|izzieHI, i'm new to launchpad, and had a problem with the python commands.. when i tried to rerun the bzr commands, i got the following error00:02
|izziei'm rather stuck now.00:02
mwhudson|izzie: that looks more like a problem with your mysql setup or the specific project than launchpad00:04
mwhudson|izzie: at a guess #ubuntu-us-ma might be a better place to ask00:05
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jmlI'm going to mark https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-bazaar/+bug/91579 as fix released -- any objections?02:30
ubottuUbuntu bug 91579 in launchpad-bazaar "associate branch with source package" [Medium,In progress]02:30
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MTecknologyIs there any way to track downloads from lp.net?05:28
wgrantMTecknology: Coming in
MTecknologywgrant: eta?05:29
MTecknologynext week? :D05:29
wgrantEnd of the month, I suspect.05:30
MTecknologyreally? nice05:30
MTecknologywill it have counts for previously dloaded, or will it have a start point of release date?05:30
wgrantI suspect the latter.05:31
wgrantBut I don't know.05:31
wgrantIt's done by parsing Apache logs, so it could be done historically.05:31
MTecknologysuper sweet :)05:32
pooliethanks wgrant :)05:32
wgrantpoolie: What have I done now?05:33
poolieanswering that question05:34
MTecknologywgrant: how massive are the LP apache logs...05:40
MTecknologyover a TB yet?05:40
wgrantMTecknology: I don't know. I've no relationship with Launchpad.05:41
MTecknologyoh - well you should05:42
MTecknologyyou always seem to know what's going on :P05:42
mwhudsoni suspect logs back to the start of time would be many TB by now05:42
MTecknologysave for logrotate05:42
* wgrant wonders how big librarian is.05:52
spivwgrant: as in how many bytes of content does it store?  It's some ridiculously massive number :)05:52
wgrantspiv: Yes.05:53
wgrantAlso interesting would be how much it has stored in total, before garbage collection.05:53
wgrantSomething pretty insane, I suspect.05:54
spiv(In terms of lines of code, it's pretty modest)05:54
wgrantOf course.05:54
mwhudsonwgrant: put it this way, some of my code was wasting about 70 gigs iirc, and noone was very excited :)06:36
wgrantmwhudson: Oh dear...06:37
spmmwhudson: that's because we have the "gets excited" portion of our brains lobotomised when we start as SA's06:39
* thumper pats spm on the head avoiding the labotomy scar06:42
mwhudsonspm: heh06:42
foxbuntuHi all, having some troubles pushing to a branch,  bzr push keeps stopping during "walking content"07:29
lifelessfoxbuntu: what do you mean by 'stopping'07:32
foxbuntulifeless, ok, it seems to stop, I have let it sit for up to 15 minutes before killing it07:32
lifelesswhat bzr version do you have?07:33
foxbuntui see there is a newer one out there07:34
foxbuntuis there a known issue with the one I have?07:34
foxbuntulifeless, I am installing the newer one07:36
lifelessyes, 1.13~rc1 is buggy07:36
lifelessthat said, you should get a network progress counter07:36
lifelessand the counter should be going up07:37
foxbuntuIm going to try it again with the newer one07:37
foxbuntuah there it goes07:37
foxbuntuthanks lifeless07:38
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gerardjpHi all, can I ask a account question?11:30
Extendgerardjp, go ahead11:30
ketilwaaHi. Is this the correct place to ask PPA questions?11:30
al-maisanketilwaa: yes.11:30
gerardjpIt seems, I have created 2 accounts on the launchpad site over the years/months ... Is it possible to migrate translation work from one to the other?11:31
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maxbIt is possible to merge 2 launchpad accounts. I have no idea if there's any special considerations regarding translation work.11:32
henningegerardjp: It is even possible to merge the two accounts.11:32
henningemaxb: I am not aware of any.11:32
gerardjpCool, I assume that there are docs on this?11:32
ketilwaaal-maisan: Cool. I set up https://launchpad.net/~ketilwaa/+archive/etree-scripts and I'm trying to upload packages, but they fail silently. Lintian give me no errors. See relevant files on: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ketilwaa/etree-scripts-refined/trunk/revision/8 Any suggestions to track down what I'm doing wrong?11:34
