Daisuke-Idocorrect me if i'm wrong.00:00
ActionParsnipyo yo yo00:00
hilthats the way it should be ;)00:00
nemoDaisuke-Ido: so why did 8.04 get pulseaudio? :D00:00
chrisccoulsonDaisuke-Ido - that is wrong00:00
chrisccoulsonthat's just a myth00:00
nemogranted, 7.10 broke ALSA for me00:00
nemoabout two thirds of the way through00:00
bruce898.04 got gvfs also00:01
chrisccoulsonevery release should be stable. LTS != more stable. LTS= Long Term Support, which means that it is supported for longer00:01
bruce89new technology, but with few problems00:01
chrisccoulsonit doesn't mean that it's more stable00:01
bruce89LTS is rather pointless I think, unless you're a business00:01
chrisccoulsongvfs in hardy was unfortunate00:01
bruce89outwith their control of course00:02
crdlbbruce89: err, you want to upgrade every computer every 6 months?00:02
Daisuke-Idochrisccoulson: alrighty then.  you can't say it doesn't make sense though :)00:02
crdlbI don't00:02
chrisccoulsongnome migrated to gvfs and the options were to ship an old gnome or live with gvfs00:02
bruce89crdlb: I only have the 2, so it's not problem00:02
crdlbso it's pointless for _you_ :)00:02
bruce89crdlb: same thing!00:02
chrisccoulsoni want to upgrade my machine more frequently than every 6 months;)00:03
crdlbI have two computers that stay on LTS, one here, and one in another state :)00:03
chrisccoulsoni used dapper for quite a long time actually. anyone here still use that?00:04
crdlbboth of the aforementioned computers did dapper -> hardy a while ago00:04
bruce89I'm going to leave the big computer on Intrepid00:04
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chrisccoulsonintrepid was a dog on my machine00:04
chrisccoulsonwe'll all be upgrading to karmic in 2 weeks or so;)00:05
crdlbI think I'll wait for the toolchain00:06
chrisccoulsoni think i'll just wait for the repo's to open;)00:06
BUGabundocrdlb: I upgrade mine EVERY 4h00:07
* BUGabundo will wait for toolchain too00:08
bruce89what's wrong with gnome-keyring-daemon?00:08
BUGabundoso we will see all of us again in here in a month!00:08
BUGabundoglad I'll see known faces00:08
BUGabundobruce89: its dead, shot dead, and hanged00:08
BUGabundoand someone forgot to tell it, about that00:09
BUGabundothere are at least 3 bugs on it00:11
BUGabundoone of them on gwibber00:11
ubottuUbuntu bug 344426 in gwibber "gwibber crashed with NoKeyringDaemonError in get_data()" [Undecided,Confirmed]00:15
BUGabundobruce89: bah it just died on me00:17
BUGabundoneeded to restart it manually00:17
BUGabundo$ gnome-keyring-daemon start00:17
bruce89I had to start the daemon in foreground mode00:17
BUGabundodoes it help?00:20
bruce89well, it makes it work00:23
bjsniderwhat's gwibber?00:30
bruce89microbogging clien00:31
bjsniderwhatis microbogging?00:32
HalowI think he meant microblogging. Like twitter.00:33
bruce89The Register refer to it as microbogging for some reason00:33
HalowBecause twitter becomes like a bog, possibly. ;P00:34
bjsniderwell theregister shouldbebeaten up00:34
BUGabundoI rather use Identica... its FOSS00:34
bruce89bjsnider: how so?00:34
BUGabundoit more like µblogging00:34
BUGabundoguys let go to #ubuntu-offtopic on this, ok ?00:34
* bruce89 dents also00:34
bjsniderbruce89, they led you astray about what it's called, apparently for their own sadistic pleasure00:35
BUGabundobruce89: identica nick?00:36
bruce89BUGabundo: guess00:36
BUGabundobruce89 I got one more follower00:37
crashsystemsGreetings BUGabundo. Last few hundred lines from my syslog: http://is.gd/rQuZ. My hardware list: http://paste.ubuntu.com/148651/00:40
crashsystemsI'll brb in a min00:40
BUGabundocrashsystems: won't help. need older logs, to see if you have the Protection Fault too00:42
crashsystemsBugabundo, I just grepped though syslog and saw nether of those lines00:45
crashsystemsanyways, how far back do you want me to go with the log dump? will the whole thing work?00:45
BUGabundokernel.log.0 should do it00:45
crashsystemsah, ok00:45
BUGabundosee my bug, and add your logs there, if it is the same00:45
BUGabundoI see you have ext4.... so it might be another bug00:46
BUGabundobut 4 kernel panic in 24h is so bad....00:46
YixilTesiphonis there any way to downgrade the 9.04 kernel back to 2.6.28-11.40? any way, ideally, that doesn't involve reinstalling00:46
crashsystemskernel.log.0: http://paste.ubuntu.com/148656/00:46
BUGabundoI was thinking it was HW fail, until I read the logs, and now you confirming it00:46
BUGabundoYixilTesiphon: if you have it in your cache should be easy. or you can download from LP00:47
YixilTesiphonold packages can stay in a cache?00:47
SJrXI keep getting /dev/dsp device or resource busy00:47
BUGabundoof course YixilTesiphon00:47
crashsystemsI had FF, Pidgin and Gwibber up, then went to eat dinner. When I got back, I could move the mouse around, but nothing was responding. I SSHed in and issued a sudo halt, but that did not work. Tried the sysrequest keys, and that did not work.00:47
YixilTesiphonBUGabundo: that is good news, as after updating 198 packages this morning my sound broke00:47
YixilTesiphonwhere is this cache?00:48
wirechief_crashsystems: i had to use the skinny elephant to reboot RSEIUB00:48
crashsystemsskinny elephant?00:49
BUGabundocrashsystems: no indication of kernel panic? like caps lock blinking?00:49
BUGabundoYixilTesiphon: /var/cache/apt/archive00:49
BUGabundoyou can also access it with synaptic and FORCE a version, with Ctrl+e00:50
YixilTesiphonBUGabundo: thank you00:50
wirechief_my sytem froze this morning after the du and new kernel 2.6.28-11 #4000:50
crashsystemslshal: http://paste.ubuntu.com/148659/00:50
wirechief_i used my usb live with 2.6.28-11 #37 all morning without any freeze00:51
wirechief_only thing that worked was the mouse00:51
BUGabundolets see if leann is still up00:52
wirechief_i used launchpad to make a bug report 35905100:52
crashsystemsbug #35905100:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 359051 in xorg "Desktop freeze #41" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35905100:53
BUGabundomine bug 32925400:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 329254 in pm-utils "WARNING: at /build/buildd/linux-2.6.28/kernel/power/main.c:177 suspend_test_finish+0x7c/0x80()" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32925400:53
BUGabundohumm or not00:53
BUGabundobug 35923100:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 359231 in linux "system freeze and kernel panic" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35923100:54
crashsystemsbugabundo, let me know if there are any other log files or such that might be useful00:54
crashsystemshmm, it would be cool if bugs had IRC chatrooms00:54
wirechief_well i guess thats what this is for.00:55
wirechief_it would be nice to have a link to bug triaging for new people who want to report better00:55
crashsystemsthat would be nice00:56
BUGabundowirechief_: why xorg and not linux?00:56
BUGabundowirechief_: using ubuntu-bug opens a page with what it needs extra00:56
wirechief_i dont know, looks like someone decided to put it there.00:56
Barridushi all, anyone have any insights as to why my jaunty install autolaunches pidgin and firefox?  they're not in Startup Apps, and Remember Running Apps is unchecked00:56
crashsystemsis enough known to attribute it to a specific package?00:56
BUGabundoBrian Murray00:57
ubottuUbuntu bug 359051 in xorg "Desktop freeze #41" [Undecided,New]00:57
bjsniderwhat version is the intel xorg driver at in jaunty?00:57
wirechief_crashsystems: it was suggested that maybe compiz was behind it.00:57
crashsystemsThat would make sense. Next time I see it, I'll kill compiz and replace it with metacity00:58
BUGabundobjsnider:   Installed: 1:7.4~5ubuntu1800:58
crashsystemswirechief_, have there been any recent compiz updates?00:58
dcabotcrashsystems: your bios is really old.  You're on A2 and Dell is up to A10 for that.00:58
wirechief_crashsystems: and i dont even use it.00:58
BUGabundowirechief_: not in my case... compiz "shouldn't" freeze to kernel panic00:58
bjsniderBUGabundo, no, i don't mean xorg, i mean the intel driver00:58
BUGabundoalthoug gwibber once made my laptop REBOOT00:58
crashsystemshmm, I wonder if dell has a non-xp bios update...00:59
wirechief_well i didnt see any messages to indicate a kernel panic BUGabundo  it just froze solid00:59
BUGabundobjsnider: $ apt-cache policy xserver-xorg-video-intel  Candidate: 2:2.6.3-0ubuntu900:59
wirechief_BUGabundo: however it was right after i started konversation and got to the ubuntu+1 channel that it broke01:00
dcabotUsually it has something that makes floppies.  Normally I keep a XP VM around so I can deal with stuff like that.01:00
bjsniderthey're now at, so maybe if they updated jaunty's version it would fix some of the bugaboos01:00
wirechief_BUGabundo: and i used the live usbstick all morning without incident.01:00
BUGabundoI get kernel: [ 1818.576309] general protection fault: 0000 [#4] SMP01:01
wirechief_crashsystems: i am using intel945 graphics with my lenovo r61e, are you using intel graphics too ?01:02
crashsystemsIntel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 0c)01:02
wirechief_crashsystems: might be a common thread there.01:02
crashsystemscompiz has been having epic slowness in jaunty with intel cards01:03
wirechief_crashsystems:Intel Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller01:03
bruce89anything 3D has01:03
BUGabundowirechief_: yes there is01:03
BUGabundocwillu was tracking those for bryce01:03
crashsystemshas that been fixed in 2.6.29?01:03
ActionParsnip3d runs great here in jaunty01:03
crashsystemsActionParship, what GPU?01:04
BUGabundothere's a big big mess with EXA UXA AXX01:04
BUGabundonvidia works fine01:04
BUGabundo !intel96501:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about intel96501:04
bjsnider2.6.29 has gem updates01:04
wirechief_BUGabundo: hmm i can add my infobash to that bug it gives more detail on my system.01:04
BUGabundo !intel94501:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about intel94501:04
crashsystemsso for non-windows users, dell wants me to boot into a dos floppy to upgrade my bios :(01:04
BUGabundowirechief_: apport-collect BUGID01:05
wirechief_yeah, ok.01:05
wirechief_gotta reboot to do that.01:05
BUGabundoand if it doesn't, upload also your xorg.log and xorg.log.001:05
crashsystemsshould I upload those files too?01:06
wirechief_put attachments to the existing 35905101:06
BUGabundocrashsystems: it may help01:07
BUGabundocrashsystems: open new bug01:07
BUGabundoits better01:07
BUGabundo$ ubuntu-bug xserver-xorg01:08
BUGabundoor linux01:08
BUGabundoif devs latter want, they can dupe it01:08
crashsystemswould that be better than attaching info to another bug?01:08
BUGabundoyou may how ever, mention that on your bug, that another bug is similar01:08
BUGabundocrashsystems: run ubuntu-bug... it will open a page with the required logs01:09
wirechief_yes you can cross ref my 35905101:09
crashsystemsbug 35905101:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 359051 in xorg "Desktop freeze #41" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35905101:09
crashsystemswhat would be a good title?01:10
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)01:10
BUGabundocrashsystems: I have no idea! crashes or freezes are always bad choices01:11
crashsystemswhy is that?01:11
BUGabundowirechief_: here is why yours is xorg: (01:00:03 AM) bdmurray: drm:i915_get_vblank_counter] *ERROR* trying to get vblank count for disabled pipe 0 ?01:11
wirechief_BUGabundo: yes and i mentioned that it was probably a different issue but that was the only error i found01:12
BUGabundopossible dupe bug 34136301:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 341363 in linux "[i945GME] drm:i915_getparam *ERROR* Unknown parameter 6" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34136301:12
wirechief_BUGabundo: at that time i didnt know what that error meant (until researching further)01:13
weternalhey I'm trying to get boxee or XBMC to work in ubuntu 9.10 are there any package dependancies which I might be missing01:13
wirechief_and i now find that ive been getting that for sometime on older kernels so its a red herring error01:14
cwilluwirechief_, can you paste the line you get from "lspci|grep VGA"?01:14
DanaGOdd.. I unplugged a secondary display I had plugged in... and xrandr still thinks it's present.01:14
DanaGI unplugged it while laptop was in suspend.01:14
BUGabundoweternal: there's no ubuntu 9.10.... only 9.0401:15
wirechief_00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 0c)01:15
BUGabundocwillu: hey01:15
BUGabundo01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation GeForce 8400M G (rev a1)01:15
cwilluwirechief_, and you're seeing  I830WaitLpRing() errors?01:15
cwilluoh, drm:i915, nvm01:15
YixilTesiphonBUGabundo: I feel like a moron, but I can't figure out how to install from archive; do I have to uninstall the old kernel? that seems like a poor idea01:15
cwilluwirechief_, crashes?01:16
BUGabundoyeah not to good, YixilTesiphon01:16
wirechief_cwillu i had that error but i dont think it was the cause01:16
wirechief_i had total lockup except for my mouse01:16
cwilluon resume, or just randomly?01:16
wirechief_it happened twice01:16
cwilluon resume though?01:16
wirechief_on 2nd crash i was making settings on konversation01:17
cwilluor just while minding your own business01:17
wirechief_i was active01:17
cwillucompositing wm?01:17
cwillu(kwin or composite)01:17
cwillucompiz rather01:17
wirechief_then i used the live usb stick all morning without any incident01:17
wirechief_the crash occured after i did the dist-upgrade01:17
wirechief_from the original install01:18
cwilluare you using anything with compositing effects?01:18
wirechief_and i got the new kernel01:18
cwillu(i.e., anything other than plain metacity)01:18
BUGabundocwillu: I am using compiz01:18
wirechief_i wasnt even aware that i had compiz but was told by kano that it was probably causing the issue01:18
cwilluwirechief_, you're on nvidia :p01:18
BUGabundocan't you help with my kernel panic too?01:18
cwilluBUGabundo, you're on nvidia01:18
BUGabundocwillu: I know!01:18
cwilluI'm doing intel stuff :p01:19
wirechief_cwillu its intel01:19
cwilluwirechief_, yes, that nvidia comment was meant for BUGabundo :p01:19
cwilluwirechief_, pastebin me your xorg.conf01:19
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)01:20
wirechief_do you want the xorg.0.log too ?01:22
wirechief_cwillu http://paste.ubuntu.com/148671/01:23
Pollywogis there a way to install the remix version of KDE on an existing xubuntu Jaunty?01:25
cwilluPollywog, 'remix'?01:25
BUGabundoPollywog: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop ?01:25
cwilluapt-get install kubuntu-desktop will give you that01:26
BUGabundoI think he means FLAVOR01:26
cwilluunless you were talking about some other release01:26
Pollywogyes it is a version of Jaunty that has KDE 3.501:26
BUGabundodon't know nothing about 3.501:26
ActionParsnipPollywog: ive heard the remix edits settings for certain apps and should not be installed on desktop systems01:26
PollywogKDE4 does not run for me01:26
BUGabundoits not currently supported01:26
BUGabundoPollywog: have you filed bugs on it?01:26
PollywogWill stick with Xubuntu Jaunty then01:26
BUGabundoboth on LP and upstream?01:26
wirechief_cwillu http://paste.ubuntu.com/148672/01:27
Pollywoguntil the final version of Jaunty is released01:27
PollywogBUGabundo: the bugs are in xorg and have already been reported01:27
PollywogI did check01:27
BUGabundohow come it works with xub and not kde?01:28
wirechief_cwillu maybe i should of given you xorg.0.log.old  too ;)01:28
Pollywognot sure01:28
Pollywogbut Gnome starts up fine, KDE locks up01:28
PollywogUbuntu took me right to the bug report too01:29
cwilluwirechief_, yes01:29
Pollywogand I saw I was about to file a duplicate01:29
Pollywogis a Launchpad account needed in order to file bug reports?01:29
Pollywogthat is how it appeared, but I do have one01:31
wirechief_cwillu http://paste.ubuntu.com/148676/01:33
wirechief_cwillu crap i pasted the wrong one01:33
* cwillu patiently waits :p01:36
BUGabundodid mpt *really* say we are more then 20M ubuntu users ?01:36
wirechief_cwillu Xorg.0.log.old http://paste.ubuntu.com/148679/01:37
calcBUGabundo: hmm?01:38
calcBUGabundo: aiui there is rumor somewhere between 20-40M ubuntu users, not sure if we have any definite data though01:38
calcBUGabundo: where did he state 20M users?01:39
calc20M is somewhere around 2% marketshare i think, which would be awesome for Ubuntu01:39
wirechief_cwillu Xorg.0.log      http://paste.ubuntu.com/148682/01:39
BUGabundocalc: devel-discuss ML01:39
bruce89sounds a bit high01:39
BUGabundoMSFT states LINUX is 0.8%01:40
calcbruce89: well ubuntu is preinstalled on several oem lines now01:40
BUGabundoso if they say so, at least that number we are... more, not less01:40
wirechief_cwillu sorry for the first two screw ups but now you got the right ones.01:40
calcBUGabundo: i would think MSFT has a vested interest in claiming linux numbers are lower than they really are01:40
calcBUGabundo: but true as a minimum number the MSFT numbers are useful ;-)01:40
BUGabundoactually, recently MSFT stated Apple had lower market share then Linux, 'cause "they" are the competition01:41
calclinux overall probably has more market share than apple, but that isn't saying too much, lol01:41
calcBUGabundo: they did!? that is really good news then01:41
BUGabundothe bad news is MSFT stating they have 96% netbook share01:41
calcBUGabundo: and would counter than 0.8% number because the apple market share is actually known01:41
bruce89depends if you include PVRs of course01:41
calciirc its somewhere around 5-6%01:41
bruce89I don't care about market share anyway01:42
BUGabundocalc: I did not read that stat, it was mention to me at a dinner table01:42
BUGabundoneed to check my feeds for it01:42
cwilluwirechief_, I _think_ you're seeing bug 357908.  You may or may not have luck with setting AccelMode "UXA" in your xorg.conf file.  What would be _really_ useful is if you can figure out a way to trigger the bug reliably, preferably on demand.  Even something that crashes when repeated a couple dozen times would be a tremendous help01:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 357908 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "[i965] X freezes every ~24hr while scrolling in firefox (EXA enabled)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35790801:42
YixilTesiphonCan I just, uh, delete the old kernel and install the new one? the old one will be kept in ram?01:43
YixilTesiphoncan't figure out how else to downgrade kernels01:43
bjsniderYixilTesiphon, i believe that would work01:43
wirechief_cwillu well i was almost certain that konversation brought it on but not sure now.01:43
YixilTesiphonbjsnider: great, thanks01:44
BUGabundoYixilTesiphon: yes until reboot01:44
BUGabundoVERY VERY dangerous01:44
bjsniderYixilTesiphon, your system will  be pooched if you lose power while you're doing that01:44
YixilTesiphonyeah I'll back up first in case I just have to reinstall01:44
YixilTesiphonbjsnider: laptop01:44
BUGabundocalc: http://www.osnews.com/story/21035/Ballmer_Linux_Bigger_Competitor_than_Apple/01:45
wirechief_cwillu will try and get as much as i can on this. i am going to try and ssh into the box and try to get more info.01:45
bjsniderlinux is not a bigger competitor than apple01:45
ActionParsnipYixilTesiphon: its better to install the new, boot to the new to check all is well, then uninstall the old from therte01:45
bjsnideras usualy, monkey boy is lost in space01:45
YixilTesiphonActionParsnip: nothing will let me install the new01:45
YixilTesiphonbecause it is in fact old01:46
YixilTesiphonbut the one currently installed has a messed-up module for my sound card that I can't figure out01:46
bjsniderYixilTesiphon, what sound card?01:46
ActionParsnipYixilTesiphon: you may be able to if you tell apt to download the deb then you can use dpkg --force-all -i <deb name>01:46
BUGabundocalc: "Most certainly, Linux's larger server share puts it overall ahead of Mac OS. "01:46
YixilTesiphonbjsnider: ATI rs780 intel hda azalia01:47
bjsniderintel hda should work fine on any kernel01:47
YixilTesiphonbjsnider: it should, but it doesn't01:47
YixilTesiphonbjsnider: i get a kernel error when I do sudo modprobe snd_hda_intel01:48
YixilTesiphonFATAL: Error inserting snd_hda_intel (/lib/modules/2.6.28-11-generic/kernel/sound/pci/hda/snd-hda-intel.ko): Unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter (see dmesg)01:49
bjsniderdoes dtchen know about this?01:49
calcBUGabundo: those firefox numbers look low01:49
calcBUGabundo: thanks for the lin01:49
calcer link01:49
YixilTesiphonbjsnider: dtchen?01:49
bjsniderYixilTesiphon, he's the expert01:49
bjsniderwait to talk to him about it01:49
BUGabundobjsnider: dan is very busy now!01:49
bjsniderhe'll be here sooner or later01:49
YixilTesiphonwhat time is he usually on?01:50
BUGabundoYixilTesiphon: after 18h UTC01:50
bjsniderhe's usually here ever night for awhile01:50
calcBUGabundo: and hopefully MS can effectively combat their piracy problem so it will raise Ubuntu market share :)01:50
bjsniderBUGabundo, he's going to want to know about this, wouldn't you agree?01:50
calcBUGabundo: since effectively combating means less users using windows not paying for it, heh :)01:51
bjsnidercomparing the server market to the home pc market is ridiculous. home users don't know or care what's running servers01:51
YixilTesiphonI'm using an hp pavilion dv7, which I know has sound issues, but there's a standard fix that worked on my original 9.04 install but it no longer helps01:52
bjsniderwhat fix?01:52
YixilTesiphonUbuntu's just now getting to the point where somebody like me can pick it up with any hope of success; it's improved tremendously01:52
YixilTesiphonbjsnider: http://forum.notebookreview.com/showthread.php?t=33117201:52
calcYixilTesiphon: as long as you weren't terribly unlucky or just bought really crap hardware its been that way for 5 years now01:53
calcYixilTesiphon: i had a little trouble with my laptop 2 years ago but that was because i bought the cheapest available without checking if it worked at all under linux01:53
YixilTesiphoncalc: I have a long history of buying unlucky hardware01:54
calcYixilTesiphon: the only thing that didn't work right with it was the audio codec, needed a few quirks setup01:54
BUGabundocalc: my one year laptop suffered a lot with WiFi soft kill switch01:54
calcmy new laptop i bought 2 months ago works 100% without any changes01:54
BUGabundoand my webcam still needs a compiled driver01:54
=== histo_ is now known as histo
YixilTesiphonyeah when I bought this machine my old computer had died that morning, and being an engineering student I had things I needed to do01:54
IenorandThat's my experience as well, as long as your hardware agrees Ubuntu is a breeze, if not... It's prrretty annoying.01:54
bjsniderBUGabundo, even with all of the new webcam drivers int he recent kernels?01:55
YixilTesiphonbought an hp, only things that have given me any troulbe were wireless (easy fix) and the sound card (was originally an easy fix)01:55
BUGabundoI usually say: Ubuntu works best on a 6 months to 2 yo equipement01:55
BUGabundobjsnider: yes01:55
BUGabundoNol is working hard with it, to get it upstream01:55
dawsonHi everyone01:55
BUGabundobut still not stable enough01:55
calcBUGabundo: 6 months after the chipset came out is probably about right01:55
calcBUGabundo: not necessarily 6 months old from when you buy a system though :)01:56
BUGabundocalc: yeah, correct01:56
dawsonhaving a problem with Jaunty, for some reason it is not detecting my external usb drive until replug it01:56
calci think linux already has support for the Intel P55 now though so it might work out better this year01:56
BUGabundodawson: is there any thing usefull on dmesg?01:56
calcat least memtest86+ that i uploaded a few weeks ago does :)01:56
dawsonlet met check, lsubs shows the drive but that's about it01:57
IenorandIt'll be sweet when new computers are designed fo ubuntu compability... hope that day comes.01:57
calcof course i don't know if the intel video driver supports the new intel cpu video01:57
bjsniderdell already does that01:57
calcIenorand: already happens with dell, hp (netbooks), and a few other vendors01:57
PhotoJimIenorand: it works in reverse though.  machines that won't run Vista well because of driver issues will very often work fine with the latest Ubuntu.01:57
YixilTesiphonbjsnider: I'll be intermittently around all evening, but not reliably, can I send this guy an email if I have a problem he'll want to know about?01:58
histoPhotoJim: lots of machines run ubuntu out of the box better than windows. Unless you have a updated service pack install disc01:58
PhotoJimhisto: valid point.01:58
bjsniderYixilTesiphon, no, submit a bug01:58
YixilTesiphonbjsnider: on launchpad?01:58
calcand you will soon see lots more systems coming preinstalled with Ubuntu, i can't reveal where/who yet01:58
bjsniderYixilTesiphon, yes01:58
YixilTesiphonbjsnider: k01:59
frogonwheels_calc: that's promising!01:59
BUGabundoYixilTesiphon: $ ubuntu-bug alsa-base01:59
YixilTesiphonhow soon do those get answered? I need sound to get some things done for tuesday01:59
