28
DaskreecHI'm going to be going up to old apps and old friends and touching them like they are in a museum :)06:28
kb9vqfA little nostalgia never hurt anyone ;-)06:29
DaskreecHYeah :) PLus the polish stuff is going to be nice as well06:34
DaskreecHJust going to feel very strange06:34
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freinhardglatzor: got my mail?09:35
glatzorfreinhard, hello. sorry, I am not about any mail from you.09:36
glatzorfreinhard, how can I help you?09:36
freinhardglatzor: used the lp webiterface09:58
freinhardglatzor: http://paste.ubuntu.com/146808/10:30
glatzorthanks freinhard.10:52
glatzorfreinhard, I will have a look at it in some minutes. In the future I would suggest to use Launchpad and open a bug agains packagekit.10:54
glatzorfreinhard, this helps a lot to notforget things10:54
Riddellquiet here the day11:54
a|wennot much going on, no11:55
jussi01seems quiet everywhere today...12:01
jussi01lull before the storm I say12:01
a|wenRiddell: did you have time to look at the changes in kdebase-workspace in bzr ... they are starting to pile up12:03
Riddella|wen: oh no, let me do that12:14
mvoif someone has a system (e.g. a virtual machine) that can reproduce #348704 I would like to generate a patch that tries to figure out at what stage the symlink goes missing. but as I can not reproduce it, I would need help13:07
Riddellmvo: how would you generate a patch?13:28
Riddellmvo: by the way I found testing in a chroot doesn't work at all13:33
mvoRiddell: I would add code to update-manager that monitors the file in each step that dpkg takes to figure out when its there and when it vanishes (yes, I'm desperate :)13:34
mvohow do you mean? it does not work at all in a chroot?13:35
a|wenmvo: are we sure it vanishes ... don't it just never get created for python2.613:36
Riddellmvo: I don't remember the exact error but it moaned about something when I tried a chroot13:36
mvoa|wen: its part of dpkg -L python-qt4-dbus13:36
JontheEchidnaRiddell: btw, kdebase-workspace and kubuntu-default-settings need sponsoring13:37
mvoa|wen: it may still be never created, but even that could be monitored13:37
a|wenJontheEchidna: already poked Riddell again about kdebase-workspace :)13:38
mvoRiddell: this bug really concerns me (because its probably more than just python-qt4-dbus that is potentially affected) so I would love to nail it down13:38
JontheEchidnaa|wen: oh ;-)13:38
Riddellmvo: your concern is appreciated, it's pretty important for us13:38
Riddellmvo: I'll do an intrepid install and upgrade and check the problem still exists13:38
mvothere were a bunch of other python problem that got fixed since, so there is a chance13:39
Riddellkdebase-workspace uploaded13:43
a|wenJontheEchidna: ^^ :)13:43
RiddellJontheEchidna: good work tracking down branch fixes there13:43
JontheEchidnaRiddell: thanks :)13:44
JontheEchidnaI hadn't even noticed some of those bugs until I saw the patches13:45
JontheEchidnanamely the krunner combobox scrollbar background bug13:45
RiddellJontheEchidna: don't suppose you've seen a fix for kickoff not in focus by default?13:46
JontheEchidnanope, but I've heard rumblings that it could be a kwin problem13:46
a|wenif you run plasma without kwin it works according to the upstream bug ... i've already looked through all code-changes between 4.2.1 and 4.2.2 for kickoff so i know it is not a kickoff specific issue13:48
* a|wen will be out for a bit13:48
JontheEchidnawha, I thought I committed those other k-d-s changes13:52
JontheEchidnaI guess I never pushed13:54
JontheEchidnaRiddell: I just pushed a few more k-d-s changes to bzr, sorry 'bout that13:56
* Quintasan forgot what he was translating yesterday13:57
RiddellJontheEchidna: that's why I prefer bzr checkout over bzr branch :)13:58
JontheEchidnaI'll have a go at kdegraphics a bit later today. There's a few packaging bugs and a patch that we want. I'll also track down branch fixes while I'm at it14:00
RiddellJontheEchidna: you're the man14:01
kb9vqfRiddell: real quick, how should I go about getting links to the KDE3.5 livecds on the Kubuntu page?14:02
JontheEchidnaRiddell: coincidentally that used to be the comment of my old GPG identity :P14:03
Riddellkb9vqf: ask me or ryanakca14:07
Riddellkb9vqf: I'd like to test it myself first before putting it on the website, but I'm pretty busy today14:07
Arminius_the kubuntu devels, my last hope!14:09
Arminius_I got a big bug in updating Kubuntu Intrepid from KDE 4.1 to 4.2 and neither #kubuntu nor #kde has any idea...14:10
QuintasanArminius_: I had similar problems, I removed all the packages, refreshed the package list and installed them once again.14:13
Arminius_removed all the packages???? :o :o :o14:14
Arminius_isn't that dangerous?14:14
QuintasanI mean KDE packages :D14:14
Arminius_and how do you?14:14
Arminius_what lines did you put into konsole?14:14
