rtgjbarnes: I'll try to catch up to kirkland later today and get him to test with tiling disabled.00:00
jbarnescool that would help00:00
jbarnesafaik the MCHBAR patch by itself shouldn't cause lockups00:01
jbarnesexcept indirectly...00:01
rtgjbarnes: agreed, but it does appear to be causative00:01
Giotraderhelp install please I have a RAID 0 and 2 IDE drives, Ubuntu alternate CD only see 1 IDE drives and gives me an error message when trying to partition the RAID 001:11
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alphaaquilaeany interresting ubuntu screensaver?03:36
Shocki desperately need some help in compiling the kernel with PAE enabled, anyone willing to help?09:22
Shockwake up!09:42
NafalloShock: as the topic says... "Ubuntu kernel development discussion ONLY"09:44
NafalloShock: you want #ubuntu or another support channel.09:44
Shockoh, right...09:45
Shockwhat would "another support channel" might be since I tried getting help in #ubuntu quite a few times to no avail?09:48
anubhavShock: maybe you can  try kernelnewbies on oftc09:54
anubhavShock: irc.oftc.net09:56
anubhavShock: http://kernelnewbies.org/IRC09:57
Shockthanks anubhav09:57
Shockshould I still try that if I don't consider myself a newbie? :)09:58
Shockmy errors come from the abi checker, btw09:58
anubhavShock: try it out ..most probably  some one will know09:59
anubhavShock: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile10:10
Shockanubhav: thanks, i've used that document in my research10:12
Shockalso https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/KernelMaintenance10:13
Shockthe info I'm looking for doesn't seem to be on the wikis/forums10:13
IntuitiveNippleShock: what info?10:14
anubhavShock: You question is not pointed enough as it is10:14
Shockok, I'm getting this error "EE: Missing modules (start begging for mercy)"10:16
ShockI've done debian/scripts/misc/getabis10:18
ShockI've bumped the ABI10:18
ShockI don't know what else to try10:18
Shockthis is the buildlog: https://launchpad.net/~mmiron/+archive/ppa/+build/941290/+files/buildlog_ubuntu-intrepid-i386.linux_2.6.27-12.32ubuntu1~ppa1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz10:18
ShockIntuitiveNipple: I don't know how to fix this error: "EE: Missing modules (start begging for mercy)"10:21
IntuitiveNippleShock: What changes have you made?10:22
ShockI've enabled CONFIG_HIGHMEM64G and disabled CONFIG_HIGHMEM4G10:23
ShockI've run debian/rules updateconfigs which asked me about another option (about adaptec 64bit DMA) for which I've answered no10:24
anubhavI the dump is see MISS: dca10:24
anubhav      MISS: ioatdma10:24
ShockI don't think it should have asked me about a new kernel option, though10:24
Shockit should have already been set10:24
ShockI've run dch -i and bumped the ABI version10:25
Shockafter that I ran debian/rules debian/control.stub10:26
Shockand then debuild -S -j 3 (not that it matters much)10:26
Shockanubhav: yes, I don't know why those are missing10:27
anubhavMaybe because of that module-check-generic script is unhappy10:27
Shockprolly :) but I still can't figure out how to fix it :(10:28
anubhavor whatever script checks for missing modules10:28
ShockI don't know what kernel option controls the build of those modules, I've searched google but wasn't able to find it10:29
anubhavIntuitiveNipple: do know what can be done in that case?10:29
Shockas a side note, why would updateconfigs ask me about that adaptec 64bit DMA option?10:31
Shockshouldn't it have already been answered?10:31
Shockpresumably by the Kernel Team10:32
IntuitiveNippleioatdms is missing since it selects DMA_ENGINE which has the depends !HIGHMEM64G && HAS_DMA10:35
Shockok, so it will never get built if HIGHMEM64G is set10:38
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Shockhow can I fix it?10:39
Shockmeaning get the packages to build10:39
Shockthey need the previous kernel version ABI files and fail otherwise10:39
Shockif I give it the ABI files, it also fails because some modules are missing10:40
ShockI'm unsure what my options are10:40
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loolHi folks, we need quick advice on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/35770014:24
ubot3Malone bug 357700 in linux "mmcblk0p* don't appear in /sys/block" [Undecided,New] 14:24
loolamitk, cooloney: ^14:24
loolIt's the same behavior on my SD card reader on my desktop14:26
loolfdisk -l /dev/sdd => I see the parts, /dev/sdd* exists, but they don't show up in /sys/block14:26
loolPerhaps it's bug that they don't appear in /sys/block or perhaps casper assumes too much and shouldn't use /sys/block?14:26
cooloneylool, ok, i will take a look right now14:27
Kanohi rtg ,did you see .30-rc114:27
loolcooloney: We're also discussing it in #ubuntu-installer14:27
loolI think it's because it's /sys/block/mmcblk0/mmcblk0p114:27
rtgKano: yes, but I'm unlikely to do anything with it until next week since I'm traveling right now.14:29
Kanothen there will be rc2 ;)14:29
loolcooloney: Ok, it turns out it's a casper bug for sure: it's only looking at usb|pci-[^-]*-(ide|scsi|usb) devices14:30
loolcooloney: And ours is a platform-mmc device14:30
cooloneyok, no problem14:30
cooloneylool, i am not familiar with casper14:30
loolcooloney: Thanks for being around; it's kernel freeze tomorrow so I'm really worried we miss something!14:30
cooloneywhat is casper14:31
loolcooloney: casper is an initramfs script which we use in live CDs etc. and which will setup an unionfs and do various stuff to setup the live CD14:31
cooloneyand LIVEMEDIA is a kernel command line parameter14:31
