maxbWell now I've made it complete /tmp/foo bar00:02
dooglusmaxb: no, I can't - I'm thinking of a similar but different bug00:02
maxbI wonder how you're supposed to get it to complete /tmp/foo\ bar00:02
dooglusmaxb: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=356218 is related I think?00:02
ubottuDebian bug 356218 in bash "bash: [COMPLETION] fail to complete file names with spaces for bzip2" [Normal,Closed]00:02
dooglusit's the one I was thinking of00:03
maxbI hate shellscript :-(00:05
doogluswhat's the problem maxb?00:06
maxbspaces. quoting. shell. guaranteed to drive you insane.00:11
IenorandPersonally I find it rather pleasant, and you feel appropriately "hax" when you manage to do what you intended...00:14
zookoThis shows that you haven't reached the insanity stage yet.00:14
zookoIt's sort of like the first few pages of an ancient tome of Cthulhu.00:14
zookoYou get this pleasurable feeling of power...00:15
IenorandBut I WANT IT!00:15
* Ienorand should be going to bed soon00:16
zookoGrumble.  Why, when I tell Konqueror to tell VLC to play a .flac file, does it proceed to *download* the entire 38 MB file to a temporary directory before beginning to play it?00:16
zookoDon't sleep facing East.00:17
zookoOr a Greater Bash Shell with long creeping associative arrays will crawl into your ear.00:17
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ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org00:19
zookoHeh. Coincidentally the flac file that was taking so long to start is "The Thing That Should Not Be" by Metallica.00:19
bruce89zooko: may some weird VFS thing00:19
zookoIt looks like to me that Konqueror is going and downloading the file before giving it to VLC.00:20
zookoBecause it pops up a Konqueror download widget thingie.00:20
zookoAt least I *think* that widget thingie is coming from Konqueror.00:20
zookoAnd not from...  somewhere just as real, but not so brightly lit.00:21
bruce89that's a bit strange, I assume it's a local file00:21
zookoNo, over HTTP.00:21
bruce89ah, shove the URI into VLC manually00:21
zookoWell, I know how to do *that*.00:22
zookoWhat I don't know is how to tell Konqueror to give VLC the URL instead of the file contents.00:22
zookoOr else to give VLC the file contents incrementally and without using my hard drive.00:22
mogul218good evening everyone.....installed kubuntu on my laptop and i am familiar with the wireless setup in ubuntu but lost on kubuntu.....can someone help me out?00:23
bruce89zooko: Konq being a Web browser (now), it'll download stuff when maybe it isn't needed00:23
mogul218i am on jaunty btw00:23
zookobruce89: thanks!00:23
zookoArgh -- VLC skips when I give it the URL.00:26
IenorandIs touch /forcefsck the recomended way to force fsck?00:26
m4vIenorand: I don't other way if there is00:29
v0lksmanI did an upgrade from intrepid to jaunty last thursday...I can't seem to find anything notify-osd...is it cause I upgraded?00:40
ActionParsnip!info notify-osd00:41
ubottunotify-osd (source: notify-osd): daemon that displays passive pop-up notifications. In component main, is optional. Version 0.9.9-0ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 140 kB, installed size 780 kB00:41
MementoMoriis current beta usable?00:41
ActionParsnipMementoMori: ;)00:41
v0lksmanActionParsnip: yeah...so I installed notify-osd...not sure where to go now00:41
MementoMorihi ActionParsnip ;) do you prefer answer to my question here? :D00:42
v0lksmanoh snappity snap00:42
maxbMementoMori: that depends on whether your definition of usable includes "working well, but if it breaks, it's your responsibility to get yourself out of trouble"00:42
MementoMorimaxb: I mean: if it breaks an update will solve the problem00:43
bytor4232Jaunty with no GUI installed boots in 15 seconds on a dual core workstation.  I have xfce4 installed, it boots in six seconds.00:44
MementoMorimaybe it's better to install 810 and then distupgrade00:45
MementoMoribut i've never trusted dist-upgrade...00:45
maxbIf you mean apt-get dist-upgrade, you shouldn't be using it unless you self-classify as expert00:46
maxbThe supported upgrade path is update-manager, which in addition to a basic dist-upgrade includes all sorts of helper fixups00:46
bytor4232Ubuntu 9.04 with ext4 boots on my laptop boots to a bash login in 14 seconds, xfce4 loads from startx in 9 seconds00:46
MementoMorimaxb: i think i'm good power user but when I say "dist-upgrade" I mean: look up the wiki and follow the raccomended official way00:47
maxbI would not fear release-upgrading.00:48
MementoMorimaxb: but should I trust it?00:48
maxbI have upgraded step-by-step all the way from dapper00:48
MementoMoriI'm used to install packages from medibuntu00:48
MementoMoriwill those packs break the upgrade?00:48
maxbIt's always wise to be a little cautious about 3rd party repositories, but I think most of medibuntu's packages are either sufficiently close to their Ubuntu variants, or sufficiently minor addons that you are unlikely to have issues00:49
maxbI use a few packages from medibuntu too00:50
MementoMorimaxb: I actually use codecs, fonts, libdvdcss2 and few other if I remember well00:51
MementoMoriso ok00:51
MementoMorii'll install 810 tomorrow00:51
MementoMoriI really hate when I've to install a new system a couple of weeks before the next release00:52
MementoMoriI think ubuntu should become a metadistro the gentoo way.00:53
MementoMoriso no new versions no doubt00:53
timWill there be any support for hotway and hotsmtp in Jaunty?  I noticed it was not in the repositories.00:56
ccookeI find myself increasingly disheartened about the way the update manager icon is being handled. I suspect that, because of it, Jaunty is going to be the least tested Ubuntu since Hoary - I wouldn't be surprised if this release has the worst track record for bugs for a very long time, simply because of this policy change.00:56
hyp0cracihi was wondering if someone could help me get my sound working :o( im a linux super-noob, and just installed 9.04 as my first distro, so not sure what is the issue, i have googled for 2 days now, and searched on the ubuntu website, but none of the stuff i found worked for me,..i have set everything to alsa, added my user to the audio group, but nothing01:12
coffee|_|Dis your soundcard supported?01:13
coffee|_|Dprobabley could see if you have the modules installed? with  "modinfo soundcore"01:14
hyp0cracii believe so, it shows me options under sounds related to the card name, it is the internal sound on my asus m3n-ht deluxe, (using optical out btw), "modinfo soundcore" lists a generic sound driver01:17
hyp0craciim trying to look on the alsa website but not sure what manufacturer makes the AD1988 HDA chip which i have01:21
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AntiochI just installed the xubuntu beta and updated all packages. I used to have the beta installed and updated, but I reformatted my HD. This time after updating, however, the panel and background don't appear after logging in - only a terminal does.01:23
AntiochHow can I fix this?01:24
coffee|_|Dis it an nvidia board then nvidia01:24
hyp0craciok so i found that i am using the nvidia HDA sound driver, and it is supported , so any suggestions? like i said i have already set my user to the audio group, and set all the options in the Pref > Sound ..to HDA (ALSA), but i hear nothing :o(01:30
quieteyeshyp0craci: just curious, nForce2 chipset & audio?01:31
DanaGnf2 wouldn't be HDA, I'm pretty sure.01:32
DanaGWould have to be NF3 or newer.01:32
hyp0cracinot exaclty sure, its the nforce 780a chipset and it uses the AD1988 HDA codec :o/01:34
DanaG780 is "nf7".01:34
AntiochAre you trying to get digital output?01:34
Antiochfor audio01:34
hyp0cracii am, only cables i have here is optical01:35
Antiochok well if it works the way mine does (onboard nvidia 9300) its simple01:35
DuckthisIs there someone using TrueCrypt?01:35
Antiochfirst go to your sound mixer, turn up the master and add the switches for something like E98------ some number looking thing, dont remember off hand01:35
Antiochturn both of the switches on01:35
Antiochthat may do it, or you may have to add the follwing to your ~/.asoundrc file01:36
Antioch(sec while I find the link)01:36
AntiochI guess, you have a diff chipset than I do so probably yeah.01:36
hyp0craciIEC985 is enabled, only other switch there is headphones01:36
DanaGMight wanna' install pavucontrol, too, perhaps.01:36
afallenhopehey guys found a small bug. trying to compile idjc, and found that it was looking for: Error: ffmpeg/avcodec.h: No such file or directory where it's really locate at /usr/lib/avcodec/ similar (but reversed) to the following bug: http://trac.enlightenment.org/e/ticket/23701:36
DanaGGnome hides all the mixers by default.  =P01:37
AntiochDanaG, I had "IEC985" and "IEC985-2" --- the firs one did nothing, the second one (#2) made the magic work01:37
hyp0cracihmm i do remember seeing 2 of them when i did alsamixer from console lemme go try01:37
DanaGHmm, probably has separate hdmi and spdif.01:38
afallenhopeso any ideas on that onw?01:38
hyp0craci..to danalol01:38
DuckthisIs there someone using TrueCrypt?01:38
DanaGI have a sound card that does similar odd things: one "Speaker" slider that doesn't even MOVE properly, and has no effect.... another "Speaker 1" slider that goes from 0db to 0db, but works (as long as you ignore the broken 'db' marking).01:38
DanaGIt's a USB sound card.01:38
AntiochDanaG, try one of the following (the first one worked for me getting HDMI out, but I think theyre the same issue) - http://xbmc.org/forum/showpost.php?p=276711&postcount=96, http://xbmc.org/forum/showpost.php?p=257476&postcount=26801:39
AntiochYou only need to worry about the asoundrc part, the rest of the post is about updating alsa drivers, but Jaunty has the needed version01:39
hyp0craciwhat is pavucontro? and how/where would i install it from?01:40
hyp0cracii only have that one switch anti and it is enabled with no sound01:40
Antiochdid you add lines to your asoundrc?01:41
afallenhopefound a small bug. trying to compile idjc, and found that it was looking for: Error: ffmpeg/avcodec.h: No such file or directory where it's really locate at /usr/lib/avcodec/ similar (but reversed) to the following bug: http://trac.enlightenment.org/e/ticket/23701:41
hyp0cracino i didnt, u said u were gonna look up the link didnt see u post it tho did i miss it?01:42
xeroI've recently compiled BlueZ 4.34 and Pulse 0.9.15-test7, and am unable to pair my Bluetooth headset (moto S9). I get this when attempting to do so: i get this http://paste.ubuntu.com/146579/ when pairing my moto S901:42
Antiocha few lines up01:42
DanaGBluetooth audio has never worked for me in Linux.01:42
Antioch2 links01:42
xeroWOW! How the heck did that sentence get so garbled? Let's try that again.01:43
hggdhafallenhope, have you checked for a LP bug on this? If you find one, can you please check if the reference to trac is given there01:43
afallenhopehggdh, not that I could see01:43
xeroI've recently compiled BlueZ 4.34 and Pulse 0.9.15-test7, and am unable to pair my Bluetooth headset (moto S9). /ticket/23701:43
xero<hyp0craci> no i didnt, u said u were gonna look up the link didnt see u post it tho did i miss it?01:43
xero<xero> I've recently compiled BlueZ 4.34 and Pulse 0.9.15-test7, and am unable to pair my Bluetooth headset (moto S9). I get this when attempting to do so: http://paste.ubuntu.com/146579/01:43
xeroHow the ...01:43
xeroBRB, changing mouse and keyboard batteries. Something's messed up.01:44
Antiochhyp0craci, DanaG, I just enabled the switches and added the first asoundrc (as well as rebootd X, this is important) and it worked for me to get sound over HDMI on the latest 9.04 beta01:44
Antiochliterally 10 seconds ago ;)01:44
hggdhafallenhope, would you then please open one (I am *assuming* you are trying to build currently deployed idjc)?01:44
afallenhopehggdh, yeah I am01:44
hggdhafallenhope, and there is a binary package for it?01:45
droneis there a channel where we can get some help with the 9.04 beta?01:45
afallenhopehggdh, no it's outdated01:45
mpricedrone this is the right channel01:45
droneah ok. thanks01:45
afallenhopehggdh, it's so outdated it doesn't even support my files lol.01:46
hggdhafallenhope, let me find out what is it we have01:46
xeroI've recently compiled BlueZ 4.34 and Pulse 0.9.15-test7, and am unable to pair my Bluetooth headset (moto S9). I get this when attempting to do so: http://paste.ubuntu.com/146579/01:46
hyp0craciok lol got confused cause u said dana, but anyways those refer to using the hdmi audo, where as i am trying to use the optical audio out..what would i put inplace of "hdmi" there?01:47
dronewell, I've got two issues: 1. ever since I updated my 64 bit 8.10 to 9.04 beta, my update-manager gives the error "bzip2: Data integrity error when decompressing."  when I try to run updates01:47
droneand also I have no icons in my gnome panel menus01:47
dronebut they are there in alacarte01:48
* hggdh waits for packages.ubuntu.com... waiting for godot is more fun :-(01:48
droneand I can drag the objects to the desktop and they show there01:48
droneI tried deleting gconf and gnome files01:48
hggdhafallenhope, OK, we have 0.7.7 on Jaunty01:48
dronejust to see if it would help01:48
dronebut it didn't do anything01:48
hggdhafallenhope, did you get the source from upstream?01:49
afallenhopehggdh, I got it from the developper's site01:49
DanaGhyp0craci: try aplay -l and aplay -L  (lowercase and caps L)01:49
afallenhopehggdh, I know the issue just don't know how to fix it01:49
hggdhafallenhope, ah OK. Just edit the source file that has the bad reference, and correct it01:50
afallenhope--> error: ffmpeg/avcodec.h: No such file or directory <-- the file is found at /usr/include/libavcodec.h  instead of /usr/include/ffmpeg01:50
hggdhafallenhope, this error was given compiling another source....01:50
DanaGargh, damned windows is unloading and loading my hdd heads.01:51
afallenhopehggdh, this was given compiling idjc0.7.2a01:51
hggdhafallenhope, or just 'grep -R ffmpeg/avcodev.h *01:51
DanaGI've tweaked it in ubuntu to not do that.01:51
hggdhafallenhope, now wait: you say this is for idjc 0.7.2a. Is this newer or older than 0.7.7?01:52
afallenhopehggdh, it's the laterst01:52
hyp0cracidana have already done that , it lists Nvidia HDA as the devices01:52
hggdhafallenhope, OK. then just run the grep I gave you, and correct each hit as needed01:53
afallenhopehggdh, nothingshows up01:53
hggdhafallenhope, sorry, gotta go01:53
hggdhafallenhope, but this is, then, probably in another .h (i.e., an included file). The error messages should tell you where to look. But really gotta go, or my S.O. will be very unhappy01:55
afallenhopelol hggdh yeah I know where the file is located. there's not directory. the directory is located at /usr/include/libavcodec01:55
DanaGhyp0craci: try the other one (capital and lowercase L give different results)01:57
DanaGBesides, isn't pulseaudio supposed to be the default?01:57
DanaGIf so, you should use pavucontrol to set default device.01:57
coffee|_|Dhyp0craci i'm not sure, have you tried #alsa?01:58
cuznti was trying to configure my quassell on #quassell and the dudes told me from a konsole command that my hard drive was on its way to the great p00pship in the sky. i need to back my stuff up onto my 500g in a recoverable way. i have kde4.2.x jaunty juandice athalon 2gram single proc. 32bit. this is installed TWICE on my 165g hard drive and I have a sep 500g01:58
coffee|_|D#alsa that is01:58
cuzntthe normal back up is bye bye01:58
cuzntcan you do a pastebin !find01:59
cuznt!find | pastebin | cuznt01:59
ubottucuznt: pastebin is not a valid distribution ['dapper', 'gutsy', 'gutsy-backports', 'hardy', 'hardy-backports', 'intrepid', 'intrepid-backports', 'jaunty', 'jaunty-backports', 'kde4-ppa', 'kde4-ppa-intrepid', 'kubuntu-experimental', 'kubuntu-members-kde4', 'medibuntu', 'partner']01:59
ubottupastebin | cuznt: Search for a package or a file: !find <term/file>01:59
cuzntanywho a serviceable way to back up. any ideas are appreciated. tyvmia02:00
DanaGI use faubackup for backups, because everything else seems to be either weak or cryptic.02:00
DanaGThat's an example config file.02:00
DanaGOr rather, that's what I have set.02:00
DanaGIt puts a cronjob in cron.daily; you'd have to tweak that, too -- I have mine do one filesystem at a time.02:01
cuzntconection to http://users.csc.calpoly.edu/~dgoyette/faubackup.conf is broken02:01
DanaGOdd... works for me.02:01
DanaGSo, I have /var/faubackup symlinked to a different drive, and I end up with /var/faubackup/EliteBook:root/<date string>02:01
cuznterror kate02:02
DanaGEliteBook is my hostname.02:02
DanaGTry opening that in the browser instead.02:02
cuzntconnection to host  http://users.csc.calpoly.edu/ is broken02:02
cuzntnono i got it thanks02:03
dronehas anyone else been getting dpkg parse errors?02:04
DanaGWhat the faubackup thingy does: hardlinks unchanged files, and copies new copies of changed files.02:04
DanaGSo, any backup is copyable as if it were a full file tree -- because it IS one.02:04
cuzntso like if my hd craps i can install faubackup again on a new hd and02:04
cuznt"revover it?02:05
DanaGActually, recovering is even easier: it's just rsync or cp (I don't remember which was best at copying whole trees with all attributes.02:05
DanaGRsync, I think it was.  You'd want to preserve symlinks and all that.02:05
DanaGCheck 'man faubackup' and 'man rsync', of course.02:06
DanaGMy example config file excludes thumbnails and cache files.02:06
DanaGThere may be a more efficient way to do all this... but that was the only system I felt like bothering with.02:07
cuzntthat was way over my head02:08
cuzntbut i will of course cross that bridge when I come to it02:09
DanaGWe really do need some sort of fully-automatic backup thingy.02:12
DanaGBest idea would be like (gasp) Apple's thing-I-need-not-name.  =P02:12
hyp0cracidana sorry had to afk for a sec, i did the L one, it lists a bunch of them, all rear, surround, center, sub except for one, which is HDM audio output02:14
Antiochhyp0craci, I think you should try looking about the xbmc forums. A lot of users on there are trying to get digital (and optical) sound outputs working. The first step involves updating ALSA and then some configurations. But in 9.04 we already have the needed ALSA version.02:16
AntiochThats where I got my HDMI fix from. Most people on there are using Ubuntu so it should be easy to get it working from their help02:16
hyp0craciok i will look, on a side note, i did manage to find cable for the earphone jack style connectors, and even with those outputs, i am getting nothing, ill look into the site u mentioned02:19
GiantTalkingCowA quick question, do any of you know if Jaunty and/or the version of X.org included with it is having a problem with Intel cards?02:21
PhotoJimsome issues.02:22
PhotoJimit works fine for me with the Intel chipset in my netbook, but if I run aggressive video tasks like celestia, I get a lot of glitches in the display.02:22
GiantTalkingCowAh well, I suppose I'll hold off on testing it until the final release if I can't find a fix. Thanks.02:22
PhotoJimI haven't had better luck with a laptop running Intrepid.02:23
PhotoJimI don't think it's worse.  It's just bad, still.02:23
GiantTalkingCowIntrepid's desktop effects worked fine on this machine, as did other versions of Compiz and also KDE's new compositing system, so if I can't find a fix, I'll cross my fingers and hope it'll be working by release.02:25
mpriceGiantTalkingCow is it running slow?02:27
GiantTalkingCowmprice: Pretty much. It's working, just at a snail's pace.02:28
bjsniderGiantTalkingCow, if you can set up xorg.conf to use uxa, it might solve some of your issues02:31
bjsniderexa is broken in the intel driver right now02:32
mpricethat is what I did: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/UxaTesting02:32
GiantTalkingCowI just ran across that while searching for a solution myself and I'll give it a shot. Thanks for the tip.02:32
mpriceso far its working fine without any problems02:34
bjsnidermprice, you mean no problems at all?02:36
mpriceya kwin is working fine after I changed the settings to use UXA02:36
p_Hey all! I'm wondering if I can upgrade from 8.10 to 9.04 using the 9.04 live CD?02:41
darthanubisp_, thats what its for02:42
p_darthanubis, but how?02:42
darthanubisthe desktop saus "install"02:42
p_darthanubis, I don't want to re-install, I want to upgrade.02:43
darthanubisif you can't do that much, a beta is outta your league02:43
darthanubiswell you upgrade from the cli02:43
p_darthanubis, cli?02:43
darthanubisoh boy02:43
darthanubisthe website ubuntu.com details upgrades02:43
mpricecli=command line interface02:43
p_mprice, thanks.02:44
cuznti thought you could only upgrade from an alternate cd02:44
mpriceie the terminal02:44
p_mprice, right.02:44
p_cuznt, that would...be a mistake...02:44
p_(of mine)02:44
p_cuznt, you're right. I just checked.02:45
p_Lol, my bad. Alright...time to re-download and re-burn...02:45
p_Thanks all. www.upwardm.com/good02:45
GiantTalkingCowWell, thanks for the tip, editing my xorg.conf solved the desktop acceleration problem, and Jaunty seems to be working like a charm otherwise.02:51
bjsnideri think they'll have the exa problem solved by the time jaunty is released though02:53
bjsniderso you might want to check whether taking out uxa wouldn't be a good idea at that point02:53
GiantTalkingCowI'll give it another look later this month, yeah.02:53
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afallenhopehey have a small issue. I tried to delete apache from the ufw app but everytime I do I get the following http://pastebin.com/m145c700b04:14
=== smeag0l is now known as smeg0l
afallenhopecan I just remove it from /etc/ufw/applications.d?04:15
[MindVirus]Flash and Java are not working.04:26
afallenhopehey have a small issue. I tried to delete apache from the ufw app but everytime I do I get the following http://pastebin.com/m145c700b04:27
afallenhopecan I just remove it from /etc/ufw/applications.d?04:27
mogul218afallenhope how did you install apache?04:31