Arminius_and is that a bug?14:14
RiddellArminius_: dist-upgrade isn't a supported method for upgrading between releases14:15
QuintasanArminius_: use aptitude and seach for packages like kdm and kdebase-workspace14:15
DaskreecH!upgrade | Arminius_14:15
ubottuArminius_: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading14:15
* Quintasan thought he is using experimental repo14:16
Arminius_DeskreecH that is for updating Kubuntu not KDE or am I wrong?14:16
DaskreecHArminius_: Just saying thats the way to do the upgrade from one Release to another14:17
Arminius_ah ok :)14:17
Arminius_for kdm I got no matches on Adept14:18
Arminius_looks good14:18
DaskreecHArminius_: wait14:19
DaskreecHYou are going from Ibex to Jackalope or just installing New KDE on Ibex?14:19
Arminius_trying to update from KDE 4.1 to 4.2 on Ibex,  KRandRTray is that the one to isntall?14:19
Arminius_upgrade I mean14:20
Quintasananyone has a package of konversation kde4 port?14:20
RiddellArminius_: oh, 4.2 for intrepid14:20
Arminius_isn't that recommended?14:20
RiddellArminius_: what happens if you   apt-get install kdelibs5  ?14:21
DaskreecHArminius_: You should be able to just turnon unsupported updates and remove the other repo and it should work14:21
Arminius_I get this14:23
Arminius_is KDE 4.2 unsupported? :o14:23
DaskreecHArminius_: You didn't seem to have that worry when using a external repo :)14:25
Arminius_which one?14:26
Arminius_sorry I'm a bit new to kubuntu so I might make some mistakes and sound a bit dumb...14:26
QuintasanArminius_: can you try removing kdm with kdebase-workspace along with dependencies and then installing it once more?14:26
QuintasanI tried upgrading on Intrepid and I needed to remove all KDE related packages14:27
DaskreecHArminius_: The one you were trying to install from before14:27
DaskreecHArminius_: Welcome to Kubuntu!!14:27
Arminius_well :) I don't really had a look ^^ just dont want to mess up the system14:28
Arminius_ok giving it a try14:28
Arminius_just a sec...14:28
JontheEchidnaRiddell: kdegraphics ready in bzr14:30
RiddellArminius_: what do you have in your sources.list ?14:30
Arminius_ok started an upgrade14:31
Arminius_hope it will work...14:31
Arminius_I have to relog to make it work right?14:32
RiddellArminius_: upgrade?  how?14:32
Arminius_via adpet14:32
Arminius_removed the source I added14:32
Arminius_that made all those problems14:32
Arminius_and then updated Kde workspace14:32
Arminius_there was no kdm I could find14:32
Arminius_hope it will work...14:32
Quintasanyou removed: kubuntu-members-kde4 right?14:33
Arminius_hem I don't know14:33
Arminius_don't think14:33
Arminius_there is no such package...14:34
RiddellArminius_: oh, you need backports14:34
Riddelluh oh14:34
administrator_I back14:36
administrator_what should I add as packages sources?14:36
Riddelladministrator_: backports14:36
administrator_and which ones?14:37
=== administrator_ is now known as Arminius_
Arminius_backports are those things you edit in sources right?14:37
RiddellArminius_: yes, uncomment the intrepid-backports line in sources.list14:37
Arminius_ok sec14:38
Arminius_ok uncommented14:40
Arminius_trying again...14:40
Arminius_so what should I search for now?14:42
RiddellArminius_: still got kubuntu-members-kde4 in sources.list ?14:42
Riddelltry a dist upgrade again14:42
Arminius_but I thought that dist upgrade wasn't for KDE?14:43
RiddellArminius_: it's not for upgrading between Kubuntu releases.  new KDE releases should be fine.  I just misunderstood what you were trying to do at first14:43
QuintasanHmm can anyone see Semantik in KMenu?14:44
Arminius_ah ok14:44
Arminius_thanks :)14:44
Arminius_well I commented the kubuntu memebers kde14:44
Arminius_thing out...14:44
Arminius_was that right?14:44
Arminius_or shouldn't it be?14:44
RiddellArminius_: not if you want KDE 4.2 :)14:45
Arminius_lol ok14:45
Arminius_uncommenting ;)14:45
RiddellQuintasan: looks like a bug, /usr/share/applications/kde4/semantik.desktop has no Exec= line14:46
QuintasanRiddell: Thanks, I'm going to fix it because it *looks* easy ;)14:46
Arminius_Riddel, looks better now but still wants to remove some packages14:47
Arminius_like kdebase-plasma and kdebase-workspace14:47
Arminius_is that ok?14:47
RiddellQuintasan: go for it!14:47
Arminius_and python-plasma...14:48
RiddellArminius_: not ideal, pastebin the output?14:48
Arminius_ok sec14:48
Arminius_there :)14:49
RiddellArminius_: what happens with   apt-get install kdebase-workspace-bin  ?14:50
RiddellArminius_: apt-get install libplasma3  ?14:52
Arminius_sec :)14:53
=== LjL-Temp is now known as LjL
QuintasanHow come I can't find *.desktop file in semantik14:54
RiddellArminius_: have you done   apt-get update ?14:54
Arminius_I did but some time ago ^^14:55
RiddellArminius_: do it again14:55
Riddellthen see if libplasma3 installs14:55
