* cody-somerville nods.00:00
cjwatsonlool: merged, thanks; I'm too tired to do a manual run now, cron can do it00:00
cjwatsoncody-somerville: basically the Debian Live guys worked on casper for a while and made some efforts to contact us, but at the time we were going through various reorganisations and nobody responded to them for a while, so they got (not entirely unjustifiably) pissed off and renamed00:00
cjwatsoncody-somerville: then we made some efforts to merge but they had decided that they were taking over upstream now00:01
cjwatsoncody-somerville: so TBH I think the sanest approach is to cherry-pick fixes that make sense, but casper is important to us and I don't particularly want to bin our history in favour of Debian's00:02
cjwatsoncody-somerville: in general, most of our live CD infrastructure predates Debian's00:02
cody-somervilleWhat do you mean by bin our history? Do you mean we keep casper around for sentimental reasons?00:04
cody-somervilleIt seems unfortunate they ended up diverging00:10
cjwatsonno, I mean we keep it around because we have a number of changes in it that are actually kind of important :P00:11
cjwatsonit is in general more important not to introduce regressions than it is to invest lots of effort syncing up with a renamed package in Debian00:11
cjwatsonthey've gone their own way and that's fine00:11
cjwatsonthe platform team does not have an interest in pedalling hard to stand still00:12
cjwatsonyou've asked quite a number of these questions: "why do we use <foo> rather than <bar>". The answer in general is that <foo> was there first, and when <bar> came along it was not sufficiently compelling for us to invest effort into switching to it when what we already had was perfectly serviceable00:19
cjwatsonand in particular when <foo> was an in-house development there was generally no problem with understanding it well enough to maintain it00:19
* cody-somerville nods.00:29
Giotraderhelp install?01:02
GiotraderI have a RAID 0 and 2 IDE drives, Ubuntu alternate CD only see 1 IDE drives and gives me an error message when trying to partition the RAID 001:02
cjwatsonif the installer only sees one of two IDE disk drives, then my usual guess is that that is a kernel problem and you need to ask the kernel guys01:08
Giotraderwell I can't see the cache memory of the missing drive01:15
GiotraderI think i destroyed that 8 MB cache part when formatting with Partition Magic01:15
cjwatsonis the actual disk device missing, or just the partitions on it?01:17
Giotraderno I can see it with partition magic01:18
Giotraderit's juste that usually you see your drive and a small 8 mb cache part aside01:18
Giotraderthe 8 mb part is gone01:18
cjwatsonI mean missing from the point of view of Linux01:19
Giotraderlike you know the "unallocated space" usually 8mb is the cache drive01:19
cjwatsonI need to know whether Linux can see the disk device01:20
Giotraderno it can't01:20
cjwatsonspecifically that, as opposed to the partitions on it01:20
Giotraderdoesn't see the disk at all01:20
cjwatsonok, definitely sounds like a kernel problem then01:21
cjwatsonif the installer can't see the device there's nothing it can do itself; it's up to lower layers to expose that properly01:21
GiotraderOk I will recreate the 8 MB unallocated space at the beginnign of the drive and see if it will fix it01:22
Giotraderbecause you know a hard drive today always comes with a sort of unallocated space called the cache01:22
Giotraderand I think that the fact that i destroyed it causes ubuntu not to see the drive01:22
cjwatsonnever seen that01:22
cjwatsonIMO such things should not be visible in partitioners, but what do I know01:23
Giotraderok i'll try that and i'll get back to you :)01:23
Giotraderok I think it has nothing to do with the cache01:25
Giotraderyou're right01:25
Giotraderthe 8 MB unallocated space gets created by default when you do a logical parition01:26
GiotraderI had 2 primary partition ont he drive i guess that's why linux don't see it01:26
Giotraderyou think it's work to format in ext3?01:27
cjwatsonI think you're reading too much into this01:27
Giotraderit's worth I meant01:27
cjwatsonunallocated space is not actually "created"01:27
cjwatsonpartitioners may show you it, but it doesn't have an existence in the partition table01:27
cjwatsonit's just an absence of partitions01:27
Giotradereuh yes that's what I meant01:27
Giotraderit's a hole01:28
cjwatsonit's not something you can create or destroy01:28
cjwatsontwo primary partitions should not cause Linux any problem at all01:28
cjwatsonGiotrader: this is why I am trying to clarify this question: can Linux see the physical disk device? That is, does /dev/sdb (or whatever) exist?01:28
cjwatsonGiotrader: if /dev/sdb (or whatever the appropriate disk device name is) exists, then it is possible that the partition table is something that the installer can't understand. If it doesn't, then the problem can't have anything to do with the contents of the partition table, and it is a lower-level problem01:29
cjwatsonso it is vitally important to distinguish carefully and accurately between those two cases01:30
Giotradergot it01:31
Giotraderok I'll try again and see01:31
Giotraderbe back later01:31
cjwatsonsee also the FAQ linked from the topic which has a brief section about the case where the partition table is something that the installer can't understand01:32