[MindVirus]Any suggestions?04:31
afallenhopemogul218, aptitue install apache04:31
afallenhope[MindVirus], more detail04:32
[MindVirus]afallenhope, what would you like?04:33
afallenhope1.) how did you install java 2.) how did you install flash 3.) what site are you trying to access04:33
[MindVirus]afallenhope, 1 and 2) Using Firefox's method 3) All of them04:34
centaur5Is there a way to make a new netboot image since the one I'm using (from the repositories) isn't as current as the new kernel?04:34
mogul218afallenhope, i don't have a solution to your problem04:35
afallenhope[MindVirus], you have to insall the package..04:37
[MindVirus]afallenhope, which is what Firefox does.04:38
[MindVirus]I also got ubuntu-restricted-extras.04:38
afallenhope[MindVirus], no it doesn't. sudo aptitude install flash-nonfree04:38
[MindVirus]Yes. Yes it does.04:38
Barridushi, has the unicode character entering process changed?  i seem to recall it used to be ctrl-alt-u.  has my memory flaked out of was it changed :)04:39
[MindVirus]afallenhope, first off, I prefer apt-get, second off, flash-nonfree isn't a valid package.04:39
[MindVirus]You mean flashplugin-nonfree or adobe-flashplugin (of which I have both).04:40
[MindVirus]And I promise Firefox gets the Flash plugin.04:40
[MindVirus]Though you can find out on your own.04:40
[MindVirus]What should I do?04:41
=== Andre_Gondim is now known as Andre_Gondim-afk
afallenhope[MindVirus], find out on your own, as you told me..04:45
[MindVirus]afallenhope, I told you that you can find out on your own if you don't believe me.04:45
[MindVirus]afallenhope, you know, what I said wasn't rude, but what you said was.04:46
[MindVirus]It's alright. I'm afraid this conversation is going nowhere.04:46
[MindVirus]Sorry I couldn't have been more agreeable.04:47
[MindVirus]Could anyone please help me troubleshoot Java in Firefox?04:48
afallenhope[MindVirus], http://www.64bitjungle.com/ubuntu/install-java-jre-160-update-x-on-hardy-as-the-default-java-runtime/04:48
[MindVirus]Sorry, sorry, meant Flash. I'm willing to put Java off for later.04:49
[MindVirus]Flash is more important.04:49
[MindVirus]Oh, I'm not on 64-bit. I'll see if that applies to my 32-bit.04:51
bruce89[MindVirus]: that's needlessly complex, sudo aptitude install default-jre is all you need04:51
[MindVirus]Yeah, I have the JRE, but I'd like to worry 'bout that later.04:51
afallenhope[MindVirus], also.. close firefox and try sudo aptitude --reinstall install flashplugin-nonfree04:52
[MindVirus]Done it.04:53
[MindVirus]Sadly doesn't help. :(04:53
afallenhope[MindVirus], close firefox then run it from terminal04:53
afallenhopesee if there's an error somewhere04:53
j5098i got the intel graphics driver update for jaunty this morning, but my compiz is still very slow05:08
[MindVirus]j5098, I feel like it won't be fixed for a while.05:13
j5098but it is well known and being worked on, right? (i have a 945)05:14
=== k4v is now known as m4v
mbrush"Jaunty is not released and not supported"  does that mean this isn't a support channel for jaunty then?05:18
dtchenit means that when things break, you get to keep the pieces05:18
mbrushgotcha, speaking of pieces :)05:19
mbrushis it just me or is pulseaudio pretty much broken to pieces?05:19
dtchenWFM. what precise issues are you having?05:19
mbrushfirst it was no sound at all, I've managed to fix that, now I'm getting no sound in Flash in firefox05:20
dtchenwhich version of Flash? fresh install or distribution upgrade?05:21
rathelI'm curious if this bug is happening to anybody else, I have 2 monitors, and I can't seem to drag panels from 1 screen to another like I could in Intrepid.05:21
mbrushAlternate CD fresh install + XFCE, the flash version i just downloaded05:21
mbrushhow do i check flash version?  I think 10.something05:22
dtchenlook what about:plugins says05:22
mbrushShockwave Flash 10.0 r2205:23
dtchenmbrush: install pavucontrol and check what sink the stream is directed to05:24
mbrush"Default"  ?05:24
dtchenwhile the Flash stream is playing, which sink is used?05:25
mbrush"ALSA plug-in [firefox]" under Clients?05:26
mbrushif I double-click that is says Driver: pulsecore/protocol-native.c Index: #2 Owner Module: #1505:28
dtcheneh, let me get a Flash stream so i can walk you through it05:28
mbrushdtchen: sorry, Ive never used pulse before (on purpose)05:29
mbrushdtchen: is your flash sound working?05:33
mbrushI forgot to mention I'm running amd6405:33
dtchenmbrush: yes, it works fine05:34
dtchenmbrush: in pavucontrol, see the Playback tab05:34
dtchenmbrush: use the dropdown on the trailing horizontal edge (probably right for you)05:34
dtchenmbrush: also, what is the default sink for you?05:36
mbrushif I set firefox to RTP multicast stream i get an equalizer moving but still no sound, if I select HDA Intel... the equalizer stops moving05:37
mbrushdefault is RTP muticast05:37
mbrushI selected something and the program closed05:38
mbrushnow it does show firefox05:38
mbrushalso when i restart pavucontrol it says this:05:39
mbrushI: caps.c: Limited capabilities successfully to CAP_SYS_NICE.05:39
mbrushI: caps.c: Dropping root privileges.05:39
mbrushI: caps.c: Limited capabilities successfully to CAP_SYS_NICE.05:39
mbrushsorry for paste05:39
dtchenerr, what?!05:40
dtchenthe default is rtp?05:40
dtchenright, so that's bad05:40
dtchenset the default to your HDA Intel05:40
mbrushSorry, I was playing around under Playback and muted the System Sounds part and the program crashed05:40
mbrushthat was what it said when I restarted the program05:40
dtchenalso, migrate all your streams over to the HDA Intel05:40
mbrushI tried that before the crash and it didn't do anything except make the equalizer thing stop moving05:41
mbrushnow it doesn't show firefox in the Playback tab05:41
dtchendid you (re)start a Flash stream?05:42
dtchendid pavucontrol crash?05:42
mbrushwell it showed an error dialog that said something like "Connection lost" or refused maybe05:42
mbrushI'm restarting firefox to see if it comes back into the list in pavucontrol05:42
dtchenis this installation current? are you running the latest packages for everything?05:43
mbrushok, it's back in the list after restartin firefox05:43
mbrushcurrent up to a day or two ago05:43
dtchenthat tends to be outdated05:43
dtcheni already have another batch of PA fixes queued05:44
* mbrush apt-get upgrades to see05:44
mbrushyeah, there's tons of pulseaudio stuff in there, let me upgrade05:45
mbrushI hope it doesn't reset whatever I did that got my sound working at all in the first place05:46
dtcheni have no idea what you did to get your sound working05:48
mbrushme either, i ended getting in so deep I lost track05:49
bjsnideryou shouldn't have to jump thru hoops to get an intel chip working05:49
dtchenmost people just mumble stuff about sound being broken but don't actually provide viable details for me to go forward with05:49
[MindVirus]Could anyone please help me troubleshoot Flash in Firefox?05:49
mbrushno sound?05:50
dtchen[MindVirus]: what's the issue?05:50
[MindVirus]No Flash.05:50
dtchen[MindVirus]: did you install Flash?05:50
[MindVirus]Through Firefox and apt.05:50
[MindVirus]I have flashplugin-nonfree and adobe-flashplugin.05:50
dtchenchoose one or the other, not both05:50
mbrushthat just worked for me05:50
[MindVirus]I'm on 32-bit.05:51
dtchendon't do that05:51
dtchenchoose *one*05:51
dtchenremove the other05:51
[MindVirus]Yes, sir! Which?05:51
dtchenjust pick one05:51
[MindVirus]What are the merits of each?05:51
dtchenthe former uses nspluginwrapper05:51
[MindVirus]So, which is preferred in general?05:51
[MindVirus]And why?05:52
dtcheni guess people recommend flashplugin-nonfree because of the nspluginwrapper bits05:52
j5098so there's no way to downgrade my video driver back to what i had with intrepid?05:52
bjsnider[MindVirus], it works better on x64, if you've got the hardware05:52
[MindVirus]Nah, I'm on Atom.05:52
bjsnideroh, how dreadful05:52
[MindVirus]j5098, when you get answered tell me please.05:53
[MindVirus]So I should keep flashplugin-nonfree.05:53
crdlb[MindVirus]: some of those are x86-6405:53
[MindVirus]This one isn't.05:53
drmrhorsedo i have to reinstall jaunty after the official release or can i just keep upgrading?05:53
[MindVirus]You know, the best help comes out past midnight.05:53
crdlb!final | drmrhorse05:53
ubottudrmrhorse: If you installed a Alpha/Beta/RC version of Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Jaunty. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.05:53
dtchenhonestly, it makes no difference to me whether flashplugin-nonfree or adobe-flashplugin is used, as i get to care for those bugs regardless05:53
mbrushdtchen: I have solved the issue.  I guess it boils down to inappropriate defaults and me not knowing how to change them05:53
drmrhorseyay ty mr bot05:53
drmrhorseand the best linux help is really after midnight05:54
[MindVirus]So, turns out I never had adobe-flashplugin.05:54
[MindVirus]I only had flashplugin-nonfree.05:54
dtchenok, so purge it and reinstall it using apt-get05:54
[MindVirus]dtchen, eh?05:54
dtchenthe important part is to purge it05:54
crdlbj5098: there are more components than just the video driver05:55
[MindVirus]I thought I was supposed to choose one.05:55
dtchenyou can't just remove it; you need to purge it05:55
mbrushapt-get remove --purge <package>05:55
[MindVirus]What am I purging, removing, and reinstalling, and in what order?05:55
dtchenpurging is a "more thorough" removal05:55
dtchenso you will apt-get --purge remove flashplugin-nonfree && apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree05:56
[MindVirus]BTW, believe now is the best time to get help because no morons are awake (so there is a larger luser/user ratio).05:56
bjsnideryeah, only coke addicts are awake05:58
dtchenafterward, tell us the output from: dpkg -l flashplugin-nonfree adobe-flashplugin|egrep -v '^(\||D|\+)'05:58
[MindVirus]un  adobe-flashplugin                         <none>                                  (no description available)05:59
[MindVirus]ii  flashplugin-nonfree                                    Adobe Flash Player plugin installer05:59
[MindVirus]It works!05:59
[MindVirus]You're all heros!05:59
dtchenit will be so nice to rip flashplugin-nonfree from the archive06:00
mbrushwill there be an free one?06:01
dtchena Free Adobe Flash? doubtful.06:01
dtchennot impossible, just improbable in the short run06:01
[MindVirus]Next: any progress on the Intel drivers?06:01
mbrushwhat's replacing flashplugin-nonfree?06:01
drmrhorse(back from lightening fast reboot)06:01
dtchenadobe-flashplugin, hopefully06:01
dtchenAdobe doesn't allow us to redistribute non-final versions from archive.canonical06:02
[MindVirus]dtchen, will Ubuntu automagically remove flashplugin-nonfree and get adobe-flashplugin when it is time?06:02
dtchen[MindVirus]: my crystal ball powers are insufficient06:02
j5098crdlb: so that's a no for anything similar to what i want to achieve?06:03
[MindVirus]Understood. There is no plan for phasing out flashplugin-nonfree and phasing in adobe-flashplugin?06:03
dtchen[MindVirus]: no. there are plans to maintain them in parallel (yech)06:03
crdlbj5098: indeed06:04
[MindVirus]dtchen, what about Intel drivers?06:04
mbrushThe most useful package for flash would just be an echo command that says "go to adobe.com and download the plugin yourself"06:04
[MindVirus]That question was directed to anyone who knows.06:05
mbrushdrivers what [MindVirus]?06:06
[MindVirus]Sorry, graphics drivers.06:06
mbrushok, no idea .. using nvidia06:06
[MindVirus]Sure, understood.06:06
[MindVirus]I was at one point in your boat. Then I got a laptop.06:06
bjsnideri'm sure the intel driver will be fixed within 2 weeks06:07
Amaranth[MindVirus]: What about intel drivers?06:07
Amaranthbjsnider: Doubtful...06:07
[MindVirus]Amaranth, the Intel graphics drivers.06:07
AmaranthNot really what I meant though06:08
mbrushWhat is your problem with the intel graphics drivers?06:08
bjsniderAmaranth, they will fix it before jaunty is released06:08
AmaranthFix _what_?06:09
[MindVirus]This is a breath of fresh air. I'm so used to being ignored. Now I'm getting craploads of help from lots of experts. Wish this is how it was all the time. Thanks in advance everyone.06:09
AmaranthAnd who is 'they"?06:09
[MindVirus]Well, performance is shitty.06:09
[MindVirus]In Intrepid everything was great.06:09
Amaranth[MindVirus]: Ah, X4500 user then06:09
j5098[MindVirus]: do you have a 945 as well?06:09
AmaranthIn gutsy and intrepid my performance with an X3100 was so bad I stopped using Linux06:10
AmaranthIn jaunty performance is good again but has gone down for others06:10
[MindVirus]I'm running Compiz with normal effects and the refresh is like a '50s cartoon.06:10
j5098I'm in the exact same situation as [MindVirus]06:10
bjsniderAmaranth, ubuntu devs will fix the exa regression in the intel graphics driver06:10
[MindVirus]bjsnider, when?06:10
AmaranthNow you guys get to spend a year with crappy graphics06:10
bjsniderwithin 2 weeks, as i said06:11
j5098i can do 2 weeks06:11
Amaranthbjsnider: We don't usually fix driver bugs06:11
j5098but not a year06:11
[MindVirus]Amaranth, luckily everyone's getting better at everything.06:11
Amaranthbjsnider: Unless you know something I don't?06:11
[MindVirus]Amaranth, the way I understand it, it's not a driver bug.06:11
[MindVirus]j5098, I'm on this channel frequently. If you ever spot me around and you have a solution, please tell me. I will do the same for you if you wish.06:12
bjsniderthe solution is enabling uxa instead of exa int eh xorg.conf driver06:13
j5098[MindVirus]: for sure. I auto join this channel and #ubuntu, so06:13
Amaranthbjsnider: And that is absolutely not happening this release.06:13
AmaranthI've got it enabled locally but it seems to leak memory and cause slowdowns/crashes after time06:13
[MindVirus]bjsnider, that is definitely not true. I did UXA and Xorg disintegrated.06:13
j5098i tried the uxa and i couldn't even see the login screen06:13
[MindVirus]I couldn't see anything.06:13
[MindVirus]j5098, Eee 1000?06:14
AmaranthThese are the reasons UXA is not the default :P06:14
bjsniderAmaranth, i didn't meant hat ubuntu devs would literally fix the intel driver. obviously that's keith packard's responsibility. but if an older version ahs to be used or some workaround, it will not be released in its current form06:14
j5098[MindVirus]: dunno what that is06:14
[MindVirus]Laptop. Nevermind.06:14
Amaranthbjsnider: It most certainly will06:14
j5098[MindVirus]: nah, vaio06:14
Amaranthbjsnider: The last two releases had terrible performance for some intel chips and they got released06:15
Amaranthbjsnider: We haven't had a good intel driver since hardy but that driver doesn't support newer chips and would have to be ported forward06:15
bjsniderwe'll see06:15
mbrushj5098, I guess I should be glad I went with the ATI graphics in my VAIO :)06:15
Amaranthbjsnider: We won't see, that's the point :P06:15
[MindVirus]Amaranth, how are you so sure?06:16
Amaranthbjsnider: At this point in the release cycle that would be too disruptive anyway06:16
j5098mbrush: yes, yes....06:16
Amaranth[MindVirus]: Because I (used to) do ubuntu development06:16
AmaranthI know how things like this work06:16
bjsniderAmaranth, are you saying that keith packard is an incompetent boob?06:16
j5098i may just reinstall intrepid....06:16
Amaranthbjsnider: Something like that :P06:17
mbrushcan you not use the older driver?06:17
bjsnidera bumbling nincompoop?06:17
Amaranthbjsnider: He is great but the changes in the driver have not really worked out very well06:17
Amaranthbjsnider: They are great changes to make for the future but they need a _lot_ of polish06:17
bjsniderwell i'll send keith an email to that effect06:18
bjsniderwith your name on it06:18
AmaranthAnd he isn't the only one working on the driver06:18
AmaranthI don't even think he is the main person06:18
[MindVirus]Who is this Keith guy?06:18
j5098mbrush: i don't think that's possible, is it?06:18
Amaranthbjsnider: Feel free, I wonder if he remembers me enough to know the name06:18
AmaranthAt this point the main person working on the driver seems to be jesse06:18
bjsniderkeith packard is the lead xorg developer. he works for intel06:19
mbrushj5098 I'm not sure, I'd go to the package website for intrepid and download it and see, I have no idea if that's possible for this situation though06:19
Amaranthkeith does infrastructure work06:19
[MindVirus]So why does my happiness rely on him?06:19
[MindVirus]Really, my question is, should I trust Amaranth or bjsnider?06:19
Amaranth[MindVirus]: Can you imagine any project making such a huge change two weeks before release?06:20
[MindVirus]Amaranth, I can imagine a roll-back.06:20
Amaranth[MindVirus]: That is a huge change06:20
AmaranthAnd it would negatively affect people06:20
bjsniderif they don't they're in for a hell of a lot of complaints06:21
[MindVirus]Amaranth, but I can see there to be an option.06:21
mbrush[MindVirus]: who cares?  if they don't fix by release, someone in the community will fix it or come up with a workaround06:21
AmaranthWe've already gotten a hell of a lot of complaints about the last two releases06:21
AmaranthBecause, again, intel has sucked since 8.0406:21
[MindVirus]Intel sucked since 8.04.06:21
AmaranthSome group of intel users has been screwed in every release since then06:21
[MindVirus]I thought they always had open drivers.06:21
AmaranthThey do06:22
bjsnideropen has nothing to di wtih it06:22
Amaranthopen doesn't mean perfect06:22
[MindVirus]Open means I can go in and help.06:22
[MindVirus]Where is the problem?06:22
[MindVirus]*Where are the problems?06:22
AmaranthA large part of helping would be figuring that out06:22
[MindVirus]I have no experience with hardware.06:22
bjsnideri can't see anybody but the key intel devs actually hacking the driver itself. who the hell else knows the code?06:22
[MindVirus]But I'm a great coder.06:23
bjsniderso open makes no difference here06:23
Amaranthbjsnider: Other developers certainly work on the intel driver06:23
Amaranthbjsnider: An outside developer added XvMC support06:23
[MindVirus]Someone just needs to donate a large sum of money.06:23
bjsnideryeahm, intel has no money06:23
bjsnidermoney don't matter 2night06:24
[MindVirus]To Keith.06:24
bjsniderhas nothing to dow tih it06:24
[MindVirus]OK, a lot of people are pissed.06:24
bjsniderthe problem is they all farted around for 10 years before doing this06:24
[MindVirus]Or will be.06:24
bjsniderthis architecture change should have happened in the 1990s06:24
spaceBARbarianwho cares about shared graphics card, just buy dedicated06:25
j5098spaceBARbarian: shuuuuuuuuuuut uuuuuuuuuuuup06:25
j5098i cares06:25
[MindVirus]spaceBARbarian, laptop users.06:26
[MindVirus]So, bjsnider or Amaranth, who has the correct answer?06:28
bjsnideranswer to what?06:28
[MindVirus]Whether the driver will be in working condition by release.06:28
[MindVirus]Also, how can I help out?06:28
bjsniderthey'll make the pragmatic choice. the greatest number of cards working by whatever means necessary06:30
[MindVirus]That was amazingly ambiguous.06:30
[MindVirus]But that's alright.06:30
[MindVirus]I take it nobody knows so I won't bother.06:30
mbrushcan you not just revert to a working version of the affected package(s)?06:31
mbrushthe intrepid ones won't work?06:31
bjsniderthis is x-server 1.6 here06:31
ubuntu__anyone having issues with ati drivers?06:31
mbrushso revert x-server packages also (for someone having tons of troubles)?06:32
crdlbubuntu__: apparently you06:32
ubuntu__I installed some ati drivers and now I can't log into X can't even get a terminal06:33
mbrushbjsnider: it's not possible to apt-get remove --purge xorg and then use different pacakges?06:33
mbrushi would've thought you could do that06:33
bjsniderwhat could take place is a ppa with the next x-server,kernel, and intel driver in it06:33
mbrushbjsnider: which is it that is causing the problems?06:34
bjsnidermbrush, if it's that bad, use intrepid06:34
bjsniderall 3 are causing it06:34
mbrushi'm not affected, but i've done this before to cure problems06:35
mbrushi see06:35
gaelfxI am having some serious connection issues with UNR, almost every website I try to navigate to returns "Connection Interrupted" error, though I am able to load WebUIs over the local network without any problems, any advice?06:35
bjsnideras of jaunty there's a major architectural change. the intel driver is now using gem to manage graphics memory. gem is in the kernel, the 2.6.28 kernel.06:36
[MindVirus]GEM sucks.06:38
crdlbno, the intel driver release managment sucks06:39
bjsniderit's gem or nothing. it's been nothing forever now06:39
gaelfxis there anyone else using ath9k for their wireless connection? I suspect that the new driver in the kernel may be causing my connection problem06:41
bjsnideri like how everybody seems to know this stuff better than the intel corporation, and yet nobody seems to be taking hold of this wonderful open source code and fixing it06:41
bjsnidergaelfx, try the one in the linux-backports-modules-jaunty package06:42
darnellwhy cant i get sound with my speakers, only with headphones06:44
mbrushdarnel is it muted or turned off, it was for me by default06:44
mbrushin pavucontrol06:44
darnellive turned everything on06:45
mbrushis it a notebook?06:45
darnellyes, ibm x41 tablet06:46
dtchenerr, x41?06:46
dtchenplease run the http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh script06:46
dtcheni.e., wget -O ~/Desktop/alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && bash ~/Desktop/alsa-info.sh06:47
dtchendarnell: ^^06:49
darnellworking on it06:50
darnellwont do anything.. can i just copy and paste that?06:50
dtchenyou can try bash ~/Desktop/alsa-info.sh --no-upload06:51
dtchenthen grab the text file from /tmp06:51
mbrushdo you need to chmod +x it?06:51
dtchenonly if you don't preface bash06:51
darnellno such file or directory06:53
AK_DaveJaunty is pissing me off. The WorkplaceSwitcher_applet won't appear. According to gconf_editor I have ~20 instances of it on the top panel but none of them show.06:55
dtchendarnell: did you run the command?06:56
