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BigMoopiesHello, I am wondering if it is possible to auto start a terminal program each time I login and for it not to close.  Would I want to put that in .bash_profile or .bashrc ?  Or would that just open it up each terminal tab and create an issue ?00:24
zoredacheBigMoopies: you probably should add a terminal to at the autostarted apps00:25
zoredacheapplications -> settings -> settings manager -> autostarted apps00:25
BigMoopieszoredache, then just run the shell program myself ?00:25
zoredachedo you actually want to see the console?  or do you just want to start the program in the background?00:26
BigMoopiesI want to see it.00:26
BigMoopiesIt's bwm (bandwidth monitor)00:27
zoredacheso as you autostarted application you could run a command like  xfce4-terminal --title="BWM" -x bwm00:27
zoredacheor rather... xfce4-terminal --title="BWM" - bwm00:28
BigMoopiesinteresting, I been using GNOME's terminal.00:28
zoredacheI am sure you could do a similar thing with that if you wanted too00:29
BigMoopiesxfce4-terminal --title="BWM" - bwm00:29
BigMoopiesUnknown option "-"00:29
BigMoopiesIs what I get.00:30
cody-somervilleBigMoopies, - is an unknown option.00:30
BigMoopiescody-somerville, So I want to leave out - ?00:30
zoredacheactually my first command should ahve been right00:30
BigMoopiesyeah the first one works00:32
cody-somervilleYou probably want xfce4-terminal -x bwm00:32
BigMoopiesso how would I edit my applications -> Accessories -> terminal to use xfce4-terminal ? instead of GNOMEs00:32
BigMoopiesor add the xfce4-terminal to it00:32
zoredacheBigMoopies: anyway, somewhat unrelated, I suspect I would run bwm under gnu screen00:34
zoredachethat way your monitoring will stay around even if you are logged off00:34
BigMoopieszoredache, it doesn't log or anything.00:34
BigMoopiesI'm thinking about trying to find a GUI replacement for it00:35
BigMoopiesbut then yet again it works, so why00:35
J_Litewskiis dhcpd.conf only on server versions of Ubuntu?00:42
zoredacheif you install the dhcp server package, then you'll get a copy of it...00:43
zoredacheare you wanting to run a dhcp server?00:44
J_Litewskii was looking at a little hack to deter people stealing mie wireless00:44
zoredachethat is slightly entertaining, but a better solution would be to simply setup wpa encryption if you can00:45
J_Litewskii like pissing people off00:45
J_Litewskiif i get a Nintendo DSi or a Wii, i'll WPA encrypt it00:46
zoredacheyeah, but what happens if the person isn't just a leach and decides to actually intercept your network traffic?00:46
zoredachedo you not worry about them seeing your logins for web pages, what you are looking at, and so on?00:47
J_Litewskii am, but still00:49
J_Litewskii'm running a linux router with built in firewall on a linux machine with an active firewall00:50
zoredachea firewall won't protect you against many types of bad things that an evil person on your wifi could do...00:52
AntiochI just installed the xubuntu beta and updated all packages. I used to have the beta installed and updated, but I reformatted my HD. This time after updating, however, the panel and background don't appear after logging in - only a terminal does. How can I fix this?01:24
J_Litewskidid you install using a alternitive disk?01:28
J_Litewskior the LiveCD?01:28
Antiochoff of a flashdisk.01:33
AntiochI did it the same way a few weeks ago, and things worked fine. This time, however, the panel and other associated processes do not start upon login.01:33
Antiochthe login manager does work, however.01:34
J_LitewskiAntioch, can you start the panel by typing xfce4-panel into the dialog you get when you press Alt+F2?02:08
AntiochJ_Litewski, yes I can02:10
Antiochbut whatever is incharge of the desktop doesn't work. I can't change the background and it's stays the solid, light-blue default color, regardless of what I select.02:11
J_Litewskijust a sec02:11
J_Litewskiyour running 9.04, correct?02:11
Antioch9.04 with up-to-date packages.02:11
AntiochThe only non-standard repo I have it for nvidia drivers.02:12
Antiochbut I used the same driver last time and there wasn't a problem.02:12
J_Litewskisounds like xfce isn't managing the desktop02:12
AntiochI tried to run something like xfce4-session but it said that process was already running.02:12
Antioch(Im new to XFCE so I don't know what each bin does yet ;))02:13
J_Litewskixfce is nice once it's configured (i had problems when i first installed it too, it takes time to get to running smoothly02:14
AntiochWell, last time it ran fine and was nice. I just needed to get used to it. But after this reformat/reinstall it isn't being too friendly.02:14
AntiochDo you have an idea how to fix it?02:15
J_Litewskii'm looking for the magic click box stating 'let xfce manage the desktop'02:15
J_Litewskihaven't found it yet02:15
J_Litewskicody-somerville, you around?02:16
AntiochAh, ok. I'll be patient ;)02:17
J_Litewskii'm just getting use to 9.04's changes02:18
cody-somervilleJ_Litewski, sorta02:18
J_Litewskisince it now conforms to the menu standards and everything is all backwards02:18
J_Litewskicody-somerville, where is the "Let XFCE manage the Destop" box at in 9.04?02:18
cody-somervilleThere is none02:19
J_Litewskithey took it out?02:19
J_LitewskiAntioch, go to Applications/System/Services02:21
J_Litewskinot what i was hoping it was02:22
J_LitewskiAntioch, do you have a desktop?02:23
AntiochUhm, what do you mean?02:24
J_Litewskiicons and all that jazz02:24
AntiochI have a lightblue background with a terminal on it.02:24
J_Litewskimost likely not02:24
Antiochhmm, no icons, but doesnt XFCE have non by default?02:24
Antiochnone* bleh02:25
J_Litewskii had mine re-enabled when i installed02:25
J_Litewskium... just a sec02:25
J_Litewskipress Alt+F2 and enter xfwm402:25
Antiochwell when I installed 9.04 beta last time there were no icons by default.02:25
