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didrockshello there09:02
seb128hey didrocks09:03
robert_ancellseb128: hey seb09:17
* mpt discovers Gnome Do's "Bug Number" plug-in09:18
seb128hey robert_ancell09:18
seb128robert_ancell: how was your day? what did you work on today?09:19
robert_ancellseb128: trying to manage compiz bugs - there are so many!!  And so vague...09:19
mptmvo, about bug 356152, I think in future we will offer to install any pending updates whenever you make any other changes09:19
seb128oh yeah, it's a beast09:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 356152 in update-notifier "update-manager doesn't show updates, even after 1 week" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35615209:19
mptmvo, but that doesn't particularly help now, I guess09:20
mvompt: so it will just check when update-manager wsa last run?09:20
mvompt: hm, code-wise it can still be changed relatively easily, but we are pretty late09:21
didrocksseb128: oh, you gave compiz to robert_ancell :)09:22
seb128mvo: it seems that mpt want to bring the bug I was having as an official feature now? ;-)09:23
seb128didrocks: I didn't have to, somebody else pushed him this way apparently, I've just been careful to not stop him on the way ;-)09:23
mptOpening Update Manager yourself and closing it without making any changes -> resets the timer09:24
mptInstalling updates from the terminal -> resets the timer09:24
robert_ancellwell I'm having a go at it but a lot of the bugs I can only shrug my shoulders at09:24
mptInstalling stuff other than updates -> ...?09:25
mvoI guess the problem is currently "using add/remove -> resets the timer"09:25
seb128mpt: "we will offer to install any pending updates whenever you make any other changes" ... what does "any other change" means?09:25
mvoon the commandline we can not distinguish between installed updates or installed new stuff easily, I mean, we could try, but I'm not sure if that would not make things easier to understand for the user09:26
mptseb128, installing or uninstalling anything manually09:26
mvoadd/remove> different matter09:26
mptmvo, well if it's easy to exclude Add/Remove for 9.04, and you have time to fix it for 9.04, I have no objection :-)09:26
seb128mpt: do you count update as installing?09:27
seb128mpt: I was complaining some days ago to mvo that I got that bug, update-manager autoopening after every install I did in synaptic09:28
seb128*really annoying*09:28
seb128I usually select the updates for bandwith reasons09:28
mptseb128, sorry, I was imprecise. I meant installing anything other than updates.09:28
seb128ie I don't want to download 300 megas every day09:28
mvompt: I will meditate about  add/remove for 9.04, but chances are not that great :/09:29
mptseb128, that shouldn't happen unless they're security updates09:29
seb128hum ok, I'm not convinced that we should nag users too much09:29
seb128there is a limit between being helpful and annoying that we should try to not cross09:29
mptseb128, that's a bug then.09:29
seb128right, that one was09:29
seb128I though you suggested increasing the nagging cases ;-)09:29
seb128sorry for the noise09:30
robert_ancelldoes anyone know what package bug 284124 should be against?  It's a keyboard shortcut issue (not compiz specific)09:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 284124 in compiz "pressing up arrow causes the screenshot program to run" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28412409:31
mptmvo, I commented in the bug report09:34
mvothanks mpt09:34
mptseb128, ideally it would reduce the nagging, by making it easier to install updates at the same time as you're doing other package management09:35
seb128robert_ancell: not sure but xorg would be a better bet, I get the issue in kvm or virt-manager on current jaunty I think09:35
seb128mpt: I don't want to install all the updates, it's just too much to download but maybe I'm a special case and I should get faster internet or something ;-)09:36
seb128mpt: ie, I know I've pending updates, they are pending for a good reason and I would find extra nagging annoying rather than helpful there09:37
mptseb128, it wouldn't be nagging.09:38
seb128well, auto-opening the update list just because I install a new software in synaptic would be nagging09:38
mptYes, but that bears little resemblance to what I'm suggesting09:38
seb128ok, I didn't get what you are suggesting though09:39
seb128though -> then09:39
seb128I will just wait for mvo to do the change and see how it works ;-)09:39
mvompt: thanks for the update to bug 351484 -- I don't think this can be done for jaunty, it requires that we make bigger changes to software-propoerties09:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 351484 in update-manager "update-manager options no longer match functionality" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35148409:40
* robert_ancell is loving the random compiz crashes...09:40
seb128re robert_ancell09:40
mptImagine, you go into the AppCenter thingy to install a program. Whatever updates are available are pre-selected. You select the program you want to install, and click "Install". The updates are installed along with whatever you're installing.09:40
seb128robert_ancell: did you read my reply before?09:40
robert_ancellseb128: no, I just crashed09:40
mvompt: currently s-p runs as root and the options you mention are user options, so we need a proper policykit/dbus backend for s-p09:40
mptseb128, I guess for you we'd need to make it easy to unselect all updates at once, for if you really wanted to *just* install the new program and no updates.09:40
mvompt: not a big deal, just work (and too invasive at this point :/09:40
seb128mpt: right, which is exactly what I don't want, because as said download make my internet too slow to work09:40
mptmvo, ok09:40
robert_ancellseb128: last I heard was ""mpt: thanks for the update to bug 351484 -- I don't think this can be done for jaunty, it requires that we make bigger changes to software-propoerties09:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 351484 in update-manager "update-manager options no longer match functionality" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35148409:41
seb128mpt: right09:41