RiddellQuintasan: src/data/semantik.desktop ?14:55
QuintasanRiddell: just found it :P14:56
Arminius_small error during update14:56
RiddellArminius_: that's fine14:57
Arminius_should I press Y or n?14:59
=== mpt_ is now known as mpt
RiddellArminius_: hmm, no15:02
RiddellArminius_: apt-get install kdebase-workspace-bin  ?15:02
Arminius_ok I'll press n15:02
Arminius_and do that ;)15:02
Arminius_sec :)15:02
Arminius_there :)15:03
RiddellArminius_: apt-get install kdepimlibs5  ?15:05
Riddell(I'm afraid apt has this annoying habit of not always telling you where the problem is, you have to drill down into it)15:06
RiddellArminius_: also   apt-cache policy kdepimlibs515:06
RiddellArminius_: apt-get install libical0  ?15:07
Arminius_and http://www.pastebin.ca/138603415:09
QuintasanI'm sure removing your current KDE installation (not PURGING) would help :315:09
QuintasanI had same problem before15:09
Riddellug, don't do that15:09
Arminius_what would be the command line I would have to enter?15:09
RiddellArminius_: can you paste your sources.list again?15:09
QuintasanI cant say for 100% but it helped me15:10
Riddelllibical0 should be in normal universe15:10
Arminius_there :)15:11
RiddellArminius_: you need to uncomment the universe line15:11
Arminius_ah ok sorry!15:12
Riddellapt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade15:12
Arminius_only universe or also multiverse?15:14
Arminius_gonna try with both...15:16
Arminius_ok loading :)15:17
Riddellmvo: ok, fresh upgrade done, link isn't there15:17
kb9vqfRiddell: Just got your previous reply.  I can wait for you to take a look at the images (would prefer that, actually).  If you prefer torrent, I created a couple and Daskreech is seeding with me, so it might be faster15:18
* kb9vqf loves the morning commute :-P15:19
Arminius_Riddell I got this http://www.pastebin.ca/138604015:20
RiddellArminius_: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade15:20
Arminius_should I press Y or n ? :)15:22
RiddellArminius_: go for it!15:22
Arminius_WARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated! ... Install these packages without verification [y/N]?15:22
RiddellArminius_: yes15:23
Arminius_ok thanks :)15:23
Arminius_I guess compiz will be gone but I can reinstall later15:24
Arminius_I heard that in KDE 4.2  the KDE effect are better than compiz are stabler, is that true?15:24
QuintasanArminius_: Depends on you graphics card :D15:25
Quintasanmy my, can someone tell how *.install files in debian/ work?15:25
kb9vqfQuintasan: Very simply: they list the files to be installed, with full paths of the destination filenames15:26
kb9vqfQuintasan: Anything specific you want to know? ;-)15:27
Tonio_apachelogger: I think there is a little problem with your startkde fix15:27
Quintasankb9vqf: yeah15:27
Tonio_apachelogger: people going with dist-upgrade will still have gtk-qt-engine installed15:27
Quintasankb9vqf: I created a *.desktop file in debian/  I should put it in *.desktop file?15:28
Arminius_(while I am waiting, I installed Qt, but couldn't find Qt creator in the package, is that normal?)15:28
Arminius_apparently the update is gonna take a few minutes ;)15:28
Quintasankb9vqf: wrong, to *.install :P15:28
kb9vqfQuintasan: What I usually do in that case is to put an "install -m644 debian/foo.desktop debian/<package-name>/destination/foo.desktop" line in debian/rules15:29
kb9vqfQuintasan: I can look up the exact syntax15:29
Quintasankb9vqf: I knew there is something more elgant :P15:29
Quintasankb9vqf: thanks15:29
RiddellQuintasan: you would be better patching the existing .desktop file15:30
QuintasanRiddell: I'm going to do it, but I wanted to try something diffrent :)15:31
Tonio_apachelogger: hum in fact I don't understand the fix, what's that supposed to change, since we drop the env script....15:33
RiddellTonio_: do you know where the kdebluetooth source is in svn?15:34
Tonio_Riddell: trunk/playground/network/kbluetooth4/15:35
Riddellhmm, no translations15:36
Riddellmvo: anything else you need me to do with this upgrade?15:40
mvoRiddell: this was a normal intrepid kubuntu install (alternate cd, live-cd?) and then a upgrade based on what instructions?15:40
mvoRiddell: I will try to repoduce with exactly the same setup15:41
mvoRiddell: and /var/lib/python-support/python2.6/dbus/mainloop/qt.so is not there, but dpkg -L python-qt4-dbus lists it?15:41
Riddellmvo: normal install from alternate CD then upgrade with https://help.ubuntu.com/community/JauntyUpgrades/Kubuntu15:41
Riddellmvo: right (no /var/lib/python-support/python2.6/dbus/mainloop/qt.so, dpkg -L python-qt4-dbus claims otherwise)15:41
mvoRiddell: thanks, I will exactly this now15:42
Tonio_apachelogger: hum gtk-qt-engines recreates the script, got it now, so it only will force qtcurve if installed... well done :)15:42