J_Litewskiidk then02:26
Antiochanother window manager already running.02:26
J_Litewskitry xfdesktop then02:26
AntiochThat did it02:27
Antiochand there are icons. Trash and such. I had forgotten.02:27
J_Litewskiok, thats good02:27
J_Litewskican you change your background now?02:28
J_Litewskiok, good02:28
AntiochI'm curious if I'm missing anything else.02:28
J_Litewskiso am i02:28
J_Litewskitry xfsettingsd02:28
J_Litewskior better yet, open a terminal and enter top02:28
Antiochok didnt do xfsettingsd - did top.02:29
AntiochWhat are you looking for?02:29
J_Litewskifirst, press u and type your username and press enter02:30
J_Litewskisince we don't need all the root processes showing right nw02:30
Antiochxfsettingsd is already running02:30
Antiochand xfconfd02:31
J_Litewskia crud ton of xfdesktops too?02:31
Antiochi dont see xfdesktop but its running.02:31
Antiochmust be a lower proc.02:32
J_Litewskimight be02:32
J_Litewskii got a crud ton running, so i was just asking02:32
AntiochIll try making a new user and see if it starts up ok.02:33
AntiochMight be a problem with my user configs.02:33
J_Litewskitry restarting02:33
J_Litewskiand make sure the 'save sessions' tick box is ticked02:33
Antiochok well the new user I created logs in with everything running properly.02:34
AntiochI guess the default user must have gotten messed up some how.02:34
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J_Litewskimay be02:37
Antiochyeah, deleting and recreating that user fixed it.02:41
AntiochOdd that the default user got messed up02:41
J_Litewskiweird things happen02:42
J_LitewskiI recomend installing irssi, Antioch02:43
AntiochWhats that02:43
Antioch(any other recommendataions)02:43
J_Litewskiirssi is a terminal IRC client, just in case you need to run the recovery kernel02:45
J_Litewskii had to do that today, no fun02:45
Antiochoh I have more than one machine :)02:45
Antiochisnt bitchx terminal as well?02:45
J_Litewskinot sure02:45
Antioch(afk gotta run out for a second)02:46
bytor4232Ever have one of those days?  Been trying to get wireless working, and realized I was putting in the wrong essid02:56
J_Litewskilol bytor4232, yea i have02:56
J_Litewskii love how syupid people can be03:09
J_Litewskirant in #xubuntu-offtopic03:10
Antiochrant rant03:13
J_Litewskibasically, i got an email from a bank in Texas (while I'm in Michigan) with a link to a PayPal Payments Center03:14
Antiochany nifty xfce apps or utils I should know about?03:14
AntiochWell that's how they like to do business. All profits03:15
J_Litewskii just pinged the uri supplied with the email03:18
J_Litewskiaganst the uri for HCSB03:19
J_Litewskiheh, this person has no clue how to mask an IP address03:20
AntiochDid they even try? ;)03:20
J_Litewskithe uri is a personal computer IP address03:21
AntiochThey probably didnt think you were smart enough to check (those who fall prey usually arent) or they werent smart enough to know what to do ;)03:21
J_Litewskiwhatever computer sent the message isn't online at the moment03:24
Lint01is there an utility to make multimedia keyboard keys work?03:44
J_Litewskilint01, what type of keyboard do you have?03:47
Lint01hm just generic keyboard with multimedia keys, like play/stop, back/forward, volume up/down, browser, mail etc.03:48
J_LitewskiLint01, try mapping them to shortcuts in the keyboards menu03:53
J_Litewskior checking to see if there is a multimedia keyboard layout in the keyboard layout section03:54
J_Litewskiwhat is SHOUTcast and why is it trying to access my computer?04:02
cody-somervilleMonitoring your firewall is fun at first04:05
cody-somervillebut then it gets boring04:05
cody-somervilleTons of systems touch yours every day04:05
J_Litewskiwell, i can understand hitting my system once or twice, but 12 times within a second?04:06
cody-somervilleNot uncommon at all04:06
J_Litewskidoes ports 1024-1030 do anything in ubuntu?04:23
bytor4232XFCE 4.6.1 is going to be released in the next few days, any chance of making the 9.04 release?04:59
forcesbytor4232, if xfce 4.6.1 doesn't come with 9.04 release05:24
forcesprobably it will be avaible with backports05:25
bytor4232ah, trusty backports!  That is cool.  Didn't think of that.05:45
Moodnot too many idiots we see in #xubuntu... i suppose it does occur now and then06:14
Myrttiin the future, feel free to use "!ops" call09:01
TheSheepgood thing we arein different timezones09:02
fdemocracywhat is different here09:44
Myrttifdemocracy: erm, huh?09:45
Slonkiedifferent here? fdemocracy09:45
fdemocracyyeah. why would i want to use xubuntu and not say debian09:46
tavastiI have one reason why (x)ubuntu is better than debian: predictable release cycle09:48
Myrttifdemocracy: one of those questions that are difficult to answer without more information about your hardware and needs09:48
fdemocracyim on a netbook. my needs are basic09:48
Myrttifdemocracy: then the predictable release cycle is indeed nice to have09:49
fdemocracyhow predictablee?09:49
Myrttievery six months.09:49
tavastiand LTS every 2 years09:49
Myrttiad infinitum09:50
tavastiand on install time you know how long release is supported09:50
tavastiubuntu may be also bit more polished, and more user friendly, but that's not point for me09:51
Myrttiubuntu takes a snapshot of debian unstable every six months, makes it as stable as it can and releases every six months.09:51
tavastion the other hand, debian might be bit more tested and stable, and other side of it is 'bit older sw'09:52
tavastiI was debian user for 6-7 years, but now I'm using ubuntu on all my own & customers machines09:53
fdemocracythis debian netinstall does not let me handpick what i want to download ;(09:53
tavastidesktop & server09:53
fdemocracyi see.09:53
fdemocracywhy did you move to ubuntu?09:53
tavastirelease cycle is only thing for me09:53
