virtxi try with noapic and acpi off00:00
erossquick question, synaptic is saying i have 3 updates for kernel headers but I'm using latest, Can I uninstall the and not screw my system up, so I don't get those upgrade messages? Is that the way to do it?00:00
QaDeShow can i uninstall a package without removing its dependencies?00:00
IenorandGeoffrey2: You could use a sermon from Stallman  :)00:00
sebsebsebvirtx: yes later versions of Ubuntu, may not work well on your machine00:00
virtxthat is why i'm downloading 8.04.200:00
GodfatherofEir1Jordan_U_, you there?00:01
sebsebsebIenorand:  maybe we can arrange a Richard Stallman visit for that guy :)00:01
Jordan_U_GodfatherofEir1, Yes00:01
[4-tea-2]eross: you can, but you lose the option to start with that older kernel from grub in case something with your default kernel goes awry.00:01
scunizivirtx: is this an older motherboard or newer ... in the last couple years.. does it have the gforce 8200 chipset?00:01
erossanother note on top of little to no antivirus required for basic desktop install, the linux filesystem does not need to be defragged.00:01
GodfatherofEir1Any ideas as to how to fix that?00:01
Geoffrey2sebsebseb, trust me, I understand the philosophy behind open source.....but if the open source option is simply too "alpha" to be usable, I'm not going to keep fighting with it til it's actually ready for widespread use00:02
erossi haven't gone backwards in two years :P00:02
sebsebsebGeoffrey2: oh my you called it open source, Richard Stallman would not be happy00:02
histoGodfatherofEir1: how to fix what?00:02
hwildeGodfatherofEir1, sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart00:02
[4-tea-2]eross: according to Murphy, the first time you will have to, will be when you can't.00:02
sebsebsebGeoffrey2: in fact,  in the article the bot says,  it even has the bit on Open source00:02
sebsebsebGeoffrey2: open source and free software are not the same thing00:02
meshuggahsebsebseb, i am waiting your answer00:02
GodfatherofEir1histo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/146524/00:02
scunizivirtx: you might try to add msi=nopci on the kernel line when booting.00:02
sebsebsebGeoffrey2: similar, but not the same thing00:02
GodfatherofEir1hwilde, tried that00:02
histoGodfatherofEir1: when are you getting that?00:02
erossguess i'll just upgrade, thanks for the sensibility lesson 4-tea-200:03
GodfatherofEir1histo: on login00:03
scunizivirtx: sorry.. pci=nomsi00:03
histoGodfatherofEir1: there permissions of /tmp changed00:03
Burntresistorwhats the best way to set up my slave drive with unbuntu  i tired installing unbuntu on it so it can serve as a backup and i can use it as a slave, but its coming up always as primary when i boot00:04
GodfatherofEir1histo: so how should I fix that?00:04
virtxscunizi, msi?00:04
Jordan_U_GodfatherofEir1, Just as a test try to run "touch /tmp/test"( to see if for instance / is being mounted read only )00:04
histoGodfatherofEir1: let me check something real quick00:04
IenorandAlthough Ubuntu is probably not the most un-hypocritical distro when it comes to *true* freedom00:04
histoGodfatherofEir1: sudo chmod 777 /tmp00:04
erUSULBurntresistor: that is something that is controlled by bios/hardware nothing any OS can controll00:04
shavinderwhere can i check information about processor and ram etc. like in windows we right click my computer> properties.00:04
Geoffrey2sebsebseb, the word "free" generally gets tossed around here too much, with entirely too many differing meanings....00:05
GodfatherofEir1histo: thanks a million00:05
histoGodfatherofEir1: np00:05
Burntresistorjumper settings are right  can i got into unbuntu bios and change  settings00:05
histoBurntresistor: ubuntu doens't have a bios00:05
Mr_OrangeI put a script in rcS.d that doesn't end. How can I use my machine now?00:05
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GodfatherofEir1 And now to get the driver for my wireless workin, then aircrack runnin....00:05
scunizivirtx: yep.. pci=nomsi.. not sure why it works but it does on my machine..00:05
sebsebsebGeoffrey2: indeed and that's half the  problem with the word.  ,but free software as in libre software,  and so  as in freedom00:06
sebsebsebGeoffrey2: not free as in price00:06
GodfatherofEir1The work never ends does it00:06
histoBurntresistor: you need to set one drive as master and one as slave.00:06
histoBurntresistor: or you can use cable select and put both drives on the same cable.00:06
Burntresistorthe one i want to be the slave is ide the master is a sata00:06
meshuggahBurntresistor, ubuntu bios?00:06
sebsebsebGeoffrey2: check out the articles on http://www.gnu.org  philopshey in about free software and that.  good reads :)00:07
meshuggahBurntresistor, ubuntu dony have bios, winshit doesnt have too, only your motherboard has00:07
gui-loveri cant find the installed wine applications in the gnome main menu. when i dir to home,00:07
kevin009anyone know how to unban yourself from denyhosts? i removed the entry from /etc/hosts.deny, but denyhosts just re-insers it when I restart the service00:07
Jordan_UGodfatherofEir1, WHat chipset?00:07
GodfatherofEir1Jordan_U, RTL8185L00:08
Geoffrey2sebsebseb, I think my point was missed though....however you want to define free, if the software doesn't work, it doesn't work....00:08
kevin009and of course I stop the service before I remove the ip from /etc/hosts.deny00:08
virtxscunizi, ok i'll try it's an nvidia with 8mb of memory00:08
sebsebseb!work |  Geoffrey200:08
GodfatherofEir1Well, working with the linux drivers for it anyway, as opposed to ndiswrapper, which aircrack cant work with00:08
ubottuGeoffrey2: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.00:08
Burntresistori know i misspoke i know where my bios is located i just want to know if its still accessible to change settings or im going about this wrong00:08
meshuggahBurntresistor, it is always accesible00:09
meshuggahBurntresistor, unless you screw up things00:09
robert__can some one help me turn on my wirless network addapter00:09
hajmolai was given an ipod touch... if I connect it to rhythmbox, will it sync and erase all the music on the ipod?00:11
ryan__I was looking at putting the GRUB boot loader on a floppy... is there any reason that it shouldn't work on a usb key?00:11
robert__can some one help me turn on my wirless network addapter00:11
rndmalsamixer won't take my volume above db gain=0.00 with master at 100%. (which means i can only turn sound down, not up). help!?00:11
rndmi have snd-hda-intel00:12
Burntresistorwill it just work as a formated slave as storage nstead  of having its own copy of linux on it  so it can boot , would that be a better solution00:12
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hipposhi all00:13
meshuggahhippos, hi00:13
ryan__Burn, was that to me?00:13
hipposi'm trying to fix sound output on a friend's LG laptop00:13
hipposhey meshuggah00:13
hipposmetal fan eh?00:13
meshuggahBurntresistor, what are you trying to do?00:13
ryan__I think it was =P00:14
hipposwhen they updated from 8.10 to a higher version, it broke sound output00:14
Burntresistormy goal is to have this 120gb drive as a slave to my master so i can more storage00:14
hipposi followed a tutorial where i manually reinstalled all the sound libs and so on00:14
rndmnvm. problem was a modestly set front channel00:14
Burntresistorlike i did on windows00:14
ryan__Oh, nope, not to me =P00:14
hipposon the ubuntu forums00:14
meshuggahBurntresistor, put the damn jumper00:14
ryan__Sounded like it though rofl, it was a good idea ;)00:14
hipposdoes anyone here have any ideas?00:14
Burntresistori took out the jumper cause thats what the settings required00:14
Burntresistorall off means no jumper00:15
meshuggahBurntresistor, slave on 120gb00:15
meshuggahmaster on the other00:15
meshuggahand after, mount the slave00:15
erosshe has sata on one, and wants the ide as a slave00:15
ryan__Burn, are they sata? pata? what?00:15
Burntresistorone is sata the other is ide00:16
hajmolai was given an ipod touch... if I connect it to rhythmbox, will it sync and erase all the music on the ipod?00:16
ryan__Which is sata? master or slave?00:16
jdsbluedevlhello, I'm updating everything, and during the updating I get a message saying I have an obsolete driver.  However, it says to install the same driver I already have installed.  I put it in a pastebin here: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/146537/00:16
GodfatherofEir1Anybody have experience with installing the RTL8185L linux drivers00:16
freemanHm, does anyone know much about modifying inputs with xorg.conf?00:16
jdsbluedevlcan someone help me get rid of this annoying message that always pops up00:16
deanyhajmola, doubtful00:16
ryan__Have you tried making the sata boot first in BIOS?00:16
hajmoladeany, thanks00:17
deanyhajmola, things just aint that developed yet.  just use virtualbox and an xp install...best be safe.00:17
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deanyi know ipod phones aint supported yet..00:17
Burntresistorboot first then add the second ?00:17
hipposso basically my question is, sound broke after update, what should i do?00:17
erossi guess iphones aren't supported yet either :/  funny thing, i sent them several emails and not heard one reply back about it00:18
dimedois it secure to trust that after activating "allow only encrypted connection" in my remote desktop setting, connections to my vnc server are always encrypted? how is this done?00:18
ryan__Ok, maybe I didn't understand your question... what isn't working Burn00:18
freemanDoes anyone here use Blender?00:18
Burntresistorwhat isnt working for some reason my computer has the slave set as master and it isnt the jumper settings00:18
erossfreeman - I do, they have a #blender channel if it's application related00:18
freemanWell, it's not necessarily related00:19
erossBurnt - you try the #hardware channel yet?00:19
GuiriHow can I pipe directory files to a script? cat * - | script00:19
ajrFlash wont work in firefox after upgrading to jaunty, even with plugins installed, is tehre a fix yet00:19
freemanI use a wireless mouse that has a mousewheel tilt function00:19
ryan__Look in your BIOS and make sure to set it so it checks your sata before ide, most are set up to check sata first00:19
ryan__Look in your BIOS and make sure to set it so it checks your sata before ide, most are set up to check ide first00:20
leagrisGuiri man xargs00:20
freemanAnd it breaks the rotation in it, and I was wondering how to disable the mouse buttons 6 and 700:20
Singeris it possible to specify a default port to ssh to in the ~/.ssh/config file?00:20
Burntresistorno but i will, im going to try to look in bios like it has been suggested ty for the help00:20
flipwheres the dude i was helping00:20
sententiousI'm thinking of buying a Netbook and putting a text-only Ubuntu or Debian on it. I understand that  on a 7-inch screen, the tty sessions would be super-small. Is there a way to increase the text size, or am I screwed?00:20
jdsbluedevlhello, I'm updating everything, and during the updating I get a message saying I have an obsolete driver.  However, it says to install the same driver I already have installed.  I put it in a pastebin here: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/146537/  Does anyone know how to keep this annoying message from popping up?00:20
Singersententious: magnifying glass? ;p00:21
filo1234Singer: you can set your port on /etc/ssh/sshd_config00:21
ryan__jds: Did you just try running it to see what happens?00:21
Titan8990jdsbluedevl, did you try running the command it says?00:21
Singerfilo1234: you missed my question00:21
jdsbluedevlyes.  I have it installed already00:21
Singerfilo1234: I want to ssh to this box to port XXX (XXX <=> 22)00:22
ryan__But even though it says that, did you still try to reinstall it?00:22
Titan8990jdsbluedevl, using that exact command after you recieved the error message?00:22
Singerso everything I go ssh blah@blah.com -pXXX00:22
jdsbluedevlthere really is no error in the system, just really annoying00:22
ryan__Did you try just running that command?00:22
Singeris it possible to put something in my local ~/.ssh/config so that it goes by default to port XXX when I ssh to host blah?00:22
filo1234Singer: oh ok i understand now ;)00:22
jdsbluedevlwell, I used aptitude instead00:22
sententiousSinger: funny, funny. I'm told there is something I can edit in the grub menu.lst file or something, but i'm not sure. Perhaps a vga setting? Do you know?00:22
dumdumzAnyone know how to get audacious player info to show in conky? I read somewhere I have to compile it but don't know how to do that.00:22
Droopsta915I have some hidden files on my desktop. How can I unhide the file so that it's visible?00:22
erossfreeman - dont know about your mouse buttons00:22
dumdumzctrl + h Droopsta91500:23
ryan__Woah? dum, you serious?00:23
dumdumzryan__, yes00:23
ryan__Are you meaning just on the desktop you can do that?00:23
tbird02 lolz00:23
ryan__Or in file browser?00:23
dumdumzin the file browser00:23
ezzieyguywuffor some reason any time I scroll anything, xorg freaks out and uses an inordinate amount of  cpu. top shows it going up to 101% if i scroll up and down fast enough. I'm runnin a T60p with an ati V5200. I get the same symptoms with and without compiz and with both the open and proprietary drivers. Help!!!00:23
ryan__Oh, ok, I knew that part =P I thought you were saying on the desktop =P I was like awesome00:24
GodfatherofEireSo, anybody got any experience with the RTL8185L chipset?00:24
tbird02hey i got a couple questions for my headless server00:24
Droopsta915dumbumz: thanks, I learn something new everyday with Ubuntu.00:24
BigMoopiesHello, I am wondering if it is possible to auto start a terminal program each time I login and for it not to close.  Would I want to put that in .bash_profile or .bashrc ?  Or would that just open it up each terminal tab and create an issue ?00:24
tbird02hey i got a couple questions for my headless server00:25
carpii__it should be ok in bash_profile, but you might want to add & to make it go into the background00:25
Titan8990!anyone | tbird0200:25
ubottutbird02: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?00:25
Guirileagris: Thanks. I'm using find /media/ExternalHD/Movies | xargs /bin/riff currently. Any tips? Seems to find everything instead of just the .avis00:25
dumdumzAnyone know how to get audacious player info to show in conky? I read somewhere I have to compile it but don't know how to do that.00:25
jdsbluedevlTitan8990: only difference between message and what I did was I used aptitude rather than apt-get00:25
Singerubottu: habit..00:25
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about habit..00:26
tbird02do i need to install anything but a SSH server and VNC server on my headless server?00:26
Titan8990jdsbluedevl, that shouldn't matter since aptitude calls apt-get00:26
Singertbird02: why VNC?00:26
Titan8990tbird02, VNC???00:26
tbird02a gui backup...i'm a noob00:26
ezzieyguywufBigMoopies: system>>Preferences>>Session. Just add you're program/script00:26
Titan8990tbird02, it should have no GUI00:26
jdsbluedevlright, so yeah, I did what it said00:26
Singerno, that's all you need00:26
tbird02why not?00:26
bunjeeis there a linux program resembling quickbooks with Ubuntu?00:27
Singerfor me, its SSH + Puppet00:27
BigMoopiesezzieyguywuf, would I be able to actually see it and it stay open ?00:27
SingerI <3 Puppet00:27
carpii__bunjee, not really. theres homebank which is ok, but theyre all pretty primitive really00:27
Titan8990tbird02, because its absolutely worthless to a server and takes away from your valuable server resources00:27
RedMushroomwhat can i use for boot options from the live cd? is there a way to boot into a terminal from the live cd?00:27
tbird02what if i dont use the GUI and just stick with the CLI?00:28
SingerTitan8990: VNC Server (unused) is pretty light00:28
Titan8990tbird02, not to mention insecurities in VNC00:28
ezzieyguywufgMoopies: if it has a GUI then you will see it, and it will stay open until the program terminates or you exit it00:28
Titan8990Singer, but xserver-xorg, in general, is not00:28
SingerTitan8990: true..00:28
bunjeehomebank in add/remove programs?00:28
galvanizeHi all.00:28
Singerthere are some cases where I install xserver..00:28
galvanizeI was wondering how I would view all processes running in top? For instance scrolling down?00:29
carpii__get htop00:29
Titan8990tbird02, as far GUI administration, you should use web tools such as webmin, phpmyadmin, and phpsysinfo00:29
Singerwhere I work, all backend servers get xserver + vnc but its not enabled by default00:29
galvanizecarpii__: ok. thanks.00:29
Titan8990tbird02, but then again, I have no idea what you plan to use this server for00:29
ezzieyguywuffor some reason any time I scroll anything, xorg freaks out and uses an inordinate amount of  cpu. top shows it going up to 101% if i scroll up and down fast enough. I'm runnin a T60p with an ati V5200. I get the same symptoms with and without compiz and with both the open and proprietary drivers. Help!!!00:29
Singertbird02: oracle?00:29
tbird02just a backup fileserver, maybe some torrents00:30
stealth-whats the gnome file browser? im messing around with it, and i need to start it from cli00:30
RedMushroomhow can i use the live cd to boot into a terminal?00:30
carpii__stealth-, try nautilus00:30
Titan8990tbird02, you don't need a server for that00:30
ezzieyguywufstealth-: I believe its metacity00:30
bunjeecarpii__ how does this install again?00:30
Titan8990tbird02, unless its a fileserver for a large number of clients00:31
ezzieyguywufstealth-: ah no its nautilus00:31
erosshow do i turn off the sticky keys00:31
carpii__sudo apt-get install htop00:31
Titan8990tbird02, if its your home personal file server, might as well just use one of your desktops00:31
stealth-RedMushroom: you can boot the cd normally, then press ctrl+alt+F1, or you could get into one by running the terminal app00:31
leagrisGuiri find /media/ExternalHD/Movies -type f -iname "*.avi" | xargs /bin/riff00:31
stealth-carpii__: thanks00:31
tbird02well whats wrong with using SSH for the fileserver?00:31
Titan8990tbird02, but, if its also to learn how to manage a headless linux server, stick with it00:31
Matsonwhat is "hardy" mean00:32
stealth-!hardy | matson00:32
ubottumatson: Ubuntu 8.04-LTS (Hardy Heron) was the eighth release of Ubuntu. Downloading: http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.04 - See !lts for more details.00:32
Titan8990tbird02, ssh is secure but slow, you just need to weigh speed vs encyption00:32
MatsonIm running Hardy...00:32
Titan8990tbird02, I used webdav for my home file sharing, scp when I need something in a hurry00:32
RedMushroomstealth-: ctrl+alt+f1 does nothing00:32
Titan8990tbird02, ftp and NFS are also good choices00:32
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Singerits a proven fact that SCP/SSH is slow00:33
stealth-RedMushroom: in the live cd? try other ctrl+alt+Fsomethings00:33
Titan8990tbird02, but again, if you are going accross the internet, ssh security ftw00:33
Matsonthe Ubuntu installer should tell the person what the name of the install they are installing00:33
RedMushroomand i have to boot into a terminal. my desktop is fubar and not working00:33
Matsonif it did, it was not obvious enough, I just did it 6 times in a row00:33
leagristbird02, rsync does wonders00:33
RedMushroomstealth-: yeah, live cd. ok, trying00:33
tbird02well i set up ftp already.  thats what i use to transfer files but trying to learn ssh00:33
Titan8990Singer, yeah, encyption adds quite a overhead00:33
galvanizeanyone looking forward to jaunty?00:33
Titan8990tbird02, imo ssh is easier than ftp, but learning is always good :)00:33
Guirileagris: Thanks. That's pretty close to what I was using. /bin/riff is actually vlc transcoding, set to us $1. I think that's where my error's coming from right? The $1?00:33
ActionParsnipgalvanize: already got ;)00:33
galvanizeActionParsnip: not final release correct?00:34
RedMushroomstealth-: tried it, nothing for ctrl+alt+f1 - f1200:34
ActionParsnipgalvanize: correct00:34
bytor4232galvanize, I've got it installed on a desktop and my two lappies.  Thinking about hacking it onto my daughter's Eee00:34
leagrisNFS should be avoided on the wide internet00:34
Titan8990tbird02, ftp servers require configuration but ssh only requires sudo apt-get install ssh-server00:34
ianm_galvanize: using it!00:34
Titan8990tbird02, unless you want public key auth00:34
galvanizeActionParsnip: Had it too. Then decided to revert back to Intrepid. Found it to be little buggy.00:34
dumdumzAnyone know how to get audacious player info to show in conky? I read somewhere I have to compile it but don't know how to do that.00:34
SingerTitan8990: SSH/SCP isn't orptimized for large file transfers..00:34
Matsonwhat is the default MTA for ubuntu?00:35
MatsonI was using exim4 on debian00:35
tbird02let me take that back. i'm using the ssh server, using winscp on my windows box to transfer files.00:35
ActionParsnipgalvanize: runs perfect here, not had an issue personally00:35
tbird02how do i set up ftp?00:35
Titan8990Matson, exim4 for debian postfix for ubuntu00:35
Matsonbut looks like postfix and exim4 are available on ubuntu00:35
stealth-RedMushroom: hm... well i suppose you might be able to stop the X server, which should drop you to a terminal, but it would be easier to do whatever you need to do from a GUI terminal...00:35
Titan8990Matson, either will work00:35
galvanizeActionParsnip: Good to hear. I had minor bugs with wine in jaunty.00:35
Titan8990Matson, if you already know exim4, i recommend sticking to it00:35
MatsonTitan8990: sure, but I want to go with whatever most people are using00:35
leagrisGuiri you could debug using a vanilla script that just dump its parameter00:35
galvanizeWill be downloading final release though :)00:35
MatsonTitan8990: I've done all of em00:35
Titan8990Matson, why is that even a factor?00:35
RedMushroomstealth-: how might i try that?00:35
GuiriDang. I was following along until there.00:36
stealth-RedMushroom: killing the X server? Or using a GUI terminal?00:36
Matsonmore support, other people working to solve current issues00:36
ActionParsnipgalvanize: did you use the wine off the wine repos?00:36
bytor4232galvanize, I'm mostly using just the base system, with xfce4 installed (not xubuntu).  The For the ubuntu-desktop and xubuntu-desktop machines, I'm waiting for stable.00:36
bytor4232galvanize, But I had to have XFCE 4.6, so I upgraded early!00:36
ActionParsniptbird02: sudo apt-get install proftpd00:36
RedMushroomanything that'll let me boot to a "terminal" or text based interface off the ubuntu live cd00:36
Titan8990Matson, I have add good experience with the exim4 mailing list....00:36
galvanizeActionParsnip: Yes, I was.00:36
ActionParsniptbird02: default settings will default users to their home dir00:36
ActionParsnipgalvanize: ok cool00:37
galvanizeActionParsnip: Besides that minor bug, I was loving Jaunty.00:37
Titan8990Matson, but anyways... postfix would be more popular in ubuntu because it is easier... many to most ubuntu users are new to linux00:37
git__is there a software to break captcha?00:37
tbird02k what do i use to connect to it00:37
Titan8990tbird02, ?00:37
galvanizeActionParsnip: Actually can't wait for Koala, rumors of a new colour is very good!@00:38
stealth-RedMushroom: well there is a program that comes on all installs, and should definately be in on the live cd. Basically its a terminal that runs as a window. In gnome, its located at: Applications --> Accessories --> terminal00:38
tbird02will winscp  work?00:38
ActionParsniptbird02: any ftp client, windows you can use filezilla or command line, linux has a vast array of clients00:38
Titan8990tbird02, if you are using fail windows00:38
tbird02fail windows?00:38
RedMushroomcan anyone tell me how to boot to a text based interface from the ubuntu live cd?00:38
Titan8990tbird02, yes, windows = fail00:38
Titan8990tbird02, the two words are synonymous00:38
tbird02haha i see00:39
* RedMushroom facepalms at Titan899000:39
stealth-RedMushroom: I still dont understand why you need to...00:39
tbird02so i can transfer files using winscp. is that ftp or ssh00:39
Preplexedcan some one please help me with session00:39
GodfatherofEireAnybody have any experience with the RTL8185L chipset?00:39
Titan8990tbird02, ssh (scp, sftp)00:39
ubuntuif my HD is encrypted i am guessing i can't update my /boot bootloader through livecd?00:40
Titan8990tbird02, you will likely not see transfer speeds greater than 3mb/s over ssh00:40
ubuntuso i can boot windows00:40
tbird02i dont mind that. its wireless anyway00:40
dumdumzAnyone know how to get audacious player info to show in conky? I read somewhere I have to compile it but don't know how to do that.00:40
tony2009will Ubuntu auto detect a Nvidia 9800GTX+ 512MB?00:40
ActionParsniptbird02: grab filezilla and it can connect to the ftp server00:40
Titan8990tbird02, I have pulled 15mb/s on the same network using http....00:40
tony2009dumdumz: no idea sorry mate00:40
tbird02hmm ok. is that faster?00:40
RedMushroomstealth-: because i need to run the dd command on the hdd to reformat the bugger because it's got something messed up on it that won't allow the computer to boot properly from the hdd. it's an issue w/ a config file00:40
RedMushroomand i need to wipe and reinstall00:40
tbird02is it as secure?00:40
tony2009will Ubuntu auto detect a Nvidia 9800GTX+ 512MB?00:41
leagristony it should. I had a 7800GTX 250Mb00:41
Titan8990tbird02, if you run it over ssl, but that will likely slow the speed00:41
Matsonis there a tool to sort human-readable disk sizes like output by du -h?00:41
tony2009leagris: ok thans.. then what do I do to test it?00:41
stealth-RedMushroom: that  can be done from the GUI terminal... The GUI terminal is the same as the normal terminal just inside a GUI window00:41
Titan8990Matson, like how?00:41
ubuntutony go to system>administration>hardware drives to check00:41
RedMushroomstealth-: i can't get to the GUI because the GUI is the part that's messed up00:42
filo1234RedMushroom: you can delete splash quiet option on kernel line and add single00:42
stealth-RedMushroom: the gui on the live cd00:42
tbird02hmm. okay let me get filezilla00:42
Titan8990filo1234, it will still auto-start gdm00:42
tbird02whats puppet btw?00:42
filo1234Titan8990: no i have tryed now00:42
stealth-RedMushroom: but you should be able to kill the xserver in the live cd with this command: gksudo "/etc/init.d/gdm stop"00:42
RedMushroomstealth-: when i try to load that it pulls info off the hdd and presents the same issu00:42
traskbtAfter trying to modify the E17 menu, my system-wide xdg menu got messed up, is there a way to regenerate the default XDG menu?00:42
traskbt(I'm sitting in GNOME at the moment)00:43
ubuntutony2009, boot with livecd then system>administration>hardware drives to check00:43
RedMushroomstealth-: how can i input that command?00:43
MatsonTitan8990: sort them by size00:43
stealth-RedMushroom: ah! I see your issue now, if you cant even get into the livecd, try filo1234's method00:43
Matson4.0K, 48K 3M 3.5G  etc00:43
filo1234RedMushroom: you can delete splash quiet option on kernel line and add single00:43
=== ubuntu is now known as ubuntu2
Titan8990Matson, you could use a bash script, not sure if someone has already released a utility to do it00:43
=== ubuntu2 is now known as ubuntu2234234
tony2009ubuntu what will "hardware drives to check" do?00:43
RedMushroomwhat's kernel line?00:43
filo1234and you can choice root00:44
tbird02whats puppet btw?00:44
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about puppet00:44
filo1234RedMushroom: f6 for more option00:44
Titan8990tbird02, never heard of it00:44
Matson"sort" support numerical00:44
tony2009tbird02: a stick man on a strong :)00:44
Matsonyes, ooking at writing it, hoping not to duplicate effort00:44
=== GodfatherofEire1 is now known as GodfatherofEire
RedMushroomnow you say delete the splash quite line. for me, when i press f6 i get "00:45
tony2009ubuntu what will "hardware drives to check" do?00:45
scuniziIs there a way to grep the kernel to see if it has code/driver for an Intel 537epg pci soft modem?00:45
filo1234RedMushroom: when you boot live cd and choice try or install ubuntu, press f6, delete splash and quiet and add single00:46
RedMushroom"file=/cdrom/preseed/ubuntu.seed boot=casper only-ubiquity initrd=/casper/initrd.gz quiet splash --00:46
lavagolemkingHow would one bring up the dialog to update the grub menu after a kernel update?00:46
stealth-um... im in nautilis as root, and i just deleted something i needed, how can i get it back?00:46
jduWhat is ubuntu's support like for 5 1/4 inch floppies?00:46
jribstealth-: your backups00:46
filo1234RedMushroom: yes00:46
jrib!recover | stealth-00:46
ubottustealth-: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel00:46
stealth-jrib: its not that important, its only been on the harddrive for a couple minutes00:47
RedMushroomfilo1234: you mean make it "file=/cdrom/preseed/ubuntu.seed boot=casper only-ubiquity initrd=/casper/initrd.gz single"00:47
stealth-jrib: there is no other way?00:47
filo1234RedMushroom: yes00:47
tbird02does filezilla do network transfers? I cant see a networked comptuer.00:47
jribstealth-: is the file open still?00:48
traskbtHow can I get the default GNOME menu back?00:48
stealth-jrib: file manager? yes00:48
jribstealth-: no.  The file00:48
Guirileagris: I settled on find /media/ExternalHD/Movies -type f -iname "*.avi" -print0 | xargs -0 /bin/riff . One last question: Any way to make the script repeat after the movie finishes and also randomize the find so it doesn't find the same thing each time?00:48
stealth-jrib: it was actually a directory, so no00:48
Jordan_Utraskbt, Do you want to set your panels completely back to defaults or do you just want to re-add "Applications" ?00:49
GodfatherofEireAnybody have any experience with the RTL8185L chipset?00:49
traskbtJordan_U, just re-add applications (and get them set up structurally like they are in a fresh install), resetting panels is okay too if that has to be done00:49
Matsonis there an equivalent of rcconf on ubuntu?00:49
jribstealth-: then no, there's no other way00:50
filo1234RedMushroom: with this option you boot on recovery mode00:50
=== jean is now known as Guest87064
stealth-jrib: that sucks, okay, thanks anyways00:50
Matsonrcconf lists all the rc.d init scripts and manages the symlinks to start and stop services at bootup00:50
Geoffrey2sebsebseb, is there a utility out there that can locate any files/programs on your computer that is not "Free Software"?00:50
Jordan_UGodfatherofEire, It *should* work out of the box on intrepid00:50
jribstealth-: it's not in the trash right?00:50
Mene-MeneTried out 8.10.00:50
GodfatherofEireJordan_U, yeah, it does, partly, but with poor signal quality00:50
Mene-MeneStill not seeing the wire.00:50
tbird02does filezilla do network transfers? I cant see a networked comptuer.00:51
stealth-jrib: no00:51
=== edgex-__ is now known as edgex-[a]
Jordan_UGodfatherofEire, Reported signal quality or noticeably poor performance / dropped connections?00:51
stealth-jrib: its all good, it was just a screensaver file. If I like the look of the other colors, ill go find the one i deleted again, thanks00:52
GodfatherofEireJordan_U, Have I? No, but I have noticed em00:52
leagrisGuiri I can"t find a program like sort but to randomize the order. You could try to generate a m3u playlist and asks vlc to play it randomly00:52
Matsoninitclt, rcconf, chkconfig - which is ubuntu standard?00:52
Jordan_Utraskbt, To get the main menu pack just right click the pannel > Add to pannel > main menu00:52
Mene-MeneI think it's a motherboard thing.00:53
Guirileagris: excellent idea. Can use find to create and output to a text file?00:53
Guirifrom what I understand, that's all an m3u is, right?00:53
traskbtJordan_U, I have the menu icon, I mean I want to regenerate the xdg MENU itself (the applications and sub-menus of the main GNOME menu)00:53
leagrisGuiri any shell command can output to whatever if you gives a redirector >file00:53
traskbtJordan_U, the file is /etc/xdg/menus/applications.menu and mine isn't what I would like it to be.00:53
leagrisGuiri you can reformat the output using awk to match a playlist00:55
Guirileagris: Thanks much for your patience. Trying that now00:55
=== dj801` is now known as dj801
=== VE2EBP is now known as ve2rwg
Guirileagris: Output doesn't seem to have line breaks, oddly enough00:55
tbird02why are there red lines that cross my chat window??00:56
Matsonin 8.04 - is it using upstart or init?00:56
=== GodfatherofEire1 is now known as GodfatherofEire
ubottusigh... again? I'm busy here, I already told you it failed.00:57
traskbttbird02, lots of GUI IRC clients show lines across showing you where you moved the mouse away from the window, so it's easier to see what you have read and haven't read00:57
Jordan_Utraskbt, Have you tried running sudo update-menus or renaming the old configuration file then running update-menus ?00:57
traskbtJordan_U, both00:57
WindmillObsessed@traskbt: wow, that's cool, thanks for the tip. It would've bugged me too until I figured it out00:58
traskbtWindmillObsessed, you're welcome? What did I do?00:58
Jordan_Utraskbt, Are you sure that the problem is with the system wide config file and not your user's ?00:59
johann__hi !!!00:59
tbird02what's the best torrent solution for a headless server00:59
WindmillObsessed@ traskbt: explained the red lines00:59
linxehtbird02: rtorrent00:59
traskbtJordan_U, yes, I am, the system-wide is the one I have changed00:59
linxehassuming you mean a bt client00:59
TheDracleHm, I have something strange happening. When I use jockey-gtk, and select to 'Activate' the ATI/AMD proprietary FGLRX graphics driver, the 'Downloading and installing' bar pops up for a moment, then immediately disappears- with no effect.00:59
traskbtWindmillObsessed, oh, okay01:00
TheDracleThis is for Ubuntu 8.1001:00
Mene-MeneI don't know what else I can do.01:00
tbird02what about torrentflux01:00
=== adsgfsdg is now known as flip
Mene-MeneIt doesn't work in 9.04, and not in 8.1001:00
flipflip can i get some help with an out of range error01:00
poseidonwhere is the jdk put during installation from apt-get?01:00
linxehtbird02: it sounds evil01:00
Mene-MeneThe driver won't install even if I follow the instructions to the letter.01:01
traskbtI wish I could Alt-Tab between Windows and Ubuntu..01:02
stealth-I cant set my resolution any higher than 1024x768 in either gnome or kde. I want it higher, any ideas?01:02
Mene-Menetraskbt: That's called a VM01:02
stealth-also, my moniter is registered as "unknown"01:03
linxehtbird02: personally I'd prefer to use ssh to access everything, but it doesnt look that bad if you want that kind of thing01:03
traskbtMene-Mene, but I'd prefer "real" installs of each, never been a fan of virtual OSs.01:03
Giotraderhelp install? I have a RAID 0 and 2 IDE drives, Ubuntu alternate CD only see 1 IDE drives and gives me an error message when trying to partition the RAID 001:03
Jordan_Utraskbt, Get two computers and a KVM switch :)01:03
filo1234Giotrader: raid 0 see only one drive01:04
flipCan someone help me with a out of range error please i have more details i just cant post them here01:04
linxehtraskbt: with proper hypervisors each OS is a proper install...01:04
Giotraderi have 4 drive 2 of them or SATA in a raid 001:04
Giotraderso the OS should see 3 drives01:04
solexious|netbkI have just started my ubuntu server with a new pci network card in it. I have got a connection light on it but its not showing up when I do a ifconfig. What do I have to do to install it or enable it?01:04
traskbtJordan_U, I have multiple computers, but I do need Windows and Ubuntu on one machine (it's my best one, and the only one that will play LOTRO on Windows ;])01:05
mib_bnhyqdhi, how do i expand a partition in gparted?01:05
Mene-MeneI'm out of things to try, any ideas?01:05
Mene-MeneI'm still pretty new.01:05
filo1234Giotrader: is right, raid 0 = 2 drive like one01:05
Jordan_Utraskbt, So is the problem with the file that you made a modification that you now don't want? If the problem is with a modification you made then update-menus should fix it.01:05
traskbtJordan_U, it should, but it doesn't01:06
traskbtJordan_U, it doesn't actually change the file at all.01:06
ussertraskbt, give andLinux a shot. it works pretty good01:06
robert__need help instaling ndiswrapper01:06
hyp0cracihey i was wondering if someone could help me out with my sound issue, i just got ubuntu 9.04 up, am real new to linux at this point, I have read all the stuff i could find on goodle/ubuntu site and still have no sound01:06
Jordan_Utraskbt, OK, try running "update-menus --stdout > /tmp/freshmenu.menu" and then replace the file manually01:07
robert__need help instaling ndiswrapper01:07
Jordan_Uhyp0craci, 9.04 is not released yet, questions should be asked in #ubuntu+101:08
Jordan_Urobert__, Are you sure that ndiswrapper is needed for your card?01:08
flipCan someone help me with a out of range error please i have more details i just cant post them here01:08
traskbtJordan_U, that leaves me with a blank menu01:08
robert__i thank so well im positive01:08
SohmaHey everyone question. I just downloaded and installed Unbuntu as another OS. I never used a linex program before and am looking on how to install and where to install drivers for my Linksys Wireless B PCI card01:08
hyp0craciok ty, not sure if its release related or just a linux thing with my sound chip :oP ill try there first01:09
Jordan_Utraskbt, Did it create a file /tmp/freshmenu.menu ?01:09
RedMushroomabout how long does it take the dd command to finish erasing a drive?01:10
poseidonwhere is the jdk put during installation from apt-get?01:11
traskbtJordan_U, yeah, it's populated with stuff, but it doesn't look like an xdg menu01:11
Jordan_USohma, Look for software in Applications > Add / Remove and check System > Administration > Hardware Drivers for your card ( you may need to do some work if there is nothing there and your card still does not show up in network-manager )01:11
Paco_Pacowhat is the bot called?01:12