* wgrant only knows of https://launchpad.net/people/+requestmerge11:34
al-maisanketilwaa: what does your ~/.dput.cf file look like and how do you invoke dput?11:35
gerardjpgreat, now I can cleanup old stuff ... We do want the net to be tidy ;) ... I'll dig in ... thanx a lot peoples!!!11:35
maxbhttps://launchpad.net/~maxb/+related-software <--- Launchpad claims that I am related to "Bug Helper" but I've never heard of it11:37
ketilwaaal-maisan: http://www.openpaste.org/en/12877/ I invoke it by doing:  "dput etree-scripts etree-scripts_3.2-3~bzr8_source.changes"11:37
* al-maisan looks11:37
al-maisanketilwaa: so, what does dput say when you run it in that fashion?11:38
ketilwaaal-maisan: "Successfully uploaded packages. Not running dinstall."11:39
al-maisanketilwaa: are you getting any upload notification/rejection emails?11:40
al-maisananything in your spam folder?11:40
wgrantmaxb: Probably because you're in ~ubuntu-bugsquad.11:40
wgrantmaxb: That list inherits from your teams.11:40
ketilwaaal-maisan: no, nothing at all11:40
al-maisanketilwaa: that's odd .. and needs to be looked at by a colleague who will be online in approx. 2 hours.11:41
maxbketilwaa: Is the changes file correctly gpg-signed, and is the relevant gpg key definitely associated with your launchpad user profile?11:41
ketilwaaal-maisan: Thanks11:42
ketilwaamaxb: I't's signed, and I'm pretty sure it's the same gpg key, but how do I check that?11:42
al-maisanketilwaa: actually there is no GPG key listed on your launchpad page11:43
al-maisandid you upload one at all?11:44
al-maisanif you did there should be an "OpenPGP keys:" entry11:44
ketilwaaal-maisan: Weird, then where does this key come from: https://edge.launchpad.net/~ketilwaa/+archive/ppa It is mine. How do I sort this oput then?11:45
al-maisanketilwaa: that's a different LP-generated key11:46
al-maisanthat ascertains to a downloader that a package did actually come from your PPA11:46
ketilwaaal-maisan: Well, that explains it. How do I upload my key?11:46
al-maisanketilwaa: click on "Change details" on https://edge.launchpad.net/~ketilwaa ?11:47
ketilwaaal-maisan, wgrant: Ah, thanks11:47
wgrantI like the new editable PPA displayname feature, but the form is a bit off.11:48
al-maisanwgrant: you may want to give feedback to noodles775 :)11:49
wgrantal-maisan: Thanks.11:50
wgrantnoodles775: Why is the display name field so far to the right on IArchive:+edit?11:50
al-maisanwgrant: I just saw that he is lunching but should be back soon..11:50
wgrantal-maisan: I never expect an immediate response, on this side of the world...11:51
al-maisanwgrant: that's prudent :)11:51
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ketilwaaal-maisan: I now get e-mail response from the PPA: "Unable to find distroseries: Jaunty". What needs to go there then?12:01
al-maisanketilwaa: try lower case "jaunty" ..?12:04
ketilwaaal-maisan: That's being rather picky... It was accepted now. Thanks a bunch!12:11
al-maisanketilwaa: that's what you get for using computers, they are picky :)12:11
ketilwaaal-maisan: :)12:12
* wgrant reimplements Launchpad on paper.12:14
al-maisanwgrant: all of it? :)12:15
wgrantal-maisan: Of course.12:16
noodles775Hey wgrant : Not sure... i just saw the page for the first time :). Looking at the markup though, it looks like it's just using the default LPForm rendering...12:25
noodles775Just needs some styling love :)12:25
ketilwaaal-maisan: Sorry to bug you again, but my build failed: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/25012098/buildlog_ubuntu-jaunty-i386.etree-scripts_3.2-3~bzr9_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz What is the parts I need to focus on? Looks like there's still some GPG problem12:33
maxbThe problem is not gpg related, it is merely that your debian/rules is trying to rmdir a directory that does not exist12:35
ketilwaamaxb: OK, thanks. I'll look into that then. It was a little hard to tell which was the fatal error12:45
cody-somervillejoey, ping13:39
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cyberixaeWhy do I receive tons of unsubscribe messages reagarding this bug thread? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/hotkey-setup/+bug/35615714:14