tavastiit was annoying to install server for customer with 3 years old distro, knowing it won't be supported more than 1 year09:54
marcPVhi all09:54
tavastibut next release was on freeze, and debian freeze can be anything, and frozen is not stable, it's RC09:55
tavastiwith ubuntu I can install server, and say 'this has to be updated year XXXX'09:55
marcPVmay i ask something?09:56
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:56
marcPV(sorry to ask to ask, its just not related with conversation) i saw that the new xubuntu will be done in a few days... is it hard to update to it?09:58
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading09:58
MyrttimarcPV: depends on where you're updating from09:58
fdemocracyi wish i had a faster connection for this netinstall10:00
marcPVok so i dont have to download xubuntu 9 and install it from start...10:00
fdemocracytavasti:  how did you feel when you read about the openssl bug? ;)10:01
marcPVsorry im lil rookie on linux in general10:02
fdemocracymarcPV: http://www.xubuntu.org/get10:02
fdemocracywhat made you want xubuntu marcPV ?10:04
marcPVty fdemocracy, i had a 256mb laptop that want to use so they told me to use xubuntu10:04
marcPVi install xubuntu 8 and works fine10:05
marcPVthe thing is that i see now that xubuntu 9 is closer...10:06
SlonkieIs it like windows that 32bit "only" supports 3.5GB of memory ?10:06
Slonkiei mean.. is xubuntu like windows10:07
marcPVsorry, what?10:08
SlonkieYou know that windows 32bit only supports 3.5GB of memory or somewhere around that10:12
marcPVdont knew it, sorry, im a regular user10:13
marcPVso how is that related with xubuntu?10:14
geniiWithout Physical Address Extension   in cpu and in software , 32 bit cpus can only see about 3.2Gb of ram10:14
Slonkielol marcPV .. read my question.10:16
SlonkieI'm asking if it's the same with xubuntu THAT's how it's related.10:17
SlonkieWell i've got an 64bit cpu but i installed 32bit OS10:17
marcPVok ok sorry Slonkie, im a rookie in linux AND besides im valencian and my english stinks10:18
marcPVbye everyone10:23
SlonkieIs there any free virtual machine applications?11:22
kancermanlost tooltip indicater for network monitor and system load monitor, am on Jaunty beta ... silly glitch but would be nice to have it display ... what do I need to do to get it back11:22
ablomenSlonkie, lots, vmware client, vmware server, qemu(+frontends), virtualbox and a lot more11:25
Slonkieafaik vmware isen't free11:26
ablomenSlonkie, you meen free as in beer or as in speach (no costs or open source)11:27
Slonkieno costs/open source11:28
tavastivmware server is free as beer if you aren't using it for selling virtual machine hosting11:28
ablomenvmware client and vmware server can be downloaded free of cost from the vmware site, virtualbox has an oss version and quemu is also oss11:28
SlonkieAll right cool11:28
fdemocracythere is some nonfree software in ubuntu isnt there12:19
ablomenfdemocracy, there are in some repositories, such as the nvidia drivers in universe etc12:21
fdemocracyablomen:  were there no some in the package manager?12:28
nineteenfingers_hi folks - i'm trying to boot to the xubuntu live disk but not having any luck. could be a number of things but the obvious ones first... is 8.04.1 a live disk iso? could the problem be that i've burned it to a DVDRW as opposed to a CDR(or RW)?14:41
nineteenfingers_i know the optical drive can be booted from as i've used it as such before14:42
TheSheepwhat are you getting?14:43
nineteenfingers_nothing... it boots straight to XP - i've even tried to force its hand by forcing it to use the dvd (F10 just after turning on to choose the boot device)14:45
nineteenfingers_just about to try the disk in another machine - is there anything howlingly obvious that might be causing this though? - 8.04.1 is definitely a live disk isn't it?14:46
TheSheepI guess14:47
nineteenfingers_ok on the other machine i get "Selected boot device not available - strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility"14:48
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J_Litewskiok, i have a slight problem16:02
J_Litewskii can't get into my computer outside the recovery kernel16:03
J_Litewskiit locks up16:03
J_Litewskibasically, it shows the desktop and the panel, then the HDD light lights up and the mouse refuses to work16:11
vinnlJ_Litewski, tell me about it... I hate those freezes, it's what's preventing me from running 9.04 :(16:12
vinnlNot even the Magic SysRq works when that happens...16:12
J_Litewskiwell, i booted into the recovery kernel yesterday and updated the software and it worked16:13
J_Litewskialbeit for a day16:13
J_Litewskiyesterday it wa so bad it wouldn't get past the splash screen16:13
J_Litewskiwell, i'm going to try and update the system, see if it works it's magic like it did yesterday16:14
J_Litewskiok... that didn't work16:43
J_Litewskicody-somerville, whats the newest version of the xfdesktop?16:46
nineteenfingershey folks, bit of a basic question - can anyone confirm or refute that it's possible to use a DVDR instead of a CDR to make a live disk of kubuntu 8.04.1?16:47
cody-somervilleJ_Litewski, 4.6.0-1ubuntu116:47
charlie-tcanineteenfingers: you should ask in #kubuntu16:47
nineteenfingerssorry - stupid mistake - i meant xubuntu - no idea why i typed kubuntu at all :p16:48
charlie-tcaThen, yes, you can do that16:48
J_Litewskicody-somerville, is there a version before that one? like 4.6.0-1ubuntu0?16:48
nineteenfingersit's not even like i can claim it was a typo! :p16:48
nineteenfingersthanks charlie-tca16:48
charlie-tcano problem.16:48
cody-somervilleJ_Litewski, You can find that out by visiting http://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xfdesktop416:48
J_Litewskii don't have a gui atm, i'm running a recovery kernel with irssi16:49
J_Litewskii'm trying to see if i can't roll back something to fix the lock up problem i'm having16:49