Ienorandbjsnider: Not properly in my opinion, they kinda take the old stuff that's been relesed with win for a year or to and switch maybe an offending piece of hw and call it a "new linux compatible thingymabob"01:59
BUGabundocalc: I've been hearing rumors all around01:59
BUGabundolooks like it several OEMs are working with canonical01:59
calcBUGabundo: yea saying any more than rumor can get people in trouble ;-)01:59
calci like my job and want to keep it, heh02:00
BUGabundo(something many of us will be disgrantugal against Canonical, for better support for paying OEMs then Community)02:00
bjsniderIenorand, oems always sell old stuff that's tested and guaranteed to be stable no matter which OS.02:00
Ienorandcalc: Oh... sound interesting02:00
BUGabundocalc: I still remember when you were "called" by Mark on -Devel ML02:00
BUGabundoabout UM, I think02:00
calcBUGabundo: most OEMs do their own work and just contract with Canonical for help when they run into stuff they can't fix on their own (aiui)02:00
bjsniderdell did contribute dkms, which is very important and helpful. that shows they're doing their jobs02:01
calcBUGabundo: heh yea, i think i was one of the first devels to complain about it, lots of others did afterwards, heh02:01
YixilTesiphoncan't blame Canonical for that, whoever pays the piper picks the tune02:01
BUGabundothis is just in!02:01
BUGabundoYixilTesiphon: I know, and I already discussed that in private with Mark and another user02:02
calcbut generally the people who work with oems on ubuntu aren't the same people working on ubuntu with the community, so its not like they are being taken away from working on community issues (that much at least)02:02
BUGabundobut this was meant to be a Community project (see Mark's presentation at google in 2006)02:02
BUGabundowith Canonical provinding 90% of the cost, we won't get there02:03
calccanonical has a separate oem group (as you can see on the jobs page)02:03
BUGabundoMark wished for Canonical support be at 10% and OEM 60%02:03
BUGabundowe are not EVEn close to that.... plus World Cryses02:03
calcBUGabundo: eh?02:03
calcBUGabundo: aiui mark announced a few months back that canonical is close to breaking even now02:04
bjsnideryou're going to get hardware support from the oem and software support from canonical02:04
BUGabundocalc: remember mark saying in an interview, that he needed to support Ubuntu for at least 3 more years?02:04
BUGabundowhen it was supposed to reduce on 200802:04
calcyea and then later he announced it was nearly break even already02:04
* calc will dig around to find the article02:05
calcBUGabundo: http://ostatic.com/blog/canonical-and-microsoft-is-sustaining-a-business-better-than-turning-a-profit-right-now02:05
BUGabundocalc: correction: Canonical is expected to get Break Even this fiscal year02:06
BUGabundonot Ubuntu02:06
calcBUGabundo: yea sorry for not clearly stating that02:07
calcBUGabundo: Ubuntu is non-profit so isn't really operating at a loss is it? :)02:07
calcthe support Ubuntu for 3 years i think was more support 'Canonical' for 3 years02:08
calcsince it is Canonical that is the commerical entity that is losing money and needs to break even02:08
BUGabundohumm better frasing: support 'from' Canonical02:08
BUGabundoits not lossing money... its investing02:08
crashsystemsCC licensed movies ripped via handbrake, displayed via hdmi to a hidef wide screen tv look very nice!02:08
calcBUGabundo: however you want to spin it ;-)02:09
* BUGabundo puts anti mentalcontrol hat02:09
calcyou can't lose^Winvest money forever ;-)02:09
BUGabundothe all point of Ubuntu was to create a NEED for Launchpad, the inicial "money pot" of Canonical02:09
* calc somehow doubts LP makes that much money02:10
BUGabundocalc: I guess it turned plans some time back02:10
calci think most of it is through oem/support for ubuntu02:10
crashsystemscalc, 30m?02:10
calccrashsystems: hmm?02:10
progenitusHi, I cant get Jaunty to recognize my Sansa mp3 player. It is set as a mass storage device. Kubuntu or any other distro I tried detects it flawlessly.... Any idea02:10
crashsystems30 million?02:10
BUGabundoI have this idea that Canonical expected to sell it, or provide paid support on the "best" Project Management Tool around02:10
calccrashsystems: thats the number to break even apparently02:11
calccrashsystems: or at least was back in jan02:11
DanaGheh, my laptop really does have some good construction.... even though I dropped it on a concrete floor and the screen broke... there are no sharp edges on the glass.  There seems to be an extra layer of anti-gloss on top.02:11
crashsystems think they have done that02:11
* BUGabundo puts talk on Canonical and MSFT FUD in *pause*02:11
calccrashsystems: maybe the article in jan just said they were close at that point02:11
* calc stops talking about it :)02:11
DanaGI wish I could have some internal contact with HP, to report the really random things I've found on my system.02:12
crashsystemscalc, I'm going going by an unofficial discussion I had with one of our friendly Canonical overlords afk.02:12
DanaGDo most laptops let you use the hotkey-display-switch key even when at the BIOS splash?02:12
calcto break even on $30m/yr would imply roughly 10m/yr of new Ubuntu systems I think taking into account the supposed $3/system cost that NYT previously has mentioned02:12
calccrashsystems: ok02:12
BUGabundoDanaG: not any of mine02:13
calcwhich if true would mean Ubuntu has ~ 3.3% of new system sales02:13
joshua24can someone PLEASE help me here. im running ubuntu Jaunty, all up 2 date. i installed k3b and formatted a DVD+RW with it, and now it wont show up on my desktop! it did, but after format, FAIL02:13
calcthat would be just for systems presold with ubuntu, not people converting windows installs to it02:14
calcjoshua24: has it worked in the past?02:14
* calc doesn't have any DVD+RW so isn't sure how it is supposed to work02:14
BUGabundocalc it is supposed to work02:14
joshua24im not sure. i remember reformatting one once in hardy, and as far as i remember it mounted, but like i said IDK02:14
BUGabundobut 8 out of 10, CD/DVD RW get bad FS02:15
crashsystemsafaik DVD+RW should work no differently than CD+RW02:15
calcBUGabundo: well i mean how it is supposed to as in what it does when you do insert a formatted DVD+RW :)02:15
BUGabundojoshua24: did you check the DVD before installing ?02:15
calcactually has no CD-RW either just write once media02:15
YixilTesiphonK, I reported the bug, I'm going to try to start the old kernel from grub02:15
crashsystemsI always try to avoid RWs though02:15
joshua24hmm? it was a blank dvd02:15
calchmm if those numbers are correct you can use distrowatch to extrapolate what linux number would be at minimum02:17
joshua24so... no luck here? i kinda figured but still02:17
BUGabundoI just use USB pendrives02:17
crashsystemsjoshua24, I'm not sure what your bug and/or problem is, but do you have a specific need for RW? I've always found RW to be rather buggy, and have therefore stuck with regular R.02:18
Ienorandjoshua24: I could test it out if you want to, got a pile of DVD-RWs I got dead cheap :)02:18
calchmm i think extrapolating might not work the way i think it should02:18
joshua24i have only need for RW in that i can add / remove stuff from it. lol02:18
joshua24like music02:18
joshua24other than that, not REALLY02:18
Ienorandjoshua24: So k3b you said, and full or quick erase?02:18
calcjoshua24: you might try asking on the forums someone else might know02:18
calcjoshua24: there are a lot of forums users online all the time :)02:19
joshua24besides like getting new fedora dvd. lenorand: k3b, jaunty repos, quicky erase02:19
* calc 's estimate showed up ~ 24% but doesn't think it really would be that high02:19
* Ienorand is installing the whole kde fluff as well since he's on gnome...02:20
joshua24lol. i only got k3b outta that FLUFF, gnome user here to02:20
slashdotfxanyone running ltsp here?02:21
joshua24running WHAT?02:21
slashdotfxI have problem with nbd02:21
BUGabundobug 35939102:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 359391 in gnome-do "DO starts python scripts as shell scripts" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35939102:21
joshua24no clue, so ill stay outta this one. lol02:21
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal02:22
* calc goes back to checking all ubuntu dictionaries02:22
* BUGabundo Ubuntu forums had a record of 31M users at the same time??02:22
wirechief_cwillu the one thing that seemed to work was i used the live-usb all morning and most of the afternoon and did not have an incident, whereas i had two incidients one right after the other  on the installed and  dist-updated  install02:22
joshua24wow, thats one heck of a lot of users!02:22
bjsniderthe database must be highly in bad shaperous02:23
joshua24i thought they JUST did a cleanup, for like 3 hrs! i tried to get on several a time and it was down02:24
Ienorandjoshua24: Hmm, if I do a quick format the DVD appears unchanged, files are still there...02:24
joshua24wow, odd02:24
Ienorandjoshua24: That isn't supposed to happen, I presume...02:25
joshua24on mine, i formatted a blank DVD-RW ( had an issue with it and brasero, thoughtthis would help ) and BOOM. no more would it mount02:25
joshua24quick format, BTW02:25
cwilluwirechief_, you'd have to verify that the livecd is running the same versions of everything.  The _most_ important thing is finding some way to reproduce it02:25
cwilluwirechief_, I can't emphasize that enoguh02:25
wirechief_cwillu right well i was thinking even of using the cached xorg from the live usb on the install but then that wouldnt prove anything02:26
Ienorandjoshua24: Yea I used quick as well, I'm gonna go for full next to see what that does...02:26
wirechief_cwillu not sure what files i would need to copy to the sda502:27
Ienorandjoshua24: Hmm, It won't even allow me to format any more "no need, you can just overwrite"...02:28
joshua24wow, thats odd02:29
joshua24well, ill have to go to the store one day and get dvd r's for when i need them. thank you for testing it tho!02:32
IenorandAnd after blanking in brasero the cd drive locks up and I can't eject it... bleh.02:33
joshua24yew. that bites.02:33
BUGabundoIenorand: I can't EVER use my DVD drive after suspend or hibernate :(02:34
=== frogonwheels_ is now known as frogonwheels
BUGabundonot sure its hw or kernl02:34
BUGabundodidn't file a bug on that actually02:34
* BUGabundo files bugs on anything that moves (in the wrong direction)02:34
BUGabundois it just me or LP karma is acting up stupid?02:34
* wirechief_ swats bugs with big stick, problem is finding the stick02:35
bjsniderhow much have you got now?02:35
BUGabundomine keeps growing at a pace that is unbelievable.02:35
BUGabundolast week was at 10k02:35
BUGabundobjsnider: yours?02:35
* BUGabundo looks at calc karma02:36
bjsniderBUGabundo, 13k02:36
FlynsarmyI noticed ctrl+alt+backspace is turned off by default in jaunty in the 'known issues' section. Is it going to be that way in final release or just for the betas/release candidate?02:36
* BUGabundo if only I know his LP nick02:36
BUGabundoFlynsarmy: dontzap02:36
BUGabundo !dontzap02:36
ubottuTo re-enable the Ctrl+Alt+Backspace combination that restarts your X server, you can install the "dontzap" package and use the command « sudo dontzap --disable »02:36
joshua24flynsarmy: yes02:36
IenorandFlynsarmy: Intended as final02:37
joshua24dontzap SHOULD be there by default02:37
joshua24it was for me02:37
* frogonwheels whishes they didn't do that.02:37
BUGabundocalc has 130K02:38
frogonwheelsIt's just a pain when you're trying to get stubborn display issues resolved.02:38
IenorandSupposedly alt+prntscrn+K should provide similar functionality... but it is not directly equal...02:38
bjsniderBUGabundo, it went up from nothing in a short time after i started sending stuff to the ppa02:38
cwillufrogonwheels, alt-sysrq-k will also kill whatever is on the current vterm02:38
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
BUGabundobjsnider: ppa counts a lot02:38
frogonwheelscwillu: ahh! I didn't know that one.02:38
bjsniderit would seem so02:38
calcBUGabundo: seb128 has crazy karma :)02:38
BUGabundoI know02:38
frogonwheelscwillu: does it restore video properly though?02:39
calcBUGabundo: i think i have one of the lowest karma in my group :\02:39
* BUGabundo is thinking of improving some PT strings just for karma.... not02:39
bjsnideroh, of course sebastien would02:39
Ienorandcwillu: Actually, printscreen or sysrq makes a difference in those commands, at least for me...02:39
BUGabundocalc: I think I have one of the highest for some one who doesn't touch code02:39
calcriddell has 1.2M karma02:40
calcpitti has nearly 2M02:40
cwilluIenorand, same key on every keyboard that I've ever seen :p02:40
calcyea i need to find out what they do to have the big karma :)02:40
BUGabundoI think those are just from source uploads02:41
calcwhoa 1.7M of pitti karma is soyuz (i guess uploads)02:41
BUGabundohow is Steve Stalcup02:41
AmaranthI have like 500 karma02:41
BUGabundoohh vorlan02:41
AmaranthI think it used to be more like 20k :/02:41
BUGabundoAmaranth: it gets down pretty fast, based on time02:42
BUGabundo6 months drops 35%02:42
BUGabundo1 year drops 50%02:42
Ienorandcwillu: On my laptop one you have to use function to get to sysrq...02:42
BUGabundoI think mine are getting higher because of all the use I do with apport02:42
bjsnideri'd be more impressed with it if it was like canonical money or something02:43
calcBUGabundo: vorian not vorlan02:43
AmaranthYeah, I don't do translations, other people upload any packages I make, etc02:43
bjsniderif i could use it to buy stuff out of canonical's online store, if they have one02:43
BUGabundocalc: sleep and bad eye sight02:43
calcBUGabundo: iirc vorlan is slangasek on this network02:43
Amaranthbjsnider: They have one02:43
calcBUGabundo: he got his karma from translations02:43
BUGabundoahh that's why I didn't recognise the name02:43
calcBUGabundo: no the person you are talking about is vorian... there is separate person that goes by vorlan who is steve langasek02:44
calcand on freenode goes by slangasek :)02:44
BUGabundoI know (now)02:45
IenorandAh, _now_ the DVD popped out...02:45
calcmost of my karma is bug karma but it LP doesn't count linking upstream bugs as ubuntu bug karma02:46
BUGabundomost of mine if bug karma too02:47
Amaranthmine all was too02:47
AmaranthWhen I was last managing compiz bugs we had 197 total and about 86 that weren't Incomplete, Wishlist, or reported upstream02:47
AmaranthI think it's like 500 bugs now02:48
calci got all my bugs triaged :) except for a few incomplete02:48
calc~ 40 or so02:48
Amaranthah, 625 compiz bugs now02:48
Amaranthand that's just compiz, there is also compiz-fusion-plugins-main and compiz-fusion-plugins-extras packages with bugs filed against them02:49
BUGabundoI got yoboy to re-check all my old bugs... around 38002:49
calcyea because compiz is really buggy ;-)02:49
Mulderhard to say where those bugs should be attributed half the time02:50
BUGabundoooohh pitti as some nice badges02:50
Muldercould be xserver, graphics driver, libmesa, or compiz02:50
calcits kinda funny that something tiny like compiz has so many more bugs than even OOo :)02:50
Amaranthcalc: How much code is in update-manager? :P02:50
AmaranthI think that still wins for most bugs02:50
BUGabundoLOLOL https://launchpad.net/~dholbach-huggers02:50
Amaranthmvo doesn't even try to keep them cleaned out, he just lets them rot and focuses on the ones that are important02:51
BUGabundohave you guys ever heard of NM ?02:51
Amaranthof course 90% of those bugs aren't bugs in update-manager02:51
BUGabundoI have 1.2k unread emails from it02:51
BUGabundoasac doesn't even look at most of it02:51
BUGabundojust high profiles ones02:52
* calc looks at all OOo bugs :) even the dumb ones, lol02:52
calcof course i can focus on OOo as that is my only priority for now02:52
calcasac has to do firefox (eek) and n-m (double eek)02:52
calcand probably other stuff i am unaware of02:52
BUGabundook something fish is happening02:52
calche also did a lot of the font fixup for gnome this release cycle02:53
BUGabundoI thought it was gstreamer, but even FLASH is having trouble playing at normal speed on my laptop02:53
Amaranthmvo has to do all the hard stuff02:53
BUGabundocalc: font fix? LOL it was reverted heeh02:53
Amaranthdpkg/apt/update-manager, compiz, etc02:53
BUGabundopor kubuntu ninjas02:53
calcBUGabundo: the font change was reverted for now due to too many bugs in different apps... which asac fixed many of those underlying bugs02:54
BUGabundothey are alone with all Kubuntu packages02:54
calcBUGabundo: aiui the font change will go thorugh for 9.1002:54
AmaranthOOo isn't as hard, it's just annoying to wait an hour for it to link :P02:54
bjsniderAmaranth, who's mvo?02:54
BUGabundocalc: I know! I kept finding new ones02:54
calcAmaranth: and ~ 6 hours to build ;-)02:54
BUGabundoto the point I didn't even add them to the master bug02:54
calcBUGabundo: michael vogt02:54
calcbjsnider: ^ oops02:54
Amaranthcalc: You must have infinite patience02:54
Amaranthcalc: Or a lot of worn out stress balls02:55
BUGabundoor use several PS3 linked02:55
calcAmaranth: i speed it up with various hacks (ccache disabling languages, etc) but even then it still takes ~ 2hr after an initial build02:55
BUGabundoAmaranth: ahahhaah02:55
BUGabundoI know KDE devs (like nuno pinheiro) link several CPUs to make KDE compile lots faster02:55
Amaranthcalc: On the other hand.... http://xkcd.com/303/02:55
BUGabundoI set up a system for that, for them at Tokamak, I helped organize a few months back02:56
Amaranthcalc: Gold supports C++ now doesn't it? Might be worth checking out at least for your own builds02:56
Amaranthcalc: Since half your build seems to be link time02:57
calcBUGabundo: i used to maintain KDE for Debian too, just because i am so crazy ;-)02:57
calcBUGabundo: at the time pretty much all of kde by myself (really nutty i know)02:57
BUGabundoI bet02:57
BUGabundosuse as a 12 guys team just to maintain it02:57
BUGabundoKDE has 16 core devs LOL02:57
calcAmaranth: yea it seems a lot of the time is also spent in dpkg-shlibdeps which i am planning on investigating after i rewrite the OOo packaging02:58
Amaranthcalc: Between those two that's probably 80% of your rebuild time02:58
BUGabundocalc: any PPA with OOo 3.1?02:58
calcBUGabundo: at the time i pretty much did it full time unpaid, but yea its way too much for one person to do reasonably02:58
BUGabundoI know it hit debian recently02:58
calcBUGabundo: rewriting the packaging, no packages yet02:58
calcAmaranth: yea i imagine so02:59
calcAmaranth: hmm what is gold btw? :)02:59
rdw200169hey, i'm getting the strangest problem w/jaunty beta.  Networking is strange and causes me endless timeouts, even though i get good download speeds, so i have to constantly restart connections.02:59
Amaranthcalc: http://www.airs.com/blog/archives/3802:59
rdw200169i used to have this problem with hardy, but I can't for the life of me remember what i did03:00
BUGabundordw200169: IPv6 ?03:00
Amaranthcalc: new linker written by some google guys designed just to speed up C++ builds03:00
rdw200169BUGabundo, is that a common problem?  timeouts?03:00
BUGabundordw200169: not that I hear about it in here03:00
AmaranthAlthough when first reading about it I'm sure they said it only supported C but that may have just been a step in their development03:00
rdw200169BUGabundo, i don't think so, on hardy i had ipv6 working with an ipv6 tunnel, i just haven't gotten around to it though03:00
calcAmaranth: i'll have to take a look at that when i get some spare time03:01
Amaranthcalc: Oh, that blog post is worthless :P03:01
Amaranthcalc: anyway, it's in binutils03:01
Amaranth"The motivation for writing gold was to make a linker that is faster than the GNU linker[3], especially for large applications coded in C++."03:02
AmaranthSounds promising but I doubt it can handle OOo at this point03:02
calcah hmm03:02
BUGabundordw200169: no idea then03:03
AmaranthI haven't seen anything written about it in some time though, it may be better03:03
BUGabundoyou need to trace it to either network or OS03:03
calcAmaranth: are they aiming to replace the current linker with it since it is in binutils or still a work in progress or something else?03:03
BUGabundordw200169: what does mtr tell you ?03:03
Amaranthcalc: I think they plan to replace the current linker03:03
Amaranthcalc: http://sourceware.org/cgi-bin/cvsweb.cgi/~checkout~/src/gold/README?rev=1.3&content-type=text/plain&cvsroot=src03:04
rdw200169BUGabundo, 0.0% packet loss03:04
Amaranthcalc: See if any of the things it doesn't support are things OOo needs, I guess03:04
BUGabundordw200169: where do you experience this timeouts?03:04
rdw200169BUGabundo, pretty much everywhere.  i have the timeout in apt set to 3 seconds just so i can get updates.03:05
rdw200169BUGabundo, but everything from wget to firefox does it03:05
BUGabundoany p2p app on your network?03:05
calchmm they need to get pie working03:05
calciirc that is used in Ubuntu currently03:06
calcnot sure about the other missing features03:06
rdw200169BUGabundo, i've tried windowing sysctl fixing, but it doesn't help at all, i.e. sys/net/ipv4/tcp_syncookies tcp_window_scaling etc...03:06
rdw200169BUGabundo, i don't think so, regardless, i can reboot right now and go back to hardy and the problem goes away03:06
Amaranthcalc: Yeah, that one is why I figured it'd only be useful for your local builds03:06
Amaranthcalc: Even so, from what I've read it should speed up linking a lot03:06
BUGabundordw200169: what ethernet card?03:07
Jaredhey guys- am updating jaunty 9.04 and getting lots of breakage, on april 23rd if i do system update will it upgrade to official 9.04 or do i need to download another .iso?03:07
rdw200169BUGabundo, it's on the motherboard, ASUS nforce4 i think03:07
calcAmaranth: yea i'll have to try it out03:07
BUGabundoJared: you can just update with update-manager03:07
rdw200169BUGabundo, it also did it on the Ralink 2500 series driver, though03:07
BUGabundordw200169: nforce03:07
Jaredcool thanks03:07
rdw200169BUGabundo, i.e. wireless, but i got tired a while ago with signal strength and packet loss problems03:08
BUGabundoseveral users complain about it03:08
rdw200169BUGabundo, so now i'm wired in directly to the router03:08
BUGabundoRT is bad, yeah03:08
BUGabundomany PCI cards suck03:08
calcJared: file bug reports03:08
BUGabundobut newer ones for eeepcs are working great now03:08
calcJared: otherwise it will likely be as broken as it is now03:08
BUGabundocalc: most probably he doesn't even know what LP is03:09
calcBUGabundo: true03:09
rdw200169BUGabundo, i've tried checking the MTU value through ping tests and even that works fine03:09
BUGabundoI like helping and I spend HUGE amounts of time helping users03:09
calcdoesn't require knowning what LP is to do Help->Report a Bug03:09
BUGabundobut some times, I just get to tired03:09
BUGabundocalc: requires LP login account03:09
ActionParsnipBUGabundo: fun isnt it :)03:09
BUGabundoActionParsnip: too much... can't even laught anymore03:10
BUGabundowe all need to learn03:10
ActionParsniptrue, ever day is a school day03:10
BUGabundoI have became much better at filing bugs now, then a year back, or 3 years03:10
BUGabundosorry Jared03:10
ActionParsnipi havent filed many bugs tbh03:10
ActionParsnipguess im lucky03:11
BUGabundoActionParsnip: during alpha1-6 I reported at least 5 every day03:11
Jaredwell, apparently package manager thinks im up to date now03:11
rdw200169BUGabundo, and whats really strange is that i get no driver errors in syslog/messeges/dmesg03:11
Jaredi just tried reinstalling and it worked03:11
BUGabundowhen python broke, I was the one to report it03:11
ActionParsnipalthough jaunty wouldnt give nice res until i upgraded from intrepid instead of a clean install (weird)03:11
Jaredso its buggy on initialization but fixes itself somehow? lol03:11
BUGabundoJared: we have no idea what you are talking about03:12
BUGabundoyou didn't mention any bug, AFAIR03:12
Jaredi tried to do an update with system update03:12
BUGabundordw200169: you need expert help. maybe you can bug asac on Monday (he is parting tonight)03:12
Jaredit did a partial upgrade, and some packages failed to install03:13
BUGabundoJared: please use update-manager03:13
BUGabundoand don't do partial upgrades03:13
Jaredi later tried to do it again, and it worked after 2 more attempts03:13
* BUGabundo smacks mvo to place a BIG RED alert on partial upgrades03:13
rdw200169BUGabundo, do you know any tricks with tcpdump etc... that might tell me what is causing these timeouts?03:13
rdw200169BUGabundo, its almost as if syn packets aren't getting where they are supposed to or something...03:14
bjsniderrdw200169, you have hardware that is ill-supported03:14
BUGabundordw200169: by now, you showed you know more then me... lol03:14
* BUGabundo remembers of SiS HW grrrr03:14
calcasac is likely asleep by now its 3am where he lives iirc03:14
BUGabundocalc: here too03:14
BUGabundoSat Apr 11 03:15:07 WEST 200903:15
IenorandBUGabundo: How do you actually avoid partial upgrades?03:15
BUGabundohe was denting a while ago03:15
rdw200169BUGabundo, sigh, I find this quite irritating b/c i'm really good at networking with linux03:15
BUGabundoIenorand: not pressing it ?03:15