ubottuUbuntu bug 356157 in hotkey-setup "package hotkey-setup 0.1-23ubuntu10 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 2" [High,Fix released]14:14
cyberixaeIs Launchpad really supposed to notify me about every unsubscribe action or is there a bug somewhere?14:15
sinzuicyberixae: I suspect that many of these users believe they subscribed to a list. They are probably the reporter of the duplications bugs. The bug is reported for the user by apport.14:17
wgrantThe problem is that they are not unsubscribe actions.14:18
sinzuiwgrant: I believe there is a bug request such a feature.14:19
wgrantsinzui: The method that they are trying, however, can never work.14:20
* sinzui nod14:20
wgrantThis is also made worse by the weight of the portlets - the duplicates one is fricking huge so you can't see the unsubscribe link.14:20
KmosI'm member of a projecto and I still can't do translations?14:46
Kmosrockstar: why hint?14:46
sinzuikmos: have you done translations before? Have you accepted the agreement that your translations are under the BSD licence?14:55
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rockstarKmos, it's not possible to be a "member" of a project.  You're a member of a team that is socially linked to a project.14:56
rockstarKmos, you cannot do translations because we have the translations locked to pre-approved translation team, because we were getting a lot of junk translations.14:57
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mptGreat, now there isn't a link to all the Ubuntu "notifications" bugs any more15:00
mpt(on the Ubuntu Bugs page)15:00
sinzuiKmos: the foot the the page suggests that you should contact the translations group that manages entertainer. Use the contact this team link at15:03
mdeslaurI'm having a problem with launchpad this morning. When I try and unsubscribe "Ubuntu Security Team" (of which I am a member) from a bug, I'm getting a "Sorry, you don't have permission to access this page. " error.15:08
jdstrandI can confirm it15:09
* sinzui investigates15:09
thewrathhey all15:09
thewrathmdeslaur: any special requirements to be apart of that team?15:10
mdeslaurthewrath: yes, you need to work for the security team. Is that what you're asking?15:10
mdeslaurthe problem started this morning for me, yesterday it worked fine15:11
thewrathyes sir15:11
sinzuithewrath: mdeslaur: As a rule, you should not see a link you cannot use. There is definitely a bug, I'm looking to when permission is wrong15:12
mdeslaurthanks sinzui15:12
thewrathmdeslaur: that is exactly what i was asking15:12
noodles775sinzui: could it not be that the unsubscription is happening correctly, but then the page tries to redirect back to the (private) bug?15:13
sinzuimdeslaur: are you using edge.launchpad.net15:13
noodles775(I have a similar issue...)15:13
thewrathsinzui: not to hijack this but what is the different between edge.launchpad.net and launchpad.net?15:13
sinzuinoodles775: I am reading that bug and pondering if that is the same condition15:14
mdeslaursinzui: yes, I am15:14
mdeslaursinzui: sorry, forgot to mention it15:14
sinzuithewrath: edge gets code updates daily. where as the normal launchpad.net get updates about monthly15:14
thewrathsinzui: code upates you mean like website updates?15:15
mdeslaurnoodles775: I'm trying with bug 357172, which is public15:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 357172 in pidgin "pidgin opens unsolicited MSN conversations" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35717215:15
noodles775mdeslaur: ok, then it's not the same issue :)15:15
sinzuithewrath: you can join the https://launchpad.net/~launchpad-beta-testers to see new features and bug fixes a few hours after we land them15:16
matsubarasinzui, noodles775: bug 89476 and bug 13657015:16
jdstrandsinzui: I don't think I was, unless I was redirected somehow (I know there is a group that does that, but I can't recall which off-hand)15:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 89476 in malone "busted permissions: cannot unsubscribe ubuntu-security when private" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/8947615:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 136570 in malone "Can't unsubscribe from duplicates if dupe is private" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/13657015:16
