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booooyow Guys...07:36
jwendellhi, folks, can someone point me out some material about something like 'ubuntu is ready for the desktop, or for the workstation'12:48
jwendellI've tried https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Presentations with no luck12:48
TakyojiJust gotta love closed-source drivers.23:39
TakyojiThe newest NVidia graphics card driver is actually having problems, while the one I was previously using was working fine23:39
TakyojiThere's a red flash every couple seconds.23:39
TakyojiAny player it seems23:39
TakyojiNvidia 8800 GT23:39
TakyojiI may just go back to the older driver23:40
Takyojionly occurs on video playback (within the viewing area)23:45

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