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SiDiI've got a question for the catalan folks about UDS :)13:24
Hobbseethey don't have a loco channel?13:25
SiDiWell, i think they're around13:25
SiDiThat's the channel for the UDS, right ? :O13:25
Hobbseeer, no?  This is the channel for scheduled ubuntu meetings.13:28
SiDiOk, i failed then13:28
SiDiSorry :)13:28
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MootBotMeeting started at 10:00. The chair is robbiew.16:00
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robbiewhello :)16:00
TheMusoGreetings folks.16:00
* slangasek waves16:01
* robbiew is more tired from a flight from Austin to San Francisco, than from Austin to London 16:04
robbiewGoing to make this quick, so I can catch my free breakfast :P16:04
robbiew[TOPIC] Jaunty16:06
MootBotNew Topic:  Jaunty16:06
robbiewAnyone have some nasty bugs that I should be aware of?16:06
cjwatsonbug 356518 sort of worries me if only because there's absolutely no indication of what's going wrong16:07
liwdoes it count that I can't read e-mail right now?16:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 356518 in grub "HP ML110 fails to boot with grub after server install via PXE / serial console" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35651816:07
cjwatsonbut you're already aware of that16:07
robbiewyes...aware of that one16:07
robbiewok...I'll take silence as goodness....and not folks are just too beat to talk16:08
cjwatsonjames_w: have you got anywhere with bug 271962, or does it need help?16:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 271962 in consolekit "VT-switching from X returns you to X the first time" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27196216:09
james_wyeah, I'm a bit stumped as to where to look, but I haven't spent much time on it16:09
robbiewjames_w: http://qa.ubuntu.com/reports/team-assigned/ubuntu-foundations-assigned-bug-tasks.html16:10
slangasek350016 has been milestoned by doko, it looks like the python.m4 in automake could use some love yet (rather than just relying on a horrible hack in python get_python_lib(), ugh)16:10
james_wrobbiew: well, I meant where to look in the code, but thanks :-p16:10
robbiewjames_w: heh16:10
robbiewI know...just joking16:10
robbiewI posted a couple of youtube videos on our boot performance16:11
robbiewcompared to Windows 716:11
MootBotLINK received:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmVeSbuVB1416:11
MootBotLINK received:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocYhEZlakXQ16:12
robbiewwe are neck and neck on my X30116:12
robbiewbut KILL on the eeePC 900 :)16:12
robbiewabout the same on Suspend/Resume on the X30116:13
evandvery cool!16:13
cjwatsonI did a bit of test rebuilding recently using the new LP-native test rebuild feature, but we had to stop it because it turned out to spam buildd admins16:13
cjwatsoninfinity is doing one using the old infrastructure now16:13
cjwatsonI filed seven bugs just for packages starting with 'a' from my run, though16:13
robbiewcjwatson: whoa16:14
cjwatsonmostly universe, though16:14
cjwatsonin fact I think all universe, so no cause for immediate panic16:14
robbiewBIG BANG = Computer Janitor Gets Overzealous16:15
robbiew[TOPIC] Karmic16:16
MootBotNew Topic:  Karmic16:16
robbiewjono on us managers to start getting blueprints ready...so just an fyi16:17
robbiew /s/on/is on16:17
cjwatsonblueprints for the top-down items, or also for ideas from the team?16:17
robbiewI will create the ones for the internal roadmap items, but if you have some...make sure to let me know16:17
robbiewtop-down and ideas :)16:18
robbiewI think we plan on having the UDS schedule ready by April 27th16:18
slangasekrobbiew: let you know, or push them to the wiki?16:19
robbiewwiki is cool, as I'm subscribed to it16:19
robbiew[TOPIC] OEM/Platform Exchange16:21
MootBotNew Topic:  OEM/Platform Exchange16:21
robbiewSo...the Platform team was asked to exchange 3 engineers with the OEM team for 6 months16:21
robbiewnot permanent16:21
robbiewto help both teams understand better what the other does...and how we work16:22
liw6 months is pretty permanent at this pace of development... :)16:22