jdstrandsinzui: ie, I think I was using launchpad.net, not edge15:16
mdeslauroh, it may be bug 13657015:17
mdeslaurI think I marked a duplicate just before15:17
sinzuijdstrand: you would see edge in the url15:17
jdstrandok, there you go. I was using launchpad.net :)15:17
jdstrandthe bug is public though15:18
jdstrandoh, I missed the 2nd bug15:18
jdstrandyes, the second bug is private15:18
* jdstrand feels like he is just adding confusion and steps away...15:19
thewrathsinzui: that beta testers is easy stuff in a way of speaking and wocul you explain a little more15:20
sinzuithewrath: launchpad redirects beta team to the edge environment.  That environment is update daily with the lasted changes we landed in the launchpad devel branch15:22
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sinzuithewrath: The changes include things like page redesigns, bug fixes to problems such as page timeouts, or missing permissions. We also release new features. The beta team give us feed back to verify a fix is correct and that a feature is ready to release15:24
sinzuithewrath: This is a list of the bugs and features that will appear on edge before they are available on launchpad.net: https://edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-project/+milestone/2.2.415:25
sinzuithewrath: any items in that list with fix committed will be on  edge within 24 hours.15:26
mdeslaursinzui: are you still looking into it, or can I fix my issue by fixing the duplicate for now?15:28
sinzuimdeslaur: You can fix the duplicate if you have that power.15:29
* sinzui got distracted by another meeting15:29
sinzuimdeslaur: which bug is the problem15:30
mdeslaursinzui: I do have the power. Thanks15:31
mdeslaursinzui: FYI: original bug: 357172, duplicate: 35717315:32
mdeslaurthanks for your help15:32
sinzuimdeslaur: your wlecome15:32
ignasHi, who do I ask to review my translation template (https://translations.launchpad.net/schooltool/development/+imports) to get it added more quickly?15:44
savvastry #ubuntu-translators15:44
henningeignas: me, jtv1 or danilos15:45
henninge#launchpad is ok for that15:45
ignashenninge: can you look at it, please?15:45
jtv1henninge, ignas: I've got it15:45
jtv1ignas: it's a new one?15:45
savvasaaaahh a template, misread, sorry :)15:46
beunosinzui, blueprints updated to 2.0!  https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+spec/wiki-hosting15:46
thewrathsinzui: thank you!15:46
Kmosrockstar: i'm member of portuguese translations team for ubuntu, I also agreed some time ago the bsd license15:46
Kmossinzui: thanks15:47
jtv1ignas: it's done, should be imported soon15:47
ignasjtv1: by the way - how do I delete old translation templates that have been deprecated?15:48
jtv1ignas: you ask us.  which one?15:48
ignas"schoolbell" and "lyceum" ones15:48
jtv1ignas: in the development series?15:48
jtv1ignas: done.  they're still in the database if you should ever need the data, but they won't show up in the UI now.15:50
ignasthank you15:51
savvasMTecknology: here? I'll forward bug #300997 and bug #301830 to rt at ubuntu.com - ubuntu-website doesn't handle configuration files of the wiki15:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 300997 in ubuntu-website "monthcalendar on ubuntu wikis - unattractive brown/red colours" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30099715:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 301830 in ubuntu-website "PageList Style Formatting" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30183015:54
sinzuibeuno: I note there is some irony in that spec because if blueprints supported wiki, the description would be useful.15:55
beunoheh, yes15:56
thewrathon my page how am i able to have people join it15:58
thewrathlike the launchpad beta users?15:58
sinzuithewrath: Which page? a team page, your user profile page?16:00
sinzuithewrath: ah16:02
sinzuithewrath: You are at the boundary of  problem I hope to solve next month16:02
thewrathcan you please explain a little more16:02