seb128robert_ancell: not sure but xorg would be a better bet, I get the issue in kvm or virt-manager on current jaunty I think09:41
robert_ancellseb128: thanks09:41
seb128I've been annoyed by that so I might have a look09:41
seb128that was in some test environment though, either xephyr or kvm I think09:42
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chrisccoulsonrobert_ancell - i had that key mapping issue in a vmware guest for some time. vmware recommend a workaround, and reading their workaround might help to understand what the problem is09:56
huatsmorning everyone09:57
huats(or afternoon for some of you)09:57
seb128lut huats09:59
huatshey seb12809:59
robert_ancellchrisccoulson: is this only applicable when running in vmware?  I'm guessing the reporters in the bug are just running Ubuntu on the metal10:00
chrisccoulsoni'm not sure. the only reason i bought that up was because seb128 mentioned about running in kvm. i wasn't sure whether the underlying issue could be the same10:01
crevettegood morning10:01
chrisccoulsoni don't think that issue is specific to vmware10:01
seb128lut crevette10:02
huatshello crevette10:02
crevettehey gentlemen10:02
robert_ancellnight all10:21
mvonight robert_ancell10:21
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didrocksseb128: I think we can still sponsor my package for this release in gtk2-engines-murrine and sync in next cycle on Debian (bug #357543)12:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 357543 in gtk2-engines-murrine "gtk2-engines-murrine FTBFS on jaunty" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35754312:50
seb128didrocks: looking13:00
seb128didrocks: can you work on an update? your version has a lower number and can't be used now13:01
didrocksseb128: hum, what's the convention for versionning in this case?13:07
seb128didrocks: 1ubuntu113:07
seb128and do the changes you need13:07
didrocksseb128: even if I don't merge against debian (not using debhelper 7 for this release)?13:07
seb128well; do an update 1ubuntu113:08
seb128copy your rules13:08
seb128and write "don't use debhelper7 yet"13:08
seb128ie take the current jaunty version13:09
seb128undo the debhelper7 use13:09
seb128call it 1ubuntu113:09
didrocksseb128: ok, doing it this evening13:09
seb128chrisccoulson: hey, did you look at the fusa gnome-session use since we discussed it?13:41
seb128chrisccoulson: gnome-session in jaunty has session storing for restart, etc now13:42
seb128chrisccoulson: will that work in fusa or not?13:42
chrisccoulsonseb128 - i can do some work to make it work with fusa13:50
chrisccoulsonthe changes required to gnome-session to do that are fairly trivial13:50
seb128chrisccoulson: please do, would be a shame to have session working but not with fusa now ;-)13:51
chrisccoulsonno probs - i'll work on that:)13:51
didrocksseb128: I assume the "Recommends" of a seeded packages in the CD are seeded too, right?14:04
seb128didrocks: yes14:06
didrocksseb128: gtk2-engines-murrine recommends in debian murrine-themes. how to know if this one is already seeded?14:06
didrocksor if this raise an issue concerning CD space14:07
seb128we don't want to add any change now14:07
seb128easy way14:07
seb128take your 0ubuntu1 version14:07
seb128dch -v 1ubuntu114:07
seb128add "use ubuntu version again for jaunty"14:07
seb128and upload14:08
didrocksseb128: I can merge without this recommends, there are really few changes14:08
seb128as you want14:08
seb128but no depends or recommends change over what we have now14:08
seb128and it needs to build ;-)14:08
didrocksok, that's why I asked you :)14:08
Ngseb128: haha, damn. I just dug through my "todo" folder in thunderbird and confirmed the fix for g-k-d, only to get your mail saying the fix has been backed out ;)14:13
Ng3 minutes apart. bah.14:13
seb128Ng: sorry about that but the change turned gnome-keyring to crashland there14:14
seb128where your crash is a not-so-common one14:14
seb128still looking to a clean solution and it's on my jaunty list14:14
Ngseb128: np, I'd rather that I trash my keyring than everyone else's explode :)14:14
Ngalthough obviously it'd be great if we can fix all of them ;)14:15
seb128didrocks: how busy do you think you will be tonight?14:42
seb128didrocks: do you think you could update gst-plugins-bad0.10 to the current debian version?14:44
seb128didrocks: there is only a small ubuntu change and we have a stable candidate version where they have the stable one14:45
didrocksseb128: I have finished gtk2-engines-murrines. Just want to test it tonight. I can handle gst-plugins-bad0.10 too (from 8PM, going to cinema first :))14:56
seb128no hurry, thanks14:57
didrocksy/w :)14:57
seb128I can review and upload the engine update if you want14:57
didrocksok, let me push it14:57
kenvandine_wkjames_w: can you take a look at the changes i pushed for indicate-python?14:58
james_wkenvandine_wk: sure, just about to hop on a call, so it will have to wait 20 minutes I'm afraid14:58
kenvandine_wkjames_w: pitti won't have time today and figured you already looked at it once, we need to get it uploaded :)14:58
james_wyeah, I forgot pitti was away14:59
tedgkenvandine_wk: Any issues with the 0.1.5 stuff?14:59
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kenvandine_wktedg: not that i know of14:59
kenvandine_wktedg: anything i should be looking at?15:00
tedgkenvandine_wk: No, I was figuring that was what you were mentioning with the indicate-python talk :)15:00
didrocksseb128: done and linked to bug #357543 (see bzr branch)15:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 357543 in gtk2-engines-murrine "gtk2-engines-murrine FTBFS on jaunty" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35754315:00
seb128didrocks: thanks15:00
seb128hey tedg15:01
tedgGood morning seb12815:01
seb128tedg: I've sponsored your uploads, the evolution indicator and pidgin libnotify need rebuilds now15:01
seb128tedg: do you plan to get changes for those today?15:01
kenvandine_wktedg: just getting indicate-python uploaded today :)15:01
tedgseb128: Yes.  I do.  There was a positive ack on the translations for evolution-indicator.15:02
tedgseb128: Thank you for the sponsorships!15:02
seb128you're welcome15:02