CIA-28ubiquity: cjwatson * r3193 gdm-signal/ (19 files in 9 dirs):02:00
CIA-28ubiquity: * GTK frontend:02:00
CIA-28ubiquity:  - Copy-and-paste gdm-signal from powermanagement-interface, since that02:00
CIA-28ubiquity:  package is no longer in main and is slated to go away. In future we02:00
CIA-28ubiquity:  ought to be able to use gnome-session D-BUS calls or similar for this02:00
CIA-28ubiquity:  work (LP: #357101).02:00
CIA-28ubiquity: cjwatson * r3193 ubiquity/ (d-i/manifest debian/changelog): Automatic update of included source packages: user-setup 1.23ubuntu17.02:28
CIA-28ubiquity: cjwatson * r3194 gdm-signal/ (bin/ubiquity-wrapper debian/changelog):02:31
CIA-28ubiquity: Use gksudo --preserve-env / sudo -E so that we can check DESKTOP_SESSION02:31
CIA-28ubiquity: from the GTK frontend, and use other desktop environment variables in02:31
CIA-28ubiquity: future.02:31
CIA-28ubiquity: cjwatson * r3194 ubiquity/debian/changelog: releasing version 1.12.502:33
Mirvevand: could you see about my suggestions to 356333 as NonLanguagePackTranslationDeadline is tomorrow (even though you can choose to extend it for debian-installer of course)?08:24
evandMirv: will do08:26
evandI'm inclined to go with the first option08:26
evand"This will delete %s and install $s08:26
evanderr %s08:26
Mirvwell just an example, I don't know how such stuff is used there, but similar to strings which have eg. "on partion ${partition}" or something. and I explained the list could be make into a separate string from txt08:28
Mirvthen txt would be gettext:d with the so-called %s:s intact. then in the translated version those can be substituted by the list and the Ubuntu release string08:29
Mirvbut yes, that form of the string is quite clear and avoids the plural problem08:30
loolFolks, partman doesn't seem to see /dev/mmcblk0 on my babbage install; it's a SD card; it does see /dev/sda which is an USB stick; is it because it's hiding the boot media?10:04
loolThe UI is broken for automatic login in step 5 (identity)10:07
lool(Two radio buttons with no text)10:07
evandregarding the two radio buttons, that's fixed in trunk10:08
evandwell, worked around10:08
evandregarding hiding the boot media, I haven't fully read through cjwatson's changes to that bit of code yet, but if you run `sudo parted_devices` do you see /dev/mmcblk0?10:09
loolThansk, I was searching open bugs10:09
loolevand: I see both10:10
lool/dev/mmcblk0 and /dev/sda10:10
evandthen the installer probably is filtering it out.10:10
loolevand: Ok; I don't mind that it's hidden, even if in theory it would be possible to install to it, however ubiquity hanged when there was no /dev/sda yesterday10:11
loolI'll check how the filtering looks like in ubiquity10:11
evandas in when there were no disks present?10:11
loolevand: As in UI was stuck10:11
evandright, but when you say there was no /dev/sda, do you mean there were no disks present?10:12
loolNo CPU was used, but nothing more was displayed after "Starting the partitioner"10:12
loolevand: Yes exactly, as if I would have booted a system with just a CDROM drive and no disk10:12
evandok, I'll try to reproduce that10:12
lool(Or just a USB stick since the SD is writable)10:12
loolOk, I'm giving up on digging up that code, I'm not familiar enough with this stuff it will take me ages just to find it; sorry10:19
evandlool: you can tell the installer to not worry about mounted partitions by setting partman-base/filter_mounted to false10:24
evand(hit f6 at the isolinux boot splash and add partman-base/filter_mounted=false before the --)10:25
loolevand: Not sure it's what I want: will this help showing the unmounted second partition I created on the SD card?10:26
evandI was unable to reproduce the hang in KVM without any disks.  I'm going to try with a USB disk and no other disks.10:26
loolevand: Thanks a lot; the debug log wasn't showing anything when I tried on the SD yesterday10:26
evandlool: yes.  It's removing the entire disk because the first partition is mounted10:26
loolOh I see10:26
loolevand: I did create an empty partition at the end of the SD card10:27
loolPerhaps that's needed to trigger the bug10:27
evandnoted; I'll try that as well if this fails to reproduce it10:27
loolArgh; installing on USB triggered a "Read-only filesystem" error due to USB errors; that board is too unstable to install to USB *sigh*10:29
loologra: Are you using the mini USB connector?10:29
ograbut with a powered hub10:30
ograthe mini port has less power than the big ones afaik10:30
loolWell I don't have the needed adapter; I'll have to go SATA, if that works10:36
ogralool, SATA is attached to the same place the big USB ports are10:52
cjwatsonlool: FWIW it's partman/filter_mounted rather than partman-base/filter_mounted10:53
evandsorry about that10:54
cjwatsonlool: the SD card shouldn't be filtered out if the installation medium doesn't fill the whole disk, though10:54
cjwatsonthat's a bug - can we have logs?10:54
loolcjwatson: Yup, will keep them on next test; note that I ran in debug mode and didn't see any error in the logs myself though10:55
cjwatsonI wouldn't expect a visible error in the logs, but would like to check out the logic10:57
ogralool, did you open a bug ? i have a complete installation log here11:12
ograelse i can push it to people for cjwatson11:12
loologra: I did not yet11:13
