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goukiHi. Is there a way of getting all content of the debian/ folder out of a package? Even when extracted, I only get control.04:12
nhandlergouki: How are you downloading the package?04:13
Kamping_Kaisergouki, grab it from the source tarball?04:13
nhandlergouki: Either use apt-get source or pull-lp-source from the ubuntu-dev-tools package04:14
goukiThanks! I'll look into pull-lp-source.04:14
voriani think he means one that isn't in archives04:14
vorianw/out source available04:14
nhandlervorian: He said he was getting the control file, so my guess was he was trying to extract the .deb04:14
vorianthose evil 3rd party type04:15
goukivorian, actually, it's for a package present on the archives.04:15
vorianrock on04:15
vorianapt-get source ftw04:15
nhandlervorian: That only works if you have jaunty deb-src lines in /etc/apt/sources.list. That is why I suggested pull-lp-source04:15
goukinhandler, yeah, and I'm running 8.04, so pull-lp-source is better. Also, the package on backports doesn't come with pull-lp-source :(04:16
voriannhandler: this is why i suxorz at this stuff04:16
nhandlergouki: You should be able to install the intrepid or jaunty .deb in hardy04:16
goukinhandler, working on it :)04:17
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dtchenvorian: don't worry, that just means you're sane. once you get to the point where you simply "know" what url to dget, then...04:45
kb9vqfI have two KDE3.5 LiveCDs that I would like to create torrents for on torrent.ubuntu.com, but when I do this the file is rejected as unauthorized.  How would I go about authorizing it?05:52
kb9vqfThis is for Jaunty Beta05:52
kb9vqfI was referred here by #kubuntu-devel05:52
* kb9vqf feels lonely, is anyone here?06:15
kb9vqfSee previous question :-)06:15
* hyperair yawns06:16
hyperairno, nobody's here.06:16
* iulian looks around.06:17
* kb9vqf still wonders about getting the LiveCD torrent authorized06:18
kb9vqfMaybe I'll check back tomorrow :-)06:18
quadrisprohi nhandler, updated description of bug #33348507:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 333485 in aqualung "Please sync aqualung 0.9~beta10-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/33348507:46
quadrispronow i'm waiting for someone who could test that package07:47
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tzni'm going to make custom package, and I have to apply some patches on it. Because they are really experimental, I'd like to create new package (with new name) from existing sources. How can I change package name?10:48
maxbJust do it? (In the top changelog entry and in debian/control, and probably various references in debian/rules and potentially elsewhere)11:30
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maxbWhat is the preferred way of submitting a bugfix for sponsorship when the package, and the upstream, are both in launchpad bzr, and I've already submitted a branch+merge-proposal of the fix based on upstream, but want to proactively get it into Jaunty even if upstream does not merge+release in time?12:54
a|wenmaxb: which project/application?13:00
a|wenmaxb: i don't think a new upstream release will get in at this point in any case ... so you would probably want to change the current package in ubuntu13:01
maxbIndeed. So what I'm wondering is (1) .debdiff, or (2) just ask someone to cherrypick the bzr revision, or (3) a new branch from the packagging branch on LP, and cherrypick that revision from my merge-proposed upstream branch.13:03
a|wenmaxb: what is the fix for?13:05
maxbDeprecationWarning with Python 2.513:05
maxb* 2.613:05
a|wenmaxb: so bug 357221 ... just attach the debdiff or a patch there13:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 357221 in editmoin "[Jaunty] editmoin warning: use hashlib instead of md5 module" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35722113:08
maxboh! I didn't notice there was a bug already :-)13:08
maxbI was too focused on what I was going to put in the bug after I'd filed it :-)13:08
a|wenmaxb: if you ping me i can have a look at it later tonight ... unless someone else beats me to it13:09