robbiewdoko has graciously accepted the challenge :)16:22
liwso for clarification, the people who go visit the OEM team would do what?16:22
robbiewOEM stuff16:22
TheMusoSo what happens with the toolchain work doko usually does?16:23
cjwatsonthey'll be working as regular members of the OEM team, more or less16:23
robbiewTheMuso: opportunity for others to step up ;)16:23
cjwatsonlikewise, the people transferring to us will be working more or less as regular members of the platform team16:23
robbiewwe still need to work out the details16:23
robbiewand I suspect doko will not be 100% gone16:23
robbiewwe would miss him :)16:23
cjwatsonthe toolchain is mostly ready for karmic, but:16:24
robbiewmterry will be coming over to our team...16:24
cjwatson * we'll need people to keep an eye on glibc and gcc bugs, and forward them as appropriate (particularly in the case of gcc bugs that may block builds)16:24
cjwatson * somebody's going to need to keep OpenJDK ticking over16:24
cjwatson * Python 3.116:24
cjwatson(and related python issues)16:24
liwjust Python 3.1 and not all Python versions?16:25
cjwatsonPython 3.1 is the bit that will involve most effort, I should think ...16:25
cjwatsondoko can speak for himself on other things that he does, of course, but there is definitely some temporary handover needed; as robbiew says, hopefully we can use this as an opportunity for some cross-training16:26
* liw would love to learn Python ;-)16:26
liw(otoh, I'd even more love to write stuff in Python, but hey...)16:27
* robbiew puts liw down for python16:27
liwhm, doko is also the Python maintainer in Debian16:28
cjwatsondoko mentioned to me that he was likely to continue doing some things in his spare time where he's the Debian maintainer16:28
robbiewthere are still a lot of details to work out on both sides16:28
cjwatsonI don't think we can fairly expect to rely on him for Ubuntu work; obviously he'd be welcome but it wouldn't be fair to expect it16:28
robbiewbut wanted to let folks know now16:29
robbiewWe are also getting a "loaner" from the Launchpad team :)16:29
robbiewMuharem will be doing a short tour of the Foundations Tea16:30
robbiew(we don't have to send anyone back)16:30
robbiewcjwatson: how long?  I've forgotten :/16:30
cjwatsonI think the current plan is three months16:30
robbiewright, thnx16:30
cjwatsonhe's one of the Soyuz developers, as many of you will know, and part of the idea is to help them get a better idea of how we work from day to day16:31
cjwatsonwe've done some brainstorming, but suggestions for smallish projects tractable by a good Python programmer would be welcome16:31
TheMusoI'd offer to take the OEL challenge, however there is a fair amount of shifting sands with accessibility in the next 6-12 months, particularly speech wise, which I'd prefer to remain on top of.16:33
TheMusoOEM even16:33
robbiewTheMuso: Thanks.  we have our 3 platform team members for this round16:33
robbiewbut I'll keep that in mind for the next one...assuming there is one :P16:34
robbiewI'd like to setup team mentors for both Mike Terry and Muharem16:34
liwrobbiew, what time zones are they in?16:35
robbiewI think mvo would be good for Muharem :)16:35
robbiewliw: Muharem is in Germany (I think) and Mike is in the Eastern US16:35
robbiewevand would be good for Mike Terry...but he moved to the UK :/16:37
robbiewthough I am a mentor for hugh blemings (Kernel team)...and he's in australia16:39
robbiewso it can work16:39
robbiewbut I suspect that we need closer timezones than US central and Australia for a technical mentoring relationship :)16:39
robbiew[TOPIC] AOB/Good News?16:40
MootBotNew Topic:  AOB/Good News?16:40
* evand can still do it if there is no better fit16:40
TheMusoYes, meeting times./16:40
robbiewah yes16:40
cjwatsonIIRC we only have Steve still in the US16:40
liwFinland and US/Eastern have a couple of hours of overlapping time for 9-17 work hours, so if no-one else is better suited, I can expose my ignorance of everything and mentor mterry16:40
evandDebconf?  What are we supposed to do with respect to registration and travel?  Is Maria handling this?16:40
robbiewevand: yes, randa is handling...through the wiki page16:41
