cjwatsonsladen: they are not allowed. use .tar.gz00:08
sladencjwatson: this is for the .deb, not the .orig  Using dh_builddeb -- -Z lzma  is saving ~50%00:14
sladencjwatson: or is it just  gz and bzip2  allowed for .debs in the archive00:15
RAOFsladen: I'm pretty sure mesa is already lzma compressed, which would suggest that it's OK.  Check it out?00:15
cjwatsonsladen: oh, well then those have been allowed for ages with a suitable Pre-Depends00:16
cjwatsonnamely dpkg (>= 1.14.12ubuntu3)00:17
calccjwatson: pre-depends not needed anymore as of lp 2.2.300:33
calcsladen: you should be able to just upload lzma compressed debs without doing anything else special now00:35
calcsladen: up until ~ april 1 you had to have a pre-depends00:35
hyperairlzma compressed debs? as in data.tar.gz replaced with data.tar.lzma or something?00:36
cjwatsonit makes sense for some particularly large packages00:36
calchyperair: its been supported since gutsy (iirc)00:36
hyperairi see.00:37
hyperairso how come it never really took off?00:37
calcor maybe it was hardy, i can't recall00:37
calchyperair: big things use it already such as OOo00:37
hyperairi see00:37
sladencjwatson: ta.  (And I'm a great fan of Pre-Dpedns for funky compression methods, so I'll add it ;-)00:37
hyperairbut how do you trigger it building as lzma instead of gz?00:37
calci was discussing with Keybuk about potentially making it the default for dpkg for karmic, but not sure that it is that helpful without also having lzma for squashfs00:37
cjwatsondh_builddeb -- -Zlzma00:38
cjwatsoncalc: I don't think that's suitable00:38
cjwatsonI would advise against such a change00:38
calccjwatson: too slow for desktop cd or something else?00:38
calcaiui novell already does it by default for rpm (not saying that it is a reason to do it though)00:38
cjwatsonI'm very concerned about the behaviour on low-memory systems00:39
cjwatsonand am strongly inclined to veto this00:39
calchow low do we support as far as low-mem is concerned?00:39
cjwatsonfor installation, at least down as far as 64MB; lower is manageable but it gets slow due to localedef00:40
calciirc it uses ~ 30MB to decompress, so it is valid if we support very low-mem situations i suppose00:40
calcwow i didn't realize we supported that low00:40
cjwatsonobviously you can't run a standard Ubuntu desktop on that (hence why I'm not worried about OOo using data.tar.lzma) but there are other valid use cases using the Ubuntu archive that aren't a full desktop00:41
cjwatsonI'm pretty sure I raised the same concern a while back00:41
cjwatsonI do think lzma has been great for getting us some much-needed space on the alternate CD in particular targeted areas, and I'm very grateful for that00:42
calci think in the past when i had talked to you it was more an issue of low-mem ~ 256MB machines installing via the desktop cd, or something to that effect00:42
cjwatsonbut I think we should leave it at that rather than pushing it too far00:42
calcyea thats fine00:42
cjwatsonmemory is an issue on desktop CD installs too, certainly00:42
cjwatsonwe've found it difficult to hold it to 256MB00:43
calcluckily we have the install without booting into desktop option as well00:43
calcwhich i imagine takes a lot less than 256MB00:43
cjwatsonthe desktop CD is a situation where noticeably more memory can be used during installation than is required for the installed system, which I regard as a fairly major problem00:43
cjwatsonit's not that much less, unfortunately00:43
cjwatsonI think it's still clear, but not comfortably so00:44
calccjwatson: someone had requested an option for a gui netinst, would that lower the requirements without having to fall all the way back to ncurses?00:44
cjwatsonyes, to some extent00:44
calccjwatson: from what i can see debian has that and it only takes ~ 15MB for a netinst cd with gui00:44
cjwatsonwe will be doing that once a current version of GTK gets fixed to be able to support the directfb backend again00:45
cjwatson(Debian unstable has run into the exact same problem; it isn't just us)00:45
calcof course it takes more than that in ram to run it, but probably less than the current desktop cd direct install method00:45
calccjwatson: ah i see :)00:45
cjwatsonit's not a replacement for ubiquity; it's (largely) a straight translation of the current d-i dialogs into GTK00:46
infinitycjwatson: Another ubuntu-autotest run is in progress, BTW (just kicked off), if you want to watch the list.00:46
cjwatsonwhich is serviceable, but it isn't a by-hand designed interface. I expect we'll need to put quite a bit of work into some areas00:46
infinitycjwatson: Seeing as how the attempt to do the same with soyuz seemed to go unpleasantly.00:46
cjwatsoncalc: (I was one of the developers who put a lot of time into the GTK installer in Debian, so I'm reasonably familiar with it ;-) )00:47
calccjwatson: isn't the alternate cd d-i also?00:47
cjwatsonthough I didn't do the final stretch, just a good deal of the early underpinnings - there was a time when I was about the only person working on it00:48
cjwatsoncalc: yes00:48
cjwatsoninfinity: ok00:48
calccjwatson: so its different than the current desktop installer but a nicer looking version of what we currently use in the alternate cd00:48
cjwatsoncalc: it's just dropping in a different debconf frontend, basically00:49
calchmm we'd have to put that on the alternate cd as a gui installer then, since the desktop cd isn't done in a manner that d-i knows how to install from, aiui?00:49
cjwatsonthat's correct. More realistically, the server CD00:49
cjwatson(since the server CD has quite a bit of spare space but the alternate is usually kind of tight)00:50
calcor just lzma a package or two and then we have space on the alternate cd again ;-)00:51
cjwatsonalso, the corporate services guys are actually pushing for this00:51
* calc has to run buy groceries but will be back ~ 1hr00:52
TheMusoSome of the other UbuntuStudio devs have also expressed an interest in using the GTK d-i for the studio disks.00:52
cjwatsonI did try to do it for jaunty but the aforementioned GTK problems shot it down00:53
TheMusoA11y wise, I don't care about GTK d-i, since the Ubuntu desktop CD's installer is accessible enough to be usable now.00:54
ikus060I made a modification in the kernel source code. Now I wan to test this modification but before I need to compile the kernel01:01
ikus060Can someone refer me so some documentation ?01:02
sladencjwatson: I'm a believer in sticking to .gz for base packages.   But what's your view on alternate compressors ("advancecomp" et al) that can get another 15% out of the deflate stream by trying harder01:03
ikus060In fact, I thikn I only need to compile one part of the kernel : hid01:05
cjwatsonsladen: IME we are at the point where other strategies for saving space, such as working on more efficient representations and shipping of translated documentation, represent much better bang for our buck01:07
infinitycjwatson: I say we just remove libx11 and anything that depends on it, and see how that works out.01:10
bryceinfinity: wow, that could save me a lot of work01:10
infinitybryce: See?  I'm a giver.01:11
cjwatsonkees: do you know what happened to the sudo patch I'm sure we used to have that passed through all environment variables if sudoers says you can run whatever command you like?01:17
cjwatsonkees: are we supposed to just use sudo -E now? (This comes up because libgksu never passes sudo -E.)01:22
=== nhandler_ is now known as nhandler