thewrathsinzui: my reasoning i want people to join i dont want annoymous (sp) users submitting bugs i want you to be apart of the project16:03
sinzuithewrath: users cannot join project, they can join teams. You can create a team. You can associate the team with the project by giving it a responsibility such as bug supervisor.16:06
sinzuithewrath: I don't think this will help your situation though :(16:06
sinzuithewrath: Anyone may file a bug.16:06
sinzuithewrath: But we recognise that only the core project people can set a bug to the state of triaged, which means it is a real bug and it has a priority16:07
thewrathso creating a team is very easy correct16:08
thewrathand there is no way i can only set up a certain team can report bugs?16:08
sinzuithewrath: Correct16:08
savvaswhy would you restrict submitting bugs?16:08
* savvas reads up16:09
thewrathbc i would only want certain people who use the program i created to report them16:09
thewrathi dont want spammers to submit bugs16:09
savvasin launchpad you need to register to submit a bug16:09
thewrathhow do i associate my team wtih my project?16:10
sinzuithewrath: While we don't want to restrict reporting bugs, we do want to restrict who has the authority to verify a bug. Also we want to solve another problems in a few months: show official project members as official in bug comments.16:10
* sinzui needs to solve how to associate a team with a project in an adhoc way16:10
thewraththat is agreed wtih me there sinzui lol16:11
thewrathhow do i assoicate a team wtih a project16:11
sinzuithewrath: There is a link to create a team on https://launchpad.net/. There is a link to assign a bug supervisor at https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/mikesats16:12
savvasthey will be able to change details in the project pages, makes announcements etc16:12
savvasyou could create two teams though, yourproject-admins and yourproject-hackers16:13
thewrathmy project hackers?16:13
thewrathi have just mikesatsbugreporters16:13
savvasthe people that contribute to the code :)16:13
savvaswhat do you use launchpad for? bug reporting only?16:14
thewrathbug reporting and code and answers16:14
sinzuithewrath: The feature to associate a team with a project in an adhoc way is described here: https://dev.launchpad.net/VersionThreeDotO/Registry/StoryCards#Project%20teams%20and%20people16:14
thewrathdarn i wish i was in my other ssh client thing16:15
savvaswhy? no w3m to browse? :)16:15
savvasnevermind :)16:17
savvasw3m is a command line web browser :p16:17
thewrathoh ok16:17
thewrathhow you relate a branch to a team ?16:18
thewrathcan a branch have two owners?16:19
sinzuithewrath: any team member can push a branch to the team's space16:19
savvasI think you can have subteams for your team, but not sure16:20
thewrathso if i have a team that i want to be able to push the code better to have it related tot he team and not hte project?16:20
sinzuithewrath: bzr push lp:~<teamname>/<project>/[optional_branch_name]16:20
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sinzuithewrath: bzr push lp:~<teamname>/mikesats16:21
savvasthewrath: here's an example: yourproject-admins or yourproject-maintainers to take care of the project and yourproject-hackers for the code, and yourproject-triagers for bug reporting :)16:21
thewrathfor the teams/16:21
sinzuithewrath: a branch can have one owner, but if that owner is a team, all the members can push and pull to it16:21
thewrathso the branch i would have related to the yourproject-hackers?16:24
thewrathso like this: https://edge.launchpad.net/mikesats/+announcement/245316:27
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Kmoshow do I subscribe to the team? https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/+groups/launchpad-translators16:36
Kmosthere isn't any join team button16:36
sinzuiKmos: that is not really a team16:36
Kmosgroup :)16:36
Kmossinzui: I need to ask project ? or what ?16:37
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sinzuiKmos: https://launchpad.net/~launchpad-translators-leaders owns the translation group. use the "Contact tis team" link to ask about getting permission to translate a project16:38
Kmossinzui: ah.. ok =) thanks16:39
sinzuiKmos: as I see this16:39
