ActionParsnipyo yo yo00:00
geniidinner is just called here, sorta AFK while eating00:01
wirechiefbye genii00:01
wirechiefwell i gotta go make a casper-cow00:02
lun4tichow can i change the menu which the "live stick" is showing?00:04
ActionParsniplun4tic: which menu do you mean?00:06
lun4ticthe one with the language selection00:06
AizawaIs there a way to install kde 4.3? I've been looking for some time now.. SVN or something, I dunno00:07
drbobbhey, it's highly cool that someone's making a kde3.5 remix of jaunty00:07
lun4ticno matter i guess00:08
lun4ticmore important is changing the open textmode terminals to zero00:09
lun4ticand removing the eject disk from the reboot/shutdown00:09
lun4tici guess the open terminals are because jaunty is still beta and are open for bugtracking or sth00:10
drbobber, what about the terminals00:10
lun4ticif i shutdown kubuntu live there are some terminals open00:11
drbobbare u talking about virtual consoles?00:11
lun4ticand i am promted if they should be closed00:11
lun4tictextmode logins00:11
lun4tictty something00:11
drbobblogins on vc's then00:11
lun4tickdm promts that they are still open00:11
drbobbok i get it00:12
drbobbanyway i'd be interested in hearing about the experience from anyone who tried the kde3 jaunty remix00:13
drbobbcause i'd really like to move ahead from hardy but i can't stomach kde400:14
hallownamedrbobb: kde4 is the greatest thing ever. trunk anyway. dunno bout ur debs. kde3 is the same old kde3 :)00:16
rysiek|plguys, anybody knows if it's possible to use Xinerama and XComposite together, so that kwin effects in kde4 work?00:16
drbobbhallowname: ok, and that's exactly what i want it to be for the time being00:17
drbobbmy question is how well is it integrated into jaunty00:18
rysiek|pldrbobb: officially - not at all00:20
rysiek|pldrbobb: Kubuntu moved to kde4 with 8.1000:20
geniidrbobb: Why not just download and install the iso onto a test partition? http://apt.pearsoncomputing.net/cdimages/  I think is where the kde3 8.10 and 9.04 are00:20
drbobbrysiek|pl: i'm talking about the most recent announcement on kubuntu.org00:20
rysiek|pldrbobb: oh, I missed that, hold on a sec ;)00:21
geniiThey are hackable but problemmatic is what the current dev working on it tells me00:24
geniioops wrong channel00:24
rysiek|pldrbobb: very interesting00:26
rysiek|pldrbobb: I think you will have to test it for yourself00:26
drbobbi'd call it great news provided it has no serious regressions wrt. hardy00:27
lun4tickde4 without effects doesn't ... "work"00:29
lun4ticfor me at least :D00:29
lun4ticif you want absolutely no effects, don't usw kde4 :D00:29
lun4ticthe live cd of the beta still feels "incomplete"00:30
lun4ticor "not perfectly integrated"00:30
lun4ticbut the installed kde4 is good00:30
lun4ticif you have 3d drivers running :)00:30
lun4ticjaunty kubuntu live cd is awfully buggy i think00:31
ActionParsniplun4tic: why its got some nice config apps00:31
lun4ticso after install don't forget to upgrade :D00:31
lun4tictalking about the live cd00:31
ActionParsnipkd4 + no effects = performance00:31
lun4ticthe installed version after upgrading a whole lot of bugs are fixed00:32
lun4ticnot really00:32
lun4tickde never was about performance :D00:32
ActionParsnipsure it is, the effects dont have to be calculated so it saves cpu time00:32
lun4ticit was about easy to use and fancy desktop :)00:33
drbobbmy laptop can't do effects anyway, it has a sis graphics chip00:33
ActionParsniplun4tic: go say that in n#kde, see how long you can last00:33
lun4ticbut it's actually true in my opinion :)00:33
drbobband that's just one of the reasons why i want to keep kde3 on it for the near future00:34
lun4ticthere are versions that are more performant than others00:34
showersHow can I log on as root to get my admin privileges back?00:34
lun4ticbut among the desktops i wouldn't say kde has come up with extraordanary performance00:34
lun4ticshowers: sudo doesn't work?00:35
dwidmann:\ launchpad doesn't wanna load00:35
ActionParsnipkde is about performance too, although it is leaning towards gloss, any DE / WM is as glossy as yu like it00:35
showerslun4tic: not without a admin password00:35
lun4ticbut kde doesn't need a lot of work for gloss :D00:35
lun4ticso it's somehow "gloss for the lazy people" ;)00:36
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lun4ticnormally you gotta give ur USER password00:36
lun4ticfor sudo00:36
lun4ticat least by default00:36
lun4ticdunno what you changed00:36
ActionParsnipshowers: if you run groups you will see which groups the user is a member of00:37
ActionParsnipshowers: as long as it is in the admin group it can use sudo00:37
lun4ticso if you wanna be root in ubuntu00:38
lun4ticusw "sudo su"00:38
showersthat's exactly the message i get 'not part of sudo users' or something close to that00:38
lun4ticand give your user password00:38
showersTried sudo su00:38
showersi think i have to get in from the recovery mode maybe?00:39
lun4ticdud you delete the user that was first created with the installation?00:39
ActionParsnipshowers: use   sudo -i00:39
lun4ticcause new users are not in the admin group by default00:39
ActionParsnipshowers: sudo su is incorrect and doesnt configure the environment correctly00:39
showersno, but i took away his admin and gave it to someone else00:39
ActionParsnipshowers: yu can have multiple admin users00:40
lun4ticthen logon as someone else and give admin rights back :D00:40
showerslemme try sudo -i00:40
ActionParsnipshowers: if you have no other admin users you will need to log on to recovery root console and modify the user groupings00:40
showersit returns '00:41
showersnot in sudoers file00:41
ActionParsnipshowers: then reboot, press esc to show grub and select recovery mode then choose root console00:41
showersActionParsnip: that's what i thought, but how exactly00:42
ActionParsnipshowers: then you need to add a user to the admin group00:42
ubottuTo add new users to your Ubuntu system, follow the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddUsersHowto - For administrative privileges, users need to be made members of the group "admin" - See !sudo00:42
ubottusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)00:42
showersActionParsnip: Yes, i need to log on to recovery root console.00:47
showersthen add a new user with admin privs. but how to do that?00:48
showersI can get into recovery no problem00:48
showersit's just the magic words once there...00:48
PollywogI have kubuntu (Jaunty) installed but KDE does not start up, only Gnome works...   How do I get the remix version of kubuntu installed without doing a complete install?  Can I just modify apt sources to install the remix version of KDE?00:49
Dragnslcrshowers- probably want adduser00:49
ActionParsnipshowers: adduser <new user>00:49
PollywogIt would just be a hassle to do a total reinstall00:49
ActionParsnipsudo adduser <username> admin00:49
ActionParsnipPollywog: have you tried renaming ~/.de00:49
showersYeah? okay, like 'adduser joe admin'00:50
ActionParsnipPollywog: and rebooting00:50
PollywogActionParsnip: yes I did that00:50
ActionParsnipshowers: looks good00:50
PollywogI am sure that for some reason, KDE 4.2 will not run on this computer, but KDE 3.5 did00:51
showers'adduser joe admin' at the command prompt in recovery mode?00:51
Pollywogso I want to try the new remix version00:51
ActionParsnipshowers: sounds good00:51
* kline wel hi00:51
showersBelieve i've got it thanks for the info and patience.00:51
Pollywogwhat is the bot's name?00:52
ActionParsnip!bot | Pollywog00:52
ubottuPollywog: Hi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots00:52
Pollywogthe channel bot00:52
ActionParsnipPollywog: try booting to kde, then boot to gnome and read system logs00:52
klinebye bye all00:53
PollywogI suppose I could start it in gnome and look for logs of the previous boot attempt... I assumed the successful boot would overwrite the failed kde boot00:54
Pollywogthanks for the tip00:54
PollywogActionParsnip: I had the same problem in a virtualbox installation of Jaunty which was solved by a clean install rather than an upgrade00:55
=== cimminodomenico is now known as formy84
ActionParsnipPollywog: mine was the inverse, couldnt get 1024x768 in a clean jaunty00:57
ActionParsnipPollywog: got it with an upgrade00:58
Pollywoginteresting, I find that with Ubuntu, clean installs seem to be better than upgrades00:58
Pollywogalmost every upgrade I have done in Ubuntu/kubuntu has ended with some problem00:59
ActionParsniptrue but this time is how it flew. I just roll with it01:00
PollywogI can't get 1024x768 in virtualbox with Jaunty but I can live with it01:01
ActionParsnipPollywog: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=77775901:02
PollywogActionParsnip: ty01:03
PollywogActionParsnip: yes, I could not get the virtualbox additions to install01:03
Pollywognot in Linux01:04
ActionParsnipPollywog: then you need those01:04
Pollywogperhaps the problem is in the version of Virtualbox I am using01:04
ActionParsnipPollywog: http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2007/10/13/installing-guest-additions-for-ubuntu-guests-in-virtualbox/01:05
PollywogI will have to wait until the next version01:05
Pollywogoh thanks01:05
ActionParsnipPollywog: http://virtualbox.wordpress.com/doc/installing-guest-additions-on-ubuntu/01:05
ActionParsnipPollywog: if you can find VBoxLinuxAdditions.run file some place you should be ok01:06
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PollywogActionParsnip: ty I got the virtualbox additions to install.  I still can't get the higher resolution, there appears to be a bug in xorg01:22
Pollywogthey call it a beta (Jaunty) for a reason01:23
ActionParsnipPollywog: true01:23
Pollywogbut now I know how to install the "additions"       thanks01:23
draik_How can I find the filesystem on a computer? I want to know if I setup Ext 2 or 301:35
geniiIf the filesystem is mounted, the :  mount                        command will usually say01:35
draik_It's on the actual HDD01:36
dwidmannand if it's not mounted, sudo parted /dev/something print01:36
draik_I'm running that HDD on the laptop01:39
ActionParsnipdraik_: sudo fdisk -l01:42
draik_I purchased an Acer Aspire One (netbook) and am currently installing Kubuntu on 140GB of the 160GB HDD. That is going to be Ext3. 2GB are going to swap. The other 8GB is for another Linux-based OS and want to find the fs.01:44
ActionParsnipdraik_: fdisk will tell you01:44
draik_ActionParsnip: I just ran that on this laptop and it doesn't mention Ext301:44
ActionParsnipdraik_: can you pastebin the output01:44
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)01:44
draik_ActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/148687/01:47
ActionParsnipdraik_: try the mount command01:49
geniiIf you use logdump feature of debugfs and no result, it's ext201:49
draik_ActionParsnip: I tried it on the other laptop (with the other OS) and it's saying "auto"01:50
javierhello, someone is using tuxguitar with kubuntu hardy???01:51
lun4tichm... seems to be a jaunty bug01:51
lun4ticthe usb creator should create casper-rw file01:51
lun4ticwhich is used as persistant drive01:52
ign0ramushey all.01:52
draik_ign0ramus: Holy jeebus!01:52
ign0ramussup shinigama?01:52
lun4ticbut it cannot create the file if the usb stick is >2gig or the file size >2gig because of dd that is used do create the file01:52
draik_:( it's shinigami01:52
draik_Off by a letter01:52
lun4ticdamn limitations01:52
draik_Johnny, tell him what he's won!01:53
ign0ramusmy bad dude.01:53
draik_(not my new netbook, that's what!)01:53
ign0ramusi've got problems, too...01:53
draik_ign0ramus: It's been a while. How you been?01:53
ign0ramusGreat, until I just messed up my entire music library :(01:53
draik_ActionParsnip: It is just labeled as 'Extended"01:53
draik_ign0ramus: How did that happen? (not as bad as my entire Ext3 Kubuntu partition being wiped from not double- or triple-checking the install01:54
ActionParsnipdraik_: then you havent set any logical partitions on it, or they would show up01:54
ign0ramusdraik_: ouch.  ok here's the dilemma (and the resulting challenge)...01:54
draik_ActionParsnip: Sorry, wrong partition. It's reiserfs01:55
ign0ramusdraik_: I had just ripped a lot of new music to my library, and wanted to organize things a bit.  Amarok does a nice job of categorizing all music files into neat folders, alphabetically...01:55
ign0ramusdraik_: So somehow this time, I must have set it to rename all my music files *without* their extension.  Now Amarok will not import any of them, and will not play them until I add the extension to the end of the filename.01:56
ign0ramusdraik_: I'm not manually renaming 7k tracks... there's got to be a way, right?01:57
draik_ign0ramus: EASY! There's an app within the repos01:57
ign0ramusdraik_: "There's an app for that".01:57
ign0ramusdraik_: checking it out now...01:57
draik_You can change extensions to MP3, mp3 or even ADD the extension01:58
