giovaniyou can try00:00
giovanino guarantees00:00
danny1seems like it works phew00:05
sebblucasQuestion: what is the best (and supported) remote administration software for an Ubuntu server? Similiar to Webmin?00:11
giovaniwe went over this00:13
ubottuebox is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/eBox00:14
sebblucassorry giovani00:14
sebblucasbut ebox00:14
sebblucasdoesn't seem to support Apache configuration00:14
sebblucascorrect me if i'm wrong00:14
giovaniI believe you're wrong00:15
sebblucasfollowing the instructions on the page you gave00:15
sebblucasto access ebox from a machine on the same netowkr00:15
sebblucastype the IP?00:15
giovaniyes ...00:15
sebblucasi was discussing setting up my own domain00:16
sebblucaswith a partner00:16
sebblucasand i was told most likely 2-6 people in the country i'm in know how to setup what i am requesting00:17
sebblucasand those work for latin american Microsoft00:17
sebblucas(joke, obviously) though, maybe true.00:17
giovaniok, so?00:17
sebblucasill repeat my request once again00:17
sebblucasand fill me in any blanks00:18
sebblucasif what im requesting is impossible00:18
giovanino ... we don't need to hear the same request again00:18
giovaniI've already addressed your request00:18
sebblucashah... sorry.00:18
sebblucasdo i have remote administration to BIND9 configurations using ebox/00:19
giovanino idea, read the ebox documentation00:19
sebblucasok my mistake, there is00:19
sebblucasquestion: if i want to proceed as my request states, i am reinstalling ubuntu. what options should i pre-install? (DNS server, SAMBA server, Mail server, LAMP server, OpenSSH server, etc.)?00:21
giovanino need to reinstall ubuntu00:22
sebblucasif i want to start from scracth, which options to select00:23
danny1heh now im stuck on boot with /init line 190: devide by zero00:53
danny1time for some sleep might help redoing it tomorrow with a fresh head ;p00:53
twbBoot with break=top or init=/bin/sh?00:53
markdragoI just want to make sure I DL the right CD.  Can I do LVM @ install time with the Server CD or do I need the alternate?01:33
twbOnly the live (desktop) CDs do not support LVM and software RAID.01:36
markdragotwb: thanks!01:37
twbThat is because the live CDs use stink ubiquity instead of loveable d-i.01:37
markdragoGotcha.  So the server CD and the alternate are pretty similar.  Just default package selection differences I guess?01:37
twbmarkdrago: different defaults, and the packages that are ON the CD (as opposed to needing download) are different.01:38
markdragocool - thanks again01:39
cjwatsontwb: charming01:45
twbOh, I didn't even post WHY I think ubiquity is stinky01:46
Iceman_B^Ltopwhere do ARP broadcasts get logged?01:46
Iceman_B^Ltopif at all01:46
cjwatsontwb: does the phrase "optimised for different requirements" mean anything?01:46
twbIIRC the main reason for it was to allow different special widgets, like the tz chooser.01:46
cjwatsonit's a little bit less trivial than that01:47
twbWhich was especially ironic because in 8.10 the a11y was so messed up that I couldn't actually use the tz widget01:47
Iceman_B^Ltopbtw, in what scenatios is a LVM handy to use ?01:47
twbcjwatson: yes, well.01:47
twbIceman_B^Ltop: basically, all of them01:47
cjwatsontwb: FYI, the timezone map was not conceived until some distance into ubiquity development. (And yes, it was a bit broken in 8.10.)01:48
twbIceman_B^Ltop: the cases where it *isn't* useful are virtual machines, or disks that need to be accessible by other OSes.01:48
twbIceman_B^Ltop: or very small disks, such as USB keys.01:48
Iceman_B^Ltophm, okay. WHen I installed 8.10 I think I got the option to use an LVM, but I didnt use it01:49
Iceman_B^Ltopsince I dont know what it exactly does, the only thing that comes to mind are the "extended" and "logical" partitions Windows uses01:50
twbIceman_B^Ltop: LVM lets you add, remove, resize or move partitions (between disks) while they are in use.01:51
Iceman_B^Ltop.....crud. I think I should;ve use it then01:51
twbIOW it adds flexibility for an (IMO negligible) performance hit, though it does mean that non-Linux systems can't read your data.01:52
cjwatsonLVM gives you three new objects: "physical volume" which is just something that goes on a partition to allow it to be used by the LVM system; "volume group" which is an assembly of physical volumes; "logical volume" which is an object a little bit like a partition, but it's allocated within a volume group and can be spread across disks and handled much more flexibly than traditional partitions01:52
twbTraditional MS-DOS partitions, anyway ;-P01:52
Iceman_B^Ltopit almost sounds like RAID01:53
cjwatsonyou have an example of a partition table type that is significantly better in this regard?01:53
twbcjwatson: I'm trying to think if AIX called its stuff "partitions" :-)01:54
Iceman_B^Ltopbtw, aren't there MANY ways for non-linux systems to read data from a linux system?01:54
twbBut there might be e.g. ITS or something which had such flexibility, but nobody remembers it01:54
cjwatsonall of the traditional partition table formats share essentially the same limitations here. The DOS partition table format is worse in some other ways, particularly the primary vs. logical partition stuff.01:54
cjwatsontwb: it called it LVM, last I checked01:54
twbWell anyway.01:54
miyakoaha! finally figured out why the ssl cert won't work03:46
centaur5Is there a way to make a new netboot image since the one I'm using (from the repositories) isn't as current as the new kernel?04:35
twbThe netboot's kernel doesn't need to match the installed kernel.04:56
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yeasonI'm trying to get cgi & perl working on an apache2 server, I keep getting a 500 error, and the log states "Premature end of script headers" which from my googling could be one of a hundred things. Can somebody give me a hand in figuring out why its doing this?07:41
twbyeason: did you look at /var/log?07:42
yeasonthat's in the apache2/error.log file, it says "Premature end of script headers"07:43
yeasonand then gives a file name07:43
yeasonI meant to say it gives the file name of the file that I attempted to run07:44
yeasonlmfao... white team guy just left07:44
yeasonoops... wrong window07:45