J_Litewskiit seems whenever the xfdesktop or the xfce4-panel loadsup, the computer freaks out and locks up16:52
nineteenfingerswell, apparently the problem i was having was either a bad burn or a corrupted ISO - i've just re-downloaded and re-burned and it now seems to be working16:54
nineteenfingersalthough - i'm at the live disk menu and though i can hilight the various options i can't select any of them - odd16:58
charlie-tcaWhen you hilight it and hit enter, it should select automatically16:58
J_Litewskicody-somerville, is it safe to uninstall xfce and then reinstall it?16:59
charlie-tcanineteenfingers: kind of not so intuitively, I guess16:59
mweicherthow do I remove xfce-panel from launching at the start of my session?16:59
nineteenfingersyea, i'm hitting enter and nothing's happening - i get a brief flash of the light on the DVD drive (and the drive access light on the tower itself) and nothing else - still on the menu - still able to move up and down the options and use the F- keys for Help, language and so on17:01
nineteenfingersgonna try burning it again i think - just to see - unless you have a better idea17:01
charlie-tcanineteenfingers: try selecting f6 first, then the other options17:01
nineteenfingersany suggestion which one to try? "acpi=off, noapic, nolapic, edd=on, Free Software Only"17:02
charlie-tcaWhat is failing?17:02
charlie-tcaor are you just testing?17:03
charlie-tcatesting I would try acpi=off, because then you see the results when you shutdown17:03
charlie-tcaYou won't get a poweroff without it, normally17:04
nineteenfingersso far i've tried the "Try Xubuntu without any change to your computer" on the main live disk menu, and also "Check CD for defects" and neither work - both give the brief flash on the disk-access light and then stay on the menu17:04
charlie-tcaThat sounds like either bad drive or bad cd17:04
nineteenfingersnot tried any of the F6 options yet - and i'm trying to get to a desktop so i can pull some files i need to keep from a malware affected XP machine17:04
nineteenfingers(not my machine)17:05
simonesalve a tutti17:05
simoneho un problema con i film x264+17:05
charlie-tcaThe image should not care if you use a cd-r or dvd-r, they should look the same17:05
J_Phi all17:05
charlie-tcasimone: English, please17:05
simoneI have a problem17:05
simonewith x264 films17:05
simoneI have installed xubuntu-restricted-extras17:06
J_Ppeple, I install ubuntu 8.10 server, and after I need Grafical interface only to use firefox. So I install apt-get install xorg xfce. But after I did startx command, mouse not works. I try ps2 and usb mouse. what file I can change to try solve that ?17:06
nineteenfingersyea, figured from your ealier response that CD vs DVD was a non-issue17:07
charlie-tcabut something seems wrong with the burn or drive if you can't read it. Is that a DVD-drive?17:08
J_Psome file xorg to configure ?17:08
nineteenfingersdrive on the affected machine is a DVD+RW so fine on that front - definitely a bootable drive too (if that's the right terminology to use) - just about to test the burn in another box to see if it acts any differently17:09
charlie-tcaYeah, that would be next17:10
nineteenfingersok, different box, same issue, booting back into XP on a good box to re-burn17:11
nineteenfingerscharlie-tca... bad burn... just tried again, same iso and same disk - just finished loading lunix kernel and waiting for a desktop now17:19
charlie-tcaGlad to hear that.17:19
nineteenfingersand we have a desktop! cheers charlie-tca - now to see if xubuntu will play nicely with this box17:21
charlie-tca!hi | kromar17:31
ubottukromar: Hi! Welcome to #xubuntu!17:31
nineteenfingershmm - as I said, i've got a desktop (Xubuntu 8.04.1 for anyone who wasn't following earlier), but either something is very wrong or it's too much for the system (256MB RAM and 2.93GHz Intel P4) - the pointer jerks along when I move the mouse and i can't seem to select anything, is there a boot option for lower RAM machines like this or is something else the likely culprit?17:32
kromari have a little problem with a file i want to copy from a ntfs(winxp) drive, it seems i cant copy the file to the folder i need it17:32
charlie-tcanineteenfingers: might try starting it with vesa video driver. Is this a virtual machine?17:33
kromarhmm acctually i cant paste it in the folder it needs to be, how can i change the privileges for a folder?17:33
nineteenfingerscharlie-tca nope - it's a live-disk in a real box i'm trying to sort out for a family member... is starting it with vesa video driver one of the boot options on F6?17:35
charlie-tcaeither vesa or safe mode or similar wording17:36
nineteenfingersah of course - right, "safe graphics mode" i'm trying that now17:36
nineteenfingersright - vesa video driver seems to have worked - got a usable desktop this time - cheers again charlie-tca17:45
nineteenfingershaha - it's amazing how much difference there is between one distro/environment and another... i'm used to KDE on openSUSE... please someone give me a hint - how do i get a command line???17:52
moodogEvening :)17:52
nineteenfingersi'm no linux expert - i dabble at best - but this has me stumped - haha17:52
charlie-tcaAlt+F2 or Applications -> Accessories -> terminal17:53
nineteenfingersah of course - i was looking for something like "console" - dunno how i missed that - unfamiliarity i suppose (that's my excuse and i'm sticking to it)17:53
* charlie-tca thinks that is a good excuse today17:54
nineteenfingersnever needed to do it before... i thought XP had been shut down cleanly but the NTFS partition is marked to be in use - are there any potential problems with using "-o force" to access it from xubuntu?18:00
charlie-tcaI don't really know, but I think that is a bad thing to do.18:06
tavastihaving ntfs partition is a bad thing :-)18:07
kromaris it possible to convert ntfs partitions to whatever is best for xubuntu?18:08