tedgkenvandine_wk: Ah, cool.  Make sure it works with 0.1.5 then ;)15:02
kenvandine_wkok... /me really hopes it does15:03
asacjames_w: last time i looked, one issue with python-indicate was missing license headers for the test scripts. should be shipped with license headers in examples imo15:12
james_wluckily upstream is co-operative :-)15:12
asacshould be really easy to fix for tedg ;)15:12
tedgYou Ubuntu folks.  Only pass up bugs but never contribute upstream ;)15:13
asaci take that personal.15:14
seb128tedg: bug reports are valuable contributions ;-)15:15
vuntzseb128: I released a tarball for gnome-session. It's more or less the same than what you have with the patches, with one or two minor other fixes15:17
seb128vuntz: ok thanks15:17
seb128vuntz: you rock15:18
seb128everybody hugs vuntz who fixed session storing for good now15:18
seb128in time for GNOME 2.26.1 and jaunty15:18
* seb128 hugs vuntz15:18
* tedg hugs vuntz15:18
mvovuntz vuntz vuntz15:19
vuntz(well, you still can't save during the session -- it only works during logout...)15:19
seb128I don't care so much about session storing15:21
seb128I care about asking if you want to save your work15:21
seb128which works ;-)15:21
seb128Ng: another gnome-keyring update tentative to fix the issue, let me know how it will work when available15:25
Ngseb128: ooh, will do :)15:25
seb128you get the bug in a reliable way?15:26
seb128tedg: do you have anything pending sponsoring? I'm doing a sponsoring round between some bug fixes which are on my todolist15:37
tedgseb128: I don't think so, I hope to in about 20 minutes :)15:37
seb128the evolution indicator translation fix is not ready yet?15:38
kenvandine_wkseb128: the dx team will have new tarballs tonight too15:39
kenvandine_wkor in the morning if things go very badly today15:39
seb128I expect my day to be long again15:40
kenvandine_wkyup :)15:40
seb128but soon freeze and long weekend to catch up with sleep again ;-)15:40
kenvandine_wkbut hopefully a quiet friday15:40
seb128it's a holiday there15:40
seb128so for sure it will be quiet ;-)15:40
kenvandine_wkah... true15:41
kenvandine_wkthe day after the beta freeze it was a ghost town15:41
tedgseb128: Yes, sorry, I'm making a tarball.  I'm at a coffee shop as my car is being repaired an the Internet is slow... like IRC delays slow.15:41
seb128tedg: no hurry you can do that later15:42
seb128tedg: I'll do an another round of sponsoring tonight european time15:42
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james_wkenvandine_wk: bye-eye checking shows it to be pretty good15:52
james_wchecking by computer now15:52
james_wthere are two issues15:53
james_wfirstly, the description sucks :-)15:53
kenvandine_wkwell... got suggestions?15:53
james_wusually you do something like15:53
james_wDescription: python bindings for libindicate15:53
james_w<excerpt of libindicate description>15:54
kenvandine_wki would usually get it from upstream :)15:54
james_wThis package provides python bindings so that you can use libindicate from a python program15:54
james_wthe other issue is licensing15:55
james_wthere are some things it would be nice to change upstream, but there are some packaging ones too15:56
james_wthe biggest problem being that debian/copyright declares that it is LGPL 3+, when it is LGPL 2.1 or LGPL 315:56
kenvandine_wkso it should be LGPL 2.1+15:57
james_wmy minor gripe is that your license for the packaging is more restrictive than the license for the code15:57
james_wno, it should be LGPL 2.1 or LGPL 3, there is no "or later" clause15:57
james_wassuming the headers are correct15:57
kenvandine_wkwhat do you mean by my packaging license?15:58
james_w34 15:58
james_wThe Debian packaging is copyright 2009, Ken VanDine <ken.vandine@canonical.com> and15:58
james_w35 24 15:58
james_wis licensed under the GPL-3, see '/usr/share/common-licenses/GPL-3'.15:58
kenvandine_wkwhat would you suggest?15:59
kenvandine_wkthat is just from the template15:59
kenvandine_wki don't think i changed that15:59
* kenvandine_wk needs to stop using those templates15:59
james_wI always use the same license as the code itself15:59
james_wconsider something in debian/patches/, you could consider it part of the packaging, and so making the packaging the same license means there are no issues in moving that patch upstream16:00
kenvandine_wkmakes sense16:00
james_wand issues are usually theoretical of course16:00
kenvandine_wkback to the license of the code16:01
kenvandine_wkwhat is the appropriate way for me to handle that?16:01
james_wyou just need to make the declaration in debian/copyright match the code16:01
james_wso take the header that is copied and overwrite it with one from a file in src/16:02
kenvandine_wkand for the packaging license, should i reflect both versions of the LGPL there?16:03
james_wit's up to you really, it's your work to license, but I would suggest that you do16:04
james_wyou can say "same licenses as above" if you like16:04
seb128mclasen: hi, for your gnome-keyring assertion issue, your change is no the version which has been commited to svn but the one added to the bugzilla bug16:04
mclasenthat may be16:04
seb128mclasen: try using http://svn.gnome.org/viewvc/gnome-keyring/trunk/egg/egg-secure-memory.c?r1=1706&r2=1705&pathrev=1706 instead rather16:04
mclasenin which case its all Richards fault...16:04
kenvandine_wkjames_w: so you think it is best to dual license the packaging too?16:06
james_wkenvandine_wk: for simplicity, yes, but if you would prefer not to then that's fine.16:06
asacpackaging license is usually different from upstream license, so no need to imp16:07
kenvandine_wkjames_w: pull again, how is that?16:08
james_wkenvandine_wk: wrap the final line, but otherwise fine16:12
kenvandine_wkone sec16:12
asacsigh ... amd64 builder just never picks up my tiny build16:12
asacdid someone force build score on all the builds that go in fast there?16:13
kenvandine_wkjames_w: done16:13
james_wkenvandine_wk: looks pretty good16:15
james_wthe last issue is that upstream should really be shipping two COPYING files I think, and should put license headers in tests/*16:16
kenvandine_wkjames_w: ok, can you get it uploaded?16:16
james_wdo you have a freeze exception?16:16
kenvandine_wkyeah... i will work with them on that16:16