Mene-MeneAny suggestions for getting a driver to work?01:13
Mene-MeneIts designed for RedHat I believe, and well... yeah.01:13
=== tk|away is now known as tk
usserRedMushroom, depends on the size of the drive and if you're overwriting it with /dev/zero or /dev/random01:14
Lint01how the Add/Remove Programs applet is actually called?01:14
RedMushroomusser: 20gb drive, using /dev/zero01:14
usserRedMushroom, shouldn't be more than an hour01:15
Jordan_Utraskbt, In what way does it not look like an xgd menu? If you move it to /etc/xdg/menus/applications.menu does it work?01:15
usserRedMushroom, half hour i'd say01:15
usserRedMushroom, maybe less01:15
RedMushroomcool. thanks01:15
TheFunkbombCould someone help me set up file sharing between Ubuntu 8.10 and Win XP?01:15
Jordan_UMene-Mene, What driver?01:15
Mene-MeneGetting a link for you...01:15
Mene-MeneHmm... That won't get you what you want will it?01:17
gvsa123hi i'm having problems installing googleearth on ubuntu. i get the error: /home/girard/.googleearth'. File exists.01:17
gvsa123./googleearth-bin: relocation error: /usr/lib/i686/cmov/libssl.so.0.9.8: symbol BIO_test_flags, version OPENSSL_0.9.8 not defined in file libcrypto.so.0.9.8 with link time reference01:17
flipCan someone help me with a out of range error please i have more details i just cant post them here01:18
Matsonflip: use http://pastie.org/01:18
Shhhi need help01:18
Shhhi istalled ubuntu via Wubi, and i was having problems with it and so i ran the uninstaller.01:19
Shhhnow how do i reinstall?01:19
Shhhi didnt delete any of the files01:19
solexious|netbkI have just started my ubuntu server with a new pci network card in it. I have got a connection light on it but its not showing up when I do a ifconfig. What do I have to do to install or enable it?01:20
LewisSharpHi, I installed a working mail server that can receive mail. Though I can't send without being block for multiple reason (one being a missing reverse DNS). So, I'd like to use a SMTP server with Auth and force postfix to send mail through that smtp server. I've look on google and on the wiki but doesn't looks like I have what I need there. :(01:20
tonyyarussosolexious|netbk: does it show up in ifconfig -a?01:20
AntiochWhats the channel for the Jaunty channel? It used to be in the topic but its not there now.01:21
tonyyarussoLewisSharp: For instance, relaying through GMail?01:21
tonyyarussoAntioch: #ubuntu+101:21
LewisSharptonyyarusso: Actually Yahoo01:21
tonyyarussoLewisSharp: Hmm, okay.  I'm guessing it's relatively similar, but you'll have to do a little bit of legwork.  The config for GMail is in http://files.tonyyarusso.com/postfix_config_gmail.tar.gz01:22
solexious|netbktonyyarusso, yes as eth201:23
FlynsarmyNvidia just released new drivers for ubuntu that appeared in my update list. How do i find out information on what the changes are? Been waiting for twinview without x restart for ages01:23
tonyyarussosolexious|netbk: You'll need to assign it an IP address and netmask then.  The ifconfig man page will tell you how.01:23
=== kevin_ is now known as uvacav
LewisSharptonyyarusso: Thanks, this might take me a while to apply though :)01:24
solexious|netbktonyyarusso, do you know how to set it up to look for a dhcp server?01:24
zozobraI've installed 8.10 and in my xorg.conf, there's no section for input device for my touchpad. My touchpad is really slow. How can I get a proper xorg.conf?01:24
tonyyarussosolexious|netbk: yes.  'sudo dhclient eth2'.01:25
filo1234zozobra: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg01:25
Jordan_UMene-Mene, What hardware do you need drivers for? ( specific chipset if you know it )01:25
zozobrafilo1234: I did that, and the new xorg.conf looks the exact same as the last one01:25
=== jamieleshaw is now known as Ubnut
solexious|netbktonyyarusso, Many thinks01:26
Mike_lifeguardHow much time should I allot to re-partition my HD and install intrepid?01:26
UbnutHello, Is there a way i can get a new fstab01:26
krammer_how can i change the downloads to a certain distination besides the folder downloads01:27
filo1234krammer_: with firefox?01:28
Jordan_UMene-Mene, Do you see any drivers available in System > Administration > Hardware Drivers?01:28
romanhey guys, i've got a question. i'm currently fiddling with a separate x-screen for an emulation setup (fullscreen emulation on one screen while having the normal desktop on the other), and wanted to know if it would be possible to somehow "lock" my gamepad to one of both x-sessions. at the moment, the time i focus the "desktop" session with the mouse (e.g. do something in it), the gamepad ceases to work on the other screen, which of course is no01:28
romant desirable in my kind of setup. is there any way to change this behaviour? thanks in advance :)01:28
xooxHow do I determine why update-manager wants me to restart?01:28
unopkrammer_, edit -> preferences01:29
=== tk is now known as tk|away
=== toast is now known as toste
krammer_unop, i was thinking the preferences were under ubuntu lol01:29
filo1234krammer_: modify > preference> download-------save on01:29
krammer_Thanks stupid me01:29
Mene-MeneJordan_U wouldn't that require internet access?01:30
Mene-MeneBut I'll go check, the comp's just down the hall.01:31
FlynsarmyAnyone know if the nvidia 180 drivers support twinview without x restart?01:31
UbnutI deleted my fstab what do i do?01:31
SaturnDriveri'm having trouble getting the jack sink module installed for pulse audio, can anyone help?01:32
Mene-MeneNo drivers for lan anyway Jordan_U01:32
dumb_dumbany one here try to used xen with ubuntu hardy server edition01:33
dumb_dumbhow to enabled the serial port on guest os?01:33
xeroI've already tried #pulseaudio and #bluez (and #bluez-users) so i'll ask you guys:01:34
crazypoultrysorry for what may seem a little silly, but hopefully a easily solved question.  I have an older desktop sitting beside my desk that i would like to use as a media server(ubuntu 8.10) and would like to know if it is possible to connect to it using vnc over an ethernet cable from my win xp desktop01:34
bsharittHaving an odd problem with Ubuntu 8.04 that I haven't seen before. The main hard drive(the 4 hard drives in the raid are fine), is showing as 74GB total(which is correct), 74GB in use(should not be this) and 30GB free(sounds right, though conflicts with used space). This is causing me to be unable to install updates or run some services(intermitent X issues and MySQL won't start.) I've already run a full fsck it completed 01:34
botux1anyone good wiht samba?01:34
xeroWhen I try to use my Moto S9 with PulseAudio (0.9.15-test7 compiled from source) I get the following from BlueZ(yes I have version 4.34 also compiled from source)01:35
xerobluetoothd[27192]: Accepted new client connection on unix socket (fd=15)01:35
Jordan_Ucrazypoultry, It is01:35
xerobluetoothd[27192]: Audio API: BT_REQUEST <- BT_GET_CAPABILITIES01:35
xerobluetoothd[27192]: Audio API: BT_ERROR -> BT_GET_CAPABILITIES01:35
xerobluetoothd[27192]: Unix client disconnected (fd=15)01:35
xerobluetoothd[27192]: No known services for device01:35
FloodBot1xero: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:35
Mene-MeneIt doesn't work in Ubuntu either.01:35
Mene-MeneSorry, windows.01:35
crazypoultryjordan_u: anyway you could be so kind as to point me in the right direction to get started01:35
xeroPastebin for 5 lines is great. Anyway i get this http://paste.ubuntu.com/146579/ when pairing my moto S901:36
scuniziok.. the latest Cups update changed the way to restart cups.. it use to be /etc/init.d/cupsys restart and NOW it's /etc/init.d/cups restart .. these niggly changes without notification drive me nuts.01:36
botux1i need help with samba01:36
xeroscunizi, i hate it too. DontZap by default has annoyed me to no end.01:36
xerobotux1, ask the question. Don't keep saying you need help.01:37
=== ryanCH_ is now known as ryanCH
xeroi get this http://paste.ubuntu.com/146579/ when pairing my moto S9. BlueZ version is 4.34 and Pulse is
xerobotux1, don't apologize to me. I have no authority, lol.01:37
zionpsyferI'm having trouble getting pictures off of my Canon Rebel XT, it worked prior to the upgrade to intrepid.  I suspect it has to do with the changes with udev to hal and consolekit.  As consolekit has no man page and I've no idea what I'm doing in there, anyone with experience that can help?01:38
botux1i can see my windows pc froim ubuntu but cant get into it when i click it it says unable to mount01:38
Jordan_Ucrazypoultry, Install ubuntu, connect the two pc's, give them both static ip addresses on the same network ( but not on the same network as your connection to the modem you use to connect to the internet, different interfaces can't have overlapping networks ). Then go to System > Preferences > Remote Desktop and allow remote access via vnc01:38
xeroi get this http://paste.ubuntu.com/146579/ when pairing my moto S9. BlueZ version is 4.34 and Pulse is 0.9.15-test7. Anyone able to help at all? I'm using the Jaunty beta by the way.01:39
crazypoultryjordan_u:  tyvm, will try it out and see what happens :)01:39
Jordan_Ucrazypoultry, np, good luck :)01:39
showersi just moved over to ubuntu and everything is nice... except in Thunbderbird where all my message listing are in bold, which makes it impossible to pick out the read messages from the unread messages. anybody else ever have this problem01:39
droneI just upgraded to jaunty amd64 yesterday and now my apps, places, and system menus have no icons in them at all01:40
dronenot sure how to fix it. I already deleted my gnome config files and started over but that didn't help01:40
xerodrone, install alacarte and run it01:40
xerosudo apt-get install alacarte && alacarte01:40
Jordan_U!jaunty | xero, drone01:40
ubottuxero, drone: Jaunty Jackalope is the codename for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 23rd, 2009 -  Schedule in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyReleaseSchedule - Lots of breakage between now and April 23rd - Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion and support.01:40
xeroJordan_U, my BlueZ and Pulse aren't from Jaunty.01:41
dronethanks, I wasn't sure if there was a different area for that01:41
xero"Lots of breakage" does not apply here because...well... it isn't from the distro.01:41
Jordan_Uxero, That may be the problem then, either way we don't support jaunty here until it is released01:41
jtgirihi guys, I am trying to use snmpwalk and i get command not find, how can I install it ? i did snmpd already01:41
carpii__did you apt-get snmp too ?01:42
carpii__client tools as opposed to server01:42
droneI realize you guys aren't support the 9.04 beta, but I just wanted to note that alacarte is already installed and even though I can see icons in there, they are still not present when the menus are dropped down01:43
dronejust in case someone else asks01:43
jtgirithat was it, thanks01:44
xerodrone, check the boxes near them01:44
ubottumotu is short for Masters of the Universe. The brave souls who maintain the packages in the Universe section of Ubuntu. See  http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU01:45
solexious|netbkHow can I tell dhclient to allways look on my eth2 as I have to run it at boot01:45
zionpsyferI've got a number of questions on udev, hal and consolekit related to getting a camera to be recognized.01:45
minimike150Does anybody know how to get a second generation Ipod Touch to mount or to be able to sync etc ?01:47
ahornerI recently installed 8.10 and all the updates. I restarted for the first time and now I have incompatable resolutions for both my monitors (1920x1080, 1440x900) and can't see a thing.01:48
m1dn1ghtHey guys - I'm getting some weird feedback through my speakers when I do various things on the screen (e.g move a window around) - has anyone ever heard of this or know any way to troubleshoot it?01:49
sYskkwhere can I find startup services in ubuntu ?01:49
carpii__m1dn1ght, on board sound card ?01:50
m1dn1ghtcarpii__: nods01:50
carpii__i doubt theres much you can do unless you can filter it out using yur amp settings01:50
carpii__get a basic soundblaster pci, theyre like £1 these days01:50
dronexero, I tried all manner of things with alacarte and nothing fixed the issue01:50
m1dn1ghtcarpii__: just a really bizarre situation.  Brand new motherboard.01:50
carpii__its quite common with onboard sound01:51
ahornerwhat's the xorg reconfigure command?01:51
m1dn1ghtsYskk: preferences > sessions01:51
SaturnDriversudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg i believe01:51
carpii__check your cabling too i guess, make sure its not too close to the puter01:51
Jsonhey guys, which method do you use to access files on a VPS?01:51
mint3hey guys01:51
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SaturnDriverahorner: np01:52
m1dn1ghtcarpii__: thanks for the hints01:52
mint3am trying to access my laptop from my pc (both running ubuntu) . how can i manage it? Via samba?01:52
socerboyhey guys01:52
yvaHi, I've installed gedit-latex and it has added a toolbar. How can I remove it?01:52
carpii__mint3, id probably go for nfs01:52
gojedaHow can I setup an Air card Sprint Wireless modem01:52
=== Jean is now known as Guest61541
carpii__samba is not great, and mostly used in a windows or mixed env01:52
sYskkm1dn1ght: I dont have a GUI01:52
gojedaUbuntu is not picking it up for some reason although is connected through USB01:53
mint3carpii__,  - i got windows on both and would want to access my files over irrespective of the o,s01:53
mint3as in from ubuntu, access windows and windows accessin ubuntu01:53
mint3that possible ?01:53
carpii__ok then samba is really your only option01:53
socerboyi could kill u at soccer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!01:53
SaturnDrivermint3 - i'm not sure what you mean01:53
mint3SaturnDriver,  - i got 1 pc (2 partitions, 1 ubuntu 1 vista) and 1 laptop (2 partitions, 1 ubuntu, 1 vista)01:54
gojedaHow can I setup an Air card Sprint Wireless modem?01:54
SaturnDrivermint3 - what are you trying to do01:54
mint3accessing documents01:54
SaturnDriverwhich OS to which OS01:55
mint3from my pc, accessing my laptop documents and vice versa01:55
mint3ubuntu - ubuntu01:55
yvaIs there a way to remove plugin toolbar in gedit?01:55
mint3and if possible ubuntu - vista01:55
thewrathhow do i move my private key and public key for ssh to a different machine01:56
mib_flsm76socerboy: do you have anything ubuntu related01:56
FloodBot1socerboy: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:56
SaturnDrivermint3 - you should probably just use samba01:57
socerboyshut up man01:57
gojedaSo no one has ever used an Air Card before01:57
SaturnDriversocerboy - who are you talking to01:57
mint3ok SaturnDriver . i just did. i downloaded it via terminal, dont know where its gone now. how do i start it up, SaturnDriver  ?01:57
socerboyhi fag01:58
unop!ot | socerboy01:58
ubottusocerboy: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:58
eseven73!ops | socerboy01:58
ubottusocerboy: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!01:58
socerboyOK SMARTPENS01:58
* unop waits for a penny to drop01:59
mint3anyone ?01:59
kevin009what is the name of the app that allows you to click on nm-applet and choose a wi-fi network?01:59
yvaIs there a way to remove plugin toolbar in gedit?02:00
unopkevin009, nm-applet ??02:00
unop!info nm-applet02:00
ubottuPackage nm-applet does not exist in intrepid02:00
Fujisan!info windows xp02:00
ubottu'xp' is not a valid distribution ['dapper', 'gutsy', 'gutsy-backports', 'hardy', 'hardy-backports', 'intrepid', 'intrepid-backports', 'jaunty', 'jaunty-backports', 'kde4-ppa', 'kde4-ppa-intrepid', 'kubuntu-experimental', 'kubuntu-members-kde4', 'medibuntu', 'partner']02:00
=== tk|away is now known as tk
Fujisanubuntulog is broke i think02:01
Fujisani men the bots02:01
minimike150Is there a way to disable a network card on the network manager? Im using a USB for my wireless but my wireless network card inside my computer keeps trying to connect02:01
durtkevin009, unop, the package name is network-manager02:01
Fujisanubottu> 'xp' is not a valid distribution  <-- huh???02:01
kevin009well, i did a base install and then added gnome to slim the system. I don't have that friendly wi-fi manager, even though I installed nm-applet02:01
user22Not gonna switch to Linux if I can't use Firefox or Opera to access secure pages, how do I do that?02:02
jp_sfhello, when I create a user I got the infamous "Your account has expired; please contact your system administrator" how to enable this account created ?02:02
kevin009perhaps i'm missing a lib for wi-fi network discovery02:03
FujisanHey, you should check out this cool IM program I use, Trillian.  It allows me to talk to people on all the major IM networks.  You can find out more about it at http://www.ceruleanstudios.com/02:03
mint3i just did sudo apt-get install samba4  . installed everything. but how do i start it02:03
ron2010help with usb mouse working in virtual box02:03
thewrathhow do i move my private key and public key for ssh to a different machine02:03
ron2010anybody know how?02:03
jribthewrath: ssh-copy-id is one way02:03
unop!info network-manager-gnome | kevin00902:04
ubottukevin009: network-manager-gnome (source: network-manager-applet): network management framework (GNOME frontend). In component main, is optional. Version 0.7~~svn20081020t000444-0ubuntu1.8.10.2 (intrepid), package size 291 kB, installed size 2724 kB02:04
jribthewrath: well that copies your public key anyway02:04
thewrathi have them on two different computer02:04
kevin009i've got network-manager-gnome installed02:04
thewrathi do have the putt private key file on my ubuntu machine02:04
thewrathi need private key jrib02:05
kevin009i'm going to run it from the terminal and see if it prints useful info02:05
unopkevin009, you should then be able to launch nm-applet02:05
jp_sfhello, when I create a user I got the infamous "Your account has expired; please contact your system administrator" how to enable this account created ?02:05
jribthewrath: it's in ~/.ssh/, go ahead and copy it02:05
thewrathjrib: not in windows02:05
user22How do I get Opera or Firefox to access pages like MSIE?02:05
jribthewrath: ##windows for windows help02:05
thewrathi created hte file in putty in windows and want to bring it over to my ubuntu02:05
kevin009it launches, it just doesn't show available networks02:06
jp_sfuser22: what are you trying to do ?02:06
geniiuser22: Firefox has an addon called User Agent which can be useful for sites which claim only viewable with IE, etc etc02:06
RxDxplease, anyone here has an iphone or ipod touch and is running it on linux?02:06
minimike150same problem RxDx02:06
yvaRxDx: minimike150 +102:06
RxDxminimike150, i need to find a way to jailbreak it and install apps02:06
minimike150i have an ipod touch and looking for a way to mount02:06
RxDxme too02:07
kevin009the option "wireless networks" is greyed out, even though I am connected to one :)02:07
jribthewrath: you want puttygen: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html02:07
unopkevin009, how did you connect to this wireless net?02:07
thewraththat is to create one though isn tit02:07
AnnonyMouse3hey guys. trying to fault-find a voip system on my LAN, so I want to use ncat, but I see the ncat provided by the repositories (via router-audit-tool) does not correspond to the ncat detailed on the nmap.org site02:07
jribthewrath: it lets you convert it to openssh as well02:07
RxDxminimike150, ipod touch first or second gen?02:07
Ninhalemis there a specific procedure for asking help on a specific problem?02:07
minimike150most website inform me that second generator ipods cannot be jailbroken so I cant do that way02:07
minimike150mine is second02:08
user22Trying to do online secure **it, as it is the logins are whited-out or not visible with Firefox or Opera.02:08
kevin009perhaps that's the issue02:08
unopAnnonyMouse3, maybe they mean netcat or nc instead02:08
jribuser22: example?02:08
RxDxminimike150, there is already an automatic way to jailbreak ipod touch second gen ;)02:08
unopkevin009, it is .. nm-applet ignores interfaces that are manually configured (for odd reasons)02:09
minimike150RxDx, do you know how to?02:09
AnnonyMouse3unop : doh! thanks02:09
elitecoderI'm reading https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/firewall.html regarding ufw masquerading, and it doesn't specify which file the DEFAULT_FORWARD_POLICY line goes into. Which one is it?02:09
AnnonyMouse3silly me02:09
user22Can't do online banking02:09
jribelitecoder: umm, doesn't it say the file?02:10
elitecoderI read it a couple times02:10
elitecoderit's actually a bit confusing on that part02:10
mcpancakeshi, question, it seems recently that when I might click on a link outside of Firefox (pidgin, IRC, others), the link does not open in Firefox. anyone know any solution? It's the only browser I've got installed, so the 'default browser' is not the issue.02:10
elitecoderit says two files, but specifies them after it says to set DEFAULT_FORWARD_POLICY02:10
jribelitecoder: I'm staring at it right now: "in /etc/default/ufw change the DEFAULT_FORWARD_POLICY"02:10
user22It's like the website recognize I'm not using MSIE and react negatively.02:10
kevin009how can i delete the manual config?02:10
elitecoderjrib: that's a folder02:10
jribelitecoder: are you certain?02:10
elitecoderwell i was02:10
ron2010anybody know how to resolve usb mouse in windows using virtual box02:11
elitecoderbut not now, i see the default i'll check there -.-02:11
jribelitecoder: it's a file on my machine02:11
elitecoderi was in the ufw02:11
elitecoderthanks for that02:11
Ninhalemthanks ahead of time for any help. question: Is there someone available here to help with a boot load problem involving "Non-System disk or disk error?"02:11
elitecoderyeah was in the wrong folder.. sigh lol02:12
PhotoJimNinhalem: non-bootable flash drive plugged in, or non-bootable floppy disk in your drive?  that's the usual cause.02:12
elitecoderthx again02:12
thewrathjrib: invalid file format02:12
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m1dlghi all, I am still having issues changing owner on my drives, but not having permission to do this (even using sudo)02:12
=== Trotsky_Cat is now known as Lenin_Cat
jribthewrath: I know nothing about putty other than it's a program on windows.  From the website, it seems like you should be able to convert it (and the existence of a menu item suggests the same)02:13
coocoloCan someone help me install SSH server on Intrepid Ibex? I used to just do sudo apt-get install ssh02:13
coocoloit says thats been replaced with openssh-server and i tried apt-get install openssh-server with no luck02:13
kevin009oh ok it's /etc/network/interfaces02:13
Lint01user22, maybe it's because of lacking ActiveX capability?02:13
thewrathi did convervations then export openSSH key02:13
tonyyarussocoocolo: "it" being?02:13
coocolowell it says package openssh-server has no installation candidate02:13
tonyyarusso!info openssh-server02:14
ubottuopenssh-server (source: openssh): secure shell server, an rshd replacement. In component main, is optional. Version 1:5.1p1-3ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 278 kB, installed size 764 kB02:14
m1dlghow to I make my Windows drive (known as Games or sdd1) my drive and not root's?02:14
tonyyarussocoocolo: Try doing an apt-get update first.02:14
geniim1dlg: Ownership of entire devices like drives is decided at boot time by the udev subsystem. No amount of changing permissions on /dev/sda for instance will stick because it is set during each boot. Make a subfolder on whatever drive which can be manipulated instead02:14
coocolothis is a fucking pain02:14
tonyyarusso!ohmy | coocolo02:15
ubottucoocolo: Please remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.02:15
m1dlgHow do I change it from boot time as I need to make repetered changes, and it WAS working a couple of weeks ago02:15
coocoloused to be simpel to install SSH, why doesnt come installed by default anyway02:15
PhotoJimcoocolo: it's not installed by default for security reasons.  but it's not hard to install.02:15
m1dlggenii: How do I change it from boot time as I need to make repetered changes, and it WAS working a couple of weeks ago02:15
geniim1dlg: Mount options also play in when filesystem is ntfs or such02:15
tonyyarussocoocolo: because it would violate the no-open-ports security policy.  It installs the exact same way as before - you have something else wrong with your system right now.02:15
coocoloPhotoJim: I installed it a million times before but its not working now02:15
=== tk is now known as tk|away
coocoloits a fresh install so not sure what that could be02:16
PhotoJimcoocolo: are you sure?  ps aux | grep sshd   ... does it show the task?02:16
coocoloim tryin an apt-get update and apt-get upgrade02:16
coocolothen ill try it again02:16
coocoloya it shows sshd there alread02:16
PhotoJimcoocolo: then there you go.  it's running.02:16
PhotoJimcoocolo: so your issue isn't installation.  it's configuration, or usage.02:17
NinhalemPhotoJim: I downloaded the iso image of i386 Ubuntu 8.10 desktop and burned it to a disk using my slowest write speed (4x). I inserted the disk and got this messaged when I the disk started to boot up: "PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable. PXE-M0F: Exiting Broadcom PXE Rom." This message displays before the non-system disk error.02:17
m1dlggenii: ok, how do I use mount options as the drive is saying owner is root, and it used to be mu username in permissons tab in probertys. I can't copy or move the drive, I used to be able to copy and past.02:17
coocoloconnection refused even when I do ssh localhost02:17
=== mib_gmax0qu9 is now known as duud
coocoloand from a remote machine, same thing02:17
PhotoJimm1dlg: sounds like a bad burn, or a bad download.02:17
coocolowhen I do /etc/init.d/sshd restart "no such file or directory"02:18
m1dlgI dont understand how it could affect all drives, yet was Ok02:18
coocolosudo /etc/init.d/sshd -- command not found02:18
coocolothis is bonkers02:18
cherwindfasdf/etc/init.d/ssh - lose the d02:18
PhotoJimcoocolo: sudo /etc/init.d/ssh restart02:18
coocolosame thing02:19
coocolocommand not found02:19
botux1how can i get temp root access so i dont have to log out and back in as root02:19
infomomocoocolo: whereis sshd or whereis ssh02:19
Lint01where is cron folder?02:19
iceroot!sudo | botux102:19
ubottubotux1: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)02:19
tonyyarussoPhotoJim: in Debian-derived systems, it's 'sudo invoke-rc.d <service>' preferred over 'sudo /etc/init.d/<service>'.02:19
coocolossh: /usr/bin/ssh /etc/ssh02:19
infomomoLint01: whereis cron02:19
PhotoJimcoocolo: I dunno.  I have an /etc/init.d/ssh file.  if I run it it restarts my daemon.  and as far as I know, it's installed even if you don't have ssh installed.02:19
botux1im trying to creata directory and its failing and i used sudo02:20
infomomocoocolo: /etc/ssh restart ? have you tried ?02:20
PhotoJimtonyyarusso: yes, I'm learning that.  I've used Debian/Ubuntu for lots of years but I hadn't heard that syntax until a couple of weeks ago.  Old habits die hard. :)02:20
tonyyarussoPhotoJim: understandable :)02:20
botux1saying permission denied02:20
coocoloill try after i do the update02:20
coocoloits almost done02:20
infomomobotux1: hmm, whera re uyou trying to create >02:21
coocoloive never had such a hard time and ive done this a million times02:21
coocolothats why i was baffeled, figure it was cus of 8.10 which i havent used yet02:21
infomomobotux1:  the directory is proably WR- for root02:21
botux1a directory in /mnt for my windows share02:21
kevin009ok i cleared the wifi info from /etc/network/interfaces, but it still connects automatically and nm-applet doesn't work correctly02:21
zaccourI'm about to try out Debian 5 and Mandriva.02:22
Matsonis there a script of a dpkg-reconfigure that will walk me through the ip/netmask/gateway networking setup?02:22
zaccourI'm about to try out Debian 5 and Mandriva. Are these similar to Ubuntu?02:22
zaccourand yes, its on topic because im asking for Ubuntu comparisons02:22
tonyyarussozaccour: Debian will be pretty close, but Mandriva uses a different packaging system.  Still, since it's not support-related, this is better for #ubuntu-offtopic.02:23
m1dlgok guys, how do I give myself the permissions of root just for editing content of drives, to act like root as admin when it comes to moving files and using mount and gparted02:23
coocoloi cant belive this SSH thing, its crazy02:23
coocoloi mean i have literally done this a thousand time02:23
minimike150m1dlg, you could use nautilus02:24
infomomocoocolo: last option is log out of session let all servcies restart02:24
badpenguin86Anybody know a feed reader that is compatible with the newsgator service?02:24
coocoloinfomomo: well sshd in ps aux | grep says its on but i havent even installed it yet02:24
eqisowm1kdlg: not really a good idea, just use root/sudo for those tasks02:24
coocolokept getting errors about replaced packages and what not02:24
m1dlgI'm just trying to undo whatever it was that broke this, because I was working like this without special permissons to mount umount cut paste etc.02:25
coocoloso im doing an update now, if it doesnt work after this and a restart, not sure02:25
ahornerHow would I install the ATI restricted drivers from command line?02:25
infomomocoocolo:  WT..buntu :D02:25
ron2010anybody know how to work usb mouse in virtual box?02:25
infomomoron2010: should work automatically, if not then add USB device02:27
ahornerI installed 8.04 then immediately upgraded to 8.10. Didn't install the restricted video drivers, then rebooted. Now all I get is a black screen after the ubuntu loading screen.02:27
infomomoron2010: from your virtual image parameters02:27
Matsonin /etc/network/interfaces - do I add "network"  or "network"02:27
infomomoahorner: why didnt you install 8.10 right away !!!!02:27
coocoloupdate fixed it02:27
coocolothank god02:27
coocoloi was like wtf!02:28
PhotoJimhmm, weird glitch.  glad it's fixed, anyway.02:28
infomomocoocolo: seeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!\02:28
ahornerinfomomo: Because I didn't have a live cd of it and didn't want to download it.02:28
=== tk|away is now known as tk
infomomoahorner: that sucks :(02:28
ahornerI guess all I would need to do is install the ATI restricted drivers but I would need to be in some sort of video mode or know how to do it from command line02:29
ahornerI've already reconfigured xserver02:29
minimike150Does anybody know if its possible to disable a cirtain network card from the network manager?02:29
infomomoMatson: ooops, sorry:"network netmask"02:29
alaforestjoin #linux-meetup-quebec02:30
pahomahorner: try sudo apt-get install nevyng-gtk. after install run envyng -t02:30
ahornerpahom: ok, ill try that02:30
thewraththey are shooting me back over here02:31
thewrathubuntu uses openssh correct02:31
PhotoJimthewrath: yes02:31
thewrathgrrrr stupid putty02:32
mattI'm having a problem with my sound thats been goin on for a while now and I can't find a fix. I use a creative fx sb1090 usb out board device through usb. everything works fine EXCEPT for flash video. i get the video part, but the sound wont come out of my usb device. i chose the device through the gui. every other type of audio will work. the odd thing is is that the sound works through my integrated audio, even if is not selected as the d02:32
mattevice for playback. my last resort was to just disable on board audio in bios which i just did, and still no flash sound through my usb device. can anyone help?02:32
infomomothewrath: use minicom on ubuntu or teraterm on windows :D02:32
thewrathinfomomo: to convert?02:33
thewrathi need to convert my key infomomo02:33
infomomothewarth: what key ?02:34
infomomothewrath: ssh key ?02:35
thewrathinfomomo:  yes i am trying to convert my ssh key from windows putty to ubuntu to use it in ubuntu02:36
=== Sancas_ is now known as sancas
juniechohi, while installing a word processor program, i got this error: ./haansoft-hwp7-installer: error while loading shared libraries: libqt-mt.so.3: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory02:37
juniechowhat package do i need? :)02:37
infomomothewrath: use teraterm brother, works everytime02:37
thewraththat is a client isnt it02:37
jdsandesonAnyone know how to get an older logiteck quick cam to work?02:38
thewrathinfomomo: i shutdown my windows machine what program in ubuntu02:38
marcoaahola a todos02:38
thewrathwhy use that what if i have to authentiate02:38
marcoaaquien quiere platicar avec moi en spagnol02:38
botux1anyone know how to make a folder shortcut in nautilus ont he desktop02:39
mothdragonokay so i did something stupid... i was playing with my resolution and set it to 340x200... then I oculdn't change it back... tried to follow some advice online and edited my xorg.conf file... but now when ubuntu loads it insists on going into low graphics mode... I don't know how to stop it from doing that... And I need to get my nvidia drivers working... help, please?02:40
p_Hey all! I'm wondering if I can upgrade from 8.10 to 9.04 using the 9.04 live CD?02:40
tonyyarussobotux1: right-click, create launch, type: location02:40
BlackCoffeehi,i have no text in most menus of some apps(example:kmess,kvirc)anyone knows where i should look in to fix this?02:40
ubottuJaunty Jackalope is the codename for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 23rd, 2009 -  Schedule in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyReleaseSchedule - Lots of breakage between now and April 23rd - Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion and support.02:40
p_Thanks minimike150.02:41
thewrathany help here?02:41
space_cadetUbuntu Intrepid.  I have compiz cube and want different wallpapers for each cube face... I do not want to "disable draw desktop" in nautilus.   I have been perusing the internets, and have found this... http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=3694361&postcount=5  anyone have any ideas?02:41
BlackCoffeethewrath:you could start by asking a question02:42
pinPointhey I just did a mail server guide and I am towards the end and getting errors using telnet02:42
mothdragondoes anyone know anything about setting the video modes in 8.10?02:42
pinPoint"root@server01:/etc/init.d# telnet localhost imap02:42
pinPointtelnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused"02:42
mothdragonspecifically for an unknown nvidia card?02:42
thewrathBlackCoffee:  i have02:42
botux1there is no create launch02:42
thewrathconvert putty generated ssh private key to openssh02:42
Z32KyleHello all :)02:43
thewrathi think i found a workaround have a seperate key for every computer i connect from just in case if one key gets comproised02:43
Z32KyleI'm trying to guide a friend over skype in installing ubuntu 8.10 on his lenovo t500 series laptop02:43
Z32KyleInstaller drops to a terminal02:43
botux1tonyyarusso: there is no create launch02:44
infomomothewrath: minicom02:44
DaveJansenHi Guys! I've got a (hopefully) quick question! I'm running into a problem with my Ubuntu 8.10 installation, where it states there are 810 (!) broken packages. Running repair fails on a package called 'xserver-xorg-inputz', which apparently does not exist.. Any help would me MUCH appreciated, I can't continue working until this is solved. Please ask if any more info is needed!02:44
tonyyarussobotux1: Right click on the desktop, not in nautilus.02:44
DaveJansen(pardon the somewhat long question)02:44
mothdragonhello i'm trying to get my 8.10 out of low graphics mode... is anyone here qualified to help? I've tried looking online, but i'mnot finding helpful info there...02:44
space_cadetHas anyone attained different backgrounds for each cube face while still retaining your icons and right click menu's??02:45
coocoloanyone know of a simple way to edit deb package dependencies?02:45
botux1oh lol02:45
n8tuserDaveJansen-> a new install? you may as well re-install to completion02:45
tonyyarussocoocolo: You have to edit the source package and re-build it.  Dependencies are defined in debian/control.02:45
DaveJansenn8tuser: I just installed it yesterday, is reinstallation the only option? That kinda sucks..02:45
Matsonwhat do I use to set which services start and stop on the server at boot time?02:46
Matsonon debian I used to use rcconf - is there somethin like that for ubuntu?02:46
n8tuserDaveJansen-> whatever you messed with that requires that many broken packages? or it seems you really was not able to complete the install02:46
mapreduceHow can I install Ubuntu into a directory without being root?  I know of debootstrap, and of fakechroot and fakeroot, but I could do with a pointer to step by step instructions.02:46
wooook so i put a wireless G card in my machine02:46
zloogMatson: I belive you put what you want in /etc/init.d/rc.local02:46
wooohow do it test it out02:46
tonyyarussoMatson: you can do the same thing.  I like the sysv-rc-conf tool myself (ncurses-type pseudo-GUI).02:46
clearscreenMatson, gnome has an option to configure that.. check your administration menu02:47
mattI'm having a problem with my sound thats been goin on for a while now and I can't find a fix. I use a creative fx sb1090 usb out board device through usb. everything works fine EXCEPT for flash video. i get the video part, but the sound wont come out of my usb device. i chose the device through the gui. every other type of audio will work. the odd thing is is that the sound works through my integrated audio, even if is not selected as the d02:47
mattevice for playback. my last resort was to just disable on board audio in bios which i just did, and still no flash sound through my usb device. can anyone help?02:47
n8tuserMatson-> update-rc.d02:47
Matsonclearscreen: not using a gui02:47
space_cadetHas anyone attained different backgrounds for each cube face while still retaining your icons and right click menu's??02:47
space_cadetUbuntu Intrepid.  I have compiz cube and want different wallpapers for each cube face... I do not want to "disable draw desktop" in nautilus.   I have been perusing the internets, and have found this... http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=3694361&postcount=5  anyone have any ideas?02:47