BUGabundordw200169: all I can tell you is that nforce behaves bad, and RT has lousy support03:15
calcrdw200169: which nic?03:15
rdw200169bjsnider, almost makes me want to go get a different motherboard.  that or install an Intel Gig-ethernet card.03:16
calcoh nforce (gag)03:16
BUGabundothe entire driver was made on a branch of the kernel03:16
IenorandBUGabundo: ...So one waits untill its possible to do a non-partial...?03:16
rdw200169calc, BUGabundo lemme get the exact nomenclature03:16
calcnvidia anything is bad03:16
bjsniderrdw200169, grab a mainboard that's all-intel and you'll be in great shape03:16
calcat least if you want it to actually work03:16
ActionParsnipcalc: nvidia gfx is rocking in linux03:16
BUGabundoIenorand: yes. most of the time is building depencies or delays in mirror sync03:16
BUGabundoor FTBFS03:16
bjsnidergraphics cards are another story03:16
calcActionParsnip: until it explodes or doesn't display your menus, etc03:16
ActionParsnipcalc: its all i buy due to fantastic support03:16
rdw200169calc: nVidia Corporation MCP55 Ethernet (rev a2)03:17
bjsniderrdw200169, guhhh...03:17
ActionParsnipcalc: ive had zero issues with them since mandrake 703:17
calcActionParsnip: so great support that they refuse to let the xorg maintainer forward more than a minimal amount of bugs to them, heh03:17
rdw200169bjsnider, is it really that bad?03:17
bjsniderno, worse03:17
ActionParsnipcalc: i dont care about that, they've always worked flawlessly for me, so imho they are awesome03:17
BUGabundoguys calm down!03:18
calcActionParsnip: hope you keep the good luck :)03:18
BUGabundowe all have dirent views on this subject03:18
ActionParsnipcalc: i intend to ;)03:18
ActionParsnipcalc: thanks :D03:18
rdw200169ActionParsnip, i agree, nvidia gfx is kicking well on X.org.  i've finally got fullscreen sort-of working right with twinview in wine03:18
IenorandBUGabundo: Ah, maybe it would be good with some information regarding that when you get the option of partials... Since I've been around Ubuntu from Gutsy and never understood what partial means... :/03:18
BUGabundobut until ANY of you guys take a SiS based board, I beat you all03:18
ActionParsnipcalc: secret is to not buy the latest cards, buy a few cards back and yer fine03:18
calcBUGabundo: well the fact that are huge numbers of bugs, that the kernel guys added taint kernel support specifically because of bad nvidia drivers, etc are facts :)03:19
bjsniderBUGabundo, i can't imagine why i would do that03:19
rdw200169ActionParsnip, I agree with you wholeheartedly on that point03:19
calcActionParsnip: actually aiui driver 96 doesn't work with OOo since it refuses to display the menus if compiz is enabled03:19
BUGabundocalc: I know that.... Kernel devs stop accepting tainted reports03:19
ActionParsniprdw200169: but folks still buy the latest card the second its out and expect it to work03:19
ActionParsnipcalc: then its a compiz issue03:19
calcBUGabundo: yea and they added tainted support specifically due to how buggy nvidia drivers are03:19
rdw200169ActionParsnip, just on $$ alone, i suggest they stay 6 mos. behind.  saves oodles of money03:19
BUGabundoI was hit with that... I barelly could use Kmail03:20
BUGabundogot around using Fire on the corner of the screen03:20
calcto be fair i have an nvidia card but i just use the nv driver03:20
bjsniderintel submits drivers for yet-to-be-released hardware03:20
calcthe only reason i bought it was at the time it was hard to find a dual head dvi card without fan03:20
BUGabundocalc: I know that too....03:20
* BUGabundo rdw200169 is agreeing with what I told calc 2h ago LOL03:21
rdw200169whats the opinion of MSI mobo's then, bjsnider as opposed to ASUS.  I used to be an ASUS guy, but these driver issues they always have get pretty darn infuriating03:21
* calc no longer uses dual head since he wife took his second monitor, so will probably just get a intel gfx board next time03:21
ActionParsniprdw200169: i like msi mobos03:21
BUGabundocalc: LOL03:21
BUGabundoI used a dual monitor too, until boss stop paying paycheck03:22
calcyea only buy brand new hardware if you like bugs... linux or not, things don't even work well under windows when they first come out03:22
wirechiefBUGabundo: ok im ready03:22
bjsniderrdw200169, stick with baords that use intel's p35/p45/x38/x48/x58 they are all tested and work fine03:22
ActionParsnipor nforce03:22
BUGabundowirechief: ahh?03:22
rdw200169bjsnider, yeah, but that usually means i have to use the Intel procs.03:22
* wirechief i hope this doesnt take 24 hrs to crash hahaha03:22
bjsniderrdw200169, the best cpus03:22
bjsniderbut also the most expensive03:22
rdw200169bjsnider, i'm an AMD guy.  makes sense.  i own a bunch of their stock.03:22
BUGabundoguys calm down03:23
bjsniderwhat's AMD?03:23
wirechiefreluctantly i decided to give it another shot.03:23
bjsnidernever heard of it03:23
BUGabundowe are on extreme corners... no one will agree with the others03:23
dkkongDid the Intel 845 video glitch get fixed? I'm still stuck at VESA with 0hz refresh rate03:23
calcbjsnider: the company that made the best cpus before core 2 came out :)03:23
BUGabundodkkong: NO03:23
ActionParsnipadvance micro devices, bjsnider ;)03:23
bjsniderthey usedto be a contenda03:23
BUGabundoI want an ARM... no FAN03:24
rdw200169both companies are in constant competition with ea. other.  have been for almost 2 decades now.03:24
ActionParsnipi like amd chips03:24
wirechiefBUGabundo:  i can move stuff all over the screen i guess that is the compiz program03:24
dkkongBUGabundo: is there a way to at least fix the 0hz problem?03:24
dkkongin the vesa mode I mean03:24
rdw200169and they are always trying to beat ea. other to the punch.  right now i think its cutting costs on the 45nm process, but i'm not sure03:24
BUGabundodkkong: don't know. ask cwillu or bryce03:24
bjsniderthe new intel i7 destroys all other consumer cpus and will for the next couple of years03:25
BUGabundoright now I'm an Intel guy03:25
BUGabundoC2D are pretty good03:25
dkkongcwillu: Do you know a way to change the 0hz refresh rate on the vesa mode03:25
rdw200169regardless, both have excellent products.  Intel just has more market share, and I prefer amd03:25
bjsniderthey're a bit pricey though03:25
ActionParsnipi just buy whats cheapest03:25
calcbjsnider: afaict amd hasn't caught up since conroe was released (/me lived in conroe until 2 years ago :)03:25
BUGabundofor a long time I was an AMD guy03:25
dkkongI'm normally an intel, but its borked for now03:25
cwilludkkong, what bug number?03:25
calcthe new intel chips this summer will be interesting to see, they have gpu built into the cpu now03:26
rdw200169calc, classy use of /me ;)03:26
calcrdw200169: :)03:26
rdw200169calc, and you don't think that amd is trying the same thing?  even after they took the hit on buying up ati?03:26
dkkongcwillu: I don't think it has a bug per say. I've had to switch to vesa because of the intel bug and was just wondering if there was a way to fix the fact that I can't change my refresh rate from 0hz.03:26
calcwhile looking for dictionary bugs of a specific type it appears i am finding even more bugs03:26
calcrdw200169: oh i'm sure they will have it soon, iirc they were at one time going to have multi socket systems where a socket was for the gpu, another for eg physics processor, etc03:27
BUGabundocalc: ROFL03:27
cwilludkkong, do you have an image at all?03:27
calcBUGabundo: ispell-fi appears to not include the dictionary file when i rebuilt it at least L\03:27
BUGabundocalc: I stoped looking at buglinks on my own bugs, because of that.... I would add 10-20-50 new bugs to my list03:28
dkkongcwillu: Yeah, it's just VESA at 1024*768.03:28
cwilludkkong, sorry, I'm not understanding what your problem is03:28
bjsnidercalc, have you seen the benchmarks for the i7? right up off the top of the charts. buried the needle.03:28
calcBUGabundo: i'm having to build every dictionary package and examine the output and attach packages to a bug i already created then i have to fix all the buggy ones for the release03:28
bjsniderplus it has sse403:28
calcbjsnider: i7 is too expensive :\ but i5 with built in gpu will be out sometime this summer03:29
cwilluif anything shows up on the screen, you're not running at 0hz refresh (logs and other sources of misinformation aside :p)03:29
Barriduscan anyone help me with troubleshooting Startup Applications/Automatically Remember Running Apps When Logging Out?  No matter if it's checked or unchecked, or no matter what is actually running when i log out or reboot, i'm greeted to pidgin and firefox upon next login.03:29
* BUGabundo mutes all the geek talk! 03:29
calci think i am going to wait until the quad core with built in gpu (i6 maybe?) comes out03:29
calci need to upgrade around the end of the year03:29
dkkongcwillu: Intel 845 chipsets are broken as listed on the main page. To make GNOME work, I swapped my xorg.conf to vesa in the driver section. I've got a desktop at 1024*768 resolution, but I can't change my refresh rate to anything but 0hz.03:29
BUGabundoBarridus: I saw someone mention that in the last few days03:29
calcdkkong: 0hz... so a black screen?03:30
BUGabundoI can't reproduce it, thought03:30
Barriduswas it me perhaps?03:30
Barridusit's been a burr in my saddle for the past few days03:30
cwilludkkong, what it telling you 0hz?03:30
BUGabundoBarridus: maybe. I have the worse memory03:30
dkkongcalc: Nope, it's a screen with full pics and all, just no ability to refresh anything, so things like video and things moving quickly on the desktop look like crap03:30
Barridusit might be UNR, i can't find any info anywhere03:30
dkkongcwillu: the Display option in the system menu in GNOME03:30
Barridusand UNR has no options that i can find03:31
BUGabundoBarridus: file a bug and mention that03:31
BUGabundoalso create a new user, and try to reproduce03:31
calcdkkong: oh :\03:31
Barridusyeah that's a good idea, i'll try the new user first.03:31
Barridusget more info and possibly confirm/eliminate UNR03:31
* calc gets back to looking at all the dicts03:31
Barridusit's nice being in an ubuntu support chan where you don't have to preface everything with "BUGabundo:" or risk being punched in the sack03:32
wirechiefthis reminds me of hunting. you see two deer when you first get out there. later you are all prepared and you spend two days and no deer in sight03:33
BUGabundotime for bed03:33
BUGabundosee you tomorrow03:33
Barriduslater BUGabundo03:34
Barridusthanks for the advice as always03:34
BUGabundoBarridus: actually do it, or I may not read it LOL03:34
Barridusheh, yeah03:34
DanaGQARGH!~ Why the hell is gnome assuming 96dpi?03:41
rdw200169DanaG, i think they killed the automatic dpi feature03:42
DanaGcalc: nvidia 96 driver even starts for you?  For me, it just makes the X server segfault!03:42
DanaGrdw200169: all the better to have the fonts the wrong danged size for whatever the heck monitor you connect.03:42
rdw200169bjsnider, i think i found out what the problem was03:42
DanaGYay for having to MANUALLY set things!03:42
rdw200169bjsnider, it was that horrid piece of heck, NetworkManager03:43
crdlbDanaG: it was breaking too much stuff to include it in jaunty03:43
DanaGHow about having a gconf key to re-enable autodetection?03:43
DanaGFor me, it worked fine.03:43
crdlbhow about just waiting a month? :)03:43
Tefadis there a guide to moving the LVM encryption key off my harddrive03:43
DanaGMonth... for jaunty+1?03:43
rdw200169wasn't the problem related to the fact that all monitors don't report EDID's?03:44
DanaG"all $THING don't" wording always bugs me....03:44
DanaGsounds to me like "none do"03:44
Tefadnot all does03:44
Tefadnone does.03:45
crdlbDanaG: ok, maybe two03:45
Tefadnot all do there03:45
Tefadmy brain hurts03:45
DanaGAll monitors I have seem to work well enough, so it'd be nice to have a gconf key.03:45
DanaG"not all do" is less ambiguous.03:45
crdlbthat would be silly03:45
crdlbit's not like it's a regression from intrepid03:45
calcDanaG: i don't use it, i just noted that users that use it seems to not to work right for them with displaying text03:48
DanaGah.  For me, it just plain crashes the X server.03:49
=== roberto is now known as Guest34611
bjsniderrdw200169, how did you establish network-manager's culpability?03:54
rdw200169bjsnider, what do you mean?  how did i realize it was garbage?03:54
bjsniderno, how did you establish that it was responsible for your troubles03:55
rdw200169bjsnider, i dunno.  I *never* use it because it used to cause me endless troubles in hardy.03:57
bjsniderrdw200169, you don't know. well, that should hold up in court.03:57
rdw200169bjsnider, then i remember that there it is, sneering at me in the top toolbar.  hm... it has a lot of control, why don't i get rid of it?03:57
rdw200169bjsnider, so, i did a quick killall of the relevant apps, set up my network interface in /etc/network/interfaces = problem solved.  no more random timeouts03:59
rdw200169i fell out of love with NetworkManager when it made wireless connections using WEP impossible and interfacing the dbus a matter of knowing what the *exact* version was b/c it was constantly changing the non-existent introspection properties04:00
rdw200169and, thusly, the fact that the developers insist on not documenting the dbus interface in a manner that is accurate or usable04:01
calcthose type people aren't developers... they are something else i probably can't say :-\04:02
QPrimerdw200169: My experience with NM on intrepid has been pretty good.  I will agree that Hardy was a bit of a problem.  NM on Jaunty has been virtually flawless for me.04:04
rdw200169look, all i'm saying is that with NetworkManager gone, I've managed to install several large files w/out a single timeout04:10
QPrimerdw200169: not arguing with you, whatever works.04:11
rdw200169why, i don't know, and i don't really care.  I hate NetworkManager with a passion and I don't really feel like scouring through a bunch of C code to figure out what caused this particular headache.04:12
IenorandI can't get wired net connection with NM enabled :)04:12
* rdw200169 realizes he should have known NM would have been his problem04:12
* QPrime can see that rdw200169 really takes NM rather personally.04:13
crdlbyou can stop complaining now04:13
rdw200169yeah.  i'm done ;)04:13
IenorandI'm just worried that the bug of no net won't be fixed until release... That would be a nice welcome for new users, no internet...04:14
QPrimeIenorand: do you have any entries in your '/etc/network/interfaces'?  also you might want to try and delete all auto created NM interfaces and let NM re-create on reboot or service restart04:17
IenorandQPrime: I have this issue when booting on livecd:s all through Jaunty, and on Intrepid as well... apparently it's some insteraction between kernel 2.6.27 and NMBug #284377 by the way...04:19
Ienorand... *liveCDs *interaction *NM,04:20
Cameronis there a 'blessed' desktop search app for jaunty ? it looks that tracker has been removed from the default install.  Is tracker still recommended, or should I look at others ?04:22
QPrimeIenorand: fair enough.  I'll take a quick peek at the bug report.  (apparently looking at bug reports on a Friday constitutes a 'good time' for me these days).04:22
IenorandQPrime: Cheers, TJ is assigned on the Kernel side, but last thing he said is that he's got no 'inspiration' as to how to tackle it, so more input would always be nice...04:25
crdlbCameron: tracker would still be it, I guess04:26
Cameroncrdlb: ok, thanks04:27
zj3t3mju!search sound04:37
ubottuFound: sound, dmix, kmix, youtube sound, pulseaudio, esd, soundblaster, sound-#kubuntu, audio, audio-#ubuntu+104:37
ActionParsnipyo yo yo04:46
frybyewho else is having problems with flash-video/you tube and co. - since an update some 18hrs ago??04:53
jblackhallanyone having problems getting updates via update-manager?  I'm trying to connect to the main US server and it's stalling partway through checking the repos.  I'm also unable to connect to launchpad04:55
ActionParsnipfrybye: 64bit linux or 32bit?04:56
frybyethe prob is on a eeepc 1000h/32bit...04:57
frybyewith jaunty nbr04:58
frybyehere on a 64bit pc with jaunty and the alpha flash 10 from adobe - no prob at all...04:58
frybyeActionParsnip: its 32bit on an eeepc05:01
ActionParsnipfrybye: sudo apt-get --reinstall flashplugin-nonfree05:02
frybyeActionParsnip: I did that via synaptic already.. any point in doing again with apt-get???05:03
frybyejust a min - not sure about that... will try...05:04
ActionParsnipfrybye: nar05:04
ActionParsnipfrybye: you could download the tar.gz from www.adobe.com and extract the .so file to ~/.mozilla/plugins05:05
philsfif I~m using aptitude to upgrade to jaunty, the least expected way would be: safe-upgrade, dist-upgrade, or something else in between?05:05
quietasAnyone using FreeNX with Jaunty?  I have it running via the PPA debs, but I only have a desktop with no gnome05:05
quietasHeadless server with ubuntu desktop installed also05:05
coz_guys  still in jaunty the nautilus open dialog takes way too long to populate... any solutions?05:07
ActionParsnipcoz_: use a lighter app like pcman05:08
ActionParsnipcoz_: i'm sure it will be improved in the official release, log a bug05:09
coz_ActionParsnip, well thats one solution but not the one I am looking for :)  this started occurring in intrepid  and has only gotten worse in jaunty and I am assumiung it is actually a gnome issue since it is also happening in debian05:09
ActionParsnipcoz_: then i'd definately log a bug05:10
coz_ActionParsnip, did that already ,,, before the last two major updates it was getting better though :)05:10
calci finally finished checking out the dictionary packages, 7 are buggy05:11
calcer 7 source packages are buggy, not sure how many binaries are05:11
frybyecoz_: he seems to hve gone offline...05:24
coz_frybye,  ah ok05:25
mjheagle8has anybody been having problems with kpackagekit in jaunty?05:30
frybyewhere can i check what grafic-card + driver I have installed at the moment...?05:33
frybyeunder settings display - there is practically nothing.. it just says laptop 10" and thats that...05:34
mjheagle8can anybody help me with kpackagekit?05:37
=== ron__ is now known as frybye
mjheagle8can anybody help me with kpackagekit?05:49
IenorandHeh, now on thte latest daily NM works flawlessly... Glad that got sorted before release... Seems the fix was unintentional though... Since no mention of the bug in the changelogs... Oh well, as long as it keeps on working... Might have to backport to intrepid though...05:51
slashdotfxanyone know how to disable ipv6 in jaunty?05:59
Mulderslashdotfx, custom kernel?06:04
slashdotfxMulder: ic06:10
MinusSevenhow much different is the alternate install process to the normal one?06:11
MinusSeveni'm having a problem getting the boot loader installed with the beta06:11
AK_Davethe alternate install looks almost identical to the stock Debian installer.06:12
MinusSeveni see06:12
MinusSevenwith the normal version, its not letting me install grub on the master hard drive06:12
MinusSeveni let it install on the slave, then changed the boot order, but it didn't work either06:13
FlynsarmyDo they have the tiny 'save as'/'open' dialogue box issue fixed in jaunty? where when you try to open the window appears all collapsed and you avhe to expand it06:13
frybyere: is it not possible to use xorg-edit with jaunty?? Suggest an alternative gui-xorg config?06:21
DrMrHorsei had trouble with accessing the boot loader because it was installed on a partition with ext4, and i couldnt access it to adjust it from my old partition running 8.04 and ext306:25
DrMrHorsebut im a little dopey06:25
crdlbfrybye: I'm not familiar with that, but what do you need to change?06:27
PollywogI upgraded to jaunty and I had problems with it, major ones.  I did a clean install and now it works like a charm06:54
PollywogWhy don't upgrades usually go well06:54
Pollywogmost upgrades of ubuntu/kubuntu do not go well for me06:55
PollywogI try clean installs and those usually go well06:55
drmrhorsemine regular updates have been fine after my clean install06:56
darthanubisyou mean why don't upgrades go well for YOU06:56
ktnehello, anyone has has succesfully installed kubuntu 9.04??06:57
Pollywogregular updates are not a problem, it is upgrades06:57
Pollywogktne :  yes06:57
drmrhorsethe dist upgrade Pollywog?06:57
Pollywogyes the dist-upgrades do not go well but clean installs do06:58
drmrhorseand ktne, yes, even suspend/resume works for me06:58
ktnefrom a live CD06:58
Pollywogktne: try the alternate install06:58
ktnei tried installing it and i think that i don't have a boot manager anymore06:58
Pollywogthe alternate installer almost never fails06:58
drmrhorsektne: entirely possible06:58
ktnewell, what should i do now?06:58
ktnei can't boot06:58
drmrhorsektne: are you just booting into jaunty or do you dual/more boot?06:59
ktneand how is that it doesn't install a boot manager?06:59
ktnei have jaunty and vista06:59
ktnebut all the boot stuff is gone07:00
ktnefor now i want to boot jaunty07:00
drmrhorsedid have a dual boot before?07:00
ktnefedora and vista07:00
drmrhorsethe install usually install grub07:00
ktneit doesn't07:00
drmrhorsei was lucky enough to have it install grub for me07:01
ktneso what i do?07:01
Neon_which os did you install first?07:01
ktneNeon_:  vista07:01
ktnebut i don't care about vista07:01
ktnewhat i want now is to boot kubuntu07:01
ktnebut i can't because i have no bootloader07:02
Neon_do you have your vista cd?07:02
ktneyes but what this has to do?07:02
Neon_the windows boot loader should be enouph07:02
Neon_to get into kubuntu07:02
drmrhorsewindows boot loader doesnt load ubuntu07:02
ktnei don't want to boot that07:02
drmrhorsewindows boot loader only boots windows07:02
ktneyes, as far as i know07:03
ktnealso, even then, where is grub?07:03
ktneisn't this some sort of critical bug?07:03
Tefaddrmrhorse: you are incorrect07:03
drmrhorsegrub is located at /boot/grub07:03
ktnethere is no /boot/grub07:03
ktnethat's what i was saying07:03
Neon_if you reset the windows boot loader07:03
ktnethere is no bootloader07:03
Tefadwubi straps itself off windows boot loader07:03
Neon_it should give yout the ubuntu option07:03
drmrhorsektne: are you using wubi?07:04
ktneNeon_: my windows fails to repair so i can't use that07:04
ktnedrmrhorse: no07:04
ktnedrmrhorse: i installed kubuntu from a live cd07:04
ktnethe installer finished but then instead of rebooting07:04
drmrhorseand it was a jaunty cd?07:04
ktneit entered the kde desktop07:04
ktnewell i assume kubuntu 9.04 is jaunty07:04
drmrhorseyes, rather07:05
ktneis it normal to enter the kde desktop right after copying the files to disk?07:05
ktnei was not asked anything about the boot manager07:05
drmrhorsei dunno, heres how kubuntu worked for me dual booting with windows:07:06
ktneplease stope07:06
ktneforget windows, it doesn't work here07:06
drmrhorseok, ill stop07:06
ktnei need to boot kubuntu07:06
ktnewith grub07:06
remuI was trying to install firefox-3.5 after it installed it kept giving me a "Bus error (core dumped)" so after I tried removing it, I now keep getting this message from apt whenever I try to do something. How can I resolve it? http://pastebin.com/d1319fad607:06
ktnehow do i do this?07:06
cspackit should have told you to reboot after the install, then it asks you to remove the cd before it shuts down07:06
ktnecspack: it didn't do that07:06
ktnecspack: it displayed a "Copying .." dialog then when it was near the end it closed and fired up the KDE desktop07:07
ktneand it does that inside virtualbox too07:07
ktnebut i thought it was an error on my side07:07
ktneit looks like it did that on the real system too07:07
cspackdid you try rebooting manually?07:08
ktnei did in the virtualbox and it failed07:08
ktnebecause there is no grub07:08
ktnenow, on the real machine on which i'm now07:08
ktnei ended up the same way and i'm afraid to reboot07:08
ktneand there is no grub directory in /target/boot07:09
ktneso i assume grub has not been installed07:09
cspackvirtualbox doesn't use grub07:09
ktnewhat do you mean? it does if you install grub in an operating system07:09
cspackit uses a virtual drive inside your host07:10
ktneyes i know07:10
ktnebut on that virtual drive the operating system should install grub07:11
ktneso that it can boot the virtual operating system07:11
cspackanyway i would try rebooting the real machine, you can always boot with the live cd and fix grub if it's broken07:11
ktnehow to fix grub with the live cd?07:11
ktneok, i'll reboot07:12
AK_Davesupergrub is real handy also07:15
PollywogI guess he did not see my suggestion to try the alternate install07:17
Pollywogesp if he has a laptop or slow machine07:17
AK_Davesupergrub is a livecd of, well, grub. And other tools.07:17
ktnei'm back07:19
ktneit won't boot07:19
ktneand the installation CD has no Repair option, so i have no way to install grub07:19
ktnewhat should i do now?07:19
ktnei'm really desperate her :(07:20
Pollywogwhat does it do on boot?07:20
ktneit doesn't do anything because there is no bootloader07:21
AK_Davedownload supergrub livecd and burn it. Boot with it. How to find supergrub? Go to distrowatch, or google for "supergrub".07:21
Pollywogktne is this a dual boot machine?07:21
ktneis there any way i can do this without burning yet another cd?07:21