ign0ramusdraik_: what about the .m3u, .aac, .mp4, etc?  Will it auto-detect filetype, or will I have to name them all with the same extension?01:58
draik_It's not that smart01:59
draik_You will have to spit those out01:59
ign0ramusdraik_: not too bad... I'd say 95% of my collection is in .mp3 anyway, so this will save a *ton* of time.  good lookin' out!01:59
draik_No worries. I know of this because of a MAJOR issue with the naming of images from my digicam and gf's digicam. They had to be in lowercase extensions (go fig) and her digicam set everything in caps, so yeah.02:00
draik_That saved ME on hours of 'right-click, rename, (change to .jpg), enter, next image...'02:01
dave_hello I am having a little trouble getting video working I installed medibuntu02:02
ign0ramusdraik_: importing files to rename now...02:02
dave_I have Intrepid02:02
draik_ign0ramus: Cool. it's a really great app, IMO.02:02
dave_Is 9.04 much better than 8.10?02:03
xjjkdave_: with respect to what02:03
dave_over  all getting video working setup etc..02:04
xjjkdave_: what do you mean video... your video driver? what video card do you have02:04
dave_I have Nvidia02:05
draik_xjjk: Are you OK? Your psychic powers seem to be malfunctioning...02:05
xjjkdraik_: eh?02:05
draik_Never mind.02:05
draik_dave_: Your answers and questions are esoteric. We don't know what you have or what the issue (really) is at the moment.02:06
dave_I am having trouble getting youtube videos working I installed medibuntu and it still does not work02:06
draik_dave_: nVidia ___?___02:06
AizawaThis is probably a silly question, but the daily .iso's are fully updated, right? The latest daily is 04/10, so it has all updates until yesterday, right?02:07
dwidmanndave_: medibuntu is just a repository, it isn't a package ... if you want "working youtube videos", install the "flashplugin-nonfree" package02:07
AizawaA lot of "right" in that sentence, but eh.02:07
dave_where would I find that exactly?02:07
draik_dave_: In the repos02:08
ign0ramusdraik_: is there a way to import the contents of entire folders into krename?02:08
draik_ign0ramus: you can't add a directory?02:08
ign0ramusdraik_: doesn't appear that way... lemme try the simple GUI mode...02:08
mkassonI just seem to have lost my panel that had all my widgets set up in it.  how do I get it back?02:09
mkassonadd panel apparently is not it02:10
dwidmann!apt | dave_02:10
ubottudave_: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)02:10
draik_ign0ramus: It's been a while. Thought that was an option. I guess not. You can just CTRL+A and then 'open' into kRename02:10
dave_I am installing non free02:10
ign0ramusdraik_: OK, I got an entire directory added, but each folder (each artist has their own folder) has mixed files, like album art, etc.  It seems that I would still have to go through each folder manually and rename some files and not others :(02:12
ign0ramusdraik_: Do you think Picard would work?02:12
draik_ign0ramus: I've never used Picard to give you an honest answer. Sorry.02:12
ign0ramusdraik_: ideally, forcing Amarok to accept these files into the library and then batch renaming as I did before would work... don't suppose there's a way to do that, huh?02:13
dave_It's working now I had a mozilla flash swf conflict thanks for your help02:15
draik_ign0ramus: No, I don't think so.02:18
draik_ign0ramus: But you can ask in the amarok channel. They may know.02:18
ign0ramusdraik_: that just dawned at the exact moment you said that02:19
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Guest41991How do you reset your plasmoids to default?02:40
mkassonI "lost" or hid(?) my panel that had all my widgets set up in it.  how do I get it back?02:45
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rgarciaHi all, does anybody know how do I install Katapult in  Kubuntu 8.10?02:50
dwidmannrgarcia: it has more or less been discontinued02:51
ActionParsniprgarcia: its replaced by krunner now, you could compile it02:51
rgarciawhat do you mean?02:51
dwidmannrgarcia: most useful thing you can do to help ease that is to set the run dialog's key combo to alt+space02:51
rgarciathey removed it?02:51
geniirgarcia: Yes02:51
rgarciammm..and is there any way similar to use as katap?02:52
dwidmannrgarcia: he discontinued because he didn't see the point in trying to compete with krunner, which could already do much of what katapult could do, and with a little bit of effort, probably more ...... or something like that02:52
dave_I notice libdvdcss2 is not accessable from medibuntu site can I get it anywhere else?02:52
ActionParsniprgarcia: theres nothing stopping you compiling it: http://katapult.kde.org/02:53
rgarciabut there's another application which do that?02:54
ActionParsnip!info libdvdcss202:54
ubottuPackage libdvdcss2 does not exist in intrepid02:54
ActionParsnip!find libdvd02:54
ubottuFound: libdvdnav-dbg, libdvdnav-dev, libdvdnav4, libdvdread-dbg, libdvdread-dev (and 1 others)02:54
dwidmannrgarcia: if you want to change krunner from alt+f2 to alt+space, go to systemsettings -> keyboard & mouse -> global shortcuts, in the "KDE Component" dropdown, pick Run Command Interface, Change Run commands shortcut to alt+space or whatever02:54
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ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/8.10/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats02:56
rgarciammm krunner is ok for me as it comes...]thanx a lot02:56
ActionParsnipGuest41991: you can run: killall plasma; rm ~/.kde/share/config/plasma*; rm /.kde/share/config/plasma-appletsrc; plasma &02:56
Guest41991Is there any way to reset the plasmoids to default?02:57
Juskenseñore soy nuevo en kubuntu. como se que version de kde tengo02:57
ActionParsnip!es | Jusken02:57
ubottuJusken: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.02:57
Juskenok. thanks02:58
Guest41991Wow, fluent Spanish goin on02:58
rgarciaanother question is, has the liquidweather for Kubuntu 8.10?02:58
Juskenmay somebody help me?02:58
Guest41991I'm new... I'm used to Windows02:59
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p_quarlesJusken: open a KDE app, click on "Help" and select "About KDE"; that will give you the version number03:00
=== Espeon is now known as Guest85318
Juskeni have instaled kbuntu 8.10 but i want to know  which kde i have03:00
p_quarlesJusken: I just told you :)03:00
Juskenok thanks a lot  quarles03:01
ActionParsnipGuest85318: i gave you the command03:03
ActionParsnipGuest85318: it will reset your plasma back to defaults03:03
daskreechcan someone do me a favour?03:11
geniidaskreech: Depends on the favour03:12
daskreechgo to http://apt.pearsoncomputing.net/cdimages and see if any of the torrents start03:12
daskreechAlso tell me how many seends you have03:12
geniidaskreech: I just d/l the iso from there a short while ago :)03:13
geniiOne minute03:13
daskreechgenii: Straight http download?03:13
geniidaskreech: Yup03:13
ActionParsnipdaskreech: 1 seed so far03:13
m4v3 seeds for i38603:14
daskreechnone of the seeds can see each other03:14
daskreechbut I guess other people can see the seeds which I guess is what matters03:14
* daskreech leaves it seeding for another 24 hours03:15
m4vfor amd64 there's a seed but isn't downloading03:15
geniiHere too03:16
daskreechThat's not good03:16
Juskenhey guys  sorry for troubles may i cause03:16
daskreechgenii: Which one did you pull over http? i386 ?03:17
geniidaskreech: No, amd6403:17
geniidaskreech: Took about 25 minutes03:20
daskreechhmm someone just connected to me03:20
daskreechany of you are downloading now?03:20
Juskenbut now  i haved  connected  my pendrive and show me tis error:An  error has occured chargin media:/sdb1:03:21
m4vdaskreech: maybe me?03:22
daskreechhi Jusken03:22
daskreechI missed the runup what's the problem?03:23
Juskenthe folder dosn´t exist :/sdb103:23
daskreechm4v: 190.51.x.x ?03:23
m4vdaskreech: yep, it's me then03:23
MetalCan i get a bit of help?03:23
daskreechJusken: KDE4 ?03:24
MetalI'm using a lexmark x2600 series printer on KDE403:24
daskreechMetal: If you ask for it and give details03:24
daskreechMetal: Which KDE4 ?03:24
MetalKDE 4.1.403:24
Juskensorry i´m new using kubuntu. KDE 2.603:24
* m4v wonders if should do to the trouble of downloading and help seeding it :p03:25
daskreechJusken: Want to try that again ? :)03:25
daskreechm4v: Is it really a trouble?03:25
genii2.6 ?03:25
MetalDamn, outdated much03:25
m4vdaskreech: nah03:26
Juskenit seem03:26
daskreechAlt+tabbing uses so much memory in Gnome :(03:26
Metaldaskreech: I'm thinking this error might have to do with the "missing-cup filter"03:26
MetalWarning: Could not find '/usr/bin/adept_manager', starting '/bin/b Please check your profile settings.03:26
Juskenso what can i do then03:26
daskreechJusken: Where are you getting that informaton from?03:26
geniiProbably kernel is 2.6, not KDE03:26
MetalJusken: type /sysinfo03:27
daskreechgenii: Ah Right :)03:27
daskreechJusken: In Konqueror go to help -> about KDE03:27
daskreechMetal: try sudo apt-get -f install in konsole ?03:27
geniiMetal: That will just tell them their Gnome version is "Unknown"03:27
Juskenat konsole03:27
Juskeni did it03:28
daskreechJusken: In konsole do help -> about KDE03:28
daskreechwhat version of KDE does it say you are using ?03:28
p_quarlesJusken: 2.6 is not your KDE version; 8.10 comes with 4.1 by default03:29
ramondoes any body knows how do i install liquid weather for Kub 8.1003:30
Metaldaskreech: I downloaded the file from lexmark.com03:30
Juskenok when i downloaded the kubuntu i remember  was kubuntu 8.1003:30
daskreechJusken: Did you do aything to it after?03:31
MetalStill getting that error03:31
Juskenno man03:31
Metal!info liquid weather03:31
ubottu'weather' is not a valid distribution ['dapper', 'gutsy', 'gutsy-backports', 'hardy', 'hardy-backports', 'intrepid', 'intrepid-backports', 'jaunty', 'jaunty-backports', 'kde4-ppa', 'kde4-ppa-intrepid', 'kubuntu-experimental', 'kubuntu-members-kde4', 'medibuntu', 'partner']03:31
Metal!info weather03:32
ubottuPackage weather does not exist in intrepid03:32
daskreechJusken: Ok so you are usnig KDE 4.1 then03:32
ActionParsnipramon: http://liquidweather.net/downloads.php03:32
Juskennow i know03:32
ramontake a look the log03:32
daskreechJusken: You don't see that in help -> about KDE ?03:32
daskreechOK cool03:33
daskreechnow what happened when you put in a thunb drive ?03:33
ubottuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows03:33
daskreech!lexmark > Metal03:33
ubottuMetal, please see my private message03:33
ramon!print test03:34
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about print test03:34
DarkTanwhat should i use for dealing with .rar files?03:34
daskreechDarkTan: unrar03:34
daskreech!info unrar03:35
ubottuunrar (source: unrar-nonfree): Unarchiver for .rar files (non-free version). In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1:3.8.2-1 (intrepid), package size 96 kB, installed size 244 kB03:35
daskreech!info unrar-free03:35
ubottuunrar-free (source: unrar-free): Unarchiver for .rar files. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:0.0.1+cvs20071127-1 (intrepid), package size 21 kB, installed size 108 kB03:35
DarkTanso sudo apt-get install unrar?03:35
ramonhelp...my sound speaker is not working anymore, it was, but suddenly lost the sound, can anybody help me?03:35
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)03:35
ActionParsnipramon: try restarting hal03:35
ramonwhat is it?03:36
ActionParsnipsudo /etc/init.d/hal restart03:36
ubottuFor an informative description of the Hardware Abstraction Layer , go to this site : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hardware_abstraction_layer03:36
ActionParsniphal = hardware abstraction layer03:36
daskreechDarkTan: Yeah03:36
DarkTank, thx03:36
ramoni saw....lo...and how do i do that?03:36
daskreechJusken: Doesn't mount anywhere?03:36
ubottuJaunty Jackalope is the codename for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 23rd, 2009 -  Schedule in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyReleaseSchedule - Lots of breakage between now and April 23rd - Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion and support.03:37
ramonActionParsnip: how do i restart hal?03:38
Juskenit show me the same error03:38
ActionParsnipramon: i just told you03:38
daskreechJusken: Which error?03:38
Juskensdb1 do not exist03:39
ramonyes...but i don't know how do i do that]03:39
ActionParsnipramon: its a konsole command03:39
daskreechJusken: Does it exist ?03:39
DarkTanarg...nwn2 still does not work03:39
daskreechJusken: So there is no /dev/sdb ?03:40
m4vduh, ktorrent crashed...03:40
daskreechDarkTan: try unrar x file.rar on the cli03:40
ramonyeah....and can you please tell me which command is it??? i'm new here03:40
ramoni need to learn.03:40
daskreechm4v: aaahh that's what stopped it03:40
DarkTanso, it appears that 3d acceloration has been disabled on my gfx card03:41
daskreechI was just poking my ports03:41