kb9vqfI'm working on remastering a LiveCD, and I have a CD that works with i386 but when I generate the amd64 version it fails right as the graphical boot menu is displayed.  Any ideas why this happens?01:50
kb9vqfOr who might know? ;-)01:50
ArneGoetjeslangasek: hmm.. I thought pitti fixed that already... will check.01:54
slangasekArneGoetje: ah; the new ones still show up in component-mismatches01:57
javitoi am reading in debian-policy website that the latest version is but what should i use in my debian/control file  or 3.8.1 ??02:29
cjwatsonjavito: you should read the part of the policy manual that covers the Standards-Version field02:30
cjwatsonjavito: section 5.6.1102:30
javitocjwatson: thanks02:32
javitois very clear here02:32
tedgHeh, the Debian Policy manual is so complete that the answer to the question "I'm reading the manual and don't understand, what do I do?" is "Read the manual" :)02:33
cjwatsonit's comprehensive enough that it's understandable for people to get lost until they've made enough use of it to have a general feel for where to find things02:35
calciirc one of the first things you are supposed to do before applying as a DD is to read the entire policy manual :)02:36
calcand be able to recite the dfsg backwards ;-)02:37
* tedg tried to be in AA but couldn't remember all 12 steps ;)02:37
jmillikinIf "Sebastien Bacher" is present: Can you take a quick peek at <https://bugs.launchpad.net/nautilus/+bug/357438>? It's a small bug with a simple fix, but would be great to get into one of the -ubuntuX patchsets for Nautilus before Jaunty final. Apologies in advance for the drive-by patch/question, but my connection time is limited.03:10
ubottuUbuntu bug 357438 in nautilus "Always show "backup" directories." [Undecided,New]03:10
jmillikinIf you see this, thanks!03:11
jdongquick drive-by :)03:11
javitowhen will be allow upload bugfix to karmic?03:12
sladenwell, you can upload bugfixes to jaunty03:13
javitoincluding minor bugs?03:13
sladenbut new versions, and new packages, and new features need to wait until karmic opens (~6 weeks)03:13
sladenjavito: if it helps the quality of the release, yes03:14
javitobut a bugfix impleis increase the version03:14
sladenjavito: increasing the -0ubuntuX package version, yes03:15
javitook then thanks03:15
sladenjavito: to get a new upstream release in, it has to be a bugfix only release03:15
javitosorry for my stupid questions i'm really newbie here :D03:16
sladenjavito: yeah, if nobody was allowed to fix bugs and nobody allowed to upload, we might as well have released a month ago... :)03:16
javitosladen: maybe only for critical bugs, like in stable debian03:17
javitosince frozen03:17
javitoit just why i asked03:17
sladenjavito: post-release, you need a stable-release-update exception (eg. a security issue)03:18
keescjwatson: I think pitti removed most of it, but kept a whitelist for things like http_proxy, but beyond that I don't remember.03:18
keescjwatson: though, recently, I was pretty sure that environment was passed unfiltered if one was in sudoers with an "ALL".03:19
Hobbseehrm.  How does one not use these new notifications for just pidgin...03:25
sladenHobbsee: irssi :)03:25
Hobbseei do like it for things that are actual "doesn't matter if you miss them" notifications, but for pidgin, it means that i miss the notifications, and there's absolutely *no* indication that someone's sent me a reply to a message.  And i'm not convinced that the notifications actually fire every time, at all.  Fail.03:26
Hobbseesladen: i guess I could use bitlbee and konversation, yes.03:26
Hobbseesladen: irssi, if i use the notifier, is goign to have exactly the same problem, on a bigger scale?03:26
TheMusoHobbsee: there was discussion about irssi and notifications here yesterday, I can't remember the result of that conversation however.03:27
sladenHobbsee: somebody (look for the logs) was discussing something similar earlier.   Ah, TheMuso has beaten me to it03:27
HobbseeTheMuso: i get the feeling that the more i send thru the notifier, the more messages i'll only see hours later when i happen to manually open up the window again, though03:28
TheMusoHobbsee: I don't know how the notification works, since I don't use it.03:28
HobbseeTheMuso: ah03:28
Hobbseesladen: i'll do that, but i suspect that'd make my problem worse again03:29
sladenHobbsee: IIRC, libnotify is "replaced" by the new back end so everything is gets diverted to /dev/null (well, a 3 second pop-up, then /dev/null)03:29
Hobbseesladen: damn.  that's *exactly* what i'm trying to avoid.03:30
Hobbseesladen: and i'm really not convinced that the popups work all the time, either03:30
sladenHobbsee: probably what will happen is that the pidgin authors will get pissed off, and switch to their own internal notification system, skipping the "standard" as it doesn't do what they want03:31
Hobbseesladen: heh. That sounds about right.03:31
Hobbseehrm, I guess i could switch to kopete or something03:31
Hobbseewhich should bypass the new notifier stuff03:32
sladenyou can do other mad setups, like irssi-proxy  (irssi, but it also listens on a port and passes everything through so that you can daisy chain to another IRC client)03:33
Hobbseethat's true.  I'm already doing funky things with proxies.03:33
Hobbseebut that's not a bad idea03:33
sladenif daisy chaining worked /really well/ you could have a IRC "client" that did nothing but display flashing notifications03:34
sladenI don't really have a solution (as it's not a use-case I've hit and had to work around yet)03:34
Hobbseethe irc isn't really the problem - konversation doesn't (and probably won't) use the new notifications for this release.  It's only the other protocols.03:35
sladenperhaps the long term key is to modify the funky new libnotify backend, to be ware of state03:35
sladeneg. is the screen-saver running, is there keyboard/mouse activity, is there a full screen movie03:36
sladenwhat's that four-quardrant system for prioritising?    There's two axis, one is urgency and the other is importance03:37
sladenso it could be less urgent than watching the full screen movie, but important enough to save until later03:38
sladenHobbsee: anyway, we probably know who to blame for the new design if it gets panned post-release ;-)03:39
Hobbseesladen: hmmm?03:39
sladenHobbsee: the same person who brought us nekkid desktop wallpaper!03:45
sladenI suspect the new notifier will end up covering 90% of use-cases better than it did before, but leave an empty space for the other 10%03:46
Hobbseeah, right03:46
Hobbseealthough I personally think "give me some obvious notification that i've received a message over msn / jabber / etc via pidgin, after the fact" would be a fairly large use case for pidgin...03:47
HobbseeAh well.  I'm sure the notification team will decide how to do it best, and if they don't, debian will get a lot more people.03:48
* Hobbsee goes off to research how to make pidgin behave more sensible03:49
Hobbseeer, sensibly03:49
jcastroHobbsee: the messaging-indicator is where the missed notifications get queued up03:49
Hobbseejcastro: except that it doesn't work.03:49
Hobbseejcastro: they never show up there03:49
jcastrothat's a bug then03:49
Hobbseesorry, the ones about the fact that someone's signed in do, but not the ones that say i've received a message.03:50
jcastroonly the messages are supposed to queue up in there03:50
jcastronot like, when people sign in and stuff03:50
Hobbseeand speaking of that, i'm not so crash hot on having to have *two* icons on my panel about it, or having to keep pidgin open, because otherwise pidgin quits.03:50
