Yasumoto_should a sync from debian wait until karmic opens?00:14
nhandlerYasumoto_: If it is not necessary to have the new version in Jaunty, then yes00:22
Yasumoto_nhandler: darn, alright. I've been playing around with the recently released version of guake, and it feels much more solid than the one currently in the repos00:32
leonelscottK what will be the procedure for  bug 354189  in hardy , Backport from intrepid or bug fix ?00:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 354189 in clamav "Security fixes from clamav 0.95 need backport" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35418900:44
goukiI've been running into several 404 with mirrors of packages.ubuntu.com. Would a report of these be something of interest?01:06
directhexgouki, running jaunty?01:24
goukidirecthex, manual downloads of packages.01:25
directhexgouki, manual downloads for jaunty?01:25
goukidirecthex, yes, some of them.01:26
directhexgouki, jaunty often updates more frequently than some mirrors, so 404s happen fairly often when the packages.ubuntu.com site expects mirrors to be up-to-date01:26
goukidirecthex, ohh, got it. Thanks.01:26
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ScottKleonel: I want to get the 0.95.1 fixes into intrepid-security and then backport that and push it to hardy-security with rdepends.02:45
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savvasdoes anyone have two PPAs in their account to check the format of the second ppa?08:29
savvasdarn I forgot to subscribe motu sponsors for bug 23767408:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 237674 in zsi "Please merge python-zsi (2.1~a1-2) (universe) from Debian unstable (main)." [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/23767408:38
savvasand I've been wondering why no-one replied :P08:38
savvasI guess it's too late now08:38
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cjwatsonbdmurray: re bug 349114, we shouldn't be adding patch systems to packages that don't already have them. If the package doesn't have a patch system, the source should just be patched directly rather than via a dpatch file or whatever. (I know you just sponsored this and weren't the original contributor ...)11:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 349114 in rawstudio "Rawstudio crashes on export" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34911411:38
mok0cjwatson: speaking of which, all packages ought to have a patch system... I believe that will happen with the source package format 3.011:42
mok0But when that will be deployed is what I'd like to know...11:45
DktrKranzmok0, patches against dak have been proposed, but they need to be tested11:48
cjwatsonmok0: I reject that premise11:49
cjwatsonbut I agree that format 3.0 is likely to help matters11:50
cjwatsonthe problem with patch systems today, as many maintainers see it, is that dpkg-source -x doesn't give you the source that will be built, and you need an extra step. Format 3.0 will at least fix this problem, and will hopefully mean that we no longer need to consider "patch systems" as such - it'll just be integrated into the packaging system11:52
mok0cjwatson: so no news when 3.0 goes into production mode?12:09
mok0cjwatson: We can't test it if it's  not deployed12:11
* maxb supposes that would really be a question for the Soyuz folks12:12
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cjwatsonmok0: I don't know13:04
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ScottKcjwatson: albatross accepted.  Thank you.15:18
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cjwatsonScottK: ta15:58
* ScottK notes to people that 'final freeze' doesn't me stop work, it means we still want stuff fixed, just want to check.16:39
ScottKIf someone has an upload, feel free to ping me for a motu-release ack.16:39
superm1ScottK, bug 350962 . i'm just about to subscribe motu-release for it16:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 350962 in gnome-screensaver "[9.04 beta] no way to access screensaver enable/disable or timer settings like pre-beta 9.04" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35096216:46
superm1er well i think gnome-screensaver is main isn't it, so i guess i need ubuntu-release.  nvm16:47
ScottKcemc: Looking at gurlchecker now.16:51
ScottKI dropped your doc changes (since we're close to release and those really ought to go into a separate -doc package) and the standards version change (we don't change standards version from Debian as a matter of Ubuntu policy).16:52
ScottKcody-somerville: Are you good with the libxfce4util and xubuntu-default-settings uploads?16:56
cemcScottK: got it16:58
ScottKcemc: Uploaded.  Please review how I formated debian/changelog after it's in the archive.16:59
mr_pouitScottK: they are ok17:00
ScottKmr_pouit: Thanks.17:00