Matsontonyyarusso: will check out sysv-rc-conf02:47
thewrathminicom will convert my key for me infomomo ?02:47
Z32KyleHas anyone had issues before installing ubuntu 8.10 on a lenovo t500 series laptop?02:47
DaveJansenn8tuser: It worked fine until I tried to get compiz to work using this guide: http://tr.im/ipGq. I have removed the changes but I'm guessing it happened after running the first command02:47
Matsonzloog: for boot yes - was thinking more on "does apache2 boot at startup" and such02:48
infomomothewrath: it will let you login02:48
n8tuserDaveJansen-> to reconstruct what you have done or undo will take as much time as a fresh install (40 mins)02:48
DaveJansenn8tuser: Great.. guess I'll have to reinstall then. Thanks for the help though!02:49
infomomois v2.6.29.1/ the latest kernel for ubuntu ? reference: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/02:49
ubottuThe core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages02:49
n8tuserDaveJansen-> if you have a separate /home, its should not be overly difficult02:50
thewrathwhere is the sources.list file at02:50
minimike150unrelated to the question but it could have helped :)02:50
infomomothewrath:  /etc/apt/02:50
pacolis anyone here?02:50
pacolyeah! :D02:51
psywipedpacol,nope sorry02:51
infomomopacol: come on man !!! 1340 users !!!!02:51
* psywiped »» Music: (Stopped) «» Battles - Race: Out «» 00:00/03:29 ««02:51
brunnerHey folks02:51
coocolodoes anyone know how to edit the dependencies of a deb package?02:51
kitchepsywiped: your script is against the channel rules just so you know02:51
coocoloi just need to edit nvidia-glx-new to nvidia-glx-18002:51
psywipedops sorry wrong channel02:51
pacoli've just configured ubu...02:52
pacolso happy :D02:52
lewenchI am having a problem with a script. with an echo I ask a question ex. "Your name" then I proceed by doing a read to set the variable ex read lewench linx  my question is when i want to recall this in a program, there is an error with the space. because it uses a "\" it keeps telling me its invalid, even after I set the "\" accordingly. Im I missing something?02:52
space_cadetcommand to figure out gnome version?02:52
space_cadetcommand to figure out gnome version?02:52
RedMushroomdoes anyone know why a fresh install of ubuntu would start in low-graphics mode?02:52
fus10nx-wPlease help ha ha02:52
fus10nx-wdoes anyone know how to edit the dependencies of a deb package? I need the package to look for nvidia-glx-180 instead of nvidia-glx-new02:52
infomomoeverytime i want to install new kernel it keeps asking me for  wireless-crda :(02:52
pacolredMushroom u don't have drivers02:52
brunnerI just installed ubuntu server (amd64) on a dell server, and when it starts up, eth0 doesn't come up by default.  Here's my /etc/network/interfaces file: http://pastebin.com/m17c08a6702:53
kitchefus10nx-w: there is a howto for that on ubuntu's site02:53
RedMushroompacol: funny, i had them two days ago when i first installed on this box02:53
n8tuserRedMushroom-> common denominator..every  video is supposed to support vga02:53
pacolRedMushroom: check forums02:54
coocoloya been googling for a while on how to fix this02:54
tonyyarussobrunner: I think you want 'inet static' rather than 'net static'.02:54
coocolothought this would be an easy task02:54
usserbrunner, i dont think half of it is valid, try with something simpler like that http://pastebin.com/f5f365c9202:55
kitchecoocolo: it is use the ubuntu site instead of jsut random googl esites02:55
phucãin chào02:56
phucco ai nhan ko02:56
DoitleIs there a way to reset my paths file in ubuntu?02:56
brunnertonyyarusso: sure enough.  Thanks alot.02:57
elitecoderbleh what's the command to edit the run levels?02:57
elitecoderI wanna add something02:57
elitecoderliek rc0, default, etc.02:58
lewenchI am creating a small basic script for some commands. I am having a problem with this piece. Its very baisc, Im  learning as I go (never made a script before). http://pastebin.com/d696b8249 I don't know why when I set the BSSID that has a space I add "\" due to the special character i.e the space, but It seems as the exec is not inputting this correctly. This works with BSSID's that have no space. Can anyone tell me what I might be02:58
tonyyarussolewench: you might try to just enclose it in quotes instead of trying to escape spaces.03:00
tonyyarussolewench: (but #bash would know better)03:00
bonnyrcanyone use compiz fusion with default settings? if so could you export the settings in .profile and upload03:00
bonnyrcthx :)03:00
Z32KyleWhat would cause the ubuntu installer to drop to the command prompt rather than go to the gnome desktop, without any errors printed to the terminal?03:01
l3iohazardHi I am a noob with ubuntu and can't figure out how to get the desktop cube to work.03:02
bonnyrcl3iohazard, install compiz fusion03:02
L3dPlatedLinuxwas wondering how to go about making a script that would mount a nfs share??03:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about compuiz03:02
l3iohazardIts already installed03:02
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz-fusion03:02
PhotoJiml3iohazard: do you need a script?  you could jsut have it in your /etc/fstab file and it would mount at boot.03:02
minimike150try that IRC channel or the howto03:02
Z32Kylebiohazard you need to install the compiz settings manager03:03
l3iohazardI have03:03
bonnyrcl3iohazard, if it works with you export the default settings for me03:03
clearscreenl3iohazard: install compizconfig-settings-manager and enable the cube.. or you could just set stuff to High in your gnome appearance config03:03
bonnyrcjust install settings manager03:03
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:03
l3iohazardI dont know if my GPU is supported.03:03
minimike150Have you installed the correct drivers?03:04
l3iohazardI think03:04
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
minimike150check if your driver has been enabled03:05
Z32Kylenobody can offer a suggestion to my issue?03:05
l3iohazardIt says its enabled03:05
minimike150Have you ran the compiz setting manager?03:05
Iceman_B^Ltophow can I see what version of irssi is in the repo's ?03:05
minimike150ok well can you check if the desktop cube is enabled03:06
jribIceman_B^Ltop: apt-cache policy irssi03:06
l3iohazardWhen enable the desktop cube and hold Ctrl + Alt it only show one window instead of the cube.03:07
Comradehow do i send an email with the command prompt?03:07
minimike150I think I know03:07
bonnyrcl3iohazard, make 4 desktops03:07
minimike150on the bottom right of your screen - you need to have 4 or more03:07
bonnyrcin 1 row03:07
psywipedl3iohazard you only realy see the cube if you grab it on the desktop03:07
psywipedand yea you need at least 3 desktops for it to work03:07
minimike1503+ Workspaces in a column for it to have the 'Cube' or 'Triangluar' effect03:08
bonnyrcno one can export .profile of default settings for me ?03:08
l3iohazardOne second03:08
psywipedstill cant figure out how to accessthe next row03:08
jribbonnyrc: /etc/skel/.profile03:08
l3iohazardI have the columns set to 2 and rows set to 2.03:09
psywipedi want a tessrat03:09
bonnyrcjrib, no I wanted .profile from ccsm03:09
minimike150make 1 column and then how ever many sides you want03:09
jribComrade: you probably just want to use something like esmtp...03:09
minimike150more than 303:09
jribbonnyrc: why?03:09
Comradejrib, I have to use mail03:09
minimike150and then the cube will desplay the workspaces you have set03:09
bonnyrcjrib, something is missed with default settings here03:09
psywipedminimike150 YEA thats what i ended up doing03:09
l3iohazardThx for the help03:09
minimike150ok :)03:10
jribComrade: congratulations, but you should probably at least look at what esmtp is03:10
psywipedjrib 3 sides or more give it voulme03:10
Comradejrib, ive used emtp before, but i have this PHP script that needs to interface with mail and it doesnt seem to work... so i figure the program is configured wrong03:11
jribbonnyrc: so just delete your default settings and let ccsm repopulate them03:11
bonnyrcjrib, ok03:11
jribComrade: you mean the "mail" function in php?03:12
elitecoderI made a script called ipnotify in /etc/init.d/ipnotify to send the current ip to my box when it reboots. I did this: http://pastebin.com/m1686333503:12
elitecoderdid I .. mess something up?03:12
Comradejrib, yes.03:12
psywipedi tend to have 6 vd's03:12
jribComrade: meh, try the php channel03:12
Comradejrib, i can try03:13
HammerHead66what if it says this in Xorg.0.log  http://paste.ubuntu.com/146611/  is there a problem with my drivers?03:14
ruben231hi anyone have tried to install x lite on ubuntu 8.1003:16
psywipedwhat like xfce4?03:17
psywipedor e1703:17
ynkhey guys.03:18
bobgQuestion regarding mounting of "extra" drives.  This machine used to run Windoze w/2 HD.  The second drive is split into four partitions.  Ubuntu/File Browser "sees" them and when I click on them they appear on the desktop....When I reboot they are gone.      How can I make them stay on the desktop03:18
tranchao a phu03:18
ynki'm trying to log into my hardy heron, and all i get is the "grub" prompt. what could be going wrong?03:18
psywipedadd them to fstab03:18
=== napzter is now known as boooo
HammerHead66 ynk: start grub in safe mode03:19
unop!fstab > bobg03:19
ubottubobg, please see my private message03:19
=== Jai is now known as JaiHo
ynkHammerHead66, how do i do that? whenever i go into my ubuntu side of the global, i automatically see the "grub" terminal.  i don't know what to do from there..03:20
psywipedcool when did ubottu get the upgrade?03:20
HammerHead66 ynk: when it says grub loading hit the Esc buttton on the keyboard03:20
elitecoderCan crontab run something once when it boots?03:21
bobgunop:  I looked at that last night and cannot make sense of it.........I'm not a command line guy03:21
ynkHammerHead66, that'll fix my problem, huh? ok, i'll give it a try. thanks, pal. ;D03:21
ndaninteresting question...  i've noticed since installing ubuntu 8.10 on this laptop i have to "hold a key" any key while loading... ne ideas?03:21
ndanit hangs twice if i don't press a key at those points. :-\03:21
psywipedtry reinstalling03:22
unopbobg, the /etc/fstab is just a text file - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab .. if you don't understand anything there, ask about it.03:22
HammerHead66ndan: you should only have to do that once. Hit you Num Lock key til the light comes on if it goes off hit it til it comes on again it should fix it03:22
juandan i remember about two years ago happened the same to me, don't remember why or how it fixed tho :P maybe disable usplash03:22
juaand check messages03:22
JaiHoFriends i installed ubuntu in my Internal HDD  and debian linux in my ext hard disk. if my ext hdd is not turned at the time of rebooting, grub is not loadin and i m not able to use ubuntu.. Some suggestions pls03:23
psywipedcan anyone help with GPG?03:23
ndancool thanks HammerHead66 and jua i'll try the prior then the latter03:23
psywipedJaiHo use the live cd to install grub on your main hdd03:24
HammerHead66JaiHo: go into grub by pressing the Esc button when you see the grub screen03:24
psywipedJaiHo or get system commander03:24
JaiHopsywiped,   when my Ext hdd is powered i have not doubt, but if it s turned off, i  mnot able to use buntu03:24
HammerHead66ndan: np03:24
DonDoitleAny way to kill ftp when using no GUI mode in ubuntu?03:25
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto03:25
juaDonDoitle: terminal?03:26
DonDoitleshell prompt03:26
unopDonDoitle, the ftp server?03:26
DonDoitleyeah just ftp from teh shell03:26
=== sadahj is now known as rjian
JaiHoThanks for tips psywiped and Hammer head6603:26
gabriel_Hi everyone03:26
unopDonDoitle,  sudo /etc/init.d/*ftpd* stop03:26
juakillit with kill -9 pid03:26
juaor pkill ftp03:26
DonDoitleI have only one terminal03:26
gabriel_I have a question: is it possible to password protect a folder in ubuntu?03:26
juaor killall ftp03:26
unopjua, err no .. you never kill -9 anything, especially not an ftpd03:26
HammerHead66gabriel_: yes right click and go into pref's03:27
HammerHead66gabriel_: click on encryption03:27
ruben231hi anyone have tried to install x lite on ubuntu 8.1003:27
juawell, thats a "rude" way i guess, you always can be polit and use -3 or -1503:27
psywipedHammerHead66 does that just add somthing to prefrences or does it make it so you cant acces it without a password03:28
juaits the same almost always unless you run a mega server03:28
gabriel_where do I rght click?03:28
HammerHead66psywiped: can access without password03:28
psywipedon the folder03:28
DonDoitleSo what should I do? I just have an ftp prompt and exit does nothing03:28
HammerHead66psywiped: sorry Can't access without passwaor03:28
unopjua, that's not it tho .. when you send a SIGKILL to a process, you don't give it the chance to clean up, tell it's children its going away, clean up temp files, memory, sockets, etc03:28
gabriel_when I right click a see encrypt03:29
psywipedHammerHead66 so like truecript?03:29
juais it the client youre tryiing to kill?03:29
DonDoitleI was sending files to an FTP server03:29
DonDoitleand when I typed exit nothing happened03:29
unopDonDoitle, try.  quit03:29
psywipedDonDoitle or ctrl+c03:29
juai dont worry that much about it, thats all03:29
DonDoitlectrl C just takes me back to FTP>03:30
juais nothing to be so terrified about03:30
HammerHead66psywiped: Unsure but you can read up on it. Also see in package install search for encryption for more stuff03:30
unopjua, .. sure, but don't suggest that to other people eh ..03:30
juaoohh, alright03:31
gabriel_ok, i see 2 options when I right click the folder and click on encrypt, I see create a new key, and when I click it says Secure Shell Key and PGP Key, which one should I choose?03:31
DonDoitlequit does nothing as well : / Is there a way to sort of tab to a second terminal window that I can kill the first from?03:31
Shortguy109can anyone help me? lol im trying to install adobe03:31
=== virk is now known as virk|sleep
kitcheDonDoitle: try quit instead of exit03:32
Shortguy109it says: Please enter the installation path of the Mozilla, SeaMonkey, or Firefox browser (i.e., /usr/lib/mozilla): <-- /usr/lib/mozilla03:32
unopDonDoitle, where are you now tho?  at a virtual terminal?03:32
Shortguy109i have no idea where to direct it or whatever03:32
HammerHead66gabriel_: witch ever you would like. If you want to make a better encryption create a new key or go for the other one03:32
gabriel_ok thanks03:33
Shortguy109anyone help me install adobe flash player?? im confuzzzzzzzzzzled :P03:33
Chr|s!flash | Shortguy10903:34
ubottuShortguy109: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash03:34
Shortguy109yea it says tho: Please enter the installation path of the Mozilla, SeaMonkey, or Firefox browser (i.e., /usr/lib/mozilla): <-- /usr/lib/mozilla03:34
Shortguy109im pretty sure im nearly done03:34
Shortguy109but i've no idea what to type into console now lol03:34
[T]ankhow can I make it so that when I plug in my iphone it does not mount it?03:36
minimike150Does anybody know about debdiff ?03:37
Mike_lifeguardI'm trying to install Hardy, but I'm not finding the option to resize existing partitions.03:38
Mike_lifeguardIf that something that only appears if there is contiguous free space?03:38
Mike_lifeguarderr, is that...03:38
HammerHead66[T]ank: go to text upper left side  /System/Pref's/Removeable Media and change it there03:38
[T]ankchecking.... thanks03:38
psywipedMike_lifeguard were past hardy03:39
nerudahas anyone tried the portable version of ubuntu? the one that loads on top of XP/Vista?03:39
[T]ankHammerHead66: I do not have a removable media in system/prefs03:39
Mike_lifeguardpsywiped: ok, so would I find that option if I installed intrepid?03:39
psywipedMike_lifeguard thats 8.4 9.4 comes out nere the end of the month03:39
Shortguy109anyone know what i type into konsole? Please enter the installation path of the Mozilla, Netscape,or Opera browser (i.e., /usr/lib/mozilla): for adobe flash player03:39
Mike_lifeguardSure - I only chose Hardy because it's a long term release03:39
Im_ToastDoes anyone know... I was trying to put a picture at the top and bottom of my desktop cube instead of just a color... I can get one to go to the top, but not the bottom. Any suggestions?03:39
Iceman_B^Ltopjrib: thanks!</late>03:39
Mike_lifeguardI also burned the iso for Intrepid03:40
HammerHead66[T]ank: Removeable Drives and Media you don't have that03:40
psywipedMike_lifeguard are you instaling it at a busness?03:40
Mike_lifeguardno, my laptop03:40
Im_ToastShortguy109: That is exactly right, usr/lib/mozilla03:40
[T]ankHammerHead66: I dont...03:40
jgijantoanyone here run into any issues getting ubuntu to display properly on large monitors / lcd tvs?03:40
psywipedMike_lifeguard install intrepid and its in there03:40
Mike_lifeguardok, great03:40
* Mike_lifeguard swaps CDs and trys again :)03:41
bobgUnop:  Page for fstab gave me "blkid: and here is one line (/dev/sdb1: UUID="DE68C21768C1EDF9" LABEL="Country" TYPE="ntfs) so where do I put the "auto" command?03:41
HammerHead66[T]ank: sorry man I don't know how to help you then.03:41
Shortguy109whenever i type in /usr/lib/mozilla it says WARNING: Please enter a valid installation path.03:41
nerudaanyone tried ubuntu portable (http://lifehacker.com/5195999/portable-ubuntu-runs-ubuntu-inside-windows)? Is it just Cygwin on a usb stick? what makes it Ubuntu/03:41
[T]ankHammerHead66: Im on intrepid... are you also?03:41
HammerHead66[T]ank: on 8.0403:43
unopbobg,  your fstab line would become something like this.   UUID="DE68C21768C1EDF9"  /media/mydisk  ntfs-3g  user,auto,defaults,rw  0  003:43
psywipedMike_lifeguard make sure to back up your data first03:43
HammerHead66[T]ank: Gnome03:43
rhousand_homeShortguy109, try sudo fine / -iname mozilla to get the path03:43
=== Cycom_ is now known as Cycom
ashvalaMy ubuntu 8.04 refuses to boot03:43
=== dr0ppy is now known as dr0pknutz
ashvalaany solutions?03:44
HammerHead66 ashvala: just black screen then reboots over and over again?03:44
psywipedashvala upgrade03:44
judgetI got a WinTV working on my USB using xawtv but no sound03:44
ashvalapsywiped: not upgraded, Cant upgrade either03:44
judgetany idea how to get the sound from the USB to my sound card03:45
[T]ankHammerHead66: you are talking about the system menu, right? The one right next to places and applications?03:45
ashvalaHammerHead66: Goes up to the last step,(ie, VirtualBox Kernel Module Starting), and stops right there03:45
HammerHead66 [T]ank: yes the text03:45
HammerHead66 [T]ank: drop down menu03:45
psywipedashvala what does it do when you try to boot?03:46
coldboot|home$Is anyone in here in Sweden?03:46
bobgUnop:  fstab didn't work..........your htttp page said to use blkid  How do I edit blkid?03:46
ashvalapsywiped: It boots up to the last box, The last box apparently does the /etc/rc2.d start. That is not working03:46
[T]ankHammerHead66: yeah... thats where Im at.. its a vanilla install. Cant imagine why I wouldnt have it.03:46
psywipedashvala can you get the recovery mode to boot?03:47
unopbobg,  blkid is the app you use to get the UUID or label of your device .. but haven't you already done that?  where did this value come from? UUID="DE68C21768C1EDF9"03:47
HammerHead66[T]ank: you my not have the package for it installed03:47
[T]ankany idea what package it is?03:47
ashvalapsywiped:how do I land up there?03:47
Im_ToastDoes anyone know... I was trying to put a picture at the top and bottom of my desktop cube instead of just a color... I can get one to go to the top, but not the bottom. Any suggestions?03:47
psywipedashvala its in the grub menu when you start the computer03:48
mothdragonhi guys! I'm trying to get the video to work on my system... when i was running 8.04 it defaulted to 1024x768 res... now it won't go above 800x600.... trying to fix it i got it so that it loads in low graphics mode now... I have an old e-TNT2 vanta card... anyone know how to get this running? I'm a relative noob03:48
ashvalapsywiped: Yes I was able to, I did the e2fsck yest on all my partitions03:48
ashvalatoday, no03:48
bobgunop: when I typed in blkid in a terminal window that is part of what came up.  I just chose one line as an example03:48
mothdragonhi guys! I'm trying to get the video to work on my system... when i was running 8.04 it defaulted to 1024x768 res... now it won't go above 800x600.... trying to fix it i got it so that it loads in low graphics mode now... I have an old e-TNT2 vanta card... anyone know how to get this running? I'm a relative noob and i'm now running 8.1003:49
psywipedmothdragon try reinstalling03:50
unopbobg, ok, in that output you should find the UUID for the device you want to mount automatically, you then use that UUID to create a line you put into /etc/fstab .. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab  shows you how to create the lines (see towards the bottom)03:50
zetheroojust updated Ubuntu Hardy and my wireless is no longer working with the new kernel version03:50
ashvalapsywiped: anything that can be done?03:51
mothdragonpsywiped I'd really rather avoid that... especially since it was working only 5 hours ago before i tried to change the resolution... I was playing around and set it to 340x200 for fun.. then whoops, I couldn't get it back...03:51
psywipedashvala i havent encountered that issue so im not sure whats up with it the forums tend to have some good info03:51
bobgunop:  OK, Ill give it a try..........Thanks03:51
psywipedmothdragon do you have a backup of your xorg file?03:51
copproIs there some program like 'uname' that includes distribution information or the like?03:52
skorzencoppro, lsb_release.03:52
mothdragonpsywiped.. i personally didn't make one... but when I tried to use one on the computer from the original install, it didn't seem to fix it... it still wants to boot into low graphics mode03:52
copproskorzen: Is that on most/all Linux systems?03:52
zetheroojust updated Ubuntu Hardy and my wireless is no longer working with the new kernel version03:53
copprozetheroo: define 'not working'03:53
skorzencoppro, I think so. If you do type 'lsb_release -a' you can get all the info about the distro itself.03:53
copprookay thanks03:53
zetheroocoppro: like not at all active03:53
copprozetheroo: Can you type 'iwconfig' on a terminal and see if your wireless card is detected?03:54
zetheroocoppro: in Ubuntu Hardy 8.04.1 it was working fine ...03:54
zetheroocoppro: it is detected as I can see it in the Hardware Drivers panel ... but it will not activate03:54
copprozetheroo: Just run it; the hardware may be detected but the wireless not, or the like03:55
CheesyWeaselHey, is there an app out there that can display the mouse coordinates next to the pointer or elsewhere on the screen?03:55
Im_ToastWhat can you do if ubuntu doesn't find hardware? like it's not in the hardware drivers program03:55
zetheroocoppro: well Iam now booted into the kernel that wireless works in  ... so its not going to help any .. hehe03:55
copproIm_Toast: hardware drivers doesn't list all your hardware03:56
Im_ToastI mean like propriatary that doesn't show up there03:56
Im_Toastwhat do you do?03:56
zetheroocoppro : \2.6.24-22-generic Atheros wifi works fine --- 2.6.24-23-generic Atheros wifi no go!03:56
copprozetheroo: well, there could be any number of reasons why not - it's important to diagnose why exactl03:57
zetheroocoppro: give me one reason? ...03:57
copprozetheroo: because it could be a driver problem or a userland software problem, for starters03:58
zetheroocoppro: why all of a sudden with this particular kernal update?03:58
copprozetheroo: it would tend to suggest a driver issue03:59
zetheroohere is someone else having the exact same issue03:59
copprobut it could be a problem with networkmanager03:59
copproit generally doesn't work03:59
coppro(for instance, my card refuses to work under networkmanager, but will do fine manually)03:59
grodiusHey does anyone know how to piggyback ubuntu off an iphone3g?04:00
CheesyWeaselHey, is there an app out there that can display the mouse coordinates next to the pointer or elsewhere on the screen?04:01
yosoy nuevo04:01
coppronot that I'm aware of04:01
unopCheesyWeasel, xev  perhaps04:02
Mike_lifeguardok, so I switched to my Intrepid CD and got the initial screen, but then choosing anything made it hang - even trying to check the CD's integrity :\04:04
Mike_lifeguardI guess that means it's a coaster?04:04
copprogot another computer to try on?04:04
Joker_-_any idea how to force overscan with nvidia driver (I eard 173 can do overscan as opposed to newer versions, but theres nothing bout that in the GUI)04:04
Mike_lifeguardno... but my Hardy CD worked fine, so I doubt it's hardware04:04
android6011what in your opinion is the best aim client that supports webcam for linux?04:05
copprodoes pidgin support webcam04:05
somenoob93I don't know about AIM, but I've heard Skype is working on webcam support for x64 linux systems, but I haven't checked to see if they have it yet04:06
Iceman_B^Ltopwhats a good CLI hex viewer editor ?04:06
zionpsyferI'm having trouble getting pictures off of my Canon Rebel XT, it worked prior to the upgrade to intrepid.  I suspect it has to do with the changes with udev to hal and consolekit.  Anyone with experience in the udev/hal/ck-list that can help?04:06
Nephilusdoes anyone know how  to make an app launcher in cairo dock? i know how to make a launcher i just dont know the command. is it <alt> F1?04:06
Nephilusbecause that didn't work for me04:07
Joker_-__any_ idea how to force overscan with nvidia driver (I eard 173 can do overscan as opposed to newer versions, but theres nothing bout that in the GUI)04:07
qcjnhi, anyone knows how to watch tc, using mplayer , from a pvr 150 card ??04:07
Nephilusno sorry04:08
Mike_lifeguardOK, so if I have a working Hardy CD, then I can just upgrade after install right?04:08
qcjnNephilus: thanks anyway04:08
Mike_lifeguardexcept that installer didn't have an option to resize the partition04:08
mib_296vplhi, how can I browse files on my ntfs partition?04:08
Stepan1Kompozer, an html editor, keeps shutting down when i scroll through some menus.  Why?04:09
skorzenmib_296vpl, ntfs-3g.04:09
Mike_lifeguardCan that be done manually somehow from within the Hardy installer?04:09
bonhofferhow do i install my scanner hp scanjet 460004:09
mib_296vplskorzen: i type that in terminal?04:09
crazypoultrynot sure if this is a linux or windows issue here, but, i just finished connecting my xp desktop and my ubuntu8.10 desktop using an ethernet cable(using vnc to control the ubuntu box) how can i get ubuntu to see the files on the xp comp?04:09
skorzenmib_296vpl, just type 'sudo apt-get install ntfs-3g' to see what happens.04:09
tonyyarussoStepan1: Because of an incompatibility with the version of gtk in Ubuntu 8.10 and onward.  Sorry...04:09
mib_296vplok thanks skorzen04:09
skorzenmib_296vpl, no problem.04:10
mib_296vplhttp://mibbit.com/pb/4XuIOW skorzen04:10
Stepan1tonyyarusso: is it a Kompozer issue (as far as them updating their code) or a ubuntu issue?04:10
skorzencrazypoultry, using samba.04:10
somenoob93I have trouble booting a linux distro from my flash drive. If anyone knows something about it, private message me please04:11
ron2010anybody have any success getting usb mouse to work on virtual box windows xp?04:11
tonyyarussoStepan1: KompoZer issue.  It's being worked on upstream, but I haven't had time to re-build the Ubuntu package yet.  You should still be able to install from upstream directly as a ZIP file.04:11
qcjnor how to dual monitor with nvidia setting, it's plugged but it doesn't see it ?04:11
skorzenbonhoffer, if it isn't auto-detected, try this: http://hplipopensource.com/hplip-web/index.html04:11
bonhofferskorzen, how do i tell if it is autodetected -- sane doesn't pick it up04:12
crazypoultryskorzen: still pretty new to linux, samba installed by default or no?(the ubuntu box is not connected to the internet.04:12
skorzenmib_296vpl, that means you have the program installed.04:12
Stepan1tonyyarusso: thanks04:12
bonhofferskoef, hplip is in the distro, no?04:12
skorzencrazypoultry, samba isn't installed by default on ubuntu.04:12
skorzenbonhoffer, did you tried those drivers I told you?04:13
mib_296vplskorzen: how can i get the porgram to let me communicate with the partition?04:13
L3dPlatedLinuxwhere are the icon located ?04:13
crazypoultryskorzen: tyvm04:13
bonhofferskorzen, sorry, it looks like those drivers are default in 8.1004:13
mib_296vplnevermind skorzen thanks anyway04:13
ricardohello how can i set the JAVA_HOME?04:14
skorzenmib_296vpl, ubuntu doesn't mount it automatically for you?04:14
AcierOh boy04:15
vietquestion how do i get on whatnet.org?04:15
AcierI need some help here04:15
somenoob93Anyone know something about booting a linux distro from a pen drive? The pen drive is setup right, I just don't know how to boot the thing up... I plug the pen drive in, turn the computer on, and nothing happens. Most of the normal commands like getting into bios won't work as long as the pen drive is plugged in.04:15
mib_296vplskorzen: nope04:15
AcierI'm a new linux yser04:15
mib_296vplwell there is nothing on my desktop skorzen04:15
Acierand I installed linux04:15
somenoob93viet, if it's an irc server, something like /server irc.whatnet.org  ?04:15
DonDoitle wow my RTC is way off04:15
Acierproblem is, when I shutdown my laptop, it acts funny04:15
DonDoitleit thinks it is 12:35PM04:15
=== DonDoitle is now known as Doitle
ricardoi tried to start tomcat and it ask me for JAVA_HOME04:15
AcierIt wouldn't load ubuntu04:15
Acierso I had to reboot with the CD and install it again04:16
skorzenmib_296vpl, try forcing it: mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdx /mountpoint -o force04:16
skorzenYou must replace sdx with the correct syntax, and 'mountpoint' also.04:16
Aciermy settings were (wireless network, etc.) save04:16
mib_296vplwill do skorzen04:16
Acieralso, I couldn't log in my profile04:17
Acierunless the thing you make on installition isn't one O_o04:17
mib_296vplskorzen: except i want to mount the partition with the smaller size: /dev/sda3           16179       18674    20047111+   7  HPFS/NTFS or /dev/sda2             616       16064   124085248    7  HPFS/NTFS04:17
SearlesI'm installing Ubuntu on a 15 GB HDD, but I'm somewhat confused.04:17
SearlesIt's asking me for the installation size.04:18
SearlesShould I select 8 GB as the installation size?04:18
yabbermanThis is probably a dumb question, but got me stumped. I added a new hardrive and mounted the new drive as /var/ after I copied the var data into it. I then rebooted and all is working well, I want to now delete the old "/var" data sitting on the / in the first hard drive....How do I get to this data to delete it as the new mount is masking it?04:18
mogul218if you are using Wubi it does that04:18
mogul218are you trying to install inside of windows Searles?04:18
SearlesShould I use the entire 15 GB for the installation size?04:18
skorzenmib_296vpl, a smaller size? I would recommend you to resize it first, before mounting.04:18
Lint01Searles, why not?04:18
SearlesWell, would it leave any extra space for me to save files on?04:19
SearlesWhile using Ubuntu?04:19
afallenhopehey I'm having an issue with ufw. I can't delete the rules. Logs can be found at: http://pastebin.com/m145c700b04:19
Lint01Searles, you cannot set install size more than presen on your CD :)04:19
mib_296vplskorzen: i have 2 windows paritions. one of them is smaller than the other. how do I find out which on that is?04:19
SearlesThe highest amount it'll let me select is 10 GB04:19
SearlesIt's only a 15 GB HDD04:19
skorzenmib_296vpl, if they're already mounted, go to the terminal and type 'df'.04:19
mogul218is your 15 gig hard drive a separate drive, partition or just free space in windows?04:20
afallenhopecan I just remove it from /etc/ufw/applications?04:20
SearlesBut does that mean that I'll only have 3 GB left to download files from the internet to?04:20
SearlesIt's a Separate drive04:20
crazypoultrydoes anyone know where i can download what i need to setup samba for an offline comp? the samba site as debian packages will they work?04:20
mib_296vplhttp://mibbit.com/pb/3DvOHI skorzen04:20
mogul218wubi installs a virtual drive and it is maxxed out at whatever you set it at04:20
Lint01Searles, usually you download _everything_ from internet04:20
AcierUhm, excuse me04:21
Mike_lifeguardSo, if the option to resize partitions is not available on Hardy, then is it safe to use a third-party tool to setup partitions beforehand?04:21
mogul218so if you say 10 gigs, your ubuntu install will take up about 3 gigs at the start and then you have 7 gigs left04:21
AcierBut, I'm seriously stumped here04:21
Mike_lifeguardIn the Hardy installer, I mean.04:21
SearlesOk, I got it now.04:21
mogul218if you have a separate drive tho you should do a clean install by booting up from your cd rom04:21
SearlesThanks mogul21804:21
SearlesI don't have a CD-R04:21
SearlesSo I'm using Wubi04:21
mogul218oh ok04:21
mogul218well choose the highest install size04:22
skorzenmib_296vpl, it seems like they aren't mounted yet.04:22
Lint01"installation size" is the size of virtual disk the system will be installed into04:22
mogul218you can always get LVPM and resize your virtual disk to a larger one04:22
AcierAlso, this is strange04:22
AcierAm I running Linux off the CD?04:22
mib_296vplskorzen: mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda3 /mountpoint -o force ?04:23
SearlesIf in install Ubuntu on my 15 GB HDD inside of my PC now, can I remove the HDD from this PC later and put it in a different PC and use it there?04:24
skorzenmib_296vpl, it's an option. Just change 'mountpoint' to something that makes you remember Windows. :-)04:24
mogul218i suppose you could...depends on what version of windows your are using tho04:24
mib_296vplhow about skorzen: mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda3 /home/jordan/Desktop -o force ?04:24
SearlesI don't have another PC right now04:25
botuxi have ubuntu and am tryingto see my ubuntu shares on my vista pc how do i find them04:25
SearlesBut I'm thinking about buying an old one04:25
SearlesAnd just using Ubuntu on it04:25
mib_296vplhow about skorzen: mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda3 /home/jordan/Desktop/windows -o force ? do i need to create the dir or will it do it for me?04:25
SearlesI wanna' take out the 15 GB HDD I'm installing Ubuntu on right now04:25
SearlesAnd use it on an older PC that I'll get later on04:25
skorzenmib_296vpl, try that one.04:25
skorzenThe last you wrote.04:25
SearlesWhen I tried that with Windows, It didn't work04:26
SearlesI guess you can only use Windows on the PC that it was originally installed on04:26
AcierHelp me out here? X_x04:26
mib_296vplskorzen: THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!04:27
afallenhopehey I'm having an issue with ufw. I can't delete the rules. Logs can be found at: http://pastebin.com/m145c700b04:27
afallenhopecan I just remove it from /etc/ufw/applications?04:27
mib_296vpli got it!04:27
skorzenSearles, different hardware, different kernel modules to load. ;-)04:27
skorzenmib_296vpl, did it work? :-)04:27
mib_296vplthank you so much04:27
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname . Registration help available in #freenode04:27
skorzenGood luck, then. ;-)04:27
mib_296vplthanks a ton04:28
skorzenNo problem.04:28
botuxi have set up samba but i cant find my samba shares on my windows pc04:28
SearlesSo after installing Ubuntu on my 15 GB HDD using this PC, I won't be able to take out the 15 GB HDD and use it/Ubuntu on a different PC later?04:28
SearlesI'll have to keep it in this PC?04:29
skorzenSearles, you will, but you probably have to recompile the kernel.04:29
mogul218that's a lot of trouble to go thru04:29
mogul218you would be better off just reinstalling fresh04:29
SearlesThat sucks04:29
AcierI just installed Ubuntu04:29
mogul218by then you will have your copy of ubuntu on bootable CD04:29
SearlesIt's easier to get the OS now and modify it how you want it and then get the PC later than the latter04:30
Acierand there were a couple of errors when I installed it with the CD04:30
mogul218i install ubuntu 2 or 3 times a week lately04:30
mralexandrowill i loose anything more than hibernation by disabling swap. and also if i do not loose anything more. how do i disable swap in 8.0404:30
mogul218cause i'm playing around with partition sizes and stuff04:30
mogul218i used to wubi but i don't any more04:30
asdf_n00bHi.  Does anyone have an idea for a way to organise my music collection using tags instead of directories, sort of like what Picasa does for pictures?04:30
grodiushow can i modprobe to see what my wireless interface is using?04:31
skorzenmralexandro, just don't create a swap partition.04:31
mralexandrobut i have already made it. but i was thinkin about disabling it. so i can use that partition for xp:/04:31
skorzenAcier, what kind of errors?04:31
mralexandroi have vista, ubuntu slackware and swap now, want to disable swap to install xp. cause of some applications i have to use for school04:31
asdf_n00bmralexandro, why don't you just shrink a partition to install XP?04:32
skorzenmralexandro, I think you must edit /etc/fstab file then.04:33
Titan8990mralexandro: VM or install visa, no need for two instances of windows04:33
mralexandro<asdf_n00b> partition one sda1 vista, partition 2 sda2 ubuntu, partition 3 sda3 slackware, partition 4 sda4 logical containing swap. i have used all the partitions04:33
skorzenBtw, disabling swap is not a good idea.04:33
Titan8990mralexandro: thats like double fail04:33
abhrai've my hdd divided in four partitions,one of them contains intrepid.now while booting the other three partitions are not mounted automatically.i've to mount them manually.is there any way to mount them automatically on boot up?04:33
Mike_lifeguardasdf_n00b: I'd like to do that too... but the hardy installer won't do that I guess. Can I resize the windows partition and create new ones for ubuntu with a third-party tool?04:33