ktnePollywog: it used to be fedora+vista07:21
ktnePollywog: but kubuntu formatted /boot partition07:22
ktnePollywog: and there is no /boot/grub anymore07:22
cspackcan you mount your boot partition?07:22
PollywogI think there is a way to fix it if you have the alternate install CD07:22
ktneyes, i suppose07:22
ktnePollywog: i don't have the alternate install CD07:22
ktneand anyway07:23
ktnehas anyone actually installed kubuntu beta on their machine before releasing it?07:23
ktnebecause i think it's impossible to install it07:23
ktneit doesn't work in a virtual machine either07:23
Pollywogno even a pollywog can install it07:23
Pollywogktne it IS harder to install on virtualbox but I did it07:24
ktnePollywog: on a clean virtualbox machine?07:24
* AK_Dave installed Jaunty and then did 'sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop'07:24
=== jscinoz_ is now known as jscinoz
Pollywogare you running virtualbox in windows?07:24
ktnePollywog:  no, now i'm on the real machine, and it behaved the same way as in virtualbox, that's why i'm so desperate07:24
Pollywogktne: you should stick with LTS versions (Hardy) until you are comfortable installing Ubuntu07:25
Pollywogand it is better to always use the alternate install CD07:26
ktnei'm very comfortable installing linux as long as it comes with a boot manager!07:26
Pollywogunless you have a fast machine07:26
ktnei have a fast machine07:26
ktneand i have installed linux dozens of times before07:26
ktneso i know what i'm saying when i'm saying that kubuntu 9.04 CD doesn't come with a boot manager07:26
Pollywogwell I installed it07:27
ktnei mean, it has syslinux, but it doesn't install one07:27
Pollywogthe only problem I have is with dist upgrades07:27
ktneok, why hasn't installed on here, on two separate installations?07:27
Pollywogthey work but something is almost always broken, then a clean install fixes it07:27
ktnethis was a clean installation, on a newly formatted / partition07:28
cspackdid you mount your boot partition and verify there is a grub directory?07:28
ktneyes, there isn't one07:28
cspackoh. sounds like the install didn't finish then07:28
ktneas i said, it displayed the "Copying .. " dialog then at close to the end it closed and fired up the KDE desktop07:29
cspackwhat filesystem did you format /boot with?07:29
cspackwasn't kde desktop already running?07:30
ktneno, i used the "Install KDE" menu entry07:30
ktneinstead of "Try from CD"07:30
ktneok, i'll try to install it again07:31
cspackmaybe try running from live cd, then click the install icon07:31
cspackthat's how i always do it07:31
Pollywogyou have installed with LIVE cd's in the past?07:31
ktnenot kubuntu07:31
cspacknever had a problem07:31
PollywogI have had success with some machines and not others but the alternate install almost never fails07:32
ktnei did install opensuse, ubuntu hardy, fedora, etc before on this machine07:32
ktnePollywog: what is that alternate install?07:32
ktneis it the alternate install CD?07:32
ktnewhy would one fail and the other one work?07:33
Pollywogwhere you download the iso's, there is a link for alternate install07:33
Pollywogthe alternate installer is textual07:33
ktneok, but it doesn't make it clear on that page "beware, the default one doesn't install"07:33
Pollywogso it runs faster, and it also has several options, one of them to rescue a "broken" install07:33
ktnei see07:33
Pollywogif you use the alternate install, you might be able to fix it so you do not lose the Vista install07:34
cspacki know if i can boot from the live cd that all my hardware is detected, etc. and it should install ok07:34
Pollywogbut Vista is weird07:34
ktnei already said it, i don't care about the vista install, all i want is to get my system booting07:35
Pollywogit would work with XP07:35
Pollywogit is easier if you install Vista first if you are doing a dual boot07:35
ktnei KNOW07:35
ktnevista was installed07:35
ktneinstalled fedora07:35
ktnenow installed kubuntu, no more grub07:36
ktneand kubuntu installer apparently fails07:36
ktneduring "Copying files.." dialog07:36
Pollywogplease just try the alternate installer07:36
ktnei can't07:36
cspackselect "try the cd" or whatever, then install from the desktop07:37
ktnecspack: that's what i'm doing now, i'll report back soon07:37
cspacki want to try jaunty as well, but i just got this intrepid install customized.  not sure i want to upgrade to beta07:40
|ns|nR8duel boot07:41
cspackyeah i might try it with virtualbox actually since i don't have a spare partition atm07:41
pitwalkers.o.s. "/dev/sda5 -- device or resource busy"07:47
ktnehi again07:51
ktneit appears to have been installed properly07:51
cspackyou have grub now? :)07:53
ktneyes :)07:53
ktneit detected vista and fedora too07:53
ktnenow i'll try to install nvidia drivers07:53
pitwalkeralternata installer is a nightmare on a prepartitioned 500GB SATA DISK!!!!!!!!!!07:55
pitwalkeralternate installer works when i choose F4 and i insall only a command line system :-)08:00
cspacknever had to use alternate installer, don't have RAID or anything special08:02
pitwalkeranyone experienced error on gdm screen vith ATI proprietary driver?08:05
eagles0513875i have noticed an interesting problem with the new network manager08:12
eagles0513875does it happen when after you unlock the session it is unable to reconnect to the wifi network08:12
eagles0513875if i reboot it connects just fine08:12
pitwalkeralternate installer -> command line system not allow for me to choose the place of grub!08:14
pitwalkerand installed to mbr with grub error 17, GREAT!!!!!!!!!!08:14
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto08:15
eagles0513875pitwalker: the first link might help ya im not sure though08:15
pitwalkereagles0513875: i use my ubuntu jaunty usb key to reinstall grub to proper location and the GAG (or i can use super grub disk)08:16
eagles0513875pitwalker: are you trying to make ur usb key the location that you want to boot off of08:17
eagles0513875or just using it as a live cd08:17
pitwalkereagles0513875: hahahh, i love my portable complete system on a 8GB USB KEY :-) with ext308:18
eagles0513875pitwalker: never got it to work for me08:18
eagles0513875i just use my key as a bootable live cd08:18
eagles0513875and mine is only 4gb lol08:18
eagles0513875pitwalker: do you have a how to in regards to making kubuntu persistent on a usb key08:19
pitwalkeri installed custom packages, and works alwasy as normal hdd on ich7 ich10, dell inspiron, hp compaq, asus, msi, gigabyte...08:19
eagles0513875pitwalker: do you have a how to08:19
eagles0513875on how you did it08:19
pitwalkerwith a not BAAAAAAAAAD alkternate installer08:20
cspacktry http://www.pendrivelinux.com they have a bunch of howto's there08:21
pitwalkerthe trick is: you must use UUIDs in grub's menu.lst ;-)08:24
pitwalkerthe usb key is the 1st hard disk08:24
eagles0513875cspack: i tried it and i never got it to work08:25
eagles0513875now i must reboot again for a kernel update lol08:25
pitwalkeri'm in a hurry, you can email to me via the sane launchpad account08:26
philsfhello, I can't find the proper keyboard variant in jaunty (Generic - ABNT2 - thinkpad variant)09:24
philsfthe normal variant is missing the slash - interrogation09:25
philsfIs there a way to set this in xorg.conf09:25
philsfsudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg09:35
aciculawhen building a kernel mod driver it starts building but bombs out with an error that it can find the target mymodulename under <linux-headers>/drivers, anyone familiar with that. I'm trying to build the lenovo-sl-driver09:44
shadeslayerhi,h i how do i disable a extra x server i set up?09:50
OmniSo, I need the package libstdc++2.10-glibc2.2, but it hasn't been ported to ubuntu09:51
Omnierr, ubuntu jaunty09:51
OmniWhat should I do?09:51
Omniinstall the intrepid one?09:52
giskardmy gnome session almost always starts in low resolution (640 x 350 or something) using nvidia propietary drivers (v 96)09:53
aciculadunno, it may work but it's a fair chance it wont09:53
giskardi have to restart X to get it to proper resolution09:53
giskardhow do i go about to troubleshooting this issue?09:53
aciculaOmni: that's a pretty ancient version09:53
aciculaOmni: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/35040109:57
ubottuUbuntu bug 350401 in ubuntu "libstdc++2.10-glibc2.2 missing from repository" [Undecided,New]09:57
ktnei have no sound, but the sound chip is detected properly09:57
giskardalong those lines, how can i reenable ctrl+alt+backspace to restart X?09:57
ktne"The audio playback device ... does not work. Falling back to."09:58
aciculagiskard: there's a special command to reeanble it, but i forgot, try googiling for ubuntu x cltr-alt-del jaunty?09:58
Blues-Manhi all09:58
ktnealsamixer starts, but speaker-test does not produce any output, altrough it appears to work09:59
Blues-Mani have several screen refresh problems in the last jaunty update con mu hp 6720s celeron with intel video card09:59
Blues-Manhow can i "force" refresh? sometimes it crashes also09:59
aciculaktne: did you have a look at the sound wiki page and troubleshooting page?10:00
acicula!sound | ktne10:00
ubottuktne: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP310:00
aciculaBlues-Man: force refresh, crash, ?10:01
Blues-Manacicula, i have screen refresh problems cause when I change window, a part of the last window remain on the new one10:02
Blues-Manas little rows10:02
aciculalike so10:02
Blues-Manand sometimes my laptop crashes i mean that all is blocked10:02
Blues-Mani can't press anything as key on keyboard is all "freeze"10:02
aciculawell it's probably just X that hangs but yeah10:02
Blues-Mani have only to switch off the poweroff button10:02
Blues-Manthis problems comes with ubuntu kernel and kernel.org one too10:03
giskardacicula: sudo aptitude install dontzap -y10:03
giskardthen: sudo dontzap -d10:03
aciculathanx giskard :)10:03
ubottuTo re-enable the Ctrl+Alt+Backspace combination that restarts your X server, you can install the "dontzap" package and use the command « sudo dontzap --disable »10:04
aciculaknew it was in there :/10:04
aciculaBlues-Man: i have no suggestions on how to fix your problem i'm afraid, you can look through launchpad and see if a problem similar to yours is listed with similar/same hardware(or try the forums)10:05
aciculaHow long have you had the problem, over several updates?also in intrepid?10:05
Blues-Manno only in jaunty10:06
ktnemy sound card is properly detects, speaker-test plays but no output is heard, kde says that my audio playback device doesn't work, i have tried the audio wiki, no result10:06
ktnewhat should i do?10:06
Blues-Manin last update this problem increased! and my gtk fonts looks also ugly10:06
Blues-Maneven if yes i m using kde10:06
ktnehello, how can i search for a package that contains the 64bit lgthread-2.0 ?10:23
pitwalkerokay, i hawe a partition table a grub don't line one! a desktop and alternate media dont like too10:23
deanyjaunty UNR on dell mini 9, live cd ran ok, wifi worked ok (WPA protected).  made new wifi network, put in password and bam, its connected.  installed jaunty, when i make the wifi network it assigns it ad-hoc and "shared with other computers" with ip address not in any range i have configured.. when i set to infrastructure, and DHCP (which is what it should be) it doesnt even try and connect.. yet i did this in livecd and it worked.10:29
deanyit came with 8.04 loaded... backed it up just in case.10:30
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Persihi there, Jaunty keeps freezing10:43
Persiany thoughts?10:43
Persianyone here actually?10:43
Persibtw ctrlaltbkspc could have helped I think...10:44
youngmusicI don't  think i can help you, but I do know you'll have to explain your problem more in detail if you want help.10:45
pitwalkersomething is very bad in current installer, all live linux loves my 2 ntfs partition and also vista and xp10:46
Persithanks smary, I was actually looking for specific details I might need to present, usually theres a default answer for a certain sympton10:46
Persiluckily I upgraded hehe10:47
pitwalkeri not ask for intaller touching /dev=sda5 and sda6 but i  have errors10:47
Persiso all of a sudden anything freezes and only mouse pointer moves, no clicks though10:47
pitwalkeri also have errors when /dev/sda5 is swap!!!!!!!10:47
pitwalkerpartition table is erified by fdisk!!!!!! dos complatibiliti flag is set!!!! what is wrong?10:48
benedikthello @all10:48
topylierror: too many exclamation marks. exiting10:48
Persiwell I have none, do I deserve some attention?10:49
Persior you meant exCiting?10:49
youngmusicPersi: can you still log into a console (CTRL+ALT+F1) and restart x?10:50
pitwalkerwhy can i get only grub error 17 in numerous fresh installs and grub reinstalls????10:50
benediktive got a problem with my system, when i try to watch youtube videos, they seem to be stuck sometimes and the other thing is, that when i try to change my wallpaper, it fades quite slow and my hole system goes down for a second... glxinfo | grep direct = yes ... can someone help me please?10:50
pitwalkercorrection: hard disk error from grub when i reinstall it?10:50
Persino I can`t!10:50
pitwalkerlive ext3 jyunty is good with this ich10 gygabyte motrerboard10:51
youngmusicpersi: and what do the logs say?10:51
Persino idea10:51
Persibut it keeps demanding a crash report when I log in back10:51
youngmusicpersi: you better check those first. Probably there will be something in there about it10:51
Persiand I have to restart with a power button too10:51
Persiok could you please direct me to them?10:52
youngmusicthey're in /var/log10:52
youngmusicprobably called Xorg.0.log10:53
pitwalkeraccidentally i have success, i create root ext3 fs with desktop installer :-)10:53
Persithis specific file has nothing interesting to it10:54
Persionly reports of loaded drivers as i can see10:55
youngmusicno error?10:55
youngmusicand nothing in other logfiles?10:55
Persilike which? there are many10:55
youngmusicperhaps, messages, or debug, or syslog...10:56
coz_hey guys  I am getting  /usr/X11R6/bin/X "0 -br -audit 0 /var/lib/gdm/:0.Xauth -nolisten tcp vt7 eating up nearly 50% cpu sine last update...any solutons?10:56
youngmusicit depends on what is generating the error, and since we don't know yet10:56
youngmusicwell it could be in any of them, but unless you have a hardware related error, you system should be able to write something to a logfile that gives you a hint10:58
PersiApr 10 04:54:32 1525 exiting on signal 15? in messages10:58
janakaclkPersi: do a "ls -ltr" in the logs dir and start from the last updated log file10:58
janakaclkPersi: may help... thats how i do10:58
janakaclkPersi: thats message is usually a crash.. whats above that?10:59
Persihothing like that, I`ll try after the next one but no suspicious msgs in the past11:02
Persibesides that signal 1511:02
youngmusicit does not give a solution though11:02
youngmusicPersi: what graphics driver do you use?11:04
Persithx, I wish it were rebooting...11:04
Persiintel integrated I think11:04
coz_whoa this shot up to 78%11:05
youngmusicPersi: sorry, iḿ out of ideas and time. If i were you, i'd further explore those logfiles and google on everything you find suspicious. Good luk!11:06
Persiok thank you11:06
coz_ok this is slowing my entire system to a crawl11:11
coz_/usr/X11R6/bin/X :0 -br -audit 0 -auth /var/lib/gdm/:0.Xauth -nolisten tcp vt711:11
kn100hey guys, just wondering, just downloaded and burned and installed ubuntu 9.04, but how in the name of hell is it 4.2gb? whats new in it that takes up 4.2gb?11:32
|ns|nR8thats the dvd11:32
|ns|nR8not cd11:32
|ns|nR8just has lot of packages you can install from dvd11:32
|ns|nR8otherwise its the same11:32
BrixSathow can i make my ubuntu server connect to the net using pppoe and then share the internet over my network?11:33
kn100there are packages on the disk? awesome how do i get them?11:33
liberviscoHi, I did a netinstall of kubuntu jaunty from scratch and adding widgets to the panel doesn't work, clicking the "add widget" button shows the add widget window for a milisecond and then just disappears and nothing happens11:33
kn100thanks nsnr811:36
kn100also any ubuntu devs in here, i gotta say, 9.04 boots fast as hell. on my crappy AMD sempron, 2gb ram, 250gb IDE hdd, it boots in about 14 seconds11:37
kn100so my congratulations, and i cant wait till release11:37
SandGorgonanyone know if it works with AMD Phenom II X4 - I am planning a cheap workhorse with PhenomII 920 and an el-cheapo graphics card to support two monitors with Ubuntu11:53
SwedeMikethe processor is seldom the problem11:53
SwedeMikeit's the components on the motherboard and gfx chip that cause problems11:54
deanyanyone else using netbook (particularly dell mini9).  in 8.04 flash is smooth, but its a little jerky in jaunty UNR using flash1011:59
kbmaniacI know fglrx and jaunty don't work for ATI cards but does the open source driver as per https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver work or am I just getting confused ??!!??12:04
kbmaniacTried it but no go for me, unsure if its just me doing something wrong12:04
htrejhwine crashes sometimes with this error (wel pusleaudio crashes): pcm_pulse.c:361: pulse_write: Assertion `pcm->stream' failed.12:14
htrejhwhat can i do?12:14
|ns|nR8tried changing sound options ?12:14
|ns|nR8pulse has to do with sound12:14
|ns|nR8you prolly already knew that12:15
htrejhyeah, tried everything12:15
htrejhand PA channel is dead today :p12:15
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Raylzwhich package do i need so i can access system->settings->audio ?12:39
maxbSystem->Preferences->Sound ?12:40
maxbOn my Acer Aspire One, the default (gnome-power-manager?) screen blanking never seems to turn off the backlight. On the other hand, an "xset force dpms off" does. Any ideas if it's a bug, or just some setting I need to fiddle?12:45
idefinesince upgrading to 9.04 from 8.10 my raid configuration is no longer detected and i come up to and initramfs boot, any ideas?12:46
maxbIn fact dpms standby and suspend turn off the backlight too, so it looks like no DPMS is happening at all12:46
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antibodyhello I've read gnome 2.26 integrates fprintd, but I have no idea how to get it to work. I used the fprintd_demo and etc however it only works as root. can anyone help me?13:22
cnwesleywangmy Thinkpad T60 with laster 9.04 version has no sound after the last upgrade,anybody meet same problem?13:30
magciuscnwesleywang, probably PulseAudio13:30
cnwesleywangso how to fix that?13:30
cnwesleywangor should I just wait?13:31
msdHey folks13:37
msdI got a problem with 9.0413:37
msdacessing samba share13:37
msdI mounted it and was no problem13:37
msdits an mp3 dir13:37
msdI select -> By Artist -> Letter B -> BB.King [ERROR]13:38
msdThe link xxxxx is broken, Move it to trash? The link cannot be used becuase xxxx does not exist13:38
msdi access it trough my vista laptop just fine, and also on the server its all good ...13:38
msdits always the 3rd layer where the error hits...13:39
msdthose are symlinks created by an mp3 indexer, seems ubuntu doest like those ?13:40
Ienorandmsd: Are these windows-created links?13:49
IenorandIs there an archive of daily lives somewhere? I'm interested in 6th/apr and onwards...13:56
msdthey are created on debian13:56
msdi just read more about the problem13:56
msdit is defenately related to setting in serverside samba->13:56
msdfollow symlinks = yes13:57
msdwide symlinks = yes13:57
msdunix extensions = no13:57
msdbut this still didnt tackle the issue13:58
msdi need 9.04 to understand linux symlinks on a samba share13:58
Ienorandmsd: Ok, sorry but you probably know more about the issue than me, I can haz no samba experience... And it seems not many are around here at this time.13:59
unixdawg_ok who borked jaunty14:00
IenorandAs in what?14:00
unixdawg_the servers are slow this am14:00
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msdI solved the problem after more reading14:25
msdif you cannot access samba symbolic links on a linux samba server14:25
msdADD this to server side ->14:25
msdand only this line in the [global] area of samba.conf ->14:25
msdunix extensions = no14:25
idefineduring boot up i will be thrown into an initramfs shell, where I have to type in mdadm -As to initiate my raid arrays then i type in exit, so I can continue to boot, why is my raid not being automatically initiated? and how can I go about fixing this? This happenned by upgrading to 9.04,14:27
ActionParsniphey guys, is there a document detailing the difference between the server and desktop kernels14:29
IenorandIs there an archive of daily lives somewhere? I'm interested in 6th/apr and onwards...14:30
maxbActionParsnip: I suspect you'll have to resort to the kernel source package14:32
ActionParsnipmaxb: i'm just curious of the differences, will the source contain some form of doc with the details?14:33
maxbNo, but at least it will contain the configs used to build them, which you could diff14:43
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wirechief_I need to work with someone on a Freeze affecting my laptop with intel945 mobil15:10
thiebaudewirechief does your x freeze?15:11
wirechief_thiebaude: yes i am documenting it right now15:11
BUGabundowirechief yeah15:11
wirechief_thiebaude: i have ssh into the laptop and gotten logs15:11
BUGabundodid you get the logs that bryce asked?15:11
BUGabundothere is a great wiki page for that15:12
wirechief_was wondering if i can get anything else15:12
thiebaudeyea i have the same problem, i can use 9.04 with 2.6.24-24 kernel only15:12
wirechief_i read the ubuntu digest this am from Bryce and followed it15:12
thiebaudewith the newer kernels it freezes15:12
thiebaudewirechief did you try other kernels?15:13
wirechief_i am still trying to find the trigger of this event15:13
BUGabundoLinux blubug 2.6.28-11-generic #41-Ubuntu SMP Wed Apr 8 04:39:23 UTC 2009 x86_64 GNU/Linux15:13
wirechief_i think i may have found the trigger but need more testing.15:13
thiebaudei wish i could use the 2.6.28 kernel15:14
BUGabundoif you find anything related to NVidia let me know :(15:14
thiebaudehi BUGabundo15:14
wirechief_BUGabundo: i could not get the apport-collect BUGID to finish without an issue15:14
wirechief_all it wanted to do was create a new bug15:15
BUGabundothiebaude: ah?15:15
BUGabundowirechief what new bug?15:15
wirechief_however i got all the logs that Bryce recommended15:15
wirechief_I reported it initially on 35905115:16
thiebaudeBUGabundo: i think its the same x freezing bug or bugs15:16
wirechief_yes the developer i worked with yesterday said it might actually be 35790815:16
wirechief_i gave him pastes of the files he wanted but now i have new ones with the crash in progress15:17
BUGabundowirechief you mean cwillu ?15:17
BUGabundobug 359051 35790815:18
wirechief_yes, i could not remember his nick15:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 359051 in xorg "Desktop freeze #41" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35905115:18
thiebaudethats it15:18
wirechief_i will see if i can upload the logs15:19
BUGabundobug 35790815:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 357908 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "[i965] X freezes every ~24hr while scrolling in firefox (EXA enabled)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35790815:20
thiebaudeBUGabundo: x freezes then of course the mouse is then frozen, but only on the newer kernels, not 2.6.24-24generic15:20
BUGabundo.24 is to old15:21
thiebaudeyea i know, but thats the only way to log into 9.04, until a fix15:21
BUGabundois it reported?15:21
BUGabundois any dev working on it?15:21
thiebaudeyea, i seen all the different bugs on x freezing15:22
thiebaudeBUGabundo: yes15:23
thiebaudeand im using intel 81515:23
BUGabundoahh that card...15:24
BUGabundoI remember now15:24
BUGabundo#X ignored my request for help15:24
IenorandIs there an archive of daily lives somewhere? I'm interested in 6th/apr and onwards...15:25
BUGabundoIenorand: nope! only last 3 days15:26
BUGabundoor the DVDs that can be older15:26
BUGabundoonly get built every 4 days15:26
BUGabundocheck cdimage15:26
IenorandBUGabundo: DVD is today, and CD is 10th... bleh15:27
BUGabundoand the older ones?15:29
BUGabundoahh just today15:29
BUGabundoguess the purged it15:29
* Ienorand *mumbles15:29
=== BrianR is now known as BrianR___
BrianR___When running 'update-manager -d' to do an upgrade to 9.04, I'm getting the message http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/jaunty-security/multiverse/binary-lpia/Packages.gz  404 Not Found15:35
Tumiewith wich command, can i show a message,, (like pidgin does when somebody says something)15:35
BrianR___The box lists each of main/restricted/universe/multiverse15:35
BrianR___No security updates for LPIA yet?15:37
enf0rceBrianR___: Is there any difference between LPIA and i386 on a netbook?15:42
BUGabundoBrianR___: of course not15:42
BUGabundoeverything lands in Main for now15:42
BUGabundoTumie: humm there is a cli version for OSD... can't remember the command15:43
enf0rceOn question, lpia is recommended for intel atom systems?15:43
BUGabundoenf0rce: i386 runs as well15:43
BUGabundoI think LPIA is for low voltage devices (like handhelps) but I may be wrong15:44
