pwgenhi want to get upstart 5.1 running but i have problem regarding oom adjustment can someone help ?18:06
sadmac2pwgen: is upstart crashing on start due to failing to set oom adjustment?18:06
pwgenyes, maybe no proc mounted ? its says something about not rootfs .  0.3.8 is running ( distro Angstom on zaurus )18:07
sadmac2pwgen: exactly. 0.5 requires proc to be mounted at boot (this is considered a bug, but it hasn't been fixed yet)18:08
pwgeni want build upstart for openmoko and are developing it with an old c-1000 , my goal is to control runlevel scripts via dbus, 18:11
pwgenshould i use 0.3.8.instead  ?18:11
sadmac2pwgen: you could mount /proc in the initrd, or possibly patch away the oom adjustment features if you don't need them18:14
sadmac2you could also make an oom adjustment failure non-fatal18:14
pwgenon an embedded device do   usually do not boot with an initrd so i think i have to patch it ..(:-((18:16
sadmac2the change shouldn't be too hard.18:18
pwgenthx  a lot seems to work .. are there special samples for 0.5.1 version out ?18:34
temotoHello. What's proper way to setuid/gid with upstart? Writing script stanza with su?22:44
temotoHow to run daemon as particular user?22:52

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