somenoob93Anyone here know anything about booting from a USB drive? I configured the drive right, it's just for some reason it won't boot when the computer starts up.04:33
somenoob93Idk if I have to do something with bios04:33
Titan8990somenoob93: did you select usb device from your boot menu?04:33
Mike_lifeguardyou have to make sure you're booting from USB... hit F12 or something right at the start of boot04:33
=== victorneves is now known as victorneves_
Mike_lifeguardit'll say what button right at the start04:34
HammerHead66somenoob93: go into the grub at startup04:34
mralexandro<Titan8990>: i do agree with you, but the only flighstim working stable on my laptop, that i can feel will always work stable is fs2004, it does not come with a glass cockpit but there is a addon that gives me an up to date current glasscockpit, which is currently only supported in xp.04:34
somenoob93I don't know how to get into grub :s I installed my ubuntu via wubi ("inside" of Windows). The options I have are: Press Esc to enable startup message, F1 to enter System Info, F9 to change boot device order, F2 to startup check, F10 to enter SETUP, F11 to system recovery, and F12 to network boot04:35
=== victorneves_ is now known as victorneves
mralexandroso i have think i have to go with either deleting swap or deleting slackware. only problem is i really like the lilo bootloader so much!!04:35
botuxim trying to see my ubuntu shares on my windows machine anyone ahve any ideas?04:36
=== bonhoffer is now known as bonhoffer|away
Mike_lifeguardbotux: I think you have to mount it from within ubuntu04:36
Titan8990mralexandro: you could install lilo on ubuntu04:36
Titan8990mralexandro: couldn't tell you how much "hacking" it would require04:36
Mike_lifeguardon the other hand, I should be ignored because I've never even successfully installed ubuntu :D04:36
Titan8990mralexandro: check the package manager and see if lilo is there04:36
Nephilusdoes anyone know how to get a main menu in cairo dock04:36
mralexandro<Titan8990> yeah i think it would be above my head04:37
mralexandrooh ok04:37
Nephilusalt f1 doesn't work for me04:37
Barridusanyone know what the unicode keystroke is in jaunty?  iirc, it used to be alt-ctrl-u or something like that, i can't seem to re-guess what it is04:37
Titan8990!jaunty | Barridus04:37
ubottuBarridus: Jaunty Jackalope is the codename for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 23rd, 2009 -  Schedule in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyReleaseSchedule - Lots of breakage between now and April 23rd - Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion and support.04:37
Titan8990Barridus: wrong channel04:37
asdf_n00bDoes anyone know if it would be possible to have some type of database system for my too huge movie collection, where I could tag each movie with certain descriptions, something like Picasa does for pictures, Gmail for E-mail, or even similar to Libraries in Windows 7?04:37
Barridus:O sorry04:37
aaronator< I want to verify that my kernel config includes certain options, where do i find it04:38
Nephiluspicasa works in wine04:38
asdf_n00bPicasa doesn't do Videos though04:38
ron2010help with usb mouse with virtual box04:38
Nephilushmm idk04:39
Titan8990aaronator: you could apt-get the kernel sources and look at the config04:39
asdf_n00bthanks anyways04:39
DreamgliderHow do i share a folder/harddisk from one ubuntu machine to another ubuntu machine (LAN)04:39
asdf_n00bI'll try to see what I can find online.  The problem arises where you can't just fit one movie in one distinct category04:39
mralexandroTitan8990 ok i found lilo in package manager. but listen, i did not install grub to the mbr. i installed it to sda2(ubuntu partition) if i choose to install lilo now. will it be able to install it in the mbr04:39
aaronatortitan8990: this will allow me to view my current kernel config?04:39
kinectionsI'm having problems with pulse audio, it seems like it is using up lots of CPU, and hitting it's soft limit and killing itself.04:40
kinectionshow do i get it to take less CPU time?04:40
ApOgEE--hi, i have two ip segment connected to my ubuntu box and . my question is how can i allow those from to connect to the other segments via my ubuntu box?04:40
voodoonixi'm having a lil trouble with intrepid, i can't seem to get my sound card to work, i can play music from my windows drive but i can't play sound else where i have a soundblaster live 5.1 on a dell computer04:40
Titan8990Dreamglider: many choices, for easy and secure ssh/scp; for faster transfers http or ftp04:40
somenoob93Hammerhead66 / Titan8990 , may I PM either of you? I wrote down the startup choices last time I restarted.. wondering if you could tell me which I need to pick04:41
Titan8990mralexandro: you will probably need to manually remove grub04:41
DreamgliderTitan8990, im currently sshing to the machine form wich i want the file04:41
HammerHead66voodoonix: what graphic card do you have?04:41
voodoonixradeon 960004:41
=== victorneves is now known as victorneves_
Titan8990mralexandro: and install lilo with the lilo command, might also need to write your own lilo.conf04:41
HammerHead66somenoob93: sure04:41
voodoonixgraphics work wonderful04:41
voodoonixgot compiz to work and everything04:41
arvind_khadrimralexandro, install grub to the mbr04:41
HammerHead66voodoonix: im me I'll give you the info04:42
Titan8990somenoob93: what problem were you having?04:42
mralexandro<Titan8990> i do not think i need to. cause grub is only on the ubuntu partition. lilo is the mbr right now. the only problem is everythime i configure it i have to do that trough slackware04:42
Barridusok pretend i'm not running jaunty.  this is intrepid i swear ;)  *coughnobodyknowsinubuntu+1cough*  what's the intrepid unicode trigger to enter characters pls :)04:42
badfish69do i have to do if vara == "1" and if varb == "2"04:42
badfish69or just one 'if'?04:42
botuxMike_lifeguard: how do i mount samba shares04:42
Mike_lifeguardno idea04:42
twois10what is the kde3/konquerorsu kde4/dolphin equivalence?04:42
Mike_lifeguardI'm a total noob :)04:42
Mike_lifeguardbotux: any advice I give is dangerous XD04:43
Titan8990Dreamglider: alright if you are already sshed into a host and want to pull a file from it, the syntax is: scp foobar.txt your_username@IPADDRESS:/some/remote/directory04:43
=== Andre_Gondim is now known as Andre_Gondim-afk
itai_hi, i got a ati radeon hd 2400 the live CD doesn't boot on it- it does boot on other computers- what can id o? (live cd -8.10)04:43
=== victorneves_ is now known as victorneves
somenoob93Titan8990, when I turn my computer on with the pen drive in, the computer doesn't get past the first screen. It doesn't respond to most commands, like f9 etc04:44
Titan8990Dreamglider: but you can also mount scp locations with nautalus04:44
somenoob93I have to literally pull out the pen drive then restart without the drive in if I'm to do anything04:44
DreamgliderTitan8990, i do this on the local or remove ?04:44
Titan8990somenoob93: are you saying you don't get passed the POST?04:44
mib_5orq9dhow do i get my sound to work in ubuntu?04:45
eternal_There  is a big difference from 8.04 to 8.1004:45
twois10what is the konquerorsu kde4/dolphin equivalence? to browse directory as root04:45
Dreamglidercant i mount the entire disk on the remote machine on this machine ?04:45
somenoob93yeah. I can't pass it, and I can't even push F9 (to change boot device order) while the pen drive is plugged in. I wonder if there's something to change in bios?04:45
mralexandrois it possible to disable the swap disk, and if i do. what will i miss of features?04:45
Titan8990Dreamglider: if you give permissions for your user to access it04:45
botuxMike_lifeguard: lol ill take my chances04:46
Mike_lifeguardwell, I guess you'd have to mount it just like any other drive04:46
botuxlol ya how04:46
Titan8990Dreamglider: go to: places -> connect to server     choose ssh04:46
Mike_lifeguardwhen I did the "try ubuntu" thing from the installation CD it detected my Windows files just fine04:47
Mike_lifeguardso... *shrug*04:47
somenoob93May be back later. Trying to boot from the pen drive again04:47
Dreamglideron what end. remote or local ?04:47
Titan8990Dreamglider: is the drive you want to share already mounted?04:47
DreamgliderTitan8990, yes it's mounted, it's the Ubuntu drive04:47
Titan8990Dreamglider: the client04:47
botuxim trying to be sure im mounting right im not sure i know how04:48
aaronatori am need to verify that my current kernel configuration includes certain options, i do not think apt-get will show me this will it?04:48
Titan8990Dreamglider: you want to share the root filesystem?04:48
AndyMLdoes anyone know how to manage an LSI MegaRAID SATA 150-6 from inside ubuntu booted up? (vs the bios utility)04:48
SerialNohi all04:49
SerialNohow can i make04:49
SerialNotransparent main many04:49
itai_hi, any tips for live cd not booting on ati radeon hd 2400 , it only gets to the "try without change" part04:49
DreamgliderTitan8990, yea04:50
twois10wrong place lol04:50
Titan8990Dreamglider: have to ask why04:50
mib_5orq9dhow can I get sound to work with linux? I have a monitor with speakers in it. my monitor is this: http://america.hannsg.net/onweb.jsp?prod_no=3333333375&webno=3333333375 the drivers are only for vista04:50
DreamgliderTitan8990, i just want access to it to transfeer files04:50
SerialNoi want  Applications|Places|System to be transparent04:50
Titan8990Dreamglider: /home should be more than enough04:50
SerialNoany help04:50
DreamgliderTitan8990, it could be a directory on the desktop aswell04:50
Titan8990Dreamglider: /var if it was a web server04:51
Titan8990Dreamglider: /home includes your desktop04:51
SerialNoany heeeeeeeelp04:51
DreamgliderTitan8990, then that's what i want04:51
botuxwhats the default ip for samba or how do i find out wht ip mines suing04:51
DreamgliderTitan8990, Now im on the remote and  at places > connect to server > SSH now what04:51
Titan8990Dreamglider: put the ipaddress your connecting to in the server box04:52
=== L3dPlatedLinux is now known as Digital_AFK
Titan8990Dreamglider: type: /home   for the folder04:52
bguptaGuessing you guys have seen this?: http://divajutta.com/doctormo/ubunchu/ubunchu-episode-01.pdf04:52
Titan8990Dreamglider: and then put in the username you use on the machine your connecting to04:52
DreamgliderTitan8990, Ok04:52
Titan8990Dreamglider: then you can connect04:53
mib_5orq9dhow can I get sound to work with linux? I have a monitor with speakers in it. my monitor is this: http://america.hannsg.net/onweb.jsp?prod_no=3333333375&webno=3333333375 the drivers are only for vista. are there different drivers for sound and video?04:53
Titan8990mib_5orq9d: alsa drivers are for sound04:54
Titan8990!alsa | mib_5orq9d04:54
ubottumib_5orq9d: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP304:54
DreamgliderTitan8990, Thanks alot :)04:54
Titan8990Dreamglider: np04:54
aaronatoris the kernel config just a text file?04:55
twois10my kdesu command does not work?04:56
twois10anyone have an ideal why kdesu does not work?04:57
ApOgEE--i'm trying to bridge two ip segments .. let say, and to let both segments be able to see each other via my ubuntu box. can anyone point me to the right direction?04:58
mib_5orq9dTitan8990: there are like 10 options with ALSA in it04:58
herlimenezesI have installed Ubuntu 8.10 on a Acer AspireOne, runnin aton processor, but wireless connection is missing04:59
Titan8990mib_5orq9d: did I point you to the alsa factiod? thats really all I know05:00
aaronatori am following directions on setting up a program and it tells me to ensure my "kernel configuration includes" some options.  how can i do that? is it just a text file i can look in?  where is it?05:00
mib_5orq9dTitan8990: what command can i run to check to see what sound card i have?05:00
arvind_khadri!cn | qingbing05:00
ubottuqingbing: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk05:00
Titan8990mib_5orq9d: lspci   or ls lshw -v05:01
ron20101can anybody help with work out my usb mouse in virtual box?05:01
Titan8990mib_5orq9d: sorry both with sudo and corrected:   sudo lspci or sudo lshw -v05:01
mib_5orq9dTitan8990: http://mibbit.com/pb/HntL7X05:02
Titan8990mib_5orq9d: looks like you have a soundcard and onboard sound05:02
mib_5orq9dTitan8990: I do05:03
Titan8990mib_5orq9d: which are you using?05:03
mib_5orq9dthe soundcard Titan899005:03
Titan8990mib_5orq9d: don't know much about them but they do their own factoid05:03
Titan8990!soundblaster | mib_5orq9d05:04
ubottumib_5orq9d: soundblaster is If you need help with setting up your soundblaster card, then visit https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundcardsWithHardwareSynth05:04
mib_5orq9dno no05:04
mib_5orq9di got it05:04
mib_5orq9dthanks a lot!05:04
mib_5orq9dthe cord was in the wrong hole05:04
=== Cpudan80_ is now known as Cpudan80
mib_5orq9don the sound card05:04
mib_5orq9dthanks a lot Titan8990 !!05:04
Titan8990mib_5orq9d: np :)05:04
aaronatorTitan, any more info on this please?05:05
Titan8990aaronator: sorry, yes its a text file but there is a TUI to search, document, and change it05:05
=== Album is now known as Album|Awy
Titan8990aaronator: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Text_User_Interface05:06
zionpsyferI'm having a heck of a time trying to get pictures off of my camera, neither of my external card readers work.  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/146662/05:06
stealth-while messing with themes in gnome "The current controls theme does not support color schemes". Why is this? It would really look better with color schemes if i could use one.05:06
Titan8990aaronator: will require build-essentails and ncurses05:06
botuxcould someoen tell me how to find out that ip my samba server is usinfg on my ubuntu machine05:07
aaronatorjust to look at it?05:07
aaronatortitan, thanks a ton, I will read up on what you gave me05:07
stealth-botux: ifconfig?05:07
Iceman_B^Ltophow do I unrar files from the commandline?05:07
Lint01unrar x -r archive file-mask05:07
ubottuThe core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages05:07
zionpsyferIceman_B^Ltop: install unrar, command is:  unrar e <filename>05:08
edogzillahello. does anyone know how to get my epson stylus cx4800 printer/scanner to work in 8.04? xsane seems to be of no help at all cuz it doesnt recognize my printer05:08
ynkwell, not sure if this is a down side to installing ubuntu inside windows, but.. i tried to access one of my internal hard drives from Hardy Heron when i was learning how to mount and unmount drives. next thing i know, the drive is WIPED CLEAN! i'm like wtf!! is that supposed to happen?05:08
=== Iceman_B1SSH is now known as Iceman_B|SSH
Lint01ynk, can you boot into Windows and verify the damage?05:09
Titan8990aaronator: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile  look at "the old fashioned debian way"05:09
ynkLint01, i am currently in windows.. unfortunately.05:09
Titan8990aaronator: make menuconfig   is the tui I am referring to05:09
Titan8990aaronator: you can use / to search in it05:09
ynkLint01, it seems the only thing that didn't delete itself was ubuntu. -sigh-05:09
botuxstealth: it doesnt show samba or does samba use the same ip as the machine?05:10
aaronatortitan8990: thank you very much for the info, it is appreciated05:10
Titan8990aaronator: np05:10
edogzilla does anyone know how to get my epson stylus cx4800 printer/scanner to work in 8.04? xsane seems to be of no help at all cuz it doesnt recognize my printer05:10
Lint01ynk, google some undeleting tools05:10
stealth-botux: i belive it should use the same ip as the machine05:10
=== solid_li` is now known as solid_liq
ynkLint01, i've learned my lesson. i'm going to install Hardy Heron or w/e else i decide along side Windows instead of inside of it.. and just not try to access my windows files while in another operating system.05:10
mothdragonHi guys... i'm having trouble getting through to #c++ anybody here familiar enough with c++ programming and vectors to lend a hand?05:11
stealth-botux: i gave up on samba a while ago, so i might not be right, but i cant see any reason for samba to use a different ip05:11
icerootmothdragon: wrong channel05:11
mothdragoni know... sorry05:11
aaronatori figured it would be as easy as finding a text file and looking in it05:11
mothdragonjust hoping is all05:11
ynkLint01, i think it'll be more trouble than it's worth to try recovering 30+ GBs of datas.05:11
icerootmothdragon: you cant join #c++?05:11
fliphey guys is madwifi dead or somthing?05:12
mothdragoniceroot: no i keep getting booted saying overflow05:12
crankharderwhere are my pidgin config files stored so I can blow them all away?05:12
bopractivating proprietary nvidia drivers in my ubuntu causes it to start up 10% of the time without locking up. Any ideas why?05:12
icerootmothdragon: hm ok05:12
Titan8990flip, kinda its now ath5k05:12
Titan8990flip, and ath9k (beta)05:12
wahnfriedeni need to run an ubuntu server virtualized instance on this windows machine05:12
flipTitan8990,  can you help me install an atheros using that?05:12
wahnfriedenhow many GB do I need, approximately?05:13
wahnfriedenof hd space05:13
Titan8990flip, I still use madwifi05:13
Titan8990flip, for injection patch05:13
icerootwahnfrieden: depending on what you need on ubuntu05:13
flipthe download link to my driver is dead Titan8990  and i cant find it anywhere05:13
Im_Toast!help gksudo05:13
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about help gksudo05:13
ubottuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)05:13
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs05:13
wahnfriedeniceroot not much. just to run a web server, with python/django etc05:13
icerootwahnfrieden: normally virtualbox is using a dynamic size for hdd05:13
Im_Toastah graphical sudo05:13
wahnfriedeniceroot I ask because I don't have much space free05:14
mbrushOk, I've spent the last 2 hours scouring google with many many hits but no fixes, I cannot get audio in Flash.  It took several hours of playing around to get any sound in anything (vlc).  I'm using jaunty that i downloaded a two or three days ago to see how it's coming.  I'm running XFCE.  Anyone have any hints?05:14
icerootwahnfrieden: 5gb should be the absolut maximum that will need05:14
zionpsyferLooking for some help pictures off of a camera or external reader. neither of my external card readers work, camera(rebel xt) isn't recognized.  Suspect udev/hal   /var/log/messages-> http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/146662/05:14
wahnfriedenoh, great05:14
icerootwahnfrieden: ubunru + apache and so on05:14
ynkLint01, would you recommend simply going to Intrepid or sticky with Hardy Heron a while longer?05:14
wahnfriedenshould i use normal ubuntu, or ubuntu server?05:14
icerootynk: never touch a running system, also 8.04 is LTS05:14
botuxim trying to mount a samba share so i can see it on my windows box can someone assist05:15
Titan8990flip, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/Atheros05:15
wahnfriedenalso - does it run reasonably well in virtualbox? this is just a 1.8GHz Atom CPU, 2gb ram. not that great05:15
flipyes im already there05:15
icerootwahnfrieden: you need a gui?05:15
Im_ToastIs Hardy Heron 8.04?05:15
icerootIm_Toast: yes05:15
stealth-_!hardy | Im_Toast05:15
ubottuIm_Toast: Ubuntu 8.04-LTS (Hardy Heron) was the eighth release of Ubuntu. Downloading: http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.04 - See !lts for more details.05:15
ynkiceroot, thanks for the tip, buddy.05:15
flipalthough it'd prob be easier if you just explained it >.,05:16
stealth-_Im_Toast: for future reference, you can msg ubottu with factoids and he can answer you in a private message, so your not messaging in the channel05:16
wahnfriedeniceroot I'm newish to linux so it would probably help. Maybe just something minimal - xfce or something05:16
botuxstealth: im having issues mounting a share do you know how05:16
ynkiceroot, that doesn't really answer my question though.. LTS means it'll be around a while longer, but what does that make of Intrepid? do the releases become LTS after a while..? i'm not even quite sure how that works.05:16
icerootwahnfrieden: try xubuntu05:16
Titan8990flip, I told you, i haven't set up ath5/9k drivers, i still use madwifi05:17
iceroot!lts | ynk05:17
ubottuynk: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server.05:17
wahnfriedenoh, awesome. thanks05:17
stealth-_botux: sorry, i gave up on samba a while ago, to much trouble, this might help you, though, one sec05:17
icerootynk: so 8.10 will never get lts05:17
stealth-_!samba | botux05:17
dumb_dumbguys how to install serial port on xen with ubuntu server05:17
ubottubotux: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/8.10/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.05:17
icerootwahnfrieden: its ubuntu with xfce405:17
twois10 I get the following boot error, i need help understanding this: http://paste.linuxassist.net/21419705:17
botuxi have my windows shares mounted i need help mounting my ubuntu shares05:18
ynkiceroot, ah very interesting. so Intrepid will be outdated before Hardy Heron..? (can you tell i love using their nicknames? lol)05:18
Titan8990twois10: did you enable kernel debugging?05:18
asdf_n00bDoes anyone know whats up with those two weird characters that come after the path when you drag a file into the command line?05:18
icerootynk: yes, 8.10 will be outdated before 8.0405:18
twois10Titan8990, no05:18
icerootynk: so if 8.04 is running for you, why change to 8.10?05:19
Im_ToastI just got 8.10 because that's what unetbootin automatically downloaded for me =P05:19
cj_szeguys... where can i find the inittab file of ubuntu? thanks05:19
ynkiceroot, i like your logical. makes sense. 'if it ain't broke..'05:19
asdf_n00bI can't copy them here they show up blank, but they're like squares with some weird writing in them..  It's annoying cause I'm building this database and have to delete the two characters at the end of each path05:19
icerootynk: yes :) never touch a running system05:19
ynkiceroot, yes sir. never again!05:20
Iceman_B^Ltopthe sole reason I'm running 8.10 is because it's awesome codename ^_^05:20
icerootIceman_B^Ltop: i cant pronounce it :(05:20
Iceman_B^Ltop(well, and I left the 8.04 discs at my parents, so why not burn the latest)05:20
Iceman_B^Ltopiceroot: the intrepid part or the ibex part?05:20
icerootIceman_B^Ltop: intrepid05:21
Iceman_B^Ltophaha, tell me thats a joke05:21
icerootIceman_B^Ltop: sounds strange for me (german)05:21
Iceman_B^Ltop...im dutch05:21
Iceman_B^Ltopits not hard :)05:21
icerootIceman_B^Ltop: but also not nice :)05:21
lacquiis there an easy way to fix dependencies on about 300 packages?05:21
stealth-_asdf_n00b: im not getting that effect...05:21
Iceman_B^Ltopgerman makes everything sound sinister, and therefore awesome =)05:21
ynki wonder if i can unallocate space from one of my HDDs to be used by Hardy Heron for dual booting (..as opposed to an installation inside windows)..05:21
boscohow do i change a {.dbi} to iso and make it bootable???????05:21
aaronatori am just trying to patch iwlagn and am on the preparing the kernel step05:22
stealth-_!hi | mike_S05:22
ubottumike_S: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!05:22
asdf_n00bstealth..  really?  what version are you using. not that I'd see it making a difference but you never know05:22
=== maha is now known as jedimindtricks
icerootIceman_B^Ltop: also its easier for say the version like 8.04 instead of the name. e.g. i dont know the version of dapper drake and all the other names05:23
asdf_n00boh stealth nvm..  It actually doesnt happen in terminal.. happens in like..  paths in other Software05:23
stealth-_asdf_n00b: well, if i understand you right, what your doing is grabbing a file and dragging it into the terminal, and when I did that i got the file location with ' around it.05:23
stealth-_asdf_n00b: ah, file a bug report maybe?05:23
icerootstealth-_: its normal05:23
stealth-_iceroot: why does it happen?05:24
asdf_n00bWhat's its purpose though?05:24
icerootstealth-_: because of whitespace and so on05:24
mike_Sif there are spaces in the filepath05:24
asdf_n00bhunh..  but the path doesn't work with those extra 2 characters though05:24
icerootstealth-_: your file.jpg or 'your file.jpg'05:24
Iceman_B^Ltopiceroot: pm05:24
stealth-_iceroot: what about them?05:25
stealth-_iceroot: your refering to the spaces?05:25
stealth-_iceroot: never mind i ask quests before i think about them....05:25
stealth-_iceroot: lol05:26
mattgyver83Is it possible to map a USB storage device as a network drive and still unmount it?05:28
stealth-_does anyone have any questions???05:28
botuxwhen mounting samba shares im getting mount error 112 = Host is down05:28
botux any ideas why05:28
stealth-_there we go05:28
stealth-_botux: can you ping the host to actually confirm its up and has a samba port open?05:29
ron20101help me resolve usb mouse issue in virtualbox05:29
botuxstealth: just ping localhost?05:29
stealth-_ron20101: explain your question, if someone knows the answer, they will answer you05:29
stealth-_botux: your trying to mount a samba share on your own machine?05:30
ron20101ok... in virtualbox 2.1.4 i cant get usb mouse to detect in windows05:30
botuxstealth: dont i have to to get it to show up on my windows box05:30
ron20101i have ubuntu ibex as my host05:30
aaronator_I am trying to patch iwlagn and am on the step of preparing the kernel, how can i see if my kernel config contains the listed options?05:30
stealth-_botux: um... Im either way more unfamiliar with samba than i thought, or your doing something wrong..05:31
thahaussCan someone please advise the best program that will allow me to format a slaved drive in ubuntu 9.04?05:31
stealth-_botux: your trying to mount a samba share on the same machine its hosted so you can access it from another machine?05:31
botuxstealth: right05:32
icerootthahauss: there is no best, but try gparted05:32
botuxstealth: am i goofy05:32
stealth-_botux: is this involving any VM's?05:32
MocsDoes anyone know anything about Ultima Online free shard servers?05:32
botuxstealth: whats vm05:32
stealth-_botux: i dont know, im not very familiar with samba, but it sounds wierd to me05:32
thahaussIceman_B^Ltop, TY ice will do05:32
stealth-_botux: virtual machine. it lets you run a computer inside a computer... kinda05:32
botuxstealth: no vm's05:33
botuxStealth separate machine05:33
MocsReason I ask, I am thinking of setting one up, don't know which one will run best on Ubuntu 8.1005:33
stealth-_botux: are you following a tutorial or something?05:33
botuxstealth: no05:33
stealth-_botux: i would probably advise that, cause past that i cant really help much. Sorry :(05:34
botuxstealth: i tried reading the howtos but they are like greek to me i dont understand them05:34
stealth-_botux: maybe someone else here has more experience with samba, but i gave up in frustration with it.....05:34
stealth-_botux: did you try the ones i gave you earlier?05:34
pr0t0c0ni have a question , is it possible to run multiple programs while in console mode05:35
Mocssamba is a strange animal... I got it to work once, but not without much struggle...05:35
stealth-_pr0t0c0n: console mode? you mean no GUI?05:35
Mocspr0t: yeah, use different terminals... <alt>1 <alt>205:35
Mocspr0t: or run them in background05:35
stealth-_pr0t0c0n: then yes, just move over to a different terminal or use screen. ctrl+alt+F# where # is a terminal number05:36
stealth-_!screen | pr0t0c0n05:36
ubottupr0t0c0n: Screen is a window manager for terminal sessions, also useful over SSH. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Screen05:36
=== gaurav is now known as gauravkittz
pr0t0c0nok thnx ok thnx05:36
stealth-_pr0t0c0n: id advise using different terminals though, screen is a bit harder to figure out05:36
Mocspr0t: don't be sorry... asking is the only way to learn05:37
botuxstealth: i used the ones you gave me05:37
pr0t0c0nso i just type alt#1 while in the console ?05:37
gauravkittzi have to type modprobe ath5k on startup every time to get my wifi on05:37
stealth-pr0t0c0n: no05:37
gauravkittzis ther any other way05:38
Mocspr0t: alt f1... alt f205:38
stealth-pr0t0c0n: press the buttons: ctrl+alt+F# where # is a number of a terminal05:38
stealth-Mocs: you dont need to press ctrl?05:38
Mocsstealth: nope05:38
juanefrenHOw do I share a folder using command line ? (ubuntu server)05:38
stealth-Mocs: huh. good to know.05:38
pr0t0c0nok let me try brb05:38
Mocsstealth: just did it... ubuntu box is next to this one...05:38
stealth-Mocs: yeah, ctrl is only nessesary if leaving GUI. Thanks for the tip05:39
sombirhelp on ubuntu ??05:39
stealth-sombir: this is the ubuntu support channel, yes.05:39
Mocsnow... back to UO... anyone ever set one up?  I looked at SunUO, but that hasn't been updated since 2005...05:39
aaronator_there are like 500 kconfig files, what is the location of the one with the wireless settings?05:39
ruben231hi i installed a tarball program how do i uninstall it..05:40
Madpilotsombir, just ask your question, someone will help if they can05:41
Mocsoops... sorry, that's a dreamweaver key if anyone needs it...05:42
sombiri need help un port scanner05:42
Mocsok, no UO fans here... oh well...05:42
Mocsl8r all05:42
botuxi think i may have gotten the server to work just not sure how to test it05:44
botuxanybody know how to see samba shares on windows machine05:44
thahaussI'm running ubuntu 9.04 and am using Gparted to format a slave drive, my question lies in the format of the partition table, the default is MSDOS do i need to change this for any reason?05:45
dijikulif I wanted to write a script that called a certain URL and then add it to cron to run at certain intervals, what would be the command I'd use to call the http request from the cli?05:45
clearscreen!jaunty | thahauss05:45
ubottuthahauss: Jaunty Jackalope is the codename for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 23rd, 2009 -  Schedule in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyReleaseSchedule - Lots of breakage between now and April 23rd - Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion and support.05:45
clearscreendijikul: wget05:46
iterdijikul: either wget or curl05:46
TheShahFactorhello kimerop05:50
kimerophello theshahfactor05:50
dumb_dumbguys need help with xen & ubuntu server05:50
dumb_dumbany one could help me?05:50
dumb_dumbthanks before05:50
flipdumb_dumb,  what you need help with05:51
kimeropsome watch movie matrix I,II,III05:51
dumb_dumbflip: i need to enabled the serial port (/dev/ttyS0) so that the guess OS can used that port05:51
flipOkay guys i have a major problem its not really that big of deal just rather annoying when i open a window then try to click to another window it wont let me i have to actually minimize the other window for example im on xchat now and i have a terminal open when i switch to terminal then try to click the xchat window it wont let me click the it05:51
flipguest os dumb_dumb05:51
flipcant really help ya there05:52
meoblast001does ClamAV check for Windows viruses too?05:52
dumb_dumbthats ok flip05:52
dumb_dumbi`m trying to install sms gateway server on xen05:52
jomo2010any recommendation to running itunes in ubuntu?05:52
meoblast001jomo2010: don't do it?05:53
meoblast001jomo2010: doesn't run that well05:53
TheShahFactorflip : have u enabled the option "always on top05:53
jomo2010so wine itunes?05:53
meoblast001jomo2010: yes.. but why would you want to run it?05:53
jomo2010or is there better substitued that will do podcast?05:53
flipTheShahFactor,  i dont think so where would i go to check05:53
kimeropmpeg to mp4 ?05:53
jomo2010and sync my itouch05:54
thurstonHi, I am new to IRC and to Ubuntu. Can anyone guide me where I need to go to report a bug?05:54
meoblast001jomo2010: i can't get it to detct my iPod so i'm not sure if you'll get better luck05:54
aaronator_i do not have an ipod, but i dont see why it woudlnt work05:54
leoXsysthurston: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu, But better you joined the #ubuntu-bugs Channel to get the more info.05:54
Lartza_Assuming that I need to run some server behind my ubuntu gateway, I need to forward the port to the computer behind with iptables?05:54
majortoolwhat's the best program for viewing my web cam05:55
majortooljust locally05:55
leoXsysmajnoon: Cheese05:55
leoXsysmajortool: sudo apt-get install cheese05:55
jomo2010i just need to sync with my itouch and download podcast stuff05:56
meoblast001majortool: if you ever want to try flash with your webcam.... WebCamStudio is nice05:56
cj_szewhere can i find the inittab file of ubuntu 8.04 desktop ?05:56
meoblast001jomo2010: Rhythmbox works with podcasts05:56
=== dr0ppy is now known as dr0pknutz
meoblast001jomo2010: iTouch... i think we all have to play the waiting game with that05:56
flipTheShahFactor,  ??? please its really annoying05:56
jomo2010and it will sycn05:56
botuxcan anyone help with samba05:57
sombiris ubuntu 9.04 out ???05:58
botuxno april 23rd05:58
=== qhlym203 is now known as liyanming
leoXsyscj_sze: Check http://nixcraft.com/linux-software/2654-ubuntu-set-default-runlevel-etc-inittab.html05:59
leoXsysbotux: What is the problem?05:59
flipOkay guys i have a major problem its not really that big of deal just rather annoying when i open a window then try to click to another window it wont let me i have to actually minimize the other window for example im on xchat now and i have a terminal open when i switch to terminal then try to click the xchat window it wont let me click the it05:59
cj_szeleoXsys: thanks i will check that05:59
leoXsyssombir: Ubuntu 9.04 final would be out on 23rd April, 2009, But you can enjoy the BETA Version05:59
botuxleoXsys: im trying to see my shares from my ubuntu machine on my vista box05:59
Im_ToastWhat is the next lts version?06:00
aaronator_in reference to the kernel config, what does [M] mean?06:00
aaronator_[M] and [*]06:00
leoXsysIm_Toast: Every two yer, So 8.04 was in 2008/4, so next would be in 2010/4 i guess :)06:01
leoXsysaaronator_: [M] means module, Kernel will build the module for that one which you can insert later after booting the kernel :)06:01
borgista"           A central wisdom peers within a doubtless sunshine.  "06:01
botuxleoXsys: im having all kinds of trouble06:02
leoXsysbotux: How you are trying?06:02
CompCrashanyone one else have issues with the update manager?06:03
leoXsysbotux: On Desktop, Go-to -> Places -> Netwrok06:03
aaronator_leoxsys: thanks, i am trying to patch iwlagn and part of the process is ensuring my kernel config contains certain options, how can i do this?06:03
CompCrashthe password confirmation doesnt come up06:04
leoXsysCommo-work: I think, it will not come up, It will only come while you will do any up gradation...06:04
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sYskkwhat is a good tool for visualizing disk usage ? ps: I don't have a GUI on my ubuntu box, so Id like something that would work remotely06:05
leoXsysaaronator_: Yes, you can do it as [M], then maker sure it get loaded while booting.06:05
lstarnesCompCrash: unless it is updating something or checking for new updates it won't need administrative permissions06:05
flipOkay guys i have a major problem its not really that big of deal just rather annoying when i open a window then try to click to another window it wont let me i have to actually minimize the other window for example im on xchat now and i have a terminal open when i switch to terminal then try to click the xchat window it wont let me click the it  no i donot have always ontop option set06:05
CompCrashit always asks06:05
aaronator_leoxsys: i havent a clue as to how to do that.  can you give me a link to somewhere that explains this?06:05
lstarnesCompCrash: if you used something else that required administrative permissions within a few minutes of running the update manager, it might not ask for a password06:06
CompCrashand the window doesnt come and then there is no updates06:06
unkohey guys. i have a simple question. my monitor can go up too 100 hz but it won't let me go past 60 hz how can i override it so i can get it to 75 hz??????06:06
botuxleoXsys: ok im there06:06
leoXsysaaronator_: Wait a minute...06:06
flipOkay guys i have a major problem its not really that big of deal just rather annoying when i open a window then try to click to another window it wont let me i have to actually minimize the other window for example im on xchat now and i have a terminal open when i switch to terminal then try to click the xchat window it wont let me click the it  no i donot have always ontop option set06:06
aaronator_leoxsys: also i believe the kconfig i need to alter is located at /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.27-11-generic/net/wireless . is this the correct kconfig to alter?06:07
leoXsysbotux: So, it has detected the the machine, which is part of the network?06:07
leoXsysaaronator_: Yes, I think so, where is the source located?06:07
leoXsysbotux: Can you see your Visa machine?06:08
aaronator_leoxsys: source?06:08
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botuxleoXsys: yes its there and when i click on it it says unable to mount06:08
leoXsysaaronator_: Source of the Kernel?06:09
leoXsysbotux: Or driver?06:09
leoXsysbotux: Ok...Hmm...06:09
aaronator_leoxsys: i dont know..... sorry i am a noob06:09
botuxleoXsys whats Or driver?06:09
leoXsysaaronator_: ok...06:09
leoXsysbotux: Are you on intrepid?06:10
botuxleoXsys: im on 8.1006:10
leoXsysbotux: I think vista must be using NTFS?06:11
botuxleoXsys: yes it id06:11
unkohey guys. i have a simple question. my monitor can go up too 100 hz but it won't let me go past 60 hz how can i override it so i can get it to 75 hz??????06:11
leoXsysbotux: Can you install / check NTFS support with 8.10, or just do sudo apt-get install ntfs-3g on CLI06:12
pan__mc(midnight commander) do not work well in the screen session,anyone can help me ?06:12
sombirhelp ????????????/06:13
leoXsysaaronator_: Can you try this link for more information http://www.howtoforge.com/kernel_compilation_ubuntu06:13
leoXsysaaronator_: Also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile06:13
spaceBARbarianwhats a good .rar extractor for ubuntu ?06:13
