BDisAnyone here?14:24
BDisanyone running 8.10 and have docking/undocking working?14:55
woogensI am running 8.10 but I don't have a docking station.14:56
BDisSpecifically I have an external monitor/keyboard/mouse on the dock............14:56
BDisIt would be nice for the following to happen............14:56
BDisUndock, video switches to single monitor.14:57
BDisDock, video switches to Dual monitor Twin view with the secondary monitor on top.14:57
BDisI've noticed with the dual monitors, the bar at the top of the primary screen covers up the applications close, minimise, maximise strip.........14:59
BDisSo you can't move the app, resize it, or minimize it.14:59
BDisI am assuming I have something set wrong15:00
woogensI don't know how to avoid the second thingie (window handlers covered by bar), but you can always move windows by holding [WIN] pressed and clicking/moving the windows around manually...15:03
woogens(maybe it's just me having this shortcut set)15:04
woogensYou can set this using 'gnome-keybinding-properties'15:04
woogensThe twin view stuff can theoretically be accomplished with some scripting using xrandr to dynamically set up dual head15:06
p0lar69anyone awake??17:53
p0lar69raid install quesstion17:53

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