loologra: it was my first experience with ubiquity on the babbage, and I wasn't sure the system wasn't unstable for other reasons11:13
ograi'll tar it up and push to people then11:13
lool(e.g. g-k-d)11:13
ograif you kill g-k-d it cant get in your way11:13
loolI did, but I had to kill -9 it11:14
loologra: So you have a log with just booting from SD, without USB target device and you're opening a bug?11:14
ogra"pkill -9 gnome-keyring*" is what i put in the docs everywhere11:14
ograno, i always install to usb target device11:15
ograbut cjwatson wanted logs to see the logic11:15
loolcjwatson: I see the errors in my mail now with the .list; comments on yesterday question on the approach to follow?  I think mdir isn't happy no PC part data, so either I build the .list earlier (but I have to change a lot of places) or I extract the vfat from the partitioned image11:15
ogrammcblk0 isnt offered as install media here11:15
ograso that should suffice to see stuff11:16
ogracjwatson, http://people.ubuntu.com/~ogra/installer.tar.gz11:22
ograthe complete log from my last install11:22
loolcjwatson: oh it worked; I see mmcblkp0 now11:25
ograhow did you manage that ?11:25
ograi didnt see it since the fix entered11:25
loolNothing, just ran ubiquity --debug and it worked this time11:25
loolIt might be a race11:26
* lool tries again11:26
cjwatsonlool: for the time being maybe just make publish-daily ignore .list in this case11:26
ogradont we have the .list file somewhere already  ?11:27
cjwatson.list is generated with isoinfo11:27
ograoh, right11:27
ograthe advantage of just converting existing images :)11:27
StevenKcjwatson: I look at pi-makelist, and then ran screaming. Far away.11:28
cjwatsonogra: are you sure that mmcblk0 is filtered out in this installation?11:28
cjwatsonogra: are we talking about the automatic partitioner, or the manual partitioner, or both11:29
cjwatsonwe don't offer mmcblk0 for automatic partitioning if the installation medium is mounted on it, but it should still be offered for manual partitioning in this case11:29
loolStevenK: it's overly complex because of the isoinfo output IIMO11:30
loolIt would be much simpler with a simpler tool11:30
StevenKIts overly complex since it's horrid shell, too11:30
loolActually it could probably be replaced with two lines of shell using bsdtar11:30
cjwatsonAFAICS partman is working as intended in ogra's logs11:31
loolcjwatson: Yes, with an USB stick plugged everything works fine11:31
cjwatsonlool: that wasn't what I asked ...11:31
StevenKlool: If you want to fix pi-makelist, be my guest.11:31
loolcjwatson: I know, which is why I'm running an install here to grab you useful logs :)11:31
loolcjwatson: But when I tried myself, I couldn't reproduce, it worked without USB stick this time, for the first time11:32
cjwatson#define worked11:32
loolcjwatson: I could reach the screen to chose which partition to install to, and that included mmcblk011:32
loolIn the past I wouldn't reach this screen11:32
cjwatsonok, the hang is slightly different from what I was initially looking at11:32
loolIt would simply hang there11:33
cjwatsonyou were asking about mmcblk0 being hidden11:33
loolcjwatson: It was this morning when I installed on /dev/sda, and it's not anymore11:33
loolThat's really weird11:33
loolI think I'll reflash the SD card11:33
loolOh I know the difference11:34
cjwatsonI was describing the intended behaviour, which is as follows: if a device contains the installation medium, then it will never be offered for *automatic* partitioning; furthermore, if and only if the installation medium spans essentially the whole disk, it will be filtered out of manual partitioning11:34
loolHmm no I don't11:34
cjwatsondoes that help to clarify what you might be looking for?11:34
* lool goes starting again from clean SD11:34
loolcjwatson: Ok; the two things which I saw and are weird: a) ubiquity hanging, not making any progress anymore, before displaying the partitioning screen; that's when I had no USB key plugged, but I couldn't reproduce right now b) on my first install with an USB stick, only the USB stick was shown, not the SD card11:35
ogracjwatson, the partitioning screen doesnt offer mmcblk0 at all11:35
loologra: It did for me this time around11:36
loolWhich is what it should do11:36
loolI just need to reproduce that hang now11:36
ograwell, he asked me which partitioning screen :)11:36
ograthe first one doesnt have it in the pulldown11:36
ogracjwatson, so if i had selected a different radio button in the first partitioning screen it would have found it in the pulldown ? or would it only show up in the next screen for doing actual manual partitioning ?11:39
loolcjwatson: The MID and UNR images were correctly .imgs today, could you please remove the old .isos from ubuntu-mid/daily-live/current/ and ubuntu-netbook-remix/daily-live/current/?  thanks!11:41
=== evand1 is now known as evand
cjwatsonogra: if the installation medium is on mmcblk0, then mmcblk0 will only show up on the actual manual partitioning screen11:44
ograaha, thats why i never saw it then11:45
cjwatsonogra: it would be a bug if it showed up in the drop-down for automatic partitioning, since automatic partitioning can't work on that device while the installation medium is mounted11:45
ograi only looked in the pulldown11:45
cjwatsonlool: done11:46