botuxleoXsys: its downloading now06:13
pan__mc work well,but do not work well in a screen session06:14
aaronator_leoxsys: ok thank you. just to be sure - I have to actually modifiy the kernel to get tthis driver patched??06:14
pan__the table line is not aligned06:14
leoXsysaaronator_: Yes, I can understand, it will help.06:14
aaronator_leoxsys: thanks a lot sir.  you are a gret help06:15
leoXsysspaceBARbarian: By default Ubuntu is supporting, You want something with high compression ratio?06:15
pan__mc(midnight commander) work well,but it do not work well in a screen session:the table line is not aligned06:15
spaceBARbarianleoXsys: no i am just trying to extract a .rar and i get unsupported archive06:16
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botuxleoXsys: it says its already on here where is it normally?06:16
ruben231hi does ekiga support g729 codec..?06:17
leoXsysbotux: Hmm....06:18
leoXsysbotux: Means, it's already installed.06:18
botuxleoXsys: right but idunno how to access it06:18
k1enhi, live cd will not boot on my pc (8.10) after the "try without changes to your computer" it just goes black06:21
KetrelI installed Ubuntu on a laptop and I can get wireless to work at all06:21
Ketrelfrom the GUI06:21
KetrelI can do it with iwconfig and dhclient06:21
rayluKetrel: did you just install the wireless drivers? or did you never do that yourself?06:22
KetrelFresh install06:22
Ketrelinstalled nothing yet06:22
rayluKetrel: try restarting network manager. sudo invoke-rc.d NetworkManger restart06:22
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Ketrelraylu: ok, from there, what do I do to add a wireless network to it?06:23
rayluKetrel: m... when you connect to one, i think it automatically creates one.06:23
Ketrelconnect to one HOW06:23
rayluKetrel: you can also right-click for a different menu than the left-click one06:23
rayluKetrel: left-click on ti06:23
rayluKetrel: *it06:24
Ketrelso it won't detect networks?06:24
KetrelI'd always have to manually enter the ssid?06:24
rayluKetrel: oh, sometimes right after it starts it takes a bit to get the network list06:24
rayluKetrel: you can prod it with "sudo iwlist scan"06:24
botuxleoXsys: any ideas?06:24
Ketrelraylu I'm trying to give this to someone who has no idea how to use command line06:25
leoXsysbotux: I am thinking...06:25
botuxleoXsys: sorry06:25
leoXsysbotux: It's ok.06:25
Ketrelraylu anyways: 'wlan0 interface doesn't support scanning : network is down'06:25
rayluKetrel: oh fun. i never did figure out what that error meant06:26
rayluKetrel: perhaps your wireless card isn't switched on?06:26
Ketrelraylu: then using iwconfig and dhclient wouldn't work would it06:26
rayluKetrel: dhclient connects to the network properly?06:26
Ketrelyes, I said that at the beginning, GUI isn't working, but command line is06:27
thedarkonemy menu.lst went blank any way to fix it06:27
leoXsysbotux: I have not tried using SAMBA, But i am checking support...06:27
rayluthedarkone: update-grub06:27
zionpsyferKetrel:  wicd? seems to fix those issues, not sure if we're allowed to recommend though.06:27
thedarkonehow raylu06:28
botuxleoXsys: ok just so you know i mapped the vist shares on my desktop so that part is good i juts cant see the samba shares on my vista machine06:28
Ketrelok, it just stopped working >.<06:28
xim_is there an easy way in ubuntu to print a large image that is multiple pages, like a banner, in chunks on seperate pages that you could tape together?  without manually cutting up the image in gimp06:28
Ketrelsince there is no manual switch on it, is there any way to enable the card if it was off?06:28
leoXsysbotux: Ohhh!!!!06:28
leoXsysbotux: My bad time :(06:29
botuxleoXsys: sorry i didnt think i explained that right the first time06:29
rayluthedarkone: that's the name of a command. run it06:29
leoXsysbotux: It's ok, Mistake makes the man perfect :)06:30
rayluKetrel: is it like a fn+[random key] switch?06:30
botuxleoXsys: lol right06:30
rayluapropos makes man perfect06:30
thedarkonei hit c and put that in i get error 2706:30
rayluthedarkone: who are you talking to?06:30
thedarkoneunrecognized command06:30
thedarkoneu raylu06:30
rayluthedarkone: oh. please put my name in front. why'd you hit c?06:31
ubuntu__anyone in here using 9.04 beta? I having some issues being able to log into X after install ati drivers06:31
raylu!jaunty | ubuntu__06:31
ubottuubuntu__: Jaunty Jackalope is the codename for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 23rd, 2009 -  Schedule in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyReleaseSchedule - Lots of breakage between now and April 23rd - Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion and support.06:31
thedarkoneraylu when i boot only thing that comes up in grub is memtest86+06:31
Ketrelraylu: yes, but I haven't added anything for keyboard so I'd assume it'd have no effect06:32
thedarkoneraylu i hit c for command line06:32
leoXsysbotux: Check this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=91281406:32
rayluthedarkone: oh. i thought you had already booted. is the problem you can't boot?06:32
dye_bcpojifojfoiqw wefoijqw ohfvgq06:32
thedarkoneraylu yes06:32
dye_bcnak mna    ?"06:32
rayluKetrel: actually, on most laptops, that's handled by hardware06:32
thedarkoneraylu can not boot06:32
rayluKetrel: fn+[random key for touchpad] is like that too. try pressing it and running "sudo dmesg | tail"06:32
rayluthedarkone: do you have a livecd/liveusb/etc. available?06:33
Ketrelraylu: nope, it's not on this, I just tried enabling scroll lock which is a fn+key but no effect06:33
thedarkonenot here06:33
rayluthedarkone: that's going to be kinda difficult then.06:33
thedarkoneraylu when i get a live cd what should i do06:34
rwparris2is there a good small image editor for ubuntu?  not gimp, I want something more like the online app picnik, except for the desktop06:34
rayluthedarkone: i would just re-install grub using one of the various guides. personally, that means mount the linux install and use "grub-install /dev/sd[whatever] --root-directory=[mount point]"06:34
raylurwparris2: by small, you mean like mspaint?06:35
rayluKetrel: but that's not handled by hardware. or rather, it is but it's passed as a key to software06:35
raylurwparris2: tuxpaint. also a few others. aptitude search paint06:35
CompCrashwhat do i use in the terminal to install updates06:36
botuxleoXsys: that all you found?06:36
lstarnesCompCrash: sudo apt-get upgrade06:36
rayluthedarkone: on the other hand, do you know when you last upgraded your kernel?06:36
leoXsysbotux: Yes :(06:36
lstarnesCompCrash: prior to doing that, you may need to do sudo apt-get update06:36
rayluthedarkone: or the kernel version :D06:36
rayluCompCrash: apt-get or aptitude?06:36
Ketrelraylu I've tried it with no luck, is there anything else I could try? (It's a Dell Latitude D600 and I already tried modprobing ndiswrapper)06:37
botuxleoXsys: thanks for helping ill chekc that out06:37
CompCrashwrong chat06:37
leoXsysbotux: Sorry, I am also newbie...06:37
rayluKetrel: er, what wireless card? latitudes use intel chipsets which are well support by iwl, i thought06:37
CompCrashi did aptitude and it only found them but not install06:38
rayluCompCrash: sudo aptitude dist-upgrade06:38
botuxleoXsys: its ok lol i think with linux everyone is a newbie theres always something to learn06:38
rayluCompCrash: or safe-upgrade, if you prefer06:38
Ketrelraylu: I'm not sure how to check06:38
rayluKetrel: lspci06:39
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CompCrashi'm sick of the update manager or synaptic package manager not working right06:39
Ketrelfrak, it's a broadcom06:39
CompCrashsince 8.10 they dont always work06:39
rayluKetrel: lspci -v will show the modules its using06:40
rayluKetrel: which would be useful :D06:40
KetrelBroadcom Corporation BCM4309 802.11a/b/g (rev 03)06:41
spaceBARbarianis there any program i can use to install microsoft office in ubuntu ?06:41
jomo2010anybody know how to change background color to workspace switcher area?06:41
raylubotux, leoXsys: there's no need for ntfs support06:41
FiReSTaRTdoes anyone know a way to open pdf 1.7 documents in ubuntu?06:41
raylubotux: but samba is basically a pain. try "smbclient -L"06:41
scunizispaceBARbarian: what do you need there that openoffice doesn't do?06:41
FiReSTaRTother than downloading the acrobat binary06:42
coolmadmaxspaceBARbarian use openoffice 3.006:42
rayluFiReSTaRT: can you give me a pdf 1.7 document?06:42
rayluKetrel: and the module06:42
FiReSTaRTraylu: sure.. ill give u a link06:42
spaceBARbarianscunizi: i am too used to msoffice, dont feel like switching06:42
dffsdanyone good with c++ here?06:42
rayluspaceBARbarian: but you feel like switching your entire OS?06:43
rayludffsd: wrong channel for that06:43
dffsd#ubuntu-programming is of no help06:43
brunnerwhat's the command for that curses kernel configuration tool?06:43
Ketrelraylu: I think it's ssb06:43
rayludffsd: there's probably #c++. what do you need?06:43
_motti__hi guys. where can I ask/suggest a feature for the next ubuntu release?06:43
dffsdi need help wiith run-time type identification06:43
botuxraylu: its asking for parameters06:43
raylubotux: do you know the hostname/ip of the machine that has the files shared?06:44
FiReSTaRTraylu : link sent via pm06:44
raylu_motti__: file a bugreport and mark it as feature06:44
rayluFiReSTaRT: as far as i can tell, that's a pdf telling you you need a newer pdf reader06:44
scunizispaceBARbarian: I've used both for years and don't find many things that oo won't do.. menu's are close and unless you're using a lot of the higher functions it's hardly worth running office in wine... if the version you have will work06:44
botuxraylu: its my ubuntu machine which im on06:44
raylubotux: oh. then why do you need samba? smbclient -L localhost06:45
Ketrelraylu: kernel driver in use: b43-pci-bridge (if that's what you wanted)06:45
rayluKetrel: yeah...06:45
rayluKetrel: things starting with b43 usually involve pain06:45
_motti__raylu, is it for real? there is no "formal" way for the community to toss around ideas?06:45
raylu_motti__: #ubuntu-dev06:45
FiReSTaRTraylu: that's because document viewer/OOo can only open pdf 1.4... pdf 1.7 is relatively new06:45
scunizispaceBARbarian: actually abiword is a breath of fresh air.. fast, lean and very functional..06:45
raylu_motti__: and yes, for real. there are thousands of bugs and feature requests. dealing with them all at once in the form of chat is not productive06:46
Ketrelraylu is there anything I could do in that case06:46
botuxraylu: because i wanna see my ubuntu shares on my vvista box06:46
rayluFiReSTaRT: there is no reason evince or whatever linux pdf reader you are using would tell you to go visit the adobe website06:46
FiReSTaRTraylu: i could install the acrobat but i'd like to see if OOo or Document Viewer can be patched to open that format06:46
raylubotux: who uses the vista box? to avoid pain, i'd recommend getting an sftp/scp client on the vista box06:46
botuxraylu: i just got Connection to localhost failed (Error NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME)06:47
rayluKetrel: i've never gotten a broadcom car fully working06:47
spaceBARbarianscunizi: i do use a lot of higher functions, including visio and equations etc06:47
FiReSTaRTraylu: there is if the document contains some embedded binary crap that they can't open06:47
rayluKetrel: *card. i've gotten bits and pieces of connectivity at best06:47
botuxraylu when i used the command you sent me06:47
Ketreldamn, that's not good :(06:47
rayluFiReSTaRT: not... really. what are you trying to view ont hat website06:47
spaceBARbarianscunizi: is there anything other than crossover that is known to run office ?06:47
Sir_Brizzdoes anyone know how to get audio working properly on a laptop? I have muted the sound from the ubuntu menu but it still plays the boot sound and sounds for pidgin06:47
Sir_Brizz\it's really annoying06:47
scuniziFiReSTaRT: Doc Viewer should (which is evince) .. also scribus will, and possibly xpdf06:47
raylubotux: i have no idea, sorry. can you answer my earlier question?06:47
_motti__raylu, I'm sure of that. But filing a bug is like entering through the next door. Isn't there an equivalent for bug report in the features field?06:48
botuxraylu: which one lol06:48
raylu_motti__: yes... technically, the 'bug tracker' is an issue tracker06:48
raylu_motti__: and issues include feature requests06:48
FiReSTaRTscunizi: it doesn't though.. i downloaded the file tried to open it both with evince and OOo, same crap06:48
raylubotux:  1:46:56       raylu> botux: who uses the vista box? to avoid pain, i'd recommend getting an sftp/scp client on the vista box06:48
scunizispaceBARbarian: just straight wine should depending on the version.. if you really use a lot of visio stuff maybe running office in a VM of windows06:48
syntax\lo, how can i add a network printer in ubuntu? same goes with a dot matrix printer?06:49
scuniziFiReSTaRT: have you tried xpdf?06:49
FiReSTaRTscunizi: http://www.torontopolice.on.ca/aps/tps664.pdf06:49
FiReSTaRTill give it a shot06:49
botuxraylu: lol oh i do and i want to be able to share my music and video files between the 206:49
Ketrelraylu: is there any way to get it to work? This kinda throws a wrench in my plans for a bday gift06:49
mudithi, i am trying to convert a file in ffmpeg, i get this error >> Unknown codec libmp3lame06:49
botuxwhats an sftp/scp client06:49
Sir_Brizzbotux: can't you use samba?06:49
raylubotux: then, to avoid pain, i'd recommend getting an sftp/scp client for vista. filezilla and winscp are good choices06:50
raylubotux: then, simply set up openssh-server (read: install and you're done)06:50
botuxSir_Brizz: if it would work06:50
rayluSir_Brizz: he can, but he's having trouble setting it up. and i've never gotten that working faster than scp06:50
FiReSTaRTscunizi: same problem with xpdf06:50
Sir_Brizzyeah but it sounds like he wants to mount it on Vista, not just copy files around06:51
_motti__raylu, I went to the bug tracker website and they don't mention the feature asking as an option06:51
rayluscunizi: as far as i can tell, it's actually a pdf that tells you to go get adobe acrobat, not an app-generated error message06:51
botuxSir_Brizz: i cant see the samba shares on my vista box06:51
rayluscunizi: http://www.torontopolice.on.ca/aps/tps664.pdf06:51
botuxSiir_Brizz: Bingo sir06:51
rayluSir_Brizz: have you ever gotten samba working?06:51
Sir_BrizzI haven't tried to set it up dfor a while06:52
rayluKetrel: i'm sure it's _possible_06:52
scuniziraylu: yea.. strange. I've downloaded it and I'm trying scribus...06:52
scuniziFiReSTaRT: yea.. just found that out06:52
scuniziFiReSTaRT: installing scribus now.06:52
Ketrelraylu: is there anywhere with a tutorial?06:52
pace_t_zuluhey guys i'm looking for someone who can help me with the community documentation06:53
botuxSir_Brizz: all of the howtos are like greek to me'06:53
DoitleAnyone here ever read from hardware RTC in Linux?06:53
FiReSTaRTim installing libgnupdf0 it should have pdf 1.7 support06:53
pace_t_zuluanyone here involved in community documentation?06:53
bobgill_how do I copy the file that a symbolic link is pointing to??06:53
raylu!wifi | Ketrel06:54
ubottuKetrel: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs06:54
_motti__ok, thanks06:55
Sir_Brizzbotux: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpSamba06:55
scuniziFiReSTaRT: raylu got it.. Adobereader 8 from the medibuntu repo's opens it fine.06:56
rayluscunizi: strange... perhaps that's a feature of pdfs - to show that message06:56
scuniziraylu: first time I've even seen that.06:56
FiReSTaRTscunizi: i know.. i was hoping to avoid installing it.. always found it to be a resource-hog06:57
rayluadobe reader is software i avoid even in windows =\06:57
FiReSTaRTscunizi: thanks.. i guess ill be forced to install it and then remove it :)06:57
raylubobgill_: it happens transparently, that's the point06:57
KoolDhow do i remove an application previously installed with 'make-install'06:57
rayluKoolD: you mean 'make install'?06:57
scuniziFiReSTaRT: yea.. I hate doing that too06:57
rayluKoolD: some makefiles have uninstall, so "make uninstall"06:58
muditrelaxed: there is no package as lame-dev !06:58
rrowellso FloodBot is aking over it looks like?06:58
Doitleif I have a directory too big to see the entire ls in a terminal window is there any way I can set it to feed a page at a time like less06:58
DoitleI tried less ls -l and it didnt work06:58
rayluDoitle: shift+pageup06:58
FiReSTaRTscunizi: ah well.. in any case i'll be doing a clean install of jaunty in case there's any left-over crap :P06:58
rayluDoitle: ls | less06:58
KoolDraylu: so there is no way if they dont have uninstall06:58
rayluKoolD: correct. you could rm them... manually...06:59
bobgill_raylu: what do you mean? I have filenames that are all numbers (date/times) with symbolic links in another folder where they are named and identifiable.. I want to be in this folder, seeing the names and copying the files..06:59
scuniziFiReSTaRT: me too.. my last upgrade didn't go so smooth.. still ironing out weirdness.06:59
botuxSir_Bizz: how do i figure out what ip address my samba server is using?06:59
KoolDraylu: eh.. thanks06:59
FiReSTaRTscunizi: mine went to crap half-way through the life of hardy.. lost the ability to suspend06:59
raylubobgill_: you have symlinks that are human-readable pointing to a bunch of numerical filenames06:59
scunizibotux: it's the same as your machine running it.06:59
Ketrelraylu: of course the links that mention b43 are not working >.<06:59
Sir_Brizzbotux: it is your computer's ip address, you can see it in ifconfig06:59
bobgill_raylu: yup06:59
AK_DaveJaunty is pissing me off. The WorkplaceSwitcherApplet won't appear. According to gconf_editor I have ~20 instances of it on the top panel but none of them show.07:00
FiReSTaRTscunizi: i'm hoping jaunty will fix that and the nvidia hdmi sound streaming issue07:00
=== sleepy_cat is now known as c_nick
raylubobgill_: and you want to copy some of the files, identifying by their human readable names, but with the original numeric file names?07:00
botuxSir_Brizz: should it be listed there when i run that command07:00
DoitleAlso how do I add to my paths file and not overwrite it?07:01
Sir_Brizzthere is some way to look inside gnome, but I'm completely inept at it :)07:01
scuniziFiReSTaRT: that would be nice.. I put a new motherboard in my machine in Dec with hdmi and haven't tried it yet.. however to install and to continue to boot  I have to have pci=nomsi on the kernel line07:01
XiaolinDraconishello room07:01
rayluDoitle: paths... file? you mean $PATH variable?07:01
bobgill_raylu: I want to copy some, yes, but they don't have to be the original numeric file name.. I just want to be able to copy them by looking at the symlinks, rather than seeing where they point to, memorizing, cd'ing back and copying that way07:01
DoitleI modified it before but accidentally overwrote it instead of adding to it07:01
rayluDoitle: export PATH=$PATH:/asdf/jkl/07:01
Doitleand so could not use any shell functionality07:01
raylubobgill_: well.. you can already do that07:02
botuxSir_Brizz its not there heres what i get (http://rafb.net/p/BELC5t34.html)07:02
XiaolinDraconis<--- is linux virgin07:02
raylubobgill_: touch a && ln -s a b && cp b c07:02
raylubobgill_: will make a copy of a called c07:02
raylu!hi | XiaolinDraconis07:02
ubottuXiaolinDraconis: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!07:02
XiaolinDraconisty ty07:03
Ketrelok better question, how do I enable ubuntu universe?07:03
* scunizi wonders why everyone has such long nicks.. they all get truncated anyway07:03
raylubotux: inet addr:
Ketrel(or is it enabled by default)07:03
XiaolinDraconisim having a little trouble with permissions07:03
rayluKetrel: /etc/apt/sources.list07:03
rayluKetrel: or system > admin > software sources, i think07:03
botuxraylu: i tried i cant see samba at that address07:03
XiaolinDraconisi try to use the same username everywhere i go07:03
raylubotux: m, no idea. talk to Sir_Brizz :P07:04
Sir_Brizzcan you ping that ip from your windows box?07:04
scuniziXiaolinDraconis: anything beyond 9 characters get truncated on my machine.07:04
botuxum lemme try07:04
raylu!permissions | XiaolinDraconis07:04
ubottuXiaolinDraconis: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions07:04
raylui thought you were talking about username in linux =\07:04
XiaolinDraconisheh most names under 9 chars are taken anyways07:05
Sir_BrizzXiaolinDraconis: I bet a56g09r5rb is not taken07:05
botuxSir_Brizz: yes it was  successful07:05
XiaolinDraconiscan anyone help me with editing /etc/sudoers and/or /etc/passwd files?07:05
rayluSir_Brizz: that's not under 9 chars. that's not even 9 chars.07:06
rayluXiaolinDraconis: don't do the latter manually07:06
Sir_Brizzwhoops I bumped the b key07:06
=== freaky_t_ is now known as freaky_t
rayluXiaolinDraconis: also, it looks like you're trying to do something the wrong way. what's the high-level goal you want to accomplish07:06
* raylu feels like the paperclip07:06
XiaolinDraconisi want root access on my user account07:06
FiReSTaRTscunizi: im still having trouble opening it.. doing an update...07:06
Sir_Brizzbotux, how are you trying to access the share?07:06
FiReSTaRTscunizi, nope nothing for acro07:06
rayluXiaolinDraconis: and "sudo ls" doesn't cut it?07:07
lstarnesXiaolinDraconis: then add your user to the admin group07:07
scuniziFiReSTaRT: I'm on Hardy and it works.07:07
XiaolinDraconisi believe i am in the admin group07:07
botuxSir_Brizz: well with vista im not even sure how lol07:07
FiReSTaRTscunizi, would you mind printing it to pdf and kicking it my way?07:07
lstarnesXiaolinDraconis: if your account can use sudo, it is in the admin group and effectively has root rights07:07
* D3f0 is away: Ausente por el momento07:07
scuniziFiReSTaRT: sure07:07
XiaolinDraconisbut i still wasnt allowed to edit grub menu.lst07:07
FiReSTaRTthanks :)07:07
lstarnesXiaolinDraconis: gksudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst07:08
rayluXiaolinDraconis: gksu gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst07:08
streenzhow do I change the default window manager without completely uninstalling the ones I dont want?  right now I'm constantly booting into LXDE by default and I want just GNOME.. I'm using GDM07:08
Sir_Brizzbotux, well for startes try going to start, and typing run in the search box07:08
XiaolinDraconisas an admin user i wasnt allowed to edit grub menu file07:08
raylustreenz: gdm has a sessions button, doesn't it?07:08
XiaolinDraconisoops i scrolled up07:08
Sir_Brizzbotux: then type \\
raylustreenz: also, gnome itself has a WM option... somewhere. i'm using gnome and xmonad07:08
FiReSTaRTscunizi, btw great news.. we finally have the nvidia 180 driver.. ill have to see if it'll solve the suspend issue on intrepid :)07:08
streenzraylu, yes I can go through and manually change it to GNOME, but theres no option to change what the default is, so from a reboot it will always go into LXDE unless i specify right now07:09
XiaolinDraconisi just dont want to have to use the terminal to do things all the time07:09
lstarnesXiaolinDraconis: there's also alt+f207:09
* FiReSTaRT brb rebooting :)07:09
raylustreenz: er, if you choose one that's not the default, it asks if you want to make it the default07:09
rayluXiaolinDraconis: why not?07:09
streenzraylu, where does it ask? I see no option, and upon entering into GNOME it doesnt bring up a prompt or anything...07:10
botuxSir_Brizz: vista doesnt have run07:10
Sir_Brizzbotux, yes it does07:10
botuxoh lol07:10
XiaolinDraconiscause im a spoiled windows refugee07:10
raylustreenz: before logging in at the gdm screen, there should be a Sessions option07:10
ryanCHcan you install 3ddesktop via apt-get?07:10
rayluXiaolinDraconis: well, you'll need to become a proper citizen or your stay here will be unpleasant07:10
rayluryanCH: what's 3ddesktop?07:11
streenzraylu, yes it has Options --- Select Session...  upon clicking that I have the different options.. I choose GNOME, and click Change Session and log in... nowhere is there an option to make this the default07:11
XiaolinDraconiswell if it makes anyone happy im proud to say i have no ntfs partitions on my machine anymore07:11
ryanCHraylu: it's a way to swtich between desktops in a 3d rotation07:11
rayluryanCH: sounds like you want compiz07:12
crdlbstreenz: with gdm, you will get a dialog that says [Make default] [Cancel] [Just for this session]07:12
botuxSirBrizz: says cannot access and is asking me if i want it to diagnose a problem07:12
rayluryanCH: try installing compizconfig-settings-manager07:12
Sir_Brizzbotux: cannot acces what?07:12
raylustreenz: strange... perhaps that is the default? upon restart, it still puts you into lxde?07:13
ron20101how can i get the latest driver for my dell studio 1535 for ubuntu ibex?07:13
streenzraylu, yes there is no option to make default, and on a restart it goes into LXDE07:13
rayluXiaolinDraconis: cool. i actually still keep it around :(07:13
rayluron20101: for what device?07:13
botuxSir_Brizz: the ip address and when i click on details it says network path not found07:13
XiaolinDraconisraylu: is therre a difference in compize-settings-manager and simple-csm07:13
raylustreenz: no idea, sorry07:13
streenzcrdlb, I dont see that dialog at all07:13
ron20101raylu video07:13
csabawhich command should I use to monitor a directory with gamin?07:13
streenzraylu, okay thanks anyways.. thanks for your time07:14
crdlbcsaba: "command"?07:14
raylustreenz: poke /etc/gdm/gdm.conf07:14
csabawhat should I type to monitor a directory?07:14
rayluXiaolinDraconis: i have no idea; i don't use either07:14
XiaolinDraconisi did have an ntfs partition until i discovered qemu07:15
raylucsaba: as in you want a line displayed on your terminal when someone creates or removes a file?07:15
rayluron20101: what video card?07:15
ron20101raylu: any direction for finding latest video drivers07:15
ron20101hold on07:15
rayluron20101: lspci07:15
scuniziron20101: what card?07:15
KetrelI can't figure this out07:16
csabawell no, I want another script to be executed... and I was told to use gamin, so I've tried to install it with apt-get install and was told that it's already installed... then in the end I found /usr/lib/gamin/gam_server but there's no help or anything on how to use it07:16
rayluKetrel: welcome to my world07:16
KetrelI installed b43-fwcutter but I can't find any info on what to do nextr07:16
rayluKetrel: try blacklisting the current driver in /etc/modprobe.d07:17
crdlbcsaba: what programming language are you using?07:17
csabathis isn't programming, I'm trying to execute the command from the shell07:17
XiaolinDraconisok can someone help me fix my /etc/passwd file?07:17
crdlbcsaba: that is a form of programming, but I doubt it can be done at that level07:18
XiaolinDraconisi googled how to get root privies and was show how to do this07:18
rayluKetrel: then, modprobe -r [current driver]07:18
XiaolinDraconisand it didnt work out the way i thought07:18
rayluKetrel: modprobe b43-fwcutter or whatever07:18
rayluXiaolinDraconis: 'able to use sudo' isn't the same as 'having root privelages'07:18
XiaolinDraconisyeah i understand this now07:19
rayluXiaolinDraconis: you execute commands as root by prepending 'sudo'07:19
rayluXiaolinDraconis: there is nothing wrong with your passwd (hopefully)07:19
XiaolinDraconisyeah i changed it to read g:x:0:0:,,,,,07:19
XiaolinDraconiswhich made my account root07:19
rayluXiaolinDraconis: ..................07:19
ubottuTo add new users to your Ubuntu system, follow the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddUsersHowto - For administrative privileges, users need to be made members of the group "admin" - See !sudo07:20
XiaolinDraconisyeah i got that far07:20
* FiReSTaRT rebooted too soon.. didnt have the actual 180 driver installed .lol07:20
rayluron20101: your'e probably using it already if its intel07:20
XiaolinDraconiswhat i attempted was making my account not need the terminal for root access07:21
FiReSTaRTscunizi, thanks for the file btw :)07:21
Ketrelraylu I don't think it's working07:21
bullgard4Why prints 'sudo netstat -tulpen' (http://paste.ubuntuusers.de/394711) in the first line for port 2628=Dictionary Server as  program name=0,  and is not more specific as the rest lines?  'ps 5380' prints yet 'dictd 1.10.10: 0/0'.07:21
XiaolinDraconisnow i AM root07:21
XiaolinDraconisand i dont wanna be root07:21
rayluKetrel: lsmod | grep b4307:21
XiaolinDraconisi tried changing the entry back07:21
scuniziFiReSTaRT: np..180.44 works well by the way07:21
ron20101thanks raylu for the help07:21
XiaolinDraconisbut then my profile failed to load07:21
raylu!de | bullgard407:21
ubottubullgard4: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.07:21
botuxSir_Brizz:  you still there07:22
FiReSTaRTscunizi: time to reboot again and try again lol07:22
* FiReSTaRT brb07:22
rayluXiaolinDraconis: so uh, how hard would it be to reinstall?07:22
Ketrelraylu: a bunch show up, but I can't unload it07:22
scuniziFiReSTaRT: why you rebooting07:22
bullgard4raylu: Are you able to differntiate between English and German at all?07:22
FiReSTaRTit tells me i need to reboot for the driver to be activated07:22
rayluKetrel: what was the name of the driver that lspci -v said it was using? and what did you modprobe -r?07:22
XiaolinDraconisnot hard at all... how hard would this be to fix?07:22
XiaolinDraconiswithout reinstall07:23
rayluKetrel: also, did you blacklist the old driver? if so, what was the name of the thing you added to the blacklist file?07:23
scuniziFiReSTaRT: k07:23
FiReSTaRTscunizi: and while i should have crashed like 2hrs ago i NEED to know whether it works :P07:23
rayluXiaolinDraconis: i have no idea, since i've never done something that disastrous07:23
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: you could boot to root recovery console and rename your profile folder and then delete your current user, then create a user with the same name, rename back, then chown the profile to the new user (even though it has the same name)07:23
Ketrelraylu: I think I missed those steps (not that I know how to do them)07:23
ActionParsnipraylu: does ^ sound good?07:24
raylubullgard4: yes, but i can also differentiate between english and good english and was trying to help you by possibly providing you with an easier means of communication07:24
XiaolinDraconisAction has a plan07:24
rayluActionParsnip: yes, but other changes could have been made07:24
XiaolinDraconisnow i gotta find out how to backup my settings07:24
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: just wait to see if anyone says its a bad call07:24
raylui suppose its worth a try07:24
ActionParsnipraylu: ah, dang07:24
raylusince nothing can really get worse :P07:24
Aloehi everybody07:24
gujaIf I use 9.04 beta, will it be updated and upgraded to official version after I preform this operations in 15 days when it'll be official?07:25
rayluKetrel: er... ok, you said that you couldn't unload it. by that, i took it to mean you were modprobe -r -ing something?07:25
lstarnesXiaolinDraconis: or you could try using uid 1000 and gid 1000, assuming your account was the account made during installation07:25
XiaolinDraconisi wouldnt need to go to recovery console since i still have the real root account to login to07:25
ActionParsnipguja: yes, yuo will upgrade into the full release when it finally arrives07:25
XiaolinDraconislstarness i tried doing that07:25
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: yes as you will then be a different user and any files will not be locked07:26
XiaolinDraconisit gave me a bunch of errors at login such as couldnt create HOME/g07:26
AloeI tried to write a if condition where one string is compared to two other string with the operator "eq" and "and" but it doesnt seem to work. Does anybody knows another way of writting it?07:26
gujaActionParsnip, thanks for the answer.07:26
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: wll root wont give you that grief07:26
XiaolinDraconisnope root account is fine07:27
XiaolinDraconisi have two root accounts now07:27
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: those files are massively system sensitive dude, stuff like xorg.conf and smb.conf are quite disposable, user authentication and permissions messing about I would steer VERY clear of07:27
rayluAloe: show us the actual script?07:27
Aloeif ($geneID eq $geneIDl and $interactant eq $geneIDl )07:28
Aloeprint OUTFILE"gene1 exist";07:28
FloodBot3Aloe: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:28
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: as the account you have is screwed but I'm guessing you want to keep your user data I would do it in recovery mode with a fully functioning account07:28
ActionParsnipAloe: use pastebin, imagine if all 1300 of us did that, the channel would be pointless. think next time07:28
XiaolinDraconismy root account is fully funstional07:28
XiaolinDraconisactually all accounts are fine07:29
Aloesorry guys07:29
rayluAloe: i think you want [ instead of ( and -eq instead of eq and "&&" instead of "and"07:29
XiaolinDraconisi just cant revert to being a normal user07:29
Aloewont happen again07:29
XiaolinDraconisor it gets crazy07:29
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: its my suggestion, you are the implementor07:29
XiaolinDraconisoh yes i am listening07:29
jurismCan You tell me please how to list all local disks (not partitions) in terminal? Thank You!07:29
XiaolinDraconisand your idea sounds good to me07:29
VE2EBPHi guys, I have an old laptop I can't find the way to change the brightness of the built-in LCD monitor. Is there somewhere in Ubuntu 8.10 that I can go ahead and change the settings? Thanks in advance.07:30
raylujurism: mount shows all mount points, sudo fdisk -l shows all disks (and patitions), and df -h may help you07:30
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: so go make your move07:30
jurismThank You!07:30
Aloehere goes the link http://paste.ubuntu.com/146717/07:30
VE2EBPHi ActionParsnip07:30
ActionParsniphi VE2EBP07:30
Aloethanks raylu07:30
rayluAloe: wait, that seriously worked?07:30
XiaolinDraconisyeah i gotta go do some googling to see how to backup profile settings ... such as custom panels and wallpapers07:31
AloeI am goin to check07:31
brunnerIs there any reason I shouldn't turn off "Kernel Debugging" when compiling a kernel for a production server?07:31
ActionParsnipAloe: what language is this in?07:31
raylubrunner: is there any reason you're not using linux-image-server?07:31
rayluActionParsnip: bash07:31
brunnerraylu: I'm adjusting my timing to 1000Hz for Asterisk07:31
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: it will be in you home folder07:32
rayluActionParsnip: (i think)07:32
brunnerraylu: that way, zap-dummy doesn't abuse my USB controller for timing07:32
raylubrunner: what does the help for that option say?07:32
ActionParsnipraylu: I thought bash used brackets for if statements, ot parenthesis07:32
psypher246ActionParsnip: hey thanks for the help yesterday. my pc is half sorted, can at least watch videos now.07:32
raylubrunner: oh wait, it's a whole category07:32
brunnerraylu: yeah07:33
XiaolinDraconisthnx guys07:33
ActionParsnipAloe: you'll need fi at the end of the pastebin to close the if statement07:33
ActionParsnippsypher246: awesome07:33
VE2EBPYeah.. thanks for me too ActionParsnip... I installed the CWIRC07:33
VE2EBPwith your help07:33
XiaolinDraconisso just back it up from a seperate account and then delete it and recreate it07:33
XiaolinDraconisand copy back over07:33
XiaolinDraconissound right>?07:33
ActionParsnipVE2EBP: np bro, it makes the world go round, help folks where you can07:33
Ketrelraylu: I was doing modprobe -r b4307:34
VE2EBPThere should be more like you around07:34
Ketrel(and getting denied messages)07:34
booooguys what is the shortcut of "go back back" in Firefox in ubuntu? in windows it is backspace... how about in Ubuntu?07:34
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: if you simply rename it so the home folder no longer matches the user name you have a winner07:34
raylubrunner: magic sysrq is fun :D. but i guess not. then again, i'm not sure07:34
Aloethis is perl07:34
VE2EBPOur world might be turning more round07:34
rayluAloe: oh.............07:34
XiaolinDraconisgot ya07:34
rayluKetrel: er, there's actually a b43 module?07:34
ActionParsnipVE2EBP: as long as it doesnt accellerate the end of the world right ;)07:34
booooguys what is the shortcut of "go back back" in Firefox in ubuntu? in windows it is backspace... how about in Ubuntu?07:35
rayluKetrel: you'll need to be root to do that. i also recommend invoke-rc.d networking stop07:35
rayluKetrel: before doing that07:35
VE2EBP3 more years to go07:35
VE2EBPWhat do you think about planet x07:35
XiaolinDraconisbooo: its alt+left arrow07:35
lstarnesboooo: maybe alt+left07:35
boooowow thanks...07:35
rayluboooo: about:config > backspace_action07:35
VE2EBPOh cool, alt left arrow07:35
Ketrelraylu: I have no idea what I'm doing at this point, I dunno what to do here. I always avoid broadcom for that reason.07:36
sombirany help on downloading vlc media player ??07:36
FiReSTaRTit's official 180.11 still doesn't suspend my machine07:36
FiReSTaRTsombir: sudo apt-get install vlc07:36
Ketrel(setting up this laptop with a simple layout for someone as a bday present)07:36
ActionParsnipsombir: sudo apt-get install vlc07:36
rayluKetrel: so, lsmod lists kernel modules that are loaded. lspci -v shows what devices are using what modules. modprobe [module] loads [module] and -r does the reverse07:36
XiaolinDraconiscya guys later i gotta go log into the other root07:36
XiaolinDraconisthnx again07:36
rayluKetrel: to modprobe, you'll need to be root07:36
FiReSTaRTsombir, just make sure you have mediubuntu07:36
Ketrelraylu, I was root07:37
AloeActionParsnip:here goes the file http://paste.ubuntu.com/146719/07:37
Ketrelit wouldn't let me unload07:37
KetrelI used sudo07:37
rayluKetrel: oh. can you show me the actual message?07:37
showersAnybody know if there are any repositories on the web which one might be able to add to ubuntu package manager07:37