Tonio_apachelogger: sorry for the doubt about the fix !15:43
mvoRiddell: i386?15:44
Riddellmvo: yes15:49
Tonio_Riddell: little problem with update-notifier-kde since xineplug_decode_ff.so path changed....15:56
Tonio_Riddell: I'm prompted to install libxine1-ffmpeg at every boot15:56
Tonio_Riddell: isn't there another way than giving he file full path ? that can become a pain to maintain....15:57
RiddellTonio_: pick another file  /usr/share/doc/libxine1-ffmpeg would do15:57
Tonio_Riddell: the package status isn't enough ?15:58
Tonio_installed or not ?15:58
* Quintasan just learned to use dpatch15:58
Tonio_Riddell: ho that's the way you get the package status ??16:00
Tonio_Riddell: why not checking the /var/lib/dpkg/info/$packagename.list file then ?16:00
Tonio_Riddell: wouldn't that be more generic/simple ?16:00
Tonio_agateau: since you worked out on that part recently, wouldn't that make sense for you doing this way ?16:02
Arminius_ok :D process seems to be finished16:06
Arminius_do I have to restart or just relog myself to "activate" the update?16:06
tsimpsonArmedGeek: QtCreator isn't in intrepid (as it needs Qt4.5)16:08
tsimpsonerm Arminius_ not ArmedGeek ;)16:08
Arminius_ah ok16:08
Arminius_thanks :)16:08
Arminius_a lot ;)16:09
tsimpsonthe download from qtsoftware.com works fine though16:09
* tsimpson uses it16:09
Arminius_I am just used to IDE / RAD16:09
Arminius_so using designer insn't easy16:09
tsimpsondesigner isn't an IDE16:10
tsimpsonit's a form designer16:10
Arminius_I was always used to Delphi's great RAD IDE16:10
Arminius_but Kylix and Lazarus are reaaaaaaaaaaally buggi16:10
Arminius_tsimpsons after a KDE update do I have to reboot or just login/logout?16:11
tsimpsonjust jogout/in16:11
Arminius_brb ;=16:12
=== administrator_ is now known as Arminius_
Arminius_update looks fine  just a problem16:17
Arminius_I don't have any borders for my windows anymore...16:17
Arminius_any idea why?16:17
tsimpsondid you have compiz installed?16:22
tsimpsontry running "kwin --replace" to get kwin running16:22
Arminius_yeah works now :)16:23
Arminius_but will Kompiz not work anymore?16:24
Arminius_but hey when I close the konsole it comes back to the old thing :s16:24
Arminius_I mean showed it shortly but now I got the same problem again...16:25
tsimpsoncompiz can work, but it sucks16:27
tsimpsonand what do you mean about konsole?16:27
Arminius_well I started konsole16:28
Arminius_I entered kwin --replace16:29
tsimpsonuse alt-f216:29
Arminius_I answered X Error: BadWindow (invalid Window parameter) 316:29
Arminius_that shortcut doesn't work anymore :'(16:29
Arminius_ Major opcode: 20 (X_GetProperty)16:29
Arminius_Resource id:  0x4a000b516:30
Arminius_but the problem is solved16:30
Arminius_then when I close console, the problem comes back...16:30
tsimpsontry with "kdeinit4_wrapper kwin --replace"16:31
QuintasanJontheEchidna: ping16:31
administrator_completly blocked16:35
agateauTonio_: It would be better from a maintenance point of view. I must confess I did not check if it were possible to do and just stuck to the existing code (sorry for the late answer, Quassel does not popup when i run kde trunk :/)16:47
Tonio_agateau: and also we would then only need 2 parameters and not 316:48
Tonio_agateau: I'll submit the idea to Riddell :)16:49
Tonio_agateau: for the moment I just statically fixed with the new path...16:50
agateauTonio_: sounds good16:50
=== sabdfl1 is now known as sabdfl
Tonio_hum, kopete notification actions seems to be broken here, nothing happens on click17:21
Tonio_did someone notice this ?17:21
* Tonio_ calls for Mr Malone....17:22
Tonio_JontheEchidna ?17:22
QuintasanTonio_: works here17:22
Tonio_Quintasan: oki that's just me then...17:22
reisihas anyone noticed that on kubuntu-alternative-amd64.iso there are a lot of packages with corrupt hashes?17:22
reisifor the jaunty beta i mean17:23
reisierr actually it was caused because of read errors, false alarm17:26
a|wenTonio_: same problem for me with kopete notifications17:28
RiddellTonio_: yes checking for /var/lib/dpkg/info/$package.list is probably fine, but keep in mind we're two days from freeze so code changes should be minimal17:31
Tonio_Riddell: it's a matter of 2 lins I guess17:31
Tonio_Riddell: I'll write the patch toonight if you want17:32
Tonio_Riddell: for validation...17:32
Tonio_Riddell: I also have to spend time on kdesudo for one critical bug, as we have a command line option missing for kdesu compatibility17:32
Riddellline 400 is where it gets used17:32
Tonio_Riddell: I'll probably have to fake it for now before doing this the right way17:33
Tonio_Riddell: noted the line, I have to go right now... be back toonight17:34
Riddellsign, back to > 500 unread e-mail messages17:56
davmor2Riddell: could be worse could have another 0 on the end17:58
mvoRiddell: *wooahh* I can reproduce it (the missing qt.so). that is half-way to the fix now (I hope!)18:00