twbSounds like the bug's in your cgi script, then07:46
yeasonthat's what I doubt, cause the cgi script is part of a prepackaged ecommerce setup. it was working on another server without a problem, I've been trying to spot differences in configuration but no luck yet07:47
yeasonI've been reading the same conclusion in google searching07:47
twbIf the cgi script isn't part of Ubuntu, then you need to talk to the vendor that you got it from07:48
yeasonthat's the frustrating thing, its required that we use this stupid setup, yet it hasn't been supported as far as I can tell in several years... And it does work so I'm pretty sure its a server side issue07:49
yeasonalso I get that same error running any .pl file07:50
twbAh, well, that's different, though I can't help you with cgi myself.07:54
twbI would guess that plain CGI is pretty much unused these days, and everybody prefers mod_perl or fast CGI or whatever07:54
yeasonprobably, also I found another error that might be of use: "(8)Exec format error: exec of 'filepath' failed"07:55
lyhana8hi, how could I change the mysql user ID correctly ?09:06
lyhana8actually I change it manually in /etc/passwd and /etc/group and now the server refuse to start09:06
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lyhana8I'm trying to share a mysql DB among a gentoo and an ubunutu. User ID change and file permissions change work fine on gentoo, but not on ubuntu09:07
macnohi all. I have some questions about ntp on 8.04... which is the best way to keep time sync ?09:37
macnoa brutal  ntpdate -s clock.ubuntu.com in cron.hourly  ?09:38
incorrectduring installation I would like to set a grub option in my preseed file,  I've not seen any option for this, has anyone else ?09:53
uvirtbotNew bug: #357583 in nut (universe) "missing the last bit for powering off the system" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35758310:16
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incorrectwhen using the preseed file to pxe boot my keyboard layout has issues a # doesn't seems to get confused and come out as three diamonds11:02
psteynHi, I accidently replaced my /etc/mysql with my old one, but forgot about the debian.conf file in there which gets generated..how can I regenerate that file?11:13
incorrectpsteyn, you can dpkg-reconfigure <package>11:13
psteynthat doesn't seem to work, I still get 'error: 'Access denied for user 'debian-sys-maint'@'localhost' (using password: YES)'11:16
psteynbecause it seems to use the old pc's credentials..I wanna regenerate the new pc's credentials11:16
macnopsteyn: could you access to mysql as root?11:17
psteynyeah, but the debian.conf file has this: user     = debian-sys-maint11:19
psteynpassword = zZSg3xzHiCTa3x4i11:19
psteynwhat type of hash is that?  can I just use passwd on the debian-sys-maint user?  or how11:19
macnook we need to replace debian-sys-maint11:19
psteynwhat can I do?  reinstalling mysql doesn't recreate a /etc/mysql and doing dpkg-reconfigure doesnt do it either11:20
macnopsteyn: it's not a hash . that is the password11:20
incorrectdamn you preseed file11:21
psteynif I change the password, do I need to change it elsewhere in the system too?11:21
psteynwhat else relies on debian-sys-maint in other words?11:22
psteynugh :<11:22
incorrectyes but i forget where11:22
macnopsteyn: I suggest to change debian-sys-maint password into database with the oldone11:22
incorrectdpkg -L mysql-server-5.0 will give you a clue11:22
psteynok macno, I see its not a system user..is it a mysql user? or where can I change that password?11:23
macnopsteyn: yes it's a mysql user, you can update mysql.user : connected as root use mysql then update user set password = Password('zZSg3xzHiCTa3x4i') where user = 'debian-sys-maint'; flush privileges;11:25
psteynthanks :)11:26
macnopsteyn: once done, try to connect mysql -u debian-sys-maint -p ;)11:26
psteynmacno: it says ERROR 1046 (3D000): No database selected11:38
macnopsteyn: use mysql11:38
psteynbut I dont want to select a database right?  this is for any mysql thing? or is there a specific db?11:38
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psteynooh thnx11:39
macnopsteyn: users, grants are stored into mysql database11:39
psteynthanks :]11:39
macnopsteyn: you're welcome11:40
psteyn*phew*...ok, next time im backing up debian.cnf before replacing the mysql folder11:40
cjwatsonincorrect: what keyboard preseeding are you using?11:54
cjwatsonincorrect: for adding extra boot options, just put them at the end of the installer boot arguments, after the "--"; anything after "--" will automatically be copied to the installed system, unless it's one of a list of arguments that we know to be specific to the installer11:55
incorrectcjwatson, http://pastebin.com/m114b25511:55
cjwatsonincorrect: you used debconf-get-selections --installer didn't you?11:56
incorrectthat is from that11:56
cjwatsonincorrect: you should start from the installation guide instead. debconf-get-selections --installer produces a whole bunch of things that shouldn't be preseeded.11:56
incorrecti've used both the d-i options and the non11:56
cjwatsonincorrect: furthermore, the owner (the first field) should be "d-i", not "console-setup".11:56
cjwatsonincorrect: that said, neither of these explain your problem. What boot parameters are you passing to the installer?11:57
incorrecti've tried this too11:57
incorrecti am now trying to do a dpkg-reconfigure on the package at the end on the install11:57
cjwatsonno no no11:57
cjwatsonwhat boot parameters are you passing to the installer?11:57
cjwatsonhmm, it looks correct, but you have a *lot* of unnecessary rubbish there11:58
cjwatsonmight be confusing things11:58
incorrectwhat do you think i don't need?11:59
cjwatsonfirst, delete *all* that console-setup stuff from your preseed file. console-setup needs to be preseeded in boot parameters anyway - the preseed file isn't processed until after keyboard configuration is done11:59
cjwatsonsecondly, you have debian-installer/locale=en_GB.UTF-8 and debian-installer/locale=en_GB both specified. Delete one of them, and you can abbreviate it. I'd suggest just "locale=en_GB.UTF-8"11:59
cjwatsonthirdly, delete "console-tools/archs=at console-keymaps-at/keymap=gb" and "console-setup/codesetcode=Lat15 console-setup/dont_ask_layout=error"12:00
