mdkemorning all10:14
mdkebencrisford: you around?10:16
bencrisfordI sure am :)10:17
bencrisfordgood morning ;)10:17
mdkebencrisford: morning :) We may have sorted out our timing issues now, and we'd like to move you back to Friday, and do our sessions on Tuesday, because one person can't make Friday. is that ok?10:19
bencrisfordthats fine i guess10:19
mdkebencrisford: really sorry to mess you around over that10:20
bencrisfordits fine10:20
bencrisfordand i dont even have to change korganiser too much10:20
bencrisfordbecause ill be attending your sessions anyway10:20
mdkewhich time would you like on Friday? 19:00 UTC as before?10:21
bencrisfordif possible yeah :)10:21
mdkeyep, you get your pick of times on Friday, it's still quite free10:21
bencrisfordI can watch eastenders now :)10:22
bencrisfordmdke: thanks for moving my time for me :), i was about to do that10:23
bencrisfordone less thing to do10:23
bencrisfordthanks ;)10:23
mdkeno worries, thanks for being so flexible10:23
mdkeok, cya later10:23
mdkehiya adiroiban11:26
adiroibanmdke: i can move my sessions earlier11:36
adiroibanif you think it's needed11:37
mdkeadiroiban: for me they work slightly better a bit later, so that I have more time to get home from work. Do the times suit you ok at the moment?11:38
adiroibanit's perfect :D11:39
mdkeI guess for you the second one is at 22.00 LT?11:39
mdkeok, great11:39
mdkewe can jiggle things around if we need to for other people11:39
bencrisfordI'm looking forward to openweek already :D11:41
adiroibanFor the "Translating documentation" session i was thinking to include info about using Rosetta, testing translations, generating translated PDF, tips (ex translating documentation when not all UI is translated), how and how often the translation packages are pushed in Ubuntu, how to check for errors12:02
adiroibanshould we create a wiki page12:02
adiroibanor discuss over the mailing list?12:03
mdkeadiroiban: maybe a wiki page will be cleaner.12:04
mdkeadiroiban: I think it's important to cover how to make sure the tags are preserved and how to test; not sure about PDFs (we don't use them in the English version so it's probably not something necessary for translation)12:05
adiroibani was thinkig to also cover the translations of Ubuntu Training12:06
adiroibanor they are different things12:07
mdkeadiroiban: ah, yes I see - that would be quite cool12:07
mdkeadiroiban: but treat it as a separate part of the session so that it's clear that it's a different task12:08
adiroibani was using the translated "trainer" and "student" pdf version of Ubuntu Desktop training in various school in Romania12:09
adiroibanbut I create a new session12:09
adiroibanbut I  will create a new session12:09
mdkeI think it can be covered in the same hour12:10
mdkethat would be good12:10
adiroibanthen we should have 2 session in the same hour?12:10
adiroibanthen we should have two sessions in the same hour?12:10
mdkeone session, but two sections12:11
mdkeI don't think translation of ubuntu-docs will take a full hour, so there will be time to cover training too, I think12:11
adiroibanyep. I feel the same12:12
mdkeI have no experience with the training bit though, you'll have to cover that12:12
bencrisfordIs this the translation hour?12:12
bencrisfordbecause I wasn't going to attend but if you guys think it'll be worth it i will12:12
mdkeonly if you are thinking of becoming a translator :)12:13
bencrisfordit would help if i knew any languages i guess :P12:13
mdkewell, en_GB counts as a language12:13
mdkethere is an en_GB translation team12:13
bencrisfordbut i would need to know another language also no?12:14
bencrisfordor am i misunderstanding the system?12:14
mdkeno, the en_GB team turns American English into British English12:14
bencrisfordOh, that sounds good i might look into that12:14
adiroibanmdke: I can handle the training part12:14