Hobbseeif only it worked...When's the ETA on getting a fix?03:51
jcastrothere should just be one icon, the little envelope for the messaging indicator03:51
jcastrodunno, mine works, maybe ask in #dx?03:51
Hobbseehmmm.  might have to ask later when they're awake03:51
sladenjcastro: so unread IM/email messages are hiding until the envelope, until you click it, and then they /are/ being shown?03:52
Hobbseesladen: that would make sense.03:53
jcastrowhen there are new ones in there there's a green dot on the envelope03:53
jcastroso basically, instead of a pidgin icon, a new evo mail icon, etc. you just have them all under one icon03:53
jcastrowhich also btw brings the contact list up for pidgin03:54
AmaranthI thought empathy got ported as well03:54
AmaranthI never thought notifications would be the reason Ubuntu started maintaining a large number of deltas from upstream03:55
jcastroalot are accepting them03:55
jcastrothough I don't have statistics on that03:55
AmaranthSure, if it's just "cleanup your usage to check for features" and stuff like that03:56
Amaranthor "use append mode"03:56
sladenyeah, it missed the first /msg  but saw the second and third03:59
sladenand gives me an exploding envelope03:59
sladenwell, that'd be pidgin crashing04:02
sladenHmm, the option is called "Shutdown..." but the action is immediate (so should not have the ...)04:07
calcis there a reason that arrow keys don't work in insert mode in vim, i seem to recall this used to work at some point04:37
calcbut not i just inserts a new line with eg "B:04:37
calcer "B"04:37
Hobbseejcastro: hrm.  It appears that my existing config was making it not behave properly.  Has the dx team tested with previous release configs, instead of clean slates?04:44
jcastroHobbsee: not sure, that is a good point though04:44
Hobbseeah, but the minimise to tray functionality isn't there.  dammit.04:44
Hobbseeor the minimise to anything, really04:45
Hobbseejcastro: did you find a way around that?04:45
Hobbseeat least i get the right things in the envelope now!04:48
spmcalc: wfm. my fading memory suggests that tends to be caused by a zotted or simply wrong TERM - eg should be xtermc, is set to sun-console :-/ I think terminals can also get into a gaga state as well, and need resetting.04:57
Hobbseeah, that would be https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pidgin/+bug/29571304:58
ubottuUbuntu bug 295713 in pidgin "pidgin ends (instead of minimizing) when closing buddy list" [Undecided,Incomplete]04:58
Hobbseehrm.  can one assign things to the dx team, i wonder....04:58
Hobbseesladen: out of curiousity, which gnome theme are you using?05:07
calcspm: hmm gnome-terminal sets it to xterm, if i change it to linux it seems to work05:08
calcactually no i just tested in the wrong spot05:09
calcit seems the place it is happening is set to TERM="screen"05:10
calcfor screen console program05:10
infinitycalc: Under screen, it's "TERM=screen" for you?05:13
infinitycalc: I get "TERM=screen.linux"...05:13
calcinfinity: yea05:30
calcinfinity: shows up as just TERM=screen for me05:30
TomJaegerAny chance someone can commit the .debdiff attached to bug #311732?05:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 311732 in linux "2.6.28-4 breaks thinkfinger" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31173205:46
TomJaegerThinkfinger is completely broken atm05:46
sladenHobbsee: *boggle*.  Human, I guess.  I try and stick with the defaults (assuming the default theme hasn't changed)05:57
Hobbseesladen: hm, OK05:57
sladenHobbsee: I did have some problem recently whereby all the fonts were too big, until you went System->Settings->Appearance.  Didn't have to click anything but that was enough to fix the fonts to the correct size05:58
* Hobbsee nods05:59
ajmitchgnome-settings-daemon not being started properly on login?05:59
TomJaegerKeybuk, do you think you could have a look at the patch?06:05
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maxbsladen: I have noticed this immediate shutdown thing too - *intermittently* !08:06
=== nysosym|away is now known as nysosym
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htrejhi tried to create a deb package and it worked, but my program doesn't have any files in /bin for example and it created and packaged empty directories, how can i remove thatN08:30
directhexfix your package's .install file?08:31
directhexalso, packages don't go into /bin they go into /usr/bin08:31
htrejh.install file?08:32
htrejhi do not have any .install file08:33
highvoltagehe probably meant debian/install file08:34
=== azeem_ is now known as azeem
directhexhtrejh, in your debian/ folder in your source package, the install file (or pkgname.install for multi-package source packages) lists the actual files to include in the package08:35
htrejhstrange i do not have this file08:35
highvoltageyou have to create it08:35
directhexand you have no files either. go figure08:35
htrejhare there any sample files?08:35
directhexwhich packaging helper does your package use?08:37
htrejhbut i found, there were plenty ex files generated :)08:38
directhexso plain dh.08:39
directhexwhich compat version?08:39
directhexare you using minimal-style rules?08:41
directhexdoes your rules file contain a bunch of dh_this dh_that dh_other, or a couple of "dh $@"?08:42
directhexhttp://svn.debian.org/viewsvn/pkg-cli-libs/packages/gtk-sharp2/trunk/debian/rules?revision=3937&view=markup is old-style full rules, http://svn.debian.org/viewsvn/pkg-cli-libs/packages/smartirc4net/trunk/debian/rules?revision=4049&view=markup is dh7 minimal rules08:43
htrejha bunch of...08:43
htrejhit's the first one08:43
directhexright. is dh_install called in your binary(arch|indep) rule?08:44
htrejhhm no, it is commented08:46
directhexdh_install is the rule that actually, well, installs files generated by the build into a deb. it uses the debian/install file as a manifest08:48
directhexhttp://svn.debian.org/viewsvn/pkg-cli-libs/packages/smartirc4net/trunk/debian/libsmartirc4net0.4-cil.install?revision=3806&view=markup is a little example08:48
htrejhso i must uncomment it right?08:50
htrejhok, thanks08:50
htrejhbut i still have the empty dirs :s08:55
lyhana8hi, how could I change the mysql user ID correctly ?09:01
lyhana8actually I change it manually in /etc/passwd and /etc/group and now the server refuse to start09:01
Hobbseelyhana8: #ubuntu for support please.09:02
lyhana8Hobbsee: I come from there, they have no idea. Plus it's a high config issue09:03
lyhana8I'm trying to share a mysql DB among a gentoo and an ubunutu. User ID change and file permissions change work fine on gentoo, but not on ubuntu09:05
Nafallolyhana8: no it isn't. and that doesn't make this channel a good forum for support. you could try #ubuntu-server or any of the local community channels please.09:05
Hobbsee-server's not a support channel either for non-server stuff, actually.09:05
Hobbseelyhana8: a simple google search finds http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=109752 which appears to be appropriate.09:05
HobbseeBut please note, this really isn't the appropriate channel.09:05
NafalloHobbsee: well, I found running mysqld as a user a bit strange ;-)09:05
lyhana8Hobbsee: thanks09:06
HobbseeNafallo: it does?09:06
NafalloHobbsee: I meant. mysqld on a non-server. sorry :-)09:06
Hobbseeoh, right09:06
NafalloHobbsee: but yea. you're right. I was jumping to conclusions :-)09:06
htrejhcan someone explain why i get those empty dirs packaged?09:14
kb9vqfhtrejh: do you have a dirs file in your debian/ folder09:24