cjwatson(the first bit of that must, I think, have come from Debian documentation, or some very old Ubuntu documentation)12:00
cjwatsonif that still doesn't work, then add DEBCONF_DEBUG=developer to it, and show me /var/log/installer/syslog after installation12:01
incorrectDEBCONF_DEBUG=developer do the append string?12:01
cjwatsonI don't understand your question12:05
incorrectwhere does DEBCONF_DEBUG=developer go?12:05
cjwatsonat the end of the boot parameters12:05
cjwatsonor anywhere, really, as long as it's after "append" and separated by spaces from the others12:05
incorrectare there docs on the installer?12:06
cjwatsondon't mess about with dpkg-reconfigure though. This is perfectly doable without any of that nonsense :-) but I may need to look over the logs to see what's going wrong12:06
incorrecti am using 8.0412:06
cjwatson8.04 instead of 8.10 then12:08
incorrectI am also trying to get partman to create a partition on sdb but i've tried a number of different ways12:08
cjwatsonone thing at a time12:08
incorrectok removing that stuff from the append has means it asks me to select a keyboard layout12:10
cjwatsondid you leave console-setup/layoutcode=gb in there?12:10
incorrectah i think i had a mistake in there12:11
incorrectnow looks like ramdisk_size=14984 debian-installer/locale=en_GB.UTF-8 console-setup/layoutcode=gb netcfg/choose_interface=eth0 netcfg/dhcp_timeout=120 url=12:11
cjwatsonright, that should be fine12:11
incorrectlets see if they keyboard works now12:14
incorrectand a reboot12:37
incorrectsigh they keyboard map is still broken12:40
Doblehi folks - I want to back up remote servers to one of my servers over the internet, while minimising the amount of data transferred (compression would be great!) - is rsync the best tool to do that with or is there something else?12:44
andolDoble: Regarding the transfer rsync, or something based on it, is definetly a good idea.12:59
andolDoble: Of course, you might want something more, to handle diffrent version of your backups, etc12:59
andolDoble: Rsnapshot (perl-wrapper around actual rsync) or rdiff-backup (own program, uses librsync) might be good options.13:00
Dobleandol: cheers, i will do some research on those two13:01
cjwatsonincorrect: ok, can I see /var/log/installer/syslog please?13:11
Dobleandol: regarding rsync - I was under the impression that it performed differential/incremental backups ... what is the advantage of rdiff-backup?13:27
Doblealso regarding rdiff-backup, it says that for unattended backups being run automatically require root access on the client servers, will that cause problems because ubuntu doesn't use root ?13:33
mat1211Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to keep the unrar utility running even if I don't have putty or terminal opened.13:38
macnomat1211: what's your need?13:40
yann2mat1211 > yes with screen13:51
yann2man screen13:51
andolDoble: Actually, the only magic rsync does is regarding the transfer itself. Without any wrap around it won't store anything else but a mirror of what it is copying.14:00
andolDoble: rdiff-backup only reguired root access if it's going to backup filed only readable by root.14:01
andolDoble: and yes, you can use the root account in Ubuntu. It is just that it doesn't come with a password set by default. Either set a root password or use an ssh-key. Regarding unattended backups the later is more or less required anyway.14:03
mat1211so just screen and then the command?14:05
mat1211to use screen.14:06
mat1211and also, is there a way to reinstall the part of ubuntu that deals with creating users? because when I type sudo adduser username, it says pam authorization failed.14:08
Dobleandol: i see, thanks, im working on that now, will see how i go !14:16
fujinanyone know if it is possible to use Prevu to backport a package compiled for 32bit on a 64bit system?14:17
fujinARCH=x86 prevu .. for example?14:17
maxbHmm. It's certainly a feature which could conceptually be added, at least.14:26
maxbpbuilder-dist has this capability14:28
maxbAnd prevu is just a simplified wrapper over pbuilder14:28
Doblehow do I run the cd command as root? when i try sudo cd I recieve command not found14:29
mat1211hmm, does anyone know how I can seperate my harddrive into two partitions? I use fdisk but it says no free sectors.14:29
maxbDoble: cd changes the directory of the current shell, therefore it's not something you can "run". Perhaps you want to start a shell as root? ("sudo -s")14:30
Doblemaxb: thanks, the sudo -s command helped, im trying to set up remote backups while doing things the 'ubuntu' way with sudo! but its a bit of a pain hehe14:31
maxbWhenever you want to run more than a couple of single commands as root, "sudo -s" is useful.14:32
Doblemaxb: how do i return to my normal user account when im finished ?14:33
maxbExit the shell (e.g. Ctrl+D)14:33
friartuckDoble or just type exit14:33
Dobleso to clarify, I've set up two RSA keys to allow login without a password or user account as root - i did this on my server PRODIGY, and copied the public key to another server called NOVUS, and renamed the file to authorized_keys - can I now copy the same key from PRODIGY to ANY server and have it authenticate automatically? or do i need a new key for each server ?14:36
Dobleactually i just figured that out for myself - sorry, its pretty obvious! *needs sleep*14:37
giovaniDoble: you use the same key, it's your public key14:37
Doblecan someone explain what the . before a directory represents?14:41
maxbDoble: In what context?14:42
Doblewell for example, im setting up the rsnapshot.conf and the snapshot_root is /.snapshots/ - im just wondering if the leading . means the directory will be hidden or some such ?14:42
giovaniDoble: it means that the file/directory is hideen, yes14:43
maxbBy general Unix convention, files/dirs with a leading dot are hidden from standard directory listing tools14:43
Dobleahar, im learning, great, thanks14:44
giovaniDoble: if you just run "ls" to list the contents of a directory, it won't show you hidden files/folders14:45
giovaniadding "-a" will show you those ... so "ls -a" is how you'd see the hidden contents (as well as the rest) of a directory14:45
Doblegiovani: yes, thanks, i am making a habit of typing "ls -l -a" :)14:46