liwgood news: I upgraded my laptop to jaunty and only had to file two bugs; the upgrade itself was pretty smooth (except that we _really_ need to figure out something like ucf into dpkg proper so all pacakges get it)16:41
robbieware you listed on it?16:41
robbiewthen your good16:41
slangasekrobbiew: still waiting for a green light to answer the DebConf CfP16:41
liwrobbiew: still waiting for a green light to answer the DebConf CfP16:42
randarobbiew, Debconf..sorted today... Im registering everyone16:42
robbiewranda: ^^?16:42
robbiewranda: is the call for papers issue resolved?16:42
TheMusoSo... Meeting time for me is currently 1 AM, which works for me today due to heading away for the easter weekend, however this is a slightly annoying time for me. If the meeting were either 1 hour earlier, or 2 hours later, I could either stay up if earlier, and work early again if later16:42
randarobbiew, give me a minute. Busy now, YES everything done.16:42
cjwatsonranda: are we required to submit papers16:43
liwranda, yay16:43
robbiewshe used CAPS...so I will leave her alone now :)16:43
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robbiewcjwatson: no16:43
randarobbiew, lol. Just a minute guys16:43
robbiewranda: no worries...I need to get to the Linux Collaboration Summit in a few anyways16:43
* liw is happy to move meeting time up to 9 hours earlier :-)16:43
slangasek"resolved" would be that I know it's ok to submit the talk16:43
slangasekwhich I still don't :)16:43
robbiewTheMuso: Ok16:44
robbiewTheMuso: let me check the Fridge Calendar to see what conflicts (if any) we have...then I'll let folks know which way we move it16:45
slangasekmoving the meeting 9 hours earlier sounds nice to me :)16:45
TheMusorobbiew: ok thanks16:45
robbiewI suspect it will be earlier....not 9 hours earlier though16:45
mvo9h would be ok for me too, but not much more :)16:45
TheMusoEarlier is fine, since I'll just stay up for it.16:45
robbiewok...gotta run to the Linux Collaboration Summit kickoff (in 15min)16:46
MootBotMeeting finished at 10:46.16:46
slangasekhave fun kicking off :)16:46
* ogasawara waves18:00
henobdmurray: meeting ping18:01
davmor2heno: is that different to a normal ping :D18:02
henoara is on holiday and I've pinged cr318:02
henook, we can start!18:02
MootBotMeeting started at 12:02. The chair is heno.18:02
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heno[TOPIC] UbuntuBugDay highlights -- pedro18:03
MootBotNew Topic:  UbuntuBugDay highlights -- pedro18:03
pedro_We celebrated the xorg hug day last Thursday18:03
pedro_it was pretty good as you can see per https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay/2009040218:03
pedro_and we also got nice comments from the maintainer18:03
pedro_Big Thanks to paulduf, gsmx, carlos3.14 and cwillu.com for their great work during the event18:04
pedro_Tomorrow we're going to have a Hug Day based on Bugs with Patches18:04
pedro_the page and list of bugs is already up https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay/2009040918:05
pedro_and there's already people working on them ;-)18:05
bdmurrayYeah, I just saw somebody updated a patched bug with a debdiff18:05
pedro_and i need to inform that i'm not going to be around tomorrow (i'm taking a holiday)18:05
pedro_so if any of you guys can be around #ubuntu-bugs to help people there would be perfect18:06
bdmurrayI'll be there!18:06
pedro_I'm sure the documentation that bdmurray set up will help a lot :-)18:07
pedro_thanks bdmurray18:07
henogreat, thanks pedro_ and bdmurray18:07
heno[TOPIC] New bug control members! -- bdmurray18:07
MootBotNew Topic:  New bug control members! -- bdmurray18:07
bdmurrayNo news this week.18:08
heno[TOPIC] Next Testing day topic & highlights from last UTD -- heno18:08
MootBotNew Topic:  Next Testing day topic & highlights from last UTD -- heno18:08
davmor2Didn't really happen I was too busy an ara is on hols18:08
henoWe sort of botched this one in Ara's absence :(18:09
davmor2next week will be smoke testing18:09
henoWe didn't send out an announcement the week before18:09
davmor2heno: I thought there was one on the friday18:09
henoright, next week it starts getting serious with RC smoke testing18:10