Kanousually live-initramfs has a live-media-path option14:32
Kanodid casper adopt it14:32
cooloneyok 14:32
Kanolive-media=*|bootfrom=*) ok, both are there...14:35
Kanolive-media is the device14:35
Kanosame as bootfrom14:35
Kanolive-initramfs has a few more...14:35
loolcooloney: Fix pushed14:36
loolcooloney: LIVEMEDIA is what we use when we want to skip autodetection and force the device to use14:37
cooloneylool, fix pushed? it was fixed?14:38
loolcooloney: I uploaded casper14:41
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amitklool: casper needs to know about mmcblk*, that's what all mmc devices on arm are15:32
loolamitk: Actually it's because of the ID_PATH15:33
loolbug #35770015:33
ubot3Malone bug 357700 in casper "mmcblk0p* don't appear in /sys/block" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35770015:33
lool(Not of the dev name)15:33
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manjosmb_tp, around ? 17:38
smb_tpmanjo, no 17:38
smb_tpit just looks like I am17:39
manjoheh .. one eye open ? 17:39
manjoI debugged the damn ata stuff all day yesterday... and I am so confused17:39
smb_tpmight even be two. whats up ?17:39
smb_tpanything specific?17:40
manjocan i skype you ? 17:40
smb_tpgive me a sec17:41
smb_tp*sigh* all at the same time17:42
smb_tpmanjo, seems I should first join somewhere else17:42
philnwhere can i find support for kernel if this channel is for devs only?17:44
manjophiln what support are you looking for ? 17:45
philnwell i recently moved my hard drive to another computer and since then i can't boot any kernel installed after that date17:46
manjowhat happens on boot ? 17:46
philni see ATA errors17:46
philndon't remember exactly the messages but makes me think the kernel is trying to access an invalid hard-drive or something like that17:48
manjophiln, you should ask #ubuntu... but just curious .. did u reinstall the hdd in the new computer ? 17:48
philni asked, none replied17:49
philnwell the hdd is hosting my /17:49
manjophiln, are you able to boot the hdd by 1st booting from a USB key ? 17:52
manjoor CD ?17:52
philncould that be related to initramfs-tools ?17:52
philnmanjo: well i'm using an old 2.6.27 kernel right now17:53
philnhaven't tried boot from a USB key or CD17:53
manjophiln, I think you have the hdd hooked up in some wrong order 17:56
philnhmm /dev/sda2 is my / 17:57
philnha you mean i inverted the 2 cables on the mother board?17:57
manjophiln, iirc you should not have issues with moving hdds ... unless you moved from ide to sata etc... but the kernel drivers should take care of it ... try to boot hdd from a live cd or usb to be sure your disk is not bad17:59
philnthe hdd is fine, i'm booting from it but... with an old kernel 18:01
manjoalso you could remove "quiet splash" from the kernel commadn line and see what exactly is gonin on18:01
philnhey Tony18:02
smb_tpOne thing might be to look what and how the grub root device is defined18:02
philnsmb_tp: how can i do that?18:02
manjoright that is why I suggested boot from livecd and then boot hdd18:02
smb_tpit is define in /boot/grub/menu.lst18:02
philnroot            (hd0,1)18:03
manjohey smb_tp you have few mts ? or still busy ? 18:03
philngroot is commented out18:03
smb_tpSo that would be the second partition of the first hdd18:04
philnyep, /dev/sda2 is my /18:04
smb_tpIt is used by update-grub to create the root entries for the kernels below18:04
smb_tpphiln, can you paste the sections for one of the non-booting kernels (root, kernel, initrd)18:06
smb_tpmanjo, I try to spare you a slice from my multitasking18:06
manjosmb_tp, awesome will take only 5mts18:09
smb_tpmanjo, thats waht they all say18:09
manjosmb_tp, going to get some coffee while I wait18:09
smb_tpphiln, For the booting kernels, is there all the same. Especially the /boot/... 18:10
smb_tpmanjo, I was about to call...18:10
philnsmb_tp: yes, that's what make me think it might be an issue with initrd file generation18:10
manjosmb_tp, oops missed it 18:11
smb_tpphiln, I think I saw something like that before18:11
smb_tpphiln, you could try to remove the prefixing /boot just to test18:12
philnok i'll try that, i'll BE BACK! ;)18:12
philnsmb_tp: you meant, commenting out the initrd line? i guess i misunderstood because then i get a kernel panic18:17
smb_tpphiln, yeah, I meant: eg replace "/boot/vmlinuz-2.6.28-11-generic" by "vmlinuz-2.6.28-11-generic"18:18
smb_tpfor initrd and the kernel line18:18
philnok, so remove /boot/18:19
philn.. ok18:19
* philn crosses fingers and reboot18:19
philnwell i get "Error 1" from Grub18:22
philnpathname must be absolute or block (something like that)18:23
smb_tpphiln, Ok, so that was not the problem18:23
smb_tpgrub reads directly so it needs the complete path18:24
smb_tphm, could you probably give the error messages that happen?18:24
philnwhen i normally boot?18:24
philnhm i need to go home now, but tomorrow i'll take some photos of my screen and put them online18:25
smb_tprestore the /boot things before and then boot into the non-working kernel. probably remove quiet and splash on the grub prompt18:25
philnok i'll do that, thx for the help, seeya tomorrow18:26
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ogasawarartg: bug 348836 - is it too late to get in another cherrypick?23:03
ubot3Malone bug 348836 in linux "ext4: panic working with large files" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34883623:03
ogasawarartg: http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux-2.6.git;a=commitdiff;h=d33a1976fbee1ee321d6f014333d8f03a39d526c23:03

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