giovanino need to do that - twice ... "ls -la" will do fine14:46
Dobleahh, cool, thanks14:46
Dobleokay, next question - im setting up this rsnapshot tool, and i want to use SSH to do my backups, to keep it secure, but it wants to know where SSH is installed to ... and I have no clue, how do i find out, or where is it normally installed to?14:49
mat1211What is the hfs+ driver for ubuntu? I have a harddrive with that fs but can't mount it.14:50
giovaniyou can use the "which" command to find out the full path of a binary, Doble14:50
giovaniDoble: so run "which ssh"14:50
giovaniand it'll print the full path14:50
Doblegiovani: ah brilliant, cheers!14:50
cjwatsonmat1211: the kernel driver name is 'hfsplus'14:56
cjwatsonmat1211: you might need to specify that explicitly ('mount -t hfsplus'); sometimes if you don't it gets mounted as hfs which sort of works but won't see most of the files14:56
DobleI have set up rsnapshot to back up a remote server and the localhost, but when I run the job, it prompts me for a password for the localhost - should I just add my public key i created to the authorized_keys file on the local host? is that a security risk ?15:10
mat1211ah, thanks.  Just one last question, when I am resizing a partition using parted, it asks me for start? and end?  Could someone please tell me what the program wants me to type in?15:14
ballmat1211: if you don't know, you shouldn't be using parted15:15
mat1211I'm not sure how else to partition my harddrive, and I couldn't find the info on google.15:15
danny1fdisk for example ?15:16
mat1211when I use fdisk it says no free sectors or something like that.15:18
mat1211cause my harddrive right now is one big partition15:19
ballmat1211: it's probably best to give Ubuntu Server its own machine, or at least it's own disk drive.15:20
danny1fdisk cant resize it as faar as i know, but you can delete the big partition and create smaller ones15:20
mat1211now it is asking for first and last cilinder15:22
danny1try the gparted live cd if you want something with gui and without those kinda technical questions15:23
ballmat1211: I like cylinders15:23
maxbI would like cylinders more if they didn't change size depending on what OS you're running15:24
maxbor sometimes depending on which partitioning tool you're using within Linux15:24
mat1211just a question whats command to format the hd to hfsplus, I tried mkfs.hfsplus /dev/sdc115:24
Doblebrilliant! my backups are working, thanks andol, maxb and giovani15:25
danny1heh nice in jaunty the iscsi function within the instaler requires awk, but its not included :p15:26
Dobleokay, my backups worked so well, they flooded my connection and i could barely get to google, is there a way of throttling the connection?15:27
danny1trickle for example15:28
mat1211how do I make hfs+ fs on my hd?15:28
danny1mkfs -t hfsplus15:29
mat1211I did that but I did mkfs -t hfsplus /dev/sdc1, didn't work for some reason.15:30
danny1do you have the hfsplus package installed ?15:30
Dobledanny1: cheers, trickle looks like it will do what I need, thanks15:31
mat1211the exact command I type is "mkfs -t hfsplus /dev/sdc1" and it says "No such file or directory."15:32
Dobleis there a way of dynamically monitoring network throughput? I've tried htop but it appears to not have that functionality15:32
Dobleyann2: excellent, thanks15:34
danny1mat1211 i guess you need to compile it yourself then if ther ubuntu package doesn't include that binary15:39
Lartza_What is the major difference of server cd's regular and minimal installs?15:39
Lartza_*main difference15:40
ballMinimal install lacks the dancing ladies15:40
Lartza_Nonono I don't think kernel15:41
Lartza_I mean regular server install and minimal server install15:41
Lartza_THey both propably have server kernel still15:41
Lartza_Or you mean minimal misses headers or something?15:41
Lartza_I am really trying to find otu what should I use15:42
ivokswhat's regular and what's minimal server install?15:42
cjwatsonmat1211: it accepts several formats - e.g. you can say "2000M" for 2000 megabytes15:43
Lartza_If you boot server cd and press F4 there is options of install, regular, minimal, or minimal for virtual machine15:43
ivoksoh, i was totally unaware of that :)15:43
Dobleivoks: pretty sure its new in 8.10 (at least the virtual bit)15:43
cjwatsondanny1: iscsi> score. please file a bug15:44
mat1211okay, thanks for all your help.15:44
Doblelartza_: it depends what you are using your server for .. if you arent sure, id say to use the regular install, that should cover all the bases.15:44
ivoksLartza_: what ever you choose, none of them will install services by default; but i don't know what's different :/15:45
ivoksand i should know stuff like that :)15:45
cjwatsonLartza_: minimal doesn't install the server task (which contains patch, screen, landscape-common, vim, wireless-tools, wpasupplicant, w3m, ubuntu-serverguide in jaunty)15:45
cjwatsonso it's a bit smaller, but that's the only difference15:45
cjwatsonthey're the same kernel15:46
ivoksoh... so that's the former standard server install15:46
cjwatsonminimalvm also doesn't install the standard task, and it doesn't use LVM by default15:46
cjwatsondanny1: and please tell me the bug number so I can mark it release-critical15:51
DobleI want to control the bandwidth that my rsnapshot uses when backing up my remote server, but when I just put trickle in front of the rsnapshot command, it doesn't work, where could I insert the trickle command ?16:08
orudieivoks !16:18
Doblewhen i try running "sudo trickle -d 50 rsnapshot daily" I get the following error: "ERROR: /usr/bin/rsync returned 255 while processing root@123.456.789.123:/home/ftpusers/ touch /srv/backup/daily.0/" - how can I get the trickle command to work with rsnapshot?16:19
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MagicFabwhy do we have /etc/ldap.conf /etc/ldap/ldap.conf16:35
ivoksthey are not the same16:35
ivoks /etc/ldap/ldap.conf is for ldap library16:35
ivoksand /etc/ldap.conf is for pam-ldap, iirc16:35
MagicFabivok could you elaborate ldap library16:36
ivoksbut, true, it is confusing16:36
ivoksMagicFab: libldap-2.4-216:36
MagicFabare we changing anything about it or will it stay like that ?16:36
ivokswe won't change anything now16:37
