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alefterishi all, in #ubuntu-gr there are currently 3 ubuntu bots, would it be posible to just keep one, ubottu?16:36
tsimpsonwhich bots are there?16:37
alefteristsimpson, ubot3, ubotwo and ubottu16:37
alefterisbut please, leave ubottu, as is't the one working with channel spesific factoids16:38
tsimpsonall the bots should share all the factoids16:39
tsimpsonLjL: do you have access to ubotwo?16:42
LjLtsimpson: yes16:43
LjLubotwo works with channel specific factoids16:43
LjLit just sometimes stop working completely16:43
alefteristsimpson, thats the theory, but is't not happening with the other bots16:44
tsimpsonalefteris: does ubot3 have channel specific factoids?16:48
tsimpsonlike !ask and !paste16:48
LjLit does not16:49
tsimpsonodd, it has the factoids16:49
LjLtsimpson: it did not until a couple of days ago at the very least16:49
tsimpsonask-#ubuntu-gr works in /msg to it16:50
tsimpsonLjL: yeah, I think that was because the rsync address changed16:50
LjLuhm, i don't think it did until yesterday or the day before16:50
tsimpsonthen again, neither are working atm16:51
tsimpsonanyway, if ubot3 works in -gr, I'd rather have ubottu part16:51
tsimpsonit's already in > 40 channels16:53
LjLtsimpson: ubot3 works (once the mute on it has been removed)16:54
alefteristhanks guys :)16:56
pleia2can we get a logging loco bot in #ubuntu-us when someone has a chance?17:27
Nafallo^-- jpds17:35
Nafalloor no wait. logbot... not sure who handles them.17:36
pleia2I don't remember either :)17:37
Nafalloubuntu-eu.org, but not sure who that is :-P17:37
tsimpson#ubuntu-eu or admin@ubuntu-eu.org17:41
LjLyou *have* one...?18:00
LjLah, #ubuntu-us, what am i thinking18:00
NafalloLjL: sounds like not? ;-)18:00
IenorandHello, is the "ban" of online chat clients (mibbit) in #ubuntu-se a permanent thing and is there any way to enter using mibbit? I am unable to use any other irc tube due to firewall restrictions.20:24
jpds^-- Nafallo20:25
NafalloIenorand: there isn't no.20:29
NafalloIenorand: I think there is a chat on http://www.ubuntu-se.org though20:29
IenorandAh, found it, cheers20:31
dantalizingare the meeting commands for ubot2_ documented somewhere?20:37
jussi01. ubot2_ has meeting commands?20:43
Nafallojpds: why is ubot2_ ubot2_ ?20:59
* andol wonders if it would be possible to get an Ubuntu cloak?21:08
Nik0ping nalioth21:09
Nik0wait. :)21:09
andolNik0: thanks21:09
jussi01andol, set your nick up correctly?21:42
andoljussi01: yes21:42
jussi01andol: ie. like this: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup21:43
andoljussi01: yes21:43
jussi01:) good. nal or Pricey can sort you then :)21:43
andolwell, not sure about the hidemail part :)21:43
Priceyone sec21:45
Priceyandol: Done.21:46
andolPricey: thanks21:48
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jpdsNafallo: Dunno really.22:54

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