joeywgrant, you're smarter than you look! ;-)00:05
joeywgrant, I think rockstar had the same impression.00:07
joeywgrant, as in, he ran away00:07
wgrantNow, LAZR looks interesting. And that code isn't awful.00:07
joeyyeah we've been hacking on LAZR for some time and it is continually being updated00:07
wgrantAlthough I had to hack lazr.restful to make it work with Python 2.6, and I should probably file a bug.00:07
joeywgrant, actually someone was working on that iirc00:08
joeyflacoste or barry00:08
joeyyou might file a bug though00:08
joeynot sure where they are with that00:08
joeymaybe we can use your patch00:08
wgrantI saw somebody make the tests work with 2.4, but there are code changes needed for 2.6.00:08
wgrantI might file a bug after breakfast.00:09
joeythat's like, 9 hours from now?00:09
joeyaren't you in the UK?00:09
joeyoh, my apologies.00:09
wgrant+11. It's just past 9am here.00:09
joeyI thought you were in the UK for some reason00:09
wgrantBy that I of course mean +10, because DST finished.00:10
joeyWhere abouts? OZ?00:10
joeyRight on.00:10
ScottKjoey: When you opensource sure.  Sorry to be a party pooper, but you've not opensourced the part of Launchpad that most interests me.02:42
* wgrant agrees with ScottK02:57

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