patarokcould somebody tell me why it is no more possible to open a login with ctrl+alt+f1 in kubuntu 9.04? i always get a black screen..15:44
BUGabundopatarok: hi15:44
enf0rceBUGabundo: shure, i'm on i386 now. Bute the download page says "For devices using the Low-Power Intel Architecture, including the A1xx and Atom processors."15:44
BUGabundoI know. I read it too15:45
enf0rceSo if i have an intel atom, this version might be better than i386 ?15:46
=== sleeping`dragon is now known as error404
mxboy15u1i have an atheros wireless card with the latest backports installed, but i am still experiencing unstable wireless, and the weird thing is it starts very slow and gets faster the longer i use the computer15:46
BUGabundoenf0rce: I can't tell you what the Correct version is... I just know i386 runs on it15:46
BUGabundomxboy15u1: file a bug or ask on #ubuntu-kernel ?15:46
=== error404 is now known as error404notfound
enf0rceokay. I'm going to test it.15:47
mxboy15u1ok, so this is more a kernal issue than a driver issue?15:47
BUGabundomxboy15u1: drivers are in the kernel !?15:47
mxboy15u1ok thanks15:47
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BrianR___enf0rce: Apparently do-release-upgrade barfs if the security updates directory doesn't exist on the web site.15:49
=== Guest68599 is now known as enf0rce_
Tekno_what program is good for burning mp3 to cd-audio15:49
BrianR___I've been running 8.10 lpia on this Dell mini 915:50
kangarooocan anyone tell me what for is dailly isos for? i downloaded yesterday dailly ubuntu 9.04 and installed just today but still i downloaded new 333 MB of updates15:51
BUGabundoBrianR___: try to comment if from sources15:51
BUGabundokangarooo: its normal!15:51
BUGabundowe get lots of updates every day while in devel branch15:51
kangaroooi thought that if ill download todays dailly iso then i wont need update..15:52
BUGabundothe daily are for testing and users to install latest build15:52
enf0rce_Daily Ubuntu (Jaunty) is under development, thats the reason for the lots of updates15:52
BUGabundoI do updates 4x a day15:52
enf0rce_BrianR___: Do you feel any difference between i386 and lpia?15:53
BrianR___BUGabundo: commenting out the 8.10 security lines before running the upgrader seemed to help.15:53
BrianR___enf0rce_: Don't know - haven't tried this system any other way15:53
BrianR___It shipped with a dell branded 8.04, but the kernel was compiled with 1MB ram max, so I wound up loading 8.10 lpia15:54
enf0rce_BrianR___: ah okay. Any disadvantages?15:54
BrianR___enf0rce_: Umm.. That suspend thing that does both disk and ram?15:55
BrianR___uswsuspend3 or whatever it's called?15:55
BrianR___It's missing in lpia15:55
enf0rce_Ah okay.15:55
BrianR___and a few odd packages are missing, like the dos box stuff.15:56
enf0rce_BrianR___: Are they getting ported or will they stay missing?15:56
enf0rce_(sorry for my bad english) :-\15:56
BrianR___enf0rce_: I think it's ftbs and soem packages have architecture: i386 set even though they're appropriate for all ia32 varient processors.15:57
kangarooogrr ok so i have 2 bugs. 1st is in xubuntu 9.04 there is programm called gigolo so you can mount shares and other hard drives of the same computer but mounting is not working- error.15:57
BrianR___I should probably open more bugs.15:57
BUGabundoI have to use uswsusp15:57
BUGabundoits the only way to get a FAST resume15:58
BUGabundoand compressed hibernate image15:58
wirechief_BUGabundo: ok i have uploaded all my logs to the launchpad bug 35905115:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 359051 in xorg "Desktop freeze #41" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35905115:58
BrianR___compressed hibernate image would help me..15:58
BrianR___Not sure if any of that got fixed in 9.0415:58
enf0rce_Going to try it in around ~30mins15:58
BrianR___since this box has a ssd and I only carved out about 600mb for swap15:59
BrianR___there's 2gb of ram, so sometimes it will fail to hibernate15:59
BUGabundoBrianR___: even with that, compression won't help you15:59
BUGabundoyou will need more16:00
BrianR___It's actually successful with suprising frequency16:00
* wirechief_ pours a cup of coffee and reflects on this issue16:00
BrianR___since all shared executable pages are discarded, as are buffers/cache16:00
BUGabundorunning $ sync may help too16:01
BrianR___so it only fails when there's >2gb of data16:01
BrianR___err.. >600mb of data16:01
BrianR___I think regular suspend does a sync before doing its thing16:01
enf0rce_So lpia isn't offical yet but will be official with jaunty release?16:02
BrianR___not sure16:02
BrianR___It's still on ports.ubuntu.com16:02
BUGabundoBrianR___: I don't think so16:02
BUGabundoI notice it is diff if I ran it manually16:02
YixilTesiphonIs there no way to downgrade kernels?16:03
YixilTesiphontried deleting the existing kernel and installing an old one from cache, but I get permission denied16:03
enf0rce_YixilTesiphon: you could install an older kernel image16:03
BrianR___mm.. 20mbps fttp link is nice.16:03
YixilTesiphonenf0rce_: that's what I want to do; how do I16:03
enf0rce_YixilTesiphon: just search an older kernel .deb :)16:03
BUGabundoYixilTesiphon: if you get permission probs you are doing it wrong16:04
gnomefreakvega: synaptic should have older kernels in it depends on version you want16:04
enf0rce_Maybe a kernel from ubuntu intrepid or ubuntu hardy :)16:04
wirechief_cwillu i have a freeze in progress, i have uploaded logs to bug 35905116:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 359051 in xorg "Desktop freeze #41" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35905116:04
gnomefreakvirtuald: to remove kernel use synaptic or if you just want to remove it from grub edit grub as root16:04
YixilTesiphonenf0rce_: the jaunty kernel I installed with on the 5th worked fine, problem is that the new one's snd_hda_intel module is broken16:04
YixilTesiphonBUGabundo: I know that, but how do I avoid those problems16:05
enf0rce_Desktop freeze mustn't it be Desktop freeze
BrianR___worth a try I suppose16:07
BrianR___If there wasn't a sync() on hibernate there would be a horrible potential for dataloss if the system failed to resume16:08
BrianR___should proll open a bug on that too16:08
GillesMhello I have some screen display problems sometime I have part of screen snowing ...16:11
BUGabundoGillesM: does $ xrandr --auto help?16:12
tuxFancant read DVDs in jaunty, any ideas16:12
BUGabundotuxFan: what prog?16:12
tuxFanwell both totem and xine16:13
tuxFanmovie starts but  then error16:13
GillesMBUGabundo:  I don't know :)16:13
GillesMlet me try16:13
patarokforget totetm and xine use dragon player16:13
GillesMBUGabundo:  no it doesn't fix16:14
BUGabundoohh wirechief filled my inbox16:15
BUGabundotuxFan: do you have CSS installed?16:15
YixilTesiphonok, installed old kernel...let's see how this goes16:16
gnomefreaki had link to Intrepid kernel in Jaunty but cant find it now. Its on the printer bug16:16
tuxFanthe error in xine says ,   " the source cant be read maybe you dont have enough rights for this or source doesn't contain datta16:16
tuxFaneg not disc in drive16:16
gnomefreakdo you get the error when a disk is in the drive?16:17
tuxFanonly with dvds16:17
tuxFanI can burn , and acces data16:17
BrianR___Is it a DVD drive?16:17
tuxFanjust to work16:18
tuxFanwith intrepid16:18
tuxFanall good16:18
gnomefreakall dvds do this16:18
tuxFantotem error its  ,  " An error ocurred "  Could not read from resource16:19
gnomefreakis it only that one player?16:20
gnomefreaklol neverminsd16:20
tuxFanboth , xine and totem16:20
YixilTesiphon1ok, if a kernel problem isn't the source of this error, what is?16:20
YixilTesiphon1FATAL: Error inserting snd_hda_intel (/lib/modules/2.6.28-11-generic/kernel/sound/pci/hda/snd-hda-intel.ko): Unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter (see dmesg)16:20
gnomefreaki had that error in Intrepid dev cycle but dont rmeember how i fixed it16:20
gnomefreaksound card?16:21
BrianR___unknown parameter ,maybe in /etc/modprobe.d?16:21
YixilTesiphon1gnomefreak: ati rs780 auzalia16:21
BrianR___grep snd-hda-intel /etc/modprobe.d/*16:22
gnomefreakyour sound card is ati? not intel?16:22
YixilTesiphon1/etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base:options snd-hda-intel enable_msi=116:22
YixilTesiphon1/etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf:options snd-hda-intel enable_msi=116:22
tuxFandragon its for KDe ?16:22
BrianR___try commenting out the enable_msi part16:22
YixilTesiphon1gnomefreak: 01:05.1 Audio device: ATI Technologies Inc RS780 Azalia controller16:23
BrianR___(put a # in front of it)16:23
gnomefreakok brb trying to break things :)16:23
IenorandtuxFan: Here totem just locks up, vlc complains about not being able to read...16:23
gnomefreakvirtuald: try BrianR___'s way im about to trash my system16:23
YixilTesiphon1BrianR___: the entire line? that is the entire alsa_base file16:23
wirechief_enf0rce_ you are right i have made a change to the title  must of been a typo16:23
BrianR___jus the enable_msi part16:24
BrianR___if you run modinfo snd-hda-intel it will list the valid parameters - I,m guessing that's not one.16:24
tuxFanok guys im out ..16:24
YixilTesiphon1so make the line options snd-hda-intel # enable_msi=116:24
XiXaQjaunty is faster than intrepid, but does it use less ram too?16:24
YixilTesiphon1BrianR___: creating that line (and that file) was what fixed the sound on my original install, but I guess it's possible that updates have made it useless16:25
BUGabundoXiXaQ: I know its faster16:25
BUGabundobut I never compared RAM usage16:25
BrianR___if it still doesn't work, then the driver is failing to load for some reason besides your module config16:25
BrianR___(like maybe your card is no longer compatible or the driver is broken in this kernel)16:25
YixilTesiphon1BrianR___: well, I would have thought that going back one kernel would have fixed that, but it didn't16:26
YixilTesiphon1do I need to restart or should it work now?16:26
BrianR___now try "sudo modprobe snd-hda-intel" and see if it loads16:27
BrianR___should probably reboot to make sure it comes up cleanly too, but no need to reboot just to test16:27
YixilTesiphon1nope, same error, BrianR___16:27
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=== Guest20624 is now known as enf0rce_
YixilTesiphon1will reboot and see if that helps anything, brb16:27
enf0rce_Ubuntu lpia doesnt boot on samsung nc10 :-\16:28
BrianR___nc10 has an atom?16:28
enf0rce_BrianR___: Yes16:28
enf0rce_But the harddrive isn't recogniced16:28
BrianR___I may wind up reinstalling i386 to get the new swsuspend stuff.16:29
BUGabundowirechief me ?16:30
YixilTesiphonno change, BrianR___16:30
YixilTesiphonis the next step doing a clean install and hoping I can get it back to when it worked?16:30
wirechief_yes i have dual boot on that computer that is freezeing16:30
BrianR___could purge/reinstall module-init-tools, but I'm just guessing at this point.16:30
wirechief_i have kanotix on another partition and it never freezes, i use ubutu kernels on that distro16:31
YixilTesiphoneh. better than doing a complete reinstall.16:31
lanoxx-i was wondering, will it be possible in jaunty to use opengl apps if compositing is activated?16:31
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=== Guest51760 is now known as enf0rce__
wirechief_BUGabundo: i wonder if there could be information gotten as to the version i use on it so we know what works16:31
YixilTesiphonBrianR___: I have the list of package installations which broke sound, would that help?16:31
wirechief_BUGabundo: kanotix is basically run by the same kernels as Ubuntu16:32
BrianR___YixilTesiphon: I'm not enough of a guru to help you with that part, aside from general troubleshooting. Maybe file a bug in LP?16:32
YixilTesiphonBrianR___: yeah, I did that16:33
YixilTesiphonI should probably change it now that i know it wasn't the kernel16:33
YixilTesiphonthere's no way for Synaptic to just change the system to the way it was before 9:35 yesterday morning, is there?16:33
wirechief_BUGabundo: i think it uses or maybe .ll at the moment16:34
BrianR___YixilTesiphon: If you had the output of dplg -l, maybe.16:35
wirechief_BUGabundo: i think it uses
YixilTesiphonBrianR___: command not found?16:36
BrianR___ba package manager version history / undo feature would be a nifty idea though16:36
BrianR___err.. I meant dpkg -l, but you'd need it from before you messed up the system :)16:36
virtualdthe screen saver locked up, the enter password dialog didn't show up. i had to press alt-sysrq-k to get control back16:36
wirechief_BUGabundo: however, its i386 not 64bit ;(16:36
virtualdthis has happened to me before16:36
BrianR___Hmm.. Makes me ponder how to press sysreq on my netbook...16:37
virtualdis there no pause key?16:37
YixilTesiphonBrianR___: well it's easy enough to change it back, just have to take of lock version on the kernel and install all updates16:37
BrianR___virtuald: nah.16:37
BrianR___no f11 or f12 either :(16:38
virtualdso you have to rebind the full screen shortcut16:38
BUGabundowirechief I can't help you out any more16:39
BrianR___Yeah.. Does drive me nuts occasionally. I have menu set as a shortcut to the window manager's full screen mode, but I always wind up using the menu keyboard shortcuts to get the no toolbars no borders mode in firefox..16:39
wirechief_BUGabundo: ok well looks like we have run over this thing enough16:40
BrianR___I guess there's a bios upgrade that would make fn-z be f11 and fn-x be f12, but it's one of those silly load in dos things I haven't gotten around to making a isolinux/memdisk cd for16:40
BrianR___no floppy drive on this box either16:40
BrianR___I do keep an external usb cdrom handy though16:41
deanytime to try one of these daily isos out...16:41
deanyBrianR___, what netbook16:41
BrianR___would be nice if they somehow exposed the fn key more generally, as it's useful to have an additional modifier to use when binding shortcuts for missing keys16:41
BrianR___deany: dell mini 916:42
deany:)   z and x are f11/F1216:42
BrianR___deany: Only w9ith bios a03 and later16:42
BrianR___In order bioses, hitting fn-z is z16:42
deanywell update it16:42
BrianR___deany: Requries a reboot into dos environment, etc... Project for another day.16:43
deanyhttp://mydellmini.com/forum/mini-9-ubuntu-beginner%CA%B9s-guide-t3542.html  /  http://www.ubuntumini.com/2009/03/installing-ubuntu-netbook-remix-in.html16:43
BrianR___deany: They don't provide any bios newer than a02 for the linux upgrader16:43
deanyinfo in 1at link to make usb boot key16:44
deanyto flash16:44
BrianR___Aah. Ok.16:44
BrianR___I usually do those with sys/iso/pxelinux and memdisk, just haven't gotten around to it.16:45
BrianR___I don't reboot much :)16:45
deanymine came with A04 :) tho its only a few weeks old16:45
deany£179 it had to be bought..16:45
deanyjust wish I could get jaunty to shut up askin for a password for wifi when connecting.. it doesnt ask when i turn off WPA and show BSSID16:46
BrianR___deany: awesome.16:46
BrianR___deany: I got mine shortly agfter they came out, spent $45016:47
BUGabundodeany: easy16:47
BUGabundouse the same pass for login and keyring16:47
deanyits a very nice little beauty16:47
BrianR___prolly buy another for my wife when she breaks her big laptop16:47
BrianR___I did get the maximum configuration too, and that includes some $$I spent at newegg for a 2gb dimm16:48
deanyi`ll try it later..16:48
BrianR___the webcam is convenient to have built in, but not great quality.16:48
BrianR___the factory bluetooth does work exceptionally well though,a nd it's nice not to waste a usb port16:48
deanyAlso, not sure if its because its beta but, flash (adobe-flashplugin package and tried download tar.gz from adobe too) is a little jerky.. whereas in 8.04 its smooth..16:49
BrianR___deany: I use the thing as my primary workstation16:49
deanycan watch movies with totem plugin smooth as silk too.. fullscreen..   streaming from a-cough-site...16:50
deanyshame google-earth is totally useless on it..16:50
=== H|away is now known as Holek_
BrianR___deany: hadn't tried. It was marginal on my d620 (core2duo w/ intel gma)16:51
BUGabundodeany: ehehehe16:51
deanycool.. you got jaunty on it?16:51
deanyhope you didnt make a swap partition ...     few little tips here too http://tombuntu.com/index.php/2008/09/04/four-tweaks-for-using-linux-with-solid-state-drives/  .  I like the /tmp in ram idea..  all saves write cycles i guess.16:53
BrianR___deany: I have a swap partition for hibernation16:55
AlanHow does one enable bitmap fonts in Jaunty?  In intrepid you used to be able to do 'dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig-config'16:56
BrianR___it looks like all serverside font stuff is going away in X...16:56
BrianR___kind of a bummer if you do a lot of X over TCP stuff, but...16:56
deanyBrianR___, not really advised, tho i dont know how much wear it causes...  it came from dell without one as well... must mean something16:57
deanysuspend works suprisinly well, and fast...16:57
BrianR___I doubt I'll wear it out before it's obsolete anyway16:57
BrianR___deany: Yeah, but doesn't make it through the weekend16:58
BrianR___I've racked up some pretty impressive write cycles on the intel x25's.. Granted the stec in this mini9 is a whole different animal, but I'm not worried.16:59
ysisHi. I'm using the Kubuntu Jaunty Beta and try to change my clock to a 24h one, but can't find the appropriate setting.16:59
AlanOooh, i think i found out how!16:59
BrianR___Also running encrypted lvm...17:00
BrianR___so I have a somewhat unusual install17:00
BrianR___hibernated is better than suspended if the thing gets stolen17:01
eagles0513875anyone else having certain websites cause konqueror to lock up17:02
deanyreally, what is with "Warning: This image is oversized (which is a bug) and will not fit onto a standard 700MB CD"17:03
deanyjaunty daily17:03
deanyschollboy mistakes.17:04
XiXaQdeany, that's a pretty descriptive message, isn't it?17:05
BUGabundodeany: it has more then 700MiBs17:05
BUGabundoso it won't fit on a CD17:05
BUGabundono bug... it just happens17:06
XiXaQthat's a bug.17:06
BUGabundoimage admins only care about size for mile stones17:06
BUGabundoXiXaQ: no it is not17:06
BUGabundodaily images are NOT meant to always fit on CDs17:06
XiXaQBUGabundo, a cd image that can't be written to a cd is an obvious bug.17:06
BUGabundothey are used on VM or usbsticks17:06
BUGabundoXiXaQ: no it is not...17:06
BrianR___or dvds :)17:06
XiXaQBUGabundo, ok then.17:06
BrianR___or if it's just a little large, on blanks that can be overburned17:07
PhotoJimthe daily images are just temporary.17:08
PhotoJimhence "daily". :)17:08
PhotoJimthey'll make sure the final release fits on a CD.17:08
BUGabundoas they do for any mile stone17:10
BUGabundolike beta, rc etc17:10
XiXaQif it's not a bug, how come the download page sais it is?17:10
PhotoJimit is a bug.  but it's not one they're spending massive time fixing, until the final release date comes along.17:11
Daisuke-Idowell then they already know it, so you don't need to keep going on about it, huh?17:11
PhotoJimbesides, there's an easy workaround.  install Intrepid.  Update it to Jaunty.17:11
Daisuke-Idoor download the beta cd, and update it17:11
BUGabundoPhotoJim: bad choice LOL17:11
Daisuke-Idoinstall & update*17:11
BUGabundoagain not the best choice17:11
BUGabundousbstick is the easiest way17:12
BUGabundoor minimal install17:12
PhotoJimYes, minimal would be my preferred method.17:12
PhotoJimor burn to DVD.  Some do that.17:12
XiXaQPhotoJim, actually, no. I have an older laptop on which I can't install intrepid. I can install jaunty though, but I downloaded the daily so I didn't have to install all the upgrades afterwards, but it wouldn't fit on a cd. That's not important to me, though, as I use DVDs.17:12
XiXaQI think the download page could say that you can still use a DVD for it.17:13
PhotoJimXiXaQ: how old is your laptop that Intrepid won't work on it, but Jaunty will?17:13
XiXaQ1999 about. 450MHz with 128MB RAM.17:13
XiXaQintrepid had some regressions on hardware support. I couldn't use my external hdd, for instance.17:14
BUGabundoXiXaQ: no USB pen?17:14
XiXaQBUGabundo, yes, but it can't boot from usb.17:14
BUGabundo128??? it won't run GNOME17:14
PhotoJimCan you put more RAM in that system?  :)17:14
PhotoJim128 is max?17:15
XiXaQyes, GNOME runs fine.17:15
BUGabundodefine Fine ?17:15
BUGabundoI have several OLD pcs next to me17:15
XiXaQuhm... Without problems?17:15
PhotoJimBUGabundo: if the user can tolerate it, it's fine. :)17:15
BUGabundoand I have to run either xubuntu or puppy17:15
PhotoJimThat would not be fine for me.  but a PII-333 with 384 MB runs Intrepid fine.  (I got rid of it before trying Jaunty.)17:15
XiXaQactually, I'll install lxde on it.17:15
PhotoJimmy old server (PII-333 with 768 MB RAM) is about to be de-deployed.  I'm going to try Jaunty on it for giggles.  with that much RAM I expect it to be tolerable for office and web apps.17:16
XiXaQof course. That's more than sufficient.17:17
BUGabundoPhotoJim: should be fine17:17
BUGabundoon boot it requires around 350MiBs17:18
PhotoJimI expect it will be.17:18
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XiXaQand you can greatly reduce that by installing lxde.17:18
=== m4v_ is now known as m4v
PhotoJimI'm not familiar with lxde.17:18
PhotoJimWhat is it about?17:19
XiXaQLight-Weight X11 Desktop Environment.17:19
PhotoJimoh, ok.17:19
XiXaQit's lightning fast and very light17:19
PhotoJimI've played with IceWM on really light machines.17:19
XiXaQLXDE uses OpenBOX.17:19
PhotoJimworth a look.17:21
PhotoJimI'm going to try that machine with full Gnome first though.  it will be interesting.17:21
Zorixso why doesnt video previews work in dolphin on kubuntu jaunty?17:22
rwestduring installation of 64 bit jaunty beta, I repeatedly get "the following file did not match its source copy on the cd/dvd" errors no matter which computer or what type of media I used to burn the dvd17:24
rwestanyone else seen this?17:24
dtchenfor people still experiencing audio glitches (not mute issues!), i'll have test kernels up shortly on kernel.ubuntu.com/~dtchen17:24
PhotoJimbad download?17:24
rwestI've downloaded it literally 12 times now17:24
deanybeta iso or a daily iso?17:25
charlie-tcarwest: not here, did the DVD pass the integrity check ?17:25
XiXaQrwest, have you checked the md5 sums?17:25
rwestit passed the check17:25
rwestand its the beta iso17:25
rwestI even ran two memchecks as well17:25
deanyif ya gonna install it might as well use a daily iso, save you a lot of updating17:25
rwestI've also reburned it 8 times and I would have done it more but I ran out of discs17:25
rwestI didn't know if those were just the updated version17:26
rwestI have one of those from the 28th and it gave the same errors so I stopped downloading them17:26
rwestthis issue is just bizarre17:26
deanyi used one on a usb stick this morning17:26
PhotoJimrwest: you can use rewriteable discs you know :)17:26
Zorixuse unetbootin so you dont have to burn discs17:27
deanyif you have a stick, id suggest using it, if not, get one :)17:27
rwestI tried it from my usb but got the same error17:27
BrianR___sticks and rewritables are your friend17:27
rwestso I could just maybe install from the net?17:27
BrianR___or if you have a more complex setup, pxe boot server17:27
rwestlike I do with debian?17:27
BrianR___or loading iso images inside a VM :)17:27
deanymake an iso from one of your discs and md5 it , it should match the iso you downloaded17:27
deanywill give you good indication of good burn, or bad17:28
jwayhow do I check whether my kernel was compiled with CONFIG_MODULE_FORCE_UNLOAD set?17:33
BUGabundoyou grep the mod list?17:33
BrianR___jway: /boot/config-zxxx, where xxx is the kernel you're running17:33
jwayBrianR___, thanks17:34
dashboardhi guys17:35
dashboardis there any known bug with su on jaunty? I can't change users, either using sudo or su17:35
PhotoJimsu doesn't work on a default Ubuntu installation.17:35
PhotoJimsudo should work.17:35
PhotoJimoh wait, might work to change users.17:36
PhotoJimlet me try.17:36
PhotoJimyeah, it works on my system to change to another normal user.17:37
PhotoJimyou can't su root though, without trickery that is apparently not recommended.17:37
dashboardi set a root password17:37
dashboardthe thing is17:37
PhotoJimI did too, but people waggle their fingers at you when they find out you did that.17:37
dashboard'sudo whoami'17:37
dashboardasks for my password17:37
dashboardand then outputs nothing17:37
PhotoJimyou have a problem.  don't know what it is though.17:37
PhotoJimdefinitely should output "root".17:37
jwayBrianR___, would you happen to know how I toggle the module_force_unload option upon compilation?17:38
dashboardand because of that i can't do any operation that requires root privileges17:38
dashboardnamely update packages (except via recovery mode, which I already did)17:38
BUGabundodashboard: let me try17:38
PhotoJimare you in group "admin"?17:39
BUGabundodashboard: pastebin $ groups17:39
dashboardI am17:39
dashboardbut I'll paste it anyway, just a sec17:39
BUGabundoor reply to PhotoJim17:40
BUGabundoI just want the same thing17:40
dashboardcasa admn dialout cdrom floppy sudo audio dip video plugdev fuse lpadmin admin sambashare17:40
dashboard'casa' is my user17:40
