jtholmesmodprobe floppy then you have  /dev/fd001:39
jtholmes8.04 and 8.10  you have to modprobe floppy for  /dev/fdo01:40
jtholmesprobably 9.04 also01:40
cjwatsonnagappan: I believe that's a bug that's been fixed in 9.0402:10
cjwatsonnagappan: oh, sorry, dtchen already gave you the reference02:26
nagappancjwatson, thanks :)05:20
davmor2Morning All08:39
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jtholmesdavmor2 wrote calculator test case last eve pls check when you have time11:17
davmor2jtholmes: will do11:17
davmor2jtholmes: we dropped the "expected results" section other then that looks good11:19
jtholmesdavmor2, also I noticed that we cant use  texteditor  calculator  etc. for kde testcases unless we add a suffix to file name something this  texteditorub  texteditorkb  ub=ubuntu kb=kubuntu dont know if you folks want like names or not11:20
jtholmesok i will edit both kate and speedcrunch expected results sections11:22
jtholmesdavmor2, btw do you happen to live near cjwatson since both of you are in the uk11:24
davmor2jtholmes: no I think cjwatson is london end11:28
jtholmesdavmor2, one other item is it acceptable to put 'Under construction by blah' in the top of a test case when it is uncomplete and I have to step away for a bit?11:32
jtholmesblah=my nick11:32
cjwatsonI'm about an hour north of London11:34
jtholmesinteresting, never been to England, like to go someday11:35
davmor2jtholmes: you can just tag the page as incomplete in the description11:35
jtholmesdavmor2, ah, ok11:36
davmor2jtholmes: I'm in wolverhampton so there are about 100+ miles between us11:36
jtholmesdavmor2, is your local time about  11:40 right now11:37
davmor211:37 but yes11:37
* davmor2 -> lunch13:16
jtholmesdavmor2, are you running the testing meeting today?15:20
davmor2that would normally be heno15:20
jtholmesi didnt see him on so i wondered15:21
davmor2jtholmes: he isn't on irc that much now busy man15:21
davmor2fader_: I'll talk to you tomorrow about the translations thing when I got some idea down on the wiki19:04
davmor2right I'm off19:04
fader_davmor2: Rock on, thanks19:04
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