pschulz01Hello all.. I am having an interesting with my powerpc (MacMini) and jaunty.04:33
pschulz01I'm trying to upgrade everything.. I'm using it as a workstation.. 04:34
pschulz01Whan I remove gdm, the font on the virtual terminals goes screwy.. looks like an endian issue as the characters are almost readable.04:34
pschulz01I put gdm back in.. and it comes good again.04:35
NCommanderpschulz01, what are you trying to do specifically?06:41
pschulz01NCommander: Looks like it might have 'fixed' itself.07:36
pschulz01NCommander: I'm upgrading to jaunty.. but the box has seen a lot of customisations..07:36
pschulz01NCommander: Really just wan tto get the desktop up so I can use it as a terminal.07:37
pschulz01NCommander: I just uninstalled (purge) x11-common.. and a whole lot of packages suddenly wanted to be installed.07:38
pschulz01NCommander: It's getting better :-)07:39

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