BUGabundohumm admn ????17:41
dashboardi added 'adm' and 'sudo' groups17:41
dashboardtypo, sorry17:41
CaMasonhi guys. I'm having trouble getting my touchpad to work in 9.04 after an upgrade17:41
BUGabundolooks fine to me17:41
CaMasonI had a problem with kernel and xorg after upgrade, so I've recently reinstalled kernel and reconfigured xorg, and the pad isn't working17:42
dashboardthis is really weird17:42
dashboardthe thing is17:42
dashboardif I try to su to root it's the exact same thing17:43
dashboardit asks for root password (not the user password), and then outputs absolutely nothing17:43
XiXaQwhy are you using su?17:44
dashboardI wanted to check if I could access root via su, since with sudo it wasn't working17:45
ubottusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)17:45
DuckthisWho know a program that I could use PPP connection ? (Phone connection)17:45
BUGabundoDuckthis: NM can do it17:45
BUGabundoand kvpn17:46
BUGabundoand there's another but I fail to remember its name17:46
DuckthisOk but If none recognize my modem?17:46
BUGabundodashboard: that's it17:47
BUGabundoDuckthis: what modem is it?17:47
BUGabundoit should popup on dmesg17:47
BUGabundois it analog, 3G, usb?17:47
BUGabundoyou need the driver17:48
BUGabundois it available on Jockey?17:48
DuckthisI do not know.17:48
DuckthisIt's for my friends computer17:48
PhotoJimnot all winmodems are supported on Linux, and most built-in modems are winmodems17:49
DuckthisI've found "agrsm20080203.tar.gz" but I do not know how to compile it.17:50
PhotoJimand those that are supported aren't well supported17:50
PhotoJimwinmodems are, frankly, crap :)17:50
BUGabundoDuckthis: you better use a deb17:50
BUGabundocheck if it is in Hardware and drivers17:50
benediktive got a problem, when i try to watch flash videos, eg youtube, the seem to be stuck sometimes and the hole system takes a second or 2, then it resumes... its really slow... what could this be?17:50
DuckthisBUGabundo: I do not found any.. ;(17:50
benediktive got an ati videocard, 32bit system17:51
BUGabundoif not, enable the backport repo, and refresh synaptic to see if there is a kernel backport with it17:51
PhotoJimbenedikt: how much RAM?17:51
benediktPhotoJim: 512mb17:51
eegorewhat is the reason I would have blocked updates17:51
PhotoJimbenedikt: that's a reasonable amount.  that shouldn't be the issue.17:51
DuckthisBUGabudo: How do I enable backport?17:51
BUGabundoif all fails, lspci the pc, and get the modem UID and google it for a PPA or ubutnuforums with a deb or steps17:51
BUGabundobenedikt: I have the same17:51
dashboardmore info: I created another user on that machine, tried to sudo and su to other users (root or casa)17:51
dashboardand none worked17:51
BUGabundoI'm downloading dtchen latest kernels to test to see if it fixes it17:52
dashboardwhich leads me to the conclusion that my installation is absolutely borked :|17:52
DuckthisBUGabudo: sudo apt-get install linux-backports-modules-jaunty?17:52
benediktBuGabundo: thats quite bad, thought there was a solution17:52
BUGabundoeegore: stuff still building wait a bit17:52
BUGabundo !backports17:52
ubottuIf new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging17:52
PhotoJimDuckthis: laptop, desktop, ...?17:53
eegorewhat is the reason I would have blocked updates here is the output with my pastebin of message and sources list :http://pastebin.com/m75fdc2c017:53
BUGabundobenedikt: bug 345627  kernel.ubuntu.com/~dtchen17:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 345627 in linux "Crackling / scratching noise using Pulseaudio" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34562717:53
BUGabundoeegore: don't do partial upgrades17:53
DuckthisPhotoJim: One laptop and one desktop using Ubuntu at the moment.17:53
benediktBUGabundo: what means this?17:53
eegoreBUGabundo: do a frfesh install?17:53
BUGabundocalm down guys17:54
PhotoJimDuckthis: not practical for laptops, but desktops with real serial ports can use external modems easily.  and you can get US Robotics Courier modems, the best ever made, for a pittance on eBay.  and they work elegantly with Linux.17:54
BUGabundoI can't keep 4 talks at the same time17:54
DuckthisPhotoJim: Are they USB?17:54
BUGabundo1st benedikt the video freezes may be related to audio! dtchen is looking itno it. download does kernel imges, install and report on the bug17:54
PhotoJimDuckthis: no, serial, pre-USB.  good machines have serial ports.  or you can get a USB to serial adapter.17:54
BUGabundoeegore: partial updates are bad... they remove packages!17:55
PhotoJimDuckthis: US Robotics sells USB hardware modems.  they're around $50 US new.  not was good as a courier, but still a good modem.17:55
BUGabundoanybody else?17:55
DuckthisPhotoJim: Ok but Should it be better US Robotics Courier modem + Serial/USB or native USB?17:55
eegoreBUGabundo: I went through the standard upgrade procedure, I started on alpha theough17:56
PhotoJimDuckthis: oh, tough call.  probably USB.  but if the phone lines are of poor quality there, I'd go with the adapter + Courier.17:56
BUGabundoeegore: me too... just use update-manager and you will be fine17:56
eegorethat is how this get started17:56
PhotoJimDuckthis: just be sure that if you get a Courier, get one that supports v.90 or v.92.  (v.90 is fine.)  otherwise you will get slower connections.17:57
BUGabundoeegore: what exacly is happening?17:57
eegorethe alpha was very unstable at first, kept crashing on KDE a lot17:57
DuckthisPhotoJim: Thank's for the help. I'm going to a place where cable internet (10MB/S) do not goes. I bought a phone connection for a month.17:57
PhotoJimDuckthis: nothing you can do about that. :)17:58
eegoreI started at the alpha stage trying to find a version that worked with this broadcom wireless card17:58
benedikteverythin was broken up for a second ^^17:58
DuckthisPhotoJim: Indeed, unfortunately ;)17:58
PhotoJimDuckthis: do you know how to do private messages (/msg)?  I can give you some URLs showing you what I mean.17:58
eegorethe lts would not work properly17:58
BUGabundoeegore: is there a bug for it?17:59
eegoreafter a successive number of updates, I started getting blocked update messages18:00
rwestok, so I've noticed during the many many reboots that one thing is very consistent that wasn't before. I'm getting an ata1 soft reset failed message after the cd install system begins to boot18:01
BUGabundoeegore: $ sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade18:01
rwestcould this be why it's failing every time I try to install?18:01
BUGabundoeegore: and then pastebin the result18:01
CaMasonAnyone have any thoughts on why My Eee 901 (Ubuntu Jaunty) wont connect to my wpa2/tkip network?18:01
BUGabundoCaMason: I'm having some trouble too with some networks18:03
BUGabundoIntuitiveNipple: maco: hey18:03
IntuitiveNippleHas anyone heard of/actually done an installation of *both* 32-bit and 64-bit openjdk's from the Ubuntu packages side-by-side (on a 64-bit system)? I'm thinking the only way to do it is create a folder for the 32-bit and chroot-install it there18:05
eegoreBUGabundo: do you want the end result, this is going to overflow my terminal buffer and I may lose some of it18:05
macoeegore: pastebin?18:06
BUGabundoeegore: errors are just fine18:06
eegoreno the konsole18:06
BUGabundoIntuitiveNipple: I just have 64bits18:06
macoeegore: oh, send it to a file18:06
eegoreforgot how to pipe that18:06
macoif you need to be able to see it as it goes, use "| tee" instead of ">>"18:07
IntuitiveNippleBUGabundo: yeah, the only reason I need 32-bit is I have to install the Sun Java wireless toolkit (to write a midlet for my mobile phone) and it is only available as 32-bit18:07
BUGabundomaco it's apt-get18:07
BUGabundoIntuitiveNipple: yep... openjdk has not genko applet either18:07
macook then yeah, "sudo apt-get install foo | tee aptlog"18:07
BUGabundo* 64bits that is18:07
IntuitiveNippleBUGabundo: what's "genko" ?18:08
BUGabundoeegore: dont bother... I just need errors that you see. not the all log18:08
eegoreI don't blame you18:08
BUGabundoIntuitiveNipple: does it show I'm hungry? FF engine18:08
BUGabundobrb : food18:08
IntuitiveNippleBUGabundo: oh, do you mean links to the embedded browser?18:09
janakaclknot a single update in last couple of hours :(18:10
=== sukke_ is now known as sukke
IntuitiveNipplejanakaclk: thankfully yes... peace and quiet for a while18:14
eegoreBUGabundo: holy batcow, I was 3 kernel versions behind18:17
PhotoJimyikes, 172.7 MB of updates for my netbook18:19
eegoreBUGabundo: have to restart18:19
acr0nymhello everyone18:20
acr0nymJust downloaded the i386 dvd version, used netbootin to put it on my usb stick, boots fine18:21
acr0nymhowever when I try to install it keeps looking for network/internet to download stuff :)18:21
acr0nymisn't it supposed to install off the usb directly like 8.1018:21
eegoreBUGabundo: looks like that cleared it18:24
Steeleyacr0nym: I've had this before, the installer searches for packages via a net connection but if it doesn't find one, it usually times out after a minute or two then continues the install18:24
acr0nymah so I basically have to wait18:25
acr0nymI was impatient then :)18:25
acr0nymgoing to try again, thanks18:25
acr0nymis it possible to boot into a live desktop18:26
Steeleyon the DVD? not 100% sure but I don't think you can18:26
acr0nymI can just change to live at the beginning when booting right18:26
acr0nymoh ok18:26
acr0nymone more thing18:26
SteeleyI could be wrong though... long time since I tried the DVD18:26
eegorelooks like everything is working include the video driver18:26
acr0nymwhen I installed 8.10 the iso fitted on a cd18:27
acr0nymbut now it's 4.2gb big18:27
acr0nymwhy the big increase in size?18:27
Steeleycompression, the contents on the disc are compressed to fit them on.18:27
acr0nymlol so I downloaded the uncompressed version?18:27
acr0nymhah, hopefully it will install quicker :)18:28
charlie-tcaDidn't the all of the language support get added to it?18:28
Steeleyoh yea, the language files come on the DVD, thats the main difference...18:28
acr0nymbut I could've downloaded the cd version?18:28
acr0nymhmm searched for it and didn't find it18:28
ubottuDaily builds of the CD images of the current development version of Ubuntu are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/18:29
BUGabundo1charlie-tca: what's up ?18:29
charlie-tcaTrying to kill old bugs again18:29
acr0nymso the only difference is that the dvd is uncompressed and has more languages18:29
cspackmy iso image is 692mb so should fit on a CD18:30
acr0nymmy iso is 4.2gb lol, anyway thanks for the help everyone18:30
acr0nymback to installing :)18:30
cspackand yes you can boot into a live desktop18:30
acr0nymone more thing18:30
acr0nymI currently have intrepid as well..planning on installing jaunty on another partition18:30
acr0nymbut the intrepid install has a swap disk partition of 4gb18:31
acr0nymcan I divide this in two so that jaunty can use 2gb of it18:31
XiXaQyou can share the swap between the instances as long as you don't use hibernate.18:31
acr0nymah ok, thanks for the info :)18:32
acr0nymI'll be back if I need more help ;)18:32
SteeleyXiXaQ is right, if you hibernated in Jaunty, then booted into Intrepid you'd have some problems most likely18:32
XiXaQyey! :)18:33
XiXaQI love it when people say I'm right :)18:33
XiXaQI'm excited to see if jaunty will run on my old laptop. I tried installing jaunty server on it, but that only resulted in crashes.18:34
eegoreBUGabundo1: tnx18:35
mjheagle8can anyone help me with problems i am having with kopete or kpackagekit?18:42
darthanubismy system will not recognize two audio cds in the drive at the same time18:43
darthanubisif one is a data disk it will read18:43
darthanubisnevermind, this drive just stopped recognizing music cds18:45
CaMasonAny thought why my touchpad would work under LiveCD of jaunty, but not on a real boot? (upgraded from 8.10)18:45
Creative1412guys may i wander why indahell Shiretoko Web Browser 3.5 alpha firefox is in the reps18:47
BUGabundoCreative1412: its beta not alpha18:48
BUGabundoand its great!18:48
BUGabundoCreative1412: you also have 3.6 shireoco18:48
Creative1412هفطس لقثشف ﻻعف شمحاش18:48
BUGabundogrr minefield I say18:48
Creative1412sry miss to switch langs :)18:48
eegoreBUGabundo: does that mean X-Fi is supported?18:48
BUGabundoeegore: ah?18:48
Creative1412it's alpha18:49
Creative14123.6 where!?18:49
BUGabundobeta 418:49
BUGabundo3.6 is alpha18:49
eegoreCreative1412: does that mean it has full multi channel hardware support?18:49
jack|assSince installing Jaunty on my desktop, I've had no sound.  It thinks its playing sound, based on the pulseaudio monitor program, but nothing comes out the speakers.  If I boot into windows, it works fine, so it's not just a "Cat unplugged it" thing.18:50
BUGabundoCreative1412: FF is available on mozillateam ppa, and daily ppa18:50
Creative1412do yu have the repo?18:50
BUGabundojack|ass: open a bug, add alsa.sh and ping dtchen on it18:50
eegorejack|ass: could another service be conflicting with  the audio channel?18:50
BUGabundoCreative1412: sure18:50
jack|asseegore: wouldn't that cause it to throw an error rather than showing audio in the monitor18:51
Creative1412can you give it me <<<lazy18:51
Creative1412thanks :)18:51
BUGabundojack|ass: $ ubuntu-bug pulseaudio18:51
BUGabundoshould be enouth if you have your system updated18:51
jack|assBUGabundo: that's kinda neat.18:52
crashsystemsbug 35969318:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 359693 in linux "WARNING: at /build/buildd/linux-2.6.28/fs/buffer.c:1186 mark_buffer_dirty+0x84/0xb0()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35969318:52
crashsystemsafter reporting that bug, I rebooted and did an fsck, and got the same kerneloops18:53
jack|assjhrm...  pavucontrol shows "connection terminated" any time i change anything (like hitting mute)18:57
philsfI can't open jockey-gtk, am I missing a package (question mark) http://pastebin.com/f4783d4a419:00
CaMasonAny thought why my touchpad would work under LiveCD of jaunty, but not on a real boot? (upgraded from 8.10)19:00
BUGabundophilsf: run the update on cli19:01
BUGabundoI think you still have the broken python19:01
philsfBUGabundo: do you mean run do-release-upgrade now (question mark)19:02
BUGabundophilsf: no.. just apt-get distupgr19:02
dtchenjack|ass: mute on the playback device or mute on the stream?19:03
jack|assdtchen: doesn't appear to be so.19:03
jack|assdtchen: at the moment for a test i'm just catting /dev/urandom > /dev/dsp19:03
dtchenuh, that would be why19:03
jack|assso if i get it working right I should get a burst of static.19:03
jack|asswell before i was just using totem to play an mp319:03
dtchenif you use oss emulation, it bypasses both pulseaudio and ALSA19:04
philsfBUGabundo: I don't have any more packages to upgrade19:04
jack|assbut wouldn't i hear it ifi t's bypassing alsa and pulse?19:04
dtchenjack|ass: i dunno, what bug number was generated from ubuntu-bug?19:04
BUGabundophilsf: which mirror are you using?19:04
dtchenjack|ass: i.e., don't use that cat /dev/urandom command to test19:05
dtchenjack|ass: use speaker-test19:05
BUGabundophilsf: can you temporarily change to main -19:05
dtchenjack|ass: if you use cat /dev/urandom > /dev/dsp, it prevents both ALSA apps and PulseAudio apps from using the ALSA device19:05
philsfBUGabundo: sure, doing it19:05
Assidalrite boys and girls19:06
dtchenjack|ass: so, it's expected behaviour for PulseAudio to croak when you've just grabbed the device from under it19:06
Assidare we ready?19:06
philsfalso, and much more annoying, I have a keyboard layout regression - I have a ABNT2 layout, thinkpad variant, and this variant is missing from the list in gnome-keyboard thing19:06
jack|assdtchen: ok, let me stop doing that and use speaker-test.  But since i had been using totem earlier, i don't expect that was the problem.19:06
eegoreis there a wayu to tell if this laptop has bluetooth?19:07
dtchenjack|ass: i still need to know the bug #19:07
jack|assdtchen: yeah, i'm creating it now.  Sorry, I got side tracked trying to do more debug. :P19:07
ubottuUbuntu bug 310848 in ubuntu "audio cd not recognised" [Undecided,Incomplete]19:09
crashsystemswow, ubottu is in here?19:09
BUGabundoit is everywhere lol19:09
philsfBUGabundo: archive.u.c gives me no new package19:09
acr0nymok this is getting a tad bit frustrating heh19:10
philsfI have ubunu-desktop installed, and all its recommends19:10
crashsystemsbug 35969319:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 359693 in linux "WARNING: at /build/buildd/linux-2.6.28/fs/buffer.c:1186 mark_buffer_dirty+0x84/0xb0()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35969319:10
acr0nymI'm having a bit of a problem with installing the dvd version of ubuntu off an USB stick19:10
jack|assdtchen: #35970719:10
acr0nymit boots fine but it keeps looking for internet packages19:10
acr0nymthe whole 4.2gb...is on the usb stick19:10
crashsystemsoops, wrong channel :D19:11
acr0nymand it doesn't timeout and move on from the usb...it fails if it doesn't have internet19:11
BUGabundoacr0nym: yes it can happen19:11
Sylphidhey all, could anyone tell me more about this update-manager warning?  ... upgradable but no canidateOrigin?!?:  xchat19:11
acr0nymBUGabundo, any workaround?19:11
BUGabundoSylphid: what warning?19:11
BUGabundoacr0nym: it fails if it is not connected to the web????19:12
Sylphidupgradable but no canidateOrigin?!?:  xchat19:12
BUGabundophilsf: so you still get UM error?19:12
dtchenjack|ass: unmute 'Sigmatel 4-Speaker Stereo'19:12
jack|assdtchen: lemme try.  I thought i'd hit all of them.19:12
dtchenjack|ass: also, are you routing sound to analog speakers directly through the line-out or speaker-out jack?19:13
philsfBUGabundo: I can't open UM19:13
acr0nymyep exactly BUGabundo19:14
acr0nymbut 4.2gb you'd expect all the files to be on the usb stick :D19:14
jack|assdtchen: checked it, no sound.  And yes, this is all analog.  5.1 channels running to a very large speaker setup.19:14
acr0nymdon't want to sound irritating, but does anyone have a solution19:16
dtchenjack|ass: is the following command audible?  speaker-test -Dplughw:0 /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Center.wav19:16
jack|assdtchen: no.  the volume meter also doesn't show anything when that runs.19:17
dtchenjack|ass: it wouldn't show in the volume meter, because it bypasses pulse19:17
jack|assdtchen: gotcha.  Also, I don't know if you saw from the log it kicked you, but there are two sound cards in this system.  An Audigy 2 and the on-board.  The on-board goes unused usually.  I did try plugging the cable into it in order to see if it was defaulting to that, but that does not appear to be the case.19:18
acr0nymif I want to boot live19:19
acr0nymdo I just press tab and then clear everything and type "live" ?19:19
dtchenjack|ass: ah19:19
alexismedinahello, there's someone having issues with the new notifications in Jaunty?, today I upgrade my jaunty and ubuntu is showing the old notificationes style (notify-osd 0.9.11-0ubuntu1)19:20
jack|assdtchen: i can go into the BIOS and see about disabling the on-board to see if that makes it happy.19:20
dtchenjack|ass: however, that's not the real issue19:20
dtchenjack|ass: your audigy is card 019:20
jack|assdtchen: (assuming the BIOS guy actually set the damn 'hide' bits instead of just not allocating resources)19:20
dtchenjack|ass: is this a dist-upgrade from 8.10?19:20
dtchenjack|ass: your debug output clearly shows that card 0 is the audigy19:21
jack|assdtchen: no, this is a brand new install.  I kinda sorta hosed my array a couple weeks ago. :P19:21
dtchenjack|ass: please pastebin ls -la ~/.pulse*19:21
jack|assdtchen: http://pastebin.com/d5f655aa19:23
dtchenjack|ass: ok, so you're not getting any audible output from ALSA, either19:25
jack|assdtchen: doesn't appear so.19:25
philsfBUGabundo:  http://pastebin.com/f4b7b3bf719:26
ubottuUbuntu bug 310848 in ubuntu "audio cd not recognised" [Undecided,Incomplete]19:26
philsfBUGabundo: is this also a symptom of broken python (question)19:27
BUGabundophilsf: please file a bug19:27
dtchenjack|ass: try this: sudo fuser -k /dev/dsp* /dev/snd/* && sudo rmmod snd-emu10k1 && sudo rm -f /var/lib/alsa/asound.state19:27
BUGabundoso mvo can look at it19:27
dtchenjack|ass: you'll need to reboot afterward19:27
CaMasonhm I can't figure this out. My touchpad will work in LiveCD, but not when I boot from HD. I upgraded from 8.10 to 9.04. Any ideas on what I can check to see what's different?19:28
ubottuUbuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).19:28
BUGabundophilsf: $ ubuntu-bug software-properties-gtk19:28
eagles0513875is the bot broken19:28
philsfBUGabundo: against each package (question)19:28
BUGabundophilsf: $ ubuntu-bug software-properties-gtk19:28
philsfBUGabundo: and another one for jockey, right19:28
BUGabundohumm no need19:28
BUGabundothey all share the same code19:29
BUGabundoso just mention it on the bug19:29
BUGabundoif you really want just19:29
philsf"Could not import module, is a package upgrade in progress? Error: No module named launchpadbugs.storeblob"19:30
philsfBUGabundo: ^^19:30
BUGabundophilsf: apport-collect -p jockey-gtk BUGID19:30
jack|assdtchen: it complained about not being able to remove the module since it's in use by synth, but i zapped the state file by hand19:30
philsfBUGabundo: this error was from ubuntu-bug19:30
BUGabundophilsf: your system looks housed!19:30
philsfBUGabundo: can I reinstall some key python packages (question)19:31
BUGabundoit may help19:31
philsfwhich ones19:31
BUGabundobut we need to see what package is out of sync19:31
philsfthis is an upgrade directly from hardy, python and python-minimal were only upgraded at the end. I saw a lot of messages like (using -usr-bin-python2.6, debian_defaults not correctly set up)19:32
v0lksmanat what point where upgrades from intrepid not supported?19:33
BUGabundoyeah that could be the cause19:33
jack|assdtchen: done.  No difference it seems19:33
* philsf ducks19:33
BUGabundov0lksman: yes19:33
BUGabundophilsf: try to find someone on #ubuntu-devel that can help with that python debug19:34
BUGabundov0lksman: a week ago or so, why?19:34
philsfBUGabundo: k thanks19:34
v0lksmancause I may have jumped the gun...how can I tell if I upgraded during that period?19:34
philsfBUGabundo: do you know anything about keyboard layouts missing (question)19:34
BUGabundophilsf: no19:34
BUGabundov0lksman: you couldn't! it was disabled19:35
BUGabundoit was just for 2 days19:35
BUGabundov0lksman: upgrade recommend path is $ update-manager -d19:35
philsfABNT2 with thinkpad variant is missing. now I'm missing the slash-question key19:35
BUGabundodid you do it any other way?19:35
BUGabundophilsf: file a bug too19:35
philsfBUGabundo: ok19:36
BUGabundowe need to get that fix before RC19:36
BUGabundoI just don't know to what package19:36
v0lksmannono...just making sure I didn't do something stupid...19:37
BUGabundov0lksman: like?19:37
v0lksmanmay have found a bug in printer support but installing updates before I file19:37
dtchenjack|ass: ok, try toggling 'Audigy Analog/Digital Output Jack'19:37
dtchenjack|ass: for some people, it needs to be muted for analog output to work19:37
dtchenjack|ass: for others, it needs to be unmuted19:37
v0lksmantrying to add a printer via GNOME and its asking for root password...19:37
jack|assdtchen: winner!19:38
jack|assdtchen: so we had done that earlier, didn't we?19:38
BUGabundov0lksman: ahh stupid bug19:38
v0lksmanyeah...from what I've found its a regression to dapper....I think....19:40
BUGabundothat old?19:41
BUGabundoplease file it19:41
CaMasonMy touchpad will work in LiveCD, but not when I boot from HD. I upgraded from 8.10 to 9.04. Any ideas on what I can check to see what's different?19:41
CaMasonI've  checked the xorg config and the hal/policies/ folder, and they're the same19:41
BUGabundoCaMason: have you looked on LP?19:42
v0lksmanit was fixed in intrepid...not sure about hardy though...19:42
jack|assdtchen: anyway, my sound looks like it's working now.  Thanks much for that!  I gotta go drag someone outta bed, but I appreciate the help.  If you need any more info off my system to determine if this is pulseaudio doing something weird, pmsg me and i'll do it when i get back.19:42
philsfwhich package do I file a "keyboard layout variant missing" bug against (question)19:42
CaMasonBUGabundo, I looked for what I could... "touchpad jaunty" etc, none of the fixes I saw seemed to help19:42
YixilTesiphonwell, whatever my sound problem was, it was corrected completely on reinstall of the April 5th jaunty19:43
CaMasonthere's no "touchpad" tab in the mouse preferences either, which there is on the livecd19:45
XiXaQwow, when I boot jaunty on my old laptop, I get a seriously long list of segmentation faults.19:45
PollywogIn Jaunty, I cannot see the desktop that I see on another system running Intrepid, I mean the small desktop in KDE4.  Is there a way to get it to appear?  I already tried the desktop settings from the foot icon in the corner of the screen19:48
alexismedinahello, there's someone having issues with the new notifications in Jaunty?, today I upgrade my jaunty and ubuntu is showing the old notificationes style (notify-osd 0.9.11-0ubuntu1)19:54
