nicoInattenduOk , I undestand now .00:00
savvasand the person asking the merge is notified that it was merged00:00
savvasI guess merging sometimes can't be simple :)00:00
nicoInattenduThanks for the help. I try the merge to find a way to corretcly organiseand schedile  my code dev.00:03
wgrantThere are solutions like tarmac that look at the merge proposals and automatically merge branches.00:03
wgrantBut most projects that use Launchpad merge proposals just use them for tracking.00:03
wgrant(at this point, at least)00:03
nicoInattenduI gi to take a look on tarmac00:07
nicoInattenduF..., I do a mistake :'(. It is possible to revert a push ? After my merge on trunk I do a push , wihtout paramters :-(, and the result orf merge was pushed in the dev branch instead of trunk. And I see no more my commits on dev branch.00:13
wgrantnicoInattendu: You can just push an old copy of the branch (you might need to use push --overwrite).00:14
savvasI think you can bzr uncommit00:14
savvasbut I've never tried that00:15
wgrantYou can, but that might not be what's wanted here.00:15
nicoInattenduwgrant : thanks for the push --overwrite , It put my branch just as I wan't. I promise, to never, never do a push or pull without paramters. It's evil :)00:19
savvasI do bzr push :P00:20
savvasuse --remember to remember the last address you've sent it to00:21
wgrantnicoInattendu: If dev had diverged from trunk, the original push would have failed, so in most cases you can't do bad things like that.00:21
mthaddonnicoInattendu: bzr info will tell you what bzr push and pull locations are defined if you're unsure00:24
nicoInattenduThanks ans how I can update the bzr info ?00:26
wgrantbzr push --remember someurl00:26
wgrant--remember causes it to update the stored push location.00:26
savvashm I wonder if it's possible to use bzr add on files inside .bzr/00:27
nicoInattenduWhen more question on merge ;-) When I merge by dev branch in main . The status of branch is merged. To continue the dev. I have to use naother branch ?00:36
wgrantnicoInattendu: You could reset the state of the branch. But I think it's a good idea to have short-lived branches - that is, branch aggressively, separately for each feature. But it's really your project's decision.00:39
nicoInattenduwgrant : I like the concept of short-livec branch. It can esaily identify a set of job00:41
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duanedesignthe ubuntu forums beginners team has a project called Best of Ubuntu Community Forums Tutorials. We would like to assign a new owner to the project. The current assigned owner has been mia for 8 mo.05:47
duanedesignis their a protocol for abandoned projects?05:48
wgrantduanedesign: Ask at https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion06:40
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savvashow are the ppas named now?08:24
savvasI mean is it still of this format: http://ppa.launchpad.net/username/ppa/ubuntu ?08:25
savvasand how is the second PPA named?08:25
wgrantsavvas: All PPAs have a name now - the default is 'ppa'. Additional PPAs can be named whatever you want, and that name replaces the 'ppa' in the URLs.08:50
wgrantSee http://ppa.launchpad.net/wgrant/, for example.08:52
wgrant(the 'ubuntu' there is a historical relic - the other two are my real PPAs)08:52
savvasah I know08:52
savvasI have a script that changes ubuntu to 'ppa/ubuntu' that's why I'm asking :)08:52
wgrantAh. Yes, that's right.08:53
savvasthe name ppa will stick the same though right?08:53
wgrantAlthough the old path might be permanent now - I don't remember.08:53
wgrantThe default PPA is always named 'ppa'.08:53
savvaslet me check if there are any problems though :p08:53
savvas..and fixed!09:22
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Polk`is landscape free?16:13
beunoPolk`, no, it's a service16:18
Polk`ok.. what can I use that is free?16:18
beunoPolk`, use for what?16:20
Polk`For landscape lkie softwear..16:21
beunoPolk`, not that I know of, sorry16:21
cjb_ieso, i'm getting random X crashes - i started apport as suggested by http://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Backtracing but after a crash apport-cli reports "No pending crash reports." - any idea what i might be doing wrong?16:45