kenvandine_wkwell... not sure if there is anything official :/16:17
kenvandine_wkjust we know we need to get it in...16:17
james_wan archive admin would be able to confirm whether the COPYING thing was blocking16:17
kenvandine_wkshould i subscribe ubuntu-release and get an ack?16:17
james_wmotu-release for universe16:17
james_wand I think we are supposed to get a second ~ubuntu-dev to review16:18
james_wpretty annoying16:18
kenvandine_wkdoes pitti's review count for that?16:19
asaci also reviewed it16:19
kenvandine_wki subscribe motu-release16:19
asacwhat bug is that?16:19
kenvandine_wkbug 34493616:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 344936 in indicator-applet "initial packaging of indicate-python" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34493616:19
asacso still no license headers in tests?16:20
asacwhy cant we just fix that ;)?16:20
asaci mean once we let it in, it will take even longer to fix.16:21
asacbecause there is no need to16:21
asacif its already committed upstream branch then its fine16:21
kenvandine_wkit isn't... and they would need to make a new release16:21
asackenvandine_wk: i would like ot see it getting committed there.16:22
asacif thats done we can let it in as it is imo16:22
asace.g. no need to wait for new upstream release16:22
asactedg: cant you just commit those license header changes for the tests?16:22
kenvandine_wki am just working on the packaging branch, we are still building from the tarball... i think16:23
kenvandine_wki am adding those headers and the second COPYING file16:23
asacthats not my point.16:23
kenvandine_wkwill propose a branch merge16:23
asacyeah thanks.16:23
kenvandine_wkbut.... those tests aren't getting installed either16:23
tedgasac: Sure.  Sorry, I was going and doing a couple of other things.16:24
tedgkenvandine_wk: Does it build and work against 0.1.5?16:24
* tedg wants to be really sure there :)16:24
asactedg: great thanks16:24
kenvandine_wki don't have 0.1.5 yet16:25
asacok i am travelling now for 2 hours ... will be back later and will ack the upload then (if nobody else came around)16:25
tedgkenvandine_wk: I think it was uploaded?  I got bug notifications of it.16:25
kenvandine_wkwhat is the preferred method for shipping 2 COPYING files?16:26
kenvandine_wkCOPYING.LGPL-3 and COPYING.LGPL-2.116:26
seb128tedg: it has been uploading this morning but only NEW-ed one hour ago16:26
seb128tedg: it was in new due to the soname change16:26
tedgseb128: Ah, okay.16:27
tedgkenvandine_wk: I dont' know the preferred way, but I did that in indicator applet :)16:27
seb128does anybody else has some sponsoring items waiting?16:30
seb128james_w: I've no watched that closely but is there anything to do for that nautilus patch you sent out of waiting for next tarballs?16:30
james_wseb128: ah, I forgot it would be in the next round of tarballs16:31
seb128james_w: tarballs are due next week and will be in jaunty16:31
james_wseb128: it wasn't until I fixed it that I realised that the functionality doesn't work with the version of packagekit that we have16:31
seb128I don't think there is any hurry to backport that now16:32
james_wit shouldn't be hard to fix that, but I wasn't sure if it was worth the effort/worth changing that at this point16:32
james_wor to just disable the feature in gconf/with --disable-packagekit16:32
* didrocks hugs vuntz (lately, but I have so many times bothered you with gnome-session at SL :) I can live without gnome-session --save :p)16:34
seb128james_w: the patch doesn't fix it for the jaunty version so we need to disable the option, that's what you say?16:35
james_wthe problem was not with using packagekit, but not with using it16:35
james_wthat patch will make it acceptable to leave packagekit support enabled16:35
seb128what does the svn change fix exactly?16:35
james_whowever, there's not a lot of point at this moment though, as packagekit support is broken16:35
seb128it what happens with next tarball and no packagekit installed16:35
seb128it -> ie16:36
james_wat the moment on a default install you get "Would you like to search for applications?", you click yes, and you will always get "obscure <dbus error because packagekit isn't running>"16:36
james_wthe change in SVN means you don't get the question if packagekit isn't running16:37
seb128ok, good enough for jaunty then16:37
vuntzdidrocks: hola16:37
james_wseb128: but if packagkit is running you get "<other obscure dbus error because of version mismatch>"16:38
didrocksvuntz: hey ;)16:38
james_wseb128: so, we can either add what I assume is a small patch to nautilus to make it work with the older packagekit we have, or disable the feature16:38
seb128james_w: or do nothing and let it this way, it will break for people installing the jaunty version but work if there is a backport or a ppa update somewhere16:40
seb128james_w: I think it's too much of a corner case to bother now16:40
seb128we have other priorities for jaunty16:40
kenvandine_wktedg: i just proposed a merge for indicate-python16:44
seb128ok btw16:44
seb128tedg: could you use normal sponsoring bugs rather than this weird launchpad thing you use to request updates? ;-)16:45
seb128tedg: this way your requests would be listed on the sponsoring list16:45
tedgkenvandine_wk: Cool, I'll look at it.16:45
kenvandine_wkit still doesn't install the tests :)16:46
tedgseb128: Heh, it's the way of the future man ;)  pitti isn't here, so I'll say that he forced me to do it that way :)16:46
kenvandine_wkwhich would be nice...16:46
dobeyugh. the gnome.mk in cdbs requires autotools.mk :(16:46
seb128tedg: I will force you to wait for pitti to get sponsoring maybe then ;-)16:46
seb128dobey: no it doesn't?16:46
dobeyseb128: include $(_cdbs_class_path)/autotools.mk$(_cdbs_makefile_suffix)16:47
seb128dobey: I misread what you wrote I think, it doesn't force you to have this include in your rules16:48
seb128dobey: what is the issue with having it use by gnome.mk directly?16:48
dobeyno, it forces me to include it indirectly, which doesn't work so well if you're python and using distutils/setuptools16:48
seb128hum maybe, all the GNOME things we package usually use autotools16:49
dobeybut i just want to use the icons stuff16:50