htrejhyes, i just removed it, will try again :)09:24
kb9vqfhtrejh: that was most likely your problem.  I ran into this once or twice myself :)09:25
kb9vqfgood luck!09:25
htrejhok thanks :)09:25
siretart`persia: are you still working on bug #349458?09:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 349458 in ffmpeg-debian "Please provide a VFP-optimised build for ffmpeg-debian" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34945809:42
mvoRiddell: is the disappearing dbus/mainloop/qt.so still a issue with current intrepid->jaunty upgrades? I just ran anohter test upgrade and its still there, I suspect its a particular package that triggers it (and that I do not have installed)09:49
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Nafallodamn :-/10:21
Nafallomy X just crashed after a VT switch again10:21
mnemonafallo: which chipset? any stacktrace at the end of xorg.log.old?10:23
Nafallowill put it on a pastebin.10:23
Nafalloonce my firefox stop crashing...10:24
Nafallohttp://paste.ubuntu.com/146805/ <-- 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 0c)10:26
savvasNafallo: for firefox crashes, try to create a new user - this will definitely sort it if it's a local /home/ problem in the configuration :)10:27
Nafallosavvas: yeah. I know. I reckon it's one of the newly updated plugins. just hard to catch.10:28
Nafalloalso, a new user won't have my stored passwords, so a no go.10:28
savvasthere's a plugin for that10:29
savvaspassword exporter10:29
* Nafallo shrugs.10:30
Nafallostill not the issue :-)10:30
NafalloI'm pretty sure it's a plugin considering it started happening right after I upgraded vimperator ;-)10:30
Ngsafe mode10:30
savvaswell, if you ever consider on recreating a new .mozilla directory: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/284810:31
Nafalloanyway. my bigger issue is X ;-)10:31
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cjwatsonmvo,seb128: does the libgksu patch I attached to bug 357101 look OK to you?10:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 357101 in ubiquity "GUI does not exit on reboot after install on armel" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35710110:57
tjaaltonis anyone going through sync requests anymore?11:23
seb128tjaalton: yes, archive admins11:27
tjaaltonseb128: ok, good11:34
kwwiievand: it seems we need to work on the time zone map some more...two problems: 1) the pics are scaled up during a "real" install and 2) the text is black and the background too dark for that11:40
evand1kwwii: by being scaled up do you mean that they're scaled to be greater than their original resolution?  If so I believe cjwatson fixed that.11:40
evand1and indeed on the text.  Did you have a better color in mind?  It's quite easy to change.11:41
kwwiievand1: yes, exactly...the pics show up blurry because of it11:41
kwwiievand1: yeah, I'm talking to others about it and I'll get back to you11:41
kwwiievand1: thanks11:41
evand1kwwii: sure thing11:42
=== evand1 is now known as evand
cjwatsonevand: I didn't do anything about that11:46
cjwatsonevand,kwwii: the change I made (relatively recently) was to prevent the images being unnecessarily scaled down from their original resolution when the screen is big enough to comfortably accommodate the full sizes11:47
cjwatsonthe map is fiddly to use when scaled down; that's acceptable when we have to do it to make it fit on the screen, but IMO we should make use of bigger screen sizes when we have them11:47
evandoh, my mistake.  I misread the changelog entry then.11:47
kwwiicjwatson, evand: the problem I am seeing is that the pics are being scaled up larger than the original size and therefore have blurry edges11:48
evandkwwii: I'll take care of that11:48
kwwiicool :-)11:48
cjwatsonthat's very odd. what size of screen?11:48
cjwatsonevand: is this something you can reproduce?11:48
kwwiicjwatson: 1920x1440 or such11:49
cjwatsonthe code just says "if screen big enough: use normal images; else: use half-size images11:49
kwwiicjwatson: it seems to be normal sized when I install from the live CD but when I click on install ubuntu directly it scales them up it seems11:49
cjwatsonthat'll be the full-screening11:49
cjwatsonI bet that the map widget is set to expand11:49
cjwatsonor fill, or some combination of those11:49
evandcjwatson:  ah actually, probably not given my low resolution, but I can roll debs for kwwii to test11:49
kwwiiright, that is how it looks11:49
cjwatson(I can never remember the difference and always have to look it up ...)11:50
loolcjwatson: Could we get a debian-installer upload (I can do one if you like) today?  I'd like to test updated hd-media kernel built by d-i for https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/35422611:51
ubottuUbuntu bug 354226 in ubuntu "Jaunty lpia installer fails with hd-media kernel on dell mini 9" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:51
loolif a kernel config is missing on lpia, we might still have a change to fix that one11:52
cjwatsonlool: ok, I can do one later; I'd like to get a bit further with diagnosing bug 341928 first though, if that's OK, since that may well require a d-i upload anyway11:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 341928 in lvm2 "Consistently reproducible "device or resource busy" error on partitioning" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34192811:52
loolcjwatson: That's fine; thanks11:54
ograif i do a while statement in shell like: while read moo;do echo $moo;done < $multiline_string ... is there any way to avoid using a fifo (read wants to open something, is there any replacement i can use to parse teh string directly ?)11:56
kwwiievand: how much can we change the wy the text looks? ie can we add a background color or a line around the outside? Can we change the X to a dot or such?11:57
evandkwwii: it's done in cairo, so we can add a different color line around the text or a solid background quite easily11:58
evandand yes, we can change the x to a dot11:58
kwwiievand: cool, once I have an idea of what to change I will get back to you...thanks again12:00
evandkwwii: great, thanks!12:01
ograbah, i'm dense today12:01
cjwatsonogra: you mean you're trying to split up $multiline_string into lines?12:02
ogracjwatson, no, i'm trying to change one line in a multiline string while keeping the order of the lines intact ...12:03
cjwatsonogra: why not just use sed then?12:03
ograbut i just noticed i'm silly and use: echo "$string"|while ...12:03
cjwatsonfoo | while read has some very odd semantics that are likely to bite you if you aren't careful12:04
cjwatsonthe while loop turns into a subshell so any variables set in there will be lost12:04
cjwatsonI'd recommend using sed if you can12:04
asacogra: can you join #nm for a moment?12:05
ograhmm, sed is tricky here since the lines can vary and i dont know all possibilities12:05
javitowhat status should be assigned to a bug if you are attached the debdiff and subcribed motu for get sponsoring?  confirmed? in progress?12:05
ograasac, i'm there12:05
mvocjwatson: patch looks good12:06
=== korn_ is now known as c_korn
* cjwatson cracks bug 34192813:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 341928 in lvm2 "Consistently reproducible "device or resource busy" error on partitioning" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34192813:11
elmocjwatson: what was it?13:12
fader_cjwatson: \o/13:12
elmo(oh, nm, it's in the bug)13:13
cjwatsonelmo: lvm2 scans all devices in /dev and didn't know that it should prefer, well, just about any other name over /dev/block/13:13