Riddellmvo: what did you have to do different?18:01
mvoRiddell: followed your instructions step by step. before I was using a vmbuilder build image and a ubuntu install that I added kubuntu-desktop to18:02
blizzzi have no sound in flash videos. is this a known bug?18:13
DaskreecHblizzz: kill the nsplugin process and restart it that seems to fix it for me18:14
blizzzDaskreecH: did not work here18:16
DaskreecHWEll it nly happened to me last night so I'm not really expereinced with it :)18:16
DaskreecHnormally no sound works at all18:17
DaskreecHnot just flash18:17
blizzzat least for amarok sound is not a problem here18:17
blizzzsome flash videos stop playing after few seconds18:21
DaskreecHreinstall flash?18:22
blizzzwill try this18:23
blizzzbtw, sound works in dragon player for me18:24
blizzzhowever, amarok and dragon suggest to install mpeg plugins, but clicking on "install selected" leads to the message that they are installed already18:24
DaskreecHRiddell: what is valid for torrent.ubuntu.com18:27
apacheloggerTonio_: upon upgrade it will not force qtcurve on the user (I think at least) ... the problem is that we can't differ between left-over gtk-engine-qt and user-choice ... besides, update-manager recommends to nuke gtk-engine-qt because it dropped to universe AFAIK at least18:28
Tonio_apachelogger: yep, I re-read the patches and understood the purpose of it18:29
Tonio_apachelogger: seems fine with me :)18:29
blizzzreinstalling flash did not help, renaming .adobe either :(18:29
apacheloggerRiddell: re desktop file stuff - still I would feel uncomfortable if we forgot something18:29
apacheloggerRiddell: re sponsoring - which rick would that be? :)18:29
apacheloggerTonio_: ohkay :)18:30
DaskreecHapachelogger: If random other stuff is broken then you need to sort out the Sound system I think18:30
DaskreecHapachelogger: rickspencer3 ?18:30
apacheloggera) I am only doing fun stuff until someone implemented a long-term solution for all that translation mess18:31
RiddellDaskreecH: how do you mean?18:31
DaskreecHrickspencer3: :-)18:31
DaskreecHRiddell: What torrents are allowed on torrent.ubuntu.com ?18:32
apacheloggerrickspencer3: would you be the nice person I have to talk to in order to find out if canonical is willing to sponsor me some netbook so I can implement kubuntu-netbook?18:32
rickspencer3apachelogger: yes18:32
DaskreecHrickspencer3: Nice response time :) How's freeze crunch treating you?18:32
Riddellapachelogger: KDE 3 apps won't work, I'll just remove the X-Gettext-Domain from the .desktop files18:33
rickspencer3send me your thoughts and I'll see if it's feasible18:33
apachelogger*fixing kmail first*18:33
apacheloggerRiddell: sounds sensible to me18:33
DaskreecHRiddell: Would the jackalope KDE3 spin be allowed to be tracked there ?18:34
seaLneamarok just recomended (the we gear and popup dialog thingy) i install a xine ffmpeg package i already had installed18:35
seaLnewhat prompts it to suggest things?18:35
DaskreecHthe voices in the speakers18:36
RiddellDaskreecH: I'm afraid not, no source18:37
RiddellseaLne: that's update-notifier-kde18:37
Tonio_Riddell: here is the dif for update-notifier-kde : http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/147125/18:38
RiddellseaLne: you have libxine1-ffmpeg installed?18:38
Tonio_Riddell: shouldn't be harmfull, but since we're that late, you decide wether you want it uploaded or not :)18:38
Tonio_seaLne: I uploaded a fix for that one, quickly, should be fixed in update-notifier-kde 0.1718:39
Tonio_seaLne: now writing a better fix for that not to happen again :)18:39
Tonio_Riddell: what he describe is the problem I mentionned you, with the suggestion to check the $package.list file instead18:39
RiddellTonio_: looks fine at a glance18:40
Tonio_Riddell: building and testing...18:41
Tonio_Riddell: another propper way would have been to use python-apt to check for package status... I may consider that later, but that's too much of a code change !18:45
tsimpsonTonio_: while you're messing with update-notifier-kde, could you add this (one line) patch: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~tsimpson/update-notifier-kde/trunk/revision/6818:46
Tonio_Riddell: if I remember, python-apt has a "isInstalled" method...18:46
RiddellTonio_: i think I avoided that because it took too long using hard disk etc18:46
tsimpsonit stops apport from running without notification18:46
Tonio_Riddell: true that, it is slow :) I know that well since I'm attempting to write a python app that performs dist-upgrade at shutdown....18:46
Tonio_Riddell: that's a requirement in corporate environment (aka french parliament)18:47
Tonio_works but *really* slow18:47
Tonio_tsimpson: I see nothing harmfull in there, but that's somehow a feature change....18:48
