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Shift_Wreckcan anyone tell me how to set "rounded_buttons = FALSE" globally for buttons/widgets in an industrial theme?01:25
dreaHi, does anyone know what happened to the slideshow on install? Its been marked as in-dev on brainstorm for ever http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/136/, blueprints have been written and approved and code is sitting in https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~ubiquity-slideshow. Does anyone know whats actually happened to it?05:45
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calcdrea: you should talk to evand06:45
dreacalc: shall do, thanks!06:46
dreacalc: are you aware of any particulars?06:46
dreacalc: and I presume he/she comes here?06:47
calci think maybe just #ubuntu-devel06:48
dreacalc: shall wait, thanks again. Have a great day06:48
calche may not be back online until tuesday due to easter holidays but i am uncertain06:49
dreacalc: sure06:49
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