zoredacheif you mount it read-only, it doesn't seem like it should be that bad...  I wouldn't force it when mounting read-write18:08
nineteenfingerstavasti - oh if only i could wave goodbye to ntfs forever! :p18:09
nineteenfingerszoredache - i don't need write access at all - how do i go about mounting ReadOnly?18:10
zoredacheI believe it would be something like mount -t ntfs -o ro,force /dev/nnn /mountpoint18:10
nineteenfingersro,force with no spaces?18:12
kromarwhats a good image browser for xubuntu? would like something like acdsee18:13
vinnlkromar, I suppose you could use Picasa, that's the only one I know of off the top of m yhead, but I don't really use them18:15
vinnlkromar, you could browse around linuxappfinder.com18:15
kromari am browsing it but thought someone might know a nice app:D18:16
vinnlHeh :P18:16
zoredachegqview is available and originally started as a clone of a early version of acdsee18:16
kromarhm how can i change the default browser so it doesent open firefox when i klick a link in the appfinder?18:16
TheSheepkromar: right-click, select properties, select the program to use18:17
kromarthx zoredache, will give it a try18:17
vinnlkromar, I believe in the Settings Manager it's "Preferred Applications"18:17
vinnlYep, that's the one :)18:17
TheSheepvinnl: that's only for browser, mail and terminal18:17
kromarthere is no "preffered Application" when right klicking on it:/18:17
zoredachekromar: there is also a odly named package that may work called 'pornview'18:18
vinnlTheSheep, he wanted browser :)18:18
vinnl!info pornview18:18
ubottupornview (source: pornview): Image and movie viewer/manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2pre1-9ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 228 kB, installed size 676 kB18:18
vinnlomg :P18:18
TheSheepa/me likes comix best18:19
TheSheep!info comix18:19
ubottucomix (source: comix): GTK Comic Book Viewer. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.6.4-1.1 (intrepid), package size 229 kB, installed size 1416 kB18:19
nineteenfingerszoredache - apparently XP was NOT cleanly shut down - tried shutting it down it once more before forcing and i've mounted it without trouble this time18:20
nineteenfingersthanks for that command suggestion though - i've made a note for future reference18:20
kromarwhy cant i paste a file in file:///usr/share/blender/scripts/ ?18:31
vinnlkromar, because you, as a normal user, don't have permission to write there18:31
vinnlI'm guessing you can also put the files in /home/kromar/.blender/scripts18:32
kromarwell in /home/user is no blender folder...18:33
vinnlkromar, oh perhaps it's named diffently, let me do a quick Google search... What are you trying to do exactly?18:33
kromarim trying to get my blender theme and settings from windows to linux18:34
vinnlkromar, oh, nope, .blender/scripts is fine, you can create the folder yourself :)18:34
kromarin the /home/kromar/ fodler?18:34
vinnlIf kromar is your username, then yes :)18:35
vinnlkromar, look what I happened to stumble across just now: http://tuxarena.blogspot.com/2009/04/8-image-viewers-for-ubuntu.html :)18:37
kromarohh just clicked on show hidden files and there already is a .blender:D think that was the problem after all^18:38
vinnlAh of course, I should've mentioned that, sorry18:38
* wtv thinks xfce 4 is the best for slow-pced18:42
* vinnl thinks fluxbox is probably better for the slowest ;-)18:43
vinnlOr IceWM, or blackbox, or E17, or...18:44
* wtv has only been on gnome, kde and xfce18:45
vinnlOr fvwm :P18:45
kromarhm i cant copy the scripts to the blender folder as its only a shortcut to /usr/share/blender where i dont have privileges:/18:57
vinnlOh that's odd18:57
vinnlI guess you can copy them there if you first run "gksudo thunar" from a terminal, but don't make a habit out of that, and close it immediately after you're done18:58
kromarim gona ask in the blender channel, maybe someone knows how its done18:58
vinnlYeah do that :)18:59
nineteenfingersright - a new poser for you... i'm running xubuntu 8.04.1 in "safe graphics mode"... i've mounted the NTFS partition successfully... I now need to copy a folder from the NTFS partition to a shared folder on an XP box over ethernet (i can di it via a router or maybe a direct cable between the two ethernet ports on the machines - not sure if i've got a crossover lying around though) - can anyone either help me with it or point me i19:24
nineteenfingersn the right direction for the info i need?19:24
vinnlNo experience myself, but a point in the right direction would be "pyneighborhood" I guess...19:27
nineteenfingersi don't suppose pyneighborhood is something that i can use/de right off the standard live disk is it?19:29
vinnlYou can install it there19:29
charlie-tcacan do sudo apt-get install pyneighborhood. It won't install to the hard drive, but to a tmp file19:29
nineteenfingershmm - gonna need to link this box up to the network to do that... i wonder if the cable is long enough to reach the router without relocating everything... (not holding my breath)19:31
bigzedDoes someone know how to change the keyboard layout for the whole system? I've changed the keyboard layout for xfce but gdm and dm-crypt are still configured for the old layout19:34
J_Litewski2what would cause xorg to completely use the swap?19:35
zoredacheyou might want to be careful if you do do that... Make sure that you will still be able to type your passwords for dm-crypt/gdm with the new layout before you change it (if you find the way)19:35
zoredacheJ_Litewski2: insufficent memory?19:36
J_Litewski2i got almost a Gig19:36
bigzedI'm sure that I'm still able to type the password when the configuration is changed but how can I change it?19:36
J_Litewski2anyways, thats what's been causing my startup troubles19:37
J_Litewski2xorg, when starting up xfdesktop4, will use up all avalible memory and swap19:38