loolI take back what I said about mtools, it can probably handle partitioned data11:54
loolIt can12:11
loolcjwatson: Is unsorted output like http://paste.ubuntu.com/146875/ good enough?12:19
loolOh actually you don't care about directories12:20
cjwatsonlool: sure, the .list files for ISO images just seem to be in extent order (which is sorted after a fashion, but not lexicographically)12:23
cjwatsonso yes, that looks perfect12:24
evanddavmor2: http://people.ubuntu.com/~evand/wubi/jaunty/wubi-r118.exe - can you try this version to see if the uninstall option is working for you?13:44
loologra: I filed Bug #357690 for the boot slowness; LIVEMEDIA should really avoid it, but perhaps we need a rootdelay as well?13:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 357690 in casper "Long timeout when trying to mount empty USB to SATA adapter" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35769013:51
ograrootdelay to speed it up ???13:51
loologra: Currently if LIVEMEDIA isn't there when casper runs, it will skip to autodetect13:51
ograi'm just dd'in an image that has no LIVEMEDIA on the cmdline13:51
loolI think if we'd add a couple of seconds rootdelay to get the device in place, it will work13:52
ograand will check if there are any speed differences13:52
ograi'll try both13:52
loolcjwatson: I really fail reproducing the issue with mmcblkp0; either the new image fixed it, or I'm unlucky, sorry13:52
ogratruncating the install media is annoing :/13:52
* lool ignores the ubiquity warning and formats the boot SD13:53
loologra: BTW the vfat only has 20 MB free space; not sure why your image was much smaller13:54
loologra: perhaps you're not creating the actual FS in the same way?  say, fat32 versus 16 or something13:55
ograhmm, looking at the recent images yours is actually smaller13:56
loologra: tools/make-vfat-img uses /sbin/mkdosfs, I think you were using mkfs.vfat13:56
loolHmm no13:56
loolYou're using mkdosfs as well13:56
ograbut i use dd13:56
ograand *then* mkdosfs13:57
ograinstead of mkdosfs -C13:57
ograi guess the latter is more efficient13:57
davmor2evand: np's I'll do that now13:58
cjwatsonlool: ok13:59
evandthanks davmor214:00
davmor2meh bloody alternate failed packages not installer14:00
ogralool, not using LIVEMEDIA drops me into busybox14:01
loologra: that could be a casper bug with our SATA USB adapter14:01
* cjwatson tries to parse davmor2's last comment and fails ...14:01
ograor a casper bug with SD cards14:01
ograi'm not sure it considers mmcblk at all14:02
loologra: /sys/block/*?14:02
loolIt should certainly appear there14:02
ograi see it in /dev/disk/by-uuid14:02
loolOnly mmcblk0 appears there14:03
loolNot mmcblk0p114:03
cjwatsonthat's odd14:03
cjwatsonimplies that the kernel doesn't understand it as a partitionable device, but that clearly isn't normally the case14:03
ogra/dev/disk/by-uuid has the partition14:03
davmor2cjwatson: I just tried an alternate install and a package has prevented it from installing14:03
loolcjwatson: We might have a special driver for it14:04
cjwatsonyou mean the right module might not be loaded?14:04
ograwe definately have a FSL driver here14:04
ograand its compiled in14:04
loolNo, I mean the behavior might be specific to our hardware14:04
loolBecause it might not be using a standard driver and this driver might have bugs14:04
cjwatsonlool: but mmcblk0p1 is present in other contexts, isn't it?14:04
loolcjwatson: It is14:05
looldrivers/mmc/card/block.c seems to be our driver, doesn't sound babbage specific14:05
ogramxsdci.0 does14:06
ograthats the platform device for it14:06
loolThat's the block backing device, but the mmc driver should be the same I think14:07
ograits mmc_host if i'm right14:07
ogra /sys/devices/platform/mxsdhci.0/driver points to /sys/bus/platform/drivers/mxsdhci14:08
davmor2cjwatson: I am right in thinking this is a hash-sum error and therefore nothing to do with the install process and it is the package that caused the fail aren't I? http://www.davmor2.co.uk/syslog14:08
cjwatsondavmor2: it's not the package's fault either14:10
cjwatsondavmor2: it's some kind of bizarre, probably transient, error14:10
cjwatsondavmor2: it could be a problem with your CD disk or drive, or it might go away with the next build14:10
ogramxsdhci: MXC Secure Digital Host Controller Interface driver14:10
ogralool, ^^^ from dmesg14:10
davmor2cjwatson: I'll try 64bit instead14:10
cjwatsonApr  8 11:52:24 kernel: [  658.762977] Buffer I/O error on device sr0, logical block 7396814:11
cjwatsondavmor2: fault with your CD or CD drive14:11
cjwatsonchances are, anyway14:11
cjwatsonApr  8 11:52:24 kernel: [  658.762969] sr 5:0:0:0: [sr0] Add. Sense: L-EC uncorrectable error14:11
loolbug #35770014:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 357700 in linux "mmcblk0p* don't appear in /sys/block" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35770014:13
ogralool, booting with a rootdelay=5 now14:15
ogradoesnt seem to be faster14:15
ograstill sitting there14:17
ogranow it moves14:17
ogratrying 10sec14:17
loologra: I still think mmcblk0 is created by the drivers/mmc/card/block.c driver; the driver you mention is the one providing access to the MMC, the one I mention is the one doing the blcok device14:18
ograi'll attach a full dmesg if i have a complete boot14:19
loolIt's the one printing mmcblk0: mmc0:8fe4 SD08G 7.60 GiB on boot14:19
ogra10 sec doesnt seem to change anything either14:19