raylusombir: why vlc?07:37
Aloeraylu: it doesn't work :(07:37
raylushowers: none that are recommended07:37
rayluAloe: yeah. i gave you the bash version07:37
Aloeraylu: ah! ok07:38
Ketrelraylu: nevermind, it worked after reboot, but more importantly now that I unloaded it, what DO I load?07:38
ActionParsnipshowers: depends what app you need to what repo you need to add07:38
abhishekiitdhey people, how can i set the rotating sphere in compiz, as my screensaver?07:38
ActionParsnipAloe: what language is this in?07:38
AloeActionParsnip: Perl07:39
krammer_i am trying to install a tar.bz2 but geting this err tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now07:39
krammer_tar: Child returned status 207:39
krammer_tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors07:39
ActionParsnipAloe: i'd ask in #perl  much more specialized07:39
rayluAloe: http://rafb.net/p/uUTmyl54.html07:40
ActionParsnipkrammer_: whats the file for? It's rare to use tar.bz2 files to install stuff. Is the app not in repos?07:40
showersI would like a calculator which will keep a running total and has a hisory which could be used as memory. ESBcalc in windows type of calculator.07:40
grawitykrammer_: what parameters are you using? try tar xf yourfile, or tar xjf yourfile07:40
rayluKetrel: it worked _after_ reboot?07:40
abhishekiitdhey people, how can i set the rotating sphere in compiz, as my screensaver?07:40
abhishekiitdhey people, how can i set the rotating sphere in compiz, as my screensaver?07:40
rayluKetrel: did you blacklist anything? lspci -v again, see what's loaded for it07:40
Aloeraylu: I tried that too but it also doesnt work07:41
ActionParsnipshowers: bc can do that, you can see your old computations as it scrolls up the screen07:41
raylu!patience | abhishekiitd07:41
ubottuabhishekiitd: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines07:41
=== nysosym is now known as nysosym|away
abhishekiitdraylu:I am really sorry!07:41
ActionParsnip!find tight07:41
raylushowers: sounds like you want an rpn calculator. if you're familiar with that, dc does that07:41
AloeActionParsnip: Is there a forum like this specialized in perl?07:41
ubottuFound: tightvncserver, xtightvncviewer, tightvnc-java07:41
rayluAloe: try == instead of eq07:41
ActionParsnipAloe: there are 528 people in #perl07:41
rayluAloe: also, you need a space between OUTFILE and "07:41
showersActionParsnip: Do you know the command to get that from the command line. I i think it's sudo apt-get?07:42
ActionParsnipkrammer_: tightvnc is in the repo07:42
ActionParsnip!info tightvnc07:42
ubottuPackage tightvnc does not exist in intrepid07:42
Ketrelraylu: I'm missing something then, it says kernel driver in use is b43-pci-bridge but attempting to unload says it's not found07:42
raylushowers: both bc and dc are installed already, i think07:42
ActionParsnipkrammer_: or do you want a viewer?07:42
rayluKetrel: lsmod | grep b4307:42
ActionParsnip!nvc | krammer_07:43
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about nvc07:43
ActionParsnip!vcn | krammer_07:43
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about vcn07:43
Ketrelhowever, just unloading b43 worked at which point it stopped showing up as a device in the network manager07:43
ubottuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX07:43
Aloeraylu: == only works for numbers07:43
* ActionParsnip crys07:43
krammer_ActionParsnip, ive been trying for hours with this tightvnc07:43
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://jussi01.com/web/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots07:43
AloeActionParsnip: how do I enter in #perl, iḿ new here07:43
rayluAloe: are you sure? have you tried it?07:43
showersNo, I deleted all the calculators. (just learning, you see) the only one I have right now that i know of is kcalc. good but no history07:43
ActionParsnipAloe: use /join #perl07:43
ndanmmkay... well i feel i worked on it sufficiently to ask.07:44
jurismGrawity, hi! I was asking about hard drive, soft lockup, ata_aux 100% usage etc. Today my server was restarted and now I can not see my second hard disk (was mounted on /home). Is it because of disk failure or SATA connector/controller?07:44
rayluAloe: http://rafb.net/p/DNJcbP77.html07:44
krammer_i downloaded  tightvnc-1.3.10_unixsrc.tar.gz  now what do i do07:44
ActionParsnipkrammer_: its usually tar zxjf <bz2 file> will extract it, you can then read the INSTALL file to see how it is installed. I suggest you use one of the vnc clients in the repo07:44
ndanwebcam ubuntu.  a pain nevertheless.  quickcam (cheese) works.  installed fine kopete and gyachi however show a messed up image... grey jacked up.  ekiga works.07:44
XiaolinDraconisok i have one problem with ur idea action07:44
raylushowers: oh, you have qt stuff installed. install qalculate then07:44
jurismtar xvfz tightvnc-1.3.10_unixsrc.tar.gz07:44
Ketrelraylu: after unloading b43, it's blank07:45
raylujurism: um, he probably should be installing from repos07:45
ndangspca is the driver it uses and apparently registers it as flexcam 100 (its not but it works.. somewhat) ne ideas how to finish the fixin it.07:45
XiaolinDraconissince the files read that they are owned by root.. when i copy them back over my newly created account wont they be unusable?07:45
krammer_jurism, i did that scroll back and see the error07:45
rayluKetrel: hm... ok. what was the module you wanted to replace it with?07:45
grawityjurism: Sorry, I don't know anything about those storage things :) (I can destroy then, that's about it.)07:45
Ketrelraylu: that's what I've been asking07:45
raylujurism: what do you mean you cannot 'see' it? fdisk -l?07:45
=== ndan is now known as nadan
rayluKetrel: o.0...07:46
jurismyes it shows only system disk07:46
abhishekiitdwill someone tell mem that can u set beryl sphere as screensaver?07:46
rayluKetrel: oh yeah, fwcutter. b43-fwcutter, i thought07:46
AloeActionParsnip: this may sound stupid but where do I write that?07:46
Ketrelraylu: that's a program not a module07:46
nadanbtw if neone does respond about the webcam thing please refer to nadan... (my screen flashes n it made me change my nick)07:46
rayluKetrel: it should have unpacked a module, right?07:46
Nom-Hey guys.  Is there any simple way to fix the behaviour of 'su' in hardy?  It doesn't seem to load the user environment as it does in older versions07:47
ActionParsnipAloe: where you type the text you type to me07:47
rayluNom-: su -, maybe07:47
hecklingfexti have an issue where my external hdd will not mount with any write access, no matter what options i put into my fstab07:47
Nom-raylu: Yeah, it doesn't work... it doesn't load the user environment07:47
Ketrelraylu: I have no idea, the wiki pretty much is mute after telling you to download it07:47
rayluNom-: even with the -?07:47
AK_Daveray: fwcutter means firmware cutter. b43-fwcutter is a program to cut your firmware out of the loop so that your kernel module will work.07:47
ActionParsnipAloe: it's only a stupid question if you already know and are just bustin my chops to waste my time :)07:47
Nom-Yes, even with the -07:47
rayluKetrel: have you run it?07:47
rayluNom-: strange; no idea07:47
Ketrelraylu: ¯\(°_o)/¯07:47
KetrelI don't have a clue what to do with it07:48
XiaolinDraconisActionParsnip: i have a possible problem with your idea07:48
showersI did download one from opensource.net the name says 'JavaScientificCalculator-2-0.3-Linux-x86-Install which I dragged onto the termial but it was rejected07:48
hecklingfextbefore mounting, /media/drive is drwxrwxrwx  after it changes to drwxr-xr-x07:48
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: sup07:48
Aloejoin #perl07:48
Im_ToastIs there any way to make a program get rid of it's hidden files when I uninstall it?07:48
Nom-I was going to suggest using sudo -i -u, but that complains when you try to run standard commands like 'perl'07:48
rayluKetrel: so you installed a package b43-fwcutter, right? is there an app by that name?07:48
XiaolinDraconisActionParsnip: the profile is owned by root07:48
ActionParsniphecklingfext: modify its mount options07:48
rayluKetrel: if not, dpkg -L b43-fwcutter07:48
Aloeuse /join #perl07:48
styolregarding wifi and networkmanager, if you enter the wireless key for a router on one user account, how can you make that key for that router work the same when a different user account logs in? (so that it auto-connects)07:48
hecklingfextActionParsnip: i have in fstab to all possibilities i can think of07:49
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: then you will need to be root, use root recovery conole and you will be the owner (root)07:49
Ketrelraylu: yes, but I see no guide on what to do WITH the app07:49
XiaolinDraconisActionParsnip: so when i paste it overtop the newly created profile wont it be in-accessible07:49
ActionParsniphecklingfext: you could add uid=1000 as an extra option07:49
rayluKetrel: if you simply run it, it will extract the module07:49
hecklingfextActionParsnip: it worked formatted in fat32 with umask=0000, but once i formatted into ext3 no cigar07:49
Ketrelraylu: no, it prints a menu07:49
Ketrelwhich tells me switches to extract the firmware07:50
Ketrel(from WHAT)07:50
AloeActionParsnip: do i type: join #perl (??)07:50
rayluKetrel: hm... sorry, no idea07:50
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: well thats why you chown -R <username> /home/<username>   when you copy it back (you will need to replace <username> with the username you are playing with007:50
rayluKetrel: though this sounds vaguely familiar07:50
ActionParsnipAloe: you type         /join #perl07:50
XiaolinDraconisActionParsnip: thats a lot of files to chown07:51
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: then its gonna take a while07:51
XiaolinDraconisis there a way to batch chown a folder07:51
AloeActionParsnip: Thanks07:51
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: thats what -R does07:51
XiaolinDraconisooh kool07:51
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: why were you playing with hugely system sensitive files when you are CLEARLY a linux novice?07:51
hecklingfextActionParsnip: same issue07:51
raylumy friend installed fedora over debian with a separate /home. debian, like ubuntu, uses uid=1000. fedora uses 500. it had to chown a few hundred files...07:51
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: just curious07:52
raylubut instead of using chown, it used a python script07:52
rayluto do it. one. by. one.07:52
ActionParsnipraylu: haha nice07:52
brunnercan anyone take a quick look at the end of this to tell me why I'm having trouble getting this kernel to compile? http://pastebin.com/mffa9e1307:52
hecklingfextActionParsnip: mount shows /dev/sdc1 on /media/backups type ext3 (rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev,relatime)07:52
brunnerI only changed two options, and the issue seems to be related to the parameters I'm passing when I try to compile, not the source of the kernel itself.07:53
raylubrunner: isn't there a config option to do the '-7-1-brunner' thing?07:53
XiaolinDraconisActionParsnip: hmm i tried to delete it but it tells me adminstrator account cant be deleted07:53
ActionParsniphecklingfext: ket me websearch07:53
_motti_hi all.07:53
brunnerraylu: perhaps, could there be one that I'm not aware of?07:53
raylu_motti_: it seems i was wrong about earlier07:53
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: you dont need to delete it, just rename it, rename /home/<whatever name>07:53
Aloeraylu:  it also didnt go.But thanks anyway07:54
hecklingfextActionParsnip: more info, im running jaunty 64bit.  Dont know if that helps07:54
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: or cp the folder to a new name, then delete the user07:54
raylubrunner: i'm pretty sure there was one in 2.6.27... but i'm not sure entirely07:54
Ketrelraylu: I think the card is completely unsupported07:54
ActionParsnip!jaunty | hecklingfext07:54
_motti_raylu, it's funny, it looks like you were right. I have noticed there are other bug report titled as a feature request07:54
rayluKetrel: then ndiswrapper07:54
_motti_never mind that I got a new question07:54
XiaolinDraconisActionParsnip: i renamed the accounts folder07:54
Ketrelwhich I have no idea how to use >.<07:54
raylu_motti_: heh, ok :D07:54
Aloeraylu: Iĺl have to go now,Iĺl think about it later.07:54
raylu!ndiswrapper | Ketrel07:54
ubottuKetrel: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs07:54
rayluKetrel: simply put, ndiswrapper -i [windows install .inf], modprobe, done07:55
rayluKetrel: the hard part is getting the correct windows installer07:55
_motti_any way, I'm trying to use my home computer (linux mint, soon to be ubuntu 9.04) into a small ftp server so I could access files from other machines07:55
hecklingfextActionParsnip: was that factoid supposed to do something?07:55
Ketrelespecially without net access on that machine07:55
ubottuJaunty Jackalope is the codename for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 23rd, 2009 -  Schedule in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyReleaseSchedule - Lots of breakage between now and April 23rd - Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion and support.07:56
rayluhecklingfext: ^07:56
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: then cp it to a new name. you may have to play with the account some so its deleteable, you've really messed this up dude. it's gonna take a lot of diggin07:56
_motti_and I'm not sure how to do it. I have listed my machine in dyndns servers but I can't see any files. ftp://yotam1.myphotos.cc07:56
ActionParsniphecklingfext: jaunty isnt supported here07:56
rayluKetrel: oh... heh. that's always fun07:56
ActionParsniphecklingfext: so yes it issupposed to and DOES do something07:56
jurismCan someone tell me please what's wrong with my hard drive if after restart it not showing up in system (fdisk -l)? Some debug from syslog: Apr  8 09:07:54 ubuntu kernel: [   17.245836] ata3: SATA link down (SStatus 0 SControl 300) Apr  8 09:07:54 ubuntu kernel: [   17.745014] ata4: SATA link up 1.5 Gbps (SStatus 113 SControl 300) . ata4 is my system disk and it's working fine07:56
ActionParsniphecklingfext: you should read it07:56
raylu_motti_: are you behind a router?07:56
eternal_Is there a application to edit psd files ?07:57
ActionParsnipjurism: dont paste like that it scrolls the channel07:57
hecklingfextActionParsnip: i did, i was just mentioning that it didnt show anything w/ the pipe there07:57
ActionParsniphecklingfext: my bad07:57
drmrhorsescared off the bot lol07:57
_motti_yes. I was searching how to by pass it but I have seen it should turn ok07:57
ActionParsnipi can get him back07:57
ubottucoffee is a caffeinated beverage made by filtering hot water through ground up roasted beans of the coffee plant. Flavouring to taste such as milk or cream, sugar or sweetener are often added afterwards. Not to be confused with !java07:57
hecklingfextActionParsnip: its ok,  thanks for your help07:57
ActionParsniphe lurrrrves coffee07:58
ubottuAcronyms or statements like noob, jfgi, stfu, or rtfm are not welcome in this channel. Period.07:58
telenAny one there07:58
XiaolinDraconisActionParsnip: ok so i deleted the entry from passwd file now the account is "gone"07:58
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about psd07:58
drmrhorsewhat is jfgi?07:58
XiaolinDraconisActionParsnip: anything else i should delete ?07:58
eternal_who knows07:58
Ketreldrmrhorse: it'll be finnier if you look it up on google07:59
DJJeffwhere is there a laptops tested page for ubuntu?07:59
* drmrhorse dies07:59
DJJeffhave a gateway 7330GZ laptop and wont install 8.1007:59
Mr_Jfrsnhey guys does anyone know how to fix flash .. it seems to lag really bad07:59
ubottuA hacker is a person who delights in having an intimate understanding of the internal workings of a system, computers and computer networks in particular, as defined by Request for Comments (RFC) 1392 - i.e. a good programmer  -- crackers on the other hand break systems!07:59
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: not sure, have a websearch, see what you can find. You could recreate the account as a user, then delete that gracefully so that the last bits of the account are removed08:00
brunnerMakefile:528: /root/src/linux-source-2.6.27/arch/xen/Makefile: No such file or directory08:00
brunnerany idea what's up with that?08:00
eternal_!find psd08:00
ubottuFound: cupsddk, cupsddk-drivers, apcupsd, apcupsd-cgi, apcupsd-doc (and 8 others)08:00
eternal_Do i have to load windows up just to veiw psd?08:00
raylubrunner: why are you building it for xen?08:00
bn43hi I've just installed intrepid from an old disk and on update I am getting errors - GPG error at the end - how do I fix?08:00
XiaolinDraconispasswords are wierd in ubuntu08:00
Don_MiguelHelp please ... I was trying to install (LOTS) of package upgrades and got the warning that   three of them are "Broken" and I should use that  "Broken" as a filter  to locate them.   I have no real idea how to DO that, nor what to do next... maybe delete them ? Flannel, are you available to help ??08:00
grawityXiaolinDraconis: Why do you think so?08:00
XiaolinDraconiswhen i installed it allowed me to use a 1 character password08:00
brunnerraylu: I don't want to.  I just want AMD6408:01
XiaolinDraconisbut after install no accounts can have anythingless than 608:01
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: that is discouraged in jaunty08:01
raylubrunner: pretty sure there's a config...somewhere... for that...08:01
_motti_raylu. so should I give up08:01
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: th next release, weak passwords are pointless08:01
raylu_motti_: is the ftpd running?08:01
XiaolinDraconistrue i would rather have no password08:01
AK_Daveif you don't want a password, use autologin08:02
telendo any one know how to back the default setting?08:02
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: then your system is massively vulnerable to attacks and poisoning08:02
AK_Daveyou can void your sudo password with NOPASSWD in the sudoers file08:02
_motti_raylu, I'm bot sure. I think so. I'm using vsftpd08:02
dandreI am searching for a tool that can display all dns information for a domain. which one do you suggest?08:02
=== superL is now known as _MaRdUK_
raylu_motti_: pgrep -l ftp08:02
XiaolinDraconistoday is the first day i google about security08:02
raylu_motti_: also, netstat -lt08:02
XiaolinDraconissounds quite difficult in linux08:03
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: what is difficult?08:03
rayludandre: host is the short and simple one. nslookup is a bit more complicated. dig goes all the way. also, whois08:03
AK_Davesecurity in linux is EASY. It comes by default. Getting rid of it takes work and knowing what you're doing08:03
_motti_30664 vsftpd08:03
XiaolinDraconislol apparently getting rid of it is easier08:03
rayluAK_Dave: you missed the conversation earlier :D08:04
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: its really not, just have a half decent password and use sudo. Security done08:04
XiaolinDraconiscause i managed to do it without any knowledge08:04
raylu_motti_: can you connect to it locally?08:04
HassanakevazirXiaolinDraconis, just pick a good root password and yer set08:04
XiaolinDraconisi have a good password08:04
XiaolinDraconisseems hard to me anyways08:04
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: the fact that you wre sudo gives you full reign over yur system so you are free to screw it up (as you have done now)08:04
XiaolinDraconisand every website says its strong when i choose it08:04
_motti_in both cases I see a white screen (both when ftping my local ip and when I'm ftping my url)08:05
Baskt_Casehello all... my machine is in the DMZ, iptables has been disabled, yet my ports still appear stealthed to the internet, what gives?\08:05
dandreraylu: I haven't found how to use dig, host or nslookup for that. I have only been able to get the top level A record (for instance domain.com)08:05
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: when you use sudo, linux will not save your own bad actions from yourself08:05
XiaolinDraconisso if i can use sudo couldnt the attacker as well?08:05
=== joey_ is now known as TML
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: only if they have your password08:05
rayludandre: "dig domain.com" gives me 3 ns records and 2 A records08:05
XiaolinDraconisi should prolly change roots password then08:05
rayludandre: host gave me domain.com's mailserver08:05
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: no dont08:05
dandreyes but I want all A, CNAME, ... feilds08:06
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: root account is disabled so any attack on that account wiill have 0% chance of success08:06
XiaolinDraconiswhy not?08:06
_motti_raylu. in both cases I see a white screen (both when ftping my local ip and when I'm ftping my url)08:06
MadpilotXiaolinDraconis, unless you've assigned root a password, there is no pw08:06
Hassanakevazir_motti_, I don't know what you are using but gproftp has been the easiest for me to setup and configure08:06
Madpilotthe account is just locked, as ActionParsnip said08:06
XiaolinDraconisoh yeah i gave root a one char password08:06
XiaolinDraconiswhich i just now changed08:06
* ActionParsnip facepalms08:06
=== sleepy_cat is now known as c_nick
raylu_motti_: um... what ftp client are you using?08:06
MadpilotXiaolinDraconis, you can disable root again. I'd recommend it08:06
XiaolinDraconishow do i disable it?08:07
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: i STRONGLY reccomend it08:07
MadpilotXiaolinDraconis, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo08:07
ActionParsnipMadpilot: do you know the command?08:07
Madpilotor ask the bot08:07
_motti_raylu: firefox08:07
ActionParsniproot account with a 1 char pass, thats classic08:07
Madpilotubottu, root | ActionParsnip08:07
ubottuActionParsnip: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo08:07
raylu_motti_: uh... try using 'ftp localhost' in the terminal08:07
Xcelllol 1 char pass08:07
thahaussCan someone please help me out I'm new to Linux/Ubuntu and I'm trying to mount a slave drive I formatted in ext4 through gparted but it doesn't show up in Filemaster>Places any help is appreciated08:08
XiaolinDraconisopen terminal08:08
rayludandre: "dig domain.com CNAME" seems to have worked08:08
XiaolinDraconistype mount -a08:08
XiaolinDraconisthat will mount all available media08:08
drmrhorsei couldnt access my ext4 partition from my hardy login08:08
rayluXiaolinDraconis: that applies only to entries in /etc/fstab08:08
rayludrmrhorse: i don't believe hardy has ext4 support. nor does intrepid08:09
drmrhorsesure doesnt08:09
drmrhorsei was just talking like08:09
Don_MiguelHelp please ... I was trying to install (LOTS) of package upgrades and got the warning that   three of them are "Broken" and I should use that  "Broken" as a filter  to locate them.   I have no real idea how to DO that, nor what to do next... maybe delete them ?08:09
AK_Davethahauss: You just now formatted it. okay, so unplug it and plug it back in fresh.08:09
rayluDon_Miguel: didn't you have this issue like... months earlier?08:09
Don_Miguelsimilar, yep !08:09
Baskt_CaseHello all... My machine is in the DMZ and I have iptables disabled, yet my ports still appear closed when I test them.... what gives???08:09
thahaussAK_Dave, its a Sata drive08:09
roymanlol 1 char root password...08:09
XcellDon_Miguel--  open up synaptic package manager and click...fix broken08:09
lstarnesBaskt_Case: the ports won't open until something starts listening on them08:10
XiaolinDraconisi am happy to have given all a good laugh08:10
thahaussXiaolinDraconis, I tried what you told me but its still not showing in places any ides?08:10
Baskt_Caselike my torrent client08:10
XiaolinDraconisyeah action said i was wrong08:10
XiaolinDraconisit only applies to entries in fstab file08:10
Baskt_Casei kno... and when i check the port while the client is running, it still appears closed08:10
Baskt_Caseso i killed iptables08:10
Baskt_Caseand still no go08:10
Don_Miguelraylu, this FIX has something we missed MONTHS ago !    https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-users/2007-January/104520.html08:11
XiaolinDraconismaybe he can go to /dev ?08:11
Don_MiguelXcell, thanks !08:11
Nom-gah worked it out08:11
XiaolinDraconisthahauss: right click a panel08:11
XiaolinDraconisand then select "add to panel"08:11
Baskt_Caselstarnes, any ideas?08:11
Nom-Someone had the bright idea of aliasing su to "su -m" as part of our production auto install CD08:11
error404notfoundI had a ubuntu-server install, i installed xserver-xorg, configured it, now when i run startx screen goes black, and i endup on the same terminal with "Fatal server error, no screens found, XIO: fatal IO error 104 (Connection reset by peer) on X server ":).0" after 0 requests (0 known processed) with 0 vents remaining." Any ideas?08:12
Nom-So behaviour was broken08:12
XiaolinDraconisand then find the disk mounter08:12
ActionParsniperror404notfound: why install server if you are going to put an xserver on it?08:12
rayluDon_Miguel: ah... we should have moved /var/lib/dpkg/info instead of all of /var/lib/dpkg. strange error08:12
thahaussXiaolinDraconis, ok I added disk mounter08:12
error404notfoundActionParsnip, just doing a test, whats wrong with it? i will remove it once i get it running and do a little work..08:13
XiaolinDraconisnow you "should" have little icons to click08:13
rayluNom-: interesting08:13
AK_DaveXiaolinDraconis: If his drive isn't showing up in Nautilus, it won't show up on that little panel applet.08:13
eternal_Anyone ever setup ircd-hybrid before? i can't connect past motd08:13
Don_Miguelraylu, we tried LOTS of variations .. but missed the part that fixed it ...08:13
ActionParsniperror404notfound: ok, just seems pointless installing server to put x on it, thats one of the features of the server install08:13
XiaolinDraconisi google this one08:14
thahaussGparted shows it as formatted but unmounted08:14
error404notfoundmy issue isn't that i shouldnt be installing it, coz believe me i know, but it gives this error..08:14
* Don_Miguel switching computers for a bit to try Xcell's suggestion with synaptic08:14
AK_Davethahaus: sudo /etc/init.d/udev restart08:15
thahaussAK_Dave, ok done08:15
dandreraylu: what domaine have you tested?08:15
Nom-raylu: Not really, but thanks for saying so :)08:15
ActionParsniperror404notfound: let me websearch08:15
error404notfoundActionParsnip, /me is also on google :D08:16
grokenwhat is the restricted component for in an ubuntu repository?08:16
AK_Davethahaus: Okay, so now it should show up in Places08:17
ActionParsniperror404notfound: try: sudo apt-get -f install08:17
_motti_raylu. Ok, ftp localhost works now.08:17
thahaussAK_Dave, I still dont see it :(08:17
thahaussAK_Dave, this is a fresh install of 9.04 also08:17
raylu_motti_: and does it work from another machine inside the network?08:17
ActionParsniperror404notfound: http://gparted-forum.surf4.info/viewtopic.php?id=139908:17
raylu_motti_: it's possible that it's ocnfigured to only listen on
hardaezanyone know why when i install google earth 5... the window screen at google earth become blurr and noisy08:18
_motti_raylu, I have no othe machine inside the network08:18
rayludandre: domain.com08:18
XiaolinDraconisActionParsnip: ok so the command is chown -R <usr> /home/<usr>08:18
hardaezi just install on my laptop acer aspire08:18
ActionParsniperror404notfound: you need an xorg.conf run: sudo dpk-reconfigure xserver-xorg08:18
jurismI have problems with my SATA disk, where should I add pci=nomsi in menu.lst? thank You! Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Server08:18
raylu_motti_: oh. well, i'd poke the vsftpd config to see if it was only listening on localhost08:18
AK_Davethahauss: hit that web link I sent you to. Redo the partition manually, from the command line.08:18
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: yes to give the user (who is now a USER) it's data08:18
_motti_raylu, I'll search there and be back.08:18
XiaolinDraconisok gonna try logging back in08:19
_motti_raylu, bu before I go, is there a simple way in xchat to auto-complete user-names?08:19
raylu!tab | _motti_08:19
ubottu_motti_: You can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.08:19
=== nysosym|away is now known as nysosym
Hassanakevazirgroken, it is packages with non-free licenses.08:20
_motti_raylu: thanks. I don't know why but I can swear that It didn't work on the first few times I tried it.08:20
dandreraylu: http://pastebin.fr/401308:20
=== eus is now known as eusu_kefuin
rayludandre: is that not the cname entry?08:21
dandreI have tried ANY too08:22
rayludandre: see, i actually don't know anything about DNS besides the basic concept :P08:22
rayludandre: but i'm fairly confident "dig --help" will help you08:23
brunnerhow long does it take to compile the kernel on desktop?08:23
kaushalanyone using google desktop on ubuntu 8.04 ?08:23
brunnermust take ages08:23
raylubrunner: on my laptop it took ~10 mins08:23
ActionParsnipbrunner: depends on cpu, ram and hard drive speed08:23
brunnerActionParsnip: 8 64-bit Opteron cores, 16GB of RAM, two RAID 1 15K SAS drives08:24
raylubrunner: with make -j9, like 60 seconds08:24
ActionParsnipbrunner: i'd call about 10 mins tops08:24
ActionParsnip8 x cpu, damn, yeah abou 2 mins08:25
brunnerI set the CONCURRENCY_LEVEL to 808:25
error404notfoundActionParsnip, i have a xorg.conf using vesa08:25
error404notfoundeven tried with vmware08:26
brunnerI need a faster server =/08:26
_motti_raylu: could it be relevant to inetd?08:27
_motti_Hassanakevazir: I tried your app but I couldn't find any man for it, or a gui08:27
ActionParsniperror404notfound: you could try: sudo apt-get install fluxbox08:29
Burntresistorim trying to install my nvidia driver using given command sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-180.44-pkg2.run   and the error im getting says install as root08:29
ActionParsniperror404notfound: that will give you a low footprint DE too08:29
error404notfoundi just needed X :(08:29
AK_DaveBurntresistor: sudo08:30
raylu_motti_: if vsftpd is running as an inetd daemon, yes08:30
raylu_motti_: but unless you're using inetd for at least 1 other daemon, i'd recommend you try and run it as a normal daemon08:30
yubinjiehello everyone08:31
ActionParsniperror404notfound: you could run the command and read what other packages will be installed, see what looks good08:31
ActionParsniperror404notfound: then cancel the install and install individual packages08:32
raylu(that's what aptitude -s is for)08:32
raylu(and you don't even need to be root :D)08:32
_motti_raylu: could it be that I have inetd running and I don't know of?08:35
raylu_motti_: it would only matter if vsftpd was set to run as an inetd daemon or if inetd was listening on 22. in either case, netstat -tl will help you08:36
_motti_raylu: http://paste.ubuntu.com/146747/08:37
raylu_motti_: try netstat -tlp08:38
raylu_motti_: also, it looks like whatever's listening on ftp is listening for all addresses, so it's not a localhost-only issue but a port-forwarding issue08:38
_motti_it looks the same08:39
raylu_motti_: shouldn't there be a pid/program name column?08:39
_motti_raylu: you are right of course.08:40
_motti_raylu: http://paste.ubuntu.com/146749/08:40
_motti_raylu: I have played around with configuration las night, could it be that I have blocked outside ip's?08:41
raylu_motti_: again, it looks like it's listening for all addresses08:41
raylu_motti_: pgrep -l inetd08:41
_motti_no result08:42
XiaolinDraconiswell that didnt work08:42
rayluok, not definitive that it's not an inetd, but i'd say that it's a port forwarding issue now08:42
_motti_raylu: so I need to configure my router?08:42
raylu_motti_: yep. wait, you have tried to do that already, right?08:43
Machtinhey guys.. i got a few 100 files which have a .htm-extension - however, i want that extension to be removed.. how do i do that? i thought of something like mv *.htm /bla/*-htm08:43
Machtini'm fine with a tool, too08:43
rayluMachtin: for $file in .08:44
_motti_raylu: As I wrote at the beginning, I thought I should but I didn't find any reference for it on the web08:44
rayluer, wait...08:45
Machtinraylu: mind giving me a complete command? i don't want to mess it up08:45
_motti_raylu: What should I configure, the port forwarding or the virtual server?08:46
rayluMachtin: http://rafb.net/p/dy7VKd46.html08:46
rayluMachtin: echo will show you what that script is doing. if it works, take out the echo08:46
raylu_motti_: er, those are normally terms for the same thing, right?08:46
Machtinraylu: save as bash-script-file?08:47
XiaolinDraconisActionParsnip: should i have used chmod on it as well?08:47
_motti_raylu: If I knew, I wouldn't ask you. I'm searching the web for router configuration.08:47
rayluMachtin: yes. but i think i screwed that up; one sec08:48
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: you could use: sudo chmod -R 750 /home/<user name>08:48
Machtinraylu: take your time :) i think "file" should be something like $file, %file, no?08:48
Machtinand noext next.. i think08:49
XiaolinDraconisActionParsnip: i believe i need 64408:49
rayluMachtin: no and no. noext is a variable08:49
rayluMachtin: and ${file%.htm} strips the last ".htm" http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/refcards.html#AEN2181108:49
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: 6 = read + write, surely you want execute priveledges on your own data?08:50
rayluMachtin: do these filenames have spaces in them?08:50
_motti_raylu: here is first line from a documentation about virtual server of some router company "Virtual Server, also referred to as Port forwarding or port mapping can be setup with the router."08:50
Machtinraylu: nope08:50
raylu_motti_: ^^. try portforward.com08:50
XiaolinDraconisActionParsnip: ooh i dont know what the numbers do i just read 644 at login08:50
rayluMachtin: http://rafb.net/p/EiSvTq90.html08:50
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: and why does anyone outside your own group need access?08:50
rayluActionParsnip: 4 = read, isn't that standard?08:51
Machtinraylu: thanks :)08:51
XiaolinDraconisActionParsnip: i have no idea what the numbers mean08:51
rayluMachtin: it didn't blow anything up?08:51
ActionParsnipraylu: on his home folder with his ssh keys and emails and stored firefox passwords, not in my book08:51
Machtinraylu: didn't test yet08:52
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: 7 = 4 + 2 + 1 == read, write and execute,08:52
=== serenity is now known as s3r3n1t7
Machtinraylu: just wondering how to use it..08:52
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: 5 = 4 + 1 = read and execute08:52
rayluMachtin: put it in a text file and either chmod +x it or run "sh filename"08:52
Machtinah, and it just needs to be in that folder?08:53
Machtini don't have to give * as argument or sth?08:53
rayluMachtin: nope. that's what the *.htm is for08:53
rayluMachtin: you could make it foo/bar/*.htm08:53
Machtinwonderful, thanks08:53
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: so the owner will have full access, the members of the group owner will have read and execute access, the rest has zero access08:53
dawidcan you tell me where Linux keeps shortcuts and paths to programs in the terminal ?08:54
rayludawid: what shortcuts? paths are in $PATH08:54
ActionParsnipdawid: echo $PATH08:54
Machtinwonderful.. worked :) thanks raylu08:54
rayluMachtin: nice08:54
lyhana8hi, how could I change the mysql user ID correctly ?08:54
lyhana8actually I change it manually in /etc/passwd and /etc/group and now the server refuse to start08:54
rayluthis sounds familiar...08:54
XiaolinDraconisActionParsnip: now its a little clearer08:54
ActionParsnipraylu: doesnt it just :(08:55
AdvoWorkeach day i have to open a terminal, do ssh user@ip then put in a password, then once connected have todo su user, then another command and then another command. Is there any way to automate this at all?08:55
dawid<ActionParsnip> if i write "mc" it will search for mc in $PATH ?08:55
Boohbahlyhana8: why would you want to do that?08:55
rayluAdvoWork: yes, but are you prepared for the security risk?08:55
ActionParsnipAdvoWork: if you are ssh-ing to an ubuntu box I would use sudo -i08:55
XiaolinDraconisActionParsnip: so why not 700?08:55
lyhana8Boohbah: to share DB among my gentoo and my kubuntu. Work fine with gentoo but not on ubuntu08:56
s3r3n1t7ActionParsnip, su <user> is only to switch from user to user, no need for the sudo pass on that08:56
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: sure if yuo want nobody but the owner to have access (and sudo of course)08:56
rayluAdvoWork: edit your ~/.ssh/config by adding the following two lines:08:56
bj0dawid, yes08:56
rayluAdvoWork: Host
rayluAdvoWork: User asdf08:56
ActionParsnips3r3n1t7: true, just used to people thinking sudo su is good08:56
rayluAdvoWork: that's the not-a-security-risk part.08:56
Boohbahlyhana8: if you change the uid then any files will still be owned by the old uid. you will have to chown them08:57
ragedracersorry to intrude..  is any one here a expert with gnucash?08:57
raylulyhana8: um... the other OSs can connect to the mysqld... that's... the point...08:57
s3r3n1t7ActionParsnip, got the same thoughts ... then read it again and didn't see the sudo there (then again, todo made me read sudo first)08:57
ActionParsnips3r3n1t7: yeah same. oh well08:57
lyhana8raylu: yep i want to work on the same DB on both OS08:58
raylulyhana8: right...08:58
raylulyhana8: so apps on the other OS open tcp connection the mysqld on the first OS and it gets access to the exact same data08:58
XiaolinDraconisActionParsnip: im going to try it again but is there a way to get back to login screen if it fails?08:59
ActionParsnipraylu: i think we need to find these guides telling users to edit the passwd file, seems quite prevelent08:59
lyhana8raylu: both OS are on the same laptop08:59
=== Kyosuke_Kiryu is now known as Hell_Kaiser
raylulyhana8: oh...08:59
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: startx once logged in at terminal, or sudo gdm start08:59