darnelli did06:57
darnellsaid no such fi]e or directory06:57
dtchendarnell: which command did you run?06:57
dtchendarnell: did you run the wget command before that?06:58
darnellok.. wget worked now06:59
darnelljust gave me a website with alsa info07:04
dtchen-->>    wget -O ~/Desktop/alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && bash ~/Desktop/alsa-info.sh --no-upload07:04
darnellnow what07:07
dtchenpaste the contents of /tmp/alsa-info.txt on a pastebin07:09
dtchen(then tell me the url)07:13
dtchendarnell: status update?07:26
darnellwhere do i paste to pastebin07:27
darnellnever did this before07:27
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)07:28
dtchendarnell: type the following command in a Terminal and tell me if the sound is audible:07:31
dtchenpasuspender -- aplay /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Center.wav07:32
darnellk holdon07:35
abhishekiitdHow to set up rorating cube/sphere as your screensaver?07:35
darnellnope... not audible07:35
dtchendarnell: can you mute External Amplifier and Headphone ?07:36
abhishekiitdhey people, i want to use the rotating sphere in compiz as my screensaver, how can i?07:36
darnelllets see07:38
crdlbabhishekiitd: that hasn't been kept up-to-date07:38
darnelli muted headphones07:39
darnellaudio is still only through headphones though07:39
dtchenis this post-resume-from-suspend?07:40
abhishekiitdcrdlb:that means this is not possible?07:42
dtchendarnell: i.e., are you using the latest bios for your thinkpad?07:43
crdlbabhishekiitd: indeed07:45
darnellthink so. gota check07:45
darnellworked fine till a couple weeks ago before a jaunty update...07:45
darnellso i did a fresh install and still no audio/except headphone07:46
abhishekiitdcrdlb:but that was quite possible before, asnt it?07:46
crdlbabhishekiitd: the screensaver plugin only works with really old versions of compiz07:47
crdlbit's just not going to happen07:47
abhishekiitdcrdlb:ok now i get it.Thanks!07:47
dtchendarnell: hmm, if it worked fine before, let's see if it's just munged state07:56
spaceBARbariandid they ever fix alarm clock for jaunty ?07:56
dtchendarnell: you'll need to do the following: sudo kill $(sudo lsof -t /dev/dsp* /dev/snd/*) ; sudo rmmod snd-hda-intel ; sudo rm -f /var/lib/alsa/asound.state07:57
dtchendarnell: after that, you need to reboot07:57
hecklingfexti have an issue where my external hdd will not mount with any write access, no matter what options i put into my fstab07:59
hecklingfextbefore mounting, /media/drive is drwxrwxrwx  after it changes to drwxr-xr-x07:59
hecklingfextim running jaunty 64bit07:59
Chr|sanyone have problems today of x restarting by its self and having to log back on08:10
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!08:16
Chr|s :(08:16
Chr|sstill haven't fixed it08:17
mnemoChr|s: can you run "cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log* | pastebinit" and copy the URL it prints to this channel?08:33
Chr|smnemo» yes one second08:34
Chr|smnemo» http://pastebin.com/f7466b65f08:36
mnemohmm, yea I can see your crash in there08:37
mnemowhen does it happen?08:37
mnemodoes it always crash directly when you login?08:37
mnemoor after a while?08:37
Chr|smnemo» it just happen once out of the blue08:37
Chr|sI was already logged in when it happen, logged in for awhile actually08:37
Chr|smnemo» I never received a crash report either08:38
mnemonah, NVIDIA uses closed source so we cannot fix the bugs in their driver anyway08:38
Chr|smnemo» ahh08:39
Machtinhey guys.08:40
Machtini got a few 100 files which have a .htm-extension08:41
Machtinhowever, i want that to be removed.. how to do that?08:41
mnemoMachtin: try #ubuntu (this is for jaunty issues only)08:42
Machtinhm, well.. i'm running jaunty :)08:42
Machtinbut will do, thanks08:42
Chr|smnemo» so it has something to do with nvidia? should I join #nvidia and tell them abotu it?08:49
kbmaniac_Hi all, I am having some probs with 9.04 kubuntu but there is no kubuntu+1, OK to discuss here ?08:51
Chr|skbmaniac_» this is the right channel for bouth ubuntu and kubuntu and rest of the flavors :)08:53
kbmaniac_cool - OK here goes :)08:54
kbmaniac_I have installed kubuntu on my wifes machine, it has a Asus ATI Radeon HD 3650 card08:54
kbmaniac_all went well, everything worked AOK08:54
frybye Looking for a acpi- solution that actually works with Jaunty-NBRemix and the 1000H?08:55
kbmaniac_But I wanted the desktop effects, so I started hardware driver search & installed the driver08:55
kbmaniac_on reboot screen is blank, flashes the desktop every 30 ish secs for a second08:56
kbmaniac_need to revert back to the 'vesa' ? driver08:56
kbmaniac_any ideas ?08:56
kbmaniac_can get terminal, ctrl,alt, f1. Have tried auto fix of X, no go08:57
kbmaniac_have tried reverting to old xorg.conf, no go08:57
Chr|skbmaniac_» hmm08:58
kbmaniac_yep ... lol08:58
crdlbkbmaniac_: uninstall xorg-driver-fglrx08:59
kbmaniac_Apparently I need the catalyst driver direct from ATI, but I need X to install it08:59
crdlbthe default driver for that card is the radeon driver08:59
kbmaniac_OK will give it a go ... hold on ...08:59
crdlbinstalling fglrx direct from ATI will not work, as their version doesn't support xserver 1.608:59
crdlb(jaunty has a beta)08:59
crdlband that's what the hw drivers manager tried to enable08:59
kbmaniac_removing, having to reboot ...09:01
kbmaniac_crdlb, probarbly being dumb, but the fglrx driver = catalyst driver ?09:02
crdlbcatalyst is their stupid marketing name09:02
kbmaniac_got it :)09:02
crdlbbut you should always use fglrx as that is the actual driver name09:02
crdlbcatalyst is also even harder to type than fglrx :(09:03
kbmaniac_so the problem is that the fglrx driver has not been updated for xserver 1.6, when it is the card should (hopefully) work09:03
crdlbkbmaniac_: it has been updated, but only in the fglrx 9.4 beta in jaunty09:04
crdlb(8.600 by their internal version scheme)09:05
kbmaniac_OK so ATI have updated it but the latest version has not trickled down to jaunty09:07
crdlb"in jaunty"09:07
crdlbin fact, it's pretty much only available in jaunty09:07
crdlbuntil 9.4 actually gets released later this month09:07
crdlbit apparently just has a bug09:08
crdlbyou can try the fglrx 9.4 final release when it comes out, if you so desire09:08
kbmaniac_So there is hope for desktop effects on my wifes machine :)09:08
crdlbnot at the moment09:09
kbmaniac_I can be patient ....09:09
crdlbthere is precisely one publicly distributable version of fglrx that can run on jaunty, and you tried it09:09
kbmaniac_and still recovering, mmm x gone bye bye ... looking at logs ...09:10
kbmaniac_YAY, reverted to original xorg.conf, have system back :)09:13
kbmaniac_Thanks for your help guys, system back on its feet, Will wait for official release before trying fglrx driver again, hopefully fixed it by then09:15
okey666I cannot mount ext4 in jaunty09:58
okey666it gives: mount: unknown filesystem type 'ext4'10:00
SwedeMikedoes dmesg say anything after you try to do that?10:01
okey666sorry, how do i find that?10:02
SwedeMikejust type "dmesg"10:03
SwedeMikeand see what the last lines say, if there is anything relevant10:03
okey666not really, its just a load of stuff about my wireless card and bluetooth10:03
okey666basically, the other partition is another 9.04, it has no files, but I want to get at is menu.lst10:05
okey666i suppose I will just use a live cd and get them that way10:05
SwedeMikeokey666: well, it should work, there must be something other that is wrong.10:05
SwedeMikeokey666: do you have ext4 if you look in /proc/filesystems ?10:06
okey666it appears to be empty10:07
okey666but I can see things in the thumbnail10:07
jens-25621Have any one else had font rendering problems in QT apps after upgrading to Jaunty?10:07
okey666SwedeMike: I got it open, there is no ext4, it just say ext310:08
okey666SwedeMike:nodev   fusectl10:08
okey666nodev   usbfs10:08
okey666        ext310:08
SwedeMikeokey666: what does uname -a return?10:09
okey666SwedeMike: Linux Key-oscar 2.6.27-11-generic #1 SMP Wed Apr 1 20:57:48 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux10:09
aapzakgoodmorning guys10:09
SwedeMikeokey666: that doesn't look like a januty kernel.10:09
okey666SwedeMike: could the upgrade have gone wrong10:10
okey666SwedeMike: hang on, I have it, I booted off an old grub menu10:10
okey666SwedeMike: could it then have used the older kernel?10:11
SwedeMikeokey666: yes.10:11
kulightany one having trouble with broadcom wireless on jaunty ?10:11
SwedeMikeif you really need that file, try mounting it with ext4dev if available10:11
okey666SwedeMike: right, I have fixed the grub, I will restart, thanks.10:11
nandemonaiHas anyone come across any issues with VMware server on Jaunty? Specifically 1.0.9?10:11
askandHi! I'm using rsync to download latest daily build a couple of time a week, but it seems to be downloading the whole image again? I tought that the point with rsync was that you didn't had to do that??10:14
ikoniaaskand: what is your rsync command ?10:18
askand ikonia: im using the script from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RsyncCdImage10:19
jpdsaskand: There's tool in ubuntu-qa-tools which downloads the lastest image for you, you might want to try it.10:19
askandjpds: thanks will check it out10:20
jpdsaskand: You may have to tweak the config for it. It's set to download  all images default. :)10:20
ikoniaaskand: the images change - so you'll have to download the whole image each time10:21
ikoniaaskand: rsync can't differentiate the difference between image files,10:21
jpdsikonia: It can...10:22
macvrhi all... need some help editing this file>>> /usr/lib/notify-osd/notify-osd its a executable (application/x-executable) file , how do i open it to edit the file?10:22
ikoniajpds: really ?10:22
ikoniajpds: the rscyn home page doesn't suggest so10:22
RAOFmacvr: Why do you need to edit that file?  It's a binary.10:22
joaopintoikonia, man rsync, read the first page ;)10:23
jpdsikonia: It does binary diffs and looks for changes between files and makes them as necessary.10:23
RAOFikonia: rsync does all sorts of craziness; it will happily do the equivalent of binary patching.10:23
joaopintoactually, second page :P10:23
ikoniajoaopinto: reading now......10:24
macvrRAOF: i thought that that was the file for the notification settings...  to edit it!10:24
RAOFmacvr: No, there are no settings.10:24
joaopintorsync is mostly used because of it's delta transfer ability10:24
RAOFmacvr: That's the binary :)10:24
topylimacvr: get the source and edit that10:25
macvrRAOF: oh... so there is no way i could edit the settings ? i just cant see the damn thing!10:25
jpdsmacvr: The notifications settings for programs are in the programs.10:25
macvrtopyli: link for source?10:25
RAOFmacvr: That's probably a bug, then.  "apt-get source notify-osd" will get you the source.10:26
macvrRAOF: ok... will try to look into the source... i have a huge problem with this , since i use a dark theme and the notifications just arnt visible.. thanx guys10:27
topylimacvr: what can't you see exactly?10:27
crdlbmacvr: well, the color is not configurable :/10:28
macvrtopyli: it just merges with the background and most of the time i miss it...10:28
topyliah ok10:28
macvrcrdlb: i know that is very irritating10:28
topylimacvr: file a bug10:28
crdlbunfortunately, it's a feature10:29
macvrtopyli: there seem to be several bugs regarding this but the developers seem to be overworked / arent able to look into it for now!10:29
topylicrdlb: if someone thinks it could work be better, it's a bug :)10:29
topyliwishlist bugs are bugs too10:30
macvrcolor option might be available only after several months! maybe only for 9.10!!!10:31
topylimacvr: i would guess there are more severe bugs than color, but you should still file it so that it at least *exists*. after that fix it not just for yourself but everybody10:31
crdlbI don't see how it's fixable without changing the concept10:32
topylimacvr: only if the maintainer(s) refuse your patch should you take on all the trouble of maintaining your own version10:32
aapzakquestion: I wish to remove boot/shutdown splash totally, can I just uninstall usplash and thats it?10:32
macvrtopyli: bugs have been filed and i have added an affects me too, to the bugs10:32
topylicrdlb: it could, for example, use the hilight color from your gtk theme10:32
crdlbtopyli: then it wouldn't be black ;)10:33
macvrtopyli: thats a good option..10:33
crdlbwhich is part of the concept10:33
topylicrdlb: oh, being black is a core feature?10:33
eagles0513875crdlb: can i ask ya question10:33
crdlbtopyli: the spec even gives the precise color value :/10:34
macvrcrdlb: i think the main concept is only to make it non interactable , but colors are to be considered alter but not now..10:34
topylicrdlb: i'll have to study the rationale behind this10:34
macvrtopyli: no, black is not a feature...10:34
eagles0513875crdlb: yesterday was trying to install koffice and it was complaining about kformula dependency. when i tried to install kformula it removed kdm kde jockey etc10:34
crdlbeagles0513875: it removed, or it asked to remove but you cancelled it? :)10:35
macvrcrdlb: thats according to the response from the devs in launchpad... they have the customizable color in the wishlist..10:36
eagles0513875crdlb: yes i cancelled it10:36
eagles0513875and reinstall kdm and kubuntu-desktop package and jockey10:36
benstewhich package contains the necesarry codecs for gstreamer and M3U audiolist files?10:36
eagles0513875crdlb: any idea why it wants to do that10:36
crdlbmacvr: I'm not sure selection color would look very good though10:37
* crdlb likes the look of the notification-daemon10:37
* eagles0513875 is excited about jaunty10:38
=== asac_ is now known as asac
eagles0513875crdlb: what kernel is going to be included in jaunty10:38
macvrcrdlb: i meant that the option to select a color is in the wishlist and the devs are considering it...10:39
eagles0513875because for the wifi card i have there are some patches that need to be applied to the kernel to get it to work10:39
eagles0513875!version | eagles051387510:39
ubottueagles0513875, please see my private message10:39
crdlbmacvr: well, selecting a color isn't great either10:39
eagles05138752.6.28.11 crdlb10:40
crdlbactually, it's -11, they just bump that number when they break the A BI10:41
macvrcrdlb: check this screenchot >>> http://launchpadlibrarian.net/25003744/Screenshot-1.png <<< how would this be an effective notification?10:41
topylimacvr: nos sure why you miss the notifications though. don't the contents stand up enough even if the background is dark?10:41
eagles0513875crdlb: is it too late to include patches in the kernel10:41
macvrtopyli: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/25003744/Screenshot-1.png <<< check this screenshot10:41
crdlbmacvr: I don't like notify-osd at all10:41
crdlbeagles0513875: final freeze is like tomorrow10:41
topylimacvr: looks fine to me10:42
topylimacvr: not sure why the spec is so rigid about the coloring though10:42
eagles0513875crdlb: where can i suggest the patches10:42
macvrcrdlb: looks like we are tryoiing to copy growl!!!10:42
eagles0513875its for a broadcom 4311 rev 2 wifi card10:42
crdlbmacvr: :)10:42
* crdlb thinks a certain bdfl has been looking at OS X a bit too much this cycle10:43
macvrtopyli: its seems easier to notice since i'v cut it down to size but most the time i never even notice it!!!10:43
eagles0513875crdlb: where can i post the link to the site that has the patches for this particular wifi card10:43
macvrcrdlb: worse is the no notification for updates!!!10:43
topylimacvr: ok10:43
crdlbmacvr: yeah, that's OS X too apparently10:44
macvrcrdlb: :|10:44
crdlbit's all over if he tries to switch to a global menu bar in karmic :)10:45
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about wishlist10:45
topylimacvr: it's easy enough to get the update notifications back to your notification area. i do think there should be an UI for that, but i don't think this is a big problem10:45
macvrcrdlb will sue the a$$ off of mark!!!10:45
funkyHatcrdlb: I'd like to see the gnome global menu applet as an option, but I agree it shouldn't be the default, most people won't like it10:46
crdlbthey need to make it work reliably with non-gtk+ apps first10:46
macvrcrdlb: oops>>> i meant apple will sue the A$$ of mark !!!10:46
funkyHatcrdlb: it already works with Qt apps (I think). It will most likely never work with Firefox10:47
crdlbI figured10:47
topylifunkyHat: it doesn't work with qt apps10:47
macvrtopyli:  gconftool option exists... but for all those to whom i'v told about the update notification , they will just be searching for the icon!10:47
funkyHattopyli: oh10:47
topylimacvr: yes, old ubuntu users will be used to that10:48
* crdlb actually doesn't use any non-gtk+ apps10:48
crdlbwell, I used OOo to watch a ppt once10:49
macvrguys... i'v this flickering on the side of the screen while scrolling pages in firefox but dont know what to report the bug as...10:49
macvri'm not sure if its a firefox bug or a xorg one...!10:53
crdlbif it only happens with firefox, I guess file it there10:54
crdlbeven though it may very well be a driver problem10:54
funkyHatmacvr: if you file it in the wrong place it can easily be moved. It affects firefox anyway10:55
macvrcrdlb: but the thing is a few days back it used to happen even for nautilus but not only for firefox!10:55
macvrfunkyHat: oh... ok..10:55
macvrfunkyHat: do u have the same problem?10:56
funkyHatmacvr: no10:58
macvrfunkyHat: oh ok...10:59
nandemonaiWhat's a decent / size minus /home for Jaunty?11:01
macvrnandemonai: 9GB should cover u well11:02
nandemonaiAh cool, was thinking around 10 so sweet.11:02
macvrnandemonai: i use 9 and alos use the / for backups... :)11:03
nandemonaiWell I'm just allowing for logs, extra apps etc.11:04
nandemonaiPretty much everything else will be in /home on seperate partition.11:04
nandemonaiBackups on seperate drive ;)11:04
nandemonaiOk well wish me luck, been testing on VM, now for my real machine :D11:06
topylimacvr: judging from the notification-properties dialog, it's supposed to support "themes", whatever they are. it seems to come with "standard" and "ubuntu" themes right now, the two of which look identical11:06
macvrtopyli: that was a regression fo the notifications demon, that got accidentally shipped with alpha.. but it has been removed11:07
topylimacvr: what's been removed? the theme support?11:08
macvrtopyli: there was no theme support for notify-osd, that settings u mention is actually for notification demon... which was left accidentally when alpha was shipped... but the beta now has that settings removed11:09
macvrtopyli: initially i was happy that the themes was an option!!! but i was mislead by that mistake too!11:10
topylimacvr: oh ok11:11
coz_o0  I just realised I cant move the gnome panel11:13
coz_ah mm property options11:14
crdlbcoz_: or use alt11:19
coz_crdlb,  mm i tried alt  nothing happens11:20
crdlbbasically you move them like a regular window now11:21
coz_crdlb,  alt + drag?11:21
macvrcoz_: are u sure its not locked down?11:21
coz_macvr, let me check11:21
crdlbif it lets you change the orientation in properties, alt-drag should work11:22
coz_nope it doest11:22
coz_where to check for locked down?11:22
crdlbunless you've changed the window drag key11:22
crdlbin sys > prefs > windows11:22
coz_hold on let me check11:22
coz_I dont see anything suggesting locking it under that and alt drag doesn work either for the panel anyway11:24
macvrcoz_: just right clock on the panel there will be an option to lock panel11:24
coz_apparently after open preferences   windows  it works now11:24
crdlbcoz_: what is the movement key set to?11:24
coz_its working now after opening pref/windows11:25
crdlbmacvr: check again :P11:25
crdlb(that's not in jaunty)11:25
coz_no lock down here11:25
macvrcrdlb: hei.... where did it go??? now only locking from config-editor?11:26
crdlbit was an ubuntu patch (I'm pretty sure)11:26
coz_another interesing problem  I normally dont have a bottom panel but just now added one and with compiz working the panel shows up mid screen11:26
coz_and alt drag wont move it mm let me disable compiz11:26
Craig-GBhi, umdate manager is asking for a partial upgrade however wishes to remove 'libopal3.4.2' 'libpt.2.4.2-plugins-alsa' 'libpt.2.4.2-plugins-v4l2' and 'nautilus-cd-burner', just wondering if anyone knows if i should let it go ahead and do this11:26
BUGabundoguud morning everyone11:26
coz_ooo works without compiz running11:27
BUGabundoanything new in last couple of days?11:27
macvrcrdlb: i thought that since i had single panel that option wasnt shown...! guess things change!11:27
coz_macvr,  you also have singel panel?11:27
coz_macvr,  single11:28
crdlbCraig-GB: nautilus-cd-burner at least has been replaced by brasero11:28
macvrcoz_: yeah.. feel that 2 panels are a waste of screen space!11:28
coz_macvr, same here  compiz running?11:28
VSpikeI have a problem with the Gnome bluetooth app.  When I open the new device wizard, it shows no devices.  But "hcitool scan" finds my device instantly11:28
macvrcoz_: yup.. compiz works fine...11:28
coz_macvr,  try creating another panel11:28
Craig-GBthanks, ah yeah, guessed that, just don't know about the other 3 it wants to remove11:28
crdlbCraig-GB: look if it wants to install newer versions of those same pages, eg libpt2.6.1*11:30
macvrcoz_: works fine for me... all the directions orient correctly... maybe try after relogging , if u still have same prob11:30
coz_macvr, here is what happens when I try to add a new panel while compiz is running  http://picpaste.com/Screenshot_4.png11:31
coz_cant move it either :)11:31
macvrcoz_: thats a wierd behavior... try loggong out and login11:31
coz_macvr,  nope still puts the panel in the center screen11:33
Craig-GBgah can't belive i didn't notice that, yeah its going to replace them, awesome thanks for your help11:34
coz_no big deal I dont use two panels11:34
macvrcoz_: try $killall gnome-panel11:34
rconancoz_: what's the problem?11:34
coz_ok hold on11:34
coz_oh man that made the singel panel open in the middle lol11:34