maxbDoes a link to http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~maxb/editmoin/python2.6-deprecation-warning/revision/27 work as well as a patch?13:11
wintellectHi all13:12
wintellectI'm looking at the use of dput13:13
wintellectbut I have two changes files13:13
a|wenmaxb: is good enough to me13:13
wintellectone for the source and one for i3613:13
wintellectdo I upload both?13:13
wintellector just the source one?13:13
maxbUbuntu primary and PPA archives accept source uploads *only*13:14
wintellectDO I need to create a PPA in launchpad before I can upload? Or does the upload go to a central server?13:15
maxbWhat are you uploading?13:16
maxbIf you want to upload to a PPA you have to create it in the web interface first13:17
wintellectNo, I want to upload to REVU13:17
wintellectit's a complete package that needs to be reviewed13:17
wintellectmy first one :D13:17
maxbIf you want to upload to REVU then you just need to have (1) registered a GPG key in Launchpad, and (2) Logged into the REVU web interface at least once13:19
wintellectdone those two13:20
maxbjust upload, then13:20
wintellectcool, thanks maxb13:21
wintellectmaxb: one final thing if I may... dput says it successfully uploaded the package and that the sigs were ok. But how can I find it? There's nothing listed under my profile on REVU?13:31
maxbwait at least 5 minutes before concluding there may be a problem13:31
wintellectmaxb: ok, I screwed it up somewhere - can you help me?13:37
wintellectI got an email back saying:13:37
wintellectSigner has no upload rights at all to this distribution.13:37
wintellectNot permitted to upload to the RELEASE pocket in a series in the 'SUPPORTED' state.13:37
maxbwintellect: Did you *actually* upload to REVU?13:41
maxbSounds like you accidentally uploaded to the Ubuntu primary archive13:41
wintellectmaxb: I did :P13:42
wintellectall sorted now13:42
wintellectuploaded to REVU - YAY13:42
wintellectmaxb: do I need to change the status on launchpad for the needs-packaging? Or just add a link to the REVU page in a comment?13:43
maxbuhm. Not sure. The comment's far more important than the status, anyway13:43
wintellectmaxb: K, thanks for all your time and help13:45
wintellectwont bother you anymore today :P13:45
kb9vqfI have two KDE3.5 LiveCDs that I would like to create torrents for on torrent.ubuntu.com, but when I do this the file is rejected as unauthorized.  How would I go about authorizing it?13:51
kb9vqf^^ This is for Jaunty13:52
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CarlFK1svn co https://cmusphinx.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/cmusphinx/trunk/sphinxbase includes debian/control that has Build-Depends: debhelper (>= 4), autotools-dev, libasound2-dev, gettext, python2.5-dev15:02
CarlFK1Is there a command that will apt-get the Build-Depends?15:02
maxbapt-get build-dep will get the build-depends as determined by the deb-src lines you have configured for a package.15:03
maxbI don't know of a way to do it directly from a control file15:03
CarlFK1maxb: it isn't in a repo (that I can find)15:03
maxbI suspect you'll just have to manually remove the commands and (...) then15:04
CarlFK1yeah - been doing that now and then.  was hoping there was something that would just do it15:04
james_wsudo /usr/lib/pbuilder/pbuilder-satisfydepends15:06
CarlFK1bingo.  Thanks15:08
CarlFK1http://dpaste.com/30135/  make: *** No rule to make target `configure', needed by `config.status'.  Stop.15:12
CarlFK1how does autoconf stuff fit into building a package?15:12
CarlFK1I can figure out how to make it work, wondering if I should report a bug/ submit a patch15:13
CarlFK1Build-Depends:  ... autotools-dev15:16
CarlFK1so shouldn't debian/rules run audogen.sh?15:16
hyperairupstream should run autogen.sh before creating the tarball15:16
hyperairautogen.sh provides the configure file15:16
hyperairoccasionally you get idiots upstream who don't, and refuse to listen when you tell them that the proper way to generate a tarball is "make dist" and not "tar czf bla"15:17