cjwatsonI haven't actually tested the fix yet, that's in progress13:13
cjwatsonfader_: thanks for those instructions, very helpful13:13
fader_cjwatson: No problem, glad to help :)13:13
fader_cjwatson: (especially with this bug as it's been hitting me on a daily basis ;) )13:14
cjwatsonfader_: sorry it took a while; lvm2 and devmapper are twisty as hell and it was tricky to find the exact bit at fault13:15
cjwatsonI never knew devmapper included a regex library ...13:16
fader_cjwatson: I can imagine... I don't envy you the task of tracing through all that13:16
fader_Now you just need to add the ability for it to read email and it will be a complete program.13:17
Hobbseefader_: it does irc already?13:19
fader_Hobbsee: Heh, probably not, but I'm counting on there being an SMTP->IRC gateway out there somewhere ;)13:20
Hobbseehaha :)13:20
StevenKfader_: I think that can be done in about 5 lines of Perl13:26
fader_If it were a week ago I'd be sorely tempted to file a bug on this.13:27
=== mariusb_ is now known as marius
BUGabundoanybody knows when pitti will be around? I have a GPM question14:04
seb128BUGabundo: he's at the linux foundation summit for the week14:06
BUGabundoseb128: thanks14:08
BUGabundoforgot about that14:08
seb128you can ask your question on the channel14:08
BUGabundoanyone else in charge of GPM?14:08
seb128some other people might know14:08
BUGabundogonna file a wishbug against it14:08
seb128what do you call gpm exactly?14:08
BUGabundoto save profiles14:09
BUGabundoGnome Power Manager14:09
BUGabundoeven Win95 did that14:09
seb128you should open wishlist bug upstream rather14:09
BUGabundoand current version of GPM doesn't14:09
BUGabundoI will14:09
seb128nobody is actively working on new feature in an ubuntu specific way14:09
BUGabundoand track it in LP too14:09
BUGabundoI know14:09
seb128but I think the no profile is a choice14:10
BUGabundojust wanted to know if anyone knew anyother way to manage power profiles14:10
seb128it should be doing the right things, profile are sort of the wrong solution14:10
BUGabundowell I wish for Home, Office, On The Road profiles14:10
BUGabundosome can and should suspend, others always Onlin14:10
seb128what would be the difference?14:10
BUGabundoScreen bright, etc14:11
seb128I'm busy with jaunty work now and don't want to start a discussion14:11
seb128but that's of the wrong approch14:11
seb128you want to have settings changing when docked or on battery14:11
BUGabundono not really14:12
seb128it doesn't really depends of if you are sitting in a train station or an airport14:12
directhexi ought to file a bug about getting ubuntu to be aware when my laptop's backlight changes brightness by itself (i.e. so it doesn't still show as 100% brightness when it's not)14:12
BUGabundoseb128: I'll start a discussion devel-discu ML14:12
cjwatsonfader_: I'd like to fetch an updated lvm2-udeb into the running installer on berkelium, but it apparently doesn't let me fetch from either ppa.launchpad.net or people.ubuntu.com. Do you know what else I could try?14:12
seb128BUGabundo: right14:12
BUGabundofiling now bugs on both BTS and search for dupes14:12
seb128I would be surprised if there was not a bug about that already open14:13
kwwiiquery evand14:14
cjwatsonfader_: never mind, I got it working by fetching the file to nickel first14:18
fader_cjwatson: You will probably need to copy it to nickel and then grab it from nickel on the target machine... they are firewalled down pretty hard14:18
fader_cjwatson: Heh, one step ahead of me :)14:18
cjwatsonseems to DTRT, I'll upload that14:20
cjwatsoncouldn't quite test it all the way through, but lvm2 is now using the right device names14:20
BUGabundoseb128:" Query timeout of 60 seconds hit - killing the running query" that makes it hard to look for a dupe14:22
seb128BUGabundo: try less hard queries14:22
seb128BUGabundo: ie limit the importance to normal so you filter out all the crashers14:22
seb128or set a title keyword14:23
BUGabundoseb128: I limited to GPM and keyword "profile"14:30
BUGabundoand simple one timeout too14:31
seb128you should select the product in the list14:31
azeemmaybee try gnome-power-manager14:32
seb128rather than searchin in the whole bugzilla this way14:32
azeemotherwise you might get all the hits with "gnome"14:32
BUGabundothere's nothing tagged "future"14:32
BUGabundoseb128: that was what I did! I limited to GPM14:33
seb128no it's not14:33
seb128the url has no product keyword14:34
cjwatsonmvo: thanks for the libgksu review; uploaded14:37
cjwatsonlool: see my comment in bug 357101 - I think you may have missed the context of my patch14:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 357101 in ubiquity "GUI does not exit on reboot after install on armel" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35710114:39
loolcjwatson: Indeed, I missed gksudo had this14:40
loolcjwatson: Looks absolutely fine then14:40
cjwatsonthough I agree it should go upstream14:40
BUGabundoseb128: bug 35771914:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 357719 in gnome-power-manager "GPM should have user profiles" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35771914:42
cjwatsonyou can't really talk to dbus when gksudo'd unless you preserve environment variables, anyway14:42
cjwatsonnot the session bus anyway14:42
BUGabundolinked upstream too14:42
seb128BUGabundo: ok14:44
BUGabundoseb128: sending now to devel discuss14:45
tseliotseb128: any ideas as to why my partitions are mounted with "%" instead of "/" in their labels? http://www.albertomilone.com/ubuntu/gnome/problem.png14:47
tseliotseb128: any ideas as to why my partitions are mounted with "%" instead of "/" in their labels? http://www.albertomilone.com/ubuntu/gnome/problem.png  They are reported correctly by vol_id: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/146969/14:48
loolcjwatson: Oh right, it's not the session bus anyway14:49
seb128tseliot: is that new?14:49
loolcjwatson: But these vars should be enough for the session bus I think14:49
cjwatsonlool: for ubiquity, there's no problem with just taking the lot14:50
tseliotseb128: yes14:50
cjwatsonlool: so I don't want to get into any unnecessary complexity14:50
cjwatson"preserve whole environment" is just fine for me14:50
tseliotseb128: what package should I have a look at to fix it?14:51
BUGabundotseliot: never saw nothing like that14:51
seb128tseliot: I would say to look at the recent upload on https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-mount14:51
loolcjwatson: sure14:51
loolcjwatson: It was in case we wanted to avoid copying the whole env14:51
james_wtseliot: http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/hal/2009-April/013158.html may be related14:51
seb128tseliot: hum, though that's using _ ... not sure then14:51
tseliotBUGabundo: maybe it's because your partitions don't have a label?14:51
BUGabundomost don't, yes14:52
tseliotjames_w: /media/hdb5 is being translated into %media%hdb5 which involves more mangling than what it's described there14:53
BUGabundoseb128: email sent.14:58
=== mpt_ is now known as mpt
loolcjwatson: 16:02 < kov> lool: just saw it, yeah, I'll just finish something and do some  more thinking about that, but I see no problem in principle15:03
cjwatsonlool: great, please pass on my thanks - I had been planning to send it to him once Ubuntu people had checked it was OK but don't mind being preempted ;-)15:04
jcastrokirkland: I added the time grid here so people can pencil in what time they want sessions: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek/Prep15:10