coz_and I cant move it lol11:35
rconancoz_: how are you trying to move it?11:35
macvrcoz_: oops!!!11:35
coz_even with compiz off I cant move the darn thing lol11:35
coz_let me restart x hold on11:35
macvrrconan: chechout his screenshot11:35
coz_yikes lol11:36
coz_that fixed it :)11:36
rconanmacvr: can't find it11:36
macvrcoz_: now everything works fine?11:36
coz_macvr,  yes  lol11:37
macvrrconan: http://picpaste.com/Screenshot_4.png11:37
coz_macvr,  well no  let me check again11:37
coz_macvr,  nope second panel still opens in center of screen :)11:37
lunie2ns-linuxhello, I just upgraded SoX and I need to add OGG Support and MP3 Support for SMILE...anyone can help me with this? I'm still pretty new to linux.11:37
macvrcoz_: i think i'v seem this behaviour earlier but just not able to recall the solution... try googling11:38
rconancoz_: have you tried removing the gnome configuration data and starting again?11:38
coz_macvr, sure I will  its not really a big deal I never use two panels11:38
coz_rconan, no I havent I will do that though in a bit  thanks :)11:39
benstewhich pacakge contains media codecs for using m3u playlists?11:39
coz_lunie2ns-linux,  I dont use SoX  but have you installed all of the codecs11:39
macvrcoz_: think it had something to do with the screen resolution settings...11:39
rconancoz_: I warn you it's a random guess at the solution11:39
rconanbenste: m3u is just a list of files... you don't need a codec11:39
coz_rconan, no problem I dont mind testing things11:39
lunie2ns-linuxcoz_: not sure how do i check?11:40
coz_macvr,  mm you think?  I do have dual monitors11:40
macvrcoz_: what graphics card?11:40
bensterconan the problem is that rythmbox gives me searching codecs every startup and afterwards a failed cause of two m3u files in my ~/Musik11:40
Rods_TigerI've installed Unbuntu 9.04 netbook version onto my Acer Aspire One. There's no internet - the wifi doesn't work.11:40
rconancoz_: is your top panel stretched accross them both?11:40
rconanbenste: what files do those m3u's contain?11:41
coz_lunie2ns-linux,  well you could  do two things    sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-formats  and also google ubuntu restricted formats  however  a bit of a warning   that page  might take a little more experience to deal with but try it11:41
rconantry opening them with text editor11:41
coz_rconan, yes it is11:41
lunie2ns-linuxcoz_:  i was reading off here ...btw i dunno if this helps http://forum.kde.org/smile-0-8-4-t-6032.html11:41
coz_macvr, nvidia11:41
rconancoz_: twinview?11:41
doleybRods_Tiger: I think installing madwifi source would fix it... although hopefully there's an easier method.11:41
coz_rconan,  and I have it set to maximize windows across both monitors  that may actually be the problem11:42
Rods_Tigerso what do I have to do? is it complicated?11:42
macvrcoz_: i think it is something in the resolution settings, check if ur monitors are detected properly11:42
coz_although this never happened before11:42
coz_macvr, they are detected11:42
lunie2ns-linuxcoz_:  E: Couldn't find package ubuntu-restricted-formats11:42
bensterconan: #EXTM3U11:42
benste#EXTINF:495,Ollie & Gideon - Trailer11:42
bensteand repeating the last two lines with different file names so MP3 only11:42
rconancoz_: ok... so that's by design11:42
macvrcoz_: u need to remember this is still beta so buggy, could get new probs!11:42
coz_lunie2ns-linux, mm it should be in the repository11:42
lunie2ns-linuxu mean restricted-extras?11:43
coz_macvr,  yeah i realize that thats why  I though it was funny :)11:43
doleybRods_Tiger: Well take a look at this bug, I think it shows your problem: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24/+bug/18248911:43
ubottuUbuntu bug 182489 in linux-backports-modules-2.6.24 "Atheros wireless (AR5007) not working on various laptops, including the ASUS Eee PC" [Undecided,Fix released]11:43
coz_lunie2ns-linux, yes11:43
rconanbenste: wonder if it's the capitalised .MP3 extension... do the files have that too?11:43
coz_lunie2ns-linux, you are running KDE?11:43
Rods_Tigerthat looks ridiculously technical and complicated11:43
coz_lunie2ns-linux, that link you gave me was for kde thats why i asked11:44
Rods_Tigerwhere do I start?11:44
bensterconan, yes they ahve11:44
lunie2ns-linuxcoz_:  in it says "You must install libogg-dev and libvorbis-dev and11:44
lunie2ns-linuxlibmad-dev and after compile sox from this address11:44
lunie2ns-linuxbecause on Ubuntu sox is compiled without ogg11:44
lunie2ns-linuxsupport and SMILE need it11:44
rconanbenste: that's odd11:44
coz_yep it does say that lunie2ns-linux11:44
lunie2ns-linuxso i assume i can use with ubuntu11:44
doleybRods_Tiger: Yeah, I'm not good at giving directions for that.  I was hoping someone else could point you to easier instructions.11:45
coz_lunie2ns-linux, I would think so if you compile it properly11:45
Rods_TigerI don't understand any of it - it needs to just say what to do, really, without the mumbo-jumbo11:45
bensterconan: opening manually with rythmbox works fine :-)11:45
doleybRods_Tiger: Because I'd think that fixing this 7+ month old hardware incompatibility would have been a real high priority... I have the same wifi chip and use it with ubuntu 8.0411:45
coz_I know I have one big issue with 9.04  I keep getting corrupted pkgcache.bin and srcpkgcache.bin11:45
lunie2ns-linuxcoz_: ok i installed libogg and libvorbis...couldnt find libmad...then ran sox again and it said was already newest version..11:46
doleybRods_Tiger: So I was really hoping that it would have been fixed already in 9.04, and you wouldn't need to work at it.11:46
rconanbenste: sorry... sounds like a rythmbox bug11:46
rconanbenste: checked the tracker?11:46
coz_lunie2ns-linux, hold on let me check something11:46
Rods_Tigerthat's exactly what I'd assumed - that wifi might be somewhat important11:46
bensterconan not yet but I'll switch to ryhtmbox IRC :-) cause rythmbox now declares it as a bug itself :-911:47
coz_lunie2ns-linux,  sox is in the repository11:47
coz_lunie2ns-linux, sudo apt-get install sox11:47
Rods_Tigerso I've wasted all morning installing a linux that doesn't work on wireless. I didn't realise that. Still. Live and learn.11:47
doleybRods_Tiger: Well, its not super-hard to fix.11:47
Rods_TigerI can't see how.11:47
lunie2ns-linuxcoz_:  but when i run SMILE, it says the SOX is installed but not OGG Support and MP3 Support for SoX11:47
doleybRods_Tiger: If you want to try it, start by going madwifi.org and getting a source tar11:47
crdlbit's not "wireless" that's broken, it's one specific chipset11:48
Rods_Tigeroh bloody hell, that sounds technical. Forget it.11:48
bensterconan: ryhtmbox is part of gnome isn't it?11:48
Rods_Tigerwhat other linux version might work better? I was thinking about fedora 1011:48
lunie2ns-linuxcoz_: sox is already the newest version.11:48
doleybcrdlb: It's a specific chipset that is enormously popular and supported by other distros for almost a year.11:48
coz_lunie2ns-linux, ,mm hold on11:48
maxbRods_Tiger: What hardware?11:48
rconanbenste: not sure... might not be11:48
Rods_TigerAcer Aspire One11:48
bensterconan: it is, found the IRC now :-)11:49
rconanbenste: cool11:49
maxbRods_Tiger: Wait, you're using Jaunty?11:49
Rods_TigerI just want something that works - I don't want to fart around doing technical stuff or programming or complicated things like that.11:49
maxbYes, which version of Ubuntu.11:49
Rods_TigerI don't know - I've only just put it on11:50
Rods_TigerI'll find out11:50
maxbRods_Tiger: Well, I can tell you that the latest release works fine on the Aspire One if you install an extra package (linux-backports-modules-intrepid), and the development version works fine out of the box.11:51
coz_lunie2ns-linux,  are you trying to convert files?11:51
Rods_TigerI can't see how to find out11:51
maxbRun lsb_release -c11:51
Rods_TigerI can't see how to install things without wifi working11:51
Rods_Tigerwhat's the development version? maybe I should use that11:52
crdlbyou don't have wired internet?11:52
coz_lunie2ns-linux,  try sudo apt-get install libsox-fmt-ogg11:52
maxbNo, you definitely should not.11:52
crdlbthose are not mutually exclusive11:52
BUGabundoRods_Tiger: $ cat /proc/version11:52
Rods_Tigerit's a BT Homehub11:52
coz_lunie2ns-linux,  that shold enable the support in sox you want11:52
lunie2ns-linuxcoz_:  no when i run SMILE it says some dependencies are missing, IE: SOX - OGG Support and SOX - MP3 Support11:52
BUGabundohey crdlb maxb11:52
rconanRods_Tiger: they have wired connections too don't they11:53
coz_lunie2ns-linux, right11:53
maxbBUGabundo: Well.... that'll say the kernel version, not the Ubuntu version.11:53
doleybRods_Tiger: Maybe you can follow this page http://madberry.org/2008/11/how-to-get-atheros-ar242x-to-work-on-810-intrepid-ibex/11:53
coz_lunie2ns-linux,  so try installing that library for sox -ogg support11:53
Rods_TigerI don't have any wires, and it's too far away to connect wires to anyway11:53
doleybRods_Tiger: Far away?  But it is a 12 cm device, you can carry it anyplace.11:53
BUGabundomaxb: correct! yours better11:53
maxbRods_Tiger: Note that this channel is devoted to support of the development version of Ubuntu, which I'm fairly certain you're not using.11:54
Rods_Tigerno, I'm not going to mess around programming things. I'm going to install something that works. Ubuntu obviously wasn't that.11:54
Rods_TigerI don't have any wires despite the size of the device.11:54
macvrRods_Tiger: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AspireOne <<< have u checked this site for help?11:54
crdlbaccording to wikipedia, the BT homehub comes with an cat5e cable11:54
lunie2ns-linuxcoz_: E: Package libsox-fmt-ogg has no installation candidate11:54
doleybmaxb: he was sent here from #ubuntu because he said he had 9.0411:54
Rods_Tigermine doesn't.11:54
maxbdoleyb: Oh11:54
coz_lunie2ns-linux, ooo  damn11:54
Rods_Tigermine was one of the first - engineer installed11:54
coz_lunie2ns-linux, let me check here hold on11:55
maxbRods_Tiger: Do you want to tell us what running "lsb_release -c" says?11:55
Rods_Tigerwhat does that mean?11:55
rconanRods_Tiger: run "lsb_release -c" in a terminal11:55
maxbRods_Tiger: We want to establish what version of Ubuntu you're actually using11:55
Rods_Tigeram I in the wrong page?11:55
coz_lunie2ns-linux,  you're correct that library is not in 9.04 repositories11:55
lunie2ns-linuxcoz_:  FYI this is everything ive done sofar http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=89828111:55
Rods_Tigerlsb command not found11:56
rconanRods_Tiger: that's an underscore after lsb not a space11:56
coz_lunie2ns-linux,  open synaptic pacakge manager   hit Search  type in sox   you will see the libraries avaiable for it11:56
lunie2ns-linuxcoz also says... However the following packages replace it: libsox-fmt-base.. but i have this installed most recent version11:56
Rods_Tigerit says no arguments are permeitted11:57
coz_lunie2ns-linux, mm  hold on let me read further11:57
Rods_Tigerno, this is not working out. I'll try Fedora 10 instead.11:57
Rods_Tigeror go back to the original Acer Aspire One linpus that was on it in the first place, but has out of date firefox on it.11:58
macvrRods_Tiger: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AspireOne check this page before u give up/11:58
BUGabundomacvr: don't bother111:58
rconanRods_Tiger: feel free, it would be good of you to tell us what version of ubuntu you were running thouhg11:58
lunie2ns-linuxcoz_:  only thing in synaptic not installed was libsox-dev i believe..ill be afk for about 5 minutes...11:58
BUGabundowe can't convert *everyone*11:58
maxbRods_Tiger: *shrug* Ig that's what you want to do, do it.11:58
Rods_TigerI don't know what version it is11:58
BUGabundowe will help those that want our help11:59
coz_lunie2ns-linux, did you compile sox?11:59
BUGabundonot make a religion out of this11:59
rconanRods_Tiger: which requires you running "lsb_release -c"11:59
doleyb<Rods_Tiger> I've installed Unbuntu 9.04 netbook version onto my Acer Aspire One. There's no internet - the wifi doesn't work.11:59
Rods_TigerI tried that, it says no arguments or something11:59
lunie2ns-linuxcoz_:  what do u mean by compile? its installed... if thats what u mean11:59
Rods_Tigerno arguments are permitted11:59
crdlbRods_Tiger: that's because you forgot the - in -c11:59
BUGabundoRods_Tiger: on a terminal run this: cat /etc/lsb_release11:59
crdlbor you put a space between them11:59
crdlbprecision is important12:00
coz_lunie2ns-linux, no I meant manual install configuring from source pacakge   and you didnt apparenlty12:00
BUGabundoRods_Tiger: cat /etc/lsb-release12:00
Rods_Tigerit's phenomenally fussy isn't it. It says "jaunty"12:00
BUGabundome and underscores !12:00
macvrBUGabundo: realized he was getting too much advice for a lot of people, just felt that aleast for his wasted time he should be sure he has really wasted time, than jumping to conclsions!12:00
maxbRods_Tiger: Right, well, I can tell you that I'm running Jaunty on my Aspire One and the wireless works just fine.12:00
lunie2ns-linuxoh noe..but like i said...be afk for about 5 minutes..can i do this still with it already isntalled?12:00
Rods_TigerI hope it's not like this for the rest of the time if it ever does start working12:00
Rods_TigerI don't want to be typing in programming stuff forever12:01
maxbRods_Tiger: I would also note that running a pre-release version of the OS is not the best idea if you're looking for stability.12:01
BUGabundoRods_Tiger: try ubuntu network remix! it should have FULL support for your acer12:01
Rods_Tigerthis is the netbook one12:01
rconanRods_Tiger: why are you using jaunty over intrepid?12:01
BUGabundoRods_Tiger: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-netbook-remix/daily-live/current/12:01
Rods_TigerI've no idea12:01
rconanRods_Tiger: then I recommend you use intrepid...12:01
Rods_Tigerdoes it make a difference?12:01
macvrRods_Tiger: jaunty is still in beta!12:02
BUGabundoare you beeing it by bug https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/319825 ?12:02
ubottuUbuntu bug 319825 in linux "acer_wmi in Jaunty on Aspire One exposes non-functional (always disabled) rfkill device" [Medium,Fix released]12:02
maxbOh gosh, I'm sure that'll be it12:02
maxbI'd totally forgotten that I'd blacklisted that locally already12:02
maxband I'm the one who filed that bug, too :-)12:03
macvrBUGabundo:  that stupid killswitch problem has been around for quite a while !!!12:03
BUGabundoaffected me for a while with this laptop12:03
BUGabundono HARD button12:03
coz_lunie2ns-linux,  what are you tring to do with smile?12:03
BUGabundogot me to interpid and then jaunty to fix it properly12:04
macvrBUGabundo: works ok in jaunty though..12:04
BUGabundohumm sometimes12:04
BUGabundoI don't think its 100% fixed12:04
BUGabundoat least I turned it once off, hibernated, and required to reboot to make it ON again12:04
macvrBUGabundo: no .. thats y i said works OK...!!!12:04
bensteI've installed gadmin-proftpd on a 9.04 system, I'm able to ping this system, but I can't connect with FTP, the server itself is running (tested psaux), but the gui says it's not running,12:05
benstewhat else can I do to connect to the FTp?12:05
macvrBUGabundo:  i didnt have that hibernat prob in jaunty...12:05
lunie2ns-linuxcoz_:  back12:06
coz_lunie2ns-linux,  isnt Smile a kde app?12:06
coz_lunie2ns-linux,  and what are you wanting to do with smile?12:07
lunie2ns-linuxcoz_: think so.. but it says it runs with ubuntu on that forum and it is running just missing the mp3 and ogg support for Sox...12:08
coz_lunie2ns-linux,  I bet when you installed that it also installed mane kde libs  most likely12:08
coz_many kde libs rather12:08
lunie2ns-linuxcoz_: ah..and to check out making the 3d slideshows and whatnot to answer your question..12:09
lunie2ns-linuxcan i run KDE on ubuntu....?or would i have to re set everything up?12:10
coz_lunie2ns-linux,  3d slideshow? oh ok  I know there is a command line tool named  Diascope  but that may too much for you right now12:10
coz_lunie2ns-linux, well KDE is another desktop environment  as is Gnome  and you would have to install all of kde and when you boot  , right where you log in you would click sessions  and choose kde instead of gnome12:11
coz_lunie2ns-linux,  I dont normally suggest that especially for someone new to linux12:11
coz_lunie2ns-linux,  you could burn the kubuntu disk and install that instead12:12
coz_lunie2ns-linux,  but i have no more inforamtioin about this Smile application on gnome12:12
lunie2ns-linuxcoz_:  i was wondering about having to reset everything up because it was a pain getting my wifi to work had to install ndiswrapper or something and all kinds of other stuff12:12
coz_lunie2ns-linux,  yes you would most likely have to reset everything12:13
coz_lunie2ns-linux, you may want to google     linux slide show creators  or slide show applicatioins12:13
coz_lunie2ns-linux,  see if any are native to gnome12:13
lunie2ns-linuxbut if i just added the KDE environment onto my existing ubuntu installation, would it carry configurations like that over?12:14
coz_lunie2ns-linux,  no probably not12:14
coz_lunie2ns-linux,  you would have to start at the beginning configureing things again12:14
lunie2ns-linuxok well that is the only thing driver wise that didnt work from the getgo, but it took a while to get running12:15
coz_lunie2ns-linux, but then I dont do this myself so I have no real knowledge of it12:15
coz_lunie2ns-linux,  its probably better to get used to linux as you have it  ... look for applications that are native to gnome  ... if you go to Applications/Add/Remove  you will see many apps listed in a menu like format12:16
coz_you also have a search field there that can help12:16
coz_lunie2ns-linux, see what is already avaiable that does the same or similar thing12:16
lunie2ns-linuxwell  i can run SMILE now, its just I wont have mp3 or ogg support i assume the program opens up..just gives me the dialog box saying those dependencies are missing from Sox but it still runs...just need to find out how to have sox have mp3 and ogg support which the forums say could be added..but how do i compile it after,..and i installed 2 of the 3...but it didnt see libmad, do i need to do that manually?12:17
coz_ok let me check one more thing12:17
bensteconnecting to remote ftp I get the following error, what did I wrong? 421 Service not available, remote server has closed connection12:17
Raylzwhere are downloaded but not yet installed packages stored12:18
BUGabundoRaylz: ah?12:19
BUGabundoRaylz:  /var/cache/apt/archive ?12:19
coz_lunie2ns-linux,  see if you have the libmp3lame and libmp3lame-dev installed12:19
BUGabundothere where's everything goes12:19
RaylzBUGabundo: ty12:19
coz_lunie2ns-linux,  then open a terminal and type   sudo apt-get build-dep  sox12:20
lunie2ns-linuxcoz_: E: Build-dependencies for sox could not be satisfied.12:21
coz_lunie2ns-linux,  you are running ubuntu 9.04 correct?12:21
macvrhi all... does the notification popup when u insert a pendrive?12:21
coz_lunie2ns-linux, ok part of this may be due to the fact that 9.04 is still beta12:22
coz_lunie2ns-linux,  however  if you go here  http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=10706&package_id=10311&release_id=63911312:22
coz_Lunar_Lamp, you can download the current source package of sox12:23
coz_Lunar_Lamp, sorry12:23
coz_lunie2ns-linux,  that was for you  http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=10706&package_id=10311&release_id=63911312:23
coz_lunie2ns-linux,  but dont do anything until  jaunty is released12:23
coz_lunie2ns-linux,  have you done all o f the  updates for jaunty yet?12:23
coz_lunie2ns-linux,  well  you could open a terminal and type  sudo apt-ge12:24
coz_lunie2ns-linux,   open a terminal and type   sudo apt-get update12:24
coz_lunie2ns-linux,  then   sudo apt-get dist-upgrade  but  WARNING  this could break the driver you installed for your wireless  but I am not sure12:24
coz_lunie2ns-linux,  you can do both of those command to see if there are major updates especially kernel updates that might effect that driver  but you dont have to commit to them just type  N12:26
coz_for no12:26
BluesKaj'Morning folks12:26
unknown_Hello Guys12:26
macvrlunie2ns-linux: coz_ or dist upgrae can be done by  >>update-manager -d12:27
unknown_I've got one small question... is it normal (optimal) that my xorg.conf is empty? :/12:27
BUGabundohey BluesKaj unknown_12:27
BUGabundounknown_: yes12:27
BluesKajhi BUGabundo12:27
coz_macvr,  yep I thought in terminal would give the opportunity to see how that works  and read the updates easily12:27
unknown_hello BUGabundo12:28
bensteno one here ever tried to setup an FTP server?12:28
BluesKaji have filezilla setup and it's both server and client12:29
BUGabundobenste: I just use SSH12:29
lunie2ns-linuxcoz_: ok says needs 540MB of archives and 6111kb disk space will be freed...12:29
coz_lunie2ns-linux, for what?12:30
coz_lunie2ns-linux,  all the updates?12:30
lunie2ns-linuxtry it?12:30
topylibenste: that's not really a jaunty question, but yes it's dead simple to setup vsftpd12:30
coz_lunie2ns-linux,  not yet  .. i would speak to one of the support people here to be sure    I am half asleep  and cant think clearly12:31
topylibenste: not too many use cases for an ftp sever these days though12:31
bensteBugabundo, topyli, I installed it in a VM using jaunty, cause vbox doesn't work fine with guest additions, and ssh is a bit complicated for it isn't it? I've installed gadmin-proftpd12:31
BluesKajBUGabundo , what advantage does ssh have over ftp ? I thought they had different uses.12:31
lunie2ns-linuxok or see if later if anyone knows how to add mp3/ogg support maybe...i still have the log from the person that helped me get my wifi driver workign tho, so i imagine if it breaks i can just follow all that again..hopefully12:32
x4dHello, I'm trying out Jaunty and I noticed that remote desktop does not work properly, I've seen this happen in mint kde and kubuntu 8.10, after the connection is established the first frame is drawn and no more. I can see the mouse moving around but no other actions like menus or windows. Is there a fix for this ?12:32