henodavmor2: on the blog?18:10
davmor2heno: pass I might of been dreaming18:10
henoI don't see one18:11
davmor2heno: me then :)18:11
henowe should start smoke testing ISOs tomorrow/Friday really18:11
henoI know davmor2 has already started18:12
jtholmeswhat do you mean smoke testing18:12
henosbeattie: are you running some upgrade testing?18:12
davmor2jtholmes: general testing18:12
davmor2heno: oh did they get unfrozen18:13
sbeattieyes, I've been doing some upgrade testing, will do more.18:13
bdmurrayhasn't mvo automated upgrade testing with ec2?18:13
davmor2heno: mvo froze them on friday I didn't know they had been unfrozen18:14
henojtholmes: we do a quick sanity test of as many ISO images as possible to make sure they are generally in good shape for full validation testing next week18:14
jtholmesheno gotcha18:15
sbeattieyes, upgrades have been unfrozen, the issue around python-central/python2.6-minimal has been fixed.18:15
sbeattiedavmor2: ^^^18:15
davmor2sbeattie: cool ta18:15
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* sbeattie got hit by it on one machine, so was quite interested in its resolution.18:16
* davmor2 plans upgrades on hw tomorrow then :)18:16
henobdmurray: he does some scripted testing but I sleep better when we supplement that with some testing of more real-world over-loaded installs18:16
bdmurrayheno: makes sense, I wonder if we could use his infrastructure / tools though18:17
henofinally on testing days: the one after next will also be ISO smoke testing18:17
henothe next two weeks will be continual ISO testing really18:18
henofader_: how broad is our automated install coverage now?18:18
davmor2heno: and lot's of it :D18:18
sbeattiebdmurray: I'll talk with him about it.18:18
henoall alternates i386 and amd64 every day? :)18:18
fader_heno: We're getting the official builds: desktop, server, kubuntu, ubuntu studio, and alternate18:19
fader_Both i386 and amd64, yes18:19
davmor2fader_: did cjwatson say whether his fix for lvm worked?18:19
henofader_: do we have a way of seeing if there are gaps in that coverage?18:19
fader_heno: It's still high on my list to get a better report that reflects the breadth of testing we're getting, so we don't have a good way of seeing gaps right now18:19
henois the distribution random or pre-determined?18:20
fader_davmor2: He thinks it did... we should know soon.  I'll be watching it for the next couple of days to see if it happens again.18:20
jtholmesI have been testing 386 ios's ubuntu and kubuntu every day for the last week and plan to continue18:20
fader_heno: The distribution happens as CD images are posted, so as soon as a new image is posted it gets put into the queue to be tested18:21
bdmurrayjtholmes: that's great!  How are you reporting any bugs you find?18:21
fader_So it's semi-deterministic? :)18:21
jtholmesthru lp18:21
bdmurrayDo you also add then to iso.qa.ubuntu.com?18:21
henojtholmes: great! please let us know in #ubuntu-testing if anything turn up broken18:21
cr3heno: what kind of gaps might you have in mind? like that some flavour is not being tested for an extended period of time?18:21
davmor2bdmurray: not for smoketests18:22
jtholmesbdmurray, no I did not know about that will look there though and note any18:22
cr3heno: one thing we could do is make the builds page on the certification website publicly accessible, it doesn't contain any private data18:22
jtholmesheno ok will do18:22
henofader_: ok, so semi-random we would see failures if the right ISOs get picked18:22
henocr3: interesting, let's look at that afterwards18:23
davmor2fader_: what happens when more than one image is released in a day?18:23
fader_heno: Right... at the moment we might potentially miss an error in one flavor if another flavor were consistently being tested after it every time18:23
fader_heno: In practice I think the probability of this is reasonably low, but it's still something I'm aware of18:23
fader_davmor2: They get queued up and tested one after another18:23
davmor2fader_: ah okay cool18:24
fader_davmor2: cr3 has created a very nice system for scheduling the tests and making sure the images are all getting picked up18:24
heno[TOPIC] UbuntuOpenWeek call for topics! -- jcastro18:24