DarkTanhow do i fix that?03:41
daskreechI hope the FBI doesn't read that >_<03:41
daskreechDarkTan: depends on the card03:41
DarkTanati radeon mobility 20003:42
daskreech!ati > DarkTan03:42
ubottuDarkTan, please see my private message03:42
* DarkTan headdesks03:42
dwidmanndaskreech: they probably can now if they want to >.>03:42
DarkTando not want to deal with that right now...maybe tommorow03:42
=== rachel is now known as Guest53639
daskreechDarkTan: right oh. Grab some non 3d acel game in the mean time03:43
Guest53639hi everybody : please help me. I am using kubuntu intrepid and everytime I open a program it will not open it in the traycon03:43
DarkTani think i'm gonna grab some sleep, thank for the rar help tho03:43
ramonpls, somebody help me03:43
=== Guest53639 is now known as rachel_
daskreechrachel_: which programs?03:44
daskreechActionParsnip: were you helping ramon ?03:44
rachel_skim, amarok, nertwork manager....03:44
rachel_daskreech : skim, amarok, networkmanager03:44
daskreechrachel_: do you have a system tray ?03:44
daskreechwhat is in it?03:44
ramoni used to have sound but now i can't here anymore03:44
rachel_but it has only battery, kmix03:44
ramonhe told me to restar how..03:45
daskreechrachel_: umm try remove the system ray and readd it ?03:45
rachel_daskreech : already done, doesen't work03:45
ramoni saw this command sudo /etc/init.d/dbus restart03:45
ramonbut nothing happens03:45
m4vrachel_: restarting plasma?03:45
daskreechJusken: Hmm not much that Linux can do if it can't see the hardware03:45
rachel_m4v : how_03:45
daskreechrachel_: kquitapp plasma && plasma in the konsole03:45
ActionParsnipdaskreech: barely03:46
Juskenthankks anyway03:46
daskreechramon: Used to work ? when did it stop03:46
ActionParsnipramon: sudo /etc/init.d/hal restart03:46
daskreechJusken: If you put something else in that slot it sees it ?03:46
ActionParsnip!sound | ramon03:46
ubotturamon: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP303:46
ramonand after that, when i open amarok, appears a message, xine was unable to initialize any audio drivers03:46
rachel_daskreech : what now_03:46
rachel_I have nothing now03:47
rachel_daskreech : no system tray, nothing03:47
ActionParsnipramon: youu may want to restart alsa or pulse depending on what you use03:47
rachel_daskreech : and if I write plasma in the console everything comes back just the same as before03:47
daskreechrachel_: it came back with no system tray ?03:48
rachel_daskreech : with the system tray just as before, only kmix and battery and updates03:48
ramoni really don't know what happened03:48
daskreechrachel_: hrmm really that should work the systray is a strange beast but if one thing works they should all work03:49
daskreechI've been having an issue on Gnome where there is a space allocated for each of the apps but they never actually turn up03:50
daskreechrachel_: Wht happens if you press alt+ctrl+V ?03:50
dwidmanndaskreech: kquitapp plasma && plasma == bad idea ... you'll want a sleep 5 or such in the middle or it might not come back up03:50
dwidmannerm, one =03:51
daskreechdwidmann: crap yeah You know what I normally am moving around config files when I do that which is why it works for me03:51
rachel_daskreech : it copies the text I have wrote before03:51
daskreechrachel_: But you don't see klipper in the system tray?03:51
rachel_I closed it03:51
rachel_daskreech : no, I closed it, I don't use klipper03:51
daskreechoh then why does alt+ctrl+V work then ?03:52
daskreechthat's a klipper shortcut03:52
rachel_it works here, not on the desktop03:52
m4vrachel_: check if amarok has the "show in systray" option checked in its preferences03:52
Juskenhey daskreech  i was looking for and i realize that all was fine i went to media and found it03:52
dwidmannrachel_: you don't? Could hurt things when copying & pasting between different apps, especially if you close the one that you copied from03:53
rachel_mv4 : hey I just received one error regarding klauncher03:53
daskreechJusken: ?? can you pastebin the output from the command mount ?03:53
daskreechJusken: Just type in mount and then put the results on pastebin03:53
m4vrachel_: I don't understand, when doing what?03:53
rachel_mv4 : checking on amarok03:54
Juskenman sorry is the first time  i use Kubuntu03:54
Juskenok i´ll do03:54
Juskenthanks i think is solved03:55
daskreechJusken: Welcome to Kubuntu :)03:55
daskreechJusken: Anything that gets automounted does so in /media so your disk, usb drives and optical disks all go there03:56
dwidmannhmm, amarok 2.1b ... sounds tasty03:57
daskreechYeah I wants debs03:58
Juskenok. thanks03:58
dwidmannI'll settle for build from src if I can work out how to build/install Qtscript03:58
daskreechWith a script of course03:58
dwidmanndaskreech: hm?03:59
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke04:12
ubottuDaca doriti ajutor sau doriti sa discutati despre Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu, intrati pe #ubuntu-ro04:12
rachel_daskreech : still no progress04:15
rachel_daskreech : amarok has the show in systray04:15
daskreechrachel_: amarok which other app won't join the systray Hot tub ?04:16
rachel_daskreech : skim, konversation, opera, ktorrent, knetworkmanager......04:17
daskreechhold on04:17
daskreechrachel_: did it ever work ?04:20
rachel_daskreech : yes it worked before04:22
daskreechabout when did it stop ?04:22
rachel_daskreech : after I installed skim04:23
daskreech!info skim04:24
ubottuskim (source: skim): smart common input method platform for KDE. In component main, is optional. Version 1.4.5-4ubuntu3 (intrepid), package size 1235 kB, installed size 2716 kB04:24
rachel_daskreech : skim is the package to write in chinese on ubuntu04:24
daskreechHmm KDE304:24
daskreechI know.04:25
daskreechis it running now?04:25
tdappletried to install Digikam in Jaunty says I need to remove libgpod4-nogtk wich seems to be a Amarok Dependancy?04:29
rachel__daskreech : sorry it went out of power04:35
rachel__daskreech : still have this problem with the traycon04:35
rachel__daskreech : when I start some application it says "impossible communicate with klauncher"04:36
daskreechIs skim running now?04:36
Metal!info touchfreeze04:43
ubottutouchfreeze (source: touchfreeze): tray icon that disables your touchpad while typing. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2.2-0ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 28 kB, installed size 136 kB04:43
daskreechWhat happens if you kill skim ?04:43
rachel_daskreech : i gave /etc/init.d/kdm restart and it fixed temporaily the problem04:44
daskreechhow temporary ?04:44
rachel_I think only for this session04:44
daskreechUNtil skim loaded?04:45
rachel_no skim is already loaded04:45
daskreechhmm ok04:45
rachel_thanks man, I appreaciated your help04:45
* daskreech goes to sleep04:46
ActionParsnipyo yo yo04:46
daskreechTop top top04:46
* genii sips04:58
=== tweak is now known as tweakedeh
tweakedehI'm using K3B and I want to burn an AVI so it will be a dvd.. How would I burn it?05:12
ActionParsniptweakedeh: convert it with devede to an iso then open the iso with k3b05:12
tweakedehThank you.05:13
=== jpsnl1 is now known as JP-sNL
trappistI concur.  I just discovered devede myself.  it rocks.05:20
=== carlos is now known as Guest84077
=== Guest84077 is now known as carlos18
showersWell, it worked!05:42
showersi couldn't log on as admin, so i came here and asked how to do it,05:43
showersSomebody here told me to go to the rescue consol, when you boot up you have that choice05:43
showersand to type in 'adduser <username> admin05:44
showersit didn't work quite as expected, i couldn't create a new user05:44
showersBut I could give admininstrative rights to current users, so i did05:45
showersWorked like a charm, thank you!05:45
showersWhat it did was add <username> to the admin group05:47
showersThen I created a new user, with admin rights, and took the rights away from this user who uses the net05:49
showersNow i feel fairly safe surfing as a user05:49
showersOne tiny detail: as a regular user i can't run the front end for the firewall; firestarter.05:50
showersSo i hope that it is still running in the background somewhere. Would that be right?05:51
agai don't think it will run if you don't invoke it05:52
agabut check the processes on top or ps aux05:52
showersWhat won't run? the actual firewall (itables?) or just the front end? I had the idea the firewall was always on.05:54
agathe frontend05:54
showersPerfect? I don't need the frontend as long as the firewall is on, right?05:55
agaanyway, i think that you need to configure iptables to make it a real properly working firewall05:55
showersAlthough it would be nice to know that it kept the firewall preferences i gave it as an admin?05:56
agaright but you need to configure the rules on iptables if you want it to be effective05:56
agathere was a way to check your actual iptables sec05:56
showersHow so?05:57
agayeah to check the rules05:57
geniiIf you ran firestarter at some point using sudo instead of kdesudo that might explain your not being able to reopen it05:57
aganot sure, i have never digged to much on there05:57
trappistshowers: firestarter is just a frontend for iptables, which doesn't "run", it tells the kernel how to filter traffic.  once the rules are in place, there's nothing to run, the kernel handles it.05:57
trappistsudo iptables-save to look at the current rules05:57
agaoh thank you :D i could have been looking for that half an hour05:58
showersAre the rules the same for all users, or just for the user who sets them up?05:58
showersCan't sudo anything because as a regular user it isn't allowed05:59
trappista regular user is who sudo is made for05:59
trappistas long as he's a sudoer05:59
trappistanyway since the firewall rules are in the kernel, they're not user-specific.  a packet comes into your network interface, and your kernel decides what to do with it based on the firewall rules.06:00
showerstrappist: Thank you! Exactly what I wanted to hear.06:01
trappistit's possible (but not very easy) to make firewall rules that match packets based on the user that owns the process that's sending or receiving the packet, but you'd know if you'd done that06:01
showersSo what do you guys do? Do you run with admin privileges or is it safer (i think so) to run without?06:03
showersAnyway, moving along here, has anyone tried Zim?06:04
showersThat is a great little program06:05
showersI use NoteTab in windows but it doesn't port well to linux and is much harder to use.06:06
showersBut was much better suited for programmers, which I sorta was at one point.06:06
showersI'm looking at Bluefish now06:06
showersNoteTab though, has all those quick and easy paste libraries, and you can make your own templates.06:07
xjjkquick question: how can I enter Unicode characters in KDE?06:08
MetalWhat does kde3 use to compress files?06:09
Metal!info compress06:10
ubottuPackage compress does not exist in intrepid06:10
Metal!info *compress*06:10
ubottuPackage compress does not exist in intrepid06:10
dwidmannMetal: to compress which files?06:11
Metalfolders and such06:11
dwidmannLike a GUI? ark06:11
MetalThought that was to decompress06:11
dwidmannI believe it can do both.06:11
dwidmannI generally just use tar though ...06:12
MetalI can't compress with ark06:12
dwidmann"Ark can be used to browse, extract, create, and modify archives."06:12
=== monkey_ is now known as seksu
seksui have no sound, i think there06:15
seksu's a conflict06:15
seksuhmm i guess i should sleep myself, night06:16
=== Metal is now known as Metal|AFK
rohanwhat kde version will jaunty ship with? kde 4.2.1 or 4.2.2?06:17
dwidmannrohan: looks like jaunty is already @ 4.2.206:18
=== pete_ is now known as hXc
hXchow do i connect to a different server?06:26
=== pete_ is now known as HXc
=== HXc is now known as hXc
quantumhi there06:31
quantumin kde 4.1 the folder view widget on desktop ... how do I change its transparency06:32
rohandwidmann: ok, bcause the beta release page says 4.2.106:39
rohanah yes, i checked.. it's on 4.2.2.. great06:39
=== winston is now known as Guest6010
cspackquantum: i think it's part of the desktop theme, not sure06:41
Pollywogis there an app for KDE that does what ndisgtk does in Gnome?  ndisgtk does not seem to work in KDE (Jaunty)06:46
Pollywogit finds the driver and hardware but still cannot configure wifi06:47
Pollywogokay I think it IS working now06:49
PollywogI upgraded to jaunty and it was lousy, so I tried a clean install and it's working like a charm on the same hardware06:53
quantumhi there06:54
quantumhow do i install quanta in kde 4.1 ?06:54
ktnei'm trying to install kubuntu06:54
ktneand i can't figure out whenver it was installed or not06:55
dwidmannquantum: don't think it has been completely ported yet, but you can still use the kde3 version06:55
quantumdwidmann: when i try to install it says some missing dependencies ... which when I try to install ... they try to remove some kde 4 components06:55