mdkeadiroiban: great12:15
bencrisfordthe translation session is now marked in my KOrganiser :)12:16
bencrisfordive got 3 sessions in a row12:16
mdkebencrisford: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-l10n-en-gb12:17
bencrisfordooh thanks :)12:18
bencrisfordWhat are the requirements to join?12:19
bencrisfordanything fancy?12:20
mdkeI don't know12:21
mdkebut if you follow the links you'll find out12:21
bencrisfordOk, I applied12:23
bencrisfordso hopefully i'll get an email telling me12:24
bencrisfordif I dont meet them already that it :)12:24
bencrisfordMaybe I just have to spell a really long word for them :D12:24
mdkeI guess so12:25
* mdke is afk for a while12:25
j1mcadiroiban: are you around?12:51
j1mchello :)12:52
j1mcif now is an ok time, we can go over importing the translations.  i haven't really had a chance to validate them yet.12:53
adiroibani have start running the xml translating script12:53
adiroibangames and hardware translations are missing from Rosetta12:54
adiroibando you know why ?12:54
adiroibanand they are not included in shipped-docs12:54
j1mcadiroiban: hmmm... that's strange12:55
adiroibanshould I ignore them?12:55
j1mclet me check something12:55
adiroibanlet me upload the current errors status12:55
j1mci need to modify the translate.sh script, don't i? because the xubuntu-docs layout is different12:58
adiroibanyou can move the scripts and libs folder in desktop-guide13:01
adiroibanand from there, the layout is identical13:01
adiroibani am running a custom translate.sh script13:02
adiroibanto help me generate an error report13:02
adiroibanin add-applications.xml there is an erropr13:03
j1mcso just move the scripts and libs folders into the desktop guide itself?13:03
adiroibanbut I can run the translate script for you13:04
adiroibanfirst we should check the original xml files13:04
adiroibangames and hardware are part of the xubuntu-docs ?13:05
j1mcthe link you provided... ace.txt ... does that indicate an error in the original xml?  how is that generated?13:05
adiroibanplease update the  libs/shipped-docs with the current list of xml included in xubuntu-docs13:05
adiroibani have moved the xubuntu-docs-index13:06
adiroibaninto a separte folder13:06
adiroibanas it was in the root13:06
adiroibanand I have add it to libs/shipped-docs13:06
adiroibanthe ace.txt was generated by running "xmllint"13:08
adiroibanthere is a validate.sh script13:08
j1mchm, games and and hardware are part of the shipped docs13:08
adiroibanthen we will need to import them in Rosetta13:09
j1mcxubuntu-docs-index - is that the name of the actual file?13:09
adiroibani can not see them here13:09
adiroibani have create the xubuntu-docs-index/C/13:10
adiroibanand moved the xml file there13:10
adiroibanto have the same layout for xml internationalization13:10
j1mchow can i import games and hardware.xml files into the import queue?13:10
adiroibanhm... yep.. xubuntu-docs are not in main13:11
adiroibani will upload them13:11
j1mcadiroiban: that's correct.  xubuntu is in universe.13:11
adiroibanit's just that I didn't know why they are missing13:11
adiroibanfor now we will not have the translations of hardware and games13:12
adiroibanbut at least, i know what to do to solve it13:12
mdkeit's because they are not listed in libs/shipped-docs13:12
adiroibannow let's check add-applications13:12
mdkeso the get-pot.sh script misses them13:12
mdkeso if you add them to libs/shipped-docs, then they will get imported13:13
mdkeas for importing them, I think they should get imported from the branch if you upload the new pot files, Rosetta has added that feature now13:14
mdkeor adiroiban can import them manually13:14
adiroibanmdke: does it work for packages outside of main ?13:15
adiroibanwe are talking about ubuntu13:15
j1mci've added them to libs/shipped-docs13:15
adiroibanand not the ubuntu-docs project13:15