seb128add a dh_icons call in the rules16:50
dobeyperhaps the different bits should be split out into icons.mk, scrollkeeper.mk, etc...16:50
seb128that wouldn't make sense, you can as well call dh_icons directly16:51
dobeyand gnome/kde/xfce.mk could just include the individiual bits, and i could just include the icons bit16:51
dobeycall it directly from where?16:51
dobeywhat rule?16:51
seb128        dh_icons16:52
seb128or binary-install/<binary>:: could be enough16:53
seb128rather binary-install in fact I would say16:53
seb128try that16:53
dobeybinary-isntall:: ?16:53
seb128        dh_icons16:54
seb128in the rules16:54
dobeywithout a -pfoo for it?16:54
seb128do you have several binaries which have icons?16:55
seb128so that should not make a difference16:55
seb128dobey: you can use "dh_icons -p$(cdbs_curpkg)" if you want16:56
rickspencer3kenvandine_wk: looks like tedg's patch for inhibiting exit was merged16:56
tedgrickspencer3: Just the libindicate changes.  Working on cleaning up the pidgin ones now.16:56
seb128rickspencer3: right, I sponsored those upload in the european morning today16:56
rickspencer3tedg: ktx16:57
kenvandine_wkrickspencer3: yup... looking forward to testing it :)16:57
rickspencer3kenvandine_wk: as tomorrow is final freeze, what can we do to help ensure that the tedg's pidgin changes are solid as a rock before he uploads?16:58
rickspencer3I'd be happy to help test if that would help16:58
didrocksseb128: do you know what's the file build-deps.in is used for? I see no reference in debian/control.in as I would expect to use it…17:02
seb128didrocks: grep for it in the debian directory, it used to have a rules target to update the control Build-Depends using it17:02
seb128didrocks: that could have changed, does it has a control.in?17:03
didrocksseb128: yes, it makes something with it in control.in17:03
kenvandine_wktedg: can you get your pidgin stuff built into your ppa?17:04
kenvandine_wkor i can do it in mine17:04
kenvandine_wkso we can start testing asap :)17:04
didrocksseb128: or, maybe, I will wait for karmic to clean the multiverse version of gstreamer bad plugins which have diverged from the universe one (when I will have more time). People seems to usually just do an usual update to it, not syncing with debian17:04
seb128didrocks: see HACKING.Debian17:05
didrocksseb128: yep, I am looking at it right now17:05
tedgkenvandine_wk: rickspencer3: sure.17:05
kenvandine_wktedg: feel free to toss that stuff to me to build in my ppa.. so you can get to work on other stuff :)17:06
tedgkenvandine_wk: No, I'm at the point of packaging -- so I'd rather get the build errors :)17:07
didrocksseb128: I think I will do that. I merged the universe version (only one ubuntu patch), and update the multiverse one. Just keep in mind to clean in for karmic :)17:07
kenvandine_wkok :)17:07
seb128didrocks: ok looks good, thank you17:07
* kenvandine_wk grabs lunch... back in 20m17:08
=== sabdfl1 is now known as sabdfl
tedgkenvandine_wk: Watch this space :)  https://launchpad.net/~ted-gould/+archive/ppa/+build/94180517:22
tedgkenvandine_wk: rickspencer3: PPA version of pidgin-libnotify in my PPA if you want to play with it.17:43
rickspencer3kenvandine_wk: I'm at your service17:44
rickspencer3tedg: thanks dude!17:44
* tedg really wishes rickspencer3 was at HIS service. I'd really like a latte right now ;)17:44
* rickspencer3 dons waiter uniform17:45
* kenvandine_wk updates system to get libindicate 1.1.5 first17:48
Nafallokenvandine_wk: how's python-indicate progressing? :-)17:51
kenvandine_wkwaiting for a freeze exception :)17:51
Nafallokenvandine_wk: (and if it isn't, where can I find the source so I can PPA it? ;-))17:51
kenvandine_wkhehe... give it a little time17:52
kenvandine_wkit should be today... i hope17:52
kenvandine_wktedg: closing the buddy list now exits pidgin18:00
tedgkenvandine_wk: ?  Did you restart indicator-applet after upgrading?18:01
tedgThe old indicator-applet doesn't tell pidgin it's watching -- that's a feature :)18:02
kenvandine_wki even rebooted to bes ure18:02
kenvandine_wkerror in PM18:02
tedgDid you install indicator-applet 0.1.5 and not just libindicate1 0.1.5?18:02
kenvandine_wkHmph :)18:02
kenvandine_wki did a dist-upgrade18:02
* kenvandine_wk checks18:02
tedgThe error really looks like the indicator-applet isn't telling that it's watching.18:03
kenvandine_wki have both libindicate0 and libindicate118:03
kenvandine_wkoh... maybe evolution-indicator kept it around?18:04
tedgkenvandine_wk: It will until it gets rebuilt.  Which is okay.  I'm more worried about indicator-applet18:04
kenvandine_wktedg: i also have indicate-messages 0.1.418:07
tedgkenvandine_wk: Oh, don't have that.  It's like soooo old :)18:07
kenvandine_wkshould it get erased?18:08
kenvandine_wkok... found the problem... indicate-messages 0.1.5 needs building still18:09
kenvandine_wkok seb128, you are right about upstream and pidgin... they have a patch :)18:12
kenvandine_wkit was actually a bug... evidently18:12
kenvandine_wkseb128: i will test the patch now18:14
kenvandine_wkhow can i make bzr-buildpackage skip signatures?18:52
james_wadd "-- -uc -us" to the end of the command line18:54
kenvandine_wkdoesn't work18:54
james_wirritating, I know18:54
kenvandine_wkworks on debuild18:54
kenvandine_wknot bzr-buildpackage18:54
james_wyou get an error, or it just still tries to sign?18:54
kenvandine_wkno arg -u18:55
james_wyou need the "--" before18:55
james_wdouble irritating :-)18:56
chrisccoulsonthanks james_w, i had always wondered why i could never get it to work18:57
chrisccoulsoni always missed the "--"18:57
james_wbecause I suck :-)18:57
james_wyou shouldn't have to, it's on my list for Karmic18:57
kenvandine_wkgood :)18:57
james_wbut "--" is better than Intrepid :-)18:57
kenvandine_wkjames_w: thx man!18:58
kenvandine_wkseb128: i updated bug 354298, new debdiff19:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 354298 in pidgin "Buddy list should raise when trying to launch pidgin a second time" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35429819:06
seb128kenvandine_wk: excellent19:28
seb128kenvandine_wk: see I was right on the upstream bug filing, they indeed got a quick reply saying that the wrapper was wrong and an easier fix to use ;-)19:29