jcastroalso, anyone else interested in an openweek session please ping me!15:11
cjwatsonfader_: is it just me or is it odd that berkelium isn't back in the PPA pool? I did run make_ppa - or did you steal it again for enablement?15:13
fader_cjwatson: I didn't grab it but it is possible that it got hit automatically... let me check15:14
cjwatsonfader_: I wasn't sure how to tell - make_ppa didn't seem to obviously cause anything to be added to launchpad.net/builders/ even when I checked right afterwards15:16
fader_cjwatson: It takes a bit of time as it needs to rebuild the machine.  I'm not sure when it shows up on launchpad though... maybe once it's finished building and ready for work...15:16
fader_I kicked off make_ppa again on it just to see.  It doesn't look like certify-web was doing anything with it15:16
elmocjwatson: make_ppa takes a long time (it's a from-scratch reinstall) and sometimes fails15:17
elmocjwatson: don't worry about it too much; we get alerted when machines fail to make the transition15:17
cjwatsonelmo: ok, fair enough, thanks15:18
cjwatsonI didn't realise it was a full reinstall, thought it was just untar or similar15:18
elmoit probably should be, and we may move towards something lighterweight now that the enablement machines are being more actively used15:19
elmobut right now, it's a pre-seeded from-scratch install15:19
elmo(including guest creation \o/)15:19
BUGabundocjwatson: do you know about http://xpud.org/ ?15:26
BUGabundothey boot linux in 10 secs15:27
infinityBUGabundo: My experience with most "we boot Linux in under 10 seconds" systems is that they tend to not have an init system, and frequently don't use X.15:28
infinityBUGabundo: Neither of those are particularly viable for us.15:28
BUGabundoinfinity: yeah... just learned about that via ┬Áblog. reading more15:29
cjwatsonBUGabundo: as infinity says. The trick is booting quickly while also doing the things that Ubuntu does.15:29
cjwatsonBUGabundo: besides, I don't see any source code there?15:30
cjwatsonBUGabundo: I imagine they just took out a bunch of stuff15:30
BUGabundoI think I already asked this, but my memory is worse by the day, how can I make bootchart messure past GDM ?15:30
BUGabundocjwatson: no mention of code on the ML either15:31
hyperairBUGabundo: look for S99stop-bootchart or something in /etc/rc2.d and rename it to K99blah15:32
infinitycjwatson: http://github.com/penk/mkxpud/tree/master15:32
BUGabundohyperair: thanks... the scripted changed so much in jaunty15:32
hyperairBUGabundo: um that was in intrepid.15:32
hyperairBUGabundo: i don't know about jaunty.15:32
BUGabundohyperair: ahh ok then15:33
infinitycjwatson: They basically just tear chunks out of Debian-like systems to make cut-down bootable images.15:33
hyperairi don't think it should have changed much though15:33
BUGabundohyperair: http://paste.ubuntu.com/146993/15:33
BUGabundohere is mine15:33
hyperairBUGabundo: i didn't modify my initscript, i just renamed it to K99stop-bootchart.15:34
hyperairBUGabundo: then it won't get called when init finishes15:34
hyperairi mean when the whole set of rc2.d scripts finish15:34
cjwatsonBUGabundo: right. doesn't sound too interesting with regard to our boot speed work, from what infinity says15:35
BUGabundook nice to know15:36
savvaswhere's the icon size set for .desktop files? I mean when you stretch the icon of a .desktop files, where's the value saved?15:39
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=== evand1 is now known as evand
kirklandjcastro: cool, i'll grab a slot16:15
ubuntunewkidis anyone experienced with testing python16:27
ubuntunewkidi am getting syntax errors in the terminal when i try to test my python code16:28
ubuntunewkidi am using python 3.016:29
cjwatsonubuntunewkid: Python 3.0 involves significant language changes from previous versions of Python. Have you read the documentation on porting from previous versions?16:29
jdstrandmvo: hi! when you can spare a couple minutes, can you review bug #354793 and my proposed fix? I'd like push this out as an SRU, or possibly a security update.17:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 354793 in apt "date error on saving time starting day" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35479317:13
mvojdstrand: thanks, doing that now17:14
=== sabdfl1 is now known as sabdfl
elmomvo: ekiga can't be upgraded by update-manager; I think I saw you discussing this with mdz the other day - is this a known bug?17:26
mdzelmo: yes, I filed it17:26
elmomdz: ok, ta17:26
mdzelmo: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ekiga/+bug/35376817:26
ubottuUbuntu bug 353768 in ekiga "Upgrade from 3.0.1-1ubuntu2 to 3.2.0-0ubuntu1 held back" [Medium,In progress]17:26
mvoelmo: yes, there was a fix tossed around, but it was no good, so its still being worked on17:27
tseliotslangasek: (just asking, it's not a request) would it be a problem to include qt4 in Ubuntu's cd (e.g. in Jaunty+1) in terms of space?17:37
mdzkirkland: are you sure you want to attach *full* dpkg -l output to every kvm bug report?18:13
kirklandmdz: seemed like a good idea at the time, is that ill-advised?18:23
kirklandmdz: the virt stack is many and varied18:23
mdzkirkland: it's an extra 200k of data for every report18:24
mdzkirkland: it would be better to limit it to relevant packages18:24
mdzwe could probably use a general mechanism for noting versions of related packages (other than dependencies)18:24
kirklandmdz: can i compress it?18:24
mdzkirkland: yes, it compresses down to 50 or so18:25
kirklandmdz: yeah, totally, the dependencies isn't as interesting as its cousins18:25
mdzbefore the base64 bloat18:25
mdzkirkland: maybe you could add something to hookutils for that18:25
kirklandmdz: on the other hand ... i don't know that i've gotten a kvm bug report yet18:28
kirklandmdz: via apport18:28
kirklandmdz: or at least not piles of them18:28
kirklandi was bracing for the worst :-)18:28
pwnguinhow many people are using kvm AND jaunty?18:29
mdzkirkland: adding a hook won't cause you to get any more bug reports than you otherwise would18:29
mdzit just makes them more useful when the user uses the tool18:29
kirklandpwnguin: at least 118:30
pwnguinif the report takes longer as a result of the hook, you might argue you'll get less apport bugs from impatient users18:30
kirklandmdz: okay.  is this something I need to pull immediately?18:30
mdzkirkland: no18:31
kirklandmdz: i did poke around a little for an existing function to get a list of packages installed, didn't find one, lazily dpkg -l'd it18:32
kirklandmdz: that 200K number is considerably smaller on servers :-)18:32
kirklandmdz: which is where I tested it18:33
kirklandmdz: and I could trim it down to just the first 3 fields of output18:33
kirklandmdz: obviously, i don't actually care about package descriptions, can look that up later18:33
mdzkirkland: I'll work on a hookutils function which takes a list of package names and DTRT18:33
kirklandmdz: just need the state, pkgname, and pkgver18:34
mdzkirkland: do you really need the state?  I'd think just name and version for installed packages, and ignore uninstalled packages18:34
kirklandmdz: dpkg -l | awk '{printf "%s\t%s\t%s\n", $1, $2, $3}'18:35
kirklandmdz: that's down from 200K on my desktop to 48K18:35
mdzkirkland: dpkg-query --show --showformat '${Package} ${Version}\n'18:36
kirklandmdz: yours works for me18:38
kirklandmdz: i'm happy with that18:38
mdzkirkland: as I said, I'll add something to hookutils to make this simple18:41