MootBotNew Topic:  UbuntuOpenWeek call for topics! -- jcastro18:24
cr3davmor2: I detect every image which appears on cdimage.u.c and releases.u.c which get enqueued for testing18:25
henoWe can certainly do a desktop automation session18:26
henowe have done some general triage sessions in the past18:26
henoshould we done some where we focus in more detail on a package?18:27
sbeattiea "writing apport hooks" topic?18:28
bdmurraysbeattie: that's more appropriate for Developer week I think18:28
henoHow about we announce our intention to do that and ask the community to suggest which packages we should cover triage for?18:28
sbeattiebdmurray: ah, okay.18:28
pedro_btw the prep page is at : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek/Prep18:28
davmor2heno: how about checkbox always a fav18:29
henook, jcastro doesn't seem to be here so we'll move on18:29
henodavmor2: also for dev week I think18:30
heno[TOPIC] QA team landing page - suggestions and additions -- schwuk18:30
MootBotNew Topic:  QA team landing page - suggestions and additions -- schwuk18:30
MootBotLINK received:  http://people.ubuntu.com/~schwuk/homepage/18:30
schwukFairly self explanatory - this is the start of the new QA landing page18:30
fader_I like it... very nice18:31
schwukThere's some cleanup to be done, and more text added, but is there anything people would lkike to add?18:31
henoschwuk: where should we collect feedback about missing items etc?18:31
henowill you set up a wiki page?18:31
pedro_would be nice to add the upcoming events related to qa? like hug days, testing days, meetings ?18:31
schwukheno: yes18:32
sbeattiepedro_: agreed18:32
henopedro_: +118:32
davmor2pedro_: +118:32
henowe need an easy way for many people to edit that18:32
bdmurraysomething like a revision control system18:32
henoright, a file in restricted access bzr18:33
pedro_yeah git18:33
* pedro_ runs18:33
* schwuk chases pedro_ with a stick18:33
* davmor2 lends schwuk his hammer it hurts more than a stick18:33
schwukThe homepage will be moved to a bzr branch soon, but the events could be pulled from anywhere e.g. a QA Team calendar18:34
sbeattiecan we pull the QA only events out of fridge's calendar?18:34
pedro_we're adding those to the fridge18:34
davmor2schwuk: is there a qa-calendar?18:34
schwuksbeattie: I'm sure we can18:34
henoschwuk: will you research a suitable solution to that?18:35
schwukheno: yes18:35
henowhen should we aim to roll this out properly?18:35
sbeattiethat would be ideal, given how poorly we are at updating the wiki page header.18:35
schwukI'm creating a page at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/HomePage to track comments etc.18:35
davmor2heno: after jaunty18:36
henoit would be good to have it for open week18:36
bdmurraywhen is that again?18:36
henoschwuk: shall we milestone the roll-out for the 27th?18:38
schwukheno: sure18:38
heno(it's almost ready now IMO)18:38
heno[TOPIC] Bugsquad mentors project -- pedro|heno18:39
MootBotNew Topic:  Bugsquad mentors project -- pedro|heno18:39
henoWe were talking about doing more active mentoring of people starting out with triage18:39
henosimilar to the MOTU program18:40
henopedro_: do you have a link to the MOTU one?18:40
henowhere a new triager would have a contact point18:40
henothis would also encourage specialisation18:41
henodevelopers and bug control folks should be encouraged to mentor18:41
henoany volunteer mentors in this meeting? (and is this a good idea?)18:42
pedro_right now we have only a list of people to contact if you need help with something https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugSquad/Contacts18:42
pedro_but not a lot of people know about that list and i wonder how many of the people listed there was contacted18:42
bdmurrayI get contacted a lot but I'm not sure its because of that list. ;-)18:44
henobdmurray: it's also tricky to identify a speciality for you :)18:44
jtholmesbdmurray, contact by email or irc or???18:45
henothere is a student column on the page so we can try to balance out the mentoring load18:45
davmor2heno: no bdmurray=Bug Dude18:45
cr3davmor2: so do people misinterpret that as "Dude to bug about bugs"?18:46