ograpersia, you have a SATA disk on your board, right ?14:20
loolblock/genhd.c is the one adding the p*14:21
loolcjwatson: The device appears in /proc/partitions; would it make sense to add this to casper for now?14:22
loolsomething like merging /sys/block names with /proc/partitions names14:23
lool(I hope it's ok to discuss casper on the installer chan, I could as well move to -devel if people here prefer)14:23
cjwatsonI'd rather you checked this out with kernel folks before jumping to conclusions in userspace14:23
cjwatsonit's very, very, very weird that the entry is missing from /sys/block/14:23
loolcjwatson: It's a SD slot; on my desktop I have a SD reader and it also shows as /dev/sdd only14:25
loolcjwatson: I just tried popping in a SD card there; fdisk -l shows the parts, I see them in /dev, but not in /sys/block14:25
cjwatsonI'd like to give the kernel people a chance to respond to that, as that will surely break all sorts of other things in various subtle ways14:26
cjwatsonoh, hang on14:26
cjwatson/sys/block/mmcblk0 should be a symlink to the real device14:26
cjwatsonand you should have /sys/block/mmcblk0/mmcblk0p1 under that14:26
cjwatsonit won't appear directly in /sys/block14:27
loolcjwatson: correct14:27
cjwatsoncorrect as in you do have /sys/block/mmcblk0/mmcblk0p1?14:27
loolI have it yes14:27
cjwatsonthen there is no kernel bug14:27
cjwatsonI misunderstood you14:27
cjwatsoncasper does check subdevices14:28
ogralool, are you in initramfs ?14:28
loolI see it now, silly me14:28
loologra: I'm not14:28
cjwatsonah, it's probably the is_nice_device function14:28
loologra: I see it on the booted system14:28
loologra: You don't?14:28
cjwatsonwhat does '/lib/udev/path_id /block/mmcblk0' say?14:28
ograi dont think i saw it in initramfs, need to reset the cmdline again14:29
loolcjwatson: ID_PATH=paltform-mmc0:8fe414:29
loolcjwatson: Ok, so just adding platform in is_nice_device?14:29
loolOr platform-mmc?14:29
cjwatsonmm, platform-mmc I think14:30
ograhmm, i think i have worn out my mmc14:31
ogra /sys/block/mmcblk0/mmcblk0p1 is there, even in initramfs14:33
loolcjwatson: Mind if I upload casper with the revision I pushed?14:35
cjwatsonlool: go ahead14:35
cjwatsonlool: I assume you'll reassign that kernel bug14:36
loolcjwatson: Oh that's done already14:36
loolCool, it even picked up the bzr branch; how cute14:36
cjwatsonyeah, it does that if you use debcommit, or bzr ci --fixes14:37
ograthat wont solve our delay though i bet14:37
loolI knew about --fixes but didn't know debcommit would DTRT, which is excellent14:37
loologra: I fear the delay is when the driver comes up14:37
ograthe mmc driver is compiled in14:38
ograit comes up before the initramfs14:38
loologra: Yes, and the SATA one as well is my guess14:38
loolcjwatson: So I remembered what I did which could cause that ubiquity hang14:38
ograi think usb-storage is modular14:38
loolcjwatson: it's probably my fault; I'm creating a partition with fdisk before launching ubiquity14:39
loolThat hangs ubiquity when it tries to display the partman screen14:39
cjwatsonlool: you might have caused it but I wouldn't describe it as your fault :-)14:40
cjwatsonlool: do you have logs? (for bonus points, logs with ubiquity --debug)14:40
loolI do have both ;)14:40
cooloneylool, i found your post on LP. thank14:42
loolCrap, no network and can't mount USB key14:42
CIA-28ubiquity: cjwatson * r3195 ubiquity/ (20 files in 10 dirs): merge gdm-signal branch14:43
loolhehe you can remount the SD rw14:44
loolcjwatson: bug #35772514:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 357725 in ubiquity "Hangs when creating a partition beneath it" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35772514:48
loolHmm my bug title sucks14:48
cjwatsonlool: FWIW generally I prefer it if people can attach logs as separate files14:51
cjwatsonmakes it easier to view in a web browser14:51
loolcjwatson: Will split them up14:52
cjwatsonlool: I need syslog and partman as well14:52
cjwatsondebug is not a superset of those14:52
loolI'm afraid they are gone  :-(14:52
loolI had to remove the SD card from the system14:52
cjwatsonoh, please repeat them14:52
* lool returns14:52
cjwatsonI'm afraid I can't tell what's going on from just debug14:52
cjwatson/usr/lib/ubiquity/ubiquity/frontend/gtk_ui.py:196: PangoWarning: error opening config file '/root/.pangorc': Permission denied14:53
cjwatsonwonder if that will be fixed by gksudo -k :)14:53
loolPerhaps, but I thought HOME was already copied14:54
lool(I saw this warning in earlier testing as well, but it's benign so didn't report it)14:54
cjwatsonHOME was one of the differences I noticed when diffing gksudo env against gksudo -k env14:54
loolcjwatson: So /var/log is good enough or you need more?14:54
cjwatsonnote the bit immediately above my patch - it only passes -H to sudo if you *don't* say -k14:54
cjwatsonlool: the three files I need are: /var/log/syslog /var/log/partman /var/log/installer/debug14:55
loologra: I take back that comment on the driver; the initramfs is clearly running already: squashfs is being loaded14:56
looland I even tsee "Running /scripts/init-premount"14:56
loologra: perhaps it's squashfs mounting being slow?14:58
=== mpt_ is now known as mpt
davmor2evand: By jove I think you've cracked it :)15:11
evanddavmor2: don't thank me, thank xivulon15:11