coz_lunie2ns-linux, yes please .. you want to do as much research first before doing anything incluiding the updates12:32
BUGabundobenste: SSH is a bit more CPU heavy but comes by default12:32
unknown_do You know any good way to disable touchpad when typing? I found syndaemon, but it doesn't seems to work12:33
BUGabundoand you also have SAMBA12:33
BUGabundounknown_: wasn't that abnadoned?12:33
BUGabundomaco ping12:33
macvrlunie2ns-linux: mp3 works fine for me...12:33
lunie2ns-linuxcoz_: ok well thanks for your help :-)12:33
lunie2ns-linuxmacvr: im trying to add mp3/ogg support to Sox12:33
coz_lunie2ns-linux, sorry for the sleepyness :)  but in all honesty please check with the support people here :)12:34
macvrlunie2ns-linux: oh... ok12:34
coz_be back later12:34
unknown_BUGabundo: I'm not sure, but its worked fine on 8.10 :)12:34
BUGabundounknown_: I know maco once comment on that... not sure how it is now12:35
macvrBUGabundo: syndaemon doesnt work?12:35
unknown_macvr: at least for me :/12:36
macvrunknown_: it crashes for me too...12:36
unknown_macvr: for me doesn't crash, but simply doesn't work ;)12:37
macvrunknown_: thats the only thing that has crashed for me several times...12:38
unknown_so, there's no way to disable touchpad now when typing? It's annoying when you type something and you touch TP and coursor goes into middle of text..12:38
macvrunknown_: i think it works partly... wait let me check it out again12:39
unknown_thanks macvr12:39
unknown_I know that on 8.10 was needed to put Option    "SHMConfig"         "true" in xorg.conf now xorg.conf is total empty :/12:41
robin0800unknown_: you can disable completly in the mouse prefs.12:41
macvrunknown_: check again it is working for me..12:41
ActionParsnipyo yo yo12:41
benstewho's the one I could ask to update gstreamer version to 0.10.11 cause of a bug?12:42
unknown_robin0800: I can't disable it completly, I'm using it..12:42
macvrunknown_: first open system monitor and check if any instances are running , if so kill them all>> then try this $syndaemon -d -i 1012:42
unknown_macvr: nothing..12:43
macvrunknown_: nothing meaning nothings running or nothing works>12:44
unknown_nothing works macvr12:44
macvrunknown_: syndaemon -d -i 10 this command works perfectly for me, ... after u ran that did u check again for any instances of syndaemon?12:45
unknown_its running but doesn't work.. 29406 ?        Ss     0:00 syndaemon -d -i 1012:45
unknown_macvr: do You have also empty xorg.conf?12:46
macvrunknown_: oh i forgot... xorg.conf is not used now12:46
macvrunknown_: wait ... u need to create a file for the SHM...12:46
unknown_before it was in xorg.conf... now I got only there "Option "DontZap" "False" :)12:47
macvrunknown_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad#shmconfig < this is the new method used... xorg is not used12:47
unknown_Thank You macvr, I'll let know if thats works :)12:48
macvrunknown_: np... it works...12:49
unknown_ok, according to this small tutorial, I must reboot, I'll be back soon :)12:50
macvrunknown_: also add syndaemon to startup12:50
ubottuTo re-enable the Ctrl+Alt+Backspace combination that restarts your X server, you can install the "dontzap" package and use the command « sudo dontzap --disable »12:52
aoupianyone here who also has trouble with play/pause in mplayer using pulse?12:54
unknown_macvr: works great! thanks a lot12:55
macvrunknown_: np... for me i had to change it for intrepid itself... i wonder ,how come xorg  worked for u!!!12:56
aoupinevermind found it's a pulse bug http://www.pulseaudio.org/ticket/44012:57
unknown_maybe you know also why I've got a problem with bluetooth :P its funny cause when I open "browse device" it points me directly to /Other folder on memory card, I can't move anywhere else. In Nautilius it shows me address obex://[hwaddr]/13:00
nandemonaiDoes that hot-key issue noted in the topic affect teminal copy/paste?13:04
nandemonaiI can't seem to copy using Ctrl-Shift-C but paste works fine.13:05
dreamcoderjoin #jaunty13:05
ActionParsnipnandemonai: does ctrl+insert work?13:06
maxbnandemonai: No that's a different kind of hotkey13:06
maxb(laptop hotkeys)13:06
nandemonaiOh right weird..13:07
nandemonaiWell I can right click copy (in term) then Ctrl-Shift-V to paste but Ctrl-Shift-C doesn't seem to be working.13:07
nandemonaiAnd no, appears Ctrl-Insert does squat.13:08
IntuitiveNippleCtrl+Shift+C works for me with gnome-terminal13:08
nandemonaiOdd indeed.13:09
IntuitiveNipplenandemonai: have you got some compiz plugin using that key sequence?13:09
nandemonaiOnly the default 'normal' compiz via appearance.13:09
IntuitiveNippleI often wish there was just one place to check all current key assignments13:10
nandemonaiUnder edit -> keyboard shortcuts in gnome term it's showing the right combos.13:10
nandemonaibrb reboot13:11
nandemonaiOk well that's really weird, now it's working. *shrugs*13:14
ActionParsnipnandemonai: no bad thing, reboot to make sure its the same after a cold boot13:21
nandemonaiyeah just did and all seems well. Might have had something to do with it being first boot after a bunch of updates, enabling compiz and restricted driver (nvidia)13:23
nandemonaiNow next issue, has anyone been able to get VMware 1.0.9 to install under Jaunty?13:23
nandemonaiI'm getting build errors on the modules.13:23
cumulus007Hi, I'm running Kubuntu Jaunty 64-bit13:27
cumulus007the adobe flash player plugin in Firefox worked fine, until yesterday13:28
ActionParsnip!jaunty | cumulus00713:28
ubottucumulus007: Jaunty Jackalope is the codename for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 23rd, 2009 -  Schedule in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyReleaseSchedule - Lots of breakage between now and April 23rd - Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion and support.13:28
cumulus007all I see now is a plain, grey box13:28
ActionParsnipcumulus007: have you tried getting the 64bit tar.gz of flash and extracting the .so file to ~/.mozilla/plugins13:29
* deany resisting the urge to install a beta.. 13:29
cumulus007no I didn't. I experienced this before, and I think I got the solution13:29
ActionParsnipcumulus007: head back if its no good13:29
cumulus007firefox tells me on the console: Wrong ELF class13:29
ActionParsnipcumulus007: yep you got the 32bit flash13:30
ActionParsnipcumulus007: http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer10.html13:31
cumulus007ActionParsnip: I haven't old you the strangest part.. sometimes, it works fine13:31
ActionParsnipcumulus007: mkdir ~/.mozilla/plugins13:31
cumulus007like now:13:31
ActionParsnipcumulus007: then extract the archive at the bottom of the page to home and cp the .so file to ~/.mozilla/plugins13:31
cumulus007okay, will try that13:32
ActionParsnipcumulus007: once thats done close ALL firefoxes and restart it13:32
ActionParsnipcumulus007: all good?13:43
=== virk|sleep is now known as virk
nandemonaiAh sweet, for infos sake, VMware Server 1.0.9 works if you use the patch for Intrepid.14:03
ActionParsnipnandemonai: submit a bug, share the knowledge14:04
nandemonaiMore of a VMware bug though no?14:04
ActionParsnipnandemonai: i'm sure it'll get communicated14:04
nandemonaiOkies will do then.14:04
deanyvmware has poor linux support14:13
deanyhence, i switched to vbox14:13
ActionParsnipdeany: ive had no issue with it when i played with VMs14:13
ActionParsnipdeany: but vbox is much easier14:13
nandemonaiUnfortunately I'm tied to VMware due to uni.14:14
nandemonaiHow is VBox these days?14:14
deanyit was always a module compiling issue with newer distros.. host and guest14:14
deanythey dont acknowledge any such issues tho.. so you end up just havin to patch all the time14:15
deanynew vbox (2.2) out as we speak. :)14:15
nandemonaiMmm, I'm just lucky the Intrepid patch took. Certainly not my cup o tea.14:15
nandemonaivbox wont play vmware machines though.. will it?14:16
deanyi found vbox less hungry too.  vmware is a nice product tho14:16
deanythere is a converter around somewhere.14:16
deanygoogle it.. read it once somewhere.14:16
nandemonaiOoo I may just have to check that out.14:16
nandemonaiHaving to play the patch game every kernel upgrade is getting tedious.14:17
deanythink its more like convert to some standard format, then to vbox.14:17
deanysomewhere on libernix or howtoforge i think.14:17
ActionParsnipdeany: its the bane of closed sourceness14:17
nandemonaiI fully agree but yeah I'm kinda tied to it for study purposes at the moment.14:18
deanynandemonai, how much trouble would it be to just reinstall and restore a backup of /home?  or is it more complicated14:18
nandemonaiHmm? What do you mean?14:19
nandemonaiI'm on a fresh Jaunty install as of this evening.14:19
deanythe vm i mean, not your host.14:19
nandemonaiOh right heh14:20
deanyrather than converting14:20
nandemonaiWell I need Win / Linux and *ughh* netware images from Uni so quite painful.14:20
nandemonaiThe Linux ones would be fine to rebuild but the win/netware vms are a diff story.14:21
deanyprobably best to just stay as you are.  just dont upgrade kernels if you dont need to :)14:22
nandemonaiYeah that's it. I just couldn't resist the alure of Jaunty :P14:23
nandemonaiI gotta say, it's so much quicker than Intrepid. <314:23
nandemonaiAnd apart from some weird shortcuts not working initially it's running fine so far *touch wood*14:24
aRahimupgraded to jaunty 2day14:25
aRahimbut found my eth0 link to be down14:25
aRahimand i have to 'sudo ifconfig eth0 up' from terminal after every boot up14:25
aRahimhow to activate eth0 to come up automatically at boot up14:25
nandemonaiDid you use the alternate installer?14:25
deanywith my intrepid configured the way it is, i wouldnt dare an upgrade14:26
nandemonaiI noticed that when I installed it wrote a /etc/network/interfaces file that prevented network manager handling the connection.14:26
aRahimi used 'update-manager -d'14:26
aRahimfrom intrepid14:26
deanyi tihnkk upgrades work from a fresh install of the earlier version :)14:26
cumulus007put the ifup command into your /etc/rc,local14:27
nandemonaiAh okies. aRahim, have you got anything in /etc/network/interfaces ?14:27
cumulus007, >> .14:27
deanyanything else, forget it.. from my experience anyway.14:27
aRahimnandemonai: o  let me pastebin14:28
nandemonaideany: Yeah I didn't take the chance, went clean ;)14:28
deanytime needed to setup apps again compared to time needed to fix problems....nahh.14:29
aRahimok here http://pastebin.com/d6c971e0214:29
nandemonaihehe exactly my toughts deany ;)14:29
nandemonaiaRahim: Hmm well looks like that should work. I found that /etc/network/interfaces was preventing NM handling my connections and what I did was mv it to a backup and rebooted, then reconfigured my connections in NM. You could give that a go.14:31
aRahimnandemonai: ok14:32
mvodeany: upgrade should work wether fresh install or not14:32
nandemonaiaRahim: Although, in that paste you have eth0 set as manual yet no settings so that could be messing things up too.14:32
aRahimnandemonai: so should i edit that line?14:32
mvodeany: there are often problem caused by third party addons, but stuff that comes from the ubuntu repo will upgrade cleanly most of the time14:32
nandemonaiaRahim: So yeah try my suggestion first, mv the file to a backup like interfaces.bak or something, reboot and set up the connection through NM.14:33
nandemonaiIf that doesn't work reinstate the backup and fill in settings for IP, DNS etc etc14:33
aRahimthanks a lot14:33
nandemonaiNo worries, gl.14:33
sh_Can someone help re sound problems with upgrade from 8 > 9.04? No sound at all after upgrading yesterday. solutions in forum did not work14:34
deany^ mvo  heh.14:35
deanyguess i cant seem to shake the "fresh install" feeling from windows days.14:36
deanynobodys perfect..14:36
mvodeany: I'm certainly not denying that there are problem. but I have nott reinstalled my desktop since ~2005 (had to actually look up when in the synaptic history :)14:38
timcHello! Will Jaunty 9.04 include Okular 0.8.2? Intrepid 8.10 has Okular
maxbtimc: You can check package versions at http://packages.ubuntu.com/14:39
doogluswhen I double-click on a flash applet inside firefox it loses keyboard focus14:40
timcthanks maxb14:40
dooglusis there some way to stop that happening?14:40
timcwill ubuntu learn from fedora, and categorize System14:46
timcSystem -> Preferences14:46
timcIt's alright if we keep it as a giant list of things that runs off the screen, but I'm just curious! Alright, thanks again maxb, back to work!14:48
sh_its not off my screen :)14:48
timcof course it's not. with a name like sh_  you probably don't even start x :)14:50
rconanit should at least scroll or make a double list if it runs offscreen14:51
rconanmethinks this is a bug14:51
BUGabundoany body wants to join in the discussion of bug 357719 ?14:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 357719 in gnome-power-manager "GPM should have user profiles" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35771914:52
rconanmine does it too running 1024x76814:52
rconanI think ubuntu should still be aiming to support that res14:52
timcsorry rconan, i wasn't being serious. mine scrolls. it's just clumsy.14:53
BDisHow stable is 64 bit 9.04?14:53
BUGabundoBDis: as stable as it can get14:53
maxbAs stable as 32 bit 9.0414:53
rconanoh... in actual fact mine fits perfectly to the screen14:53
rconankey point... *not* stable14:54
rconansince it's a beta release14:54
=== LjL-Temp is now known as LjL
unixdawgbeta we dont need no stinking beta14:54
declanHello Everyone. I'm looking for some help with sound on jaunty.14:55
Tumiethe update-manager says that i need to do a small upgrade, but if I do that, it just doesn't starts upgrading14:55
declanTried googling, ubuntu forums, messing about; no joy. Sound is completely dead. I have a V823714:56
sh_declan: same problem here14:56
declanAh. So it's probably a bug. I'm using kubuntu, are you on Gubuntu?14:56
sh_declan: ive tried the forums too.. none of the solutions work14:56
rconanI assume you both have all the updates?14:57
rconanTumie: what happens if you run "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" at terminl?14:57
declansh_: damn. Not good. Was hoping it'd be sorted by the beta.14:57
declanI have all updates. Updated minutes ago.14:57
sh_rconan: i just updated from 8..does that include everything needed?14:57
rconansh_: yeah14:57
Tumierconan: he is now upgrading14:58
rconansh_: I assume you mean 8.10 ?14:58
lunie2ns-linuxDoes anyone know how to add MP3 and OGG support to Sox?.......14:58
Tumierconan: it works, ty :)14:58
BUGabundoIntuitiveNipple: ping14:58
mvoTumie: what does it do instead?14:58
mvoTumie: does u-m just hang?14:58
sh_rconan: er..yes..it was 8.1014:58
* BUGabundo runs UM just to check14:59
Tumiemvo: it was prepairing the upgrade, but then just didn't runned it14:59
rconansh_: have you checked the bug tracker... find your sound card model in "lspci" and then search for that on launchpad perhaps...14:59
BUGabundomvo I have had UM just stay there a WHILE checking cache. usually I kill it, and the 2nd time it works okay15:00
sh_rconan..that just brings up a huge list of stuff i dont understand15:00
BUGabundoBizarre Error - File size is not what the server reported 1253583 1253689Failed to fetch ftp://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/jaunty/main/binary-amd64/Packages.bz2  Hash Sum mismatch15:00
rconanhmm... haven't used this machine in a while15:00
BUGabundothis one is nice!15:00
rconan330MB of updates :p15:00
Tumierconan: XD15:00
mvoTumie, BUGabundo: hm, is there output in /var/log/dist-upgrade/apt.log when this is happening?15:01
sh_do i have to reinstall all my apps too after upgrading?15:01
mvo(the hang when its checking the cache)15:01
rconansh_: no... they shuld still be installed15:01
BUGabundomvo http://paste.ubuntu.com/146980/15:01
sh_rconan: some have vanished15:01
Tumiemvo: i already fixed it with some code somebody gave me...15:01
sh_rconan: e.g. google earth is gone..and i reinstalled it...and it doesnt work15:02
BUGabundore-runing UM Check to be sure its not download probs15:02
Tumiemvo: "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" worked for me15:02
rconansh_: installed from medibuntu?15:02
rconanit always confuses me when people call terminal commands "code"15:02
sh_rconan: i downloaded the bin from google site15:02
BUGabundomvo: I do get a lot of Cache Corrupt warnings15:02
mvoBUGabundo: hm, the timestamps look like they are old so its probably not logging there15:02
Tumierconan: i'm sorry :p15:02
rconansh_: I'd recommend checking out the package in medibuntu15:02
rconan!medibuntu | sh_15:02
ubottush_: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org15:02
mvoBUGabundo: you have packagekit installed, right :/ ?15:02
BUGabundomvo when I say a lot, I mean at least 3 times a day, and every time I run it the 1st time in morning15:03
rconanit's a useful repo... and has, among other things, debs of googleearth15:03
BUGabundomvo:   Installed: 0.3.14-0ubuntu415:03
BUGabundoseem so15:03
mvoBUGabundo: I never go around debugging that, I put it higher up in my list now, thanks15:04
BUGabundomvo: since I'm asking, is bug 252931 getting fixed anytime soon?15:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 252931 in synaptic "synaptic losses order/sorting" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25293115:04
rconanBUGabundo: says fix released :p15:05
BUGabundowrong bug15:05
BUGabundoI set that one to fix released15:05
BUGabundohumm can't find the correct one15:05
BUGabundomvo: it's the one that xampien search losses sorting15:06
mvoBUGabundo: did that re-appear? the latest status in the bug is that its working?15:07
BUGabundono no15:08
BUGabundothat's a diff bug15:08
IntuitiveNippleBUGabundo: pong?15:08
BUGabundobug 357719 ?15:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 357719 in gnome-power-manager "GPM should have user profiles" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35771915:08
BUGabundotells you something ?15:08
IntuitiveNipplewhat does it tell me?15:10
BUGabundojust asking15:10
BUGabundoneed to discuss it a bit15:11
IntuitiveNippleI don't think I'll bother with power-management - never get chance to take advantage of it :D15:11
IntuitiveNippleopenjdk has been package building for the last 3 hours, grrr!15:12
BUGabundooh damn... I thought nvidia refresh bug was fixed! I just saw it on UM15:12
IntuitiveNippleall to fix one lousy little missing bit of the Plugin-appletviewer interface :)15:12
jeiworthanyone running kde? i have a strange problem in kontact/korganizer, it seems it wont display neither day, week nor work week, month view is fine though...15:13
sh_how do you close a window which is frozen in ubuntu?15:13
doogluswhen I double-click on a flash applet inside firefox it loses keyboard focus; is there some way to stop that happening?15:14
BUGabundomvo filling new one against apt-xapian-index15:14
nemosh_: xkill15:15
nemosh_: or just killing the parent process15:15
BUGabundodooglus: that's a "feature" of flash15:15
nemosh_: or clicking on the "close" button in the corner if in gnome/kde15:15
nemoboth will prompt to kill the process15:15
sh_nemo:  the close button wasnt working15:16
sh_im trying to install something using the package installer and it sais there is more than one open....but there isnt15:17
nemosh_: lots of things could have a lock on that15:17
sh_i only have the package installer and this irc prog open15:18
nemoupdate manager, gnome app install, synaptic15:18
nemosome of those can even run in background15:18
nemocheck your process list15:18
sh_and how does one do that?15:18
jeiworthsh_: ctrl+esc15:19
mvoBUGabundo: please give me the bugnumber when you are done15:19
BUGabundodoing so now mvo15:19
sh_ctrl+esc does nothing15:19
maxbIs anyone else have a weird bug where occasionally the backgrounds of windows don't get drawn, and what you have behind them shows through?15:20
sh_maxb: yes15:20
maxbIt happens to me most in gnome-terminal but that probably reflects the fact I just use gnome-terminal a lot15:20
maxbsh_: Do you happen to know if it's filed? I haven't filed it because it's so intermittent and so hard to describe usefully15:21
IntuitiveNippleinvalid regions not being repainted?15:21
maxbI guess so15:21
sh_maxb: no sorry...i just noticed problems with the window backgrounds after upgrading15:21
maxbthe background doesn't paint, but foreground in the same window does paint!15:22
IntuitiveNipplemaxb: I occassionally have seen 'black' areas (they suddenly just go black) that are resolved by scrolling the viewport out of range and back15:22
sh_i think something must have gone wrong with my upgrade because nothing works..no sound...apps have disappeared...when i try to reinstall them the package manager freezes etc..15:22
sh_its like going back to windows again :)15:23
BUGabundomvo https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apt-xapian-index/+bug/35774715:23
ubottuUbuntu bug 357747 in apt-xapian-index "apt-xapian search will lose sorting" [Undecided,New]15:23
dooglusBUGabundo: this 'feature' of flash doesn't happen in Windows...15:29
BUGabundodooglus: then how do you play games? it needs to capture the keyboard15:29
dooglusBUGabundo: I think you must have misread what I wrote15:30
doogluswhen I double-click on a flash applet inside firefox it loses keyboard focus; is there some way to stop that happening?15:30
dooglusthe flash applet loses keyboard focus when I double click, and regains it only if I single click15:30
BUGabundodooglus: ah... I miss read. sorry15:31
sh_nemo: i just rebooted and it still sais there are more than one of the package installers open... cant install anything15:32
BUGabundodooglus: do you have a test case I can try?15:32
dooglusBUGabundo: I noticed it on this game: http://www.kongregate.com/games/mrsneeze/colourshift15:32
dooglusBUGabundo: the keyboard (cursor keys) are used to shift the board on wrapped levels, and clicking rotates the pieces15:33