raylulyhana8: i have no idea what to tell you then.08:59
XiaolinDraconisx will already be started08:59
=== Hell_Kaiser is now known as Avada
XiaolinDraconisif i login it kinda works09:00
_motti_raylu: from portforward.com This router has two different sections that allow you to forward ports. One section allows you to forward a range of ports, and the other allows you to forward a single port. To forward a range of ports, click Port Forwarding. To forward a single port, click Virtual Server.09:00
rayluActionParsnip: sudo invoke-rc.d gdm start might better09:00
XiaolinDraconisbut i get no panel09:00
XiaolinDraconisor right click09:00
ActionParsnipraylu: that too ;)09:00
raylu_motti_: you'll want to forward 22 for now. eventually, you might want to configure passive ftp on a range of ports09:00
lyhana8where I can find guys working on the mysql's ubuntu version ?09:00
XiaolinDraconisctrl+alt+backspace will get me a terminal right?09:00
raylulyhana8: #ubuntu-dev, maybe09:01
MachtinXiaolinDraconis: it will restart your x-server09:01
rayluXiaolinDraconis: maybe.09:01
Machtinfor a tty try ctrl+alt+f<1-6>09:01
XiaolinDraconisi couldnt do anything in tty09:01
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: sure if its already running09:01
XiaolinDraconissince user was still logged in and using x09:01
rayluXiaolinDraconis: ctrl+z will stop a job without killing it09:02
MachtinXiaolinDraconis: you might need /etc/init.d/kdm stop09:02
s3r3n1t7raylu, it will pause a job09:02
belilyhana8: mysql ubuntu version?09:02
raylus3r3n1t7: technically, it becomes a 'stopped' job. sometimes.09:02
raylus3r3n1t7: and it's sigstop anyway.09:02
lyhana8beli: yep09:02
s3r3n1t7raylu, yeah true .. but it's confusing, since most people associate stop with kill09:03
raylus3r3n1t7: by the way, which is more powerful, kill or term?09:03
XiaolinDraconisok ill go give this a try09:03
belilyhana8: mysql devels have their own ubuntu release?09:03
Machtini'd say kill!09:03
raylubeli: no, but ubuntu devels do09:03
s3r3n1t7raylu, kill can't be blocked, term can09:03
raylus3r3n1t7: ok. i can never remember which is which09:03
s3r3n1t7raylu, assuming you mean kill as in kill -909:04
beliraylu: i can't follow you.....any webinformation about that?09:04
raylui mean kill as in SIGKILL. i can remember kill -9, but i forget which it sent09:04
AdvoWorkActionParsnip, why sudo -i?09:04
raylubeli: almost every single ubuntu package has been at least slightly modified by ubuntu devs09:04
AdvoWorkraylu, i dont want any security risks really, so will editing .ssh/config and doing what you suggested fix that?09:04
raylubeli: even if it's just adding 'ubuntu' somewhere to the version string09:04
s3r3n1t7raylu, yeah, -9 sends kill signal, ==>  KILL       9   exit      cannot be blocked09:04
ActionParsnipAdvoWork: i misread your question, my bad09:04
sarmisaks3r3n1t7: -9 is SIGKILL09:05
ActionParsnipAdvoWork: thought you were using sudo su which isnt advised09:05
rayluAdvoWork: it will make it so that ssh equivalent to ssh asdf@
lyhana8beli: what do you mean ?09:05
s3r3n1t7sarmisak, i know09:05
ActionParsnips3r3n1t7: -9 is the biggest hammer, no foolin09:05
rayluAdvoWork: if you want to avoid typing the ip all the time, you could then make an alias for 'ssh' or make an environment variable for
s3r3n1t7ActionParsnip, yup09:05
sarmisaks3r3n1t7: and with -1 it kills everything09:06
beliraylu: he was speaking of an ubuntu version done my mysql folks...09:06
s3r3n1t7sarmisak, i know ....09:06
belimaybe it was just a language problem then...09:06
raylubeli: i'm pretty sure that's not what he meant09:06
beliraylu: thats what i was wondering about09:06
scuserhi all, could anyone give me a link to download a ubuntu iso image distribution that was shipped with gcc-2.95 ?09:06
belilyhana8: what about ubuntus mysql package? any problems?09:07
Boohbahraylu, AdvoWork: actually i heard of this thing called the Domain Name System which among other things, translates names to ip addresses so you don't have to remember the number. great idea huh?09:07
raylu...by 2.95, did you mean 3.3?09:07
=== scfh_ is now known as scfh
excowho knows an out-of-the-box working draft n (300mbit) wlan usb-stick?09:07
rayluscuser: as far as i know, not even debian supports that gcc anymore09:07
* beli detex: man 7 signal for more information about signals09:07
_motti__raylu: Now, when I try to access my machine using my url I get an empty line09:08
sarmisakexco: tough one, have you googled for linux compatible hardware lists?09:08
ActionParsnip!hcl | exco09:08
ubottuexco: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection09:08
raylu_motti__: by access, you don't mean 'open the url in firefox,' do you?09:08
lyhana8beli: yep it seem to have different config than the gentoo one as on gentoo changing: mysql user ID+files permissions was enough09:08
sarmisakActionParsnip: that was what I was looking for ;)09:08
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: all good09:08
scuserraylu: could I find some distribution with gcc less than 3.3, may be 3.2 or even less09:08
XiaolinDraconisty ty09:08
_motti__raylu no. I mean ftp url09:08
XiaolinDraconisso far all is good09:08
_motti__raylu: command line09:08
rayluscuser: why?09:08
XiaolinDraconissept my main menu icon is gone for some reason09:08
belilyhana8: enough todo what? what are you going to do?09:09
raylu_motti__: what do you mean 'your url'?09:09
_motti__I have listed it on dyndns09:09
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: ok well from now on. DO NOT mess with that file. EVER09:09
rayluXiaolinDraconis: unless it's for fun09:09
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: ive used linux for years now and never once had to09:10
_motti__raylu: yotam1.myphotos.cc09:10
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: can you link me to the page you used as a guide please09:10
XiaolinDraconisi just didnt like the idea of not being the user who had total control over the system09:10
raylu_motti__: i see that. are you sure the dns entry points to the right place and the port forwarding is to the right ip?09:10
XiaolinDraconislemme check my history09:10
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: you do, with sudo09:10
rayluXiaolinDraconis: if you wanted that, you  could run windows xp09:10
AdvoWorkBoohbah, not really, i could use that but it goes on ip, typing ssh name is no easier than typing ssh ip but i want to just click it and automate every step09:10
scuserraylu: I have a source code that was compiled with an old compiler which should be less than 3.3, when I try to use any higher compiler the compiler produces errors, so I installed 2.95.deb and its deps and tried recompilation but things went worse as I received gcc internal error09:10
lyhana8beli: i'm trying to share DB among gentoo and kubuntu. So i need to have the same user ID for mysql on both system. I change it on both system then i need to change the file permission to the new user ID, i did it. It work fine on gentoo, but not on kubuntu where the server refuse to start09:11
rayluscuser: you can probably build gcc-2.95 from source... with a higher gcc... maybe...09:11
XiaolinDraconisraylu: why would you speak such inappropriate words09:11
XiaolinDraconischildren might be present09:11
scuserraylu: well I tried but the build failed :(09:11
_motti__raylu: the router is ok. (I'm repeating messages I didn't place your name in them)09:12
rayluXiaolinDraconis: the point being, part of linux's security is in keeping users users and not giving the permission to muck with system files09:12
simplexiolyhana8: what error it gives09:12
rayluscuser: the build of gcc-2.95?09:12
scuserraylu: yes09:12
simplexiolyhana8: and are these mysql instances on difffrend computers ?09:12
belilyhana8: dont mix things....permissions != uid/gid ....09:13
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: linux uses proper access and restritedness where it is appropriate, windows default user model is admin which isnt appropriate and why they get so many issues09:13
raylu_motti__: then i'm not sure. either the dns entry is bad (check with the 'host' command) or your port forwarding isn't set up properly09:13
_motti__raylu, and nslookup my url give the internal ip of the router09:13
raylu_motti__: internal ip?09:13
belilyhana8: you dont touch the permissions, but switch uid and gid09:13
kaushalhow can i set ignore case while searching for any string uppercase or lowercase in man pages ?09:13
_motti__raylu: yeah, the ip I use to access my router09:13
rayluActionParsnip: well, they fixed that in vista. except it asks you _after_ you try and do something and, consequently, makes people very frustrated09:13
lyhana8simplexio: the only error is the init script one: 'fail', and I don't understand why I'haven't any log09:14
belilyhana8: use chown for that.....did you create a completly new group and user for mysql?09:14
raylu_motti__: yotam1.myphotos.cc has address
raylu_motti__: that seems correct to me. is that your router's WAN ip?09:14
lyhana8beli: yeah sorry mix the terms09:14
ActionParsnipraylu: windows security in that way is garbage, and whats worse is that some apps actually need write access to the %WINDIR% so you have to have some form of admin power, its preposterous09:14
rayluActionParsnip: yep.09:14
lyhana8beli: nop just change the uid of the current mysql09:15
simplexiolyhana8: cat /etc/init.d/mysql and see what command it uses to start mysql, then use it command to start it and see error, or see /var/log/mysql log file if it exists, or syslog09:15
XiaolinDraconishere is the one that said to edit sudoers file09:15
belilyhana8: the init scripts are as the name says: scripts.... less /etc/init.d/mysql  and see how mysql is started...do it manually on the command line and you will get some errors09:15
ActionParsnipraylu: classic example is organizational charts in office 2003, needs access to the windows dir to run. MS fix says "oh make them power users"09:15
belilyhana8: the uid or the username?09:15
simplexiolyhana8: and probably ubuntu tries to start mysql as mysql user, so mysql user gid must be same as gentoo mysql user09:15
XiaolinDraconisnow im looking for the one about editing passwd09:15
lyhana8beli: the UID was 122 i put 888609:16
cheshairhi! i'm having problems with brother mfc680cn printer drivers under ubuntu. i get ps documents printed as row text instead of postscript. do you happen to have any hints?09:16
raylulyhana8, beli: most likely because the user it's running as doesn't have permissions to create logs :P09:16
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: can you give me us thelink if you find it, you may also want to contact them yourself to tell him / er of your experience09:16
XiaolinDraconiswill do09:16
simplexiolyhana8: thought i dont know about mysql, but postgresql uses that configuration. its allways run as postgresql user for better security09:16
lyhana8raylu: I check that too, and the mysql user was the owner of the log09:17
belilyhana8: so lemme explain....what is hardcoded to a file on linux to verify permissions is the uid and the gid....username and group are just parsed from /etc/passwd and /etc/group09:17
s3r3n1t7XiaolinDraconis, uhm a note about that one, you can probably use the nopasswd function in the visudo file which is a lot safer.09:17
belilyhana8: so you have to adjust file/dir permissions to the new uid09:18
lyhana8beli: I do exactly the same process on gentoo and ubuntu, gentoo work, ubuntu doesn't09:18
=== mib_ktc7lkxf is now known as kalana
belilyhana8: and? maybe gentoo isnt verifying stuff on mysqld startup09:18
souzaalguem fala portugue09:19
_motti__raylu: no, the ip has changed,I still need to configure ez-ipupdate properly. I have update my ip in the dyndns server but I still get connection refused. are you sure that 22 is the ftp port?09:19
belilyhana8: gentoo gives the user more control....thats not always good09:19
lyhana8beli: stuff like what ? the UID ?09:19
Ubersoldat!pr | souze09:19
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about pr09:19
Ubersoldat!ubuntu-pr | souza09:19
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ubuntu-pr09:19
raylu_motti__: er, it's 2109:19
belilyhana8: ownership and permissions09:19
raylu_motti__: if i said 22, sorry. that's sftp :P09:19
belilyhana8: just start as root: /usr/sbin/mysqld09:19
_motti__yeah, I just wiki it.09:19
ActionParsnip21 is FTP, 20 is ftp data (wasteful protocol)09:20
_motti__so sftp my url should work?09:20
ActionParsnipsouza: what?09:20
lyhana8beli: they do, i got error that make me realise that I should update the file UID09:20
souzaaluguem fala portuges09:20
ActionParsnip!pt | souza09:20
ubottusouza: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.09:20
_motti__ActionParsnip: she is Portuguese09:20
raylu_motti__: no, you don't have an sftp daemon running09:20
mimiloonhi everybody, i'm new to linux and i have a small problem with my wifi card; it works but not to it's full potential. it's atheros N series (AR5008 (AR5416)). it doesn't use the N protocol in ubuntu 8.1, any thought of getting this to improve? i have the drivers from windows but when i try to use the ndiswrapper, i'm unable to get it working09:20
belilyhana8: just start it manually now and give me errors09:20
ActionParsnip_motti__: thats what !pt outputs in ;)09:21
_motti__raylu: ok, router time09:21
Don_MiguelXcell, see my PM, please09:21
_motti__ActionParsnip: ok, sorry09:21
belilyhana8: btw....did you alter the username too?09:21
souzanao sei como fazer isso09:21
souzaso novo aqui09:21
lyhana8beli: the mysql user name ? no09:22
belilyhana8: ok09:22
souzaalguem fala minha libgua ai09:23
Don_Miguelraylu, got a moment free ?09:23
rayluDon_Miguel: yes09:23
ActionParsnipsouza: Eu não falo o português09:24
lyhana8beli: I'm doing the process for the 2nd time (updating UID)09:24
souzavc fala sim09:24
souzacx usa um tradutor?09:24
belilyhana8: why not just start mysqld from console yourself as i told you?09:24
Don_Miguelraylu, thanks ... I tried Xcell's suggestion about using synaptic   'fix broken' and got ---- when synaptic goes to   fix broken packages/dependencies I get the error message      dpkg  unable to fill with padding .. no space left on device      /var/lib/dpkg/updates/tmp.1           but ...     the Ubuntu 'Wubi partition' shows 14.6 GB  ...   there should be LOTS of space ...09:24
mimilooni have a small problem with my wifi card; it works but not to it's full potential. it's atheros N series (AR5008 (AR5416)). it doesn't use the N protocol in ubuntu 8.1, any thought of getting this to improve? i have the drivers from windows but when i try to use the ndiswrapper, i'm unable to get it working09:24
ActionParsnipDon_Miguel: sudo apt-get clean09:25
lyhana8beli: did it : http://pastebin.com/d440580a309:25
raylumimiloon: describe what yo mean by 'unable to get it working'09:25
lyhana8beli: but the `find ./ -uid 122 -exec chown mysql {} \;` is not finish09:25
MewtwoI have to find out the error I got while trying to compile Peng09:25
souzaalguem ai pode me tira uma duvida ..nao sei cmo entra na rede com ubuntu esto na maquina virtual  meu comando operacional e xp com ele eu entro na rede09:26
belilyhana8: kill all mysql instances first09:26
lenux_anyone here09:26
grawitylenux_: um, yes.09:26
souzaalguem ai pode me ajudar09:27
lenux_where is here09:27
_motti___raylu: Ok. I can accees my machine using ftp from the outside world09:27
raylu_motti___: congrats09:27
sliverchairi'm gonna start an Ubuntu user's group at my university. UST Ubuntu User's Group (UUUg) :D09:28
belilyhana8: you have sth. running on 3306 already....i guess its a previously started mysqld...check ps -ef | grep mysqld    and kill these jobs before you retry to start manually09:28
XiaolinDraconisActionParsnip i must have been logged as root when i googled it09:28
lenux_that's cool09:28
raylusliverchair: ust = ?09:28
_motti___how exiting is that(!!!) now, do you have any idea how do I configure my machine to update dyndns? I have tried to use ez-ipupdate but I can't find how to auto run it or how to tell it to use my router ip address09:28
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: oh well, no matter, stay off root, its unnecessary09:29
sliverchairraylu: University of Santo Tomas, it's in PH09:29
raylu_motti___: i used no-ip for a while and their update tool ran. it was a bit confusing, but it worked09:29
sliverchairActionParsnip: gnome is much better, everything in KDE4 it big,shining and crowded, IMO09:29
raylusliverchair: i got the PH part :D how large is the campus population and how many *nix users are there? what OS's does the computing services support?09:29
=== amz is now known as az
ActionParsnipsliverchair: i prefer lxde or fluxbox09:30
Don_Miguelraylu, and why the heck does    dpkg or ANYTHING  try to fill that space with padding ??09:30
lyhana8beli: currently nothing, but the uid update hasn't finish09:30
rayluDon_Miguel: i have no idea.09:30
belilyhana8: did you start it as the root user?09:30
Nom-Anyone know of a way to make an automated installer CD create partitions starting at block 128 instead of 1 ?09:31
Nom-This is to align with raid09:31
Don_Miguelraylu, Thanks  :-)09:31
sliverchairraylu: nah, i just got 5 of my clasmates use ubuntu, :D09:31
BoohbahNom-: you should be able to select manual partition configuration09:31
rayluBoohbah: automated :P09:32
beliNom-: sfdisk has many command line options...check its manual09:32
=== edgex-[a] is now known as edgesex
mimiloonraylu: sorry about the delay; i typed this: ndiswrapper -i [the .inf file, then sudo modprobe ndiswrapper, then sudo ndiswrapper -l, but i don't know what to do after09:33
raylumimiloon: generally, you want to remove the module that your card is currently using first. "lsmod -v" will show you that09:34
lyhana8beli: `/usr/sbin/mysqld` did it as root09:34
raylumimiloon: also, modprobe -l shows you the currently installed ndiswrapper cards, so doing that after modprobing is sort of pointless09:34
souzacomo entra numa sala no brasil?09:34
ActionParsnipraylu: or lsmod09:34
raylumimiloon: finally, you need to do "sudo ndiswrapper -a" before modprobing... i think09:34
ActionParsnipraylu: ndiswrapper -l09:35
rayluActionParsnip: lsmod will show you all the modules, but you have to guess which is for your card09:35
rayluActionParsnip: and i'm not thinking -l, i'm thinking the one that writes the module deps09:35
rayluActionParsnip: which, iirc, is -a09:35
lyhana8beli: http://pastebin.com/d1f5d0f5109:35
belilyhana8: fix permissions to the data dir09:36
starenkahi i've just switched to jaunty, but i got grub 22 error BEFORE i even get to menu (clean install over hardy partition), how to solve it?09:36
ActionParsnipraylu: lsmod shows each module + its deps on the right if thats what you mean?09:36
belilyhana8: did you manually mount that stuff? maybe you did mount it read-only...what filesystem is it using?09:37
imyousufI am trying out the Jaunty and I had a generic question09:37
imyousufI have ext3 partitions which when moundted are writeable by 'root' only. But I wanted to be writeable by any user belonging to 'plugdev' group. Any idea how I can do that from fstab? I want to avoid the chmod command everytime I start my laptop.09:37
raylumimiloon: oops, i meant "sudo ndiswrapper -m"09:37
rayluActionParsnip: it shows the deps, but it doesn't show which one is the wireless module09:37
ActionParsnipraylu: ahhh09:37
rayluActionParsnip: and ndiswrapper -m informs modprobe about the deps it's going to have... i think09:37
ActionParsnipimyousuf: http://pastebin.com/f32b51c7a09:38
movedxCan anyone suggest a really light-weight web browser that supports basic CSS AND JavaScript? I'm using Opera at present but I'm on an old Pentium-4 machine with 512MB of RAM so I want to make switches between multiple pages a bit quicker.09:38
mimiloonraylu: how to i remove it, if the current module is ath9k09:38
lyhana8beli: it's mounted at boot, it'ß a reiserfs09:38
=== _choc is now known as choc
raylumimiloon: for now, "sudo invoke-rc.d networking stop", "sudo modprobe -r ath9k"09:38
psychicanyone have a suggestion on what version of would be best on a toshiba satelite with 2.66 ghz processor and 512 megs of ram with on board graphics either xubuntu or ubuntu intrepid latest release or other suggestions ?09:39
belilyhana8: make sure mysql user/group has write rights for /mnt/data/system/share/mysqldb/09:39
raylumimiloon: in the long term, add it to the blacklist file in /etc/modprobe.d09:39
ActionParsnipimyousuf: i have a seperate partition on that system. formatted ext3 for /home, it is user writable, if you duplicate the mount options in your /etc/fstab then it will be mounted as user writable09:39
raylumimiloon: also, is french your native language?09:39
imyousufActionParsnip: trying it out09:39
lyhana8beli: drwxr-xr-x 12 mysql mysql 896 2009-04-07 18:07 mysqldb09:39
Shiningggok i recently did a cli install from a usb stick and now i get grub error 17 whenever i boot without the usb stick inserted09:39
=== jedimindtricks is now known as maha
mimiloonraylu: english, why you ask?09:40
raylumimiloon: from your hostname; nevermind.09:40
imyousufActionParsnip: the relatime option is set by default but that makes the partition writeable by root only :(09:40
mimiloonraylu: oh ok09:40
belilyhana8: id mysql    --> show me result09:40
psychicand also when i boot up with xubuntu my computer works fine it runs and all.. but i think it could run better  when it goes through the boot up process it says chipset not compatible or recognized or somthing an one got some pointers?09:40
lyhana8beli: cat /etc/passwd | grep mysql mysql:x:8886:8886:MySQL Server:/var/lib/mysql:/bin/false09:41
lyhana8beli: cat /etc/group | grep mysql mysql:x:8886:lyhana809:41
mimiloonraylu: thanks for your help, i'll try the instructions you've given me and get back to u09:41
eusu_kefuinHi Ho!09:41
eusu_kefuinAnyone here familiar with NTP configuration?09:41
belilyhana8: useless use of cat award ;)09:42
raylulyhana8: grep takes a file as the 3rd argument :D09:42
belilyhana8: "id mysql" was a command09:42
lyhana8beli: oh~ don't know that, thanks09:42
raylueusu_kefuin: server or client?09:42
lyhana8beli uid=8886(mysql) gid=8886(mysql) groups=8886(mysql)09:42
eusu_kefuinraylu: server09:43
raylueusu_kefuin: woah. good luck.09:43
psychichas anyone seen my questions?09:43
belilyhana8: mount |grep share09:43
casper_Any one know how to get java??09:44
lyhana8beli: I mount /mnt/data09:44
eusu_kefuinraylu: Well, basically I have a machine that is connected to the Internet to which all other machines in the local subnet will sync to.09:44
raylupsychic: ubuntu should run fine. /var/log/dmesg should allow you to review bootup logs09:44
imyousufI have ext3 partitions which when moundted are writeable by 'root' only. But I wanted to be writeable by any user belonging to 'plugdev' group. Any idea how I can do that from fstab? I want to avoid the chmod command everytime I start my laptop. (re-run)09:44
belilyhana8: ok... mount |grep data then ;)09:44
raylu!java | casper_09:44
ubottucasper_: To install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository09:44
lyhana8beli: /dev/sda6 on /mnt/data type reiserfs (rw,relatime)09:44
psychici ubuntu as compared to xubuntu?09:44
belilyhana8: ok, its mounted fine...so it still has to be a permission problem09:45
casper_have no clue wat u just said09:45
eusu_kefuinraylu: I have googled for this matter but I encounter a hard wall.09:45
rayluimyousuf: man mount. there's some option for gid, i think09:45
belilyhana8: ls -alsF /mnt/ |grep data09:45
imyousufraylu: cldnt find one for ext :(09:45
eusu_kefuinraylu: Basically, in this machine, I set up: server ntp.ubuntu.com and server
lyhana8beli: 0 drwxr-xr-x 14 lyhana8 users 400 2009-04-05 20:10 data/09:45
psychicubuntu intrepid "latest release" as compared to the way it runs with xubuntu on it?09:46
belilyhana8: ok walk the dirs and check that each dir has at least r-w for the rest of the world09:46
eusu_kefuinraylu: The problem is that in this setting, the machine does not sync its clock to ntp.ubuntu.com successfully.09:46
rayluimyousuf: i think the 'user' fstab option is what you want. it allows users to mount09:46
Shockanyone here who can help me build the kernel packages with PAE enabled?09:47
lyhana8beli: you mean all parent dir should've u+rw right ?09:47
eusu_kefuinraylu: But, if I remove `server', it works.09:47
psychichow do i use the terminal to upgrade to ubuntu intrepid09:47
imyousufraylu: hmm, giving it a try09:47
belilyhana8: or if you dont mind do: chmod -R 755 /mnt/data09:47
raylupsychic: sorry, i don't usually catch messages without my name in them09:47
raylu!upgrade | psychic09:47
eusu_kefuinraylu: Hmmm.... okay, I have to find out it myself, I guess.09:47
ubottupsychic: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading09:47
psychico sorry09:47
raylueusu_kefuin: yeah, i have no idea09:47
ActionParsnipraylu: damn you fast09:47
psychicthank u09:47
eusu_kefuinraylu: That's okay.09:48
belilyhana8: no u+rw is user read write.....o+rw is others read write09:48
Shiningggrecently did a cli install via sub, now when i boot without usb inserted i get grub error 17. If i boot with the usb inserted, i see all my booting partition?? any idea?09:48
imyousufraylu: no use, same outcome :(09:48
MewtwoWhoo, I feel dumb. I can't figure out how to install a GNOME theme.09:48
okey666hello, I have upgraded to 9.04. I also have another partition which has 9.04 on it too, but with ext4. I wanted to get a file from that partition, but when I try to use it in my upgraded 9.04, it tells me that ext is not supported. Anyone have any ideas?09:48
rayluActionParsnip: :D09:48
eusu_kefuinHi Ho! Anyone here is familiar with NTP server configuration?09:48
belilyhana8: or use the mask 755 to set rwx  rx  rx09:48
rayluimyousuf: even when it's mounted by a user?09:48
belilyhana8: take care to use chmod -R  correctly....it can fuxxor a lot :)09:49
raylueusu_kefuin: there is #ntp09:49
imyousufraylu: a normal user can not execute mount -a :(09:49
imyousufraylu: can they?09:49
okey666Mewtwo: Download the file to your desktop, go system>>prefs>>apperance>>install09:49
rayluimyousuf: m...i thought that's what the 'user' option was for. i'm not entirely clear on it myself09:49
lyhana8beli: they all have the read and write acces for tjhe user (lyhana8)09:49
rayluimyousuf: but maybe an explicit 'mount /dev/asdf' is enough09:49
=== luciano is now known as luciano_dj
khuntI have drive errors and when i run fsck it complains about the superblock09:49
eusu_kefuinraylu: Oh, thank you for your info! I didn't know that before ;-)09:49
eusu_kefuinraylu: Really, I mean it :-)09:49
eusu_kefuinraylu: So, thanks.09:50
ActionParsnipimyousuf: you could just reboot to check all is well from a cold boot09:50
raylueusu_kefuin: i actually just guessed and found the channel existed and had an appropriate topic :P09:50
belilyhana8: again....they need rw for the mysql group and/or for the rest of the world...why dont you listen?09:50
eusu_kefuinraylu: Hahaha.... thanks! :-)09:50
raylui also found out about /msg asis today :D09:50
luciano_djwuat is the best bluetooth software for ubuntu x64 ??09:50
belias mysql != lyhana it doesnt matter what the user permissions are09:50
okey666anyone know why I can't mount ext4 in my 9.04?09:51
lyhana8beli: you mean all parent folder should be own by mysql o.O09:51
belilyhana8: NO...not owned...accessible09:51
belilyhana8: run: chmod -R 755 /mnt/data09:51
imyousufActionParsnip: tried that as well :(09:51
sarmisakbeli: apparmor may be causing some trouble also09:52
ActionParsnipbeli: i'd add a sudo to it just incase09:52
belisarmisak: hmm right...but first i will make sure the permissions fit09:53
ActionParsnipimyousuf: can we see your fstab please09:53
beliActionParsnip: i will kill him if he doesnt do it with privs ;)09:53
BlackDalekAnyone know how to get sound out of all 6 channels of an external USB 5.1 sound card instead of just the default 2 channels?09:54
rayluBlackDalek: no, but speaker-test is fun to play with09:54
ActionParsnipbeli: if its not his file, the permissions will not be updated09:54
Bragex9Why does not the NVIDIA driver allow me to set the correct screen resolution? All that happens when I set the correct resolution is that the screen gets bigger and I have to scroll sideways and upways to see all of the desktop...09:55
beliActionParsnip: i know ;) its his file and hes doing it as superuser...but you are right....i have to think on everything atm09:55
okey666anyone know why my 9.04 wont mount ext4?09:55
ActionParsnipBlackDalek: http://ubuntulinuxhelp.com/the-simple-way-to-get-51-surround-sound-audio-working-in-ubuntu/09:55
ActionParsnipbeli: np :D09:55
BlackDalekI managed to get all 6 channels working on the internal 5.1 PCI audio card by modifying the /etc/pulse/daemon.conf but that does not seem to work for the external USB card....09:56
okey666it gives, mount: unknown filesystem type 'ext4'09:56
lyhana8beli: same09:56
luciano_djanyone know how to connect to my home theather and listen mp3 via bluettoth ??09:56
belilyhana8: same errors?09:56
lyhana8beli: yep09:57
ActionParsnipokey666: are you running jaunty?09:57
belilyhana8: touch /mnt/data/system/share/mysqldb/lyhana8.lower-test09:57
okey666ActionParsnip: yes09:57
ActionParsnip!jaunty | okey66609:57
ubottuokey666: Jaunty Jackalope is the codename for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 23rd, 2009 -  Schedule in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyReleaseSchedule - Lots of breakage between now and April 23rd - Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion and support.09:57
imyousufActionParsnip, raylu: http://pastebin.com/m4e3eb9df my fstab file09:57
okey666ActionParsnip: thanks09:58
lyhana8beli: same error o_O09:58
ActionParsnipimyousuf: and what partition are we concentrating on?09:58
lyhana8beli: i chown the file09:58
imyousufsda6 and sda7 ActionParsnip09:58
belilyhana8: no i just wanted to know if you can create it09:58
XiaolinDraconisActionParsnip: so heres my first error09:59
XiaolinDraconisguess all is not well09:59
XiaolinDraconisi got that after attempting to update09:59
belilyhana8: so it has to be an apparmor issue09:59
benjamin__hi all10:00
belilyhana8: sudo vi /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.mysqld10:00
XiaolinDraconisanyone have a clue on what that error means?10:00
sarmisakbeli, lyhana8: if this is not a production box just remove apparmor, it's much faster10:00
sarmisakbeli, lyhana8: and simpler ;)10:00
ActionParsnipimyousuf: does realtime on its own not work instead of all those options?10:01
eldenzwhere does apt store its .deb files?10:01
rayluXiaolinDraconis: that you need to paste your sudoers10:01
ActionParsnipimyousuf: backup the fstab file too, so you can play to your hearts content10:01
ActionParsnipeldenz: /var/cace/apt10:01
belisarmisak, lyhana8: i would use apparmor if its not a big load box...just adjust the acl10:01
eldenzthx ActionParsnip10:01
benjamin__I just bought a usb tv box10:01
raylueldenz: in the future, locate will help10:01
imyousufActionParsnip: I already have it backed up and as u can c sda6 uses relatime and that is accessible by root only :(10:01
ActionParsnipits /var/cache/apt  sorry10:01
benjamin__and was wondering if anyone could help me getting it to work on ubuntu10:01
lyhana8beli: the acl ?10:02
eldenzfigured :)10:02
rayluimyousuf: i see you went all the way :D10:02
belilyhana8: access control list10:02
imyousufraylu: you bet ya ;) :-D10:03
belilyhana8: add two lines to the apparmor config:10:03
Shockanyone here who can help me build the kernel packages with PAE enabled?10:03
lyhana8beli:  /mnt/data/system/share/mysqldb, w ?10:04
imyousufActionParsnip: any suggestion?10:04
belilyhana8: rw10:04
lyhana8and what'is the other line ?10:05
belilyhana8:  /mnt/data/system/share/mysqldb rw,10:05
belilyhana8: and:  /mnt/data/system/share/mysqldb/** rwk10:05
belilyhana8: then restart apparmor and start mysqld10:05
rayluimyousuf: so, technically, the 'correct linux kosher way'10:05
XiaolinDraconisi cant sudo10:06
imyousufraylu: guess so10:06
rayluimyousuf: is to create a directory inside that partition and give that to the user10:06
rayluXiaolinDraconis: but you can su because you set that 1 char password, right?10:06
BusMasteri need to install some i386 debs on my amd64 intrepid setup. I have installed ia32-libs. Now do I just need to do a dpkg --force-install on hte i386 debs or do I need to extract them someplace using dpkg -X ?10:06
XiaolinDraconisno i changed the password now10:06
rayluXiaolinDraconis: but you can su, right?10:07
XiaolinDraconisbut g is not in the sudoers list was the error i got trying to sudo10:07
XiaolinDraconisill try10:07
* raylu crosses fingers10:07
lyhana8beli: the default config are :10:07
lyhana8  /var/lib/mysql/ r,  /var/lib/mysql/** rwk,10:07
XiaolinDraconisif i cant i can always login as root10:07
lyhana8beli: so r and not rw10:07
imyousufraylu: but the dir itself is created by the root and then he has to assign chmod/chown :(10:07
belilyhana8: ok try it with just r10:07
imyousufthats the thing I wanted to avoid raylu :(10:07
rayluimyousuf: but you only have to do that once10:07
ActionParsnipimyousuf: i'd have thought the sda6 equiv line would be fine, its identical to mine10:08
belilyhana8: but it doesnt really matter...think of what a directory +w does10:08
ActionParsnipimyousuf: hove you tried chmod and chown to give the files to the user10:08
ActionParsnipimyousuf: make it the owner10:08
benjamin__I bought the "Super Digital Video" Glaring series and I can't find appropriate drivers10:08
benjamin__any ideas?10:08
imyousufrayly, ActionParsnip, let me try it once and then coming back10:09
ActionParsnipbenjamin__: never heard of it, what is it10:09
belisarmisak: how much is apparmor slowing down things?10:09
XiaolinDraconis /su root visudo10:09
XiaolinDraconiscannot execute binary file10:09
benjamin__it's USb tv box10:09
benjamin__so I can output to my TV10:09
_motti__raylu: I have found out that some router(including mine) support the dyndns website. I have configured it but I don't know how to test it. any idea?10:10
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: use gksudo <command>   or sudo <command> (sudo is for command line apps only, gksudo is for graphical apps)10:10
raylu_motti__: keep unplugging the router until you get a new ip :P10:10
lyhana8beli: start well, fail to stop...10:11
SlartXiaolinDraconis: su isn't really recommended in ubuntu.. tried sudo visudo?10:11
lyhana8beli: http://pastebin.com/d3f1ea9d310:11
XiaolinDraconisim not authorized10:11
XiaolinDraconisthats why i tried su10:11
dawid have any idea why linux sometimes doesnt load laptop keyboard and touchpad? Keys are working in Grub menu, but they are not working during and after booting...10:11
BoohbahXiaolinDraconis: sudo10:11
mimiloonraylu: i forgot to mention: i have 2 wifi cards hooked up to the computer; one is built in (abg) and the other is pmcia card (N); i was able to remove the ath9k driver from the pcmcia card but the built-in card it still active (wlan0). when i type the command 'sudo ndiswrapper, it wrote info about wlan010:11
XiaolinDraconisi cant10:12
XiaolinDraconisim not authorized10:12
SlartXiaolinDraconis: if you get an error message please just give us the verbatim error message10:12
SlartXiaolinDraconis: include what you tried running too10:12
XiaolinDraconisill have to login on root account to fix this10:12
professor_is it safe to leave remote desktop running (VNC) via port forward to the Internet?10:12
raylumimiloon: pcmcia... i haven't heard that in a looong time10:12
SlartXiaolinDraconis: the root account doesn't have a password by default so you can't login to it10:12
imyousufraylu, ActionParsnip10:12
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: then boot back to root console and add you user to the admin group10:12
XiaolinDraconisi am admin10:12
raylumimiloon: anyway, you might want to ask someone for help; i'm going to leave soon10:13
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: if you arent in the admin group, you arent10:13
belilyhana8: google for that issue, i am afk now10:13
XiaolinDraconisill have to edit the sudoers file from root account i think10:13
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: run   groups   it will tell you10:13
XiaolinDraconisi know im in the admin group10:13
imyousufsorry ActionParsnip, raylu - executing chown did it :)10:13
rayluimyousuf: ^^10:13
mimiloonraylu: thanks for your help10:13
rayluimyousuf: but now you have an extra directory in your path10:13
marko-_--is ext4 working ok on the 2.6.27-14 kernel ?10:13
XiaolinDraconisbrb im ill be back aas root10:14
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: run groups to check10:14
imyousufwith the same mount options as in pastebin and no extra dir - raylu, ActionParsnip. I set the chown to the mounted points directly :)10:14
lyhana8beli: great thanks :D10:14
ActionParsnipimyousuf: great :D10:14
badfish69Active Triggers: !duke !nukem !quote !addquote10:14
XiaolinDraconisg adm dialout fax cdrom floppy tape audio dip video plugdev scanner fuse lpadmin admin sambashare10:14
imyousufbut the chmod/chown is required after mounting the disks ActionParsnip, raylu10:14
ActionParsnipimyousuf: every time?10:15
ikoniaprofessor_: anyone what ?10:15
_motti__raylu: I think it  worked thanks. more to come10:15
ActionParsnipimyousuf: should be ok now, try a cold boot to test10:15
XiaolinDraconisthe link i gave you guys about editing sudoers file10:15
imyousufActionParsnip: I already did that and its not required after cold reboot :)10:15
XiaolinDraconisi must have messed something up10:15
professor_is it safe to leave VNC running (remote desktop) via port forward to the Internet10:15
innocivHow do I check what is running on port 80?10:15
ActionParsnipimyousuf: sweet, you reached the gold10:15
professor_so I can remote desktop in when I'm away10:16
ActionParsnipinnociv: netstat -a10:16
ikoniabadfish69: what active triggers for what are you talking about ?10:16
ikoniainnociv: it's a webserver10:16
imyousufActionParsnip: hehe, thanks a lot, thanks to raylu too :)10:16