evandbut good deal15:11
evandplease post a comment on the bug to that effect15:11
davmor2d0ne :)15:15
loolcjwatson: attaching syslog, debug, and partman logs to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/35772515:18
ubottuUbuntu bug 357725 in ubiquity "Hangs when creating a partition beneath it" [Undecided,New]15:18
ogralool, manually its as fast as anywhere else15:20
loologra: Perhaps we can set -x to casper?15:20
ograbut thats some effort15:21
* lool sees the terrible effort crush ogra on the floor like atlas carrying the earth15:22
ograwell, i mean re-rolling initramfs flashing it etc ...15:22
* ogra wishes for vi in initramfs once again15:22
evanddon't we all15:23
evandsed ftl15:23
davmor2evand: as soon as 118 hits the cd's for real let me know and I'll see if I can break it, with kubuntu over ubuntu etc15:23
davmor2evand: I'm just test that the cd I made will remove it now15:24
cjwatsonlool: commented on 35772515:26
loolcjwatson: But... that's some effort!15:28
ograset -ex in casper somehow doesnt generate more output15:35
cjwatsonit puts it in casper.log15:36
ogrameh, so i need a break statement as well15:36
ograand then i dont have less in initramfs ... grmbl15:37
ograif i ever find extra spare time somewhere i'll create a initramfs-debug package i can just install that copy_execs the most necessary tools15:38
ograit really doesnt have to be that painful to debug an initramfs15:39
ogralots of modprobe usage messages at the top15:40
davmor2evand: Yay removed from wubi on cd too :)15:40
ograhrm, it didnt take my set -ex15:42
* ogra scratches head15:42
ogragah ... now it kills init15:55
loolcjwatson: Could you check ~lool/cdimage/debian-cd latest revision?  Adds support for .list files for VFAT and partitioned VFAT15:56
=== evand1 is now known as evand
loolI did a test build in my home, and got a .list file in return15:56
lool(but of course had other errors from the run)15:57
loolI /hope/ I didn't mail everybody this time around15:57
loolAt least, I went past Publishing down to Purging old images etc.15:57
loologra: You don't want to set -e15:58
loolJust -x15:58
ograwell, i usually set -ex but init is a different thing ... +15:59
cjwatsonwhen modifying an existing script, just set -x15:59
loolwell init is a shell script which sources casper, so if casper fails it will fail init15:59
cjwatsonthat's different from what you would do in a script you write from scratch15:59
cjwatsonlool: looks fine, thanks, merged16:00
ograthe odd thing is that i have to stqart over :(16:00
cjwatsonlool: now that you're in the cdimage group, you can just bzr checkout sftp://antimony/srv/cdimage.ubuntu.com/bzr/debian-cd and commit directly, if you like16:00
loolcjwatson: Eh just asked about that in a private query :)16:01
loolcjwatson: Is something updating /srv/cdimage.ubuntu.com then?16:01
cjwatsonmanually, by bzr pull16:06
ograso the set -e gets me output on the console now16:14
ograsadly it seems to do absolutely nothing while it hangs16:14
loolset -x I gues16:14
loologra: What's the previous thing it does?16:15
cjwatsonevand: can bug 334284 be closed?16:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 334284 in ubiquity "Timezone map cities are incorrectly placed" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/33428416:15
cjwatsonevand: modulo the awkwardness around India mentioned near the end, which looks like a separate bug *in addition to* the one mpt links to16:16
ogralool, i see mountroot, four execs after that and then the kernel messages16:16
ogra(for the usb to sata)16:16
mptcjwatson, perhaps bug 34258616:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 342586 in ubiquity "Some cities are unclickable in time zone map" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34258616:17
ograafter that it just sits16:17
evandI think we what we have is the best solution we can hope for at the moment.  Things seem to be well placed enough, and kwwii has suggested changes to the time zone map that will increase the size of the point, allowing us some flexibility on positioning16:18
evandhttp://sinecera.de/time_mock2.png - needs to be approved by Mark first16:18
cjwatsonmpt: originally filed on an old version which we know was broken, though16:18
evandregarding India, part of that bug, the not showing the highlight, is fixed with the addition of the UTC+5.5 image.16:18
cjwatsonevand: ah, good16:18
ograwow, cat'ing the log takes minutes16:19
mptcjwatson, I was pretty sure it was distinct from 334284, because I was clicking where Ubiquity thought the city was, rather than where it actually was16:19
cjwatsonI'm not sure how many more UI changes we can have for jaunty now, though, if any16:19
mptbut I haven't retested it lately16:19
evandcjwatson: indeed, but this is seemingly coming from sabdfl16:20
loolwhat execs?16:20
loologra: ^16:20
cjwatsonevand: we still have a UI freeze ...16:20
cjwatson(which we've already violated a bit too often for my comfort)16:20
cjwatsonI mean, that was my fault too16:20
* lool (lalala)16:20
loolI think the mobile team beats you in number of freeze violations!  :-/16:21
ograok, i have a 300k casper.log on my desktop :)16:21
looland I also feel bad about them16:21
evandcjwatson: I've already pushed back on the more radical item (making it fade out when mousing over to match the new notifications), but if you think we should take a hard line on this I'm willing to communicate that to kwwii.16:22