deanyso a whole lot more updates, including kernel again.. but whats this command-not-found and command-not-found-data its installing/upgrading?15:33
dooglusif I want to rotate a piece by 180 degrees, I click twice, but then I can't shift the board if I clicked too fast, 'cos the double click caused it to lose focus15:33
BUGabundodeany: its auto complete15:34
sh_dooglus:  is it the same in all games?15:34
dooglussh_: good question.  I was trying to think of a very simple flash applet that I could test it in.  can you think of something small, flash, and with keyboard input?15:34
BUGabundodooglus: I didn't manage to get what the cursors where for :|15:36
dooglusBUGabundo: the first levels don't wrap around15:36
dooglusso the cursors don't do anything15:36
dooglusbut there are 'challenge' levels, and you can pick wrapped or not I think15:36
* BUGabundo trying upper leves15:36
dooglustry the biggest wrapped challenge15:37
BUGabundodooglus: I can reproduce it15:37
BUGabundoeither a bug in flash or the game15:37
dooglusI don't think flash is interpreting it as a double-click15:37
dooglus'cos it acts like 2 single clicks15:37
BUGabundomine is15:38
BUGabundoohh yes15:38
BUGabundoits 2 single clicks15:38
dooglusi mean it works the same is if you do two clicks separated by a long time15:38
BUGabundowas it meant to be a Double click?15:38
sh_dooglus: : sorry i dont know any..15:38
dooglusthe game just reads clicks - each click is a 90 degree rotate15:38
dooglusI wonder if it's the same in other browsers15:39
doogluscould be a firefox bug I guess15:39
sh_dooglus: : have u played the game in another browser?15:39
dooglusI don't think I have any other browser15:39
dooglusI've very short of space, having installed with the default settings in wubi15:40
dooglus(ie. 5GB)15:40
BUGabundodooglus: ah15:40
BUGabundodoesn't wubi sets 8GiBs now?15:40
BUGabundoyou can resize it15:40
deanyi think when i install this on/after 23rd im gonna remake my partitions, and leave out xp this time.....15:41
dooglusI think wubi sets the size according to the amount of free space in the windows disk15:42
dooglushow do I resize it?15:42
dooglusI've noticed that I can read/write the whole windows disk anyway via the /host/... mount15:42
BUGabundodooglus: I saw a HowTo on the site15:42
BUGabundobut this is OT15:43
BUGabundoso... ask any further question on #ubuntu15:45
deanyodd, i thought computer janitor would do more than remove debs not needed.  At least an "apt-get clean" as well.15:46
BUGabundodeany: file a wish bug please15:47
BUGabundoand let us know the bug id, please15:47
pHey all, I just upgraded 8.10 to 9.04 using the alternate CD. Now (after the reboot) the update manager says I need to do a "partial upgrade" and download 400+ upgrade packages...can I do that off the CD? Did I miss something?15:48
BUGabundop DON'T15:48
BUGabundodon't do partial installs if u don't know what you are doing15:49
BUGabundosome package my be removed!15:49
pBUGabundo, I don't really have anything I'm worried about losing. I just don't want to do the 300MB+ download, that's why I got the alternate CD.15:49
kristian1it's the final countdown!!!15:50
dooglussh_: here's another example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3DGko38IH4 -- the left and right keys seek through youtube videos.  but double-click the video and the keys stop working15:51
dooglus(make sure you have the volume up loud of course)15:51
p"Not all updates can be installed     Run a partial upgrade, to install as many updates as possible.  This can be caused by: a previous upgrade which didn't complete, problems with some of the installed software, unofficial software packages not provided by Ubuntu, normal changes of a pre-release version of Ubuntu."15:53
p(I think it's caused by the last thing in the list.)15:53
kristian1is there a place where i can see the main changes (not the tweaking) :-P from 8.10 to 9.04?15:55
Ienorandkristian1: beta main page?15:56
pThat's what comes up when I run the update manager, like I said, I just upgraded from 8.10 to 9.04 using the alternate CD.15:56
pAny ideas?15:56
kristian1Ienorand : yeah, but something more detailed than that?15:56
pkristian1: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/jaunty/beta#New%20features%20since%20Ubuntu%208.1015:56
Ienorandkristian1: Hmm I don't know...15:57
kristian1ok, thanks though.15:59
dooglusoh, a nice workaround: set the double-click timeout to be really short - now I can't double click at all & the probem goes away16:01
mib_39gj3xnlhi, i have installed ubuntu 9.04 and cannot get my wireless card to work, can someone help please ??16:06
Extenddid you checked restricted drivers from the system 00 > administration menu16:06
eagles0513875mib_39gj3xnl: lspci what kind of wifi card does it say you have16:07
mib_39gj3xnlyeh, its only got one thing some "modem"16:07
maxbmib_39gj3xnl: You should say what your wireless card is16:07
mib_39gj3xnlmy wireless card is a atheros16:07
eagles0513875lspci shoudl show in the list your wifi card16:07
eagles0513875cant help there16:07
mib_39gj3xnlim going to try a fresh install, because i may have messed it up myself16:08
IenorandHow does g-power-manager decide whether to use time or percent for actions, has that got something to do with how much data it has collected?16:22
IenorandSInce I've got time policy set in gconf but it still seems to use percent...16:24
=== adam7__ is now known as adam7
BUGabundoIenorand: good question!16:25
=== dR0g is now known as dROg
IenorandBUGabundo: And just recently I tested running it all the way down, and even though I got a new battery (99% capacity) the computer died before battery reached 2% (action thershold) Wondering if this might be set to low by default also?16:29
IenorandPotentially serious design flaw...16:30
BUGabundoI set mine to 5% or 3 min16:30
IenorandBUGabundo: Yea, but the default should be a good value, not something that kills some normal computers...16:31
IenorandI'm going down atm let's see...16:31
mbeierlSay, anyone here have to use exchange web and have any problems with Evolution?16:32
BUGabundoIenorand: you must love your disk so much16:33
BUGabundombeierl: I think its hggdh who mantains that plugin16:34
hggdhnot really, but I look at Evo16:34
mbeierlhggdh: ah, ok thanks!16:34
hggdhmbeierl, what is the issue?16:34
mbeierlWell, evo-exh-storage keeps crashing16:35
mbeierlit's rendering evo unusable for me16:35
mbeierllastest 9.04 updates?16:35
hggdhmbeierl, first of all, do you use Exchange 2003 or 2007?16:35
mbeierlAh.  It's outsourced.  How can I tell?16:36
mbeierlThey gave us outlook 2003 so I assume it's exchange 2003.16:36
mbeierlhggdh: I went to the owa signon and the banner says 200316:37
hggdhthat's good enough16:37
hggdhOK. so you get a e-e crash. Do you have a backtrace?16:37
mbeierlI got one once16:38
mysticdarkhackhello all16:38
mbeierldespite the fact that I set ulimit -c unlimited and ran it then attached via gdb16:38
mbeierland it says "(core dumped)" I still cannot find any core file anywhere16:38
mbeierlthere's no .crash file16:38
mbeierland apport ignores the crash (as it should because there is no .crash)16:39
mbeierlI've installed the -dbgsyms for all the evo components16:39
mbeierlbut... am I supposed to run a different version of the binary after adding the -dgbsym?16:39
mysticdarkhackHave everyone experience crash when you do a killall nautilus where icon or other stuff on desktop disappear?16:39
hggdhmbeierl, including e-e and eds?16:39
hggdh(I mean the dbgsyms)16:40
mbeierlii  evolution-data-server-dbgsym               2.26.0-0ubuntu1                   debug symbols for package evolution-data-ser16:40
mbeierlii  evolution-dbgsym                           2.26.0-0ubuntu2                   debug symbols for package evolution16:40
mbeierlii  evolution-exchange-dbgsym                  2.26.0-0ubuntu2                   debug symbols for package evolution-exchange16:40
mbeierlii  evolution-indicator-dbgsym                 0.1.11-0ubuntu1                   debug symbols for package evolution-indicato16:40
mbeierlii  evolution-plugins-dbgsym                   2.26.0-0ubuntu2                   debug symbols for package evolution-plugins16:40
mbeierlii  evolution-plugins-experimental-dbgsym      2.26.0-0ubuntu2                   debug symbols for package evolution-plugins-16:40
mbeierlii  evolution-webcal-dbgsym                    2.26.0-0ubuntu1                   debug symbols for package evolution-webcal16:40
mbeierlsorry for the spam16:40
hggdhmbeierl, best to pastebin ;-)16:40
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)16:40
mbeierlok, next time I will :)16:40
hggdhdid you also install the dbgsyms for the libraries (of which there is legion)16:41
mbeierl(just checking it out)16:41
mbeierlthe only dgbsyms are what you see16:41
mbeierlok, so probably camel and others16:41
hggdhok, we will need them16:41
mbeierldo you know which, or how do I start?16:41
hggdhopen synaptic, and search on evolution -- then install all dbgsyms (for which you have evo components installed) that match the version16:42
mysticdarkhackanyone know if there will be anymore nautilus update16:42
mbeierl(I've only got 1.8g left in /, so I don't want to load *every* dbgsym is possible)16:42
hggdhmysticdarkhack, nautilus-actions has just been updated16:43
mbeierlhggdh: what's the difference between evolution-exchange-dbg and evolution-exchange-dbgsym?16:43
mysticdarkhackhggdh, tx for the info16:43
IenorandHmm, okay... I must say that the percentage thresholds defaults are definitely set too low...16:44
hggdhmbeierl, both are debug symbols; the dbg are generated by the build process (and, for the most part, are left-overs from Debian); the dbgsyms are build by Ubuntu. Either or, but not both16:44
mbeierlok, I've stuck with dbgsym16:44
mysticdarkhacki'm glad adobe made 64 bit flash and looking for to in in kk16:44
hggdhusually you will have one .dbg per source package (for all binary packages) and one dbgsym per binary package16:45
mysticdarkhackis it possible ubuntu will update gtk-engine-murrine to 0.90.3?16:48
mysticdarkhackI tried compile the engine but it need gtk+-2.1216:49
hggdhmysticdarkhack, I am not sure it will happen for Jaunty -- too late in the cycle...16:52
hggdhmbeierl, it would be a good idea to also install libglib2.0-0 dbgsym16:53
mbeierlhggdh: updates want reboot (not dbgsym related) but I just want to make sure I'm fully up to date with the latest16:53
charlie-tcamysticdarkhack: already done, see bug 35524916:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 355249 in gtk2-engines-murrine "Please, sponsor gtk2-engines-murrine 0.90.3 into jaunty" [Wishlist,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35524916:54
mbeierlhggdh: Failed to fetch http://ddebs.ubuntu.com/pool/main/g/glib2.0/libglib2.0-0-dbgsym_2.20.0-1build1_amd64.ddeb 404 Not Found16:54
hggdhmbeierl, ah well. no problem16:55
=== aoupi_ is now known as aoupi
mbeierlhggdh: ok, will reboot and be right back then16:55
hyper_chwhy is pulseaudio such a big fail16:56
mysticdarkhackpluseaudio is getting some what a bit better17:01
hyper_chpulseaudio makes kubuntu totally unusable because no sound in flash firefox and no sound in vlc17:02
Ienorandhyper_ch: Has been reported, I think...17:03
hyper_chIenorand: I know.. but I still need to rant about it :)17:03
Ienorandhyper_ch: What does  asoundconf set-pulseaudio  do about it? source: http://www.mibbit.com/url/YbR8Ym17:04
hyper_chIenorand: well, I had it running on sunday... and today it won't...17:06
hyper_ch(after kernel upgrade)17:06
mysticdarkhackhyper_ch, are you using 64 bit?17:07
hyper_chmysticdarkhack: of course :)17:07
hyper_chIenorand: seems that asoundconf set-pulseaudio fixes it (for the moment)17:07
mysticdarkhackhyper_ch, adobe has release a 64 bit flashplugin and work well.17:08
hyper_chmysticdarkhack: that's what I've been using since 8.1017:08
mysticdarkhackhyper_ch, where did u get ur source?17:08
hyper_chbut for some reasons that all wants to go through pulseaudio17:08
hyper_chmysticdarkhack: source for?17:09
mysticdarkhackhyper_ch, flashplugin17:09
hyper_chmysticdarkhack: from adobe17:10
hyper_chwel, they don't provide the source, just the binary plugin17:10
mysticdarkhackI think you should use deb package from packages.debian.org17:11
hyper_chmixing debian packages with ubuntu? you're not serious, are you?17:11
mysticdarkhackat least it work17:11
hyper_chflashplugin from adobe works fine17:11
hyper_chit's pulseaudio that f*** everything up17:12
mysticdarkhacksee if this will help: https://launchpad.net/~gstreamer-developers/+archive/ppa17:13
hyper_chI've already added custom PA PPA repos17:13
bjsniderhyper_ch, the flash plugin for 64-bit uses pulseaudio directly. if youhave a  pulseaudio problem, troubleshoot that.17:13
hyper_chas differnet bug reports suggest17:13
hyper_chbjsnider: that's what I was saying the whole time17:13
mysticdarkhackseem pulseaudio work fine here17:13
hyper_ch[18:02] <hyper_ch> pulseaudio makes kubuntu totally unusable because no sound in flash firefox and no sound in vlc17:14
bjsnideryes but pulse is not installed by default in kubuntu17:14
mysticdarkhackin vlc, do you have pulse plugin17:14
hyper_chbjsnider: pulse got installed by firefox17:15
hyper_chas dependency... or something else17:15
bjsniderdtchen willknow about this17:15
bjsniderhe's not around at the present time17:15
mbeierlhggdh: ok back now17:17
mbeierlnext step?17:17
hggdhmbeierl, now... do you get the crash on startup?17:17
mbeierlpretty close to it17:17
mbeierlit connects then after downloading a few messages it crashes17:17
mphillpulseaudio seems to me to be a complete disaster.17:18
hggdhmbeierl, ok. let's try the simple way first17:18
hggdhmbeierl, on a terminal run 'evolution --force-shutdown'17:18
wamtyHi could someone tell me a good package that will run on ubuntu to recover data following a harddrive format. I have wine running but am unable to run any windows applications as the wine system uses virtualdrives and so does not have access to the physically drives that are mounted.17:18
hggdhthis will close all evo-related programmes17:18
wamtyim using ubuntu 9.04 distro17:19
mbeierlyep... use that far too often :)17:19
hggdhheh :-)17:19
mbeierlsorry, done!17:19
hggdhmbeierl, now -- still on a terminal -- run 'gdb evolution'17:19
hggdhthis will put you under the debugger17:19
mbeierlyep, ok17:19
hggdhmbeierl, when you get the gdb prompt, type in 'r' (for run)17:20
mbeierlalready done :)17:20
hggdhnow we wait for the crash...17:20
mbeierlit's evo exchange that crashes17:20
mbeierlOk I now have the infamous "Error while Refreshing folder" message17:21
hggdhmbeierl, this is why I said 'try the simple way first'...17:21
mbeierlevolution-exchange-storage process is gone :)17:21
mbeierlbut evo is alive and welll :)17:21
hggdhand no crashes...17:21
mbeierlno .crash, no apport17:22
hggdhmbeierl, OK. CTRL-C on the gdb17:22
hggdhthis will put you back on the gdb prompt; there type in 'q' (for quit)17:22
hggdhsorry for the shout17:23
mbeierlmy next step was to run evo-exch from gdb17:23
mbeierlbut I didn't even get a core/.crash then ?!?17:23
mbeierlis that what we're going to try next?17:23
hggdhmbeierl, this is what we will need to do17:26
hggdhI was trying to find *where* e-e would be, but I still have to install it...17:26
mbeierl /usr/lib/evolution/2.26/evolution-exchange-storage ?17:27
mbeierlthat one?17:27
mbeierlthis is what normally runs /usr/lib/evolution/2.26/evolution-exchange-storage --oaf-activate-iid=OAFIID:GNOME_Evolution_Exchange_Component_Factory:2.26 --oaf-ior-fd=3517:27
hggdhgdb /usr/lib/evolution/2.26/evolution-exchange-storage17:27
hggdhbefore 'evolution --force-shutdown'17:28
mbeierlEvolution Exchange Storage up and running17:28
mbeierlunder gdb17:28
mbeierlstart evo now?17:28
hggdhnormal start, no gdb17:31
mbeierlran it under gdb just for giggles...17:31
hggdhmbeierl, I will have to afk for a bit17:31
hggdhafk -- away from keyboard ;-)17:35
hggdhgood trace17:35
mbeierlhggdh: did not say it was dumping core yet17:36
oliver_g_1what's the best way to report or fix bad translations in Jaunty? like spelling mistakes etc.?17:36
mbeierlI /think/ I still have a bug open for this on launchpad17:36
hggdhmbeierl, please (on the gdb session) type 't a a bt full'17:36
hggdhmbeierl, what's the bug #?17:36
mbeierljust a moment...17:36
hggdhit got a SIGABRT -- apport does not trigger on abort17:37
ubottuUbuntu bug 353187 in evolution-exchange "evolution-exchange-storage: /build/buildd/libical-0.43/src/libical/icalerror.c:106: icalerror_set_errno: Assertion `0' failed." [Medium,Triaged]17:38
mbeierlLooks like someone beat me to the stack trace :)(17:38
mbeierlis my bt...17:40
hggdhmbeierl, I will check upstream on this, and get back (updating the bug) soon17:41
mbeierlok, thanks!17:41
hggdhmbeierl, now I *have* to get AFK17:41
hggdhbe back soon(ish)17:41
mbeierlhggdh: thanks so much! ciao for now!17:41
cjaeHi, how to you use aptitude to display what is going to be updated without updating?17:42
mbeierlcjae: maybe aptitiude -s  (Simulate actions, but do not actually perform them.) is what you want?17:43
cjaembeierl: you know how synaptic or what ever software manager tells you, "you have updates" and then you can see what they are before you update? how do you do this with aptitude?17:49
mbeierlthere's the update notifier, and I just found out a few days ago, in jaunty it has changed so that by default it does not automatically display the icon with the updates until they are like 1 week old17:50
mbeierlso if you want the old behaviour back...17:50
mbeierlit's gconf... just a sec...17:50
mbeierlgconf-editor /apps/update-notifier/auto_launch17:51
cjaembeierl: sorry I dont see what this has to do with aptitude17:52
mbeierlcjae: toggle what's currently there17:52
mbeierlI thought you wanted the update notifier thing back17:52
oliver_g_1cjae: if you just press "g" in the main screen, you get a list of packages that will be upgraded (if you press g again these upgrades will be actually installed)17:53
mbeierllast time I was in this conversation it turned out that was what we *really* wanted :)17:53
mbeierl(we being me+someone else)17:53
oliver_g_1mbeierl: so what's the way to get update-notifier back?17:53
mbeierland clear auto_launch17:54
oliver_g_1ah i see now17:54
cjaeoliver_g_1: what do you mean the main screen?17:54
oliver_g_1cjae: the screen you get when you started aptitude17:55
mbeierlor you can change the regular_auto_launch_interval ... if 7 days is too long but you don't want it every day17:55
cjaesorry never tried the ncurses type:P17:55
oliver_g_1I never tried the non-ncurses view :-)17:55
cjaealways just substituded it for apt-get17:56
cjaedoes quassel not have spell check and ring the system bell?17:59
cjaeoliver_g_1: um pressing g does not tell me anything except to press U18:01
oliver_g_1cjae: yes... I think you have to mark at least one package for upgrading so that the g view shows anything18:02
oliver_g_1(in my local aptitude, I usually have some packages set to "hold" which also makes the g key work)18:03
oliver_g_1(it's non-optimal usability IMHO :)18:03
cjaedouble clicking the packages works to tell what they are18:03
cjaeoliver_g_1: ok I works differently when I do it the proper way with sudo aptitude :P18:07
cjae-I +it18:07
robin0800Is there anywere the theme configuration file is shown     like what can be included or should be included etc?18:07
oliver_g_1yes, otherwise you only get the readonly mode18:07
tomsdaleAll my gtk+ apps (eclipse/firefox ...) on kubuntu look really horrible. There is the option of theming the gtk apps but I think I might have messed up this configuration because no change in appearance no matter which option18:08
cjaeoliver_g_1: aptitude is much better thank you18:08
cjaeoliver_g_1: so using sudo aptitude would be for handling installing updates but not packages right? Installing separate packages would be done by the command line eg. sudo aptitude install whatever18:13
oliver_g_1cjae: no, in the main window you can also browse through the not-installed packages and mark them for installation18:14
oliver_g_1with "+" key the package is marked for install, with "-" key marked for removal18:14
wilhartjanty doesnt start gparted ?18:15
wilhartpartition manager18:15
cjaeoliver_g_1: ahh I see18:15
oliver_g_1with "_" marked for purging (ie. remove package and also remove config files)18:15
wilhartcan't go next and previous18:15
oliver_g_1and the g view then shows a summary of all those actions18:15
cjaeoliver_g_1: ok18:15
wilhartso that means i can't install it!18:16
cjaewilhart: can't use the live disk?18:16
wilhartcjae: hmm and from there install it?18:17
wilhartso i choose to boot to desktop not install ?18:17
cjaewilhart: yes18:18
wilharti'll try that now18:18
cjaethere is a iso image on the net18:18
wilharti have it!18:18
cjaeoliver_g_1: can I safetly, knowing what a root account can do, enable the root account without having my system go crazy18:19
wilhartcjae: i can install linux from windows?18:20
wilhartok cool18:21
cjaeactually can you elaborate that18:21
cjaeyou mean in windows18:21
cjaeactually what I am asking is if I enable a root account, will its pasword replace all sudo and gksudo and kdesudo prompts or how does that work?18:23
pwnguinsudo should still ask for your pwd18:24
oliver_g_1cjae: I don't know; but personally I use sudo -s to get a root shell and it feels just like Debian :-)18:24
oliver_g_1(except I need to remember one password less :)18:24
pwnguincjae: check out /etc/pam.d/sudo18:24
cjaeoliver_g_1: hey that works18:25
cjaeI have reas a lot about enabling root in ubuntu, but never came across that, was worried that would mess up user permissions18:27
BUGabundocjae: MAN $ man visudo18:28
alex_mayorgahow impossible would it be to get http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/gnome/sources/gnome-bluetooth/2.27/ in Jaunty?18:32
pwnguinalex_mayorga: what exactly does it do that isn't in jaunty?18:33
pwnguinalex_mayorga: you're crazy. replacing a key bluetooth component with insufficient time to test before release?18:34
alex_mayorgapwnguin, it's not like the current version works any stable or such18:34