kenvandine_wkseb128: yup... i already admitted you were right :)19:29
kenvandine_wkseb128: i never got such fast responses working on foresight or the gnome dev kit... but i guess for ubuntu folks jump a little faster :)19:30
seb128getting dinner now but I will sponsor that after dinner19:30
seb128I think you have been lucky there19:30
kenvandine_wki have patches submitted places that are like 2 years old and ignored :/19:31
seb128but to win you have to play so opening a bug early is usually a good idea anyway ;-)19:31
kenvandine_wktedg: bad news dude... indicate-python doesn't build with libindicate 0.1.5 :/19:38
tedgkenvandine_wk: Oh, fail.19:38
kenvandine_wktedg: on the other hand... pidgin-libnotifiy is rocking!19:38
tedgeeejay: Have you looked at that any?19:38
tedgeeejay: I don't think that we need the new APIs, but having the old ones on the new lib would be nice.19:39
tedgkenvandine_wk: The queuing of messages is much better in the new plugin, isn't it :)19:39
kenvandine_wkyeah... i am much happier19:39
kenvandine_wkand of course it doesn't exit on close either :)19:40
tedgkenvandine_wk: Yeah, I hear that some people want that feature.19:42
kenvandine_wkeeejay: can you look at indicate-python against 0.1.5?19:43
rickspencer3tedg: I'm rethinking the whole "exit on close thing"19:50
rickspencer3perhaps we were hasty?19:50
tedg /kick-with-a-vengence rickspencer319:50
=== rickspencer3 is now known as rickspencer3-afk
chrisccoulsonhey tedg - just looking at the fusa change at the moment. does your session-management branch contain only the patches up to 84_session_management?20:06
tedgchrisccoulson: Yes.20:07
tedgchrisccoulson: There's a fun little ripple through all of them there.20:07
chrisccoulsonthanks. do you want me to merge my changes in to the session-management branch and the other branch too? (the changes will require updates to some of the other patches so they apply again)20:08
tedgchrisccoulson: I can do that, I have a small shell script for it.20:14
tedgchrisccoulson: It all uses bazaar magic :)20:14
chrisccoulsonthanks tedg20:14
mvokenvandine_wk: do you think you could give the ekiga held-back situation a go? slangasek was unhappy with my fix (rightfully so) and he suggested a different approach20:19
kenvandine_wkmvo: i actually don't even understand why it was held back20:19
kenvandine_wkmvo: what is the bug number?20:20
mvokenvandine_wk: 35376820:20
mvokenvandine_wk: bug #35376820:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 353768 in ekiga "Upgrade from 3.0.1-1ubuntu2 to 3.2.0-0ubuntu1 held back" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35376820:20
mvokenvandine_wk: its apt being stupid really20:20
kenvandine_wkmvo: and what was slangasek's suggestion?20:21
mvokenvandine_wk: we are discussing it on #ubuntu-release just now, he was of the opinion to either revert the plugin name or add dummy transitional package for them20:23
mvokenvandine_wk: I would do it, but I'm rather busy with $stuff currently :/20:23
kenvandine_wkcan you just paste the transcript to the bug or in a PM to me?20:23
kenvandine_wkand i will work on it20:23
=== rickspencer3-afk is now known as rickspencer3
=== rickspencer3 is now known as rickspencer3-afk
mvokenvandine_wk: will do20:37
mvokenvandine_wk: added to the bugrpeort20:39
mvokenvandine_wk: I think we need transitional packages for the plugin packages, give me a sec and I can prepare something20:39
kenvandine_wkmvo: thx20:44
chrisccoulsonhi seb128 - i've done the gnome-session patch we spoke about earlier20:48
seb128hello chrisccoulson20:48
seb128chrisccoulson: ah, excellent, thanks20:48
chrisccoulsoni've done it in bzr and proposed a merge in to ubuntu-desktop20:48
seb128chrisccoulson: ok, we don't receive email about those requests apparently, not sure where they are supposed to show20:49
seb128kenvandine_wk: you said you had 2 pidgin changes pending or only the focus one?20:49
mvokenvandine_wk: I uploaded a version into my ppa - the descriptions for the transitional package need a bit of love, otherwise its hopefully ok20:50
kenvandine_wkseb128: only that one20:50
mvokenvandine_wk: I guess you can not reproduce the held-back anymore, or can oyu?20:50
kenvandine_wkno :/20:50
mvokenvandine_wk: rickspencer3-afk can still reproduce it, so we can ask him once the ppa is updated :)20:52
kenvandine_wkmvo: how can you repro it from a ppa?20:54
kenvandine_wkapt-get install ekiga just works...20:54
kenvandine_wkmvo: doesn't it just affect the dist-upgrade case?20:55
mvokenvandine_wk: just, just please upgrade from beta20:55
seb128didrocks: there?20:55
seb128the gst-plugins-bad0.10 broken pidgin on jabber apparently, it crashes on start now20:56
mvokenvandine_wk: I can not reproduce it myself here easily (but I will download a beta desktop cd, that should work to reproduce the upgrade with it)20:56
didrocksseb128: yes there, really?20:58
seb128didrocks: yes :-(20:58
didrocksseb128: I can revert it and open a bug upstream20:58
seb128didrocks: let's try to figure what is broken and fix it before reverting everything20:58
seb128didrocks: I asked you to do the update because it fixes some annoying bugs too20:59
didrocksseb128: ok, I will surely not have the time tonight but I can keep some time to fix this tomorrow20:59
seb128didrocks: ok thanks21:00
kenvandine_wkasac: can you ack the indicate-python branch?21:10
kenvandine_wkasac: i did have to make a change... added a patch to make it build/work against libindicate 0.1.5 which was just uploaded21:10
seb128didrocks: ok, not gst's fault, I'm on it21:15
seb128didrocks: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=522669 for details21:15
ubottuDebian bug 522669 in libxml2 "libxml2 overrides per-parser structured error handler" [Unknown,Open]21:15
asackenvandine_wk: looking. let me get those latest bits21:28
kenvandine_wkasac: thx21:28
asacseb128: could you look/poke flashplugin-nonfree binary that sits in NEW?21:28
seb128didrocks: bug fix uploaded21:30
asackenvandine_wk: what was the previous libindicate version?21:36
seb128asac: how come there is new binaries for it?21:37
seb128asac: is that targetted to multiverse now?21:38
asacseb128: its a rename to flashplugin-installer; has been requested multiple times from multiple sides21:38