mdzit's already duplicated in several hooks18:41
kirklandmdz: nice, thanks18:41
mdzkirkland: Committed revision 1379.18:51
mdzkirkland: once that's in the archive, you can just do attach_relevant_packages(report, ['package1', 'package2', ...])18:51
* ogra wonders why he doesnt see any "running scripts casper..." messages on a livefs boot if quiet is omitted ... 18:52
kirklandmdz: okay, you're opposed to attaching the whole list?  or can you expose a method to take the whole list?18:52
ograi see them in casper.log but not on the screen18:53
* Riddell throws a paper aeroplans at doko with "commit changes to cdbs to bzr" written on it18:55
mdzkirkland: honestly, I think attaching the whole list is not very useful18:56
mdzkirkland: surely you have to look through that whole list to find the handful of packages which are relevant18:56
mdzkirkland: the virt stack can't be that much worse than the printing stack, and they list 32 packages in a nice compact and readable attachment18:57
sbeattiemdz: hrm, I wonder if it'd be useful to support regex matching there; think of all the apache2-* packages.18:59
sbeattiesorry, libapache218:59
mdzsbeattie: that's a good point19:00
mdzsbeattie: bzr commit -m 'apport/hookutils.py: Add glob matching to package_versions()'19:10
mdzsbeattie: done19:10
sbeattiemdz: thanks!19:11
mdzsbeattie: so now you can do package_versions('libapache2*')19:11
mdzit uses shell-style glob matching rather than a regex, which is a bit simpler19:11
TheMusomdz: I see the apport utils alsa hook retrieves pci information about audio hardware. Does this also retrieve the vendor and device IDs as well, since these are often needed for hda hardware enablement/debugging.19:18
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slangasektseliot: not at all19:24
slangasektseliot: er, I mean, yes it would be a big problem19:25
slangasektseliot: "not at all" to "would it be possible", which is what I read first :)19:25
mdzTheMuso: it does lspci -vvmmnn19:25
tseliotslangasek: oh, even if it allowed access to some very interesting technology?19:26
TheMusomdz: ah ok.19:26
ogratseliot, called kubuntu ?19:26
tseliotogra: not, it's not exactly what I meant :-P19:26
slangasektseliot: doesn't matter, there's no room.19:26
tseliotslangasek: ok, thanks19:27
bencrisfordHi everyone19:51
bencrisfordIf anyone gets any free time, spux project (ventrilo client for linu) needs developers :S, we're over on #spux on irc.freenode.net19:51
bencrisfordso if u do have some free time...19:52
bencrisfordcheers, bye19:52
picklesworthErr, what is spux? :/19:53
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mcascan anyone tell me the time for the final translation export?20:27
=== rbelem-afk is now known as rbelem
ebroderWill it still be possible to upgrade, e.g., gutsy -> hardy after the 18th? I'm sending a reminder message to some of my users, and I'm wondering how emphatic I need to be about needing to upgrade20:34
mdkeebroder: yes. Try #ubuntu in future for support requests20:41
atari2600aI'm using your 9.04 beta20:42
atari2600aI thought I'd just let you know20:43
atari2600afirefox didn't & still will not retain my preferences20:43
atari2600aI see this as a GIANT FREAKING SECURITY HOLE!20:43
mdkeatari2600a: if you are able to search for a bug about this, that is more helpful than reporting it here. If there is already a bug, you can subscribe; if not, you can file one20:44
mdkemcas: 9 April for translations outside language-packs; and 16 April for those in them (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyReleaseSchedule)20:47
mcasmdke: but which time? 00:00 UTC ?20:47
mdkemcas: in theory yes (see the top of the page I linked above)20:48
mcasoh sorry20:49
mcasmy mistake20:49
ikus060I ask the question on kernel channel, but there isn't any activity, so I give a try here. I compile the kernel with CONFIG_HID_DEBUG=y but I don't get any debug info in syslog21:35
walrus17how yo udoin people21:38
ikus060fine, and you ?21:40
walrus17not bad21:40
ikus060Every time I come here, people seams to be death ...21:40
walrus17they are waiting for help21:40
walrus17wow you doni?21:41
walrus17* doin21:41
lamontso when I dist-upgrade and it gives me a new kernel and a new firefox, so I reboot the machine, then launch firefox... why is it that firefox immediately says 'zomg we need to restart...'?21:54
slangasekbecause there's a bug in something? :)21:55
javitolamont all firefox updates do it since firefox v3, including firefox over windows21:55
slangasekjavito: no, you shouldn't get that behavior on a newly-launched firefox21:55
lamontjavito: yeah, but rebooting the machine, uh, kinda necessarily is a restart of firefox...21:55
lamontslangasek: I guess I should file a bug, eh?21:56
slangasekyes please :)21:56
lamontfeels like development, though. :-)21:56
* jdong glares at pidgin for segfaulting on iconv21:57
jdongerr icon-theme.cache rather.21:58
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seb128jdong: get the libxml update I uploaded 15 minutes when it's built22:00
jdongseb128: cool, awesome :)22:00
seb128you can disable your jabber accounts as a workaround too22:00
javitoi have a doub with a bug i'm working on22:06
javitoi sent a debdiff for fix LP: 35691822:06
javitobut there a a motu devel that deassigned me to the bug22:07
javitoand wrote "this bug was fixed in the latest debian package" and linked to a sync request22:08
javitoso... we are in Feature Frozen and this Sync implies a new feature22:08
maxbdo you doubt it is fixed in the latest debian package?22:08
maxbbug 35691822:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 356918 in rocksndiamonds "rocksndiamonds: directory "downloads" is not created automatically (dup-of: 353144)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35691822:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 353144 in rocksndiamonds "package rocksndiamonds failed to install/upgrade: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 2" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35314422:09
maxbjavito: the changelogs provided in the sync request look pretty non-feature to me22:10
javitoAdded Galician translations for debconf22:11
cjwatsonthat's not a feature22:11
cjwatsonanyway this is moot because seb128 has done the sync22:11
javitobut i think frozen implies dont include new think could create new bugs... a new translation may have new bugs22:13
=== Snova_ is now known as Snova
javitobut i am maybe wrong22:13
cjwatsonjavito: we don't count translation updates as features22:13
javitook then, i'll take note for the future, sorry for the mistake22:14
cjwatsonyes, it is possible for them to create new bugs, but they will be very localised, and for the most part (not always in the case of translations of C programs, but always in the case of debconf translations) cosmetic22:14
cellofellowWill Jaunty have the new GTK version of Aptitude (0.5.0). I checked and currently it only has
maxbAs there are only hours to go until FinalFreeze, I think "no" is a safe bet22:17
cellofellowOh, really only hours?22:17
maxb~ 2h40m22:18
cellofellowwell, yeah No will be the right answer.22:18
* cellofellow wonders if Aptitude GTK will overtake Synaptic as the favorite GTK APT frontend.22:19
mvocellofellow: not for jaunty ;)22:19
lamontslangasek: there.  #35801422:19
cellofellowobviously. :)22:19
cellofellowBut, in the next year or two. What if it's the default manager for Ubuntu in, say, Karmic+1?22:20
slangaseklamont: thanks, I'll leave you in asac's capable hands for that one then22:20
