* NCommander is trying to bisect the problem06:54
Martyncan't sleep07:00
MartynI've got the BeagleBoard working (the root password reset issue did _not_ show up, btw)07:01
MartynI cannot replicate the issue on the Beagle.07:01
Martynso it -must- be babbage specific07:01
loologra: Any idea why the initramfs takes so much time to mount the SD when booting the install SD?11:17
loolHmm I wonder whether it tries to mount the SATA disk and times out11:17
ogracasper iterates over all devices11:17
ograthe SATA->USB bridge always creates a device even if nothing is attached11:18
loolYes  :-/11:18
ogranext HW version will have PATA11:18
ografor now we have to live with that11:18
loologra: So we should drop that LIVEMEDIA thing, it doesn't help11:19
ograi think it timed out without it11:19
ogralet me finish the script parser, i'll check the livemedia thing afterwards11:19
* ogra curses shell for being bad with multiline strings 11:19
loolWe should also try splash11:20
loolWhat breaks?11:20
ogratry it11:20
ograit totally wasnt on my list for jaunty so i didnt pay any extra attention but to disable it11:21
ograi have it on the TODO for KK11:21
loolIs there a bug for it?11:21
Martynogra : I couldn't reproduce the keyring daemon taking up 100% cpu on the Beagle board17:46
Martynogra : I can, however, reproduce it on the Babbage, and will continue looking at it as soon as I get a mini to standard USB cable17:46
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