mdkeadiroiban: I think it should - ROsetta gets pot files from branches now, as well as from package uploads13:15
j1mcif i run the get-pot.sh, will it refresh the pot files, including games and hardware?13:16
mdkeand the xubuntu-docs project is linked to the package for translations13:16
adiroibandoes this applied to distributions?13:16
adiroibani think this feature is available only for projects13:16
mdkeadiroiban: I think the link between the project and the package should do the trick, but I'm not 100% sure13:16
adiroibanj1mc: try13:16
adiroibanmdke: i'm not sure it will13:16
adiroibani will check with Rosetta guys and Arne13:17
mdkefor speed, it's probably better to add manually too, I guess13:17
adiroibanmdke: i don't know how?13:17
adiroibanmdke: i don't know how. can you do it?13:17
mdkelet me see13:18
adiroibani don't see any upload button13:18
adiroibanI can only upload updated pot files13:18
adiroibanj1mc: why do we have a different folders layout in xubuntu-docs?13:19
adiroibani was thinking to use the same layout as ubuntu-docs13:19
mdkedamn, I can't see an upload button either13:19
adiroibanand it will be easier to share script13:19
mdkeadiroiban: we'll rearrange the folder structure for karmic but I think it's too risky to change it now for jaunty13:20
j1mcadiroiban: it was changed around by someone when they went to build the package for me.  i'll change the structure to match ubuntu docs for karmic.13:20
adiroibanit's ok for karmin13:21
j1mci've rerun the get-pot.sh13:21
mdkej1mc: go ahead and push the new pot files to the branch13:21
j1mci removed the reference in the get-pot.sh script to .omf files, as we don't use them in xubuntu13:21
adiroibanmdke: for karmic, maybe we can implement the bzr branch sync in Rosetta13:22
* mdke nods13:22
mdkeadiroiban: yeah13:22
adiroibanmdke: but in this way ubuntu-docs will not be listed in the main ubuntu list13:22
j1mcgrr... i was working in the karmic branch, need to refresh the pot files in the jaunty branch13:22
mdkeadiroiban: we're evaluating some issues about Launchpad structure for karmic at the moment, we'll see how it turns out13:24
j1mci modified the shipped-docs and reran the get-pot.sh script, but it doesn't appear to have generated new pot templates for games and hardware13:27
mdkewhat was the output of the script?13:28
mdkedid it include games and hardware?13:28
mdkemaybe you're running into an issue with the directory structure as "libs" has been moved to under desktop-guide, so you'll need to move the scripts directory too, as adi suggested13:29
* mdke pops for lunch13:29
adiroibanmdke:  Bon Appétit :)13:30
j1mcmdke: good suggestion, but i had moved the scripts file into the desktop guide temporarily before running get-pot.sh13:30
adiroibanj1mc: i can look into that problem13:30
j1mcmdke: enjoy your lunch :)13:31
j1mcadiroiban: thanks13:31
adiroibanj1mc: we should run xmllint on add-applications and see how to fix it13:32
j1mcadiroiban: the xubuntu docs are a bit different than the ubuntu docs.13:32
j1mcours are kind of a meta-document, beginning from the index.xml file13:33
j1mcif you look at the index.xml file, it provides links to each of the other xml documents13:33
adiroibani see13:33
j1mcso we validate index.xml13:34
j1mcthe individual documents themselves will show broken links, but if index.xml validates, then it is ok.13:34
adiroibanthat's right13:34
j1mci've clicked on the links within the actual html output, and they work, so we should be ok.13:35
adiroibani have ran the get-po.sh script13:38
adiroiban(after deleting the omf check)13:38
adiroibanand the hardware.pot and games.pot files have been generated13:38
j1mcgreat :) thanks13:39
adiroibani will check with Rosetta guys and see how we can have them uploaded13:40
j1mcadiroiban: thanks13:40
adiroibanthis is the page with "administrative" link ?