topher_ hey I just upgraded from 8.10 ---> 9.04 and when I try to run a video, or webcam application, I get this error: BadAlloc (insufficient resources for operation)19:54
Pollywogalexismedina: I upgraded and had all sorts of problems that a clean install fixed19:55
alexismedinaok Pollywog, I create a new profile too, but that doesn't solve my problem...19:55
Pollywogsame here19:56
alexismedinagoing to wait for official release19:56
PollywogI had to do a clean install but waiting for the official release would be helpful, I think19:56
Pollywogconsidering it's a beta it is pretty good19:57
BluesKajyeah, I find jaunty more stable in beta than the intrepid official release on my setup. Don't have the graphics artifacts intrepis suffered from19:58
alexismedinayes... i have a lot of problemas with  a intel 945 card with intrepid20:00
alexismedinasome xorg updates mades my system crash20:00
wirechiefalexismedina: i have issues with jaunty and freezing with intel 94520:00
BluesKajnvidia geforce 7600GT here , weird happenings but no crashes20:01
alexismedinawirechief, you're using XAA acceleration?20:01
wirechiefi disabled compiz20:01
bjsniderBluesKaj, strange, unforseen happenstances abound?20:02
BluesKajnot on jaunty bjsnider ..only on intrepid  :)20:02
darthanubiswhat happened to the "removable media" options?20:02
wirechiefthis is a great how to for checking out problems https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/Freeze20:03
BluesKajI have to admit my surprise with this beta release. Altho i think the name "jaunty" is kinda lame ... i guess the brits still use that word :)20:04
=== ScriptRipper_ is now known as ScriptRipper
o0Chris0oBluesKaj» Do you understand the name cycle?20:04
bjsniderBluesKaj, we have to do something about those brits20:05
cwilluwirechief, any luck finding a consistent way to reproduce the crash?20:05
wirechiefi tried the daily build of kubuntu, it fails to work on my lappy just goes to a shell20:05
posingaspopularhey all, im trying to get gnome-panels working. for some reason i cant move them after i did gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel20:05
cwilluposingaspopular, alt-drag them20:05
wirechiefcwillu yes as soon as i put my tools away it hits.20:05
o0Chris0otoo bad 9.04-9.10 wont be LTS 10.04 is20:06
wirechiefcwillu i did update the bug on launchpad though20:06
posingaspopularthat works. thanks cwillu!20:06
BluesKajyes the alphbet lettering , but c'mon ..."jaunty" ? Surely a more robust sounding name could be used .20:06
cwilluoh, good :)20:06
wirechiefcwillu yes lots of logs20:06
cwilluo0Chris0o, too many issues with intel, wouldn't be a good scene if it were lts :)20:07
wirechiefcwillu and Bryces link to troubleshooting helped, i was able to get a before and after log20:07
IenorandThe names are only soppused to be codenames... And I think it's quicke a good thing to have somewhat interesting names...20:07
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Ubuntu: timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/304954/+text)20:07
BluesKajIntel graphics seems to be the new ati  :(20:07
wirechiefcwillu i did a diff comparison and seems to be one line that is different between the good and bad20:08
Ienorand*supposed *quite20:08
wirechiefcwillu i think they are called reg_bad.txt and reg_good.txt, suprisingly i ran the test only a few minutes before the crash.20:09
wirechiefcwillu i have had 3 crashes in 24 hrs that exhibit the freeze i reported.20:10
wirechiefcwillu i have a gdb running against firefox to see if i can get some logging of events (if the crash occurs)20:13
=== ubuntu is now known as acr0nym
acr0nymI'm now on jaunty live..20:17
darthanubisWhat happened to that?^^^20:17
acr0nymhaving a bit of problem installing20:18
acr0nymhalfway installing it tells me the cd/dvd isn't clear20:18
acr0nym"This is often due to a faulty CD/DVD disk or drive"20:18
acr0nymI'm installing from usb20:18
ikoniacorrupt file20:20
acr0nymomg lol20:20
acr0nymI'm really having a bad day20:20
acr0nymfirst tried the dvd version20:20
acr0nymnow the cd version20:20
acr0nymso I have to download it again??20:20
ikoniadid you a.) check the md5's b.) run a cd check on it20:20
wirechiefacr0nym: did you do a md5sum on it ?20:20
ikoniathat's worth doing20:21
acr0nymcan I download the iso again from this live cd20:21
acr0nymand then put it on usb...20:21
acr0nymdon't want to boot back into intrepid again20:21
acr0nymthat would take me a precious minute ;)20:21
ikoniaacr0nym: it's not just as simple as dumping the iso onto a usb20:21
acr0nymI'm not dumping the iso on the usb20:21
acr0nymI used netbootin to put it on the usb stick20:21
acr0nymso you guys think it's possible to download it directly to the livecd? :)20:22
ikoniaof course it is20:22
ikoniajust be aware that your livecd is held in ram20:22
acr0nymyes but it is installing from the usb stick right?20:22
acr0nymI can still view the iso on my intrepid partition20:24
acr0nymcan I do an md5 check with archive manager?20:24
guntbertikonia: having recommended a.) myself "for ages" I wonder now: what is the mechanism of b.) ? md5sum over all files?20:24
bef0rd_hey, I had sound working yesterday... but today it doesn't work :| when I boot up, alsamixer shows the Master volume as zero, I increment it, but still no sound, any idea?20:25
ikoniaguntbert: there used to be an option on the cd saying "check this CD" I assume that's still there20:25
bef0rd_oh, there are some updates, gonna apply them20:25
wirechiefbef0rd_: does your mixer show it on or muted ?20:26
darthanubissomething is seriously wrong with audio cds being recognized and or played in 9.0420:26
guntbertikonia: yes, I know this option, was only curious how this option performs its task20:27
bef0rd_wirechief, I am not sure, I am unable to use volume control applet, i doesnt load, I am unable to start gnome-sound-properties either20:27
ikoniaguntbert: god knows off the top of my head, maybe a file with all the MD5's in it for each file.20:27
ikoniaguntbert: never looked20:27
=== maco_ is now known as maco
darthanubisof all the things to break20:27
wirechiefbef0rd_: have you tried help in #alsa ?20:28
wirechiefbef0rd_: best time to check is between 10am and 12noon (thats when the gurus are around)20:29
guntbertikonia: so our state of knowledge on *that* subject is equal :-), thx anyway20:29
CaMason*sigh* still can't get this touchpad working. I've uninstalled and reinstalled `xserver-xorg-input-all` but still nothing. I can't figure out why it's not working, but it works with the LiveCD20:29
acr0nymI just did a md5 check and it didn't match20:29
acr0nymso I have to download again :/20:30
acr0nymlol good thing it only takes about 5 mins20:30
bef0rd_wirechief,the weird thing is I can use the volume applet on the live cd :/20:30
wirechiefbef0rd_: that indicates you have a issue with your install, did you recently do a update ?20:33
wirechiefbef0rd_:  you can check in /var/log/dpkg.log to see what got updated of late.20:34
wirechiefbef0rd_: i just do cat /var/log/dpkg.log to see what in it and look for sound stuff. you can compare that with your live  using dpkg -l |grep <package>  check the version20:36
wirechiefbef0rd_: if you really want a comparison you can do a md5sum check on the <package> to make sure it got put on the hd correctly (compare with live)20:38
darthanubiscan anyone check your dmesg or confirm this?20:38
ubottuUbuntu bug 310848 in ubuntu "audio cd not recognised" [Undecided,Incomplete]20:39
o0Chris0ocwillu» yeah I didn't think of that with intel20:39
ubottuUbuntu bug 304954 in linux "IO errors when inserting a disc" [Undecided,New]20:40
DuckthisHi. Need big help! I'm in trouble!20:45
DuckthisMy GNOME session launch but I do not have any bars (top and bottom)20:45
DuckthisNo one can help me?20:46
acr0nymso what are your boot speeds with jaunty?20:48
HalowPress alt+F2, enter gnome-panel and hit run.20:48
acr0nymplanning on putting it on my 1000he and write a nice review about it :)20:48
acr0nymso far the review has a bad beginning LOL 2 installs going wrong20:48
acr0nymbut that's just my fault ;)20:48
DuckthisHalow: Thanls20:48
DuckthisHalow: It do not launch when I launch my session :S20:49
CaMasonI'm about to wipe my Asus Eee 901 and do a fresh install20:49
ActionParsnip1yo yo yo20:49
acr0nymyo yo yo back20:49
CaMasonthis mouse thing isn't working at-all, but it is on live, so wipe time!20:49
acr0nymI have one question20:49
acr0nymI'm trying to increase my touchpad speed20:49
acr0nymbut in the options I can only increase mouse acceleration20:50
acr0nymwhere is the normal mouse speed...20:50
acr0nymsensitivity doesn't do anything either20:50
ActionParsnip1acr0nym: increase the mose accelleration in mouse settings20:50
acr0nymnah mouse acceleration is different than mousespeed20:50
ubottuFor a comprehensive Synaptics Touchpad guide, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad20:50
acr0nymthanks :)20:51
acr0nymalso one more question20:51
acr0nymI have 2gb ram in my laptop20:51
acr0nymI never use more than 600 mb20:51
acr0nymso I basically have 1gb unused20:51
acr0nymcan I somehow speed up my desktop with it20:51
acr0nymrun parts of ubuntu automatically in that 1gb of ram?20:51
ActionParsnip1acr0nym: you could have a ram disk in nit and copy bits of your home dir to it, you'd have to sync it to the physical drive at logoff to preserve the files20:53
acr0nymsounds all very interesting :)20:53
acr0nymjust downloaded the jaunty ubuntu iso, again :)20:53
acr0nymand the md5sum matches this time20:53
ActionParsnip1acr0nym: you could set swappiness to 0 so the internal drive isnt used as yu are never running out of ram20:54
acr0nymah ok20:54
acr0nymif you're still here after my jaunty install and feel like helping, I'll be here :)20:54
acr0nymthough I should really read some guides on the net before bugging here hehe20:54
eegoresongbird seems to be working quite well20:54
acr0nymbe back after my jaunty install20:55
eegorethere is only one thing I would like it to have is a bar mode like winamp or xmms20:55
ActionParsnip1bar mode?20:57
Haloweegore: Audacious behaves a lot like winamp.20:57
acr0nymwhat filesystem should I use20:58
eegoreyeah there is a button at the top of the window that allows you to see the title and playback buttons in a thin bar20:58
acr0nymext2, 3, 4? any advice20:58
cwilluacr0nym, stick with ext320:58
patarokhello could you help me ? elisa media center wont start any more...20:58
cwilluacr0nym, ext4 still has a couple lurking issues, and nobody in their right mind should ever use ext220:59
cwillu(use ext3 without a journal if you must)20:59
eegoreHalow: yeak but it is somewhat clumsy in playing back web streams20:59
acr0nymI'm now in the partitioning section20:59
eegorehave to cut and paste most of the time20:59
acr0nymext3 doesn't have a journaling option20:59
ActionParsnip1cwillu: isnt ext2, ext3 without journal?20:59
YixilTesiphoneegore: I just leave rhythmbox in another desk20:59
Haloweegore: Hm. Really? I never had a problem with it. But I switched back to Rhythmbox for some silly reason. ;)20:59
* cwillu was wondering how long that would take :)21:00
acr0nymwhat benefits are there with ext4?21:00
patarokelisa wont start anymore ... any ideas?21:00
eegoreI do notice that songbird is less resource intensive than Amarok]21:00
cwilluacr0nym, ext4 has much faster deletes, much faster fsync's, delayed allocation (the cause of some of those speed ups), extents, a few other things21:00
acr0nymlol and you told me to use ext3 ;)21:00
cwilluacr0nym, but ext4 currently causes crashes in ubuntu's kernel, I don't think they're sorted out yet21:01
ActionParsnip1cwillu: http://pastebin.com/de4cd4b121:01
acr0nymis ext4 still in beta/buggy?21:01
acr0nymah ok21:01
acr0nymthanks for all the help21:01
cwilluacr0nym, a mainline kernel works fine for ext4 (that's what I'm running)21:01
ActionParsnip1i'm gonna use XFS on my next system21:01
acr0nymhow come ubuntu doesn't come standard with a mainline kernel21:01
acr0nymor at least optional21:01
eegoreacr0nym: I am running ext4 on my Jaunty21:01
eegorehad noi real issues, fdoes load apps a little faster21:02
ActionParsnip1acr0nym: how do you mean "mainline"?21:02
acr0nymthe guy who invented the concept of livecd's was a real genius21:03
cwilluacr0nym, they're available, we have additional patches and drivers that aren't upstream though21:03
eegoreI am more interested in is optimized jopurnaling21:03
acr0nymbest thing since 56k :P21:03
acr0nymah ok21:03
acr0nymI'm wondering if this is going to work...21:03
ActionParsnip1acr0nym: not the gentoo live cd though21:03
acr0nymI booted into a faulty livecd (md5sum failed on the first iso)21:03
deanyheh, i saw gadget show this morning.. shows how out of touch they are,  their review of the best free software, at #3 its VLC portable, cuz, its portable!21:03
ActionParsnip1acr0nym: then why burn it if the iso was bad, thats a waste of a cd21:04
acr0nymso I downloaded the iso again with the same livecd, and I put it into the same usb stick and I'm installing now :)21:04
acr0nymit gave me an error @ 55%21:04
deanywell not "they", more like the reviewer (gail porter).21:04
acr0nymI'm at 49% now lol21:04
acr0nymah darn21:04
acr0nymit gave me the error again21:04
acr0nympretty sure the md5 was correct...does it install from ram or from the usb stick?21:05
acr0nymI probably have to reboot eh21:05
ActionParsnip1acr0nym: it will copy the files from the stick to the hard drive21:05
acr0nymyes at first I thought it failed because the md5sum failed on the first iso21:05
acr0nymso I downloaded it again and put it again on the usb stick (checked the md5 this time and it passed)21:06
acr0nymbut still getting the same problem21:06
ActionParsnip1then try some boot options21:06
ubottuFor a list and explanation on some of the boot options, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions21:06
acr0nymI'm installing from within the livecd21:07
deanyacr0nym, very odd...  tried it in a vm?  or another pc?21:08
acr0nymI think the problem is that I never rebooted into the new ubuntu iso21:08
deanyacr0nym, try the alternative installer, might help..  just throwin stuff out there..21:09
acr0nymI'll try that if rebooting doesn't work :)21:09
YixilTesiphonany ideas on getting midi working after my reinstall?21:10
YixilTesiphonnot entirely sure what I did to get it working with musescore before21:11
acr0nymwill there be any significant changes from today's iso and the one on 23rd of April21:11
acr0nymprobably a vague question since you don't know yet hehe21:11
acr0nymrebooting :)21:11
mFacenethas anybody tried Gnome Shell in Jaunty?21:19
ikus060Is there any issue with fglrx driver on Jaunty ?? Since Xorg as been upgrade I expect this driver to fail :S21:24
thbishoptrying to boot from USB with the jaunty beta image gets me "Buffer I/O error on device fd0" errors21:25
crdlbikus060: the driver in the jaunty repos works21:26
ikus060ok ..21:26
crdlbit's a beta that is not available from ati's website21:26
crdlband it only works with r600 and r70021:26
ikus060WHAT !!21:26
ikus060where is the backward compatibility ??21:26
eegoreI will say that Jaunty has gotten a lot more stable on the running of the desktop21:26
crdlbikus060: ati dropped support in favor of the radeon driver21:27
ikus060ok, so I'm supposed to use radeon driver in that case .. but this driver doesnt deliver a great performance compare to fglrx21:28
crdlbthis is true21:28
crdlbyou can use hardy or intrepid :/21:29
ikus060I currently running Jaunty with radeon driver and event compiz are not smooth ! Anyway, this is not the place to evacuate my frustration21:29
ikus060crdlb: Thank for your help21:30
crdlbradeon will get better with gallium and friends, but we're not there yet21:31
ikus060What is this gallium ?21:32
crdlbfuture driver infrastructure21:32
ikus060of what I know it's a chemical element21:32
ikus060Is there any documentation or tricks to improve the performance with radeon driver ?21:36
DuckthisHey peoples. Can someone help me to install Windows XP in dual-boot AFTER installing Ubuntu?21:37
BluesKaj!grub | Duckthis21:37
ubottuDuckthis: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto21:37
BluesKajoops Duckthis, sry , thought you'd already installed windows21:38
StupendoussteveBluesKaj: Still applies, there is nothing special except restoring grub after the install21:39
DuckthisBluesKaj: No. I'm actually running Ubuntu as only system. If I want to install XP as dual-boot on the same drive, is that possible?21:39
BluesKajStupendoussteve . just don't want to get ahead of things to confuse the issue21:39
StupendoussteveDuckthis: Yes21:39
StupendoussteveDuckthis: You install like normal, and then will have to fix grub21:40
robin0800ikus060: What card do you have21:40
BluesKajDuckthis , yup as Stupendoussteve says21:40
ikus060robin0800: I have a Mobility X30021:40
robin0800ikus060: same here21:41
ikus060robin0800: How to you consider your 3d performance ?21:41
DuckthisStupendoussteve & BluesKaj: Ok but is it normal that I can not reduce my partition?21:41
StupendoussteveDepending what your filesystem is, yes21:41
BluesKajDuckthis , have you partitoned your HDD for NTFS and ready to install windows on it ?21:42
robin0800ikus060: what does your xorg log file sayes is not enabled21:42
DuckthisBluesKaj: No i'm actually only with a logic partition with an ext3 and linux-swap.21:42
acr0nymhello everyone, back :)21:44
acr0nymk, so installed ubuntu, the faulty iso was the problem. I used ext4 and seems to work fine so far21:44
DuckthisBluesKaj: 250GB HDD , logic partition 8Gb linux-swap & the remaining ext3. Someone can explain me how to reduce it?21:44
BluesKajDuckthis, resize your ext3 by whatever amount you need for XP , then reformat that partiton to NTFS. I recomend you use GParted for the partition editing.21:44
acr0nymI've stumbled upon one tiny problem21:44
acr0nymI am trying to import a *.pub file for authentication in software sources21:45
DuckthisBluesKaj: I actually tryed GParted but I have a question.21:45
acr0nymbut it won't allow me to browse into /home/acr0nym/Desktop21:45
acr0nymit stop at /home/acr0nym/21:45
acr0nymdoesn't display anything after that21:45
BluesKajDuckthis , ok , what's your question ?21:46
melikEncounted error 'Error in file /etc/dbus-1/system.d/xorg-server.conf, line 1, column 0: No element found' while parsing '/etc/dbus-1/system.d/xorg-server.conf21:46
ActionParsnip1acr0nym: sudo chown -R /home/$USER; sudo chmod -R 750 /home/$USER21:46
DuckthisBluesKaj: I said that I was using a "logic" partition, with my 2 other partitions within.21:46
ikus060robin0800: Should I grep the file with a string to know what are disable ??21:46
melikanyone get that error at bootup or know what that all is about21:46
ActionParsnip1acr0nym: makes sure your home directory is all yours and is accessible by you fully21:46
ikus060robin0800: Otherwise, I'm not sure to understand your question ?21:46
ActionParsnip1acr0nym: oops, sudo chown -R $USER; /home/$USER21:47
acr0nymchown: missing operand after `acr0nym'21:48
cwilluacr0nym, no semicolon21:48
acr0nymchown: cannot access `/home/acr0nym/.gvfs': Permission denied21:48
ActionParsnip1acr0nym: sudo chown -R $USER /home/$USER21:49
acr0nymI did remove the semicolon :)21:49
ActionParsnip1acr0nym: then: sudo chmod -R 750 /home/$USER21:49
DuckthisCan I reduce an ext3 partition in a logic partition to install XP on it?21:50
acr0nymstill giving me the same error21:50
ActionParsnip1acr0nym: then you will have full access over your home folder, have you been running gui apps with sudo by any chance?21:50
unknownGuys, is it possible somehow to fine-tune nautilus a little for download files from ftp, to enable continuation of download when i've lost connection to internet? something like wget -c.. sorry for my english21:50
acr0nymmaybe it's because I still have the sources open lol21:50
acr0nym1 sec21:50
robin0800ikus060: Iwould just do a search for disable21:50
=== topyli_ is now known as topyli
acr0nymstill the same error heh21:51
acr0nymchmod: cannot access `/home/acr0nym/.gvfs': Permission denied21:51
acr0nymbrowsing with nautilus works fine21:51
acr0nymhope this isn't one of those ext4 issues ;)21:52
ActionParsnip1acr0nym: is acr0nym also your username in linux?21:52
cwilluActionParsnip1, setting execute on everything in home isn't such a good idea though21:52
ikus060Page Flipping disabled, disable LVDS, disable FP1, Dynamic Clock Scaling Disabled, Depth moves disabled by default, Backing store disabled, disable primary dac, disable FP1, LVDS, TV21:52
ikus060robin0800: Page Flipping disabled, disable LVDS, disable FP1, Dynamic Clock Scaling Disabled, Depth moves disabled by default, Backing store disabled, disable primary dac, disable FP1, LVDS, TV21:52
acr0nymthis is what happens if I use a non-existenchmod: cannot access `/home/blabla': No such file or directory21:52
acr0nymt username:21:52
acr0nymwhoops my touchpad messed with the last line, but you get the point heh21:53
ActionParsnip1acr0nym: you could boot to root recovery console and do it there21:53
ikus060robin0800: What it your laptop. Is it a ThinkPad ?21:53
acr0nymhmm, so is this a bug in jaunty?21:53
acr0nymnever had this problem before in 8.1021:53
StupendoussteveI don't think it's related to the distro21:54
acr0nymit's a fresh install this is the very first thing I'm trying to do21:54
maxbI'm not sure if any of the chown/chmodding actually made any sense whatsoever21:54
robin0800ikus060: You need page flipping ,deph moves ,backing store21:54
maxbIf your own homedir wasn't readable, you'd have bigger problems than Software Sources acting up21:55
acr0nymeven if it wouldn't fix the problem chmodding should still be possible21:55
maxb.gvfs is rather special21:55
cwillu.gvfs is a fuse mount point21:56
maxbYou shouldn't expect normal chown/chmod to work on it21:56
acr0nymI was told not to use ext4 before I installed...maybe that has something to do with it21:56
cwilluacr0nym, no, that's unrelated21:56
maxbNo, really, that isn't plausible21:56
cwilluacr0nym, what's the problem exactly?21:57
cwilluacr0nym, are you just browsing to the desktop from import key, and nothing's showing up?21:57
cwillu(note that import key runs as root, and so the desktop linnk shown on the left is root's desktop, not yours)21:57
cwilluacr0nym, also, you're in a somewhat unfortunate position of having execute permissions on all your files now21:58
robin0800ikus060: see http://pastebin.com/m44c35c40 for what I mean21:58
ActionParsnip1cwillu: its no bad thing21:58
acr0nymsorry went to get an apple :)21:59
cwilluActionParsnip1, there's no good reason to have execute on everything21:59
acr0nymnot the computer lol a real one :P21:59
ActionParsnip1cwillu: plus it can be chmodded back21:59
ikus060robin0800: heyhey, you got all the option for radeon driver .. May you give my the original link ?21:59
acr0nymyes when I try to import my *.pub key I cannot browse further than /home/acr0nym/21:59
ikus060robin0800: I find it use ful21:59
cwilluActionParsnip1, the +X chmod operator will set execute only on directories and files that already have it, for future reference21:59
acr0nymthe *.pub key is on my Desktop21:59
cwilluacr0nym, like, nothing shows up?22:00
acr0nymyep exactly22:00
cwilluor does it actually give an error?22:00
acr0nymno error22:00
cwilluare you _sure_ you're in /home/acr0nym?22:00
acr0nymit's the only folder in home22:00
cwillu(that dialog doesn't use your home directory, you have to browse to it)22:00
cwilluActionParsnip1, oh, btw, chmod -R will hit hidden files, so his .ssh directory may be world readable now22:01
robin0800ikus060: I didn't find that what I did was disable Xserver and run sudo Xorg -configure22:01
ikus060robin0800: you really suggest me to use exa acceleration ? whereever I look, people suggest to use Xaa for stability22:01
ActionParsnip1cwillu: no, thats why i always use 0 as the world access ;)22:01
cwillufair enough :p22:02
cwilluikus060, xaa is deprecated and largely unsupported22:02
linny2could anyone tell me if jaunty has any extra support for ati graphics cards (i have an hd2600) in the past with 8.04 and 8.10 the live cds didnt work ive had to use alternate install cd then drop into a terminal to install the proprietary driver before a DE will load ?22:02
cwilluikus060, uxa is the bleeding edge now :p22:02
acr0nymif it helps here's a screenshot: http://img151.imageshack.us/img151/261/screenshotghs.png22:03
Stupendousstevelinny2: From what I have heard Jaunty uses the radeon driver, which doesn't work as well as fglrx22:03
robin0800ikus060: Do check but a recent update enables exa by default so is not needed now I think unless you what to turn it off22:03
ikus060robin0800: According to log, it's use exa ..22:04
linny2Stupendoussteve: well i think 8.10 and 8.04 was sposed to use that too but it didnt work at all well not for me22:04
ikus060cwillu: I will give it a try, thank for the info22:04
CaMasonAnyone got bluetooth DUN working with blueman / network manager?22:05
cwillulinny2, fglrx support for several older cards has been discontinued afaik22:05
robin0800cwillu: I thought UXA was for intel graphics only22:05
linny2cwillu: hd2600 isnt old tho22:05
cwillurobin0800, my mistake, yes22:05
ikus060cwillu: so I will not gove it a try ! :S22:06
funkyHatlinny2: for ati cards up to r500 (not you I think) the open source drivers are now much better, I think you can still use fglrx though because you have a newer card22:06