J_Litewski2i seen it do it19:38
wahnfriedenhow can I boot into just a terminal19:51
wahnfriedenwithout WM19:52
zoredachewahnfrieden: temporarily or permanently?19:52
wahnfriedentemporarily i suppose19:52
wahnfriedeni'm not sure i need xfce19:52
wahnfriedenbut i might decide i want it back later19:52
zoredachetemporarily you could just boot into single user mode.  To permantently stop simply disable gdm from starting at boot19:53
J_Litewski2is it safe to purge the xorg server and reinstall?19:59
charlie-tcaAs far as I know. Have you tried first simply deleting /etc/X11/Xorg.conf ?20:01
J_Litewski2i can't get that far into the boot to do that20:02
J_Litewski2after xfce4-panel loads, then my HDD light lights up and I'm stuck20:03
charlie-tcaBoot into recovery mode, choose root from the menu, delete the file20:03
J_Litewski2i'll try that20:03
zoredacheJ_Litewski2: you might want to consider disabling gdm instead...20:03
charlie-tcaor try xfix from the same menu20:03
zoredacheif xfce4 is loading, then it doesn't sound like xorg is broke20:03
J_Litewski2i did that already charlie20:04
J_Litewski2zoredache, the pane; loads, but nothing else does20:04
zoredachebut you get to the login screen without problems?20:04
charlie-tcaYou aren't using autologin, are you?20:05
J_Litewski2i ran top while booting and saw that xorg was using 682m of swap and 652m of RAM20:05
zoredacheanyway, I think would remove /etc/rc2.d/S30gdm20:05
J_Litewski2i am using autologin charlie20:05
charlie-tcaTry logging in manually?20:06
J_Litewski2charlie-tca, how?20:06
charlie-tcaWhen the gdm login screen comes up, start typing. The timer will stop and you can enter your user name and password20:06
charlie-tcaYou get 30 seconds to enter the information20:07
J_Litewski2gdm screen?20:07
J_Litewski2is that the boot screen?20:07
charlie-tcaThe screen where you login20:08
J_Litewski2i don't have that charile-tca20:08
charlie-tcazoredache is right, then. Probably gdm is messed up20:08
J_Litewski2it goes from the boot screen to the desktop20:08
zoredachehow did you enable autologin?20:09
J_Litewski2in 7.1020:09
J_Litewski2not sure, that was a while ago20:09
J_Litewski2so, you want me to remove gdm?20:10
zoredacheI still think that an easy thing to try is disabling gdm, letting it boot, and once it is started see if doing a 'startxfce4' from a terminal does the same thing20:11
J_Litewski2so rm /etc/rc2.d/s30gdm would disable gdm?20:11
zoredacheyes, you would need to prefice with sudo, if you aren't root20:12
J_Litewski2i'm in the recovery kernel atm20:13
J_Litewski2ok, i'll try that20:13
J_Litewskialright, so far so good20:19
J_Litewskii'm logged into tty1 (irssi) and tty2 (top)20:20
zoredacheso try running 'startxfce4' from another tty20:21
J_Litewskistarting xfce420:22
CloseYetFarif it still does not work, go to your home dir and find .config and rename it too .config1 then try to run startxfce4 again20:27
charlie-tcaDid I see chew-it come in?20:30
J_Litewskii got a black screen with a mouse20:31
J_Litewskinothing else worked20:31
wahnfriedenanyone use xubuntu in virtualbox? I can't get the guest extensions to work, so I can click without the vm capturing the mouse20:31
J_Litewskiso could gmd be broken? or xorg?20:32
zoredachejust a thought, but try adding a new user 'sudo adduser blah' and logging in as that new user20:34
charlie-tcaI use test xubuntu in VirtualBox daily. I haven't had a problem with guest extensions except in Jaunty20:37
J_Litewskihopefully this works20:37
J_Litewskiit works20:38
J_Litewskii logged in under my test user and i got a working desktop20:38
J_Litewskiso what does that mean?20:38
zoredacheok, that is a good sign, that means something is screwed up in your account20:39
J_Litewskithats good?20:39
J_Litewskidoesn't sound good to me :/20:39
CloseYetFardid you do this20:39
zoredache12:27:41 < CloseYetFar> if it still does not work, go to your home dir and find .config and rename it too .config1 then try to run startxfce4 again20:39
CloseYetFaryea that20:39
CloseYetFarand your .gdm if there is one20:39
zoredacheit is good, because it means you can probably fix it with just a little trial and error20:39
J_Litewskiso where do i start20:40
CloseYetFaror just copy them over from your working user20:40
zoredacheon your normal account rename .config to something else  (mv .config .config_old)20:40
J_Litewskiwhere is this config file at? /home/username?20:44
zoredacheunder your home directory20:44
J_Litewskii don't see one20:44
J_Litewskii see a folder withmy username on it20:45
zoredachedo a 'cd ~' and then do a 'ls -al'  it should be there20:45
zoredachethe important bit is the -a for ls which makes it show files that start with a .20:45
=== vinze is now known as vinnl
J_Litewskifor my broken account zoredache or my test account?20:52
zoredacheyou should rename the .config in your broken account.  That directory contains most of the xfce configuration20:53
zoredachesince your test account worked, we shouldn't need to change that20:53
J_Litewskihow would i filter results?20:55
J_Litewskii get 84 results from ls -al20:55
zoredacheyou could run it through a pager by doing something like 'ls -al | less'20:56
zoredacheor you could filter for something by using grep 'ls -al | grep config'20:56
J_Litewskiok, i mv the .config file20:57
J_Litewskishould i try and log in?20:58
zoredacheafter you have renamed that file try running 'startxfce4' as your normal account20:58
J_Litewskistarting xfce421:00
J_Litewskii'm getting a bunch of GTK-Warnings21:01
J_Litewskicannot open display 0:021:02
zoredacheyou stopped the xfce session you had open under your test account right?21:03
J_Litewskii logged out, then logged out of the tty21:03
J_Litewskidoes it matter that i have a bunch of tty's open21:04
zoredacheit shouldn't, no21:04
J_Litewskilet me try again21:12
J_Litewskii'm, getting an error21:12