Tonio_Riddell: should I include that fix ?18:49
tsimpsonthe apport "something has crashed, please click here..." message is only ever shown at startup, after that when an app crashes it goes straight to apport (possibly with kdesudo)18:50
tsimpsonso kdesudo pops up with some command the user may not know about and confuses them18:50
Tonio_tsimpson: hum, imho, I prefer this way, indeed, but since we're very close to the freeze, I let the master decide whenever he wants the fix or not :)18:50
Tonio_tsimpson: that's what we call in french a "hot potatoe transfert !"18:51
tsimpsonas far as I know, it differs from Ubuntu behaviour18:53
tsimpsonand it's odd for a average-joe user to see a box asking for their password with no notification of what it is or without performing some action to trigger it18:54
DaskreecHRiddell: So Pirate bay then?18:55
a|wenanybody else got the problem that no crash pop-ups is triggered what-so-ever ... just had kontact/kmail simply disappear18:55
RiddellDaskreecH: that would work18:57
tsimpsonI remember having to change enabled=0 to enabled=1 in /etc/default/apport and restarting apport, but that's in Intrepid, not sure about Jaunty18:57
Riddelltsimpson: I think that apport behaviour is the same as on ubuntu desktop.  at least it was when I implemented it18:57
a|wenhmm, it is already enabled in /etc/default/apport18:58
tsimpsonRiddell: a user in here a few days ago said it was not, but I don't actually know18:58
tsimpsonbut considering it can trigger a kdesudo dialog, I think it's best to have some user action trigger it IMO18:59
DaskreecHWhy is it when I click a deb from off the net it refuses to ask me for my password?19:00
sebasIt checks the username, if it's DaskreecH, it bugs out. For everybody else, it works. :)19:05
sebasWe put that in various parts all over KDE ;-)19:05
sebasKeeps you off the dangerous streets in Kingston19:05
apacheloggersebas: is a special plasma shell for netbooks planed?19:06
sebasapachelogger: yes19:07
sebassee one of aseigo's last blogs19:07
apacheloggerk, thx19:07
sebasthat'd be plasma-mid19:08
apacheloggervery confusing name though :)19:10
sebasyeah, we might name it plama-ux ;)19:11
apacheloggeroh dear19:11
* blizzz suggests plasmb19:12
apacheloggerawful bug in the openoffice plugin I wrote in fall19:13
kb9vqfRiddell: I'm a bit confused...Ubuntu can't track the torrent because there's no source?  KDE3 is still open source...what am I missing? :-)19:15
Tonio_tsimpson, Riddell: I'm testing my changes.... I let you know decide what to do and then I can upload !19:15
Riddellkb9vqf: strict compliance with GPL needs source ISOs distributed alongside the ISO (or a written offer for the same)19:16
Riddellkb9vqf: in practice nobody will mind since the source is available in the repository, but it's not quite kosher19:17
kb9vqfRiddell: Ahhh....I'll see if I can generate a source ISO.  If I do, can it then be "officially" tracked/hosted?19:17
Riddellkb9vqf: probably not then either I'm afraid, I think they can only do torrents for things on releases.u.c and there's lots of approval needed to get on there (plus it's running out of space)19:18
kb9vqfRiddell: OK.  We can still put a link to my site on the Kubuntu page though, correct?19:20
* kb9vqf looks into creating a tracker with Kubuntu19:20
Riddellkb9vqf: yes19:20
kb9vqfRiddell: Good. :-)  Give me a poke when you've had a chance to look at the CD, and I'll make any changes that are suggested before going "live".19:21
kb9vqfDaskreech: have you had a chance to look at the CD yet?19:21
apacheloggerkb9vqf: the ubuntu tracker uses bittorando19:32
RiddellTonio_: I see debian are about to upload kdesudo, you might want to tell them you have a fi for it still19:41
Tonio_Riddell: will do thanks !19:50
QuintasanRiddell: ping20:00
kb9vqfdaskreech: I got the tracker online on my servers (I decided to use opentracker--simple and lightweight), and re-uploaded the .torrent files20:00
kb9vqfdaskreech: So if you could re-start the download for the last time I'd appreciate it :-)20:01
* apachelogger is clearly surprised that his former sysadmin is now using kubuntu20:02
=== rickspencer3 is now known as rickspencer3-afk
* Quintasan wonders when he will have drivers for his Wacom tablet without waiting for new linuxwacom release20:04
DaskreecHapachelogger: clearly20:12
DaskreecHkb9vqf: No sadly. What's the URls for the torrents?20:13
kb9vqfdaskreech: I put the new torrents up at http://apt.pearsoncomputing.net/cdimages/20:14
kb9vqfdaskreech: I'm using my own tracker at http://www.pearsoncomputing.net:696920:14
kb9vqfdaskreech: Give me a poke when you have a chance to try one of them out20:14
DaskreecHTorrents work fine20:19
kb9vqfI might change the tracker in the future, as I will be curious how many people are downloading, but that won't change the .torrent files20:22