ktneanyone here has succeeded installing kubuntu 9.04 beta?06:56
dwidmannquantum: which ones?06:56
quantumdwidmann: I have a sh file on desktop ... clicking it opens in kate ... how do I execute it ?06:57
dwidmannquantum: open up Konsole, cd Desktop, ./thescriptsname.sh06:58
quantumdwidmann: no I want to execute it by double clicking06:58
dwidmannquantum: not sure you can execute a shell script that way ... you should probably use a *.desktop file instead if you want that sort of behavior06:59
dwidmannor rather, instead of instead, the *.desktop file can launch the script ...06:59
quantumright click properties .... add sh to the list of applications that open this type of file and move it on top07:00
KetrelWhere can I get QTRuby?07:00
dwidmannquantum: did it work?07:01
dwidmannKetrel: sudo apt-get install libqt4-ruby1.807:01
Ketrelah, it's separated07:02
dwidmannquantum: certainly more than one way to skin a cat :P07:03
Ketrelone more question, if for some reason sound just stopped working, is there anything to reinitialize it all without rebooting?07:03
dwidmannhmm, Ketrel, first check that it isn't muted at all, then maybe try "sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart"07:04
Ketreldwidmann: it just broke and xine cannot something any audio something07:05
Ketrelso I shall try that07:05
Ketrel"xine was unable to initialize any audio drivers"07:06
dwidmannKetrel: another device probably has /dev/snd/something locked ...07:06
dwidmann**another app07:07
Ketreldwidmann: any way to check?07:08
dwidmannKetrel: cd /dev/snd; sudo fuser *07:08
dwidmannKetrel: then figure out which ones they are ...07:09
dwidmannKetrel: actually, probably just sudo fuser pcm*07:09
Ketrelthree lines, should I pastebin, or is that ok?07:09
Ketreljust saw the pcm part07:09
dwidmannKetrel: check which processes those PIDs are for with ps aux | grep <thenumber>07:10
KetrelI know :) I didn't know which of the three files in use to look at07:10
dwidmannKetrel: so what'd ya figure out?07:14
Ketrelsomething about clicking to search for lyrics from amarok is making another launcher process lock it07:18
dwidmannthat's no fun07:20
dwidmannamarok 1.x or 2.x?07:20
KetrelI don't think 2.x is out of Kubuntu yet07:21
Ketreland I didn't add it from any unofficial repos07:22
dwidmannKetrel: which lyrics script do you use?07:22
Ketrelit happens when I click add or search07:25
dwidmannhmm, it still give you the trouble if you use a different script?07:25
Ketrelthe ones that came with it didn't find the lyrics :p07:25
dwidmannKetrel: I find Ruby Lyric works pretty well07:25
dwidmannvery fast even on my laggy connection07:26
dwidmannusually finds the lyrics too07:26
KetrelWell as long as I don't click add or search, I'm fine :p07:27
KetrelBTW, "/bin/sh -c kfmclient openURL "http://www.lyricwiki.org/Akon:Right_Now_(Na_Na_Na)"07:27
Ketrelthat's an example of what get's stuck locking it07:28
vinci_How can i disable print-applet & kblueplugd auto startup07:39
cspackanyone else notice dbus-daemon using a lot of memory?07:44
cspackmine was using like 700MB of memory after only 3 hrs uptime, think there's a memory leak somewhere07:46
KetrelAnyone here familar with krita?07:46
Ketrelnvm, found what I needd07:48
Pe3khello, I have intrepid and want to install kdiff3, found some howto: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdiff3/+bug/292233/comments/8 but I don't know what should I write after PREFIX= ...what is my KDE4-prefix ?08:04
cspackkde-config --prefix08:12
cspacktype that in kconsole, it should return /usr or something similar08:13
Pe3kcspack: ok thanks, that is the same in my case '/usr' - so this is mentioned prefix? I expected some number...08:16
cspackyou should use PREFIX=/usr08:17
Pe3kcspack: thanks08:17
cspackor DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr i mean08:18
=== Surion_ is now known as Surion
Pe3kcspack: yes, I understood ... it works! :) everything went well and I have working kdiff3 :) thanks again08:24
cspacknice :)08:24
anhtaidatquangi want install KDE 4.209:06
=== kb is now known as Guest5473
ktnehow do i install a .deb file?09:46
ktnei downloaded one from adobe flash site09:46
peachesktne: anything happen when you click on it?09:46
ktnepeaches: not associated09:46
Mamarokktne: usually its sudo dpkg -i *.deb09:46
Mamarokbut Adobe providing *.deb is new!09:47
ktneit works now09:47
ktnei clicked the wrong file :)09:47
ktnei don't have the necessary permissions09:47
Mamarokof course not, you need sudo rights09:47
ktnei have them09:47
Mamarokdo it in the Konsole09:47
peachesktne: what did it open?09:47
=== shadeslayer is now known as Guest89728
ktnepeaches: the installer09:47
Mamarokso it's not a *.deb09:48
Mamarokbut a script09:48
=== Guest89728 is now known as metoo
peachesas fun as it is to play around with the console i'd like to see GUIs especially for newer users09:49
=== metoo is now known as shadeslayer
ktnedo i have permissions if i start kde using startx instead of kdm?09:50
ktnebecause i think that i had permissions back when i started it using kdm09:50
Mamarokktne: you have normal user rights09:51
eagles0513875ktne: if you are on kubuntu or debian you need to go from command line and type sudo then the command09:51
Mamarokthe same as when starting kdm09:51
ktnebut i can run sudo and enter the password09:51
eagles0513875thats how you have to do it ktne09:51
Mamarokktne: in Konsile, riht09:52
eagles0513875sudo will be the password you use to login to the machine09:52
ktneyes in Konsole09:52
Mamarokeagles0513875: do you mind?09:52
eagles0513875sry Mamarok09:52
ktnealso it looks like adobe has only a 32bit deb09:52
* eagles0513875 goes back to doing what he was doing09:52
Mamarokktne: there is a 64bit installer available normally, but not a *.deb09:52
Mamarokpeaches: everything is available for the average user as a GUI09:55
Mamarokeverything else is not aimed at the user having no sudo rights anyway09:55
Mamarokmatter of security09:55
Mamarokhm, sry, was in a backlog09:56
peachesMamarok: i'm skeptical of that but maybe that could be true but just a difference in degree of availbility vs usefulness (for example the awful kubuntu adept client)09:56
Mamarokwell, that one will have gone in the next release AFAIK09:57
peachesMamarok: though he did click on it and it brought up a GUI, but something is broken if it doesn't ask the password to install09:57
peachesfound the program is called gdebi-kde09:57
Mamarokouch, gdebi-kde?09:58
Mamarokthat sounds like a KDE layer of a GTK app :(09:58
Mamarokplain awfull09:58
Mamarokpeaches: one is not suppose to install a *.deb from Dolphin IMHO...09:59
peachestried to use it to install a deb but it have symbol relocation error that is probably from using outside qt/kde though09:59
Mamarokat least not a plain user who should not install system wide things anyway09:59
peachesMamarok: yeah.. i thought thats what he was going for until the permissions problem09:59
peachesMamarok: oh i assumed he's not just a user10:00
Mamaroklet's see if the bot has something10:00
ubottudeb is the Debian package format, also used by Ubuntu. To install .deb files, simply double-click (in Ubuntu) or click (in Kubuntu) on them to start the GDebi utility.10:00
peachesyou know in a way that's kinda worse that he can't download a deb off the net as a normal user (hypothetically) and just insatll it10:01
peachesfrom a trusted source10:01
Mamarokthat is just plain awfull, starting gdebi in KDE :(10:01
peacheskubuntu is second class10:01
peacheswe gotta live with it10:01
Mamarokwell, that would go against all securty basics of a Linux system10:01
Mamaroksecurity* even10:01
Mamarokthe user should never be allowed to install things unless he has sudo rights10:02
peachesMamarok: not really. he's just going to go get the scripted version for a normal user in that event anyway. my point is that a *deb install won't install optionally to only the user's zone of permission10:03
peachesMamarok: wow that's pretty draconian heh10:03
peacheswell by 'install' i kinda just clump in there 'put a folder on his desktop with an executable file in it somewhere' as "installing" though10:04
Mamarokhm, that's the nature of a *.deb file, it has been packaged to go system wide, else you have to change the patch before making the package10:04
Mamarokat least, the *.deb association in the next release links to kpackagekit10:05
Mamarok"folder on a desktop" sounds so Windows like...10:06
peachesyeah thats what i mean about deb anyway how it's set up in kubuntu.. though he can probably opt for that one app i forget the name that was kde centric, a one-click local user installer for a bunch of apps10:07
peacheskpackageit eh? im going to loko that up.. hope it's good.. and hope you mean jaunty10:07
peachesMamarok: doesn't it sound so mac like?10:07
Mamarokwell, don't know if the usability is better since Alpha5, I very much hope so...10:07
Mamarokcan't tell, never used a Mac :)10:08
MamarokI live pretty much in the Linux world since 199910:08
peachesi'd rather work with folders and desktops than directories and inodes thats just me10:08
peachesa lot has change since 1999 amirite10:09
Mamarokoh yes, my first distro had no working X...10:09
Mamarokluckily I'm in Kubuntu heaven since it's existence10:10
peachesyea i dont remember how long ive used primary OS probably around windblows xp10:10
peacheslinux desktop is pretty amazing these days10:11
Mamarokonly used Windows at work, and that has changed too now10:11
=== rachel is now known as Guest90869
peachesive got a winblows install in a virtual machine backup just in case haha10:11
eagles0513875i hate being a gamer sometimes lol10:12
eagles0513875its holding me off from running all machines that i got with linux10:12
Guest90869hi everybody, I have a problem using kubuntu 8.10 : cannot find any way to see movies10:12
=== Guest90869 is now known as rachel
=== rachel is now known as rachel_
rachel_can someone help me fix it?10:13
peacheseagles0513875: ha yea man must suck ive learned to just really enjoy the few linux native games i enjoy instead10:13
peachesrachel_: sure buddy what happens when you cilck on it10:13
peachesyou'll notice i always go for the GUI clicks first haha10:14
eagles0513875peaches: hop in #kubuntu-offtopic10:14
rachel_peaches : it starts for a fraction of second then it closes itself10:14
peachesrachel_: all movies or only some?10:15
Mamaroksounds like a codec problem10:16
peachesrachel_: try right cilcking, then open with, and choose another media player10:16
peachesi wonder if that's kaffeine screwing up10:16
peacheswhats the default media player?10:17
BorNDeaDrachel are you talking about dvds or downloaded videos?10:17
bcoelho2000hi everyone!10:19
bcoelho2000bazhang the alternate version of kubuntu worked out great!10:19
rachel_peaches : i have already tried that is not working10:20
peachesrachel_: sure but what specifically is happening when you try other programs?10:21
BorNDeaDrachel, install the gstreamer extra plugins package10:21
peachesBorNDeaD: do you happen to know the default kubuntu media player?10:23
BorNDeaDfor me its dragon10:23
BorNDeaDkde 4.210:23
rachel_BorNDeaD : cannot find the package10:23
BorNDeaDtry "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras10:24
bazhangbcoelho2000, nice10:25
rachel_BorNDeaD : it says I need to wait 8 hours10:25
drostieIt should be just dragonplayer -- try [aptitude search dragon] if you don't see it.10:25
BorNDeaDthat seems strange10:25
bcoelho2000now i have 284 software updates avaiable10:25
ktnehello, i'm trying to compile something, i get "cannot find -lgthread-2.0", how can i search the package that contains thi?10:26
peachesrachel_: what is the first player that shows up at the top of the list when you go to "open with" ? that will help us know what is trying to load then crashing10:27
bcoelho2000KUBUNTU ROCKS!!!!!10:27
rachel_peaches : VLC, then Ihave dragonplayer, but dragonplayer has no video output10:27
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/8.10/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats10:28
BorNDeaD"sudo apt-get install gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly" --maybe10:28
peachesdamnit  are any of these links directed to kubuntu instead of ubuntu :/10:29
drostiektne: google suggests something like glib.10:29
eagles0513875peaches: the concepts are technically the same in regards to the links10:30
ktnedrostie: libglib2.0-dev10:30
bcoelho2000has anyone tried the new 9.04 Kubuntu?10:30
peacheseagles0513875: sure but this a new user here presumably no easy Adept install either gotta go to CLI10:31
eagles0513875intrepid has adept already installed with it10:32
eagles0513875jaunty is where it changes the package manager10:32
peachesanyway probably just the codec issue BorNDeaD says10:32
drostiektne: then I can't be more help -- I've never experienced that problem myself.10:32
ktnedrostie: thanks, but that was the solution :) it worked :)10:32