sinzuiKmos: I think there is a faster way16:39
sinzuidanilos: can you help kmos  get access to translate the entertainer project?16:40
sinzuinoodles775: ^ maybe you can help kmos? I think the entertainer project needs a translations group setup to allow transations16:40
Kmossinzui: i'm submitted my candidate by the contact form16:41
noodles775sinzui, Kmos: I think one of the translation guys such as henninge or jtv1 might be of more help?16:43
jtv1sinzui, Kmos: danilos is out at the moment16:43
noodles775I'd help if I could, but am not in the know with the translations things :)16:44
sinzuiand so it jtv apparently16:44
jtv1Kmos: what exactly is it you're trying to do?16:44
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Kmosi tried to translate entertainer project, I've already done some translations.. I'm also member of the entertainer project.16:45
Kmosand figure out here in the channel that I need to be in launchpad translations group16:46
jtvKmos: for translating you generally don't need to be a member of anything16:46
Kmosso sinzui told me I need to join launchpad translations group16:46
Kmosjtv: I know.. i'm already a translator for portuguese (portugal) in ubuntu16:46
sinzuiKmos: correction, ask the tam, no one needs to join it16:46
KmosThis translation is managed by translation group launchpad-translators.16:48
Kmosso I've already sent an message to join in the contact form16:48
jtvKmos: I see: there is no Portuguese translation team in the group yet.16:48
Kmosjtv: could you add it ?16:49
jtvKmos: if you create the team, we can add it.16:49
jtvKmos: it would also be a good idea to talk to the Portuguese Ubuntu translation team as a whole, and see if that team wants to join your new team as well.16:50
Kmoscould it be https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-pt ?16:50
Kmosubuntu-pt is already member of ubuntu-translations group16:51
jtvKmos: have you read the documentation at https://help.launchpad.net/Translations/LaunchpadTranslators ?16:52
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Kmoshttp://loadimage.org/out.php?img=Yq219AusdYGxl8uCdxWNVgfMYnn6VO0pdUGt97uWXyzjEFy4MGj2Ac1ZNvDbA92VNkzlgtuLafn4BXnh -> this is a bug ?16:53
jtvKmos: looks like.  The URL in the picture is a bit hard to read, could you type it out?16:54
* jtv realizes we have more modern solutions nowadays16:54
jtvI mean, can you copy it here?16:55
Kmosjtv: do you see the "continue" button ?16:55
Kmoswith red around it16:55
jtvKmos: I do, I'm trying to get to the same page to see if I can reproduce it.16:55
KmosI reproduce it with IE816:55
Kmosthis one has it16:56
Kmosjtv: about the documentation. yes16:56
jtvKmos: I don't see the button on that URL...  But what's the URL you used in the picture?16:56
Kmosthat URL.. but there are others that the button appears16:57
Kmosjtv: you tried with internet explorer 8 '16:57
jtvKmos: no, I don't have IE myself, sorry16:57
beunoKmos, could you file a bug for that?16:58
beunowith the screenshot and all16:58
jtvKmos: I think this is the URL in the picture: https://edge.launchpad.net/translation-standards16:58
jtvThe word Continue doesn't appear in the page source for me.16:58
Kmosa friend of mine can also reproduce it in windows vista with IE816:58
Kmosjtv: yes.. but it appears in a lot of launchpad pages16:59
jtvKmos: that's a pretty bad bug then.  Strange that it seems to be browser-specific.16:59
Kmosyep.. IE8 standards are a little crazy17:00
Kmosi'll report a bug about it with a better image17:00
jtvKmos: thanks.  Can you give beuno the bug number when you're done?17:01
Kmosjtv: yes. np17:01
Kmosso, about the translations.. better to ask ~ubuntu-pt team about to join launchpad translations?17:01
Kmosi don't think I want to create another team just for that17:02
jtvKmos: It may be better though.  Launchpad and Ubuntu are related, but they're not the same.17:02
jtvKmos: we would like people to be able to join the "reference" translation team for Launchpad without having to join Ubuntu specifically.17:03
ubottuUbuntu bug 345777 in launchpad "In Internet Explorer 8, bug report pages have stray "Continue" button" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:04
Kmosit already exists17:04