bdmurraye-mail, irc, via launchpad18:46
henosbeattie: is regression/sru triage a category in this context?18:46
davmor2cr3: either way the bugs get fixed :)18:46
sbeattieheno: sure.18:47
henobdmurray: anything you'd care more to mentor than other things? apport-hook issues?18:48
bdmurrayheno: crazy bug queries, consolidating duplicates, writing apport-hooks / package bug guidelines18:49
bdmurrayheno: update-manager / compiz as packages18:50
henoiow, 'advanced bug management techniques'18:50
henook, cool18:50
henothat's a good start18:50
henoI'll update the wiki and email the dev list asking for other topic mentors18:52
henoAny other business?18:52
jtholmesthe test cases18:53
jtholmesstarting with the accessories section18:53
jtholmesterminal calculator text editor18:53
jtholmesthe same names should be used in ubuntu and kubuntu test cases18:53
henoref: http://testcases.qa.ubuntu.com/Applications18:54
jtholmesbut to do that they have to have a prefix etc. any ideas18:54
davmor2jtholmes: Right realised what you on about now just name them like this /kubuntu/calculator18:54
jtholmesor calculatorku  calculatorub  and then both can have  texeditor as page name18:54
Riddelljumping in.  do the test cases cover checking translations?18:54
davmor2Riddell: no but good point18:55
jtholmesdavmor2, ok can do18:55
henoonly gets a brief mention in ISO test cases AFAIR18:56
Riddelldavmor2: that's pretty important, especially since we just changed important parts of our translation setup18:56
davmor2Riddell: I think I did for keyboard and lanuage selection18:56
davmor2language even18:56
henowe should probably just have a separate translations test case or plan18:57
henofader_: can you work with davmor2 to design one?18:57
davmor2heno: I can add it to system tests and it can get pulled into various tests from there18:58
fader_heno: Sure18:58
henoright and we can then have a plan that pulls in that intro plus various other desktop tests18:58
davmor2fader_: I'll throw an outline together tomorrow morning for that18:58
henothanks fader_ and davmor218:58
fader_davmor2: Thanks! :D18:59
bdmurrayYeah, I just learned about a new feature of apport-collect I wanted to share18:59
bdmurrayOne can use 'apport-collect -p compiz 1345' to add the compiz package hook information to any bug.19:00
bdmurraywell to bug 1345 ;-)19:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1345 in malone "Activity log shouldn't say "XXX: not yet implemented"" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/134519:00
ogasawarabdmurray: nice19:00
henooh, cool!19:01
bdmurrayAdditionally mdz just wrote a hook for alsa-base which will gather information similar to alsa-info.sh19:01
cr3bdmurray: why not just use alsa-info.sh?19:01
bdmurraySo we could ask sound related kernel bugs to run 'apport-collect -p alsa-base 1345'19:02
davmor2is there a pulse one yet19:02
mdzcr3: alsa-info.sh uploads a text blob to a pastebin19:02
bdmurraydavmor2: not yet, its on the list19:02
mdzcr3: the apport hook separates the different info into nice attachments and uploads to launchpad19:02
henoand it will collect on crashes19:02
cr3mdz: thanks!19:02
mdzdavmor2: should be very easy to write a basic one now19:02
bdmurrayit's advanatageous to have it LP for scripting with the API too19:02
henotime's up19:03
bdmurrayit being the alsa info19:03
henothanks all!19:03
MootBotMeeting finished at 13:03.19:03
jcastroheno: quick question for you19:04
sbeattiebdmurray: another thing mdz pointed out to me is that the debian scripts in /usr/share/bug/ are a good starting point for writing hooks.19:04
jcastroheno: (sorry I missed the first part, I was an hour off on my calendar)19:04
cr3sbeattie: awesome, thanks for sharing that19:04
bdmurraysbeattie: yeah, that was mentioned when I was talking about the package bug guidelines19:04
jcastroheno: jono has assigned me to look into helping out the community aspect of triage "perception"19:04
jcastroheno: he was hoping pedro and I can work together on doing a quick analysis of things and reporting back19:05
jcastrowould that be ok?19:05
bdmurrayjcastro: if you need any numbers let me know19:06
henojcastro: sure19:07
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