CarlFK1k - I am grabbing from the repo, so i can understand it not being ready to go15:17
CarlFK1make: *** No rule to make target `dist'.  Stop.15:19
CarlFK1assuming (./configure &&  make && make install) works, is there a generic rules that can used?15:39
CarlFK1no debian/ in svn co https://cmusphinx.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/cmusphinx/trunk/sphinx315:39
Laneythe minimal debhelper would be a good place to get started15:40
CarlFK1figured there was something like that15:40
CarlFK1tiny is an understatement :)15:41
hyperairheh yeah15:45
CarlFK1anything to walk me though creating changelog, control... ?15:47
CarlFK1other than google :)15:47
hyperairCarlFK1: dh_make15:48
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CarlFK1hyperair: bam!15:50
CarlFK1why didn't I ask for this before? :)15:50
directhex dh_make is overly verbose by default15:51
directhexso beware15:51
* CarlFK1 shutters15:51
hyperairshutters indeed15:52
CarlFK1assuming all is well, is this the bestest: dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -uc -b15:56
CarlFK1it is what I used yesterday, it is doing stuff...15:56
RainCTCarlFK1: You can ommit the -rfakeroot, that's used by default now15:57
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a|wenmaxb: editmoin uploaded; thanks for the patch17:43
maxbthank you for the upload :-)17:43
goukiAnyone knows if there is a way of making make-kpkg generate a .changes file?17:51
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CarlFK1this works:  make clean && ./autogen.sh && ./configure && make20:03
CarlFK1this errors: dpkg-buildpackage -uc -b  (compile error... logs and stuff coming up)20:03
CarlFK1 /home/juser/sr/sphinx/sphinx3-3.7/src/libs3decoder/libcfg/s3_cfg_convert.c:211: undefined reference to `ckd_free'20:05
CarlFK1debian/ came from dh_make20:06
CarlFK1I am starting over ... rm -rf... svn co https://cmusphinx.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/cmusphinx/trunk/sphinx320:08
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CarlFK1http://dpaste.com/30357/  shoudln't that 'just work' ?20:38
CarlFK1guessing there is something not quite right with the source20:38
CarlFK1like README says: ./autogen.sh (Make sure you do this twice.)20:38
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RainCThi javito21:42
javitodo you know what status i should to use when i subscribe universe-motu-sponsors on bug i'm waiting for be sponsored? in process or confirmed?21:44
javitowhere is the bot22:04
CarlFK1bug #35736922:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 357369 in xubuntu-docs "Typing error in version numbers" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35736922:09
javitothanks CarlFK122:09
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Adri2000hmm, when exactly are we entering final freeze?22:18
SnovaAbout 2h, 40m, I believe.22:19
SnovaBased on something somebody said in #ubuntu-devel.22:19
Adri2000so that'd be the start of the utc day...22:20
javitodate -u22:22
javitoand what happend with final freeze? can be continue fixing bug for jaunty?22:27
javitois karmic opened?22:27
javitoanal-retentive hahahaha22:28
nhandlerjavito: The Karmic repositories will not open until after Jaunty is released22:29
javitoso we have a time of holidays then :D22:30
Laneywe have time to fix rcbugs!22:31
hyperairpretty interesting bug right at the top22:33
hyperairmodprobe spelt wrongly22:33
hyperairkudos to whoever introduced it. he brings a whole new meaning to fail.22:33
Laneyhyperair: get it fixed!22:34
maxbthe missing "fi" in hotkey-setup wasn't great, either ...22:34
hyperairLaney: i would, but i kinda have exams.22:34
Laneyyou're already most of the way there22:34
hyperairno, it looks like it may need a merge or godknows what22:34
hyperairi don't have time to download and stare at it22:35
* Laney puts hyperair on The List22:35
Adri2000hmm the rc bugs page doesn't seem to be up to date22:40
quadrisprois final freeze in effect?23:09
directhexnot for a few hours i hope23:09
quadrisprooh ok, thanks directhex23:13
* quadrispro going to sleep23:23

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