jtvbeuno: ^^^17:04
Kmosit'll confirm it17:04
beunojtv, Kmos, thanks17:04
Kmosjtv: i'll ask first ~ubuntu-pt if they would like to join, else I create the team =)17:06
Kmosjtv: if they agree.. what are the next steps ?17:06
jtvKmos: see the bottom of that wiki page.  We do have a naming convention for the translation teams in this group, so that's another reason for setting up a separate team.17:07
Kmosjtv: ah ok..17:08
jtvKmos: ideally, we'd want developers of other distros to like LP for translation and maybe use the LP translation group for their projects, without getting fired for working for the competition.  :-)17:08
Kmosjtv: hehe.. yeah.. the idea is to separate launchpad from ubuntu =)17:11
LarstiQKmos: it already is, but unfortunately the image persists it isn't.17:11
jtvLarstiQ: nicely put17:12
KmosLarstiQ: yep17:14
Kmosmaybe when it becomes open-source, the things change.17:16
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MTecknologysavvas: sounds great - thanks :)17:27
savvasnp :)17:27
savvashow can I delete https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-gr-irc ?17:31
savvaswe don't need it, I thought I could use IRCLogin with Encyclopedia for a ubottu clone, but I think it's only for bantracker17:32
=== salgado-lunch is now known as salgado
savvasI'll make it a question at launchpad17:34
MTecknologysavvas: I used to know, but my membory of it is low - last I knew, IRCLogin is only for authenticating to the bot so it would work for both17:34
savvasI tried, messed around a bit, and I think it doesn't matter, it's not much of a pain to use the internal @register command :)17:36
MTecknologythat's what I do - I fugyre my stuff doesn't really change that much17:37
savvasmaybe it makes a difference for the ubuntu-* folks, but for a local bot.. better manually :P17:37
MTecknologyya, only 4 people that can edit the bot like that17:38
MTecknologyI might play with it some in my next class17:38
MTecknologyanyway - I slept through my first two classes so I should go clean up before my gf gets here17:38
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sinzuiherb: ping18:37
sinzuimthaddon: ping18:42
mthaddonsinzui: howdy18:42
sinzuimthaddon: 1) can you merge https://edge.launchpad.net/~lkl-dev into oblivion per a long question I an dealing with.18:43
mthaddonsinzui: can I see the question?18:43
sinzuimthaddon: https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/6652218:44
sinzui2) Do we need an admin link to automate this?18:44
* sinzui has already committed to adding delete/deactivate a series for this release18:44
mthaddonsinzui: we have to remove all members before merging with registry - if there was an admin way of automating that, that'd be very nice18:44
sinzuimthaddon: That's good to know. I'll will get this story estimated18:45
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geeKISSexyIf I have a project maintained in LP and the project is also part of the Ubuntu distribution, is there a way to be able to get all bugs assigned to the project's software in the Ubuntu distribution, directly to the project in Launchpad ?21:01
beunogeeKISSexy, not really21:01
beunobut there's a reason for it  :)21:01
beunothe bugs filed in Ubuntu21:01
beunoare to a specific version (the one in Ubuntu)21:01
geeKISSexySo it'd be the jobs of the MOTU to inform upstream.21:01
beunothe ones against the project can be different21:02
beunogeeKISSexy, you can subscribe to all bugs on that package21:02
geeKISSexyOkay!! But I can't triage them.21:02
geeKISSexyIn Debian, it can be done..21:03
geeKISSexyNot sure..21:03
geeKISSexyLP is much more that the Debian infrastructure.21:03
beunogmb, intellectronica, any inputs on this  ^21:04
geeKISSexybeuno: Thanks.21:04
beunohow do upstream authors deal with triaging?21:04
beunogeeKISSexy, wait!  we may have more information for you  :)21:04
* gmb mumbles something about needing tea, reads scrollback21:04
intellectronicageeKISSexy: do you mean that you want to copy all the ubuntu package tasks of the bug to the project?21:05
gmbgeeKISSexy: Okay, let me get my facts straight here before I give you advice that may or may not be useful...21:05
gmbgeeKISSexy: What intellectronica said :)21:05