ivoksevery app compiled with ldap support checks /etc/ldap/ldap.conf16:37
ivoksto see if there are something it should know before starting a query16:37
ivokslike, what to do if certificate is unknown16:37
ivoks /etc/ldap.conf on the other hand is something totally different16:38
ivoksit's for user authentication, IIRC16:38
MagicFabivoks, rocks. I am giving training for server live :)16:39
MagicFabexcellent response time :D16:39
MagicFab+ karm for you16:39
MagicFabivoks what's the difference between ldap:/// ldaps:/// ldapi:/// ?16:40
MagicFab1) plain text16:40
MagicFab2) SSL16:40
MagicFaband 3 is...?16:40
ivoksldapi is socket16:41
ogelamihi, when my php tries to write a file i get "permission denied" in response, how should i solve this problem?16:45
ogelamichmod -r 777?16:46
ivoksthat's bad way to do it16:46
ivoksbest way would be to enable ACLs on filesystem16:46
ivoksand just add www-data as a user that should be able to write in that directory16:46
ogelamiwhat is ACLs , and what does it do?16:46
giovaniogelami: Access Control Lists, it's a different way of handling permissions16:47
ivoksif that's not an option16:47
ivoksyou could make www-data user as an owner of that directory16:47
ivoksand never put enything valuable there :)16:48
ivoksi doubt valuable is correct spelling16:48
ivoksheh it is :)16:49
p_quarlesivoks: yeah, "valuable" is correct16:49
ogelamiokay, so let's just say that i want my /etc/www/grab to be writable from php?16:49
ivoks /etc is configuration directory, don't put anything thats changing in there16:50
ivoksthat's what /var is for16:50
ogelamihaha, sorry , i meant16:51
ivoksbut anyway, sudo chown www-data:www-data /your/directory16:51
Dobleis it correct that my crontab is saved to "/tmp/crontab.jDHAns/crontab" ?16:52
ivoksDoble: crontab -e?16:52
ogelamidoes that gives full permission to the subdirs in the directory i choose?16:52
ivoksogelami: no, only the parent16:53
ivoksogelami: add -R to do it for all files and dirs in it16:53
Dobleivoks: yes, i want to run my backups using rsnapshot, so I added it to the crontab, but now im thinking that because im logged in as myself and not as root, that the command wont execute properly, is crontab user-specific ?16:53
ogelamioh ok ty,16:53
giovaniDoble: yes, crontab is user-specific16:53
giovaniand that /tmp file is where the crontab is temp stored until it's written16:54
ivoksDoble: that's ok, crontab -e saves to temporary file and then moves it into /var/spool/crontab/username16:54
ogelamithank you, now it's working16:54
ivoksif tar added support for ACL, karmic *should* have it16:54
Dobleokay, should I create the entry for my backups in root's crontab? or is there another way ?16:54
ivoksDoble: don't do anything as root, unless you really have to16:55
giovaniDoble: do you need/want your backup to be executed with root permissions?16:55
Dobleyes, the rsnapshot needs to be run as root or it can't write to the lockfile16:56
ivoksgrrr... they still haven't accepted the patch16:56
ogelamisince i did that, i cannot controll my php files manualy from my ubuntu account -.-16:56
giovaniogelami: correct16:56
giovanithis is why ACLs are used16:56
giovaniI didn't follow your entire conversation, but you might be able to do youruser:www-data16:57
ogelamii want www-data, ogelami and root can acces,a16:57
ivokswhen people write php applications, they choose one direcotry where web server should be able to write files16:57
giovaniroot always has access16:57
giovaniogelami: you can do youruser:www-data16:57
giovaniso that your user still owns the dir, and www-data can be given group permissions to do so as well16:58
ivoksright, and make it 077516:58
J_Phi all16:58
ogelamiyea thank you16:58
ogelaminow i can edit and write from www-data16:59
J_Ppeple, I install ubuntu 8.10 server, and after I need Grafical interface only to use firefox. So I install apt-get install xorg icewm. But after I did startx command, mouse not works. I try ps2 and usb mouse16:59
giovaniJ_P: GUIs aren't supported on ubuntu server16:59
J_Pwhat file I can change to try solve that ?16:59
ogelaminope i was wrong -.-, i can edit from my ubuntu account but not from www-data.16:59
J_Pgiovani: You mean, aren't supported by ubuntu or in this channel ?17:00
giovaniJ_P: both17:00
ogelamii want full permission from my ubuntu account, and read/write/append for my www-data.17:00
giovaniogelami: then you didn't apply 0775 permissions17:00
J_Pgiovani: ok, I will try in #ubuntu. thanks17:00
ogelamihow do i apply 0775 ?17:00
giovaniogelami: sudo chmod 0755 /path/to/dir/17:00
giovaniand you'll need to add -R there if you want to apply that to all subsequent files/folders17:01
ogelamithank you giovani17:01
giovaniin the future, ogelami, if you don't know how to follow an instruction ... just ask, rather than ignoring it, and claiming the instructions didn't work17:02
ogelaminow I'm not able to append the file my php wrote.17:05
ivoksfix your php code17:06
* ball doesn't like php17:06
ivokstell it to create 664 file17:06
ivokswithout ACL you'll have a hard time getting this into what you want17:07
ogelamiI'm a noob when it comes to linux, i don't know how to do that17:07
ivokswith ACL you can just tell it that every file created in that dir can be rw by your user17:07
ivoksand whatever PHP does, it can't change that and both you and your php application would be happy :)17:08
ivoksenabling acl is easy17:09
ivoksremount your filesystem with acl option17:09
ivoksinstall acl package17:09
Dobleshould I use ACL on a samba file server serving windows clients? I was having some trouble with permissions before with multiple users ... when a user created a file, only he could delete/edit that file, even if another user that was part of the same group attempted to edit it17:09
ivoksDoble: samba has better ways to solve this17:10
Doblei got around it by forcing everyone to be admin in the samba smb.conf17:10
ivoksDoble: force user and force group17:10
Doblei see17:10
ivoksDoble: you can set it up like 'force user = nobody ; force group = nogroup'17:10
ivoksDoble: add valid users = jim carry pamela anderson17:10
ivoksDoble: and that's it17:10
Doblehmm, I see17:11
ivoksthey all can access it, write it and stuff, but on the filesystem level, it will be owned by nobody:nogroup17:11