peachesrachel_: if it download claims to take 8 hours and you're not on dialup or something, then just cancel and try again.. the codec install will probably fix things10:33
BorNDeaDi had the same problem and i believe thats what i did to fix it rachel_10:33
Mamarokbcoelho2000: certainly a lot of people, check in #ubuntu+110:33
bcoelho2000i've installed the 8.10 version10:33
Mamarokbcoelho2000: but the release is in aprox 2 weeks, so if you don't have to change, wait10:34
bcoelho2000but i will probably use apt-distupgrade to take it to another level10:34
bcoelho2000hmm nice10:34
bcoelho2000now that MS wil end the support for WinXP I expect to see many people coming to the Linux world10:34
Mamarokhm, they actually plan to provide XP downgrade for Win7 users....10:35
Mamarokso I guess corporate support will still be here for quite some time10:36
bcoelho2000thats right. i've read about it in znet10:36
Mamarokthe only thing that ends is free support10:36
Mamarokbut "free" is a big word, having to stay in phone loops for 30 minutes certainly brings some cash too10:37
bcoelho2000the thing that made me stick with windows were: driver support and Visual Studio for asp.net + .net + sql server development10:37
bcoelho2000but now my goal is to install Apache + Mono on Kubuntu10:37
=== liberfiasco is now known as libervisco
Mamarokargs, Mono :(10:41
Mamarokpatent encumbred MS stuff10:41
bcoelho2000its the .net implementation for linnux10:42
Mamarokbcoelho2000: I know, still, it's full of MS patents and not really a recommended dev-environment for Free Software IMHO10:43
Mamarokbut that's OT anyway10:43
bcoelho2000hmm i understand10:43
bcoelho2000i'm trying to install flash player11:09
bcoelho2000but i can't find the plugins directory11:09
drostiean install of flashplugin-nonfree should do that sort of stuff for you.11:09
bcoelho2000apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree ??11:09
drostieThat would be it. With superuser privileges, of course.11:10
bcoelho2000sudo :)11:10
bcoelho2000will try :)11:10
ubottuInstant Messenger Client Kopete (http://kopete.kde.org) supports MSN, Jabber, AIM, YIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ and, in KDE 3, IRC. See also !Pidgin11:10
bcoelho2000how do you know this names?11:12
liberviscoSome things wont play in amarok..11:13
liberviscoand it just crashed :S11:14
BorNDeaDwhat wont play?11:14
liberviscosome shoutcast streams and some youtube stuff from the youtube plugin11:15
BorNDeaDi dont use amarok for that sorry11:15
BorNDeaDi have no idea11:15
Mamaroklibervisco: you talk about the youtube script?11:19
Mamarokthat's third party software, so you should check with the author11:20
liberviscoyeah and shoutcast11:20
Mamaroklibervisco: which version of Amarok?11:20
Mamarokwell, it works in 2.1, so maybe wait for the package to arrive in your repos11:21
Mamarokbackports btw11:21
Mamarokshoutcast I mean11:21
liberviscowill it come to jaunty before release?11:21
Mamarokbut sometimes it's just the streams server who are down, that's not an Amarok problem11:21
liberviscoyeah, could be11:21
Mamaroklibervisco: not likely, feature freeze11:22
liberviscojust was weird cause some of these streams are in the "cool streams" list which should rarely be down11:22
Mamarokbut it will end up in the backports11:22
liberviscodamn :S11:22
Mamaroklibervisco: as I said, that's a server problem, not an Amarok problem11:22
Mamarokwe only provide the links, not the servers :)11:22
liberviscoI know :D11:22
liberviscowell actually I wont add a backports repository, just get the specific amarok package11:23
liberviscodon't want to have other stuff updated which I don't want :)11:23
Mamarokthen just choose what you want, you don't have to install everything11:23
Mamarokand you will have to activate the backports to get it, once it's in the repo11:24
liberviscoyeah, but I mean if there is something in backports that I already do have installed, but don't want updated11:24
Mamarokyou don't have to, just select what you want to install11:24
tsimpsonyou can choose what packages to update and what not11:24
liberviscoon dist-upgrade I mean11:24
liberviscoor just upgrade11:24
tsimpsonthen don't dist-/upgrade ;)11:25
tsimpsonjust apt-get install <package>11:25
tsimpsonand it'll be updated11:25
liberviscoah but that's too convenient not to do :P11:25
Mamaroklibervisco: you don't make distrupgrade everytime, only once to upgrade, then you choose what you want in kpackagekit11:25
liberviscobtw, anyone has issues with adding widgets to the panel?11:27
liberviscothis is a clean from-scratch net install.. and it didn't work from the get go.. when I press the thing for editing the panel and click the "add widgets" button, the dialog shows up for like a milisecond and then just disappears and nothing happens11:28
liberviscoI can add widgets to the desktop though, just not the panel11:28
Mamaroklibervisco: in intrepid? should work11:29
Mamaroklibervisco: for jaunty, ask in #ubuntu+111:29
liberviscoand it did work in jaunty last time I tried, when it was KDE4.2.111:29
liberviscohm ok..11:29
liberviscoforgot about that channel, thanks :)11:30
Mamarokyou're welcome :)11:30
jonathan__i've two parts of a audio book. Both parts are in m4b format and contains bookmarks for the chapters. I would like to put these two files together to one big file without loosing the position of the bookmarks... Can anyone tell me how to do this?11:35
jonathan__thanks in advance :)11:36
Neremor i've two parts of a audio book. Both parts are in m4b format and contains bookmarks for the chapters. I would like to put these two files together to one big file without loosing the position of the bookmarks... Can anyone tell me how to do this?11:41
Mamarokjonathan__: you don't have to merge hte file11:41
Mamarokhm, Neremor ^^11:42
Mamarokthe* file11:42
Mamarokjonathan__, Neremor: which nick am I supposed to address now?11:43
NeremorNeremor please11:44
Mamarokok, so as I said, you don't have to merge the file, you can play those one after the other11:44
Mamarokwhen mergin you would have to re-write the two indexes with the risk of loosing it11:45
Neremorhm but i prefer having only one big file11:46
Neremori will backup both before so it's not that risky to join the files11:47
Mamarokthen check this thread: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=180073&page=611:47
Mamarokgoogle found it11:47
Neremorok thanks11:48
=== root is now known as Guest76532
MamarokGuest76532: are you logged in as root? Very bad idea IMHO11:50
Guest76532i'ved changed since these moment ^^11:50
Mamarokwell, you changed your nick, but did you change the login?11:50
SandGorgonguys.. the tooltips in KDE are the plasma-style ones and I dont like them very much - is it possible to get the simple yellow tooltips (used in gnome) ?11:51
MamarokSandGorgon: no11:51
SandGorgonMamarok: oh ok..11:51
Guest76532you mean,...i started irc witch sudo rights ?11:51
MamarokGuest76532: that's what I was asking, yes11:51
Mamarokand you shouldn't do that, ever11:52
Mamarokor even log into KDE as root, veery bad idea11:52
Guest76532i know XD....but that happens sometimes ^^11:52
Guest76532one minut ^^.....i'll be back ^.-11:53
Mamarokwell, don't complain if you break things or leave doors wide open for others11:53
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Guest11002ok...i have a little question for you guys,...what is "jam" ? ( i had compiled open outcast with it ), but i don't know how or what it is11:58
Guest11002something like "make" ?11:59
Mamarokdon't think so, maybe a script12:01
victimJust A Minute?12:02
Mamarokdid you google for it?12:02
SSJ_GZGuest11002: More or less: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perforce_Jam12:02
Mamarok!ask | victim12:02
ubottuvictim: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)12:02
Guest11002ok, i found it on manpage^^12:02
Guest11002       Jam is a program construction tool, like make(1).12:02
* Mamarok just learned something :)12:03
Guest11002that it^^...i'm finished12:03
=== william is now known as Guest85701
hyper_chcould it be that patch and diff changed from 8.10 to 9.04 ?12:25
hyper_chand who is responsible for kubuntu.org ? The download iframe doesn't work for anymore for the location download12:25
=== giuseppe is now known as Guest14031
admiral0i need a good guide for packaging for the ppa12:40
rachel_hey i love u all guys12:41
rachel_and gals12:41
=== ROSHA is now known as RoozbehOnline
=== jim_ is now known as jim__
=== jim__ is now known as jim_
=== thunderstruck is now known as gnomefreak
=== jim_ is now known as jim__
Mamarokadmiral0: did you check that:12:49
admiral0yes, i've seen it12:49
hyper_chMamarok: you don't happen to be involved with kubuntu.org ?12:50
admiral0i was interested to see if there was something else out there12:50
Mamarok? nohyper_ch: the website you mean12:50
Mamarokhyper_ch: the website you mean? no12:50
hyper_chMamarok: ok :)12:50
Mamarokadmiral0: what is not good about that guide?12:50
admiral0i didn't sy it isn't good12:51
Mamarokthat's the official one and it's fairly complete12:51
admiral0i wanted to see other guides too12:51
Mamarokadmiral0: well, google for it then, I only know this one12:51
admiral0thank you12:52
Mamarokyou are welcome :)12:52
=== ben is now known as Guest92620
huntercan somebody help me please? i am trying to get access so my lib but now i am receiving failer messages like this: Permission denied. i have no idea anymore why but it wasnt few days be4. anyone an idea?13:25
pataroki have a problem... when i startup i can hear the startup sound but when i try to start amarok kde tells me that the audio devices dont work falling back to ... ???13:26
vitalHow can I see what graphics-driver is in use?13:28
DarkTanis there any way to log in to my other linux computer over my network from this one, with out being able to physcally access the target computer?14:01
Pliskinssh ?14:03
=== rachel is now known as Guest58772
Guest58772hi all, can anybody help me, I cannot see any movie in kubuntu intrepid, I want to know what I have to download. If I use VLC it just closes after a second and Dragon player just has audio, no video14:06
=== Guest58772 is now known as rachel_
rachel_hey can anybody help me?14:07
DarkTanhows does one use ssh?14:08
rachel_ hi all, can anybody help me, I cannot see any movie in kubuntu intrepid, I want to know what I have to download. If I use VLC it just closes after a second and Dragon player just has audio, no video14:09
=== Me is now known as Exo
=== Exo is now known as Exordian
rachel_ hi all, can anybody help me, I cannot see any movie in kubuntu intrepid, I want to know what I have to download. If I use VLC it just closes after a second and Dragon player just has audio, no video14:17
=== thunderstruck is now known as gnomefreak
quassel208sudo dd if=PCBSD7.1-RC1-x64-USB.img of=/dev/sdb1 this command are i doing it good?14:22
quassel208To write the USB ISO file to a Flash Card or USB pen drive you can do this with the Unix command 'dd':14:22
quassel208dd if=<path_to/img_file.iso> of=/dev/da0 bs=1m14:22
xray7224hey can i use kde 3.5.10 on the new ubuntu ?14:38
bazhangxray7224, on intrepid?14:39
ActionParsnipxray7224: you can compile it or find a PPA, there is a project for it14:39
* xray7224 is tempted just to install gutsy14:40
ActionParsnipxray7224: install lxde and boot to that, lightweigtht DE with all the kde apps you love14:42
xray7224i hate lxde14:43
xray7224i might as well just run openbox :S14:43
xray7224or xmonad :P14:43
xray7224i think the new kde is ugly i just prefer the look of the old :S donno why but anyway14:47
ralema56i am fairly new to linux, i'm used to windows commands. when i type "ls" in console i get a list of directories but  when i try to change to one of the directories it says that it's not a valid directory. maybe somone who is bored could answer this :P14:59
=== jtisme is now known as jtholmes
tsimpsonralema56: does the directory contain spaces?15:00
quassel208http://paste.ubuntu.com:80/148905/ why do I get the error here ?15:01
ralema56i was just trying to "cd pictures"15:01
tsimpsonralema56: are you sure it's "pictures"? not "Pictures" ?15:01
ralema56oh capitals matters :P15:02
tsimpsonlinux is Case Sensitive15:02
ralema56gotcha ty15:02
tsimpsonquassel208: you want either M or MB15:02
tsimpsonMB = 1000*1000, M = 1024*102415:03
quassel208oh okay15:03
quassel208so whats wrong ?15:03
tsimpsonquassel208: 'm' is not 'M' or 'MB'15:04
quassel208can you paste the command how you think it would be ?15:04
tsimpsonjust change "bs=1m" to "bs=1M"15:05
=== thunderstruck is now known as gnomefreak
tsimpsonbut you don't need bs if you're not using count15:05
tsimpsonunless you want to optimise for speed/memory usage15:06
liberviscoIs there a way to change the hardware temperature plasmoid to show celsius instead of F?15:07
tsimpsonit should work off your locale, so change it form System Settings -> Regional & Language -> Other15:08
quassel208tsimpson thanks, I founded that command on pcbsd.org15:08
