vikashkoushikanybody there?06:36
vikashkoushikI have a doubt06:36
vikashkoushikPls help06:36
vikashkoushikI've uploaded a picture on the website06:37
vikashkoushiknamed it as Ubuntu logo.06:37
vikashkoushikHow do i see it on the webite?06:37
vikashkoushikwebsite. sorry06:38
BHSPitLappyuhh, what06:42
vikashkoushikpls reply06:44
vikashkoushik i by mistake closed the window without reading your reply06:44
BHSPitLappyI said "uhh, what"06:51
dashuaHey SiDi15:00
SiDiheya dashua15:00
SiDigz on rust, really nice15:00
dashuaOh thx15:00
dashuaIt's really growing on me15:01
SiDii'd use it if there was a dark brown xfwm :P which i was meant to do last week but i went lazy :D15:01
dashuaI'd help out on that, but I'm not real familiar with Xfce15:01
dashuaMaybe you can hack on it15:02
SiDii'll do it, its really easy to make xfwm's. it's just that i'm a bit busy right now :)15:02
dashuaAh cool15:02
SiDiim away from home for a week, and i'll need photoshop (gimp drives me crazy), so it'll wait a little more15:03
SiDijust shout at me if you don't receive any email about it sunday ;)15:03
SiDi(next sunday*=15:03
dashuaI'm still testing, but haven't really any compatibility issues with problem apps15:04
dashuaSeems solid so far, but we'll see15:04
SiDiwell, i just need to take an hour to do it but i always postpone, that's why you shouldnt hesitate shouting at me :)15:04
SiDiwell, the metacity renders badly with compiz under xfce, but thats almost always the case :D15:04
SiDiit's meant for the murrinesvn, right ?15:04
dashuaThat's the only engine it uses15:05
dashuaDid you get the version from trunk, I had a metacity issue fixed?15:05
SiDiDunno, i don't use metacity at all15:05
SiDii downloaded it on gnome-look15:05
SiDii was searching for new themes, i thought this one was quite nice15:06
SiDithen i noticed it was from you :)15:06
dashuaI want to try Xfce, looks pretty sexxy15:06
SiDiit is :D15:06
SiDieven firefox looks great with rust :)15:07
dashuaAny issues running it as another session along GNOME?15:07
dashuaxubuntu-desktop is all I would need, eh?15:08
SiDii got gnome and xfce here15:08
SiDiit's running ok15:08
SiDijust a little more HDD space used ;)15:08
SiDiand i use gedit/gnome-terminal a lot15:09
dashuaCool, I will give it a go :)15:09
dashuaI used it on Arch a few years ago on my older box15:10
dashuaIt was quite snappy.15:10
SiDiits fast to use, and i love xfwm's shortcuts, and the feature that rolls the windows up when you scroll their titlebar15:23
SiDidashua, i remember why i wasnt using rust lately !15:54
SiDithe clock in xfce panel isnt readable15:54
SiDiits black on dark brown text15:54
SiDii dont know how to change it tho :)15:54
SiDineeda go, see you later15:54
dashuaC ya15:57
_MMA_Man. *This* is what people are going to see when the look for linux artist communities? http://linuxgraphicsusers.com19:00
* _MMA_ just shakes head.19:01
savvasthe dot in the logo makes it more powerful19:14

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