lifelessI wrote it in 2002, it got package by dato in late 2007 :P00:18
lifelessno idea why00:19
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NfNitLoopdurr, wrong channel.02:35
dfrbnare there any options for integrating netbeans with bazaar currently?02:45
dfrbn(aside from writing a plugin ;)02:45
NfNitLoopLast I checked (which, admittely, was a while ago), no.02:51
NfNitLoopThere *is* an Eclipse plugin.02:51
NfNitLoopand the eclipse plugin is modularized in a way that should be mostly reusable if someone wanted to make a Netbeans plugin.02:52
NfNitLoop(ie: POJOs and communicating w/ bzr via XML output)02:52
NfNitLoopagain, all this is a bit dated.  I just use the commandline. :p02:52
NfNitLoopdfrbn: are you developing on *nix by any chance?02:53
dfrbnNfNitLoop, yeap, entirely02:53
NfNitLoopI recently have become fond of a program called 'meld'.02:53
NfNitLoopit's a visual diff analizer, but it works with svn and bzr to show you local changes in your working copy.02:54
NfNitLoopand resolve conflicts.02:54
NfNitLoopI find meld + command-line bzr better than any IDE plugins I've used.02:54
dfrbnnice, tks for that, I'll check it out.02:54
NfNitLoophint w/ meld though, for bzr it always wants you to run it pointing at the root dir of your repo.02:55
dfrbnright on. I do like using svn in netbeans, I find the ui very comfortable to use02:55
NfNitLoopwhich you can handly do with:  meld `bzr root`02:55
dfrbnI'm debating on where to host a project and am leaning to mercurial just cuz of the netbeans integration. But I don't have any experience with either.02:56
NfNitLoopI've been keeping an eye on mercurial...02:57
NfNitLoopas an openly biased bzr groupie, here are the reasons I stick with bzr:02:57
NfNitLoop1) bzr keeps things simpler.  (without actually lacking features)02:57
NfNitLoop2) bzr-svn is the best svn integration I've seen.02:58
NfNitLoop3) the bzr team has been really responsive to my questions/bug-reports/etc.02:58
NfNitLoopOh, and launchpad.net is pretty spiffy.  :)02:59
dfrbnSo I could have my own master repo in subversion for the project (which I already do), and  merge my changes into bzr and use both?02:59
NfNitLoopdfrbn: Yep!03:00
dfrbnagreed on launchpad :)03:00
NfNitLoopyou can do 'bzr branch' from a svn repo and it is a fully fledged bzr repo.03:00
NfNitLoopwhich just happens to have enough metadata to merge back into a svn repo.03:00
dfrbnI like the idea of keeping my own master repo03:01
dfrbnas long as it's easy to merge back and forth03:02
NfNitLoopThere are a couple caveats...03:03
NfNitLoopSVN can't represent nonlinear history.03:03
NfNitLoopso it's best to keep a bzr branch that mirrors svn, then merge (or rebase) onto that, then push that up to SVN to keep things linear.03:04
NfNitLoopyou wouldn't lose any data doing it another way...03:04
NfNitLoopbut your svn history would be...03:04
NfNitLoopnot what svn users expect. :)03:04
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NfNitLoop(This applies to any DSCM that interfaces with SVN)03:04
dfrbnI see. the only kinda distributed one I've ever worked with was a windows email based on called code coop by relisoft. it was actually pretty cool, but that was a long time ago03:05
NfNitLoophopefully you'll find that things have improved quite a bit since then. :)03:06
NfNitLoopthe bzr wiki has a great into to different distributed workflows.03:07
NfNitLooplet me find it...03:07
NfNitLoopheh, easy enough.03:07
dfrbnI use subversion at work at am not a fan. Hopefully if I get some experience with something new I can persaude them to switch :)03:07
NfNitLoopSVN is exactly what it intended to be -- better than CVS. :p03:08
dfrbnhaha, that I is true03:08
NfNitLoopor, if they're reluctant to switch, you can just push for using bzr to manage branching/merging.03:09
NfNitLoopor, if they're very opposed, you can do what I do and just use it without telling anyone.03:09
dfrbnheh. cheers03:11
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Peng_jml: You should check out ack as an alternative to grep. http://betterthangrep.com/04:32
Peng_Oh, uh. The URL used to be a bit less...arrogant. :P04:32
jmlPeng_: one day :)04:35
* Peng_ pokes at Google Code.04:35
Peng_jml: Only takes 30 seconds.04:35
NfNitLoopPeng_: oh, cool, I'm so installing that at work.05:00
NfNitLoopOur codebase is so... disorganized that I *constantly* just grep the entire codebase to see where a function is being called.  :/05:01
lifelessdon't you have tags ?:P05:01
NfNitLoopWe don't even have /** code docs */05:01
lifelessI mean etags -r .05:02
lifelessor something equivlaent05:02