ScottKmr_pouit (and cody-somerville): accepted17:02
mr_pouitScottK: thanks.17:05
mr_pouitsuperm1: for which apps is this xfce4-utils fix needed?17:35
superm1mr_pouit, startxfce417:35
superm1mr_pouit, it needs to keep /etc/xdg in XDG_CONFIG_DIRS17:35
superm1as well as whatever is being used by xubuntu, mythbuntu ,etc17:35
mr_pouitmmh, libxfce4util already adds /etc/xdg by default iirc17:35
superm1well i was checking export output, and it was definitely not present in xubuntu or mythbuntu17:37
superm1tried dailies from both today.  after making this change, gnome-screensaver-preferences shows all the right screensavers...17:37
mr_pouitah ok, fine then17:37
ScottKmr_pouit: Please let me know if I should accept it?17:38
mr_pouit(non xfce apps don't use libxfce4util ^^)17:38
mr_pouitScottK: yes, it looks fine17:38
ScottKmr_pouit: OK.  Thanks.17:39
ScottKmr_pouit and superm1: Accepted.17:39
superm1i'll have one more for mythbuntu-default-settings, but i need to work out another menu bug for it first17:40
superm1mr_pouit, i've been seeing this weird situation going on where xfce4-panel isn't spawning occasionally on login.  you guys been coming across that at all?17:41
mr_pouitScottK: thanks.17:42
ScottKNo problem.17:42
mr_pouitsuperm1: no (sometimes it takes a very long time here, but it always eventually starts)17:43
superm1mr_pouit, hm very odd then.  i've been seeing it quite frequently from fresh installs in a VM, but wasn't really sure what to blame it upon since I just reboot and it comes up the next time17:43
superm1i'm wondering if it's only happening before xfconf gets things prepped in ~/.config17:44
superm1because it's also happening to xfdesktop sometimes too17:45
mr_pouit(superm1: btw, can I merge ~superm1/xfce4-utils/fix-xdg-fallback to xfce4-utils?)17:45
superm1mr_pouit, yeah, i didnt get the merge request filed yet (Wish there was a way to do that directly from bzr and/or debcommit)17:46
superm1ok ScottK i've got the mythbuntu-default-settings one sorted out too, and then ubuntu-release will have to handle the last task17:57
ScottKsuperm1: OK.  Ping me when it's uploaded.17:58
superm1ScottK, okay just got the waiting for approval email18:00
* ScottK looks18:00
ScottKsuperm1: Accepted.18:01
superm1thanks.  okay so now on to harder bugs :)18:01
YokoZarCan I sponsor a small change upload that's been in the sponsorship queue for like 3 weeks or is it too late for this now?18:49
DktrKranzYokoZar, which kind of change?18:50
YokoZarMoves a suggests to a depends and uses the dependent package's icon18:51
YokoZarinstead of duplicating it18:51
DktrKranzis dependency really required?18:51
DktrKranzif not, I'd go for Karmic at this point18:52
YokoZarDktrKranz: the program is an xmms2 client, the dependency in question is on xmms2, so yeah I'd say it's required18:53
DktrKranzbug number?18:53
ubottuUbuntu bug 342221 in esperanza "esperanza uses its own copy of the xmms2 icon" [Undecided,New]18:53
YokoZarI built/tested it so it works fine18:53
DktrKranzI don't see the point in moving a package to Depends only for an icon18:55
YokoZarI guess it might be possible to use remote xmms streams without a local xmmsd running18:55
YokoZarI'm only now becoming aware that xmms just changed this way18:55
YokoZarDktrKranz: Right, the question is really if it should be depends or not18:56
DktrKranzOTOH, icon is a Ubuntu change, it could be worth pushing it to Debian18:57
ScottKYokoZar: Sounds like recommends might be better (without looking further than the backscroll)19:02
YokoZarScottK: yeah, either way not depends, so it should have a separate icon, so I can feel ok not sponsoring this one for now19:51
jdongdirecthex: it would seem like Phoronix forgot to test Bork File Encrypter performance with the Logitech MX1100 cordless mouse review.20:20
jdong*ducks* (joking)20:21
directhexjdong, their hearts are in the right place!20:21
jdongI know, I know, <3 Michael20:21
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cellofellowis the ubuntu-packaged cherokee web server compiled with fcgi and scgi support?20:56
superm1cellofellow, well how do you check to find out? would the build log show it?21:03
superm1if so, then take a look here: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cherokee/0.11.6-121:03
goukiWhen a software isn't licensed (and the author doesn't reply to the emails), this software can't be packaged, right?21:38
ScottKThat's correct21:39
goukiScottK, ok. Thanks.21:39
_Groo_hi/2 all21:51
CarlFKif Makefile doesn't have an install: , should I patch Makefile, or is there some way to tell debian/rules to install the binary to /usr/bin?22:13
CarlFKcodewad is http://sourceforge.net/projects/pdf417encode/    wget http://voxel.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/pdf417encode/pdf417_enc.4.4.tar.gz22:14

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