cwillulinny2, I'd expect vesa to work automatically at the very least22:06
linny2cwillu: the puzzling thing for me is all the drivers work when installed manually22:06
ikus060robin0800: It's seams that xorg.conf is .. empty. Is it a new feature in Jaunty or what ?22:06
cwilluikus060, that's back in intrepid22:07
cwillumost setups are autoconfigured now22:07
ikus060hey hey, I jump over Intrepid22:07
Stupendoussteveikus060: It's configured automatically, xorg.conf is only needed for specific issues (like my system which insists every piece of nvidia nforce hardware is a video card)22:07
ActionParsnip1ikus060: they are trying to oust xorg.conf22:08
ikus060cwillu: now thay I want to put some 'option' where I pull it ?22:08
cwilluikus060, same way, although depending on the option, you may either not need it, or it may be configurable via xrandr22:08
ikus060ActionParsnip1: good to know22:08
linny2im just trying to evaluate whether its worth upgrading if i have to mess around with it all agin i dont think ill bother but i thoght maybe it may have been fixed and the gui desktop works out of the box as it were22:08
ikus060ActionParsnip1: It's a relly good thing !22:08
robin0800ikus060: yes thats why you have to go though the reboot rigmorall to get a root prompt to run Xorg -configure22:08
ActionParsnip1ikus060: i dont think so, seems people got sick of configuring the file as far as i can see, probably because they cant read man pages22:09
ikus060robin0800: and doing so will create me a xorg.conf file with a Driver section for my ati card ? right ?22:09
funkyHatikus060: you still put it in Xorg.conf, it will be read if it is there22:09
ActionParsnip1ikus060: but it all been handled by other stuff now22:09
funkyHatikus060: if you need to set something that's not handled automatically22:10
ActionParsnip1ikus060: you CAN use xorg.conf old skool style and it will circumvent the new stuff22:11
robin0800ikus060: yes but they will all be disabled and the file is put in the root and not X11 so you have to change it and copy it22:11
acr0nymwell at least hibernation is working fine22:11
acr0nymso no ideas about the software sources problem?22:12
ActionParsnip1acr0nym: whats your issue?22:13
acr0nymheh just talked about it22:14
acr0nym1 sec I'll see if I can copy it from above22:14
acr0nym<acr0nym> yes when I try to import my *.pub key I cannot browse further than /home/acr0nym/22:14
acr0nymI just imported my *.pub key...but I went around the problem22:15
ActionParsnip1acr0nym: sudo apt-key add <key file here>22:15
acr0nymI just typed the path into location22:15
acr0nymand it imported it22:15
acr0nymbut I still can't browse into Desktop with the Software Sources application22:15
acr0nymit isn't a problem for me but perhaps it's a bug that can be fixed in a future release22:16
ActionParsnip1acr0nym: can you give us the ls -la ~/Desktop    output22:16
ActionParsnip1acr0nym: you have full access and are the owner22:18
acr0nymalso tried with sudo -s22:19
acr0nymdoes it work fine on  your desktops?22:20
maxbyes, it works fine for me22:21
ActionParsnip1acr0nym: hmm, not sure, you could maybe delete the folder then recreate it but i dont know if that will affect anything else22:21
acr0nymcan you use this command without any problems?: sudo chmod -R 750 /home/$USER22:21
ActionParsnip1acr0nym: i dont have the Desktop folder22:21
ActionParsnip1acr0nym: sure22:21
acr0nymwell I used today's build of the ubuntu desktop iso, checked the md5 hash and used ext4 as the filesystem22:22
acr0nymand adding the authentication key was the first thing I did as I was trying to install some extra stuff22:22
acr0nymanyway fixed for me now :) but don't be surprised if someone else comes along with the same problem :P22:23
acr0nymthanks again for all the help22:23
ActionParsnip1acr0nym: maybe its ext4 being weird22:24
ikus060robin0800: Well I modify the file ans restart. The option are now enable22:25
ActionParsnip1acr0nym: afaik, ext4 isnt advised right now22:25
acr0nymdunno, cwillu advised me to use ext3 instead, but my stubbornness chose ext4 :P22:25
ikus060robin0800: I guess I will see the improvement over time22:25
msdanyone using blueman for a2dp?22:26
acr0nymif this is the only problem then it's not a really big deal22:26
acr0nymalso this is probably just me but ubuntu comes with a lot of bloatware22:26
acr0nymwhat's up with all the games hehe22:26
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
ActionParsnip1acr0nym: which games22:27
acr0nymthe ones that come standard with the install22:27
Neon_thats ubuntu not kubuntu22:28
Neon_cuz mine didn't come with any games22:28
acr0nymisn't kubuntu just ubuntu+kde22:28
acr0nym(minus gnome_22:28
cwilluacr0nym, I'm using it too, just don't come crying if you encounter bug 330824 :p22:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 330824 in linux "Soft lockups (freezes) when deleting files from ext4 partitions on 2.6.28" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/33082422:28
Neon_or i uninstalled them in 8.12 before installing jaunty22:28
ActionParsnip1acr0nym: yep but without gnome and metacity22:28
Neon_it is but they don't come with the same programs installed22:28
acr0nymwhat are you guys on?22:28
ActionParsnip1acr0nym: kubuntu jaunty + lxde22:29
Neon_kubuntu jaunty22:29
acr0nymok, what are the real benefits for running kubuntu22:29
acr0nymkde programs?22:29
acr0nymhaven't really used kubuntu before only read about it22:29
cwilluit's gnome vs kde.  If you prefer kde, use kubuntu22:29
ActionParsnip1i use amarok and ktorrent heavily22:29
Neon_yea and the kde enviroment22:29
ActionParsnip1the rest is intransient to me22:29
Neon_me too22:30
acr0nymhmm I'd like to try it out :P22:30
acr0nymwhat's the command?22:30
Neon_this is a kubuntu channel by the way22:30
acr0nymsudo apt-get install kubuntu ?22:30
ActionParsnip1acr0nym: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop22:30
ActionParsnip1acr0nym: yep22:30
acr0nymah I thought this was a jaunty channel in general22:30
ActionParsnip1acr0nym: then log off, change session type, log on22:30
acr0nym1 sec gonna remove some apps first22:31
cwilluacr0nym, it is22:31
cwillu#kubuntu+1 redirects here22:31
Neon_acrOnym:  sorry my mistake22:32
Neon_its jaunty for both22:32
Neon_i'm scared about keeping jaunty22:32
acr0nymwhat is the difference between removal and complete removal in synaptic packet manager?22:33
ActionParsnip1acr0nym: complete removes the old config too22:33
Nytrixwhen will 9.04 be out? whats the exact date?22:33
ActionParsnip1acr0nym: removal keeps the config so if you reinstall it will be setup the same22:33
user_!jaunty > Nytrix22:34
ubottuNytrix, please see my private message22:34
msdfirst RC will come22:34
ActionParsnip1acr0nym: at command line the complete removal would add --purge to the command22:34
Neon_ho way22:34
Neon_no way22:34
Neon_its like the 23rd22:34
acr0nymah ok22:34
msdthats the final22:34
NytrixUbuntu 9.04, due April 23rd, 200922:34
Barriduscan you create a panel launcher to a document in jaunty?  i can never seem to get that to work at all22:34
msdRC comes out 16th22:35
acr0nymwhen I install kubuntu-desktop it doesn't uninstall gnome right22:35
msdthats between Beta and final ;D22:35
ActionParsnip1acr0nym: nope, just installs kde + some apps22:35
Neon_msd: whats RC?22:35
ActionParsnip1acr0nym: you can also install xubuntu-desktop22:35
msdRelease Candidate22:35
acr0nymyep but that's too light :P22:35
ActionParsnip1acr0nym: you can install as many deskto penvironments and window managers as you have space22:35
acr0nymactually a light desktop wouldn't even be that bad22:35
acr0nymI'm on an eee pc right22:35
acr0nymasus 1000he22:36
ActionParsnip1acr0nym: i personally use kde for kde apps but i prefer lxde for lightness22:36
acr0nymwhat about just running kde apps in gnome?22:36
ActionParsnip1acr0nym: sorry its large: http://www.bolivarlug.org.ve/site/files/pantallazos/pud-lxde-2.jpg22:36
ActionParsnip1acr0nym: thats fine too, as long as you have the dependancys you can nrun any app22:37
acr0nymlooks pretty sweet :)22:37
acr0nymhow come you still have the install button on your desktop?22:37
Neon_anyone elses comp crash after install of fglrx drivers?22:38
Neon_this sucks cuz i can't play games22:38
ActionParsnip1acr0nym: thats not mine22:38
acr0nymo ok22:38
Barridusacr0nym, there's also the netbook remix of gnome that's designed for netbooks22:38
acr0nymyep I use netbook remix on intrepid22:38
Barridusi don't really care for it yet though22:38
acr0nymit's pretty nice but as far as I can see it only adds a netbook launcher in the background22:38
Barridusi'm on an aspireone myself22:38
ActionParsnip1acr0nym: ive not used it, i use puppy on my netbook22:39
Barridusi'd just rather fiddle with gnome panels and such, UNR is kind of sluggish22:39
Barridusand some annoying bugs22:39
Neon_my ATI card could play games in intrepid but it can't in jaunty22:40
Neon_anyone have a solution for this?22:41
ActionParsnip1Neon_: drivers22:41
Neon_the fglrx drivers that are out crash my system22:42
ActionParsnip1Neon_: you are running a beta system, you will most likely get errors22:42
Barriduscan someone assist me in adding a document launcher to the top panel, please?  i can never seem to get it to work22:42
Neon_but do you know if they will release the drivers for jaunty with its official release?22:43
Barridusdrivers are highly tied into the kernel (s) available22:44
ActionParsnip1Neon_: not sure personally. I avoid ati myself22:44
Barridusyou might find the newest kernel updates don't support yet what the last one or two did22:44
mFacenetNeon_: I would image in the days following the stable release22:44
Neon_Barridus:  so does that mean i'm screwed?22:45
linny2Neon_: what ati card do you have ?22:45
Neon_Barridus:  Should i just play the waiting game then?  Or buy a new card?22:45
Neon_radeon xpress 20022:45
Barridusi walked into this halfway22:45
acr0nymwhen the stable jaunty is out22:45
StupendoussteveNvidia works fine, as always22:45
acr0nymwill we be able to update or do we have to do a fresh install?22:46
Barridusbut jaunty is still beta, don't pull out the wallet yet22:46
Barridusi've had more luck with out of the box hardware support with jaunty than any other linux22:46
Barridushave faith22:46
Neon_i'll try22:47
Barriduswhat is the deal with it?  just 3d not working?  you still get a stable environment otherwise?22:47
acr0nymisn't ubuntu supposed to be call gubuntu? ;)22:47
acr0nymlol why not22:47
Barridusyeah then you can stick it out22:47
StupendoussteveDefault Ubuntu uses gnome, the others are alternatives22:47
acr0nymyou have kde + ubuntu = kubuntu22:47
acr0nymoh ok22:47
Barridusnvidia can be terrible with drivers too22:48
Barridusany proprietary driver source can be22:48
Barriduscuz they don't care like the open source crew do22:48
Stupendousstevenvidia has supported open source quite well22:48
Stupendousstevefor some time22:48
Neon_is there any particular brand that is more linux friendly?22:48
Barridustell that to my inspiron laptop :)22:49
Stupendousstevenvidia is generally more friendly than ati22:49
StupendoussteveIf you have old hardware it may not be as well supported, but it's the same on windows22:49
Neon_how bout intel graphics?22:49
StupendoussteveNeon_: Was just gonna mention them22:49
Stupendousstevethe intel drivers are open source22:49
Barridusintel graphics are awesome in linux22:49
ActionParsnip1i always buy nvidia gfx due to awesome support22:49
Neon_that'll be my next card then22:49
StupendoussteveYes, for the most part. I see texture glitches every once in a while22:49
Neon_thanx a lot guys you're really helpin me out22:50
funkyHatNeon_: intel are the most linux friendly at the moment, ati will be as well soon, the hardware specs for ati stuff is out now, it's just taking a while to get the open source ati drivers up to scratch22:50
=== topyli_ is now known as topyli
acr0nymati will be as well soon?22:50
acr0nymI thought ati wasn't open source22:50
acr0nymsince when did they change?22:50
Barridusalso consider linux and open source is on the rise22:51
Barridusso they're opening their eyes some22:51
Sylphidhey all, could anyone tell me more about this update-manager warning?  ... upgradable but no canidateOrigin?!?:  xchat22:51
funkyHatacr0nym: fglrx isn't open source, but since the AMD takeover ati have been more OSS friendly, they have released hardware specs for all ati cards22:51
funkyHatacr0nym: cards up to r500 are well supported (including 3d) now22:51
funkyHatnot perfectly supported, but pretty good, and open22:52
acr0nymah ok, cause I was reading recently on xbmc.org that ati still had a lot of poort support in linux because of closed drivers22:52
Neon_sadly that doesn't include mine22:52
Neon_well not in jaunty atleast22:52
Barridusit'll work out22:52
=== NeoBlaster872 is now known as NeoBlaster
acr0nymI actually had a eee box b204 that had an ati card, basically xbmc runs in ubuntu but I couldn't play 720p files because the ati drivers wouldn't allow gpu offloading22:53
Barridussounds like a cop out answer but i believe it will22:53
acr0nymand nvidia cards did work heh22:53
acr0nymwas a real bummer at the time22:53
Barriduseveryone has different experiences really22:53
Barridusespecially with closed source22:53
Barriduscuz it's all so seperate22:53
Barridusand then there's sports team bias22:54
funkyHatNeon_: I think you can install fglrx in jaunty if your card isn't properly supported by xorg-ati (although I can't guarantee that because my card is r500)22:54
Neon_i did22:55
Neon_but it crashed at log in22:55
Neon_so i had to uninstall it throught the root menu22:55
funkyHatNeon_: oh :(22:55
Barridusi don't use compiz on my netbook really22:55
Neon_so i'm positive fglrx wa the prob22:55
Barridusi prefer clean and fast over eye candy22:55
ActionParsnip1Barridus: i wouldnt advise it personally22:55
ActionParsnip1Barridus: exaactly22:55
Neon_i don't like compiz either22:56
Barridusand it's not a gaming rig anyways XD22:56
Barridusi don't game on computer :)22:56
ActionParsnip1Barridus: i play fretsonfire22:56
ActionParsnip1Barridus: thats about it22:57
Neon_i wonder if i can play that currently22:57
ActionParsnip1!info fretsonfire22:57
ubottufretsonfire (source: fretsonfire): game of musical skill and fast fingers. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2.512.dfsg-3 (jaunty), package size 5 kB, installed size 36 kB22:57
Barridusi only play irc, pidgin, and firefox and firefox these days :D22:57
ActionParsnip1Neon_: you'll need direct rendering22:57
Barridusi was not aware asus eeepc had non-intel gpu22:58
acr0nymit did have an intel chipset22:58
acr0nymbut the videocard was from ati22:58
Neon_are the ati cards cheaper than even intel?22:58
Neon_i was hopeing intel would be the cheapest ones22:59
Neon_i know they're cheaper than Nvidea22:59
acr0nymit really depends on the specific card22:59
Neon_yea but they come out with rival cards23:00
acr0nymwhat do you guys think about xubuntu vs lxde23:00
acr0nymlol I wanted to install kubuntu23:00
acr0nymAfter this operation, 905MB of additional disk space will be used.23:00
acr0nymhaha that much23:00
remuI was trying to install firefox-3.5 after it installed it kept giving me a "Bus error (core dumped)" so after I tried removing it, I now keep getting this message from apt whenever I try to do something. How can I resolve it? http://pastebin.com/d1319fad623:02
Neon_its not that i'm a gamer.  Its that it makes me mad to know that i don't have 3d or 2d acceleration23:04
Neon_but since i'm dual booting its not the end of the world i guess23:04
Neon_although it is a victory for the proprietary world23:05
acr0nymmeh does kubuntu really have to come with all those extra apps?23:06
acr0nymI never asked for amarok or openoffice to be installed ;)23:06
Neon_atleast its not installing koffice23:07
Neon_i didn't like koffice really23:07
ActionParsnip1Neon_: if you want a word processor only, use abiword23:08
acr0nymor use google docs :)23:08
acr0nymomg lol kubuntu is installing cups again23:08
deanywhats that online image editor like23:08
acr0nymI just removed that haha23:08
deanyspotify whatever it is.23:09
acr0nymdeany try www.pxlr.com23:09
acr0nymlooks a bit like photoshop23:09
acr0nymsorry pixlr.com23:09
deanytill someone replaces photoshop, i`ll keep usin it  :)23:09
ikus060Neon_: Sorry, I did follow the discussion. What are your video card ??23:10
Neon_don't like gimp?23:10
deanynah i saw some thing on tv today, spotify23:10
acr0nymmeh gimp is awful23:10
deanyor something23:10
deanyjust wondered.23:10
Neon_ikus060: ati radeon xpress 20023:10
deanygimp is great.. really for free its fantastic23:10
ActionParsnip1deany: gimpshop23:10
acr0nymall those loose menus, it's really confusing especially if you're coming from photoshop23:10
deanybut there is a reason 1 is free and 1 is not23:10
ActionParsnip1!info gimpshop23:10
ubottuPackage gimpshop does not exist in jaunty23:10
acr0nymgimpshop hasn't been supported for over a year now23:10
acr0nymlooked into it about a week ago23:10
ActionParsnip1as i see if if you can learn one, you can learn another23:11
acr0nymbtw is "hasn't been supported" correct english? hehe23:11
acr0nymnot a native english speaker23:11
ActionParsnip1plus cs4 platinum is 230 GBP its worth learning23:11
acr0nymwell ubuntu is free and I don't see why photoshop can't be also :p23:12
ActionParsnip1because its not a free app, linux is free23:12
acr0nymyes I know I was hinting at getting it free without paying lol23:12
ActionParsnip1i hate piracy23:12
Neon_how many prog can wine suppor treally?23:12
ActionParsnip1i think its pathetic23:12
ActionParsnip1!appdb | Neon_23:13
ubottuNeon_: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help23:13
acr0nymI often find myself buying good programs after I've used them for a while23:13
acr0nymbought mirc when I was on windows23:13
acr0nymwoohoo my kubuntu-desktop install is finished23:13
acr0nymI just have to log out and log back in right?23:13
ActionParsnip1i never understood mirc, so many free irc clients but everyone used mirc which is paid for. go figure23:13
ActionParsnip1acr0nym: log off, change session type, log in23:14
acr0nymnah I've used mIRC back in 1998 when it was the old good irc client around23:14
acr0nymthat was my main reason23:14
acr0nymbe back in a sec23:14
Neon_i know what wine is, lol.  Its just that i've had bad experiences using it23:14
Neon_like with counter strike23:14
Neon_if it can't run that i don't know what it can run23:14
Neon_i'll check if it has a list of programs that it can only run23:15
ActionParsnip1Neon_: read the factoid23:15
ActionParsnip1Neon_: it shows you the appdb, a list of apps that run23:16
ActionParsnip1Neon_: and don'y23:16
Neon_don't what?23:16
ActionParsnip1don't run23:16
ActionParsnip1some wont even install23:16
Neon_oh ok23:16
ActionParsnip1some perform better than the windows installs23:16
acr0nymlol when I log out it automatically logs back into gnome23:16
acr0nymwhere can I disable autologin23:17
acr0nymI looked into users/groups...it's not there23:17
ActionParsnip1acr0nym: you didnt change the session type23:17
acr0nymI didn't have the chance23:17
acr0nymit automatically logged back into gnome because of the autologin23:17
ActionParsnip1acr0nym: when you log off, you can change it23:17
acr0nymwhen I log off, the screen goes black and after a few secs it automatically logs back into gnome23:17
acr0nymI can't even change the session type23:18
ActionParsnip1acr0nym: then kill autologon23:18
ActionParsnip1you may be able to do this23:18
ActionParsnip1alt+f2     kwibn --replace23:18
ActionParsnip1kwin   sorry23:20
Neon_wow turns out wine can run cs 3 with minor issues23:21
ActionParsnip1it can run quite a lot23:23
acr0nymomg lol23:23
acr0nymthe login window manager is too big for my desktop23:24
acr0nymcan't even see the close button23:24
eegoredoes thatalso mean wine can run viruses too? ;)23:24
bjsnideryes it can23:24
eegoreyou bet23:24
Logihello - after installing kubuntu alpha 6 (I think it was) and then steadily upgrading, at one point installing the ubuntu-desktop and then uninstaling it, I've now got the sound system locking up the machine occasionally. I'm wondering if I've ended up with a weird combination of sound systems and libraries?23:25
ActionParsnip1eegore: sure, it will infect the ~/.wine directory but will sit there doing nothing while no wine apps run afaik23:25
bjsniderit could infect the whole home directory23:25
bjsniderbut couldn't break out of that23:25
eegorethen wine with clamd running in the background23:25
dupondjeI'm trying to make a OpenVPN connection, but get 'No Valid Secrets Found' when i'm trying to connect, any id whats wrong ?23:26
ActionParsnip1well its a windows virus so wont touch the linux stuff23:26
ActionParsnip1!sound | logi23:26
ubottulogi: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP323:26
eegoreyes but it can still infect other systems23:26
eegorekind of like Typhoid Mary23:26
Logialsa check. It works, you now, but when amarok is progressing to the next song, some times the whoel system locks up23:26
Logiphonon is set to use the intel soundcard first, falling back to pulse audio (which probably sin't going to do anything)23:27
* Logi goes to read that page23:27
eegoreLogi: I noticed that a lot23:27
eegoreAmarok getts a little intensive when it parses the database23:28
Logithat page seems to assume that sound is just not working at all and that you're using the gnome apps :-/23:28
acr0nymon kubuntu now23:28
acr0nymlooks pretty nifty :)23:28
Logieegore: hmm... so it could be not sound related at all?23:28
Logiacr0nym: kde is crawling out of the hole they dug for themselves23:28
acr0nymmust say that I really like the startup thingy23:28
Logieegore: it has happened at other times, butr this was the strongest single trigger I could find...23:29
acr0nymlooks a bit like vista/win723:29
acr0nymare there any netbook themes out there for kubuntu23:29
acr0nymI guess I should google that :P23:29
DuckthisHi, need help out therre.23:30
eegorerun htop and look at what happens to cpu and sytem when it changes songs, it will start a parsing routing that is rather intensive not to mention it will periodically update its database and use even more resources23:30
Logieegore: ok... if I sty silent for longer than one song's worth, that means it locked up :)23:30
DuckthisWhen I run Package manager, it make me Ubuntu crash23:31
DuckthisIt says that "Duplicated repositorys"23:31
DuckthisHow do I fix?23:31
LogiI've also some times seen X start completely hogging one of my two cpu cores. That gets very tired.23:31
DuckthisHow can I manually fix my repository list?23:32
DuckthisWhat's the file to edit?23:32
LogiDuckthis: /etc/apt/sources.list23:32
eegoreDuckthis: open your /etc/apt/sources.list with an editor as root and remove duplicte entrys that you find23:33
acr0nymwhat's the keyboard shortcut to go to the desktop23:33
acr0nymin windows it's windows logo + m23:34
Logi(that mutes my sound in kubuntu/amarok)23:34
DuckthisCan somebody fix it for me? I'll post it in paste.ubuntu.com23:34
acr0nymhmm how do I install kde themes?23:35
acr0nymi have the tar.gz file23:36
bjsnideri wonder if #kubuntu wouln't be better for kde questions, even though it isn't strictly for jaunty23:37
funkyHatacr0nym: in windows it's win+d, it's also that here I believe23:37
acr0nymyep windows +d or windows+m23:38
acr0nymd=desktop m=minimize23:38
funkyHatacr0nym: the two are not the same, unless you only have 1 window open23:38
acr0nymthey worked the same for me23:39
acr0nymeven with multiple windows23:39
acr0nymwindows+m minimized all windows23:39
acr0nymlol pretty funny we're talking about windows in the jaunty channel :D23:39
funkyHatI have a pidgin crasher bug which was marked as a duplicate of #357949 but I'm pretty sure it's not23:40
bjsniderso go back to launchpad and fight it23:41
funkyHatCan I remove duplicate status, or should I just comment/attach stuff?23:45
bjsnideri'd comment. make an argument. present evidence23:45
linxuz3r904 is gonna be released when?23:45
bjsniderapril 2323:45
bjsnider12 days from now23:46
linxuz3rbjsnider do you have a link for that?23:46
eegoreso on that day, go dist upgrade eh23:46
bjsniderlinxuz3r, google jaunty release schedule23:46
acr0nymthere isn't an option called icons23:47
acr0nymI can see the appearance menu23:47
acr0nymbut I have to add everything manually23:47
acr0nymwrong window23:48
linxuz3risnt it karmic koala?23:49
funkyHatlinxuz3r: karmic is 9.1023:49
bjsniderno, that 9.10, in october23:49
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading23:49
whileimherewhats the CLI to start an upgrade?23:49
eegoresudo apt-get dist-upgrade23:50
whileimhereis it really buggy still or ssafe enough to start an upgrade for an average user?23:51
eegorewhileimhere: get that ^23:51
eegoreIO am using it now23:52
eegoreshipping is about 5023:53
acr0nymis the sudo apt-get specifically for normal ubunt?23:53
acr0nymI can use it with kubuntu right23:53
mpriceyes acr0nym23:54
acr0nymheh kind of a stupid question. I could've just trie23:54
GillesMon 9.03 b I have problem sometime on display ... I have part of screen not well displayed idea ?23:55
GillesMbefore on 8.10 all was fine .23:55

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