Unggnuhi all08:41
Unggnubryce_:  This bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/348428 is already fixed through disabling a previous patch but upstream has now released a libdrm patch for it so ?08:44
ubottuUbuntu bug 348428 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "Switching to another user and then to anything else causes freeze in drm_intel_bo_unreference ()" [High,Fix released]08:44
bryceUnggnu: good catch, that's the one jesse was working on today based on our work?08:49
brycebtw, regarding the wiki links that have spaces in them, usually when I run into such situations I take it as a clue that the section I'm linking to might need to be broken out into its own separate page.08:50
UnggnuYes in apply to our report afaik08:50
bryceunless there's problems with what we've changed, given we have only 1 day before final freeze, I'd leave it as is08:50
Unggnuok :)08:51
UnggnuBut the xv vt patch does make it?08:51
brycewhich one?08:51
UnggnuAccording to the wiki: Makes sense but some passages are small but practical like the description how to use the Apport crash message08:52
ubottuUbuntu bug 345796 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "[i855 i915] Xorg crashed with SIGSEGV in drm_intel_bo_unpin()" [Unknown,Fix released]08:52
UnggnuWhy fixed released?08:52
UnggnuHm, maybe ubottu reads the upstream report08:53
UnggnuThe patch is http://launchpadlibrarian.net/24880952/119_fix_vt_switch.patch08:53
bryceyes, I'll look at 345796 tomorrow, I think that should make it08:53
brycebasically anything assigned to me, or targeted to jaunty, or milestoned to 9.04 still could make it in, either pre-release, or during final freeze, or even as an SRU08:54
bryce_could_ :-)08:54
UnggnuWith it INtel seems quite stable atm08:54
bryceahh, now that's awesome to hear finally!08:54
UnggnuYeah, with Exa of course :)08:54
bryceI'm glad the last couple weeks have seen a lot of -intel fixes08:54
UnggnuI hope that UXA stays for a while08:55
Unggnuso it gets stable :)08:55
bryce"stays for a while"?  You mean stays off by default?08:55
Unggnuno, that they don't invent ZXA shortly after :)08:55
UnggnuThey are really fast with their bug fixing but they also push things to fast forward. E.g. I still need the Overlay-X option to get a decent video experience.08:57
bryceI totally agree08:58
brycewe need to be more aggressive at pushing bugs upstream to them, to slow them down :-)08:58
Unggnuyeah but probably won't help :-D08:59
bryceah, it might08:59
UnggnuThey should use launchpad for bug reporting. It is so easy then to push it upstream :)09:00
UnggnuLike hplip09:00
bryceyeah I know09:00
Unggnutwo clicks actually09:00
brycefor Inkscape, we use launchpad both for the project, and for the project in Ubuntu, and it makes bug management so easy09:00
brycenow if only Inkscape used bzr so it was easier to cherrypick patches ;-)09:01
UnggnuMaybe there will be a wrapper script someday09:01
tseliotfederico1: ping16:46
federico1tseliot: hey18:10
tseliotfederico1: news on you know what? ;)18:10
federico1tseliot: I was reviewing your patch for #568160, then got caught up with something else18:10
federico1I'm on it now18:10
tseliotfederico1: great, let me know if there's something which is not clear or which should be improved18:11
* jbarnes looks for manoj18:55
federico1tseliot: made some stylistic changes to your patch; I'm building it now to test it...18:57
federico1(you got caught by the pesky four-space tabs in that file...)18:58
brycejbarnes: callsign 'manjo'.  I pinged him on our internal IRC to come here.18:58
brycejbarnes: here he comes18:59
jbarnescool thanks18:59
jbarnesmanjo: just wondering about the sun java crash18:59
manjobryce_, 18:59
manjojbarnes, yes18:59
jbarneslp 337608, fdo 2073918:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 337608 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "[i945] X crashes in fbBlt() when using Sun Java Plugin 6 + firefox3.0 on Asus EEEPC 1000" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/33760818:59
manjojbarnes, will test now and confirm 19:00
jbarnesgreat thanks19:00
manjobe in a bit .. I am chowing down my lunch as fast as I can 19:01
manjojbarnes, thanks for pointing me to it 19:01
jbarnesmanjo: np, just trying to close all my ubuntu bugs upstream ;)19:01
* bryce hugs jbarnes19:02
manjono love for me for finding it ? 19:03
manjojbarnes, upgrading now will test as soon as its done and post results on both bugs19:04
* jbarnes shoots the messenger19:04
jbarnesmanjo: great19:04
* manjo thinks that is not a bug he will die for ... try again19:04
* bryce hugs manjo19:14
jbarneshugs >> bullets to the head19:16
federico1tseliot: committed to svn now - thanks for working on this :)19:19
tseliotfederico1: yes, I know, I used to code a lot in Python (hence the four-space tabs set in my IDE)19:19
tseliotfederico1: thanks :-)19:19
manjobryce, jbarnes sorry bad news19:31
manjobryce, jbarnes it still crashes19:32
jbarnesoh no19:32
jbarnesmanjo: what bits exactly?19:32
jbarnes2.6.28-11-generic & the 2.6.3 driver package?19:32
manjoii  xserver-xorg-video-intel                   2:2.6.3-0ubuntu8    19:35
manjo00:02.1 Display controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS/GME, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)19:36
manjolatest jaunty kernel19:36
jbarnesjust going to the test page w/firefox & scrolling right?19:37
jbarnesok I'll try again19:37
manjoI wil leave the bug as is you want me to comment ? 19:38
manjojbarnes, I can see this is a nasty one 19:40
jbarnescould you add your version info to it so I don't lose it?19:40
manjodone 19:41
jbarnesmanjo: yeah I think there's something funky going on with exa in this case19:44
jbarnesI have a patch that *might* fix things but I want to reproduce it so I can be sure19:45
manjook. do you know of any other website with embedded java applet I can test with ? 19:45
manjomay be this applet does bad things ? 19:45
* manjo thinking out loud19:46
manjoah but the correct behaviour is for the browser to crash not the xserver right ? 19:46
jbarnesyeah definitely :)19:46
jbarneseven if java is abusive we should at worst kill the app19:47
jbarneswow that was fast...19:47
jbarnesjust crashed it, I wonder if the earlier version of xf86-video-intel I tested with was ok but this one is broken?19:47
brycestealth patch ;-)19:48

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