ogralool, casper.log and casper.vars attached to the bug16:23
ograerr, hrm ... .vars upload failed16:23
loologra: Where does it hang?16:24
lool(I tried searching for "mountroot" as you mentionned)16:24
evandThis has to be the oddest way of filing a bug to date (found via robbiew's youtube video): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkN5NFlrr6E&feature=related16:24
ogralool, i dont think it shows everything on console16:26
ograthe log is likely more informative16:26
ograwhy do we call modprobe with -Q ?16:26
cjwatsonevand: the hard freeze is tomorrow, and I'd much rather we were fixing installer crashes16:27
ograit doesnt know -Q16:27
ogra+ modprobe -Q -b aufs16:27
ograUsage: modprobe [-v] [-V] [-C config-file] [-d <dirname> ] [-n] [-i] [-q] [-b] [-o <modname>] [ --dump-modversions ] <modname> [parameters...]16:27
ogramodprobe -r [-n] [-i] [-v] <modulename> ...16:27
ogramodprobe -l -t <dirname> [ -a <modulename> ...]16:27
cjwatsonevand: things that will actually prevent people installing Ubuntu16:27
loolOh they have working GL screensaver in vbox16:27
loologra: Oh right, that was dropped in latest new upstream16:29
loolI had to fix acpid as well16:29
ograthats no prob though, just noisy16:29
loolWell it's a problem if you don't have builtin aufs16:30
ograwhat i see in the log is that tmppop gets filled several times in loops16:30
ograi'd say in a rough guess it runs about 100 times through that loop16:31
ograwell, more like 50 but still a huge amount16:32
loolI've pushed a new casper using -q instead of -Q16:33
ograafter that endless looping it actually goes into casper-bottom16:34
ogra+ check_dev null /dev/mmcblk0p1 skip_uuid_check16:38
ogra+ sysdev=null16:38
ogra+ devname=/dev/mmcblk0p116:38
ogra+ skip_uuid_check=skip_uuid_check16:38
ogramount -t vfat -o ro,noatime /dev/mmcblk0p1 /cdrom16:39
ograthats happening pretty fast it seems16:39
loologra: I'm afraid you'll have to add timing information; perhaps launch a background loop writing `date` to the log?16:39
ograi start to suspect the hang actually happens *after* we mounted /cdrom16:39
ogralool, i'm knowing relaticvely well weher what in the log is ... you will see yourself that the aufs loading happens quite a while before the hang if you boot16:41
loolOk; I'll leave it to you then16:42
evandcjwatson: do you think it would be worthwhile for me to attend debcamp?  You mentioned it would be before, but I just wanted to be sure nothing has changed and it's still a good place to start properly contributing to d-i.16:42
ogralool, the hang must happen between line 235 and line 317 somewhere16:44
ogralool, and i see a /sbin/udevadm settle on line 264+16:45
loolThat could be it16:45
ograi'll try to find it and roll a new initramfs16:46
loologra: The modprobe fix might have fixed your bug actuallly16:47
loolAh no, loop isn't a module either anymore16:48
loolWe could modprobe && udevadm settle if that's the only reason for it16:48
cjwatsonevand: yes, I asked around a bit at the last d-i meeting and there were several of us planning to attend debcamp16:49
evandok, I still need to think about it as it's a long time to be away from home, but noted.  Thanks!16:51
ogrageez, there is a lot of udevadm trigger/settle in casper16:54
loolOnly three?16:56
loologra: The one in scripts/casper isn't for us I think16:56
ograsetup loop is it i think16:57
ograsetup_loop() even16:58
loologra: Yes, scripts/casper-helpers:128 as I said above16:58
loolSince it was setting up loops in your log around the line you mentionned16:58
ograi wonder why its there at all16:59
ograthe function deliberately uses modprobe16:59
ograthese is no trigger anywhere17:00
loolIt's there to ensure /dev/loop* are created as a result of the modprobe17:00
ograits a nbonsense call17:00
ograthe settle will only answer to a trigger or until udev has created *all* devices17:00
ograat least if i didnt massively misunderstooed Keybuk17:00
loolMy understanding is that settle will exhaust the udev queue17:01
ogralets ask Keybuk and meanwhile i'll roll a new initramfs and see if anything explodes17:01
cjwatsonKeybuk is away this week17:01
ograhe was on yesterday just on SF time17:02
cjwatsonon, but not paying lots of attention, IME;17:02
cjwatsonlool is correct regarding settle, though17:02
cjwatsonthe triggers may be wrong, but I'm reluctant to remove them at this point17:03
ograeven if there is no trigger ?17:03
cjwatsonsettle waits for the udev event queue to empty17:03
cjwatsontrigger looks through the entire system and creates udev events for all devices17:03
cjwatsonsettle can act as a sequence point to resolve race conditions, sometimes. trigger usually only creates problems, except in cases where new modules have appeared17:04
ograright, but in our case since there is a stray settle it means we stop until udev is done with everything17:04
cjwatsonas in, new .ko files actually being installed, as happens in the installer17:04
cjwatsonogra: *shrug* deal with it? :-)17:04
cjwatsonthere's no way to say "wait for just this device" except busy-waiting17:04
ograthats what i'm trying to do :)17:04
ograwell i know how the device is called17:05
cjwatsonif this is just slowness and not causing other problems, please leave it be for jaunty17:05
ograso indeed you can go into a loop and wait until it appears in the fs17:05