GillesMHello I am testing 9.04 it seems slower than 8.10 ....15:12
liberviscotsimpson, thanks15:16
underbizest zhivie?15:20
underbizpostavil kubuntu 9.04 beta15:20
underbizne mogy russkim yazikom pisat15:20
underbizkakie to arabskie ieroglifi15:21
underbizkto znaet 4to delat?15:21
=== ubuntu is now known as garthounet
garthounetla chaine fr15:22
garthounetchan fr?15:22
garthounetla chaine francaise s'il vous plait15:22
* garthounet demande la chaine francaise15:23
skrzatunderbiz: download language pack15:23
underbizne pomoglo15:24
=== Metal|AFK is now known as Metal
underbizdo your speak english?15:26
underbizor russian?15:27
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke15:27
patarokcould somebody tell me why it is no more possible to open a login with ctrl+alt+f1 in kubuntu 9.04? i always get a black screen..15:27
tsimpsonit's probably an issue with usplash, which you can disable by removing the word "splash" from the boot option in /etc/boot/grub/menu.lst15:28
tsimpsonit's best to ask in #ubuntu+1 for jaunty support though15:29
Stubenhocker_I've got a machine with Kubuntu 7.10 installed and I'm currently considering whether I should upgrade it to 8.04. Trouble is, the user of this machine is elderly and extremely picky about even smallest changes in the UI.15:32
Stubenhocker_I do not really know how to proceed with this. Any opinions?15:33
GillesMdon't you feel 9.04 is a bit more slower ?15:41
AizawaHow do I change the keybind for krunner? alt+f2 isn't really easy to press, at least not to me15:42
=== chabier is now known as Guest4160
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vmeloDo you know where I can take Kubuntu 8.10-KDE3 image?15:54
vmeloI'm looking for the image (iso), for a while I found just the repositories15:58
carpii__ive not seen kde3 running reliably on 8.1016:01
carpii__its not a simple thing to downgrade16:02
carpii__youre better off using 8.0416:02
carpii__you could try these16:02
carpii__theres a live cd apparently16:02
carpii__i never had much luck with the repo's there16:03
vmelocarpii__: actually, I'm running 8.04 here, but it will be supported until october16:03
carpii__8.04 is supported until april 201116:04
vmelocarpii__: are you sure? the download page shows oct/09, I guess16:04
jussi01vmelo: 9.04 will have a kde3 release.16:05
PodeCoetare there any recommended spamfilters for kmail?16:06
carpii__jussi, thats good news :)16:06
carpii__i hated the way they just forced kde 4 on you16:06
vmelojussi01, you mean the image too or just the repositories?16:06
jussi01vmelo: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Kde3/Jaunty16:06
vmelojussi01, this is great!16:07
ramonhi all, does anybody know why my amarok is not playing music, I mean there's no sound16:08
ubottuAmarok is an audio player for Linux with an intuitive interface. The latest version is 1.4.8 (1.4.3 for Dapper LTS). Packages are available for Kubuntu at www.kubuntu.org See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Amarok16:08
GillesMI have some display problems on 9.04 sometime a part of screen is deleted16:08
=== devnull is now known as ddevnul
jussi01GillesM: 9.04 support in #ubuntu+116:10
vmelocarpii__, jussi01, thanks for your answers16:10
ddevnulguys, congratulations... kubuntu 9.04 still in beta, and it rocks! I can't wait for the official release ^^16:11
ddevnulqt is so much responsive than gtk, everything is better on kde :)16:12
vmelohow about i8x5 drivers? Is it already fixed?16:13
ddevnuldunno, envyng works great for me with NVIDIA and ATI cards16:15
vmeloI gave jaunty beta a try, but I just can run the live cd on safe mode16:15
jaimeHi, I just installed kubuntu 8.04.2 and my microphone works, but doesn't record or function with skype16:15
vertago1jaime are you using kde4 or 3?16:16
jaimeIn kmix or alsa-mixer I have tried everything, it's very weird, because the mic gives an output through my speakers16:16
vertago1ok good16:16
vmeloI have hardy running here and there is no trouble with skype16:16
vertago1skype doesn't work with kde4 until like 4.216:16
=== jaime is now known as GARZA
GARZAI'm using Kubuntu 8.04.2, installed from the CD.16:17
jussi01vmelo: Ive heard that installing the 915 driver fixes the issue16:17
vertago1Garza have you looked in the settings to see if there are switches and chanels you arn't showing in kmix?16:17
GARZAvertago1: I have tried everything, within kmix16:18
GARZAvertago1: all switches, and nothing16:18
vertago1well to keep the mic from outputing through your speakers you need to mute the mic on the kmix16:19
vertago1as an output16:19
GARZAvertago1: I don't get it, I have installed Ubuntu dozens of times, and never had this problem16:19
vmelojussi01, that's good, I'm gonna give it a try again soon16:19
GARZAvertago1: Yes, that works, the problem ist that it doesn't record with krec or send sound with skype16:19
ddevnulcya dudes16:20
ddevnullol br na parada16:20
GARZAvertago1: And of course I have record on the mic activated through kmix16:20
vertago1GARZA are there input source switches on yours?16:21
GARZAvertago1: I have KDE 3.5.1016:25
GARZAvertago1: and the input source switches are on the mic, as I said, the Mic works, I can hear it on the speakers, but I'm not able to record or use skype with it, I don't know why16:26
vertago1GARZA what other switch options are there? some cards have a front mic too16:26
GARZAThis has no front mic16:27
BluesKajvertago1, the front mic is usually the onboard audio on the mobo16:28
vertago1not sure what to tell you GARZA, since you already can hear the mic over the speakers when you unmute it. If there is a record volume you might check that, or you might check the sound device selected in skype16:30
=== richard is now known as Guest45290
GARZATHanks anyway, I have tried everything already16:33
rachel_ hi all, can anybody help me, I cannot see any movie in kubuntu intrepid, I want to know what I have to download. If I use VLC it just closes after a second and Dragon player just has audio, no video16:35
mkassonto go from Ubuntu to Kubuntu, is "sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop" all I have to do?16:36
rachel_mkasson : yes16:36
mkassonrachel_, thanks.  is the difference then just the presentation and usability of data?16:37
mkassonor is there more to it?16:37
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) Riddell, Tm_T, fdoving, Mez, stdin, jpatrick, seth_k, apokryphos, nalioth, Hobbsee, robotgeek, imbrandon, gnomefreak, genii, Hawkwind, trappist, LjL, haggai, fooishbar, crimsun, seth, apokryphos, DBO, nixternal, PriceChild, Pici or jussi01!16:38
mkasson(I was having trouble when I installed the desktop having my two screens work and want to know if its worth the effort16:38
rachel_mkasson : different applications, different usability16:38
* gnomefreak way too slow16:38
mkassongnomefreak, you mean the kick or kubuntu?16:39
mkassonor kde I guess16:39
gnomefreakto react to !ops16:39
BluesKajfast enuff , once invoked16:40
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=== Raptor-Jesus is now known as RaptorJesus-
gayatrihi guys16:49
mkassondoes Kubuntu have problems with multi-montor any different than ubuntu?16:49
gayatrihow do i run x-windows in ubuntu?16:49
mkassongayatri, perhaps try #ubuntu? more people? more active?16:51
hallownamegayatri: like from tty? 'sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start' ?16:52
hallownamemkasson: all linux has problems with multi-monitor lol. problem being capitalism.16:52
gayatrithanks mkasson16:52
mrksbrdhas anyone successfully tethered a blackberry to linux yet? every article I found hasn't worked16:53
mkassonhallowname, ummm capitalism?16:56
mkassonmrksbrd, meant to look that up today.16:56
mkassonyou mean charging or syncing16:56
mrksbrdto use as modem16:56
mkassonohhhhh.  no clue16:57
hallownamemkasson: money. companies dont pay for big linux multi-monitor setup guis for their drivers. nvidia is ok about it i guess. most dont give a piss about linux. bc it doesnt make them money.16:57
mrksbrdthere was 2 out there I found, but kicks back an error & then disc after about 30 secs16:57
mkassonhallowname, well, it works for me under Ubuntu.  I tried for about 1 hr last night to get it working w/K but no luck16:58
mkassonit uses the second monitor if I move an app there, but no desktop background or desktop activities (right click)16:58
hallownamemrksbrd: i did that once on my ex's blackberry. like 6months ago. dont remember any issues. keep googlen.16:58
mrksbrdmkasson: http://www.blackberryforums.com/linux-users-corner/182834-verizon-tethering-ubuntu-working.html16:59
hallownamemkasson: ah, kde is Xinerama multiscreen only i heard. never had more than one monitor at once16:59
mrksbrdhallow i don't know enough about the script files files yet16:59
hallownamemkasson: dunno anything about that stuff16:59
hallownamemrksbrd: learn :D what dont you know? ask someone17:00
mrksbrdit gives me a -f switch error, but fully recognizes it17:00
mrksbrdhallowname: look @ that link I posted, i put it up on the forum....it's the last one....you will see the -f error17:02
mkassonmrksbrd, cool, but I actually just need to charge my BB.  Need the USB 2 handshake voltage increase17:02
mrksbrdif u get it to recognize thru usb, shouldn't need voltage increase, under windows it charges just fine17:03
mkassonwindows does the voltage bump17:04
mkasson(perhaps because it recognizes?)17:04
hallownamemrksbrd: the file conf/verizon obviously is passing pppd the -f switch that your version doesnt suppport. change the conf/verizon file.17:04
hallownamemrksbrd: or match pppd versions with the bbthether's author17:05
thepizzanatorHey, I need a program to modify Grub so that XP is the default operating system. I know there's one for Gnome with a nice GUI that lets you mess around with GRUB, change the theme of grub, stuff like that, anyone know what it's called??17:05
thepizzanatorI'm going to be AFK so if you could PM me the name that would be great :)17:05
mrksbrdhallowname: that's what i don't know how to change.....lol17:05
shock_day13hey everyone17:06
jackcyExcuse me, I am trying to build kitzchensync with the latest availabe svn code. Somehow cmake does not recognize the KDE4_ADD_LIBRARY. I even installed and reinstalled kdelibs5-dev and cmake but no success. Can you give me a hint?17:06
mrksbrdmkasson: i think i have a link....hold on17:08
hallownamemrksbrd: um 'nano -w /path/to/bbtether/conf/verizon' ?17:08
mrksbrdwhat is nano & the -w switch17:13
mrksbrdsorry for my newbieness with it...lol17:14
Unksimrksbrd: disables line wrapping17:15
mrksbrdmkmasson: u have bluetooth in puter?17:15
mrksbrdlet me try17:16
jackcyExcuse me, I am trying to build kitzchensync with the latest availabe svn code. Somehow cmake does not recognize the KDE4_ADD_LIBRARY. I even installed and reinstalled kdelibs5-dev and cmake but no success. Can anyone give me a hint? Using jaunty 9.04 with latest updates and could not find anything on the web.17:16
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mkassonmrksbrd, nope  no BT17:24
|PaperTiger|Why does my second monitor work for a while, then when I boot up a few days later, not work?17:25
mkasson|PaperTiger|, what method you using to use 2nd mon?17:25
|PaperTiger|mkasson, Catalyst Control Centre17:26
mkasson(1) see http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=221174 (2) hallowname says Xinerama only works in Kubuntu (if I read him right)17:26
|PaperTiger|Thank you :)17:27
mkasson|PaperTiger|, I'm working on same, so please post what you do.17:28
|PaperTiger|mkasson, if I get it to work and STAY working, I shall.17:28
|PaperTiger|mkasson, this happens all the time. It works for a while, then suddenly doesn't..17:29
mkasson|PaperTiger|, under Kubuntu only or Ubuntu also?17:29
mkassonFYI w/ my hardware I seem to be OK w/Ubuntu17:30
mkassonwell at least for the few days I've been doing it17:30
|PaperTiger|mkasson, Kubuntu17:30
|PaperTiger|With Ubuntu, I was fine, but I decided to move to Kubuntu when I reinstalled.17:31
devilsadvocatehi, i have a dvd in a format called .img . what/how should i do with it? (i want to play the file, not burn it onto a disc)17:34
trappistdevilsadvocate: what does this say: file filename.img17:37
devilsadvocatetrappist, UDF filesystem data (version 1.5)17:38
devilsadvocateso mount -o loop worked on it, and now i have this Video_ts and audio_ts folers17:38
trappistyeah you should be able to play the vob files with, say, mplayer17:39
trappistor you may be able to do like mplayer /dev/loop017:39
devilsadvocateis there some dvd player like software that will take care of all of that?17:39
trappistthe loopback device the fs is mounted on17:39
trappisttry mplayer, xine, etc. on the loopback device17:40
devilsadvocatehm, ok17:40
devilsadvocatetrappist, yay. that worked. awesome17:41
jackcydoest anyone know how to tell cmake how to find KDE4_ADD_LIBRARY?17:42
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mrksbrdhallowname: still here?17:47