=== rickspencer3-afk is now known as rickspencer3
asacseb128: yes its still multiverse21:38
tedgseb128: Could you please add bug 356147 to your sponsoring list :)21:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 356147 in pidgin-libnotify "summary/title text passed to notify-osd contains HTML-character-references" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35614721:38
seb128asac: accepted21:39
seb128tedg: looking21:39
* asac hugs seb128 21:39
* seb128 hugs asac back21:39
seb128tedg: did you get an evolution-indicator update too? it needs a rebuild for soname change and to get evolution translations backs21:40
didrocksseb128: already ? I just uploaded my vm to reproduce the bug to take an eye on it21:40
didrocksseb128: was it easy to fix ? You used a stackstrace I guess21:40
seb128didrocks: yeah, pidgin crashing when connecting to jabber is not good ;-)21:40
seb128didrocks: it was a libxml bug21:40
seb128thanks to responsive upstream and valgrind I figured it quickly21:41
didrocksseb128: I have to get used to try valgrind and not only gdb :)21:41
didrocksseb128: great! Thanks ;)21:41
tedgseb128: Apparently I did everything but propose the merge... funny.  Anyway: https://code.launchpad.net/~indicator-applet-developers/evolution-indicator/packaging/+merge/537221:42
seb128didrocks: no problem and sorry for the false alarm in your way, the gstreamer update just triggered the bug21:42
seb128tedg: thanks21:42
didrocksseb128: no problem :)21:42
tedgseb128: No thank you :)21:43
seb128I've the feeling I did a week worth of work in a day today21:43
asackenvandine_wk: where is the orig?21:43
asacget-orig-source doesnt fetch it ;)21:43
didrocksseb128: hehe, you will enjoy next Monday, I'm sure :)21:44
seb128tedg: pidgin-notify uploaded21:44
asacoh its https21:44
seb128didrocks: next monday GNOME 2.26.1 tarballs are due so I will be working ;-)21:44
tedgseb128: Great!21:44
seb128didrocks: I will be enjoying friday to sunday for sure though ;-)21:44
didrocksseb128: vuntz told me it was on Wednesday, or I have misunderstood him :)21:44
didrocksseb128: ok, I will be there on Monday to give an hand :)21:45
seb128didrocks: tarballs are due on monday, GNOME on wednesday21:45
asackenvandine_wk: seems your branch doesnt build for me. fails to apply that patch ;)21:45
seb128didrocks: excellent thanks21:45
didrocksseb128: oki ;)21:45
asaclet me check again21:45
didrockstime to go to bed for me, see you tomorrow21:45
asacheh works. blind me21:45
seb128didrocks: 'night21:46
asackenvandine_wk: set minimal version to build depend for libindicate-dev ... because the api/abi was changed21:46
didrocksseb128: thanks, you too in few hours ;) (few… I hope for you ^^)21:46
seb128didrocks: yeah, I will probably work for an another hour or 2 and crash to bed21:46
rickspencer3ArneGoetje: asac: bryce: calc: kenvandine_wk Riddell seb128 ...21:54
rickspencer3just wanted to point out that a couple of hours ago ...21:54
rickspencer3the desktop team had zero bugs on the RC list!!21:54
seb128waouh ;-)21:54
seb128"a couple of hours ago"21:54
seb128did we get new ones since? ;-)21:54
rickspencer3last time I checked21:54
rickspencer3I hope not, I'm afraid to look :)21:54
asacrock on ;)21:55
* asac goes and opens a few late april joke bugs21:55
rickspencer3someone should log a bug against notify-osd:21:56
rickspencer3"notify-osd does not support action buttons"21:56
asacheh. not that topic again ;)21:57
seb128ok, so we did transition to libindicate1 in jaunty21:57
seb128ie I cleaned the sponsoring requests from kenvandine_wk and tedg now21:57
asacyeah. i found that now ;)21:57
kenvandine_wkasac: doing it now21:57
seb128so everything should be using the new version soon21:57
seb128and the pidgin behaviour should be better21:57
Nafallodoes that include the one in NEW? :-)21:58
seb128Nafallo: new was empty when I looked at it 15 minutes ago21:58
NafalloI guess that sounds good :-)21:58
asacNafallo: its not uploaded21:58
asacthat will happen soon most likely21:58
Nafallomeh. oki.21:59
kenvandine_wkasac: done and pushed21:59
seb128in fact not it's not empty but that is not in the queue21:59
kenvandine_wkasac: oh... the patch doesn't apply for you?21:59
asackenvandine_wk: no it works21:59
asacall fine21:59
kenvandine_wkok :)21:59
asaci just try to get latest indicate to test.22:04
mvokenvandine_wk: https://edge.launchpad.net/~mvo/+archive/ppa/+build/942108 :/ that looks like it will not finish before I go to bed. I have a day off tomorrow and then is easter. could you watch out for it and drive it? hopefully it just works and just needs someone to upload it22:08
seb128mvo: enjoy your well deserved weekend!22:09
asacmvo: enjoy22:09
mvoI will be here for a bit longer :(22:09
mvobut yeah, I look forward to it :)22:09
seb128still a pleasure to have you around there ;-)22:10
seb128still feel to join the club of those who don't sleep who is lead by asac22:10
mvohaha, thanks!22:10
mvoasac never sleeps?22:10
seb128not during the night apparently22:10
asacmvo: why would i ... i dont drink tea ;)22:11
mvoand *how* did you find out ;) ?22:11
kenvandine_wkmvo: will do22:12
mvokenvandine_wk: thanks a lot!22:13
* mvo hugs kenvandine_wk22:13
kenvandine_wkmvo: enjoy some time off :)22:13
kenvandine_wkmvo: so how can i test this from your ppa?22:13
mvokenvandine_wk: easiest is probably to ask rickspencer3 to add the ppa to his sources.list (deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/mvo/ubuntu jaunty main) and then run apt-get update ; apt-get dist-upgrade - if ekiga no longer displayed as held-back its solved22:14
kenvandine_wkso that would get it in a dist-upgrade22:14
kenvandine_wkrickspencer3: i will be pinging you about that tomorrow :)22:15
mvoalternatively a jaunty beta desktop cd should work as well22:15
kenvandine_wki have a VM i can rollback too22:15
mvoyeah, the problem currently is that its held back there22:15
kenvandine_wkasac: how is indicate-python looking?22:15
mvoand update-manager should show it not grayed out too :)22:15
mvokenvandine_wk: vm> execllent!22:15
kenvandine_wkmvo: that is always a good thing :)22:15
kenvandine_wkmvo: thx again... enjoy your day off :)22:16