cellofellow(Or is Synaptic too ingrained into Ubuntu to leave?)22:21
asacbug #35801422:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 358014 in firefox-3.0 "rebooting does not clear firefox's "restart required" status" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35801422:21
Adri2000slangasek: is final freeze really beginning at the start of the utc day as maxb said?22:21
mvocellofellow: synaptic is pretty integrated and some people are quite fond of it, but that does not mean its there forever22:21
mvocellofellow: we will talk about it at uds and decide22:21
cellofellowOk then. :) So, we've had this discussion before I take it?22:21
slangasekAdri2000: that's the official deadline; the actual freeze may happen any time after that (it requires coordinating multiple people in order to get the button pushed)22:22
mvocellofellow: you take it in what sense?22:23
cellofellowmvo: oh, just how you said it would be discussed at UDS made me think this had been discussed before and it was decided to discuss it more then.22:23
mvocellofellow: sorry, I did not express myself clearly then. I meant to say "we will discuss about it at the next UDS"22:24
mvocellofellow: for jaunty it was not clear if the gtk frontend would make it out of experimental or not22:24
cellofellowIt's still there, hasn't hit Sid yet.22:24
cellofellowI thought Ubuntu pulled from Experimental though, not Sid.22:25
mvocellofellow: only for selected packages22:25
cellofellowoh, ok22:25
cellofellowand it pulls straight from upstream for some things like Firefox, right?22:25
slangasekhmm.  for the life of me, I cannot figure out why intrepid had python-xmpp 0.3.1-1.2 instead of 0.4.1-cvs20080505.2.22:26
cjwatsoncellofellow: pulling from experimental across the board would be pretty, er, hardcore ;-)22:27
slangasekin the "putting lots of metal through newfound holes in your skull" sense22:27
cellofellowwhen was the experimental branch started? I seem to remember once upon a time there only being stable, testing, and unstable.22:29
maxbexperimental isn't a full branch, more of an overlay on unstable22:30
maxbA question about FinalFreeze: are Python 2.6 DeprecationWarnings from console apps still worth fixing, or are they too cosmetic to be worth the overhead of freeze exception processing?22:31
cellofellowAccording to Wikipedia it says that stuff in Experimental is stuff that isn't considered stable upstream, whilst if it is stable upstream it gets put in unstable.22:32
slangasekI think that section should be removed from the wikipedia article. :)22:33
slangasekmaxb: universe is still fairly open to bug fixes with a minimum of overhead, I would say they're still worth fixing22:34
* maxb should get debdiffing then :-)22:34
cjwatsoncellofellow: experimental has been there for eons22:48
cjwatsoncellofellow: http://www.debian.org/doc/FAQ/ch-ftparchives.en.html might be a touch more authoritative than Wikipedia22:49
cjwatsonwhich in this respect is indeed spouting nonsense22:49
* calc doing test build for OOo then upload in ~ 1hr :)22:56
lamontso HTF do I tell vim to override the global setting for syntax on, globally for myself, in and out of chroots, I wonder.22:58
cjwatsonecho 'syntax off' >> ~/.vimrc22:58
lamontI wouldn't mind it so much if (1) I'd ever started using it, and (2) it was actually readable on the window23:00
calclamont: you can also set your background color light or dark to make it more readable if that is the issue23:01
calclamont: eg set bg=dark23:01
lamontcalc: I prefer the backgrounds I have, thank you.  syntax highlighting has never been of any signifcant use to me23:02
calclamont: er no the set bg=dark makes it change the highlighting colors (aiui anyway) so it shows up better on light or dark backgrounds23:03
calclamont: but yea if you don't need it just turn it off23:03
lamontbg is either grey or black or a dark purple for most of my windows23:05
lamontthen again, when I fire up a terminal, it's an xterm...23:05
lamontsorry seb23:05
calcwell in that case setting bg=dark should change the colors to be readable, at least for the dark cases23:06
calci always set my xterms to be white on black like console so i just have mine set to bg=dark in vimrc23:07
* calc doesn't like the black on white in default gnome-terminal23:07
Adri2000speaking of vim, is it just me or vim stopped wrapping debian/changelog lines to 80 characters in jaunty?23:07
slangasekkees: could you have a look at bug #358051? (component-mismatches cleanup)23:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 358051 in dnspython "Main inclusion request for dnspython" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35805123:08
lamontslangasek: I'm a big fan of shiny dnspython23:09
lamontOTOH, that has nothing to do with release critera23:09
TheMusocalc: re gnome-terminal, me neither, which is why I change it to white on black. :p23:12
calcTheMuso: yea me too23:13
calcTheMuso: i rarely use real xterms, usually just a g-t 'xterm'23:13
* calc wonders if black on white is a mac'ism23:13
TheMusocalc: gnome-terminal all the time for me here, due to a11y requirement.23:13
TheMusocalc: Not sure, but I know its quite difficult, at least so far as I've tried, to switch the OS X terminal to black on white.23:16
LaserJock_bryce: about? I got an interestingly locked up X23:51
LaserJock_relatedly, does anybody know the best way to restart X from ssh?23:51
bryce/etc/init.d/gdm restart23:52
hyperaircould i persuade anyone to look at bug #202089?23:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 202089 in pulseaudio "Pulseaudio is blocking normal sound after resume" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20208923:52
LaserJock_bryce: what if that doesn't work?23:53
TheMusohyperair: Just have, please read my comment.23:53
hyperairit was fixed, but some users complained it didn't work for them, so i've revised the pm-utils hook in pulseaudio23:53
bryceLaserJock, then your GPU is probably locked up and you'll have to powercycle23:53
LaserJock_bryce: it says it shut down but fails to restart. however I see all my desktop processes still around so I don't know how it could have successfully shut down23:53
bryceps aux | grep X ?23:53
hyperairTheMuso: are you luke yelavich?23:53
TheMusohyperair: Yes.23:53
hyperairTheMuso: i've fixed that already, see my latest comment =)23:53
TheMusohyperair: Thanks.23:54
LaserJock_bryce: I still have an X process23:54
LaserJock_let me kill that23:54
hyperairTheMuso: actually i'm wondering if suspend-source is also needed23:54
TheMusohyperair: Hrm, you may have a point.23:54
hyperairTheMuso: perhaps it owuld be safe to just add it anyway23:54
TheMusoHowever, who would be using a mic/line-in when they suspend?23:54
hyperairTheMuso: good point, but if anyone is crazy enough to do that, it would be nice to not have it break ;)23:55
LaserJock_bryce: hmm, killing X hosed the whole thing, can't even ssh anymore, off to powercycle :-)23:56
LaserJock_this is sort of disturbing23:56
LaserJock_I was in the middle of my dissertation :-)23:56
hyperairTheMuso: i'll update the debdiff then.23:56
dtchenhyperair: i'm already fixing it in my bzr branch23:57
hyperairdtchen: ah, i see. okay =)23:57
hyperairdtchen: weren't you crimsun?23:57
dtcheni still am.23:57
hyperairdtchen: i thought you weren't around =p23:57
LaserJock_bryce: would x86 vs x86_64 make a difference, I just started using amd64 around the time this started happening23:58
brycelaserJock, seems plausible23:58

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