alex_mayorgabut what I know, been in 3 releases now with subpar bluetooth18:35
pwnguini assume you have a pet bluetooth bug?18:35
BUGabundoplease remind me!!! where are kernel .29 images?18:35
pwnguin(one that isn't a low level firmware bug we've already discussed?)18:36
BUGabundoapw: ping please remind me!!! where are kernel .29 images?18:36
maxbmainline? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelMainlineBuilds18:36
maxbOr karmic?18:37
BUGabundomaxb: thanks18:37
apwyep there18:37
BUGabundofor testing18:37
alex_mayorgapwnguin, I just want my a2dp headphones to work :)18:38
=== dR0g is now known as dROg
alex_mayorgabut yeah, most of my activity is on bluetooth buggers18:38
BUGabundoapw something about fixing acpi on an asus18:39
pwnguini seem to be confusing you with another bug reporter who was angry at cwiid for not supporting his bluetooth devices18:39
lilacdoes the .29 kernel fix the x issues with the .28 kernel?18:40
pwnguingiven that the gnome-bluetooth fork was only revived more than a month ago, your best bet is to push for inlcusion in karmic18:40
pwnguinwell, i gotta head to work18:40
alex_mayorgapwnguin, fair enough from what I've learned fedora seems to be more cutting edge in the bluetooth side, right?18:41
BUGabundolilac: you mean tehe ones with intel? no18:42
lilacBUGabundo: i mean the ones with Radeon, actually :)18:42
BUGabundolilac: then NO too18:44
Blue-Winstonquestion - is 9.04 going to have effects enabled by default? in 8.10 this messed up my screen yet in 8.04 it didn't even with only the open/free ati driver installed in both cases18:44
cjaeanyone notice how much blue there is under K -> Applications -> Internet?18:51
mib_orp59ywahi, in the Synaptic Package manager i seen a package that makes the amilo 1718 buttons work (Wifi,Mail etc) but i just updated to give a help in hand, and have lost it, would this be due to it being in a different source ?18:53
mib_orp59ywais there anyone here ??18:57
RubelI'm here, but don't get excited.18:58
nemomib_orp59ywa: hang out.18:58
nemopersonally I have no clue, so I was staying quiet18:59
mib_orp59ywais there anyone here ??18:59
RubelNo one here but us bots.19:00
* Ienorand is having zeroes for lunch today19:00
mib_orp59ywanemo: hand out were ?19:00
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)19:02
RubelWhoops, that wasn't useful.19:02
mib_orp59ywadoes anyone have a amilo 1718 laptop ?19:02
mib_orp59ywawhat about a Atheros wireless card19:04
cetanhotaquick question whats the url so I can upgrade my test system from 8.10 to 9.04?19:05
mib_orp59ywacetanhota: you mean the "update-manager -d"19:06
cetanhotamib_orp59ywa: Thank you.19:07
=== martin__ is now known as DocTomoe
mib_orp59ywa!ask my wifi has a switch to turn on but needs a program to run how can i turn it on in ubuntu 9.04 ?19:09
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:09
cjaeanyone know what to install for firefox plugin under kubuntu 9.04? one that works, I see totem is the most fuctional, mplayer is supposed to be but is not, and kaffeine was not much good either19:09
DocTomoeOK, now pulseaudio is seriously driving me insane. Kubuntu jaunty, KDE sonud wirks nicely, VLC sound does not, I tried to install/run pulseaudio, but to no avail.19:09
DocTomoeAnything that can be done to get vlc audio output back?19:10
RubelIt's weird. I can't seem to install Jaunty Beta on my Ubuntu Server machine. Worked fine on my workstation. "do-release-upgrade" doesn't find anything to upgrade to, even thought I have Prompt=normal.19:11
mib_orp59ywahate to beak it to you guys and girls but i dont think your going to get alot of help at the moment19:13
mib_orp59ywaseems most are giving us the silent treatment19:13
crdlbRubel: don't you need to do anything to tell it to upgrade to a non-released version?19:13
crdlblike the -d you add to update-manager19:13
IenorandRubel: apt-get dist-upgrade -d19:14
mib_orp59ywayay someone getting help atleast :) , can anyone lead me the way to get my wireless to work (Atheros)19:15
RubelAh, an alternate route. Thanks, I'll try that :)19:15
lilacmib_orp59ywa: i suspect most people in here are looking for help rather than looking to provide it ;-)19:15
DocTomoemib_orp59ywa: what seems to be the problem?19:15
mib_orp59ywalilac: cant blame them, ubuntu is complicated to the new ones (im one of them :D)19:16
mib_orp59ywaDocTomoe: my wireless card has been picked up but its not active and wont scan, going into the terminal dont do nout19:16
DocTomoemib_orp59ywa: it does appear in dmesg?19:17
IntuitiveNippledo-release-upgrade --devel-release (also known as -d)19:17
crdlbhmm, consistent :)19:17
IntuitiveNippleIf it's the RF kill switch, you ought to be able to control it from the /sys/... file-system nodes, depending on which model and driver is in use.19:18
mib_orp59ywaDocTomoe: yep, says "Atheros AR2425 chip found"19:19
DocTomoemib_orp59ywa: I suppose you've already installed madwifi?19:19
RubelThank  you, iNipple. That was what I was looking for. Dunno why I didn't see that last time, or notice it in the script. I appreciate your help!19:20
mib_orp59ywaDocTomoe: nope, i followed tutorials and no luck on that, as soon as the kernel update for 8.10 my wireless stopped working but going to 9.04 helped19:20
IntuitiveNippleThis will show any/all RF kill devices: ls -l  /sys/class/rfkill/19:20
Geboyi intend to upgrade to jaunty from 8.10. but it creeps me out seeing the chan notification "Jaunty may break your system" what is it?19:20
mib_orp59ywaGeboy: were does it say that ?19:21
PiciGeboy: Jaunty is currently beta.19:21
DocTomoemib_orp59ywa: what does lsmod | grep ath return?19:21
Geboythis chan topic..19:21
DocTomoeGeboy:  Jaunty is beta. beta breaks stuff. proceed at your own risk, or wait until 04-2319:21
PiciGeboy: Beta software may be untested and could your install has to potential to break19:21
mib_orp59ywaDocTomoe: http://www.mibbit.com/pb/WTjUZQ19:21
DocTomoeGeboy: just an example: vlc audio stopped working. (my current problem)19:22
crdlbmib_orp59ywa: try installing linux-backports-modules-jaunty19:22
Geboybut will it break hardwares as well?19:22
mib_orp59ywaGeboy: i tried it and seems fine, but as DocTomoe stated own risk19:22
PiciGeboy: It shouldn't, but its not unheard of.19:23
DocTomoeGeboy: no, hardware should be unaffected. in most cases.19:23
mib_orp59ywacrdlb: trying now19:23
Geboywhat will be the improvement in jaunty?19:23
mbeierlGeboy: the only real way of breaking hardware through the keyboard is by spilling coffee on it :)  It shouldn't19:23
Geboymbeirl: ROFL on that19:23
mib_orp59ywaGeboy: i think most of it is down under,19:23
SimoneBHi. I recently upgraded to jaunty and it seems to forget the wireless network password of every wireless network every time i shut down the pc. is this a known bug? is there a solution?19:24
edgyHi sirs, my BCM4312 stops workng today19:24
mbeierlGeboy: but there are many things that are in flux and can "scare" newbies like yesterday (or day before) updates stopped working due to a typo in the hotkey-setup package19:24
IenorandGeboy: Shouldn't be no physical breakage, only software, and mental....19:24
mib_orp59ywaGeboy: also when i did it, i could login in, because the keyboard and mouse would not work19:25
mib_orp59ywaGeboy: but seems great now19:25
mbeierlGeboy: ext4 is now available in jaunty as an installation option.  It's the next generation of the standard linux filesystem, with reported significant speed improvements, but very rarely reports of it corrupting data if the system crashes19:26
mattgriffinmy jaunty beta install has the Firefox default home page set to www.mozilla.org. anyone else experiencing this? want to know before i open a bug.19:26
Geboymbeierl: i don't know if its off any use on me19:26
Geboymbeierl: since i use ubuntu for my 2nd os19:27
DocTomoemattgriffin: negative at my systems.19:27
mbeierlGeboy: if you're new, its always better to stick to official releases :)19:27
Geboymost of my partition is still in ntfs19:27
mib_orp59ywaGeboy: well you could always make a partition and try that, but if new, dont, i found out the hard way :D19:27
DocTomoeGeboy: most notably for Users is the improved startup time. At my systems, its around 30% off.19:27
Geboymib_orp59ywa: ouch...did u lost ur datas?19:27
DocTomoeseriously, is this that lolcat bot again?19:28
GeboyDocTomoe: ic...i also read about the notification? is it a good improvement?19:28
mib_orp59ywaGeboy: oh nahhh, i did that while trying to install 8.10 :D lool..lost all 500+ photos i took, games, website for clients, set me back 5 months of Photoshop, but i hate windows, and think a system that is "MINE" is better than anything19:29
mbeierlDocTomoe: I agree that startup time is significantly improved :)19:29
IenorandGeboy: You can always run the livecds, or install to a usb disk, that is generally a good way to test if there are major issues before installing it on the harddrive.19:29
mbeierlhee hee... it's called having backups :)19:29
Geboywait wait, mib_orp59ywa, u used photoshop in ubuntu???19:29
mib_orp59ywaGeboy: now im just fighting to get wifi to work , cause i don't really like siting at a desk19:29
mib_orp59ywaGeboy: no, i used it in windows, but you could try wine19:30
mib_orp59ywai tried it, bit buggy (i think)19:30
Geboywine can't run CS419:30
* DocTomoe tried photoshop a while ago and wasn't too astonished.19:30
SimoneBdoes it happen just to me that jaunty forgets my wireless network password at every reboot?19:31
mib_orp59ywaGeboy: well, why not try GIMP, yeh i no a pain in the rear but it does good things19:31
mib_orp59ywaSimoneB: is there a setting to say "Remember"19:31
SimoneBmib_orp59ywa: where?19:31
Geboyi haven't tried gimp yet, i barely know what to do in ubuntu post installation and updating packages, coz its all like new19:32
mib_orp59ywaSimoneB: i dont no, i asked u lol..i am currently have problems to eve search for networks19:32
mib_orp59ywaGeboy: what was u before, (was u a window :D lool)19:32
Geboyi only tried the magnificent eye candy of ubuntu, yet. yes, i know, its a waste of resource if i only use ubuntu that way19:33
carl0s-phwoar! evolution is using 1.6GBs of memory. I only have 12,772 items in the folder ..19:33
mib_orp59ywacrdlb: trying now19:33
mib_orp59ywacrdlb: trying now19:33
mib_orp59ywacrdlb: i did the installation but, do i need to restart19:33
DocTomoecarl0s-: you might have wanted to add *huge* sarcasm indicators on this one...19:33
crdlbmib_orp59ywa: yes19:33
mib_orp59ywaGeboy: that was one of the reasion i joined :P19:33
mattgriffinDocTomoe: thanks19:34
mib_orp59ywaGeboy: wow, just noticed :P << looks special :D19:34
mib_orp59ywacrdlb: okkie, brb19:34
mib_orp59ywaand thanks19:34
carl0s-DocTomoe: There is a problem though. The evolution mapi-plugin needs to work ummm bit-by-bit, serially or something, rather than building up a list of the *whole* lot of headers for the folder. It's taken about 35 minutes for it to finish "Fetching summary information"19:34
mib_orp59ywai have a quick to ask, why is it recommended to "restart" and not "shut down" and boot up ?19:35
carl0s-it obviously fetches the headers for the whole folder and builds into into an array in memory, or something programmy like that anyway. Could do better, but it's nice to have MAPI all the same.19:35
Geboyso the official release will be 04-23? i should wait then. I'm sorry i can't helped alot. I barely know programing language. html is all i know as the lanuage.19:35
mib_orp59ywaGeboy: you have a website ?19:36
Geboyyes, but its a lame site! i my self ashame hahahaha19:36
DocTomoeon a completely unrelated note: my old trusty IBM PS/2 Keyboard is fading away, and I am out to shop for a new one. Has anyone tried a Logitech G15 on ubuntu?19:36
Geboyi only know basics19:36
carl0s-Anyhoo, I know this isn't the evolution/openchange channel. I wanted to ask, aren't the Ascending/Descending column header indicators as used in System Monitor back-to-front, face-about-arse, wrong?19:36
mib_orp59ywaGeboy: well, we have to start some were right19:36
* DocTomoe shudders at the tought of having a Windows Key on his board. well, it can't be helped...19:36
carl0s-shirley they should be like Greater-than/Less-than indicators, but on their side.19:37
carl0s-> for biggest at top (looks like a V), and the other way round for smallest at the top.19:37
mib_orp59ywaDocTomoe: just yank it off :D19:37
Geboymib_orp59ywa: yes, see my blogspot design for instance it was mostly graphic without programming19:38
carl0s-DocTomoe: the little Dell keyboards are nice.. the basic ones they give with new computers. Probably my favourite.19:38
GeboyDocTomoe: why is that?19:38
mib_orp59ywaGeboy: i cant, im using a online IRC so all i see is text19:38
edgyHi sirs, my BCM4312 stops workng today after the latest updates, any hint?19:38
Geboymib_orp59ywa: next time19:38
mib_orp59ywawell off to restart *walks*19:39
deanywohoo, new vbox guest modules build in jaunty19:39
Geboyi know its not the place to ask this, but can someone point me where to start on "what to do" in ubuntu?19:39
carl0s-omg. I've just clicked out of the Inbox and into my Deleted Items folder, and the 1.6gbs is going UP. I thought it'd temporarily forget about the Inbox and start afresh :(19:39
Geboyperhaps making my quickcam functioned in ubuntu when i want to do camchat in yahoo accout19:40
DocTomoecarl0s-: Well, I'm doing my fine share of programming work, and I really try to get something that works for the next 15 years (like my old one).19:40
mib_kqpqxz6yi need help... on ubntu..i restart after installing backport but nout, the problem is my wifi is set to boot on start but ubuntu dont like that and does not do it, any ideas ?19:42
carl0s-DocTomoe: I used to buy these super Mitsumi keyboards. They had a solid metal backplate so very good for typing, but they stopped importing to the UK.19:42
Geboywell, thanks everybody, i'm off the chan now19:43
mib_kqpqxz6ycrdlb: i tried what you suggested but it didnt do nothing19:43
crdlbso what did it do?19:44
* crdlb couldn't resist19:44
crdlbmib_kqpqxz6y: I guess you could try madwifi in Hardware Drivers19:45
crdlbI have no idea how to help if it's really related to rfkill19:45
mib_kqpqxz6ycrdlb: the last time i tried that, i lost more than i had started with19:47
deanylooks like a LOT of things are still gettin fixed, judging by the number of updates and frequency.19:50
DocTomoecarl0s-: These Mitsumi keyboards are available in Germany for around 8 €, which seems awfully little ... I will try one of those, in the worst case that's a bunch of caffeine less for me.19:52
carl0s-DocTomoe: I hope they're the same ones! :)19:56
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RubelWow, my server update was speedy and smooth. I am pleased. All I had to do was rebuild a third-party python library for 2.6.20:04
RubelYay Jaunty20:04
NEC-NEChello ubunteros20:09
NEC-NECtengo problemas con pcmcia inalambrica y ubuntu 9.0420:10
NEC-NECcuando tenia 8.1020:10
sebsebseb!es | NEC-NEC:20:10
ubottuNEC-NEC:: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.20:10
HalowIs there a ubuntu+1 in Spanish? Or are they going to tell him to come back here because he has Jaunty problems?20:11
sebsebsebHalow: good question20:11
sebsebsebHalow: I guess there isn't one, and he will just have to use the Spannish  channel20:11
HalowToo bad my spanish is poor. =(20:11
Ienorand!se > Ienorand20:11
ubottuIenorand, please see my private message20:11
ubottuSvensk Ubuntu- och Kubuntusupport hittar du pa #ubuntu-se resp. #kubuntu-se20:12
sebsebseboh that's why you pmed20:12
VagueWell I never liked the 'channel for everything evar' setup of Ubuntu really...So much run around.20:12
IenorandDarn, mibbit is banned from there...20:13
sebsebsebHalow: the non English channels aren't popular enough for a special one for 9.04  I guess20:15
mbeierlI can't seem to use the regular update anymore.  It keeps telling me that there is a upgrade in progress (due to the hotkey-setup bug, which I manually resolved), and that it needs to perform a partial upgrade.  This fails about 20 minutes later with a message stating that it cannot calculate the dependencies20:20
mbeierlI *can* do apt-get upgrade, but there are a number of packages that are held back now.20:21
mbeierlanyone else getting this?20:21
Ienorandmbeierl: Which ones?20:25
carl0s-is there a circle drawing tool in gimp? If so what's it look like?20:25
mbeierlsorry - ekiga and then a whack of dbgsyms which I guess just means that they have not been updated yet20:26
mbeierlekiga indicator-applet libcamel1.2-14-dbgsym libebackend1.2-0-dbgsym libebook1.2-9-dbgsym ...20:26
mbeierlindicator-applet too20:26
mbeierlcarl0s: did you want me to pastebin the list?20:27
mbeierlsorry, carl0s20:27
mbeierlI meant Ienorand20:27
Ienorandmbeierl: What you could do is go to synaptic and mark ekiga for upgrade, that should remove the blocking packages and allow the upgrades...20:28
deanyi had ekiga too, i removed it, then installed it again which resulted in it grabbing a few new packages.. which is maybe why it was held back from upgrade20:29
mbeierllenorand: Aha!  That shows a handful of packages now that need to be "removed" and new versions "installed" vs. upgrade20:29
mbeierlanyone know how to really, completely pin a package version so that apt doesn't update it?20:30
mbeierlI need to stick with SVN 1.4 for interop with others, but apt keeps updating it to 1.5 for me :(20:31
mbeierlI've got it locked at 1.4 in synaptic20:31
insomniaHi folks, I'm having a bit of trouble with getting a wifi connection to work with 9.04.  I'm using a Linksys WUSB54GC USB Wireless Adapter and it doesn't seem to see the router.20:35
sebsebseb!wireless |  insomnia20:35
ubottuinsomnia: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs20:35
IenorandWhat is the difference between icedtea6-plugin and icedtea-gcjwebplugin?20:35
insomniaubottu: thanks.20:35
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)20:35
sebsebsebinsomnia: no you thank me again :)  since I  triggered the bot20:35
insomniasebsebseb:  :)  Thanks to you also!  :)20:35
bjsniderIenorand, magnificent question, sir20:36
khunthas anyone notice problems after sudo apt-get upgrade?20:36
insomniakhunt: Yes, mp3's stopped working, but system sound is fine.20:36
insomniakhunt: made me go, wtf? :)20:36
insomniabut I wanna' get wireless working first, then I'll fight with the sound.20:37
khuntmy sound broke20:37
khuntfilesystem mounted as read only20:37
insomniakhunt: Its bizarre.  Totally bizarre.  System sounds work fine, I had the volume cranked up because I thought it was just me...20:37
khuntand not if i try any other apt-get or aptitude task it complains about dpkg errors20:38
insomniarebooted the system and nearly jumped out of my skin.20:38
Ienorandbjsnider: and no answer :) ?20:38
insomniasystem sounds work just fine.  but I can't get a single peep out of an audio cd or an mp3.20:38
mib_4tjclymnhi, i need help, i have a amilo 1718 laptop and am having problems geting my wireless turned on,20:38
bjsniderIenorand, i have a working theory that no one can answer that question. i am looking forward to seeing if anyone can answer your question, because my theory could be confirmed20:39
* deany is impressed with compiz speed in vbox/jaunty20:40
Ienorandbjsnider: bleh. :)20:40
bjsniderIenorand, you want the java plugin for firefox, correct? just go to one of the test sites and see if it's there20:41
Ienorandbjsnider: Ah, gcj seems to be a transitional version... maybe...20:42
khuntdpkg: failed to open package info file `/var/lib/dpkg/updates/0096' for reading: Stale NFS file handle20:42
* mprice stabs new updates20:44
mpricedamn them new updates20:44
khuntthey broke my system20:44
khuntnow cant do any mroe updates20:44
khuntmy sound card and both card readers are broke20:46
mpriceas of right now I have no sound20:46
khuntmy xfce panel was all screwed20:46
bjsniderdeany, is that vbox 2.2?20:47
BetaCloneI'm trying to get my wacom tablet to work in relative mode (instead of absolute mode) with FDI. Anyone knows about how to do it in Jaunty?20:47
mpricehaven't really had any problems yet with Juanty until now20:47
mpricebrb rebooting20:47
khuntI backed up before the update think i might have to go back to that20:47
deanykhunt,  is your nick supposed to sound like that  lol20:48
bjsniderBetaClone, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WacomTroubleshooting20:48
khuntis my name20:49
khuntkarl hunt20:49
deanyah,. thought it was some joke20:49
khuntit is20:49
khuntI know the similarity20:49
khunthence why i use it like that20:49
deanythought so..20:50
khuntmy bros middle name is michael20:50
insomniaOn the wireless issue, when I ifup ra0 I get :Error while getting interface flags: No such device20:50
khuntThat would be funny20:50
insomniabut lsusb shows Linksys there at 1737:07720:50
khuntMike Hunt20:50
deanyyes.. i see it20:50
insomniakhunt: I Know a guy named Michael Hunt.  He worked @ Sun Microsystems20:50
BetaClonebjsnider: it only describes how to do it with xorg config. It seems like it's possible to configure it via HAL in Jaunty!20:50
BetaClonebjsnider: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/wacom-tools/+bug/355340/20:51
ubottuUbuntu bug 355340 in wacom-tools "[FFe] Please allow a new version of wacom-tools" [Wishlist,Fix released]20:51
khuntusb won't mount20:51
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deanyi know a guy called isaac hunt20:52
BetaClonebjsnider: omg I'm such a noob.. was just to unplug/plug the tablet and it's fixed!20:54
BetaClonebjsnider: thanks for the help ^_^20:54
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=== neoblaster is now known as NeoBlaster
mpriceokay sound works still21:13
khuntfixed all my issues21:16
J-_Hrm. This is weird. When I had debian Squeeze, I was getting at least 100 FPS in TORCS, now I'm only getting 20 FPS in Jaunty.21:44
bjsniderJ-_, squeeze?21:46
J-_bjsnider: Yeah.21:48
FlipFlopI had set up kubunut, plasma-network-manager worked find.  I changed my wifi settings with ifconfig and iwconfig.  The wifi card works and i can connect to ap, and iwlist works, but the card does not show up in plasma-network-manager.  How can i get the wifi card to show up in mamanger again?21:49