J_Litewskianother window manager is already running21:13
J_Litewskithen the GTK_Warning21:13
J_Litewskiand top is full of xfdesktop21:14
J_Litewskii'm thinking something else is wrong21:14
zoredachedo an 'alt-f7' an double check that you don't have an xorg running.21:15
J_Litewskiwell, my user is loading21:16
J_Litewskithere is a crud ton of xfdesktop's running21:17
CloseYetFarjust restart the computer to clear it all out21:17
J_Litewskibut they are always there21:18
J_Litewskihave been since last week21:18
zoredacheeven after a restart?21:18
J_Litewskiand they start up when i start21:18
zoredacheso when you restarted, with gdm disabled, xfdesktop was still running?21:18
J_Litewskionly in my hackhalotwo user, not my test user21:18
J_Litewskibut there is at least 200 processes of xfdesktop running21:20
nineteenfingersi've done "apt-get install pyneighborhood" in terminal on the xubuntu live disk, how do i now go about using pyneighborhood to connect to a windows share? i can't even find pyneighborhood on linux at the minute21:21
zoredacheso restart to clear them out, don't try doing a startxfce4 until you are back21:21
J_Litewskiim logging off the account21:22
J_Litewskii'm getting a bunch of fatal errors from xorg21:22
J_LitewskiFatal IO Error 1121:23
zoredacheeh? I thought you said you didn't have any x running...21:23
J_Litewskii logged off the session21:23
zoredachejust now, or a while ago?21:24
J_Litewskitop shows no open xfdesktop21:24
J_Litewskijust now21:24
J_Litewskialso, xfwm opens a bunch of processes21:25
zoredacheok...  try a command like this 'chown username:username -R /home/username/' replace username with the username for your broken account21:25
J_Litewskiwhat does chown do?21:25
zoredachechanges ownership of the files21:26
zoredacheit is possible that if you did something with sudo, it left files in your home directory owned as root21:26
J_Litews1iit decided to lock the keyboard21:31
=== J_Litews1i is now known as J_Litews|
J_Litews|zoredache, what was the command i should use?21:32
zoredachethis 'chown username:username -R /home/username/' replace username with the username for your broken account21:32
J_Litews|what will that do exactly?21:33
zoredachechanges ownership of the files to your account21:33
vinnl(Very wise of you asking :)21:33
J_Litews|does this involve removing my account sometime in the future?21:35
zoredachethe chown doesn't do anything with removing your account21:35
vinnl"chown" stands for "change ownership"21:35
J_Litews|i know, but i'm thinking thats the only way to fix my account atm21:35
zoredacheif dont' care to much about figuring things out. you chould simply make a backup of your home directory, and delete/recreate your account21:37
J_Litews|well, the config change did allow me to load my account21:37
lorenHow do I get rid of a file that says permission denied21:37
J_Litews|now, it's figuring out why it want's to run uber amounts of the same process21:38
vinnlloren, which file?21:38
zoredacheloren: make sure nothing is using it, delete from a cli wth sudo rm filename21:38
J_Litews|ok, changing ownership21:39
lorenloren Computer Backup Files 2009-02-27_08.29.27.350650.loren-desktop.ful21:39
lorenI'm using xubuntu how do I do it?21:40
J_Litews|is the chown a sudo command?21:41
zoredacheyes, you'll need to put sudo in front of that, if you are having the problem I suspect21:41
vinnlloren, heh, you used sbackup? ^.^21:41
lorenI think so?21:42
J_Litews|should i sudo it zoredache?21:42
lorenI didn't like it21:42
vinnlYeah and now it creates backups for you that take up space :)21:42
vinnlThe command that zoredache mentioned should work. from a terminal: sudo rm <filename>21:43
lorennot any more I deleted the program itself21:43
loreno-k I will try it I'm new to Irc chat thank you21:44
J_Litews|zoredache, vinnl, chown didn't solve it21:44
J_Litews|it's still opening a ton of the same processes21:45
=== J_Litews| is now known as J_Litewski
J_Litewskizoredache, what do you think the problem is?21:59
nineteenfingersusing the xubuntu 8.04.1 live disk, how can i search for files of a given type within a particular folder? GUI/file manager method preferred if possible22:08
vinnlnineteenfingers, is Catfish already installed?22:12
nineteenfingersvinnl - no22:12
nineteenfingersjust the standard stuff on the live disk (apparently catfish isn't one of them)22:13
vinnlnineteenfingers, well, you could install that and use that :)22:13
vinnl(It became one of them with 8.10 :)22:13
nineteenfingersodd... appfinder didn't find it at all22:14
vinnlnineteenfingers, you mean Add/Remove...?22:14
CombatWombat_nzhi, at startup I get error message: notification area  "the tray manager lost selection"22:14
CombatWombat_nzwhat causes this? nothing on google bar translations22:15
kromarcan i somehow force to install a version which is not in the add/remove application?22:17
nineteenfingersvinnl - nah - not used add/remove yet - looked to see if catfish was installed using Application>Accessories>Appfinder - I'll get it with AddRemove now - today is my first time in any *buntu - i usually use suse but this gutless box i'm trying to fix doesn't like something about the suse KDE live disk i have - i'm liking xubuntu btw, just a bit unfamiliar with it22:17
vinnlWell, Appfinder only searches installed applications and apparently in 8.04 Catfish wasn't installed yet22:18
vinnlkromar, if you have a .deb package :)22:18
nineteenfingerspossible to do "sudo apt-get install catfish"? add/remove is making this live desktop crawl22:18
nineteenfingersor similar22:18
vinnlnineteenfingers, yeah that'd do22:19
J_Litewskithat did it22:19
vinnlBut since you said "GUI/file manager method preferred if possible" :)22:19
kromarvinnl: whats a .deb package?22:19
J_Litewskihow do i get rid of a user?22:19