Dobleyeah, let me give you a scenario and maybe you can tell me if this will work ...17:11
DobleLets say I have a Samba file server set up in a small business with 5 users, running windows pcs. I want each user to have an account on the server, and I want the users to be divided into three groups, Staff, Admin, and Executive. There should be one primary file share, within which there are directories. Only certain staff should have access to certain directories, but it should be additive, eg: executives have access to both admin and 17:12
Dobleonce inside the directory, everyone should be able to do everything17:13
Dobleif that makes sense :)17:13
ivoksi understand what you are up to17:13
ivoksyou can do that with ACL, of crouse, but you could also setup couple of shares17:14
ivoksyou can even do that without acl17:14
ivoksmake top directory rw by public group17:14
ivoksunder it is staff directory, rw by staff group17:15
ivoksnext to it is admin directory, rw by admin group17:15
ivoksadd admin users in public, staff and admin group17:15
ivoksstaff users in public and staff17:15
ivokspublic users only in public17:15
Doblethats not bad17:15
ivoksbut it has a flaw :(17:16
ivoksi just realized it17:16
ivoksif admin users writes something in public directory17:16
ivoksit will be owned by admin group17:16
Doblewhat if you force everyone to nobody.nogroup ?17:16
ivoksand public users won't be able to see what's in that file17:16
ivoksthen you  don't have groups :)17:16
Doblebut you have set the permissions on the primary directories already17:17
Doblethey act like gates, and only let in the right users, but once inside, its a free-for-all17:17
ivoksthat's right, and when your admin user tries to write, it will try to write there as nobody:nogroup17:17
ivoksand fail17:17
Dobleah, i see17:17
ivoksacl is the way to go17:18
Doblewell, id like to do it without multiple shares because they require multiple drive mappings to the user's computers, and ideally I'd like just one 'share' with access then controlled by permissions. it also simplifies user management, for example, if a new staff member joins, i just add them to the 'staff' group and it sorts itself out - i do the same on my windows network at work17:18
ivokscjwatson: would it be too bad to include support for acl in tar, even though gnu tar is still considering correct aproach, and might do it differently? :)17:19
cjwatsonsounds like an excellent way to create future incompatibilities17:20
cjwatsonwe had this pain when they changed the bzip2 option name17:20
ivoksfwiw, they are considering the patch i've sent to debian maintainer17:21
ivoksit's based on what redhat has done for their tar17:21
ivoksthey even added some fixes to it :)17:21
ivokslet's wait and see17:22
Doblehmm, my crontab doesn't seem to be working, I added "20 2 * * * /usr/local/bin/rsnapshot daily17:24
Doble" to root's crontab, to get the job to run at 2:20am every day ... and it just crossed over 2:20am and it hasn't run, any ideas ?17:24
ivokscheck your mail17:25
Doblehow do i do that? i dont think i've set up an email address for root yet17:25
ivokscheck /etc/aliases to see where root mail goes to17:26
ivoksand then /var/mail :)17:26
Doblei don't have a /etc/aliases17:26
Dobleshould I ceate one ?17:27
cjwatsonDoble: root's crontab, or /etc/crontab?17:27
Dobleroot's crontab17:27
ivoksno, don't create one17:28
ivokscheck /var/log/syslog17:28
ivoksit should have an info about crontab job17:29
Dobleit does, it just says - Apr  9 02:26:01 prodigy /USR/SBIN/CRON[18701]: (root) CMD (/usr/local/bin/rsnapshot daily )17:30
Dobleso im guessing it ran ?17:30
ivoksyes, it did17:30
ivoksnow, what's the outcome, we can only guess :)17:31
ivoksadd 1> /tmp/crontab.stdout 2> /tmp/crontab.stderr17:31
ivoks20 2 * * * /usr/local/bin/rsnapshot daily 1> /tmp/crontab.stdout 2> /tmp/crontab.stderr17:31
ivoksfix the time, to 35 217:32
ivoksand wait for it to run again17:32
Dobleactually, im one ahead of you - i just turned on logging in the rsnapshot.conf file :)17:32
Dobleit should log to /var/log17:32
ivokswell, that doesn't do what i planed... but ok17:32
Dobleah, sorry, thought i was being clever17:33
ivoksmaybe this way will work too17:33
Doblehmm, it didnt create a log file17:35
Dobleif i run the command manually, it logs it in /var/log like it should17:36
Dobleso i guess that crontab isn't running the command17:36
ivoksit is17:37
ivoksyou've seen the logs17:37
ivoksmaybe rsnapshot needs some env variables?17:37
Doblehmm doesnt seem so17:38
Dobleim following this guide - http://rsnapshot.org/howto/1.2/rsnapshot-HOWTO.en.html#automation17:39
ivoksadd those 1> and 2>17:39
ivoksand try again17:39
Dobleok done, is it okay to set the crontab just one minute ahead of time? ie the date shows "02:40:10" so I set it to 2 4117:40
Doblenevermind of course it is, because its working ... we checked that already17:41
Doblebin/sh: /usr/local/bin/rsnapshot: not found17:41
ivoksthere you go :)17:42
ivokswhich rsnapshot17:42
Doblersnapshot is actually in /usr/bin/rsnapshot whoops !17:42
Doblethat'll teach me to blindly copy/paste from guides :) cheers17:43
Doblebrilliant, it's working now, thanks ivoks17:44
Doblehaha, this 'hard links' stuff is crazy ... coming from a windows environ, the idea that I've made four backups of about 30mb each ... but the three backups after the first are only taking up 700 bytes each on my drive! yet they appear to be full backups ... brilliant17:48
ivoksi wasn't aware of rsnapshot, so i created my own backup system :)17:49
ivokswith the same idea17:49
Doblei still dont quite understand how the different backup sets relate to eachother - if i have a daily backup and a weekly backup, is rsnapshot smart enough to maintain hard links across the backup sets, so I only have one copy of a file at a time ?17:51
cjwatson/usr/bin/rsnapshot> in general it's best to invoke commands without an explicit path if you can, so just 'rsnapshot' rather than '/usr/bin/rsnapshot'17:52
andolDoble: there is no diffrence between a hard link an the "original" filename. Actually, any normal filename is basically a hard link. The filesystem keeps track of the data as long as there is at least one hard link pointing to it.17:52
Doblevery interesting, thanks17:53