kenvandine_wkasac: i have to run to get the kids ready for soccer... but will try to check-in before i leave to make sure there are no blockers :)22:19
asackenvandine_wk: i think its ok. i have to find a archive admin who will take care of the NEWing though to check on the licensing22:19
asacwould be bad if it gets rejected ;)22:19
kenvandine_wkyeah :/22:20
kenvandine_wkplease let me know22:20
asacjames_w: you available for the NEWing?22:20
kenvandine_wkasac: i have a patch that fixes the COPYING files22:22
kenvandine_wkasac:  http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ken-vandine/indicator-applet/indicate-python/revision/2222:23
asackenvandine_wk: that would be a good start. could you also make a patch for those test files ;)22:23
kenvandine_wkif that helps22:23
kenvandine_wki have that too22:23
kenvandine_wkone sec22:23
kenvandine_wki really have to go22:24
rickspencer3hey all22:24
djsiegel1rickspencer3: hey22:24
rickspencer3djsiegel1 == gnomedo22:25
asackenvandine_wk: lets see if i can get some archive admin input ;)22:25
rickspencer3now works at Canonical on Ux team22:25
asacwelcome djsiegel122:26
eeejayhey kenvandine_wk22:26
asachope you enjoy #ubuntu-desktop ;)22:26
seb128hello djsiegel122:28
brycewelcome aboard djsiegel122:29
djsiegel1thank you, seb128, bryce22:29
seb128chrisccoulson: gnome-session uploaded, do you think you could send those changes upstream too?22:31
seb128chrisccoulson: there is also the update to do if you want ;-)22:32
chrisccoulsoni don't mind doing that:) perhaps tomorrow night if thats ok though - just working on the fusa changes now22:33
seb128chrisccoulson: right, really no hurry I did the snapshot today22:33
seb128chrisccoulson: vuntz just fixed some small bugs before rolling the tarball22:33
seb128chrisccoulson: there is really no hurry there22:34
chrisccoulsonthat's good. i'll sort that out tomorrow evening after work hopefully22:34
seb128ok thanks, you work is really appreciated ;-)22:34
chrisccoulsonyou're welcome:)22:34
james_wasac: I don't think I should as I reviewed the packaging22:51
seb128asac: try asking slangasek on the next channel ;-)22:52
james_wStevenK should be online soon and it is his day22:52
asacyeah lets poke stevenk22:54
seb128I appreciate that you don't try to make me review it ;-) I'm not the best person to ask for license review and I'm busy this week ;-)22:56
asacseb128: i left you out intentionally ;)23:04
Ampelbeinjames_w: ping about bug 338963 and bug 35265323:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 338963 in coherence "Totem: loading "Coherence DLNA/UPnP Client" results in: "ImportError: No module named coherence.ui.av_widgets" " [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/33896323:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 352653 in coherence "python-coherence: /usr/share/dbus-1/services/org.Coherence.service should be included" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35265323:16
james_whi Ampelbein23:16
Ampelbeinthe thing is that python-coherence can't be shipped on the live-cd as seb128 pointed out.23:17
asacjames_w: hmm ... where were those auto synched bzr branches for our packages again ;)?23:18
Ampelbeinso this "ugly" error message by totem should be fixed by not-shipping the totem-plugin on the cd also.23:18
Ampelbeinor at least have the error message changed to something more useful.23:20
james_wAmpelbein: ok, Charlie highlighted as something he wanted to fix for Jaunty, but it shouldn't block your fix23:22
james_wif you could have nailed both in one upload then it would have been great23:22
Ampelbeinjames_w: the plugin for totem is in totem-plugins, while the missing dbus-file is in python-coherence.23:22
Ampelbeinjames_w: we could split-out the coherence-plugin to a seperate totem-plugins-coherence package and have that depend on python-coherence, but i don't know if thats gonna be useful.23:23
james_wI'm not sure23:24
seb128I've missed the start of the discussion23:25
seb128what is the issue?23:25
seb128we have totem-plugins-extra for the purpose of "plugins which need universe depends to work"23:25
Ampelbeinseb128: bug 338963 and bug 35265323:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 338963 in coherence "Totem: loading "Coherence DLNA/UPnP Client" results in: "ImportError: No module named coherence.ui.av_widgets" " [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/33896323:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 352653 in coherence "python-coherence: /usr/share/dbus-1/services/org.Coherence.service should be included" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35265323:26
Ampelbeinseb128: then i suggest to move the coherence-plugin to totem-plugins-extra.23:26
seb128seems a reasonable suggestion indeed23:26
Ampelbeinsince it needs python-coherence to function.23:26
seb128want to work on the change?23:26
seb128you need to use a Replaces since you will move files between binaries23:27
seb128and don't forget to update the descriptions ;-)23:27
Ampelbeini'll try to be perfect ;-)23:27
Ampelbeinjames_w, seb128: i think the change to 352653 can be uploaded nonetheless.23:28
seb128I will let a MOTU review that23:28
seb128i've too much to do already23:28
james_wAmpelbein: I'm sure it can, thanks for investigating23:29
james_wAmpelbein: drop a note in the bug and it will appear in my Inbox to remind me to upload tomorrow23:29
Ampelbeinwill do.23:29
Laneyare fakesyncs done by AAs?23:34
Laneyhm, meant that for -motu23:35
seb128Laney: why not doing a real sync?23:36
Laneyorig mismatch23:36
seb128yeah, so they are a normal upload23:36
Laneyok, thought so23:36
seb128use an ubuntu revision so there is no confusion and nobody tries to sync a new revision from debian next cycle23:37
Ampelbeinseb128: should the replaces be (<< 2.26.1-0ubuntu3), as this is the version i'm building or rather (<= 2.26.1-0ubuntu2), the version currently in the archive?23:39
seb128either way23:40
seb128they are equivalent23:41
Ampelbeinok, so there is no standard way of doing it?23:41
seb128not that I know about23:42
asacAmpelbein: use << 3 ... in that way versions like ubuntu2.xxx would still be replaced (e.g. in ppas or downstreams)23:44
Ampelbeinasac: ok, thanks.23:44

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