rickspencer3-afkRiddell: update a couple of desktop files, did ya?20:25
=== rickspencer3-afk is now known as rickspencer3
mcascan anyone tell me the time for the final translation export?20:29
Riddellrickspencer3: got to get my karma somehow :)20:32
RiddellQuintasan: you pinged?20:33
QuintasanRiddell: uh yeah, I've done the semantik patch, could you upload it? it works :)20:34
=== rickspencer3 is now known as rickspencer3-afk
Quintasanmcas: nixternal said he will do the final upload in about two weeks20:38
RiddellQuintasan: do you have a debdiff?20:44
mcastnx Quintasan20:44
QuintasanRiddell: nope, I will make it now20:45
QuintasanRiddell: http://hs.quintasan.pl/semantik_0.6.8-0ubuntu2.debdiff20:47
Mamarokthere seems to be a bug with the new libxine1-ffmpeg package20:54
MamarokAmarok keeps asking for it to be installed, although it is there20:54
apacheloggerI doubt that is libxine1-ffmpeg's fault, but rather a buggy patch20:55
=== _neversfelde is now known as neversfelde
* Mamarok doesn't have amarok 2.0.220:56
Mamarokthis has been reported by a user on the mailing list20:56
DaskreecHMamarok: Show off20:57
MamarokDaskreecH: I don't think so, I just can't test it, I only have a local svn build20:57
DaskreecHMamarok: :) Just teasing. It's kinda like my friend who lives on SVN and gets used to features about as fastas I do20:59
Mamarokright :)20:59
Mamarokanyway, there is a new bug somewhere20:59
DaskreecHso he'll be saying how glad he is that KDE does <insert feature>.  I'll say it doesn't and he goes oooooh right you are using the released version. (*silence*)20:59
RiddellQuintasan: looks perfect20:59
DaskreecHGrrrrr.   Showoff.21:00
RiddellMamarok: known bug, should be fixed if you upgrade to latest update-notifier-kde21:00
JontheEchidnaoh carp, I forgot I had a kpackagekit patch that I wanted uploaded after beta freeze21:09
JontheEchidnalol, carp21:10
jjessemmmm carp :)21:11
Riddellthat patch must be a load of old tripe21:14
JontheEchidnabug 275196, btw. I'm testbuilding then I'll upload a debdiff21:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 275196 in kpackagekit "(Kubuntu Intrepid) In Adept search tab, after clicking on a package and scrolling down, info display disappears" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27519621:17
joshjtldoes anyone use raptor menu?21:21
Quintasanjoshjtl: I have a package in my ppa21:26
joshjtlwhats the address again Quintasan?21:26
joshjtlQuintasan: do you use it?21:26
Quintasanjoshjtl: http://ppa.quintasan.pl21:26
joshjtlQuintasan: do you use it?21:27
Quintasanjoshjtl: yeah, it stable, but sometimes it crashes21:27
joshjtlQuintasan: i used to have it installed but couldnt figure out how to use it... ill install again now21:28
Quintasanjoshjtl: it's an plasma applet, add it to desktop or menu21:28
ryanakcanixternal: would tomorrow night be any good for help.k.o?21:28
Quintasanand resize it :P21:28
joshjtlQuintasan: no i got how to add it, just not the actual use21:28
joshjtlhmm dunno if it install im running jaunty on this machine21:29
Quintasanjoshjtl: it will install :P21:30
joshjtlnope wont install21:30
Quintasanwhy is that? you are running jaunty?21:31
joshjtlno running intrepid21:32
joshjtlon this machine21:32
=== sebas_ is now known as sebas
Quintasanjoshjtl: so it wont :P21:32
joshjtlill install from source21:33
Quintasanjoshjtl: you will need libplasma-dev and cmake installed21:34
joshjtlQuintasan: know of any "better" amarok panel plasmoid? the preinstalled one kinda sucks21:34
joshjtlgot em21:34
Quintasanjoshjtl: PlayWolf?21:34
joshjtllemme look21:35
nixternalryanakca: that will work for me....I need to start porting it...it should only take me a few hours at the most to do21:36
nixternalryanakca: I will grab the CSS for k.o and use its scheme for the documentation21:36
nixternalthat way there I can stage it for you to look at....21:37
nixternalryanakca: for the h.k.o I say we just use the generic php setup that the old k.o used to be...it was much easier to do the docs stuff with than using a bloated cms21:38
nixternalI will stage everything (maybe tonight) so we can look at it tomorrow night21:38
* nixternal goes back to cleaning up21:38
=== rickspencer3-afk is now known as rickspencer3
ryanakcanixternal: Yeah, even plain old static pages will work. Theming it should be a one or two hour job... Are we going to stick in a search bar?21:42
joshjtlQuintasan: tried to install playwolf from source... installed fine, but when i add it to panel i get a bix X in place of it21:43
Riddelljtholmes: when you're next trying a kubuntu live CD could you try it with mem=512 ?21:44
joshjtlhow do I find out what my KDEDIR is?21:46
Quintasanjoshjtl: try adding it to desktop21:47
joshjtlQuintasan: same problem... on desktop it says could not find playwolf21:50
=== kurrele is now known as kurrele_away