cjb_ie(or if i should ask elsewhere?)16:46
kwahadiroiban, have a minute?22:15
kwahI am curious22:17
kwahdo you have direct access somehow to po's out of rosetta?22:17
kwahhm... how then your validation process organized?22:18
kwahbased on the contents you showed me other day?22:18
kwahsome big archive stored in LP librarian?22:19
adiroibanthere are language packs22:19
kwahI am curious, because its a kinda strange... To get latest translations from the rosetta I know only one way: export them document by document22:20
adiroibanthere you can find all .po files included in language packs22:20
adiroibanfor ubuntu-docs, as a member of Ubuntu Translation Coordinators, I can request an download containing all .po files from ubuntu-docs22:21
adiroibanI'm trying to update the links from there... from time to time22:22
kwahaha... so, there are simpler ways.22:22
kwahbut they are not really documented22:22
kwahand how this language-packs are created?22:23
adiroibanI don't know :)22:23
adiroibanwhy do you care?22:24
adiroibanthey are there22:24
adiroibanupdated weekly22:24
adiroibanyou can use them for various tasks22:25
kwahI want to have access to the latest translations at the moment, especially, when we are in the final stage of release process, when translations are open and changing fast22:25
kwahAnd automated way it is... Which does not exist now.22:25
kwahRosetta is OK, but has its problems/drawbakcs: it is difficult for translators to check the whole document, which is necessary for the style22:27
kwahand consistency of presentation22:27
Miloszguys, uploaded sources don't immediately show up right?22:27
MiloszThat is, it's no indication of an error right?22:27
Miloszhmm Launchpad PPA reception server did not find my account?22:28
MiloszRejected: / Could not find person 'deadchip' / Further error processing not possible because of a critical previous error.22:29
kwahadiroiban, these are for staible releases only22:29
adiroibankwah: what tool make it easy for a translator to check consistentcy and other general stuff?22:31
kwahhaving the whole document at hands22:31
kwahwhich is with current toolchain is most of the time very difficult for tham22:32
adiroibanwhat document?22:33
adiroibanare you talking about ubuntu-docs?22:33
adiroibanor general po files?22:33
kwahthats why we wanted to organize daily updates on the development version of something like help.ubuntu.com for proof-reading22:33
adiroibanI think we should be able to do that for karmic22:34
adiroibanby enabling "branch translations" in Launchpad22:34
adiroibanneeds to check mdke and others22:34
Miloszbtw is this the right help channel for PPAs?22:34
MiloszI was sent here from #ubuntu-devel22:35
kwahis it really going to help?22:35
MiloszI mean whether it is right at all22:35
adiroibanMilosz: here should be22:36
kwahMilosz, yep, I think so22:36
adiroibanbut it's saturday night22:36
kwahno admins around22:36
Miloszok not a problem, I wasn't nagging just wondering if it's right22:37
kwahadiroiban, I mean are there blueprints, braindumps or smth similar somewhere on that topic ?22:37
adiroibanwhat topic?22:37
LarstiQMilosz: if you have a question, it's better to ask so someone might be able to help you further22:44
LarstiQah, you did22:44
MiloszYes it was my error22:44
MiloszI wasn't aware the ppa dir name is derived from the email22:44
LarstiQMilosz: how do you mean?22:46
RachedTNHello, I have sent a request to activate a Miling List for my team : https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-tn-drafting22:46
RachedTNcould anyone activate please, thanks :)22:46
MiloszLarstiQ, my LP login name is 'deadchip' but my PPA dir is apparently ~internalerror/ppa/ubuntu22:47
Miloszwhich is part of my email22:47
LarstiQMilosz: hmmm22:47
LarstiQMilosz: https://launchpad.net/~deadchip doesn't seem to exist?22:47
MiloszLarstiQ, different, more important question22:47
LarstiQhi gmb22:48
MiloszLarstiQ, doesn't matter, I have a bigger problem (sorry to cut you off but I'd just like to get the sources uploaded)22:48
MiloszLarstiQ, what does this mean: Signer has no upload rights at all to this distribution.22:48
MiloszI'm not trying to upload to official Jaunty or something22:48