geeKISSexyintellectronica: yes.21:05
intellectronicageeKISSexy: you can use launchpad's api to do that, but there's no built-in function like that21:06
intellectronicait's rarely a good thing to do, i think21:06
gmbintellectronica, geeKISSexy: ACtually21:06
gmbI've written an API script to do just that (pretty much) for the Ubuntu bug squad.21:06
beunowell, isn't this what multiple bug tastks are for?21:06
gmbbeuno: Yes, but you'd have to create them manually.21:06
intellectronicaoh, actually, there's a report for bugs that need filing upstream, no?21:06
gmbbeuno: The script I'm talking about does the work for you, pretty much.21:07
geeKISSexyProblem is when you see a package's bug report on   p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; }  https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/project/+bugs, you see many outdated bug reports not updated.21:07
intellectronicabeuno: ideally, you should check that the bug is actually upstream. sometimes the upstream code is fine but a bug is manifested in ubuntu21:07
geeKISSexyAt least with a "Fixed Upstream" tag.21:07
gmbgeeKISSexy: Bear with me here, I have just the thing for you (I think)21:07
* beuno loves launchpad developers21:07
gmbgeeKISSexy: http://launchpad.net/lp-upstream-tools21:09
* geeKISSexy follows the link21:09
gmbgeeKISSexy: Just bzr branch the trunk series21:09
* intellectronica lurves the api21:09
geeKISSexyI'll see into it.21:09
geeKISSexyThank you all.21:10
gmbgeeKISSexy: You'll need launchpadlib installed (http://launchpad.net/launchpadlib)21:10
gmbBut once you've got that the upstream-packagebugs.py script should do the trick for you.21:13
geeKISSexyThanks. Looking into it. :-)21:13
maxbi386      7217 builds waiting in queue21:51
noodles775maxb: I think a lot of those might be builds in disabled archives and shouldn't be counted in the queue:21:54
ubottuUbuntu bug 356505 in soyuz "Build queue counters are tainted by builds in disabled archives" [High,Fix committed]21:54
noodles775(and hopefully won't be tomorrow after cprov's fix lands on edge :) )21:55
maxboh you're quite right, the counters on edge look much saner than on production22:03
noodles775ah great, so it's already landed :)22:06
noodles775(in last night's edge update)22:06
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sinzuiherb: ping22:19
=== _thumper_ is now known as thumper
slangasekI'm having a number of problems trying to manipulate a private security bug in Launchpad (bug #358013)22:25
ubottuBug 358013 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/358013 is private22:25
slangasekis there some strange interaction between security bugs and the usual ACLs?22:25
herbsinzui: pong22:26
sinzuiHi herb. I working on some SQL to fix some bad user to help out a user in an open question22:27
sinzuiherb: can you verify that this deactivated user really owns the key in dispute: https://pastebin.canonical.com/16121/22:28
WhoopieHi, I tried to upload a new package to my PPA and got a reject. Error message is: "Rejected: Unhandled exception processing upload: The email address 'XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX@gmail.com' is already registered."23:01
Whoopiebut this mail address is not mine. What does it mean?23:01
wgrantcprov: ^^23:02
wgrantWhoopie: Is that the maintainer's address, perhaps?23:05
Whoopiewgrant: yes, indeed23:05
Whoopiewgrant: but I backported some other packages without problems. so I don't understand this error.23:07
wgrantWhoopie: It's not your fault. It's a Launchpad bug.23:09
wgrantIt already has a real Person. That is odd.23:11
cprovWhoopie: let me check the logs.23:14
cprovit's odd, indeed.23:14
cprovit seems to be related to the emailaddress case, weird23:19
wgrantThat was fixed on the login form a few days ago.23:20
cprovwgrant: right, there are some implications in the way we identify users mentioned in the changesfile, let me check with salgado.23:22
Whoopiecprov: btw, should I sign the PPA PGP key with my key?23:48
cprovWhoopie: it's up to you, not mandatory.23:49
cprovWhoopie: because users will get the reference for the signing-key via https23:49
WhoopieI see23:52

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