olcaforsnapshot looks interesting. It's funny that I also created my own version of this with scripts, although this seems better because you can let the users retrieve their own stuff.17:54
Doblecjwatson: thanks, i've changed it in my crontab now17:55
Dobleanother question about cron and rsnapshot, what happens if one rsnapshot job is running, and another is executed while it is running? does the server just create a new process for the new rsnapshot job?17:55
ivoksthat depends on rsnapshot17:58
ivoksin my system, i create temporary file, which i erase once backup is done17:58
ivoksi don't know how rsnapshot handels that17:58
Doblehmm, i know rsnapshot uses a lockfile while it's working17:59
ivoksthere you go17:59
ivoksso, it won't start again if it's already running17:59
ivoksbye all18:00
Doblethanks ivoks18:02
=== tuxlinux_ is now known as tuxlinux
Doblehow can I get cron or rsnapshot to email me a file with the output of its job automatically ?18:18
sommerDoble: set the MAILTO=your_email option18:32
Doblesommer: where do i find that ?18:40
wo0fyo guys20:17
wo0fi have a prob...20:17
wo0fiv been running ubuntu-server20:17
wo0fand have switch to ubuntu-desktop to easily setup freeNX20:17
wo0fthe meta package for LAMP ("web server") does'nt install the same as ubuntu-server20:18
giovaniit's the same package20:18
giovaniserver and desktop use the same repositories20:18
wo0ffor instance suhosin is not installed20:18
wo0fgiovani, thats what i thought20:19
wo0fbut like i say, suhosin patch server is not installed :S20:19
wo0fdo you think using .tasksel, rather than aptitude will make any difference?20:20
giovaniwhat packages did you install?20:22
christian_somebody know how download the e-mail with postfix an d dovecot in virtual mail??20:28
uvirtbotNew bug: #357939 in openssh (main) "package openssh-server 1:5.1p1-5ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess pre-removal script returned error exit status 2" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35793920:36
wo0fgiovani, the meta package, web server20:40
giovaniok ... and what's the problem then?20:40
wo0fit doesnt install everything that gets installed when doing the same from ubuntu-server20:41
wo0fe.g. theres no suhosin patch server20:41
orudie!seen ivoks20:41
ubottuI have no seen command20:41
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about why?20:42
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kittens20:42
wo0f!seen banner20:42
ubottuI have no seen command20:42
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about banner20:42
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about wo0f20:43
wo0f!seen wo0f20:43
ubottuI have no seen command20:43
wo0fdoes the alternate cd run tasksel?20:45
wo0fi presume it must do20:45
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GrahznyI just did an upgrade of a little ubuntu-server machine, from intrepid to jaunty, and it went super smooth. Just thought I'd throw that out there and smile20:55
PhotoJimgood news.20:57
PhotoJimI'm tempted to upgrade my server, but I think I'll wait for release.20:58
wo0fhow long is it now?20:58
wo0f14/15 days?20:58
GrahznyNothing wrong with waiting a couple of weeks. I upgraded my development workstation, though, so I wanted to have the same version of Django (and Python, of course) running on the server. I hope it doesn't bite me!20:59
wo0faint this ubotto bot got a counter ?21:00
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu-server's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://jussi01.com/web/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots21:01
GrahznyScheduled for the 23rd, so yeah, 15 days, eh21:01
wo0f!wo0f is pro21:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about wo0f21:03
GrahznyHe's got a regular Zombie Hoof21:04
wo0fhmm, whats that gui tool for viewing virts?21:04
wo0fgtk i seem to remember21:04
GrahznyI'm not sure what you mean by virts, so I have no clue :)21:08
orudiewhich command is used to copy between hosts21:31
orudieis it wcp or something like that ?21:31
giovaniSecure CoPy21:31
orudies as in ?21:31
yeasonI'm not sure why but mysql seems to be listening on a random port other than 3306 even though that's what I have it set to. Does anybody have any suggestions on where I can look to figure out why this is happening?21:37
yeasonhmm... nvm, it does appear to be listening to the right port, but I still can't connect. I get "access denied for user... unable to connect to database server"21:39
giovaniyeason: you probably haven't set up permissions properly21:39
yeasonthat's the funny thing... I've setup the user, double checked the password, allowed all permissions, allowed that user all permissions to the database required, and setup the client with the correct information and I still get this error21:40
giovaniprobably failed to set up the proper ACL for where the user can log in from21:40
yeasonI'm sorry, what is ACL?21:41
giovaniread the mysql manual on setting up users21:41
giovanijust because a user exists, doesn't mean it can log in from any machine21:41
yeasonuh yea... I've set this user to be able to log in from anywhere21:41
giovaniunlikely given the error you're getting :)21:42
giovaniyou've somehow not applied the permissions properly21:42
giovanibecause mysql works for everyone else :)21:42
yeasonthe user in question can log in from Hosts: Any, and has permissions: All21:42
yeasonI'm looking at it through webmin21:42
giovaniwebmin isn't supported for ubuntu21:43
giovaniso use it at your own risk21:43
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.21:43
yeasonhuh... I find that interesting, its never really caused problems for me before21:44
giovaninobody said it will, absolutely, cause problems21:44
giovanithe fact that it's unsupported means ... if it causes problems ... there won't be fixes provided21:44
orudiegiovani, how do i specify ssh port for scp ?22:00
giovaniorudie: read the manpage for scp22:01
orudiegiovani, its -P thanx22:01
orudieanyway i'm out22:01
orudielater all22:01
ubottuebox is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/eBox22:06
wo0fwill ebox actually work in the next version?22:06
wo0for is it that they only release for LTS?22:09
uvirtbotNew bug: #357998 in openssh (main) "openssh-client (amd64) can't login after upgrade to jaunty" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35799822:16