LarstiQMilosz: pretty much what it says. The account connected to the key which the packages were uploaded with doesn't have upload rights for the ppa.22:48
Miloszit's impossible22:49
Miloszbecause I've just dput'd 2 other archives with exactly the same dput.cf22:49
Miloszand they were accepted22:49
LarstiQwell, is there a difference between the last dput and these two?22:49
LarstiQRachedTN: I believe LP people will get to that on Monday22:50
RachedTNLarstiQ: mm, Ok :)22:51
Miloszhere's the last line on an answers.lp.net thread on it:22:51
savvasMilosz: which command did you use?22:51
RachedTNthanks for your answer :)22:51
Miloszerr the last reply in a thread22:51
Milosz"Odd. I didn't change anything but it was accepted. Oh well."22:51
Miloszsavvas, dput <my_source.changes-file>22:52
savvasMilosz: I mean are you sure you haven't used "dput file.dsc" ? the correct one is "dput username file.dsc" (provided you have set up your dput.cf)22:52
Miloszas I did with the other 2 archives which were accepted without a problem22:52
Miloszsavvas, I used the right command I thin because would it not otherwise have not been uploaded at all?22:52
MiloszI think*22:52
Miloszyes of course dput.cf is configured, sorrz22:52
savvascan you paste the contents of .dput.cf at a pastebin?22:53
LarstiQMilosz: does the reject mail mention both the PPA and the user it thinks tried to upload?22:53
savvasMilosz: actually wait22:53
Miloszhere's the text of the email:22:54
hyperairLarstiQ: the last person in debian/changelog, and the PPA.22:54
Miloszsavvas, http://rafb.net/p/xak4kG17.html22:54
savvasdid you use dput myppa file.changes ?22:55
LarstiQhyperair: provided that's the key owner22:55
Miloszsavvas, ah22:55
Miloszmaybe i forgot to type the myppa part22:55
Miloszthat must be it22:55
savvasMilosz: without myppa you send it to ubuntu archives I think :)22:55
Miloszsavvas, yeah you were right :)22:56
Miloszi found a file 'youki_0.03-1_source.ubuntu.upload'22:56
LarstiQMilosz: yeah, it parses the changelog without a ppa argument22:56
Miloszso that was that, thanks!22:56
savvashehe np22:56
savvashappened to me a couple of times :P22:56
LarstiQMilosz: I have:22:57
LarstiQdefault_host_main = notspecified22:57
Miloszok but you upload to ubuntu22:57
LarstiQMilosz: in .dput.cf, exactly to prevent accidentally uploading to Debian (in my case)22:57
Miloszwell ok but that is not related to PPAs22:57
LarstiQMilosz: it is, the rest in there is for the bzr ppas22:58
Miloszah it was about the default22:58
Miloszok I get it now22:58
LarstiQMilosz: but dput defaulting to something you don't want is common across all default usage22:58
Miloszto prevent uploading to ubuntu in my case22:58
* LarstiQ nods22:58
LarstiQMilosz: np :)22:58
Miloszsorry got it :)22:58
SamBhmm, how come https://bugs.launchpad.net/dosemu/+filebug doesn't have a usable link to the upstream bug tracker ?22:59
LarstiQSamB: good point23:00
Miloszbtw small question23:00
Miloszis there a better section for a desktop audio player than 'sound'?23:00
Miloszif anyone knows that is23:00
Miloszok I guess this is basic 1-0-1 I should go read23:01
LarstiQMilosz: nafaik23:01
SamBthe link on https://bugs.launchpad.net/dosemu isn't that useful either ... it just goes to https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/bugtrackers/sf23:02
SamB... isn't there a bug somewhere about how launchpad should support mirroring SVN branches using bzr-svn ?23:18
jpdsSamB: Seen launchpad.net/~vcs-imports ?23:21
LarstiQSamB: I think so23:23
LarstiQSamB: can't find it atm though23:25
SamBjpds: yeah, but that's so one-way23:26
LarstiQSamB: hmm, I recall something about new vcs imports being done with bzr-svn?23:26
SamBLarstiQ: I think there was some talk about that -- did anything come of it?23:27
LarstiQSamB: no clue, I'd need to grep irc logs or ask an LP dev23:28
SamBwell, it's bug 359791 now23:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 359791 in launchpad-bazaar "It should be possible to mirror SVN branches using bzr-svn" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35979123:35
MiloszI need a LaunchPad at home23:49
MiloszTo get up in the morning :D23:49

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