LinuxRevolutionhi all21:54
LinuxRevolutionUpdate Notifier icon missing! why?21:55
mphillLinuxRevolution: its been removed21:55
mbeierlit's a default setting change21:55
mphillyeah, what mbeierl said21:55
mbeierlLinuxRevolution: gconf-editor /apps/update-notifier/auto_launch21:55
LinuxRevolutionmbeierl: ok let me check it21:56
mbeierlchange the auto_launch to no (clear checkbox) and it goes back to the old-style behaviour21:56
mbeierlLinuxRevolution: the idea is not to bug people with updates EVERY DAY unless it's security related21:56
LinuxRevolutionmbeierl: hmmmmmmmmmm so I have to uncheck it21:57
mbeierlbut during this beta phase, it's perhaps not as useful as it will be later21:57
mbeierlor change the interval from 7 days down to 2... or something more to your liking21:57
LinuxRevolutionmbeierl: i did it thank u very much mate21:57
mbeierlI'm just passing it on :) you're welcome.  (ie: I learned about it here)21:58
LinuxRevolutionmbeierl: that's daily :D21:58
mbeierlLinuxRevolution: yep, that's what I like too - more often during the beta phases, actually21:59
LinuxRevolutionmbeierl: thhanks for the help mate it worked well ;)21:59
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mbeierlLinuxRevolution: if you're around next time the question is asked... just pass it on :)22:00
LinuxRevolutionmbeierl: of course i'll do22:00
mbeierlciao all :)22:00
LinuxRevolutionmbeierl: r u italian :D22:01
bretcolinanybody need help with nvidia cards22:02
* SilentDis raises hand22:02
SilentDismy nvidia card is working, but games and such seem... slow, choppy if you will, compaired to 8.1022:02
bretcolini just posted this last night it works  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=7034413#post703441322:02
bretcolingeared toward geforce cards22:03
edgyHi, my broadcom 4315 stopped working, any hint? it used to use wl and it seems it's not longer available?22:03
SilentDisbretcolin: what were the 'main' sections you changed?22:04
bretcolinlong story short my card worked with dapper so i copied the xorg file from there and replaced it in 8.1022:05
SilentDisbretcolin: hrm....  *checks the 8.10 netbook's file*22:05
mjheagle8is there a kubuntu+1 room?22:05
mjheagle8i need help with some things in kubuntu.22:05
SilentDismjheagle8: you're in it :)22:05
SilentDis<-kubuntu user22:05
mjheagle8aah, okay.22:06
bretcolini dont know why ubuntu got out of touch with nvidia22:06
mjheagle8could you help me with a few things?22:06
SilentDismjheagle8: depends on the 'things'.  i've ditched network manager, if that's what you're wrestling with...22:06
mjheagle8okay, i have gnome and kde installed on jaunty. kpackagekit wont update.22:06
mjheagle8apt-get works fine.22:07
mjheagle8i cant install new plasmoids.22:07
SilentDismjheagle8: what errors do you get?22:07
mjheagle8and kopete new im notifications disappear to fast.22:07
mjheagle8for which one?22:07
SilentDismjheagle8: pick one, and we'll take 'em one by one.22:07
SilentDismjheagle8: are you running 'latest' from the repos, first question has to be asked :)22:08
mjheagle8sweet. kpackagekit: internal system error has occurred - KpackageKit. Launch helper exited with unknown return code 1.22:08
bretcolinSilentDis the main sections are the horizontal and vertical monitor settings and the nvidia card section22:09
mjheagle8i dont know what 'latest' means.22:09
SilentDisbretcolin: thanks, messing with mine :)22:09
SilentDismjheagle8: when was the last time you updated?22:09
mjheagle8silentdis: i run updates every day.22:10
bretcolinreplace that whole file then mess with it22:10
SilentDismjheagle8: i've had a few problems with kpackagekit a few days ago, is why i asked.  since it's beta, i've been pulling updates twice a day, and it went away at some point (i tend to stick to aptitude from the command line, so it's not a 'favorite tool' of mine)22:11
bretcolinSilentDis find out what identifier your card uses22:12
bretcolinshould be the same22:12
jester7is there any timetable to when the fglrx drivers will be available for certain cards?22:13
jester7i have a x1200 and it simply doesn't work at all22:13
crdlbjester7: never :/22:13
crdlbyour options are A) radeon driver or B) use intrepid22:14
bretcolin jester7 did your card work good on dapper22:14
jester7didn't use dapper22:14
mjheagle8silentdis: its no big deal, i just was wondering what's up with it. synaptic works fine, and so does apt-get. one that is more annoying is that i cant install plasmoids, from either a file or GHNS. i get the error that installation of /tmp/whatever has failed.22:14
jester7i'm using the radeon driver, but it's garbage22:14
bretcolinwhats wrong with it22:14
crdlbjester7: ATI has dropped support for everything that isn't R600 or R70022:14
jester7oh, is that the problem?22:15
SilentDismjheagle8: that one i've been having myself.  i am really unsure what is causing it though :(22:15
bretcolinyour right22:15
crdlb"garbage" is a strong word22:15
bjsnideryes but the radeon driver does support the old cards22:15
jester7crdlb: well, lets see.  the entire screen flickers and tears while doing things like scrolling ANYTHING...even without compiz22:15
jester7i'd call that garbage22:15
bretcolinati loves windows and they dont care about us linux users22:15
crdlbjester7: no, I'd call it a bug22:15
jester7has the radeon driver worked well in the past?22:16
jester7i mean, i don't game at all, i just like compiz22:16
crdlbit works fine for the X1250 for me22:16
bretcolinyou need a better card for compiz22:17
crdlbthe X1200's support is somewhat newer22:17
jester7actually, i think that's what i have22:17
crdlbdo you have an intel or AMD CPU?22:17
SilentDisjester7: i really hate to say this, but i used to run ati cards when i was a windows user.  when i abandoned windows, i switched to nvidia due to their poor linux support.  that was 3 years ago, and from what i've read, it's just not improved.  the netbook i just purchased has an intel 945 card.22:17
crdlbthe former gets X1200, the latter gets X125022:17
jester7AMD cpu22:17
mjheagle8silentdis: darn. :( well i guess i'll wait for the release and hope its fixed. my kopete new im notifications also appear really fast, like <1 second. do you know anything about that?22:17
jester7i can't really switch cards...this is a laptop22:17
jester7crdlb: so you get no flicker at all?22:18
jester7do you use compiz?22:18
bretcolinsupport hasnt been strong lateley for nvidia but i recently posted this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=7034413#post703441322:18
crdlbjester7: you can ask for help in #radeon , but don't call it "garbage" there, that would be rude22:18
SilentDisjester7: *nod* understandable.  i won't be much help with that one, but, i'm tracing down some problems on my nvidia card right now... this *might* be something to look at.  did your card work good in 8.10?22:18
crdlbjester7: yes, it's currently running intrepid, but I've tried the jaunty beta live cd22:19
jester7SilentDis: yes, but it was with fglrx22:19
jester7crdlb: you are using the radeon drivers on intrepid?22:19
crdlbwith EXA to make textured video work22:20
SilentDisjester7: hrm.  what bretcolin recommended to me was to basically throw some settings from my 8.10 install into my 9.04 install.  this might relate to you as well (which would indicate a problem with the xorg.conf file in general on 9.04)22:20
bjsnidercrdlb, what about the radeon driver in jaunty?22:20
crdlbbjsnider: what about it? it worked ok on the beta cd22:20
crdlbapparently there's a difference between my X1250 and jester7's22:21
bretcolinthe xorg file is wrong in intrepid and jaunty22:21
jester7i've tried both EXA and XAA22:21
bjsnidercrdlb, why don't you show him your xorg.conf file for it22:21
crdlbit's empty22:22
crdlbexcept for AccelMethod EXA which is default on jaunty22:22
bretcolinit might sound dumb but install dapper get your card the way you want then copy the xorg file and paste it into a intrepid install22:22
bjsnideroh my goodnes, that's funny22:22
jester7i've tried every configuration setting in my xorg that i could find22:23
jester7but there are still ridiculous issues, when compared to the fglrx on intrepid22:23
jester7like with EXA, you can't run videos...at all...with compiz enabled22:24
bretcolindepending on the ati card it should work out of the box22:24
SilentDiswhat's the difference between the 'nv' driver and 'nvidia' driver?22:24
bretcolinim not sure but the nv worked22:25
crdlbjester7: ... it's a _bug_22:25
crdlbwe can't do anything about ATI's decision to drop fglrx support22:25
robin0800jester7: what have you put in your xorg config ?22:25
bjsniderSilentDis, nv is the obfuscated open source driver. nvidia is the binary closed-source driver. the one that works22:25
mjheagle8has anybody had any problems with kopete? i cant send files, and new im notifications are too fast.22:25
SilentDisbjsnider: thanks22:26
jester7i've done everything shown here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=6971991#post697199122:26
deanyATI 9.3 driver is a lot faster for me...22:26
jester7and MULTIPLE combinations of the options available in that particular xorg.conf22:27
crdlbjester7: you don't have an M6 with poor performance22:27
crdlbyou have an X1250 with broken support22:27
jester7no, i'd say it's poor performance22:27
jester7i'm using it right now22:27
deanythen again, i have an old card (mobility radeon 9800 256mb)22:27
crdlbif video doesn't work with EXA, I'd say it's broken22:27
crdlbif you can be calm about it, #radeon may be able to help22:28
jester7i didn't mean "video".  I mean videos..as in with Mplayer or VLC22:28
crdlbyes, that's what I meant22:29
jester7oh, ok22:29
jester7from what i've read, this is standard with EXA22:29
robin0800jester7: I have backing store enabled only found by studying the xog log and seeing it disabled also a lot of those things are now on by default in jaunty22:29
crdlbI'm not 100% sure I tested video on jaunty, but it definitely works on intrepid with EXA22:30
crdlb(with compiz enabled)22:30
jester7oh, you know what?  i think it might be the other way.22:30
SilentDisoh!  one other issue i'm having.  DMA is disabled, once again, on my DVD writer.  this is getting rather annoying, as i have to re-research it every time to re-enable it (i forget to bookmark it >.<).  anyone have this problem?22:30
bretcolinwhy do people like compiz its such a memory hog22:30
jester7XAA doesn't support both22:30
robin0800crdlb: It works on mine too22:31
bretcolinwiggly windows just isnt important22:31
crdlbwith XAA, I'd expect that video would work without compiz, but not with it22:31
SilentDisbretcolin: on my netbook, which doesn't play games, it works great :)22:31
bretcolinthats cool22:31
bretcolinnickbuntu hey dude22:32
jester7right...with EXA, i get flickering and tearing on the desktop, regardless of compiz being on or off22:32
jester7with XAA, and compiz off, no flickering or tearing....22:33
bretcolinSilentDis compiz interferes with open gl apps22:33
SilentDisbretcolin: that it does.  which is why i don't run it on my desktop heh22:33
bretcolinme niether22:33
crdlbgah, I did it again22:33
bretcolingotta have quake22:34
nickbuntui just upgraded using "update-manager -d" when i probably shouldn't have. Now wireless is really spotty, only staying connected for minutes at a time and extremely slow speeds even then.22:34
* crdlb looks at his / key22:34
robin0800jester7: try disabling those switches one at a time to find what is causing it tear22:34
jester7i did :(22:34
jester7it happens even with NONE of those settings22:34
jester7the thing is, i don't care about wobbly windows, i just dont like my desktop with windows 95 style animations22:35
ubottudma is Direct Memory Access/Addressing. It makes hardware transfer data faster, and is almost always enabled in Ubuntu 6.06. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DMA22:35
robin0800jester7: Well you need page flip that on mine doubes the glxgears frame rate22:36
jester7robin0800: will try that22:36
Elonei just installed the 9.04 KDE responds seem slowed down a lot22:40
SilentDiswere you running 4.2 on 8.10, or is this your first time with kubuntu?22:42
SilentDisoy, that didn't come out well... let me try that again lol22:43
robin0800Elone: yes I run both and I've noticed on this laptop now kde is nearly unusable and I find  myself in jaunty with gnome most of the time now22:43
SilentDisElone: were you running KDE 4.2 on kubuntu 8.10, or is this your first time with KDE?22:43
EloneSilentDis, 4.1 in 8.1022:44
SilentDisElone: have you gotten the latest updates?  it's beta, i've been pulling twice a day lately22:45
robin0800SilentDis: Up to alpha 2 and kde 4.2 was still ok22:45
EloneSilentDis, ya i do22:46
SilentDisElone: which vid card?22:47
robin0800Elone: I've realy given up on kde since alpha 222:47
EloneSilentDis, it seem the display driver or something are the issue, i sometimes got glicth in kate while scrolling22:47
Elonerobin0800, :< ~ that sad22:48
EloneSilentDis, IGP 94522:48
SilentDisElone: bretcolin suggested replacing some of the data from your 8.10 xorg.conf into the 9.04 xorg.conf22:48
robin0800Elone: I get a lot of crashes22:48
Elonerobin0800, i don't have crashes so far just some video slow and glicth22:49
EloneSilentDis, how do is do that ?22:49
robin0800Elone: What card do you have?22:50
SilentDisElone: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=7034413#post7034413 - mind you, he (and I) use nvidia cards, but the idea is sound.22:50
Elonerobin0800, IGP 94522:50
aapzakElone has intel gfx card, thats why KDE sucks22:50
bretcolinelone http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=7034413#post703441322:50
SilentDisElone: the main differences is specifying the monitor's refresh and horizontal sync from what i can see22:51
bretcolinsame concept22:51
aapzakI have Intel GM965 and finally got KDE to run reasonable with UXA Accelaration22:51
Elonehmmm i don't know those value >.>22:52
aapzakbut before that I had very poor performance and scrambled windowparts22:52
Eloneaapzak, but i was fine i 8.10 ~ well we have IGP ~ some nothing can be FAST anywany ;p22:53
robin0800Elone: Yes in your case try UXA axcelleration22:53
bretcolini think the isea ubuntu had was to make a highly configurable xorg.org file but most people dont know how to do all that22:54
aapzakYou can opt-in to enable this by running "sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf", and adding Option "AccelMethod" "UXA" to the Device section of your xorg.conf. Users wishing to maximize stability should stay with the standard default acceleration method, "EXA".22:54
robin0800Elone: Yes UXA  accel. has just been added to jaunty for intel graphic cards22:54
edgysirs where is this wl driver located?22:55
aapzakit can be unstable22:55
SilentDisbretcolin: i think the general idea, eventaully, will be a system tool to modify/edit all the options of xorg.conf graphically, rather than by hand.  they had to clean it up first though, by moving a lot of it to automation.  eventually, you might see just a few settings in there, and an 'include' file :)22:55
aapzakSilentDis: my xorg.conf is pretty empty nowadays, just added the UXA line22:56
bretcolinthat would be cool22:56
aapzakxorg runs fine with an empty xorg.conf here22:56
aapzakso autodetection is already working pretty well22:57
SilentDisaapzak: the big problem, at least in my opinion, is they're focused on the gnome desktop, so the kde tools to edit this stuff are lagging behind.  i'm not a gnome fan is the problem, i like kde a lot more :(22:57
robin0800aapzak: I found page flip considerably speeded up my graphics22:58
bretcolinthe restricted drivers have to be more configurable a gui would be cool22:58
aapzakElone: for some people UXA makes xorg unuseable, be careful\22:58
aapzakrobin0800: is that for intel too?22:58
Eloneaapzak, can you show me your xorg.conf? i am not sure how i edit it22:58
aapzakSilentDis: I used to be a KDE man, but this intel chip nearly dragged me to gnome :)22:58
SilentDisbretcolin: i've been trying to get the nvidia graphics tool to work for a while now...  since 8.04 really. :P22:58
robin0800aapzak: Don't know I only have ATI22:59
aapzakElone: If you don't know how to edit it, don't edit it22:59
aapzakrobin0800: k, too bad :) what does that option look like?22:59
bretcolinSilentDis neeto ill look that up22:59
aapzakElone: looking at my xorg.conf is not going to help you22:59
aapzak(and besides, I cannot reach it atm)23:00
SilentDisbretcolin: ya know... lets try the 'dumb' method... set the nvidia tool to run as root...23:00
aapzakSilentDis: I think Ubuntu will always be Gnome minded23:00
robin0800aapzak: option "pageflip"  "on"23:00
aapzakrobin0800: tnx23:00
SilentDisaapzak: i fear you're right.  the kde side for kubuntu will basically lag behind by 1 release.  9.04's tools will feel like gnome 8.10, etc etc23:01
bretcolinSilentDis i think that will work23:01
SilentDisbretcolin: this might be a better solution than messing with the xorg.conf...23:01
bretcolinSilentDis yes but maybe the resolution might be a problem for some23:02
bretcolinSilentDis sometimes only shows 800x60023:03
robin0800Elone: reboot hit escape and select the second option when it finaly stops choose a root console and run Xorg configure this will give you a file you can work with23:04
SilentDisbretcolin: the nvidia tool?  so long as you run it as root, it'll make the necessary changes for ya.  this is a LOT easier :)23:07
SilentDisbretcolin: nvidia-settings is the name of the tool, i believe that's the package name as well.  you'll need to launch the menu editor and set the app to run as root though23:08
bretcolinSilentDis thanks23:09
robin0800aapzak: !!!!!! sorry its "EnablePageFlip"23:10
aapzakrobin0800: thx :)23:12
SilentDisthe one thing that has me a bit miffed is the 'easy internet connection sharing' they implimented in network-manager tool for gnome.  it's totally missing for kde.  part of why i ditched network manager on my machine23:13
bretcolinSilentDis nvidia settings has a resolution problem with nvidia geforce fx 5500 cards23:13
bretcolinSilentDis otherwise thats good advice23:13
SilentDisbretcolin: really?  i'm running a geforce 8400gs, i thought this stuff was kinda 'standardized' in the driver now.23:14
robin0800SilentDis: Not only that my usb mobile broardband dongle won't work in KDE23:14
bretcolinSilentDis yes the older nvidia cards need a little extra attention http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=7034413#post703441323:15
SilentDisrobin0800: oh?  I'm actually on tethered EVDO myself right now, to a Motorola V3m.  works awesome here.  did an ok job with network manager, but was a bit flaky23:15
robin0800SilentDis: How did you get it to work?23:16
SilentDisrobin0800: i ended up ditching network manager and setting it up as a network device called ppp0.  easier to just sudo ifup ppp0 heh23:16
SilentDisrobin0800: that was mainly because i wanted to be able to share the connection easily23:17
magciusurggh... when a panel is on the right-side and I right-click and hit properties the entire gnome-panel freezes.23:18
SilentDisgeneral question to the mods here:  i'd like to go through this with robin0800 to get the EVDO stuff working great as I have, but it'll be a bit.. spammy.  would you prefer we take it to private channel/tells?23:18
robin0800SilentDis: I can use wvdial or gnome-ppp just not the network appalet23:18
SilentDisrobin0800: i'll go through what i've got setup with you if you'd like, but as i said it can get spammy.  i setup #EVDOworkshop if you'd like to join me23:20
macobah no themuso23:29
etrichi all. Short question i read a while ago, that the new kNetwork plasma widget introduced with 9.04 can't handle UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA connections yet. Is it stll true or does the network manager work the same as always?23:30
macoanyone run into a case where you mute using the mixer applet in gnome but the device/element specified for it to correspond to in system -> preferences -> sound isn't being muted? ie. the mixer applet says it's muted but isn't really.23:32
afallenhopehey my display is HUGE, I don't know if it's because I'm running Xubuntu or what.. but I was wondering is there a way of changing my display? I have the restricted driver installed for a copy of my xorg you can look at it here: http://pastebin.com/f5a2063a523:37
bjsniderafallenhope, install nvidia-settings23:39
bjsniderthen run it23:40
afallenhopebjsnider, I have it and did that23:40
bjsniderso what's the highest screen resolution you have avaiolable?23:40
afallenhopebjsnider, 1280 x 80023:40
bjsniderand what do want it to be?23:41
afallenhopebjsnider, I just want it to auto detect how high it can go..23:41
afallenhopefor some reason... it's really "ZOOMED" in23:41
bjsniderhow large is the monitor?23:42
afallenhopeand the highest MHz is 50 for some reason HP Pavilion dv6105ca  and it's 15 I think hold up let me check lol.23:42
crdlbthat's just dynamic twinview23:43
afallenhopeyeah 15.423:43
crdlbnvidia misreports the refresh rate as 50Hz + monitor_number23:43
crdlbso the first one is 50Hz and the second is 51Hz23:43
bjsniderhe didn't say he had 2 monitors23:44
afallenhope1 monitor lol.23:45
timohi my jaunty install wont boot it gets stuck. Is there any way i can do a repair install, not a reinstall23:46
bjsnideryou could try using my xorg.conf instead23:46
crdlbafallenhope: bjsnider: it doesn't matter23:49
crdlbit's _dynamic_ twinview23:49
afallenhopewho's setting up twinview?23:52
crdlbnvidia is23:53
bretcolintimo as root sign into the black screen and type apt-get install update or apt-get update the same happened to me23:54
bjsnidermy guess is the metamodes int he xorg.conf file are wrong23:54
bjsnideri don't use any, so it always works for me23:54
funkyHatAnyone use vimoutliner?23:56
timo bretcolin: not booting at all23:57
timolike gets stuck on the laoding screen23:58
bretcolindoes grub work timo23:58
bretcolinpress esc at grub then choose single user23:58

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