NfNitLoopaah.  That... might work, but...05:03
NfNitLoopour include paths are nonstandard and don't match how things are organized in SVN.05:03
NfNitLoopIt's all a sad mess.05:03
NfNitLoopBut it pays well and looks good on the resume. :p05:04
Peng_For searching a *lot* of data, ack is probably slower than grep, since it's Perl.05:15
Peng_It's smart exclude rules usually make up for that, and anyway, it's usually fast enough.05:16
NfNitLoopI don't mind waiting 2 more seconds if it takes me 2 seconds less to type out the command. :p05:16
Peng_jelmer_: ping05:28
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lifelessjelmer_: gimme a shout when you're around re bug 18520009:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 185200 in bzr-svn ""database is locked" bzr internal error" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18520009:38
lifelesssvnvie damage...11:10
lifelessclicking on a dirname - contents, filename - log activity'11:10
lifelessdirname revno - log activity, filename revno - contents11:11
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fbondHi.  I've seen some odd conflict representations using bzr-rebase.  With normal merges, the conflicting areas in the file are always well-constructed.  If I remove one side of the conflict, the other fits back into the context the way it should.  But I've seen some conflict representations with bzr-rebase that would result in dropped lines if I remove one side of the conflicting area.15:11
fbondIs this a known issue?  I'm having a hard time characterizing it completely.  I'll probably have to spend a bit of time experimenting to reproduce it.15:11
jelmerfbond: bzr-rebase basically does a set of "bzr merge -c" commands15:14
fbondjelmer: Does it sound like what I'm saying would have any validity at all?15:14
jelmerfbond: oh, the situation you are seeing might be correct15:15
jelmerfbond: but inherit to the way rebase works15:16
fbondjelmer: As in rebase is unable to get it right due to the nature of what it is doing?15:16
jelmerfbond: it can get it right but you're seeing the conflict of one of those cherrypicks, not of the whole rebase operation15:17
fbondRight, I see these conflicts along the way as I rebase several revisions.15:17
fbondThe conflict is correct, but the textual representation of it is missing lines on one side or the other.15:18
fbondjelmer: I'll see if I can produce a good example and create a bug report, I guess.15:19
jelmerfbond: yeah, it's much easier to talk about a specific situation15:22
ElMonkeyanyone got some tips for installing loggerhead on debian lenny?18:07
ElMonkeyi am currently failing to grasp the process18:07
SamBisn't that, like, stable or something now?18:09
ElMonkeythere's no loggerhead package in stable apparently18:10
ElMonkeyquite possibly i am overlooking something, though18:12
* SamB always uses testing18:13
ElMonkeymy sysadmin skills are a bit rusty18:15
ElMonkeyalso, as this is a remote machine i am trying to get things to work on, i'd rather not nuke it18:15
ElMonkeyi just thought things would be simpler18:19
ElMonkeybut alas, looks like there's no way without jumping hoops18:19
vadi2how can I make bzr delete all ignored files? it seems clean-tree doesn't do that18:45
LarstiQvadi2: clean-tree has an --ignored option18:58
LarstiQElMonkey: there is no backport?18:58
ElMonkeyLarstiQ, none that i'd discovered19:03
ElMonkeyi installed bzr from lenny-backports, but i didnt find loggerhead19:03
vadi2LarstiQ: thank you19:11
jelmer_ElMonkey: I might upload a backport to lenny-backports at some point20:11
klbateIs there some command to make 'bzr push' always run 'bzr sign-my-commits' before pushing?21:00
klbateJust so I know before I hack up something of my own.21:00
jkakarklbate: I have this http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/149103/ in my ~/.bazaar/locations.conf which makes Bazaar sign my changes when I 'bzr commit'.  Not quite what you're asking for, but it may be a potential solution.21:16
klbatejkakar: Yeah, that works too. Thanks!21:27
klbateI didn't find anything about those config options in 'man bzr'.21:27
* klbate puts that in [DEFAULT].21:28
jkakarklbate: 'bzr help configuration' has a bunch of useful information, including the details about creating signatures.22:15
jkakarklbate: If you haven't discovered them yet, the following commands are very helpful for discovering Bazaar's functionality: 'bzr help commands', 'bzr help topics' and 'bzr help hidden-commands'.22:16
ElMonkeyjelmer, it would certainly be appreciated, at least by me :)23:11

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