wo0fthats a pretty MASSIVE bug :P22:18
CoinRNI have a Ubuntu-Server and Windows XP at my LAN-House (i don't know how it called in USA). and a buy 2 links of internet, and configured the Server to share 1 one link to same ips, and the other link to the rest... but now, when a PC stay ocious, it lose connection to network... why does it happens?22:31
CoinRNcan anyone help me?22:33
ballCoinRN: is a LAN-House a remote location that hosts your equipment?22:38
CoinRNno... it's a place when normal people cames, and pay to access internet on our pcs22:39
CoinRNit's a "enterprise"22:40
Vog-workI think CoinRN might be trying to do like aggregation.22:40
CoinRNi have same PCs. people pays to acess internet in this pcs22:40
CoinRNits so popular here in Brazil22:40
Vog-workAhh internet cafe22:40
CoinRNbecause people don't have money to pay internet and buy PCs22:40
CoinRNit's a Internet Cafe22:41
balllink aggregation22:41
CoinRNi live in a poor state of Brazil, so the Net here is bad22:41
CoinRNthe best provider of my city, provides only 1 MB =/ at max22:41
CoinRN[beawesomeinstead]: i buy 2 links of 1 MB22:42
CoinRNOMG why i cant' say so?22:42
CoinRNcould i show to you my config file?22:42
Vog-workuse pastebin.ca to post it and then give us the link22:43
CoinRNi configured like: these PCs will acess the INternet Link 1, and those other will acess the internet link 222:43
CoinRNall right22:43
ballCoinRN: are both links wired?22:43
CoinRNyeah, both wired22:43
ballCoinRN: I wouldn't configure your client PCs that way.22:43
CoinRNit's because, we have a group of 8 PCs, that makes downloads a lot22:43
CoinRNand the others, is for gamers22:44
ballCoinRN: sounds like you want traffic shaping22:44
CoinRNWhen the people of the group 1, start to download things, the gamers guys got crazy. So i dived, 1 MB to the guys who got downloads, and 1 MB to the guys to use normal internet and online games22:45
moz_i have a user i have just added that I wanted limited access to in my webserver, have made a directory in /var/www for it, and when I ftp in it works fine, and the user cant change directory, why is it that my other user account, can ftp in and browse my entire VPS server, im wondering what the difference is, is it expected behaviour but i dont know exactly why, can anyone help ?22:45
CoinRNwell... i agree with you ball... by the way i also think that is good dived the internet in 2 parts... 1 internet for the group 1 and another one to the group 222:45
moz_p.s. im not logging with root on the second account22:46
moz_oh actually it doesnt work , the second user can view my entire directory structure22:47
CoinRNbecause the guys who watch youtube and download a lot of things, need some internet speed, but must don't made other people crazy22:47
moz_how can I stop this from happening?22:47
CoinRNand these people are focced in 8 PCs22:47
CoinRNmy Internet Cafe has 3 rooms... the first and second are very similiar... it's for gamers and normal people22:47
CoinRNand the third room, wich have only 8 PCs, it's private rooms... so, many people go to download things, watch Porn, etc...22:48
CoinRNanyway... it doesn't matter... my problem is... When i turn ON a PC, and it stay ocious for a long time, its lost contact to network :S22:49
CoinRNwhy does it happens?22:49
ballCoinRN: you're doing it wrong.22:49
CoinRN=( so, how can i do it correctly?22:50
CoinRNby Shaper? (cbq)22:50
ballI have to go, my daughter's waiting to be picked up from school22:52
CoinRNCould anyone else help me?22:53
Vog-workCoinRN: I don't know what you mean by ocious22:53
CoinRNok, i'll explain22:54
CoinRNthe server is linux, but the other PCs are Windows22:54
CoinRN[sommer]: we turn ON the pcs22:54
CoinRN[beawesomeinstead]: we turn ON the PCs... and only it22:55
CoinRN-312312321 so, we turn on the pcs... and just it22:55
CoinRNif a client (person) cames, and use the PC, the computer stay normal, with internet acess22:55
CoinRNbut, if the PC still turn on from a long time, and no one use it22:55
CoinRNit lost the network acess22:56
CoinRNi can't understand it22:56
Vog-workAH ok...22:56
uvirtbotNew bug: #358035 in dhcp3 (main) "can't create file: permission denied by apparmor" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35803522:56
Vog-workCoinRN and it you use the repair connection option in WinXP does it fix the problem?22:57
cjwatsonwo0f: 357998> I find it doesn't usually pay to panic until one has actually diagnosed the bug22:58
CoinRNmm... good question. i can't try that, because the Windows PC have a software that block the PC, if there's no network acess =/ it's don't a configuration, but a bug... in the "Internet Cafe Software"22:59
CoinRN12312321 so, i cant do it =/22:59
CoinRN----- so, i restart the PC, and it back to work22:59
CoinRNbut, it happens to in the "internet cafe manager software Server", and when i disable and renable the conection, all back to work23:00
CoinRNsorrry for terrible english, can you understand what i Said?23:00
CoinRNand this Windows PC, who have the "Internet Cafe Manager" (no, the software it's not caled this) also has a shared printer... and when its nertowks go down, the others PCs can't print anything =\23:02
CoinRNi guess that I have configured something wrong in the rc.local, because these kind of problems came after i configured the 2 internet links23:03
Vog-workYeah I understand, I htink that this problem is on the winxp computer and not on the Ubuntu Server.23:03
Vog-workEither that or 2 computers are attempting to use one IP or one MAC address.23:03
Vog-work(I dounbt 2 computers would have the same mac address but I have seen the problems once before)23:04
Vog-work^^ (I doubt)23:04
uvirtbotVog-work: Error: "^" is not a valid command.23:04
Vog-workstupid bot.. :)23:04
CoinRNwell... so, thare is something that i can to confirm it? for be sure that the problems isn't the ubuntu server?23:05
CoinRNand thanks for the help man =D23:05
CoinRNbut, did you saw my rc.local? aparently are all ok there?23:06
CoinRNbecause I'm really noob on linux... =/23:06
CoinRNi have linux only at this Server and at my House (i installed 1 mounth ago... Ubuntu Intrepid)23:08

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