vinnlkromar, it's the files used by Xubuntu, Ubuntu and such to install applications... When you install something with, say, Add/Remove..., it downloads a .deb package and install that22:19
vinnlKind of like .exe's for Windows, but different :)22:20
kromarvinnl: is it possible to do it with a tar.bz2?22:20
vinnlkromar, well, you could, but I really wouldn't do it22:21
vinnlkromar, which application/version are you looking for, exactly?22:21
kromarvinnl: blender 2.48a, with the add/remove it installs 2.4622:21
vinnlkromar, which version of Xubuntu are you using?22:22
nineteenfingersvinnl - got catfish and using it now - thanks for that22:22
vinnlnineteenfingers, yw :)22:22
kromarvinnl: release 8.10 kernel 2.6.27-1122:23
vinnlkromar, you can download a package for Ubuntu and Xubuntu here: http://www.getdeb.net/app/Blender :)22:23
vinnlAnd you'll want this one specifically: http://www.getdeb.net/release/346722:24
vinnl(Unless you're using 64bit, which you'd know)22:24
kromari need the intrepid version right?22:24
=== J_Litewski1 is now known as J_Litewski
J_Litewskii fixed it :)22:28
J_Litewskiapparently, xfce4.6.0 has a tiny bug that doesn't clear the sessions cache22:29
vinnlReport, report! ^.^22:29
J_Litewskiit's already a bug22:29
J_Litewskithats where i found the fix22:29
nineteenfingersvinnl - quick question - using catfish how do i search for all files with a given extension? if it makes a difference i'm searching in a folder on an ntfs partition i've mounted to /mnt22:29
CombatWombat_nzJ_Litewski: that's probably why I'm getting my error then22:29
vinnlJ_Litewski, ah great :)22:29
CombatWombat_nzLaunchpad bug number?22:30
vinnlnineteenfingers, make sure you select the right folder to search in, then as search term you can do *.<extension>22:30
vinnlnineteenfingers, also, you can select some common file types below the search field I believe22:30
kromarvinnl: if i downloaded the file i just execute it or is there a specific way to install it?22:31
vinnlkromar, just double-click it :)22:31
kromarvinnl: do i need to remove the old version first?22:32
vinnlkromar, no, it'll upgrade that22:32
kromarok thx22:32
vinnlWell, I'm off to bed, good luck with everything :)22:33
kromarvinnl: do you know how i can create a desktop link to blender?22:36
nineteenfingersvinnl - in that case i've got an issue... i've done a bit of tweaking and it seems Catfish dislikes folder names that contain spaces... the drive i need to search is littered with spaces in folder names - any suggestions?22:37
remuHey everyone, I am just trying out xubuntu, and everything is going well so far, except my media keys, play, pause, mute, volume up and down, don't seem to be working in xubuntu, they worked fine in gnome. Any ideas?22:39
CrazyGirwhat would I need to do to get ffs support in xubuntu?22:39
CrazyGir(ffs is BSD's filesystem)22:40
ballCrazyGir: I would just make an ext2 partition and copy your data from ffs to that on the BSD box22:40
nineteenfingershey folks i've got an issue... i've done a bit of tweaking and it seems Catfish dislikes folder names that contain spaces... the NTFS drive i need to search is littered with spaces in folder names - any suggestions on how to resolve this?22:40
CrazyGirball: openbsd is at home, ffd hd is here with me at work :)22:41
TheSheepnineteenfingers: use find22:41
ballCrazyGir: then you're doing it wrong22:42
TheSheepnineteenfingers: and report a bug on catfish22:42
nineteenfingersTheSheep - is it worth doing a bugrep considering i'm only using catfish from the Xubuntu live disk?22:45
TheSheepthe bugs the author doesn't know about won't be fixed22:47
HumbleWillisI was wondering if someone might be able to help me fix a problem.  My FireFox keeps openingin FullScreen Mode.  How do I stop that?22:48
nineteenfingersTheSheep - I mean more along the lines of is getting it to work with a live disk likely to feature on their to-do list? i'll happily report it if it's something they'd likely want to know about22:49
TheSheepnineteenfingers: yes, it is important22:49
charlie-tcanineteenfingers: let me know the bug number, too, please. I'll verify it with an installed version22:50
nineteenfingersright - then I shall gather the info I can and bugrep away - any idea where the project's bugs are tracked? do they have their own website? (i only heard about the thing in here a few minutes ago :p)22:50
nineteenfingerscharlie-tca - I will do22:50
TheSheep!bugs | nineteenfingers22:50
ubottunineteenfingers: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots22:50
TheSheepwe will let kalikiana know :)22:51
nineteenfingersah ok - nice and simple22:51
nineteenfingersas it happens i crashed my live desktop... gonna have to set each bit up again to get the details for the bug report22:52
rockowhy is it that some times xubuntu logouts out when you leave your computer on?22:52
TheSheeprocko: maybe your X crashes?22:52
TheSheeprocko: check the logs\22:53
rockoI see22:53
TheSheepthe ~/.xsessionerrors file22:54
CrazyGirball hah!22:57
nineteenfingerscharlie-tca - i've filed it as bug number 358060 - https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/35806023:27
charlie-tcaThank you23:27
nineteenfingersdon't think i could have included a shred more detail without going into the colour of my tower and the brand of shirt i'm wearing - haha23:27
charlie-tcaevery little bit helps23:27
nineteenfingerscouldn't find any similar bugs before posting it23:28
charlie-tcaThere are not very many filed on catfish23:29
nineteenfingersgenerally no need for them i suppose - seems like a pretty sturdy bit of software at first glance23:29
nineteenfingersis there a quick (and preferably easy) way to search for duplicate files within a folder on a mounted NTFS partition?23:40
BigMoopiesis there an actually worthy XMMS replacement ?23:40
BigMoopiesor is it possible to add winamp presets to a gui (client?) of xmms223:41

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