ralema56anyone know why when i play media, it cuts out, like lag? normal? sorry newb question17:47
mrksbrdralema56: might not have all of the codecs it needs installed.  what prog u using?17:48
trappistGuest44161: test passed17:50
=== Guest44161 is now known as John
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ralema56Rhythmbox 0.11.617:51
mrksbrdfor audio or video?17:51
ralema56it plays the songs, it just randomly cuts out like its buffering17:51
ralema56same thing with playing videos on youtube though, even though it has buffered way ahead it still hicups17:52
mrksbrddid u try installing another app to see if it does it w/that as well?17:52
mrksbrdlike mplayer or vlc17:52
ralema56yeah same thing on amorak17:52
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mrksbrdhallowname: u still here?17:53
mrksbrdnot sure w/audio....i know w/video could depend on player being used, but if your getting it w/anyone u use i don't know17:54
mrksbrdmkasson: u still here?17:56
jackcyralema56, you could try to disable audio output for notifications in the system settings (second tab - no audio output). could probably help/worth a try.17:57
mrksbrdanyone had success on using blackberry as modem thru linix?18:01
ralema56trying it18:12
ralema56still cuts out18:15
ralema56maybe the system i am running is just slow18:15
ralema56moving windows around lags a lil even :P18:15
darioi'm new of here...18:38
darioi'm italian...where are you?18:38
sdfasdfasdfsadfhi whats the difference between fedora 10 kde and kubuntu?18:41
dariowho the difference?18:41
Dragnslcrsdfasdfasdfsadf- Red Hat and Ubuntu are completely separate distributions18:43
sdfasdfasdfsadfnow seriously, does kubuntu has all those magic wizars ubuntu claim to have?18:44
Mugenis here anybody using Konversation? (how can I import a "server list" or something?)18:44
huacan someone help me with a technical support issue regarding my internet browzer?18:45
DragnslcrMugen- dunno if you can through the GUI, though you can probably edit the config file directly if you want18:45
Unksihua: just ask the problem and people will help you if they can :)18:46
Mugenah, thanks18:46
huaI am watching a movie on the internet and halfway through my movie the browzer automatically closes or it will stop playing...what could be the problem?18:47
darioc'è qualche ragazzo/a italiano???18:47
Unksihua: is it a flash movie?18:47
huayes... i think it is..18:48
Dragnslcr!it | dario18:48
ubottudario: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)18:48
dariograzie mille18:48
Unksihmm.. have you tried to scroll through to the other half, or to the middle to continue? how does it act on that?18:48
huaYes i have tried that... but it doesn18:49
huait didn18:49
huait didnt help18:49
josehello how r u?18:49
Unksiok, does it work well on other flash content?18:49
huaIt was working well up to now.... and is just encountering this issue...18:51
Unksican you give me a link to the site with that flash so i can have a try if it works here or not?18:51
DragnslcrMugen- in ~/.kde/share/config/konversationrc there are [Server N] and [ServerGroup N] blocks18:52
huaI can but you have to promise not to judge why I am watching a silly drama..:)18:52
Unksiheh i wont :p its about the bug not that anyway18:52
Mugenah, thx18:52
huathat is the link18:54
Unksilets see18:55
Unksiit let me to scroll to the latter half at least18:55
future_Ahoi  all18:56
Unksihua: works well from 8 minutes to 10 minutes.. is that where it crashes for you?18:57
Unksiwhich browser are you using?18:57
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huai believe it is moxizilla18:58
Unksican you try launching firefox from konsole with firefox --ProfileManager and then creating a new profile and trying to watch it there?18:59
huaim sorry... i do19:00
huai dont understand19:00
Unksipress alt+f2 and write firefox --ProfileManager there19:00
Unksiand press enter19:00
huacan you help me step by step?19:00
Unksiyou should get a window where you can create a new profile to firefox, do that and then go to that site and see if it still does the same19:01
moriancumerHow do I install new kde4 themes?19:03
huado i press alt+f2 while  on the browser window?19:04
Unksino, when it is closed19:04
Unksiyou have kde4, right?19:04
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m_tadeu_hi all19:12
m_tadeu_is there an app so that I can test my micrphone?19:13
Unksiyou could try audio recording with audacity19:13
m_tadeu_thanks :)19:13
Unksiyoure welcome :)19:13
m_tadeu_so my microphones are not working....what can I do?19:16
huathank you unksi... though it did19:19
huait didnt work though19:19
huahava a great day!!19:19
Unksihua: ok, you too19:20
lun4ticis there any way to get jaunty kubuntu beta working persistent from usb drive19:29
m_tadeu_is there a problem with thins line in a config file?19:29
m_tadeu_DeviceName[3]=Wireless Mic #121009338  : USB Audio (hw:1,0)19:29
lun4ticcause mine doesn't save anything at all19:29
m_tadeu_lun4tic: you have 2 partitions I guess....one of them called "persistent" or something like that19:30
lun4tici made a casper-rw file in the "casper" directory of the usb stick and even tried to change the initrd.gz "init" file by adding persistent boot option with variable names19:30
lun4ticone is called casper-cow19:31
lun4ticthe other is fat and contains the live cd files copied by usb-creator19:31
lun4ticso it doesn't accept ext3 image files made with dd and mkfs.ext3 and doesn't use the available ext3 partition19:33
m_tadeu_DeviceName[3]=Wireless Mic #121009338  : USB Audio (hw:1,0)19:35
m_tadeu_shouldn't I have to set an escape char before the #?19:36
m_tadeu_that is from a config file19:36
charlesdoes anyone know how to modify an iso file?19:37
charlesi need to add wifi drivers19:38
charlesto the ubuntu 9.04 iso and still keep it bootable19:38
jussi01!uck | charles19:41
ubottucharles: UCK is a tool that helps you customise official Ubuntu Live CDs (including Kubuntu/Xubuntu and Edubuntu) to your needs. See http://uck.sourceforge.net/19:41
mrksbrdgenii: u here?19:42
charlesoh thank you19:43
charlescan i use sudo apt-get install !uck  ??19:43
* mrksbrd summons genii for some help19:45
charleswhere can i get uck?19:46
charlesi looked in synaptic and add remove  i cant find it19:46
mrksbrdcharles: just follow the link it has a .deb file on soundforge19:46
mrksbrdanyone good @ modding pppd files?19:49
flucksbawkshi all19:51
BigMack83_how could i use dolphin to connect to my server which has an authentication key? or is it possible with dolphin. if not is there a recommended program for sftp with a gui?19:52
mrksbrdBluesKaj: you avail?19:53
BluesKajyeah, just got back19:54
mrksbrdu any good with pppd scripts?19:54
mrksbrdone error in mine & i can't figure it out19:54
mkassonmrksbrd, back now19:54
BluesKajpppd ? nope19:54
mkassonstill no luck I see.  sorry to read19:55
mrksbrdi have a sudo line that should get your usb working @ least to charge19:56
BluesKajwhat is a ppd script anyway , don't think I've heard of it19:56
BluesKajerr pppd19:56
mrksbrdwhat i am trying to do is use blackberry as a modem19:56
mrksbrdfound everything i needed, but it gives me a -f switch error19:57
ikoniamrksbrd: blackberry's have  propriatary cable/bluetooth stack19:59
mrksbrdmkasson: sudo apt-get install python libusb-dev ppp python-usb ........try that......should work @ least to charge20:00
mrksbrdikonia: meaning?20:00
mkassoncool.  will give it a shot.  in middle of xorg.conf editing :/20:00
ikoniamrksbrd: you need to use a project called "john something" - it's very early and quite beta but it can work20:00
BigMack83_can anyone recommend a gui client to connect to my server for sftp with a server that has an authentication key20:01
mrksbrdok so all the inst out there are bogus?20:01
mrksbrdi just can't imagine it being any harder/different than using a reg aircard20:02
mrksbrdif i can get KPPP to recognize the /dev/pts/2 i think i might be able to get it to work20:04
mrksbrdall this manual configing is driving me nuts20:05
mkassonanyone know xorg.conf for  Xinerama?20:06
mkassonmy normal has no ServerLayout it appears20:06
mrksbrdikonia: if u don't mind check this link out and look @ the -f line....this is what is messing me up.......  http://www.blackberryforums.com/linux-users-corner/182834-verizon-tethering-ubuntu-working.html20:07
ikoniamrksbrd: I'll certainly read that now20:09
Viincentsera a tutti20:10
mrksbrd!it | Viincent20:11
ubottuViincent: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)20:11
ikoniamrksbrd: my cut thought on that is it's not going to work on non-verizon blackberry's but I've never used that product or heard about it, so I don't know20:12
mrksbrdbut i have verizon....let me pastebin what it kicks back to me20:13
ikoniamrksbrd: ok - so the config file has an option -f that is not known to that application20:16
mrksbrdikonia: yup exactly20:20
ikoniamrksbrd: remove the -f ?20:21
mrksbrdalready tried20:21
mrksbrdthats what i can't figure out20:21
mkassonmrksbrd, FYI doesn't seem to do the voltage increase20:24
mkassonat least according to the BB20:24
mrksbrdmine charges fine.....have it plugged in now20:24
mkassonand I guess you didn't get that message about not enough voltage like I did20:25
mkassonah well.  you install much else?20:25
mrksbrdjust one other line.....but don't think it would matter......let me ask u this u have usb 1.1 or 2.0?20:26
mrksbrdhold on20:26
mkassonerr, you meaan on the pc or BB?>20:26
=== maco_ is now known as maco
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.20:27
mkassonk, yeah 2.0.  its a pretty new PC20:28
ubottuebox is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/eBox20:28
mrksbrdsudo apt-get install python-wxgtk2.820:28
mrksbrdikonia: have u tried setting it up thru bluetooth?20:29
mkassonsure, another 55MB to get my blackberry to charge.  why not? ;)20:29
mkassonha, but it does!20:30
mkassonis that gtk?20:30
mkassonand why the heck would gtk make it work20:30
mrksbrdthats what i said....didn't think it would matter much20:30
mrksbrdjust running u thru the steps20:30
mrksbrdone of them worked when i did it20:31
mrksbrdjust wish i could get modem working.....i could care less about charging right now LMAO20:31
DanDancan anyone help  me . im having an Xorg server problem20:32
DanDanand im not an expert20:32
ikoniamrksbrd: when I had a blackberry bold I had a lot of problems due to the propriatary stack20:33
mrksbrdif windows can do it I KNOW DEEP IN MY HEART LINUX WILL BE ABLE TO DO IT BETTER....lol20:35
cspacksounds like it's more an error in the chat script than the phone20:35
DanDanso no one can help me with the XORG problem ive been having for a month now :(20:35
mrksbrdwell i'll paste the chat script for ya if u can help20:35
cspacki'll take a look, used it with a cellphone at one time20:36
mrksbrdDANDAN: just ask the ?20:36
DanDanmrksbrd :  I was updating my 8.04 as usuall .. and when I restarted i got this error msg saying that COuldnt start X server ..20:37
DanDanafterwards when i try to log in to Gnome .. The wallpaper loads but the screen gets white and gts me back to the login screen again as I can only access KDE ..20:37
DanDan another thing I noticed .. I was at synaptic checking the xorg files .. there was an upgrade but i couldnt upgrade as an xinput couldnt be installed "thats the error msg im getting"20:37
cspackmrksbrd can you paste the calling script with the chat -f command?20:39
mrksbrdyea one sec20:39
mrksbrdDANDAN: sorry on that one, i'm not to good w/editing xorg20:42
DanDanmrksbrd : Thanks for the response anyways :)20:42
mrksbrdjust stay in the room i'm sure someone will be able to help20:42
cspackmrksbrd: i don't know, syntax looks ok, what happens if you type /usr/bin/chat -f in konsole, that's seems to be where it's complaining20:44
mrksbrdlet me post what terminal spits back out when i run the command20:45
mrksbrdcspack: http://paste.ubuntu.com/149093/20:48
mrksbrdit's doing what it needs to up until that point20:49
ActionParsnip1yo yo yo20:49
mrksbrdhey Action!!20:50
MTecknologyCould somebody go to http://sd.ubuntu-us.org with konqueror and tell me if the site looks ok?20:51
ActionParsnip1MTecknology: not got konqueror dude, if no one replys soon i'll install it quickly20:52
ActionParsnip1give it a few mins20:52
MTecknologyI found someone - thanks though :)20:53
mrksbrdMT, left side text is cut off, "go" button in red but also has standard text over it as well20:53
MTecknologymrksbrd: does it look like this? http://launchpadlibrarian.net/25255712/screenshot.png20:54
mrksbrdlooks great other wise20:55
MTecknologythat really sucks :(20:56
mkassonThis is nice.  System Settings, Display causes System Settings to crash20:56
mrksbrdcspack: any ideas?20:56
MTecknologyI don't know why it will work in every single other thing, but not konqueror20:56
mrksbrdstandard might be different20:56
mrksbrdfrom mozzilla20:56
mrksbrdlet me check it in firefox20:57