j1mcadiroiban: are you running jaunty?13:43
adiroibanright now I'm in hardy13:44
adiroibanbut I can reboot13:44
j1mchm, ok.  np13:44
j1mci've tested it on my jaunty install with xubuntu-docs 9.04.1, and it works13:44
j1mclinks to "administrative tasks" via an "administrative" link work.13:45
adiroibanfor now we can ignore the "linkend references" errors13:45
adiroibani will modify my scripts to include the index.xml13:45
j1mcthanks, adiroiban13:48
adiroibanwe will need to see how to add i18n support in libs/xubuntu.ent13:54
adiroibanall those string are not translated13:55
j1mcdo files in the libs folder need to be translated?  i don't understand13:55
j1mcthe menu references don't get translated?  so if i say go to File > Open ...13:56
adiroibanif they are string13:56
j1mcthat doesn't get translated?13:56
adiroibanlet me check13:57
adiroibanbut at a first look i don't think they are translated13:57
adiroibanit's ok14:02
* j1mc is relieved :)14:03
adiroibanno, it's not ok14:04
j1mchm... "the section called"  :(14:05
adiroibanthe <xref linkend="advanced"/> strings are not translated14:05
j1mcthat doesn't seem italian. :(14:06
adiroibanand that string can not be translated14:06
adiroibanin Rosetta14:06
adiroibanwe can upload in xubuntu.ent.pot file14:07
adiroibanand then for each xml, include the translated ent file14:07
j1mcthis is not a problem in ubuntu docs?14:08
adiroibanthere are no such links in ubuntu-docs14:08
adiroiban.... we have gnome-menus.ent14:09
adiroibanin ubuntu-docs14:09
j1mcthey are both just .ent files, though, so i don't understand why one would work, and one wouldn't work.14:10
adiroibani don't know... i'm investigating14:10
mdkeadiroiban: you don't need an ent.pot file, entitites are expanded and included in pot files for the relevant document14:15
mdkethat's what the -e flag to xml2po does14:15
mdkenot sure what causes that error though14:16
adiroibanyes. the ent is included in the translated xml14:16
adiroibanbut I can not find the source for "the section called"14:17
adiroibansame page: ubuntu-docs http://l10n.ubuntu.tla.ro/ubuntu-docs-jaunty/html/add-applications/it/offline.html#aptoncd14:17
mdkethere is no source for that14:18
mdkeit is added by the xsl when the html is built, it's automatic for ulink links14:18
mdkedo you see the error when opening the translated xml file in yelp?14:18
adiroibanand the xml is translated14:20
mdkeok, so it's a problem with the html build process14:20
adiroibanwell in yelp instead of "the section called - X" , we have "Section 1 - X"14:21
mdkewhat's the value of the entity "language" in index.xml?14:22
adiroibanand I  think this is a yelp string14:22
mdkeadiroiban: when yelp displays xml, it converts them to html on the fly. It uses simple xsl from gnome-doc-utils to transform it14:23
mdkeso that xsl turns <xref linkend=""/> to "Section X - Y"14:24
adiroibanin the Italian add-applications.xml file we have ENTITY language "en"14:24
mdkeI don't *think* that should matter, because the html build shouldn't use it, but try changing it and see if it helps14:24
mdkeno, it's the same in ubuntu-docs, that's not the problem14:26
adiroibanmaybe because I don't have  the italian language support installed14:27
mdkeno, that's not it either14:27
mdkethe difference between the two links on the first page, where one works, and one doesn't, is that the first is a <link> and the second is an <xref>14:28
mdkehmm. Don't know the answer to that14:29
mdkeonce the translations have been imported and the branch updated, I'll take a look14:29
adiroibanj1mc: can you rerunt the get-pot.sh script14:30
adiroibanremoving the "omf"14:30
adiroibanpush it to bzr branch, and link the translation to it?14:30
adiroibanmdke , j1mc if a huge part of "add-applications" is identical in ubuntu-docs and xubuntu-docs , why do we have separate xml files?14:32
j1mci reran the get-pot.sh, but because the strings were the same, bzr doesn't recognize any changes.  pot files already existed for harware.xml and games.xml14:33
j1mcbzr status14:33
adiroibanthen just enable the translations14:33
mdkeadiroiban: because they are separate packages14:33
j1mcoops... one moment14:33
mdkebut we'll be talking about how xubuntu and ubuntu can share docs better in the next release cycle14:34
j1mcif i push anything, it will only be updating the shipped-docs file, and the get-pot.sh file14:34
adiroibanmaybe the pot files were already there14:34
mdkenot in my branch14:35
mdkeif you've moved the scripts folder and edited libs/shipped-docs, it's definitely worth pushing those changes14:35
j1mcmdke: well, i moved the scripts folder, and then moved it back. some of the scripts don't work with the current setup14:41
j1mci've pushed those changes up though14:45
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