Slartprofessor_: if you can remote desktop what keeps the rest of the world from doing the same?10:16
raylu_motti__: ok, good luck. it looks like you're setting up approximately what i did when i first really got into linux10:16
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: if you run groups when you are your user you will see what groups it is in. the admin group gives the use of sudo10:16
XiaolinDraconisg adm dialout fax cdrom floppy tape audio dip video plugdev scanner fuse lpadmin admin sambashare10:16
professor_I thought the password protection and encryption was sufficient but I presume port scanners could find it and hack in?10:17
XiaolinDraconisthats from groups10:17
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: is that as you are logged in now or as your normal user?10:17
innocivikonia, i know..10:17
innocivbut i use both lighttpd and apache10:17
Slartprofessor_: the password would protect a little bit.. not sure about the encryption part..10:17
XiaolinDraconisthis is me now my normal account10:17
innocivand an error message returned apache on port 8010:17
ikoniainnociv: then look at which one is running10:17
innocivlighttpd should be port 80 and apache on 808010:17
ikoniainnociv: telnet to it10:17
ikoniainnociv: check the config files10:18
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: then something is seriously wrong10:18
Slartprofessor_: make sure you choose a secure password.10:18
innocivgahhh netstat -a returned a ton10:18
professor_from the wiki "ou should set an SSH server up as discussed in the SSH guide and configure a VNC server that you can start in so-called once mode, as described below. When you have set up your SSH and VNC servers, you can use SSH to log in to your computer over the Internet, start your VNC server, and use port-forwarding to securely access the VNC server. "10:18
XiaolinDraconisi have 4 accounts .... 1 is root 2 are admins and 1 is unprivied10:18
professor_random password is no problem..10:18
* badfish69 sucks cock10:18
ikoniainnociv: netstat -a | grep LIST shows all listening thinks, but that won't help you identify10:18
Slartbye bye badfish10:18
professor_I guess that means I should configure a SSH server and log in via terminal to start VNC when I need it or something10:19
professor_seems complicated10:19
innocivhm yeah that isn't good10:19
ikoniacyrylm: can I help you ? any reason your requesting ctcp info from me ?10:19
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: you have seriously borked your system if members of admin cannot use sudo10:19
scuserhi all, any help with this error http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/146797/ ?10:19
XiaolinDraconisi just need to return sudoers file to original10:20
XiaolinDraconis.... i think10:20
professor_the Ubuntu Wiki advises against running VNC over the Internet10:20
cyrylmikonia: just checking  :)10:20
ikoniacyrylm: checking what ?10:20
cyrylmYour local time ;)10:20
grawityActionParsnip: that isn't borking yet - other distros don't even have an 'admin' group.10:20
dawid have any idea why linux sometimes doesn't load laptop keyboard and touchpad ? Keys are working in Grub menu, but they are not working during booting and after boot in KDE10:21
ActionParsnipgrawity: true, but thats differnt distros, so is different10:21
Ubersoldatprofessor_: that because VNC is not encrypted, you can always use a SSH tunnel and get over it10:21
ActionParsnipscuser: have you installed build-essential10:22
macvrhi all... need some help editing this file>>> /usr/lib/notify-osd/notify-osd its a executable (application/x-executable) file , how do i open it to edit the file?10:22
XiaolinDraconispuppylinux default account is root/no passwd10:22
Ubersoldatmacvr: why do you want to do that?10:22
scuserActionParsnip: yes10:22
grawityikonia: reminder, CTCPs are for your IRC client, not for the user (you). If your client shows them annoyingly, it isn't cyrylm's fault.10:22
ActionParsnipmacvr: gksudo gedit /usr/lib/notify-osd/notify-osdm  if you want to use a text editor. If its just a script this is fine, if its a binary, it wont work10:23
XiaolinDraconisill brb im loggin out and coming back as root then ill get this turned around10:23
ikoniagrawity: reminder - I'm not asking you a question, I'm asking a user why he is ASKING my client for information10:23
ActionParsnipscuser: and do you have all the -dev dependancies of the app?10:23
macvrActionParsnip: i had tried that but its a binary... !10:23
scuserActionParsnip: well I don't know that I have nothing to say which -dev dependencies that the app needs10:24
macvrUbersoldat:  i thought that that was the file for the notification settings...  to edit it!10:24
ikoniagrawity: and FYI: if I'm displaying displeasure at it - it's best for you to not do it too10:24
ActionParsnipscuser: to compile apps you need all the dependancies it needs in dev format so its functinality can be compiled in, the outputs saying that certain things are undefined highlights this10:25
ActionParsnipscuser: you need to find out what gives the functionality for each error and install that app and its -dev file10:25
scuserActionParsnip: is there a way to know so or just try and error ?10:25
professor_VNC supports encryption, not sure if that is sufficient though10:25
=== serenity_ is now known as s3r3n1t7
ActionParsnipscuser: websearch an error, see what pops up10:26
s3r3n1t7ActionParsnip, apt-get build-dep doesn't work? (just dropped in, not sure what the initial error was10:26
axyjohi all, can some bash wizard help me out? i want to recursively remove all files, except for the .svn folder, and except for one particular subfolder. someone did this for me before using find, but i don't remember how to do it now. thanks.10:26
scuserActionParsnip: ok, thank you for your time :)10:26
ActionParsnipaxyjo: could just cp it out, empty the folder, then copy it back10:27
axyjoActionParsnip: there are many subfolders, so i'd prefer a script. + the .svn folder is hidden10:28
Boohbahaxyjo: find . -prune .svn | xargs rm -f10:28
innocivin apache2 on ubuntu, where would Listen go?..10:28
thahaussI recently formatted a slave drive and I can create folders using terminal on it, but I cannot using the File Browser, when I right click the options "create folder", "create document", "clean up by name", and "paste" are all greyed out. Any Ideas?10:28
axyjoBoohbah: thanks, i'll try it out10:28
s3r3n1t7Boohbah, doesn't that remove all the .svn folders?10:28
Boohbahs3r3n1t7: no10:28
ActionParsnipaxyjo: doesnt matter if its hidden or not, all folders starting with . are hidden10:28
Ubersoldatmacvr: well, it's a binary file, so you can't edit it10:30
axyjoBoohbah: I get an error. "find: .svn: unknown option"10:31
lyhana8hi, is there any identi.ca client avaible on kubuntu ?10:32
stethoHi. Have a PC (P4) that was running another distro. I'm trying to install Server 8.10 on it. Power on, boot from CD, choose language, choose "Install Ubuntu Server" - at this point the machine reboots. I'm guessing it's a hardware problem or incompatibility but thought I'd ask if anyone has seen this before I start stripping bits out to find the culprit.10:33
ikoniastetho: sounds like a hadware issue10:34
stethoikonia: I agree but I've never seen Ubuntu (or other distro) die before it's even started the install.10:35
ikoniastetho: I've seen it many times - as to install you need a running OS to run the installers, and if the installer makes a call the hardware doesn't like, it restarts10:35
stethoOK. I'll have to check it by elimination then. Dull :-)10:37
Ubersoldatstetho: did you try booting to the live system?10:37
stethoThat's the problem. Actually - I didn't say it explicitly, I apologise :-) I can boot the CentOS that was on there and I can boot from Kubuntu Live CD. Server dies as soon as I choose Install.10:39
innocivis apache2.conf the same as httpd.conf?..10:39
zirodayinnociv: yes10:39
Ubersoldatstetho: well, you could try installing from the LiveCD then get rid of X and install the server packages10:40
mundoes anyone know how to merge two directories together using shell?10:40
Ubersoldatinnociv: it depends10:40
innocivDo i need Listen 8080 in apache2.conf when i have <VirtualHost *:8080>?10:40
Ubersoldatinnociv: no10:40
eMaX_anoyne knows how to, with ppp/wvdial, choose a network provider for umts?10:41
sannnnI'm looking for a way to change directory rights (recursive). Only the directories, not the files. Using commandline tools. Anyone got some bash magic?10:42
stethoUbersoldat: I could but it that doesn't guarantee that whatever is wrong now won't come back and bite me later. I'd rather establish the cause now so I can fix it, upgrade it or get rid of it.10:43
thahaussI'm brand new to ubuntu, I just installed / formated a slave drive which I I dont have write permission to (I know this is default) I intend to keep all my data on this drive, would it be better practice to make my account have root permission or to change the permissions on the slave drive?10:47
lyhana8thahauss: change the permission to the disk10:47
lyhana8you should look at /etc/fstab10:47
Ubersoldatstetho: yeah, good call10:47
lyhana8thahauss: try in console: `sudo gedit /etc/fstab`10:48
mib_guff98abcan someone help me get my wifi to pick up Access point10:48
lyhana8thahauss: here is mine : http://pastebin.com/de2b688e10:48
lyhana8thahauss: i'm using reiserFS as filesystem so you will have some change to do if you use ext310:49
belilyhana8: got it working?10:49
=== patrick is now known as Guest61605
thahausslyhana8, thank you very much I was just googling trying to figure out what in the world the command is10:49
lyhana8beli: yep10:49
belilyhana8: fine :)10:50
lyhana8beli: got some problem with debian-sys-main account but find solution. I really thank you10:50
mib_guff98abdoes anyone have a amilo 1718 laptop ? or a atheros wireless card ?10:51
belilyhana8: np10:51
thahausslyhana8, should I change myself as the owner or just change the individual permissions? please excuse my nubness10:52
lyhana8thahauss: you can try to change the ownership, if it's come back to root after a reboot you should change your fstab10:54
Guest61605how to make filer option of taxonomy as a check-box in the views10:54
GRuB hi!10:55
=== GRuB is now known as Guest28781
=== eyhiga is now known as eyhiga[away]
oCean_!away > eyhiga[away]10:56
ubottueyhiga[away], please see my private message10:56
mib_guff98abi need help trying to get my wireless card to find networks10:57
=== geo_ is now known as geo05
JC33mib_guff98ab what network card are you using?10:57
lyhana8mib_guff98ab: `iwlist eth1 scan`10:58
mib_guff98abJC33: it is Atheros10:58
mib_guff98ablyhana8: i just tried that says "wlan0     Interface doesn't support scanning."10:59
JC33mib_guff98ab try type this in console $ iwconfig10:59
doleybmib_guff98ab: I suspected it would be atheros.  Did you download a driver?10:59
lyhana8mib_guff98ab: is your card switch ON ? is it the wlan0 ?11:00
mib_guff98abJC33:do you want me to paste the result?11:00
JC33www.pastebin.com, paste your result here11:00
JimiHi does anyone know much about cloning? I have got 46 laptops i need to clone. All of them will be coming with windows XP installed on them and one of them will be having a program put on, then im going ot take the image form that one and put it onto the other 45....the thing is liscensing....does clonezilla have a tool that lets the other 45 machines keep thier liscenses even tho they having an image of another machine slapped on them?11:00
mib_guff98abdoleyb: it seemed to work find, and the only thing i need is for it to scan11:00
thahausslyhana8, Thank you for your assistance I got it working11:00
lyhana8thahauss: :)11:01
mib_guff98abJC33: http://www.mibbit.com/pb/AlpEO411:01
beliJimi: you can exchange the license key afterwards11:01
nordcJimi, I don't have a clue about cloning but could you tell me what is it for?11:01
Jimibeli: how? would you e able to point me in the direction of a tutorial on that?11:01
Jiminordc, its so i dont have to install that program and set it up on 45 othr machines lol11:02
oCean_Jimi: how is this ubuntu related?11:02
JC33mib_guff98ab $ iwlist ath0 scanning11:03
JimioCean_: cause im using clonezilla on ubuntu? I had no bother asking in here the other day about clonzilla and i got help.11:03
beliJimi: howto exchenge license key for windows xp can be found at support.microsoft.com.....search their database11:03
nordcJimi, but we're not talking about virtualization, don't we?11:03
Jiminordc, pardon?11:03
nordcJimi, you're not talking about virutal machines?11:04
mizipzorwhen i try to browse or checkout my repository, i get "no such revision 3422", is my repository corrupt?11:04
eusu_kefuinHi Ho! I have a gateway machine in a LAN that is synchronized to an NTP server in the Internet. All other machines in the LAN are synchronized to this gateway machine. In the /etc/ntp.conf of the gateway machine, I have `server ntp.ubuntu.com' and `server'. Next, I tried to see whether or not the gateway machine still synchronizes itself with ntp.ubuntu.com by changing its system clock a bit. It turned out that it cannot. But, if I remove `se11:04
mib_guff98abJC33: in my network manager it shows "wlan0" not "ath0"11:04
eusu_kefuinrver' from its /etc/ntp.conf, it can. Any suggestion as how I should attack this problem?11:04
nordcJimi, I thought cloning is for mac number or something alike; anyone, thanks for the info11:05
JC33try $ iwlist wlan0 scanning11:05
Jiminordc, no this cloning is to clone the whole operating system onto x number of machines11:05
ActionParsnip!adduser > XiaolinDraconis11:05
ubottuXiaolinDraconis, please see my private message11:05
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WoloHiya.  How can I find out the DNS server addresses a machine is using?  Cheers :>11:06
pecohow to set ident on xcha11:07
eldenzWolo, cat /etc/resolv.conf11:07
tarelerulzI have this problem,  I try to get the latest stable version of Banshee and when I add the repositorys  to my list .  It did not update . it still showed the same version I had before .  The install seem to work ,but the version I see is not different version.  How might I fix that11:07
mib_guff98abJC33: nevermind actually thanks for trying to help, but im going to just install Vista again ,Ubuntu is to much trouble and seems more unreliable, may look nice but to get something that is "yours" it takes more hassle than its worth, took me 4 days to get wifi on but then a update caused it to stop11:08
ActionParsnipWolo: nslookup www.google.com11:08
pecoWolo ident xchat11:08
eldenzWolo, but I assume you shouldn't change it manually but use the network manager of your WM11:08
pecoWolo, ident xchat11:08
leoXsysWolo: Click on the Network Icon on gnome-applet and you will find "Connection Information" That will give you details look about network :)11:08
JC33mib_guff98ab you got pm11:08
doseryderI've always enjoyed Rhythmbox b/c it helps me build my music library (with the option of organizing them into playlist).11:08
doseryderis there a video playback program that has features which resemble those found in Rhythmbox?11:09
ActionParsniptarelerulz: find a repo with a later version (if 1 exists)11:09
doseryderCurrently using totem to play everything11:09
henry_good morning all11:10
_motti___raylu: Well, as I promised I have more.11:10
wookienzim issuing shutdonw -h now as root, but the machine aint shutting down! ideas/11:10
eldenzdoseryder, amaroK maybe?11:10
ActionParsnip+1 amarok (will require Qt libs)11:11
nordcmib, had the same experience with Ubuntu on my laptop11:11
_motti___raylu: one of the reasons I wanted to set up my ftp server is to be able to load files from my home machine to a mac server behind a university firewall. I log into the mac server using ssh11:11
JC33wookienz what's the result of input of $ sudo shutdown -h now11:11
_motti___raylu: and I can ftp my url from there but then I can't issue commands11:12
WoloThanks all! :>11:13
wookienzJC33: i get the usual " the system is going down..." but it doesnt11:13
ActionParsnipwookienz: open another terminal and run: dmesg | tail11:13
ljsoftnethow do create a server in open arena?11:13
wookienzActionParsnip: same broadcast message about going down in dmesg...but just sits there and does nothing11:14
XiaolinDraconisg is not in the sudoers this incident will be reported11:15
wookienzim slowly shutting down different processes and seeing which ine it is..might be xen playing silly buggers11:16
doserydereldenz: Will amarok make use of ALL the codecs on my system (like how totem does) or do I have to recompile and link them in?11:16
wookienzfinally killed it! bloody xen.11:18
zirodayXiaolinDraconis: is there something we can help you with?11:18
XiaolinDraconisyes sorry i was googling11:19
EugenMayerhello. I have a 2,5' SATA by USB drive attached trough a power-suplied usb-share-box ( and tried a dircet connect ). when i plug in the hdd, it gots detected, but when i try to access it : http://pastebin.com/m395e829211:20
XiaolinDraconisi messed something up11:20
XiaolinDraconisnot sure what exactly11:20
EugenMayerThe same hdd with the same usb-share-box is working for my desktop PC, but the laptop fails with it ( T60 )11:20
ben_crisfordcan anyone help me with my internet?11:20
ben_crisfordi have tried pretty much everything11:20
XiaolinDraconisbut i just made a new admin account and it cant sudo11:20
XiaolinDraconisi made a new admin account because i edited passwd file anc changed the UID11:21
XiaolinDraconisi changed it back and the profile was broken11:21
XiaolinDraconisi checked sudoers file and all is well11:22
pascal__join #ubuntu-de11:23
ben_crisfordCan anyboday help my with my internet?  It isn't working in Ubuntu...11:24
zvaigzdziushi there11:25
zvaigzdziushave a problem with apt-get11:25
zvaigzdziuscould anyone help?11:25
ben_crisfordoh yes?11:26
ben_crisfordwhat is the problem?11:26
zvaigzdziusapt-get is very slow11:26
ben_crisfordChecked your connection speed?11:26
=== edgesex is now known as edgex
ben_crisfordalso, it will be slower depending on what your "apt-get"ing11:26
Guest28781how many thousands systems have you ended ?11:26
ben_crisfordtry apt-geting something small11:26
ben_crisfordto see if its just the file or not11:27
zvaigzdziustransfer rate is very fast, if I connect with ftp client to same server, but apt-get receives about 500 kb and stops receiving11:27
ben_crisfordoh.. :S11:27
Guest28781why ?11:27
doserydereldenz, hi11:27
zvaigzdziuswhen i restart apt-get it receives about 500 kb and stops receiving again11:27
ben_crisfordI don't know sorry....11:28
ben_crisfordI'm sure someone else can help though ;)11:28
zvaigzdziusthnx anyway11:28
ben_crisfordNo problem11:28
zvaigzdziustried to google but no help11:28
lexrexis there a way to see all connected ip's on my home networked11:29
sarmisaklexrex: try arp11:30
kleftisxhello i have Ubuntu 8.10 on amd64 and i have problem when trying to open flash videos on youtube i get no sound in firefox and opera too. any solution?11:30
lexrexsarmisak, is that the app? or the technique11:30
sarmisaksarmisak: its the app ;) just type; arp11:30
ben_crisfordkleftisx: you get sound everywhere esle yes?11:31
sarmisaklexrex: : its the app ;) just type; arp11:31
kleftisxben_crisford : yes11:31
lexrexsarmisak, is there a way to get ip's11:31
sarmisaklexrex: and also if you just need the ips, type; arp -n11:31
ben_crisfordhmm...  You see the video but no sound?11:31
lexrexsarmisak, thanks11:31
kleftisxben_crisford : yeap, watch the video but no sound11:31
Jimianyone here use clonezilla?11:32
ben_crisfordTry re-installing the flash plugin11:32
ljsoftnet_how do i start a openarena dedicated server?11:32
kleftisxben_crisford :  i have try it, i have also install shockwave flash 10 and still the same11:33
trenanderHi, running beta 9.04 and had some trouble getting my ar5007 wlancard up and running, solved it with madwifi. I tried some other methods prior and now when it kicked off, I have two working drivers, competing. I'm a bit lost,  need to get rid of one, but don't know where to look...11:34
ben_crisfordkleftix: and its only youtube?  or all flash videos?11:34
kleftisxben_crisford :  all videos11:35
kleftisxben_crisford :  flash videos11:35
ben_crisfordkleftisx:  i wish i could help you more, but ive never heard of this problem before11:36
ben_crisfordsorry :(11:36
oCean_trenander: all 9.04 issues/discussion go in channel #ubuntu+1 (since it's still beta)11:37
doleybkleftisx: Maybe you should try flash10 beta11:38
kleftisxdoleyb: can i have some info on howto?11:38
=== tuxlinux_ is now known as tuxlinux
doleybkleftisx: uninstall your current flashplugin, then download http://download.macromedia.com/pub/labs/flashplayer10/libflashplayer-, extract, and place in ~/.mozilla/plugins11:39
kleftisxdoleyb : in firefox about:plugins i have that one http://rafb.net/p/mCXmm367.html11:40
Rods_TigerI've installed Unbuntu 9.04 netbook version onto my Acer Aspire One. There's no internet - the wifi doesn't work.11:40
doleybkleftisx: the link I gave is 64-bit linux code, so maybe it works better.11:40
BoohbahRods_Tiger: /j #ubuntu+111:40
oCean_Rods_Tiger: all 9.04 issues/discussion go in channel #ubuntu+1 (since it's still beta11:40
kleftisxdoleyb : when removing i must delete only the file /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/npwrapper.libflashplayer.so  ?11:42
beliChiliblue: my chilis are yellow, green and red......not blue ;)11:42
Chiliblueblue is a great colour for a chili11:43
beliChiliblue: there are violett ones too....like hungarian black11:43
beliChiliblue: but never seen a real blue one11:43
oCean_!ot | beli11:43
ubottubeli: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!11:43
belioCean_: :-P :)11:43
doleybkleftisx: Well probably you can just leave the old one in place, but to uninstall it you'd reverse the steps you did to install (which hopefully means apt-get remove)11:43
telenwhere you?11:44
c_kornwhere can I get information about my installed memory?11:44
belic_korn: dmesg11:44
oCean_c_korn: use "sudo lshw -C memory"11:44
unitedpotsmokersguy, i need help. one file in Trash cannot empty... how to delete manually?11:45
unitedpotsmokersguys, i need help. one file in Trash cannot empty... how to delete manually?11:45
Kan3_<unitedpotsmokers> : very simple, format the computer11:46
=== Dentex is now known as Co_lgBETEBINGUN
oCean_Kan3_: don't suggest that.11:46
c_kornbeli: I should have been more precise. I was looking for the vendor information. thanks11:47
c_kornoCean_: vendor: AD00000000000000 is this the string for some no-name vendor?11:48
belic_korn: ah ok :) if lshw didnt give you enough info you could use aida32 from ultimate bootcd maybe...11:48
oCean_c_korn: well, I have vendor "American Megatrends"11:49
oCean_c_korn: and I don't know what the AD000... is.. might be no-name indeed11:49
c_kornoCean_: it is a Dell Latitude D830 notebook. no idea what memory they install11:49
raphaIs there something like ncftpput only for *deleting* files?11:50
oCean_c_korn: the 'description','width' and 'clock' are relevant if you wish to buy more.11:51
stromi07hallo leute11:51
belirapha: man ncftp ..........i guess there are options to execute commands from the console...otherwise check out lftp11:52
se7enif i start cups i get  /etc/init.d/cups start11:52
se7en * Starting Common Unix Printing System: cupsd                 cupsd: Child exited with status 1!11:52
se7en                                                        [fail]11:52
professor_a friend asked me to download open office for them for their ubuntu system11:52
professor_I can't just download it off the OO site can I11:52
c_kornoCean_: problem is. the notebook has two banks. both have a 1GB module atm. I want to buy two 2GB modules. but I wanted it from the same vendor to prevent problems11:52
professor_I need to download a Ubuntu package and tell them how to install it manually?11:53
professor_I have always just used Synaptic11:53
professor_so no idea how to give someone OO on a disk11:53
temporarytaoprofessor_, i think you can use a deb package11:53
se7ensomeone know why cups exit with 1?11:53
temporarytaosee if it's available in getdeb.net11:53
beliprofessor_: download the ubuntu package and use dpkg11:53
professor_ok so I go to my local mirror (Internode) get the package and then use dpkg11:54
koshar1professor_ you will likely have the best luch with aptoncd and you will need all the dependencys11:54
oCean_c_korn: as far as I can see, the vendor does not really matter, it's the other specs.11:54
beliprofessor_: right....read man dpkg11:54
sarmisakprofessor_: yes, but koshar1 is right an aptoncd would be a much better choice11:54
se7encups someone11:55
yinlongwho knows whether ubuntu8.10 64 bit for amd can install on intel or not ?11:55
Guest28781yes you cn11:56
Guest28781install it11:56
c_kornyinlong: amd64 can be installed on intel11:56
professor_aptoncd eh11:56
professor_it's for a total newb11:56
professor_so I'll check that out11:56
Guest28781check it11:56
yinlongc korr,yes?11:56
oCean_professor_: openoffice is in the repositories isn't it?11:56
oCean_!find openoffice11:56
ubottuFound: dictionaries-common, hunspell-de-at, hunspell-de-ch, hunspell-de-de, hunspell-eu-es (and 204 others)11:56
yinlongoh,it's so good for me.11:56
belioCean_: he needs to burn it on cd11:57
professor_it is in the repositories but a friend needs it who doesn't have internet access atm or something11:57
ljsoftnet__can anyone help me with openarena?11:57
sarmisakyinlong: you should check that you intel CPU is 64 bit capable11:57
oCean_beli: professor_ ok11:57
Guest28781wahts your problem ljsoftnet11:57
yinlongsarmisak,i am sure that.11:57
koshar1professor_ you need to be running the same distro as your friend, and you install the package first and then you make the cd repo,  so if you have the oo files in your apt cache your laughing11:57
c_kornoCean_: googling for the product ID also turned out the vendor: http://www.memoryten.com/002819.htm11:57
yinlongsarmisak,i want to install it in my disc G,is it variable?11:58
sarmisakno its not important, just be careful and dont blow away your other disks ;)11:58
professor_not sure what distro they have apart from ubuntu11:58
yinlongsarmisak,and i have a windows xp in the disc C.11:59
Guest28781i wanna use ma xmod device anyone could help me plz ?11:59
koshar1professor your friend simply adds the aptoncd disk you made to his repository in synaptic, and then installs through synaptic as though he had an internet connection,11:59
yinlongsarmisak,need i burn it into a CD?11:59
sarmisakyinlong: you can boot it from a usb disk also but a CD is always a better choice.12:00
koshar1professor_ which prompts me to ask whick ubuntu they have as most have OO by default?12:00
GRuBneed help plz12:00
FreeFullHow do I remap the caps-lock key as a second tab key?12:00
GRuBnone could help me12:00
=== GRuB is now known as Guest4126
kleftisxdoleyb : i have install the link you gave me but the same again no sound.12:01
professor_I think the issue is they need the latest version to open .docx files - its for their school children12:01
yinlongsarmisak,i want to know if i install windows xp as well as ubuntu ,is there some conflicts between them?12:01
professor_family that saved money by not getting Vista12:01
professor_no conflicts yinlong12:01
professor_not for me, ever12:01
FreeFullyinlong: If you install XP first and ubuntu second, there should be no problem12:01
sarmisakyinlong: no, they are completely different things12:02
sarmisakyinlong: I mean, they have nothing to do with each other12:02
antiiIm trying to set up postfix on ubuntu, but I dont got a clue what my System mail name shall be and im following the guide for ubuntu12:03
professor_open office is not showing up in it, just a few other packages to install - I guess it picks a few from my system it can 'see'12:04
yinlongdear friends,i did this,i mean i install xp in disc C,and then install ubuntu in the disc G,then will my system be steady?12:04
professor_should do12:04
professor_any ideas how to get OO to show up in the aptoncd list?12:05
yinlongFreeFull,are you there?12:05
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lucaciao, ho bisogno di un aiuto perchè il mio pc dopo poco che è acceso si impalla e non si riesce a fare più niente?12:07
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Blue112Hello everyone12:07
movedxluca: Sorry, I believe this to be an English only channel.12:07
koshar1professor_ you may need to a little homework first, you will likely need to know the ubunto version your friend is running.  then you will need to see if the latest version of OO is available in its repos or backports.12:07
movedxBlue112: Hello.12:07
ikonia!it | luca12:07
ubottuluca: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)12:07
Blue112I have trouble with my HDD12:07
movedxluca: It's not a problem.12:08
movedxluca: And there's your answer: #unbuntu-it :)12:08
Blue112On the boot, it says that it's faulty, and checked it.12:08
Blue112But it says "bad block currently in use..."12:08
Blue112And now it's seems like it stick there12:08
Blue112Hum, i'm gonna but all that on one line.12:09
Blue112I have trouble with my HDD, on the boot, it says that it's faulty, and checked it : But it says "bad block currently in use...", and stops de % counter. And now it's seems like it stick there. What should I do ?12:09
ohzie_Blue112, Unfortunately, your best option is to buy a new hard drive, because any failure in a drive is bad.12:10
carpii__i normally throw it against the wall in disgust12:10
Blue112ohzie_: I have about 500gb data on that drive :/12:10
ohzie_Blue112, That's really rather unfortunate. :[12:10
Blue112ohzie_: What kind of hdd should I buy :/ ?12:12
walrus17can i ask non-ubuntu question? i asked in #nvidia but noone helps12:12
walrus17i have vga card mx440. and these days it's starting to get very hot12:13
walrus17it supports 4x/2x speed's. it is for now 4x.12:13
walrus17If i set speed to 2x via BIOS. Will my vga card will got lower temperature?12:13
FormicAcidHi, I would like to update my computer via console but my source.list give : Failed to fetch http://fr.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/feisty-updates/multiverse/source/Sources.gz  404 Not Found12:14
FormicAcidAny idea if the http://fr.archive.ubuntu.com/ changed something?12:14
walrus17formicAcid could you hep me12:14
koshar1walrus17 i would be looking at placing a better fan/heatsink on it instead, gpus run hot at any rate, mines at 93 deg c now.12:14
Blue112FormicAcid: This fr.archive is a really bad repository and it's randomly available. I sugguest you to change it.12:15
BodsdaHi, I have a crossover cable, a laptop and a desktop machine. I have connected the two machines together, and now i need to transfer some files. How would i go about doing it?12:15
walrus1793c :OOOO12:15
FormicAcidwalrus17: Not sure about it12:15
Blue112Bodsda: Both on linux ?12:15
FormicAcidBleu112: ok, any good repo in europe?12:15
BodsdaBlue112: yes12:15
Blue112FormicAcid: proxad is a good one.12:15
Blue112Bodsda: you can use scp12:16
walrus17i dont have temperature indicator, except my hands ;D12:16
oudhsaudhhow can I make a full image backup of a harddrive with luks encryption and then restore it if something goes wrong?12:16
walrus17i touch it and i think it's hot enaugght ;12:16
BodsdaBlue112: got a link to some docs?12:16
Blue112Bodsda: you'll need to have a ssh-server on the receiver machine (sudo apt-get install open-ssh server)12:16
FormicAcidBlue112: ftp://ftp.proxad.fr/mirrors/ftp.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ ?12:16
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koshar1walrus17 doctor it hurts when i do this, DR - dont do that then12:16
FormicAcidshould be fast I'm with free :D12:16
Blue112FormicAcid: I don't really remember the exact adress, but it's looking like that.12:17
FormicAcidBlue112: ok thx i'll try12:17
bensteconnecting to remote ftp I get the following error, what did I wrong? 421 Service not available, remote server has closed connection12:17
walrus17Thanks. I will look for it, when i will have some money ;D12:18
Blue112Bodsda: Then its works just like the cp command. scp ip_machine1:/path/to/file /path/for/recept12:18
arwould the same applications that run with apt-get under gnome run the same if i used xfce?12:19
koshar1walrus17 sensors generally is the package yu install for temp indications12:19
BodsdaBlue112: ok, openssh-server is installed on the laptop, i suppose i need ssh client and scp?12:19
Blue112ar: Yes.12:19
koshar1ar if you installed the dependencys it most likely would12:19
ikoniaBodsda: ssh-server will install the client and scp for you12:20
Blue112ar: Except the gnome-specific application (task bar...)12:20
Bodsdaikonia: ok, cheers12:20
arso which desktop env. is the best for good looks and usability?12:20
Blue112ar: Everyone is good, it rely on what's on want.12:20
erebeif you want a good look like mac, try KDE one12:21
Number7ar: enlightment =)12:21
arerebe: i want good looks but not like mac,12:21
carpii__kde 3.5 is nice enough12:21
carpii__none of them are really awesome12:21
Dinamichi All12:21
koshar1ar purely down to personal pref12:21
Dinamicêòî íèòü ïî ðóññêè øïàðèò?12:22
erebesearch image in google  with KDE or Gnome and you will see wht them look like12:22
Dinamic :D12:22
Blue112I can't read Dinamic (or he says question marks)12:22
echo_miragei manipulated grub/menu.lst and now it does not update anymore. new kernels are not added as entries. how can i restore that?12:22
Dinamicdo you speak Russian language?12:23
erebeUse live cd of ubuntu to restore Grub12:23
echo_mirageah ok12:23
Blue112Dinamic: There's a channel (ubuntu-) where they speak russian...12:23
Blue112You may try #ubuntu-ru I think.12:23
Dinamic :(12:23
koshar1ar see my desktop,12:24
koshar1ar http://tinyurl.com/devptp12:24
TE1How do I expose port 8765 (lircd) to my LAN on Hardy (firewall rule somewhere I guess) ?12:24
Blue112TE1: I think that there's no firewall by default on Hardy.12:24
TE1Restriction to localhost compiled into LIRC then?12:25
ubuntu_Hello! I have got a dmraid and since the kernel update yesterday I am just getting the grub error console when booting from the harddisk. I tried to repair grub using grub-install --recheck12:25
ubuntu_But it does not work12:26
Blue112TE1: Maybe. Try sudo netstat -autepn | grep 876512:26
TE1Not that could find that documented anywhere...12:26
ubuntu_Probing devices to guess BIOS drives. This may take a long time.12:26
ubuntu_Unknown partition table signature12:26
ubuntu_/dev/mapper/pdc_bhhchfbea1 does not have any corresponding BIOS drive.12:26
TE1Well the port is open and I can telnet to it locally12:26
Blue112ubuntu_: Could you boot on an older kernel ?12:27
lyhana8does a identi.ca client is avaible on hardy ? (gwibber won't install)12:27
ubuntu_Blue112, no. I am just getting the grub error console12:27
Blue112So I don't know. Sorry.12:27
Blue112I have problems with my hdd too.12:27
TE1Blue112: But from another system on the same switch, telnet mybox 8765 just times out, so something's eatin' that traffic...12:28
BodsdaBlue112: ok so i have the ssh software installed on both machines, how do i make a connection?12:28
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Blue112Bodsda: Just like the cp command. On the recepter, try : scp -r ip_adress_of_the_laptop:/path/to/file /path/for/recepting12:29
Blue112Bodsda: It should ask you the password, then transfer.12:29
Blue112If you prefer, you can do an "sshfs", which allows you to transfer file with graphical interface (nautilus).12:30
BodsdaBlue112: ok, sorry im a little confused, we are both connected to a wireless connection and are also wired together, is an 'ifconfig' command suitable for finding the correct ip address?12:31
x4dHello, I'm trying out Jaunty and I noticed that remote desktop does not work properly, I've seen this happen in mint kde and kubuntu 8.10, after the connection is established the first frame is drawn and no more. I can see the mouse moving around but no other actions like menus or windows. Is there a fix for this ?12:31
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Blue112Bodsda: Yes, you can find out the ip address with ifconfig.12:31
arkoshar1: this is compiz on kde right?12:31
Blue112x4d: Join #ubuntu+112:31
kksdkjdjshI use 8.10, and I want to create some simple music. Any ideas what software I might use?12:33
coz_kkathman,  ardour?12:33
Knirghkksdk: Audacity12:33
Blue112Is there a way to install flashplayer on livecd ?12:33
koshar1ar gnome actualy with emerald window manager12:34
BodsdaBlue112: as in    flashplugin-nonfree?12:34
erebegnome is with Metacity now12:35
Blue112Bodsda: It seams like firefox do it itself, thanks.12:35
livingdaylightcan someone tell me the name of the manager for the cube?12:35
koshar1livingdaylight compiz12:35
livingdaylightkoshar1, yes12:35
Extendthere is no pae kernel in ubuntu ?12:35
Extendif some one has 4Gb of ram he can't use them all ?12:36
livingdaylightkoshar1, but i want the cube manager12:36
koshar1livingdaylight have you got the advances setting manager installed?12:36
maverick340i got a problem with the auto ethernet connection12:36
livingdaylightkoshar1, no12:36
BodsdaBlue112: no probs :) when i try to connect i get this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/    should i continue?12:36
koshar1livingdaylight you will need it12:36
arkoshar1: which distro?12:36
maverick340i specefied a DNS address to it which gets reset to auto everything at boot12:36
livingdaylightkoshar1, why is this not installed by default?12:36
livingdaylightkoshar1, how is a noob supposed to know this?12:36
koshar1ar that was 7.04 ubuntu ,12:36
Blue112Bodsda: Hum, that's the link for making a fresh post, i can't see you're paste then ^^'12:36
livingdaylightkoshar1, sudo apt-get install advanced settings manager?12:37
maverick340therfore i set up a new connection and specified the settings, but now everytime i log in the autoeth0 is connected12:37
koshar1livingdaylight its not installe by default because not all graphics hardware supports it12:37
maverick340deleting it doesnt help either12:37
Blue112Is he says you to answer (yes/no), say yes, Bodsda12:37
BodsdaBlue112: oops, forgot to put my name, sorry -- ht