patarokcould somebody tell me the channel for jaunty?20:57
pataroksomething with +1?20:57
mkassonpatarok, I think it was something like #ubuntu+120:57
ubottuJaunty Jackalope is the codename for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 23rd, 2009 -  Schedule in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyReleaseSchedule - Lots of breakage between now and April 23rd - Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion and support.20:57
mrksbrdWOW !!!!!......much different in firefox20:58
ActionParsnip1mrksbrd: looked ok in opera too20:58
MTecknologymrksbrd: you like it in firefox? :)20:59
mrksbrdvery good job i'd say20:59
mrksbrdwanna build a site for me?20:59
MTecknologydoes ok in IE6,7,8, firefox, any gecko browser, a few other browsers...21:00
mrksbrdi hate when i can't figure out how to get something to work on here21:00
MTecknologybut not konqueror21:00
MTecknologywhat kind of site do you want?21:01
mrksbrdyea i would say standard is different21:01
peterhilMTecknology: The site looked ok in Safari too, so it must be a problem with some Konqueror rendereing bug21:01
MTecknologycan I blame it on konqueror? :)21:01
mrksbrdMTecknology: photography21:01
MTecknologyso you want a pretty theme and a gallery?21:02
mrksbrdi'll PM u21:02
patarokhas anybody an idea what the reason could be that elisa wont start anymore?21:02
MTecknologyit's ok - Drupal can probably do everything you want pretty easily21:02
peterhilMaybe. Of course it would be nice that sites would work on Konq too...21:02
peacheswhich site21:04
mrksbrdActionParsnip1: still there?21:09
locohello loco21:09
malibuok I am used to ubuntu.. my first time with kubuntu.. How do I change to a static address?  I opened up the 'globe' in the toolbar, created a connection called eth0 and gave it the address but it's not taking??21:10
mrksbrdjust trying to get this damn dialer to work21:10
mrksbrdi'm running out of ideas here21:11
ActionParsnip1malibu: you can edit /etc/network/interfaces  to set static ip, the app will then be useless, you will have to set dns servers in /etc/resolv.conf21:11
malibuActionParsnip1: really?  wow.. ok21:11
malibuActionParsnip1: Why have the app then?21:11
ActionParsnip1malibu: its good for people who dont like editting config files even though its not that hard. its also handy if you roa between multiple LANs21:13
malibuActionParsnip1: but you just said I had to edit the config file anyway..21:13
ActionParsnip1malibu: if you populate that file your system will boot marginally faster as it will not wait for dhcp to complete21:14
=== smitty_ is now known as Guest85426
ActionParsnip1malibu: i never said you HAD TO. I said you COULD21:14
malibuActionParsnip1: Oh21:14
malibuOh.. sorry.. I thought you said the app WAS useless, not 'will then' be useless21:14
ActionParsnip1malibu: if you populate the file, it will supercede any settings in the app21:15
malibuarg, now I need to hunt down the format for the file21:15
=== ibm is now known as Rif
malibuwhat's the deal with the shaded pad on the desktop?21:17
Rifhi everybody.. n thanks for ubuntu team!! great system21:18
cspackmrksbrd: not really, only thing i can think to try is use single-quotes around connect “/usr/sbin/chat -f conf/verizon-chat”21:18
cspack-f is defintely a valid option for the chat command21:19
cspackwish i had a blackberry to test it myself :)21:19
mrksbrdi don't know what else to do21:20
mrksbrdguess i'll have to see if the creator will ever get back to me to figure it out21:21
cspackmight want to send your log file to the author's email address tcolar@colar.net21:21
mrksbrdit's like giving a kid a blow pop....letting him get all the way down to the gum ...then taking it away......lol21:21
mrksbrdyea sounds like it....thanks again for trying21:22
Rifhello i have a problem on my laptop, KDE desktop doesn't open and gives this ERROR, "kinit no resume image, doing normal boot...21:24
sigma_zahey guys, how do i get kopete to make a sound when i get a message on msn?21:24
Rif/whois $me21:25
Rifhello i have a problem on my laptop, KDE desktop doesn't open and gives this ERROR, "kinit no resume image, doing normal boot...21:26
jon_hello world!21:27
=== jon_ is now known as jonem
mrksbrdcspack: i changed the quotes like u said.....worked a little differently.....but still gave this error ......21:28
mrksbrdFailed finding end of line(timeout) for:21:28
mrksbrdError: [Errno 11] Resource temporarily unavailable21:28
mrksbrdthe -f line i guess is valid now21:29
mrksbrdwonder if it is talking about the port it is trying to use !!!!!21:30
cspackhmm could be21:31
tryрусские есть? :)21:33
pbatry: 121:33
malibudoes anyone know why my tightvnc server keeps dying with kde?  It's always worked fine with gnome.....21:33
=== ubuntu is now known as manpoole
mrksbrdi can get a regular aircard to work using an express slot VERY easily, using KPPP, but this is racking my brain21:34
malibuBAH.. I'm switching back to ubuntu..21:35
ActionParsnip1vnc sucks hard21:35
=== drostie_ is now known as drostie
malibuActionParsnip1: What other methods are there to connect to headless servers?21:36
ActionParsnip1malibu: ssh21:36
ActionParsnip1malibu: servers imho should NOT have X servers running21:36
malibuActionParsnip1: yeah I might be able to handle that but my wife cant21:36
pbahi, i have 2 pc (one with 2 lan) and adsl router which is connected to my isp as router. how to make possible that my 2 pc will be connected together and it will be able to reach internet from both of them. any man will be good. thx and sry 4 my eng21:36
malibuActionParsnip1: Well it's not a server.. it's my PC that runs KVM..21:36
ActionParsnip1malibu: why is she accessing a headless system?21:36
malibuActionParsnip1: In this case Kubuntu is a guest21:36
malibuActionParsnip1: I'm not sure how to even answer that... cuz there is crap she doesn't want to execute on her laptop?21:37
malibuAnyway, KDE isn't working with vnc for me21:38
malibuAnd I need it to21:38
malibuI'm not interfacing with my PC solely with ssh21:38
ActionParsnip1malibu: if it works dont fix it, i use forwarded x server and ssh for remote admin21:38
pbacan somebody help me with nettwork?21:39
malibuActionParsnip1: That doesn't work for me21:39
Rifhow can i run Kubuntu installation from my dvdrom from the command line?21:40
malibuAnyway, if I say X needs to work don't recommend Y.. Help me with X21:40
ActionParsnip1malibu: then if gnome works then stick with that21:41
malibuActionParsnip1: ok.. that's cool.  thanks21:41
manpooleso can someone help me out with connecting to a secured wpa wireless network and then disconnecting every minute? when the unsecured network stays connected?21:46
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs21:47
ali_hi guys21:48
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doleybmalibu: Are you aware of the -X feature of ssh?22:01
xiqxxxis there a way to install linux from hd to ram to hd? i dont have disc or cd burner :(22:07
marwan_how can i configure ruby apache and mysql on Ubuntu ? please who can help ?22:08
cspackxiqxxx: you can install it from a usb flash drive22:10
marwan_can some one help ?22:10
xiqxxxcspack i only have a really fat usbstick, blocks all usb pots22:11
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)22:14
ActionParsnip1!usb | xiqxxx22:14
ubottuxiqxxx: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent22:14
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|PaperTiger|I was wondering, could people comment on this laptop for me? http://www.ebuyer.com/product/14775722:17
ActionParsnip1!ot | |PaperTiger|22:17
ubottu|PaperTiger|: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!22:17
|PaperTiger|ActionParsnip1, sorry.22:18
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xiqxxx|PaperTiger| the price i like :)22:19
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ActionParsnip1shame its an ati card22:28
Raptor-JesusI installed a new compiz theme, but how do i add it?22:46
Raptor-Jesus!info themes22:48
ubottuPackage themes does not exist in intrepid22:48
ActionParsnip1Raptor-Jesus: i'd ask in #compiz22:50
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Raptor-Jesus!info gtk222:56
ubottuPackage gtk2 does not exist in intrepid22:56
cspackis it an emerald theme?22:57
psycohey, is there a way to disable a taskbar on one of my desktops? (8.10 kubuntu with compiz)23:00
jseaboldHello all, I am strongly considering switching from opensuse to ubuntu for its better support of scientific computing.  The thing is I love what's going on with KDE 4.23:03
jseaboldI realize that the only difference between kubuntu and ubuntu but I just the desktop environment, but I just want to make sure that's the only difference.  Packages for ubuntue work on kubuntu, there aren't any big compiler issues, etc.?23:04
jseaboldIs it fair to say that this is the case23:04
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dsl5715i have serious problems =/23:09
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slerderHey guys I have a truecrypt volume (an entire partition) and it doesnt show up in ubuntu "Computer" where all the rest of the drives are. Howver when I made a new partition and then encrypted it with truecrypt this one does show up in ubuntu and windows. Any idea on how to make the partition not show up anywhere? thanks23:28
ramonhi everybody...so i can't hear nothing here in my Kubuntu 8.0423:29
ZirgHey Gang. Attempted to update LTS to LTS (via the net) and am having major difficulties. Can someone look at this paste with me and suggest a way to overcome these dependency failures??    http://rafb.net/p/au0GRS14.html23:38
Zirgwhat does the error     cannot configure (current status `config-files')    mean to me? is it trying to tell me that some config files needs handled, somewhere? (no curses windows are open)23:38
tsimpsonZirg: try sudo apt-get -f install23:40
Zirgtsimpson, "Been There, Done That, Got the T-Shirt" and to no avail.23:40
ramonDoes anybody know why do my Kubuntu 8.04 after upgrade has no sound?23:40
Zirgtsimpson, wanna see the pastebin of that?23:40
acr0nymhow do I install kde themes23:41
acr0nymgoogle isn't helping out, I have the tar.gz file23:41
Zirgtsimpson, http://rafb.net/p/lnwYcI32.html23:42
chesterPlease keep talking, I a, starting to learn something23:42
tsimpsonZirg: it looks like it's a mix of debian and ubuntu23:44
tsimpson"libxfixes-dev: Depends: libxfixes3 (= 1: but 1:4.0.3-2 is installed" <- for instance23:44
tsimpsonunless you mean upgrading to jaunty23:45
Zirgtsimpson, yeah. i'm aware and i've just followed the instructions from the users in this and #Ubuntu to upgrade LTS to LTS.23:45
gorgonizeracr0nym: you should be able to add the new theme via System Settings -> Icons I believe, but have never done so myself..23:46
Zirgtsimpson, 6.06.2 LTS to 8.04 LTS was what I have been TRYING to do.23:46
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading23:46
tsimpson!info libxfixes3 hardy23:47
ubottulibxfixes3 (source: libxfixes): X11 miscellaneous 'fixes' extension library. In component main, is optional. Version 1:4.0.3-2 (hardy), package size 9 kB, installed size 64 kB23:47
tsimpsonok, so that's a hardy package, just not "ubufied"23:47
Zirgtsimpson, okay... (i guess) so where to, from here?23:48
tsimpsonZirg: what output does "sudo apt-get install xset" show?23:48
Zirgtsimpson, I'm big time afeared to power this thing off!23:48
tsimpsontrying to install each failing package may show more info23:48
Zirgtsimpson, it'll toss up a bunch of depend errors. want me to pastebin 'em or /msg 'em to you?23:48
acr0nymgorgonizer, there isn't an icons option. Only appearance, but there I have to add everything manually23:49
acr0nymno one an idea on how to install themes?23:49
Zirgtsimpson, hmm. in this case, it didn't. may i pm three lines to you?23:49
tsimpsonif it's short, my client "ping"s when I get a message ;)23:50
gorgonizeracr0nym: apologies.. I have been drinking today for the first time in 5 years... but in Appearance there should be an Icons subset.. from which there is an option to install a Theme file...23:50
Zirgtsimpson, OUCH! I lied to ya. :-(  It was six lines. Sorry!23:50
* Zirg hangs his head, in shame.23:50
tsimpsonZirg: try installing x11-xserver-utils then?23:52
Zirgtsimpson, explosion.  http://rafb.net/p/SAPoGx71.html23:52
tsimpsonhow about installing xutils23:54
acr0nymgorgonizer, it seems that I can only add icons in there23:54
acr0nymthe theme I downloaded has a lot more stuff like widgets etc23:54
gorgonizeracr0nym: ahhh, then in that case, I am unsure.. there must be an easy way to do it, but for the life of me I don't seem to be able to find it...23:55
bcoelho2000hi everybody!23:55
acr0nymme niether lol23:55
Zirgtsimpson, smaller explosion, but...  http://rafb.net/p/jNOXcO80.html23:55
tsimpsonZirg: move on to xset now23:58
Zirgtsimpson, that's the error i pm'd you earlier. same thing.23:59

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