ograit adds 60-90 second bootime to the boot here17:05
cjwatsoncasper is delicate17:06
ograi didnt stop it exactly, but its more than a min sitting there and sleeping17:06
cjwatsonI'm very worried that any attempts to fiddle with its logic there will cause failures that we don't have time to deal with17:06
cjwatsonbesides, the same work would have to be done later anyway17:06
ograand the fun is that the function cvalls mknod anywayx17:06
ograif the device isnt there at the point it needs it17:07
ograso that udevadm settle is pointless17:07
cjwatsonthat is not true17:11
cjwatsonplease don't fiddle with this if you don't understand it17:11
cjwatsonif you try to use the device node before the kernel is ready for you to do so, even if the device node exists, you might get ENODEV17:11
ograwell, the module is loaded so i'd only expect udev to not be ready17:12
loolcjwatson: How can we tell what's being done on the system which takes so long?  It really seems long, even for our hardware17:12
ograbut not the kernel17:12
cjwatsonogra: and you're sure that nothing else in casper could possibly be relying on that settle, I suppose?17:12
cjwatsonyou've proven that?17:12
cjwatsonthe day before final freeze, this kind of change for an optimisation requires proof17:12
cjwatsonlool: probably crank up the udev log level17:12
loolcjwatson: My idea for this particular settle was to only run it if the modprobe succeeds; if it fails then either loop is builtin or not built at all and we don't need to wait for it to be udev-ed17:13
ogracjwatson, no and to take your fear away i dont plan to do any such intrusive hacks atm17:13
loolBut I agree it's just pushing the problem further in the boot17:13
ogracjwatson, i'm just trying to solve lool's bug17:13
ograor find the cause at least17:13
cjwatsonlool: I'm concerned that something later might be implicitly relying on settle having been run at least once17:13
loolcjwatson: Ack17:13
cjwatsonthe problem might well be the excess triggers, *not* the settles17:14
loolI agree we don't want to expose awful bugs like these at this point17:14
cjwatsoneach trigger causes an event storm17:14
ograjust on a sidenote commenting the settle had no effect17:14
loologra: So perhaps you might want to confirm that this settle is the one where we block and look at some udev debug output?17:14
cjwatsonthere are only two triggers, mind you17:15
ogralool, yes i'm digging deeper17:15
ograwhy are there two ?17:15
cjwatsonbecause at one point somebody was under the impression that you always needed to do trigger; settle in order to create a sequence point17:16
cjwatsonnow we understand things better17:16
* ogra wonders if the HW really can change that much that we need triggers at all 17:16
cjwatsonI *believe* that both of the triggers are unnecessary, but I have not proven it17:16
cjwatsonand it's *not* dependent on the hardware changing17:16
cjwatsonif new hardware appears, either the kernel will notice and create udev events anyway, or if it hasn't noticed when you run udevadm trigger then the trigger will not cause it to notice17:17
ograthats what i meant17:17
cjwatsonit is certainly curious that a mere two extra copies of each udev event make things go so slow for you17:18
ograi actually see only one trigger ... or do we use lupin-helpers in std. casper ?17:18
ograthe trigget in casper seems to be for nfs root17:19
cjwatson./scripts/casper-bottom/23networking:36:/sbin/udevadm trigger17:19
cjwatson./scripts/casper:175:    /sbin/udevadm trigger17:19
cjwatsonpresumably only the latter one is actually relevant to you17:19
ograhmm, i was under the impression the hang is over if we get to -bottom17:20
loolcjwatson: Unfortuantely I fear 354226 was fixed in linux after the last d-i upload17:21
ograbut i see the settle in the log17:21
loolWhich is why I didn't fix release it17:21
ograand no trigger at all17:21
TheMusocjwatson: I am wondering whether there is any way that the UbuntuStudio can add the initial user to the audio group, since realtime audio for jack is not PolicyKit aware yet, and users cannot run jack with realtime priority without being in this group.17:22
cjwatsonlool: I didn't think that was the case17:22
loolActually I might have looked at the wrong date17:22
cjwatsonlool: wasn't it 2.6.28-11.39?17:22
loolcjwatson: Yes, I think I read the date near "superseded in", sorry17:23
cjwatsonah yes, that can be confusing17:23
loolfix released17:23
TheMusos/UbuntuStudio/UbuntuStudio install/17:23
cjwatsonTheMuso: hmm17:23
cjwatsonTheMuso: done in debian-cd17:25
TheMusocjwatson: Ah yes, thanks.17:26
* cjwatson adds some more detailed commentary too17:26
loolcjwatson: Added set -x attachments to 35772518:07
loolWeird, the fix for .list on vfat didn't seem to wrok18:26
loolI suspect I have to revisit the thing to detect the image type18:27
davmor2evand: all three maps tie in nicely now normal, full screen, and oem18:38
davmor2I'll look at netbook tomorrow18:38
cjwatsonlool: the most recent build actually slightly predates the fix, as far as I can tell21:54
cjwatsonlool: so I'm not sure you need to worry?21:55
loolOk, great21:56
loolI thought the other way around21:56
CIA-28partman-base: cjwatson * r153 ubuntu/ (debian/changelog init.d/parted): Ignore non-zero exit statuses from mapdevfs (LP: #357725).22:24

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