joshjtlQuintasan: whats path to kde 4 installation?21:55
joshjtlon kubuntu21:55
Quintasanjoshjtl: what are you trying to do?21:55
joshjtlto install this: http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php/PeachyDock?content=7849421:56
joshjtlbuild says i need path to kde 4 installation21:56
joshjtlQuintasan: any idea?22:00
joshjtlguess thats a no :)22:05
Tonio_Riddell: just uploading the fixed kdesudo.... --attach option is now included and works like a charm22:10
DaskreecHjoshjtl: try which kdeinit22:13
joshjtlDaskreecH: that doesnt tell me what the dir is22:14
JontheEchidnaRiddell: do you have time to sponsor a few things?22:25
RiddellJontheEchidna: it might disturb me from my lolcat reading22:26
* JontheEchidna switches to a new tactic22:27
RiddellJontheEchidna: what needs doing?22:27
JontheEchidnai can haz sponsor?22:27
JontheEchidnabug 275196, kdenetwork bzr and kdegraphics bzr22:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 275196 in kpackagekit "(Kubuntu Intrepid) In Adept search tab, after clicking on a package and scrolling down, info display disappears" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27519622:27
JontheEchidnaOh, also the add new printer button in spck gives a nice traceback22:28
JontheEchidnajust fyi22:28
* JontheEchidna wonders why system-config-printer breaks stuff like that so often22:29
Riddellthat was my task for this week until this .desktop translations stuff happened22:29
Riddellnow is task for tomorrow22:29
JontheEchidna~order hot cocoa for Riddell22:29
* kubotu slides hot cocoa down the bar to Riddell22:29
Riddellhmm, samba kcm, that should just be throw out22:33
JontheEchidnathat and half of kdeadmin, sadly :(22:37
Riddellkdenetwork up22:43
Tonio_Riddell: hum I forgot that one indeed..... added to todo list, will do tomorrow morning22:43
RiddellTonio_: what's that?22:44
Tonio_Riddell: the kcm samba stuff22:44
RiddellTonio_: JontheEchidna just added some fixes22:45
Tonio_Riddell: oki then22:46
Riddellbit too late to do anything else in jaunty22:46
Tonio_Riddell: I was talking about getting this removed, not fixed :)22:47
Tonio_Riddell: I have plans for karmic on that point (the samba sharing)22:48
RiddellJontheEchidna: is that kpackagekit patch upstream?22:48
JontheEchidnanope, I haven't gotten to it yet22:48
Tonio_Riddell: one thing that changed with kde 4.2.2 and that drives me nuts, dunno if that's a bug22:49
JontheEchidnaI actually forgot I had made the patch until earlier today (I made it back during beta freeze)22:49
Tonio_Riddell: kickoff doesn't disapear when loosing focus.... is that wanted purpose ?22:49
JontheEchidnaTonio_: it seems to be a KWin bug22:50
RiddellJontheEchidna: uploaded22:50
Tonio_JontheEchidna: that's *really* awfull to use.... is it known bug ?22:50
JontheEchidnayeah, both up and downstream22:50
Tonio_JontheEchidna: kk22:51
JontheEchidnabug 3405922:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 34059 in launchpad-registry "Don't make me change pages to sign this code of conduct" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/3405922:51
JontheEchidnabug 35405922:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 354059 in kdebase "[jaunty] kickoff focus issue (4.2.2 regression)" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35405922:51
* Tonio_ is testing the update-notifier changes, and reboots in the meantime22:51
* Tonio_ now remembers why he calls JontheEchidna Mr Malone22:51
Tonio_that's impressive, really22:51
JontheEchidnaI keep a copy of the kubuntu-bugs mailing list archive open in a tab in firefox22:52
JontheEchidnacrtl + f, search for "focus" ;-)22:52
Tonio_JontheEchidna: if it wasn't you, I'd really thought you were an IRC bot :)22:52
Tonio_JontheEchidna: ah ! that makes sense then :)22:52
JontheEchidnaI should blog about my firefox setup some time :P22:52
neversfeldemhh, dragonplayer installed software. Nice feature. Just out of curiosity what happened to the libdvdcss hint?23:29
neversfeldekaffeine had one, or?23:30
Riddellneversfelde: it's illegal in parts of the world we have to care about :(23:33
neversfeldeRiddell: thats the reason why I asked. It might be not legal here in Germany and I wondered why it was part of kubuntu23:34
Riddellit's pretty depressing23:36
Riddellwe can point to software that is illegally copied (wifi firmware) but not to legally copied software the decodes your own videos23:36
neversfeldea norwegian judge goes the right way, he declared libdvdcss is not a copy protection. Here nobody seems to care about that, probably we'll get a better copyright law after this year23:38
neversfeldeit is only a problem related to civil law, so there is a real chance, but I don ot know which countries are involved in this problem, too. Norway not^^23:41
neversfeldeRiddell: thx for that info23:41

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